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Method and device for evaluating a wooden board

Innovativ Vision Ab

Method and device for evaluating a wooden board

System and method for upgrading the remote control functionality of a  device

Universal Electronics

System and method for upgrading the remote control functionality of a device

System and method for upgrading the remote control functionality of a  device

United Arab Emirates University

Spouted bed bio-reactor system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Grading-related patents
 Image processing apparatus and method, including user authentication, and storage medium patent thumbnailImage processing apparatus and method, including user authentication, and storage medium
An image processing apparatus which is capable of realizing security improvements without degrading the usability. A user is authenticated, and an operation screen accepting an operation input from the user is displayed.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 Method and device for evaluating a wooden board patent thumbnailMethod and device for evaluating a wooden board
The present disclosure relates to a method and device for evaluating a wooden board with an elongated direction. Data indicating fiber orientation over the surface of the board is acquired and for a number of board sub-portions a nominal local modulus of elasticity, moe, is determined based on the fiber orientation data and a nominal material parameter.
Innovativ Vision Ab
 System and  upgrading the remote control functionality of a  device patent thumbnailSystem and upgrading the remote control functionality of a device
A system and method for upgrading a remote control application resident on a device. Information identifying a controllable appliance is caused to be uploaded to a remote server device and the uploaded information is used to automatically display user-selectable, downloadable data files relevant to the control of the controllable appliance.
Universal Electronics Inc.
 Spouted bed bio-reactor system patent thumbnailSpouted bed bio-reactor system
The invention describes a novel spouted bed bioreactor system (sbbs) for the removal of benzene, toluene, ethyl-benzene, o-,m-,p-xylene (btex) from a contaminated air stream. Organic-degrading bacteria, pseudomonas putida, were immobilized in polyvinyl alcohol (pva) matrices and utilized to degrade the btex in a specially-designed bioreactor system.
United Arab Emirates University
 Activated sludge treatment method, and  upgrading existing waste water treatment equipment using said method patent thumbnailActivated sludge treatment method, and upgrading existing waste water treatment equipment using said method
The object is to provide an activated sludge treatment method whereby production of excess sludge is brought substantially to zero; and a method for upgrading existing waste water treatment equipment, employing this method. The method includes a step (1) in which sludge 1 produced in a bioreactor is supplied to a waste water aeration-conditioning tank for activated sludge treatment; a step (2) in which waste water into which the sludge 1 has been mixed is subjected to aeration-conditioning to bring the oxidation-reduction potential to a positive value, and the conditioning treated waste water 1 supplied to the bioreactor; a step (3) in which released water from the bioreactor is considered to release water..
Japan Alsi Co., Ltd.
 Full arc admission steam turbine patent thumbnailFull arc admission steam turbine
The invention relates to a full arc admission steam turbine, which includes a plurality of nozzle boxes for inducing steam, and a plurality of nozzle plates for bearing nozzles, one nozzle plate corresponding to each nozzle box. The steam turbine 100 further includes a plurality of spacer plates corresponding to the plurality of nozzle boxes, wherein the spacer plate is disposed between the nozzle plate and the nozzle box, by which a flow path is formed between the plurality of nozzle boxes and the plurality of the nozzle plates through the plurality of spacer plates to achieve a full arc admission.
Alstom Technology Ltd
 Hitless upgrade for network control applications patent thumbnailHitless upgrade for network control applications
A method for upgrading a set of controller nodes in a controller cluster that manages a plurality of forwarding elements in a way that minimizes dataplane outages. The method of some embodiments upgrades the control applications of a subset of the controller nodes before upgrading a decisive controller node.
Nicira, Inc.
 Semiconductor power device patent thumbnailSemiconductor power device
A semiconductor power device, comprising: a substrate; a first semiconductor layer with a first lattice constant formed on the substrate, wherein the first semiconductor layer comprises a first group iii element; a first grading layer formed on the first semiconductor layer and comprising a first portion; a second semiconductor layer with a second lattice constant formed on the first grading layer, wherein the second semiconductor layer comprises a second group iii element; and a first interlayer formed in the first grading layer and adjacent to the first portion of the first grading layer, wherein a composition of the first interlayer is different from that of the first portion, and the first grading layer comprises the first group iii element and the second group iii element, and concentrations of both the first group iii element and the second group iii element in the first grading layer are gradually changed.. .
Epistar Corporation
 Gd doped algan ultraviolet light emitting diode patent thumbnailGd doped algan ultraviolet light emitting diode
A diode comprises nanowires compositionally graded along their lengths with an active region doped with gadolinium sandwiched between first and second compositionally graded alxga1-xn nanowire regions. The first graded alxga1-xn nanowire region is graded from gallium-rich to aluminum-rich with the compositional grading defining n-type polarization doping and the aluminum-rich end proximate the active region.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation
 Method for the integration of carbochlorination into a staged reforming operation as an alternative to direct residue oxidation for the recovery of valuable metals patent thumbnailMethod for the integration of carbochlorination into a staged reforming operation as an alternative to direct residue oxidation for the recovery of valuable metals
Method of combining industrial processes having inherent carbon capture and conversion capabilities offering maximum flexibility, efficiency, and economics while enabling environmentally and sustainably sound practices. Maximum chemical energy is retained throughout feedstock processing.

