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Automated task definitions

Nuance Communications

Automated task definitions

Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

Lg Electronics

Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

King Show Games

Icon selection and activation in gaming devices

Date/App# patent app List of recent Hs-related patents
 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof patent thumbnailMobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, which facilitates a terminal to be used in further consideration of user's convenience. The present invention includes a first camera, a second camera, a touchscreen, and a controller, if the first and second cameras are activated, outputting a first preview screen for the first camera through the touchscreen, the controller outputting a second preview screen for the second camera to a prescribed region having a first shape in the outputted first preview screen, the controller changing the first shape into a second shape based on an image received through at least one of the first camera and the second camera.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Automated task definitions patent thumbnailAutomated task definitions
Task analysis of an interactive communication system (ics) can be performed manually. Manual task analysis is costly and time-consuming process.
Nuance Communications, Inc.

 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof patent thumbnailMobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which the mobile terminal can operate based on a voice command. The present invention includes a wireless communication unit configured to perform a wireless communication, a microphone configured to receive sound, a touchscreen configured to receive a touch input, and a controller configured to if the touchscreen is touched with a pointer, control the microphone to be activated while the touchscreen is touched with the pointer, set a target indicated by a first user voice received via the microphone, and if the pointer is released from the touchscreen or dragged to move in a first direction, control the target to be processed on a specific application..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Icon selection and activation in gaming devices patent thumbnailIcon selection and activation in gaming devices
Embodiments of the present invention set forth systems, apparatuses and methods for the selection of a game icon and activation of the game icon in gaming devices. Accordingly, a gaming device can be configured to provide a selection process for features related to a gaming icon, as well as providing activation characteristics for the icon associated with received activation signals from player inputs.
King Show Games, Inc.

 Augmented reality virtual content platform apparatuses, methods and systems patent thumbnailAugmented reality virtual content platform apparatuses, methods and systems
The augmented reality virtual content platform apparatuses, methods and systems (“arv”) provides a photo driven ad-platform that transforms digital media placements into immersive and immediately shareable brand-consumer engagements via gps-linked virtual photo components instantiated on a user mobile device. Within embodiments, users may create and share photographs augmented with brands or other images and accompanying messages on various social networks using their smartphones or tablets to earn rewards.
Goldrun Corporation

 Image generating apparatus and image generating method patent thumbnailImage generating apparatus and image generating method
An image generating apparatus includes an imaging device that photographs a user to generate a photographed image, and a control device that performs a process of compositing an image for composition with the photographed image. The control device detects a plurality of parts of a body of the user from the photographed image, adjusts the image for composition in size, position, and direction depending on a size, a position, and a direction of each of the plurality of the detected parts, and composites the image for composition with the photographed image with the adjusted size, at the adjusted position, and in the adjusted direction..
Furyu Corporation

 Commodity reading apparatus, sales data processing apparatus having the same and  recognizing commodity patent thumbnailCommodity reading apparatus, sales data processing apparatus having the same and recognizing commodity
In accordance with one embodiment, a commodity reading apparatus comprises an image capturing section, an extraction module, a measurement module, a determination module and an identification module. The image capturing section photographs a commodity to capture an image of the commodity.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

 Systems and methods for analytic data gathering from image providers at an event or geographic location patent thumbnailSystems and methods for analytic data gathering from image providers at an event or geographic location
The invention relates to a system and method of gathering and analyzing data from device operators aiming their image capture devices and thereby creating a line of sight to an object of interest, for example through the process of obtaining photographs, videos or other digital images of an event or geographical location, where the real-time or embedded location, compass heading, and time data from each of a plurality of image providers are communicated from the plurality of image-capture devices to one or more servers for statistical analysis of the proportionate amount of providers focusing on each image target or sub-target at the event or location.. .
Kba2 Inc.

 Moving object detection method patent thumbnailMoving object detection method
When correction values are respectively determined for noise components of “offset component of ccd element”, “gradation component of background light” and “offset component of optical system”, the pixel values including as less of these noise components as possible are evaluated. The evaluated pixel values include a noise component of “thermal noise plus readout noise component” which is superposed onto the pixel values.
Ihi Corporation

 Integrating linked data with relational data patent thumbnailIntegrating linked data with relational data
A method, system, and computer program product for accessing a sparql endpoint that is specified from within a sql database query language statement. A method embodiment receives a sql database query language statement that is then parsed in order to identify the locations of one or more sparql endpoints to be accessed.
Oracle International Corporation


Consuming data on a touchscreen device

System and computer program product to consume data on a mobile device. Data records are outputted according to a columnar or row orientation in a first panel of an application.
International Business Machines Corporation


Processing a hover event on a touchscreen device

A system and method for processing a hover event on a touchscreen device includes obtaining web page data on the touchscreen device. Content corresponding to the web page data is displayed on a touchscreen of the touchscreen device.
Google Inc.


