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Heat Exchanger patents

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Heat exchanger arrangement in a housing

Centralized multi-function heat exchange system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Heat Exchanger-related patents
 Fuel cell module patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel cell module
A fuel cell module includes a first area where an exhaust gas combustor and a start-up combustor are provided, an annular second area disposed around the first area where a heat exchanger is provided, an annular third area disposed around the second area where a reformer is provided, and an annular fourth area disposed around the third area where an evaporator is provided. A stress absorber for absorbing heat stress is provided in at least one of the first area, the second area, the third area, and the fourth area..
 Blood processing unit with modified flow path patent thumbnailnew patent Blood processing unit with modified flow path
A blood processing apparatus may include a heat exchanger and a gas exchanger. At least one of the heat exchanger and the gas exchanger may be configured to impart a radial component to blow flow through the heat exchanger and/or gas exchanger.
 Power generating unit and method for operating such a power generating unit patent thumbnailnew patent Power generating unit and method for operating such a power generating unit
A power generating unit includes a gas turbine with an air intake section, a compressor and at least one combustor and at least one turbine the power generating unit further includes a gas-cooled generator, being driven by the gas turbine and having a generator cooling system including at least one cooler, through which cooling water flows, and which removes heat from the generator. A more flexible operation of the unit can be achieved by connecting the generator cooling system to an air intake heat exchanger arranged within the air intake section of the gas turbine in order to transfer heat from the cooling water flowing through the generator cooling system, to the air flowing through the air intake section..
 Heat exchanger with self-aligning fittings patent thumbnailnew patent Heat exchanger with self-aligning fittings
A heat exchanger has inlet and outlet fittings, each having a base portion and a top portion, and having a circumferential groove provided with a resilient sealing element for sealing within a bore of a coolant manifold. Each fitting also has a base fitting with an annular sealing surface sealed to a surface of the heat exchanger.
 Controlling heat source fluid for thermal cycles patent thumbnailnew patent Controlling heat source fluid for thermal cycles
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for controlling a thermal fluid condition may include monitoring a thermal fluid at an outlet of a heat exchanger. An outlet condition of the thermal fluid at the outlet of the heat exchanger can be determined.
 Heat exchanger patent thumbnailnew patent Heat exchanger
A heat exchanger includes a plurality of heat exchanger units, each of which including header pipes (4,6) disposed in parallel to each other, a plurality of tubes (8) communicating with the header pipes and being disposed between the header pipes, fins (10) disposed between adjacent tubes, wherein a core portion (12) of the heat exchanger unit (2) is configured with the tubes and the fins layered therebetween; wherein the plurality of heat exchanger units are disposed in a direction that the tubes and the fins are arranged; and wherein the heat exchanger includes: fitting portions (16,18) which connect respective end portions (4a, 6a) of the header pipes of the heat exchanger units that are adjacent to each other, and side plates (20,22,40,42,46,48) which connect opposing end portions (12a) of respective core portions of the heat exchanger units that are adjacent to each other.. .
 Heat exchanger patent thumbnailnew patent Heat exchanger
An air-cooled and ventilated heat exchanger includes a fin and a plurality of heat transfer tubes. The fin has a plate-shaped part and a plurality of protruding parts.
 Heat exchanger, housing, and air-conditioning circuit including such an exchanger patent thumbnailnew patent Heat exchanger, housing, and air-conditioning circuit including such an exchanger
A heat exchanger (1) for a motor vehicle includes a plurality of tubes (2) arranged in a first and a second row (3a, 3b); a first and a second header tank (4, 5) inside which tanks (4, 5) the tubes (2) of each of the rows (3a, 3b) emerge; and a longitudinal dividing partition (16) arranged in the first header tank (4) to divide the first header tank (4) longitudinally into refrigerant inlet and outlet compartments (17, 18) into which the tubes (2) of the first row (3a) and of the second row (3b) emerge. The longitudinal dividing partition (16) includes a plurality of transverse dividing partitions (27) arranged in the second header tank (5) to divide the second header tank (5) transversely into a plurality of return compartments (28) into which at least one tube (2) of each of the rows (3a, 3b) emerges..