Method for increasing calorific value of low-grade coals

To provide less expensive and non-polluting coals of which calorific values are increased by improving composition of coals having high moisture content and low fire power, such as peat and lignite, to thereby increase combustion calorie. Materials of coals are heated in a predetermined temperature range in an oxygen-free atmosphere while injecting inactive gas, and elements except for carbon in the atmosphere and in the coals are individually separated by thermal decomposition in the order from an element having a lower decomposition temperature at a temperature of 450 degrees c.

Alkylated cyclodextrin compositions and processes for preparing and using the same

The present invention related to low-chloride alkylated cyclodextrin compositions, along with processes for preparing and using the same. The processes of the present invention provide alkylated cyclodextrins with low levels of drug-degrading agents and chloride..
Cydex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Online upgrade processing method, associated apparatus and system

The embodiments of the present invention disclose an online upgrade processing method, an associated apparatus and a system. The online upgrade processing method includes: receiving online upgrade indication information, wherein the online upgrade indication information is used for indicating that a charging system enters into an online upgrade preparation phase; simulating charging environment of the charging system to generate a signal control environment with a charging function when the online upgrade indication information is received; and utilizing the signal control environment to replace the charging environment to accept service when the charging system enters into an online upgrading phase.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Potentiostat reference electrode interface

A method for shielding an electrical signal without substantially degrading the system speed or substantially increasing the bulk of the system is provided. The method includes applying a first signal to a conductor coupled to the electrode, applying a second signal to a shield substantially surrounding the conductor, blocking electrical interference to the first signal, and increasing an effective impedance on the electrode coupled to the conductor.
Xagenic Inc.

Methods and compositions for using temporary, slow degrading, particulate agents in a subterranean formation

Methods, fluids, and compositions are provided for treating subterranean formations. The fluids can be servicing or drilling fluids including a base fluid and a particulate agent or biocide precursor particulate agent.
Magnablend Inc.

Feature extraction and machine learning for evaluation of audio-type, media-rich coursework

Conventional techniques for automatically evaluating and grading assignments are generally ill-suited to evaluation of coursework submitted in media-rich form. For courses whose subject includes programming, signal processing or other functionally expressed designs that operate on, or are used to produce media content, conventional techniques are also ill-suited.
Kadenze, Inc.