Tracking user interactions with a mobile ui to facilitate ui optimizations

The disclosed embodiments relate to a system for tracking and analyzing user interactions with a mobile user interface (ui). During operation, the system collects data while a user interacts with the mobile ui through a touchscreen, wherein the data includes tap-attempt data that specifies coordinates for touchscreen locations that the user has tapped while interacting with the mobile ui.
Linkedln Corporation


Consuming data on a touchscreen device

System and computer program product to consume data on a mobile device. Data records are outputted according to a columnar or row orientation in a first panel of an application.
International Business Machines Corporation


Graphical drawing object management methods and apparatus

A system, method, and apparatus for managing the drawing of graphical objects are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a touchscreen interface configured to receive at least one gesture from a user on a touchscreen of a client device.
Skribb.it Inc.


Automated return shopping cart

An automated return shopping cart for enabling a shopping cart to sense when it is not in use and automatically return itself to a cart corral area when it is not in use. The automated return shopping cart comprises a conventional shopping cart modified to include an automation component, which includes the programmable logic controller, a rechargeable battery, the powertrain components, and brakes, interconnected with a gps component, object sensors, activity sensors, two docking ports, a touchscreen, and a wifi component.


Guiding method and guiding system

A commodity layout database (101) retains commodity arrangement information in which a plurality of kinds of commodity identification information for identifying a plurality of commodities arranged indoors and indoor arrangement positions of the plurality of commodities are associated with each other. A photographing unit (201) photographs the periphery of an indoor.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Mapping touchscreen gestures to ergonomic controls across application scenes

A technique of implementing on-screen gestures associated with a software application comprises receiving a first control input that relates to a first scene associated with the software application, translating the first control input into a first set of instructions based on a first mapping, and providing the first set of instructions to an operating system that includes the first set of instructions in the software application, receiving a second control input that relates to a second scene associated with the software application, translating the second control input into a second set of instructions based on a second mapping, and providing the second set of instructions to the operating system, wherein the operating system is configured to include the second set of instructions in the software application.. .
Nvidia Corporation


Laser treatment apparatus

Safety of ophthalmologic laser treatment is improved. A laser treatment apparatus of an embodiment includes: a photographing system that photographs an eye; an irradiation system that irradiates aiming light of a preset pattern and treatment laser light onto a fundus of the eye; an irradiation-pattern determining part that determines an irradiation pattern of the treatment laser light based on a photograph image of the eye acquired by the photographing system and the preset pattern; and a controller that controls the irradiation system so as to irradiate the treatment laser light of the determined irradiation pattern..
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon


Systems and methods for determining blood oxygen saturation values using complex number encoding

The disclosure includes pulse oximetry systems and methods for determining point-by-point saturation values by encoding photoplethysmographs in the complex domain and processing the complex signals. The systems filter motion artifacts and other noise using a variety of techniques, including statistical analysis such as correlation, or phase filtering..
Cercacor Laboratories, Inc.


Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

Disclosed are a mobile terminal and controlling method thereof, including wireless communication unit configured to transceive mails, touchscreen configured to display at least one first mail previously received through the wireless communication unit, and controller, when a command for a reply or forwarding of the displayed first mail is inputted, displaying a composing window of a second mail including the first mail, the controller, when at least one mail address information included in at least one original text in the first mail is selected from the composing window, automatically setting a mail address matching the selected mail address information as a recipient or carbon copy mail address of the second mail. Accordingly, when a mail address of a recipient or carbon copy of a replied or forwarded mail for a received mail, the mail address can be conveniently set using mail address information included in the received mail..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Sponsoring brands detected in user-generated social networking content

A social networking system identifies user-generated content that can be sponsored to social networking system users based on compensation received from advertisers. Such user-generated content includes photographs, videos, audio files, and so on, that contain advertisable or promotional information such as brands, trademark names, logos, identifiers for product makes or models, or product names that an advertiser may wish to promote.
Facebook, Inc.


