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 Calcified polymeric valve and vessels for valve-in-valve applications patent thumbnailCalcified polymeric valve and vessels for valve-in-valve applications
Described is a group of polymeric calcific heart valves with different levels of calcification that can be used for research and development studies related to transcatheter heart valve technologies. Using a heart flow simulator, the valves' function was studied in aortic position in the presence or absence of an implanted transcatheter aortic valve (valve-in-valve).
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Prosthetic heart valve delivery systems and packaging patent thumbnailProsthetic heart valve delivery systems and packaging
Packaging for dry prosthetic tissue heart valves and their delivery systems includes a primary sterile barrier that permits gas sterilization of the tissue implant, and a secondary sterile barrier that also prevents oxidation of the implant during long-term storage. Dry tissue heart valves and their delivery systems are placed within a primary container such as a rigid tray that limits movement of the components therein.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

 Method and  performing peritoneal ultrafiltration patent thumbnailMethod and performing peritoneal ultrafiltration
Method and apparatus for ultrafiltration of a patient being overhydrated due to congestive heart failure, comprising a cassette having four inlets/outlets. A patient tube is connected to a patient connector, intended to be connected to a patient line for access to a peritoneal cavity of the patient.
Triomed Ab

 Co-therapy comprising canagliflozin and phentermine for the treatment of obesity and obesity related disorders patent thumbnailCo-therapy comprising canagliflozin and phentermine for the treatment of obesity and obesity related disorders
The present invention is directed to the use of co-therapy comprising administration of canagliflozin and phentermine for the treatment of obesity and obesity related disorders. More particularly, the present invention is directed to co-therapy for treating obesity, for promoting weight loss and/or for suppressing appetite; for treating, delaying, slowing the progression of and/or preventing metabolic disorders (including for example type 2 diabetes mellitus); for treating, delaying, slowing the progression of and/or preventing renal or fatty liver disorders (including for example nash, nafld, etc.); for treating, delaying, slowing the progression of and/or preventing sleep disorders (including for example sleep apnea); for providing cardiovascular protection; for treating, delaying, slowing the progression of and/or preventing cardiovascular events (including major adverse cardiac events (mace) such as myocardial infarction, unstable angina, cardiovascular death, revascularization, fatal or non-fatal cerebrovascular accident, peripheral arteriopathy, aortic events, hospitalization due to congestive heart failure, etc.); and/or for extending or prolonging life span..
Janssen Pharmaceutica Nv

 Perfusion balloon designs patent thumbnailPerfusion balloon designs
Disclosed herein are designs for improved inflatable structures for use during minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures. These inflatable structures facilitate the perfusion of blood through an anatomical structure, such as a heart valve, during the cardiovascular procedure.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

 Methods of identifying and replacing implanted heart valves patent thumbnailMethods of identifying and replacing implanted heart valves
A prosthetic heart valve configured to replace a native heart valve and for post-implant expansion and having a valve-type indicator thereon visible from outside the body post-implant. The indicator communicates information about the valve, such as the size or orifice diameter of the valve, and/or that the valve has the capacity for post-implant expansion.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

 Implant device and implantation kit patent thumbnailImplant device and implantation kit
An implant device (v), such as a heart valve, for implantation in an animal body includes an annular structure and one or more elongated anchoring members deployable to a deployed condition for insertion into an animal body. The anchoring members are retractable from the deployed condition to a rolled up condition wherein the anchoring members protrude radially out from the annular structure of the device (v) to provide anchoring to a body structure (as) of an animal.
Sorin Group Italia S.r.l.

 Limited expansion heart valve patent thumbnailLimited expansion heart valve
A prosthetic heart valve configured to replace a native heart valve and having a support frame configured to be reshaped into an expanded form in order to receive and/or support an expandable prosthetic heart valve therein is disclosed, together with methods of using same. Interlocking members or flexible loops are included to limit expansion of the valve to one or two valve sizes, for example, with a 2-mm gap between each valve size.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

 Prosthetic heart valves including pre-stressed fibers patent thumbnailProsthetic heart valves including pre-stressed fibers
A prosthetic heart valve includes a base and one or more heart valve leaflets. At least a portion of the leaflet including a composite material that contains a polymer substrate and a pre-stressed reinforcement element at least partially disposed in the polymer substrate..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

 Systems for deploying knotless suture anchoring clamps patent thumbnailSystems for deploying knotless suture anchoring clamps
Suture locking clamps for securing prostheses such as heart valves or annuloplasty rings with sutures and without knots improve the ease of implantation. The clamps have opposed clamp halves separated by a slot opening to one side and surrounded by a biasing member such as one or more c-clip springs.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Method and detecting cardiac arrhythmia and recording medium using the method

