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Plasma cleaning of superconducting layers


Plasma cleaning of superconducting layers

Catalytic growth of josephson junction tunnel barrier


Catalytic growth of josephson junction tunnel barrier

Catalytic growth of josephson junction tunnel barrier


Tagging images with emotional state information

Date/App# patent app List of recent Hs-related patents
 Method and system for data transfer between touchscreen devices of same or different type patent thumbnailMethod and system for data transfer between touchscreen devices of same or different type
The invention is a method and system for dragging and dropping a file between a first and second device such as two smart phones. No direct connection between devices is made and pairing is accomplished by a series of successive criteria matching steps over a server or the internet..
Mobigloo Llc
 Plasma cleaning of superconducting layers patent thumbnailPlasma cleaning of superconducting layers
In a “window-junction” formation process for josephson junction fabrication, a spacer dielectric is formed over the first superconducting electrode layer, then an opening (the “window” is formed to expose the part of the electrode layer to be used for the junction. In an atomic layer deposition (ald) chamber (or multi-chamber sealed system) equipped with direct or remote plasma capability, the exposed part of the electrode is sputter-etched with ar, h2, or a combination to remove native oxides, etch residues, and other contaminants.
Intermolecular Inc.
 Catalytic growth of josephson junction tunnel barrier patent thumbnailCatalytic growth of josephson junction tunnel barrier
A tunnel barrier layer in a superconducting device, such as a josephson junction, is made from catalytically grown silicon dioxide at a low temperature (<100 c, e.g., 20-30 c) that does not facilitate oxidation or silicide formation at the superconducting electrode interface. The tunnel barrier begins as a silicon layer deposited on a superconducting electrode and covered by a thin, oxygen-permeable catalytic layer.
Intermolecular, Inc.
 Tagging images with emotional state information patent thumbnailTagging images with emotional state information
Images, such as photographs or videos, are tagged with emotional state and/or biometric information. Emotional state information (or mood) may be stored in metadata of an electronic image.
Microsoft Corporation
 System and  collecting and submitting tax related information patent thumbnailSystem and collecting and submitting tax related information
A method for submitting and receiving information required for tax filing contains a mobile interface and a website interface. A client submits information through the mobile interface.
 Discovery engine storefront patent thumbnailDiscovery engine storefront
A method and a system of online shopping using a digital storefront. For example, a digital storefront having multiple touchscreen display surfaces presents a plurality of tiles to a user, where one or more tiles display images of items for sale and at least one hunch question which may be related to the environment.
Ebay Inc.
 Valuable medium processing apparatus patent thumbnailValuable medium processing apparatus
A valuable medium processing apparatus is provided. The valuable medium processing apparatus includes an imaging unit that photographs images of valuable media that are depositing process target media, an input unit that inputs amount information on the valuable media based on image data of the valuable media photographed by the imaging unit, and a memory unit that saves the image data acquired by the imaging unit and the amount information inputted by the input unit in association with each other..
Glory Ltd.
 Displaying an ancestry graph within a social networking service patent thumbnailDisplaying an ancestry graph within a social networking service
Systems and methods for displaying an ancestry graph within a social networking service are provided. A first and a second ancestry graphs are received via accounts of a first and a second user of a social networking service.
Google Inc.
 Model-based retiming with functional equivalence constraints patent thumbnailModel-based retiming with functional equivalence constraints
A system and method tests for functional equivalence prior to automatically retiming a high-level specification. An intermediate representation (ir) includes one or more graphs or trees based on the high-level specification.
The Mathworks, Inc.
 Metadata database system and method patent thumbnailMetadata database system and method
Systems, methods and computer readable media for computerized control and management of a metadata database. The metadata database can include event data, standards, survey questions and response, and event response templates.
Projectioneering Llc

Automated experimentation platform

The present document is directed to an automated experimentation platform that provides a visual integrated development environment (“ide”) that allows a user to construct and execute various types of data-driven workflows. The automated experimentation platform includes back-end components that include api servers, a catalog, a cluster-management component, and execution-cluster nodes.
Atigeo Llc

Input control assignment

Various techniques may be employed for assigning user inputs such as a touch on a touchscreen to various input controls such as buttons or other features provided on a touchscreen. One example input assignment technique is a nearest neighbor technique, whereby a touch may, for example, be assigned to an input control that is positioned closest to the touch location.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Method and system for turning off an alarm of a mobile terminal

A method and system for turning off an alarm of a mobile terminal, by presetting an area threshold value, includes automatically turning on the mobile terminal's screen when the alarm of the mobile terminal sets off and detecting if a touch signal is inputted. When a touch signal is inputted, calculating an area of a valid touch region in which a user touches the touchscreen and comparing the calculated area of the valid touch region with the area threshold value.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.