System and targeted advertising and promotions using tabletop display devices

In one embodiment, a system includes a plurality of table-top display devices for displaying advertising content associated with advertiser to patrons of a business establishment. Each of the plurality of table-top display devices includes a display screen configured to display the advertising content, a data storage configured to store content data that defines the advertising or promotional content, and a control unit configured to access the content data in the data storage and control the display of the advertising content on the display screen.
Display Points Technologies, Inc.


Classifying device, classifying program, and operating classifying device

When each pixel forming image data is classified into one of n labels (where n>2) which are ordered from 0 to n−1, a binary graph setting unit sets a binary graph where the i-th layer i is a boundary between the label i−1 and the label i of the n labels, a class to which a label equal to or higher than i is assigned corresponds to a virtual label 0, and a class to which a label equal to or smaller than i−1 is assigned corresponds to a virtual label 1, a layer-by-layer labeling unit performs a graph cut operation on the binary graph of each layer, and then a label determining unit determines which of the n labels each pixel belongs to based on the virtual labels assigned to all the binary graphs.. .
Fujifim Corporation


Text display method and apparatus of electronic device

A text display method and an apparatus for displaying information on an electronic device are provided. The text display method includes acquiring a text document including a plurality of paragraphs, calculating text lengths of each of the plurality of paragraphs, and displaying parts of texts of each of the plurality of paragraphs as single lines based on the calculated text lengths in order..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Combined branch target and predicate prediction

Embodiments provide methods, apparatus, systems, and computer readable media associated with predicting predicates and branch targets during execution of programs using combined branch target and predicate predictions. The predictions may be made using one or more prediction control flow graphs which represent predicates in instruction blocks and branches between blocks in a program.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System


Electronic content visual comparison apparatus and method

Methods and apparatus are presented for visual comparison of different portions of one or more source documents to emulate a paper folding gesture experience in a user device, in which the user uses a mouse or finger in a touchscreen device to circle two or more portions of interest in the same or separate source documents, and provides a different user input such as a pinch motion or zoom in feature to display the selected regions proximate one another for visual comparison.. .
Xerox Corporation


Three-dimensional touchscreen

A display system that enables selecting a real object located in front of a user is disclosed. The display system can be utilized in mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, and hmds.


Multipoint touchscreen

A touch panel having a transparent capacitive sensing medium configured to detect multiple touches or near touches that occur at the same time and at distinct locations in the plane of the touch panel and to produce distinct signals representative of the location of the touches on the plane of the touch panel for each of the multiple touches is disclosed.. .
Apple Inc.


Input means for a touchscreen

In some embodiments, an input means is provided, comprising an electrically nonconductive substrate, an electrically conductive area that is present on the substrate, an electrical conductor track, a control unit for electrically interconnecting the electrical areas and an energy source. In some embodiments, a system is provided, comprising an input means and a touchscreen..
Touchpac Holdings, Llc


Method for controlling the driving of a big rig and drive control system

A method for remotely controlling a big rig comprises a tractor unit and one or more trailers coupled to the tractor unit, wherein the tractor unit comprises a drive train which can be electronically actuated by control means of the tractor unit and by way of which the tractor unit can be driven automatically. The control means of the tractor unit have a wireless communication link to a touchscreen device so that automatic driving of the big rig can be remotely controlled by way of the touchscreen device during which at least one articulation angle between a longitudinal axis of the tractor unit and a longitudinal axis of the trailer is continuously regulated..
Zf Lenksysteme Gmbh


Method for controlling the driving of a motor vehicle and drive control system

A method for remotely controlling a motor vehicle, wherein the motor vehicle comprises a steering system and a drive train, which can both be electronically actuated by control means of the motor vehicle and by way of which the motor vehicle can be driven automatically. The control means of the motor vehicle have a wireless communication link to the touchscreen device so that automatic driving of the motor vehicle can be remotely controlled by way of the touchscreen device..
Zf Lenksysteme Gmbh


Startscreen diagnostics

The sensors of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device is used to record user actions during attempts to unlock the device. The touch-sensitive surface of a smartphone or other touchscreen, accelerometer, magnetometer, inclinometer, gyro, gps, camera, and microphone may amongst other sensors be used to record user responses to a login challenge.


Apparatus and epg sorting and automatic realignment

In various example embodiments, a system and method for electronic program guide (epg) sorting and automatic realignment is provided. In example embodiments, a graphical user interface having an epg including a plurality of rows of thumbnails representing programs is presented on a device of a user.
Opentv, Inc.


