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This page is updated frequently with new Hs-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Hs-related patents
 Methods and systems of simulating time of day and environment of remote locations patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems of simulating time of day and environment of remote locations
In one embodiment, a method includes the step of capturing, at a remote location with a set of digital cameras, a series of digital photographs of a landscape, wherein the series of digital photographs is taken over at least a twenty-four hour period, and wherein the capturing is managed by a remote computing device that comprises a computer process, a memory and computer networking system. The method includes the step of positioning the set of digital cameras to match an angle of a computer-display screen.

 Light metering methods and devices patent thumbnailnew patent Light metering methods and devices
A light metering method is provided. The method includes: acquiring a touch screen point inputted by a user; identifying an initial light metering area based on an image displayed on a touchscreen, the initial light metering area containing the touch screen point; segmenting the initial light metering area into a background region and an object region containing the touch screen point; and performing light metering on image points within the object region..
Xiaomi Inc.

 Increased network scalability by router aware switches patent thumbnailnew patent Increased network scalability by router aware switches
Handling of els req and rsp packets that contain addresses in the payload is shifted to the edge fabric switches connected to the node devices issuing and receiving the els req packet, the ingress and egress switches. This allows the els req and rsp packet payload address modification operations to be removed from the tasks handled by the router processor.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

 Systems and methods for performing asr in the presence of heterographs patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for performing asr in the presence of heterographs
Systems and methods for performing asr in the presence of heterographs are provided. Verbal input is received from the user that includes a plurality of utterances.
Rovi Guides, Inc.

 Portable health activity tracking device patent thumbnailnew patent Portable health activity tracking device
A portable electronic device that assists in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle by recording biometric measurement data, confirming completion of healthy activities, and generating graphs from biometric measurement data. The device may comprise a speaker for providing instructions to users as to how the portable device is to be used, results of biometric measurements, counting down the time remaining until a biometric measurement has been obtained, etc.
Humana Inc.

 Electronic gaming machine service bus patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic gaming machine service bus
A gaming system includes a modular network services manager (nsm) component which controls communication for network components and network-based services of a gaming machine coupled to an internal communication network coupled to an external communications network. The nsm provides a single external network address for the wagering gaming machine network-based services (e.g., operating system, player interface/overlay graphical user interface, video combining, audio control, printing, touchscreen, bill validation, etc.).
Wms Gaming Inc.

 System for predicting errors on components of rotating machines by thermography patent thumbnailnew patent System for predicting errors on components of rotating machines by thermography
A system for computer-based detection of damage on machine components, such as misalignments and mechanical damage on bearings and clutches, with which mathematical linkage of the temperatures of selected regions of thermography pictures are compared with reference pictures. The system can consult photographs from the visible spectral range in the computed-based assessment..
Prüftechnik Ag

 Wearable device and  controlling the same patent thumbnailnew patent Wearable device and controlling the same
A wearable device including a touchscreen; a wireless communication unit configured to communicate with an external terminal including an electronic wallet (se, secure element), the external terminal wirelessly linked with the wearable device; and a controller configured to receive a preset user gesture, receive information relating to an account of the electronic wallet (se) from the external terminal in response to the preset user gesture, display the received information on the touchscreen, and process an nfc (near field communication) payment using the information displayed on the touchscreen.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Superconducting circuit physical layout system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Superconducting circuit physical layout system and method
Systems and methods are provided for physical layout of superconductor circuits. The physical layout system and method is configured to place and route the superconducting circuits by first placing the gates in the form of gate tiles within unoccupied areas of a predetermined circuit design based on a netlist.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

 Systems and methods for identifying and visualizing elements of query results patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for identifying and visualizing elements of query results
The systems and methods described herein generally relate to increasing user productivity in reviewing query results by visually depicting the presence/absence of a set of query terms in a set of paragraphs across a set of documents.. .
Lexisnexis, A Division Of Reed Elsevier Inc.

new patent

Search using handwriting to invoke multi-window search result screen

A user can transition a computer from a reduced power mode to a higher power mode by inputting handwriting gestures on a touchscreen display of the computer. As well, the gestures are processed using a handwriting recognition engine and the result is used to query multiple sources of information including the internet and local data storage on the computer.
Sony Corporation

new patent

Touchscreen-based vehicle interface

An interface/electronics module for reading information from a vehicle data bus and controlling functions available through the vehicle data bus. A graphical user interface is provided.

