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Surface treated copper foil and laminate using the same

Surface treated copper foil and laminate using the same

Radiographic image capturing apparatus and method for supplying electric power thereto


Radiographic image capturing apparatus and method for supplying electric power thereto

Radiographic image capturing apparatus and method for supplying electric power thereto

Uiversity Of South Australia

Channel allocation in a communication system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Graph-related patents
 Electronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method patent thumbnailElectronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method
An electronic component mounting apparatus includes an electronic component supply device for supplying an electronic component, a head including a head main body and a head camera unit, and a control device. The head main body includes nozzles, a nozzle drive unit for driving the nozzles and a head support body for supporting the nozzles and the nozzle drive unit.
Juki Corporation

 Surface treated copper foil and laminate using the same patent thumbnailSurface treated copper foil and laminate using the same
Wherein t1 represents a value pointing the position of the intersection closest to the linear mark among the intersections of the brightness curve and bt in the observation spot versus brightness graph, and t2 represents a value pointing the position of the intersection closest to the linear mark among the intersections of the brightness curve and 0.1Δb in the range from the intersections of the brightness curve and bt to a depth of 0.1Δb with bt as reference.. .

 Radiographic image capturing  supplying electric power thereto patent thumbnailRadiographic image capturing supplying electric power thereto
A radiographic image capturing apparatus includes a mobile cart unit, a plurality of devices used for capturing a radiographic image, and an electric power supply activator enabling supply of electric power between the devices, based on an instruction of permission to supply electric power.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

 Channel allocation in a communication system patent thumbnailChannel allocation in a communication system
Methods and systems are described which provide solutions for determining how to allocate terminals to slots in order to maximise communication system performance in the case where there is no feedback channel between a multiuser satellite receiver and terminals within the field of view. Terminals operate independently of each other and choose transmission slots based upon the geographic position of the terminal.
Uiversity Of South Australia

 Mobile devices with femto cell functionality patent thumbnailMobile devices with femto cell functionality
Aspects describe communications environments in which femtocell capability is provided to devices within the communications network. A non-femto-enabled device and/or a femto-enabled device can communicate with a femto-enabled device in the same geographical area for femto-enabled peer-to-peer communication.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Optimizing mobile device handoff parameters patent thumbnailOptimizing mobile device handoff parameters
A device receives a default cell handoff parameter set from a base station within a cellular network. The device receives a modified handoff parameter set, wherein the modified handoff parameter set is different than the default cell handoff parameter set, and tests a mobile device in different geographic locations served by the base station, using the modified handoff parameter set, to measure one or more network/call service parameters associated with handoff of the mobile device to a neighboring cell.
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

 Method and system for transmitting vehicle data using an automated voice patent thumbnailMethod and system for transmitting vehicle data using an automated voice
A vehicle communication system includes one or more processors configured to output a computer generated speech signal for at least a portion of vehicle parameter data based on at least one condition detection signal. The one or more processors are further configured to output the speech signal to a call center over a voice channel via a wireless communication.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Estimating demographics associated with a selected geographic area patent thumbnailEstimating demographics associated with a selected geographic area
In one embodiment, demographics associated with a selected geographic area may be estimated using visitor demographics. For each mobile device of a plurality of mobile devices, a more recent location estimate of the mobile device determined by a positioning system that is within the selected geographic area may be associated with a previous location estimate of the mobile device determined by the positioning system.
Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

 Wireless transmitter identity or positioning information partitioning patent thumbnailWireless transmitter identity or positioning information partitioning
Examples disclosed herein may relate to partitioning identity and/or position information for a plurality of wireless transmitters positioned within a geographical region into a plurality of sub-partitions.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Systems, devices and methods for location-based social networks patent thumbnailSystems, devices and methods for location-based social networks
Global positioning system (gps) data and/or functionality of various users' mobile devices may be used to enable the users to share with their friends or contacts their current location in real time or near real time. There may be an individual graphical marker for each user that is presented on a map corresponding to the current location of the user's device.
Flock Inc.


