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Haptic patents

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Remote telepresence server

Method and apparatus for a flexible housing

Posture training system and control method thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Haptic-related patents
 Apparatus and method for providing haptic feedback to input unit patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and method for providing haptic feedback to input unit
Methods and apparatus for providing feedback in a portable apparatus are provided. An object is displayed on a touch screen of the portable apparatus.
 Posture training system and control method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Posture training system and control method thereof
A posture training system and an operating method thereof are provided. The posture training system includes a sensor configured to sense information regarding user posture, a server configured to analyze the posture information obtained by the sensor and generate correction information for correcting the user posture, and a haptic unit configured to be wearable by a user and transmitting the correction information in a haptic manner to allow the user to correct his posture..
 Remote telepresence server patent thumbnailnew patent Remote telepresence server
A method and apparatus for controlling a live avatar include features for directing the live avatar gaze to be consistent with a remote operator's view of the live avatar's surroundings. Indication of gaze direction may be continuously provided to the live avatar using movable optics, for example a heads-up display, or a movable optical prism or lens.
 Electronic devices with sidewall displays patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic devices with sidewall displays
Electronic devices may be provided that contain flexible displays that are bent to form displays on multiple surfaces of the devices. Bent flexible displays may be bent to form front side displays and edge displays.
 Method and apparatus for a flexible housing patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for a flexible housing
In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a housing having a substantially rigid portion and a substantially flexible portion.
 Remote control with feedback for blind navigation patent thumbnailRemote control with feedback for blind navigation
A user is provided with an indication of a button's functionality on a viewing device before the button is actually selected. The user receives haptic/tactile feedback to let the user know that they are about to select a button and that its functionality indicator is shown on the viewing device.
 Method and system for integrating haptic feedback into portable electronic devices patent thumbnailMethod and system for integrating haptic feedback into portable electronic devices
Methods for creating a haptic effect script for an application and producing haptic effects in response to an event occurring in an application are described creating the haptic script includes launching an application, launching a scripting engine, monitoring a dynamic memory footprint for the application, receiving an indication of an event occurrence in the application, and determining changes to one or more values stored within the dynamic memory footprint that indicate the event occurrence. To produce the haptic effects, during execution and running of the application the dynamic memory footprint is monitored for value changes associated with an event occurrence as defined by the haptic event script and, if it is determined an event has occurred, the haptic script is executed to product a haptic effect signal..
 Mobile device with instinctive alerts patent thumbnailMobile device with instinctive alerts
A haptically enabled system receives information and determines that a user of the system should be notified of the information. The system further receives and analyzes inputs to determine a context of the user.
 Tag detacher with haptic feedback patent thumbnailTag detacher with haptic feedback
An electronic article surveillance (“eas”) system tag detacher for unlocking an eas tag is provided. The eas tag includes a housing and a locking mechanism disposed within the housing.
 Piezo-actuated virtual buttons for touch surfaces patent thumbnailPiezo-actuated virtual buttons for touch surfaces
Systems and methods of creating a touch sensitive surface structure comprising a piezo structure in communication with a deformable surface such that the piezo structure, or any suitable pressure sensing device, is capable of sensing pressure from a touch upon the deformable surface and communicating that pressure signal to an actuating circuit. The actuating circuit, upon receiving a suitable pressure signal, sends a piezo actuating signal to the piezo structure.
Synchronization of haptic effect data in a media transport stream
A method for synchronizing haptic effects with at least one media component in a media transport stream includes identifying a series of video frames containing imaging information and/or a series of audio frames containing sound information in the media transport stream; identifying a series of haptic frames containing force feedback information in the media transport stream; and synchronizing the force feedback information in response to the imaging information and/or sound information.. .
Operator controlled mixed modality feedback
Apparatus, including a flexible insertion tube having a distal end for insertion into a body cavity, a first sensor in the distal end configured to acquire a first signal from the cavity during a medical procedure, and a second sensor in the distal end configured to acquire a second signal from the cavity during the procedure. The apparatus also includes a display, and a processor configured to present, on the display, first and second measurements corresponding to the first and second signals, and to accept an input selecting one of the presented measurements so as to generate a selected measurement.
Polymer composition having a filler content and coextruded sheet obtainable therefrom
The present invention relates to a polymer composition containing polycarbonate with a weight-average molecular weight mw of from 24,000 to 33,000 and 5.0 wt. % to 20.0 wt.
