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Graft patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Graft-related patents
 Methods for making a supported graft patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for making a supported graft
A device includes a tubular substrate and a support member. The support member includes a component that is elastically deformable and elastically recoverable.
 Skin graft preparation device patent thumbnailnew patent Skin graft preparation device
A skin graft mesher including a cutting roller and a guide roller rotatably mounted to a fixture. A skin graft may be advanced through the mesher between the rollers to form a pattern of perforations in the skin graft.
 Cell spraying device, method and sprayed cell suspension patent thumbnailnew patent Cell spraying device, method and sprayed cell suspension
The invention provides a device and methods suitable for producing a cellular spray of cells. The sprayed cells are of interest for covering and growing on a surface, including a skin wound.
 Asa graft copolymer composition patent thumbnailnew patent Asa graft copolymer composition
Disclosed are an asa graft copolymer having a structure including a seed which comprises at least one compound of an aromatic vinyl compound, a vinyl cyan compound and an alkyl (meth)acrylate compound, a core which surrounds the seed and comprises alkyl acrylate, and a shell which surrounds the core, comprises an aromatic vinyl compound, a vinyl cyan compound and a crosslinking agent, and having suitably controlled thicknesses and refractive indexes of the respective layers, and an asa graft copolymer composition comprising the asa graft copolymer.. .
 Compositions and methods for recruiting stem cells patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions and methods for recruiting stem cells
Described herein are compositions and methods of using modified placental tissue grafts composed of at least one membrane, capable of recruiting stem cells in vivo and in vitro.. .
 Biomarkers for in vitro prognosis and diagnosis of graft and trasplant rejection patent thumbnailnew patent Biomarkers for in vitro prognosis and diagnosis of graft and trasplant rejection
Novel peptides, their derivatives and compositions including the same for their use as a tool in prognosis or diagnosis of a grafted organ distress, notably of graft or transplant rejection.. .
 Ceramic biocomposite for bone regeneration patent thumbnailnew patent Ceramic biocomposite for bone regeneration
The invention relates to a ceramic biocomposite for bone regeneration, having a ph range of between 6.5 and 8.5, with an initial plasticity that allows the biocomposite to be easily moulded in situ and to set after 7 minutes, meaning that it can remain at the indicated location during the healing process. In addition, the biocomposite has demonstrated an ability to stimulate bone formation in hard-to-heal wounds.
 Ifn-beta compositions, preparation methods and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Ifn-beta compositions, preparation methods and uses thereof
The present invention pertains to interferon-beta (ifn-beta) compositions comprising interferon-beta and a grafted poly(glutamic acid) polymer having an average molecular weight between 26,000 and 40,000 g/mol, grafted with alpha-tocopherol substituents, the average molar grafting ratio being 4.5-5.5 moles %, the weight/weight ratio between said grafted poly(glutamic acid) polymer and ifn-beta being between 24 and 125. The present invention also pertains to the preparation methods of such compositions and their application to obtain therapeutic compositions in dosage unit form delivering ifn-beta over an extended period of time..
 Non-resorbable plugs patent thumbnailNon-resorbable plugs
A non-resorbable wound dressing can include a plug made from polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe). The plug can have a three-dimensional shape.
 Endovascular graft for aneurysms involving major branch vessels patent thumbnailEndovascular graft for aneurysms involving major branch vessels
Systems and methods for treating diseased bodily lumens involving branched lumen deployment sites include a main graft or stent-graft deployable in a main artery and a vent device or stent-graft deployable in a branch artery to maintain blood flow through the main artery and from the main artery to the branch artery. Systems and methods for treating diseased bodily lumens involving branched lumen deployment sites may also include a main graft or stent-graft deployable in the main artery, a chimney graft or stent-graft deployable in both branch artery and the main artery to the branch artery and a gutter-sealing device associated with the chimney graft to prevent flow of blood among the chimney graft, the main graft and a wall of the main artery..
Hybrid arteriovenous shunt
An apparatus for positioning a graft and catheter operable for subcutaneous access to the vascular system of a patient. A surgically created, hybrid arteriovenous shunt is provided which comprises a flexible graft and a venous outflow catheter connected to the graft via surgical anastomosis over a cuff.
Methods for localizing implanted vascular access devices
Disclosed are vascular access devices, implantable dialysis grafts, and systems including them useful for improved access to implanted medical devices. Also disclosed are implantable hemodialysis vascular access graft devices that facilitate easy, accurate and reproducible cannulation or needle entry into the implanted device by magnetically-locating a portion of the graft that includes one or more paramagnetic materials operably defining the physical boundaries of the target cannulation site/entry port..
