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Method and apparatus for control of non-invasive parameter measurements

Tensys Medical

Method and apparatus for control of non-invasive parameter measurements

Image vulnerability repair in a networked computing environment

International Business Machines

Image vulnerability repair in a networked computing environment

Date/App# patent app List of recent Grading-related patents
 Screen unlocking method, device and terminal patent thumbnailScreen unlocking method, device and terminal
A screen unlocking method, device and terminal, wherein the method includes: a first terminal sending a key information acquisition message to a second terminal, wherein the key information is used to unlock the first terminal; and the first terminal unlocking the screen of the first terminal according to the key information from the second terminal. By using the embodiment of the present document, it solves the problem that, when the screen cannot be unlocked since the user forgets the password, the version needs to be upgraded to unlock the screen, resulting in a waste of time and a loss of important data in the terminal caused by upgrading the version, the user can unlock the terminal according to standby key information, thus avoiding the situation in which the terminal cannot be unlocked since the unlocking code of the terminal is forgotten, and further improving the ease for using the terminal..
Zte Corporation

 Method and  control of non-invasive parameter measurements patent thumbnailMethod and control of non-invasive parameter measurements
Improved methods and apparatus for non-invasively assessing one or more parameters associated with fluidic systems such as the circulatory system of a living organism, when such parameters are potentially affected by other concurrent events. In one exemplary embodiment, apparatus and methods for compensating for occlusive events (e.g., pressure cuff inflation) occurring ipsilateral to the location of parameter measurement are disclosed.
Tensys Medical, Inc.

 Image vulnerability repair in a networked computing environment patent thumbnailImage vulnerability repair in a networked computing environment
Embodiments of the present invention provide an approach to repair vulnerabilities (e.g., security vulnerabilities) in images (e.g., application images) in a networked computing environment (e.g., a cloud computing environment). Specifically, an image is checked for vulnerabilities using a database of known images and/or vulnerabilities.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Pectin degrading enzymes from macrophomina phaseolina and uses thereof patent thumbnailPectin degrading enzymes from macrophomina phaseolina and uses thereof
The present invention discloses isolated polynucleotide encoding enzymes, derived from the fungus macrophomina phaseolina (“m. Phaseolina”), responsible for degrading pectin, and it comprises and/or consists of nucleotide sequences set forth in seq.
Rafia Hasina

 Methods and compositions for degrading oil sludge patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for degrading oil sludge
Methods and systems for degrading oil sludge are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of degrading an oil sludge in a pipeline may involve introducing a microbial mixture comprising a pseudomonas sp.
Indian Institute Of Technology Madras

 Fermentation processes and by-products patent thumbnailFermentation processes and by-products
Methods of improving the quality of by-products or residues derived from starch-containing material in a processes for producing fermentation products including adding an enzyme composition comprising an enzyme or a mixture of enzymes capable of degrading one or more fermented mash components to fermented mash; and separating fermentation product.. .
Direvo Industrial Biotechnology Gmbh

 Radio frequency hydrocarbon resource upgrading apparatus including parallel paths and related methods patent thumbnailRadio frequency hydrocarbon resource upgrading apparatus including parallel paths and related methods
A radio frequency (rf) hydrocarbon resource upgrading device may include a first hydrocarbon resource upgrading path that may include a plurality of first rf power applicator stages coupled in series. Each first rf power stage is configured to apply rf power to upgrade a hydrocarbon resource passing therethrough.
Harris Corporation

 Continuous entrance/exit port for chambers of different pressure and/or gases patent thumbnailContinuous entrance/exit port for chambers of different pressure and/or gases
An improved port, for chambers of different pressures or gases, that permits continuous material to enter and exit a processing chamber with greatly reduced leakage between adjacent chambers or the atmosphere. The dimensions of the gap between the material and port and the length of the port will reduce air leakage into the processing chambers due to the flow characteristics of gases.

 Fat/meat grading method and system patent thumbnailFat/meat grading method and system
A batch is completed at a selected station on the basis of data for said fat/meat relationship, said batch comprising one or more collections of trim (cots) and fulfilling a predetermined criterion regarding a total fat/meat relationship.. .