new patent

Apparatus and setting a two hand mode to operate a touchscreen

A method for setting a two hand mode to operate a touchscreen includes: receiving, via the touchscreen, at least one point of contact on the touchscreen generated by one or more fingers of a user, the touchscreen including a plurality of icons; detecting, by at least one processing device, a total number of the points of contact on the touchscreen and respective coordinates of the points of contact; determining, based on the total number of the points of contact and the respective coordinates of the points of contact, whether the user intends to use two hands to operate the touchscreen; and controlling the touchscreen to display the plurality of icons according to a result of the determining.. .
Spreadtrum Communications (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

new patent

Visual cues for scrolling

The invention discloses a method and apparatus for helping the user of computer devices, such as desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet computers, smartphones, and augmented reality devices, to view information displayed during and after scrolling, when scrolling is performed with variable increment scrolling input devices, such as scroll wheels or touch-sensing devices. According to an embodiment of the invention, the area of the displayed document, which corresponds to the location of the screen pointer immediately before scrolling or the point of the initial user contact with a touchscreen, is highlighted with visual cues during and shortly after scrolling to support the continuity of user's attention..

new patent

Controlling forms of input of a computing device

Examples disclosed herein control computing device input. One example includes activating a touchscreen of a computing device and enabling a capacitive touch control of the computing device for user selection as a device input to initiate a device action.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

new patent

Multi-purpose digital coloring tools

Multi-purpose digital coloring tools for interacting with a touchscreen are described. A pattern-making device provides for patterned input from a digital marking tool on a touchscreen device.
Crayola, Llc

new patent

System and methods for determining keyboard input in the presence of multiple contact points

System and methods are provided for interpreting multiple contact events detected on a virtual keyboard of a computing device to determine an intended key press. The systems and methods utilize event data collected from each of the multiple contact events on a touchscreen in order to provide a general confidence level at which each contact event is deemed to be an intended key press.
Nuance Communications, Inc.

new patent

Phase gratings with odd symmetry for lensed optical sensing

A sensing device with an odd-symmetry grating projects near-field spatial modulations onto a closely spaced photodetector array. Due to physical properties of the grating, the spatial modulations are in focus for a range of wavelengths and spacings.
Rambus Inc.

new patent

Video-game console for allied touchscreen media

The present invention seeks to introduce a new delivery system, interactive platform and controller compliment for an allied touchscreen media; with said media particularly comprising repository-sourced mobile game applications configured for native operation. Mapping systems are dynamic and include an interface for user manipulation of immersive, 3-d holographic imaging modalities to advance input in a video-game environment.

new patent

Robotic hair transplantation system with touchscreen interface for controlling movement of tool

A system is disclosed for performing hair transplantation procedures. The system may include a robotic arm and a tool coupled to the robotic arm, the tool configured for hair harvesting, site making or hair implantation.
Restoration Robotics, Inc.

new patent

Systems and methods for mobile software clinical smoking cessation platform

The object of the present invention is to provide a system and method to enable a person wishing to quit smoking to carry with him a smoking cessation device that will assist the user in behavior modification, and in particular curbing and dealing with nicotine cravings. The current invention makes use of widely available and familiar infrastructure of hand held devices such as cellular phones and cellular networks.
Click Therapeutics, Inc.


Inferring positions with content item matching

Embodiments infer position information using captured content items. A computing device such as a mobile computing or a cloud service analyzes one or more content items to generate information describing the content items.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method and device for the wireless control of a medical device

A device and a method for the wireless control of a medical device (30) by means of a remote control (10, 60, 70, 80), in which via at least one first input unit (12) provided via a touchscreen of the remote control (10, 60, 70, 80) at least one control information for activating and/or deactivating a control function for controlling the device (30) is input. At least one release information is input via a second input unit (18, 84) of the remote control (10, 60, 70, 80) which is independent of the first input unit (12).
Maquet Gmbh


Display-based vending apparatus and method

A vending-machine has one or more displays that inform the customer regarding available vendable selections and that facilitate the purchase of a selected item. By one approach this display can comprise a touchscreen display.
Intercontinental Great Brands Llc


System and warehousing owned item valuations

Described is a system that enables owners of tangible assets—owned items—to collect, secure and actively manage information about their valuable personal property. A database serves as a secure repository for valuations of owned items and related metadata, e.g., valuation appraisal certifications, item descriptions, locations, manuals, and photographs.
Trov, Inc.


Driving assist system for vehicle and method thereof

A driving assist system for a vehicle and a method thereof includes a broadband camera which photographs the surrounding area of the vehicle to create an image including four channels of light information having different wavelengths. The broadband image data and the position of the vehicle are matched so that a road and an obstacle are easily recognized using a minimal number of cameras while driving the vehicle.
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Touch-based flow keyboard for small displays

Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments enable a full keyboard of characters, such as latin-based characters, to fit on a small touchscreen display. In an embodiment, a keyboard may be displayed including a text entry area and six virtual buttons.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Checkbox mass editing

Methods and systems for selecting multiple rows, columns, and/or cells are described. A user opens or otherwise accesses a file or document containing multiple rows, columns, and/or cells.
Snowflake Computing, Inc.


