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Methods and apparatuses for deploying minimally-invasive heart valves
Methods and systems for delivering and deploying a prosthetic heart valve include a deployment mechanism coupled to the prosthetic heart valve, the deployment mechanism comprising a longitudinal shaft that when rotated in a first direction, expands the prosthetic heart valve from a contracted state to an expanded state, and optionally, when...

Rapidly deployable surgical heart valves
A quick-connect heart valve prosthesis that can be quickly and easily implanted during a surgical procedure is provided. The heart valve includes a substantially non-expandable, non-compressible prosthetic valve and a plastically-expandable frame, thereby enabling attachment to the annulus without sutures. A small number of guide sutures may be provided for aortic...

Capping bioprosthetic tissue to reduce calcification
A treatment for bioprosthetic tissue used in implants or for assembled bioprosthetic heart valves to reduce in vivo calcification. The method includes applying a calcification mitigant such as a capping agent or an antioxidant to the tissue to specifically inhibit oxidation in tissue. Also, the method can be used to inhibit...

Dry prosthetic heart valve packaging system
Packaging for prosthetic heart valves including an assembly for stabilizing dry prosthetic tissue implants such as heart valves during storage. The packaging assembly includes a primary sterile barrier that permits gas sterilization of the tissue implant, and a secondary sterile barrier that prevents oxidation of the implant during storage. Tissue heart...

Methods of implanting an endoprosthesis
A catheter is disclosed for the transvascular implantation of prosthetic heart valves, e.g., including self-expanding anchorage supports, to reduce the risk to the patient during the implantation. Accordingly, a prosthetic heart valve comprising anchorage supports is temporarily housed in a folded form in a cartridge-type unit during the implantation. The cartridge-type...

Methods of making encapsulated heart valves
The present disclosure concerns embodiments of implantable prosthetic devices, and in particular, implantable prosthetic valves, and methods for making such devices. In one aspect, a prosthetic device includes encapsulating layers that extend over a fabric layer and secure the fabric layer to another component of the device. In particular embodiments, the...

Methods of implanting minimally-invasive prosthetic heart valves
Expandable prosthetic heart valves for minimally invasive valve replacement are disclosed. In one preferred embodiment, an expandable prosthetic heart valve includes a support stent comprising an expandable tubular base along an inflow end and three upstanding commissure posts along an outflow end. The three commissure posts are spaced at 120 degree...

Prosthetic heart valves, scaffolding structures, and systems and methods for implantation of same
Prosthetic valves and their component parts are described, as are prosthetic valve delivery devices and methods for their use. The prosthetic valves are particularly adapted for use in percutaneous aortic valve replacement procedures. The delivery devices are particularly adapted for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures....

Prosthetic aortic heart valves
A prosthetic aortic valve includes an annular, annulus inflow portion that is designed to reside in or near the patient's native aortic valve annulus, and an annular, aortic outflow portion that is designed to reside in the patient's aorta downstream from at least a portion of the valsalva sinus. The annulus...

Apparatus, system and methods for measuring a blood pressure gradient
An apparatus (), control system () and methods are provided for directly measuring a pressure gradient, i.e. by real-time pressure measurements, with particular application for in situ measurement of transvalvular blood pressure gradients for the aortic valve and other heart valves, using minimally-invasive techniques. The apparatus takes the form of a...

Thermally-activated biocompatible foam occlusion device for self-expanding heart valves
A structure for sealing a gap between a medical device and adjacent body tissue includes a ring-shaped body formed at least in part of a material that expands from a compressed condition to an expanded condition when heated to a transition temperature and that is adapted to conform to the body...

Paravalvular leak occlusion device for self-expanding heart valves
An occluder device for occluding a gap between a medical device and adjacent body tissue includes a conformable body having a hollow interior, a leading end and a trailing end; and a port disposed at the trailing end of the body and in fluid communication with the interior of the body....

Paravalvular leak occlusion device for self-expanding heart valves
An occluder for sealing gaps between a medical device and adjacent body tissue includes an expandable body configured to fill the gaps between the medical device and the body tissue. The occluder includes a fastener at one end of the body and adapted to couple to a first end of the...

Percutaneous heart valve delivery systems
Embodiments described herein address the need for improved catheter devices for delivery, repositioning and/or percutaneous retrieval of the percutaneously implanted heart valves. One embodiment employs a plurality of spring-loaded arms releasably engaged with a stent frame for controlling expansion for valve deployment. Another embodiment employs a plurality of filaments passing through...

Biocompatible foam occlusion device for self-expanding heart valves
A self-expandable ring seals a gap between a medical device and adjacent body tissue. The ring is disposed about the medical device and configured to self-expand from a first radius in a compressed condition to a second radius in an expanded condition, the second radius being greater than the first radius....

Automated crimping of transcatheter heart valves
The present disclosure is directed to embodiments of automated crimping systems, methods of crimping prosthetic valves, and methods of using automated crimping systems to crimp prosthetic valves. In some embodiments, an automated crimping system includes a crimper controller, a rotary actuator, an outer crimper housing, and a crimper mechanism mounted within...

Methods and systems for cardiac valve delivery
The present invention provides systems and methods for the repair, removal, and/or replacement of heart valves. The methods comprise introducing a delivery system into the heart, wherein a prosthesis is disposed on the delivery member attached to the delivery system, advancing the prosthesis to the target site, and disengaging the prosthesis...

Stent features for collapsible prosthetic heart valves
A prosthetic heart valve includes a stent having an expanded condition and a collapsed condition. The stent includes a plurality of distal cells, a plurality of proximal cells, a plurality of support struts coupling the proximal cells to the distal cells, and at least one support post connected to a plurality...

Collapsible/expandable prosthetic heart valves with native calcified leaflet retention features
A prosthetic heart valve is circumferentially collapsible for less invasive delivery into a patient. The valve re-expands to operating size at the implant site in the patient. A frame structure of the valve includes restraining structure that can help to push one or more of the patient's native heart valve leaflets...

Apparatus and method for implanting collapsible/expandable prosthetic heart valves
Apparatus for delivering a prosthetic heart valve into a patient by means that are less invasive than conventional open-chest, open-heart surgery. The prosthetic valve may be collapsed while in a delivery device. When the valve reaches the desired implant site in the patient, the valve can be released from the delivery...

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