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This page is updated frequently with new Graph-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Graph-related patents
 System and  software and peripheral integration patent thumbnailSystem and software and peripheral integration
A computer implemented method comprising receiving input from an input device having a plurality of keys, the input corresponding to individual key presses of the plurality of keys. The method further includes tracking the individual key presses over a period of time, determining time-based analytics for each of the individual keys, providing a graphical representation of the plurality of keys, and modifying the graphical representation of each of the plurality of keys based on the time-based analytics.
Logitech Europe S.a.

 Communication control method and user terminal patent thumbnailCommunication control method and user terminal
A communication control method according to a first aspect includes: a step a of acquiring, by a user terminal that supports a cellular communication and a wlan communication, access point location information on a geographical location of a wlan access point; a step b of transmitting, from the user terminal to a cellular network, the access point location information; and a step c of acquiring, by a cellular base station included in the cellular network, the access point location information.. .
Kyocera Corporation

 Facilitation of geographically addressed data streaming patent thumbnailFacilitation of geographically addressed data streaming
A more efficient network is facilitated by data routing. A node device within a network can broadcast a first set of data to a network of other node devices.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 Methods and tools for persistent spectrum analysis of an operating radio frequency band patent thumbnailMethods and tools for persistent spectrum analysis of an operating radio frequency band
Generation and use of geographic databases of frequency spectral information within an operating frequency band. Described herein are methods of making databases of geospectral information and using these databases to optimize performance of wireless networks.

 Mobile data communication using biometric encryption patent thumbnailMobile data communication using biometric encryption
A mobile app using biometric encryption and decryption for privacy and security having both authentication and recognition functions. It utilizes the built-in camera of the mobile device to provide facial images for authentication purposes.
Washington Software, Inc.

 Ping compensation factor for location updates patent thumbnailPing compensation factor for location updates
In one embodiment, a computing device receives a location update corresponding to a user. The user corresponds to one or more demographic categories, and the location update is provided by one or more location methods which are implemented by a mobile device of the user.
Facebook, Inc.

 Methods and systems for walkie-talkie communications patent thumbnailMethods and systems for walkie-talkie communications
Walkie-talkies are a common means of coordinating activities at events but must be handed out, transferred as shifts and personnel in roles change, and collected. Further, walkie-talkies have a set range and the bigger the range the more expensive the walkie-talkie.

 Capacity allocation of call-handling devices across call destinations patent thumbnailCapacity allocation of call-handling devices across call destinations
A system and method that allocate call capacity based on the need to divide the call capacities of at least some call-termination devices across geographic regions. Accordingly, the allocation system uses various input parameters as constraints in a linear programming optimization, which has the objective of maximizing the capacity allocation of a device to fulfill the traffic demands of each region being processed.
Tata Communications (america) Inc.

 Systems and methods for providing personalized audio content patent thumbnailSystems and methods for providing personalized audio content
A method for providing audio content to a user device in a movie theater includes the steps of personalizing the audio content for the user device based on an identifier and providing the personalized audio content to the user device. In some embodiments, the identifier is based on demographic information about the user.
Elwha Llc

 System and  controlling hotel cpe via personal smart device patent thumbnailSystem and controlling hotel cpe via personal smart device
Systems, methods and apparatus enabling businesses or bulk customers (e.g., hotels) spanning geographic footprints of one or more msos to provide television, data and/or other services to each guest from the respective mso associated with that guest, and in accordance with the personal settings, content settings and/or other mso subscription parameters.. .
Charter Communications Operating, Llc


System and methods for simultaneously capturing audio and image data for digital playback

The invention provides for a system and method for the simultaneous capturing and storage of digital audio data in association with still image data. The captured audio clip is instantaneously associated and embedded with the photographic image, and allows for the user to digitally play back, view, and share the still image embedded with the audio clip..


Apparatus, a web-based interactive video platform

An apparatus, a system, a method and a computer program product are provided. The system includes a controller configured to broadcast a web-based meeting between a first user and a second user.
Shoutpoint, Inc.


Image processing device that synthesizes a plurality of images, controlling the same, storage medium, and image pickup apparatus

An image processing device that is capable of synthesizing a plurality of images by accurately correcting an image shift even in a photographing scene with a lot of external disturbances, such as noise. An image processing device synthesizes a plurality of images obtained by photographing an object that moves at a predetermined speed to thereby obtain a synthesized image.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Recommending transformations for photography

A method, computer program product, and system is described. An aspect of an image is identified.
Google Inc.