Apparatus and manipulating the orientation of an object on a display device

A method of manipulating a three-dimensional object displays a first view of a three-dimensional object on a touchscreen. The touchscreen has three-dimensional views associated with at least one pre-specified visually undelineated portion of the touchscreen.
Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh


Touch-type terminal and method thereof for locating prompt box

Disclosed are a touch-type terminal and a method thereof for locating a prompt box. The method includes: receiving a slide gesture instruction and obtaining, according a preset coordinate system, coordinates of a start touch point which is corresponding to the slide gesture instruction and is on a touchscreen; when a prompt box pops up, dividing the touchscreen into multiple touch regions according to a size of the prompt box; counting the number m of times of the slide gesture instructions being received after a terminal is turned on, and calculating, according to the coordinates of the start touch points, the number of the start touch points which are corresponding to the slide gesture instructions received in the m times and are distributed on each touch region; and locating the prompt box in a touch region where the start touch points corresponding to the maximum number of slide gesture instructions are distributed on the touchscreen..
Zte Corporation


Method and classifying finger touch events on a touchscreen

A system for classifying touch events includes a touch screen configured to display an interactive element, one or more vibro-acoustic sensors coupled to the touch screen, a touch event detector configured to monitor the one or more vibro-acoustic sensors and to save vibro-acoustic signals sensed by the one or more vibro acoustic sensors, wherein the touch event detector is further configured to detect touch events in which the interactive element is touched by a first or a second finger part of a user, and wherein the touch events result in generating the vibro-acoustic signals, and a vibro-acoustic classifier configured to classify the vibro-acoustic signals.. .
Qeexo, Co.


Electrode assemblies and electroencephalographs devices

An electrode assembly can include a reservoir defining a plurality of openings on a first surface of the reservoir, a wicking material extending through one or more of the plurality of openings, and a conductive terminal. An electrode assembly can include a reservoir cap, a reservoir bottom configured to fit to the reservoir cap and define a reservoir therewith, an electrode disposed within the reservoir, and a wicking element in electrical communication with the electrode and configured to absorb a fluid, wherein at least a portion the wicking element is configured to protrude from the reservoir bottom..
Encephalodynamics, Inc.


Photographic ornament

A christmas tree ornament consisting of a plastic foam shape to which is attached a photograph and decorations consisting of sequins and beads. The intent of the present art is to disclose how, by the application of photographs of an end user's family members, ancestors, etc.


System and defining an augmented reality view in a specific location

This invention is a system and method for defining a location-specific augmented reality capability for use in portable devices having a camera. The system and method uses recent photographs or digital drawings of a particular location to help the user of the system or method position the portable device in a specific place.
Membit Inc.


Computer-based technology for aiding the repair of motor vehicles

A computer-assisted inspection system provides computer architectures and software controlled algorithms to automatically provide vehicle inspections and repair recommendations including estimated repair time and cost of depression type damage such as dents. Features provided by a handheld wireless touchscreen based inspection device include flat car part picking, auto grading including seller grading, and automatic calculation of body and bumper dent repair parameters and directions..
Manheim Investments, Inc.


Image processing apparatus, solid object detection method, solid object detection program, and moving object control system

An image processing apparatus installed in a subject vehicle includes an imaging unit 100 that photographs images of a front area (imaging area) in the traveling direction of the subject vehicle and a stereo image processor that detects an object to be detected such as a pedestrian present in the imaging area. The stereo image processor detects a guardrail-analogous object based on a horizontal-parallax image, designates a detection area β based on the detected guardrail-analogous object, and detects the object present in the detection area β..


Striping of directed graphs

Embodiments are disclosed for striping a directed graph, e.g., a social graph, so as to efficiently perform an operation to each node in the directed graph. At least some of the embodiments can select first and second sets of nodes from the directed graph to form first and second stripes.
Facebook, Inc.


Fingernail system for use with capacitive touchscreens

Capacitive fingernail systems adapted to fit on a fingernail and for use with a capacitive touchscreen, as well as methods of creating such systems, are disclosed. The capacitive fingernail system may include a conductive base layer secured to the fingernail, a conductive upper layer, and a dielectric medium between the base and upper layers.


