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Graphene patents


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 Graphene wiring structure and  manufacturing graphene wiring structure patent thumbnailGraphene wiring structure and manufacturing graphene wiring structure
A graphene wiring structure of an embodiment has a substrate, a metal part on the substrate, multilayered graphene connected to the metal part, a first insulative film on the substrate, and a second insulative film on the substrate. The metal part is present between the first insulative film and the second insulative film.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Stacked graphene field-effect transistor patent thumbnailStacked graphene field-effect transistor
In an aspect of the present invention, a graphene field-effect transistor (gfet) structure is formed. The gfet structure comprises a wider portion and a narrow extension portion extending from the wider portion that includes one or more graphene layers edge contacted to source and drain contacts, wherein the source and drain contacts are self-aligned to the one or more graphene layers..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Graphene fluorination for integration of graphene with insulators and  devices patent thumbnailGraphene fluorination for integration of graphene with insulators and devices
Embodiments of the present disclosure describe multi-layer graphene assemblies including a layer of fluorinated graphene, dies and systems containing such structures, as well as methods of fabrication. The fluorinated graphene provides an insulating interface to other graphene layers while maintaining the desirable characteristics of the nonfluorinated graphene layers.
Intel Corporation

 Graphene oxide-metal nanowire transparent conductive film patent thumbnailGraphene oxide-metal nanowire transparent conductive film
A process for producing a transparent conductive film, comprising (a) providing a graphene oxide gel; (b) dispersing metal nanowires in the graphene oxide gel to form a suspension; (c) dispensing and depositing the suspension onto a substrate; and (d) removing the liquid medium to form the film. The film is composed of metal nanowires and graphene oxide with a metal nanowire-to-graphene oxide weight ratio from 1/99 to 99/1, wherein the metal nanowires contain no surface-borne metal oxide or metal compound and the film exhibits an optical transparence no less than 80% and sheet resistance no higher than 300 ohm/square.
Nanotek Instruments, Inc.

 Graphene oxide cellular delivery of hydrophilic small molecules patent thumbnailGraphene oxide cellular delivery of hydrophilic small molecules
Unmodified graphene oxide conjugated with hydrophilic small molecules for cellular delivery.. .
Northwestern University

 Graphene-containing slide ring patent thumbnailGraphene-containing slide ring
The invention relates to a slide ring of a mechanical seal arrangement, produced from a graphene-containing material.. .
Eagleburgmann Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Process for unitary graphene layer or graphene single crystal patent thumbnailProcess for unitary graphene layer or graphene single crystal
A unitary graphene layer or graphene single crystal containing closely packed and chemically bonded parallel graphene planes having an inter-graphene plane spacing of 0.335 to 0.40 nm and an oxygen content of 0.01% to 10% by weight, which unitary graphene layer or graphene single crystal is obtained from heat-treating a graphene oxide gel at a temperature higher than 100° c., wherein the average mis-orientation angle between two graphene planes is less than 10 degrees, more typically less than 5 degrees. The molecules in the graphene oxide gel, upon drying and heat-treating, are chemically interconnected and integrated into a unitary graphene entity containing no discrete graphite flake or graphene platelet.
Nanotek Instruments, Inc.

 Graphene-ceramic hybrid coating layer, and  preparing the same patent thumbnailGraphene-ceramic hybrid coating layer, and preparing the same
Disclosed are a graphene-ceramic hybrid coating layer formed from a graphene-ceramic hybrid sol solution including graphene (rgo: reduced graphene oxide) and a ceramic sol, wherein the graphene content in the graphene-ceramic hybrid coating layer is about 0.001 wt % to about 1.8 wt % based on the total weight of the graphene-ceramic hybrid coating layer, and a method for preparing the same.. .
Korea Institute Of Ceramic Engineering And Technology

 Graphene glue, its composition and using method patent thumbnailGraphene glue, its composition and using method
graphene glue contains graphene which is directly used as adhesives to bind different components/materials together. Materials such as metal powders, carbon powders, metal oxides, polymers, cellulose, and bio-molecules can all be glued by graphene glue on substrates.

