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Graphite patents


This page is updated frequently with new Graphite-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Graphite-related patents
 Lead-acid battery patent thumbnailnew patent Lead-acid battery
A lead-acid battery includes a negative electrode material containing graphite or carbon fiber. The ratio of the mass of the negative electrode material to the mass of a positive electrode material is 0.62 or more..
Gs Yuasa International Ltd.

 Carbon coated electrochemically active powder patent thumbnailnew patent Carbon coated electrochemically active powder
The invention relates to an electrochemically active powder comprising particles containing a compound represented by formula aamm(xo4)n wherein a comprises an alkaline metal; m comprises at least one transition metal and optionally at least one non-transition metal; and x is chosen among s, p and si; wherein 0<a≦3.2; 1≦m≦2; and 1≦n≦3; wherein said particles are at least partially coated with a layer comprising a carbonaceous material, said carbonaceous material comprising a highly ordered graphite, wherein said highly ordered graphite has a ratio (i1360/i1580) of a peak intensity (i1360) at 1360 cm−1 to a peak intensity (i1360) at i1580 cm−1, obtained by raman spectrum analysis, of at most 3.05.. .

 Lead-acid battery patent thumbnailnew patent Lead-acid battery
A lead-acid battery includes a negative electrode material containing graphite and barium sulfate. A ratio s/w of an average plate interval s between a negative electrode plate and a positive electrode plate, to a mass w of the negative electrode material per one negative electrode plate is 0.01 mm/g or more..
Gs Yuasa International Ltd.

 Alkali metal-sulfur secondary battery containing a pre-sulfurized cathode and production process patent thumbnailnew patent Alkali metal-sulfur secondary battery containing a pre-sulfurized cathode and production process
A method of producing a pre-sulfurized active cathode layer for a rechargeable alkali metal-sulfur cell; the method comprising: (a) preparing an integral layer of meso-porous structure of a carbon, graphite, metal, or conductive polymer having a specific surface area greater than 100 m2/g; (b) preparing an electrolyte comprising a solvent and a sulfur source; (c) preparing an anode; and (d) bringing the integral layer and the anode in ionic contact with the electrolyte and imposing an electric current between the anode and the integral layer (serving as a cathode) to electrochemically deposit nano-scaled sulfur particles or coating on the graphene surfaces. The sulfur particles or coating have a thickness or diameter smaller than 20 nm (preferably <10 nm, more preferably <5 nm or even <3 nm) and occupy a weight fraction of at least 70% (preferably >90% or even >95%)..

 Fluid sensor chip and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Fluid sensor chip and manufacturing the same
A fluid sensor chip includes an isolator substrate including amorphous carbon, an electrical conductor including graphite and an active material including graphene or carbon nanotubes.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag

 Heat transfer device and  making the same patent thumbnailnew patent Heat transfer device and making the same
A heat transfer device includes a first and second substrate, and a heat transfer layer. The first substrate includes a first plate and a first adhesive layer that is formed on the first plate.
Honmountech Co., Ltd.

 Reinforced cross drilled block patent thumbnailnew patent Reinforced cross drilled block
This application relates to graphite heat exchangers having a graphite block with graphite tubes disposed within the graphite block. The graphite tubes can include a coating that is cured in order to plasticize the coating and make the graphite tubes more corrosion resistant.

 Solid lubricant and solid-lubrication rolling bearing patent thumbnailnew patent Solid lubricant and solid-lubrication rolling bearing
A solid lubricant 11 is formed by molding and firing powder that includes amorphous and self-sintering carbon material powder 12, graphite powder 13, and a binder 14. The solid lubricant has high material strength and hardness, and also excellent impact resistance and wear resistance..
Ntn Corporation

 Exfoliation of graphite with deep eutectic solvents patent thumbnailnew patent Exfoliation of graphite with deep eutectic solvents
The invention relate to graphite materials, and more specifically to the exfoliation of graphite using deep eutectic solvents, to methods related thereto, to polymeric composite materials containing graphene and the methods for the production thereof, and to graphene/metal, exfoliated graphite/metal, graphene/metal oxide and exfoliated graphite/metal oxide composite materials and the methods for the production thereof.. .

 Self-sealing tire sealant and pneumatic vehicle tire patent thumbnailnew patent Self-sealing tire sealant and pneumatic vehicle tire
Self-sealing tire sealants are provided which contain fragments and/or residues of expanded solids, where the solids are selected from the group containing expandable graphite and microspheres. In some aspects, the microspheres include at least isobutane and/or isopentane as blowing agents.
Continental Reifen Deutschland Gmbh


Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same

A negative active material for a rechargeable lithium battery and a rechargeable lithium battery including the same are provided, and the negative active material includes a si-based alloy; a first graphite material; and a second graphite material having a different average particle diameter from the first graphite material.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Power storage device

A power storage device with high output is provided, in which the specific surface area is increased while keeping the easy-to-handle particle size of its active material. The power storage device includes a positive electrode including a positive electrode current collector and a positive electrode active material layer, a negative electrode including a negative electrode current collector and a negative electrode active material layer, and an electrolyte.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Smart (subsurface microbial activity in real time) technology for real-time monitoring of subsurface microbial metabolism