A method and an apparatus for detecting cardiac arrhythmia and a recording medium using the method are provided. In the method, physiological signals of a human comprising a sequence of heart pulses are acquired, and an average of heartbeat intervals between pairs of consecutive heart pulses in the sequence of heart pulses is calculated.
Htc Corporation

Transcatheter heart valve delivery deployment simulator

An apparatus for simulation of an anatomical structure may include a left ventricle component having an inlet port configured to receive fluid flow therethrough, an aortic arch component having an outlet port configured to receive fluid flow therethrough, an aortic annulus component attached to and disposed between the left ventricle component and the aortic arch component, and an introducer configured to receive an elongated catheter assembly therethrough. The aortic annulus component may have an inner surface including simulated stenotic nodules.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

Neuromodulation treating acute heart failure syndromes

The catheters comprise a system in which one of catheters is slidably disposed over the other of the catheters. The system may further be slidably disposed over a third elongate element such as a swan-ganz catheter positionable within a pulmonary artery, such that the swan-ganz may be used for monitoring parameters such as blood pressure and cardiac output during neuromodulation therapy.

Apparatus for repairing heart valves and use thereof

An apparatus for repairing a heart valve and methods of use thereof are provided. The apparatus includes a radially expandable body and a blood-permeable member attached to the body at a first end and having at least one cord at a second end.

A system and a delivery of an annuloplasty implant

A delivery system and method for delivery of an annuloplasty implant for a patient are disclosed. The delivery system comprises a commissure locator device for locating a commissure, comprising; an extension member, a catheter, and wherein the extension member is extendable relative the catheter for location of at least one commissure of a cardiac valve, and a coronary sinus contractor for temporary insertion into the coronary sinus (cs) and having a displacement unit being temporarily transferable to an activated state in which the shape of the annulus of the heart valve is modified to a modified shape to be retained by said annuloplasty implant..
Medtentia International Ltd Oy

Delivery system for prosthetic heart valve

A delivery apparatus for implanting a radially compressible and expandable prosthetic heart valve in a native heart valve of the heart includes a handle portion and an elongated shaft extending from and movable relative to the handle portion. The shaft includes a proximal end portion coupled to the handle portion and a distal end portion configured to mount a prosthetic heart valve in a radially compressed state.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Prosthetic heart valve including stent structure and tissue leaflets, and related methods

A method of making a prosthetic heart valve may include providing an annular stent having a plurality of annularly spaced commissure portions having tips, covering each of the tips with a first fabric cover, covering the first fabric covers and the remainder of the stent with a second fabric cover, covering the second fabric cover with a first tissue membrane, and covering the outside of the first tissue membrane with a second tissue membrane, the second tissue membrane forming leaflet portions that extend inwardly between the commissure portions.. .
St. Jude Medical, Inc.

Stented heart valve devices and methods for atrioventricular valve replacement

A compressible and expandable stent assembly for implantation in a body lumen such as a mitral valve, the stent assembly including at least one stent barrel that is shaped and sized so that it allows for normal operation of adjacent heart structures. One or more stent barrels can be included in the stent assembly, where one or more of the stent barrels can include a cylinder with tapered edge..
Medtronic, Inc.

Methods and materials for treating elevated sympathetic nerve activity conditions

This document provides methods and materials involved in treating hypertension (e.g., age-associated hypertension, resistant hypertension, or chronic refractory hypertension), heart failure (e.g., congestive heart failure), or kidney disease (e.g., chronic kidney disease). For example, methods and materials involved in administering one or more sympatholytic agents to a patient to identify the patient as having an elevated baseline level of sympathetic nerve activity and treating the identified patient with a sympatholytic therapy to reduce the symptoms of hypertension (e.g., resistant hypertension), heart failure (e.g., congestive heart failure), or kidney disease (e.g., chronic kidney disease) are provided..
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Ultrasound diagnostic device and ultrasound image processing method

In the present invention, a reference frame selection unit selects a reference frame from among a sequence of frames showing the heart of a fetus. A candidate region group setting unit sets a candidate region group for each of the frames that constitute the sequence of frames.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Methods, systems, and identification and characterization of rotors associated with atrial fibrillation

A system can include a near-field instrument to be placed inside a chamber of a heart, a far-field instrument to be placed in a stable position in relation to the heart, and a control unit. The control unit is configured to identify a unique pattern in electrogram information received from the far-field instrument when the near-field instrument is in one or more positions within the heart.
Aftx, Inc.

