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 System and  controlling an operation of an application patent thumbnailnew patent System and controlling an operation of an application
The controlling of an operation of an application is implemented in a communication network by obtaining network identification and cell load information for a bearer in order to compute an actual transport block size per physical resource block (atpp) slope for the bearer. A user equipment (ue) location corresponding to the bearer is associated with geographic pixel information in order to calculate an interference vector.

 Subscriber data analysis and graphical rendering patent thumbnailnew patent Subscriber data analysis and graphical rendering
Analysis and graphical rendering of subscriber data is provided. A data analysis component is provided that obtains a set of subscriber data, correlates various subsets of the subscriber data to determine a plurality of data relationships, and graphical renders the subscriber data as a heat map, a fractal map, a tree map, a three dimensional plot, a three dimensional map, a graph, a chart, etc.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

 Real-time device monitoring and analysis patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time device monitoring and analysis
An aspect includes receiving, at a computer processor, encrypted data indicating operating characteristics of a wireless communication-enabled device. An aspect also includes decrypting the encrypted data received from the device, formatting the decrypted data into a predefined format, and displaying the formatted data in near real time via a graphical user interface of a website of an entity..
Tymphany Hk Limited

 Privacy control of location information patent thumbnailnew patent Privacy control of location information
One embodiment of the present is a method of implementing privacy control of location information. Such a method comprises defining a geographic zone for which pseudo-location information is to be reported as the current location of the user, wherein the pseudo-location information is not the current location of the user; receiving the current location of the user; determining that the current location is in the geographic zone; and reporting the pseudo-location information as the current location of the user when the current location is determined to be in the geographic zone.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 Mobile application volatility management for situational applications patent thumbnailnew patent Mobile application volatility management for situational applications
A method for managing situational mobile applications of high volatility in a mobile computing device includes first defining a policy specifying under which context a mobile application is to remain installed in a mobile computing device. Thereafter, the policy is loaded into memory of the device and a geolocation is determined for the device.
International Business Machines Corporation

 System and  processing telematics data patent thumbnailnew patent System and processing telematics data
A method of processing telematics data associated with multiple machines. The method includes receiving the telematics data from multiple telematics data providers in communication with the machines.
Caterpillar Inc.

 Data structure and methods for providing an interactive program patent thumbnailnew patent Data structure and methods for providing an interactive program
A program guide in which a video layer includes a plurality of video objects including title objects, each title object having associated with it a channel and at least one time slot, the video layer being formed in response to a received video stream and a graphics layer comprising a plurality of graphics objects including title overlay objects, each of the title overlay objects selectively imparting at least a visual de-emphasis to a respective title object in the video layer, the visual de-emphasis being imparted to title objects not being associated with a desired time slot.. .
Comcast Ip Holdings I, Llc

 Methods for creating and distributing art-directable continuous dynamic range video patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for creating and distributing art-directable continuous dynamic range video
Novel systems and methods are described for creating, compressing, and distributing video or image content graded for a plurality of displays with different dynamic ranges. In implementations, the created content is “continuous dynamic range” (cdr) content—a novel representation of pixel-luminance as a function of display dynamic range.
Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zurich (eth Zurich)

 Decoding of intra-predicted images patent thumbnailnew patent Decoding of intra-predicted images
In a computer with a graphics processing unit as a coprocessor of a central processing unit, the graphics processing unit is programmed to perform waves of parallel operations to decode intra-prediction blocks of an image encoded in a certain video coding format. To decode the intra-prediction blocks of an image using the graphics processing unit, the intra-predicted blocks and their reference blocks are identified.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Autostereoscopic 3d display device using holographic optical elements patent thumbnailnew patent Autostereoscopic 3d display device using holographic optical elements
An autostereoscopic 3d display device is disclosed. The device includes a first light source and a second light source configured to alternately generate light and a light guide panel arranged to guide the light from the first light source in a first direction as a first light beam and the light from the second light source in a second direction as a second light beam.
Covestro Deutschland Ag

new patent

Method and device for overlaying 3d graphics over 3d video

A method of decoding and outputting video information suitable for three-dimensional [3d] display, the video information comprising encoded main video information suitable for displaying on a 2d display and encoded additional video information for enabling three-dimensional [3d] display,the method comprising: receiving or generating three-dimensional [3d] overlay information to be overlayed over the video information; buffering a first part of the overlay information to be overlayed over the main video information in a first buffer; buffering a second part of overlay information to be overlayed over the additional video information in a second buffer; decoding the main video information and the additional video information and generating as a series of time interleaved video frames, each outputted video frame being either main video frame or additional video frame; determining a type of an video frame to be outputted being either a main video frame or an additional video frame; overlaying either first or second part of the overlay information on an video frame to be outputted in agreement with the determined type of frame outputting the video frames and the overlayed information.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

new patent

Holographic projection device capable of forming a holographic image without misalignment

