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Graphite patents

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Method for improving the flatness of graphite film, graphite film, and method for producing same


Method for improving the flatness of graphite film, graphite film, and method for producing same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Graphite-related patents
 Low copper-containing friction material composition used as brake pad patent thumbnailnew patent Low copper-containing friction material composition used as brake pad
A low copper-containing friction material composition used for brake pad is provided, which consists of the following components by weight parts: 4˜6 parts of aramid fiber, 2˜2.5 parts of tyre powder, 5˜6 parts of heavy magnesia, 5˜6 parts of red vermiculite, 8˜10 parts of ceramic fiber, 3.5˜5 parts of magnetite, 7˜8 parts of boron-containing phenolic resin, 15˜17 parts of calcium sulfate crystal whisker, 16-18 parts of potassium titanate, 15˜17 parts of barite, 5.5˜7 parts of flake graphite, 6˜8 parts of friction powder of cashew nut oil, 6˜8 parts of calcined petroleum coke, 1.5˜2 parts of boron nitride, 5˜7 parts of flake aluminum powder, 0.4˜0.5 parts of pure copper fiber, 0.4˜0.6 parts of black silicon carbide. Said friction material composition is highly environmental friendly and has low content of heavy metal, wherein the content of copper is lower than 0.5%, and an excellent friction layer and transfer membrane can be formed when using said friction material composition.
Ruiyang Automotive Materials (xiantao) Co., Ltd.
 Method for improving the flatness of graphite film, graphite film, and  producing same patent thumbnailnew patent Method for improving the flatness of graphite film, graphite film, and producing same
When a raw material graphite film bad in flatness is laminated onto another material, creases and other defects may be caused. In particular, when a graphite film having a large area is laminated, defects such as creases may be often caused.
Kaneka Corporation
 Anisotropic heat conductive composition and molded product thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Anisotropic heat conductive composition and molded product thereof
The present invention relates to an anisotropic heat conductive composition including flake graphite particles and a resin composition for the particles to be dispersed therein. When the particles have a basal plane, a maximum diameter a in a direction of the basal plane, and a thickness c perpendicular to the basal plane, a/c is 30 or more on average, and a content of the particles is more than 40 mass % and 90 mass % or less.
Panasonic Corporation
 Two-stage plasma process for converting waste into fuel gas and apparatus therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Two-stage plasma process for converting waste into fuel gas and apparatus therefor
A two-step gasification process and apparatus for the conversion of solid or liquid organic waste into clean fuel, suitable for use in a gas engine or a gas burner, is described. The waste is fed initially into a primary gasifier, which is a graphite arc furnace.
Pyrogenesis Canada Inc.
 Production of graphene patent thumbnailnew patent Production of graphene
A method for the production of graphene and graphite nanoplatelet structures having a thickness of less than 100 nm in an electrochemical cell, wherein the cell comprises: (a) a negative electrode which is graphitic; (b) a positive electrode which may be graphitic or another material; and (c) an electrolyte which is ions in a solvent where the cations are organic ions and metal ions; and wherein the method comprises the step of passing a current through the cell.. .
The University Of Manchester
 Self-contained trolley for temperature conditioning and distribution of meal trays patent thumbnailnew patent Self-contained trolley for temperature conditioning and distribution of meal trays
