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High temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly

High temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly

Determining network availability based on geographical location

Microsoft Technology Licensing

Determining network availability based on geographical location

Date/App# patent app List of recent Graph-related patents
 Beam delivery for euv lithography patent thumbnailBeam delivery for euv lithography
A beam delivery apparatus is used with a laser produced plasma source. The beam delivery apparatus comprises variable zoom optics (550) operable to condition a beam of radiation so as to output a conditioned beam having a configurable beam diameter (b) and a plurality of mirrors (530a, 530b) operable to direct the conditioned beam of radiation to a plasma generation site.
Asml Netherlands B.v.

 High temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly patent thumbnailHigh temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly
An electrical insulating and heating element support assembly for a high temperature vacuum furnace having a threaded support rod for connecting a heating element to the insulated hot-zone support ring in an electrically non-connected position includes insulator sleeves and washers surrounding the rod in contact with a series of refractory metal washers which may include graphite and/or molybdenum as shielding liners used to protect electrical insulators from having electrical short path means due to deposition of conductive materials onto the non-conducting insulators, and the use of threaded nuts and bushings to anchor the rod and shielding arrangement within the furnace hot zone. The non-conducting insulators and washers are made from materials with high thermal and electrical resistance, such as preferably alumina or mullite, and radially surround the support rod and the heating element.

 Determining network availability based on geographical location patent thumbnailDetermining network availability based on geographical location
A mobile terminal comprising: a positioning module arranged to determine a geographical location of the mobile terminal; a local transceiver for connecting to local wireless access networks; and processing apparatus for communicating with a first, packet-based network by forming connections with the wireless local area networks using the local transceiver. The processing apparatus is configured to determine measures of connection quality experienced by the mobile terminal on ones of the connections, and to record the determined measures in a database associating measures of connection quality with geographical locations.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Discovery message transmission for device to device communication patent thumbnailDiscovery message transmission for device to device communication
A method for transmitting a discovery message for device to device communication from a first user equipment to a second user equipment includes: receiving or generating, by the first user equipment, a position information defining a geographical position; generating, by the first user equipment, the discovery message; and transmitting, by the first user equipment, the discovery message to the second user equipment using a common air interface of the first user equipment and the second user equipment. The discovery message comprises a position information part such that at least a part of the position information is transmitted from the first user equipment to the second user equipment.
Deutsche Telekom Ag

 Method and system for an emergency location information service (e-lis) from automated vehicles patent thumbnailMethod and system for an emergency location information service (e-lis) from automated vehicles
A method and system for determining and verifying a location of a network device of an automated vehicle (i.e., driverless, etc.) and/or an occupant of an automated vehicle in emergency situations from automated vehicles. The method and system provide a current physical geographic location for the automated vehicle or mobile devices of an occupant and/or of occupant of an automated vehicle in an emergency situation such as an accident, health, fire, terrorist attack, military incident, weather, flood event, etc.

 Method and system for exchanging information updates between mobile devices patent thumbnailMethod and system for exchanging information updates between mobile devices
A first mobile device receives a request to send information updates from the first mobile device to the second mobile device, the request specifying a predefined geographical region. In response to the request, the first mobile device checks its current location and determines whether the current location is within the predefined geographical region.
Shell Internet (beijing) Security Technology Co., Ltd.

 Sharing moment experiences patent thumbnailSharing moment experiences
A system for sharing moment experiences is described. A system receives moment data from an input to a mobile device.
Krumbs, Inc.

 Method and  location prediction using short text patent thumbnailMethod and location prediction using short text
A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and apparatus for predicting a location of a short text are disclosed. For example, the method trains a model for each parent node of a grid of a plurality of parent nodes of a geographical area using a plurality of previously received short texts having a known location, receives the short text, applies a hierarchical modeling algorithm to the short text to calculate a weighted probability for one or more child nodes of one or more of the plurality of parent nodes and predicts the location of the short text within the grid of the geographical area based upon a child node of the one or more child nodes having a highest weighted probability..
Xerox Corporation

 Storage and compression methods for animated images patent thumbnailStorage and compression methods for animated images
The present disclosure is related to a method for creating hardware texture content for display on a display of a computing device. The method includes receiving by a processor the content in an image file format, where the content includes a first frame and a second frame.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

 Method and  supporting multiple broadcasters independently using a single conditional access system patent thumbnailMethod and supporting multiple broadcasters independently using a single conditional access system
A method and apparatus for brokering the enablement of the communication of encrypted media programs from a plurality of independent broadcasters to a plurality of receivers is disclosed. The system makes use of a pairing key for each provided service, which is differently encrypted by a pairing server and by the broadcaster providing the service.
Sypermedia International, Inc.