Method of distributing group message of machine type communication

The invention relates to a method, in an interworking function device, of distributing a group message of machine type communication, the method including the steps of: receiving the group message from a service capability server, wherein the group message includes location/area information, radio access technology information, external group identifier information and/or application layer data; selecting a transmission mode under a predetermined policy according to the group message or obtaining the transmission mode by querying a home location register or a home subscriber server according to the group message; translating the location/area information into a geographical area in which the group message is transmitted and updating the group message with the geographical area; mapping the external group identifier information to internal group identifier information according to information in the home location register or the home subscriber server and updating the group message with the internal group identifier information to obtain an updated group message; querying the home location register or the home subscriber server according to the updated group message about a core network node or a broadcast system node for transmitting the group message; and transmitting the updated group message to the core network node or the broadcast system node in the selected transmission mode.. .
Alcatel Lucent


Systems, methods, and apparatuses for resolving media content recording conflicts

An exemplary method includes detecting, on a media content recording device, a media content recording conflict between a plurality of scheduled recordings of media content instances, and outputting, for display on a display device, data representative of a graphical user interface including a plurality of graphical objects representative of the plurality of scheduled recordings of the media content instances and at least one option configured to facilitate resolution of the media content recording conflict. Corresponding methods, systems, apparatuses, and computer-readable media are also described..
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Timestamped commentary system for video content

A video commentary system receives video content items from users in a community. Such video content items are presented to viewers in the community.
Comment Bubble, Inc.


Picture encoding method, picture decoding method, picture encoding apparatus, picture decoding apparatus, picture encoding program, picture decoding program and recording medium

An picture encoding method includes steps of converting a reference depth map into a virtual depth map that is a depth map of an object photographed in a target picture, generating a depth value of an occlusion region in which there is no depth value in the reference depth map generated by an anteroposterior relationship of the object by assigning a depth value of which a correspondence relationship with a region on the same object as an object shielded in the reference picture is obtained to the occlusion region, and performing picture prediction between views by generating a disparity-compensated picture for the encoding target picture from the virtual depth map and the reference picture after the depth value of the occlusion region is generated.. .
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation


Virtual see-through instrument cluster with live video

At least one embodiment disclosed herein includes generating a three-dimensional graphical output that includes a three-dimensional representation of a video of an area external to a vehicle, and displaying the three-dimensional graphical output on a three-dimensional display disposed within a vehicle.. .
Harman International Industries, Incorporated


Camera system, color conversion device and method employed thereupon, and recording medium for color conversion program

A camera system includes: a database which stores a plurality of stereoscopic color profiles, in which conversion relationships calculated from second image data obtained by photographing a plurality of reference color stereoscopic objects assigned with reference colorimetric values in advance and the reference colorimetric values corresponding to the second image data are associated with a plurality of illumination conditions in photographing; a selection unit which, based on an illumination condition at the time of photographing of a stereoscopic subject, selects a stereoscopic color profile corresponding to the illumination condition; and a color conversion unit which performs color conversion from first image data of a photographed image of the stereoscopic subject to colorimetric values, based on the selected stereoscopic color profile.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


User interface and graphics composition with high dynamic range video

A method and system for adaptively mixing video components with graphics/ui components, where the video components and graphics/ui components may be of different types, e.g., different dynamic ranges (such as hdr, sdr) and/or color gamut (such as wcg). The mixing may result in a frame optimized for a display device's color space, ambient conditions, viewing distance and angle, etc., while accounting for characteristics of the received data.
Apple Inc.


Image processing apparatus that performs development by adjusting saturation level of each color signal, image processing method, and storage medium

An image processing apparatus capable of performing development by adjusting the saturation level of each color signal, without losing gradation in a high-luminance area. Saturation levels of color signals of three colors are calculated on photographed data.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image processing apparatus that develops photographed data, image processing method, and recording medium

An image processing apparatus which is capable of satisfactorily developing photographed data by making up a difference in saturation level between color signals through replacement of a color signal. Saturation levels of respective color signals in photographed data are calculated, and an upper limit of a dynamic range in the photographed data is determined.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Telepresence experience

The description relates to remote collaboration via a telepresence experience. One example can include an interactive digital display.
Microsoft Corporation


Test apparatus and control method thereof

Disclosed herein are a test apparatus that photographs a home mark of a microfluidic apparatus by using a camera and determining a position of a home of the microfluidic apparatus by using the camera, and a control method thereof. The method of controlling a test apparatus includes photographing a microfluidic apparatus at a predetermined frame rate by using a camera of the test apparatus while the microfluidic apparatus is rotating at a predetermined speed, acquiring a capture image which includes a home mark of the microfluidic apparatus among a plurality of images acquired by the camera, and acquiring information which relates to an encoder of the test apparatus and which corresponds to the home mark of the capture image and determining a position of a home of the microfluidic apparatus based on the acquired information..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Image pickup system that detect focus by irradiating auxiliary light, image pickup apparatus, light emission device, and focus detection method

An image pickup apparatus capable of obtaining a high af accuracy while reducing unnecessary power consumption and a release delay when photographing while detecting a focusing state using auxiliary light. The image pickup apparatus is capable of mounting a light emission device with which a first light emitting section of which an irradiation direction can be changed with respect to a body of the light emission device and a second light emitting section of which an irradiation direction is fixed to the body are provided.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program

There is provided an information processing apparatus including an emission unit for emitting a projection image onto a subject, which is to be photographed, so as to allow the subject to perform a predetermined operation, a recognizing unit for recognizing operation performed by the subject, and an execution unit for executing a predetermined processing according to the operation of the subject that is recognized by the recognizing unit.. .
Sony Corporation


System and digital signal compression

A system and method for digital signal compression, segmentation and steganography. Application of a continuous boundary local trigonometric transform (cbltt) provides analysis of a signal in a localized manner.
Vor Data Systems, Inc.