Circuits and connecting a communication terminal to an infrastructure of a building within a closed circuit e-shopping

Circuits and method for connecting a communication terminal to at least one end of a twist pair of a building infrastructure and to a complimentary circuit terminating the other end of the twist pair for propagating distinctly modulated higher carrier frequency and lower carrier frequency for propagating simultaneously two modulated information signals comprising higher speed data and lower speed data via at least one twist pair, the higher speed data is used for upgrading and loading data into a memory of the communication terminal and the lower speed data controls and directs the higher speed data through i/o ports of each of the cpus included in the two circuits terminating the twist pair, the communication terminal uses the stored data to select items of service and merchandise for shopping in a closed circuit e-commerce by propagating a completed order to a server of the building.. .
Elbex Video Ltd.

Indexing gene expression data to compare gene signatures

Indexing gene expression data for comparing gene signatures includes assigning one of a plurality of fold change-based grading scores to each of a number of genes in a probe gene signature. The fold change-based grading scores reflect relative expression of one of the number of genes in the probe gene signature.
King Saud University

Process for co-producing commercially valuable products from byproducts of heavy oil and bitumen upgrading process

The present invention is directed to modifications of bitumen and heavy oil upgrading and refining processes to synthesize synthetic crude oil and other valuable synthesized hydrocarbon products in an efficient manner along with the production of commercially valuable co-products from by-products formed by the upgrading process.. .
Expander Energy Inc.

Semiconductor devices with graded dopant regions

Most semiconductor devices manufactured today, have uniform dopant concentration, either in the lateral or vertical device active (and isolation) regions. By grading the dopant concentration, the performance in various semiconductor devices can be significantly improved.

Host and upgrading connection manager of dongles

A host device with a function dongle includes a first connection manager and a first version file. The host upgrades the first connection manager and the first version file.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Bioanalytical reagent used in heterogeneous phase and usage method thereof

A bioanalytical reagent used in a heterogeneous phase and a usage method thereof are provided to increase the signal intensity from the bioanalytical reagent. The bioanalytical reagent includes a target detector and a signal generator.

Activated sludge treatment method, and upgrading existing waste water treatment equipment using said method

The object is to provide an activated sludge treatment method whereby production of excess sludge is brought substantially to zero; and a method for upgrading existing waste water treatment equipment, employing this method. The method includes a step (1) in which sludge (2) produced in a sedimentation tank is supplied to a waste water aeration-conditioning tank for activated sludge treatment; a step (2) in which waste water into which the sludge (2) has been mixed is subjected to aeration-conditioning to bring the oxidation-reduction potential to a positive value, and supplied to a pressurized flotation concentration-separation tank; a step (3) in which the sludge (1) produced through treatment in the pressurized flotation concentration-separation tank is supplied to the bioreactor; a step (4) in which the treated waste water (1) separated from the pressurized flotation concentration-separation tank is supplied to a dilute activated sludge aeration tank; a step (5) in which released water and the sludge (3) produced by treatment in the bioreactor are supplied to the dilute activated sludge aeration tank; and a step (6) in which the treated waste water (2) separated from the dilute activated sludge aeration tank is supplied to the sedimentation tank..
Japan Alsi Co.,ltd.

Session initiation protocol denial of service attack throttling

In one implementation, the number of half open session initiation protocol (sip) sessions per-destination (e.g., sip device) or globally is limited by sip application layer gateway (alg) as a sip dos/ddos countermeasure. Compared with traditional sip dos/ddos countermeasures, the proposed solution is simple to implement and, thus, less likely to degrade sip alg performance.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method for preparing a hypoallergenic food

A method for preparing a food that is less allergenic from a particulate solid food matrix that is more allergenic and contains allergenic proteins, in particular a peanut and/or tree-nut matrix. The method comprises the step of processing dispersion of the solid food matrix in an aqueous medium by high-pressure homogenization to obtain a homogenate consisting of a dispersion of allergenic proteins initially contained in the matrix mixed with solid particles of the matrix.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