Video viewing system with video fragment location

Systems and methods for personalized video display include providing a graphical user interface on a touch device, including a video display window as part of the graphical user interface, and sending information representing the graphical user interface to a television. Additionally, the touch device can communicate messages to a remote platform, and the messages can indicate specific fragment locations within a given selection of media being delivered to the touch device as an adaptive bitrate stream..
Shadowbox Media, Inc.


Device and detecting thermal images

This invention provides a device and method for detecting thermal images, which relates to infrared detection. The conventional thermal imaging device is excessively dependent on subjective experience of users to photograph a thermal image of a photographed body during photographing, causing omissions and failing to ensure the quality of the photographed thermal image.
Mission Infrared Electro Optics Technology Co., Ltd


Video processing circuit and related merging video output streams with data stream for transmission

A video processing circuit includes a video generating unit for generating a video output stream, a data generating unit (e.g. Graphic generating unit) for providing a data stream (e.g.
Mediatek Inc.


Methods for analyzing thermal image data using a plurality of virtual devices and methods for correlating depth values to image pixels

Thermal imaging camera images are obtained from a thermal imaging camera that rotates through a plurality of stop positions. The camera captures images at a constant frame rate and at least some of the images correspond to stop positions.
Thermal Imaging Radar, Llc


Object exterior photographing system

The utility model discloses an object exterior photographing system comprising an electronic transmitter, a camera and an electronic turn-plate. The electronic turn-plate is connected with the electronic transmitter to be a wireless access through wi-fi connection, so that the electronic turn-plate can rotate in sync with photographing of the camera, and multi-angle images of an object can be simply and accurately taken..
Sheenwill International (hong Kong) Limited


Imaging device and imaging method

An imaging device includes: an optical system which obtains an optical image of a photographic subject; an image sensor which converts the optical image to an electric signal; a digital signal processor which produces image data based on the electric signal; a display section which displays a photographic subject image expressed by the image data; and an operating section which performs a necessary setting regarding imaging, the digital signal processor including: an autofocus operation section which performs an autofocus operation based on data of an autofocus area set in the photographic subject image; a main area setting section which sets a main area in the photographic subject image; and a blurring operation section which performs a blurring operation on an area other than the main area in the photographic subject image, wherein the autofocus area is set automatically to overlap with at least a part of the main area.. .


Mobile terminal and controlling the same

A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to perform wireless communication; a camera configured to obtain an image; a display unit configured to display a preview image obtained through the camera; and a controller configured to control the display unit to operate in any one of a first state in which a graphic object relating to an image capturing function is displayed overlapping the preview image and a second state in which the graphic object is not displayed while the preview image is displayed, based on a user request, and when a first pre-set type of touch is sensed in a region on which the preview image is displayed in the second state, control the camera to capture the preview image based on the pre-set type of touch.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Portable electronic-devices and methods for image extraction

A portable electronic-device adapted to photograph an object including a first camera module, a second camera module, a processing unit and a control unit. The first camera module obtains a first reference image according to a first predetermined focal length.
Acer Incorporated


Auxiliary photography systems for mobile devices

In some embodiments, one or more camera systems may be removably attachable to one or more mobile devices, or the one or more camera systems may be independent from and/or non-attachable with one or more mobile electronic devices, and configured to communicate with one or more mobile electronic devices. One or more auxiliary camera systems may be used with a mobile device, such as a mobile electronic device that includes its own onboard camera system.
Olloclip, Llc


Real time transmission of photographic images from portable handheld devices

A system and method for effectively performing a streamlined photo distribution procedure is disclosed. A source device initially captures a photographic image of a target or subject using known techniques.
Capture Lock Inc.


Deploying a toll-free data service campaign

A device may receive campaign information for deploying a toll-free data service campaign. The campaign information may identify a geographic region in which the toll-free data service campaign is to be deployed.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Methods and system for analyzing multichannel electronic communication data

A method and system for analyzing electronic communication data is provided. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving electronic customer communication data by one or more servers configured to provide a user interface comprising a web site, web portal, or virtual portal, analyzing the electronic customer communication data by applying a predetermined linguistic-based psychological behavioral model to the electronic customer communication data, and generating behavioral assessment data based on said analyzing, the behavioral assessment data providing a personality type for the analyzed electronic customer communication data.
Mattersight Corporation


Method for providing a set of services of a first subset of a social network to a user of a second subset of said social network

