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Handlebar patents

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Apparatus for mounting handlebars

Apparatus for mounting handlebars

Tricycle with foldable double -wheel assembly

Smart Trike Mnf Pte Ltd

Tricycle with foldable double -wheel assembly

Tricycle with foldable double -wheel assembly

Bell for a bicycle

Date/App# patent app List of recent Handlebar-related patents
 Hand cart patent thumbnailHand cart
A hand cart includes a handlebar, a handlebar holder, a handlebar sensor, and a drive mechanism. The handlebar has a right grip and a left grip at ends of the handlebar in a lengthwise direction.
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
 Apparatus for mounting handlebars patent thumbnailApparatus for mounting handlebars
An apparatus for mounting a handlebar or handlebars to a vehicle using a handlebar or handlebars for steering, pulling or otherwise imparting control to the vehicle. The apparatus has a first component for coupling with the vehicle, a second component for receiving a handlebar, a center mount pin rotatably coupling the first component to the second component, a tension device and a lock pin for locking the first and second components at a particular angle of rotation.
 Tricycle with foldable double -wheel assembly patent thumbnailTricycle with foldable double -wheel assembly
A tricycle with foldable double wheel assembly comprises: a frame, a single-wheel assembly and a double-wheel assembly respectively disposed at front end and rear end of the frame, and a handlebar assembly matching with the single-wheel assembly to control steering, the double-wheel assembly comprising a supporting beam and two wheels disposed on the supporting beam, wherein the supporting beam comprises two branches of same structures, the two wheels being respectively disposed on the two branches, the supporting beam having a first stable state where the two branches are open, and a second stable state where the two branches are put together side by side. The supporting beam in the double-wheel assembly of the present utility model is foldable so that it is not necessary to occupy a relatively large space to carry/store the tricycle and the usage convenience of the tricycle is thus improved..
Smart Trike Mnf Pte Ltd
 Bell for a bicycle patent thumbnailBell for a bicycle
A bell for a bicycle including a body portion (12) with a stem (23) for supporting a bell casing (10). The body portion/bell casing is able to be adjusted to at an angle from the handlebars h of a bicycle such that a cyclist can more conveniently access hammer element (16) with a thumb from underneath without the bell housing hindering the free movement of the gear and/or brake mechanism..
 Foldable bicycle handlebar patent thumbnailFoldable bicycle handlebar
A foldable bicycle handlebar includes a fixing base having two holes on a hinge surface, two handlebar grips each having a joint with a hinge hole, an upper fastener fixed to the joints, two shafts passing through holes of the upper fastener, and a slider fixed to the hinge surface. At least one tenon is on a recess that is on a side of each handlebar grip.
 Multipurpose exercise apparatus patent thumbnailMultipurpose exercise apparatus
An exercise apparatus for cooperating with an exercise ball during performance of core exercises thereon. The exercise apparatus comprises: (i) an exercise platform comprising a framework defining a first opening approximate its proximal end for receiving therein a first padded exercise mat and a second opening approximate its distal end for receiving therein a second padded exercise mat; (ii) an upright framework engaged with the exercise platform framework at its proximal end, the upright framework having a vertically adjustable backplate with an adjustable headrest and an adjustable handlebar grip, a handgrip support rail and a stabilizer bar integrally engaged with the proximal end of the exercise platform; (iii) a first padded exercise mat for demountable installation into the first opening defined in the exercise platform framework; and (iv) a second padded exercise mat for demountable installation into the first opening defined in the exercise platform framework..
Perfect Balance Rehabilitation
 Protective covering  vehicle handlebars patent thumbnailProtective covering vehicle handlebars
Protective covering bags for handlebars for vehicles such as motorcycle as the like, which allows the vehicle to be operated while the bags are in place over the handlebars. Specifically, a covering apparatus for protecting the handlebars and handlebar controls of a handlebar-controlled vehicle, comprising: a left-handed covering comprising a left handlebar opening thereof, sized to fit over and enclose a left handlebar of the vehicle and any controls on the left handlebar; and a right-handed covering comprising a right-handlebar opening thereof, sized to fit over and enclose a right handlebar of the vehicle and any controls on the right handlebar; wherein: the left and right handlebar coverings are similar but are not identical, possessing opposite handedness from one another; and the left and right handlebar coverings comprise a weatherproof or weather-resistant material..
 Bicycle handle assembly and retaining device thereof patent thumbnailBicycle handle assembly and retaining device thereof
A bicycle handle assembly and a retaining device thereof contains a body including a peripheral fringe and a side fringe connected together to define a receiving space. The receiving space includes a first side and a second side, the peripheral fringe includes a first engaging portion, a first connecting portion and a fixing portion connected with two ends of the first engaging portion; a movable retaining member installed in the receiving space and including a second engaging portion, a second connecting portion and a moving portion connected with two ends of the second engaging portion.
 Bicycle handle assembly for handlebar patent thumbnailBicycle handle assembly for handlebar
A bicycle handle assembly for a handlebar contains a body including a peripheral fringe and a side fringe connected together to define a receiving space. The receiving space includes a first side and a second side.
 Front structure for saddle-ride type vehicle, and vehicle including same patent thumbnailFront structure for saddle-ride type vehicle, and vehicle including same
A front structure for a saddle-ride vehicle includes a transparent windscreen. The windscreen covers a front side of at least one gauge.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Powered tile breaker