Liquid crystal display device and producing the same

Provided are a liquid crystal display device that suppresses occurrence of drop marks during production without degrading various properties, such as dielectric anisotropy, viscosity, nematic phase upper limit temperature, rotational viscosity (γ1), and ghosting property, and a method for producing the liquid crystal display device. A liquid crystal display device 10 of the present invention includes a liquid crystal composition layer 13 sandwiched between a first substrate 11 and a second substrate 12 and vertical alignment films 16 and 17 that contain a polymer of a polymerizable compound having a polyimide skeleton as a main chain and a crosslinkable functional group as a side chain.
Dic Corporation

Electrostatic mass spectrometer with encoded frequent pulses

A method, apparatus and algorithms are disclosed for operating an open electrostatic trap (e-trap) or a multi-pass tof mass spectrometer with an extended flight path. A string of start pulses with non equal time intervals is employed for triggering ion packet injection into the analyzer, a long spectrum is acquired to accept ions from the entire string and a true spectrum is reconstructed by eliminating or accounting overlapping signals at the data analysis stage while using logical analysis of peak groups.
Leco Corporation

Method and system for reducing instability when upgrading software

A system and a method of rating software bugs using a bug scoring and tracking system is presented. The system and method may use automated scoring of the bugs to determine the impact of the bug.
Oracle International Corporation

Detecting semantic errors in text using ontology-based extraction rules

Semantic errors in a natural language text document are automatically detected by matching sentences in the document with stored ontology-based extraction rules that express both logically correct and logically incorrect relationships between the classes and properties of an ontology for a predefined knowledge domain of relevance to the natural language text document. The matching identifies logically correct and incorrect statements in the document which may be used for various applications such as automatic grading..
The State Of Oregon Acting By And Through The State Board Of Higher Education On Behalf Of The U

Compositions and combinations of organophosphorus bioscavengers and hyaluronan-degrading enzymes, and methods of use

Provided are compositions and combinations containing an organophosphorus bioscavenger and a hyaluronan-degrading enzyme. The provided compositions and combinations can be used to treat or prevent organophosphorus poisoning, including nerve agent poisoning and pesticide poisoning..

Upgrading carbonaceous materials

Disclosed are methods for upgrading carbonaceous materials. Also disclosed are apparatuses for upgrading carbonaceous materials.
Skye Energy Holdings, Inc.

Method for degrading a readily-degradable resin composition

A method for degrading a readily degradable resin composition comprising an aliphatic polyester (a) which is biodegradable, and an aliphatic polyester (b′) which releases an acid upon hydrolysis and which is biodegradable at a higher degradation rate than that of the aliphatic polyester (a), the method comprising degrading the readily degradable resin composition in an enzyme reaction liquid containing a degradation enzyme, and an acid neutralizing agent incompatible with the enzyme reaction liquid.. .
Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd.

Method for producing saccharides containing glucose as main component

A method for producing saccharides containing glucose as a main component is described, including degrading cellulose and/or hemicellulose with a cellulase, wherein an additive containing a protein and an amino acid and/or a yeast lysate solution is added to the cellulose and/or hemicellulose and the cellulase is used to cause an enzymatic saccharification reaction of saccharifying the cellulose and/or hemicellulose.. .
Jgc Corporation

Methods for degrading or converting cellulosic material

The present invention provides methods for degrading or converting a cellulosic material using an enzyme composition in the presence of a reducing agent. The present invention also provides methods for producing a fermentation product and methods of fermenting a cellulosic material using an enzyme composition in the presence of a reducing agent..
Novozymes Inc.