Virtual reality viewer and input mechanism

The present invention concerns virtual reality viewers for use with touchscreen enabled mobile devices. The virtual reality viewer comprises: a housing configured to receive a mobile electronic device within an interior of the housing; and an input mechanism that is accessible from an exterior of the housing and that is moveable within the interior between a first position and an extended position, wherein a surface of the input mechanism is configured to contact the touch-screen of the mobile electronic device when in the extended position.
Dodocase, Inc.


Unmanned aerial delivery device

An unmanned aerial delivery device has a plurality of rotors for propulsion and control, including redundant rotors in case of failure of a primary rotor, and uses a laser rangefinder system to guide the delivery device around an obstacle in its path until an acceptable straight-line path to a recipient is found, detect when a rotor is inoperable, and detect the distance from a take-off or landing surface to retract or extend support legs. The device has an insulated payload chamber that can only be opened by entering an unlock code on a touchscreen.
Umm Al-qura University


Photography method using projecting light source and a photography element thereof

A photography element and a photography method with a projecting light source. An illuminating light emitted by the projecting light source illuminates an object to be detected.
Lotes Co., Ltd


Securely unlocking a device using a combination of hold placement and gesture

A method includes receiving input from a touchscreen of a mobile electronic device, and receiving input from a plurality of contact sensors of the mobile electronic device, wherein the contact sensors are positioned along an external surface of the mobile electronic device. The method further includes unlocking access to the resources of the mobile electronic device in response to receiving input from the touchscreen meeting predetermined touchscreen input criteria and receiving input from the plurality of contact sensors meeting predetermined contact sensors input criteria.
International Business Machines Corporation


Securely unlocking a device using a combination of hold placement and gesture

A computer program product includes a computer readable storage medium having program instructions embodied therewith, where the program instructions are executable by a processor to cause the processor to perform a method. The method includes receiving input from a touchscreen of a mobile electronic device, and receiving input from a plurality of contact sensors of the mobile electronic device, wherein the contact sensors are positioned along an external surface of the mobile electronic device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

A mobile terminal including a touchscreen configured to output at least one display object; a wireless communication unit configured to transceive data with at least one external terminal; and a controller configured to identify, via the wireless communication unit, a first external terminal existing within a predetermined communication distance from the mobile terminal, display a first display object in a first mode on the touch screen, when the first external terminal exists within the predetermined communication distance, and display the first display object on the touchscreen in a second mode when the first external terminal is no longer within the predetermined communication distance. Further, the first mode includes altering at least some of the information output with the first display object compared with the information output with the second mode..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Flux latching superconducting memory

One aspect of the present invention is a cryogenic memory cell to be used in a cryogenic memory system. The cell includes a composite josephson junction herein called a flux latching junction.
Coldlogix, Inc.


Graph display apparatus, its operation method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein graph display program

When line graphs are displayed on coordinates having a horizontal axis as a time axis and a vertical axis as an axis representing examination values, the number of pieces of examination data having probabilities of presence in a display period of the time axis is obtained by comparing a standard examination interval, which is a standard interval at which examination of each of the plurality of examination items is performed, and the display period. An ordinary display mode or a low visual recognizability display mode, in which visual recognizability is low, is determined, based on whether the obtained number of pieces of examination data is greater than or equal to a threshold, as a display mode of a line graph for each of the examinations.
Fujifilm Corporation


Graph display apparatus, its operation method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein graph display program

When line graphs are displayed on coordinates having a horizontal axis as a time axis and a vertical axis as an axis representing examination values, a line graph is generated in such a manner that data points representing examination data are connected to each other by a line in a case where a time interval between examinations temporally next to each other is less than a maximum line-connection interval for an examination item, and in such a manner that data points representing examination data are not connected to each other in a case where the time interval between examinations temporally next to each other exceeds the maximum line-connection interval for the examination item. Plural line graphs overlapping with each other are displayed on the coordinates..
Fujifilm Corporation


Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs

A method that includes generating, in a query pre-processor, a set of pre-computed materialized sub-graphs by executing a pre-processing dynamic random-walk based search for a bin of terms. The method also includes receiving, in a query processor, a search query having at least one search query term.
International Business Machines Corporation


Error injection into the leaf functions of call graphs

A computer determines if an instance of a target in a call graph of a program being tested satisfies two or more parameters required for error injection. The computer responds to the determination that the instance of the target does satisfy the two or more parameters required for error injection, by injecting a first instance of an error into a leaf function of the call graph.
International Business Machines Corporation