A sensor that measures microbial activity as a surrogate value for the biologically active content of soil, aquatic sediments, or groundwater. An anode, such as a graphite anode that can support a biofilm, is connected by way of a resistor to a cathode.
University Of Massachusetts


Lightweight proppants for hydraulic fracturing

The present invention includes a lightweight proppant comprising a composite comprising a polymer and clay or graphite, wherein the composite has a density at or about the density of water or brine and the composite maintains its integrity at downhole pressures and temperatures.. .
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Polycrystalline diamond and manufacturing method thereof

Nano polycrystalline diamond is composed of carbon and a plurality of impurities other than carbon. A concentration of each of the plurality of impurities is not higher than 0.01 mass %, and the nano polycrystalline diamond has a crystal grain size (a maximum length) not greater than 500 nm.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Electrode monitoring ecg

An electrode apparatus for monitoring ecg includes: a sensing area consisting of graphite: a metal member which is attached to the rear surface of the graphite to transmit sensed information; a transmission line which is connected to the metal member and an ecg terminal in order to transmit the sensed information; a support member for supporting the metal member and the graphite; a silicon part of which the rear surface is coated with silicon; and an adhesive patch which has an adhesive material on the inner surface so that the electrode apparatus can be compressed and fixed to a user's skin.. .
Lifurance Co., Ltd.


Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery

To improve battery characteristics by an optimum combination of an electrolytic solution and a negative electrode active material. An electrolytic solution of a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery contains a metal salt, and an organic solvent having a heteroatom and satisfying, regarding an intensity of a peak derived from the organic solvent in a vibrational spectroscopy spectrum, is>io, when an intensity of an original peak of the organic solvent is represented as io and an intensity of a peak resulting from shifting of the original peak is represented as is.
The University Of Tokyo


Lithium ion secondary battery

The present invention provides a lithium ion secondary battery comprising: a positive electrode; a negative electrode comprising a negative electrode active material comprising at least one carbon material selected from the group consisting of a natural graphite, an artificial graphite, a non-graphitizable carbon and a graphitizable carbon; and an electrolyte solution comprising a specific cyclic disulfonate ester compound and an acid anhydride.. .
Nec Corporation


Covalently-grafted polyaniline on graphene oxide sheets and its application in electrochemical supercapacitors

A method for synthesizing a graphene-polyaniline hybrid composite, including oxidatively exfoliating natural graphite flakes to yield a graphene body, functionalizing the surface of a graphene substrate with aniline groups wherein the surface of the graphene body is functionalized with aniline groups via a diazonium reaction, and polymerizing the aniline groups, wherein covalently-grafted polyaniline-graphene nanocomposites are formed by in-situ polymerization of aniline in the presence of aniline-functionalized graphene oxide, an oxidant, and an acid dopant.. .
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation


Ion-selective electrode

To enhance the potential stability of a solid-electrode-type ion-selective electrode and reduce individual variations, the present invention is provided with an ion-sensitive membrane adapted to be in contact with a measurement solution, a mixture of graphite and liquid oil that is in contact with the ion-sensitive membrane, and a conductor that is in contact with the mixture of graphite and liquid oil.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Multi-chamber furnace for vacuum carburizing and quenching of gears, shafts, rings and similar workpieces

Multi-chamber furnace for vacuum carburizing and quenching of gears, shafts, rings and similar components has at least two process chambers connected in parallel, with a continuous feeding mechanism for individual workpieces. Those chambers—the first one being a heating chamber, the second being a carburizing chamber and the third one diffusion chamber—are configured in a vertical arrangement, placed in a shared vacuum space with gas-tight division, whereas at the ends of each chamber there are incorporated heating chambers with thermal insulation, with a graphite heating system and stepping feeding mechanism incorporated in the core for the purpose of continuous feeding of individual workpieces.
Seco/warwick S.a.


Sintered bearing for an egr valve and manufacturing method thereof

Provided is a sintered bearing for an egr valve, including raw material powder including 9% by weight to 12% by weight of aluminum, 0.1% by weight to 0.6% by weight of phosphorus, 3% by weight to 10% by weight of graphite, and the balance including copper as a main component, and inevitable impurities. The sintered bearing has a structure of a sintered aluminum-copper alloy.
Ntn Corporation


Lithium battery

A lithium battery including a positive electrode, a negative electrode containing lithium, and a non-aqueous electrolyte having lithium ion conductivity. The positive electrode includes at least one of a manganese oxide and a fluorinated graphite.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Method for preparing metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite and preparing electrode using metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite

Disclosed is a method of preparing a metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite, including preparing a nanocomposite material, forming graphene flakes by pretreating the nanocomposite material, and hydrothermally synthesizing the pretreated nanocomposite material. A method of manufacturing an electrode using the metal oxide-graphene nanocomposite is also provided.
Ajou University Industry-academic Cooperation Foun Dation


Graphite backscattered electron shield for use in an x-ray tube

The present invention is a shielded anode having an anode with a surface facing an electron beam and a shield configured to encompass the anode surface. The shield has at least one aperture and an internal surface facing the anode surface.
Rapiscan Systems, Inc.