 Microchannel heat exchanger patent thumbnailnew patent Microchannel heat exchanger
A microchannel heat exchanger of an hvac system may include a plurality of microchannel tubes having fins disposed between at least one pair of adjacent microchannel tubes. The pair of adjacent microchannel tubes may connect a header on each end of the microchannel tubes in fluid communication, and at least one of the microchannel tubes and the fins are oriented substantially parallel with respect to a primary airflow direction of an airflow across the microchannel heat exchanger..
 Heat exchanger arrangement in a housing patent thumbnailnew patent Heat exchanger arrangement in a housing
A heat exchanger arrangement in a housing, such as an intake pipe of an internal combustion engine, has at least one stack including tubes and fins and an end plate having media connections, and wherein the stack is inserted into the housing and is fastened therein. A connecting block which contains the media connections and/or at least one profiled rail is arranged on the end plate.
new patent Outdoor unit and refrigerating apparatus
An outdoor unit includes air blowers arranged in an upper part of a casing. First and second body recesses formed below first and second heat exchanger bodies of the casing and opening on sides of the casing are formed..
new patent Condenser with a stack of heat exchanger plates
A condenser has a stack of heat exchanger plates that includes at least a first section for condensation of a refrigerant and a second section for supercooling the refrigerant. A refrigerant flow channel and another flow channel for a liquid coolant stream are formed in each of the first and second sections between the heat exchanger plates that are in heat-exchanging relation.
new patent Heat exchanger with annular inlet/outlet fitting
A heat exchanger has first and second flow passages with a communication passage therebetween. An inlet/outlet opening in a wall of the first passage receives a one-piece inlet/outlet fitting having an inner tube and an outer ring connected by webs, the tube and ring defining inner and outer flow passages in direct flow communication with the first and second flow passages, respectively.
new patent Thermoelectric-based power generation systems and methods
Some embodiments provide a waste heat recovery apparatus including an exhaust tube having a cylindrical outer shell configured to contain a flow of exhaust fluid; a first heat exchanger extending through a first region of the exhaust tube, the first heat exchanger in thermal communication with the cylindrical outer shell; a second region of the exhaust tube extending through the exhaust tube, the second region having a low exhaust fluid pressure drop; an exhaust valve operatively disposed within the second region and configured to allow exhaust fluid to flow through the second region only when a flow rate of the exhaust fluid becomes great enough to result in back pressure beyond an allowable limit; and a plurality of thermoelectric elements in thermal communication with an outer surface of the outer shell.. .
new patent Scrub water heating system for floor cleaner
In a mobile floor sweeper/scrubber, a closed hydraulic system directs hydraulic fluid, or oil, to power various subsystems, such as the drive, steering, sweeping, scrubbing, etc., subsystems, which results in heating of the hydraulic fluid to an elevated temperature. The heated hydraulic fluid is provided to a heat exchanger, to which is also providing the scrub water for heating the water prior to application to the floor for improved, more efficient cleaning of the floor.
new patent Burner tube heat exchanger for a storage tank
A heating assembly for heating a liquid storage tank includes a heat exchanger tank supported in one wall of the storage tank to extend into the storage tank in contact with liquid stored therein. The heat exchanger tank contains a heat exchanger fluid therein which is heated by a burner tube extending through the heat exchanger tank whereby heat is only transferred to the liquid in the storage tank through the heat exchanger fluid.
new patent Heat exchanger and refrigeration cycle device including the heat exchanger
A heat exchanger includes fins that are arranged in a direction orthogonal to a direction in which air flows and a heat transfer pipe that extends through the fins and that is bonded and fixed to the fins when the heat transfer pipe is radially expanded by a pipe-expanding method. Tall projections and short projections are provided on an inner surface of the heat transfer pipe.
