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Handlebar patents


This page is updated frequently with new Handlebar-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Handlebar-related patents
 Steering system and bicycle using the same patent thumbnailSteering system and bicycle using the same
A steering system includes a front fork, a front wheel, a handlebar, two bar ends, and two steering members. The handlebar includes a support bar and two elbows disposed at two opposite ends of the support bar.

 Abdominal and oblique exercise device patent thumbnailAbdominal and oblique exercise device
An abdominal and oblique exercise device is formed as a small, lightweight portable structure and configured to be used while in the sitting position. The device includes leg or thigh grips that engage the user's thighs and handlebars that are engaged by the user's hands.

 Bicycle operating device patent thumbnailBicycle operating device
A bicycle operating device is basically provided with a main support body, an external handlebar fixing structure and an operating unit. The main support body has an abutment that is configured to contact an end of a handlebar in a state where the bicycle operating device is mounted to the handlebar.
Shimano Inc.

 Straddled vehicle patent thumbnailStraddled vehicle
An increase in the size of a body section of a straddled vehicle forward of a steering shaft in a left-right direction and a front-rear direction of a body frame is limited while a space is secured forward of the steering shaft. In left optical lens body 45l, top end te is disposed below bottom edge b3 of handlebar 23, bottom end be is disposed above a bottom end (virtual line lc) of lower bracket 15, left end le is disposed on the right of a right end (virtual line l6) of left grip 24l, and right end re is disposed on the left of right edge b1 of left front-wheel support unit 12l.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

 Ergonomic manhole cover lifting tool, system, method, and apparatus patent thumbnailErgonomic manhole cover lifting tool, system, method, and apparatus
This disclosure relates to a tool, system of tools, or method of utilizing tools to quickly, safely, ergonomically and effectively lift any number of objects including but not limited to manhole covers and car tires. The user is aided by the tool containing any number of picks that may be directionally adjusted, manually or automatically, latches to connect the tool to attachments (such as tripods, power lifting belts, vehicles, and other tools), additional support handle bars located at or about the center of gravity which may be adjusted from one location to another to guide the body into a lifting posture to reduce back strain and accident potential, pre-molded or moldable sections on the tool or its handlebars to aid the user in gripping the tool, a gyroscope and other features for making the jobs of utility workers and service workers safer, more efficient, and easier..
D.c. Water & Sewer Authority

 Bikeboard patent thumbnailBikeboard
The present invention is directed to a rideable and steerable “bikeboard” that combines aspects of bicycling and longboard-style skateboarding. In one embodiment, the bikeboard is a low-profile riding platform connected to a steerable front bicycle assembly with a modular frame.
Conway Bikeboards Llc

 Trash bags, bins and accessories patent thumbnailTrash bags, bins and accessories
A suitcase with an improved shoe compartment is disclosed. An outer shell to enclose contents being carried in the suitcase.

 Travel luggage with improved shoe compartments patent thumbnailTravel luggage with improved shoe compartments
A suitcase with an improved shoe compartment is disclosed. An outer shell to enclose contents being carried in the suitcase.

 Hydraulic dual control device for bicycle patent thumbnailHydraulic dual control device for bicycle
A bicycle dual control device hydraulically operated, so that using one single device the cyclist may operate, by applying different hand pressures or taps from the handlebar, two unidirectional control mechanisms, preferably a brake and a bicycle gear-shifting mechanisms. The control device comprises two unidirectional control units within a single lever or handgrip attached to the handlebar, wherein each one of them comprises an acting member, an operating member connected to a control circuit and a coupling element which links the two previous members.
Rotor Componentes TecnolÓgicos S.l.

 Handlebar grips and handlebar assemblies including the same patent thumbnailHandlebar grips and handlebar assemblies including the same
A handlebar grip including an inward portion defining an inward portion outer diameter, an outward portion defining an outward portion outer diameter, and a recessed portion, located between the inward portion and the outward portion, and defining a recessed portion outer diameter that is less than the inward portion outer diameter and the outward portion outer diameter.. .
Extreme Steering, Inc.


Vehicle visibility system

A vehicle visibility system. Implementations include a first front facing light element coupled to a vehicle on a first side of a center line of a vehicle and a second front facing light element coupled on a second side of the center line.