The present invention relates to a self-contained trolley for temperature conditioning and distribution of meal trays (13) comprising two compartments separated by an insulating wall (11), namely a compartment for heating, called the hot compartment, and a compartment for chilling, called the cold compartment, receiving at least one stack of meal trays arranged so that one part of each meal tray (13) is located in the hot compartment and the other part thereof is located in the cold compartment, wherein the heating of the hot compartment and the chilling of the cold compartment are simultaneously obtained by means of a thermochemical system. This trolley is characterised in that said reactor (15) and the evaporator of the thermochemical system are respectively and exclusively arranged in the hot compartment and in the cold compartment and in that the reactive material used in the thermochemical system consists of a compacted mixture of manganese chloride and expanded natural graphite (eng), and the gas consists of ammonia.
 Method for manufacturing high strength flake graphite cast iron, flake graphite cast iron manufactured by the method, and engine body comprising the cast iron for internal combustion engine patent thumbnailnew patent Method for manufacturing high strength flake graphite cast iron, flake graphite cast iron manufactured by the method, and engine body comprising the cast iron for internal combustion engine
The present disclosure relates to a flake graphite cast iron simultaneously having high strength, good machinability, and fluidity, to a method for manufacturing same, and to an engine body comprising the flake graphite cast iron for an internal combustion engine and, more particularly, to a method for manufacturing a flake graphite cast iron, for an engine cylinder block and head having improved castability, a low possibility of the occurrence of chill due to ferroalloy, stable tensile strength and yield strength, and good machinability by adding a trace of strontium in a cast iron including carbon (c), silicon (si), manganese (mn), sulfur (s), and phosphorus (p), which are five elements of the cast iron, molybdenum (mo), a high strengthening additive, and copper (cu) while controlling the ratio (s/sr) of the sulfur (s) content to the strontium (sr) content in the cast ion.. .
Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd. .
 Production of propene patent thumbnailProduction of propene
The disclosure relates to catalytically active carbocatalysts, e.g., a graphene oxide or graphite oxide catalyst suitable for use in production of propene.. .
Graphea, Inc.
 Graphite composite film patent thumbnailGraphite composite film
There is provided a graphite composite film including a graphite film and a metal layer formed on a surface of the graphite film, in which peeling-off of the metal layer from the graphite film is suppressed. More specifically, the graphite composite film includes a graphite film and a metal layer formed on at least one side of the graphite film, wherein the graphite film has a plurality of through holes formed therein, a metal layer is formed also inside the through holes so as to be connected to the metal layer formed on a surface of the graphite film, the metal layer inside the through holes is formed continuously from the one side to an opposite side of the graphite film, and a distance between outer diameters of the through holes is 0.6 mm or less and a ratio of an area of metal inside the through holes to an area of the graphite composite film is 1.4% or more..
Kaneka Corporation
 Carbon material and  producing same patent thumbnailCarbon material and producing same
By subjecting a carbon material, in which a closed-pore-ratio and an amount of remaining hydrogen in the material are set to be within a proper range, to hot isostatic pressing treatment, a vapor phase growth reaction of graphite is generated in closed pores as nuclei using hydrogen and hydrocarbon generated from the carbon material, thereby producing a large amount of targeted porous carbon material at low cost. Flaky graphite being similar to graphene is produced by applying physical impact to the obtained porous carbon material or by generating a graphite intercalation compound using the porous carbon material as a host and then quickly heating the compound..

