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Hard Drive patents


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new patent Hard drive tray device
A hard drive tray device applied in a server is provided. The server includes a housing.
Quanta Computer Inc.

Mainframe computer with supporting rack
A mainframe computer with a supporting rack includes: a rack chassis and a supporting rack. The rack chassis has a first rack, and the first rack has a plurality of first positioning members.
Cooler Master Technology Inc.

Protecting documents using policies and encryption
A system protects documents at rest and in motion using declarative policies and encryption. A document at rest includes documents on a device such as the hard drive of a computer.
Nextlabs, Inc.

System and connecting traffic intersections
A system and method are provided for connecting intersections, to enable two-way wireless communication between a cloud-based traffic operations service and new and existing traffic cabinet hardware using “connected intersection” technology. By providing hardware in existing (or new) traffic control cabinets that can communicate wirelessly with a cloud-based traffic operations system, customers can enhance and upgrade legacy traffic networks using existing it infrastructure (i.e.
Miovision Technologies Incorporated

Epocket (electronic pocket)
An accessory for laptops, tablets or other electronic devices which has an upper section assembled with a flap opening comprising of a polymer vinyl transparent element joined to a fabric element. The upper section is positioned around the top edge the of the display assembly allowing display visibility via approximately a small width of the vinyl transparent element.

Hard drive data destroying device
Three systems for the destruction of the data storage portion of electronic media storage devices such as hard disk drives, solid state drives and hybrid hard drives. One system utilizes a mill cutter with which the hard drive has relative motion in the direction of the axis of the mill cutter to destroy the data storage portion.
Serenity Data Security, Llc

Optimized disaster resistant housing for an array of computer data storage devices and manufacturing
A thermally and structurally optimized disaster resistant housing for a vertically stacked array of computer digital data storage devices such as hard drives is provided. An external, fire resistant housing has an internally mounted water resistant enclosure for the array.

Digital certification analyzer temporary external secured storage
A digital certification analyzer (or “analyzer”) provides protection for digital content stored on servers, file sharing systems, hard drives and usb enabled external drives or other digital repositories. A temporary external secured storage (or “tess”) system provides an external storage location for digital content hosted and transferred or shared in a digital realm, while the original device hosting the content is turned off or otherwise offline during the file share or file transfer process..

Surrounding-buckle type mobile hard drive rack
A hard drive rack includes a frame. The frame includes a plurality of plates surrounding to form an accommodating space and at least one insertion opening.
Super Micro Computer Inc.

Realm partitioning in hard drives
In general, techniques are described for partitioning a storage media into realms. The storage media may be divided into a plurality of physical regions, where each physical region from the plurality of physical regions is associated with one or more logical block addresses (lbas).
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

Drive array

A drive array is provided, including: a structure having a top panel, a base; and first and second side panels; the first and second side panels positioned on opposite sides of the array and defining a length of the array; and a plurality of fins arranged transversely to the length of the array, the fins further arranged in a plurality of rows, each of the rows transverse to the array; a plurality of projections extending upwardly from the base aligned with a plurality of projections extending downwardly from the top penal, positioned to fit and hold a hard drive; and a circuit board secured to the back of the structure to communicate with the hard drives positioned on the array.. .

Directly serviceable hard drive bay in modular server chassis assembly

An information handling system (ihs) includes a chassis configured with infrastructure components arranged for housing one or more compute components. The chassis includes a bottom segment having a base wall to receive the one or more compute components.
Dell Products, L.p.

Modular hard drive receiving chassis member with vibration damping supports

An information handling system (ihs) includes user selectable compute components including a storage drive. A chassis includes a base panel having an upper chassis surface.
Dell Products, L.p.

Hierarchical display-server system and method

A computing system includes a hierarchical set of servers. The hierarchical set includes a master server and one or more slave server.
Netzyn, Inc.

Assigning a data item to a storage location in a computing environment

The computer detects a request from a first computer to store a data item, and determines if a volatile memory in a second computer comports with an isolation rule for the data item. In response to determining that the volatile memory in the second computer comports with the isolation rule for the data item, the computer compares access time for data in the volatile memory in the second computer with access time for data in a local hard drive in the first computer, and then selectively stores the data item in a storage location that has a lower access time.
International Business Machines Corporation

Logical block address mapping for hard disk drives

A method may include writing data to a hard drive. In some examples, the method may include receiving, by an extent allocator module, a command to write data.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