 System and  synthesis of poss-graphene oxide derivatives as effective fillers for developing high performance composites patent thumbnailSystem and synthesis of poss-graphene oxide derivatives as effective fillers for developing high performance composites
According to an embodiment, a method for grafting poss (polyhedral silsesquioxane) nanomaterial to graphene oxide is described for use in preparation of high performance composite materials. In another embodiment, amine functionalized graphene oxide may be particularly suitable.
The Board Of Regents For Oklahoma State University

Functionalized graphene sheets having high carbon to oxygen ratios

Functionalized graphene sheets having a carbon to oxygen molar ratio of at least about 23:1 and method of preparing the same.. .
The Trustees Of Princeton University

Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device includes an underlayer formed on a substrate, a catalyst layer disposed on the underlayer and extending in an interconnect length direction. The device further includes an upper graphene layer formed on an upper face of the catalyst layer, and side graphene layers provided on two respective side faces of the catalyst layer, the two side faces extending in the interconnect length direction..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Method of fabricating graphene nano-mesh

Example embodiments relate to a method of fabricating a graphene nano-mesh by selectively growing an oxide layer on a defect site of a graphene layer and etching the oxide layer to form the graphene nano-mesh. The method includes forming a graphene layer on a catalyst layer, forming an oxide layer on a defect site of the graphene layer, forming the graphene nano-mesh including a plurality of openings by etching the oxide layer, and transferring, after removing the catalyst layer, the graphene nano-mesh onto a substrate..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Graphene-nanomaterial complex, flexible and stretchable complex comprising the same and methods for manufacturing complexes

The present disclosure relates to a graphene-nanomaterial complex, a flexible and stretchable complex including the same, and methods for manufacturing the complexes. A graphene-nanomaterial complex according to a first aspect of the present disclosure includes a plurality of graphenes and nanomaterials disposed between the graphenes, in which the graphenes are not disposed on the same plane to form a three-dimensional (3d) graphene structure, and the graphenes, the nanomaterials or both form an electrical network..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Low-offset graphene hall sensor

A graphene hall sensor (ghs) may be provided with a modulated gate bias signal in which the modulated gate bias signal alternates at a modulation frequency between a first voltage that produces a first conductivity state in the ghs and a second voltage that produces approximately a same second conductivity state in the ghs. A bias current may be provided through a first axis of the ghs.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Separation and assay of target entities using filtration membranes comprising a perforated two-dimensional material

Perforated graphene and other perforated two-dimensional materials can be used to sequester target entities having a particular range of sizes or chemical characteristics. The target entities sequestered thereon can be further assayed for quantification/qualification purposes.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Heat transfer device and making heat transfer device

A heat transfer device includes a base material and a composite plating layer formed on the base material, wherein the composite plating layer includes metal and graphene particles dispersed in the metal.. .
Shinshu University

Nickel inks and oxidation resistant and conductive coatings

A conductive ink may include a nickel component, a polycarboxylic acid component, and a polyol component, the polycarboxylic acid component and the polyol component being reactable to form a polyester component. The polyester component may be formed in situ in the conductive ink from a polyol component and a polycarboxylic acid component.
Nthdegree Technologies Worldwide Inc.

Circular few layer graphene

Disk shaped fine carbon particles. A fine carbon particle having a diameter of less than 3 microns and a height of less than 0.05 micron substantially in disk form are described.
Monolith Materials, Inc.