Automatically populating imposition options of document finishing devices

Methods and devices include a printing device automatically receiving capabilities of all the document finishing devices currently operatively connected to the printing device. These capabilities include attribute/value pairs, which are document attributes and associated document attribute values made available by the document finishing devices.
Xerox Corporation


Distributed printing social network

A system for distributing data that represents and can be converted into a physical object such as a printed photograph or three-dimensional “3d printed” object provides a variety of user controls to direct the flow of data and restrict the use of consumable supplies.. .
Lifeprint Llc


Workload balancing technique for a telephone communication system

A workload balancing technique enhances balancing of workloads processed by components of a telephone communication system configured to render telephony services over a computer network. The telephony services illustratively include private branch exchange (pbx) services suitable for customers with geographically dispersed telephone service demands.
Advanced Messaging Technologies, Inc.


Intuitive computing methods and systems

A portable computing device (e.g., a tablet or smartphone) senses audio and/or imagery from a user's environment, and acts to fulfill inferred or requested user desires. In one arrangement, a portable tablet computing device comprising: a wireless communications interface; a touch screen display; a camera for capturing video imagery; a microphone for capturing audio; a device input for initiating a discovery mode, in which the discovery mode includes processing camera-captured video imagery or microphone-captured audio to obtain identification of an object depicted in camera-captured video imagery or to obtain identification of microphone-captured audio, an identification obtained through the wireless communications interface; one or more multi-core processors; and memory storing software instructions for configuring said one or more multi-core processors for: responsive to a request received via said device input, initiating a discovery mode including processing real-time video imagery captured with said camera; causing a sensor pane to be displayed on said touch screen display, in which real-time captured video imagery is displayed along with augmented reality graphics within the sensor pane, and causing user-selectable graphic icons to be displayed within a first area of said touch screen display; causing highlighting of an object represented in captured real-time video imagery that is displayed within the sensor pane; and causing a user-selectable graphic icon to be displayed on said touch screen display to facilitate switching discovery modes from image to audio.
Digimarc Corporation


Packet classification using multiple processing units

A packet classification capability is presented herein. The packet classification capability enables improvements in packet classification via use of a combination of a primary processing unit and a secondary processing unit where the secondary processing unit is configured to perform packet classification functions in parallel based on distribution of packet classification information across processing blocks of the secondary processing unit.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Platform agnostic modular framework

Data systems and processes are disclosed that are capable of providing a modular framework for accessing and manipulating information across multiple device platforms synchronously. The system includes a server-side module repository including at least one module, a subscription service configured to be implemented through a client graphical user interface (gui) of the multiple device platforms that provides access to interact and navigate the at least one module, and an architecture that allows the at least one module to delegate at least part of a computing task to the server side..


Measurement of multi-screen internet user profiles, transactional behaviors and structure of user population through a hybrid census and user based measurement methodology

System for obtaining and analyzing data on online user behavior and other activity having regard to internet connectable user devices, optionally mobile devices, the system being configured to collect data from a plurality of data sources, wherein the collected data includes at least individual user-level data acquired from user devices and census-level data indicating behavior and demographic characteristics across the entire population of users, active or measured services, with the user-level data being preferably collected using at least one user research panel of controlled constitution, preferably from multiple devices of each participant in the panel, the collected data being indicative of internet, content, media, application, and/or device usage, organize the obtained user-level and census-level data into a multivalent categorized data set utilizing an ontological metadata schema, determine an electronic deliverable based on an integration of the user-level data and census-level data wherein census-level data is utilized to calibrate user-level data.. .
Verto Analytics Oy


Systems and methods for mapping ip- addresses to geolocations

A computer-implemented method that includes receiving a location from a location aware access device and an ip address of a network device to which the location aware access device is connected, receiving a request that includes the ip address of the network device from a location unaware access device that is connected to the network device, determining a geographic location for the location unaware access device based on the ip address of the network device and the location received from the location aware access device, selecting information responsive to the request from the location unaware access device based at least in part on the geographic location, and providing the selected information to the location unaware access device.. .
Google Inc.


