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Molecular detection of chromosome aberrations
The invention relates to the field of cytogenetics and the application of genetic diagnostic techniques in pathology and hematology. Specifically, the invention relates to nucleic acid probes that can be used in hybridization techniques for the detection of chromosomal aberrations and other gene rearrangements such as immunoglobulin and T-cell receptor gene...

Methods and kits for detecting tumor-specific fusion proteins
The invention relates to the field of cancer diagnosis and the application of diagnostic techniques in pathology and hematology. Specifically, the invention relates to improved flow cytometric techniques, and kits related thereto, for the detection of chromosomal aberrations and the detection of tumor specific gene products exclusively expressed by tumor cells....

Method for flagging a sample
A hematology analyzer is provided. In certain embodiments, the hematology analyzer comprises: a) a flow cell; b) a light source for directing light to the flow cell; c) a plurality of detectors for detecting a plurality of optical characteristics of a blood cell passing through the flow cell; and d) a...

Method of using ligand-free lysing agent in hemoglobin analysis
Lysing agents that are free of ligands, including cyanide, for binding hemoglobin for hematology analyzers. The ligand-free lysing agents achieve accurate quantification of hemoglobin parameters, thereby replacing existing lysing agents for analysis of hemoglobin....

Automated stainer having stain level detection
An automated slide staining apparatus for staining slide samples is disclosed. The slide staining apparatus includes cuvette chambers that are flooded with solutions to cover a slide fitting within the cuvette chamber. Filling and emptying the chamber accomplishes a dipping function on the slide. The cuvette chamber includes a drainage flute...

Marker detection for characterizing the risk of cardiovascular disease or complications thereof
The present invention provides methods, systems, devices, and software for determining values for one or more markers in order to characterize a subject's risk of developing cardiovascular disease or experiencing a complication thereof (e.g., within the ensuing one to three years). In certain embodiments, the markers are those derived from a...

Preparation and use of nucleated red blood cell simulating particles and hematology control mixtures
The present disclosure provides a nucleated red blood cell simulating particle, which may be leukocytes bound to a fluorescent-staining inhibitor capable of stably binding to the nucleus or a nucleic acid in a cell so as to reduce the binding capacity of the particles to a fluorescent dye during their detection....

Network image review in clinical hematology
Embodiments of the invention provide techniques for using digital imaging and networked communications in clinical hematology. An Area of Interest (AOI) on a slide is determined. A high resolution image of the AOI is analyzed for sample integrity and adjusted and rescanned based on programmable parameters. Sensitive HIPAA information is removed...

Method for determining volume and hemoglobin content of individual red blood cells
Provided herein is a method for determining the volume or hemoglobin content of an individual red blood cell in a sample containing a population of red blood cells. The method may be performed on a hematology analyzer. Also provided are a hematology analyzer for performing the method and a computer-readable medium...

Centralized monitoring system, analyzing system and centralized monitoring method
An analyzing system, including: a plurality of inspection lines, each including a reagent supplying apparatus, and a plurality of hematology analyzers, each analyzing a measurement sample prepared from a blood sample and a reagent supplied from the reagent supplying apparatus; and a computer connected to the reagent supplying apparatuses, wherein each...

Method and apparatus for rapidly counting and identifying biological particles in a flow stream
A method for increasing the throughput, or the precision, or both the precision and the throughput, of a flow cytometer, or of a hematology analyzer employing a flow cytometer, by utilizing the technique of laser rastering. Laser rastering involves sweeping a laser beam across a flowing sample stream in a hematology...

Coaxial illumination of coulter aperture in full function hematology analyzer
A method for directly illuminating a Coulter aperture so light scattering can be incorporated into the classical Coulter aperture and 3-diff blood analyzer to realize full functional hematology analyzer by providing a flow chamber which is separated into two portions by a plate having a Coulter aperture; and using a light...

Method for hematology analysis
A method whereby one or more fluorescent dyes are used to bind and stain nucleic acids in certain blood cells, such as, for example, white blood cells, nucleated red blood cells, and reticulocytes, and to induce fluorescent emissions upon excitation of photons from a given source of light, such as, for...

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