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This page is updated frequently with new Grids-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Grids-related patents
 Vacuum tube patent thumbnailnew patent Vacuum tube
The vacuum tube subject to the present invention comprises a filament and two pairs of a grid and an anode. The filament is tensioned linearly and emitting thermoelectrons.
Korg Inc.

 System, method, and computer readable medium for walking pads: fast power-supply pad-placement optimization patent thumbnailnew patent System, method, and computer readable medium for walking pads: fast power-supply pad-placement optimization
A virtual force controlled collapse chip connection (c4) pad placement optimization frame-work for 2d power delivery grids is proposed. The present optimization framework regards power pads as mobile “positive charged particles” and current resources as a “negative charged back-ground.” the virtual electrostatic force is calculated from voltage gradients.

 Radially connected cascade grids patent thumbnailnew patent Radially connected cascade grids
In various embodiments, a thrust reverser system may comprise a first cascade, a second cascade, an actuator, and a structural connecting member. The actuator may be radially disposed between the first cascade and the second cascade.
Rohr, Inc.

 Thick-etl oleds with sub-ito grids with improved outcoupling patent thumbnailThick-etl oleds with sub-ito grids with improved outcoupling
An organic light emitting device is described. In certain embodiments, the device has a transparent substrate, a transparent grid layer disposed over the substrate, and an oled disposed over the grid layer.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

 Internal plasma grid for semiconductor fabrication patent thumbnailInternal plasma grid for semiconductor fabrication
The embodiments disclosed herein pertain to improved methods and apparatus for etching a semiconductor substrate. A plasma grid assembly is positioned in a reaction chamber to divide the chamber into upper and lower sub-chambers.
Lam Research Corporation

 Systems and methods for advanced energy settlements, network-based messaging, and software applications for electric power grids, microgrids, grid elements, and/or electric power networks patent thumbnailSystems and methods for advanced energy settlements, network-based messaging, and software applications for electric power grids, microgrids, grid elements, and/or electric power networks
Systems and methods for advanced energy settlements in electric power grid are proposed. At least one energy customer, at least one retail electric provider and at least one distributed generator connect to an advanced energy settlement platform communicatively.
Causam Energy, Inc.

 Electroconductive sheet and touch panel patent thumbnailElectroconductive sheet and touch panel
An electroconductive sheet and a touch panel having a first electroconductive section and a second electroconductive section, the second electroconductive section being disposed on the display-panel side. The first electroconductive section has a plurality of first electroconductive patterns arranged in the x-direction, a plurality of first large grids being respectively connected to the first electroconductive patterns.
Fujifilm Corporation

 Improvements in and relating to gathering range and dimensional information underwater surveys patent thumbnailImprovements in and relating to gathering range and dimensional information underwater surveys
The present invention relates to an underwater method and system for gathering range and dimensional information of subsea objects, the system comprising a camera module suitable for capturing images of sub-sea scenes; and a reference projection light source that, in use, projects a structured light beam onto a target. The structured light beam is preferably generated by a laser and may comprise spots, lines, grids and the like..
Cathx Research Ltd.

 Power management device and system patent thumbnailPower management device and system
An intelligent user-side power management device (pmd) that is comprised of an optional energy storage unit and can interface with a utility grid or microgrid to eliminate power theft and efficiently provide clean energy to the users of the grid while helping the grid to do smart demand response management, particularly for renewable energy based grids that need to efficiently manage the slack due to the large variability in power generation through these energy sources.. .
Gram Power, Inc.

 Stub minimization using duplicate sets of terminals for wirebond assemblies without windows patent thumbnailStub minimization using duplicate sets of terminals for wirebond assemblies without windows
A microelectronic assembly can include a microelectronic package connected with a circuit panel. The package has a microelectronic element having a front face facing away from a substrate of the package, and electrically connected with the substrate through conductive structure extending above the front face.
Invensas Corporation


Image display apparatus

An image display apparatus including a display section provided by pixels arranged in a grid pattern, each of the pixels being formed of a light-emitting element, in which basic grids (square grids) are repeatedly arranged in a grid pattern, each of the basic grids consisting of four pixels of a 2 by 2 matrix, each of the basic grids having a pattern in which at least one pixel of the four pixels being assigned a three-in-one element including three primary colors of r, g, and b and the remaining pixels being assigned a single-color light-emitting element, and the apparatus comprises color reproduction range correcting means (color converting section) for correcting a first color reproduction range provided by chromaticities of the three primary colors of r, g, and b to a second color reproduction range through adjustment of light-emission intensity of the single-color light-emitting element.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method for displaying interface content and user equipment