System and binding a virtual desktop infrastructure host and media soft client together

Methods and systems are provided that utilize the functionality of an end user device in binding a virtual desktop infrastructure (vdi) media client on an end user device with a vdi host client on a vdi server. In particular, the native operating system (os) on the end user device may take a screen-shot of a quick response (qr) code displayed to a graphical user interface of the end user device.
Avaya Inc.


Opportunistic crowd-based service platform

A method and apparatus for providing an opportunistic crowd based service platform is disclosed. A mobile sensor device is identified based on a current location and/or other qualities, such as intrinsic properties, previous sensor data, or demographic data of an associated user of the mobile sensor device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Method and system for managing a virtual meeting

A computer-implemented method, computer-readable medium and system for managing a virtual meeting are disclosed. Invitees for a virtual meeting may be automatically determined based upon a selection of one or more groups made using a graphical user interface.
Saba Software, Inc.


Methods and systems for sharing holographic content

Methods and systems are described herein for a media guidance application that presents holographic media content using a holographic interface and monitors the user and/or area about the holographic interface for user interactions that may cause the media guidance application to execute a media guidance function such as instructing another holographic interface to generate for display a portion of the holographic media content.. .
United Video Properties, Inc.


Detecting malicious advertisements using source code analysis

A method for software code analysis includes receiving in a computer (36), from a requester, an item of active content to be played on client devices. The computer automatically analyzes source code of the item in order to generate a data flow graph, representing a flow of information to be engendered in the client devices playing the item.
Checkmarx Ltd.


Systems and methods for orchestrating runtime operational integrity

Instrumented networks and platforms having target subjects (devices, transactions, services, users, organizations) are disclosed. A security orchestration service generates runtime operational integrity profiles representing and identifying a level of threat or contextual trustworthiness, at near real time, of subjects and applications on the instrumented target platform.
Taasera, Inc.


Automated intelligence graph construction and countermeasure deployment

Techniques for providing information security threat assessment and amelioration are disclosed. The techniques may include obtaining fundamental data, obtaining document data, preparing fundamental instance nodes from the fundamental data, preparing document nodes from the document data, preparing edges between at least some of the nodes, storing the nodes and the edges in a manner that reflects a graph structure, and causing to be displayed at least a portion of a graph defined by at least one node and at least one edge..
Verisign, Inc.


Biometric authentication

Instead of requiring key exchange between a trusted biometric application in a tee and an external application outside of the tee that provides access to a secured function, the trusted application is preconfigured with security data such as (in a first implementation) authentication credentials (e.g. A pin) or (in a second implementation) a cryptographic key.
Mastercard International Incorporated


Securing client-specified credentials at cryptograpically attested resources

Methods and apparatus for securing client-specified credentials at cryptographically-attested resources are described. An indication is obtained that resources deployed for execution of a compute instance of a multi-tenant computing service at an instance host of a provider network meet a client's security criteria.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Generation and distribution of secure or cryptographic material

A user having remote device wants to access an application that requires that the user possess a user application cryptographic credential. If the application needs to verify the identity of the user, the user's remote device performs a cryptographic operation using the user application cryptographic credentials, and sends the result to the application.
Route1 Inc.


Methods and protected distribution of applications and media content

Methods, devices, apparatus, computer-readable media and processors are provided that protect the distribution of media content. Media content is encrypted and the associated cryptographic mechanisms are stored and accessible either remotely at a networked database or internally within a data storage device memory.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Apparatus, method, and system for accessing and managing security libraries

An apparatus and method for performing a cryptography function on an electronic device are provided. The method includes executing an application on the electronic device, requesting, by the application, to use a security library, loading the security library in a remote process on the electronic device, and communicating, by the application, with the security library in the remote process..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Generalized cryptographic framework

A user equipment (ue, 301) comprises communication circuitry that establishes communication with a network, at least one processor, a plurality of security modules (104), a plurality of cryptographic function modules (304), and a cryptographic framework module (302). The security modules (104) may each implement a different security method for securely communicating or authenticating with the network.
Interdigital Patent Holdings


Systems and methods for faster download of digital content in mobile wireless devices

A handheld wireless device makes a request for service from a server of a business on a global network, the request originating from the wireless device is automatically routed to the closest server of the business that is geographically closest to the location of the wireless device as determined by a gps function in the device, or by a router server in the wireless network based on the group of cell towers being connected to by the wireless device, or based on the location of the wireless device in a global telephone network database, for faster access to the service and a response there from.. .
Internet Promise Group Inc.