 Optical receiver having a digital chromatic-dispersion compensator based on real-valued arithmetic patent thumbnailOptical receiver having a digital chromatic-dispersion compensator based on real-valued arithmetic
An optical receiver comprising an optical-to-electrical converter and a digital processor having first and second equalizer stages. The optical-to-electrical converter is configured to mix an optical input signal and an optical reference signal to generate a plurality of electrical digital measures of the optical input signal.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Sports book competing with individuals and/or companies, organizations, or artists

A computer system may include instructions recorded on a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium and readable by at least one processor. The system may include a game generation module, a sponsor selection module, a participant selection module, a grading module, and a results module.
Sportsballer Llc


Hydroplaning performance for a tire

This invention relates generally to an improved design that provides better hydroplaning performance for a tire, and, more specifically, to a tire that has a variable pressure shear band located below its tread that provides increased structural stiffness to the tire, helping the tire to resist deformation when the tire encounters water, thereby decreasing the tendency of the tire to hydroplane. Advantageously, the variable pressure shear band can improve the hydroplaning performance and rolling resistance simultaneously without degrading wear performance..
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.


Picture encoding method, picture decoding method, picture encoding apparatus, picture decoding apparatus, picture encoding program, picture decoding program, and recording media

A picture encoding method and a picture decoding method are provided which are capable of generating a view-synthesized picture of a processing target frame with small computational complexity without significantly degrading the quality of the view-synthesized picture when the view-synthesized, picture is generated. A picture encoding/decoding method for, when encoding/decoding a multiview picture which includes pictures for a plurality of views, performing the encoding/decoding while predicting a picture between the views using a reference view picture for a view different from a view of a target picture and a reference view depth map which is a depth map of an object within the reference view picture, includes a virtual depth map generating step of generating a virtual depth map which has lower resolution than the target picture and is a depth map of the object within the target picture, and an inter-view picture predicting step of performing inter-view picture prediction by generating a disparity-compensated picture for the target picture from the virtual depth map and the reference view picture..
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation


Conductive composition

Disclosed is a conductive composition useful for the preparation of electrically conductive structures on a substrate comprising a plurality of metal particles, a plurality of glass particles and a vehicle comprising at least one cellulose derivative and at least one solid organopolysiloxane resin dissolved in a mutual organic solvent. The solid organopolysiloxane resin acts as adhesion promoter and assists in stably dispersing the metal and glass particles to avoid an agglomeration of such particles without degrading the rheological properties.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Sonic lumber tester

The present invention is a wood grading apparatus including a robust “push” solenoid as a hammer means for impacting a lumber specimen under test. A conventional solenoid coil with stationary magnetic iron pole pieces is combined with a bimetallic armature including a magnetic portion and a non-magnetic portion; said armature is of uniform cross section through the solenoid coil.
Metriguard Inc.


Catalytic method to upgrade oil

A method to upgrade oil wherein an oil containing material is heated with a catalyst in a turbulent environment of less than about 1 volume percent oxygen to produce a vapor phase comprising an upgraded oil. Also disclosed is a thermal desorption process in which an oil contaminated substrate is contacted with an acidic reagent to form a peptizate, and the peptizate is mixed with a combustion effluent gas under turbulent conditions at a temperature above 200° c.
Racional Energy And Environment Company


Biodegradation of petroleum-based plastics

The present disclosure generally relates to biological processes for degrading waste plastics and recycled plastics, and more specifically to novel isolated insects capable of degrading petroleum-based plastics, bacterial strains capable of degrading petroleum-based plastics, and microbial consortia including such strains. The present disclosure also relates to compositions including such strains and microbial consortia, and to methods of using such strains, microbial consortia, and insects..


Method for isolating lignin from a biomass and products provided therefrom

The process includes pretreating the biomass to provide a fluidized biomass. The fluidized biomass is then subjected to high frequency pulses and shear forces without denaturing/degrading the individual components of the biomass.


Method of smart grading based on parameterized draft

An automatic garment grading is provided. A retargeting technique is used with the mediator and the correspondence function.


Display system including a display apparatus and an upgrading apparatus, and control method

A display system including a display apparatus and an upgrading apparatus are provided along with a control method. A display apparatus includes an image processor which processes an image signal, a display which displays the processed image thereon, a connector to which an upgrading apparatus comprising at least one upgrading function is connected and a controller which communicates with the upgrading apparatus and controls the display to display thereon a user interface (ui) screen displaying at least one upgrading function list generated by the upgrading apparatus in response to a user selection..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Relocatable radiation vault and methods of assembly and use

A temporary radiotherapy facility for use during renovation, upgrading, and/or modernization of an existing facility. The radiotherapy facility is integrated with radiation producing equipment and radiation shielding vaults.
Rad Technology Medical Systems Llc