The present invention relates to a method (m) for providing by means of a system a set of services (s) of a first subset (sub1) of a social network (sntw) to a user terminal (t) which has access to a second subset (sub2) of said social network (sntw), said method comprising: —constructing by the system a graph based on the measure of the similarities between the social interactions of each pair of subsets (sub), said construction comprising: —creating of a node for each subset (sub) of the social network (sntw); —extracting of specific data (sd) associated to the social interactions within each subset (sub); —measuring the similarities between said specific data (sd) for each pair of subsets (sub); —according to said measures, creating an edge (e) within the graph with an associated weight (w) for each pair of subsets (sub); —providing by said system to said user terminal (t), a set of services (s) of the first subset (sub1) to the second subset (sub2), said set of services (s) being chosen according to the weight (w) of the edge (e) corresponding to said first subset (sub1) and said second subset (sub2).. .
Alcatel Lucent


Navigation of virtual desktop content on devices

Methods and systems for navigating virtual desktop content on client devices (e.g., mobile devices) are disclosed. Virtual desktop navigation may be responsive to physical movement of the client device, such that virtual desktop content is panned and/or zoomed based on the user physically moving the client device in 3d space.
Citrix Systems, Inc.


Transferring content between graphical user interfaces

A method for providing collaborative communication between computing devices is provided. The method includes at a receiver computing device, displaying a first graphical user interface (gui) and a second gui on an interactive display, the first gui associated with a remotely executed sender application program executed on a sender computing device having a local peer-to-peer wireless connection with the receiver sender computing device and the second gui associated with a locally executed receiver application program executed on the receiver computing device, receiving a user input from the interactive display indicating user interaction with the first gui and the second gui, sending a content request to the sender application program from the receiver application program based on the user input, receiving the content requested from the sender application program, and updating the second gui based on the content transferred from the sender application program to the receiver application program..
Microsoft Corporation


Messaging providing graphical and audible features

Methods and systems for messaging. One system includes a first computing device that includes a first processor and first non-transitory computer-readable medium.
Gnotech Llc


System and sending time-limited messages

The claimed system and method offers computer readable instructions for software that enables a user to send content that is time-sensitive. This sender may set a window of time in which the content may be viewed.
Poing Llc


Routing virtual area based communications

In association with a virtual area, a first network connection is established with a first network node present in the virtual area and a second network connection is established with a second network node present in the virtual area. Based on stream routing instructions, a stream router is created between the first network node and the second network node.
Social Communications Company


Method and embedding secret information in digital certificates

A method and system is provided for embedding cryptographically modified versions of secret in digital certificates for use in authenticating devices and in providing services subject to conditional access conditions.. .
Arris Technology, Inc.


Authenticating the identity of initiators of tcp connections

A transmission control protocol (tcp) receiver receives a syn segment from a tcp initiator that initiates a tcp handshake between the tcp initiator and a tcp server. A first value is extracted from a predefined portion of the syn segment.
Cloudflare, Inc.


Three-tiered security and computational architecture

A computing system, method, and computer program product provide cryptographic isolation between a client device and a server computer for providing a network service to the client device. The computing system stores encrypted user authentication data of the client device and its user, and encrypted service authorization data of the server computer in such a way that neither the client device nor the server computer can obtain information about the other.
Inferspect, Llc


System and generating and protecting cryptographic keys

In the present disclosure, implementations of diffie-hellman key agreement are provided that, when embodied in software, resist extraction of cryptographically sensitive parameters during software execution by white-box attackers. Four embodiments are taught that make extraction of sensitive parameters difficult during the generation of the public key and the computation of the shared secret.
Irdeto Canada Corporation


High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays

High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays as disclosed herein utilize a system of optical elements that may be external to the laser oscillator array. Such an external optical system may achieve mutually coherent operation of all the emitters in a laser array, and coherent combination of the output of all the lasers in the array into a single beam.
Pd-ld, Inc.


Electrical connectors and methods of making same

An electrical connector includes a contact for making electrical connection with a corresponding contact of a mating connector. The electrical connector further includes a carbon layer disposed on a contact surface of the contact.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Cylindrical single-piece lithium-ion battery of 400ah and its preparation method

A cylindrical single-piece lithium-ion battery of 400 ah includes: a cylindrical battery enclosure (1), a battery mandrel (3), a plurality of tabs (4), a wiring terminal (6), a positive and negative electrode cover (11); a positive electrode sheet, said battery positive electrode is composed of lifepo4, conductive carbon-black, graphite, adhesive such as pvdf, and solvent such as nmp; a negative electrode sheet, the battery negative electrode is composed of lithium titanate, conductive carbon-black, graphite, adhesive such as pvdf, and solvent such as nmp. The cylindrical lithium-ion battery made by the invention has a capacity of 400 ah which is the one reportedly having the largest capacity in the world presently..
Tianjin University


Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and producing same

A nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery includes: a positive electrode collector core material; and a sheet body including a plurality of granulation bodies. The sheet body is disposed on the positive electrode collector core material.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha



According to one embodiment, there is provided a composite. The composite includes active material particles of a titanium composite oxide or oxide of titanium, and a graphene structure including a carbon material.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba



According to one embodiment, there is provided a composite. The composite includes active material particles of a titanium composite oxide or oxide of titanium, and a graphene structure including a carbon material.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Positive electrode active material/graphene composite particles, positive electrode material for lithium ion cell, and manufacturing positive electrode active material/graphene composite particles

A conventional positive electrode material for lithium ion batteries that is made of positive electrode active material/graphene composite particles has low graphene material ion conductivity and is incapable of providing favorable battery performance. In the present invention, positive electrode active material/graphene composite particles are conferred with high electron conductivity and ion conductivity by formation of an appropriately functionalized graphene/positive electrode active material composite, and are capable of yielding a high-capacity/high-output lithium ion secondary battery when used as a positive electrode active material for a lithium ion battery..
Toray Industries, Inc.


Positive electrode active material/graphene composite particles, and positive electrode material for lithium ion cell

To provide: positive electrode active material/graphene composite particles, which are for a positive electrode active material of a lithium ion battery having low electron conductivity, and with which electron conductivity is improved while suppressing hindrance of lithium ion extraction/insertion into active material particles; and a positive electrode material for a lithium ion battery, said positive electrode material comprising said composite particles. [solution] the present invention provides: positive electrode active material/graphene composite particles; and a composite particle-like positive electrode material which is used in a lithium ion battery, and which is obtained by combining, with a matrix including graphene, positive electrode active material particles, said positive electrode material wherein, a value obtained by dividing the proportion of carbon (%) in a material surface measured by way of an x-ray photoelectron measurement, by the proportion of carbon (%) in the whole material, is in the range 1.5 to 7 inclusive..
Toray Industries, Inc.


Optoelectronic device including ferroelectric material

Example embodiments relate to optoelectronic devices. An optoelectronic device may include a photoactive layer between first and second electrodes, and a ferroelectric layer corresponding to at least one of the first and second electrodes.
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method

The semiconductor device of the present invention includes a semiconductor layer made of a wide bandgap semiconductor, a trench that is selectively formed on a surface portion of the semiconductor layer and that defines a unit cell having a predetermined shape on the surface portion, and a surface electrode that is embedded in the trench so as to cover an upper surface of the unit cell and that forms a schottky junction between the unit cell and the surface electrode, and side surfaces of the trench are formed of only a plurality of planes that have plane orientations crystallographically equivalent to each other.. .
Rohm Co., Ltd.


Graphene nanoribbons and carbon nanotubes fabricated from sic fins or nanowire templates

Semiconductor structures including parallel graphene nanoribbons or carbon nanotubes oriented along crystallographic directions are provided from a template of silicon carbide (sic) fins or nanowires. The sic fins or nanowires are first provided and then graphene nanoribbons or carbon nanotubes are formed on the exposed surfaces of the fin or the nanowires by annealing.
International Business Machines Corporation


Dielectric filler fins for planar topography in gate level

An array of stacks containing a semiconductor fins and an oxygen-impermeable cap is formed on a semiconductor substrate with a substantially uniform areal density. Oxygen-impermeable spacers are formed around each stack, and the semiconductor substrate is etched to vertically extend trenches.
International Business Machines Corporation


Edge halogenation of graphene materials

The present invention relates to a process for edge-halogenation of a graphene material; wherein the graphene material, which is selected from graphene, a graphene nanoribbon, a graphene molecule, or a mixture thereof, is reacted with a halogen-donor compound in the presence of a lewis acid, so as to obtain an edge-halogenated graphene material.. .
Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur FÖrderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.


Organic electroluminescent display device

An organic electroluminescent display device of the invention includes a substrate on which a plurality of pixels are disposed in a matrix, an under layer that includes an organic insulating film and lower electrodes, a pixel separation film that is provided on the under layer so as to project therefrom, and an organic layer that covers the top of the under layer and the top of the pixel separation film and includes at least a light-emitting layer. A first adhesive film formed of one or more kinds of substances selected from the group consisting of amorphous carbon, diamond-like carbon, silicon, gallium, germanium, graphite oxide, and silicon carbide is formed at least partially between the top of the under layer and the pixel separation film or between the pixel separation film and the organic layer..
Japan Display Inc.


