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Hard Drive patents

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Matrix-based cryptosystem

Cavalry Storage

Matrix-based cryptosystem

Medical record cards and storage systems

Medical record cards and storage systems

Date/App# patent app List of recent Hard Drive-related patents
 System and  air-cooling hard drives in liquid-cooled server rack patent thumbnailSystem and air-cooling hard drives in liquid-cooled server rack
Embodiments that allow for the air cooling of disk drives associated with liquid cooled nodes are disclosed. A node for performing computing operations includes a frame, a power supply coupled to the .

 Matrix-based cryptosystem patent thumbnailMatrix-based cryptosystem
Various embodiments herein describe methods for enhancing the hill cipher by inserting a small amount of noise into the ciphertext. Encryption and decryption using this enhanced hill cipher can be performed quickly.
Cavalry Storage, Inc.

 Medical record cards and storage systems patent thumbnailMedical record cards and storage systems
A method and apparatus for obtaining and storing medical records of a patient from an entity covered by hipaa in a form allowing quick disclosure of the patient's medical history to a third party without restriction or delay by hipaa. The method comprises inducing a patient to obtain possession of his or her own medical record from a covered entity; acquiring the medical record from the patient in a storage format; and storing the medical record in a memory in a form from which it can be reproduced in the storage format as received from the patient.

 Protecting documents using policies and encryption patent thumbnailProtecting documents using policies and encryption
A system protects documents at rest and in motion using declarative policies and encryption. A document at rest includes documents on a device such as the hard drive of a computer.

 Hard drive backup patent thumbnailHard drive backup
The data on the computing device can be backed up to a server on a network. An indication of possible hard drive failure can be diagnosed on the computing device causing the computing device to request a replacement hard drive including backed up data prior to failure of the hard drive..

 Using hard drive on panels for data storage patent thumbnailUsing hard drive on panels for data storage
Methods and systems are described for controlling an automation and security system. According to at least one embodiment, an apparatus for data storage in an automation and security system includes a processor, a memory in electronic communication with the processor, and instructions stored in the memory.

 Systems and methods for providing security services during power management mode patent thumbnailSystems and methods for providing security services during power management mode
Systems and methods for providing security services during a power management mode are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method comprises detecting with a mobile security system a wake event on a mobile device, providing from the mobile security system a wake signal, the providing being in response to the wake event to wake a mobile device from a power management mode, and managing with the mobile security system security services of the mobile device.
Cupp Computing As

 Isolation of virtual machine i/o in multi-disk hosts patent thumbnailIsolation of virtual machine i/o in multi-disk hosts
Embodiments of the present invention relate to systems, methods, and computer storage media for concurrently maintaining a spanned virtual hard drive across two or more computer-storage media and a non-spanned virtual hard drive on one of computer-storage media. The method includes storing data of the spanned virtual hard drive across the computer-storage media utilizing volume spanning.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Computer node testing patent thumbnailComputer node testing
A computer node comprises dual hard drives. A method of testing the computer node comprises performing a test of the first hard drive, waiting a specific time period, and performing a test of the second hard drive.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Presentation of search results based on the size of the content sources from which they are obtained patent thumbnailPresentation of search results based on the size of the content sources from which they are obtained
Search results are prioritized based on the size of the content sources from which the search results were obtained. Such content sources may include, for instance, a user's local sources (e.g., a hard drive associated with a user's computer), a user's online content sources (e.g.
Sony Corporation


Coyed system

The invention is a whole communication project by which you can reach your data from any place you are in the world, with a very high speed as if you are on your computer but instead of retention it in the hard drive of your computer, it will be on the huge servers of the (coyed) system without using any computer or laptop but by a new developed tablet device will be create to this project containing just (rams, motherboard, laser keyboard, wireless mouse, web cam and speaker) to act exactly like any computer we are using it.. .