Touchscreen panel, and initializing touchscreen panel

A touchscreen panel includes a first resistive film having a first electrode and a second electrode provided at corresponding ends thereof in a first direction; a second resistive film having a third electrode and a fourth electrode provided at corresponding ends thereof in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction; and a switch having a first end connected to the first electrode and a second end connected to a first end of a resistor group including a plurality of resistors, the resistor group having a second end connected to a certain electric potential. The switch is configured to allow one of the resistors of the resistor group to be selected and connected in series to the first resistive film..
Fujitsu Component Limited

Touch panel and touchscreen device including the same

There are provided a touch panel and a touchscreen device including the same. The touch panel includes: a substrate; a plurality of first electrodes disposed on a lower surface of the substrate and extending in a first direction; and a plurality of second electrodes disposed on an upper surface of the substrate and extending in a second direction intersecting with the first direction, wherein the first and second electrodes include mesh-like conductive lines, a width of the second electrodes is wider than a width of the first electrodes, and a pitch of conductive lines of the second electrodes is greater than a pitch of conductive lines of the first electrodes..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Touch panel, manufacturing method thereof, and touchscreen apparatus

There are provided a touch panel, a manufacturing method thereof, and a touchscreen apparatus. A touch panel according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes: a substrate; a plurality of electrodes formed on an upper surface of the substrate and including conductive lines having a mesh form; and anti-reflective layers formed on upper surfaces of the conductive lines and voids of the substrate, wherein the anti-reflective layer formed on the upper surfaces of the conductive lines has a refractive index different from that of the anti-reflective layer formed on the voids of the substrate..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Mounting clamp for flying disc

A method or kit for mounting or displaying a collectable flying disc. The kit includes a box clamp frame capable of capturing a segment of an edge lip and web of a disc under gentle pressure, where gentle pressure is sufficient to immobilize the disc in a generally upright position when the box clamp frame is seated on a horizontal surface, or in a generally pendent position when the box clamp frame is hung from a vertical surface.

Method and system for providing information from a patient-specific model of blood flow

Embodiments include a system for providing blood flow information for a patient. The system may include at least one computer system including a touchscreen.
Heartflow, Inc.

Proximity-based notifications for photos

Various aspects of the subject technology relate to systems, methods, and machine-readable media for a proximity-based notification. A system may be configured to receive user location information for a user and member location information for a member of a social graph belonging to the user, determining, based on the user location information and the member location information, that the member is located within a threshold distance of the user, and generating a notification to the user based on photographs that include both the user and the member..
Google Inc.

Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

A mobile terminal, including a touchscreen, a wireless communication unit, and a controller, displays an analog watch type interface including a hand that is rotatable in response to user input; receives first information from an external terminal when a preset condition is met, wherein the received first information is related to at least one process previously executed in the external terminal; displays second information associated with a specific one of the at least one previously executed process in response to a touch input causing rotation of the hand on the touchscreen, the displayed second information corresponding to a rotation angle of the rotated hand; and transmits third information related to the second information to the external terminal in response to selection of the displayed second information such that the specific one of the at least one previously executed process is paged in the external terminal.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Sheet feeder

The paper feeder comprises a first transport unit (5) to transport a sheet (s) on top of a paper stack (2) on a paper loading table (3), and a second transport unit (6) to discharge sheets transferred from the first transport unit toward a binding device. The first transport unit begins transporting the next sheet each time a sheet is discharged from the second transport unit.
Horizon International Inc.