new patent Water-assisted air cooling for a row of cabinets
A cooling apparatus and method including a plurality of heat-producing devices positioned in a plurality of cabinets arranged in a row that allows flow of a first fluid through the heat-producing devices and cabinets where the flow is directed from an upstream end of the row to a downstream end of the row. The cabinets have a space therebetween wherein a heat exchanger is positioned between and adjacent to the cabinets, thereby the cabinets and heat exchangers alternate in the row.
new patent Refrigeration system
A refrigeration system includes a heat source unit, a plurality of utilization units, a height-associated value detection unit and a pressure control unit. The heat source unit has a compressor and a heat source-side heat exchanger that functions as a radiator.
new patent Air-conditioning apparatus
An air-conditioning apparatus includes a refrigeration cycle that includes an intermediate heat exchanger configured to exchange heat between a heat source side refrigerant and a heat medium different from the heat source side refrigerant, a heat medium circuit that includes at least one pump configured to circulate the heat medium related to heat exchange in the intermediate heat exchanger, a use side heat exchanger configured to exchange heat between the heat medium and air related to an air-conditioned space, and flow switching valves. A controller is configured to perform control to activate the pump to circulate the heat medium through the heat medium circuit when, during suspension of an air conditioning operation, the detected temperature of outdoor air is at or below a first predetermined temperature and a first predetermined period of time has elapsed since the pump was stopped..
new patent Centralized multi-function heat exchange system
A centralized heat exchange system for controlling a plurality of heat exchangers in heat pump cycle includes a plurality of heat exchanging units; a compressor; a network of refrigerant piping connected to each of the plurality of heat exchanging units and the compressor; and a controller configured to receive signals from sensors to monitor temperature or the like of spaces/compartments to be controlled. The controller controls the compressor and a reversing valve and expansion valves installed in the network of refrigerant piping to establish, in the network of refrigerant piping, one or more of a heat-pump loop that constitutes a vapor-compression cycle through an arrangement of a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, and an evaporator in accordance with a preset or user settable priority scheme that assigns at least one of the controlled spaces/compartments higher priority in control than the others..
new patent Refrigeration system and refrigeration method providing heat recovery
A refrigeration circuit (1) is circulating a refrigerant and comprises in the direction of flow of the refrigerant at least one compressor (4a, 4b, 4c); at least one heat rejecting heat exchanger (6); at least one expansion device (8); and at least one evaporator (10). The refrigeration circuit (1) further comprises at least one heat recovery heat exchanger (12) having a refrigeration circuit side (12a) and heat recovery system side (12b) and being configured for transferring heat between the refrigeration circuit side (12a) and the heat recovery system side (12b), wherein the refrigeration circuit side (12a) is fluidly connected in parallel to the at least one heat rejecting heat exchanger (6) for flowing circulating refrigerant through the refrigeration circuit side (12a); and at least one regulation valve (16), which is configured for regulating the flow of refrigerant flowing through the refrigeration circuit side (12a) of the at least one heat recovery heat exchanger (12).
new patent Transport refrigeration system utilizing engine waste heat
A transport refrigeration system includes a transport refrigeration unit having a refrigerant circuit through which a refrigerant is circulated in heat exchange relationship with air drawn from a cargo box, a fuel-fired engine for powering the refrigeration unit and having an exhaust system through which exhaust gases generated by the engine are discharged and an engine coolant circuit, an engine exhaust gases to engine coolant heat exchanger, and an engine coolant circuit to refrigeration unit heat exchanger.. .
