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Hash Function patents


This page is updated frequently with new Hash Function-related patent applications.

 Providing forward secrecy in a terminating tls connection proxy patent thumbnailProviding forward secrecy in a terminating tls connection proxy
An infrastructure delivery platform provides a rsa proxy service as an enhancement to the tls/ssl protocol to off-load, from an edge server to an external cryptographic server, the decryption of an encrypted pre-master secret. The technique provides forward secrecy in the event that the edge server is compromised, preferably through the use of a cryptographically strong hash function that is implemented separately at both the edge server and the cryptographic server.
Akamai Technologies, Inc.

 Password-based authentication in server systems patent thumbnailPassword-based authentication in server systems
A system of λ≧2 servers is provided. The server system comprises an access control server for communication with user computers via a network and controlling access by the user computers to a resource in dependence on authentication of user passwords associated with respective user ids, and a set of authentication servers for communication with the access control server via the network.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Data deduplication using a small hash table patent thumbnailData deduplication using a small hash table
Embodiments of the present invention provide methods, systems, and computer program products for data deduplication. In one embodiment, for a data chunk, it is determined whether a hash value of the data chunk generated by a first hash function is present in a hash table.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Parallel processing of hash functions patent thumbnailParallel processing of hash functions
Input data can be split into data components that can each have a length equal to a machine word size of a processor capable of parallel processing. Hash components can be selected to have a length equal to the length of the data components.
Tsx Inc.

 Distributed stream-based database triggers patent thumbnailDistributed stream-based database triggers
Information describing changes to a collection of items maintained by a database may be stored in a log file. The information in the log file may be converted into a stream of records describing the changes.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

 Method of providing a hash value for a piece of data, electronic device and computer program patent thumbnailMethod of providing a hash value for a piece of data, electronic device and computer program
There is provided a method of providing a hash value for a piece of data, where the hash value provides for a time-stamp for the piece of data upon verification. The method comprises deriving one-time signing keys of signer's one-time signing key hash chain by a one-way function of a secret key of the signer and a function of an index of the one-time signing key, and providing the hash value for the piece of data by a hash function including the piece of data and the derived one-time signing key.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Soft generation of biometric candidates and references based on empirical bit error probability patent thumbnailSoft generation of biometric candidates and references based on empirical bit error probability
A biometric verification device (100) arranged to compare a reference hash (480) with a verification bit string (420) obtained from a biometric, the biometric verification device comprising: —a candidate bit string generator (130) arranged to generate candidate bit strings (430) from the verification bit string and error probabilities, —a hash unit (140) arranged to apply a cryptographic hash function to said generated candidate bit strings to obtain candidate hashes, —a comparison unit (160) arranged to verify if a candidate hash generated by the hash unit matches a reference hash.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Exact match hash lookup databases in network switch devices patent thumbnailExact match hash lookup databases in network switch devices
In a method for forwarding packets in a network device a plurality of hash values is generated based on a lookup key. The plurality of hash values includes at least a first hash value generated using a first hash function, a second hash value generated using a second hash function and a third hash value generated using a third hash function.
Marvell Israel (m.i.s.l) Ltd.

 Method and  transmitting and receiving data in communication system patent thumbnailMethod and transmitting and receiving data in communication system
Disclosed is a technology for a sensor network, machine to machine (m2m), machine type communication (mtc), and internet of things (iot). The present disclosure can be used for intelligent services (for example, services related to smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, smart cars, connected cars, health care, digital education, retail businesses, security, and safety) based on the technology.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Device theft protection associating a device identifier and a user identifier patent thumbnailDevice theft protection associating a device identifier and a user identifier
When theft protection of a computing device is initiated, credentials of the user are provided to one or more services that verify the credentials and generate a recovery key. A data value is generated based on the recovery key and an identifier of the computing device (e.g., by applying a cryptographic hash function to the recovery key and the computing device identifier), and the data value is provided to the computing device, which stores the data value at the computing device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Network named fragments in a content centric network

One embodiment provides a system that facilitates efficient and secure transportation of content. An intermediate node receives a packet that corresponds to a fragment of a content object message that is fragmented into a plurality of fragments.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Methods and systems for managing network activity using biometrics

The present disclosure describes systems and methods for managing network traffic using biometrics. A server may store a first value n, a primitive root modulo n, and a plurality of verification codes generated using the primitive root modulo n to the power of a hash function result of a respective portion of a first biometric template acquired from the user during enrollment.
Eyelock Llc

Digital signature service system based on hash function and method thereof

Disclosed is a digital signature service system and method based on a hash function in which a main agent, who requires the generation of a digital signature, does not personally generate the digital signature, and wherein digital signatures may be simultaneously and stably generated for large-scale data such as multiple electronic documents and digital data using a hash function and a hash tree, which are known as a simple and secure method, to guarantee the integrity of the data in a digital signature-based structure based on a server.. .
Markany Inc.