A powered tile breaker having a main adjustable frame with handlebars located at a top end section thereof, at least one wheel located at a lower end section thereof, and an adjustable shaft connected between the top end section and the lower end section. A main motor located inside a main motor frame pivotally connected to the lower end section; a chiseling device mechanically connected to the main motor and adapted to deliver repeating chiseling strokes to a chosen tile; and an adjustment mechanism connected between the lower end section of the main adjustable frame and the motor frame, the adjustment mechanism capable of changing and securely holding the motor frame, main motor and the chiseling device at a chosen angle with respect to the lower end section to thereby provide repeating chiseling strokes to a chosen tile at a chosen angle..

Bicycle hydraulic operating device

A bicycle hydraulic operating device comprises a bracket, a hydraulic cylinder, a piston, a lever, a fluid reservoir, and a lid. The bracket is configured to be mounted to a bicycle handlebar.
Shimano Inc.

Bicycle operating device mounting assembly

A bicycle operating device mounting assembly is basically provided with a handlebar mounting clamp and an adapter member. The handlebar mounting clamp has a clamp opening that defines a first diameter.
Shimano Inc.

Bicycle operating device mounting assembly

A bicycle operating device mounting assembly is basically provided with a handlebar mounting clamp and an adapter member. The handlebar mounting clamp has a clamp opening.
Shimano Inc.

Master cylinder

A master cylinder for a hydraulic brake system or clutch system, in particular of a vehicle steered by handlebars, in particular of a bicycle, includes a housing containing a piston chamber. The housing accommodates a piston slidable therein and a pressure chamber.
Gustav Magenwirth Gmbh & Co. Kg

Bicycle alignment device

An alignment device for bicycle handlebars that enables them to be accurately aligned relative to the front wheel. The device may include a unitary body and a laser beam emitter.

Motorized reverse trike with tiltable body

A motorized reverse trike with a tiltable body comprises a frame with a header pipe, two front wheels, a tilting mechanism arranged on the header pipe, two suspension mechanisms hinged between the two front wheels and the tilting mechanism respectively, a steering mechanism with handlebars hinged between the header pipe and the two suspension mechanisms, and a locking mechanism for locking the tilting mechanism.. .