Automatic grading system for construction machine and controlling the same

The present invention relates to an automatic grading system for a construction machine, including: a work apparatus having a boom connected pivotally to one side of a vehicle body, an arm connected pivotally to a front end portion of the boom, and a bucket connected pivotally to a front end portion of the arm; a boom angle detection sensor mounted on one side of the boom; an arm angle detection sensor mounted on one side of the arm; a switch panel on which a standard grading mode switch, a grading history storage switch, and a history grading mode switch selected for a grading work are disposed; an electronic control unit adapted to receive grade input signals applied from the angle detection sensors at the time when the grading mode switches and a joystick for controlling the work apparatus are manipulated and to calculate the grade input signals in accordance with a predetermined control algorithm.. .
Volvo Construction Equipment Ab


Method for providing a lamination film with adhesive, applying hot melt, application, lamination plant and upgrading such a plant

A method for providing a laminate film with adhesive as a step in the preparatory process for manufacturing a laminate mold part using a support part, a method for applying a hot melt to a laminate film, a method for manufacturing a laminate mold part, using a method, a system for laminating a support part as well as a method for such a system produces especially high quality lamination and even if the support part, where the laminate film should be laminated, is not porous by applying the adhesive to the support part for bonding the macroscopically structured laminate film, so that there is a duct system. The air can flow through the duct system between the laminate film and the support part during the lamination process..
Kiefel Gmbh


Screen assembly

A screen assembly for grading and dewatering sand includes a frame upon which is mounted a deck having a plurality of apertures therein. The frame is mounted on a base and includes a vibration generating device for imparting vibration to the deck.
Cde Global Limited


Inhibition of biofilm formation with genetically engineered bacteriophages

Embodiments are directed to engineered bacteriophages that produce polypeptides that interfere with or quench quorum sensing. In certain aspects the quorum quenching enzyme aiia has a broad specificity for degrading substrates, small signal molecule acyl homoserine factories (ahl) that initiates the quorum sensing pathway with global impact for diverse bacteria in biofilm.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System


Apparatus and methods for improving common mode rejection ratio

In certain applications, differential amplifiers with infinite common mode rejection ratios are desirable. However, resistance mismatches due to imperfections in the manufacturing create finite common mode rejection ratio in differential amplifiers degrading their performance.
Analog Devices Global


Bipolar transistor having collector with grading

This disclosure relates to bipolar transistors, such as heterojunction bipolar transistors, having at least one grading in the collector. One aspect of this disclosure is a bipolar transistor that includes a collector having a high doping concentration at a junction with the base and at least one grading in which doping concentration increases away from the base.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Identification chip holding apparatus, optical fiber splicing and distribution module, optical fiber management apparatus, and assembling optical fiber management apparatus

The present invention relates to an identification holding apparatus, an optical fiber splicing and distribution module, an optical fiber management apparatus, and a method for assembling an optical fiber management apparatus. The optical fiber management apparatus includes the identification chip holding apparatus and the optical fiber splicing and distribution module, where a snap-on structure of the identification chip holding apparatus is fitted into an optical fiber connector, and a chip accommodating structure of the identification chip holding apparatus is installed in a hollow groove; and a chip in the chip accommodating structure implements external communication by using the chip accommodating structure and a printed circuit board.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Coated article having low-e coating with absorber layer(s)

A coated article is provided, having a coating supported by a glass substrate where the coating includes at least one color and/or reflectivity-adjusting absorber layer. The absorber layer(s) allows color tuning, and reduces the glass side reflection of the coated article and/or allows sheet resistance of the coating to be reduced without degrading glass side reflection.
Guardian Industries Corp.


Biotechnological production of cyanophycin dipeptides

The present invention relates to a process for the enzymatic production of a dipeptide composition from a cyanophycin (cgp) or cgp-like polymer preparation by degrading the polymer preparation with an cgpase, a cgpase particularly adapted for said process, and the use of cyanophycin (cgp) or cgp-like polymers or fragments thereof, notably a dipeptide composition obtained by the process as defined above, as pharmaceutical composition, medicament, or as food or feed substitute.. .
WestfÄlische Wilhelms-universitÄt MÜnster


Rapidly degrading embolic particles with therapeutic agent release

In accordance with one aspect, embolic particles are provided which comprise sub-particles that comprise a therapeutic agent of low solubility dispersed in a matrix that comprises a biodegradable polymer. Other aspects pertain to injectable compositions that comprise such particles and to methods of treatment that employ such injectable compositions.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Biodegrading mulching film seed attachment automating device having cutting open and adhesive coating means, and seed attachment method using said device

The present invention concerns a biodegrading mulching film seed attachment automating device having a cutting open and adhesive coating means, and a seed attachment method using said device. More specifically, the present invention relates to a biodegrading mulching film seed attachment automating device having a cutting open and adhesive coating means, the device comprising: an unwinder which winds the mulching film so as to store same in the form of a roll; a moving means for moving the mulching film, which has been wound on the unwinder, to a working area; a cutting open and adhesive coating means which is provided in the working area, forms a plurality of germination slits of specific length in the mulching film that has been moved to the working area, and, at the same time, coats an adhesive onto the mulching film in which the germination slits have been formed; a seed attachment means which attaches seeds in positions where the adhesive has been coated; a re-winder which winds the mulching film, to which the seeds have been attached, so as to store same in the form of a roll; and a control unit which controls the unwinder, the moving means, the cutting open and adhesive coating means, the seed attachment means and the re-winder..
Green & Seed Corp.


