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Hanging Apparatus patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Hanging Apparatus-related patents
 Roller changing apparatus for furnaces patent thumbnailRoller changing apparatus for furnaces
Embodiments of the invention relates to a roller changing apparatus for changing a roller from a multiplicity of rollers in a furnace for the thermal treatment of components, wherein the roller changing apparatus has a housing which can be closed off and in which a first protective gas atmosphere can be formed, and a roller handling device which is arranged at least partially in the housing, and which is designed to remove the roller to be exchanged from the furnace and to fit a replacement roller in the furnace while maintaining a high temperature and a second protective gas atmosphere in the furnace during the roller change.. .
 Information push, receiving and exchanging method, server, client and exchanging apparatus patent thumbnailInformation push, receiving and exchanging method, server, client and exchanging apparatus
A method of providing information to a prospective user is performed at a server having one or more processors and memory storing programs to be executed by the processors, the method including receiving audio feature information and location information from a client device, wherein the audio feature information is extracted from an audio signal received by the client device and the location information identifies a current location of the client device; comparing predefined audio feature information with the received audio feature information and comparing predefined location information with the received location information; and pushing predefined information to the client device from the server if there is a match of both comparisons made at the server.. .
 Device and method for machining of an optical lens patent thumbnailDevice and method for machining of an optical lens
A device and a method for machining, especially for polishing of an optical lens, are proposed, there being both a lens changing apparatus and also a separate tool changing apparatus. The lens changing apparatus is located between a working space and a conveyor apparatus for lenses and is pivotally mounted around a horizontal axis.
 Color scheme changing apparatus, color scheme changing method, and color scheme changing program patent thumbnailColor scheme changing apparatus, color scheme changing method, and color scheme changing program
There is provided a color scheme changing apparatus capable of changing a color scheme on a screen immediately depending on the situation so that each piece of information that makes up the screen will always stand out within the entire screen according to the degree of importance thereof. A color scheme changing apparatus 1 includes: an input unit which accepts the designation of an evaluation target screen from a user; a color scheme information acquiring unit 11 which acquires object identification information and color scheme information; an attractiveness calculation unit 12 which performs attractiveness calculation processing, an importance storage unit 13 which stores importance information; a color scheme appropriateness determining unit 14 which determines whether the order of the importance information associated with the objects matches the order of degrees of attractiveness associated with the objects; an improvement plan creating unit 15 in which, if not match, color scheme information in which at least one of used colors is changed is output to the attractiveness calculation unit 12 , or if match, improved color scheme information including the previously determined objects is output; a screen drawing unit 16; and an output unit 19..
 Portable diaper changing apparatus patent thumbnailPortable diaper changing apparatus
Implementations of the present disclosure provide a diaper changing apparatus that includes one or more handles for carrying the diaper changing apparatus like a purse or bag and then spreading the handles apart to open the apparatus to use the apparatus as a changing pad and shield to change a child in public, for example. The diaper changing apparatus can be placed on a lap or on another surface.
 Knife holder having a blade changing apparatus patent thumbnailKnife holder having a blade changing apparatus
The invention relates to a knife holder (100) having a blade changing apparatus (102). The knife holder has a first blade receptacle (111) defining a cutting position, a securing means (130, 141, 142) for securing a blade (201) received in the first blade receptacle (111), a second blade receptacle (112) defining an output position, and an ejection means (141, 143, 144a) for ejecting a blade (201) received in the first blade receptacle (111) out of the first blade receptacle (111).
 Over-the-door hanging apparatus patent thumbnailOver-the-door hanging apparatus
An apparatus for hanging an article from a door. In one aspect, the inventive apparatus can comprise a mounting system that can be used to hang a mirror, piece of art, or other flat article that is positioned within a frame to a door without the need for a screw driver or any other tools..
 Particle-beam energy changing apparatus, particle beam therapy system including the same, and method of changing particle beam energy patent thumbnailParticle-beam energy changing apparatus, particle beam therapy system including the same, and method of changing particle beam energy
There is provided a particle-beam energy changing apparatus that is capable of changing energy of a particle beam quickly and silently, in which a first energy changing unit and a second energy changing unit for changing energy of a particle beam passing therethrough by varying thicknesses of their attenuators attenuating the particle beam energy are arranged so that the particle beam passes through the first energy changing unit and the second energy changing unit; and the maximum attenuation amount by the first energy changing unit is set smaller than the maximum attenuation amount by the second energy changing unit.. .
 Hafnium turbine engine and method of operation patent thumbnailHafnium turbine engine and method of operation
A method of heating a gas by directing x-rays at a mass of hafnium 178 to induce gamma rays. The gamma rays are directed at a heat exchanging apparatus, resulting in a stream of heated gas.
 Locking swivel support apparatus patent thumbnailLocking swivel support apparatus
An improved hanging apparatus with a locking swivel for suspending objects from an overhead structure is provided. The apparatus may advantageously be employed to suspend a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (“hvac”) unit from a ceiling, ceiling joists, beams, trusses, rafters, or the like of a room or space to be heated or cooled by the hvac unit..
Turbulated immersion heat-exchange apparatus
A submersible heat-exchanging apparatus for installation into storage tanks used for containing industrial oils. The apparatus comprises a cylindrical heat-exchange component with one end sealingly engaging a terminal plug and the other end sealingly engaging and communicating with a coupling manifold having opposed inflow and outflow ports.