Messaging application for transmitting a plurality of media frames between mobile devices

A system and method for transmitting a plurality of media frames between mobile devices is described. The media frames comprise video data, photo data, textual data, graphical data and/or audio data..
Yacha, Inc.


Methods and systems for creating auto-reply messages

This application discloses a method implemented on a client system for creating an automatic reply (auto-reply) message. The client system obtains content information of a webpage including information concerning a plurality of content items.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Resilient routing based on a multi-channel model for emergency management

There is provided a system and method for resilient routing based on a multi-channel model for emergency management. The system includes a packet delivery anomaly detector for determining an existence of an anomaly in a mandated routing infrastructure for a packet that renders the packet incapable of reaching a destination node designated for the packet through the mandated routing infrastructure.
International Business Machines Corporation


Resilient routing based on a multi-channel model for emergency management

There is provided a system and method for resilient routing based on a multi-channel model for emergency management. The system includes a packet delivery anomaly detector for determining an existence of an anomaly in a mandated routing infrastructure for a packet that renders the packet incapable of reaching a destination node designated for the packet through the mandated routing infrastructure.
International Business Machines Corporation


User interface for adding and removing rows associated with virtual machines

A graphical user interface may be provided. In some embodiments, the graphical user interface may include a plurality of rows.
Red Hat Israel, Ltd.


System and creating service chains and virtual networks in the cloud

Embodiments are provided herein for creating virtual networks with service chains, such as n-tier networks, in the cloud. In an embodiment, a network diagram for a virtual network is received from a user via a graphical user interface.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Virtual device profile

A system and a method are disclosed for configuring virtual network interface cards (vnics) of virtual machines, including presenting on a graphic user interface (gui), by a management server of a host executing a virtual machine (vm), a plurality of attributes of a virtual network interface card (vnic), assigning, via the gui, values to the plurality of attributes, storing the values of the plurality of attributes in a profile on the management server, and configuring a second vnic of the vm using the values in the profile.. .
Red Hat Israel, Ltd.


Distributed antenna system transport link quality measurement

The present disclosure relates to transport link quality measurement in a distributed antenna system. A link quality indicator associated with the functional performance of a digital transport link in the distributed antenna system can be determined by a component of the distributed antenna system.
Andrew Llc


Flowlet-based processing with key/value store checkpointing

A data processing task may be implemented in a distributed computing system by the use of a workflow broken into flowlets that are arranged in a directed acyclic graph between data sources and data sinks. Such an arrangement may include various flow control and/or fault tolerance schemes, among other features.
Et International, Inc.


method and system

Disclosed are a sign-in method and system. The method includes: obtaining, by using a location-based service (lbs) of a mobile terminal, geographical information of a current location of a person who signs in; binding the geographical information of the current location with identity information of the person who signs in and time information, using the geographical information of the current location, the identity information of the person who signs in, and the time information as sign-in information, and sending the sign-in information to a sign-in server; verifying, by the sign-in server, the sent sign-in information; and recording the sign-in information if the verification succeeds.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Enhanced security for media decryption

Systems and methods for enhanced security of media are provided. Media security may be enhanced by improving the setup of encryption and/or decryption, by improving the performance of encryption and/or decryption, or by improving both.
Unisys Corporation


Enhanced security for media encryption

Systems and methods for enhanced security of media are provided. Media security may be enhanced by improving the setup of encryption and/or decryption, by improving the performance of encryption and/or decryption, or by improving both.
Unisys Corporation


Aes-gcm based enhanced security setup for media encryption

Systems and methods for enhanced security of media are provided. Media security may be enhanced by improving the setup of encryption and/or decryption, by improving the performance of encryption and/or decryption, or by improving both.
Unisys Corporation


Enhanced security setup for media decryption

Systems and methods for enhanced security of media are provided. Media security may be enhanced by improving the setup of encryption and/or decryption, by improving the performance of encryption and/or decryption, or by improving both.
Unisys Corporation


Enhanced security setup for media encryption

Systems and methods for enhanced security of media are provided. Media security may be enhanced by improving the setup of encryption and/or decryption, by improving the performance of encryption and/or decryption, or by improving both.
Unisys Corporation


Side-channel-protected masking

The invention provides a method, in a processor, for executing a cryptographic computation. Upon the execution of the computation there is applied a base masking through which intermediate values are incorporated into the computation as masked intermediate values.
Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh


Communication method, communication device and magnetic resonance tomography system with communication device

A communication method for communication between a first and a second communication apparatus, where at least one wanted signal is transmitted from the second communication apparatus to the first communication apparatus is provided. The method includes sending a first carrier signal at a first frequency using the first communication apparatus.