Touch interface module
The invention relates to an actuator (9) for a touch interface module (1) with haptic feedback, the interface module comprising a touch surface (3) able to detect at least one property of a user's touch, the actuator (9) comprising: a frame (11); a moveable core (13) interacting with the frame (11) and intended to be driven to move between extreme positions in order to generate the haptic feedback; and a main actuator connected to the touch surface (3) and able to generate haptic feedback depending on the detected touch and comprising electromagnetic actuating means (15, 17) for driving the moveable core (13) to move, characterized in that it furthermore comprises a controlled secondary actuator (18) cooperating with the moveable core (13).. .
Haptic feedback keyboard structure
A haptic feedback keyboard structure includes a base plate, a keyboard frame, a haptic feedback device, a touch sensor and a plurality of touch units. The keyboard frame is disposed on the base plate.
Hybrid keyboard for mobile device
A mobile device has a user interface comprising a plurality of keys arranged in a plurality of groups. A processor is operatively coupled to the user input device to receive user input from the user input device and to identify which group of keys has received the user input.
Overdrive voltage for an actuator to generate haptic effects
A system in which haptic effects are generated using an actuator receives a frequency response for the actuator at a standard voltage and generates a lookup table for an overdrive voltage based on the frequency response. The system then receives a haptic signal for the haptic effect and extracts one or more frequencies for the haptic signal.
Wearable device manager
A system for managing a plurality of wearable devices on a user receives information to be conveyed using haptic effects and determines an intent of the information. The system then determines, for each of the plurality of wearable haptic devices, a location of the wearable haptic device on the user and a haptic capability.
Device for providing tactile feedback for robotic apparatus using actuation
A haptic feedback system includes a transducer that presses an actuator against an operator's skin with a force corresponding to a sensed parameter. Embodiments provide a simulated sense of touch corresponding to actual interactions between a robotic system and an environment.
Mobile terminal for generating haptic pattern and method therefor
Provided are a portable terminal that generates a haptic pattern and a method thereof. The method includes displaying a menu on a touch screen, receiving an input for generating a haptic pattern through the displayed menu, detecting, using a sensor module, a haptic input provided through the portable terminal, and generating the haptic pattern based on the provided haptic input..
Mobile terminal and method for controlling haptic feedback
Methods and a mobile terminal for providing visual and haptic feedback are provided. At least one first touch made to an object displayed on a touch screen is detected.
Portable apparatus having plurality of touch screens and sound output method thereof
A portable apparatus having a plurality of touch screens and a plurality of speakers outputs sounds in the plurality of speakers according to an output mode of a plurality of output modes determined according to an input angle between the plurality of touch screens and attributes of a plurality of applications executed in the plurality of touch screens, and provides a user haptic feedback corresponding to the sound output.. .
Operator control device
An operator control device includes: an activation element configured to provide haptic feedback to an operator, the activation element having a touch-sensitive operator control surface, and the activation element being configured to be activatable by an input member of the operator, triggering an activation signal; a pivoting axis to which the activation element is mounted so as to be pivotable about the axis between a position of rest and a switching position; a rotationally mounted magnetically influenceable element; and an electromagnetic actuator configured to be actuatable by the activation signal so as to generate a magnetic field that moves the rotationally mounted magnetically influenceable element from an initial position into a pivoting position. The movement of the magnetically influenceable element results in a torque sufficient to move the activation element out of the position of rest into the switching position being applied directly or indirectly to the activation element..
Bicycle operating device
A bicycle operating device is basically provided with a base member, a first operating member, a second operating member and a clicking mechanism. The base member is configured to be attached to a bicycle.
Friction modulation for three dimensional relief in a haptic device
A haptic device includes a display configured to display an image, a haptic output device configured to generate a haptic effect to a user when the user interacts with the display, and a processor configured to receive information related to the image displayed on the display. The processor is also configured to create a friction based haptic effect map associated with the image displayed on the display, and generate a signal to the haptic output device to output the haptic effect when the user interacts with the display when the image is displayed on the display, the haptic effect being configured to simulate a feel of the image in three dimensions..
Operating arrangement
An operator control device includes an operator control element configured to provide haptic feedback to an operator. The operator control element is activatable by an input member of the operator and has: a first planar component; and a second planar component oriented in parallel with the first planar component, the first and second planar components being movable relative to one another.