Subgraph-based distributed graph processing

Embodiments relate to subgraph-based distributed graph processing. An aspect includes receiving an input graph comprising a plurality of vertices.
International Business Machines Corporation

User interface for overlapping handwritten text input

A “stroke untangler” composes handwritten messages from handwritten strokes representing overlapping letters or partial letter segments are drawn on a touchscreen device or touch-sensitive surface. These overlapping strokes are automatically untangled and then segmented and combined into one or more letters, words, or phrases.
Microsoft Corporation

Capturing cognitive fingerprints from keystroke dynamics for active authentication

A method for authenticating identity of a user using keystrokes of the user includes receiving as input the keystrokes made by the user, extracting cognitive typing rhythm from the keystroke to provide features, wherein each of the features is a sequence of digraphs of a specific word, and providing active authentication using the features where the user is a legitimate user. A system for authenticating identity of a user using keystrokes of the user includes a plurality of stored profiles stored on a non-transitory computer readable medium, a sensor module for acquiring the keystrokes of the user to provide biometric data, a feature extraction module to process the biometric data and extract a feature set to represent the biometric data, a matching module to compare feature from the feature set with the stored profiles using a classifier to generate matching scores, a decision module configured to use the matching scores from multiple classifiers to verify a user's identity..
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

Touchscreen-based control system for massage chairs

The present invention is a touchscreen-based control system for massage chairs that includes a touchscreen device. In another aspect, the present invention is a massage chair controlled by a touchscreen-based control system that includes a touchscreen-based control system.
Luraco Technologies, Inc.

Alternative inputs of a mobile communications device

In an implementation, a mobile communications device includes a display device having touchscreen functionality, a keyboard having a plurality of physical keys that include a dedicated key and letter keys arranged according to a qwerty layout, and one or more modules. The one or more modules are configured to output a user interface on the display device responsive to selection of the dedicated key, the user interface having a plurality of portions that are selectable via the touchscreen functionality to cause input of a respective one of a plurality of emoticons..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Three-dimensional gesture remote control

A three-dimensional remote control for operating external electronic devices. A three-dimensional gesture sensor is positioned within a controller casing having a touchscreen, wherein user motions through a three-dimensional space above the touchscreen are detected by the three-dimensional gesture sensor.

Edge swiping gesture for home navigation

Methods for navigating to a home screen and providing switching, launching, and notifications from the home screen are provided. An example method may include detecting a swiping gesture originating proximate to a top edge of a touchscreen display of a mobile device and extending away from the top edge.
Google Inc.

System and configuring a schedule

A control device includes a graphical user interface for an automated schedule. The automated schedule may include multiple schedule periods.
Trane International Inc.

Curved volume phase holographic (vph) diffraction grating with tilted fringes and spectrographs using same

The subject matter described herein includes a curved vph grating with tilted fringes and spectrographs, both retroreflective and transmissive, that use such gratings. A vph grating according to the subject matter described herein includes a first curved surface for receiving light to be diffracted.
The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

Chromatogram display method, chromatogram display device, and chromatograph comprising said device

Chromatographs of a measurement target sample measured in fid and ms are displayed on display unit in a time range defined with reference to the retention index of the target component computed based on the standard retention time and calibration retention time for the target component in fid. The retention index is not readily influenced by difference in column length, thus making it possible to display the peaks of the target component measured with fid and ms in a corresponding time range by displaying the chromatograms on display unit in a time range defined with reference that retention index.
Shimadzu Corporation

Memorabilia storage device

A device for storing and displaying documents, photographs, and memorabilia objects together. Covers are each rotatably connected to a spine and feature sides that rest upon or engage with each other to close.

Smartphone-based methods and systems

Arrangements involving portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) are disclosed. One arrangement includes a smartphone comprising: a touchscreen display; a camera for capturing image data; a microphone for capturing audio data; memory for storing software instructions; and one or more processors programmed with said software instructions.
Digimarc Corporation

Tunable baseline compensation scheme for touchscreen controllers

A method for compensating for panel capacitance the associated current is proposed, wherein the mutual capacitances of a capacitance sensing array are selectively coupled to drive voltages and to a self capacitance under test.. .
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