Cloud radio access network

Instead of just consuming network resources, client devices create network resources via cooperative subspace processing to increase data bandwidth and expand radio coverage so the network grows dynamically with demand. Server-side cooperative-mimo provides joint processing for geographically distributed base stations with overlapping coverage areas.
Genghiscomm Holdings, Llc


Thin axial gap motor

A thin axial gap motor includes: a base, a circuit unit installed on the base; a stator module including at least one flat permeable frame and at least one winding, and the permeable frame having at least one support arm and an induced magnetic part connected to the at least one support arm, and the winding being wound around the support arm; a rotor module including a flat permanent magnet installed at the top of the induced magnetic parts and having an orthographic projection range corresponsive to the area of the induced magnetic part, and the at least one winding being disposed on an outer side of the permanent magnet; and a pivoting element installed between the base and the rotor module and including a bearing housing and a spindle plugged into the bearing housing for rotating the rotor module with respect to the base.. .
Cooler Master Co., Ltd.


Topology determination using graph theory

Disclosed herein are a variety of systems and methods for management of an electric power generation and distribution system. According to various embodiments, a system consistent with the present disclosure may be configured to analyze a data set comprising a plurality of generator performance characteristics of a generator at a plurality of operating conditions.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.


Manufacturing nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery

A manufacturing method according to the present invention is a method for manufacturing a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery including graphite as a negative-electrode active material. The manufacturing method includes: a step of assembling the battery including a positive electrode and a negative electrode; and a step of performing an initial charging process of performing first charging on the battery.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and diagnosing state of fuel cell system

Disclosed is a technique of diagnosing a state of a fuel cell system. The technique includes configuring a processor to calculate a duty ratio and an average output current, based on real-time driving data for a preset driving period, during operation of a fuel cell vehicle; obtain a reference current value from the calculated duty ratio and the calculated average output current; and determine a state of a fuel cell system by choosing a state graph corresponding to the obtained reference current value among a plurality of state graphs which vary depending on each reference current value..
Hyundai Motor Company


Electrical conductive polymer binder for si alloy materials

A poly(1-pyrenemethyl methacrylate-co-dopamine methacrylamide) ppydma polymer binder has been designed and fabricated, and has demonstrated an excellent performance for silicon (si), graphite and a metal alloy anode materials. The ppydma polymer binder demonstrates the great potential of a catechol moiety for use in a lithium-ion battery..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Carbon material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, negative electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and manufacturing carbon material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery

An objet of the invention is to provide a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery superior in input-output characteristics even at a low temperature. To achieve the object, hybrid particles (carbon material) satisfying certain conditions, and composed of graphite particles and carbon particles with a primary particle size from 3 nm to 500 nm, preferably as well as amorphous carbon, are used as a negative electrode active material for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, so that the input-output characteristics of a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery at a low temperature can be improved remarkably..
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


Positive electrode active material, lithium battery containing the same, and manufacturing the positive electrode active material

A positive electrode active material including a lithium transition metal oxide, wherein when a lithium battery including a positive electrode including the lithium transition metal oxide is analyzed by differential capacity analysis, an irreversible peak is present in a graph of differential capacity versus voltage in a range of about 4.5 volts versus lithium to about 4.8 volts versus lithium during a first charge/discharge cycle.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method for forming pn junction in graphene with application of dna and pn junction structure formed using the same

A method for forming a pn junction in graphene includes: forming a graphene layer, and forming a dna molecule layer on a partial region of the graphene layer, the dna molecule layer having a nucleotide sequence structure designed to provide the graphene layer with a predetermined doping property upon adsorption on the graphene layer. The dna molecule has a nucleotide sequence structure designed for doping of graphene so that doped graphene has a specific semiconductor property.
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Scribe etch process for semiconductor laser chip manufacturing

An improved scribe etch process for semiconductor laser chip manufacturing is provided. A method to etch a scribe line on a semiconductor wafer generally includes: applying a mask layer to a surface of the wafer; photolithographically opening a window in the mask layer along the scribe line; etching a trench in the wafer using a chemical etchant that operates on the wafer through the window opening, wherein the chemical etchant selectively etches through crystal planes of the wafer to generate a v-groove profile associated with the trench; and cleaving the wafer along the etched trench associated with the scribe line through application of a force to one or more regions of the wafer..
Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.