Mobile electronic device armband carrier

An armband composed of a stretchable compression, see-through material fabrication incorporates a pocket for receiving a mobile electronic device in an arrangement where the device's display screen is inserted laterally into the pocket along an inside surface of a user's forearm to be easily viewed by a wearer of the device, either along the left inside surface or right inside surface of the forearms by a wearer when grasping a wheel of a motor vehicle, the handlebars of a motorcycle or bicycle, or the reins of a horse.. .


Bicycle with coordinated pedal and upper body leverage

A cycle or bicycle is driven both by rotation of pedals that drive a rear wheel in a conventional manner, and by fore and aft movement of the handlebars. Fore and aft movement of the handlebars about an adjustable hinge, which also rotate as a unit about a front wheel turning axis, is transmitted to a drive rod.


Control device for a bicycle derailleur

The integrated control device for driving the control cable of the derailleur and the brake cable of a bicycle is provided. The device having a support body connectable to the handlebar and that can be gripped by the cyclist's hand, a cable-winding bush about which the control cable of the derailleur is wound/unwound and a first lever rotatable with respect to the support body about a first axis for actuating the brake cable and rotatable about a second axis to drive the cable-winding bush into rotation in a first direction of rotation.


Streamlined aerobar for bicycle

A bicycle handlebar includes a midsection attached to a front mounting post of a bicycle and extending outward from the front mounting post in a substantially horizontal plane. A pair of pad-support sections are respectively disposed on opposite lateral sides of the midsection.


Bell device with dual tones for transport vehicles

A bell device with dual tones for transport vehicles includes a main body, a base, and a trigger. The main body includes two tapering chambers therein and a pinhole located between the chambers.


Vibration-damping handlebar assembly

Motorized vehicles such as motorcycles, which utilize handlebars for control, exhibit a significant problem in that they transmit engine and road vibrations through the handlebars to the operator which can cause numbness, tingling and nerve damage under long-term exposure.. .


Steering mechanism for scooter

A scooter is provided having a deck, a handlebar connected to the deck, a front wheel assembly, a rear wheel assembly and a steering mechanism. The steering mechanism has a steering post and a longitudinally extending spring member that has a plurality of transverse planar surfaces.
Radio Flyer Inc.


A scooter vehicle with integrated pillion transport container

A scooter vehicle with integrated pillion transport container the scooter vehicle including at least two wheels, one driven wheel and one steering wheel, a set of handlebars for steering the steering wheel to direct a scooter vehicle, a seat for a user, a step through frame, a platform for users feet, bodywork panels fitted to the frame and a power plant associated with at least one alternator in order to generate electrical current, and the integrated pillion transport container including a generally u-shaped lower portion to be attached to the scooter frame, the container having an enclosure defined by number of walls and having an interior portion adapted for receiving articles to be transported, at least one of the walls being a forward wall shaped to act as a back support for a user, and an elimination source located in the container for illuminating at least part of at least one external wall of the container, at least some of the walls to allow at least some of the illumination to pass therethrough.. .
Skoot Logistics Australia Pty Limited


Scooter with removable toy

A scooter having a handlebar assembly that includes a vertical portion supporting a handlebar. The vertical portion includes an opening at its top end and the opening is configured to receive an elongate portion of a toy.
Razor Usa Llc


Foldable motorized bicycle

A motorized foldable bicycle assembly arranged to be collapsible from an elongated four-sectioned segmented frame arrangement with a set of electronically controlled motorized front and rear wheels spaced longitudinally apart on the elongated frame arrangement. The front wheel and the rear wheel are arranged in an aligned, side-by-side adjacent configuration with a steering column supported handlebar arrangement correspondingly collapsed in a skewed or misaligned orientation in a space between the side-by-side wheels when folded upin an unridable configuration.
Ftr Systems, Inc


Bicycle handlebar cover

A pair of covers (one for each of the cyclist's hands) is provided. Once applied to the handlebars, the user inserts their hand into the mitt via an opening thereon.


Method and device for a bioelectric impedance analysis (bia) of the body of a person

To perform a bioelectrical impedance measurement (bia) of the body of a person several current pulse giving input electrodes and several voltage drop output electrodes need to be connected with the surface of the body. The voltage drop between the output electrodes of individual body sections is detected by the measurement.