Bicycle handlebar assembly and method

A method for securing handlebar tape to a bicycle handlebar is provided comprising wrapping a length of handlebar tape along a length of handlebar; positioning a length of a heat-shrinkable sleeve so that it overlaps the terminal end of the handlebar tape; and heating the sleeve so that it substantially uniformly contracts to secure the terminal end of the handlebar tape to the handlebar. A handlebar assembly for a bicycle is also provided comprising a handlebar; handlebar tape covering a selected length of the handlebar; and a heat shrinkable sleeve overlapping the terminal end of the handlebar tape to secure the end of the handlebar tape to the handlebar..

Motorcycle handlebar with shock absorber

A handlebar assembly including a pair of handgrip portions extending outwardly from a mounting portion and configured for generally vertical, arcuate movement relative to the mounting portion. One or more shock absorbing arrangements may be provided to produce a force tending to resist downward movement of the handgrip portions.
Fasst Company

Motorbike steering and suspension system

A steering and suspension mechanism for a motorbike, scooter, bicycle, skateboard or other two wheeled, in-line, vehicle, incorporating a steering axis rake that is inclined to the vertical, in a direction that is upwards and forwards from the ground in the normal direction of travel, together with a trailing radial arm suspension, in combination. Steering may be effected via a push rod attached to the handlebars, which in turn pivot on the main chassis.

Control module mounted on handlebar of bicycle

A control module, which is mounted on a handlebar of a bicycle, includes a base, a grip, a control bar, and a bolt. The base has a hole, and the hole has a first section and a second section, wherein the second section is bigger than the first section.

Bicycle handlebar assembly with integrated oleo-hydraulic controls

The internal housing in the handlebar rod overcomes any problems of bulk of the oleo-hydraulic group. Moreover, thanks to the relatively large size of the handlebar rod, the dimensional constraints imposed on the designer are much less stringent with respect to controls associated directly to the brake lever; it is thus relatively easy to make controls capable of exerting very large forces..

Bicycle electronic system

A bicycle electronic system is described comprising a first manual command management unit having a casing configured for being fixed at a handgrip of a bicycle handlebar, comprising at least one first manually actuatable switch, a first processor and a first wireless communication device, wherein the first manual command management unit further comprises a circuit for supplying power to the first processor and the first wireless communication device, the power supply circuit comprising a battery power supply source and/or being configured for absorbing energy from a radiofrequency electromagnetic field generated within the system.. .

Bicycle driven by hands

The invention discloses a bicycle, which comprises a handlebar assembly (1); an upright tube (2) having a first end fixedly connected with the handlebar assembly (1) and a second end rotatably connected with a front fork arm (6); a rocker arm (14) extending from the second end of the upright tube towards a front wheel, thereby forming a driving lever with the upright tube; a flywheel (8) mounted on the front wheel; and a cable (16) having a first end fixed to a position (7) where an end of the front fork arm (6) is located, and a second end trained in a pulley (15) mounted at the free end of the rocker arm (14) to be fixed at the flywheel (8) of the front wheel. The free end of the rocker arm is movable forward and backward with forward and backward movement of the handlebar assembly, thereby causing rotation of the flywheel (8) through the cable so as to drive the front wheel to rotate.

Control device

A control device is configured to be installed on a handlebar of a bicycle and configured to operate a brake device on the bicycle. The control device basically includes a bicycle attachment member, a brake operating member and at least one of a wireless communication unit and a notification unit.

Mounting system for a vehicle and using the same

A mounting system for mounting an accessory to a vehicle is disclosed. The mounting system generally comprises a receiving hub configured to be secured to the vehicle, typically to the handlebar thereof, and a mounting element, mounted to, or integral with, the accessory, configured to be releasably received into the receiving hub.

Control of a personal transporter based on user position

An apparatus controller for prompting a rider to be positioned on a vehicle in such a manner as to reduce lateral instability due to lateral acceleration of the vehicle. The apparatus has an input for receiving specification from the rider of a desired direction of travel, and indicating means for reflecting to the rider a propitious instantaneous body orientation to enhance stability in the face of lateral acceleration.