Cardiovascular haptic handle system
Cardiac tissue motion characteristics acquired by novel cardiac sensors are analyzed and processed for the derivation of physiological indices. The indices are output to a hand held local or remote volumetric haptic display and enable an operator to obtain motion related dynamic characteristics of cardiac tissues.
Haptic sensation recording and playback
A system includes a video recorder configured to record video data, a sensor configured to sense movement of an object and output sensor data representative of the movement of the object, a transformer configured to transform the sensor data into a haptic output signal, a haptic output device configured to generate a haptic effect to a user based on the haptic output signal, a display configured to display a video, and a processor configured to synchronize the video data and the haptic output signal, and output the video data to the display and the haptic output signal to the haptic output device so that the haptic effect is synchronized with the video displayed on the display.. .
Adjustable toric intraocular lens
An adjustable astigmatism-reducing intraocular lens includes a toric optic with a long axis. The optic is rotationally coupled to haptics, and a plurality of struts extend between the optic and the haptics.
Pre-loaded iol insertion system
A system for easily transferring an intraocular lens (iol) from an inserter into a patient's eye. The system includes an inserter handpiece with a holding station for receiving or storing an iol.
Augmented reality user interface with haptic feedback
A device may be configured to provide feedback based on an augmented reality environment. The device may comprise, for example, a processor configured to receive a control signal from an augmented reality device and a feedback device configured to provide a feedback based on the received control signal.
Portable terminal and method for providing haptic effect to input unit
A portable terminal and a method for providing a haptic effect to an input unit are provided. The method includes displaying at least one object on a touch screen, detecting a touch input by the input unit with respect to the object displayed on the touch screen, determining a preset mode based on the detected touch input of the input unit, and transmitting a control signal corresponding to a predetermined haptic pattern based on the preset mode to the input unit..
Method for providing haptic effect in portable terminal, machine-readable storage medium, and portable terminal
A portable terminal and a method for providing a haptic effect in the portable terminal are provided. The method includes displaying an application on a touch screen, detecting a touch in a haptic providing region set by a user, and providing a haptic effect corresponding to the haptic providing region in response to the detected touch..
Operator control device
An operator control device has an operating element with haptic feedback. The operating element has a touch-sensitive operator control area and is operated through an input element.
Flexure, apparatus, system and method
An actuator module is disclosed. The actuator module includes an actuator having at least one elastomeric dielectric film disposed between first and second electrodes.
Customizing haptic effects on an end user device
Systems, methods, and associated software are described herein for enabling a regular user of an end user device, such as a cellular telephone, to customize parameters associated with haptic effects applied to the user by the end user device. In one implementation, among several, a method described herein includes enabling a user of an end user device to access software adapted to design or modify haptic effects of the end user device.
Method for controlling camera operation based on haptic function and terminal supporting the same
A method for providing camera operations using a haptic function, and an electronic device implementing the same are provided. The method of operating the electric device includes receiving, by an electronic device including a camera, an input to activate the camera; receiving a request to output guidance information for assisting with photographing with the camera; determining haptic feedback corresponding to the guidance information; and outputting the determined haptic feedback..
Active gripper for haptic devices
An active gripper for a haptic device including a parallel kinematics structure providing at least three degrees of freedom including three translational degrees of freedom, wherein the gripper comprises a first contact surface being adapted for contact by a first portion of a hand of a user, a second contact surface being adapted for contact by a second portion of the user's hand, which hand's second portion being moveable in relation to the hand's first portion, and a moveable member arranged between the first contact surface and the second contact surface and being adapted to actively move the first contact surface and the second contact surface in relation to each other.. .
Method and localized haptic response system provided on an interior-facing surface of a housing of an electronic device
A housing for an electronic device allows a haptic feedback response that is localized to a specific area on a back panel of the housing of the electronic device. For example, a user holding the mobile electronic device may directly receive haptic feedback in his/her fingers that are supporting the back side of the mobile electronic device.
Thin profile user interface device and method providing localized haptic response
Electromechanical polymer (emp) actuators are used to create haptic effects on a user interface deface, such as a keyboard. The keys of the keyboard may be embossed in a top layer to provide better key definition and to house the emp actuator.
Systems and methods for digital multimedia capture using haptic control, cloud voice changer, and protecting digital multimedia privacy
Provided are computer implemented methods and systems for multimedia capture and encrypting. According to the method, a first user input is received.