Method for capturing and storing historic audiovisual data via a digital mirror

A method for capturing and storing historic audiovisual data via a digital mirror allows a digital display to be utilized as a digital minor. The digital display includes a touchscreen that is divided into a first portion with a live video feed and a second portion with a graphical user interface (gui).


Apparatus and controlling auto focus function in electronic device

An apparatus and a method for performing an auto focus (af) function in an electronic device which does not perform the af function while performing a camcorder function are provided. The apparatus includes a camera for receiving a photographing data, a camera processing unit for performing any one of a still picture acquisition function and an af function, a recording processing unit for performing a function for recording the photographing data, a camera driver for operating the camera under control of the camera processing unit and the recording processing unit, and a processor for controlling the camera processing unit and the recording processing unit when detecting an af request while photographing a moving picture to focus on the photographing data automatically and to record the focused photographing data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Vehicle photographic tunnel

A system and method for automatically photographing vehicles in a drive-thru structure is provided where the passage of a vehicle triggers an automated process that captures a series of vehicle images, and uploads the captured images to a web template for display and recordation. The images captured have controlled reflections from multiple angles and perspectives.


Cover photography apparatus, portable terminal apparatus and control cover photography apparatus

Provided herein is a cover photography apparatus, portable terminal apparatus, and a control method of the cover photography apparatus, the cover photography apparatus including an imaging device configured to generate image data; a communicator configured to receive motion information from a portable terminal apparatus; and a controller configured to: determine that the image data is captured during motion of the cover photography apparatus based on the motion information, and correct the image data in response to determining that the image data is captured during motion of the cover photography apparatus; and control the communicator to transmit the corrected image data to the portable terminal apparatus.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Matching inbound call center call to commercial opportunity

Methods and systems conduct a call center communication session (such as a network chat session, video conference, and/or a verbal telephone call) between a user and a call center representative using a specialized call center device (such as a specialized telephone device that provides a call center). These methods and systems use the specialized call center device to automatically identify a topic presented during the call center communication session and to automatically select a commercial opportunity relating to the topic based on previously established relationships between commercial opportunities and topics.
Xerox Corporation


Systems and methods for initiating communications with contacts based on a communication specification

Disclosed herein are methods and systems for initiating communications with contacts based on a communication specification. According to an aspect, a method may include receiving a communication specification.
Modena Enterprises, Llc


Cloud-based server computing system for and providing cross-platform remote access to 3d graphics applications

A server computing system in a client-server computing environment includes a virtual display driver that marshals and transmits graphics application programming interface (api) functions to a client via a network. The server may receive capability information from the client, allowing the virtual display driver to resolve differences between the apis supported on the server and the client..
Hopto Inc.


System and zero-footprint screen capture

A system for zero-footprint screen capture, comprising a communication server software module, a screen capture server software module, a web server software module, and a media upload server software module, wherein the web server, on receiving a request for a specific web page from a client application whose screen is to be captured, uploads a persistent screen capture software application to the client, and further wherein, upon receiving a connection request from the screen capture application, establishes a persistent connection to the screen capture application and, on receiving a notification from the communication server pertaining to an interaction involving a user of the client application, sends instructions via the persistent connection to the screen capture application, and wherein the media upload server receives via the established connection to the uploaded screen capture application one or more data packets containing screen capture graphics data.. .
Zoom International S.r.o.


Cloud process for rapid data investigation and data integrity analysis

A system and method for rapid data investigation and data integrity analysis is disclosed. A data set is received by a server computer from one or more client computers connected with the server computer via a communications network, and the data set is stored in a distributed storage memory.
Fair Isaac Corporation


Method and remote, multi-media collaboration, including archive and search capability

Embodiments of a method and apparatus for remote collaboration include a central cloud computing infrastructure configurable to capture data related to online, remote collaborative session between users via any type of internet capable user device. Data capture includes capture of data via services/systems external to the infrastructure, and services/systems internal to the infrastructure.
Across Lab, Inc.


System and remotely managing security and configuration of compute devices

The present invention relates to a system that manages security of one or more computer systems and/or one or more different types of i/o channels such as usb, ethernet, sata, and sas. According to certain aspects, the management system is distributed.
Janus Technologies, Inc.


