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Hematology patents

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Centralized monitoring system, analyzing system and centralized monitoring method
An analyzing system, including: a plurality of inspection lines, each including a reagent supplying apparatus, and a plurality of hematology analyzers, each analyzing a measurement sample prepared from a blood sample and a reagent supplied from the reagent supplying apparatus; and a computer connected to the reagent supplying apparatuses, wherein each...

Method and apparatus for rapidly counting and identifying biological particles in a flow stream
A method for increasing the throughput, or the precision, or both the precision and the throughput, of a flow cytometer, or of a hematology analyzer employing a flow cytometer, by utilizing the technique of laser rastering. Laser rastering involves sweeping a laser beam across a flowing sample stream in a hematology...

Coaxial illumination of coulter aperture in full function hematology analyzer
A method for directly illuminating a Coulter aperture so light scattering can be incorporated into the classical Coulter aperture and 3-diff blood analyzer to realize full functional hematology analyzer by providing a flow chamber which is separated into two portions by a plate having a Coulter aperture; and using a light...

Method for hematology analysis
A method whereby one or more fluorescent dyes are used to bind and stain nucleic acids in certain blood cells, such as, for example, white blood cells, nucleated red blood cells, and reticulocytes, and to induce fluorescent emissions upon excitation of photons from a given source of light, such as, for...

Rapid release mini-tablets provide analgesia in laboratory animals
Pellets containing an analgesic uniformly dispersed in a lipid carrier such as cholesterol mixed with fatty acid esters, can be used to provide long term pain relief. 5 mg cholesterol-tryglyceride-buprenorphine pellets released the majority of drug in 24-48 hours after implant and provide clinically significant plasma levels of analgesia in mice...

Rapid thrombochek test kit based on whole blood screening test to detect platelet hyperaggregation at a temperature of 37Âșc in the clinical laboratory
The new RAPID THROMBOCHEK TEST KIT is based on thrombochek screening test for measurement of hyperaggregable platelets in whole blood, which may be present either in form of circulating platelet aggregates, spontaneously aggregating platelets or reacting to weak agonist of platelet aggregation in low concentration—all together, in order to investigate thrombotic...

Automated calibration method and system for a diagnostic analyzer
A method to track stability and performance of diagnostic instrumentation, especially for veterinary automated hematology analyzers, applies a weighted moving averages algorithm to the diagnostic results of patient samples calculated by the analyzer. Control chart rules are used to set limits or ranges in order to determine if weighted averaged diagnostic...

Fluidics with thermal compensation for a flow-type particle analyzer
The present invention provides an improved fluidic system for a flow-type particle analyzer, such as a flow cytometer or hematology analyzer, that enables adjustment of the system to compensate for changes in fluid viscosity resulting from changes in temperature....

Dual analyzer system for biological fluid
The described apparatus for analyzing a biological sample includes a first analysis instrument fluidly connected to a reservoir for receiving a first flow of the biological fluid and adapted for performing a measurement of a property of the biological sample. A second analysis instrument is fluidly connected to the reservoir for...

Method and apparatus for rapidly counting and identifying biological particles in a flow stream
A method for increasing the throughput and/or the precision of a flow cytometer, or a hematology analyzer employing a flow cytometer, and for further reducing the complexity of such a cytometer or analyzer. The system and method includes utilizing the technique of laser rastering in combination with a lysis-free single-dilution method....

Disposable cassette and method of use for blood analysis on blood analyzer
A disposable cassette for blood analysis includes a housing having an upper panel and a sampling section having a filling inlet; at least one pair of chambers in a form of depression of the upper panel of the housing and sealed by a diaphragm; portions of the diaphragm over the chambers...

White blood cell analysis system and method
Systems and methods for analyzing blood samples, and more specifically for performing a white blood cell (WBC) differential analysis. The systems and methods screen WBCs by means of fluorescence staining and a fluorescence triggering strategy. As such, interference from unlysed red blood cells (RBCs) and fragments of lysed RBCs is substantially...

Disposable foil punch for immunohematology test elements
Disclosed is a device and method of using the device to reduce false positives when using sealed packs in an immunodiagnostic analyzer while allowing use of the reagents in multiple tests as well as reuse of disposable punches employed for piercing foil covering the reagent aliquots. The disclosed devices and methods...

Cellular analysis of body fluids
Herein is provided a simple, reliable and accurate method for cellular analysis on hematology analyzers. In various aspects, the methods provide separation and/or differentiation between red blood cells (RBCs) and white blood cells (WBCs) by utilizing a fluorescent dye to selectively stain WBCs such that they emit stronger fluorescence signals. The...

Devices and systems for liquid level detection in hematology instruments, and methods related thereto
A hematology instrument with liquid level detection for liquid in a container is provided. The hematology instrument includes a probe disposed next to a container site. The probe is displaceable relative to the container site to enter a container when positioned at the container site. Further, the probe is electrically grounded....

Preparing blood smears on a fiber surface
The present application discloses methods and apparatus for preparing blood film or smear samples on a fiber surface, staining the test sample, and generating digital cell images of the films or samples for classification and review. The techniques disclosed herein replace conventional microscope slides with fibers when preparing blood film test...

Hematology control compositions with extended stability
The present specification provides hematology control compositions having particular utility with a red blood cell component for devices using electronic and optical means for blood determinations, and methods for using the compositions....

Preparation and use of nucleated red blood cell simulating particles and hematology control mixtures
The present disclosure provides a nucleated red blood cell simulating particle, which may be leukocytes bound to a fluorescent-staining inhibitor capable of stably binding to the nucleus or a nucleic acid in a cell so as to reduce the binding capacity of the particles to a fluorescent dye during their detection....

Digital holographic microscopy apparatus and method for clinical diagnostic hematology
An apparatus, method, and apparatus for hematology analysis comprising using a holographic microscope, in one embodiment a transmission-type holographic microscope. In one aspect, laser light is provided and split into first and second sample beams, the first sample beam for imaging with a first magnification, the second sample beam for imaging...

Reagents, systems and methods for analyzing erythrocytes and platelets
Aspects of the invention include hematology analysis reagents, systems and methods that can be used to preserve blood cell morphology and integrity as well as provide sample integrity and optical clarity to facilitate optical analysis of blood samples. In some embodiments, the reagents include a non-phosphate organic buffer and a sphering...

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