System and controlling hard drive data change

A system for controlling hard drive data change is disclosed which comprises a hard drive having a first volume and a second volume, the first volume for storing data of a first type, the second volume for storing data of a second type, the hard drive being connected to a computer system which restarts the hard drive and an application for running on the computer system for determining whether data of the second type is attempting to change data of the first type to store data of the second type in the second volume, for determining whether data of the second type has been stored in the second volume, and for erasing data of the second type that has been stored in the second volume when the hard drive is restarted by the computer system.. .
Centurion Holdings I, Llc

Combined asynchronous and synchronous fountain code storage in an object store

Example apparatus and methods produce a set of rateless erasure codes (e.g., fountain codes) for a file stored in a primary data store (e.g., hard drive) or in an archive system. The archive system may store the file in a redundant array of independent disks (raid).
Quantum Corporation

Exposing storage entity consistency capability status

A storage entity (e.g., a virtual hard drive) that exposes its technical capabilities including a consistency capability status via an application program interface to a software module (e.g., a virtual machine). The storage entity queries the storage entity through an application program interface to determine technical capabilities of the storage entity.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Localized dispersed storage memory system

A method includes a processing module receiving data to store and determining error coding dispersal storage function parameters based on an error profile of one or more hard drives. The method continues with the processing module encoding at least a portion of the data in accordance with the error coding dispersal storage function parameters to produce a set of data slices.
Cleversafe, Inc.

Using external memory devices to improve system performance

The invention is directed towards a system and method that utilizes external memory devices to cache sectors from a rotating storage device (e.g., a hard drive to improve system performance. When an external memory device (emd) is plugged into the computing device or onto a network in which the computing device is connected, the system recognizes the emd and populates the emd with disk sectors.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Methods and apparatuses for operating a data processing system

Methods and apparatuses to manage working states of a data processing system. At least one embodiment of the present invention includes a data processing system with one or more sensors (e.g., physical sensors such as tachometer and thermistors, and logical sensors such as cpu load) for fine grain control of one or more components (e.g., processor, fan, hard drive, optical drive) of the system for working conditions that balance various goals (e.g., user preferences, performance, power consumption, thermal constraints, acoustic noise).
Apple Inc.

Track error-correcting code extension

In general, techniques are described for performing track-error-correcting code on data. A hard drive comprising a storage device and a read channel may be configured to perform the techniques.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

Method and optimizing the performance of a storage system

Methods and apparatuses for optimizing the performance of a storage system comprise a flash storage system, a hard drive storage system, and a storage controller. The storage controller is adapted to receive read and write requests from an external host, and is coupled to the flash storage system and the hard drive storage system.
International Business Machines Corporation

Disk drive carriers and mountable hard drive systems with improved air flow

The side profile of a hard drive assembly may be configured with one or more open areas to allow cooling air to pass side-to-side through a lateral flow channel provided by a cavity defined in the base portion of the hard drive assembly. Corresponding and complementary open areas may be also be defined in mating drive carrier assembly side components to allow passage of lateral side-to-side cooling air through the base portion flow channel of a hard drive assembled to the drive carrier assembly to form a mountable hard drive system that is installed into a storage enclosure.

Front access server

An apparatus configured such that hardware components of a server can be accessed from the front of the server. The apparatus comprises a server tower having a front side, a rear side, and at least one chassis.

Connector device to removably connect and lock to a frame

A connector device removably connects and locks to a frame to receive a hard drive. The connector device includes a first engagement member, a second engagement member, and a movable lock and release member.

Portable work surface system for carry-on cases

The disclosure is directed to a portable work surface system for carry-on cases. In one embodiment, the system includes one or more work surfaces in the form of tables that may be removably secured to all types of carry-on cases.

Workflow management system

The present invention relates to a workflow management system that manages all aspects of a customer account, including account initiation, management and electronic document storage through one simple and clean user interface running on a server via a terminal. The system includes a server and a user terminal in network communication with the server, wherein the user terminal is a dummy terminal.

Varied prioritization of hard drive storage regions

To provide enhanced operation of data storage devices and systems, various systems, apparatuses, methods, and software are provided herein. In a first example, a data storage device is provided.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

Techniques for secure data management in a distributed environment

Techniques for secure data management in a distributed environment are provided. A secure server includes a modified operating system that just allows a kernel application to access a secure hard drive of the secure server.
Novell, Inc.

Method and controlling hard drive power consumption and controlling a management service of hard drive power consumption

A method and apparatus for controlling hard drive power consumption and controlling a hard drive power consumption management service are provided. The method includes detecting whether a fault exists in a hard drive in a node hard drive group.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Multiple protocol system management

In some implementations, service controllers of a computing device are associated with various disparate components of the computing device, and in response to a command issued to any one of the components, the service controllers may communicate with each other in order to transmit data responsive to the command. For example, a computing device may comprise a baseboard management controller (bmc) and a serial attached scsi expander card (sas expander).
Quanta Computer Inc.