Hydraulic brake control device for a handlebar of bicycle

The present invention provides an integrated control device of hydraulic brake for a handlebar of bicycle. The integrated control device includes a brake actuator of hydraulic type mounted on a housing body.
Campagnolo S.r.l.


Manual control device for a bicycle, in particular of hydraulic brake and gearshift

A manual control device having a support body extending longitudinally from a first part configured for fixing to bicycle handlebars to a second part generally opposite the first part; there being generally defined on the support body a rear surface on the first part for fixing to the handlebars, a front surface on the second part, an upper surface, a bottom surface, a proximal side surface and a distal side surface. The support body has a protuberance and a seat for a hydraulic assembly comprising a hydraulic cylinder defining a cylinder axis.
Campagnolo S.r.l.


Bicycle control device

A bicycle control device is basically provided with a bracket and an operating unit. The bracket is configured to be coupled to a handlebar.
Shimano Inc.


Bicycle handlebar and grip assembly

A bicycle handlebar assembly that includes a body having at least two grip areas positioned for interaction with the hands of a rider. The grip portions or grip areas are preferably spaced apart by a center portion that secures the assembly to a bicycle steerer tube.
Trek Bicycle Corp.


Height adjustable bike

Described herein is a bike including a frame member linking the front and rear wheel(s) made up of a first forward section or sections extending from the front wheel(s) and a second rear section or sections extending from the rear wheel(s). The section endings mate about a lockable connection assembly that is also in communication with a seat-post connected to the seat.


Handlebar end caps for bicycle

A handlebar end cap for a bicycle contains: a body, a retaining member, and a cover. The body includes a hole, at least one end face, and a fixing groove with a second inner diameter.


Electrically powered cycles and automatic storage system for such cycles

An electrically powered cycle comprising a detachable battery mounted by sliding on two rails of a battery receptacle located on the central portion of the handlebar. The rails are inclined downward and rearward and the battery is inserted into the receptacle by sliding the battery from the upper front end of the rails.


Off-road rolling film vision system

Disclosed is an off-road rolling film vision system comprising a controller module (200), a takeup module (300), and a rollout module (400). The controller module (200) comprises a command input (205), a controller process module (210), a command transmitter (215), and a power supply (220).


Handlebars with core

A handlebar for a motorcycle or bicycle or the like which will at least partially maintain its integrity even under an extreme load or as a result of an accident. The present handlebar has the same overall appearance of conventional handlebars with handles or hand grips at each end but further includes a core in the form of a cable that extends through the center of the handlebar.


Cable positioning structure for hydraulic brake of bicycle

A cable positioning structure for hydraulic brake of a bicycle is disclosed. The cable positioning structure comprises the caliper and the transmission member connected with each other, and is capable of connecting with original braking cable.


Handlebar and electronic device

A handlebar including at least one fixing portion, a handheld portion and at least one rotating module is provided. The fixing portion is fixed at a side of a body of an electronic device.
Getac Technology Corporation


Multifunctional cardiovascular training device

The present invention relates to a multifunctional cardiovascular training device. In particular, the invention relates to an apparatus with a configuration that can be modified depending on the type of exercise the user intends to undertake.
Politecnico Di Milano


Self-loading pallet carrier

A self-loading, human-powered pallet carrier is provided, the pallet carrier comprising: a first frame; a second frame; a drive train; a handlebar; a seat; and a braking system, one of the first frame or the second frame supported by a pair of driving wheels, the other of the first frame or the second frame supported by an at least one driving wheel, one of the pair of driving wheels or the single driving wheel pivotally mounted to the second frame with an at least one actuator, the other of the pair of driving wheels or the single driving wheel directly mounted to the first frame with an at least one actuator, the first frame including a pair of pallet forks, the second frame including a pair of beams, which, when mated, form a pallet loading zone, each pallet fork and each beam having an at least one dolly wheel, the drive train, the handlebar, the seat and the braking system mounted on the first frame. A method of using the self-loading pallet carrier is also provided..


Motorcycle handlebar riser accessory device

A motorcycle handlebar riser assembly and novelty accessory is provided. The assembly comprises a pair of riser members that support a handlebar therebetween and connect the handlebar to the upper triple tree of a motorcycle.


Motorcycle handlebar riser accessory device

A motorcycle handlebar riser assembly and novelty accessory is provided. The assembly comprises a pair of riser members that support a handlebar therebetween and connect the handlebar to the upper triple tree of a motorcycle.