In-vehicle surrounding environment recognition device

An in-vehicle surrounding environment recognition device includes: a photographic unit that photographs a road surface around a vehicle and acquires a photographic image; an application execution unit that recognizes another vehicle on the basis of the photographic image, and detects a relative speed of the other vehicle with respect to the vehicle; a reflection determination unit that, on the basis of the photographic image, determines upon presence or absence of a reflection of a background object from the road surface; a warning control unit that controls output of a warning signal on the basis of the result of recognition of the other vehicle; and a warning prevention adjustment unit that suppresses output of the warning signal on the basis of the relative speed of the other vehicle, if it has been determined that there is the reflection of the background object from the road surface.. .
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Detecting and flagging likely confidential content in photographs to prevent automated dissemination

Automatic distribution of image data, such as a digital photographs, is prevented or delayed if the photograph is determined to likely contain confidential data. Online photo streaming services, albums, social media accounts, and backup services can be a source of inadvertent disclosure of confidential information due to these automatic dissemination functions of modern photo capturing devices.
International Business Machines Corporation

Generating an image tour based on a set of images

Systems and methods for generating image tour are provided. Method includes constructing image graph comprising primary image nodes and secondary image nodes and edges.
Google Inc.

Image location through large object detection

Camera pose optimization, which includes determining the position and orientation of a camera in three-dimensional space at different times, is improved by detecting a higher-confidence reference object in the photographs captured by the camera and using the object to increase consistency and accuracy of pose data. Higher-confidence reference objects include objects that are stationary, fixed, easily recognized, and relatively large.
Google Inc.

Estimation of three-dimensional models of roofs from spatial two-dimensional graphs

The present invention overcomes the limitations of the prior art by exploiting properties of the projection of a three-dimensional building structure (such as a roof) onto the ground. This projection is a two-dimensional spatial graph, which can be constructed for example by a user or by an image recognition algorithm.
Aurora Solar Inc.

Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a video on a webpage can be watched conveniently and easily. The present disclosure includes a wireless communication unit configured to access a webpage including a video, a touchscreen configured to display the webpage, and a controller extracting an address information of the video from the webpage, and the controller configured to extract address information of the video from the webpage, create an execution file for the video to which the extracted address information is linked, and if an execution command for the execution file is inputted, control the video indicated by the address information to be played by streaming..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Api version testing based on query schema

In one embodiment, a method includes generating a first query requesting a data structure of a specific data type, retrieving the data structure of the specific data type from one or more hierarchical graphs using the first query, retrieving one or more data items from the hierarchical graphs using the data structure, and validating the retrieved data items by determining whether the data structure corresponds to the retrieved data items.. .
Facebook, Inc.

Systems and methods for information flow analysis

Computer-implemented methods for analyzing computer programs written in semi-structured languages are disclosed. The method is based on unification of the two classic forms of program flow analysis, control flow and data flow analysis.

Managing interfaces for sub-graphs

Specifying a dataflow graph includes: rendering, in a first user interface, a representation of a first dataflow graph. At least one component represents a computation associated with at least one of data flowing into an input port or data flowing out of an output port.
Ab Initio Technology Llc

Managing interfaces for sub-graphs

Combining specifications of dataflow graphs includes receiving: a first dataflow graph specification that specifies two or more components connected by links representing flows of data, and a second dataflow graph specification that specifies at least one component, and at least one sub-graph interface. The sub-graph interface includes at least one flow junction representing a connection between: (1) a flow of data outside the sub-graph interface, and (2) a flow of data inside the sub-graph interface.
Ab Initio Technology Llc

Touchscreen testing

Touchscreen testing techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a conductor is placed proximal to a touchscreen device and the touchscreen device is tested by simulating a touch of a user by placing the conductor in a grounded state and lack of a touch by the user by placing the conductor in an ungrounded state..
Microsoft Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Operating method and electronic device for processing method thereof

An apparatus and a method are provided for controlling an operation of an electronic device. The electronic device includes a touchscreen and a processor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Touch-screen based scanning probe microscopy (spm)

A scanning probe microscopy (spm) system includes a sample stage and one or more sample motion stages for actuating the sample stage, a spm probe and one or more probe motion stages for actuating the spm probe and for performing an spm scan of a sample on the sample stage, and a system controller. The system controller includes an image acquisition module to collect from an image acquisition device one or more images of the sample carried by the sample stage, a touch-screen control module to display the one or more images of the sample together with one or more tools on a touch-screen and to generate one or more control actions depending on the detection of a gesture of a user touching the touchscreen, and a control module to receive one or more control actions generated by the touch-screen control module and to control the spm system according to the received control actions..