Composite with improved mechanical properties and molded article including the same

The present invention provides a composite obtained by processing a resin composition including a thermoplastic resin, multi-walled carbon nanotubes, and a reinforcing material. The multi-walled carbon nanotubes have an average diameter of 10 nm or more and an id/ig of 1 or less.
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Graphene composition and graphene molded article

There are provided a graphene composition and a graphene molded article that exert the properties, such as the strength, due to graphene mixed therein, even with a small amount of the graphene. The graphene composition contains a compound, graphene, and a dispersant, the graphene is contained in an amount of from 0.01 to 5% by weight and contains first flakes having a longer edge of less than 1 μm and second flakes having a longer edge of 1 μm or more and less than 5 μm, a number of the first flakes is 5% or more of the entire flakes in the graphene, and a total number of the first flakes and the second flakes is 90% or more of the entire flakes in the graphene..
Graphene Platform Corporation

Membrane based on graphene and manufacturing same

Disclosed herein are a graphene-based membrane and a method of manufacturing the same. The graphene-based membrane includes: monolayer graphene containing defects; a deposition layer disposed on the defects; and nanopores surrounded by the deposition layer.
Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

Method of patterning graphene holes and fabricating graphene transparent electrode by using pulse laser

A method of patterning holes includes placing a substrate on a stage of a laser system, the substrate having a graphene layer on a surface thereof, generating a pulse laser from the laser system, and forming a plurality of hole patterns spaced apart from each other on the graphene layer by irradiating the pulse laser while the graphene layer is in motion.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Laser induced graphene materials and their use in electronic devices

In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of producing a graphene material by exposing a polymer to a laser source. In some embodiments, the exposing results in formation of a graphene from the polymer.
William Marsh Rice University

Electrode, manufacturing method thereof, storage battery, and electronic device

As a positive electrode active material of a secondary battery, a lithium-manganese composite oxide containing lithium, manganese, and an element represented by m, and oxygen is used, and the lithium-manganese composite oxide is covered with reduced graphene oxide. An active material layer including the active material, graphene oxide, a conductive additive, and a binder is formed and soaked in alcohol, and then heat treatment is performed, whereby an electrode with reduced graphene oxide is fabricated..
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Composite, preparing the same, electrode including the composite, and lithium battery including the electrode

A composite includes a carbonaceous material; a plurality of silicon structures disposed on the carbonaceous material; and a graphene layer, which comprises graphene and is disposed on the plurality of silicon structures, wherein a silicon structure of the plurality of silicon structures includes silicon and a silicon oxide of the formula siox which is disposed on a surface of the silicon, wherein 0<x<2. Also a method of preparing the composite, an electrode including the composite, and a lithium battery including the electrode..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Electronic device and manufacturing thereof

An electronic device, includes: a graphene nanoribbon having a first graphene and a second graphene; a first electrode coupled to the first graphene; and a second electrode coupled to the second graphene, wherein the first graphene is terminated on an edge by a first terminal group and has a first polarity and the second graphene is terminated on an edge by a second terminal group different to the first terminal group and has a second polarity different from the first polarity.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device is disclosed. The device includes a graphene layer containing impurities, and including a first region and a second region.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor device includes a first insulating layer on an underlying layer, a first trench formed in the first insulating layer, and a first graphene layer provided in the first trench. The first trench comprises a bottom surface on the underlying and two side surfaces joined to the bottom surface, formed into a u-shape.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Atomic layer chemical patterns for block copolymer assembly

Provided herein are methods of directed self-assembly (dsa) on atomic layer chemical patterns and related compositions. The atomic layer chemical patterns may be formed from two-dimensional materials such as graphene.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Sulfur doping graphene

The invention provides a sulfur doping method for graphene, which comprises the steps of: 1) providing graphene and placing the grapheme in a chemical vapor deposition reaction chamber; 2) employing an inert gas to perform ventilation and exhaust treatment in the reaction chamber; 3) introducing a sulfur source gas to perform sulfur doping on the graphene at 500-1050° c.; and 4) cooling the reaction chamber in a hydrogen and inert gas atmosphere. The present invention can perform sulfur doping on the graphene simply and efficiently, the economic cost is low, and large-scale production can be realized.
Shanghai Institute Of Microsystem And Information Technology, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Production process for a supercapacitor having a high volumetric energy density