Application attack monitoring

Implementations of the present disclosure include methods, systems, and computer-readable storage mediums for providing application attack monitoring. Actions can include: obtaining a security graph model associated with an attack vulnerability of a distributed application, the security graph model comprising a plurality of rule parts; screening log data obtained by a plurality of connectors to selectively obtain relevant log data corresponding to one or more of the rule parts, each connector being in communication with a respective components of the distributed application; evaluating the relevant log data based on the security graph model to provide an evaluation score; and in response to determining that the evaluation score is greater than a predetermined threshold, providing output indicating an attack on the distributed application..


Method and system for testing and validation of cryptographic algorithms

A method for testing cryptographic algorithms includes: receiving one or more request files, wherein each request files is associated with a cryptographic algorithm and includes a plurality of tests; formatting the plurality of tests in each of the request files based on algorithm formatting rules; transmitting the request files; receiving a plurality of test results for each of the transmitted request files, wherein each test result corresponds to a test included in the respective request file and is generated by execution of the corresponding test using the cryptographic algorithm associated with the respective request file; generating a response file for each of the request files, wherein the response files includes a plurality of test results that correspond to each test included in the corresponding request file; formatting the plurality of tests results in each of the generated response files based on result formatting rules; and transmitting the response files.. .
Corsec Security, Inc.


Using credentials stored in different directories to access a common endpoint

A global endpoint may be associated with an organization name and a plurality of directories located in different geographic regions. The global endpoint may be a computing system that hosts a page used by users to access an application or service.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Method for establishing a cryptographically protected communication channel

Some embodiments are directed to a cryptographic method for providing an electronic first device, an electronic second device and an electronic intermediary device, the cryptographic method establishing a cryptographically protected communication channel between the first device and the second device. The method comprises establishing a session identifier (sid) between the first device and the intermediary device.
Intrinsic-id B.v.


Method and allocating network medium resources

A method for estimating allocatable network medium data resources is disclosed. The method is performed at an apparatus having one or more processors and memory for storing programs to be executed by the one or more processors.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


System analyzer and analyzing an impact of a change in a component of a distributed control system

A system analyzer and a method for analyzing an impact of a change in a component of a distributed control system (dcs) are disclosed. The system can collect and store data representing the dcs components and their interconnection as well as signals of the dcs components.
Abb Technology Ag


User interrace providing information system topology presentation

A user interface includes a graphical topological representation of an information system. Information is collected regarding connections between switches, storage nodes and computer nodes in the information system.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Secure pairing for secure communication across devices

Technologies for securely pairing a first computing device with a second computing device include the first computg device to generate a session message key based on a key exchange with the second computing device. The first computing device receives a message including a hardware key certificate, 5 a cryptographically-signed communication, and a message authentication code from the second computing device.


Natural visualization and routing of digital signatures

Embodiments are provided for securely visualizing and routing digital signatures in an electronic document generated by an application program executing on a computer system. The application program may generate an electronic document for receiving a signature graphic, and calculate a hash value from the electronic document and the signature graphic, and create a cryptographic signature from the hash value using a cryptographic encryption method.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method for preparing metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite using supercritical fluid and metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite prepared by the same

Provided herein is a method for preparing a metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite using a supercritical fluid and the metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite prepared thereby, the method including preparing a dispersed solution by dispersing graphene oxide and a metal oxide precursor in an organic solvent and forming the metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite by reacting the dispersed solution under a supercritical condition, thereby uniformly dispersing the metal oxide nanoparticles on a graphene sheet.. .
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Light emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof

A light emitting diode includes: a substrate; an n-type semiconductor layer disposed on the substrate; an active layer disposed on the n-type semiconductor layer; a p-type semiconductor layer disposed on the active layer; a first electrode disposed on the p-type semiconductor layer and made of a metal oxide; a second electrode disposed on the first electrode and made of graphene; a p-type electrode disposed on the second electrode; and an n-type electrode disposed on the n-type semiconductor layer, wherein a work function of the first electrode is less than a work function of the p-type semiconductor layer, but is greater than a to work function of the second electrode.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method for forming dendritic silver with periodic structure as lighht-trapping layer