Exercise apparatus having a stationary inner platform and an outer annular member rotatably connected thereto

There is accordingly provided an exercise apparatus including an inner housing upon which a user may stand. The apparatus includes an outer housing rotatably coupled to the inner housing.


Audio bicycle steering wheel device

An audio bicycle steering wheel device facilitates listening to audio while riding a bicycle. The device includes a ring and a housing coupled to the ring.


Control of a personal transporter based on user position

An apparatus controller for prompting a rider to be positioned on a vehicle in such a manner as to reduce lateral instability due to lateral acceleration of the vehicle. The apparatus has an input for receiving specification from the rider of a desired direction of travel, and indicating means for reflecting to the rider a propitious instantaneous body orientation to enhance stability in the face of lateral acceleration.
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Control device

A control device is configured to be installed on a handlebar of a bicycle and configured to operate a brake device on the bicycle. The control device basically includes a bicycle attachment member, a brake operating member and at least one of a wireless communication unit and a notification unit.
Shimano Inc.


Rider cooling device

A rider cooling device configured to provide cooled air to a vehicle rider are described that include using a fan that is mountable on a motorcycle, an all-terrain vehicle, a utility task vehicle, or other vehicle where space and energy can be limited. The rider cooling device may thus provide directed air for cooling a vehicle rider.


Power supply

A power supply includes a main body having a coupling face and a handlebar. The coupling face includes a first end and a second end forming a power socket.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Handlebar-mounted switch device for a saddle-type vehicle, and vehicle including same

A handlebar-mounted switch control device includes switch activation buttons which respectively correspond to specific switches, and which are arranged on surfaces of a switch case adjacent to a grip in an end portion of a handlebar. Two switch activation buttons are disposed on a front outer surface of the switch case.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Tubular handlebar with integrated speakers

A tubular handlebar includes an internal peripheral surface and a stem head with a mounting system for a mobile device. The tubular handlebar includes a open end, a closed end, at least one speaker unit embedded into at least one through hole of the internal peripheral surface, and a bass reflex system to enhance the acoustic characteristics of the sound generated by the at least one speaker unit.
Sony Corporation


Washing tunnel for motorcycles

Washing facility for two- or three-wheeled vehicle where the vehicle is conveyed longitudinally by mechanical means opposite washing devices, where the facility comprises a lower longitudinal guiding device in order to guide a wheel of the vehicle on the floor along the longitudinal displacement thereof and an upper guiding device made firmly connected to the handlebars of the vehicle in order to keep the vehicle in vertical position.. .
Serrurier Projets Brevets


Hand-actuated transmitter unit

In order to improve a hand-actuated transmitter unit for vehicles, in particular for handlebar-controlled vehicles, comprising a housing, an actuating lever which is movable relative to the housing and is coupled to a transmission element such that an actuation of the actuating lever is transmitted by means of the transmission element to a slave unit, such that further functions of a vehicle can be controlled, it is proposed that a detector unit which detects with at least one detector a transition of the actuating lever from a non-actuated state to an actuated state and vice versa is associated with the transmitter unit.. .
Gustav Magenwirth Gmbh & Co. Kg


Bicycle control device

A bicycle control device is basically provided with a bracket, a shift unit, a hydraulic cylinder unit and a first operating member. The bracket includes a coupling portion that is configured to be coupled to a handlebar.
Shimano Inc.


Hand-actuated transmitter unit

In order to configure a hand-actuated transmitter unit for vehicles, in particular for handlebar-controlled vehicles, comprising a housing, a master cylinder provided in the housing, an actuating lever which is movable relative to the housing and a plunger which transmits a movement of the actuating lever to the master cylinder and which is mounted on the actuating lever, to be as economical and functional as possible, it is proposed that provided on the housing is a reach adjust device for the actuating lever, with which a respective starting position of the actuating lever is pre-settable.. .
Gustav Magenwirth Gmbh & Co. Kg



A handgrip device configured to be removably coupled to a bicycle handlebar. The handgrip device may include a first portion that includes an opening with a center axis.