A method for displaying interface content and user equipment, which effectively improve interaction experience of a user when the user performs a flick operation on a touchscreen, and enhance pleasure in application interaction. A specific solution is acquiring an initial position and a movement direction of a touch point, determining a motion parameter of an interface element object in each grid on a screen according to the initial position and the movement direction, where the screen is divided in advance into multiple grids, and each grid includes a preset quantity of pixels, and moving the interface element object in each grid according to the motion parameter of the interface element object in each grid..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Short-wavelength polarizing elements and the manufacture and use thereof

While gold wire grids have been used to polarize infrared wavelengths for over a hundred years, they are not appropriate for shorter wavelengths due to their large period. With embodiments of the present invention, grids with periods a few tens of nanometers can be fabricated.
Princeton University


Self-aligned tunable metamaterials

A self-aligned tunable metamaterial is formed as a wire mesh. Self-aligned channel grids are formed in layers in a silicon substrate using deep trench formation and a high-temperature anneal.


Stub minimization using duplicate sets of signal terminals in assemblies without wirebonds to package substrate

A microelectronic assembly can include a circuit panel having first and second panel contacts at respective first and second surfaces thereof, and first and second microelectronic packages each having terminals mounted to the respective panel contacts. Each package can include a microelectronic element having a face and contacts thereon, a substrate having first and second surfaces, and terminals on the second surface configured for connecting the package with an external component.


Sampling method and image processing apparatus of cs-ransac for estimating homography

Disclosed is a sampling method for estimating a homography matrix. This sampling method, for estimating a homography matrix that represents conversion correlations between pluralities of images by means of constraint satisfaction-random sample consensus (cs-ransac), includes the steps of: sampling to divide an input image into a form of grids (n by n), select features, which are used for calculating a homography matrix, from features, which are abstracted from the input image, by means of a random sampling, and inspect whether the features selected by the random sampling satisfy predefined constraints; and executing model estimation to calculate the homography matrix from the features only if the selected features satisfy the constraints..


Internal plasma grid for semiconductor fabrication

The embodiments disclosed herein pertain to improved methods and apparatus for etching a semiconductor substrate. A plasma grid assembly is positioned in a reaction chamber to divide the chamber into upper and lower sub-chambers.


Composable explicit power flow control in electrical grids

A power flow control system for an interconnected power system, the interconnected power system comprising a plurality of electrical subsystems; an abstract framework configured to work as a utility maximiser under constraints (that applies to the electrical subsystems by specifying their capabilities, expected behavior and a simplified view of their internal state);and a plurality of agents. Each agent is responsible of one or a plurality of the electrical subsystems, comprises means configured to express an internal state of the electrical subsystem within a common system of coordinates, and has communication means configured to communicate among agents according to a protocol.


Composite sheet manufacturing method and sheet obtained

A composite sheet preparation method, which comprises preparing a mesh made of metal wires (2), spraying liquid silicone on said mesh to cover the wires (2) with a layer (6) and close at least part of the grids with a sheet of resin (7), and drying the covered mesh at room temperature.. .


Transparent conductive coating based on percolative grid

Disclosed is a new class of transparent conductive coatings based on conductive grids and percolative pattern therefore.. .
Corish, Inc.


Microgrid distribution manager with dynamically adjustable trip curves for multi-source microgrids

A distribution manager for a power microgrid system includes a main bus, and a circuit breaker coupled to the main bus and to one of a load and an inter-microgrid connection system of the power microgrid system, the circuit breaker being structured to operate based on a set of functional trip settings. The distribution manager is structured and configured to: (i) determine an available source overcurrent that will be fed through the circuit breaker, (ii) determine a number of trip parameter settings based on at least the available source overcurrent, and (iii) set the functional trip settings of the circuit breaker based on the determined number of trip parameter settings..
Eaton Corporation


Depth information-based modeling method, graphic processing apparatus and storage medium

A depth information-based modeling method, a graphic processing apparatus and a storage medium are provided. The depth information-based modeling method includes receiving a plurality of depth image data, each of which has depth information, and a plurality of color images, each of which color information.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Spectrum splitting

Spatial sampling is a key factor in determining acquisition parameters for seismic surveys. Acquiring the data to meet spatial sampling requirements for low, mid and high frequencies, by acquiring coarse, medium and fine acquisition grids respectively and layering these during processing, can result in reduced cost and/or higher quality surveys..
Geokinetics Acquisition Company


Systems and methods for composite dose quality assurance with three-dimensional arrays