Compensating for voice coil motor and microactuator disturbance in a hard drive

In response to positioning a read/write head of a hard drive, a voice coil motor (vcm) input signal is applied to a voice coil motor and a microactuator (pzt) input signal is applied to a microactuator. A position signal is determined in response to positioning the read/write head.
Seagate Technology Llc


Energy-saving mode for a rail system signaling system

In order to save energy, it is proposed that parts of a signaling system be switched off, for example, by an operating system. The computers to be switched off store data which are relevant to railway safety, preferably on a central storage medium, for example, an nas hard drive.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Secured file distribution system and method

A media distribution system provides controlled distribution of media owned by various parties hosted on a local media access device. A dynamic multiple assignable partition provides management features to govern access and usage of storage devices such as hard drives, flash drives, logical drives and other repositories that store and manage digital content.


Combined asynchronous and synchronous fountain code storage in an object store

Example apparatus and methods produce a set of rateless erasure codes (e.g., fountain codes) for a file stored in a primary data store (e.g., hard drive) or in an archive system. The archive system may store the file in a redundant array of independent disks (raid).
Quantum Corporation


Hard drive carrier that locks in a shipping position

A hard drive carrier includes a frame to receive a hard drive. The frame includes a front and a side, and a handle connects to the front.
Dell Products, Lp


Synthetic updates for file system information

To provide enhanced operation of storage control systems associated with data storage devices, such as rotating media-based hard drives, various systems and methods are provided herein. In some examples, these systems and methods can provide for receiving write requests from a host system to write content elements to storage media in a storage subsystem.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Method and device for unlocking mobile terminal

A method and apparatus for unlocking a mobile terminal. The method comprises acquiring file names of a plurality of user files on an online hard drive; a mobile terminal placing the file names and a search box on a lock-screen page of the mobile terminal; the mobile terminal determining whether to unlock the mobile terminal based on the user's operation on one file name among the plurality of file names and the search box; and if so, the mobile terminal performing unlocking and opening a file corresponding to the file name on the online hard drive.
Baidu Online Network Technology (beijing) Co., Ltd.


Extendable hard drive drawer

An apparatus comprising at least one extendable hard drive drawer for replacement and maintenance of at least one hard drive. The apparatus comprises a chassis comprising a front side and a rear side, and a first hard drive carrier and a second hard drive carrier housed within the chassis.
Quanta Computer Inc.


Hard drive carrier

In some implementations, a hard drive carrier is configured to couple and decouple a hard drive to/from a chassis (e.g., motherboard). The hard drive carrier can receive and house a hard drive in a base securing portion, the base securing portion adapted to slide and tilt in relation to a base of the hard drive carrier.
Quanta Computer Inc.


Locally cached file system

A locally cached file system provides disconnected operation and universal access to data stored on a server system over a network. Changes to files made on a client system are synchronized to the server system asynchronously.


Alternating hard drive orientation

An aspect provides a system, including: a processor; a memory operatively coupled to the processor; and a plurality of drives that store data accessible to the processor and each having a. Spinning component therein; wherein at least two or more spinning drive components are arranged in an alternating configuration such that at least two spinning drive components take on opposite spin orientations.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Server housing

A server housing for accommodating plurality of hard drives includes a shell body and a plurality of cases. The shell body has a bottom wall, a circuit region and a plurality of partition walls parallel to each other.
Echostreams Innovative Solutions,llc


Control of storage device

Sensor data and audio data are received by a controller. The controller determines if the audio data is above a threshold level.


Mixed mode hard drive with idle time & expandable i-region / e-region

A computer system includes a host and a disk drive apparatus communicatively coupled to the host. The disk drive includes at least one disk having two major surfaces divided into a plurality of regions.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Memory device for providing data in a graphics system and method and apparatus thereof

A central processor unit (cpu) is connected to a system/graphics controller generally comprising a monolithic semiconductor device. The system/graphics controller is connected to an input output (io) controller via a high-speed pci bus.
Ati Technologies Ulc


Cable and backplane system for connecting multiple hard drives to a computer

Disclosed is a cable and backplane system for mounting a wiring system that permits connection of hard drives directly to a mother board of a computer. There is provided a mechanical backplane having multiple retainers defined in a top surface thereof.
Protocase Inc.


