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Illumination synchronizer

Illumination synchronizer

Date/App# patent app List of recent Hs-related patents
 Two-factor rotation input on a touchscreen device patent thumbnailnew patent Two-factor rotation input on a touchscreen device
An electronic device and method are provided for rotating an object displayed at or by the device. The object may be an entire displayed region of a display screen, such as a window, frame, or other region or subregion, or a block element or other type of content component such as an image or map.
 Systems and methods for mapping nodes of disconnected graphs patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for mapping nodes of disconnected graphs
A computer-implemented method of associating a node of a first graph with a node of a second graph, each of the first and second graphs comprise sets of nodes each corresponding to a physical entity having a physical geographic location and one or more node attributes associated therewith. The method includes identifying a subject node of the first graph, filtering out nodes of the second graph that are unrelated to the subject node of the first graph to identifying a first subset of candidate nodes, identifying one or more first level edge attributes associated with the subject node, the first level edge attributes characterizing a relationship between the subject node and first level nodes of the first graph adjacent to the subject node, and filtering out nodes of the first subset of candidate nodes having first level edge attributes that do not correspond to the one or more first level edge attributes associated with the subject node to identifying a second subset of candidate nodes..
 Enhanced replacement deck for draw poker patent thumbnailnew patent Enhanced replacement deck for draw poker
A method of playing a five-card draw video poker wagering game on a gaming device comprising at least a processor, input device and video monitor screen is disclosed. A special function provides the player with an opportunity to enhance the replacement deck with additional cards.
 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed. The present invention includes a wireless communication unit configured to perform a wireless communication, a touchscreen having a front output unit exposed from a front side of the touchscreen and at least one lateral output unit exposed from a lateral side of the touchscreen, and a controller, if an event occurs, controlling an object to be displayed on the lateral output unit to notify that the event occurs, the controller controls a detailed information on the event to be displayed through at least one of the front output unit and the lateral output unit in response to a input to the lateral output unit.
 Anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating composition, film comprising the same, method of coating the same and article coated with the same patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating composition, film comprising the same, method of coating the same and article coated with the same
Disclosed is an anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating composition for forming a multi-functional coating layer having both anti-bacterial functions and anti-fingerprint functions on surfaces of touchscreens provided in portable terminals such as cellular phones, of panels or the like, provided in display devices such as liquid crystal displays (lcds) or plasma display panels (pdps), by a dry deposition method.. .
 Illumination synchronizer patent thumbnailnew patent Illumination synchronizer
Methods and systems are provided for providing a selection of light conditions under which to view digitally depicted objects on a client device. For example, where website provides a digital color picture of an object, the invention provides selections on a display device to view the object in different simulated lighting conditions thereby enabling an object's color to be viewed as it will appear when illuminated under various light conditions.
 File format and system for distributed scene graphs patent thumbnailnew patent File format and system for distributed scene graphs
A method, apparatus, system, and computer program product provide the ability to utilize a distributed scene graph. A database of hashes and corresponding location identifiers (for asset locations) is maintained.
 Touch stamp for portable terminal employing touchscreen, and authentication system and method using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Touch stamp for portable terminal employing touchscreen, and authentication system and method using the same
The present invention relates to a method for performing an authentication using a touch stamp which can perform a touch input operation for inputting a pattern that may not be easily directly inputted by a human to a portable terminal which supports multiple touches. The touch stamp of the present invention comprises: a body having one flat end in which one or more through holes are formed; and one or more touch protrusions accommodated in the body and selectively protruding outwardly from said one end of the body through the through holes according to a touch pattern having at least one of a preset time pattern and a preset location pattern.
 Touchscreen security user input interface patent thumbnailTouchscreen security user input interface
A touchscreen security interface for guiding a user in entering a “pattern-based password” (for example, a password based on one or more gestures of a fingertip or stylus). The touchscreen security interface can alternatively be displayed at multiple angular orientations which can make the password entry process more secure with respect to phenomena like grease attacks and shoulder surfing.