A method for performing composite dose quality assurance with a three-dimensional (3d) radiation detector array includes delivering a radiation fraction to the 3d array according to a radiation treatment (rt) plan, measuring absolute dose per detector of the 3d array, per unit of time, determining a radiation source emission angle per unit of time, synchronizing the rt plan with the measured absolute doses and determined radiation source emission angles to determine an absolute time for a control point of each beam of the synchronized rt plan, converting the beams of the synchronized rt plan into a series of sub-beams, generating a 3d relative dose grid for each of the sub-beams, applying a calibration factor grid to each of the 3d relative dose grids to determine a 3d absolute dose grid for each of the sub-beams, summing the 3d absolute dose grids to generate a 3d absolute dose deposited in the 3d array, and determining a 3d dose correction grid for application to the rt plan based on the 3d absolute dose.. .
Sun Nuclear Corporation


Integrated circuit package with power plates

A surface-mounted integrated circuit package containing a semiconductor die has at least two conductive plates on its lower surface for contacting power and ground areas of a printed circuit board (pcb). The conductive plates are electrically connected to metal studs encapsulated within the package and which link the plates to the power and ground grids of the semiconductor die.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method and efficiently reducing number of access points in a radio map using grids

In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus comprises at least one receiver configured to receive a grid corresponding to an area, at least one processor configured to assign at least one access point in the area to at least one node in the grid, and the at least one processor configured to select a predetermined number of access points assigned to the at least one node for inclusion in a partial radio map.. .
Here Global B.v.


Non-contact adjustable hysteretic magnetic encoder

A non-contact adjustable hysteretic magnetic encoder includes a bipolar magnetic block, two magnetic sensing components, a storage, and a controller. After retrieving the current rotation angle by accessing a rotation angle table, the controller determines, by an encoding rule, digital logical values of a first phase signal (a-phase signal) and digital logical values of a second phase signal (b-phase signal) and outputs the digital logical values.
National Chung Shan Institute Of Science And Technology


Stripping vessel for removing hydrocarbons entrained in catalyst particles

A stripping vessel for removing hydrocarbons from a catalyst and a process for removing hydrocarbons from a catalyst. In an fcc unit, the stripping vessel includes first and second stripping sections.
Uop Llc


Hierarchical control of micro-grids

A micro-grid control system has a first 2×2 decoupled controller that controls voltage and voltage angle by adjusting real and reactive power using real time feedback, and a second 2×2 decoupled controller that controls real and reactive power by adjusting voltage and voltage angle using real time feedback. The first 2×2 decoupled controller and second 2×2 decoupled controller together form a hierarchical microgrid control system, where the second 2×2 decoupled controller is a supervisory controller of the first 2×2 decoupled controller.
Osisoft, Llc


Grids in backside illumination image sensor chips and methods for forming the same

A device includes a semiconductor substrate having a front side and a backside, a photo-sensitive device disposed on the front side of the semiconductor substrate, and a first and a second grid line parallel to each other. The first and the second grid lines are on the backside of, and overlying, the semiconductor substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Gaming providing a multiple dimension cascading symbols game

A gaming system including a cascading symbol game which utilizes a plurality of adjacent symbol display position grids arranged at different depths. The multiple symbol display position grids at different depths provides that one or more of the symbols of at least a first symbol display position grid at a first depth are displayed to a player while one or more of the symbols of at least a second symbol display position grid at a second depth are not displayed to the player.


Aggregator, monitor, and manager of distributed micro-generators

The invention broadly encompasses a system including a database to store demand response data, the demand response data including demand response agreement parameters, demand response load and energy demand characteristics of one or more demand response customers, the demand response load characteristics including power consumption capacity of each of one or more demand response loads, an aggregator to aggregate the demand response loads based on the demand response data and forecast data into a demand response portfolio, a monitor to monitor power demand of one or more demand response customers and one or more power grids, and a dispatcher to notify the one or more demand response customers of the demand response portfolio and to notify a utility of a response from the one or more demand response customers whether to control the demand response load to return the power consumption capacity of the demand response load back to the one or more power grids.. .
Versify Solutions, Inc.