Hardware assisted asset tracking for information leak prevention

Mobile computing devices may be equipped with hardware components configured to monitor key assets of the mobile device at a low level (e.g., firmware level, hardware level, etc.). The hardware component may also be configured to dynamically determine the key assets that are to be monitored in the mobile device, monitor the access or use of these key assets by monitoring data flows, transactions, or operations in a system data bus of the mobile device, and report suspicious activities to a comprehensive behavioral monitoring and analysis system of the mobile device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Temperature grading for band gap engineering of photovoltaic devices

A photovoltaic device includes a p-type layer. An intrinsic layer is formed directly on the p-type layer and includes an interface region extending into the intrinsic layer that includes a gradually decreasing band gap energy going from the p-type layer into the intrinsic layer formed by a graded deposition temperature.
International Business Machines Corporation


Efficient data storage utilization and recycling by gradual data degradation

For efficient data storage utilization and recycling, gradually degrading data according to data classes and using degrading data policies, predefined degrading rules, and data access patterns for conserving storage space prior.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Device and repairing siding corner trim

A device and method for repairing damaged siding corner trim pieces is provided. The device includes a covering that may be installed over a broken section of siding corner trim without removing the siding that is joined at the corner piece.


Same-day blood culture with digital microscopy

Generally provided are methods for rapid culture of microorganisms in a sample, including methods for growth and recovery of live microbial cells directly from a sample. Various features include enabling growth of microorganisms in a sample along with a reduction of sample debris that may interfere with microorganism detection, and reduction in toxicities that may inhibit microorganism growth.
Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc.


Processing vacuum residuum and vacuum gas oil in ebullated bed reactor systems

A process for upgrading vacuum residuum and vacuum gas oil hydrocarbons is disclosed. The process may include: contacting a heavy distillate hydrocarbon fraction and hydrogen with a zeolite selective hydrocracking catalyst in a first ebullated bed hydrocracking reaction zone to convert at least a portion of the vacuum gas oil to lighter hydrocarbons.
Lummus Technology Inc.


Purification and isolation of recombinant oxalate degrading enzymes and spray-dried particles containing oxalate degrading enzymes

The present invention comprises methods and compositions for the reduction of oxalate in humans, and methods for the purification and isolation of recombinant oxalate reducing enzyme proteins. The invention provides methods and compositions for the delivery of oxalate-reducing enzymes in particle compositions.
Oxthera Intellectual Property Ab


Vehicle detection method and system including irrelevant window elimination and/or window score degradation

This disclosure provides vehicle detection methods and systems including irrelevant search window elimination and/or window score degradation. According to one exemplary embodiment, provided is a method of detecting one or more parked vehicles in a video frame, wherein candidate search windows are limited to one or more predefined window shapes.
Xerox Corporation


Dye-sensitized solar cell

The present invention provides a dye-sensitized solar cell which enhances an area of a photo electrode by arranging metal wires on a surface of a transparent substrate or a transparent conductive layer without degrading a transparency of the solar cell, allowing the metal wires to act as a collector electrode exclusively or together with a metal electrode.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Computerized automated computer grading of cad 2d and 3d geometry assignments

A computerized system, method, and code to automatically assess the correctness of a user's solution to a computer-aided design (cad) 2d and 3d assignment, comprising: an instructor creating and storing in a memory of testing computer system a probing data set; submitting to the testing computer from user's computer system via a network a user's solution to a cad assignment; assessing the correctness of the user's solution by the testing computer processor using the probing point set; and, transmitting to, and displaying on the user's computer system whether the solution is correct. If the solution is not correct, then the user may immediately re-compute and re-submit their solution to the testing computer system.