Media recording element

A media recording element having capabilities to facilitate recording media for subsequent playback. The recording element further including features associated with limited operations of a hard drive of other similarly mechanical memory under certain operating conditions so as to limit power consumption and/or memory degradation..
Comcast Cable Holdings, Llc


Method for safeguarding windows operating system against computer viruses, spyware and/or hackers, and hard disk used in said method

The invention relates to a method for safeguarding a windows operating system against computer viruses, spyware, and/or hackers and to the hard drive used in the method. The method includes the following steps: any version of windows, the programs and corresponding files associated with the operating system and the drivers associated with the equipment are installed in a first partition of the hard drive.


Data recovery

A data recovery software program and delivery system is provided that is designed to operate independently of an installed host computer operating system for extracting information from memory storage devices and hard drives of the host computer, and overwriting the information on the host computer, once the information has been extracted from the host computer, so that no others can retrieve the information from the host computer. The data recovery software allows a user to restart a computer that is still mechanically operative, but has experienced an operating system failure.


Method of fabricating a glass magnetic hard drive disk platter using filamentation by burst ultrafast laser pulses

A non-ablative method and apparatus for making an economical glass hard disk (platter) for a computer hard disk drive (hdd) using a material machining technique involving filamentation by burst ultrafast laser pulses. Two related methods disclosed, differing only in whether the glass substrate the hdd platter is to be cut from has been coated with all the necessary material layers to function as a magnetic media in a computer's hard drive.
Rofin-sinar Technologies Inc.


Structure of screw-free adaptation rack

The present invention relates to a structure of a screw-free adaptation rack, which includes a main casing including a carrying section to define an upper portion of the main casing as a primary accommodation space and a lower potion as a secondary accommodation space. A partition plate is arranged in the primary accommodation space for division into a first receiving space and a second receiving space.
Cremax Tech Co., Ltd.


Replacing a chunk of data with a reference to a location

Examples disclose a computing device comprising a deduplication module to analyze a signature associated with a chunk of data to identify a corresponding signature in an index of signatures on a hard drive. The corresponding signature indicates the chunk of data corresponds to a stored chunk of data within a removable media.


It asset management system

The system provides a method to automate the complex processes that occur at the end-of-life of it hardware assets, and at the same time, increase the resale value of these assets. Using the system, an it manager is able to identify a scalable number of systems for secure disk wiping, diagnostic testing, hardware audit, license recovery and backup.


Intelligent partitioning of external memory devices

Multiple memory devices, such as hard drives, can be combined and logical partitions can be formed between the drives to allow a user to control regions on the drives that will be used for storing content, and also to provide redundancy of stored content in the event that one of the drives fails. Priority levels can be assigned to content recordings such that higher value content can be stored in more locations and easily accessible locations within the utilized drives.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Lossless switching of traffic in a network device

A system for lossless switching of traffic in a network device may be implemented when a network switch is integrated into a gateway device, or with any other data source. A processor of the gateway device may receive queue depth information for queues of the network switch.
Broadcom Corporation


Set top box having removable hard drive

An electronic device such as a set top box is provided that includes a frame having flat bottom; a flat circuit board generally parallel to the flat bottom in which the flat circuit board has at least one aperture; at least one boss that extends from the flat bottom and extends through the at least one aperture in which the at least one boss has a screw receiving aperture; and an electronic component such as a hard drive or smart card assembly over the circuit board and electrically connected to the circuit board in which the electronic component has at least one screw to fasten the electronic device to the boss. The electronic component is supported by the bosses and not supported by the flat circuit board..
Thomson Licensing


Disk drive carriers and mountable hard drive systems with improved air flow

The side profile of a hard drive assembly may be configured with one or more open areas to allow cooling air to pass side-to-side through a lateral flow channel provided by a cavity defined in the base portion of the hard drive assembly. Corresponding and complementary open areas may be also be defined in mating drive carrier assembly side components to allow passage of lateral side-to-side cooling air through the base portion flow channel of a hard drive assembled to the drive carrier assembly to form a mountable hard drive system that is installed into a storage enclosure.