System and disinfection and fouling prevention in the treatment of water

A treatment system for treating water, such as produced water that is produced during hydraulic fracturing. The system employs a combination of a plasma spark discharge and an rf oscillating electric field.
Drexel University


State estimation for cooperative electrical grids

Aspects of state estimation for cooperative electrical grids are disclosed. State estimation of a local electrical grid can be based on a local grid model and local electrical grid information.
General Electric Technology Gmbh


Method and device for testing defect based on ultrasonic lamb wave tomography

Disclosed are a method and a device for testing a defect based on an ultrasonic lamb wave tomography. The method includes: partitioning an imaging area of a material to be tested into grids; exciting electromagnetic acoustic transducers for emitting to emit lamb waves with a a0 mode in all directions, and electromagnetic acoustic transducers for receiving to receive the lamb waves; obtaining a time-frequency analysis result and recording time-of-flights of testing waves; determining a first slowness of each grid to obtain a first defect area; establishing an extrapolation formula according to the first defect area, and iterating the extrapolation formula to trace and revise paths of the lamb waves until a better imaging precision is obtained..
Tsinghua University


Dc power grid and equipment

Direct current electric grids are provided that allow independent power generation and consumption at the neighborhood level. In an embodiment power is uploaded and downloaded to each node via monitoring of node voltage and setting high vs low priority loads to optimize for maximum power usage.


Internal plasma grid for semiconductor fabrication

The embodiments disclosed herein pertain to improved methods and apparatus for etching a semiconductor substrate. A plasma grid assembly is positioned in a reaction chamber to divide the chamber into upper and lower sub-chambers.
Lam Research Corporation


Automated tem sample preparation

Techniques are described that facilitate automated extraction of lamellae and attaching the lamellae to sample grids for viewing on transmission electron microscopes. Some embodiments of the invention involve the use of machine vision to determine the positions of the lamella, the probe, and/or the tem grid to guide the attachment of the probe to the lamella and the attachment of the lamella to the tem grid.
Fei Company


Field makeable cryostat/current connections for an hts tape power cable

A method of connecting prefabricated pieces of an hts cable onsite is disclosed. This quick and reliable procedure of connecting pieces of hts cable adds to the flexibility of designing and installing power transmission and distribution grids.
Novum Industria Llc


Structural topology optimization design method

A structural topology optimization design method is provided. A structural topology optimization question is defined to determine at least one set of load and restriction condition and a parameter of lower limit of volume capacity related to a design space model.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Tethered and/or visually coded brachytherapy devices and related methods

Brachytherapy devices include a respective flexible elongate tether with an external free tail end that has an opposing end that is attached to a proximal end portion of the corresponding strand. The tethers can be color-coded to match a color associated with the corresponding strand and/or radioactive material to facilitate visual correspondence for redeployment when a strand is in an undesired implanted location.
Wake Forest University Health Sciences


Screen of green kit

A screen of green has a base, a supporting seat, at least one supporting pillar, and a platform. The at least one supporting pillar is erectly mounted on the base.


System for electricity grids for adjusting or matching the electrical demand

A smart grid management system and method where aggregators do not need to have knowledge about the topology of the electricity grid, the physical location of the end-points they control, or the congestion level of the grid. Instead, the smart grid system and method provides maximum freedom of operation to the aggregators to balance electricity supply and demand in such a way that the danger is reduced or it is even impossible for the aggregators to endanger voltage levels at the distribution system operator (dso) level or the capacity levels at the transmission system operator (tso) level.
Vito Nv (vlaamse Instelling Voor Technologisch Onderzoek Nv)


Providing electrically-conductive articles with electrically-conductive metallic connectors

Electrically-conductive articles are prepared to have electrically-conductive metallic grids and electrically-conductive metallic connectors (bus lines) on one or both supporting sides of a transparent substrate. The electrically-conductive metallic connectors are designed with one metallic main wire that comprises two or more adjacent metallic micro-wires in bundled patterns.


Electrically-conductive articles with electrically-conductive metallic connectors

Electrically-conductive articles are prepared to have electrically-conductive metallic grids and electrically-conductive metallic connectors (bus lines) on one or both supporting sides of a transparent substrate. The electrically-conductive metallic connectors are designed with one metallic main wire that comprises two or more adjacent metallic micro-wires in bundled patterns.


Modeling fluid-conducting fractures in reservoir simulation grids

Systems, methods, and media for modeling fluid-conducting fractures in reservoir grid simulations. The method includes determining a model of an underground reservoir.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Wireless network deployment method, apparatus and system

A wireless network deployment method, apparatus and system where the includes: initializing the wireless network to determine a deployment area and the number of access points needing to be deployed; initializing positions of the access points, and dividing the deployment area into grids; calculating a virtual force of each access point based on signal coverage of each grid; calculating a movement position of each point according to the virtual force; performing edge controlling on each point; and terminating processing when a terminating condition is satisfied. A deployment process is simulated as a dynamic physical process, movement of the access points along a direction of a resultant force of all repulsion forces and attractive forces is controlled following the principle that an overlapping covered area produces a repulsion force and an uncovered area produces an attractive force..
Fujitsu Limited