Acrylamide-degrading self-cloning aspergillus oryzae

Provided are self-cloning aspergillus oryzae that expresses amidase without induction culture exhibiting high amidase degradation activity, and a method for reducing acrylamide in which this self-cloning aspergillus oryzae is used. Self-cloning aspergillus oryzae, which has a gene which codes a polypeptide with a specific amino acid sequence indicated in seq id no:1, or has a base sequence hybridizable to a complementary sequence of the gene encoding seq id no:1 under stringent conditions, has a protein with amidase activity which the gene is expressed without induction culture, the process of reducing acrylamide by contact treatment with the above described self-cloning aspergillus oryzae and acrylamide-containing matter, and a method of producing reduced acrylamide food or beverage..
Ozeki Corporation

Color grading preview method and apparatus

A method for previewing a color graded image commences by first obtaining color metadata corresponding to a sample image appearance selected by a user from among a set of different sample image appearances, each sample image appearance having associated color metadata. The color metadata corresponding to the selected sample image appearance is stored with an image file the user has selected for color grading.
Thomson Licensing

Embedded polysilicon resistor in integrated circuits formed by a replacement gate process

An embedded resistor structure in an integrated circuit that can be formed in a replacement gate high-k metal gate metal-oxide-semiconductor (mos) technology process flow. The structure is formed by etching a trench into the substrate, either by removing a shallow trench isolation structure or by silicon etch at the desired location.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Stand for machine components

A stand is disclosed for supporting a moldboard and a drawbar of a grading machine. The stand may comprise a base frame and a component support unit.
Finning International Inc.

Sifting and grading device

A sifting and grading device includes an accommodation module, a pushing module, a detection module, an image unit, and a transmission module. The accommodation module is used to accommodate pellets and convey the pellets to the pushing module.
Fih (hong Kong) Limited

Virtualized host id key sharing

In virtualized environments a method of determining authorization to a resource cannot use a hardware specific identifier, such as a mac address. As a result upgrading a virtual host may cause licenses associated with that host to be invalid, even though the upgraded virtual host should be authorized.
Avaya Inc.

Upgrading and migrating a database

Techniques for upgrading and migrating software systems include configuring a target database on a computing appliance that is communicably coupled with a distributed computing environment that includes a source database, the source database including a plurality of productive database tables and a plurality of non-productive database tables; determining a distribution of database tables to migrate to the target database, the distribution including at least a portion of the plurality of productive and non-productive database tables from the source database and at least one new database table of a database upgrade; migrating the distribution of database tables to the target database; and pointing a productive system of the distributed computing environment to the target database.. .
Sap Ag

Systems and methods for renewable fuel

The present application generally relates to the introduction of a renewable fuel oil as a feedstock into refinery systems or field upgrading equipment. For example, the present application is directed to methods of introducing a liquid thermally produced from biomass into a petroleum conversion unit; for example, a refinery fluid catalytic cracker (fcc), a coker, a field upgrader system, a hydrocracker, and/or hydrotreating unit; for co-processing with petroleum fractions, petroleum fraction reactants, and/or petroleum fraction feedstocks and the products, e.g., fuels, and uses and value of the products resulting therefrom..
Ensyn Renewables, Inc.

Method for saccharification of biomass

A method for saccharification of lignocellulosic biomass, the method comprising (1) a pretreatment step of impregnating lignocellulosic biomass with an aqueous alkali solution, subjecting the resultant mixture to solid-liquid separation to remove part of the aqueous alkali solution, and then performing heat treatment, and (2) a saccharification step of enzymatically degrading the lignocellulosic biomass resulting from the pretreatment step to obtain a saccharified liquid can be applied to high-lignin lignocellulosic biomass, reduce the usage of alkali and water in the pretreatment step, increase the sugar yield in the saccharification step, decrease the reaction time, reduce enzyme adsorption on a biomass residue, and improve the enzyme recovery rate.. .
Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.