 Handhold electronic device and method for list item editing based on a touch screen patent thumbnailHandhold electronic device and method for list item editing based on a touch screen
Disclosed are handheld electronic device and a touchscreen-based list item editing method. The method comprises: transmitting a list editing interface comprising at least one list item to a display screen for display; detecting the touch event inputted on the touchscreen area corresponding to the list item; performing a list editing operation on the list item according to the touch event so as to generate a list item editing result, updating the list editing surface according to the list item editing result; transmitting the updated list editing interface to the display screen for display.
Shape writing ink trace prediction
Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of tools and techniques for providing one or more ink-trace predictions for shape writing. According to one exemplary technique, a portion of a shape-writing shape is received by a touchscreen.
Online dating danger prevention system
An online dating danger prevention system is disclosed. The online dating danger prevention system includes a database that holds information, including geo-location data and photographs, to make online dating safer.
Mechanism for managing online content on touchscreen devices in the flow of an online publication
An online content server includes a memory device for storing data and a processor in communication with the memory device. The processor is programmed to store dynamic online content and to receive a content request for displaying dynamic online content on a mobile computing device.
Mapping application with several user interfaces
Some embodiments provide a method, for a mobile device, for controlling an interactive communication system of a vehicle that includes a display screen. If the display screen is touch-sensitive, the method provides a first user interface display that includes a first map the presentation of which is modifiable with touch input received through the touch-sensitive screen.
On-site composition and aesthetics feedback through exemplars for photographers
A comprehensive system to enhance the aesthetic quality of the photographs captured by mobile consumers provides on-site composition and aesthetics feedback through retrieved examples. Composition feedback is qualitative in nature and responds by retrieving highly aesthetic exemplar images from the corpus which are similar in content and composition to the snapshot.
Method and system to detect and select best photographs
Disclosed is a software routine which determines which photographs in a corpus are similar, groups the similar photographs, and which then determines which photographs within a group meet criteria of “better” photographs.. .
Image module for a photo booth
The invention relates to a photo booth, among others, preferably for rentals and commercial promotions, which is intuitively used by the user, improves handling, connectivity, transport and the services offered and is formed by means of an image module with four multifunctional image areas which, in the working position, are aligned, allowing work to be carried out on each of said areas like work on the actual strip of photographs from a photo booth, from which four photos emerge.. .
Method and system for displaying imagery as a wallpaper on a computing device
A live wallpaper for a computing device is disclosed. The live wallpaper displays imagery from various image sources (e.g.
Movement of position indicator on touchscreen
Some embodiments provide a method that displays a document that includes several glyphs on a touch screen display. The method receives a touch input on the touch screen display to activate a zoom tool enabling location of a position indicator within a set of associated glyphs.
Combination cell phone and eyeglass case
A trim, compact combination case dedicated to storing a cell phone (or other small electronic device) and an accessible pair of eyeglasses is disclosed. The combination cell phone and eyeglass case includes a phone housing compartment and an adjacent eyeglass/storage compartment, which are configured to hold a cell phone and eyeglasses side by side.
System and method for drafting garment patterns
Systems and methods are provided for designing garments from software templates and a software toolkit, drafting garment patterns from body photographs and garment style drawings, and for creating adjustable pattern style drawings and for drafting garment patterns from the pattern style drawings. The garment patterns are adjusted by measurements from two-dimensional images and body part circumferences of a three-dimensional body.
Systems and methods for finding concurrency errors
Systems and methods for detecting concurrency bugs are provided. In some embodiments, context-aware communication graphs that represent inter-thread communication are collected during test runs, and may be labeled according to whether the test run was correct or failed.
Equivalence checking using structural analysis on data flow graphs
A design is verified by using equivalence checking to compare a word-level description of the design to a bit-level description of the design. A word-level data flow graph (dfg) based on the word-level description and a bit-level dfg is obtained.
Apparatus and method for manipulating the orientation of an object on a display device
A method of manipulating a three-dimensional object displays a first view of a three-dimensional object on a touchscreen. The touchscreen has three-dimensional views associated with at least one pre-specified visually undelineated portion of the touchscreen.
Sensing user input to change attributes of rendered content
A device such as an electronic book reader stores content and a setting for an attribute of the content. When the content is rendered on a display screen of the device, the rendered content is formatted based on the setting.