Smartphone infant monitor

A smartphone infant monitor comprising a monitor, where the monitor includes a housing positioned near a child; a camera lens on the monitor; a touchscreen on a front face of the monitor, where the touchscreen displays an image and operates a plurality of functions associated with the monitor; a signal sent from the monitor to a smartphone, where the signal provides two way communication between the monitor and the smartphone; an interface screen displayed on the smartphone, where the interface screen enables the user to operate a plurality of functions on the monitor; and a securing means attached to a backside of the housing, where the securing means positions the monitor at a desired location near the child.. .


Method and system for distributed collection and distribution of photographs

Methods and systems crowdsourcing collection and distribution of photographs. A network of computing devices communicates with a content storage and client computing devices operated by users.
Snapcious Llc


Dendritic metal structures, methods for making dendritic metal structures, and devices including them

The present invention relates generally to dendritic metal structures and devices including them. The present invention also relates particularly to methods for making dendritic metal structures without the use of solid electrolyte materials.


Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

A mobile terminal including a camera; a touchscreen; and a controller configured to start recording a video through the camera, display an editing region on the currently recording video including a time axis for a previously recorded part of the currently recording video and a plurality of thumbnail images listed on the time axis, receive an input of selecting a first point in the editing region for selecting a first portion of the previously recorded part while the video is currently being recorded, and overwrite the first portion of the previously recorded part with video currently being recorded.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Information processing apparatus, store recognizing object

In accordance with one embodiment, an information processing apparatus comprises an image acquisition module, a detection module, a determination module and a display control module. The image acquisition module acquires an image captured by an image capturing section which photographs an object held to the image capturing section.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for electronic transfer of money

A payment method for electronic transfers of money is disclosed wherein a payment facilitator is employed to identify payer and payee and provide instructions on payer's behalf to transfer funds from payer's account to payee's account. Either or both payer and payee may be members of the payment facilitator system so that their information is available to direct electronic transfer of funds in real-time from payer to payee.


Portable apparatus and connecting to external apparatus

Provided are a portable apparatus and a method of connecting the portable apparatus to an external apparatus. The portable apparatus includes a communicator, a storage configured to store a connection unlock pattern and an external apparatus connection information, a touchscreen configured to display a lock screen; and a controller configured to control communicator, the storage, and the touchscreen.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Soft keyboard with keypress markers

Disclosed herein are technologies that improve user interaction when using a soft keyboard of a touchscreen device (e.g., a smartphone or tablet computer). More particularly, the technologies described herein provide feedback to a user regarding keypress accuracy on a soft keyboard of a touchscreen device.


Touchscreen device operation

The invention discloses a method and apparatus for executing predetermined device functions on devices having touch-sensitive displays. The user executes a certain function by first moving the point of contact of a finger or stylus with a touch-sensitive display generally away from the initial points of contact, and then move the point of contact back toward the initial point of contact.


Probabilistic latency modeling

Touchscreen testing techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a piece of conductor (e.g., metal) is positioned as proximal to a touchscreen device and the touchscreen device is tested by simulating a touch of a user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method and device for displaying character on touchscreen

Disclosed are a method and device for displaying a character on a touchscreen. The method comprises: when it is detected that a time period during which the user touches an area, where a character is displayed, on the touchscreen exceeds a preset time threshold, a shaded area formed when the user touches the touchscreen is determined; at least one shaded character in the shaded area is acquired, and independently displayed and enlarged on a preset enlargement area excluding the shaded area on the touchscreen; and the touch of the user on the preset enlargement area is detected, and locating and selecting is performed on the at least one character in the shaded area according to the detected touch..
Zte Corporation


System and altering interactive element placement based around damaged regions on a touchscreen device

An apparatus for avoiding a damaged region on a touchscreen is disclosed. A method and a computer program product also perform the functions of the apparatus.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Touchscreen device and controlling the same

A touchscreen device may include: a panel unit, a driving circuit unit, a sensing circuit unit and a control unit. The control unit may apply a driving signal to a first node capacitor formed at an intersection between a first and a first one of the plurality of sensing electrodes and calibrate gains of the plurality of converter circuit units.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Wireless touchscreen device for desktop computer

A wireless touchscreen device for use with a desktop computer comprising a housing, where the housing includes an edging; a touchscreen on a front face the housing, where the touchscreen is surrounded by the edging; a base connected to the desktop computer, where the base is connected to the desktop computer with a video cable, and where the base wirelessly relays a video signal from the desktop computer to the housing; a platform at a bottom portion of the base, where the platform includes a plurality of ports to enable connection to a plurality of accessories; and a stand extending from the base, where the stand provides a rest for the housing, and where the housing is detachable from the stand for use as a tablet device.. .