Cardiovascular detection system and method

The detection and diagnosis of a variety of cardiovascular disorders and levels of heart condition, using a novel method and system, according to a comprehensive analysis of cardiac electrical signal via the frequency domain, time domain, spatial domain.. .

Cardiomyocytes from induced pluripotent stem cells from patients and methods of use thereof

Human somatic cells obtained from individuals with a genetic heart condition are reprogrammed to become induced pluripotent stem cells (ips cells), and differentiated into cardiomyocytes for use in analysis, screening programs, and the like.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Heteroaromatic compounds and their use as dopamine d1 ligands

And pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof; processes for the preparation of; intermediates used in the preparation of; and compositions containing such compounds or salts, and their uses for treating d1-mediated (or d1-associated) disorders including, e.g., schizophrenia (e.g., its cognitive and negative symptoms), cognitive impairment (e.g., cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia, ad, pd, or pharmacotherapy therapy), adhd, impulsivity, compulsive gambling, overeating, autism spectrum disorder, mcl, age-related cognitive decline, dementia, rls, parkinson's disease, huntington's chorea, anxiety, depression, mdd, trd, bipolar disorder, chronic apathy, anhedonia, chronic fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder, seasonal affective disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-partum depression, serotonin syndrome, substance abuse and drug dependence, drug abuse relapse, tourette's syndrome, tardive dyskinesia, drowsiness, excessive daytime sleepiness, cachexia, inattention, sexual dysfunction, migraine, sle, hyperglycemia, atherosclerosis, dislipidemia, obesity, diabetes, sepsis, post-ischemic tubular necrosis, renal failure, hyponatremia, resistant edema, narcolepsy, hypertension, congestive heart failure, postoperative ocular hypotonia, sleep disorders, and pain.. .

Cardiac pacing with governor

A leadless cardiac pacemaker includes a housing and two or more electrodes secured relative to the housing. A controller is configured to receive electrical signals from the two or more electrodes indicative of a heartbeat of the patient's heart and determine a first measure of cardiac load based at least in part on a delay between the q or r feature and the t feature for the heartbeat.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Treatments for mitral valve insufficiency

The present disclosure concerns embodiments of an implantable device that are used to treat an insufficient heart valve that has been previously treated by implantation of a fixation device or an alfieri stitch that is secured to opposing portions of the native leaflets. In one representative embodiment, an implantable device for remodeling a native mitral valve having two native leaflets and a fixation device or an alfieri stitch secured to respective free edges of the leaflets is configured to be coupled to the fixation device or alfieri stitch and apply a remodeling force to the native mitral valve that draws the native leaflets toward each other to promote coaptation of the leaflets..
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Methods and endovascularly replacing a heart valve

The invention includes methods of and apparatus for endovascularly replacing a heart valve of a patient. One aspect of the invention provides a method including the steps of endovascularly delivering a replacement valve and an expandable anchor to a vicinity of the heart valve in an unexpanded configuration; and applying an external non-hydraulically expanding or non-pneumatically expanding actuation force on the anchor to change the shape of the anchor, such as by applying proximally and/or distally directed force on the anchor using a releasable deployment tool to expand and contract the anchor or parts of the anchor.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Delivery system deflection mechanism

A delivery device for a prosthetic heart valve includes a proximal sheath and a distal sheath. The proximal sheath has a distal end disposed at an oblique angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the proximal sheath, and the distal sheath has a proximal end disposed at an oblique angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the distal sheath.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

Mitral prosthesis and methods for implantation

A mitral valve prosthesis and methods for implanting the prosthesis transapically (i.e., through the apex of the heart), transatrially (i.e., through the left atrium of the heart), and transseptally (i.e., through the septum of the heart). The prosthesis generally includes a self-expanding frame and two or more support arms.
Medtronic Ventor Technologies Ltd.

Replacement heart valves and methods of delivery

A valve prosthesis can be configured to be deployed within a native heart valve and prevent axial flow of fluid around an exterior of the prosthesis. The prosthesis can include an expandable frame configured to radially expand and contract for deployment within the native heart valve, a flap assembly positioned around an exterior of the expandable frame, a proximal end of the flap assembly being positioned at or proximate a proximal end of the expandable frame.
Edwards Lifesciences Cardiaq Llc

Stent with mechanical or biological heart valve for minimally invasive valve replacement procedure and stent application device

A cardiac stent assembly featuring support flaps for a heart valve replacement procedure, while being able to place a mechanical or biological valve in an adapter fixed on the inner part of a stent body of the stent assembly. The stent assembly can be placed within heart valves sustained on an annular or ovoid mechanical support ring.