new patent Heat exchange apparatus and method for controlling heat exchange apparatus
A heat exchange apparatus that exchanges heat between a refrigerant and a temperature-regulated section has: a compressor; a first heat exchanger that exchanges heat between the refrigerant and outside air; a second heat exchanger that exchanges heat between the refrigerant and air for air conditioning; an opening-adjusting valve that adjusts a degree of opening of a path of the refrigerant between the first heat exchanger and the temperature-regulated section; an expansion valve that is disposed in a path of the refrigerant between the temperature-regulated section and the second heat exchanger, and that reduces a pressure of the refrigerant; and an ecu that controls a degree of opening of the opening-adjusting valve. The ecu increases the degree of opening of the opening-adjusting valve to thereby heat the temperature-regulated section, and reduces the degree of opening of the opening-adjusting valve to thereby cool the temperature-regulated section..
new patent Oil and fuel circuits in a turbine engine
Oil and fuel circuits in a turbine engine, the circuits including a main oil/fuel heat exchanger passing flows of oil and fuel for cooling the oil, an oil/air heat exchanger mounted in the oil circuit and having a flow of cooling air passing therethrough, a bypass pipe connected between an oil inlet and outlet of the oil/air heat exchanger, a valve for controlling passage of the oil flow through the bypass pipe and the oil/air heat exchanger, and a secondary oil/fuel heat exchanger mounted in the bypass pipe.. .
new patent Energy-storing device and method for storing energy
An energy-storing device with a charging circuit for a working gas for storing thermal energy, comprising a compressor, a heat accumulator, and an expansion turbine is provided. The compressor is connected to the inlet of the expansion turbine at the outlet side of the compressor via a first line for the working gas, and the heat accumulator is connected into the first line.
new patent Power generating apparatus and method of operating power generating apparatus
Provided is a power generating apparatus including an evaporator configured to evaporate a working medium with a heating medium supplied from the outside of a working medium flow path, an expander to which a driven machine is connected and which is configured to convert expansion force of the evaporated working medium into rotational force to drive the driven machine, a condensing mechanism configured to condense the working medium discharged from the expander with a cooling medium supplied from the outside of the working medium flow path, the condensing mechanism having at least one heat exchanger pipe through which the working medium flows, a cooling water sprayer configured to spray cooling water as the cooling medium over the surface of one or a plurality of heat exchanger pipes of the at least one heat exchanger pipe, and a cooling fan configured to blow ambient air over the one or a plurality of heat exchanger pipes to evaporate cooling water attached to the surface of the one or a plurality of heat exchanger pipes, and a circulating pump configured to pressurize and supply the condensed working medium to the evaporator.. .
new patent Laundry treatment apparatus with heat pump
The invention relates to a laundry treatment apparatus, in particular dryer (2a) or washing machine having drying function, comprising: a cabinet having a front wall, a rear wall, side walls and a base section, wherein the base section comprises an internal side facing the interior of the cabinet and an external side exposed to the outside of the cabinet, a laundry storing chamber for treating laundry using process air (a), a process air loop for circulating the process air through the laundry storing chamber, and a heat pump system for dehumidifying and heating the process air, the heat pump system having a refrigerant loop comprising: a first heat exchanger (10) for heating a refrigerant and cooling the process air (a), a second heat exchanger (12) for cooling the refrigerant and heating the process air, a refrigerant expansion device, a compressor, and an auxiliary heat exchanger (13). According to the invention the auxiliary heat exchanger (13) is arranged at the external side of the base section..
new patent Method for treating surface of aluminum heat exchanger
A surface treatment method capable of imparting exceptional corrosion resistance and moisture resistance to an nb heat exchanger. The method includes subjecting an nb heat exchanger to a chemical conversion treatment to form a chemical conversion film on the surface thereof using a chemical conversion treatment agent that contains zirconium and/or titanium in a total amount of 5-5,000 ppm by weight, vanadium in an amount of 10-1,000 ppm by weight, and has a ph of 2-6; bringing the nb heat exchanger on whose surface the chemical conversion film is formed into contact with a hydrophilization agent containing a hydrophilic resin and a guanidine compound and/or a salt thereof; and baking the nb heat exchanger subjected to the contacting process, whereby a hydrophilic film is formed on the surface thereof..
new patent Heat exchanger with telescoping expansion joint
A heat exchanger comprises a shell comprising a hollow shell body and separate shell end members attached thereto. A number of tubes is disposed within the shell body which is sized to permit both ends of the tubes to project outwardly therefrom to facilitate access for attaching the tubes ends to respective tube header plates, after which time the shell end members are slid over the shell body towards the shell body ends for attachment to respective header plates.