Cuckoo hashing with selectable hash

Decision apparatus includes a first memory bank, containing a first table of hash composition factors, and a second memory bank, containing second and third tables of associative entries. A logic pipeline receives a sequence of data items and extracts a search key from each data item.
Mellanox Technologies Tlv Ltd.

Methods, systems, and computer readable media for conducting malicious message detection without revealing message content

Methods, systems, and computer readable media for managing order processing and fallout are disclosed. One exemplary method includes receiving a message object and segmenting the received message object into structural data segments and textual data segments.
Oracle International Corporation

Aggregation frame design method and apparatus

Embodiments of the present application provide an aggregation frame design method and apparatus, the method includes: selecting, by a transmit end from n different hash function groups, one group that has a same sequence number as that of each receive end, mapping a mac address of each receive end into a number x, and denoting the number x; obtaining m first sequences of each receive end, and performing a bitwise or operation on the m first sequences to obtain an identification sequence of each receive end; obtaining n identification sequences of n receive ends, performing a bitwise or operation on the n identification sequences to obtain a bloom sequence, and encoding and modulating the bloom sequence to map the bloom sequence onto an ofdm symbol; and forming an aggregation frame by using a pilot signal, the ofdm symbol, the n identification sequences, and data of the n receive ends.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method for ciphering and deciphering digital data, based on an identity, in a multi-authorities context

Determining a product of said digital data m with k+1 elements belonging to said group t, each of said k+1 elements belonging to said group t being obtained via applying a pairing function on a combination of elements of a master public key associated to one of the n trusted authorities, said k random element(s) and output of said applying a hash function, delivering a second part of said ciphertext of said digital data m.. .

Method for load redistribution in mobile communication systems

Methods and apparatus are provided for load balancing and load distribution using a set of alternative configurations. In one novel aspect, the ue receives and stores a set of alternative configurations.
Mediatek Inc.

High-performance bloom filter array

A method for classification includes extracting respective classification keys from a collection of data items and defining a set of patterns for matching to the classification keys. A plurality of memory banks contain respective bloom filters, each bloom configured to indicate one or more patterns in the set that are candidates to match a given classification key.
Mellanox Technologies Tlv Ltd.

Random identifier generation for offline database

Various embodiments of the present technology involve creating a secure unique identifier for a content item to be used in a synchronized content management system while off-line with the synchronized content management system. In some embodiments, securing the unique identifier involves generating a random key and applying a hash function to an input to generate a hash.
Dropbox, Inc.

Methods and efficient computation of one-way chains in cryptographic applications

Techniques are disclosed for efficient computation of consecutive values of one-way chains and other one-way graphs in cryptographic applications. The one-way chain or graph may be a chain of length shaving positions i=1, 2, .
Crypto Research, Llc

Partitionable ternary content addressable memory (tcam) for use with a bloom filter

A bit vector for a bloom filter is determined by performing one or more hash function operations on a set of ternary content addressable memory (tcam) words. A tcam array is partitioned into a first portion to store the bit vector for the bloom filter and a second portion to store the set of tcam words.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Efficient hash table key storage

The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for compressing keys of key-data item pairs for storage in a hash table to reduce power and/or area requirements of the memory used to implement the hash table. The system and method of the present disclosure use the hash function to compress a key of a key-data item pair.
Broadcom Corporation

System and peer-to-peer, paired, and synchronized nodes

The present disclosure provides for a method of pairing wireless devices as well as wireless devices employing the pairing methodology. The wireless devices each possess individual identifiers.

Method and low-power, long-range networking

An endpoint device may be operable to transmit and receive data wirelessly via a medium to which access is time-division multiplexed into a plurality of repeating windows. A first window of the plurality of repeating windows may be time-division multiplexed into a plurality of timeslots utilized for transmitting beacon signals.
Blackbird Technology Holdings, Inc.