Covering and assembly transcatheter valve

A covering layer for a transcatheter heart valve is in various embodiments configured to prevent or reduce damage to the native valve tissue around the site where the prosthetic valve is implanted. In some cases, prosthetic valves are manufactured with the covering layer attached.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Prosthetic valve system having a docking component and a prosthetic valve component

A two-component valve prosthesis system includes a docking component and a prosthetic valve component that is configured to be delivered separately from the docking component. The docking component has a compressed configuration for percutaneous delivery within a vasculature and an expanded configuration for deployment within a native heart valve.
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

Heart valve delivery system with valve catheter

An assembly for treating a native heart valve can include a prosthetic valve and a delivery apparatus. The prosthetic valve can include an expandable frame, a valve structure, a first end with apertures formed therein, and a second end.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Method and system for packaging and preparing a prosthetic heart valve and associated delivery system

A packaging system for storing a prosthetic valve and an elongated delivery system in a non-fluid environment. The packaging system comprises a tray for securing both a prosthetic valve and an elongated delivery system.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Devices, systems, and methods for reshaping a heart valve annulus, including the use of magnetic tools

Implants or systems of implants and methods apply a selected force vector or a selected combination of force vectors within or across the left atrium, which allow mitral valve leaflets to better coapt. The implants or systems of implants and methods make possible rapid deployment, facile endovascular delivery, and full intra-atrial retrievability.
Mvrx, Inc.

Simplified ecg acquisition, transmission and sharing system

An electrocardiogram (ecg) acquisition and viewing system receiving extended ecg recordings and automatically extracting segments with heart arrhythmias allowing overreading cardiologists to quickly analyze the extract segments from the larger data set. The present invention provides an easy to use, lightweight ecg module providing acquisition of 12 lead ecg data and communication with local and remote network devices receiving the ecg data the present invention provides wireless communication (e.g., bluetooth, near field communication) with local devices so that ecg waveforms may be viewed in real time, allowing lead connections to be corrected and integrity restored before and during data acquisition..
Spaulding Medical, Llc

Apparatus and measuring electrocardiogram using wireless communication

Disclosed is an apparatus for measuring electrocardiogram (ecg) using wireless communication, including a first measuring device and a second measuring device connected to each other using wireless communication, wherein the first measuring device includes a first electrode configured to measure a first signal generated by a heartbeat, and a slave signal generation unit configured to generate a slave signal based on the first signal and a wireless virtual ground signal received from the second measuring device, and the second measuring device includes a second electrode configured to measure a second signal generated by a heartbeat, a ground electrode configured to measure a ground signal, a wireless virtual ground unit configured to generate the wireless virtual ground signal based on the ground signal, and an ecg measuring unit configured to measure ecg based on the slave signal, the second signal, and the wireless virtual ground signal.. .
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

Non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring device

A cardiovascular monitoring system includes a sensor assembly and a controller. The sensor assembly includes a membrane enclosing a viscous fluid, a substrate immersed in the viscous fluid, and at least one strain gauge mounted with the substrate.

Salt of ivabradine and process for the preparation thereof

Medicinal products containing the same which are useful in the treatment or prevention of the various clinical situations of myocardial ischaemia such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and the associated rhythm disturbances, as well as in the various pathologies involving rhythm disturbances, especially supraventricular rhythm disturbances, and in systolic or diastolic heart failure.. .

Systems and methods for treating acute and chronic heart failure

Systems and methods and devices are provided for arresting or reversing the effects of myocardial remodeling and degeneration after cardiac injury, without the potential drawbacks associated with previously existing systems and methods, by at least partially occluding flow through the superior vena cava over multiple cardiac cycles, and more preferably, by adjusting the interval or degree of occlusion responsive to a sensed level of patient activity. In some embodiments, a controller is provided that actuates a drive mechanism responsive to a sensed level of patient activity to provide at least partial occlusion of the patient's superior vena cava, while a data transfer circuit of the controller provides bi-directional transfer of physiologic data to the patient's smartphone or tablet to permit display and review of such data..
Tufts Medical Center, Inc.