The invention is related to a method for forming dendritic silver with periodic structure as light-trapping layer, includes these steps: form a photoresist layer on a conductive substrate, and at least two coherent light beams is provided in using a laser interference lithography apparatus, to form a plurality of particular patterns respectively on the setting-exposure positions of the conductive substrate in sequence till the particular periods pattern formed. Thereafter, form the dendritic silver nanostructure with period pattern on the conductive substrate via electrochemical process, wherein operating voltage is 2v or higher, and electrochemical reaction time is 10 sec or higher..
Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan


Barc-assisted process for planar recessing or removing of variable-height layers

The present disclosure provides a method of manufacturing an integrated circuit device in some embodiments. In the method, a semiconductor substrate is processed through a series of operations to form a topographically variable surface over the semiconductor substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Method for manufacturing rare-earth magnets

Provided is a method for manufacturing a rare-earth magnet having good workability and capable of manufacturing a rare-earth magnet having low oxygen density. A method for manufacturing a rare-earth magnet includes: a first step of applying or spraying graphite-based lubricant gf on an inner face of a forming die m, and charging magnetic powder mf as a rare-earth magnet material in the forming die m, followed by cold forming, to form a cold-forming compact 10 having a surface on which a graphite-based lubricant coat 12 is formed; a second step of performing hot forming to the cold-forming compact 10 to form a sintered body 20 having a surface on which a graphite-based lubricant coat 22 is formed; and a third step of, in order to give the sintered body 20 anisotropy, performing hot deformation processing to the sintered body 20 to form the rare-earth magnet 30..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method, system and computer program product for editing movies in distributed scalable media environment

A movie editor converts a received movie into a proxy format, and creates a texture strip representing the frames of the movie. An editor can use the texture strip to edit the movie, rather than editing the movie directly.
Open Text S.a.


Writer pole formation

Implementations disclosed herein provide a method of reducing the topography at the alignment and overlay marks area during the writer pole photolithography process in order to reduce the wafer scale variation and reduce the writer pole photolithography process rework rate. In one implementation, an intermediate stage of a wafer for writer pole formation is generated by removing a part of at least one metallic writer pole layer on top of an intermediate stage writer pole wafer to form a recovery trench, depositing an optically transparent material on top of the wafer, wherein the thickness of the optically transparent material is higher than a target recovery trench topography, forming a photoresist pattern on top of the optically transparent material over the recovery trench, etching the optically transparent material, and removing the photoresist pattern and at least part of the remaining optically transparent material..
Seagate Technology Llc


Method to make interferometric taper waveguide for hamr light delivery

A method for making an interferometric taper waveguide (i-twg) with high critical dimension uniformity and small line edge roughness for a heat assisted magnetic recording (hamr) head, wherein the method includes creating an i-twg film stack with two hard mask layers on top of an i-twg core layer sandwiched between two cladding layers, defining a photoresist pattern over the i-twg film stack using deep ultraviolet lithography, transferring the pattern to the first hard mask layer using reactive ion etching (rie), forming a temporary i-twg pattern on the second hard mask layer using rie, transferring the temporary pattern to the i-twg core using rie, refilling the cladding layer, and planarizing using chemical mechanical planarization (cmp).. .
Western Digital (fremont), Llc


Color management

Embodiments of techniques or systems for color management are provided herein. A graphic input may be received which includes pixels associated with color codes.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Accelerated image gradient based on one-dimensional data

Methods and systems of generating an image gradient are presented. In one example, image data for generating a two-dimensional digital image is provided to a hardware graphics processor.


Decorative detectable warning panel having improved grip

The present invention relates to detectable warning panels, and in particular to detectable warning panels that display text and/or other graphic information such as commercial messages, trademarks, logos, directions, slogans, pictures, names, product illustrations, emblems, promotional information related to a product or service, quick response codes, matrix code, two-dimensional bar code, optical machine-readable labels, and combinations thereof.. .
Brandbumps, Llc


Graphical user interface for transportation management

A user of a mobile device receives, through the mobile device, a request to dispatch a transport vehicle to a destination. In response to the request, the mobile device provides the user with a graphical user interface, which may be used to review information regarding the request and, if required, modify the information based on the fulfillment of the request.
Life Fight Network, Llc


Assistance to law enforcement through ambient vigilance

A method, system and computer program product of using cameras in a plurality of vehicles within a geographic area to aid in identifying a location of a vehicle of interest for authorities.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Safety system for augmenting roadway objects on a heads-up display