Method and apparatus for displaying images in touchscreen-based devices
A method for displaying an image is provided, the method including: displaying, on a touchscreen of an electronic device, a plurality of items; selecting a first item from the plurality in response to an input received at the electronic device; detecting whether a condition for displaying an auxiliary area is satisfied; and responsive to the condition being satisfied, displaying the auxiliary area on the touchscreen.. .
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are provided. If a screen of a touchscreen is locked, at least communication-connectable external device is automatically found and the found external device is displayed on the locked screen.
Providing out-of-dictionary indicators for shape writing
Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of tools and techniques for providing out-of-dictionary indicators for shape writing. According to one exemplary technique, a first shape-writing shape is received by a touchscreen and a failed recognition event is determined to have occurred for the first shape-writing shape.
Security system with networked touchscreen
An integrated security system integrates broadband and mobile access and control with conventional security systems and premise devices to provide a tri-mode security network that with remote connectivity and access. The integrated security system includes a touchscreen providing security keypad functionality as well as content management and presentation, and is used as a security system interface and an interface for interacting with a network.
Automatic isolation and selection of screenshots from an electronic content repository
Automatic isolation of screenshots from other captured content items stored in an electronic content repository is provided. When a screen capture is performed on an electronic device, such as a smartphone, screen resolution information for the capturing device is stored with the captured content item (e.g., screenshot).
Tap and hold
When a user taps and holds a selection on a touchscreen display, such as a “buy” button, an action occurs. Subsequently, when the user releases the button (or performs some other action), another action initiates or occurs.
Quantum bits and methods of forming the same
A josephson junction (jj) quantum bit (qubits) arranged on a substrate is provided. In one embodiment, each qubit comprises a dielectric layer, a superconductor base layer portion underlying the dielectric layer and a first dielectric diffused region adjacent a dielectric layer/superconductor base layer portion junction.
Apparatus, method and article to monitor gameplay using augmented reality
A portable computing system acquires images representative of a gaming environment (e.g., a gaming table and game participants) and provides augmented reality images including player personal and financial information and/or game or employee related information. The portable computing system can include a tablet form factor computing system having a touchscreen display.
Character battle system controlled by user's flick motion
A turn-based battle video game that utilizes a touchscreen to receive inputs from a user. An environment and first character are displayed.
Cell phone case with templates for photograph collage or melange
A protective case for an electronic device comprises a main frame with clear display panel as collage template to be able to display photographs and/or artworks. In one embodiment, the clear display panel is removable and interchangeable; so that the user has the flexibility of changing to a different display panel which serves as the collage template, therefore, the user is able to display their favorite photographs and/or artworks at their own convenience..
Evaluating image sharpness
A system may be configured to calculate and use image sharpness results. In some example embodiments, a content-aware image sharpness evaluation scheme is implemented by the system to calculate the degree of sharpness or blur of photographs taken of objects of interest.
Recognition dictionary creation apparatus and method for creating recognition dictionary by the same
A recognition dictionary creation apparatus photographs a commodity by an image capturing section to capture the image of the commodity; measures a distance from the image capturing section to the commodity photographed by the image capturing section; generates a quasi-commodity-image in a state in which the commodity is imaginarily moved away from the image capturing section to a given registration distance longer than the measurement distance based on the image of the commodity photographed by the image capturing section; extracts an appearance feature amount of the commodity from the generated quasi-commodity-image; and registers, in a recognition dictionary in association with the registration distance data, the extracted appearance feature amount as the feature amount data of the photographed commodity at the registration distance to create the recognition dictionary.. .
Classification of scanned hardcopy media
A method for automatically classifying scanned hardcopy media based on its physical size. The hardcopy media is classified as a photograph if the determined physical size matches a common physical sizes for photographs to within a predetermined tolerance, and is classified as a document if the determined physical size matches one of the common physical sizes for documents to within a predetermined tolerance.
System and method for automatic format selection for digital photographs
A system and method for automatically determine whether an image captured by a digital camera should be stored in a raw format or a compressed format. After an image is captured by the digital camera, the digital camera checks certain sets of characteristics of the captured image to check the image quality.
System and method for adding scale to photographic images
The system and method for applying a scale to a digital photograph. The system and method of applying a scale to a digital photograph providing standardized, scaled images for medical records without breaking the sterile field.
