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Eyeglass lens made of allyl diglycol carbonate resin
[Solving means] The eyeglass lens made of an allyl diglycol carbonate resin which has a main absorption peak of visible light spectroscopic transmittance in a wavelength range of 565 nm to 605 nm as shown in FIG. is obtained by using diethylene glycol bisallyl carbonate as a lens material, mixing...

Peptoid agonists of nerve growth factor and their use as medicaments
Neurotrophin binding to its specific receptors Trk A and p75 leads to the activation of multiple signalling cascades, culminating in neuroprotective and regenerative effects, including neuronal survival and neurite outgrowth. Neurotrophic factors have been used for the treatment of several neurodegenerative diseases. However, their use is limited by their inability to...

Conjugates of biologically active proteins having a modified in vivo half-life
Disclosed are biologically active protein conjugates that comprise a biologically active polypeptide coupled via a peptide bond to a polypeptide comprising from 2 to about 500 units of a repeating peptide motif, wherein the biologically active protein conjugate exhibits a modified plasma half-life compared to the intrinsic half-life of the unconjugated...

Drug fusions and conjugates with extended half life
The present invention relates to drug fusions and conjugates that have improved serum half lives. These fusions and conjugates comprise immunoglobulin (antibody) single variable domains and insulinotropic and/or incretin and/or gut peptide molecules. The invention further relates to uses, formulations, compositions and devices comprising such drug fusions and conjugates. The invention...

Compositions and methods for increasing serum half-life
Provided herein are glycovariant Fc fusion proteins having increased serum half lives. Also provided are methods for increasing the serum half life of an Fc fusion protein by introducing one or more non-endogenous glycosylation sites....

Factor viia complex using an immunoglobulin fragment
Disclosed are a blood coagulation factor complex in which FacVIIa, a non-peptidyl polymer and an immunoglobulin Fc region are bonded by covalent bonds, and the uses thereof. The FacVIIa complex guarantees the in vivo activity of FacVIIa and significantly enhances the serum half life of FacVIIa, so that it is useful...

Methods and systems for increasing protein stability
Methods and systems for increasing stability of a target polypeptide in a serum are described. The methods and systems utilize a fusion protein comprising a single-domain antibody against a serum albumin (SASA), the target polypeptide and optionally a linker. The fusion protein has a significantly prolonged serum half life in comparison...

Conjugated factor viii molecules
The present invention relates to B-domain truncated Factor VIII molecules with a modified circulatory half life, said molecule being covalently conjugated with a hydrophilic polymer. The invention furthermore relates to methods for obtaining such molecules as well as use of such molecules....

Double binding constructs
The disclosure provides methods and materials for improving the pharmacokinetic properties of drugs. For example, a construct is provided having a drug covalently joined to first and second ligands, or a drug covalently joined to a first ligand and a molecular weight increasing moiety. The ligands have affinity for binding partners,...

Subcutaneous therapeutic use of dpp-4 inhibitor
The present invention relates to methods for treating and/or preventing metabolic diseases comprising the subcutaneous or transdermal administration of a therapeutically effective amount of a certain DPP-4 inhibitor. The invention further relates to a subcutaneous combination of a certain DPP-4 inhibitor and GLP-1 having a short half life, particularly for reducing...

Stabilized factor viii variants
The present invention relates to modified coagulation factors. In particular, the present invention relates to stabilized Factor VIII molecules conjugated with a half life extending moiety as well as use of such molecules....

Conjugated factor viii molecules
The present invention relates to B-domain truncated Factor VIII molecules with a modified circulatory half life, said molecule being covalently conjugated with a hydrophilic polymer. The invention furthermore relates to methods for obtaining such molecules as well as use of such molecules....

Detection of intracellular binding events by measuring protein abundance
Methods and compositions are provided to measure the binding of a test compound to a target peptide by measuring the effect of the compound on the abundance of the target peptide inside a cell. The target peptide may bind the test compound at an active site or an allosteric site, and...

Ionic silicone hydrogels
The present invention relates to ionic silicone hydrogel contact lenses which comprise at least one pharmaceutical or nutriceutical component and are formed from reaction mixtures comprising a mixture of slow-reacting hydrophilic monomers, including at least one slow-reacting ionic monomer, at least one silicone-containing component and at least one hydroxyl-containing component, wherein...

Antigen-binding proteins with increased fcrn binding
The present invention provides antigen binding proteins which bind specifically to TNF-alpha. For example novel variants of anti-TNF antibodies such as adalimumab which show increased binding to the FcRn receptor or increased half life compared to adalimumab. Also provided are compositions comprising the antigen binding proteins and uses of such compositions...

Treatment of bleeding with low half-life fibrinogen
The invention provides low-half life fibrinogen as a result of recombinant expression or enzymatic and chemical removal. The low-half life fibrinogen is useful in treating or effecting prophylaxis of bleeding particularly in situations of an acute nature in which a high initial dose and rapid decline to normal or below normal...

Therapeutic factor viii antibodies
The present invention relates to therapeutic FVIII antibodies. In particular, the present invention relates to FVIII antibodies having the ability to prolong the circulatory half life of FVIII. The present invention furthermore relates to use of such antibodies in treatment and prophylaxis of haemophilia A....

Anti-microbial wash compositions including ceragenin compounds and methods of use for treating non-meat food products
Disclosed herein are anti-microbial wash compositions and methods for using such compositions in controlling microbe growth on a non-meat food product (e.g., fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs, etc.) by applying or contacting the anti-microbial wash composition with a surface of the food product to kill microbes (e.g., bacteria) on a surface of...

Method and system for systemic delivery of growth arresting, lipid-derived bioactive compounds
A system and method for optimizing the systemic delivery of growth-arresting lipid-derived bioactive drugs or gene therapy agents to an animal or human in need of such agents utilizing nanoscale assembly systems, such as liposomes, resorbable and non-aggregating nanoparticle dispersions, metal or semiconductor nanoparticles, or polymeric materials such as dendrimers or...

Antibodies against nerve growth factor (ngf) with enhanced in vivo stability
The present invention provides anti-nerve growth factor (NGF) antibodies that contain an IgG4 constant region comprising a stabilizing hinge region mutation and wherein the antibodies exhibit an unexpectedly long serum half life in cynomolgus monkeys. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising the anti-NGF antibodies, nucleic acids encoding the NGF antibodies, host cells for expressing...

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