The disclosure includes a system and method for providing a heads-up display in a vehicle for alerting users to roadway objects. The system includes a processor and a memory storing instructions that, when executed, cause the system to: monitor, with the one or more processors, for a roadway object; detect, with the one or more processors, the roadway object; generate graphical data configured to emphasize the roadway object on a heads-up display; determine whether a user sees the roadway object; responsive to the user failing to see the roadway object, determine whether the roadway object is critical; and responsive to the roadway object being critical, enhance a graphic output on the heads-up display to get the user's attention..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Using tiling depth information in hidden surface removal in a graphics processing system

A graphics processing system includes a tiling unit for performing tiling calculations and a hidden surface removal (hsr) unit for performing hsr on fragments of the primitives. Primitive depth information is calculated in the tiling unit and forwarded for use by the hsr unit in performing hsr on the fragments.
Imagination Technologies Limited


Systems and methods for photogrammetric rendering

Systems and methods are provided for producing a rendered drawing or rendering from a detailed image of an object (e.g. Photograph) resulting in a rendering that is photogrammetric and that preserves detail in the said image of said object.


Graphics processing method and system

The embodiments discussed herein involve flood filling a region with anti-aliasing. In forming a fill region, a candidate pixel can be included in the region based on a color of the pixel and also a color of a neighbor of the point.
Autodesk, Inc


Image processing apparatus and controlling the same

To improve a total throughput of graph generation processing. For doing so an inputted image is divided into a plurality of areas by clustering, based on a plurality of representative points, a plurality of pixels in the image.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and system for unsupervised image segmentation using a trained quality metric

A method and apparatus for unsupervised segmentation of an image is provided. In some exemplary embodiments, the method adjusts a segmentation parameter of a traditional graph-based segmentation algorithm along the image to generate a segmentation map that is perceptually reasonable for a human observer.
Lyrical Labs Video Compression Technology, Llc


Substrate inspection apparatus and control method thereof

A method of controlling a substrate inspection apparatus, which includes a stage configured to mount a substrate thereon and move in first and second moving directions and a camera configured to photograph the stage. The method includes: calculating in each quadrant divided by x and y axis defining a coordinate system of an image photographed by the camera, a deviation of the x axis in a rotational direction with respect to the first moving direction or a deviation of the y axis in the rotational direction with respect to the second moving direction; correcting a position of a photographed target in the coordinate system of the image photographed by the camera based on the calculated deviation in the rotational direction; and performing an alignment of the stage based on the corrected position of the target..
Tokyo Electron Limited


Imaging generating a guide display showing a photographing technique for approximating a composition of a subject image to that of a sample image

A display apparatus (which may be included in an imaging apparatus) includes: a display unit; a guide display generation circuit which acquires an image file including image data and photographing posture data including information of an inclination and a height of an imaging apparatus performing an imaging operation when the image data was created by the imaging operation to generate a photographing posture guide display based on the photographing posture data; and a display control circuit which causes the display unit to display an image based on the image data and the photographing posture guide display. A data processing apparatus may include a signal processing circuit which creates an image file including image data and photographing posture data..
Olympus Corporation


Transparent pixel format converter

A transparent format converter (tfc) may determine that a request by at least one processor for graphics data stored in graphics memory is indicative of a request for graphics data in a first data format. The tfc may retrieve the graphics data in a second data format from the graphics memory based at least in part on the request for the graphics data in the graphics memory.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Apparatus and combining video frame and graphics frame

A signal processor of the invention includes a host processor, a command queue, a graphics decoding circuit, a video decoding circuit, a composition engine and two display buffers. The host processor generates graphics commands and sets a video flag to active based on graphics encoded data, video encoded data and mask encoded data from a network.
Aspeed Technology Inc.


Online scheduling of real estate tours

A computer-implemented method of coordinating a tour of a listed property is described herein. A first electronic multiple-listing service (mls) database is accessed over a network.
Redfin Corporation


Systems and methods for recommending a retail location

A method and a system are disclosed for generating a recommendation of a retail location on a network-based system. For example, a system may obtain a retail location definition associated with a geographic location.
Ebay Inc.