A holographic projection device includes an image display and a plurality of reflective projection panels. The plurality of reflective projection panels intersect one another at an vertex.
Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

new patent

Method and system for displaying a projected path for a machine

Systems and methods for displaying a projected path of a machine using image data of the ground engaging members of the machine. One method includes receiving one or more images; displaying on a display device a first image of the one or more images; determining one or more ground engaging members of the machine in the one or more images; determining a current state of each of the one or more ground engaging members using at least information regarding the one or more ground engaging members contained in the one or more images; determining a projected path of the machine based on at least the current state of each of the one or more ground engaging members; and displaying on the display device a graphic corresponding to the projected path of the machine overlaying the first image..
Caterpillar Inc.

new patent

Imaging apparatus, control method thereof, program and storage medium

To provide an imaging apparatus capable of maintaining good performance even if it is used in a high-humidity environment, the imaging apparatus is equipped with a detecting unit for detecting an environment of a photographing optical system, and a control unit for controlling an actuator of driving the photographing optical system to perform a first operation and a second operation of performing maintenance of the photographing optical system, and driving the actuator in the second operation at a timing according to the environment.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Electronic device and photographing image

An electronic device for photographing an image is described, which includes a lens; an image sensing module that has pixels, each of which includes a plurality of photodiodes; a lens drive module that moves the lens from a first location to a second location; and a processor that creates the image based on a first amount of received light measured by the plurality of photodiodes at the first location and a second amount of received light measured by the plurality of photodiodes at the second location.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and medium using an action state of a user

There is provided an information processing apparatus including an action recognition unit configured to recognize an action state of a user based on a measurement result obtained by a sensor carried by the user, an image processing unit configured to perform a process regarding an amount of information on an image photographed by a photographing unit based on an action state of the user recognized by the action recognition unit during photographing by the photographing unit carried by the user, and a transmission control unit configured to cause the image processed by the image processing unit to be transmitted to an image processing device used to perform image recognition.. .
Sony Corporation

new patent

Zooming control camera and electronic apparatus with camera

A zooming control method is disclosed to perform following operations. A graphical user interface is displayed, and the graphical user interface includes a preview image corresponding to the zooming scale of the camera.
Htc Corporation

new patent

Wireless photographic communication system and method

A wireless communication device for connection to an external port of a camera that provides access to a power supply of the camera and at least one of a photographic synchronization signal and trigger release signal. A system including such a wireless communication device, a camera to which the wireless communication device is configured to be connected, and a remote device to receive wireless information from the camera via the wireless communication device.
Lab Partners Associates, Inc.

new patent

Photographing lens system, image capturing device, and electronic device

A photographing lens system includes, in order from an object side to an image side, a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, and a fourth lens element. The first lens element has positive refractive power.
Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

new patent

Method and information system for informing a driver of a vehicle regarding the availability of a communication link

In a method for informing a driver of a vehicle regarding the availability of a communication link of the vehicle to an external communication unit, a first service category and a second service category are provided which utilize the communication link, the availability of the communication link is checked for both service categories, and the result of the availability check is displayed graphically to the vehicle driver in one symbol for both service categories.. .
Volkswagen Ag

new patent

Distributed and hierarchical device activation mechanisms

Embodiments of systems and methods disclosed herein include a distributed device activation mechanism involving a group of external entities without using asymmetric cryptography. Systems and methods include techniques for deriving a device secret using a hardware secret and authenticated unique input data provided to the device by one or more external entities.
Rubicon Labs, Inc.

new patent

Data access and anonymity management

Techniques described herein provide data access and data anonymity management within various implementations of content distribution networks. In some embodiments, a data anonymity management system may include multiple different data stores configured to store identity data, user data, and/or linking data, as well as a data anonymity server configured to support data anonymity features such as active user data anonymity, one-way linking and permanently breakable links between user identity data and associated user data.
Pearson Education, Inc.

new patent

Message processing for subscriber sessions which stretch over different network domains

A technique for hiding topological information in a message that leaves a trusted network-domain is presented. The message pertains to a subscriber session and comprises a fully qualified domain name (fqdn) of a message originator.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

new patent

Method and system for integrating dns list feeds

Methods and systems are disclosed for aggregating and distributing dns blocked list data feeds to a plurality of geographically distributed network-connected dns servers.. .
Bluecat Networks, Inc.

new patent

System and improved social networking

A geographically defined social network is provided, the network including a personal communications device; a means for detection of data regarding a first networked user based on a predetermined geographic condition, and a means for delivery of said data regarding said first networked user to a second networked user in response to a geographically-defined user request. Other, “layered” options in which information originally concealed by the first user can be selectively revealed to subsequent users, and a wide variety of selection and data distribution criteria are also provided..

new patent

Integrated telephone applications on online social networks

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, from a client system of a first user of an online social network, an unique identifier associated with a second user of the online social network, the unique identifier being sent responsive to a communication between the second user and the first user, accessing a social graph including first and second nodes corresponding to the first and second users, respectively, identifying the second user based on the unique identifier, retrieving profile information associated with the second user and a privacy setting associated with the second user, determining whether the information is visible to the first user based on the privacy setting and a degree of separation in the social graph between the first node and the second node, and sending, to the client system, the profile information that is visible to the first user for display in association with the communication.. .
Facebook, Inc.