Efficient parallel insertion into an open hash table

Methods and apparatuses for servicing parallel requests to an open hash table are disclosed. A memory is used for storing a plurality of sub-tables, and a processor coupled to the memory that receives the incoming request which includes a key value to perform a first action in a first sub-table, calculates a routing hash value associated with the key value using a hash function, determines an index for the routing hash value by calculating a modulo (n) function of the routing hash value, and appends the incoming request to a queue associated with the first sub-table, wherein n is a number of sub-tables associated with the processor, the index corresponds to the first sub-table, and the processor is operable to retrieve the incoming request from the queue to perform the first action..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Advanced metering infrastructure network system and message broadcasting method

An advanced metering infrastructure (ami) server, an ami network node, an ami network system and a message broadcasting method thereof are provided. The ami server generates a broadcasting key from a broadcasting message through a hash function, encrypts the broadcasting message into an encrypted broadcasting message via the broadcasting key, encrypts the broadcasting key into an encrypted key via a symmetric key, and transmits the encrypted broadcasting message and the encrypted key to the ami network node.
Institute For Information Industry

Authenticating communications

The method of authenticating the source of a communication is disclosed. The method includes executing a clock for an operation period.
Google Inc.

Method and generating an intelligent primary key facilitating faster object retrieval

Various methods are provided for facilitating a reduction in the number of required search operations during account creation. One example method may comprise causing creation of a user account object configured for storage in a database, the user account object comprising user personal information, causing creation of a user linked account object configured for storage in the database, the user linked account object comprising user credential information, the user linked account object linked the user account object, generating, via processor, an identification field of the user linked account object, generation of the identification field comprising: receiving at least identification information and an account type; accessing a realm; and utilizing a hash function to generate a composite key as a function of the identification information, the account type, and the realm..
Here Global B.v.

Slow hopping anti-jam waveform (shaw)

A method of transmitting a message using a slow hopping anti-jam waveform, includes generating a sequence with a cryptographic hash function; transmitting, for a predetermined dwell time, a first portion of the message on a first channel having a first baseline frequency; choosing a second channel having a second baseline frequency based on the generated sequence, the second baseline frequency being offset from the first baseline frequency; and transmitting, for the predetermined dwell time, a second portion of the message on the second channel having the second baseline frequency; wherein the two transmitting steps occur sequentially.. .
The Government Of United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Approximate distinct counting in a bounded memory

A table is processed to determine an approximate ndv for a plurality of groups. For each row, a group based is identified based on one or more group-by columns.
Oracle International Corporation

Software router and methods for looking up routing table and for updating routing entry of the software router

A software router includes a main memory configured to comprise a hash table consisting of one or more buckets (hereinafter, referred to as “buckets a”) wherein each bucket stores destination information to which a unique key is mapped; and a central processing unit (cpu) configured to comprise a temporary table that stores the destination information present in the hash table, to determine a location of a bucket (hereinafter, referred to as “bucket b”) in the temporary table by applying a specific key to a designated hash function, wherein the specific key is extracted from a received packet, and to transmit the received packet by obtaining destination information from bucket b at the determined location in the temporary table.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Multiple sub-string searching

A method for searching for multiple sub-strings of an original text is provided. A search query is received, wherein the search query includes a plurality of sub-strings.
International Business Machines Corporation

Multiple sub-string searching

A method for searching for multiple sub-strings of an original text is provided. A search query is received, wherein the search query includes a plurality of sub-strings.
International Business Machines Corporation

Entropy source with magneto-resistive element for random number generator

An entropy source and a random number (rn) generator are disclosed. In one aspect, a low-energy entropy source includes a magneto-resistive (mr) element and a sensing circuit.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Apparatus and storing data traffic on flow basis

An apparatus and method for storing data traffic on a flow basis. The apparatus for storing data traffic on a flow basis includes a packet storage unit a flow generation unit, and a metadata generation unit.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Cryptographic assurances of data integrity for data crossing trust boundaries

A data integrity system generates a transaction signature associated with a transaction based on transaction data received from a data producer. The transaction signature is unique to the transaction and is generated by applying a hash function to the transaction data.
Peernova, Inc.