Semiconductor devices and methods for backside photo alignment

Various embodiments of microelectronic devices and methods of manufacturing are described herein. In one embodiment, a method for aligning an electronic feature to a through-substrate via includes forming a self-aligned alignment feature having a wall around at least a portion of the tsv and aligning a photolithography tool to the self-aligned alignment feature.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Interposer and fabricating the same

The present invention provides an interposer including multiple circuit designs and an uppermost circuit design disposed on the circuit designs. A maximum exposure region is defined as a maximum size which can be defined by a single shot of a lithographic scanner.
United Microelectronics Corp.


Sublithographic kelvin structure patterned with dsa

In one aspect, a dsa-based method for forming a kelvin-testable structure includes the following steps. A guide pattern is formed on a substrate which defines i) multiple pad regions of the kelvin-testable structure and ii) a region interconnecting two of the pad regions on the substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation


Lithographic stack excluding siarc and using same

A lithographic stack over a raised structure (e.g., fin) of a non-planar semiconductor structure, such as a finfet, includes a bottom layer of spin-on amorphous carbon or spin-on organic planarizing material, a hard mask layer of a nitride and/or an oxide on the spin-on layer, a layer of a developable bottom anti-reflective coating (dbarc) on the hard mask layer, and a top layer of photoresist. The stack is etched to expose and recess the raised structure, and epitaxial structure(s) are grown on the recess..
Globalfoundries Inc.


Electronic device having graphene-semiconductor multi-junction and manufacturing the electronic device

Example embodiments relate to an electronic device having a graphene-semiconductor multi-junction and a method of manufacturing the electronic device. The electronic device includes a graphene layer having at least one graphene protrusion and a semiconductor layer that covers the graphene layer.
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Flexible and transparent supercapacitors and fabrication using thin film carbon electrodes with controlled morphologies

Mechanically flexible and optically transparent thin film solid state supercapacitors are fabricated by assembling nano-engineered carbon electrodes in porous templates. The electrodes have textured graphitic surface films with a morphology of interconnected arrays of complex shapes and porosity.
William Marsh Rice University


Member for nuclear reactors

A member for nuclear reactors is provided with: a core section including an aggregate of graphite particulate matter; and a covering layer including a ceramic dense body that covers the core section.. .
Ibiden Co., Ltd.


Stack including a magnetic zero layer

A stack including a crystallographic orientation interlayer, a magnetic zero layer disposed on the interlayer, and a magnetic recording layer disposed on the magnetic zero layer is disclosed. The magnetic zero layer is non-magnetic or has a saturation magnetic flux density (bs) less than about 100 emu/cc.
Seagate Technology Llc


Knowledge source personalization to improve language models

Systems and methods are provided for improving language models for speech recognition by personalizing knowledge sources utilized by the language models to specific users or user-population characteristics. A knowledge source, such as a knowledge graph, is personalized for a particular user by mapping entities or user actions from usage history for the user, such as query logs, to the knowledge source.
Microsoft Corporation


Language modeling for conversational understanding domains using semantic web resources

Systems and methods are provided for training language models using in-domain-like data collected automatically from one or more data sources. The data sources (such as text data or user-interactional data) are mined for specific types of data, including data related to style, content, and probability of relevance, which are then used for language model training.
Microsoft Corporation


Image display device and method

An image display method includes the steps of: acquiring a third image formed by applying dynamic range extension processing to a first image and a second image photographed with low sensitivity or low exposure with respect to the first image, or a fourth image without dynamic range extension processing; displaying the acquired image in a transmissive type display panel; and making backlight luminance of a segment corresponding to a high luminance portion in the third image higher than backlight luminance of a segment corresponding to a low luminance portion when the acquired image is determined to be the third image.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Automatic theme and color matching of images on an ambient screen to the surrounding environment

Systems, methods, and computer readable storage mediums are provided for automatically matching the theme of an image on an ambient screen to its surroundings. In some implementations, one or more real time environmental conditions of a room in which a primary display screen is located are evaluated.
Google Inc.


Shelf display

A point-of-purchase shelf display fixture that is easily attached to a store merchandising fixture in a retail or wholesale environment is disclosed. It extends perpendicularly from a merchandising fixture to increase visibility.
One Source Industries, Llc


System for producing tactile images

A system for producing tactile images from a drawing or graphics file includes an image scanner or input device for importing and creating a digital file, which may be operated upon by software in a computer. The software has edge detection and color detection functions that may be adjusted to create an image file that may be provided to an embossing machine, which in turn prints a tactile image..
Viewplus Technologies, Inc.