Mobile terminal and software upgrade method thereof

A mobile terminal and a software upgrade method thereof are provided. The method includes acquiring a differential upgrade package for software of an original version; and using the software of the original version as software of a reference version, differentially upgrading, by using the differential upgrade package, the software of the reference version to software of an upgrade version subsequently used by a mobile terminal, and retaining the software of the original version at the same time.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


System and reinstalling, upgrading or downgrading an operating system

A method and device for installing, reinstalling, upgrading, or downgrading an operating system. The method including the steps of: mounting, on a computing device having a primary memory and a secondary memory storing a first operating system, a virtual disk in the primary memory; installing, on the virtual disk an installation operating system; staging in the primary memory a desired operating system; staging in the primary memory an installation file configured to install the desired operating system in the secondary memory; and executing the installation file to install the desired operating system in the secondary memory..
Src, Inc.


Architecture for a fiber optic network

The present disclosure relates to a fiber optic network architecture that uses outside plant fan-out devices to distribute optical signals between fiber distribution hubs and multi-service terminals. The network architecture can also include collector boxes positioned at selected locations of the network architecture.
Adc Telecommunications, Inc.


Ventilation system and method

A ventilation assembly having a main housing and a removable cartridge assembly that can be positioned within the main assembly. The main housing can be mounted within an aperture in a wall or ceiling and, in certain examples, can be connected to ductwork and electrical wiring within the wall or ceiling.


Upgrading of hydrocarbons by hydrothermal process

A hydrocarbon feedstock upgrading method is provided. The method includes supplying the hydrocarbon feedstock, water and a pre-heated hydrogen donating composition to a hydrothermal reactor where the mixed stream is maintained at a temperature and pressure greater than the critical temperatures and pressure of water in the absence of catalyst for a residence time sufficient to convert the mixed stream into a modified stream.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company


Conversion of asphaltenic pitch within an ebullated bed residuum hydrocracking process

A process for upgrading residuum hydrocarbons including: feeding pitch, hydrogen, and a partially spent catalyst recovered from a hydrocracking reactor to an ebullated bed pitch hydrocracking reactor; contacting the pitch, hydrogen, and the catalyst in the ebullated bed pitch hydrocracking reactor at reaction conditions of temperature and pressure sufficient to convert at least a portion of the pitch to distillate hydrocarbons; and separating the distillate hydrocarbons from the catalyst. In some embodiments, the process may include selecting the ebullated bed pitch hydrocracking reactor reaction conditions to be at or below the level where sediment formation would otherwise become excessive and prevent continuity of operations..
Lummus Technology Inc.


Vibrating screen

A vibrating screen is provided for separating excess water from particulate materials such as sand, gravel, iron ore, sludge or other particulate material and/or for grading, classifying or sorting particulate material by size. The vibrating screen includes a frame upon which is mounted a deck having a plurality of apertures therein, the frame being mounted on a base and being provided with vibration generating means for imparting vibration to the deck, wherein the frame includes pair of substantially parallel side walls between which the screen is mounted, each side wall including a pair of spaced apart side members defining outer faces of the side wall, at least one intermediate member being located between the side members, wherein the at least one intermediate member incorporates a plurality of apertures and/or cut-outs therethrough..
Cde Global Limited


Feed additive composition

A feed additive composition comprising a direct fed microbial (dfm), in combination with a xylanase (e.g. Endo-1,4-β-d-xylanase) and a β-glucanase (and optionally a further fibre degrading enzyme), wherein the dfm is selected from the group consisting of an enzyme producing strain; a c5 sugar-fermenting strain; a short-chain fatty acid-producing strain; a fibrolytic, endogenous microflora-promoting strain; or combinations thereof.
Dupont Nutritional Biosciences Aps


Metadata for use in color grading

Methods and systems for color grading video content are presented. A component (e.g.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Method and facilitating compatibility between communication networks

The described embodiments provide techniques and architectures for enabling interoperability between legacy network systems and software defined networking (sdn) systems. The embodiments add functionality to an sdn system to support interworking between an sdn controlled network, and a legacy network.
Coriant Operations, Inc.


Base station, terminal, search space setting method and decoding method

The invention provides a base station that does not cause the number of blind decodings to be increased and further can prevent the flexibility of resource allocation from degrading. A search space setting unit (103) sets search spaces each of which is constituted by one or more control channel elements (cces) and each of which is to be decoded in the terminals and each of which is defined by a plurality of to-be-decoded candidates.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Method and system for upgrading a previously purchased media asset

Systems, graphical user interfaces and methods for upgrading from one or more digital media assets to a set of digital media assets over a network are described. A potential purchaser can be notified of available upgrade opportunities that are available for purchase.
Apple Inc.


Integrated circuit testing interface on automatic test equipment

An integrated circuit (ic) testing interface capable of upgrading an automatic test equipment (ate) for testing a semiconductor device includes at least one pin for receiving or transmitting at least a test signal to a tester of the automatic test equipment, a plurality of digitizers coupled to the at least one pin for generating a digital signal, a processing means coupled to the plurality of digitizers for processing the digital signal, and a connection unit for connecting the processing means with a computing device for transmitting an output signal from the processing means to the computing device, where the ic testing interface is disposed between the tester and a prober of the automatic test equipment.. .
Sitronix Technology Corp.