Functional dual handlebar design with controls and mounting arrangement

A vehicle control system comprising a first set of handlebar grips including a first grip mounted on a first side of the vehicle and a second grip mounted on a second side of the vehicle and a second set of handlebar grips mounted on the vehicle including a third grip mounted on the first side of the vehicle and a fourth grip mounted on the second side of the vehicle, the first and third grips being mounted in at least one position thereof in parallel, coplanar relation and the second and fourth grips being mounted in at least one position thereof in parallel, coplanar relation. In a specific embodiment, the invention further includes a first set of controls mounted on the first set of handlebars and a second set of controls mounted on the second set of handlebars.


Flexible hand guard

A protective hand guard for use on a vehicle with handlebars. The disclosed protective hand guard is attached at one end to the end of the handlebars and at another end to a clamping structure.


Accessory assembly of bicycle and mounting device of the accessory assembly

A mounting device for mounting accessories on a handlebar of a bicycle includes a mounting frame and a plurality of sliding members. The mounting frame has a central hole and a plurality of coupling slots.
Lee Chi Enterprises Company Ltd.


Support frame and electronic device including the same

A support frame includes a base unit, a connecting unit and a supporting unit. The base unit includes two end portions and a receiving space.
Wistron Corporation


Handlebar fixing structure

A handlebar fixing structure enabling a handlebar to be attached to a high position to provide high vibration absorbency. The handlebar fixing structure includes a handlebar, a handlebar post supported above a steering system, and a handlebar clamper for fixing the handlebar to the handlebar post.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Electric bicycle

A bicycle includes a handlebar and a vibration generator supported on the handlebar. A sensor is configured to detect an overcoming vehicle.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Multifuntional hand guard

A multifunctional hand guard for a vehicle with a handlebar, said guard having at least three functional modes. The multifunctional hand guard includes: (a) a main hand guard body structure; (b) a cut out cover (insert); and (c) an adjustable guard shield, as well as attachment mechanisms.


Safety device for alerting motor vehicle drivers of proximity of a bicyclist

Disclosed is a safety device designed to alert motor vehicle drivers about the proximity of a bicyclist. The device includes a flexible antenna or rod that readily and preferably mounts in a substantially horizontal orientation to the handlebars of a bicycle.


Folding handlebar mount

An apparatus includes a base configured to engage a frame stem of a bicycle and first and second handlebar brackets rotatably coupled to the base about a pivot. The first and second handlebar brackets selectively support bicycle handlebars.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Draw-bar box type portable folding electro-tricycle with folding chair function

A portable foldable electric tricycle that can be folded to form a trolley suitcase shape and a chair includes a folding frame connecting a front wheel assembly and handlebar assembly to a seat. The front wheel assembly includes an electric motor to drive the front wheel.


Towable bicycle

A bicycle frame includes a head tube rotatably supporting first and second handlebars, and the handlebars each selectively pivot to a tow position extending away from the head tube. The bicycle frame includes first and second primary wheel mounts receiving first and second wheels, respectively, in a riding configuration of the bicycle frame, and one of the primary wheel mounts includes a first drive system coupling operably engaging one of the wheels with a bicycle control and power system.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Foldable and portable electric vehicle

A foldable and portable electric vehicle for the transport of a single person comprises a foldable chassis with a support plate, a folding system for folding the chassis, a front driving wheel, a rear wheel, a foldable handlebar, an integrated system of command, control, monitoring and signaling, a mechanical brake on the rear wheel, a suspension on the rear wheel and a suspension on the front wheel, and a steering column.. .
Nextrom Industries Srl


A bicycle for children

This invention relates to a bicycle (1,51,61,81,91) for children that can “grow” with the child. The bicycle comprises a frame (3,53,63,83,93) having a seat-tube (5).


Fixing system

Disclosed is a fixing system for fixing containers such as bags or baskets on a handlebar of a bicycle, comprising at least one, preferably at least two handlebar bands slidable over the handlebar in a sliding-on direction and at least partially embracing the handlebar in the slid-on position, and a carrying bracket, comprising a carrying-bracket-side coupling element for receiving the container, arranged on a cantilever section of the carrying bracket, the carrying bracket further comprising a receiving section, able to be brought into coupling engagement with the handlebar bands against the sliding-on direction and thus positionable on the handlebar by preferably fixedly clamping the handlebar, further comprising at least one securing means frictionally engageable in a rigid manner between the cantilever section and a component of the bicycle other than the handlebar, and preferably a handle stem, so that rotation of the cantilever section relative to the handlebar is prevented.. .
Invented Here B.v.