12cao-7al2o3 electride hollow cathode

The use of the electride form of 12cao-7al2o3, or c12a7, as a low work function electron emitter in a hollow cathode discharge apparatus is described. No heater is required to initiate operation of the present cathode, as is necessary for traditional hollow cathode devices.
Colorado State University Research Foundation


Method for producing sic single crystal

A method for producing a sic single crystal, including flowing a high-frequency current at a first frequency to an induction heating coil disposed around a graphite crucible to heat raw material si to a predetermined temperature, thereby while melting the raw material si, dissolving out c from said graphite crucible to form a si—c solution, and after heating to the predetermined temperature, lowering the frequency from the first frequency to a second frequency to warm and hold the si—c solution.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Composition for protection from scale and as lubricant for hot processing metals

(f) 0 to 10% by weight of graphite. The mixture has a mean particle size d50 of <300 μm..


Expandable vinyl aromatic polymers containing graphite particles having a polymodal particle size distribution

Expandable vinyl aromatic polymers may contain comminuted graphite with a polymodal particle size distribution. Foams obtained from such expandable vinyl aromatic polymers have a reduced thermal conductivity at a reduced foam density..
Total Research & Technology Feluy


Alloy steel powder for powder metallurgy and producing iron-based sintered body

Provided is an alloy steel powder for powder metallurgy that is capable of achieving both high strength and high toughness in a sintered body using the same. An alloy steel powder for powder metallurgy of this disclosure comprises a composite alloy steel powder and graphite powder.
Jfe Steel Corporation


Metal encased graphite layer heat pipe

A metal encased multilayer stack of graphite sheets used as a passive thermal conductor. In the stack, each sheet has a plane high thermal conductivity along a first axis and a plane of lower thermal conductivity along a second axis.


Bonded multi-layer graphite heat pipe

A passive heat pipe structure used in a wearable device includes a multilayer stack of graphite sheets, each sheet having a plane high thermal conductivity oriented along a first axis and a plane of lower thermal conductivity along a second axis different from the first axis. The stack has a three-dimensional shape including a length and a width where the length is longer than the width and the first axis aligns parallel to said length, the multilayer stack having a height less than the width.


Wearable display with bonded graphite heatpipe

The technology provides an optical mounting structure adapted for a head mounted display. The structure is configured to support heat producing electronic components on an interior surface, the structure including frame elements having an exterior surface.


Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, preparing same and rechargeable lithium battery including same

A negative active material for a rechargeable lithium battery, a method of preparing a negative active material for a rechargeable lithium battery, and a rechargeable lithium battery, the negative active material including a silicon-graphite composite, wherein the silicon-graphite composite includes a graphite particle, a silicon particle inside the graphite particle, and amorphous carbon inside the graphite particle.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Negative-electrode active material and electric storage apparatus

A negative-electrode active material includes a mixed power of a first active-material powder composed of a granular graphite particle, and a second active-material powder composed of a plate-shaped graphite particle having a thickness of from 0.3 nm to 100 nm and a major-axis-direction length of from 0.1 μm to 500 μm. Since the plate-shaped graphite particle has a lam liar structure, the plate-shaped graphite particle excels in the strength and flexibility, and function as a negative-electrode active material because lithium ions come in and out between the layers.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki


Nano-silicon composite negative electrode material used for lithium ion battery, process for preparing the same and lithium ion battery

The present invention relates to a nano-silicon composite negative electrode material, including graphite matrix and nano-silicon material homogeneously deposited inside the graphite matrix, wherein the nano-silicon composite negative electrode material is prepared by using silicon source to chemical-vapor deposit nano-silicon particles inside hollowed graphite. The nano-silicon composite negative electrode material of the present invention has features of high specific capacity (higher than 1000 mah/g), high initial charge-discharge efficiency (higher than 93%) and high conductivity.
Shenzhen Btr New Energy Materials Inc.


Apparatus and epitaxially growing sources and drains of a finfet device

An apparatus and a method for epitaxially growing sources and drains of a finfet device. The apparatus comprises: a primary chamber; a wafer-loading chamber; a transfer chamber provided with a mechanical manipulator for transferring the wafer; an etching chamber for removing a natural oxide layer on the surface of the wafer and provided with a graphite base for positioning the wafer; at least one epitaxial reaction chamber; a gas distribution device for supplying respective gases to the primary chamber, the wafer loading chamber, the transfer chamber, the etching chamber and the epitaxial reaction chamber; and a vacuum device.
Institute Of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Graphite topics: Internal Combustion Engine, Optical Fiber, Fatty Acid, Combustion, Fatty Acid Amide, Circuit Board, Crystallin, Conductive Polymer, Polymer Binder, Carboxylic Acid, Contraction, Lithium Ion, Graphite Electrode, Homeopathic Medicine, Homeopathic

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