Intervertebral cage expandable in steps
An intervertebral fusion implant for fusion of two adjacent vertebrae, comprising a base piece and a cover piece, which are each designed to bear on a facing end plate of one of the adjacent vertebrae, wherein the cover piece is adjustable in height with respect to the base piece, wherein a ratchet mechanism, provided between base piece and cover piece, effects a stepped adjustment of height and secures an adopted height against reversal. In this way, a defined expansion can be achieved that is dependent on the number of actuations.
Back loaded iol insertion cartridge
A rear-loaded injector cartridge for an intraocular lens (iol) having a proximal opening that provides a haptic slot. The haptic slot receives a leading haptic of an iol loaded therein, and temporarily retains the leading haptic while the optic of the iol is inserted into a holding area of the cartridge.
Ultrasound system and method of controlling the same
An ultrasound diagnosis apparatus and a method of controlling the same is provided. The apparatus haptically outputs a bio-signal or a movement signal of a target object so that a state of the target object can be felt through tactile sense.
Elastic nonwovens with improved haptics and mechanical properties
The present invention is an extensible nonwoven comprising a polyolefin elastomer fiber wherein the surface of the fiber further comprises an inorganic filler or pdms or combinations thereof, wherein the inorganic filler, if present, has d-90 particle size of 5 microns or less.. .
Trim part with an airbag cover and a method for manufacturing a trim part
The method relates to a trim part with an airbag cover, in particular for use in a motor vehicle, comprising a carrier and a haptics layer which are weakened along a tear line delimiting the airbag cover, and a decor layer of leather which covers the carrier and the haptics layer, wherein additionally a reinforcement layer is arranged between the haptics layer and the decor layer. According to the invention, the decor layer and the reinforcement layer have a constant thickness.
Interactivity model for shared feedback on mobile devices
A system that produces a dynamic haptic effect and generates a drive signal that includes a gesture signal and a real or virtual device sensor signal. The haptic effect is modified dynamically based on both the gesture signal and the real or virtual device sensor signal such as from an accelerometer or gyroscope, or by a signal created from processing data such as still images, video or sound.
Apparatus, method and techniques for wearable navigation device
An apparatus, method and other techniques for a wearable navigation device are described. For example, an apparatus may comprise a wristband comprising a plurality of haptic feedback devices arranged around a circumference of the wristband and logic to wirelessly receive navigation information from a computing device and to output the navigation information using one or more of the plurality of haptic feedback devices, the output comprising a mechanical representation of the navigation information.
Intraocular lens or lens system to provide monofocal vision at multiple pre-defined focal points
An accommodative intraocular lens is described that provides monofocal vision at multiple pre-defined focal points during accommodation. The intraocular lens includes a lens element having a series of stacked optics that can be formed utilizing multiple different materials, each of which can have a different stiffness.
Accommodating intraocular lens
A dynamic accommodative intraocular lens is provided in which a central lens portion of the intraocular lens undergoes dynamic change in curvature to adjust focus from distant objects to those nearby in response to natural accommodative actions of the patient's eye. The intraocular lens utilizes fluid movement from flexible fluid reservoirs defined along or adjacent haptic elements of the intraocular lens, which are engaged and compressed by the accommodating movements of the ciliary body of the patient's eye to cause expansion and flattening of the intraocular lens to adjust the optic power of the lens..
Curvature changing accommodative intraocular lens
A curvature changing accommodative intraocular lens is provided in which the anterior surface of the intraocular lens undergoes dynamic change in curvature to focus light from distant objects to those nearby. The lens utilizes fluid movement from bladders defined as junctions between haptic elements and lens element or bladders positioned between the haptic elements and lens element periphery to change the curvature..
Curvature changing accommodative intraocular lens
A curvature changing accommodative intraocular lens for implantation into the eye of a patient includes a lens body having a base lens which has a base lens power, and a haptic structure including haptic elements projecting from the base lens. An actuator is placed into engagement with the lens body, and includes actuator haptic elements.
Systems and methods for haptic control of a surgical tool
A surgical system includes a surgical tool associated with a virtual haptic interaction point such that movement of the virtual haptic interaction point corresponds to movement of the surgical tool. The surgical system further includes a processing circuit to establish a virtual entry boundary and activate a haptic object, which constrains the surgical tool after the haptic interaction point crosses the virtual entry boundary..

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