Hardware keyboard for display keyboard

A keyboard module for use with touchscreen displays may provide more than one function associated with one or more keys. Activation of touchscreen keys may be triggered by providing detection of more than one contact type for a key.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Protective case with keyboard for portable electronic device

A protective case for a tablet device having a back face and a front face, a touchscreen on its front face, and one or more control buttons and ports on its perimeter walls. The case comprises a shell having front and back sides wherein the front side is configured to receive and retain the tablet device while providing user access to the touchscreen and user access to one or more of the control buttons, said shell including a back wall that is configured to cover at least a portion of the back face of the tablet.
Incipio Technologies, Inc.


Support device and system for article picking work

The invention relates to a device that supports work of picking an article from a warehouse and the like, which allows the picking work to be carried out accurately and quickly. The device includes: a camera (20) that photographs an automatically-readable identifier (10) that is attached to a storage location of an article; an information processing unit (40) that detects the identifier from an image photographed by the camera and processes the image of the identifier; and a display (50) that displays information such as image information and text information.
M. Soft Co., Ltd.


Optometry apparatus controller, optometry system, and storage medium having optometry apparatus program stored therein

In an optometry apparatus controller provided in an electric optometry apparatus including an optical element disposed in front of an examinee's eye and a switch mechanism that electrically switches the optical element, for instructing the switching of the optical element, the controller includes a touchscreen configured to display an operation screen for operating the electric optometry apparatus main body, displays, as the operation screen, a graphic image of a manual optometry apparatus as viewed from an operator side, the manual optometry apparatus including a plurality of operating units and being configured to switch the optical element disposed in front of the eye by an operation with respect to the operating units, and outputs a control signal to the electric optometry apparatus main body based on a touch input with respect to the graphic image on the touchscreen.. .
Nidek Co., Ltd.


Method, device and system for improving the quality of photographs

Disclosed herein are a method, system and device for improving the quality of photographs taken by a photo camera user. They provide, in real time, a continuous and customized auditory quality feedback to the user for an image displayed by the camera in the viewfinder, to help the user to decide whether to take a photograph or not for said image (that is, the photograph for said image has not been taken by the user yet).
Telefonica Digital EspaÑa, S.l.u.


Systems and methods for fabrication of superconducting integrated circuits

Various techniques and apparatus permit fabrication of superconductive circuits and structures, for instance josephson junctions, which may, for example be useful in quantum computers. For instance, a low magnetic flux noise trilayer structure may be fabricated having a dielectric structure or layer interposed between two elements or layers capable of superconducting.
D-wave Systems Inc.


Robust graph representation and matching of retina images

A numerical parameter indicative of the degree of match between two retina images is produced by comparing two graphs obtained from the respective images. Each graph is composed of edges and vertices.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research


Concealing sensitive patterns from linked data graphs

A method, system and computer program product for preventing sensitive pattern disclosures from linked data graphs. The proposed method (i) receives as input a linked data graph and a set of query patterns that correspond to sensitive knowledge that needs to be concealed, and (b) minimally distorts the linked data graph to generate a sanitized counterpart (graph) in which only the non-sensitive patterns can be discovered.
International Business Machines Corporation


Biometric access system

One or more biometric templates can be stored for a user. The user can access a verification system by scanning biometric data, such as a fingerprint or iris scan, into a biometric reader.
Digit Security, Llc


Cardinality estimation using spanning trees

A system, computer-implemented method, and computer-program product embodiments for determining a cardinality estimate for a query. A cardinality estimator identifies a predicate in a query, where the predicate is split into a plurality of equivalence classes.


Method and system of analyzing dynamic graphs

A method and a system for analyzing dynamic graphs are disclosed. In accordance with such method and system, computations are performed at a plurality of graph vertices every time a change in the graph occurs.
Telefonica Digital Espana, S.l.u.