Test size reduction via sparse factor analysis

A database of questions is designed to test understanding of a set of concepts. A subset of the questions is selected for administering to one or more learners in a test.
William Marsh Rice University

Method and establishing multicast path

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and an apparatus for establishing a multicast path. The method includes: when computing a multicast branch path to a first leaf node by using a constraint fails, degrading the constraint to obtain a secondary constraint; computing a multicast branch path to the first leaf node according to the secondary constraint; and establishing a multicast branch path to the first leaf node according to the multicast branch path obtained by computation.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Millimeter wave frequency data communication systems

A first module and a second module are formed on a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) chip substrate. The first module is to serialize and de-serialize a data signal.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Fermi-level unpinning structures for semiconductive devices, processes of forming same, and systems containing same

An interlayer is used to reduce fermi-level pinning phenomena in a semiconductive device with a semiconductive substrate. The interlayer may be a rare-earth oxide.
Intel Corporation

Graphene oxide polymer with nonlinear resistivity

The invention relates generally to field grading materials and, more particularly, to field grading materials including graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide, or both, exhibiting non-linear resistivity. In one embodiment, the invention provides a composite material comprising: a polymer material; and reduced graphene oxide distributed within the polymer material..
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Methods for upgrading firmware and electronic devices using the same

An embodiment of a method for upgrading firmware, being executed by a processing unit, is introduced. Factory settings corresponding to a first firmware version with user configuration values corresponding to a second firmware version to generate combined user configuration values.
Wistron Neweb Corp.

Method, device, and storage medium for upgrading operating system

The present disclosure discloses a method, a device, and a storage medium for upgrading an operating system. The method includes: determining a current operating system in use; synchronizing system files of the current operating system to a mirror operating system; obtaining an operating system upgrade package; upgrading the mirror operating system according to the operating system upgrade package; starting the mirror operating system after the mirror operating system is successfully upgraded; and using the mirror operating system as the current operating system.
Xiaomi Inc.

Method and device for upgrading a building control system

An integration tool is presented for integrating and/or commissioning a new device or system into a building automation system. The integration tool is incorporated into the building automation system and is operative to create one or more databases and/or applications for the new device that is then flashed to an appropriate building system controller.
Siemens Industry, Inc.

System and one cell to cover multiple areas

A system, method and network device for covering a plurality of areas by one cell are disclosed. The system includes: a plurality of radio frequency groups and at least one base band unit.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Pharmaceutical products from fungal strains

Disclosed herein are compositions comprising an isolated cellulose degrading fungus and pharmaceutical substances produced by the fungus.. .
Menon Renewable Resources, Inc.

Method for reporting service quality for over the top services in a communication network

A method (300) for executing an application on a user terminal in a cellular communications system, comprising measuring (305) the service quality available to the application in the cellular communications system and sending information (310) on the measured service quality to a node in the cellular communications system. If the service quality is degraded (315) to be below a predefined threshold, an analysis is performed of why the service quality is below said threshold and the results of said analysis is transmitted (325) to a node in the cellular communications system, the results comprising (330) one or more reasons for the degradation of the service quality as well as information (335) grading the impact of said reasons on the degradation of the service quality..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method for producing alcohol using tree as starting material and alcohol solution obtained by same

A method is provided for the production of alcohol from trees, the method comprising a step of treating a subject tree with mother cell lyases formed through cytolysis associated with sporulation of spore-forming aerobic bacteria, thereby degrading said tree into a powdery state and obtaining a tree degradation product; a step of sterilizing said tree degradation product; a step of treating said sterilized tree degradation product with a koji fungus (aspergillus oryzae) thereby carrying out a primary fermentation; a step of adding a yeast to the fermentation broth obtained by said primary fermentation thereby carrying out a secondary fermentation; and a step of filtering the fermentation broth obtained by said secondary fermentation, wherein said mother cell lyases are obtained by culturing said spore-forming aerobic bacteria, subjecting the resultant culture medium to a starvation state, thereby converting said bacteria into endospores, and removing impurities including said endosporic bacteria from said culture medium and wherein said spore-forming aerobic bacteria are mre symbiotic bacteria.. .
Meisho Co., Ltd