Systems and methods for providing geographically-based promotions

Systems and methods for providing promotional materials to potential customers are described. In some cases, the described methods include obtaining gps coordinates of a merchant's location.
Mad Reach Llc


Targeting online ads based on political demographics

Systems and methods for facilitating and targeting of online ads to voters within a selected political demographic are presented. Audience targeting may be accomplished in several ways including: geo-targeting; contextual targeting; behavioral targeting; site placement; and targeted household television ads.
Audience Partners, Llc


Revocation of application access based on non-co-located

Embodiments of the invention relate to an invention for accessing a remotely located mobile device of a user based on certain events is provided. The system, method, and computer program product are configured to: (a) monitor one or more transaction involving a transaction vehicle of a user; (b) determine a physical location of a transaction vehicle based at least partially on the one or more transactions; (c) determine a geographic location of a mobile device of the user, wherein the mobile device is associated with the transaction vehicle; (d) determine whether or not the transaction vehicle of the user and the mobile device of the user are co-located; and (e) reconfigure one or more applications accessible to the mobile device or one or more functional features of the mobile device based at least partially on determining that the mobile device and the transaction vehicle of the user are not co-located..
Bank Of America Corporation


Inventory organization setup system

A system that creates an inventory organization within an electronic business system is provided. The system receives a request to create the inventory organization.
Oracle International Corporation


System for performing linguistic behavior analysis to detect aggressive social behavior within a specified geography

An analysis system includes correlation value calculations indicating aggressive social behaviors within a specified geography performed by using computer software that quantifies keywords identified in data sources such as social media. The correlation values are calculated using a multidimensional framework, the first level of dimensions consisting of subjects such as politics, crime and terrorism, economics, and religion.


Method and recognizing characters

A method and an apparatus for recognizing characters using an image are provided. A camera is activated according to a character recognition request and a preview mode is set for displaying an image photographed through the camera in real time.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Gloss determination device and gloss determination method

A gloss determination device includes: an image acquiring unit that acquires a parallelly polarized image obtained by photographing an object illuminated by first polarized light through a polarizing filter which passes a polarized component polarized in a same direction as a polarization direction of the first polarized light, and a perpendicularly polarized image obtained by photographing the object illuminated by second polarized light through a polarizing filter which passes a polarized component polarized in a perpendicular direction to the polarization direction of the second polarized light; a differential image producing unit that produces a differential image indicating differences in brightness between the parallelly polarized image and the perpendicularly polarized image; and a gloss determining unit that determines a gloss condition of the object based on the differential image.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Trailer track estimation system and method by image recognition

The present invention provides a trailer track estimation system by image recognition including: an image photographing unit which photographs a trailer which is connected to a rear side of a vehicle; a control unit which estimates a connection angle of the trailer using an image photographed by the image photographing unit; and a display unit which displays a value estimated by the control unit on a screen.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods to manage file access

A file system configured to use tags to control operations on files stored in the system. Each tag is usable to tag one or more of the files stored in the system and/or one or more other tags in the system.
Cynny Spa


Client-side encryption in a deduplication backup system

Client-side encryption in a deduplication backup system. In one example embodiment, a method includes a backup phase in which various steps are performed for each allocated plain text block stored in a source storage.
Storagecraft Technology Corporation


Graphical user passwords

A method includes a computer device receiving a set of images for at least one user; the computer device receiving unique visual clue inputs from the at least one user for each image of the set of images; the computer device receiving drawing gesture inputs from the at least one user for each image of the set of images; and the computer device using the visual clue and drawing gesture inputs to create passwords to provide a locked access point for at least one device.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Prescription monitoring program accessing system

Method, system, web-based, or stand-alone software application which enables a pmp user, through integration with an existing electronic health record (ehr) or other database, to easily, and quickly transfer patient demographic information for submission to a regional, state, provincial, multi-state, private, or national system pmp. This pmp accessing method and system may be web-based or stand-alone software application provide a user-interface that easily enables the direct transfer of individual demographic information required by the prescription monitoring program (pmp) to the pmp database to obtain a prescription report quickly and efficiently circumventing manual data entry..


Conflict detection for self-aligned multiple patterning compliance

Among other things, one or more techniques and systems for performing design layout are provided. An initial design layout is associated with an electrical component, such as a standard cell.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


Matrix reduction for lithography simulation

A matrix is produced for a semiconductor design. Interactions between mask edges in forming semiconductor shapes are determined and a graph created that shows those interactions.
Synopsys, Inc.