System and playing video games on touchscreen-based devices

The present invention relates to systems and methods for controlling a weapons-related video game on a touchscreen-based device. Aspects of the invention simplify the act of aiming at a target on a touchscreen-based device by: presenting a virtual environment from a first viewpoint and a user interface to a player, the user interface comprising at least one graphical user input element, the virtual environment including a plurality of targets, at least some of which has assigned priorities; assigning a priority to at least one of the targets; determining a highest-priority target out of the at least one of the targets that have been assigned a priority; receiving an indication that the at least one graphical user input element has been selected by a user; and, in response, determining a second viewpoint for viewing the virtual environment that is different from the first viewpoint for viewing the virtual environment, relative to the highest-priority target..
Activision Publishing, Inc.

Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for generating a three dimensional image to be stereoscopically viewed

There is provided an imaging element that photographs multiple viewing point images corresponding to images observed from different viewing points and an image processing unit separates an output signal of the imaging element, acquires the plurality of viewing point images corresponding to the images observed from the different viewing points, and generates a left eye image and a right eye image for three-dimensional image display, on the basis of the plurality of acquired viewing point images. The image processing unit generates parallax information on the basis of the plurality of viewing point images obtained from the imaging element and generates a left eye image and a right eye image for three-dimensional image display by 2d3d conversion processing using the generated parallax information.
Sony Corporation

Rapidly initializing and dynamically adjusting media streams

A device may generate a media stream to be shared with other users by building a media graph, comprising a series of interconnected processing units that perform various processing tasks. However, the time involved in generating the media graph may delay the initialization of the media stream, and adjusting properties of the media stream (such as resolution or codec) may result in an interruption of the media stream while a new media graph is built.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Aligning digital 3d models using synthetic images

To align a first digital 3d model of a scene with a second digital 3d model of the scene, real-world photographs of the scene are received and synthetic photographs of the first digital 3d model are generated according to different camera poses of a virtual camera. Using the real-world photographs and the synthetic photographs as input photographs, points in a coordinate system of the second digital 3d model are generated.
Google Inc.

Conservative cell and portal graph generation

Embodiments presented herein provide techniques for creating and simplifying a cell and portal graph. The simplified cell and portal graph may be used to make a conservative determination of whether an element of geometry is visible for a given view frustum (and therefore needs to be rendered).
Umbra Software Ltd.

Wearable map and image display

Embodiments of a wearable electronic device having mapping and imaging functions are disclosed. The wearable electronic device may have a controller coupled to an annular touchscreen display and a plurality of sensors.

Methods and efficient computation of one-way chains in cryptographic applications

Techniques are disclosed for efficient computation of consecutive values of one-way chains and other one-way graphs in cryptographic applications. The one-way chain or graph may be a chain of length s having positions i=1, 2, .

Data warehouse queries using sparql

Disclosed is a system allowing to query data warehouses using sparql. An aspect of the system may support the representation of multidimensional data as virtual graphs.
Sap Se

Hierarchical spatial clustering of photographs

A computer-implemented method of organizes photographs for display on an on-line map by selecting from a plurality of photographs a candidate set of photographs based on scores of the photographs, determining clusters from the selected photographs for display on the on-line map.. .
Google Inc.

Onscreen function execution mobile terminal having a touchscreen

An onscreen function execution method for a mobile terminal having a touchscreen is provided. The method allows for executing functions of an activated application by a tap on a specific area of the touchscreen.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


A system for receiving, storing, and displaying biometric input has a case, a touchpad, and a digitizer. The case has an open position and a closed position, wherein the case protects the touchpad in the closed position, the case including a digitizer comprising a substantially transparent touch activatable overlay placed over the touchscreen, and a plurality of sensors supported by the overlay to detect input to the overlay.
Topaz Systems, Inc.