Semiconductor substrate for photonic and electronic structures and manufacture

A method of forming a substrate with isolation areas suitable for integration of electronic and photonic devices is provided. A common reticle and photolithographic technique is used to fabricate a mask defining openings for etching first and second trench isolation areas in a substrate, with the openings for the second trench isolation areas being wider than the openings for the first trench isolation areas.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Method for producing fin structures of a semiconductor device in a substrate

A method for producing fin structures, using directed self assembly (dsa) lithographic patterning, in an area of a semiconductor substrate includes providing a semiconductor substrate covered with a shallow trench isolation (sti) layer stack on a side thereof; defining a fin area on that side of the substrate by performing a lithographic patterning step other than dsa, wherein the fin structures will be produced in the fin area; and producing the fin structures in the semiconductor substrate within the fin area according to a predetermined fin pattern using dsa lithographic patterning. The disclosure also relates to associated semiconductor structures..
Imec Vzw


Proximity effect correction in a charged particle lithography system

Using an electronic processor, performing a deconvolution of the digital layout pattern with the modified proximity function to produce a corrected layout pattern.. .


Digital pattern generator (dpg) for e-beam lithography

A method of lithography including providing a first mirror array and a second mirror array of a digital pattern generator (dpg); the second mirror array is offset from the first mirror array in a first direction. A first data piece and a second data piece associated with an ic device, are received by the dpg.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Applications of graphene grids in vacuum electronics

Graphene grids are configured for applications in vacuum electronic devices. A multilayer graphene grid is configured as a filter for electrons in a specific energy range, in a field emission device or other vacuum electronic device.
Elwha Llc


Image sequence enhancement and motion picture project management system

The system enables conversion of black and white images to color images and/or two-dimensional images into three-dimensional images based on adding color and/or depth to images using masks for regions in the images, as well as reshaping of masks to cover objects that have moved and changed shape as the objects move in a sequence of images. Also, includes motion picture project management system for reviewers, coordinators and artists.
Legend3d, Inc.


Method to make interferometric taper waveguide for hamr light delivery

A method for making an interferometric taper waveguide (i-twg) with high critical dimension uniformity and small line edge roughness for a heat assisted magnetic recording (hamr) head, wherein the method includes creating an i-twg film stack with two hard mask layers on top of an i-twg core layer sandwiched between two cladding layers, defining a photoresist pattern over the i-twg film stack using deep ultraviolet lithography, transferring the pattern to the first hard mask layer using reactive ion etching (rie), forming a temporary i-twg pattern on the second hard mask layer using rie, transferring the temporary pattern to the i-twg core using rie, refilling the cladding layer, and planarizing using chemical mechanical planarization (cmp).. .
Western Digital (fremont), Llc


Mouse-free system and method to let users access, navigate, and control a computer device

The present invention is a simple, productive and easy-to-use mouse-free system and method to control all computer devices and applications, including those designed for a mouse. The present invention solves the problems of inaccessibility for users of accessibility software, including speech recognition and screen readers.


Methods for hybrid gpu/cpu data processing

The present invention describes methods for performing large-scale graph traversal calculations on parallel processor platforms. The invention describes methods for on-the-fly hypothesis rescoring that utilizes graphic processing units (gpus) in combination with utilizing central processing units (cpus) of computing devices.
Carnegie Mellon University, A Pennsylvania Non-profit Corporation


Displaying visual analytics of entity data

According to an example, in a method for displaying visual analytics of entity data, geographic locations of entities may be plotted as first pixel cells on a first region and as second pixel cells on a second region of a geographic map. A determination may be made that the first pixel cells have a higher degree of overlap with each other in the first region compared to the second pixel cells in the second region.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Dynamic knowledge level adaptation of e-learing datagraph structures

Embodiments measure knowledge levels of students with respect to knowledge entities as they proceed through a course datagraph macrostructure, and dynamically adapt aspects of the macrostructure (and/or its embedded microstructures) to optimize knowledge acquisition of the students in accordance with their knowledge level. For example, a course consumption platform can parse the macrostructure and embedded microstructures to identify next microstructures to present to the student in such a way that dynamically adapts knowledge entities of the course to a student as a function of the student's present knowledge level associated with the student and difficulty levels of the presented microstructures.
Mindojo Ltd.


Virtual course boundaries in adaptive e-learning datagraph structures

Embodiments relate to authoring, consuming, and exploiting dynamically adaptive e-learning courses created using novel, embedded datagraph structures, including course macrostructures with embedded lesson microstructures and practice microstructures. For example, courses can be defined by nodes and edges of directed graph macrostructures, in which each node includes one or more directed graph microstructures for defining lesson and practice step objects of the courses.
Mindojo Ltd.


System and automatically setting up a universal remote control

A system and method for configuring a remote control to command the operation of appliances, to capture demographic data, and to provide services, such as automated warranty registration, instructions, viewing guides, etc., relevant to the appliances is provided. The system includes a database and associated server that are located remotely from the remote control and accessible via a network connection.
Universal Electronics Inc.