Fluid warmer and method of operating a fluid warmer
A fluid warmer for tempering a medical fluid guided in a fluid line includes a first and second resistance heating element for alternating voltage and a heat exchanger thermally coupled to the two resistance heating elements and includes a holder for the fluid line. Each resistance heating element has a first and second electrical line connector, respectively, for connection of the resistance heating element to an alternating voltage source.
Apparatus, system and method for conditioning and preserving an organ from a donor
A donor organ treatment apparatus has a container for holding an organ and a perfusion liquid circuit. The perfusion circuit includes a supply conduit downstream of an oxygenator and a heat exchanger for supplying perfusion liquid from the oxygenator and the heat exchanger to an organ in the container and a return conduit upstream of the oxygenator and the heat exchanger for guiding perfusion liquid from the organ inside the container to the oxygenator and the heat exchanger.
Fuel cell module
A fuel cell module includes a fuel cell stack, a partial oxidation reformer, and a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is provided on one side of the fuel cell stack, and the partial oxidation reformer and the exhaust gas combustor are provided on the other side of the fuel cell stack.
Integrated chemical looping air separation in large-scale oxy-fuel plants
An integrated chemical looping air separation unit (5) in a large-scale oxy- fuel power generating plant takes a portion of recycled flue gas (6) via a recycling conduit (7) through a heat exchanger (8) to a reduction reactor (9). The reduction reactor (9) exchanges oxidised metal oxide with an oxidation reactor (11) via transfer means (10) which return reduced metal oxide from the reduction reactor (9) to the oxidation reactor (11).
Nacelle construction for a wind turbine
A heli-hoist pad (18) that is incorporated into a wind turbine nacelle (12) in a manner that is optimized for helicopter approach and positioning of the heli-hoist pad (18), such as by being located within a recess (20) in an upper surface (28) of the wind turbine nacelle (12). Heat exchangers (50) may also be positioned within the free flow of wind outside of a nacelle (12) in manners that provide for serviceability while also allowing for optimal positioning of a heli-hoist pad (18)..
Bore cavity thermal conditioning system
A gas turbine engine includes a rotor having at least one rotor bore cavity and a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is fluidically connected to a conditioning air source and to the rotor bore cavity for flowing air from the conditioning air source to the rotor bore cavity.
Stand alone immersion tank data center with contained cooling
A stand-alone immersion tank datacenter (sitdc) includes: a multi-phase heat transfer immersion cooling tank having external walls surrounding a tank volume within which a dielectric liquid is maintained and heated to a boiling point temperature; a plurality of servers having one or more processing and memory components submerged within the dielectric liquid for cooling of the one or more components via heat dissipation from the one or more components into the dielectric liquid when the one or more components are connected to an electric power supply; and a condenser located vertically above the plurality of servers and in a direct path of rising dielectric vapor created when the dielectric liquid absorbs sufficient heat from the one or more components to reach a boiling point temperature of the liquid. The condenser can be a passive heat exchanger, created by providing a heat conductive material as a top lid of the tank..
Temperature controlled window of a plasma processing chamber component
A temperature controlled dielectric window of an inductively coupled plasma processing chamber includes a dielectric window forming a top wall of the plasma processing chamber having at least first and second channels therein. A liquid circulating system includes a source of cold liquid circulating in a first closed loop which is not in fluid communication with the channels, a source of hot liquid circulating in a second closed loop which is in fluid communication with the channels, and first and second heat exchangers.
