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Graphite patents

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Integrated solid-state lamp

Integrated solid-state lamp

Integrated solid-state lamp

High heat radiation composite and a method of fabricating the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Graphite-related patents
 Modified lubricant patent thumbnailnew patent Modified lubricant
A modified lubricant includes lubricant grease and nano-graphite plates dispersed thoroughly in the lubricant grease. The content of the nano-graphite plates is 0.0001 wt % to 10 wt %.
 Heat shield with outer fiber winding and high-temperature furnace and gas converter having a heat shield patent thumbnailnew patent Heat shield with outer fiber winding and high-temperature furnace and gas converter having a heat shield
A hollow-cylindrical heat shield includes at least one graphite foil and at least one fiber structure, preferably a wound fiber structure, disposed on the outer side of the at least one graphite foil. The (wound) fiber structure has a degree of coverage of less than 100%.
 Integrated solid-state lamp patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated solid-state lamp
An integrated solid-state lamp comprised of thermally conducting materials such as alumina ceramic or graphite filled polymers may simultaneously perform optical operations on the light emerging from solid-state emitters to enable the creation of a lamp which produces light in both direct and indirect light zones with a near-field uniformity more comparable to that produced by a vertical filament incandescent lamp. The light chamber structures may incorporate optical light path modifiers which push light into additional lighting zones for proximately omnidirectional light.
 High heat radiation composite and a method of fabricating the same patent thumbnailnew patent High heat radiation composite and a method of fabricating the same
The present disclosure provides a high heat radiation composite material including a hybrid filler comprising expanded graphite filled with expandable polymeric beads, and a fabrication method thereof. In the method, a dispersion solution is prepared by dispersing expandable polymeric beads in ethanol.
 Electrochemical methods and products patent thumbnailnew patent Electrochemical methods and products
The use, in corrosion protection systems, dewatering systems, and systems to reduce biofouling, of an anode which comprises a conductive polymer composition comprising a polymer and, mixed with the polymer, a conductive filler which comprises an exfoliated graphite.. .
 Graphene and hexagonal boron nitride planes and associated methods patent thumbnailnew patent Graphene and hexagonal boron nitride planes and associated methods
Graphene layers, hexagonal boron nitride layers, as well as other materials made of primarily sp2 bonded atoms and associated methods are disclosed. In one aspect, for example, a method of forming a graphene layer is provided.
 Method of manufacturing multiple fuel cell separator plate assemblies patent thumbnailnew patent Method of manufacturing multiple fuel cell separator plate assemblies
A method of manufacturing a flow field plate includes mixing graphite and resin materials to provide a mixture. The mixture is formed into a continuous flow field plate, for example, by ram extrusion or one or more press belts.
 Chlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition for extrusion molding patent thumbnailChlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition for extrusion molding
A chlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition for extrusion molding, characterized by: containing 100 parts by weight of a chlorinated vinyl chloride resin, 3 to 300 parts by weight of a thermally expandable graphite, 3 to 200 parts by weight of an inorganic filler and 20 to 200 parts by weight of a plasticizer; and containing no phosphorus compound (excluding phosphate plasticizer). A chlorinated vinyl chloride resin having a chlorine content of 60 to 72% by weight can be used as the resin component for extrusion molding..
 Sliding element for use in an engine or chain transmission apparatus patent thumbnailSliding element for use in an engine or chain transmission apparatus
The invention relates to a sliding element for use in a chain transmission apparatus, comprising a sliding contact section for engagement in sliding contact with a chain, wherein the sliding contact section consists of a plastic material comprising a matrix polymer and dispersed therein graphite platelets comprising platelet particles having a thickness of at most 250 nm. The invention relates to an engine comprising a first sliding element in sliding contact with a second element, wherein at least a sliding contact section is made of such a plastic material comprising such thin graphite platelets.
 Method for manufacturing a composite wafer having a graphite core, and composite wafer having a graphite core patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing a composite wafer having a graphite core, and composite wafer having a graphite core
According to an embodiment, a composite wafer includes a carrier substrate having a graphite layer and a monocrystalline semiconductor layer attached to the carrier substrate.. .
Graphite material, carbon material for battery electrode, and battery
A graphite material having pores which, when 200 rectangular regions of 6 μm×8 μm are randomly selected in a surface image of the graphite material observed by a scanning electron microscope, in the surface of the graphite material appearing in the regions, a pore appearing on the surface and having an aperture in a shape having a diameter of 15 nm to 200 nm, a circularity degree of 0.75 to 1.0 and a major axis/minor axis ratio of 1.0 to 1.5 is visible in two regions or more. Also disclosed is a carbon material for battery electrodes, a paste for electrodes, an electrode and a lithium ion secondary battery including the graphite material..
Transition metal hexacyanometallate electrode with water-soluble binder
A method is provided for fabricating a transition metal hexacyanometallate (tmhcm) electrode with a water-soluble binder. The method initially forms an electrode mix slurry comprising tmhcf and a water-soluble binder.
Charging member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