Hard disk drive assemblies with open side wall areas

The side profile of a hard drive assembly may be configured with one or more open areas to allow cooling air to pass side-to-side across the hard drive assembly through a lateral flow channel provided by a cavity defined in the base portion of the hard drive assembly.. .


Malware analysis methods and systems

Methods of analyzing malware and other suspicious files are presented, where some embodiments include analyzing the behavior of a first malware sample on both a virtual machine and a physical computing device, the physical device having been booted from a secondary boot source, and determining whether the behavior of the malware sample was different on the virtual machine and the physical computing device. In certain embodiments, a notification indicating that the behavior was different may be generated.
Bank Of America Corporation


Hard drive mounting and shock system

A mounting system can be used in a storage device or other electrical device to mount a component, such as a drive, while also providing at least some shock absorption. The mounting system can include a deflection arm, a protrusion and a hole.
Western Digital Technologies, Inc.


Using external memory devices to improve system performance

The invention is directed towards a system and method that utilizes external memory devices to cache sectors from a rotating storage device (e.g., a hard drive) to improve system performance. When an external memory device (emd) is plugged into the computing device or onto a network in which the computing device is connected, the system recognizes the emd and populates the emd with disk sectors.
Microsoft Corporation


Gradient write gap for perpendicular magnetic recording writer

The present disclosure provides for a magnetic writer pole for use in a hard drive. The magnetic writer pole comprises a first bevel formed by a non-magnetic layer, the first bevel formed at a first angle and extending to a first throat height.
Western Digital (fremont), Llc


Virtual machine dependency

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for describing virtual machine dependencies. In particular, data objects, such as virtual hard drives, associated with virtual machines may be identified and/or examined to identify data structures, such as configuration files, comprising configuration data.
Netapp Inc.


Rugged hard drive

According to an embodiment of the disclosure, an apparatus includes a sleeve configured to surround a hard drive. The sleeve includes a side portion, a bottom portion, a top portion, a front portion, and a back portion.
Raytheon Company


Video integration

According to one aspect, a web optimized user device is provided. The web optimized device reduces complexity and facilitates interaction with web-based services and content.
Litl Llc


Mobile device peripherals management system and multi-data stream technology (mds)

A device and system for management of and access to externally connected peripheral devices by mobile devices. User and/or application data on a mobile device is sent to externally connected peripheral devices.


Electronic device and data storage module

A data storage module includes a carrier, a first hard disk drive, and a second hard disk drive. The carrier includes a bottom plate, a first side plate and a second side plate extending up from two opposite sides of the bottom plate, a top plate extending from a top side of the second side plate toward the first side plate, and a third side plate extending from a distal side of the top plate toward the bottom plate.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Cache destaging for virtual storage devices

Some implementations may include a virtual storage system to which data is written. The virtual storage system may include a cache and multiple hard drives.
Microsoft Corporation


Systems and methods for medium error reporting and handling in storage devices

Systems and methods are provided that may be used to identify and report multiple information units (e.g., logical blocks) having medium errors within a given composite information structure (e.g., physical block) of a storage device (e.g., such as a hard drive) whenever any single information unit having an error within the same composite information structure is accessed.. .
Dell Products L.p.