Standalone wireless lighting application

In one embodiment, a wireless lighting application (app) is executed on a mobile device to configure a wireless lighting control system including a plurality of wireless lighting control devices. A connection is established between the mobile device and a wireless lighting control device.
Savant Systems, Llc


System, tracking parking behavior of a vehicle

A system, method, and apparatus for tracking, organizing, and displaying the parking behavior of a vehicle. In one aspect the invention can be an apparatus for tracking parking behavior of a vehicle comprising: a device comprising a processor, a movement detector for detecting whether the vehicle is in a parked state or a non-parked state, a location identifier for identifying a geographic location of the vehicle, and a transceiver operably coupled together; and wherein for each occurrence in which the movement detector detects that the vehicle has entered into the parked state, the processor is configured to: (1) measure a duration that the vehicle remains in the parked state; and (2) upon the duration exceeding a predetermined minimum time threshold without the vehicle transitioning into the non-parked state, store parking information data relating to the occurrence as a parking instance..
Ituran Usa


Shading cg representations of materials

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for shading computer graphics (cg) representations of materials. One of the methods includes obtaining data describing a physical material; receiving a shading request to shade a particular point in a cg representation of the physical material from a rendering engine, wherein the request identifies a mapping position of the particular point, a view direction at the mapping position, and a light direction at the mapping position; calculating a direct lighting color at the mapping position using a plurality of palettized images; calculating an indirect lighting color at the mapping position using the data describing the physical material; generating a final color at the mapping position by combining the direct lighting color and the indirect lighting color; and providing the final color to the rendering engine for use in rendering the cg representation of the physical material..
Chaos Software Ltd.


Graphics processing method and graphics processing apparatus

A graphics processing method and an associated graphics processing apparatus are provided, where the graphics processing method is applied to the graphics processing apparatus, the graphics processing apparatus may be positioned within an electronic device, and the graphics processing apparatus may comprise at least one portion of the electronic device. The graphics processing method includes the steps of: calculating vertex positions of a primitive in a binning phase; determining, according to specific information, whether to compute vertex varyings of the primitive in the binning phase or in a rendering phase so as to provide a determination result; computing the vertex varyings in the binning phase or in the rendering phase according to the determination result; and rendering the primitive according to the vertex positions and the vertex varyings in the rendering phase..
Mediatek Inc.


Portable typelet file

The system includes a photo editor that applies text to photos. The editor enables entering any text onto a photo or image.
Clantech, Inc.


Method for assisting the navigation of an aircraft with correlation of dynamic information with a 4d flight trajectory

A method for assisting the navigation of an aircraft comprises: assembly by families of data by a processing unit of predetermined data and acquired data, including meteorological data, the families being predefined, each data value being associated with a time window of validity; formatting the data of the families to associate with each data value a type of graphical representation as text or a scalar, vector, surface, or volume; selection of families of data to be displayed; choice of a display time window for each family of data to be displayed; spatio-temporal discretization of the trajectory; spatio-temporal correlation of the discretized trajectory with each family of data as a function of the time windows of validity, in the display time windows of the family, to extract a sub-assembly from each family of data, by the processing unit; display of the sub-assemblies in a single representation on the same display screen.. .


Fast solving for loop closure

The subject disclosure is generally directed towards a relatively fast and accurate technology that corrects mobile device (e.g., mobile robot) mapping data into corrected map data based upon detection of loop closure. A variation of stochastic gradient descent (with constraints in a deterministic order) may be used in a first correction phase to provide an updated graph in a relatively fast manner by operating in a relative state space.
Microsoft Corporation


Monitoring system performance with pattern event detection

A method includes receiving a plurality of metric-pattern combinations, each including a respective performance metric and a respective graph pattern. The method also includes receiving a corresponding parameter value for a parameter of each respective graph pattern.
Ca, Inc.


Method and system for x-ray ct imaging

Methods and systems for performing x-ray computerized tomographic (ct) reconstruction of imaging data on a rotatable portion of the system, such as a ring-shaped rotor. The rotor may include an x-ray source, and x-ray detector system and a processor, coupled to the detector system, for performing tomographic reconstruction of imaging data collected by the detector system..
Mobius Imaging, Llc


Detecting conformance of graphical output data from an application to a convention

Conformance of graphical output data from an application to a convention can be detected by processing instructions to render the graphical output data to determine if the graphical output data rendered in accordance with those instructions conforms to the convention. The graphical output data is then rendered based on this determination of conformance, such that the rendered graphical output data visibly differentiates conforming display data from nonconforming display data when presented on an output device.
Microsoft Corporation


Orthogonal and collaborative disparity decomposition

A novel disparity computation technique is presented which comprises multiple orthogonal disparity maps, generated from approximately orthogonal decomposition feature spaces, collaboratively generating a composite disparity map. Using an approximately orthogonal feature set extracted from such feature spaces produces an approximately orthogonal set of disparity maps that can be composited together to produce a final disparity map.
Edge 3 Technologies, Inc.