Quinoline derivatives as pi3 kinase inhibitors
Invented is a method of inhibiting the activity/function of pi3 kinases using quinoline derivatives. Also invented is a method of treating one or more disease states selected from: autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, allergy, asthma, pancreatitis, multiorgan failure, kidney diseases, platelet aggregation, cancer, sperm motility, transplantation rejection, graft rejection and lung injuries by the administration of quinoline derivatives..
Engineered three-dimensional connective tissue constructs and methods of making the same
Disclosed are engineered, living, three-dimensional connective tissue constructs comprising connective tissue cells. In some embodiments, the connective tissue cells are derived from multi-potent cells such as mesenchymal stem/stromal cells.
Antibody polypeptides that antagonize cd40l
Antibody polypeptides that specifically bind human cd40l are provided. The antibody polypeptides do not activate platelets.
Lithium ion secondary battery electrode, manufacturing process for the same, and lithium ion secondary battery using the electrode
A lithium ion secondary battery electrode includes a current collector, an active material layer containing a binder formed on a surface of the current collector, and a coated layer formed on the surface of at least a part of the active material layer, wherein the coated layer contains a silicone-acrylic graft copolymer cured substance including an acrylic type main chain having a functional group and a side chain having a silicone graft-polymerized to the acrylic type main chain, and the coated layer is chemically bonded with the binder.. .
Primer composition and adhesive tape
A primer composition, comprising 100 parts by mass (as solid matter) of a graft polymer of a natural rubber graft-polymerized with 15 to 65 mass % of methyl methacrylate and 25 to 300 parts by mass of a carboxyl group-modified acrylonitrile butadiene rubber.. .
Medicinal carriers, and preparation method and uses thereof
A medicinal carrier is provided. The medicinal carrier comprises a first component, which is a biocompatible polymer with an amino group (—nh2); a saccharide; and a second component which is a biocompatible material.
Interleukin-13 binding proteins
The present invention encompasses il-13 binding proteins. Specifically, the invention relates to antibodies that are chimeric, cdr grafted and humanized antibodies.
Means and methods for in vivo testing of therapeutic antibodies
The present invention provides methods and means for identifying a cancer-patient disposed to respond favourably to a therapeutic antibody as well as methods for in vivo selecting a xenograft tumor model which is most qualified for preclinical testing of a therapeutic antibody. These methods apply near-infrared fluorescence imaging which is an excellent imaging technology because of its simplicity, fast scanning times and non-hazardous radiation..
Methods and compositions for the inhibition of meristematic growth on cucurbit rootstock
The invention provides methods of inhibiting the growth of a shoot apical meristem of a cucurbit rootstock plant, comprising contacting a shoot apical meristem of the cucurbit rootstock plant with an effective amount of a composition comprising one or more fatty alcohols, thereby inhibiting the growth of the shoot apical meristem of the cucurbit rootstock plant. The present invention further provides methods for preparing and producing cucurbit rootstock plants for grafting and methods for grafting.
Capsicum rootstock
The present invention relates to a plant from the capsicum family suitable for use as rootstock, capable of being obtained from the initial crossing of a capsicum plant, preferably a c. Annuum plant, with a capsicum baccatum plant used as female parent, optionally followed by one or more additional crossing(s) with a capsicum baccatum plant.
Reinforced tissue graft
A biocompatible tissue graft is provided. The tissue graft includes an extracellular matrix patch and a means for reinforcing the patch..
Bone fixation and fusion device
Disclosed is a bone fusion cage that contains bone graft and is implanted between bones in a skeletal system. The cage bears structural loads that are transmitted through the bones of the skeletal system and at least partially shields the contained bone graft from the structural loads.
Graft fixation device
A fixation device and method for retaining a graft. The device including: an elongate body having a first end and a second end; a transverse passage for retaining a graft retainer element; a first aperture located in the first end, and a second aperture in the second end; the first aperture and second aperture defining respective ends of a longitudinal through path.
Vascular endograft
An endograft includes a main body having a wall separating interior and exterior surfaces and adapted to be inserted within the vessel. The main body is characterized by a single proximal opening and two distal openings and at least one aperture extending through the wall.
Surgical guide with cut resistant inserts
A resection guide can be configured to guide a resection tool toward a graft source, and can include a resection guide body made from a first material, and a guide member made from a second material. The second material is harder than the first material..
Compositions and methods for tissue engineering and cell based therapies
The present application discloses strategies to recruit and mobilize stem cells using s1p receptor selective agonists and antagonists as wells as regulators of chemokine receptors. In an in vivo ischemic model, s1p1/s1p3 activation with fty720 impeded inflammatory cell infiltration and recruited endothelial progenitor cells (epcs) with the potential to increase microvascular remodeling.