Terminal device, and screen-sharing display method and system

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a terminal device, and a screen-sharing display method and system. The screen-sharing display method is used in a device having a touch function, where the method includes: detecting a position of a touch object on a touchscreen; generating, according to the detected position of the touch object on the touchscreen, an icon corresponding to the position of the touch object; superimposing the icon onto display content of the touchscreen to obtain screen-sharing touch and display content; and sending the screen-sharing touch and display content to a screen-sharing display device, so that the screen-sharing display device displays the screen-sharing touch and display content including the icon..
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


Image processing for introducing blurring effects to an image

Image processing includes receiving a touchscreen input gesture from a user, the touchscreen input gesture indicating configuration information of a mask to be applied to an image; configuring the mask based at least in part on the configuration information, the mask including an unblurred region and a blurred region; generating a processed image that includes an unblurred portion corresponding to the unblurred region of the mask and a blurred portion corresponding to the blurred region of the mask, the generating the processed image including applying the mask to at least the image; and displaying the processed image.. .
Facebook, Inc.


Touchscreen selection of graphical objects

For integrating multiple different touch based inputs, a method is disclosed that includes displaying a graphical object on a touch screen device, receiving an input of a user touch of the graphical object on the touch screen, and altering an indicated portion of the touch screen responsive to a characteristic of the touch.. .
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.


Electronic device and controlling the same

The present invention relates to an electronic device and a method of controlling the same. An electronic device according to an embodiment of the present invention converts the state of a page displayed on a touchscreen to a standby state through rear input and cancels the standby state upon release of the rear input, thereby providing a page corresponding to a desired time when the rear input is released..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Optimization operation terminal interface

Embodiments of the present invention provide an optimization operation method and apparatus for a terminal interface. The method includes: acquiring hand operation information of a user by using an sensing apparatus on the terminal; determining, according to the hand operation information, a hand-holding manner in operating the terminal by the user and a hand parameter; acquiring an interface parameter on a current operation interface of the touchscreen; determining an operation blind area on the operation interface according to the hand-holding manner, the hand parameter, and the interface parameter; and performing optimization processing on an element in the operation blind area, so that the user can operate the element in the operation blind area in the hand-holding manner..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Wearable electronic device including a flexible interactive display

Particular embodiments described herein provide for an electronic device, which may be a wearable electronic device such as a bracelet, watch, wristband or armband that includes a circuit board coupled to a plurality of electronic components (which may include any type of components, elements, circuitry, etc.). One particular implementation of an electronic device may include a display portion that may include a flexible display configured to be manipulated in one or more directions; a touchscreen overlaying the display; and a pressure sensor array configured beneath the flexible display.


Touchscreen device and sensing touch

There are provided a touchscreen device and a method of sensing a touch. The touchscreen device includes: a panel unit including a plurality of first electrodes and a plurality of second electrodes; a driving circuit unit simultaneously applying driving signals to m first electrodes among the first electrodes, where m is a natural number equal to or greater than two; a sensing circuit unit detecting capacitance generated in intersections between the first electrodes and the second electrodes so as to output sensing signals; and an operation unit determining whether a touch has occurred, based on the sensing signals..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Virtual and configurable touchscreens

Systems and methods may provide virtual and configurable touchscreens. The systems and methods may include a plurality of micro impulse radar (mir) transceivers and logic to determine a location of an input object such as a finger or pointer based on signals from the plurality of mir transceivers.


Inclined photonic chip package for integrated optical transceivers & optical touchscreen assemblies

An optical touchscreen assembly may employ a photonic chip packaged with a chip surface at an angle inclined between horizontal and vertical orientations. An inclined paddle sawn flat no-leads (ipsfn) package may be affixed to a cover glass surface along a perimeter of a display.


Electronic device

According to one embodiment, a device includes a first acquisition processing module, a touchscreen display, a display processing module, a second acquisition processing module, and a request processing module. The first acquisition processing module acquires first content from a first delivery device.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Disambiguation of user intent on a touchscreen keyboard

Various aspects of the subject technology relate to disambiguating user intent on a touch-sensitive input device. A system is configured to detect an initial number of touch events on a touchscreen device where each touch event corresponds to a finger of a user.
Google Inc.


Led assay reader with touchscreen control and barcode sample id

Assay devices, assay detection systems, and methods comprising same for analytical tests, medical assays, diagnostic tests, medical diagnosis, risk assessment, or quality control purposes are provided. These devices, systems, and methods are designed to be employed at the point of care, such as in emergency rooms, operating rooms, hospital laboratories and other clinical laboratories, doctor's offices, in the field, or in any situation in which a rapid and accurate result is desired.
Immunetics, Inc.