Vapor vacuum condensing boiler designs
One embodiment of the present invention is a boiler for boiling water to produce steam, having (1) an evaporating section comprising (a) a combustion chamber for burning fuel with air and generating hot flue gas, (b) an evaporating heat exchanger around the combustion chamber for exchanging heat between the flue gas and water to produce the steam which exits the boiler; and (2) a condensing section comprising (c) a condensing heat exchanger for exchanging heat between the hot flue gas from the combustion chamber and a low-temperature water return having a temperature below approximately 100° f., generating flue gas condensate, which leaves the boiler, wherein the low-temperature water return is heated by the hot flue gas in the condensing heat exchanger before entering the evaporating heat exchanger for additional heating. The disclosed vacuum condensing boilers make vapor vacuum steam more efficient and economical for industrial, commercial, and home applications..
Method for operating a liquid-to-air heat exchanger device
Detecting the second increase and terminating the preventing that liquid flows through the first heat exchanger stage once the second increase was detected.. .
Heat sink
A heat sink includes a frame having a non-metallic body that includes a window. The non-metallic body includes at least one peripheral wall that defines a boundary of the window.
Heat-exchanger plate
The present invention relates to a plate (1) for a flat-tube heat exchanger produced from a drawn metal sheet, said drawing enabling a fluid inlet (3a) and a fluid outlet (3b) to be connected together, said plate having a length (l) and a width (h), said fluid inlet and outlet (3a, 3b) being located along the length (l) of the plate, spaced apart from the edge of the plate by a distance corresponding to l/2, which is approximately 40 mm, wherein the drawing forms a first fluid flow passage (5a) located on a first side of said fluid inlet and outlet (3a, 3b) and a second fluid flow passage (5b) located on a second side of said fluid inlet and outlet (3a, 3b).. .
Heat exchanger and heat management system having such a heat exchanger
A heat exchanger for heat transfer between a heat exchange medium and a surrounding liquid has first and second main lines. The first main line defines a main through-flow cross section.
Heat exchanger plate with bypass zone
A plate (30) for a heat exchanger (50) is stackable with another plate (30) of the heat exchanger (50) to form a pair of plates (30). The pair of plates (30) are arranged to permit the circulation of a fluid to be cooled between the pair of plates (30).
Air conditioner and heat exchanger therefor
An air conditioner and a heat exchanger therefor are provided. The heat exchanger may include a shell; an injection pipe to guide a heat source fluid to an inside of the shell; a first refrigerant tube formed with a first spiral tube; a second refrigerant tube formed with a second spiral tube having a radius larger than a radius of the first spiral tube; and a discharge pipe to which the heat source fluid heat-exchanged with a refrigerant is discharged.
Modular composite intercooler
A modular heat exchanger assembly comprising: a plurality of interlocking housings each having a heat-exchanging element, a first and second side each having a mating connector and a first end and a second end, wherein the interlocking housings interlock to each other by the second side having a mating connector interlocking with the first side having a mating connector to provide a heat exchanger core, the first end has a plurality of first end mating connector openings and the second end has a plurality of second end mating connector openings; there may be at least one first-type end cap, at least one second-type end cap and/or at least one third-type end cap for connection to either one of the first end mating connector openings or one of the second end mating connector openings and there is at least one access opening.. .
Electric vehicle thermal management and filtration system
A thermal management system for an electric vehicle is provided. The thermal management system includes a thermal circuit for regulating a battery temperature.
Vehicular thermal management system and method thereof
A thermal management system having a first heating device, such as a rechargeable energy storage system (ress), and a second heating device, such as an internal combustion engine (ice), for a vehicle is provided. The system may allow waste heat within an ice to be stored in a ress, and may cool the ress by depositing heat in the ice.
Heat exchanger and technique for cooling a target space and/or device via stepped sequencing of multiple working fluids of dissimilar saturation temperatures to provide condensation-by-vaporization cycles
A system for heat exchange includes a first condenser that places a first working fluid vapor in proximity to a second working fluid liquid. The two working fluids have respective saturation temperatures that enable the second working fluid to absorb sufficient amounts of heat from the first working fluid vapor to vaporize, while the first working fluid vapor condenses back into a liquid.