Biometric based authenticated key exchange

A method includes receiving a first biometric data set representative of a first biometric sample provided by a user and public parameters. The method includes generating a first set of exchange information based thereon and communicating it to a system server.
Fujitsu Limited

Conversion of forms of user data segment ids in a deduplication system

Various embodiments for managing data in a data storage having data deduplication. For a back reference data structure incorporating reference information for at least one user data segment to a storage block, using a plurality of hash functions to convert between a plurality of form types of user data segment identification (id's) representative of the at least one user data segment..
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and systems for improved semantic meshing

In at least one embodiment, the present invention provides methods and systems for improved semantic meshing, comprising receiving an input data stream consisting of a plurality of characters; generating a normalized stream having an initial value based on said input data stream; applying a plural character rolling window to a subset of the normalized stream to select at least one stream subset, applying a first uniform hash function to the at least one stream subset to create at least one digest, identifying a cut if the modulus of the digest is zero, such that identifying a cut includes applying a second uniform hash function to the remainder values of the normalized stream, generating at least one shingle, resetting the plural character rolling window with a plurality of zeros and aggregating the at least one shingle into a semantic hash.. .
6899005 Canada Inc.

Method and validating a transaction between a plurality of machines

A first and a second device both have access to a series of data representing configurations of hash functions. The first device selects a first configuration and implements a hashing function from the selected configuration.

System and methods with assured one-time, replay-resistant passwords

An administrative system generates a sequence of passwords by iterative evaluation of a hash function, initiated from a private key value and continuing to a final, public key value. A current token is created that includes a current one of the passwords.
Guardtime Ip Holdings Limited

Virtual multi-cluster clouds

An improved scalable object storage system allows multiple clusters to work together. Users working with a first cluster, or with a multi-cluster gateway, can ask for services and have the request or data transparently proxied to a second cluster.
Rackspace Us, Inc.

Secure perfect hash function

A secure perfect hash function that has properties similar to those of cryptographic hash functions without compromising features of a perfect hash function such as speed and collision-free outputs is provided. A cryptographic hash function is utilized to process the set s and the.
Pitney Bowes Inc.

Unique id generation for sensors

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided for generating a unique id for a sensor in a network. Once the sensor is installed on a component of the network, the sensor can send attributes of the sensor to a control server of the network.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Page substitution verification preparation

A system and method are disclosed for rendering published documents tamper evident. Embodiments render classes of documents tamper evident with cryptographic level security or detect tampering, where such security was previously unavailable, for example, documents printed using common printers without special paper or ink.

Unified online cache monitoring and optimization

A cache in a computer system is configured with a plurality of monitoring slices, each comprising a separately addressable partition of the cache. With each monitoring slice is associated a respective sub-range of a hash function, which has a range that includes at least the addressable partitions of the cache that comprise the monitoring slices.
Cloud Physics, Inc.

Distributed and hierarchical device activation mechanisms

Embodiments of systems and methods disclosed herein include a distributed device activation mechanism involving a group of external entities without using asymmetric cryptography. Systems and methods include techniques for deriving a device secret using a hardware secret and authenticated unique input data provided to the device by one or more external entities.
Rubicon Labs, Inc.

Data access and anonymity management

Techniques described herein provide data access and data anonymity management within various implementations of content distribution networks. In some embodiments, a data anonymity management system may include multiple different data stores configured to store identity data, user data, and/or linking data, as well as a data anonymity server configured to support data anonymity features such as active user data anonymity, one-way linking and permanently breakable links between user identity data and associated user data.
Pearson Education, Inc.

Content-based encryption keys

Techniques and mechanisms described herein facilitate the encryption of content using content-based encryption keys. According to various embodiments, data stream may include one or more data chunks.
Dell Software, Inc.

Boot control vehicles

A hardware security module (hsm) transitions a first signal from a first state to a second state and transitions a second signal from a first state to a second state when a request to change boot code is received. In response to receipt of a boot request, the hsm, when the first signal is in the first state and the second signal is in the first state: does not execute the hash function; and maintains the second signal in the first state.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Data fingerprint strengthening

Techniques and mechanisms described herein facilitate the strengthening of a data fingerprint. According to various embodiments, a data stream may be parsed into a plurality of data chunks.
Dell Software, Inc.

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