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Image processing for camera based motion tracking
Image processing techniques that can improve the user interface experience associated with key-based input devices. In one embodiment, a motion sensitive mechanical keyboard can utilize orthogonally-oriented cameras to sense hand/finger motion over the surface of the keys. This arrangement can enable a standard look and feel mechanical keyboard to receive command...

System for eco-friendly management of connected devices
A system and method for a connected wireless device to hand off from one network to another based on empirical data gathered from real live networks regarding the grade of service available on the network. The invention uses this information in combination with the user's choice of a preferred type of...

Closely coupled vector sequencers for a read channel pipeline
A system and method involving a read channel pipeline having a plurality of vector sequencers that may be used to control the processing blocks. In one embodiment, a read channel pipeline may include processing blocks that may be controlled a command word provided by vector sequencers. Incoming data may be delineated...

Method of determining wireless hand off parameters
The present invention provides a method of determining handoff parameters. One embodiment of the method includes determining values of a hysteresis for a handoff from a serving cell, one or more pairwise offset values for hand off between the serving cell and one or more neighbor cells, and one or more...

One-hand operation conversion and torque controller for wheelbarrow handles
The “ONE-HAND OPERATION CONVERSION AND TORQUE CONTROLLER FOR WHEELBARROW HANDLES” added to a wheelbarrow, on one hand, offers single hand operability and maneuverability, and on the other hand offers added benefits to dual-handed users. The wheelbarrow can easily be converted from dual to single-handed operation and then back again with this...

Method for handling hand off of a mobile device using reverse link quality measurements as trigger
In one embodiment a first comparison result is determined based on a link quality metric and a first threshold value. Based on the first comparison result, a second base station is selected, and the mobile device is instructed to switch from communicating wirelessly with the first base station to communicating wirelessly...

Method and apparatus for allowing soft handoff of a cdma reverse link utilizing an orthogonal channel structure
Method and apparatus for base stations and subscriber units allows soft handoff of a CDMA reverse link utilizing an orthogonal channel structure. Subscriber units transmit an orthogonally coded signal over a reverse link to the base stations. A given base station provides timing control of the timing offset of the reverse...

Method and apparatus for directing traffic between overlying macrocells and microcells
The present invention provides embodiments of methods for directing traffic between cells of different sizes. One embodiment of the method includes determining, at a mobile unit, whether to hand off from a source cell to a target cell based on information indicating sizes of coverage areas of the source cell and...

Method and system for extended network access notification via a broadband acess gateway
A system and method supporting extended network access notification via a broadband access gateway is disclosed. A representative embodiment of the present invention may comprise a wireless interface and may be capable of exchanging multimedia communication between the wireless interface and a broadband network. The gateway may support multimedia communication via...

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Hand Off topics: Encryption, Authentication, Advertisement, Communications, Communication System, Base Station, Femtocells, Quality Of Service, Remote Control, Wireless Communication Network, Channel Capacity, Relay Node, Coverage Area, Transactions, Electronic Device

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