Distributed k-core view materialization and maintenance for graphs
Large graph data in many application domains dynamically changes with vertices and edges inserted and deleted over time. The problem of identifying and maintaining densely connected regions in the graph thus becomes a challenge.
Touchscreen response method and terminal
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a touchscreen response method and a terminal, the method includes: acquiring center point coordinates of a touch when a touchscreen receives a touch operation; adjusting the center point coordinates of the touch according to a mode of a terminal and a gradient of the touchscreen; and responding to the touch operation according to the adjusted center point coordinates. The method may enable a touchscreen response to the touch operation of a user to meet the actually intended use of the user, increase the accuracy of touch response, improve user touch experience, and enable the terminal to be more intelligent..
Error injection into the leaf functions of call graphs
A computer identifies a target for an injection of an error. The computer monitors the call graph, of a program being tested, for instances of the target.
Method for processing input and electronic device thereof
A method employed by an electronic device determines a state of the electronic device in a hover input mode. The state comprises at least one of, (a) an orientation of the electronic device and (b) finger locations of a grip holding the electronic device.
Split-screen display method and apparatus, and electronic device thereof
A split-screen display method and apparatus, and an electronic device thereof. A horizontal slide signal along a touchscreen or a vertical slide signal along the touchscreen entered by using the touchscreen is obtained; a current display area of the touchscreen is divided, according to the horizontal slide signal, into at least two display windows arranged up and down, or a current display area of the touchscreen is divided, according to the vertical slide signal, into at least two display windows arranged side by side, thereby implementing that multiple application programs are simultaneously displayed on a screen up and down or side by side, and a user does not need to frequently switch between programs, which facilitates user operations..
Patient monitoring system user interface
A graphical user interface is rendered in a display of a patient monitoring system having a touchscreen interface that also includes or is coupled to at least one sensor monitoring one or more physiological parameters of a patient. The graphical user interface displays at least one waveform derived from the at least one sensor with each waveform having a temporal dimension extending along an x-axis and a value dimension extending along a y-axis and with the values of the waveform varying over time.
Systems and methods that utilize scalable vector graphics to provide web-based visualization of a device
The present invention relates to systems and methods that employ scalable vector graphics (svg) to view and effectuate an industrial device from a remote web interface. The systems and methods can be utilized to retrieve an svg xml markup language-based file associated with the device and execute the svg file via basic ascii drawing commands.
Minimum cut set evaluation system, minimum cut set calculation method, and program
The present invention is a minimum cut set calculation system for calculating minimum cut sets of a fault tree with binary decision diagram (bdd), comprising: subtracting means for, from one of two sub-bdds of an input bdd, removing redundant paths included in the other sub-bdd using a recursive function comprised of a recursive case and a base case, wherein said subtracting means comprises equivalence removing means for, when said two sub-bdds are equivalent, outputting a terminal node 0 in said base case.. .
Method and electronic device for bringing a primary processor out of sleep mode
A method performed by an adjunct processor of a device for bringing a primary processor of the device out of a sleep mode includes monitoring a touchscreen of the device for a first continuous gesture. The method also includes sending, by the adjunct processor to the primary processor upon detecting the first continuous gesture, an initial awake command signal to awaken the primary processor from the sleep mode to initiate a primary processor awake sequence.
Simplification of large networks and graphs
Embodiments relate to simplifying large and complex networks and graphs using global connectivity information based on calculated node centralities. An aspect includes calculating node centralities of a graph until a designated number of central nodes are detected.
System and method for facilitating transactions as conversations between participants
A computer-implemented system keeps records of communications between participants as a conversation. All communications between participants in a transaction are stored as part of the conversation including documents, photographs, forms etc.
Calculating node centralities in large networks and graphs
Embodiments related to calculating node centralities in large and complex networks and graphs. An aspect includes approximating a product of a matrix exponential and a random probe vector of an adjacency matrix, wherein the adjacency matrix represents a graph.
Calculating node centralities in large networks and graphs
Embodiments related to calculating node centralities in large and complex networks and graphs. An aspect includes approximating a product of a matrix exponential and a random probe vector of an adjacency matrix, wherein the adjacency matrix represents a graph.
