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Internet on-line school old information retrieval system
An on-line system for retrieving old school information in assisting students with their school courses. The invention is a system whereby a student goes to the interact and requests assistance by retrieving old information about a course he/she wishes to take or is currently taking. Such old information may include old...

Aluminum alloy sheet that exhibits excellent surface quality after anodizing and method for producing the same
An aluminum alloy sheet that exhibits excellent surface quality after anodizing, includes a peritectic element that undergoes a peritectic reaction with at least aluminum, and requires an anodic oxide coating is characterized in that the concentration of the peritectic element in a solid-solution state that is present in the outermost surface...

Nacelle for a bypass turbofan engine
A nacelle for an aircraft bypass turbofan engine includes an upstream section via which an airflow enters, a middle section surrounding the fan of the turbofan and a downstream section having an inner structure and an outer structure delimiting a flow duct in which the air flows. The outer structure includes...

Method for sharing the location of facial recognition systems using a wireless computing device
Through the invented method, sharing the location of facial recognition systems using a wireless computing device so that others may know and be able to avoid facial recognition systems can now be achieved. Image capturing devices connected to facial recognition systems are becoming more and more pervasive in everyday life. Facial recognition...

System and method for controlling led segments to provide lighting effects
A single board light engine includes an AC to AC step driver that selectively powers multiple LED segments by controlling tap points between the LED segments as the input voltage goes from zero crossover to maximum voltage and returns to zero crossover. The step driver may power a first LED segment,...

Method for stabilizing embedded silicon
A method for disclosing an integrated circuit embedded in a resin is disclosed. In one embodiment, stabilizing vias can be formed within the resin and can couple to corresponding pads in the integrated circuit. The stabilizing vias can be used in areas prone to failure when the combined resin/integrated circuit is...

Fluorescence emissions detector
A light source is gated ON and OFF in response to a pulsed signal. Photo emissions from the light source are coupled to a material under test. Resonant fluorescent emissions from the material are coupled to a photodiode. Current from the photodiode is coupled into an amplifier system comprising a first...

Holographic detection device and method for content of gas in gis switch
A holographic detection device for a content of a gas in a GIS switch includes a laser and a data process system. The laser includes a laser emitter and a laser receiver which are fixed at a sampling port of the GIS switch and connected with the data process system. A...

De-icing systems and methods
An de-icing system comprising a shield that is configured to deform in a pre-determined way that de-bonds accreted ice. In some embodiments, the shield has a variable (non-uniform) stiffness across its width and/or length such that it undergoes a twist-like or other suitable deformation when subjected to a force. In some...

Linux i/o scheduler for solid-state drives
An I/O scheduler and a method for scheduling I/O requests to a solid-state drive (SSD) is disclosed. The I/O scheduler in accordance with the present disclosure bundles the write requests in such a form that the write requests in each bundle goes into one SSD block. Bundling the write requests in...

Deburring machine abrasive belt, chamfering-deburring machine that deburrs twice per rotation, and deburring method
The present invention relates to a one-circle two-chamfer deburring machine and a deburring method comprising the following steps after starting up: (1) The upper wheelhead motor drives the upper grinding belt to rotate horizontally (2) the lower wheelhead motor drives the lower grinding belt to rotate horizontally and (3) when a...

Rotary-type mechanisms for inertial igniters for thermal batteries and g-switches for munitions and the like
A mechanism including: a toggle link rotatably connected to a base structure; a stop connected to the base structure for limiting a rotational travel of the toggle link; a biasing element having a first end attached to the base structure and a second end attached to the toggle link such that...

Coupling member for damping vibrations in building structures
A building structure including a plurality of vertical elements extending from a ground surface with at least a first of the vertical elements connected to a second of the vertical elements by a coupling member, the coupling member includes a damping element for damping vibrations in the building structure resulting from...

Pleated deployment sheath
A deployment sheath for medical devices is provided that includes one or more pleats in its pre-deployment state that are allowed to open during deployment so as to facilitate easier device deployment and sheath removal. Preferably, the sheath is removed by everting it over itself during the delivery process. By orienting...

Plasma processing apparatus
Disclosed is a plasma processing device that provides an object to be treated with plasma treatment. A wafer as an object to be treated, which is attached on the upper surface of adhesive sheet held by a holder frame, is mounted on a stage. In a vacuum chamber that covers the...

Non-cytotoxic protein conjugates
The present invention is directed to non-cytotoxic protein conjugates for inhibition or reduction of exocytic fusion in a nociceptive sensory afferent cell. The protein conjugates comprise: (i) a dynorphin Targeting Moiety (TM), wherein the TM is an agonist of a receptor present on a nociceptive sensory afferent cell, and wherein the...

Charge-saving power-gate apparatus and method
A power-gate circuit includes a power-gate transistor operable to switch to decouple a first supply voltage from a second supply voltage during an idle mode, and to couple the first supply voltage to the second supply voltage during a full operational mode. Part of the charge stored at a gate terminal...

Sulfide ore leaching process
The present invention discloses a new process for leaching sulfide minerals consisting of leaching crushed ore in a vat reactor, wherein the leaching solution is fed with an ORP value close to the upper limit suitable for leaching and the exiting leaching solution leaves the reactor with an ORP above the...

Hand puller for storing a band
A hand puller for storing a band. The base of a body is provided with a winding axle. A ratchet is driven to rotate the winding axle. A long band goes from the other end of the hook tool through the winding axle and winds around the winding axle. The other...

Cyclone separation device and cyclone vacuum cleaner mounted with same
A cyclone separation device () and a cyclone vacuum cleaner () mounted with the device. A first cyclone separation unit in the cyclone separation device () comprises a dust bucket () and a mesh filter () with air holes (a). Airflow enters the first cyclone separation unit to...

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