Touch sensing device and touchscreen device

There are provided a touch sensing device and a touchscreen device. The touch sensing device includes: a driving circuit applying a driving signal having a predetermined first period to a node capacitor; a buffer circuit converting capacitance of the node capacitor into a voltage signal; a buffer capacitor being charged and discharged depending on an output voltage from the buffer circuit; and an integration circuit integrating voltages charged in the buffer capacitor, wherein, in a normal touch mode, the buffer circuit integrates capacitance of the node capacitor to generate the voltage signal, and, in a proximity touch mode, the buffer circuit generates the voltage signal by following the voltages charged in the node capacitor..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Touchscreen sanitizing system

A sanitizing system for use with monitors, particularly including touchscreen monitors, includes an ultraviolet light source positioned about a periphery of the monitor and configured to transmit light toward the monitor. A sensor detects the presence of an object such as a human finger in the close vicinity or in contact with the monitor in order to stop the operation of the lights..
Vioguard Llc


Electrically conductive skin covering elements

Skin covering elements utilize conductive regions including electrically conductive materials may be arranged to enable a user to actuate a capacitive touchscreen such as through a centrally arranged absorptive pad and/or laterally through a carrier. Embodiments directed to adhesive bandages and athletic tapes are provided.


Method and system for data transfer between touchscreen devices of same or different type

The invention is a method and system for dragging and dropping a file between a first and second device such as two smart phones. No direct connection between devices is made and pairing is accomplished by a series of successive criteria matching steps over a server or the internet..
Mobigloo Llc


Plasma cleaning of superconducting layers

In a “window-junction” formation process for josephson junction fabrication, a spacer dielectric is formed over the first superconducting electrode layer, then an opening (the “window” is formed to expose the part of the electrode layer to be used for the junction. In an atomic layer deposition (ald) chamber (or multi-chamber sealed system) equipped with direct or remote plasma capability, the exposed part of the electrode is sputter-etched with ar, h2, or a combination to remove native oxides, etch residues, and other contaminants.
Intermolecular Inc.


Catalytic growth of josephson junction tunnel barrier

A tunnel barrier layer in a superconducting device, such as a josephson junction, is made from catalytically grown silicon dioxide at a low temperature (<100 c, e.g., 20-30 c) that does not facilitate oxidation or silicide formation at the superconducting electrode interface. The tunnel barrier begins as a silicon layer deposited on a superconducting electrode and covered by a thin, oxygen-permeable catalytic layer.
Intermolecular, Inc.


Tagging images with emotional state information

Images, such as photographs or videos, are tagged with emotional state and/or biometric information. Emotional state information (or mood) may be stored in metadata of an electronic image.
Microsoft Corporation


System and collecting and submitting tax related information

A method for submitting and receiving information required for tax filing contains a mobile interface and a website interface. A client submits information through the mobile interface.


Discovery engine storefront

A method and a system of online shopping using a digital storefront. For example, a digital storefront having multiple touchscreen display surfaces presents a plurality of tiles to a user, where one or more tiles display images of items for sale and at least one hunch question which may be related to the environment.
Ebay Inc.


Valuable medium processing apparatus

A valuable medium processing apparatus is provided. The valuable medium processing apparatus includes an imaging unit that photographs images of valuable media that are depositing process target media, an input unit that inputs amount information on the valuable media based on image data of the valuable media photographed by the imaging unit, and a memory unit that saves the image data acquired by the imaging unit and the amount information inputted by the input unit in association with each other..
Glory Ltd.


Displaying an ancestry graph within a social networking service

Systems and methods for displaying an ancestry graph within a social networking service are provided. A first and a second ancestry graphs are received via accounts of a first and a second user of a social networking service.
Google Inc.


Model-based retiming with functional equivalence constraints

A system and method tests for functional equivalence prior to automatically retiming a high-level specification. An intermediate representation (ir) includes one or more graphs or trees based on the high-level specification.
The Mathworks, Inc.


Metadata database system and method

Systems, methods and computer readable media for computerized control and management of a metadata database. The metadata database can include event data, standards, survey questions and response, and event response templates.
Projectioneering Llc


Automated experimentation platform

The present document is directed to an automated experimentation platform that provides a visual integrated development environment (“ide”) that allows a user to construct and execute various types of data-driven workflows. The automated experimentation platform includes back-end components that include api servers, a catalog, a cluster-management component, and execution-cluster nodes.
Atigeo Llc

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