A microgrid control apparatus, controlling energy flow within a microgrid

The amount of energy generation and energy storage equipment connected to centralised grids by end users is expected to increase in the future. Electricity transformers/substations, have only limited capacity and are not designed for reverse energy flow due to electricity generation by an end user.
Swanbarton Limited


Computing device and simplifying point cloud of object

In a method for simplifying point clouds of an object using a computing device, a point cloud of the object is obtained from a scanning device connected to the computing device, and the point cloud is meshed into triangulated grids. The triangulated grids are selected from the point cloud, and a number of simplification passes to simplify the triangulated grids is received from an input device.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for advanced energy settlements, network-based messaging, and applications supporting the same

Systems and methods for electric power messaging and settlements including advanced energy settlements, messaging, and applications for electric power supply, load, and/or curtailment and data analytics associated with the same. Systems and methods for providing data analytics and customer or consumer guidance and controls are provided, and coupled with graphic user interfaces for interactive control and command of grid elements, design, specification, construction, management and financial settlement for data centers and/or microgrids, business and residential power consumption, control, management, messaging and settlements, mobile applications, websites, marketing offers, optimal pricing for comparable energy plans, retail electric provider and direct consumer alternatives, network of power architecture, energynet applications, software development kit, and application web-based storefronts..
Causam Energy, Inc.


Grids in backside illumination image sensor chips and methods for forming the same

A device includes a semiconductor substrate, which has a front side and a backside. A photo-sensitive device is disposed on the front side of the semiconductor substrate.


Articles containing carbon-coated metal particles

Articles can be formed with either a dried layer or a dried pattern of a non-aqueous photocurable composition on one or both sides of a substrate. This composition includes a photocurable component and dispersed carbon-coated metal particles present in an amount of at least 10 weight % based on the total weight of the non-aqueous photocurable composition.


Energy saving power supply unit

The new energy saving power supply unit is designed to power and save 50% to 87.5% of electrical energy or power, consumed by appliances and other loads. The unit applies methods of circuit modifications, calculations and manipulations to produce time percentages of the 120 vac, 240 vac and 480 vac 50/60 hz single phase sine wave power line outputs of the u.s and international power grids.


Heat exchange system using an external rotor motor

A heat exchange system of the invention includes at least multiple grids, a blower including an external rotor motor and a wind blade, an inner side wall, a shock absorbing pad, a compressor, and a box having multiple exhaust inlets. The exhaust inlets are disposed on the side of the box.
Zhongshan Broad-ocean Motor Co., Ltd.


Antenna device

According to an embodiment of the present disclosure, an antenna device implemented in a display device may comprise a dielectric layer provided in the display device, an antenna area disposed in a surface of the dielectric layer provided in a transparent area of the display device and having at least one or more antenna patterns transmitting or receiving an electromagnetic wave through a plurality of conductive grids, a power feeding area provided in at least one of the transparent area and an opaque area of the display device and having a power feeding pattern providing a signal current to the antenna pattern through the plurality of conductive grids, and a transmission line portion connecting a substrate portion provided in the display device with the power feeding pattern. Further, the antenna device according to the present disclosure may also be implemented in other various embodiments..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Telescopic flow-thru de filter grid wand

A flow-thru telescopic tube apparatus connected at one end point to a fluid water source, such as a garden hose, such that water is forced thru one tube of a specific diameter, which reduces into a second rigid tube of a reduced diameter, of which has no end outlet, and is flared at one end to act as a stop, wherein the tubing is perforated, in part, on the other end, with a plurality of minute outlets of varying opposing orientations to allow pressurized streams of fluid to escape, for the purpose of the cleaning of commercial diatomaceous earth (de) filter grids. The reduced tubing element has the embodiment of loosely fitting between and around all surface areas of commercial filter grids.


Internal plasma grid applications for semiconductor fabrication

The embodiments disclosed herein pertain to improved methods and apparatus for etching a semiconductor substrate. A plasma grid assembly is positioned in a reaction chamber to divide the chamber into upper and lower sub-chambers.
Lam Research Corporation


Inorganic polarizing plate containing fesi fine particles

To provide an inorganic polarizing plate which, when used in structures having different used wavelength bands, can reduce reflectance by using a common structure, making it possible to achieve a predetermined light extinction ratio. The inorganic polarizing plate has a substrate that is transparent to light in a used bandwidth, a reflective layer that is composed of grids that are formed on one surface of the substrate with a pitch that is smaller than a wavelength of light in the used bandwidth, a dielectric layer that is stacked on the reflective layer, and an absorbing layer containing fesi fine particles..
Dexerials Corporation


