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Device for the in situ delivery of heart valves
A device for deploying a cardiac valve prosthesis includes a distal valve holder portion and a shaft extending towards the valve holder portion. The shaft is selectively bendable to a curved shape to vary the spatial orientation of the valve holder portion with respect to the desired implantation site....

Dual sterilization containment vessel
The disclosure pertains to a vessel for holding replacement heart valves and associated positioning and installation apparatus which is configured and adapted to contain a biocidal sterilization fluid during and following exposure of a delivery system for the replacement heart valve to sterilization by ionizing radiation and methods of use therefor....

Methods of implanting minimally-invasive prosthetic heart valves
Expandable prosthetic heart valves for minimally invasive valve replacement are disclosed. In one preferred embodiment, an expandable prosthetic heart valve includes a support stent comprising an expandable tubular base along an inflow end and three upstanding commissure posts along an outflow end. The three commissure posts are spaced at 120 degree...

Capping bioprosthetic tissue to reduce calcification
A treatment for bioprosthetic tissue used in implants or for assembled bioprosthetic heart valves to reduce in vivo calcification. The method includes applying a calcification mitigant such as a capping agent or an antioxidant to the tissue to specifically inhibit oxidation in tissue. Also, the method can be used to inhibit...

Replacement heart valves, delivery devices and methods
A replacement heart valve and method of treating valve insufficiency includes an expandable frame configured to engage a native valve annulus. A valve body is coupled to the frame. The valve body can include a leaflet portion and possibly a skirt portion. A portion of the frame has a foreshortening portion...

Annuloplasty band for a simplified approach to mitral valvuloplasty for degenerative diseases
A device for repair of heart valves, and more particularly an improved annuloplasty band which is constituted by a semirigid open band includes a sheath and a generally curved stiffening semirigid element disposed within the sheath which extends from a first end adjacent the antero-lateral trigone to a second end adjacent...

Knotless suture anchoring devices and tools for implants
Devices for securing prostheses such as heart valves or annuloplasty rings with sutures and without using knots are disclosed. The devices are particularly well suited for traditional surgery or minimally invasive surgery, and improve the ease of implantation by eliminating surgical knots a clinician would normally tie in the limited space...

Stainless steel alloys for making endoprostheses
Stainless steel alloys for fabricating endoprostheses. Endoprostheses can include a variety of devices such as staples, orthodontic wires, heart valves, filter devices, and stents, many of which devices are diametrically expandable devices....

System for loading a collapsible heart valve
An assembly for collapsing a self-expanding prosthetic heart valve includes a compression member, a support member, a constricting member, and a spacer which may be used for smaller sized heart valves. The compression member has a tapered wall between its first open end and its second open end, the tapered wall...

Medical device with coating that promotes endothelial cell adherence and differentiation
Compositions and methods are provided for producing a medical device such as a stent, a stent graft, a synthetic vascular graft, heart valves, coated with a biocompatible matrix which incorporates antibodies, antibody fragments, or small molecules, which recognize, bind to and/or interact with a progenitor cell surface antigen to immobilize the...

Methods of implant of a heart valve with a convertible sewing ring
A sewing ring for prosthetic heart valves that is connected and configured to pivot outward. A biocompatible fabric covering surrounds at least a portion of the sewing ring, and the ring may be exclusively connected to a stent with the fabric. The sewing ring may be generally planar and of uniform...

Rapidly deployable surgical heart valves
A quick-connect heart valve prosthesis that can be quickly and easily implanted during a surgical procedure is provided. The heart valve includes a substantially non-expandable, non-compressible prosthetic valve and a plastically-expandable stent frame, thereby enabling attachment to the annulus without sutures. The prosthetic valve may be a commercially available valve with...

Collapsible prosthetic heart valves
A prosthetic heart valve includes a collapsible and expandable stent having a proximal end, a distal end, an annulus section adjacent the proximal end and an aortic section adjacent the distal end, a plurality of commissure features disposed on the stent, and a collapsible and expandable valve assembly, the valve assembly...

Method of manufacturing a tissue-engineered prosthesis
Developing heart valves are exposed to dynamic strains by applying a dynamic pressure difference over the leaflets. The flow is kept to a minimum, serving only as a perfusion system, supplying the developing tissue with fresh nutrients. Standard heart valves were engineered based on B trileaflet scaffolds seeded with cells isolated...

Methods, devices, and systems for percutaneously anchoring annuloplasty rings
Apparatus, systems, and methods are provided for percutaneous transcatheter delivery and fixation of annuloplasty rings to heart valves. An annuloplasty ring includes an outer tube, an inner body member, and an anchor deployment system. The outer tube includes a plurality of windows and has an axis along its length. The internal...

Percutaneous annuloplasty system with anterior-posterior adjustment
Apparatus, systems, and methods are provided for repairing heart valves through percutaneous transcatheter delivery and fixation of annuloplasty rings to heart valves. An annuloplasty ring includes an outer hollow body member including a plurality of regions. Adjacent regions cooperate with one another to change the body member from an elongate insertion...

Hydraulic delivery systems for prosthetic heart valve devices and associated methods
Systems, apparatuses, and methods for treating native heart valves are disclosed herein. A system for delivering a prosthetic device into a heart of a patient includes an elongated catheter body and a delivery capsule. The delivery capsule can be hydraulically driven to deploy at least a portion of a prosthetic heart...

Two-stage collapsible/expandable prosthetic heart valves and anchoring systems
Prosthetic heart valve apparatus is adapted for delivery into a patient in a circumferentially collapsed condition, followed by circumferential re-expansion at the implant site in the patient. The apparatus includes an annular anchoring structure that can be implanted in the patient first. The apparatus further includes an annular valve support structure,...

Systems and methods for ensuring safe and rapid deployment of prosthetic heart valves
A quick-connect heart valve prosthesis that can be quickly and easily implanted during a surgical procedure is provided. The heart valve may include a substantially non-expandable, non-compressible prosthetic valve and a plastically-expandable frame, thereby enabling attachment to the annulus without sutures. A system and method for deployment includes an integrated handle...

Biomaterials with enhanced properties and devices made therefrom
Biomaterials with enhanced properties such as improved strength, flexibility, durability and reduced thickness are useful in the fabrication of biomedical devices, particularly those subjected to continuous or non-continuous loads where repeated flexibility and long-term durability are required. These enhanced properties can be attributed to elevated levels of elastin, altered collagen types,...

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