Diesel fuel and urea tank air breather filter

Provided is a filter that filters air flowing from the filter to a downstream component, while preventing fluid from flowing from the filter to the downstream component and preventing a substance, such as urea or fuel, entering the filter from the downstream component from degrading the filter element in the filter. The filter includes a filter element having an interior surface defining an inner chamber and a standpipe extending through the inner chamber and terminating at a point that allows air that flows from outside the filter element through the filter element and into the inner chamber to flow into the standpipe and out of the filter, while preventing fluid flowing from the opposite direction through the standpipe from entering the filter element..
Parker-hannifin Corporation

Method, device and system for zooming font in web page file, and storage medium

Disclosed is a method, a device and a system for zooming a font in a web page file, and the method includes: receiving a web page file; parsing and recognizing the web page file, to classify text contained in the web page file into a first group of zoomable text and a second group of unzoomable text; detecting a zoom operation performed on the web page file displayed at a mobile terminal; and upon the detection of the zoom operation, zooming the first group of text in the web page file except for the second group of text in the web page file. With the method, the problem that the text in a web page file are overlapped due to zooming is avoided, and the typesetting of the web page may be reasonable, without degrading the experience of the user in browsing the web page..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

System differential upgrade method, apparatus, and mobile terminal

A system differential upgrade method and apparatus, and a mobile terminal are provided. The method includes: obtaining an upgrade script and upgrade data; upgrading a file to be upgraded according to the upgrade script and the upgrade data; generating, according to the file processing command that is being executed currently in the upgrade script, and the file to be upgraded corresponding to the file processing command that is being executed currently, rollback data and a rollback script corresponding to the file to be upgraded; and when the upgrade fails, executing the rollback script according to the rollback data.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Mechanism for facilitating spin mode-based dynamic updating of application servers in an on-demand services environment

In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for facilitating spin mode-based dynamic updating of application servers in an on-demand services environment. In one embodiment and by way of example, a method includes upgrading a first set of application servers of a plurality of application servers at one or more computing devices, holding a first set of requests received at the first set of application servers from being processed while the first set of application servers is being upgraded, and upgrading a second set of application servers of the plurality of application servers upon completion of the first set of application servers., Inc.

Performing operations on nodes of distributed computer networks

Performing operations on nodes of distributed computer networks. A request to upgrade a first acceleration node in a computer network is identified.
Sap Ag

Lasp-1, a novel urinary marker for transitional cell carcinoma detection

The invention relates to the use of lasp-1 in a urine sample obtained from a subject for diagnosing and/or grading transitional cell carcinoma. The invention furthermore relates to a method for diagnosing transitional cell carcinoma comprising detecting the presence or absence of lasp-1 in a urine sample obtained from a subject, wherein the presence of lasp-1 above 1 ng/500 μl urine is indicative for transitional cell carcinoma and a method for grading transitional cell carcinoma comprising determining the level of lasp-1 in a urine sample obtained from a subject, wherein the level of lasp-1 correlates with the grade of the transitional cell carcinoma..
Julius-maximilians-universitÄt WÜrzburg

Apparatuses and methods for packet data protocol context handling for emergency bearer services

A packet data protocol (pdp) context handling method for a mobile station (ms) with a pdp context for an emergency bearer service is provided, wherein a radio access bearer (rab) associated with the pdp context is released by a network. The method comprises the steps of: downgrading the maximum uplink bit rate and the maximum downlink bit rate associated with the pdp context from original non-zero positive values to a zero value; sending a request signal associated with a modification of the maximum uplink bit rate and the maximum downlink bit rate; and re-establishing the rab for the pdp context with the maximum uplink bit rate and the maximum downlink bit rate reconfigured as the original non-zero values after the request signal has been sent..
Htc Corporation