Motorcycle/atv driver backrest passenger handle bar

A passenger handle bar for a passenger of a motorcycle may include a support bracket to be connected to the motorcycle or passenger seat and a backrest for the driver of the motorcycle connected to the support bracket. The passenger handlebar may be connected to the support bracket or backrest..


Elliptical drive mechanism and a steering mechanism, applicable to velocipedes in general

“improvements introduced in an elliptical drive mechanism and a steering mechanism, applicable to velocipedes in general,” more specifically, it is about elliptical velocipedes (1) of the bicycle, tricycle, and scooter type, with said velocipedes having a tubular crossmember (2a) where the basic components are mounted, namely: fork (2b), handlebar mounting (2c), front wheel, rear wheel, center sprocket, and cranks, as well as an elliptical drive mechanism (m1) and a steering mechanism (m2). The structural frame (2) has a crossmember (2a), whose end is aligned with the imaginary center of the rear wheel, a tubular transverse shaft with tubular connections (3a) installed on its end portions, while a guide rod (3) that functions as a path for the sliding of the respective block (4) is attached to each of said connections.
Aruanà Energia S/a


Dual drive bicycle

A dual drive bicycle is provided having a front wheel, hand-cranked drive train including at least two pairs of a drive sprocket and driven sprocket, thereby allowing the diameter of the drive sprocket in the handlebar area to be made much smaller, thereby reducing the exposure of the hands and face of the rider to the sprocket teeth and chains of the front wheel drive train. The multiple pairs of drive sprockets and driven sprockets are mounted on a dual crown front fork that safely allows the use of a wider front hub without introducing unsafe bending stresses into the forks, and greatly facilitates the addition of the front wheel drive train of the invention to any bicycle.


Bicycle cable routing system

A bicycle including a frame, a fork rotationally coupled to the frame within a head tube of the frame, and a wheel rotationally coupled to the fork. The fork has a steerer tube, and the bicycle further includes a stem that is coupled to the steerer tube, and a handlebar coupled to the stem for steering the wheel.
Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.


Threadless fork compression kick style scooter

A compression coupler is described that provides a robust and simple mechanism to couple threadless tubes in bicycles and/or scooters. Particularly, the handlebar/stem tube-to-fork joint is coupled with a compression sleeve.


Adjustable handlebar riser assembly

An adjustable handlebar riser assembly has an outer member, an inner member, a pin, a retainer member and a locking member. The inner member and the outer member have mating flat-bottom v-shaped faces.
Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.


Brake lever reach adjustment

A brake lever reach adjustment includes a bracket, a brake lever and a reach adjusting assembly. The bracket to be mounted to a handlebar has a cavity therein.
Tien Hsin Industries Co., Ltd.


Mountain bike handlebar grip

A handlebar grip which incorporates a hinge in or near the outboard end of the grip allowing a substantial portion of the grip to flip up from the grip body to become the equivalent of a hard-mounted bar end, but with the ability to easily flip back down flush with or adjacent to the grip body and out of harm's way when riding in tight quarters. The bar ends can be deployed when riding uphill providing all the advantages of bar ends, and just as easily flipped closed when riding downhill so that they do not interfere with nearby obstacles.


Ski bike

A ski bike for recreation is disclosed. The ski bike features a frame with forward and rearward skis with improved foot mountings.


Adjustable stem for bicycles

The invention relates to an adjustable stem for bicycles, formed by a bar (3) provided at one end with a clamp (6) for securing on a tube shaft (7) of the steering fork (2) of the bicycle of application, a fastener (4) which is associated with a clamp (5) for engaging the handlebar (1) of the bicycle being slidably mounted on said bar (3), which fastener (4) has a locking system which allows fixing it in variable selective positions along the bar (3).. .


Personalized motorcycle hand operating levers for the front brake and clutch

A personalized motorcycle hand operating lever for the front brake or clutch is disclosed. Hand levers for operating the clutch and brake are positioned on the handlebars of a motorcycle inward of the hand grip, and an extension on the proximal end of the hand lever allows connection of one or more three-dimensional personalization symbols on the same plane as the handlebar and hand lever.