Reinforced thermoplastic resin composition and molded article
A reinforced thermoplastic resin composition containing: 50 to 90% by weight of a polycarbonate resin; 10 to 50% by weight of a graft copolymer in which a polymer including an aromatic alkenyl compound monomer unit and a vinyl cyanide compound monomer unit is grafted to a rubber polymer; 61 to 129 parts by weight of a grass fiber which has been surface-treated with a water-soluble polyurethane, relative to the total of 100 parts by weight of the polycarbonate resin and the graft copolymer; 0.5 to 20 parts by weight of a glycidyl ether unit-containing polymer; and 10 to 40 parts by weight of a phosphoric acid ester-based flame-retardant agent.. .
Method and vacuum container for preparing a bone graft
A vacuum container supports a cancellous device fully immersed within a solution of a bone growth promoting substance in a sealed chamber. The solution may include one of a demineralized bone matrix (dbm) solution, a morphegenic protein solution, or a stem cell solution.
Therapeutic dll4 binding proteins
Improved dll4 binding proteins are described, including antibodies, cdr-grafted antibodies, human antibodies, and dll4 binding fragments thereof, proteins that bind dll4 with high affinity, and dll4 binding proteins that neutralize dll4 activity. The dll4 binding proteins are useful for treating or preventing cancers and tumors and especially for treating or preventing tumor angiogenesis, and/or other angiogenesis-dependent diseases such as ocular neovascularization, or angiogenesis-independent diseases characterized by aberrant dll4 expression or activity such as autoimmune disorders including multiple sclerosis..
Screening method for the identification of agents capable of activating cd4+cd25+ regulatory t-cells through interactions with the hiv-1 gp120 binding site on cd4
The present invention relates specific activation of a regulatory t cell via a specific cd4 epitope and uses thereof, e.g. For the treatment of an autoimmune disease or an allergy or asthma or graft rejection or tolerance induction..
Immunosuppressive combination and its use in the treatment or prophylaxis of insulin-producing cell graft rejection
A pharmaceutical combination comprising an accelerated lymphocyte homing agent in free form or in pharmaceutically acceptable salt form, and one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of an antibody to the il-2 receptor, an immunosuppressive macrocyclic lactone and a soluble human complement inhibitor is used to treat or prevent insulin-producing cell graft rejection.. .
Anti-cd40 antibodies and uses thereof
The present invention relates to antibodies specific for a particular epitope on cd40 and antibodies that bind cd40 and have particular functional characteristics. The present invention also relates to fragments of these antibodies, uses of the antibodies for reduction or treatment of transplant rejection and graft-versus-host disease, and methods for making the antibodies..
Thymidylate kinase fusions and uses thereof
The application relates to a composition comprising: a stably integrating delivery vector; a modified mammalian thymidylate kinase (tmpk) wherein the modified mammalian tmpk increases phosphorylation of a prodrug relative to phosophorylation of the prodrug by wild-type human tmpk; and a detection cassette fused to tmpk. The application also relates to use of these compositions in methods of treatment of diseases such as graft versus host disease and cancer..
Use of dextran sulfate
A graft composition intended for transplantation into a patient comprises an injection solution comprising an isolated cell transplant and dextran sulfate, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .
Compositions for grafting fragrance substances
This disclosure relates to composition for grafting fragrance substances, as well as related articles, consumer products, and methods.. .
Genetically modified mice and engraftment
A mouse with a humanization of the mil-3 gene and the mgm-csf gene, a knockout of a mrag gene, and a knockout of a mil2rg subunit gene; and optionally a humanization of the tpo gene is described. A rag/il2rg ko/htpo knock-in mouse is described.
Delivery device
The present disclosure provides a delivery device for delivering a tissue repair composition in paste form, such as a bone graft extender and substitute in paste form, for use in surgical procedures including minimally invasive spine (fusion) surgery, open spine surgery and other orthopedic procedures.. .
Anastomotic connector and system for delivery
An anastomotic connector comprises a vessel anchor, a midgraft connector and graft material. The vessel anchor has a generally tubular main body including a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end defining a plurality of flanges integrally formed with the tubular main body and being movable from a first loaded position to a second expanded position.
Catheter system
A catheter system and method that includes a catheter element sized to pass through blood vessels to an organ of an animal. A medical element can be disposed with respect to the catheter element so as to interact therewith, the medical element being capable of assuming and maintaining a curved configuration.
Device and method for preventing stenosis at an anastomosis site
The present invention relates to treating or preventing stenosis at an anastomosis site. In one embodiment, the present invention is a stent is curved along the longitudinal axis for placement in and adjacent to the graft orifice.