Multiple cutters on a degradation pick

A degradation pick for degrading a surface comprises a substantially conical body with a pointed end. A shank is attached to the substantially conical body opposite the pointed end.


Methods for enhancing the degradation or conversion of cellulosic material

The present invention relates to processes for degrading a cellulosic material and for producing substances from the cellulosic material using recombinant glycoside hydrolase of family 61 (gh61) from trichoderma.. .
Novozymes, Inc.


System and incorporating short message service (sms) and multimedia messaging service (mms) contacts into an instant messaging interface

A system and method are provided wherein sms-only contacts are integrated into an im environment. An im contact list interface distinguishes between sms and im chats (and contacts), such that limitations and potential differential costs associated with the respective mediums can be identified.
Blackberry Limited


Systems and/or methods for automatically tuning a delivery system for transmission of large, volatile data

Certain example embodiments relate to the concept of controlling the flow of data by providing an intelligent flow controller/manager, and a client-side component for the selection of a communication channel from a pool, and having these components communicate to regulate data flow through gateways to a broker- and/or other-type secondary stage. Data fragmentation and reassembly can be used to increase performance, e.g., through self-regulating behaviors.
Software Ag


Method and system for heating a bed of hydrocarbon- containing rocks

Hydrocarbon-containing rocks (e.g, mined oil shale or mined coal or tar sands) are introduced into an excavated enclosure (e.g. A pit or an impoundment) to form.
Genie Ip B.v.


Display connector with 4k image resolution

The invention relates to a display connector with a 4k image resolution. It primarily comprises a first connector, a second connector and a third connector.
Tongfang Global Limited


Solder-containing semiconductor device, mounted solder-containing semiconductor device, producing method and mounting solder-containing semiconductor device

A solder-containing semiconductor device includes a semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a substrate, at least one group iii nitride semiconductor layer disposed on the substrate, a schottky electrode disposed on the group iii nitride semiconductor layer, and a pad electrode disposed on the schottky electrode.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Apparatus and grading unstructured documents using automated field recognition

A machine has a processor and a memory storing instructions executed by the processor to receive a semi-structured work product with question number indicia and answer indicia. Optical recognition techniques are employed to identify the question number indicia and answer indicia.


Using wind-induced depressurizations to help houses withstand hurricanes

An affordable “non-surgical” method for retro-upgrading a house to better withstand hurricane winds and rain is described, wherein the winds' most strongly depressurized eddies or “separation zones” bordering the building envelope are clearly identified and “harnessed” by assured venting of the interior space just into such, thereby depressurizing the interior likewise and strongly reducing or eliminating any net outward-acting force on the building envelope. The “harnessing” is assured simply by installing one-way valves over the vent openings, whereby air can pass outward from the interior to strongest-depressurized separation zones but inward flows (such as on the windward) are quickly blocked by the other valved vents “blowing closed”.


Method for the degradation of keratin and use of the keratin hydrolysate produced

The present invention relate to a method for degrading keratin comprising the step of admixing at least 5 g of keratin material with a protease and a reducing agent under controlled oxygen levels; as well as keratin hydrolyzate so produced and uses thereof.. .
Dupont Nutrition Biosciences Aps


Compositions and methods for enhancing the degradation or conversion of cellulose-containing material

The present invention relates to methods for degrading or converting a cellulose-containing material, comprising: treating the cellulose-containing material with an effective amount of a cellulolytic enzyme composition comprising a polypeptide having cellulolytic enhancing activity, and one or more (several) components selected from the group consisting of a cel7 polypeptide having endoglucanase activity, a cel12 polypeptide having endoglucanase activity, a cel45 polypeptide having endoglucanase activity, a cel7 polypeptide having cellobiohydrolase activity with a cellulose binding domain, and a cel7 polypeptide having cellobiohydrolase activity without a cellulose binding domain. The present invention also relates to such cellulolytic enzyme compositions..
Novozymes, Inc.


Methods for enhancing the degradation of cellulosic material with chitin binding proteins

The present invention relates to methods for degrading or converting a cellulosic material and for producing substances from the cellulosic material.. .
Novozymes, Inc.