Rack for the storage and display of court balls

The rack -1- is moveable on wheels and has a locking cage enclosure -8-, the rack consists of a frame -2- with a front part -3- for moving it. On the frame -2- there are several vertical poles -4-, which have hoops -5-, with respective supporting arms -6-.

Longitudinal bicycle folding system

The invention relates to a longitudinal folding system for bicycles that comprise at least: handlebars including a locking element, a partition and a release button; a saddle pillar with a reinforcement and a female connector; a foot rest; a main bar; an anchor; a central bar which can pivot in relation to the main bar and is arched with a c-shaped cross-section; and a fork that can include foldable pedals. In addition, the invention comprises a chain wheel, an integral shifter, a drive belt, a luggage rack, saddle-bags/bag and, optionally, an i-phone holder and decorative elements.

Stroke detection device for front fork in motorcycle and motorcycle equipped with stroke detection device

A stroke detection device includes a stem shaft which is formed of a conductor in a shape of a cylinder, in which a center line of the cylinder is located in parallel to center lines of inner tubes and outer tubes of front forks coupled to a bracket, and which serves as a steering center axis of handlebars of a motorcycle, and a coil which is formed of a conductor and provided so as to be movable in a direction along the center line of the cylinder of the stem shaft with movement in a direction along the center line of the inner tubes and the outer tubes of the front forks, in which a variation in inductance of the coil based on change in length in which the coil and the cylinder of the stem shaft overlap each other is output.. .

Extensible frontal roof for a motorcycle

An extensible roof for vehicles such as scooter-type motorcycles is provided. The extensible roof protects the passengers of the vehicle from the inclement climate and is able to be retreated in the front part of the vehicle and to be opened in the case of rain, snow or at the passenger's will, covering him/them totally from said inclement climate by means of the surface formed by different plates of roof linked to each other through a sliding system.


A handgrip device configured to be removably coupled to a bicycle handlebar. The handgrip device may include a first portion that includes an opening with a center axis.

Bicycle suspension system

A bicycle suspension system of the invention generally includes at least two bicycle suspensions and a hydraulic control assembly. The hydraulic control assembly includes a pair of fluid pumps, and a fluid responder and a fluid path for each of the bicycle suspensions.

Operating device

An operating device is provided that is configured to be attached to a handlebar of a bicycle. The operating device includes a first operating unit and a second operating unit.

Bicycle handlebar-stored cable lock

A lock assembly for a bicycle may comprise a shackle and a lock body. The shackle may have first and second end portions, and a central portion.

Handlebar switch

A handlebar switch can include a switch case housing switches, and manipulation members arranged on the switch case and configured to be manipulated by a driver to operate the respective switches. A center portion of the switch case 66 on which the manipulation members are arranged is formed as an expanded section expanded in radial directions of a main body section beyond a right end portion, and a left an end portion of the main body section.

Flexible handlebar bag

A carrier apparatus is disclosed for attachment to a bicycle to carry a number of items including sporting good items. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a receptacle suspended from a fixed rear support and a movable front support.

Injection mold for a bicycle handlebar grip, producing a bicycle handlebar grip, and bicycle handlebar grip

A bicycle handlebar grip comprises at least one surface element made e.g., of leather. The surface elements are each surrounded by a groove.

Lever guard and handlebar extender for motorcycle handlebar and installing the same

The present document describes a lever guard and handlebar extender kit for a motorcycle having a handlebar and a lever mounted thereon. The handlebar comprises a hollow portion having an open end, a handlebar grip and a handlebar end cap mounted within the hollow portion and covering the open end.

Adjustable hand lever for vehicle control

A hand control assembly comprising a base, an actuating mechanism movable relative to the base, a hub pivotally coupled to the base and positioned to move the actuating mechanism, a lever arm pivotally movable relative to the hub for movement about a pivot axis, and an adjusting mechanism positioned between the lever arm and the hub and adapted to adjust a space between the lever arm and a handlebar. The adjusting mechanism includes a dial mounted for rotation about an adjusting axis angled relative to the pivot axis.