Updating a social graph based on recency of sharing activity of users of the open web

A social graph is built which includes interactions, sharing activity, and connections between the users of the open web and can be used to improve ad targeting and content personalization. Sharing activity between two users will affect ads or content that both users will be presented while surfing the web.
Radiumone, Inc.


Syntactic graph modeling in a functional information system

The invention relates to systems and methods using a logical data model for aggregating data entities in a functional information system supported upon a computing platform, and also for providing systems and methods for analyzing economic information using a functional coordinate system.. .
Locus Lp


Automatic correlation of dynamic system events within computing devices

Systems and methods are described herein for logging system events within an electronic machine using an event log structured as a collection of tree-like cause and effect graphs. An event to be logged may be received.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Method for preserving conceptual distance within unstructured documents

A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for preserving conceptual distance within unstructured documents by characterizing conceptual relationships. Natural language processing is applied to content in a plurality of documents to identify topics and subjects.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and system for indexing and searching timed media information based upon relevance intervals

A method and system for indexing, searching, and retrieving information from timed media files based upon relevance intervals. The method and system for indexing, searching, and retrieving this information is based upon relevance intervals so that a portion of a timed media file is returned, which is selected specifically to be relevant to the given information representations, thereby eliminating the need for a manual determination of the relevance and avoiding missing relevant portions.
Streamsage, Inc.


Preserving conceptual distance within unstructured documents

A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for preserving conceptual distance within unstructured documents by characterizing conceptual relationships. Natural language processing is applied to content in a plurality of documents to identify topics and subjects.
International Business Machines Corporation


Smart power scheduling for user-directed battery duration

The systems and method described herein provide smart power scheduling for an electronic device. A user can specify a desired battery duration for the electronic device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Dynamic software updates

A method, and a corresponding system, for dynamically updating software while the software is running by automatically dividing a patch into a plurality of micro-updates using compiler analysis. The method includes providing the patch which includes updates to several variable units of the software, including functions, type definitions, and data stores.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp


Apparatuses, methods and systems for a social networking application updater

The apparatuses, methods and systems for application update includes determining a module dependency graph for a current version of the application, when an indication to generate an updated version of the application is received. A code database is queried to obtain all version numbers for dependent modules identified in the module dependency graph.
Zynga Inc.


Method and system for automated improvement of parallelism in program compilation

A method of program compilation to improve parallelism during the linking of the program by a compiler. The method includes converting statements of the program to canonical form, constructing a traversable representation, such as an abstract syntax tree (ast), for each procedure in the program, and traversing the program to construct a graph by making each non-control flow statement and each control structure into at least one node of the graph..


User interface for mobile computer unit

An electronic device including a display, sensors detecting contact above the display, a processor receiving information from the sensors, and a user interface accessing a plurality of applications, each application running on the electronic device in an activated state and in a non-activated state whereby, in its activated state, the application presents a graphical user interface (gui) on the display and runs interactively via the gui, and, in its non-activated state, the application presents a gadget on the display and runs non-interactively to present, within the gadget, dynamically generated information related to the application, wherein the user interface initializes each application in its non-activated state when the electronic device is turned on, and alters the layout when an application transitions to its activated state, by displacing some gadgets from in the display to out of the display, and replacing the displaced gadgets with a window for the activated application's gui.. .
Neonode Inc.


User interface for data comparison

Systems and methods perform comparison of data represented as charts, for example, bar graphs, pie charts, line charts or stacked bar charts. The charts present visual representations mapping source values to target values.
Mellmo Inc.


Time-series analysis system

Various systems and methods are provided that display various graphs in an interactive user interface in substantially real-time in response to input from a user in order to determine information related to measured data points and provide the determined information to the user in the interactive user interface. For example, a computing device may be configured to retrieve data from one or more databases and generate one or more interactive user interfaces.
Palantir Technologies Inc.


Systems and methods for displaying wells and their respective status on an electronic map

Systems and methods for displaying wells and their respective status on an electronic map based on a geographical area, a time frame and a preferred well activity.. .
Landmark Graphics Corporation


Presentation of multivariate data on a graphical user interface of a computing system

Various systems, methods, and media allow for graphical display of multivariate data in parallel coordinate plots and similar plots for visualizing data for a plurality of variables simultaneously. These systems, methods, and media can aggregate individual data points into curves between axes, significantly improving functioning of computer systems by decreasing the rendering time for such plots.
Palantir Technologies, Inc.