Process for manufacturing a porous body by powder metallurgy and metallurgic composition of particulate materials

The process comprises the steps of: mixing a load of oxide ceramic material particles (10) with a load of space holder particles (20), defined by graphite and/or amorphous carbon; compacting the mixture formed by ceramic material particles (10) and space holder particles (20), to form a compact body (e); and sintering said compact body (e), so that the ceramic material particles (10) form sintering contacts with each other, whereas the carbon of the space holder particles (20) is removed by the reaction with the oxygen in the sintering medium, to form open secondary pores (ii), by eliminating the space holder particles (20). The metallurgic composition comprises the mixture of the ceramic material particles (10) with the space holder particles (20)..
Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina (ufsc)

Electrochemical producing nano graphene platelets

A method of producing nano-scaled graphene platelets with an average thickness smaller than 30 nm from a layered graphite material. The method comprises (a) forming a carboxylic acid-intercalated graphite compound by an electrochemical reaction; (b) exposing the intercalated graphite compound to a thermal shock to produce exfoliated graphite; and (c) subjecting the exfoliated graphite to a mechanical shearing treatment to produce the nano-scaled graphene platelets.

Use of mesoporous graphite particles for electrochemical applications

The present invention relates to the use of mesoporous graphitic particles having a loading of sintering-stable metal nanoparticles for fuel cells and further electrochemical applications, for example as constituent of layers in electrodes of fuel cells and batteries.. .
Studiengesellschaft Kohle Mbh

Carbon material for lithium ion secondary battery, negative electrode material for lithium ion secondary battery, and lithium ion secondary battery

The amorphous carbon is deposited on a surface of the graphite, the amorphous carbon content is 55% by weight to 99% by weight, and the graphite content is 1% by weight to 45% by weight.. .

Method of repairing and/or protecting a surface in a reactor

A method of forming a heterogeneous protective layer on a surface of a component in a reactor is useful for repair and/or protection. The reactor may be used for production of polycrystalline silicon or a reactant thereof.
Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation

Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing method thereof

An ultrasonic probe manufactured using graphene or graphite, and a manufacturing method thereof, the ultrasonic probe including a matching layer, a transducer layer provided at a rear surface of the matching layer, and a backing layer provided at a rear surface of the transducer layer, wherein the ultrasonic probe further includes at least one sheet that is formed of graphene and provided on at least one of a front surface of the matching layer, in between the matching layer and the transducer layer, in between the transducer layer and the backing layer, a rear surface of the backing layer, and lateral sides of the matching layer, the transducer layer and the backing layer.. .
Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.

Coated particles and related methods

Cutting elements earth-boring tools may include a substrate and a polycrystalline diamond table secured to the substrate. At least a portion of the polycrystalline diamond table may be formed from a plurality of core particles comprising a diamond material and having an average diameter of between 1 μm and 500 μm.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Separator for fuel cell, manufacturing method thereof, and fuel cell having such a separator

A lamellar structure graphite foil is used as a material for a separator for a fuel cell, and a hydrophobic layer is formed by impregnation on flow-field channels of the graphite foil. Such a separator is manufactured by forming the flow field channel by etching the graphite foil formed with the mask pattern thereon and forming a hydrophobic layer by impregnation.
Fuelcell Power, Inc.

Sulfide solid battery controlling sulfide solid battery

The present invention provides a sulfide solid battery system including: a solid battery including a cathode layer, an anode layer and a solid electrolyte layer disposed between the cathode layer and the anode layer; and a controller capable of controlling a charge-stopping voltage of the solid battery, wherein: linixcoymnzo2 (x+y+z=1 and 0.32<x, y, z<0.34) is employed for the cathode layer and a sulfide solid electrolyte is employed at least for the solid electrolyte layer; and the charge-stopping voltage of the solid battery is controlled by the controller in charging the solid battery so that the charging is stopped at 4.3 v or less with reference to a potential at which graphite stores/releases lithium ions, in order to improve a cycle characteristics of the sulfide solid battery.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Energy collection

An energy collection system may collect and use the energy generated by an electric field. Collection fibers are suspended from a support structure, which may comprise a support pole, a vehicle, a lunar rover, and a windmill, among other structures.
Ion Power Group Llc

Moldable mass containing graphite and phase change material, process for producing a molding from the mass, and production methods of using the molding

A moldable mass contains graphite and a phase change material (pcm). The moldable mass further contains a binder and microcapsules having the pcm.
Sgl Carbon Se

Textured silicon liners in substrate processing systems

Substrate processing systems, such as ion implantation systems, deposition systems and etch systems, having textured silicon liners are disclosed. The silicon liners are textured using a chemical treatment that produces small features, referred to as micropyramids, which may be less than 20 micrometers in height.
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

Thermally conductive composite element based on expanded graphite and production method

A thermally conductive composite element is particularly suited for use in a surface heating system or in a surface cooling system. The composite element has at least one main part which contains expanded graphite and at least one flat textile structure disposed on one face of the main part.
Sgl Carbon Se

Moisture wicking mortar with microtubes

A novel mortar mix and mortar formed therewith. The mortar contains sand, lime, cement and microtubes in a mixture thereof.

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