System and simplifying a mesh point cloud

A method for simplifying a mesh point cloud includes following steps: obtaining a point cloud and meshing the point cloud so that the point cloud is formed with a plurality of triangular grids; calculating a distance between a vertex of the triangular grid and its corresponding normal plane to determine an influence of the vertex to a geometric characteristic of the mesh point cloud; deleting the vertexes and the grids in connection therewith in accordance with a predetermined degree of simplification, wherein the deleted vertexes are those which have less influence to the geometric characteristic of the mesh point cloud; creating triangular grids to fill the void part in accordance with delaunay triangulation; and smoothening the created grids.. .
Hon Hal Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Method for estimating optimal power flows in power grids using consensus-based distributed processing

A method estimates an optimal power flows (opf) in a power grid, which is represented as a graph partitioned into virtual sub-graphs, each including at least one bus, and associated with agents that measure local variables and updates consensus variables (cv). The consensus variables of adjacent virtual sub-graphs are exchanged and updated using the agents.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.


Method for binding site identification by molecular dynamics simulation (silcs: site identification by ligand competitive saturation)

The invention describes an explicit solvent all-atom molecular dynamics methodology (silcs: site identification by ligand competitive saturation) that uses no small aliphatic and aromatic molecules plus water molecules to map the affinity pattern of a large molecule for hydrophobic groups, aromatic groups, hydrogen bond donors, and hydrogen bond acceptors. By simultaneously incorporating ligands representative of all these functionalities, the method is an in silico free energy-based competition assay that generates three-dimensional probability maps of fragment binding (fragmaps) indicating favorable fragment:large molecule interactions.
University Of Maryland, Baltimore


Critical region identification

A method and system to identify a region of a design block of an integrated circuit for redesign are described. The method includes dividing the design block into grids, each of the grids including a corresponding number of logic elements.
International Business Machines Corporation


Critical region identification

A method and system to identify a region of a design block of an integrated circuit for redesign are described. The method includes dividing the design block into grids, each of the grids including a corresponding number of logic elements.
International Business Machines Corporation


Adaptive mapping with spatial summaries of sensor data

A system and method for mapping parameter data acquired by a robot mapping system is disclosed. Parameter data characterizing the environment is collected while the robot localizes itself within the environment using landmarks.
Irobot Corporation


Vehicle with ac-to-dc inverter system for vehicle-to-grid power integration

Vehicles that are capable of connecting to the ac grid are described that comprise a prime mover and at least one motor generator. In one embodiment, a vehicle may be constructed as a plug-in hybrid system and using the powertrain under controller instruction to either place power on an ac power line (to service ac grids) or to draw power from the ac power line to add electrical energy to the batteries on the vehicle.
Efficient Drivetrains, Inc.


Thermal pattern monitoring of machine

A method for monitoring thermal patterns of a machine includes identifying at least one location for positioning a robotic arm. The robotic arm is equipped with at least one of a visual camera and a thermal imaging camera adapted to capture a visual image and a thermal image of a portion of the machine, respectively.
Caterpillar Inc.


Connectivity-aware layout data reduction for design verification

Aspects of the disclosed technology relate to techniques of connectivity-aware reduction of layout data. With various implementations of the disclosed technology, circuit elements of interest are selected in a circuit design which includes netlist information and layout data.
Mentor Graphics Corporation


Conductive element precursor and conductive pattern formation

Black-and-white silver halide conductive film element precursors have, on one or both sides and in order, a uv filter layer, non-color hydrophilic photosensitive layer comprising a silver halide, and a hydrophilic overcoat as an outer layer. The one or two uv filter layers individually contains one or more uv absorbing agents in an amount of up 0.5 mmol/m2 and the total amount in the precursor is up to 1 mmol/m2 to prevent crosstalk during imagewise exposure.
Eastman Kodak Company


Automated global weather notification system

An automated global weather notification system is provided. The automated global weather notification system is capable of obtaining observational weather data, including data form of forecast grids, and applying business rules and conditional variables to that data.
The Weather Channel, Llc


Systems to measure yaw, spin and muzzle velocity of projectiles, improve fire control fidelity, and reduce shot-to-shot dispersion in both conventional and air-bursting programmable projectiles

Systems to measure muzzle exit conditions of for ammunition improve fire control solutions and reduce shot-to-shot dispersion in both conventional and air-burst programmable ammunition. A first system optically measures coordinate grids on a projectile to measure the initial boundary conditions of external ballistic flight.
Kms Consulting, Llc


Real time, automatic diagnostic electric networks

A system and method for performing real-time and automatic diagnostics of failures in equipment located in an electrical grid, such as, for example, transmission and generation grids of electric power, using generic rules that consist in correlating events, especially applied in electrical grid with constant topology changes.. .
Companhia Hidro Elétrica Do São Francisco


Grilling oven

A grilling oven for foodstuffs comprising an oven casing having rows of apertures/gaps in the lower section uniformly facing various directions. The grilling oven has three layers disposed apart from each other by the supporting bars attached to the plates/grids in the bottom-to-the-top order.