User-driven evolving user interfaces

The described technologies can be used for customizing and evolving user interfaces. In one embodiment, a method can comprise storing a default graphical user interface template.


Graphical depiction of wrap profile for load wrapping apparatus

A method, apparatus and program product utilize a graphical interface to facilitate operator interaction with a load wrapping apparatus, particularly in connection with setting up a wrap profile. The graphical interface may incorporate a graphical depiction of a load, along with graphical depictions of both the number of layers of packaging material and the wrap force associated with a given wrap profile, with the graphical depictions of each of the number of layers of packaging material and the wrap force being capable of being dynamically updated in response to changes made by an operator to a wrap profile.
Lantech.com, Llc


Discoverability and navigation of hyperlinks

A user may discover and navigate among hyperlinks through the use of a keyboard. For example, a user may press a tab key to discover and navigate to a first hyperlink that is part of a hypertext document.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Remote touch-based control for distributed antenna system interface

Devices, systems, and methods for controlling a distributed antenna system interface (das-i) device are described. An example method may provide for control and/or monitoring of a das-i system via a gui that includes a plurality of point-of-interface (poi) slot icons, with each poi slot icon corresponding to at least one of a plurality of poi modules of the das-interface device.
Westell Technologies, Inc.


Sensor-based input system for mobile devices

A graphical user interface is displayed on a device display of a mobile device, by at least one data processor executing a display engine. The graphical user interface includes a first set of user-input elements capable of receiving user input defining a command to be performed by the mobile device.


Activity management tool

A method for providing an activity management tool includes receiving a user request for an activity overview, and identifying installed applications and open windows of the installed applications. The method further includes presenting an activity overview graphical user interface (gui) having a first area and a second area.
Red Hat, Inc.


Dynamic array presentation and multiple selection of digitally stored objects and corresponding link tokens for simultaneous presentation

A system and method for the multiple selection of digitally stored objects and the link-tokens of each selected object for simultaneous presentation and examination of the selected objects with their associated linked objects and information, including organized array presentation for graphical thumbnails that represent the selected objects, as well as sub-framing, which allows intelligent partitioning of information associated with an object.. .


Method and system for generating oilfield objects

A method. The method may include obtaining, from a graphical user interface (gui), a selection of a first oilfield object.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Parallel touch point detection using processor graphics

Technologies for touch point detection include a computing device configured to receive input frames from a touch screen, identify touch point centroids and cluster boundaries, and track touch points. The computing device may group cells of the input frame into blocks.
Intel Corporation


Mobile terminal and control method thereof

A mobile terminal including a camera configured to obtain an image; a display unit configured to output map information; a sensing unit configured to sense a movement of the mobile terminal; and a controller configured to output a preview image received through the camera to at least part of a region where the map information is output, when the movement of the mobile terminal corresponds to a preset type of movement while the map information is output, and display one or more graphic objects related to the map information as being overlapped on the preview image.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Kinetic user interface

A computerized kinetic control system comprising: a kinetic sensor; a display device; and a hardware processor configured to: (a) display, using said display device, a gui (graphic user interface) menu comprising at least two options being disposed away from a center of said display device and at different polar angles relative to the center of said display device, (b) detect, using said kinetic sensor, motion of a limb of a user, and (c) select a first option of the at least two options, wherein the selecting is based on a correspondence between a direction of the motion detected and a polar angle of the first option relative to the center of the display device.. .
Biogaming Ltd.


Control system capable of controlling activating/deactivating of multiple motherboards via cloud

A control system capable of controlling activating/deactivating of multiple motherboards via cloud includes a plurality of motherboards, a plurality of power supplies respectively corresponding to the motherboards, a cloud monitoring platform, and a power on/off control module connected to the motherboards and signally electrically connected to the cloud monitoring platform. The cloud monitoring platform includes a graphic control interface, and allows to a user to log in for operations to generate a control signal.
Zippy Technology Corp.


Semantic manufacturing

A dataset including boundary representations of shapes associated with an item being designed for manufacture is accessed by a semantic processing module. A semantic graph of each of the boundary representations of shapes is generated and a numerical processing module computes geometric attributes of each of the shapes.
General Electric Company

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