Acid stable prolyl endopeptidases for degrading gluten

Gluten-degrading proteases can be used to degrade gluten and for making gluten-containing food safer for patients suffering from gluten intolerance. The present invention provides recombinant expression vectors encoding the proteases of the invention and methods for using such vectors to produce the encoded proteases.
Alvine Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Liquid crystal display device

The present invention provides an ffs mode liquid crystal display device that uses a liquid crystal composition which has a negative dielectric anisotropy and can achieve good display properties by being used for ffs mode liquid crystal display devices without degrading the image sticking property of display devices and various properties of liquid crystal display devices, such as dielectric anisotropy, viscosity, nematic phase upper limit temperature, low-temperature nematic phase stability, and γ1. The liquid crystal composition contains at least one compound selected from the group of compounds represented by general formula (i) below and at least one compound selected from the group of compounds represented by general formula (ii) below..
Dic Corporation


450 nm visible light-induced photosensitized degradation of rhodamine b molecules over biobr in aqueous solution

A method for degrading rhodamine b including: mixing biobr and rhodamine b; and irradiating the mixture with a radiation having a wavelength of from 440 nm to 554 nm. The rhodamine b may be in an aqueous solution.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Audio signal processing device

An audio signal processing device receives a plurality of audio signals via a left channel (l) and a right channel (r) so as to produce a composite signal l+r and a difference signal l−r. The composite signal l+r is changed in phase with an all-pass filter, while the difference signal l−r is changed in phase and frequency characteristic with a band-pass filter (e.g.
Yamaha Corporation


Color grading apparatus and methods

A method for color grading input video data for display on a target display comprises obtaining target display metadata indicative of a capability of the target display, obtaining input video data metadata indicative of image characteristics of the input video data, automatically determining initial values for parameters of a parameterized sigmoidal transfer function, at least one of the initial values based at least in part on at least one of the target display metadata and the input video data metadata and mapping the input video data to color-graded video data according to the parameterized transfer function specified using the initial values.. .
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Method and a computing system allowing a injecting hardware faults into an executing application

A method of injecting hardware faults into execution of an application in a distributed computing system comprising hardware components including linked nodes, the method comprising: loading an enhanced software stack allowing faults to be injected by deactivating or degrading hardware components as a result of fault triggers; running a fault-trigger daemon on each of the nodes; providing the fault trigger for a degradation or deactivation using one of the daemons to trigger a layer of the software stack controlling a hardware component to inject a fault into the hardware component; and continuing execution of the application with the injected fault.. .
Fujitsu Limited


System and a recovering and processing a hydrocarbon mixture from a subterranean formation

The present invention relates to a method and system for recovering and processing a hydrocarbon mixture from a subterranean formation. The method comprises: (i) mobilising said hydrocarbon mixture; (ii) recovering said mobilised hydrocarbon mixture; (iii) deasphalting said recovered hydrocarbon mixture to produce deasphalted hydrocarbon and asphaltenes; (iv) gasifying said asphaltenes in a gasifier to generate hydrogen, steam and/or energy and co2; (v) upgrading said deasphalted hydrocarbon by hydrogen addition to produce upgraded hydrocarbon; and (vi) adding a diluent to said upgraded hydrocarbon, wherein said method is at least partially self-sufficient in terms of hydrogen and diluent..
Statoil Canada Limited


Method for upgrading hydrocarbon compounds and a hydrocarbon compound distillation separation apparatus

There is provided a method for upgrading hydrocarbon compounds, in which hydrocarbon compounds synthesized in a fisher-tropsch synthesis reaction are fractionally distillated, and the fractionally distillated hydrocarbon compounds are hydrotreated to produce liquid fuel products. The method includes fractionally distilling heavy hydrocarbon compounds synthesized in the fisher-tropsch synthesis reaction as a liquid into a first middle distillate and a wax fraction, and fractionally distilling light hydrocarbon compounds synthesized in the fisher-tropsch synthesis reaction as a gas into a second middle distillate and a light gas fraction..
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd.


System and poor display repair for liquid crystal display panel

The present disclosure provides a system and method for repairing poor display in a liquid crystal display panel. The system comprises: an image acquisition device for acquiring image data of the liquid crystal display panel containing poor display areas; a lossless compression module for calculating difference values between the acquired image data to perform lossless compression; a storage for storing data after the lossless compression; and a mura repair module for decompressing the data in the storage, and repairing mura of the decompressed original image data to generate information feed to the liquid crystal display panel.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for computer-assisted grading of printed tests

A system and method for computer assistance in the grading of printed tests is described herein.. .
Cloud Ta Llc


Process for recovering hydrocarbons from crude carbon dioxide fluid

The power required to recover c3+ hydrocarbons from crude carbon dioxide comprising c1+ hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide may be reduced by distilling the crude carbon dioxide to produce carbon dioxide-enriched overhead vapor and c3+ hydrocarbon-enriched bottoms liquid such that the hydrogen sulfide is rejected with the overhead vapor. Power consumption reductions may be achieved by incorporating a heat pump cycle using carbon dioxide vapor as working fluid to provide at least a part of the refrigeration duty and using a side reboiler to reduce the bottom reboiler duty.
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.