System and intercept of uefi block i/o protocol services for bios based hard drive encryption support

An information handling system and method performs unified extensible firmware interface (uefi) interception and pre-processing of data associated with block input/output (i/o) commands targeting encrypted storage devices. A uefi interceptor block (ib) i/o driver intercepts each block i/o command targeting block addresses on a storage device and identifies whether any of the target block addresses is encrypted.


Feromagnetically coupled magnetic recording media

A ferromagnetically coupled magnetic recording medium having a first ferromagnetic layer, a second ferromagnetic layer, and a ferromagnetic coupling layer to ferromagnetically couple the first ferromagnetic layer to the second ferromagnetic layer is used as stable magnetic media with high mrt in high density recording hard drives. The first ferromagnetic layer is the stabilization layer and the second ferromagnetic layer is the main recording layer.


Thin-film piezoelectric element, thin-film piezoelectric actuator, thin-film piezoelectric sensor, hard drive disk, and inkjet printer

A thin film piezoelectric element according to the present invention includes a potassium sodium niobate thin film having a structure in which a plurality of crystal grains are present in a film thickness direction; and a pair of electrode films sandwiching the potassium sodium niobate thin film. When the potassium sodium niobate thin film is divided into three regions of the same thickness in the film thickness direction and average crystal grain sizes a1, a2, and a3 of the respective regions are determined, a ratio m/m of the smallest average crystal grain size m among a1, a2, and a3 to the largest average crystal grain size m among a1, a2, and a3 is 10% to 80%.


Data security in a disconnected environment

Systems and methods are provided for the detection and prevention of intrusions in data at rest systems such as file systems and web servers. The systems and methods regulate access to sensitive data with minimal dependency on a communications network.


Presentation of shingled magnetic recording device to a host device resource manager

A shingled magnetic recording hard drive is presented to a resource manager of a host device as an emulated device such as one or more optical media, an array of sequential access media, and/or write-once, read-many device. Data targeted for the emulated device is written to the shingled magnetic recording hard drive..


Music book

A portable computer unlike conventional computers in that it has no computer base. It functions as and resembles a book.


Computer system for preventing the disabling of content blocking software functionality therein, and method therefor

In a computer system having a hard drive and a processor, operating system software stored on the hard drive and implemented by the processor, and a display on which icons, features, lists and menus representative of executable programs of the operating system software are displayable, there is a method for preventing the disabling or circumventing of content blocking software functionality to be installed in the computer system at time of manufacture. In the method, system restore is turned off prior to installation of the content blocking software onto the computer system, and then content blocking software-related features are hid once the content blocking software is installed.


System and selective file erasure using metadata modifcations

A process that ensures the virtual destruction of data files a user wishes to erase from a storage medium, such as a hard drive, flash drive, or removable disk. This approach is appropriate for managing custom distributions from a large file sets as it is roughly linear in compute complexity to the number of files erased but is capped when many files are batch erased..


System and programming neurostimulation devices using cached plug-in software drivers

A system for programming a plurality of different models, or generations, of neurostimulation devices includes a plurality of plug in software drivers stored on a hard drive of the system, wherein the plurality of plug-in software drivers are respectively configured for facilitating communication between the plurality of different models of neurostimulation devices and the system processor via a transceiver. In a method of programming a plurality of different models of neurostimulation devices, the system processor dynamically identifies the model of an interrogated neurostimulator and determines which plug-in software driver to use for programming the interrogated neurostimulator.


Method and optimizing the performance of a storage system

Methods and apparatuses for optimizing the performance of a storage system comprise a flash storage system, a hard drive storage system, and a storage controller. The storage controller is adapted to receive read and write requests from an external host, and is coupled to the flash storage system and the hard drive storage system.


Personal and pooled virtual machine update

The updating of virtual machines. A task broker schedules update tasks for multiple virtual machines on the host machine.