Secured data storage on a hard drive

Secured electronic data storage on a hard drive is described. A computer system that incorporates the hard drive includes a shrink, shred, and data randomization algorithm built into the read/write function of the computer system for the purposes of securing any data that is stored on the hard drive.
Cram Worldwide. Inc.

Method for detection of soft media errors for hard drive

Some embodiments are directed to a method, corresponding system, and corresponding apparatus for detecting unexpectedly high latency, due to excessive retries of a given storage device of a set of storage devices. Some embodiments may comprise a processor and associated memory.
Dell Products, Lp

Electromagnetic pulse protected hard drive

A computer storage system protected from electromagnetic pulses is described. The storage system utilizes either a hard drive or a solid state drive to hold the data.
Twin Harbor Labs, Llc

Digital certification analyzer

A digital certification analyzer (or “analyzer”) provides protection for digital content stored on servers, file sharing systems, hard drives and usb enabled external drives or other digital repositories. The analyzer prevents unauthorized access from both owners/administrators and recipients of digital content being shared through a web based or file sharing type service.

Computer component connector

A computer component mounting assembly includes a carrier to support a hard drive and a data connector. The carrier is configured to slidably receive the hard drive along a first axis.
Google Inc.

Server chassis with different width front end module

Embodiments generally relate to a optimizing the design of a chassis, such that the chassis features a different width front end hard disk drive module. Key components of the design include chassis flexibility for different hard drive quantities, and sliding rails which can be installed for sliding the chassis in and out of the rack, taking into account the housing contours of both the chassis and the front end hard disk drive module of different width.
Quanta Computer Inc.

System and intercept of uefi block i/o protocol services for bios based hard drive encryption support

An information handling system and method performs unified extensible firmware interface (uefi) interception and pre-processing of data associated with block input/output (i/o) commands targeting encrypted storage devices. A uefi interceptor block (ib) i/o driver intercepts each block i/o command targeting block addresses on a storage device and identifies whether any of the target block addresses is encrypted.
Dell Products L.p.

Transportation, storage and stabilization device for electronic equipment

An equipment saddle is provided. The equipment saddle may include a plurality of cases attached to a drapable skirt.

Methods, systems, and apparatuses for managing a hard drive security system

A system for use with a computer is provided, the computer including a self-encrypting drive (sed), the sed including a nominal space and a pre-boot region, wherein the nominal space can be locked to prevent access to the nominal space. The system includes sed management software configured to be loaded in the pre-boot region of the sed.
Softex Incorporated

Methods, systems, and apparatuses for managing a hard drive security system

A system for use with a computer is provided, the computer including a self-encrypting drive (sed), the sed including a nominal space and a pre-boot region, wherein the nominal space can be locked to prevent access to the nominal space. The system includes sed management software configured to be loaded in the pre-boot region of the sed.
Softex Incorporated

Virtual machine reboot information persistence into host memory

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for virtual machine rebooting. A host machine may host a virtual machine.
Netapp Inc.

Automated testing of physical servers using a virtual machine

An illustrative method for validating integrity of a source server backup includes receiving, at a recovery server, data indicating a state of a data storage unit associated with a source server, creating a virtual hard drive image from the received data, and storing, in memory of the recovery server, the created virtual hard drive image. The method also includes booting a virtual machine using the stored hard drive image and mounting a second drive image to the virtual machine including tools facilitating access to an operating system running on the virtual machine by an application running on the recovery server.
Unitrends, Inc.

Horzontal coupling of vertically-oriented hard drive

An apparatus adapted to house a component oriented in a first direction used for facilitating insertion and removal of the component in a second direction to/from a chassis, the first direction orthogonal to the second direction. The apparatus can be a caddy with an attached pivoting handle.
Quanta Computer Inc.

System and automated hardware compatibility testing

Systems and methods for automating testing of multiple sata hard drives with multiple motherboards are described herein. In certain embodiments any number of sata drives may be switchably connected to any number of motherboards, and any number of tests may be performed on combinations of the sata drives and motherboards without or with only minimal manual intervention between tests.
Leidos, Inc.

Methods and vending and delivering the content of disk recordings

A dvd player/recorder incorporates a hard drive mass memory device for temporarily storing program content and metadata, includes a network interface for connecting to content and metadata providers, as well as other resources and other computers, via the internet, a television interface for connecting to a conventional television set which reproduces content from the dvd player, and also connects the dvd player to a set top box which provides a connection to a cable or satellite provider which forms a further source of programming and metadata. The dvd player can retrieve and play content, and permit the navigation of content, specified on a metadata playlist file..
Compass Innovations, Llc

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  • Fine Grain
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