Method, apparatus and computer program product for disparity estimation in images

In an example embodiment, a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method includes facilitating receipt of an image of a scene and determining a graph based on connecting nodes of the image.
Nokia Corporation


Method and integrated circuit design

A method for ic design is provided. Firstly, an ic design layout having a main feature with an original margin is received.
United Microelectronics Corporation


Partial tile rendering

In accordance with some embodiments, partial rendering of non-changing or slowly changing frame tiles allows the graphics processing unit to spend less time processing non-changing or slowly changing portions of each frame, saving power and creating more room for performance in some embodiments.. .
Intel Corporation


Transformable computing device with parallel processing cpus and discrete gpu

A transformable computing device has a detachable first part with a main central processing unit (cpu), a second part having an display and a secondary cpu, and a detachable third part having a graphical processing unit (gpu). The main cpu can work with the secondary cpu via parallel processing means when the first part is connected to the second part; and the display of the second part can run on the gpu when the third part is connected to the second part..
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.


Application programming interface for trading system

A trading system with an application programming interface (api) is disclosed. The api includes a set of routines executable to permit client computer systems to automatically make and take orders for items.
Setec Astronomy Limited


Options trading interface to facilitate improved trading decisions

The present invention relates to a software application that aggregates real-time market data in conjunction with novel real-time calculated analytics and represents the data and results in both dynamic graphical and numerical form. The real-time market data is graphically displayed in the form of banners, tiles, rows, and grid allowing for option traders to efficiently and effectively identify potential risk and trading opportunities..


Cryptographic currency for securities settlement

The present disclosure is directed to security settlement in financial markets and cryptographic currencies. Particular portions of the present disclosure are directed to a cryptographic currency protocol and to a cryptographic currency that includes a positional item.
Goldman, Sachs & Co.


Social network based online shopping environment and method and process of managing discount codes

A virtual shopping mall contains virtual shop fronts that operate as gateways into virtual rooms containing a graphic user interface (gui). The gui supports an online homepage of a vendor previously associated with the virtual shop front.
Cavia Limited


Method and system for reserving future purchases of goods and services

A method and system for reserving future purchases of goods or services or events. Electronic options are provided for desired goods or services or events on communications network and a cloud communications network.


Impression capping in distributed online advertising environment

Ad segments on a web page are filled with ads that are served by a service provider operating between a user computer and publisher on one end and multiple ad serving entities on the other. The service provider implements a bidding process for the ad segment.
Pubmatic, Inc.


Identifying nodes and adjusting weights associated with edges in social graph of sharing activity of users of the open web

A social graph is built which includes interactions, sharing activity, and connections between the users of the open web and can be used to improve ad targeting and content personalization. Sharing activity between two users will affect ads or content that both users will be presented while surfing the web.
Radiumone, Inc.


System and visualizing real-time location-based events

A map-based system and method allow an operator of a computer system to visualize real-time events of mobile users entering, staying within, and exiting geographic regions of interest. The method comprises receiving a first request for document from the packet-based network, the first request including a first plurality of parameters associated with a first mobile device, and determining whether the first plurality of parameters indicate a first real-time location-based event of the mobile device being in proximity of a geographic location of a first business.
Xad, Inc.


Methods and apparatus to analyze and adjust demographic information

An example method to adjust demographic data involves generating a first model based on reference demographic data corresponding to panelists and based on first self-reported demographic data and behavioral data from a database proprietor. The first self-reported demographic data and the behavioral data correspond to ones of the panelists having user accounts with the database proprietor.
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc


System and monitoring market information for deregulated utilities based on transaction data

A system for determining market information of unregulated utility services comprises: a data storage device containing payment card transaction data of customers including customer information and information identifying a category of unregulated utility services; a filter configured to identify those transactions associated with the category of unregulated utility services from the payment card transaction data within a predetermined geographic region; a data storage device containing market or industry data related to the category of unregulated utility services; a processor; a memory storing program instructions, the processor being operative with the program instructions to: analyze the identified payment card transactions and the market or industry data related to the category of unregulated utility services; determine a score indicator representative of a given customer's probability of switching utility providers; compare the score indicator with a threshold value; and identifying those customers whose score indicator exceeds the threshold value.. .
Mastercard International Incorpoated


Apparatus and methods for evaluating a quality of a locate operation for underground utility

Methods and apparatus to evaluate a quality of a locate operation performed at a work site of proposed excavation following issuance of the instruction to a field-service technician. An input/output (i/o) interface receives an electronic manifest of the locate operation.
Certusview Technologies, Llc


Mobile dashboard for employee performance management tools

Techniques are described for a graphical user interface that presents a dashboard on a display of the mobile electronic device. The dashboard includes a footer for presenting commonly used features that are available to a given user.