Fluids - solids separating / essence exchanging apparatus
With fluids placed inside the apparatus, they remain there without leaking past the seal ring, until the apparatus is lifted off of the container floor to unseal & filter the fluids into the container.. .
Working hanging apparatus and work hanging method for hanging work on hanger through movement of work under correction
A work hanging apparatus includes a hanger line continuously conveying hangers each having a hook, a robot that has a hand with which a work having a hole is held and transfers the held work to a hanging location set in the hanger line, a controller controlling a movement of the hand to catch the hook of one of the hangers with the hole of the held work at the hanging location, a hole deviation detector that detects a positional deviation of the hole of the work, an attitude deviation detector that detects an attitudinal deviation of the hanger, and a corrector that corrects the movement of the hand according to the positional and attitudinal deviations.. .
Focus position changing apparatus and confocal optical apparatus using the same
According to one embodiment, a focus position changing apparatus is provided on an optical path of a confocal optical apparatus having a light source and an objective lens and is configured to change a focus position of the objective lens in an optical axis direction of the objective lens. The focus position changing apparatus includes at least a plurality of optical path changing pieces and a rotating plate.
Collector mirror exchanging apparatus and method for extreme ultraviolet light source apparatus
A collector mirror exchanging apparatus capable of safely and easily exchanging a collector mirror for collecting extreme ultra violet light emitted from plasma generated within a chamber of an extreme ultra violet light source apparatus. The collector mirror exchanging apparatus includes: a supporting base for supporting a collector mirror or a collector mirror structure; and a guiding rail disposed on the supporting base and regulating a moving direction of the collector mirror or the collector mirror structure; wherein at least the collector mirror is taken out of the chamber by moving the collector mirror or the collector mirror structure along the guiding rail on the supporting base..
Magnetic hanging apparatus
A magnetic hanging apparatus is provided having a housing element and an extension element. The housing element includes a first end surface, a second end surface, a body portion, a central bore extending through the body portion from the first end surface to the second end surface, and a recessed portion at the second end surface.
Hanging apparatus and method of use
Hanging or suspending apparatus and methods of use. The apparatus can include a strip having at least one mounting depression penetrating a mounting portion of the strip.
Bow hanging apparatus
Archery artisans using 21st century composite horizontal and parallel split limb bows have had little success in adapting old technology to use. Specifically hanging one of the aforementioned 21st century style bows and how to control the involuntary lateral movement across rough, large textured hardwood tree bark while using a hanger that partially encompasses a hardwood tree branch.
Garden hanging apparatus and method
The garden hanging apparatus comprises a bracket, a hook member, and one or more clamping members. The bracket comprises a extending member, and a brace member.
Method and apparatus for changing printing plates
A method and an apparatus for changing a printing plate on a printing press, include feeding the printing plate to a withdrawal chute of a plate changing apparatus by rotating the plate cylinder backward. Drivable transport rollers grip the printing plate and pull the latter out of a previously opened clamping device for the leading edge of the printing plate during the plate cylinder rotation, without the plate cylinder having to be stopped..
Channel family surf control
An interface for an interactive television application includes a graphical representation of a channel changing apparatus and is configured such that in response to a channel change request a channel change event limited to a channel change within a designated family of television channels is initiated. The graphical element may be labeled so as to indicate the presently viewed family of television channels.
Pitch changing apparatus, electronic device handling apparatus, and electronic device testing apparatus
The pitch changing apparatus, which changes the pitch of duts, includes a plurality of shuttles which hold duts, a first guide rail which guides the plurality of shuttles, a second feeder which feeds the shuttles along the first guide rail at a first pitch, a third feeder which includes a plurality of pins receiving the shuttles from the second feeder and moves the pins along the first guide rail at a second pitch, and a controller which controls a feed rate of the second feeder and a receiving rate of the third feeder.. .
Defrostable heat exchanging apparatus and associated method
A heat exchanging apparatus and an associated method are provided so as to permit a heat exchanger to be defrosted without being taken out of service. A defrostable heat exchanging apparatus includes a heat exchanger configured to cool gas flowing there through by heating a liquid also passing there through.
Changing apparatus for a microscope
A changing apparatus for a microscope (10) comprises a carrying body (50, 150, 250, 350) supported rotatably around a rotation axis (r), having a first coupling part (52), and at least one optical element (100, 200, 300, 400) having a second coupling part (102) that is couplable to the first coupling part (52) for releasable mounting of the optical element (100, 200, 300, 400) on the carrying body (50, 150, 250, 350). The first coupling part (52) comprises a first mechanical coding structure (56) and the second coupling part (102) comprises a second mechanical coding structure (104) that, in a predetermined installation alignment toward the first coding structure (56), is complementary thereto and, in that installation alignment, is placeable onto the first coding structure (56) perpendicularly to the rotation axis (r) of the carrying body (50, 150, 250, 350)..

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Hanging Apparatus topics: Hanging Apparatus, Ion Channel, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Partitioning, Objective Lens, Ultraviolet, Ultraviolet Light, Clamping Device, Involuntary, Interactive, Electronic Device, Heat Exchanger, Microscope, Wireless Communicator

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