Multiple detection function modularized lighting device

A multiple detection function modularized lighting device includes a substrate on which a photographing module is mounted and also includes an indication module, a detection module, an alarm module, and an led module that are circumferentially arranged as an annular array along a circumference of the photographing module so that the number of all components can be simplified and integrated on the substrate. An opposite side of the substrate includes a control module mounted thereon to drive all the previous modules.


Two-dimensional model of triangular sectors for use in generating a mesh for finite element analysis

A method and apparatus for analyzing a joint. The apparatus comprises a graph generator and a model generator.
The Boeing Company


Submarine topography construction method based on multi-source water depth data integration

The invention discloses a submarine topography construction method based on multi-source water depth data integration, which achieves reasonable splicing of various data such as multi-beam sounding, single-beam sounding, historical topography map and global topography and submarine topography construction. The invention comprises the following steps of: converting a historical submarine topography map into grid data, converting water depths of other sources into grids, using an overlapping and contrasting method to evaluate the accuracy of the water depths of different sources; using a multi-map-layer method to carry out integration, cutting and splicing on multi-source water depth data, constructing an error distribution model to reasonably revise and integrate various-source water depth data; and constructing multi-source water depth submarine topography and grid.
The Second Institute Of Oceanography, Soa


Tomography apparatus and reconstructing a tomography image by the tomography apparatus

A tomography apparatus includes a data acquirer which acquires a first image which corresponds to a first time point and a second image which corresponds to a second time point by performing a tomography scan on an object; an image reconstructor which acquires first information which relates to a relationship between a motion amount of the object and the time based on a motion amount between the first image and the second image, predicts a third image which corresponds to a third time point between the first and second time points based on the first information, corrects the first information by using the predicted third image and measured data which corresponds to the third time point, and reconstructs the third image by using the corrected first information; and a display which displays the reconstructed third image.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Portable electronic device with a creative artworks picture application

A photography system includes a remote server to store themed photograph overlays, and at least one themed photograph overlay image located at a designated area and corresponding to one of the themed photograph overlays on the remote server. A portable electronic device (ped) includes a processor to execute a creative artworks picture application, a transceiver to communicate with the remote server based on execution of the creative artworks picture application, and a camera to scan the themed photograph overlay image located at the designated area.
Colorvision International, Inc.


Systems and methods for graph generation

Systems and methods for generating one or more graphs corresponding to a data set are included. A computing system may receive user input data indicating a data set, the data set including one or more variables.
Sas Institute Inc.


Methods of rendering graphics by stroking paths

Methods of rendering graphics include defining one or more paths from a plurality of commands. The commands include corresponding coordinates and pen actions, and the commands generate sub-paths or curve segments.
Nvidia Corporation


Apparatus, systems and methods to generate electronic records of underground facility marking operations performed with gps-enabled marking devices

A technician performs a locate operation of an underground utility in a dig area of proposed excavation by applying one or more physical colored markers (e.g., paint, flags, other colored markers) to ground, pavement or other surface to indicate a presence or an absence of the underground utility in the dig area. A digital image of a geographic area comprising the dig area is displayed on a display device, and one or more electronic colored markers corresponding to the physical colored marker(s) are added to the displayed digital image so as to generate a marked-up image.
Certusview Technologies, Llc


Tomography reconstructing tomography image thereof

A tomography apparatus includes a data acquirer acquiring a first image and a second image that are partial images, by using data acquired in a first angular section corresponding to a first time point and a second angular section corresponding to a second time and facing the first angular section, by performing a tomography scan on an object that is moving, and acquiring first information indicating a motion amount of the object by using the first image and the second image, and an image reconstructor reconstructing a target image indicating the object at a target time, based on the first information.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Characteristic x-ray escape correction in photon-counting detectors

A method and an apparatus for determining primary and secondary escape probabilities for a large photon-counting detector without pile-up. A model for the detector with no pile-up is formulated and used for spectrum correction in a computed tomography scanner.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Pattern measurement device, evaluation polymer compounds used in self-assembly lithography, and computer program

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a pattern measurement device which evaluates quantitatively and with high precision random patterns such as finger print patterns. In order to fulfill this purpose, a pattern measurement device which measures the pattern on a sample on the basis of an image acquired by a charged particle beam is proposed which selectively extracts linear or linearly approximable parts of the pattern on the sample, and outputs at least one of the following: the measurement of the distance between the extracted parts, the ratio of said extracted parts in a prescribed region, and the length of said extracted parts.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

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