Corrugated tube regenerator for an expansion engine
A regenerative heat exchanger for transferring heat from the exhaust gas to the intake working fluid of a prime mover. Application includes gas turbines for both motor vehicles and distributed electric generation.
Hvac system with selective flowpath
A heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning (hvac) system has a furnace comprising a furnace heat exchanger and an indoor hvac unit comprising a refrigerant heat exchanger and at least one of a component of the furnace and a component of the indoor hvac unit are selectively removable from an airflow path of the hvac system.. .
Cooling assembly
A cooling assembly includes a device chamber, a cooling chamber separated from the device chamber, a heat exchanger, a device chamber fan arrangement and a control unit. The heat exchanger includes a first portion located in the device chamber and a second portion located in the cooling chamber for transferring heat from the device chamber to the cooling chamber.
Method and device for refilling a storage tank
The present invention relates to a method and a device for refilling a stationary storage tank with a subcooled cryogenically liquefied gas from a tanker. A subcooler, comprising a cooling bath and connected between the tanker and an inlet of the storage tank, is filled with the liquefied gas from the tanker up to a filling level and cooled to a bath temperature.
Vehicle fuel delivery system
A vehicle fuel delivery system, includes: a first line configured to deliver fuel from a fuel tank to an internal combustion engine (ice); a second line configured to return fuel from the ice to the tank or the first line; a heat exchanger in thermal communication with the second line; and a latent material in the heat exchanger configured to change from a solid state to a liquid state when fuel in the second line reaches a predetermined temperature.. .
Gas fuel system
A gas fuel system for an engine is disclosed. The gas fuel system includes a fuel tank configured to supply cryogenic fuel.
Compressor cooling system
A system may include a compressor, a heat exchanger, an expansion device, a lubricant separator, and a flow path. The compressor includes a compression mechanism.
Compressor cooling system
A system may include a compressor, a heat exchanger, an expansion device, and first and second working fluid flow paths. The compressor may include a compression mechanism and a motor.
Refrigeration cycle apparatus
A refrigeration cycle apparatus includes a compressor, a condenser such as an indoor heat exchanger, first expansion means, and an evaporator such as an outdoor heat exchanger that are connected by refrigerant pipes to form a refrigeration cycle. The evaporator is a heat exchanger including a plurality of plate-like heat transfer fins arranged in parallel and subjected to water slip or water repellent treatment, and a heat transfer tube provided in contact with the plurality of heat transfer fins such that refrigerant flows therein.
Motor cycle air conditioning system
A motor cycle personal cooling system is disclosed that utilizes waste heat employing solid adsorption. The system includes an air distribution module and one or more desiccant chambers encircling the exhaust pipes of the motor cycle.
Aircraft thermal management system for cooling using expendable coolants
A system for cooling an aircraft includes a fuel tank, a fuel delivery system, a cooling system, and a heat exchanger. The fuel tank is configured to hold cooled fuel for the aircraft.
Cooling system and vehicle
A cooling system includes a compressor, a first heat exchanger, an expansion valve, a second heat exchanger, piping that connects these components and circulates a refrigerant through these components, a cooling unit that is provided in the piping between the first heat exchanger and the expansion valve and that cools a heat-generating source with the refrigerant; and a connection passage communicating a first passage with a second passage, the first passage being the piping between the compressor and the first heat exchanger, the second passage being the piping between the cooling unit and the expansion valve. The first heat exchanger is positioned higher than the cooling unit, and the piping is arranged so that the refrigerant that is condensed by the first heat exchanger is caused to flow into the cooling unit by gravitational force..