Process for upgrading a heavy hydrocarbon feedstock

The present invention provides a process for upgrading a heavy hydrocarbon mixture, said process comprising: i) dividing said heavy hydrocarbon mixture into at least a first portion and a second portion, wherein said first portion comprises 10-45% wt of the heavy hydrocarbon mixture and said second portion comprises 90-55% wt of the heavy hydrocarbon mixture; ii) thermally upgrading said first portion of heavy hydrocarbon mixture in an upgrader to produce a lighter hydrocarbon mixture; and iii) mixing said lighter hydrocarbon mixture with a heavy hydrocarbon mixture to produce an upgraded hydrocarbon mixture, wherein, on entry to said upgrader, the composition of said first portion of heavy hydrocarbon mixture is identical to that of said second portion of heavy hydrocarbon mixture.. .
Statoil Petroleum As

Agents for enhanced degradation of controlled electrolytic material

A method for degrading a downhole article includes exposing the downhole article comprising a controlled electrolytic material to a composition that comprises a reducing agent. The method also includes contacting the downhole article with the reducing agent to degrade the downhole article.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Animal meal that includes fungal biomass

Disclosed herein are compositions comprising an isolated cellulose degrading fungus. Also disclosed are culture compositions and bioreactor compositions comprising the cellulose degrading fungus.

High quality factor interconnect for rf circuits

Embodiments of radio frequency (rf) devices are disclosed having interconnection paths with capacitive structures having improved quality (q) factors. In one embodiment, an rf device includes an inductor having an inductor terminal and a semiconductor die.

Video stream preview

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for generating a video stream preview. One of the methods includes receiving, from a user device, a request for a video stream preview.

Enzymes manufactured in transgenic soybean for plant biomass engineering and organopollutant bioremediation

A strategy for eliminating or greatly reducing the need for physical/chemical treatments or the use of whole microbes for lignocellulosic biomass and organopollutant degradation is disclosed. The soybean is a practical, cost-efficient and sustainable bioreactor for the production of lignin-degrading and cellulose-degrading enzymes.

Grading and screeding device

Implementations of a grading and screeding device are provided. In some implementations, the grading and screeding device may be used to level and smooth uncured concrete.

Supporting simultaneous communication interfaces

A system and method of creating more than one communication interface between a wireless device using a single, dual-radio transceiver by leveraging the basic service set (bss) and radio measurement information. A wireless device operating in multiple-in, multiple-put (mimo) mode maintains a first communications interface with an access point while establishing a second communications interface by downgrading the existing mimo connection to a single-in, single-out (siso) connection.

Graphene capped hemt device

A graphene capped hemt device and a method of fabricating same are disclosed. The graphene capped hemt device includes one or more graphene caps that enhance device performance and/or reliability of an exemplary algan/gan heterostructure transistor used in high-frequency, high-energy applications, e.g., wireless telecommunications.

Aggregate analysis techniques and apparatus

A device, method, and system for analyzing aggregate are described. An exemplary device may include a housing with one or more grading screens.

Methods and systems for producing reduced resid and bottomless products from heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks

The present invention is directed to the upgrading of heavy petroleum oils of high viscosity and low api gravity that are typically not suitable for pipelining without the use of diluents. The method comprises introducing a particulate heat carrier into an up-flow reactor, introducing the feedstock at a location above the entry of the particulate heat carrier, allowing the heavy hydrocarbon feedstock to interact with the heat carrier for a short time, separating the vapors of the product stream from the particulate heat carrier and liquid and byproduct solid matter, collecting a gaseous and liquid product mixture comprising a mixture of a light fraction and a heavy fraction from the product stream, and using a vacuum tower to separate the light fraction as a substantially bottomless product and the heavy fraction from the product mixture.

Heavy fossil hydrocarbon conversion and upgrading using radio-frequency or microwave energy

Conversion of heavy fossil hydrocarbons (hfh) to a variety of value-added chemicals and/or fuels can be enhanced using microwave (mw) and/or radio-frequency (rf) energy. Variations of reactants, process parameters, and reactor design can significantly influence the relative distribution of chemicals and fuels generated as the product.

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Grading topics: Transistors, Bipolar Transistor, Recombinant, Polypeptide, Protein Sequence, Nucleic Acid

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