Configuring, optimizing, and managing micro-grids

Methods and systems for controlling electrical distribution grids. The method includes determining premises in an electrical distribution grid that include an energy resource.
International Business Machines Corporation


Semiconductor device

An area of a semiconductor device having a finfet can be reduced. The drain regions of an n-channel finfet and a p-channel finfet are extracted by two second local interconnects from a second y gird between a gate electrode and a dummy gate adjacent thereto, to a third y grid adjacent to the second y gird.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Small organic molecule based flow battery

The invention provides an electrochemical cell based on a new chemistry for a flow battery for large scale, e.g., gridscale, electrical energy storage. Electrical energy is stored chemically at an electrochemical electrode by the protonation of small organic molecules called quinones to hydroquinones.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Flexible lightweight arc flash and flash fire resistant polyvinylchloride fabric and garments and methods therefor

A light weight flexible flame, arc flash and flash fire resistant fabric for protective garments is made from a flexible polyvinylchloride sheet having phthalate or phthalate free plasticizers coated with well defined parallel lines or grids of adhesive layer. The adhesive coated polyvinylchloride sheet contacts a non-woven meta-aramid fiber liner and is heated to produce a bond between the polyvinylchloride sheet and the liner.


Method for determining in vivo tissue biomarker characteristics using multiparameter mri matrix creation and big data analytics

A method for determining mri biomarkers for in vivo issue includes the steps of obtaining raw data concerning the in vivo tissue from a mri machine; processing the raw data to obtain parameter maps; when applicable, registering images such that the exact same tissue at serial points can be analyzed; applying a grid over a region of interest to create sub-regions of interest (srois); inserting parameter measures for each sroi into a spreadsheet program to create a large 3d data matrix; applying standard big-data analytics including data mining and statistics of matrix measures to find patterns of measurement values or measure changes (which may include established biomarkers). A medical imaging software program is used to obtain the parameter maps from the raw data and place multiple grids over the srois.
Cubisme Imaging, Llc


Plant cultivation apparatus

A plant cultivation apparatus includes at least one container body, an elongated bottom plate installed at the container body, plural grids formed and separated by a partition, a rear plate installed on a side of the bottom plate and coupled between the partitions, a window formed on the rear plate and interconnected to each grid, and a first through hole formed on the bottom plate and interconnected to each respective grid. Each grid serves as a growth space for accommodating a plant, and the first through hole serves as a channel of a cultivation liquid in contact with the root of the plant and the bottom of the container body, such that the growing space of each plant obtains good air convection to improve the growing quality of the plant..


Roadway renewable energy generation system and method

A roadway renewable energy generation system and method, that includes a plurality of plunger devices, electrically connected in series, and each plunger device configured to generate a predetermined amount of electricity, through reciprocating linear motion, when actuated by an object; a plurality of grooves formed within a ground surface configured to house the plurality of plunger devices therein, wherein a top portion of each plunger device extends a predetermined distance above the ground surface; a transformer configured to transform the electricity generated by the plurality of plunger devices; and a storage device configured to store the electricity from the transformer. The system is embedded into roadways and parking garages/ramp entrances, for example, to enable electricity generated when each plunger device is depressed as the vehicle tires pass over the roadways to be stored and reused for electric vehicles and power/utility grids..


Dynamically controlled heat exchange for cascading startup of fuel cell grids

A “cascading startup controller” provides various techniques for quickly and efficiently initializing grids of interconnected fuel cells. In general, the cascading startup controller dynamically controls heat exchange between fuel cells in the grid to produce a cascading startup of the fuel cell grid via an expanding pattern of excess thermal energy routing from hotter fuel cell stacks to cooler fuel cell stacks.
Microsoft Corporation


Method and displaying data grids

A system and method for facilitating displaying data in a table via a web-based data grid. The example method includes rendering a first table and then rendering a second table via a layer overlaid on the first table.
Oracle International Corporation


Functionalized grids for locating and imaging biological specimens and methods of using the same