Copper residual stress relaxation reduction means for hard disk drive slider gimbals

A hard drive gimbal trace circuit includes: a stainless steel gimbal strut (sgst) configured to support a transducer and nullify a natural pitch angle of a flexure from mechanical-coarse adjustment of the sgst; traces forming a trace structure, and being plastically deformed at a high strain region from the mechanical-coarse adjustment of the sgst; and a first protrusion and a second protrusion being at least partially disposed under the high strain region. The sgst has an edge which is disposed on the transducer side to be spaced apart from the traces in the high strain region and extends substantially parallel to the traces.


Total quotas for data storage system

Quotas are tracked for user usage of hard disk drive space and offline backup storage space. The quota is enforced against the total space utilized by a user, not just high tier hard drive space usage.


File system manager for customized resource allocation

Systems and processes provide network clients on various platforms a customized file system experience on demand while managing files (e.g., computer animation files) across a variety of storage devices spread across a network of arbitrary size (local area networks, wide area networks, worldwide networks, the world wide web, etc.). Clients may specify a set of requirements for an instantiation of a file system interface or object for a given application.


Method on indexing a recordable event from a video recording and searching a database of recordable events on a hard drive of a computer for a recordable event

A method of indexing recordable events from a video recording, a first method of searching a video recording for a recordable event on a hard drive of a computer, and a second method of searching a video recording for a recordable event on a hard drive of a computer is provided.. .


Enclosure high pressure push-pull airflow

High pressure fans are mounted in the middle of an enclosure to create a low pressure zone and a high pressure zone within the enclosure. The high pressure fans pull air through high density sets of hard disk drives in the back of an enclosure and push air through high density disk drives in the front of the enclosure.


Server with heat pipe cooling

A server includes a tray that has a front portion and a back portion. A motherboard is disposed in the front portion of the tray and the motherboard is coupled to a heat sink.


Hard drive data destroying device

Three systems for the destruction of the data storage portion of electronic media storage devices such as hard disk drives, solid state drives and hybrid hard drives. One system utilizes a mill cutter with which the hard drive has relative motion in the direction of the axis of the mill cutter to destroy the data storage portion.


Systems and methods for managing storage space in hybrid data storage systems

The present invention relates to systems and methods for managing storage space in hybrid data storage systems. Specifically, the systems and methods of the present invention intelligently allocate data to solid state drives or other relatively high performance drives, and other data storage, such as, for example, hard drives or other like drives, based on data source, data type, data function or other like parameters.


Localized dispersed storage memory system

A method includes a processing module receiving data to store and determining error coding dispersal storage function parameters based on an error profile of one or more hard drives. The method continues with the processing module encoding at least a portion of the data in accordance with the error coding dispersal storage function parameters to produce a set of data slices.


Power control for data storage devices and method therefor

A data storage system includes a data storage controller, a data storage device, and a logic circuit. The logic circuit receives hard drive status information from the data storage controller.


Hard drive cooling for fluid submersion cooling systems

Hard disk drives and computing systems to which they are connected are cooled by submerging the computing systems into a dielectric liquid coolant in a tank and by thermally coupling the hard disk drives to a heat conductive extension that is partly submerged into the coolant and partly out of the coolant. To keep the hard disks drives out of the coolant, they are mounted to the part of the heat conductive extension that is out of the coolant.


Alpha ii license management system

The alpha ii installation architecture requires extra management of per-seat installations to ensure the games are only installed with as many instances as were sold to the site. The license management method manages and enforces proper per-license activation since a mechanism is present on the gaming machines to copy the software which is sold on compact flashes and installed onto hard drives.


Virtual machine file-level restoration

Disclosed is a method and system for selectively restoring file-level data from a disk image backup. In embodiments, a virtual machine backup may be performed by dividing a virtual machine virtual disk file into a plurality of discrete fixed-sized data blocks sharing a common index file that is stored on a backup medium, such as a hard drive, to form a backup set.