Tricycle with two riding modes

The present invention discloses a tricycle having two riding modes, the tricycle comprising: a frame, a single-wheel assembly and a first handlebar mounting base that are disposed at one longitudinal end of the frame, a double-wheel assembly and a second handlebar mounting base that are disposed at the other longitudinal end of the frame, a transmission mechanism disposed between the second handlebar mounting base and the first handlebar mounting base, and a handlebar assembly selectively disposed on the first handlebar mounting base or the second handlebar mounting base, the single-wheel assembly comprising a steering wheel and a first pedal for driving the steering wheel to roll, the double-wheel assembly comprising two wheels widthwise spaced apart and a second pedal for driving the two wheels to roll. The tricycle has a first riding mode with single front wheel and double rear wheels and a second riding mode with double front wheels and single rear wheel.
Smart Trike Mnf Pte Ltd.


Upright three-wheeled vehicle having shock absorbing means

An upright three-wheeled vehicle. A footboard unit is connected between the pair of rear wheel units.


Bicycle handlebar

A bicycle handlebar includes a base portion that can be coupled to a bicycle, a gripping portion that is rotatably coupled to the base portion, and a mounting portion to which an operating member that operates a component of the bicycle is mounted. The mounting portion is rotatable together with the gripping portion..
Shimano Inc.


Vehicle stability, steering, ride characteristics and control

A vehicle o, such as a tricycle, has a pair of rear wheels 14 mounted to a first sub-frame 12, and a second sub-frame 16 pivotally coupled to the first sub-frame and arranged to pivot about a first pivot axis 18 relative to said first sub-frame. Relative rotation between the first and second sub-frames is provided, such as by one or more elastomeric couplings or bearings e.g.


Shield for road bicycle handlebars

A handlebar shield device for attachment to road bicycle handlebars and a means of attachment is disclosed. The shield is comprised of a plurality of somewhat rigid shell components covering the control levers and some portions of the handle bars so that a rider's hands are protected from driving rain.


Group riding problem warning system

A group riding problem warning system allows an individual participating in a group ride to communicate an indication of a problem to each other rider. The system includes a plurality of warning units.


Bicycle alignment tool

A bicycle alignment device can be used to align the nose of the bicycle seat with the top tube of the bicycle frame. In addition, the same device can be used to align the handlebar stem with the front tire of the bicycle.


Upright three-wheeled vehicle having suspension means

An upright three-wheeled vehicle. A footboard part is disposed between and connected to a pair of rear wheel parts, and has a space section therein.


Guide device for a flexible linking member passing into a bicycle frame

The device is designed to guide a flexible linking member passing into a bicycle frame to link a control member carried by bicycle handlebars to a receiver. The linking member (14) enters the bicycle frame via an inlet opening (15) formed in a head tube (1).
Look Cycle International


Actuation device for brakes and/or clutches, in particular for motorcycles

Actuation device for brakes and/or clutches, in particular for motorcycles, provided with a device body, an attachment portion for attachment of the device to the handlebar of an associable motorcycle, and a support and guide portion of an actuation element. The attachment portion comprises at least one attachment bracket, suitable for partially receiving the portion of handlebar used for the attachment of the actuation device, and a locking bracket attached to the attachment bracket on the side opposite the associable handlebar, so as to identify a seat suitable for locking a portion of handlebar in the middle.
Freni Brembo S.p.a.


Bicycle handlebar and control system

A bicycle handlebar system is described. The system includes a wing-shaped handlebar for a bicycle that is attached to at least one of the rider's forearms.


Foldable vehicle

A battery or mechanically powered, foldable, light two-wheel or three-wheel vehicle that is rapidly lockable and unlockable at two points. The vehicle includes an upper frame pipe consisting of two parallel parts, whose front end is connected to an upright element connecting the front wheel fork and the vehicle's handlebar with a certain length of the distal end of the upper frame pipe extending distally from under the saddle; a lower frame pipe consisting of two parallel parts, whose front end is connected to the upright element connecting the front wheel fork with the vehicle's handlebar, with the rear wheel or wheels located at the distal end; a support pipe consisting of two parallel parts between the saddle and the lower frame pipe, and extending below the lower frame pipe so that the lower end of the support pipe is equipped with leg supports.