Methods and devices for adsorption and biodegradation of petroleum

Provided are methods of petroleum sequestration, which use electrospun microtubes capable of sequestering the petroleum from the water, and method of depleting and optionally degrading petroleum from water using floating devices which comprise the electrospun microtube attached to a floating carrier.. .
Nanospun Technologies Ltd.


Wireless communication terminal device, wireless communication base device, and generating csi

The purpose of the present invention is to be able to simultaneously generate three or more sets of csi within a predetermined time interval, without degrading the accuracy of the csi, to achieve comp control for flexible switching of base stations. At predetermined intervals or at timing coincident with reception of trigger information, a generation unit uses a csi-rs resource to measure a desired signal component and interference component, and generate csi.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Optical line terminal arrangement, apparatus and methods

A wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system includes a plurality of optical line terminals which may be part of separate in service networks, each having a line interface and an all-optical pass-through interface including a plurality of pass-through optical ports, and each also including a plurality of local optical ports which are connectable to client equipment and an optical multiplexer/demultiplexer for multiplexing/demultiplexing optical wavelengths. The optical multiplexer/demultiplexer may include one or more stages for inputting/outputting individual wavelengths or bands of a predetermined number of wavelengths, or a combination of bands and individual wavelengths.
Coriant Operations, Inc.


Resonator device, electronic apparatus, and moving object

A resonator device capable of preventing the characteristics of the resonator element from degrading while ensuring the fixation strength of the resonator element is provided. A vibrator as the resonator device includes a heat generation element as a base body, a first support arm and a second support arm as elastic members each constituting a plate spring having one end connected to the heat generation element and extending from the one end toward the other end disposed at a position distant from the heat generation element, and a resonator element connected to a first support section and a second support section respectively disposed on the other end side of the first support arm and the second support arm so as to be distant from the heat generation element..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Linear condensation assembly and manufacturing process thereof

Provided are a linear condensation assembly and a manufacturing process therefor. The linear condensation assembly comprises a linear condensation glass panel, a sealing material layer, a solar cell and a back panel.
Si Chuan Zhong Shun Solar Energy Development Co., Ltd


Limiting migration of target material

In an electron irradiation system, a gas-tight housing encloses a cathode region and an irradiation region, which communicate through at least an aperture. In the cathode region, there is arranged a high-voltage cathode for emitting an electron beam.
Excillum Ab


X-ray shield grading and fabricating the same

An x-ray shield grating includes a plurality of partial gratings being stacked on each other. In the x-ray shield grating, each of the plurality of partial gratings has a structure in which grating elements, in each of which an x-ray blocking portion and an x-ray transmitting portion are arrayed with a first period, are arrayed with a second period; the first period in each of the plurality of partial gratings is equal to one another; and the second period in each of the plurality of partial gratings is different from one another..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


System and administering tests

A system and method for providing a test online is provided. The test may include questions that can be automatically graded by a test server.
Waterloo Maple Inc.


Methods and image adjustment for displays having 2d and 3d display modes

Embodiments of the invention relate to a display operable in 2d and 3d display modes. Methods and apparatus are provided for adjusting the colors and brightness of the image data and/or intensity of the display backlight based on the current display mode and/or color-grading of the image data.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


Mobile tobacco receiving station

A system, method, computer program product, and mobile receiving station for receiving and processing leaf tobacco at a location of a tobacco farmer, including processing the tobacco leaf at the location, including means for weighing and grading of the received tobacco leaf and, optionally, determining moisture content and transmitting information relating to the optionally determined moisture content, the weight, and the grade of the received tobacco leaf to a tobacco product manufacturing facility over a communications link.. .
Philip Morris Usa Inc.


Extending useful life of a non-volatile memory by health grading

In at least one embodiment, a controller of a non-volatile memory array determines, for each of a plurality of regions of physical memory in the memory array, an associated health grade among a plurality of health grades and records the associated health grade. The controller also establishes a mapping between access heat and the plurality of health grades.
International Business Machines Corporation


Article inspection apparatus

A method and apparatus for inspecting the surface of articles and subsequent grading of fruit. The apparatus includes conveying means for conveying an article through an inspection site and rotating the article about a lateral axis of the conveying means as it passes through the inspection site.
Compac Technologies Limited

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