Bicycle handle system

A bicycle handle system comprises a handle element to be fastened on a handlebar. Further, a control element is arranged laterally next to the handle element.

Bicycle handle system

A bicycle handlebar system comprises a control element for controlling an electric auxiliary motor, said element being adapted to be fastened to the handlebar. The control element has a housing, wherein a plurality of switching elements is arranged in recesses in the housing, one membrane button is arranged in the housing per switching element, the switching element acting on said membrane button, and the membrane buttons are interconnected through a common flexibly conductor path..

Bicycle handle system

Next to a handle element, a bicycle handle system comprises a control element adapted to be fastened on the handlebar and serving to control an electric auxiliary motor. The control element has an actuation element rotatable on a bearing element.

Bicycle electronic display and shift lever mount

A bicycle comprising front and rear wheels, a bicycle frame and front fork supported on the front and rear wheel, a handlebar coupled to the front fork, and a component mounting assembly. The component mounting assembly includes a base coupled to the handlebar, a first component (e.g., an electronic display) supported by the base, and a second component (e.g., a gear shift lever) supported by the base.

Uni-wheel personal mobility vehicle with self-balancing function

Uni-wheel personal mobility vehicle with self-balancing function is disclosed. This transportation device can be pedaled by a driving force provided by the driver's manpower and/or the in-wheel motor's electric power.

Rideable snow sled with replaceable nose section

A replaceable nose section is provided for use on a rideable snow sled wherein the nose section comprises a support structure which can be easily fitted to a snow sled, and a flexible, resilient nose section shell which is adapted to be fitted to the support structure. The support structure can be easily removed and replaced on the snow sled by the use of hooks and spring-loaded clasps, or the like, which attach to the handlebars and/or handlebar or steering assemblies of the snow sled.

Sports cart

A sports cart with a folding tubular frame, a central steering column, a pair of real wheels, a centrally located front wheel, a lower basket member, a secondary holding rack, a handlebar assembly, a front wheel fork assembly, a brake member, a steering column to handlebar assembly folding and locking joint and a steering column telescoping member. The secondary holding rack forms a portion of the folding frame and includes centrally located upper and lower tubes that rotatably retain the central steering column.

Combination walker and transport chair with removable utility tray

A wheeled walker with a removable utility tray has a frame, front and rear wheels, a pivotable seat, height-adjustable handlebars, push handles, a back rest, brake handles and cables to arrest the walker, a pair of crossbars supporting the frame and a detachable utility tray with a lip to engage the top crossbar, front and side walls, a pair of tray supports extending from the bottom of the tray base down and to the rear and terminating at the bottom crossbar, the lower ends of the supports having a locking groove for engaging the bottom crossbar and a pair of horizontal braces between the tray supports.. .

Hydraulic brake adjusting device

A hydraulic brake adjusting device is provided. The mechanical advantage may be automatically increased by pressed the handlebar by riders and then increased the angle lead by the leading plate(s).

Static cycling machine

A static cycling machine includes a base assembly. A front post support structure is arranged on the base assembly.

Skis and handlebar accessories for athletic training sleds

A training sled including a pair of nonlinear runners is disclosed arranged in parallel relative to a center axis and a plane. A head crossbar may extend between first ends of the runners and may be joined thereto so as to form a u-shaped member with the runners.

Multi-passenger tricycle

A tricycle is provided for supporting multiple passengers. The multi-passenger tricycle has a frame member, a steering assembly, a rear axle assembly, an auxiliary handlebar and a rear passenger foot platform.

Portable generators

A customizable portable generator system and methods for assembling the same are disclosed. In one example, the generator system generally includes a universal frame including a plurality of mounting interfaces configured for detachably attaching one of a plurality of different engines and a plurality of wheel assemblies and/or support legs.