Thermoset/supramolecular hybrid composites and resins that can be hot-formed and recycled
Thermoset/supramolecular hybrid composites and resins, resulting from bringing at least one thermosetting resin precursor, this thermosetting resin precursor comprising hydroxyl functions and/or epoxy groups, and optionally ester functions, into contact with at least one hardener chosen from carboxylic acids and acid anhydrides, and with at least one compound comprising, on the one hand, at least one associative group, and on the other hand at least one function enabling the grafting thereof to the thermosetting resin precursor, to the hardener or to the product resulting from the reaction of the thermosetting resin precursor and the hardener, in the presence of at least one transesterification catalyst. Process for manufacturing these materials, process for transforming and process for recycling these materials.
Branched polyethylenes by hydrosilation grafting to improve processability of polyethylene
This invention relates to blends of polyalphaolefins (paos) and polyhydrosilane-modified polyolefins, methods to prepare the blends and methods to prepare polyhydrosilane-modified polyolefins.. .
Substituted benzoazepines as toll-like receptor modulators
Provided are compositions and methods useful for modulation of signaling through the toll-like receptors tlr7 and/or tlr8. The compositions and methods have use in treating or preventing disease, including cancer, autoimmune disease, fibrotic disease, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, inflammatory disorder, graft rejection, or graft-versus-host disease..
System and process for genetic and epigenetic treatment
Transplantation of total or partial organs or tissues from one person to another creates severe immunologic problems and does not obtain a genetic rejuvenation, for example, of half the biological age of the donor's selected tissue. The invention permits, without a return to an embryonic stage, to develop an autologous and genetic rejuvenated (agr) tissue that can be grafted without graft rejection in the donor's body.
Conducting polymer/graphene-based material composites, and methods for preparing the composites
A composite comprising a conducting polymer and a graphene-based material is provided. The composite includes a graphene-based material doped with nitrogen or having a nitrogen-containing species grafted thereon, and a conducting polymer arranged on the graphene-based material.
Drug-eluting rotational spun coatings and methods of use
Drug-eluting rotational spun coatings that include one or more therapeutic agents may be used to coat a medical device. The medical devices include, for example, balloon catheters, vascular grafts and stents, which are coated with drug-eluting rotational spun materials that may be used to deliver a therapeutic agent to a target tissue or body lumen..
Compositions and methods for promoting tissue regeneration
Provided are compositions for promoting bone and cartilage growth. In certain embodiments, tissue graft compositions comprising a polymeric scaffold (e.g., plga), hyaluronic acid, and substantially purified mononucleated cells derived from bone marrow aspirate.
Reducing soluble urokinase receptor in the circulation
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (fsgs) is a common cause of proteinuric kidney disease, which comprises both native and transplanted kidneys. Treatment was limited in the past due to the complicated pathogenesis of fsgs, including previously unidentified serum factors.
Desalination treatment membrane
According to one embodiment, a desalination treatment membrane includes a desalting membrane and a base material which is disposed in close contact with the desalting membrane, wherein a solid salt is fixed to the base material by a graft-polymerization.. .
Composition for an active layer or electrode of photovoltaic cells
A composition including a graft copolymer, having: a linear trunk including at least one non-aromatic vinyl polymer or an unsaturated polyolefin; and at least two grafts attached to said trunk via a chemical bond, each graft having a conjugated polymer, characterized in that said composition further includes: fullerenes and a conjugated polymer; or carbon and/or graphene nanotubes. Also, a photovoltaic module incorporating such a composition, and to the use of said composition for the same purposes.
Biodegradable nerve guides
The present invention is directed to the compositions and methods of preparing hydrogel-grafted nerve guides for peripheral nerve regeneration. Particularly, the present invention describes the nerve guides and methods for preparation of hydrogel-grafted nerve guides with encapsulated neurotrophic factors and a nanofiber mesh lining the inner surface of the guide.
Fusion cage with combined biological delivery system
The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for near-simultaneous and integrated delivery of bone graft material during the placement of surgical cages or other medical implants in a patient's spine. The integrated fusion cage and graft delivery device according to various embodiments delivers and disperses biologic material through a fusion cage to a disc space and, without withdrawal from the surgical site, may selectably detach the fusion cage for deposit to the same disc space.
Bone graft shaper for reverse glenoid
An instrument for use in preparing a graft. The instrument includes at least one cutting portion configured to resect a graft section from the graft.
Devices, systems, and methods for assessing implants, organs, transplants, tissues, synthetic constructs, vascular grafts, and the like
A system for monitoring a body includes a surgical implant configured for implantation within a body, a sensory module coupled to the surgical implant and configured for implantation into the body in conjunction with the surgical implant, and a communication module coupled to the surgical implant and configured for implantation into a body in conjunction with the surgical implant. The sensory module is configured to monitor characteristics of the surgical implant, surrounding tissue and/or adjacent tissue.

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