Power conservation based on hard disk rotational inertia

Various embodiments are generally directed recurringly cycling the driving of a platter media of a hard drive with a motor, allowing rotation of the platter media to slow only to a threshold rotational speed to balance power conservation with delays in accessing data. A method comprises driving platter media of a hard drive to rotate at a selected normal rotational speed, retrieving data stored on the platter media when the platter media rotates at the normal rotational speed, ceasing to drive the platter media to rotate to allow the platter media to rotate under rotational inertia imparted to the platter media, monitoring a current rotational speed of the platter media, and resuming driving the platter media to rotate based on the current rotational speed falling to a lower threshold rotational speed selected to be less than the normal rotational speed.


Hierarchical display-server system and method

A computing system includes a hierarchical set of servers. The hierarchical set includes a master server and one or more slave server.


Device and method to produce gravitomagnetic induction, mass spin-valve or gravitational rectifier

The invention pertains to a head-disk assembly device, “mass spin-valve” or “gravitational rectifier” and method of producing gravitomagnetic induction utilizing nano-features; nano-bumps and nano-pits; fabricated on the surface of a hard disk. The device includes a computer hard disk; a piezoelectric glide head and/or a gmr read head; a typical hard drive's electronics; wherein, defects are fabricated on the said disk using a focused ion beam (fib) by depositing requisite number of nanobumps of specified height, and etching equal number of nanopits of specified depth a few mils or mm apart on a pre-decided radius.


Computer chassis

A computer chassis has a body with variable components. The chassis is accessible from the front or back of a casing or cabinet through the use of gripping loops.


Emergency power off (epo) island for saving critical data to non-volatile memory

Approaches for an emergency power off (epo) power island, for saving critical data to non-volatile memory in the event of an epo condition, for use in a hard-disk drive (hdd) storage device. The epo power island includes a controller for detecting an epo condition.


System and preventing operation of undetected malware loaded onto a computing device

Methods and devices for protecting computing devices against the effects of surreptitiously loaded machine language programs from a malware source. The user defines a pattern of disruption of the sequence of bytes.


Apparatus for securely transferring, sharing and storing of medical images

The invention relates to an apparatus for receiving, storing, sharing and transmitting digital medical image data, comprising a processor, a hard drive, and connectivity means for communicating with a local or global network. The processor comprises means for hosting a server supporting receipt, compression, encryption and data integrity check of the medical image data received from medical modalities, storing of the medical image data on the hard drive of the apparatus, providing access to the apparatus' web based administration and management interface and supporting the query and retrieval of medical image data stored in the apparatus from any modality..


Systems and methods for providing security services during power management mode

Systems and methods for providing security services during a power management mode are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method comprises detecting with a mobile security system a wake event on a mobile device, providing from the mobile security system a wake signal, the providing being in response to the wake event to wake a mobile device from a power management mode, and managing with the mobile security system security services of the mobile device.


Alterable storage media gaming machine

A system for verifying one or more downloaded components 54 of a gaming device 10 that includes the gaming device, which has an alterable hard drive 80 (or other persistent storage media 90), and the downloaded components that further include gaming-related content 92-96. A related method includes: enabling initiation of a game on the gaming device 10; downloading the gaming-related content 92-96 to the alterable hard drive 80 while the gaming device 10 is enabled for game play; reading an identifier associated with the gaming-related content 92-96; verifying that the identifier is valid (using verification software 70); and reconfiguring the gaming device 10 to utilize the newly-downloaded, gaming-related content 92-96 in response to an initiating event..


Elastic positioning structure for removable hard drive

The positioning structure includes an enclosure, a tray and a hard drive box. The enclosure has a plurality of rails and a stopping hole.


Use of high endurance non-volatile memory for read acceleration

A high endurance, short retention nand memory is used as a read cache for a memory of a higher level of non-volatility, such as standard nand flash memory or a hard drive. The combined memory system identifies frequently read logical addresses of the main non-volatile memory or specific read sequences and stores the corresponding data in cache nand to accelerate host reads.