Water propelled personal craft

A vehicle for use on the water that can be propelled into the air above the water is provided. The vehicle can include a main body, a board provided on the bottom of the main body, a seat, an inlet for receiving a pressurized incoming water stream, a main nozzle positioned to direct a flow of water beneath the board, handlebars having handle conduits, each handle conduit ending in a nozzle for discharging a flow of water out of the handle conduit and rotatable relative to the vehicle, and conduits supported by the main body, the conduits connected to the inlet and positioned to route a first portion of the incoming water stream to the main nozzle and a second portion of the incoming water stream to the handlebars.

Bicycle handlebar clamp and bicycle handlebar clampassembly

A bicycle handlebar clamp is configured to be attached on a handlebar. The bicycle handlebar clamp includes an outer surface, a handlebar engagement surface and an attachment bore.

Glove with palm hammock

The present invention relates to a glove with a seamless palm portion used when gripping a sporting implement. The glove is used when additional pressure points caused by seams between the user's hand and a sporting implement is a common problem.

Bicycle, modifiable for uphill, downhill and/or trail conditions

A bicycle comprising a frame (1), a front wheel (9), a rear wheel (10), a drivetrain assembly (11), a pedal assembly (6), a seat assembly (5), handlebar assembly (7), a hard tail (2) or a movable tail (2) which is supported by a suspension assembly (4) and a hard fork (3) or a telescopic fork (3), the mutually slidable parts of which are interconnected by a suspension assembly (4). Further, a center of the front wheel (9), a center of the rear wheel (10), a bottom bracket (6.1) center, a seat (5.1) connection and a handlebar (7.1) connection form the vertices of a pentagon, the shape of which is slope-modifiable by at least one positionally adjustable vertex, when suspension assemblies (4) are unloaded..

Bicycle operating device

A bicycle operating device for operating at least one bicycle component. The bicycle operating device includes a base member configured to be mounted on a bicycle handlebar that defines a handlebar axis and a first operating member rotatably supported on the base member about the bicycle handlebar when the base member is mounted on the bicycle handlebar.

Bicycle operating device

A bicycle operating device is basically provided with a base member, a first operating member, a second operating member and an electric control unit. The base member is configured to be attached to a bicycle handlebar having a handlebar axis.

Aquatic propulsion by means of oscillating fins

The aquatic propulsion proposed uses oscillating blades provided with independent, mutually parallel vertical shafts affixed, at the upper end thereof, to a single horizontal oar of planar profile. The blades or fins being of different length on the basis of the distance between the fastening point of the actual oscillation shaft thereof and the shaft on which the oar rocks.

Brake device for infant stroller

A brake device for use on an infant or child stroller that prevents or stops an unattended stroller from moving by engaging a pin with a socket formed in the side of a wheel when a brake handlebar is released. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the brake device is comprised of at least one wheel/brake assembly having a pin and socket configuration, a brake handlebar positioned in close proximity to stroller's handle, and a cable for connecting each wheel/brake assembly to a pivoting brake handlebar.

Electrically assisted street scooter

An electrically assisted street scooter includes a handlebar, a deck, front and back wheels, a battery pack integral with the deck, an electrical motor for driving at least one of the wheels, and a drive circuit for controlling electrical supply to the electrical motor from the battery pack. The drive circuit includes a switch for setting the drive circuit in a low power-mode where the electrical motor is not powered when the switch is off, or for setting the drive circuit in a drive mode where the electrical motor can be powered when the switch is on.

Electric-powered self-balancing unicycle with steering linkage between handlebars and wheel forks

A one-wheeled vehicle may include electric motors, a self-balancing system, and steering mechanism, wherein the electric motors and self-balancing system are disposed within the wheel of the one-wheeled vehicle. A computational resource such as a microprocessor-based controller receives input signals indicative of operation of a twist throttle and brake, and produces signals to adjust the tilt angle relative to the acceleration and thereby reduce the need for a rider to lean forward or backwards..

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