Simplification of large networks and graphs
Embodiments relate to simplifying large and complex networks and graphs using global connectivity information based on calculated node centralities. An aspect includes calculating node centralities of a graph until a designated number of central nodes are detected.
Overlapping community detection in weighted graphs
The disclosure includes a system and method for detecting communities in a weighted graph. The community detection module includes a tagset data aggregator, a counts statistics engine, a weighted graph generator, a coherence engine, a community detector and a tag recommendation engine.
Method and system for providing information from a patient-specific model of blood flow
Embodiments include a system for providing blood flow information for a patient. The system may include at least one computer system including a touchscreen.
Test body and method for checking the transmission properties of volume tomographs
The invention relates to a test body for checking the transmission properties of volume tomographs, in particular radiological tomographs, which comprises several plates (2) that are connected to form a stack, in which adjacent plates (2) contact each other and said body comprises spheres (4) made of at least one material that is different from the plates (2) and having different diameters, wherein the respective spheres (4) are arranged in and/or between at least some of the plates (2), and wherein on/in the test body, preferably in the stack, at least one rod-shaped hollow profile, in particular at least one pipe having a circular cross section, is arranged. The invention further relates to a method for checking the transmission properties of a tomograph using such a test body (1)..
360 degree photobooth kiosk
The present invention relates to a kiosk design for an advanced photographic system. More specifically, the present invention relates to a self-contained, automated photobooth kiosk.
System and method for generating a representative computerized display of a user's interactions with a touchscreen based hand held device on a gazed-at screen
A system and method of interacting with a smartphone application displayed over a remote display gazed at by a user including a normal mode of operation which may be the default, a hovering mode of operation which may be triggered by a trigger event, and a release event which reverts from hovering mode to normal mode. An enhanced hovering ability is typically provided while hovering, in that a predetermined set of operative gestures is enabled, such that a range of predetermined gestures is available for operating purposes while hovering..
Touchscreen with a light modulator
A device with a touchscreen with a light modulator is disclosed herein. The device transitions from a netbook mode to a touchscreen mode.
Food service articles bearing decorative markings, images and/or custom content and method therefor
A plastic food service article bearing a decorative mark or image and method therefor is disclosed. The method includes providing an article made from a colored plastic such as polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, pet, pla, abs, etc., that discolors when irradiated with a laser beam; applying a laser beam to cause localized surface discoloration; and controlling the deflection and amplitude of the beam to form a surface decoration and/or image.
Monitoring apparatus and a printing apparatus
A monitoring apparatus is provided to monitor an amount of a liquid discharged from a nozzle. The monitoring apparatus includes a discharge case.
Remoting or localizing touch gestures at a virtualization client agent
Aspects of the present disclosure are directed towards responding to a touch gesture at a touch-enabled computing device. An interface control element may be presented at a first computing environment provided by a computing device.
Sequential logic sensitization from structural description
A method of sensitizing a sequential circuit is described. This sensitizing generates stimuli to drive any circuit output to a predetermined value or transition.
Systems and methods for efficient contours and gating in flow cytometry
Methods and systems for efficient contour and gating in flow cytometry are provided. Event data is compressed to reduce the number of points needed to represent polygon contours for the event data.
Glass articles/materials for use as touchscreen substrates
The present disclosure relates to glass articles for use as a touchscreen substrate for use in a portable electronic device, particularly comprising an alkali-free aluminosilicate glass exhibiting a high damage threshold of at least 1000 gf, as measured by the lack of the presence of median/radial cracks when a load is applied to the glass using a vickers indenter, a scratch resistance of at least 900 gf, as measured by the lack of the presence of lateral cracks when a load is applied by a moving knoop indenter and a linear coefficient of thermal expansion (cte) over the temperature range 0-300° c. Which satisfies the relationship: 25×10-7/° c.≦cte≦40×10-7/° c..
Touchscreen device and methods for use in detection of microrna
A method and sensor for detecting the presence of specific target nucleic acids uses a biosensor comprising an array of single stranded probe oligonucleotides, wherein one end of each probe oligonucleotide is linked to a label and the other end of each probe oligonucleotide is attached to an electrode of a solid support. The method includes determining the capacitance at one or more of the electrodes, where a change in the capacitance of the one or more electrodes indicates the presence of target nucleic acid complementary to the single stranded oligonucleotide probe..