System and/or computing interprocedural dominators

According to an aspect of some embodiments of the present invention there is provided a computerized method of analyzing code of a software program for dominance relationships between a plurality of functions of the software program, the method comprising: receiving source code of a software program, the source code having a plurality of functions; identifying a plurality of intraprocedural dominator graphs each for another of the plurality of functions; combining the plurality of intraprocedural dominator graphs to create an interprocedural dominance graph with edges that logically connect between nodes of the plurality of functions; identifying a plurality of interprocedural dominance relations between nodes in different functions of the plurality of functions using the interprocedural dominance graph; and analyzing the software program according to the plurality of interprocedural dominance relations.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Annotation of network activity through different phases of execution

The subject technology provides a drillable time-series heat map, which combines information of separate network element (e.g., switch, router, server or storage) and relates them together through impact zones to correlate network wide events and the potential impact on the other units in the network. The subject technology also brings together the network and its components, the distributed application(s) and a heat map controller to proactively communicate with one another to disseminate information such as failures, timeouts, new jobs, etc.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Visual navigation

A system may include a touchscreen and a computing device executing an application. The application displays on the touch screen a navigation area including a centrally disposed selection element.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Adjusting coordinates of touch input

A device may include a touch sensor for determining portions of a touchscreen display that receive touch inputs, and a motion sensor for identifying device motions of the device. Additionally, the device may include a processor to identify coordinates of a portion of the touchscreen display that receives a touch input, identify an input instant at which the touchscreen display receives the touch input, and determine a change of device motion that affects an accuracy of the coordinates of the touch input based on the input instant.
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab


Multi-player casino table and dice game with side bets

Method and apparatus for original table (10) and dice game for casino play is disclosed. Game expands childhood pastime tic-tac-toe for multiple players.


Portable ultrasound user interface and resource management systems and methods

A portable ultrasound system includes a main screen included in a hinged portion of the portable ultrasound system configured to open and close relative to a main housing of the portable ultrasound system, a touchscreen included on a top surface of the main housing of the portable ultrasound system, and a touchpad included on the top surface of the main housing of the portable ultrasound system. The system further includes a processing circuit configured to perform general computing operations, configured to receive ultrasound imaging data, and configured to provide ultrasound information to at least one of the main screen, the touchscreen, or the touchpad..
Edan Instruments, Inc.


Systems and methods for mobile device pairing

Tools (systems, apparatuses, methodologies, computer program products, etc.) for pairing electronic devices including touchscreen-enabled electronic devices, and for facilitating communication between paired electronic devices.. .
Linkedin Corporation


System for mobile device with detachable camera and use thereof

A system which is used to obtain photographs and videos includes at least one mobile device and at least one detachable camera. The camera includes a body of flexible and magnetic polymeric material attached to a non-ferrous metal head which encapsulates the main components that interface with the main device..
Samsung EletrÔnica Da AmazÔnia Ltda.


Method and device for centralized storage of photographs

Disclosed are a method and apparatus for centralized storage of photographs, which relates to the field of ip networks, wherein the method includes following steps performed by an intelligent terminal: obtaining an mac address of an intelligent terminal, and taking it as a source mac address of photograph files of the intelligent terminal; packaging the photograph files and the source mac address to obtain data packets containing the photograph files and the source mac address; uploading the data packets containing the photograph files and the source mac address to a photograph file centralized storage device via a wired or wireless network. The photographs uploaded by the local terminal to the centralized storage service device can be found out from the intelligent terminal via the mac address and can be more intelligently presented to the user, which is simple and practical..
Zte Corporation


Automatic detection of anomalies in graphs

A method, apparatus and product for automatic detection of anomalies in graphs. The method comprising obtaining training data, the training data comprising a plurality of graphs, each defined by nodes and edges connecting between the nodes, at least some of the nodes are labeled; determining a statistical model of a graph in accordance with the training data, the statistical model takes into account at least one structured and labeled feature of the graph, wherein the structured and labeled feature of the graph is defined based on a connection between a plurality of nodes and based on at least a portion of the labels of the plurality of nodes; obtaining an examined graph; and determining a score of the examined graph indicative of a similarity between the examined graph and the training data, wherein the score is based on a value of the structured and labeled feature in the examined graph..
International Business Machines Corporation


Content monetization system

A system and method are provided to monetize content by redacting the content with machine learning algorithms. This invention increases the conversion rate of website surfers to paid customers.
Boogoo Intellectual Property Llc


Relational graph database system

There is provided a novel method that generates relational graph data. A relational graph database system 1 manages a database containing graph data including node data connected through links.
Kyoto University


Systems and methods for organizing and analyzing audio content derived from media files

Systems for receiving, analyzing, and organizing audio content contained within a plurality of media files are disclosed. The systems generally include a server that is configured to receive, index, and store a plurality of media files, which are received by the server from a plurality of sources, within at least one database in communication with the server.