Exercising bicycle

A training bicycle, including a first frame (1, 36) configured to be supported on a floor, a second frame (2, 37) connected to the first frame, the second frame including an axle (4) allowing the second frame to tilt relative to the first frame along an axis in the longitudinal direction of the training apparatus, a handlebar (12, 35, 77, 90) connected to the upper end of a steering shaft (11, 76), the steering shaft being rotationally connected to the second frame, a crank (26, 110) connected to the second frame, and a first flywheel (22, 41, 56, 167, 193) rotationally connected to the lower end of said steering shaft with means for transferring movement from the crank to the first flywheel.. .


Bicycle component fixing structure

A bicycle component fixing structure has a fixing nut that is configured to be coupled to a handlebar clamp and a fixing bolt. The fixing nut includes a threaded bore with an entrance opening and an exit opening.


Front suspension structure for saddle riding type vehicle

A front suspension structure includes a head pipe radially internally supporting a shaft portion forming a steering axis such that the shaft portion is rotatable about the steering axis; a front fork connected to a lower end portion of the shaft portion on a lower side of the head pipe, the front fork supporting an axle of a steering wheel; a link member having one end portion connected rotatably on an upper side of a turning member having the shaft portion, and having another end portion connected rotatably on a side of handlebars; the head pipe disposed so as to be separated frontward from a vehicle body frame; and a rocking arm having a front end portion rockably supported by the head pipe, and having a rear end portion rockably supported by the vehicle body frame.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Vehicle handle switch and vehicle incorporating same

In a switch case of a handle switch of a vehicle, first to fourth operation elements are disposed on a case below an axial line of a handlebar of the vehicle. The first to third operation elements overlap with each other, when viewed in rear view, and are each disposed in such an accessible range as to be operable by a rider with a thumb in a state in which the rider puts a left hand on a handle grip attached to the handlebar.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Steering structure for saddle type vehicle

A steering structure for a saddle type vehicle includes a head pipe which forms a steering axial line offset to a front side with respect to a steering axial line of a handlebar, a steering member supported for pivotal motion on the head pipe and configured to pivot around the steering axial line integrally with a front wheel, and a link member connected at a first end portion thereof for pivotal motion on the steering member and connected at a second end portion thereof for pivotal motion to the handlebar. The steering structure also includes a pivotal member provided between the first end portion of the link member and the steering member and supported on the steering member for rotation around a pivotal axial line extending along a center axial line of an axle of the front wheel..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Article placing structure for motorcycle

To form an article placing part without a weight increase for a motorcycle including a vehicle body frame having a head pipe on which a steering handlebar is steerably supported and a main frame which extends rearwardly and downwardly from the head pipe. A riding seat is supported on the vehicle body frame with a fuel tank disposed between the steering handlebar and the riding seat and supported on the main frame.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Article storage structure for motorcycle

An article storage section is formed without involving an increase in weight in a motorcycle which includes a vehicle body frame having a head pipe steerably supporting a steering handlebar and a main frame extending rearwardly and downwardly from the head pipe. A riding seat is supported by the vehicle body frame with a fuel tank disposed between the steering handlebar and the riding seat.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Variable rate assembly for a brake system for bicycle

A brake assembly for a hydraulic brake system of a handlebar-steered vehicle, the brake assembly including a housing mountable to a handlebar of the vehicle and having a chamber formed therein. The brake assembly is provided with a variable rate linkage.
Sram, Llc


Scooter assemblies

In some embodiments, a scooter comprises a deck configured to support a rider, a front wheel and a rear wheel, a head tube, a steering column, and a foot brake. The steering column can include a steering tube and a handlebar assembly, and the steering column can be used to steer the scooter by controlling a direction of the front wheel.
Bravo Sports


Swing scooter

A swing scooter includes a frame, a riser bar, a handlebar, a front wheel, at least two carrier rods, a flexible linking mechanism, at least two rear wheels, at least two pedals, at least two auxiliary wheels and at least two swinging modules. The auxiliary wheels are installed at the rear of the rear wheels.
Yvolve Sports Ltd


Adjustable quick release grip

An adjustable quick release grip contains: a handlebar, a central shaft, a quick releasing shaft, a plurality of steel balls, plural springs, a returning spring, an adjusting seat, and a screw nut. The handlebar includes a spherical knob, a groove, an eccentric hole, a pulling lever, and a connecting stem.

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