Slide device, mechanical seal, pump and auxiliary artificial heart system

Provided is a slide device which includes a fixed-side slide member having an annular-shaped first slide surface, and a rotary-side slide member having an annular-shaped second slide surface, with the slide device being configured such that the first slide surface and the second slide surface are positioned opposite to each other, and an outer peripheral side of the fixed-side slide member and an outer peripheral side of the rotary-side slide member are brought into contact with a liquid containing a blood component, and a region where the first slide surface and the second slide surface face each other along the rotary-side slide member, the first slide surface and the second slide surface are brought into contact with each other on an outermost periphery of the opposite-facing region of the first and second slide surfaces.. .
Sun Medical Technology Research Corporation

Methods for improving health of farmed fish

The present invention provides methods for treating and preventing viral disease in farmed fish. In particular, the present invention relates to compositions and methods for improving heart health in farmed salmon..
Biomar Group

Implantable heart valve devices, mitral valve repair devices and associated systems and methods

Systems, devices and methods for repairing a native heart valve. In one embodiment, a repair device for repairing a native mitral valve having an anterior leaflet and a posterior leaflet between a left atrium and a left ventricle comprises a support having a contracted configuration and an extended configuration, and an appendage, such as a flap or apron extending from the support.
Twelve, Inc.

Transcatheter prosthetic heart valve delivery system with recapturing feature and method

A delivery system for percutaneously deploying a prosthetic heart valve. The system includes an inner shaft assembly, a delivery sheath capsule and a handle maintaining a first actuator and a second actuator.
Medtronic, Inc.

Catheter system for introducing an expandable heart valve stent into the body of a patient, insertion system with a catheter system and medical device for treatment of a heart valve defect

The invention relates to catheter system for introducing an expandable heart valve stent (150) into the body of a patient, the catheter system comprising: a catheter tip (10) having a seat portion for accommodating the stent (150) in its collapsed state and a stent holder (15) for releasably fixing the stent (150), wherein the seat portion is constituted by a first sleeve-shaped member (11) and a second sleeve-shaped member (21), said sleeve-shaped members (11, 21) being moveable relative to each other and relative to the stent holder (15), and a catheter shaft (30) for connecting the catheter tip (10) to a handle (70). The catheter shaft (30) comprising: first force transmitting means (31) connected to the first sleeve-shaped member (11), second force transmitting means (41) connected to the second sleeve-shaped member (21) and a distal end section connectable to second operating means (81) of the handle (70), and guiding means (51) having a passageway extending there between, wherein the first and second force transmitting means (31, 41) are at least partly received within the passageway such as to be moveable relative to the guiding means (51), and wherein the proximal end of the guiding means (51) terminates distal to the catheter tip (10)..
Jenavalve Technology, Inc.

Loader and retriever for transcatheter heart valve, and methods of crimping transcatheter heart valve

A loader and method for loading a transcatheter heart valve into a delivery sheath or catheter is described that is also configured to facilitate retrieval of the heart valve back through the delivery sheath while protecting the delivery sheath from damage. Another loader provides for easier crimping and loading of a thv into a delivery sheath or catheter from a storage jar or container.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

Aortic replacement valve

A heart valve assembly has a frame comprising an inflow section, an outflow section, and a connecting section that is located between the inflow section and the outflow section. The inflow section has a plurality of legs that extend radially outwardly, and the connecting section has a greater flexibility than the inner section.
Horizon Scientific Corp.

Transcatheter valve replacement

A prosthetic heart valve having an inflow end and an outflow end includes a collapsible and expandable stent, a collapsible and expandable valve assembly disposed within the stent and having a plurality of leaflets, and a deformable frame having a first end and a second end. The frame includes braided wires forming a body having a lumen extending therethrough for receiving the stent and the valve assembly, the body having a plurality of diameters from the first end to the second end..
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

Instrumented wearable device for measurement of physiological parameters

This disclosure describes devices, system, and a method for the prediction and prevention of acute decompensated heart failure or other patient conditions involving fluid accumulation in legs or hands. In one example, a wearable device contains a drift-free leg-size sensor and a tissue-elasticity sensor.
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research


This application provides an identification method and device, and relates to the field of wearable devices. The method comprises: acquiring a first heartbeat propagation signal and a second heartbeat propagation signal separately from a target limb of a body; and identifying whether the target limb is a left limb or a right limb at least according to the first heartbeat propagation signal and the second heartbeat propagation signal.
Beijing Zhigu Rui Tuo Tech Co., Ltd

Raman and resonant raman detection of vulnerable plaque optical analyzer and imager

Vulnerable plaque (vp) is the main cause of death from heart attacks. All currently available methods developed to diagnose vp lack sensitivity and or specificity and are still unable to identify vp.

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