A process for producing a supercapacitor cell, comprising (a) assembling a porous cell framework composed of a first conductive foam structure, a second conductive foam structure, and a porous separator, wherein the first and/or second conductive foam structure has a thickness no less than 200 μm and at least 80% by volume of pores; (b) preparing a first suspension of an anode active material dispersed in a liquid electrolyte and a second suspension of a cathode active material (e.g. graphene sheets) dispersed in a liquid electrolyte; and (c) injecting the first suspension into pores of the first conductive foam structure to form an anode and injecting second suspension into pores of the second conductive foam structure to form a cathode, wherein the anode active material or the cathode active material constitutes an electrode active material loading >10 mg/cm2, preferably >15 mg/cm2, more preferably >20 mg/cm2..

Porous particles of interconnected 3d graphene as a supercapacitor electrode active material and production process

A process for producing a supercapacitor electrode, comprising (a) subjecting multiple particles of mcmbs to a chemical activation with an activating agent selected from an acid, a base, or a salt at a temperature from 100° c. To 1,200° c.

Formaldehyde graphene sensor

A formaldehyde electrochemical sensor employing a formaldehyde sensitive assembly of formaldehyde dehydrogenase attached to graphene in fluid communication with a source of nad+, and a method of measuring formaldehyde utilizing the sensor.. .
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

Graphene-containing coating film, and preparing the same

A graphene-containing coating film includes at least one hydrate represented by chemical formula 1 as described herein, a graphene positioned in a shape on the surface of the hydrate represented by chemical formula 1, and a silica particle positioned on the surface of the hydrate of chemical formula 1 and positioned on the surface of the graphene in a shape of discontinuous island. Particularly, the silica particle includes agglomeration of a plurality of silica nanoparticles.
Hyundai Motor Company

Textile graphene component thermal fiber

A textile graphene component thermal fiber, or filament yarn, is able to be integrated into a textile, for example performance knits, woven and non-woven garments and linens, in order to conduct absorb or emit heat in order to regulate the body temperature for a user. The textile graphene component thermal fiber is able to absorb thermal energy and optimally conduct the thermal energy for extended periods of time.

Method for removing sulfur compounds from fuel using an adsorbent

The present disclosure provides a method for removing sulfur compounds from a fuel containing sulfur compounds. The method includes contacting the fuel with an adsorbent that comprises a carbonaceous material doped with nanoparticles of aluminum oxide to reduce the concentrations of the sulfur compounds.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Graphene sheet combining graphite flake structure and its manufacturing method, and slurry for manufacturing the same

A graphene sheet combining graphite flake structure includes a graphite nanoplatelet material and a graphene material. The graphene material is mixed in the graphite nanoplatelet material, and the content of the graphene material is between 1% and 80% of the graphite nanoplatelet material.
Nitronix Nanotechnology Corporation

Graphene transparent conductive electrode

Methods of fabricating graphene for device application are described herein. The method comprises growing a graphene film on a copper substrate using chemical vapor deposition (cvd), transferring the graphene film from the copper substrate to a device substrate, doping the graphene film with gold(iii) chloride (aucl3); and patterning the graphene film.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

Substrate pre-treatment for consistent graphene growth by chemical deposition

The present invention relates to a process for preparing graphene, comprising (i) providing in a chemical deposition chamber a substrate which has a surface s1, (ii) subjecting the substrate to a thermal pre-treatment while feeding at least one gaseous or supercritical oxidant into the chemical deposition chamber so as to bring the surface s1 into contact with the at least one gaseous or supercritical oxidant and obtain a pre-treated surface s2, (iii) preparing graphene on the pre-treated surface s2 by chemical deposition.. .
Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur/foerderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.