Platform for managing and visualizing data on a computer

A method of compiling, organizing, and presenting data is described. In embodiments, the method comprises importing and consolidating hierarchical data from multiple project management and/or data storage platforms using one or more application programming interfaces (apis) and/or one or more direct interfaces with one or more computing devices, converting one or more collections of the hierarchical data into a node, which is a data collection capable of providing for user collaboration, reconfiguring the hierarchical data by applying an algorithm, which algorithm is capable of using one or more data types to reconfigure the data, displaying the hierarchical data as a graph and/or graphic, and enabling a data user to create user-defined graphs as visual displays.


Method, system, and tool for providing self-identifying electronic messages

An electronic messaging system including first and second user devices wherein each user device receives a plurality of user-generated glyphs, defines a font using the plurality of user-generated glyphs, receives a message styled in the font, exchanges the font and the message with the other user device, and displays the sent message styled in the sent font and the received message styled in the received font. The user-generated glyphs may be received by the user drawing the glyphs on a touchscreen interface, by taking an image of handwritten glyphs, and by remixing existing fonts..


Varying a touchscreen display attribute in response to user input

A computing device includes a housing and a display assembly having a screen. The housing at least partially circumvents the screen so that the screen is viewable.
Kobo Inc.


Projector device, interactive system, and interactive control method

A projector device includes: a projecting unit that projects a projection image onto a projection surface; a receiving unit that receives information transmitted from a pointer operating the projection surface, the information including unique identification information of the pointer and first operation direction information indicating an operation direction of the pointer; a photographing unit that photographs the projection surface; a generating unit that generates second operation direction information indicating an operation direction of the pointer operating the projection surface from multiple photographed images taken by the photographing unit; an associating unit that associates the second operation direction information matching with the first operation direction information with the unique identification information; an operation-information generating unit that generates operation information including the associated unique identification information and second operation direction information; and a transmitting unit that transmits the generated operation information to a controlled device.. .
Ricoh Company, Limited


Phase gratings with odd symmetry for high-resolution lensless optical sensing

Image-sensing devices include odd-symmetry gratings that cast interference patterns over a photodetector array. Grating features offer considerable insensitivity to the wavelength of incident light, and also to the manufactured distance between the grating and the photodetector array.
Rambus Inc.


Method for producing trichlorosilane

In order to produce high-purity trichlorosilane by removing methyldichlorosilane from a mixture (s) containing methyldichlorosilane (ch3hsicl2), tetrachlorosilane (sicl4), and trichlorosilane (hsicl3) in the method for producing trichlorosilane of the present invention, a procedure is employed in which chlorine atoms are redistributed between methyldichlorosilane and tetrachlorosilane through catalytic treatment for conversion into trichlorosilane and methyltrichlorosilane (ch3sicl3). Methyldichlorosilane (boiling point: 41° c.) having a boiling point close to that of trichlorosilane (boiling point: 32° c.) to be purified is converted into methyltrichlorosilane (boiling point: 66° c.) having a higher boiling point through redistribution of chlorine atoms between methyldichlorosilane and tetrachlorosilane, achieving easy removal of impurities..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Viewing adapter for smartphone or similiar electronic device

A device for providing a smartphone user with improved viewing of a smartphone's display. The device has an attachment interface for mounting, holding and locating a smartphone for optimal viewing.


Double-masking technique for increasing fabrication yield in superconducting electronics

An improved microfabrication technique for josephson junctions in superconducting integrated circuits, based on the use of a double-layer lithographic mask for partial anodization of the side-walls and base electrode of the junctions. The top layer of the mask is a resist material, and the bottom layer is a dielectric material chosen so to maximize adhesion between the resist and the underlying superconducting layer, be etch-compatible with the underlying superconducting layer, and be insoluble in the resist and anodization processing chemistries.
Hypres Inc.


Mobile terminal and controlling the same

A mobile terminal including a body; a touchscreen provided to a front and extending to side of the body and configured to display content; and a controller configured to detect one side of the body comes into contact with one side of an external terminal, display a first area on the touchscreen corresponding to a contact area of the body and the external terminal and a second area including the content, receive an input of moving the content displayed in the second area to the first area, display the content in the first area, and share the content in the first area with the external terminal.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Systems, methods and active compensation of quantum processor elements

Apparatus and methods enable active compensation for unwanted discrepancies in the superconducting elements of a quantum processor. A qubit may include a primary compound josephson junction (cjj) structure, which may include at least a first secondary cjj structure to enable compensation for josephson junction asymmetry in the primary cjj structure.
D-wave Systems Inc.