A charging member including an electro-conductive substrate, an electro-conductive elastic layer, and an electro-conductive surface layer, wherein the elastic layer includes a polymer having a unit derived from ethylene oxide and at least one particle selected from the group consisting of graphite particles and graphitized particles; wherein a particle-exposing portion where the particle is exposed is present on the surface of the elastic layer; the surface of the elastic layer including the particle-exposing portions is coated with the surface layer; the surface layer includes binder resin and resin particles dispersed in the binder resin and has a plurality of protrusions derived from the resin particles on the surface; when the resin particles in the surface layer are orthographically projected onto the surface of the elastic layer, areas other than projected areas of the resin particles on the surface of the elastic layer overlap the particle-exposing portion.. .
Mount for semiconductor devices using conformable conductive layers, and method
A mount for semiconductor laser devices comprises thermally conductive anode and cathode blocks on either side of a semiconductor laser device such as a laser diode. Interposed between at least the anode block and the anode of the semiconductor laser device is a sheet of conformable electrically conductive material with high thermal conductivity such as pyrolytic highly-oriented graphite.
Method for producing graphite sheet
With a manufacturing method of a graphite sheet, a cavity-forming sheet having a mesh structure or a nonwoven fabric structure is firstly impregnated with polyamide acid and then molded into a sheet. The molded sheet is then heat treated to imidize polyamide acid so as to produce a polyimide sheet composed of polyimide and the cavity-forming sheet disposed in polyimide.
Direct graphene growth on metal oxides by molecular epitaxy
Direct growth of graphene on co3o4(111) at 1000 k was achieved by molecular beam epitaxy from a graphite source. Auger spectroscopy shows a characteristic sp2 carbon lineshape, at average carbon coverages from 0.4-3 monolayers.
Thermally-conductive elastic body
Disclosed is a thermally-conductive elastic body that effectively dissipates heat generated from a heat generation source such as an electronic product and prevents a phenomenon in which small graphite fragments are separated from (fall off) a graphite layer by completely sealing up the graphite layer that conducts the heat. The thermally-conductive elastic body according to the embodiments of the present disclosure includes an elastic body and a thermally conductive layer that is formed to be wrapped around an external surface of the elastic body, in which the thermally conductive layer includes a first base film and a graphite layer that is internally arranged within an edge region of the first base film, and in which the edge region of the first base film is attached to the elastic body in such a manner that the graphite layer is sealed up..
Dust emission reduction during metal casting
A method for reducing dust emissions in a metal or slag casting apparatus, as well as a metal or slag casting apparatus allowing reducing dust emissions, comprising an endless conveyor having a plurality of casting moulds with upper open tops and which endless conveyor is arranged to move said casting moulds in a first section from a casting station to to the casting station, the method comprising (a) providing a casing forming a bottomless box over at least part of the first section of the endless conveyor, (b) injecting within said casing a gas on the surface of the mould with an angle sufficient to blow off loose, solid particles, such as graphite flakes, formed at the surface of the metal, during early stages of the cooling down and to start the solidification of a superficial layer of metal or slag, (c) extracting the gas and the solid particles by suction from within said casing.. .
Sliding layer for multilayer bearing material
A sliding layer for a multi-layer bearing material that is free of lead. The sliding layer can include ptfe, sphalerite, and solid lubricants.
Lead-carbon battery current collector shielding with ported packets
Provided is an activated carbon lead energy storage/battery containing an improved negative activated electrode packet exhibiting substantially reduced resistance with ported paraffin impregnated expanded graphite foil shielding overlying a cutaway notch in the underlying current collector to permit sulfuric acid electrolyte infiltration.. .
Fine carbon fiber, fine short carbon fiber, and manufacturing method for said fibers
A novel fine carbon fiber produced by vapor growth, in which a graphite-net plane consisting of carbon atoms alone forms a temple-bell-shaped structural unit including a closed head-top part and a body-part with an open lower-end, in which an angle θ formed by a generatrix of the body-part and a fiber axis is less than 15°, 2 to 30 of the temple-bell-shaped structural units are stacked sharing a central axis to form an aggregate, and the aggregates are connected head-to-tail with a distance to form a fiber. Fine short carbon fibers with excellent dispersibility can be obtained by shortening the fine carbon fiber..
Method for producing carbonaceous film and method for producing graphite film
Disclosed herein is a method for producing a roll-shaped carbonaceous film by polymer pyrolysis while suppressing the occurrence of fusion bonding in the roll-shaped carbonaceous film. The carbonaceous film production method includes the step of heat-treating a polymer film wound into a roll, wherein, at a temperature equal to or higher than the pyrolysis onset temperature of the polymer film but equal to or lower than a temperature at which the weight of the polymer film is reduced by 40% as compared to that before heat treatment, the roll-shaped polymer film has (2-1) a gap between layers of the polymer film so that a value determined for the whole roll-shaped polymer film by dividing the thickness of the gap between adjacent layers of the polymer film (ts) by the thickness of the polymer film (tf) (ts/tf) satisfies a relationship of 0.33≦ts/tf≦1.50 and/or (2-2) a space inside a 50% cross-sectional circle of the roll-shaped polymer film so that the area of the space inside the 50% cross-sectional circle is 25% or more of the cross-sectional area of the 50% cross-sectional circle..
Long length electrodes
An embodiment disclosed herein includes a monolithic graphite electrode. The electrode has a main body having a length of more than 3050 mm.
Rapid drying of ceramic greenwares
Systems and methods for rapid drying of ceramic greenwares having a high graphite content are disclosed. The methods include employing microwave drying to bring the dryness of the ceramic greenware to a first select dryness and then employing close-coupled hot-air drying to bring the dryness to the final target dryness.

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