Cooling system
A cooling system (1) that cools an hv apparatus (31) includes a compressor (12) that circulates a refrigerant, a heat exchanger (14) that carries out heat exchange between the refrigerant and outside air, an expansion valve (16) that reduces the pressure of the refrigerant, a heat exchanger (18) that carries out heat exchange between the refrigerant and air-conditioning air, a cooling portion (30) that cools, the hv apparatus (31) using the refrigerant that flows between the heat exchanger (14) and the expansion valve (16), a gas-liquid separator (40) that separates the refrigerant that flows between the heat exchanger (14) and the cooling portion (30) into a liquid-phase refrigerant and a gas-phase refrigerant, and a liquid accumulator (70) that is provided between the gas-liquid separator (40) and the cooling portion (30), and that retains the liquid-phase refrigerant separated by the gas-liquid separator (40).. .
Air-conditioning apparatus
A refrigerant circuit is configured by connecting, by pipes, a compressor that compresses a heat-source-side refrigerant, a first refrigerant flow switching device, a heat-source-side heat exchanger, an expansion device, and one or more intermediate heat exchangers that exchange heat between a heat-source-side refrigerant and a heat medium that is different from the heat-source-side refrigerant. A controller performs control of pumps to drive the pumps at a specific pump capacity or higher to circulate the heat medium at a time when a heat recovery defrosting operation for causing the heat-source-side refrigerant that has been heated by the heat medium in the intermediate heat exchangers to flow into the heat-source-side heat exchanger for defrosting purposes..
Refrigerant charging method for air-conditioning apparatus and air-conditioning apparatus
When a first temperature difference is the difference between a saturated gas temperature of a first refrigerant at an inlet side and a saturated liquid temperature of the first refrigerant at an outlet side in a heat exchanger for heating, and when a second temperature difference is the difference between a saturated gas temperature of a second refrigerant at an outlet side and a temperature of the second refrigerant at an inlet side in the heat exchanger for heating, the difference between the first temperature difference and the second temperature difference is held in a predetermined value or less by charging the second refrigerant to the second refrigeration cycle so that a plurality of single refrigerants forming the second refrigerant have a predetermined mixing ratio.. .
Cooling assembly and dehumidification method
A cooling assembly includes a device chamber containing a device chamber cooling medium, a heat exchanger including at least one cooling surface in contact with the device chamber cooling medium, a control unit configured to control the heat exchanger, a humidity sensor configured to detect a humidity level in the device chamber, and a receptacle. The control unit is configured to perform a dehumidification operation as a response to the humidity level exceeding a predetermined threshold value in the device chamber.
Heat exchange module for a turbine engine
A heat exchange module is provided for a turbine engine. The heat exchange module includes a duct and a plurality of heat exchangers.
Gas turbine with improved power output
The application provides an apparatus for augmenting the power produced by a brayton-cycle gas turbine system of the type having an air compressor for producing compressed air, a combustor for heating said compressed air and a fuel and producing hot gases, and a gas turbine responsive to the hot gases for driving said air compressor and a load, and for producing exhaust gases. The apparatus comprises a heat exchanger interposed between a source of ambient air and the air compressor, a storage containing r744 refrigerant, connections though which said r744 refrigerant is exchanged with the heat exchanger, and a refrigerant compressor fluidly connected to said storage for circulating at least a portion of the r744 refrigerant.
Internal combustion engine having at least one catalyst unit
An internal combustion engine having at least one catalytic converter unit for cleaning the exhaust gases produced during the operation of the internal combustion engine. The internal combustion engine includes at least one catalytic converter body which is arranged upstream of an exhaust gas heat exchanger in an exhaust gas flow path, especially an exhaust gas recirculation line..
Compressed air bleed supply for buffer system
A gas turbine engine includes a fan, a compressor section fluidly connected to the fan, a combustor fluidly connected to the compressor section, a turbine section fluidly connected to the combustor, and a buffer system. The buffer system includes a heat exchanger having a first inlet, a first outlet, a second inlet, and a second outlet.
Gas turbine engine with geared turbofan and oil thermal management system
A gas turbine engine includes a fan, a compressor section, a combustion section, and a turbine section. A fan drive gear system is configured for driving the fan at a speed different than the turbine section.

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