Graphical user interface for efficiently visualizing multiple messages of different severities in a tabular format
A technique is provided for a graphical user interface on a computer. The technique includes receiving messages individually corresponding to resources being monitored, displaying rows in a table, and generating bar graphs of the messages respectively corresponding to the resources in the rows.
Lighting control system, arrangement registering method, and recording medium storing arrangement registering program
According to one embodiment, there is provided a lighting control system including an integral control unit capable of a control; a mobile terminal which photographs a plurality of lighting apparatuses among a plurality of lighting apparatuses as a photographing range; and a control unit which performs a first process of obtaining an association between an image portion of the lighting apparatus in a photographed image and an arranging position on a layout drawing; a second process which obtains a correspondence between the lighting apparatuses which are sequentially turned on and the lighting apparatuses on the layout drawing; and a third process in which each address corresponding to the lighting apparatuses which are arranged on the layout drawing is caused to correspond with each id information of the plurality of lighting apparatuses.. .
System for automatic image association
Methods and systems for improving a photography business are disclosed, comprising, in an embodiment, taking a photograph of a coded component together with a series of photographs for the client. The coded component comprises human-readable information and is provided to the client for access to the photographs.
Symbol-based digital ink analysis
Techniques are described for automatically performing application-specific actions based on global pre-defined symbols entered using digital ink. For example, a computing device supporting digital ink input can receive digital ink content from a user (e.g., via a digitizer and/or touchscreen), process the digital ink input to recognize text and/or graphical content, determine whether global pre-defined symbols are present in the recognized text and/or graphical content, and perform application-specific actions associated with the global pre-defined symbols that are present.
Method and assembly for displaying menu options
An interactive ordering apparatus includes a processor and a memory. The memory is configured to store instructions and data.
Mobile terminal, controlling method thereof, and recording medium thereof
A touchscreen displays an edit region for writing a message to transmit to at least one counterpart and an attach region for displaying an attachment file attached to the message. While a multimedia file is displayed on the attach region by being set as the attachment file of the message, and if the multimedia file displayed on the attach region is touched and dragged to the edit region, the controller controls the multimedia file to be displayed in a manner of being inserted in the edit region.
Logic processing apparatus and logic processing method for composite graphs in fixed layout document
A logic process apparatus for composite graphs in a fixed layout document is provided in this invention, comprising: a composite graph block extraction unit, for extracting composite graph blocks from the fixed layout document; a document parsing unit, for parsing the fixed layout document to obtain text primitives contained therein; a legend primitive extraction unit, for extracting legend primitives from the text primitives; a correlation detection unit, for detecting correlations between the composite graph blocks and the legend primitives; a correlation storage unit, for storing the detected correlations. A logic process method for composite graphs in a fixed layout document is also provided..
Indexed natural language processing
A method and computer program product for implementing indexed natural language processing are disclosed. Source document features including but not limited to terms, punctuation, parts-of-speech, phrases (including the syntactic types of the phrases), dependent clauses (including the syntactic types of the dependent clauses), independent clauses (including the syntactic types of the independent clauses), sentences, paragraphs, labeled document sections and document type and cognitive grammar constraints on the scope of influence and binding for the same are entered into an index by their begin and end byte offsets (or some alternative indexing method).
System and method for identifying offline consumer interests for online personalization by leveraging multimedia inputs
A system, method and computer implemented program product for enabling a user to retrieve information from a telecommunication network. The system, in accordance with the present invention comprises a handheld device, using which multimedia inputs, typically photographs of objects of interest could be captured.
Universal electronic payment apparatuses, methods and systems
The universal electronic payment apparatus, methods and systems (“uep”) transform touchscreen inputs into a virtual wallet mobile application interface via uep components into purchase transaction triggers and receipt notices. In one implementation the uep provides, via a user device, a product information search request; and obtains, in response to the product information search request, information on a first product for sale by a first merchant and a second product for sale by a second merchant.
Considering social information in generating recommendations
Transaction data is obtained from sellers. The data identifies individuals and products or items that they have purchased from the sellers.

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