Top accessible disk drive carrier for horizontally mounted hard drive

A disk drive carrier includes a frame and a shuttle. The frame includes supports configured to be in physical communication with a disk drive, a first index tab to align the disk drive with a connector on a backplane of a server tray, and an arm configured to engage the disk drive with the connector in a horizontal orientation.


Hard drive energy-saving control method and apparatus, and central processing unit

A hard drive energy-saving control method is disclosed. The method includes: obtaining a historical working state of a hard drive in each preset time segment, where each preset time segment is each preset time segment in at least one statistic period; predicting a working state of the hard drive in a next time segment of the current time segment according to the historical working state of the hard drive; and selecting a corresponding energy-saving policy level according to the working state of the hard drive in the next time segment, and performing energy-saving control on the hard drive.


Portable computer hard drive structures

Portable computer structures are provided. The portable computer structures may include hard drive mounting structures.


Personalized content generation and delivery

Software replaces album art stored in metadata of a music file with a personalized picture that is displayed when the music file is played on a music player device. The personalized picture may be selected from diverse sources such as social media sites or hard drives on computers.


Computer component connector

A computer component mounting assembly includes a carrier to support a hard drive and a data connector. The carrier is configured to slidably receive the hard drive along a first axis.


Optimized scheme and architecture of hard drive queue design

Computer-implemented methods and systems may perform one or more operations including, but not limited to: receiving input data from a source; applying an interleaving protocol to the input data to generate at least one component code word; decoding the at least one component codeword; determining a first convergence value of at least one decoded component codeword; computing extrinsic data associated with the at least one component codeword according to the first convergence of at least one component codeword; determining a second convergence value associated with the at least one component codeword according to the extrinsic data associated with the at least one component codeword.. .


Thermal management system

Embodiments of the disclosure may include a thermal management system. The thermal management system may include a cooling apparatus including a cooler block configured to retain at least one fluid channel, wherein the at least one fluid channel is configured to circulate a coolant within the cooler block and at least one plate mounted to the cooler block, wherein the at least one plate is comprised of a heat-conducting material, wherein the at least one fluid channel faces the at least one plate to be in thermal contact with the at least one plate.


Locally stored content previews: representative of programming content in an electronic programming guide through a graphic image accessed from the hard drive of a set top box

An integrated dss/webtv receiver is communicatively connected to an internet service provider, a dss service provider, and (optionally) a local broadcast station to provide a display of dss programs, internet web sites, and local broadcast channels in a seamless fashion. The dss/webtv receiver downloads graphic images, corresponding to dss programs, from a dss communication medium or the internet into a local memory.


System updates from cloud blob storage using vhd differentials

A “zero-touch manager” (“ztm”) supplies updates to device firmware, operating system (os), frameworks, applications, etc., from cloud-based or other network-accessible storage. These updates ensure that groups of “identical” devices (i.e., devices having the same hardware version) run from the same known state, while maintaining local customizations for individual devices.


Video recorder having user extended and automatically extended time slots

The present invention is directed to a video recorder having user extended and automatically extended time slots. An embodiment of the present invention includes a set top box having an internal storage device, such as a hard drive where broadcasts are transferred from a broadcast input source to the storage device.


Secure streaming container

A system and method for securely streaming encrypted digital media content out of a digital container to a user's media player. This streaming occurs after the digital container has been delivered to the user's machine and after the user has been authorized to access the encrypted content.


Techniques for secure data management in a distributed environment

Techniques for secure data management in a distributed environment are provided. A secure server includes a modified operating system that just allows a kernel application to access a secure hard drive of the secure server.

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Hard Drive topics: Hard Drive, Virtual Machine, Host Computer, Storage Device, Volatile Storage, Data Structure, Data Storage, High Speed, Fine Grain, Encryption, External Hard Drive, Disk Drive, Application Program, Operating System, Image Recognition

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