A functionalized specimen support for use in charged particle microscopy is provided that includes a specimen support surface configured to support specimens during an interrogation of the specimens with a charged particle microscope, the specimen support surface having functionalized sites, each functionalized site configured to maintain position of a portion of one of the specimens at the functionalized site by way of attachment, attraction, or a combination thereof.. .
Fei Company


Light-weight bipolar valve regulated lead acid batteries and method

Light-weight vrla batteries comprise a thin lead substrate that is supported by non-conductive, preferably plastic frames that provide structural stability to accommodate stress and strain in the bipole assembly. In particularly preferred batteries, the plastic frames are laser welded together and phantom grids and electrode materials are coupled to the respective sides of the lead substrate.
East Penn Manufacturing Co.


Ct detector

A ct detector, comprising: a detector module that includes multiple scintillators having gaps there between and for constituting two-dimensional discrete pixels; a collimator plate located above one side of the detector module receiving x-rays, for guiding the x-rays to the corresponding two-dimensional discrete pixels; and further comprising grids located between the detector module and the collimator plate, for blocking the x-rays emitted to the gaps.. .
Ge Medical Systems Global Technology Company, Llc


Portable beverage container

A personalized cooler (10) includes a hollow container body (12) in which a liquid is stored. A cap (14) is threadably screwed onto an open top of the container to prevent the liquid contents of the container from being spilled.


High density grids

An x-ray data collection grid device is provided that includes a magnetic base that is compatible with robotic sample mounting systems used at synchrotron beamlines, a grid element fixedly attached to the magnetic base, where the grid element includes at least one sealable sample window disposed through a planar synchrotron-compatible material, where the planar synchrotron-compatible material includes at least one automated x-ray positioning and fluid handling robot fiducial mark.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


High-performance gridded data storage, arrangement and extraction

A high-performance gridded database protocol for storing, arranging, and extracting gridded data includes associating values for a single grid cell and storing them together to extract as many useful values as possible from a single read operation. Gridded data is stored in a geographically-indexed cylindrical grid that permits efficient data extraction for a particular location while maximizing efficiency of read operations.
Iteris, Inc.


High frequency acoustic spectrum imaging

A method and a device for high frequency acoustic spectrum imaging for an object over a field of view. A camera captures an image of the object.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Electric water heater systems for power grids with distributed generation

Systems and methods for storing power from distributed generation systems or other loads and sources that affect line voltage are disclosed. In embodiments, a water heater can be powered in a way that absorbs excess power from the grid by heating water when a controller senses excess power generation in the grid.
Cooper Technologies Company


Multi-player casino table and dice game with side bets

Method and apparatus for original table (10) and dice game for casino play is disclosed. Game expands childhood pastime tic-tac-toe for multiple players.


Distortion meshes against chromatic aberrations

Systems and methods may provide a plurality of distortion meshes that compensate for radial and chromatic aberrations created by optical lenses. The plurality of distortion meshes may include different lens specific parameters that allow the distortion meshes to compensate for chromatic aberrations created within received images.


Method of automatically re-organizing structured data in a reporting system based on screen size by executing computer-executable instructions stored on a non-transitory computer-readable medium

A method of automatically re-organizing structured data in a reporting system based on screen size calculated an initial layout for data containers in a report, checks to see if any of the data containers are obscured by the right display edge, and re-arranges the data containers so that no containers are obscured. A similar process is performed on any data grids with obscured columns.


Distributed control of electric power grids

A method for determining power output levels of a plurality of nodes in an electric power system includes receiving, at a first node of the plurality of nodes, voltage information and multipliers of all neighboring nodes of the first node within the electric power system, determining, by the first node, a local power generation and a local voltage using the voltage information and the multipliers of the neighboring nodes and distributing the local power generation and the local voltage to the neighboring nodes, determining, by the first node, an estimated voltage of each of the neighboring nodes and distributing the estimated voltage to each of the neighboring nodes, and updating, by the first node, a local multiplier using the voltage information received from the neighboring nodes and the estimated voltage of each of the neighboring nodes determined by the node.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Occlusion device having varying angle flat disk

Disclosed is an occlusion device having an angle variable flat disk, comprising a single-layer disk (4), a plug (6) and a waist (5) connecting the single-layer disk (4) and the plug (6). The single-layer disk (4) is braided from elastic strands and comprises a plurality of radially-arranged support rods (40).
Lifetech Scientific (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Grids topics: Control Unit, Frequency Band, Microgrids, Drag And Drop, Synchronization, Switchover, Microscope, Gas Separation, Electron Microscope

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