Touchscreen device and sensing touch

There are provided a touchscreen device and a method of sensing a touch. The touchscreen device includes: a subtraction unit, for all sensing signals acquired from a plurality of electrodes, obtaining differences in levels between the sensing signals acquired from two adjacent electrodes; a region determination unit determining touched regions and untouched regions based on difference signals generated in the subtraction unit; an average unit calculating an average of levels of the sensing signals generated in the plurality of electrodes determined as the untouched regions to generate a noise estimation signal; and a noise removal unit subtracting a level of the noise estimation signal from the levels of the sensing signals..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Touchscreen device

There is provided a touchscreen device, including: a panel unit including a plurality of first electrodes extending in a first direction, and a plurality of second electrodes extending in a second direction intersecting with the first direction; and a control unit simultaneously applying driving signals to alternating predetermined groups of first electrodes and acquiring sensing signals from groups interposed between the alternating predetermined groups, to determine whether a touch has occurred, each of the predetermined groups including a pair of adjacent electrodes of the first electrodes.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Touchscreen device and sensing touch

There are provided a touchscreen device and a method of sensing a touch. The method of sensing a touch may include: calculating valid data values from a panel unit; setting a boundary box around valid data values greater than a predetermined first absolute value among the calculated valid data values; creating positive and negative projection masks for valid data values greater than a second predetermined absolute value among the valid data values within the boundary box; and removing the valid data values within the boundary box based on levels of bit masks of the positive and negative projection masks..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Touch screen device aid

A device for aiding in the activation of a touchscreen includes an attachment portion and a conductive nipple coupled to and extending through the attachment portion. The attachment portion can include a plurality of non-conductive layers that are configured to attach to the fingertip of a user.

Electronic device with both inflexible display screen and flexible display screen

Systems and methods for providing a user interface by using a flexible display screen as well as an inflexible display screen. The dual display screens are installed on the same electronic device and may be used to display information simultaneously or alternatively.
Nvidia Corporation

Portable three-dimensional metrology with data displayed on the measured surface

A portable instrument for 3d surface metrology projects augmented-reality feedback directly on the measured target surface. The instrument generates structured-light measuring-patterns and projects them successively on a target surface.
8tree, Llc

Cad / cam based three-dimensional quality control of inserted implants or restorations by correlating preoperative radiographs with postoperative optical scans and to avoid postoperative radiographs

A method for determining a quality feature of a dental treatment comprises the detection of a patient's radiographic image data set before the creation of a drill hole for a dental implant, the detection of a patient's non-radiographic image data set after the creation of the drill hole for a dental implant by means of a drilling tool, the correlation of the radiographic image data set and the intraoral non-radiographic image data set, and the determination of the quality feature from the correlation of the radiographic image data set and the non-radiographic image data set. A device (1) that comprises a computer (10), an interface (11) for detection of a radiographic image data set, and an interface (12) for detection of a non-radiographic image data set is equipped to carry out this method.
Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh

System and diagnosing and treating disease

A method and system for diagnosing and treating infection or disease, in which an individual takes a photograph of an infected or diseased area of a body using a camera connected to a microprocessor. The photograph is sent to a diagnosing center having a server with a second microprocessor and a database of photographs correlated with different diseases and infections.

Gesture-based touch screen magnification

Screen magnification software on a touchscreen device detects when a low-vision user reaches the boundary of a magnified viewport. If additional canvas or menus lay on the other side of the boundary the present invention enables the low-vision user to maintain the same exploration gesture on the touchscreen while causing the underlying canvas to scroll into view in the direction of the gesture.
Freedom Scientific, Inc.

Information browser

An information browser is disclosed herein. The information browser is operable to display one or more of electronic files, file systems, data streams, videos, graphs, charts, web pages, and images.

Systems and methods for creating, displaying and managing content units

The present invention involves a system which allows the creation, display, and management of content units within content, such as an image and/or video and/or photo gallery. The content unit is provided transparently through the use of iframes and can be managed and control in real time.
Contadd Limited

Condensed hierarchical data viewer

The disclosure extends to methods, systems, and devices for visualizing hierarchical data within a computing environment. In order to display and visualize the hierarchical data in a meaningful manner, the disclosed methods condenses or suppresses the space occupied by the detailed textual information that is often part of such hierarchical data charts or graphs.

System and indexing, monitoring, and inventorying digital assets

Method(s), system(s), apparatus(es), and computer program products are provided that can index, monitor, inventory, and/or monetize digital assets, such as documents, photographs, videos, blogs, online accounts, social media accounts, e-mail accounts, online banking accounts, etc.. .
Capsoole, Inc.

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