new patent

Quality of user experience analysis

The techniques described herein involve analysis of communication data included in trace file(s) of device(s) involved in a communication. These trace file(s) may each include data associated with multiple layers of a communication protocol stack of a respective device or data associated with a single such layer.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

new patent

Hierarchical service oriented application topology generation for a network

The technology disclosed relates to understanding traffic patterns in a network with a multitude of processes running on numerous hosts. In particular, it relates to using at least one of rule based classifiers and machine learning based classifiers for clustering processes running on numerous hosts into local services and clustering the local services running on multiple hosts into service clusters, using the service clusters to aggregate communications among the processes running on the hosts and generating a graphic of communication patterns among the service clusters with available drill-down into details of communication links.
Opsclarity, Inc.

new patent

Digital service path viewer

A device may obtain first information related to a digital service that may identify a digital path. The digital path may include digital nodes and optical links, of an optical network, to provide the digital service.
Infinera Corporation

new patent

Synchronization timing in a split location hub

A split gateway hub for a bent-leg communication system is disclosed. The gateway hub includes: a modulator to modulate a bit stream into a signal to be transmitted to a remote terminal via a radio frequency (rf) signal; a time synchronization application (tsa), geographically co-located with the modulator, to provide timing reference and synchronization to the remote terminal; a network access component to provide traffic for the bit stream; and an inroute group manager (igm) to manage the traffic to and from the remote terminal.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc

new patent

Providing user authentication

In particular embodiments, a computing device accesses a device identifier that is encoded in the hardware of the computing device. The device identifier is used to generate a device key that will uniquely identify the particular computing device.
Facebook, Inc.

new patent

System and methods for opportunistic cryptographic key management on an electronic device

A system and method for opportunistic cryptographic key management includes generating a security capability assessment on a first electronic device based on security capabilities of the device, selecting a key management mode based on the security capability assessment, generating a cryptographic key based on the key management mode, and storing the cryptographic key based on the key management mode.. .
Duo Security, Inc.

new patent

Content-based encryption keys

Techniques and mechanisms described herein facilitate the encryption of content using content-based encryption keys. According to various embodiments, data stream may include one or more data chunks.
Dell Software, Inc.

new patent

Cryptographic processing method and cryptographic processing device

A computer generates a third encrypted polynomial that corresponds to a result of encrypting a third polynomial by use of a result of multiplying a first encrypted polynomial by a second encrypted polynomial, and outputs cryptographic information that represents the third encrypted polynomial. The first encrypted polynomial is a polynomial obtained by encrypting a first polynomial that corresponds to a first vector, and the second encrypted polynomial is a polynomial obtained by encrypting a second polynomial that corresponds to a second vector.
Fujitsu Limited

new patent

Method and system for constant time cryptography using a co-processor

The present disclosure presents methods, apparatuses, and systems to bolster communication security, and more particularly to utilize a constant time cryptographic co-processor engine for such communication security. For example, the disclosure includes a method for secure communication, comprising receiving encrypted data at a receiving device; obtaining a randomization for at least one bit of the encrypted data; modifying an execution of a cryptographic algorithm on the at least one bit to obtain a randomized cryptographic algorithm based on the randomization; and executing the randomized cryptographic algorithm on the at least one bit of encrypted data to recover original data associated with the encrypted data..
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

new patent

Mobile information terminal cover additionally equipped with privacy protection function

A mobile information terminal cover includes a camera lens shielding cover and a microphone for voice speech shielding cover of a movable type in a camera lens portion and a microphone for voice speech portion respectively, which are built in mobile information terminals such as smartphones. It becomes possible to prevent photographing with the camera unintended by a user himself or herself or the leakage of ambient voices by storing the movable type shielding cover, while the camera is being used or during voice speech, and by covering again the camera lens section or the microphone for voice speech section with the shielding cover after the use of the camera or voice speech..
Hikari Hajime Llc

new patent

Electronic device, quantum interference device, atomic oscillator, magnetocardiograph, oscillator, electronic apparatus, moving object, and manufacturing electronic device

An atomic oscillator includes a base, an atomic cell unit that is disposed on the base, a lid that constitutes an internal space accommodating the atomic cell unit together with the base, and a getter material that is disposed on the base with a gap with respect to the base in the internal space.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

new patent

Vcsels and vcsel arrays designed for improved performance as illumination sources and sensors

A vcsel package including a vcsel, a housing, containing the vcsel, and a diffuser operably attached to the housing and configured to receive an emitted beam of light from the vcsel and produce a beam of predetermined angular divergence. The housing may be a pllc package, a ceramic package, or a to-style package.

new patent

Orthogonal-beam-space spatial multiplexing radio communication system and associated antenna array

Methods and systems for spatial multiplexing mu-mimo radio communications are provided. An antenna array is controlled to establish plural radio beams which are mutually orthogonal in terms of excitation functions and which are differently spatially directed to cover a geographic area.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

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