Utilizing large-scale knowledge graphs to support inference at scale and explanation generation

Aspects discussed herein present a solution for utilizing large-scale knowledge graphs for inference at scale and generating explanations for the conclusions. In some embodiments, aspects discussed herein learn inference paths from a knowledge graph and determine a confidence score for each inference path.
Nuance Communications, Inc.


System and method to simulate maintenance of a device

A system and method to virtually simulate maintenance of a medical device located in a defined space by a user is provided. The system can include a main interactive touchscreen; and a central controller connected in communication with the touchscreen monitor.
General Electric Company


Systems and methods for pattern matching and relationship discovery

Methods and systems for pattern matching and relationship discovery in graphs. The graph may be adapted as an actor graph, where vertices may include processing functionality and executable logic.


Distributed state management using dynamic replication graphs

A sequence of configuration-delta messages from a configuration manager of a replication graph established for replicating state information of an application is received at a particular node of the graph. Representations of the messages are stored in a local configuration change repository.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Sparse linear algebra in column-oriented in-memory database

Embodiments relate to storing sparse matrices in an in-memory column-oriented database system. Specifically, recent hardware shifts of primary storage from disc into memory, allow execution of linear algebra queries directly in the database engine.


Deep context photo searching

A user can search for photographs or videos and deep linking rules may be applied to images to discern images that might be desired by the user that otherwise would not be returned using conventional photo categorization and metadata searching.. .
Sony Corporation


Insight engine

Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for generating natural language insights about a set of data. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods and systems that transform data into insights or actionable information.
Oracle International Corporation


Protective packaging machines demonstrative content

The present disclosure relates generally to a method and a machine for creating protective packaging. The machine includes a controller including a processing element and a display in electrical communication with the processing element.
Pregis Innovative Packaging Llc


Mobile terminal and controlling the same

A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to provide wireless communication; a touchscreen configured to display at least one page including at least one application icon; and a controller configured to display a first screen for installing a specific application on the touchscreen, display a second screen for setting a position at which an icon corresponding to the specific application will be displayed on the touchscreen after being installed, upon reception of an input for installing the specific application, and display the icon of the specific application at the position on the touchscreen in response to a predetermined touch input on the displayed second screen.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed. The present invention includes a touchscreen and a controller controlling the touchscreen to output a running screen of a 1st application including a prescribed information, the controller receiving a handwriting input through the touchscreen, the controller controlling the touchscreen to output a running screen of a 2nd application mapped to the received 1st handwriting input to a prescribed region on the outputted running screen of the 1st application, wherein the running screen of the 2nd application includes at least one portion of the prescribed information.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Touch senstive device and related touchscreen

A touch sensitive device includes a plurality of first electrodes; a plurality of second electrodes, disposed around the plurality of first electrodes; a plurality of first surrounding pattern that are formed by the plurality of first electrodes and the plurality of second electrodes and a plurality of second surrounding patterns that are formed by the plurality of first electrodes and the plurality of second electrodes. Each of the first surrounding patterns comprises one of the first electrodes that interleaves with one of the second electrodes.
Himax Technologies Limited


Apparatus and methods for time-lapse astrophotography

Apparatus and methods are provided for time-lapse astrophotography. One embodiment of the invention comprises a method for capturing a time-lapse image sequence.


Shape discrimination vision assessment and tracking system

In an embodiment of the disclosure, there is provided a handheld vision tester for vision self-testing by a user. The handheld vision tester comprises a touchscreen display and a control.
Vital Art And Science, Llc


Fast measurement of droplet parameters in industrial printing system

A droplet measurement system (dms) is used in concern with an industrial printer used to fabricate a thin film layer of a flat panel electronic device. A clear tape serves as a printing substrate to receive droplets from hundreds of nozzles simultaneously, while an optics system photographs the deposited droplets through the tape (i.e., through a side opposite the printhead).
Kateeva, Inc.


Phase gratings with odd symmetry for high-resolution lensed and lensless optical sensing

A sensing device with an odd-symmetry grating projects near-field spatial modulations onto a closely spaced photodetector array. The grating includes upper and lower features that define boundaries of odd symmetry.
Rambus Inc.


Multimedia messaging service communication using a two way push connection

Systems and methods for generating and transmitting multimedia messaging service (mms) messages are disclosed. In some implementations, a mobile device presents, at a touchscreen, a visual user interface.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc


Device and connecting celebrities and fans

Various aspects described herein relate to connecting fans and celebrities in a social networking environment. A fan profile can be associated with a celebrity profile in the social networking environment.
Shower Tech S.l.