Fulfillment tracking in asset-driven workflow modeling

Asset-driven workflow dependency management establishes connections between activities based on the descriptions of the assets used as inputs and/or outputs for each activity. Graphical representations of activities are used to model venders, facilities and other production activities.
Thomson Licensing


Numerical graphical flow diagram conversion and comparison

A computing device translates each of a group of structured language graphical process flow element representations, that each represents within a structured language one node of a captured graphical process flow diagram of a first business process, into one of a group of numerical strings that each represents within a set of data fields the respective node and connections to and from the respective node. The group of numerical strings is sequenced in accordance with values of the respective data fields within each numerical string that represents the respective node and the connections to and from each represented node of the captured graphical process flow diagram of the first business process..
International Business Machines Corporation


System and enhanced vehicle parking space utilization

A method for facilitating utilization of a vehicle parking space. The method includes causing a computing device to graphically display a location of a personal parking space in geographic vicinity of a vehicle as being available for parking, wherein availability of said personal parking space is designated based on an input from an interest holder in the personal parking space.


Method for analyzing geographical regions and detecting areas of interest

A method for analyzing geographical regions and detecting areas of interest by a exploration system comprising a sensor and a digital data processing center. The method includes a first phase of learning the intrinsic appearance of each geographical region, in which a database of knowledge comprising groups of digital data is generated.
European Aeronautic Defence And Space Company Eads France


Method and image processing

A method is provided for classifying pixels in an image into super pixels that may be executed in one or more than one electronic devices. Seed pixels are pixels selected from the image.
Jinling Institute Of Technology


Composition modeling for photo retrieval through geometric image segmentation

A composition model is developed based on the image segmentation and the vanishing point of the scene. By integrating both photometric and geometric cues, better segmentation is provided.
The Penn State Research Foundation


An apparatus and associated methods

An apparatus, the apparatus comprising at least one processor, and at least one memory including computer program code, the at least one memory and the computer program code configured, with the at least one processor, to cause the apparatus to perform at least the following: during a detected interaction with a graphical user interface element, provide a highlight associated with the graphical user interface element, the size of the highlight dependent upon the size of the graphical user interface element prior to the detected interaction.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy


Method and system for replaying a voice message and displaying a signed digital photograph contemporaneously

Disclosed are methods and systems for generating digital fantasy sports memorabilia including: providing a digital fantasy sports memorabilia signor with a digital fantasy sports photograph, a digital fantasy sports jersey, or a combination thereof; receiving at least one of an electronic signature or an electronic written message from the fantasy sports digital memorabilia signor to be embedded in the digital fantasy sports photograph, the digital fantasy sports jersey, or the combination thereof; embedding the at least one of an electronic signature or an electronic written message from the digital fantasy sports memorabilia signor into the digital fantasy sports photograph, the digital fantasy sports jersey, or a combination thereof to form the generated digital fantasy sports memorabilia; sending the generated digital fantasy sports memorabilia including the electronic signature and the electronic written message to a verification service to verify authenticity of the electronic signature and electronic written message in the generated digital fantasy sports memorabilia; and delivering the generated fantasy sports memorabilia to a digital fantasy sports receiver.. .
Autography, Llc


Processing apparatus, computer program product, and processing method

A processing apparatus includes a navigator, an environment detector, and a controller. The navigator displays a route between desired geographical locations on a display unit.


Interactive synchronization of multiple videos

There are provided systems and methods for an interactive synchronization of multiple videos. An example system includes a memory storing a first video and a second video, the first video including first video clips and the second video including second video clips.
Disney Enterprises, Inc,


Smart glasses with rear camera

The present invention relates to smart glasses, and the smart glasses include: a frame mounted with lens; a pair of temples extended in one direction from both side ends of the frame so as to face each other; a rear camera mounted at an end of the temple and configured to photograph a rear image of a wearer; a display unit installed at one side of the lens and configured to display the rear image photographed by the rear camera; and a control device configured to control an operation of each of the constituent elements, thereby enabling a user to check a situation in the rear view without turning his/her head.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Systems and methods for identifying a user's demographic characteristics based on the user's social media photographs

A method identifies user demographic characteristics, such as age and gender. First, a plurality of photos are acquired from postings to a social media site by a specific user.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Application analysis system for electronic devices

An analysis system for analysing applications executing on a target device. The system comprises an analysis agent operating on the target device that is configured to receive or retrieve information indicative of system call invocations initiated by applications during execution.
Auckland Uniservices Limited

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