Method for transferring graphene

A method of transferring graphene onto a target substrate having cavities and/or holes or onto a substrate having at least one water soluble layer is disclosed. It comprises the steps of: applying a protective layer (4) onto a sample comprising a stack (20) formed by a graphene monolayer (2) grown on a metal foil or on a metal thin film on a silicon substrate (1); attaching to said protective layer (4) a frame (5) comprising at least one outer border and at least one inner border, said frame (5) comprising a substrate and a thermal release adhesive polymer layer, the frame (5) providing integrity and allowing the handling of said sample; removing or detaching said metal foil or metal thin film on a silicon substrate (1); once the metal foil or metal thin film on a silicon substrate (1) has been removed or detached, drying the sample; depositing the sample onto a substrate (7); removing said frame (5) by cutting through said protective layer (4) at said at least one inner border of the frame (5) or by thermal release..
Graphenea S.a.

Method for making sulfur-graphene composite material

A method for making a sulfur-graphene composite material is provided. In the method, an elemental sulfur solution and a graphene dispersion are provided.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

A graphene/he-ncm composite for lithium ion battery, a preparing said composite, and an electrode material and a lithium ion battery comprising said composite

The present invention relates to a method for preparing a graphene/he-ncm composite, wherein more than one he-ncm particles of the formula (1) xli2mno3.(1−x)liniycozmn1-y-zo2, wherein 0<x<1, 0<y<1, and 0<z<1, are in electrical contact with each other via one or multiple graphene flakes, said method including: a) dispersing he-ncm particles in a solution of graphene oxide by ultrasonication to give a dispersion; b) lyophilization of the dispersion to give a graphene oxide/he-ncm composite; c) thermal decomposition of the graphene oxide/he-ncm composite to give the graphene/he-ncm composite. The present invention further relates to a graphene/he-ncm composite for lithium ion battery prepared by said method, an electrode material and a lithium ion battery comprising said graphene/he-ncm composite..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Method for manufacturing electrode for storage battery

To provide a storage battery electrode including an active material layer with high density that contains a smaller percentage of conductive additive. To provide a storage battery having a higher capacity per unit volume of an electrode with the use of the electrode for a storage battery.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Ultra-high output power and extremely robust cycle life negative electrode material for lithium secondary battery and manufacturing the same, using layer structure of metal oxide nanoparticles and porous graphene

Disclosed is a negative electrode material for a lithium secondary battery, using a layer structure of porous graphene and metal oxide nanoparticles, with remarkably fast charge/discharge characteristics and long cycle life characteristics, wherein macropores of the porous graphene and a short diffusion distance of the metal oxide nanoparticles enable rapid migration and diffusion of lithium ions. The present invention may achieve remarkably fast charge/discharge behaviors and exceedingly excellent cycle life characteristics of 10,000 cycles or more even under a current density of 30,000 ma·g−1.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Methods for making graphene-supported metal oxide monolith

Provided here is a method for making a graphene-supported metal oxide monolith, comprising: providing a graphene aerogel monolith; immersing said graphene aerogel monolith in a solution comprising at least one metal salt to form a mixture; curing said mixture to obtain a gel; optionally, heating said gel to obtain a graphene-supported metal oxide monolith.. .
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc

Solar cells having nanowire titanium oxide and/or silicon carbide cores and graphene exteriors

An apparatus comprising a plurality of solar cells that each comprise a nanowire titanium oxide core having graphene disposed thereon. By one approach this plurality of solar cells can comprise, at least in part, a titanium foil having the plurality of solar cells disposed thereon wherein at least a majority of the solar cells are aligned substantially parallel to one another and substantially perpendicular to the titanium foil.
Dimerond Technologies, Llc

Graphene electronic device having channel layer including graphene islands and fabricating the same

A graphene electronic device includes a gate insulating layer on a conductive substrate, a channel layer on the gate insulating layer, and a source electrode on one end of the channel layer and a drain electrode on another end of the channel layer. The channel layer includes a semiconductor layer and a graphene layer in direct contact with the semiconductor layer, and the graphene layer includes a plurality of graphene islands spaced apart from each other..
Research & Business Foundation, Sungkyunkwan University

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