Speading speed reading and comprehension program

A speed reading and comprehension program for assisting readers in reading faster and better understanding content is provided. The speed reading and comprehension program comprises a computer having a display screen and a software program operatable by the computer.


Method for masking an item among a plurality of items

The invention relates to a method for masking an item among a plurality of items displayed on a touchscreen terminal, the method being such that it has, following an action (300) by a user, steps of display (301) of a masking symbol associated with an item at a first location; of detection (302) of contact with the screen on a non-masked item; of continuous movement (303) of the masking symbol on the item in correlation with movement of the contact detected on the screen and of masking of that portion of the item that is situated between the masking symbol and the first location; and of masking (304) of the whole of the item when the masking symbol is at a second location and the contact is no longer detected. The invention likewise relates to a device and a terminal that implement this method..


Use of dependency graphs to dynamically update n-dimensional cubes

An online analytical processing system may comprise an n-dimensional cube structured using slice-based partitioning in which each slice comprises data points corresponding to a set of dimension values fixed across the slice and a set of dimension values allowed to vary. Slices may be partitioned and replicated across computing nodes.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Scalable eventual consistency system using logical document journaling

A scalable eventual consistency system. The system uses logical document journaling to provide eventual consistency across partitions in a large-scale service.
Microsoft Corporation


System and switching between media items in a plurality of sequences of media items

An electronic device with one or more processors, memory, and a touchscreen plays a first media item in a full-screen mode on the touchscreen. In response to detecting a contact on the touchscreen, the first media item shrinks into a region of the touchscreen and continues to play in the region, while a new media item is displayed outside of the region.
Spotify Ab


Terminal and controlling terminal with touchscreen

Provided are a terminal and method for controlling a terminal with a touchscreen. The method includes: obtaining a contact range of an operation performed by a user on a touchscreen and icons at least a part of each of which falls within the contact range; determining whether or not the number of the obtained icons is more than one; if the number of the obtained icons is more than one, then selecting objects to be amplified from a display interface displayed on the touchscreen based on the contact range and amplifying the objects to generate an amplification region; and when it is detected that the user triggers one icon in the amplification region, executing an instruction corresponding to the icon.
Dongguan Goldex Communication Technology Co., Ltd.


Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

Disclosed are a mobile terminal and controlling method thereof, by which saved image data can be effectively searched. The present invention includes a memory configured to store at least one image data, a touchscreen, and a controller outputting a thumbnail list for the stored image data on a 1st scale through the touchscreen, the controller receiving a scroll input to the outputted thumbnail list plural times, the controller, if the scroll input received plural times meets a scale change condition, changing the 1st scale of the outputted thumbnail list into a 2nd scale..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method and electronic device for carrying out edge suppression and correction

An electronic device (“the device”) includes a touchscreen display that has a centroid within a curvilinear active area of the touchscreen display. The device detects a touch at a location on the touchscreen display and determines the length of a vector between the centroid and the location.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Methods, systems, and media for controlling playback of video using a touchscreen

Methods, systems and media for controlling playback of video using a touchscreen are provided. In some embodiments, the method comprises: causing video content to be presented in a player window of a screen of a touchscreen; detecting a first tap gesture within the player window; causing presentation of the video content to be paused; detecting a second tap gesture via the touchscreen; causing presentation of the video content to continue; detecting a left to right swipe gesture; causing a first portion of the video content that is later in time to be presented; detecting a right to left swipe gesture; causing a second portion of the video content that is earlier in time the video content that is currently being presented to be presented..
Google Inc.


Capacitive touchscreen

A capacitive touchscreen including a first electrode layer, a second electrode layer, and at least one interlayer interposed between the first electrode layer and the second electrode layer. The first electrode layer includes a plurality of first electrodes, and the first electrodes are arranged at spaced intervals along a first direction.
Hosiden Corporation


New computer keyboard layout, structure and arrangement

The invention provides a way to optimize and increase typing speed for smartphones during sms or mail writing given that the existing methods are not optimized and they often cause difficulties, limitations or slow text insertion. The technical problem to solve is “to develop an intelligent keyboard that is fast and intuitive, designed for devices using either a touchscreen keyboard (cell phones, smartphones and tablets as well as ticket emission machines, atm machines, etc.) or a physical keyboard (many smartphones, old generation cell phones), which are used mostly with a single hand or even with a single finger in case of smaller devices”.


Oven with control panel cooling system

A cooking oven controlled by an included retail-grade control device having a capacitive glass touchscreen and running a specialized cooking and controlling app, such as an android tablet. A cooling system for the oven provides a reverse air flow cooling system that pulls air in from the top front of the oven rather than pushing it out.

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