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Improved fibronectin-based binding molecules and uses thereof
The invention provides fibronectin type III (Fn3)-based binding molecules that bind to a specific target antigen. The invention further provides bispecific Fn3-based binding molecules that bind to two or more targets simultaneously. The Fn3-based binding molecules of the invention can also be linked together to form multispecific Fn3-based binding molecules, and/or...

Fusion or linked proteins with extended half life
The present invention provides fusion proteins comprising a first molecule, and a second molecule which is a monovalent immunoglobulin or a fragment of a monovalent immunoglobulin with a long half-life when administered in vivo, methods of making such fusion proteins, pharmaceutical compositions comprising such fusion proteins, and uses thereof....

Multi-day delivery of biologically active substances
Compositions and methods for modifying biologically active substances to achieve multi-day delivery of such substances, particularly through oral or parenteral administration, are disclosed. The compositions include the biologically active substance conjugated to a carrier having a suitably long half life, typically more than one day, wherein the conjugate optionally contains a...

Use of cell lines to determine levels of efficacy of pharmaceutical formulations
The present invention provides methods and assays for determining the efficacy of pharmaceutical compositions. Through the use of cell lines to measure efficacy of a formulation, one can better measure characteristics such as half life, release rate and release profile of a product that may be informative to the FDA. These...

Magnetic nanocomposite for inhibiting/treating cancer and method for fabricating the same
The present invention discloses a magnetic nanocomposite for inhibiting/treating cancer and a method for fabricating the same. The magnetic nanocomposite comprises a core formed of a plurality of magnetic nanoparticles made of ferric ferrous oxide (Fe3O4); a shell made of a carboxy-functionalized polyaniline; and an anti-tumor medicine bound to the external...

Protection of nano-scale particles from immune cell uptake
The present invention relates to a particle. The particle has a radius of less than about 1 μm, and includes at least one peptide comprising at least a biologically active portion of CD47. The present invention also includes a method of increasing the life of a particle in vivo in a...

Pulmonary delivery of a fluoroquinolone
A composition for pulmonary administration comprises a fluoroquinolone betaine, such as ciprofloxacin betaine, and an excipient. In one version, the particles have a mass median aerodynamic diameter from about 1 μm to about 5 μm, and the fluoroquinolone has a half life in the lungs of at least 1.5 hours. The...

Human factor ix variants with an extended half life
Factor IX variants are described with an increase in the number of glycosylation sites. The Factor IX variants have an increased half life and/or recovery....

Compositions and methods for increasing serum half-life
Provided herein are glycovariant Fc fusion proteins having increased serum half lives. Also provided are methods for increasing the serum half life of an Fc fusion protein by introducing one or more non-endogenous glycosylation sites....

The 1-butyl-2-hydroxyaralkyl piperazine derivatives and the uses as anti-depression medicine thereof
The invention discloses 1-butyl-2-hydroxyl aralkyl piperazine derivatives and their use as antidepressants. The derivatives of the present invention have triple inhibition effect on the reuptake of 5-HT, NA and DA, and can be administrated to the patients in need thereof in form of composition by route of oral administration, injection and...

Organic electroluminescent element and method for producing the same
The problem to be solved by the present invention is to prolong the luminance half life of an organic EL element. A means for solving the problem is a method for producing an organic electroluminescent element comprising a first electrode that is formed first, a second electrode that is formed later,...

Polypeptide complex comprising non-peptidyl polymer having three functional ends
Disclosed is a protein complex, comprising a physiologically active polypeptide, a dimeric protein and a non-peptidyl polymer having three functional ends (3-arm), with the linkage of both the physiologically active polypeptide and the dimeric protein to the 3-arm non-peptidyl polymer via respective covalent bonds. The protein complex guarantees the long acting...

formulation of silymarin with high efficacy and prolonged action and the preparation method thereof
A high-efficacy, long-acting formulation of silymarin, comprising silymarin solid dispersion, silymarin-loaded silica nanoparticles, slow-release matrix material and release enhancer, wherein the mass ratio of these components is silymarin solid dispersion:silymarin-loaded silica nanoparticles:slow-release matrix material:release enhancer=1:0.5˜1.25:0.1˜0.3:0.1˜0.3; the drug loading rate of the said silymarin-loaded silica nanoparticles is 51.95%-52.87%; the said silymarin solid...

Antibodies with ph dependent antigen binding
The present invention relates to antibodies with pH dependent binding to its antigen such that the affinity for antigen binding at physiological pH (i.e., pH 7.4) is greater than at endosomal pH (i.e., pH 6.0 or 5.5). In other words, the KD or koff ratio at pH 5.5/pH 7.4 or at...

Highly efficient and long-acting slow-release formulation of poorly soluble drugs and preparation method thereof
A high-efficacy, long-acting, slow-release formulation of the poorly soluble drug, comprising solid dispersion of the poorly soluble drug, silica nanoparticles loaded with the poorly soluble drug, matrix material, and release enhancer, wherein the mass ratio of these components is solid dispersion of the poorly soluble drug: silica nanoparticles loaded with the...

Treatment of bleeding with low half-life fibrinogen
The invention provides low-half life fibrinogen as a result of recombinant expression or enzymatic and chemical removal. The low-half life fibrinogen is useful in treating or effecting prophylaxis of bleeding particularly in situations of an acute nature in which a high initial dose and rapid decline to normal or below normal...

Viscosification and foaming of polyacrylamides
Embodiments of the invention relate to a method for treating a subterranean formation, comprising forming a fluid comprising polyacrylamide and a biopolymer and introducing the fluid to a subterranean formation wherein the polyacrylamide and biopolymer are selected to form the fluid with a longer foam half life and a higher viscosity...

Linkers for radiopharmaceutical compounds
A new and improved method for extending the half life of pharmaceutical compounds for use in diagnostic imaging or therapy uses a novel linker to attach a diagnostic or therapeutic moiety to a targeting peptide or another diagnostic or therapeutic moiety. The resulting compound may have the general formula M-N—O—P-Q, wherein...

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