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Direction indicator circuit for controlling a direction indicator in a vehicle
In various embodiments, a direction indicator circuit for controlling a direction indicator in a vehicle is provided. The direction indicator circuit may include: a first terminal for connecting to a supply voltage; a second terminal for connecting to a direction indicator switch and a lighting means; a third terminal for connecting...

Vibration isolation system and method
A vibration isolator () includes a flexure (), a constrained VEM layer coupler (), and a constrained VEM layer () configured to oppose relative translational and rotational motion between points of the flexure. The flexure may be a loop flexure and may include multiple loops that may be elliptical, circular, rectangular...

Chemical treatment of lignocellulosic fiber bundle material, and methods and systems relating thereto
The present disclosure relates to a system and process in which pulp is produced using a chemical mechanical pulping process, during which lignocellulosic material undergoes fiberization without chemical impregnation. Chemical treatment of the lignocellulosic material is performed during or after fiberization of the material to become fiber bundles....

Reverse bridge tension configuration for a stringed instrument
A reverse bridge tension configuration for a stringed instrument allows the stringed instrument to offset some of the tension felt by the bridge. For a typical stringed instrument such as a guitar, the tensioned strings are bound between the bridge and the headstock. However, the reverse bridge tension configuration loops the...

Ballistic vest carrier cover system
A ballistic vest carrier cover has a mantle that goes over the wearer's shoulders from the front waist to the rear waist. It has a fabric outer layer, an optional interlining, and a liner. The cover fits over a shirt so the combination appears as a standard uniform shirt. The liner...

System and method for ensuring high availability in an enterprise ims network
Embodiments of the present invention may enable applications that are deployed at the application layer of an IMS network to frequently carry out business critical functions via a highly available application server architecture. This may be achieved by using a session manager that manages the role of active and standby server(s)...

Resin composition, prepreg, and metal foil-clad laminate
There are provided a resin composition which exhibits high optical reflectance in an ultraviolet light region and a visible light region, undergoes less deterioration in optical reflectance when subjected to a heat treatment and a light irradiation treatment, has an excellent peel strength with a metal foil, and can be used...

Capsule formation
A method and apparatus for forming hard shell capsule components, wherein the capsule components are formed from a material which undergoes gelation upon heating, such as HPMC. A heat station is provided to heat a plurality of molds prior to dipping into a solution of the thermogeling material. The drying conditions...

Assay device for liquid sample
Disclosed is an assay device comprising liquid transport means adapted to take up a liquid sample and conduct the liquid to an analyte detection region operable to provide a test signal indicative of the presence and/or amount of an analyte in the liquid sample; the assay device further comprising a sample...

Wooden building skeleton
The wooden building skeleton of the present invention has excellent quake resistance because the column of a rigid-frame structure joined to a cross member or the foundation so that a bending moment can be transferred therebetween and the load-bearing wall therein exhibit their load bearing ability. A foundation and a wooden...

Food source information transferring system and method for a meat-packing facility
A food source information transferring system for a livestock meat-packing facility and a related method are disclosed. In one embodiment, the food source information transferring system is capable of reading tag-identifying information in a hook RFID tag incorporated in a hook that can be hung on a hook machine. An animal...

Vehicle and control method of vehicle
A vehicle includes an internal combustion engine, an air-fuel ratio sensor provided in an exhaust passage of the internal combustion engine, and a controller. The controller is configured to diagnose a responsiveness of the air-fuel ratio sensor on the basis of an output voltage of the air-fuel ratio sensor in a...

Valve system for inflatable medical device
The present invention relates to a valve system for an inflatable portion of an indwelling medical device and more particularly to a valve system for fluid regulation of a catheter comprising a fluid inflatable portion that undergoes pressure changes within the body during use. The present invention also relates to methods...

Selective targeting agents for mitochondria
The present invention provides a composition and related methods for delivering cargo to a mitochondria which includes (a) a membrane active peptidyl fragment having a high affinity with the mitochondria and (b) cargo. The cargo may be selected from a wide variety of desired cargoes which are to be delivered to...

Inorganic polysilazane, silica film-forming coating liquid containing same, and method for forming silica film
Disclosed is an inorganic polysilazane that undergoes less shrinkage during a calcination step in an oxidizing agent such as water vapor and is less prone to allow a silica film to suffer from the formation of cracks or peel off from a semiconductor substrate, and a silica film-forming coating liquid containing...

Topical ubiquinol oral supplement compositions with amorphous calcium phosphate
Topical, UBIQUINOL, adjunctive, supplement compositions, containing amorphous calcium phosphate fluoride (ACPF), useful in: reducing oxidative stress, relieving oral discomfort and dry mouth, and remineralizing hydroxyapatite; comprising: UBIQUINOL in an aqueous-free emulsion that also contains: a stabilizing composition for UBIQUINOL, spilanthes extract, a trans-oral mucosal, absorption facilitator and ACPF; wherein: the emulsion...

Echo cancellation method and device
The present invention discloses an echo cancellation method. The method includes: dividing an audio signal into a high-band audio signal and a low-band audio signal; performing adaptive filtering on the low-band audio signal, and performing synthesis filtering on a signal obtained after the low-band audio signal undergoes the adaptive filtering and...

Liquid crystal display
A LED module includes a printed circuit board, LEDs which are vertically mounted on the printed circuit board and which emit light onto a side surface, and a contact member which is provided to come into contact with a light guide plate. The printed circuit board may be movably coupled to...

Multi-functional vice base
A multi-functional vice base including a main body and a plate is provided. The main body includes a bottom surface, side surfaces and fixing portions. At least two side surfaces form a groove therebetween. Each fixing portion is disposed between the groove and the bottom surface. A first fixing member goes...

Relating to coal to liquid processes
A method of increasing the hydrogen/carbon monoxide (H2/CO) ratio in a syngas stream derived from a carbonaceous fuel including coal, brown coal, peat, and heavy residual oil fractions, preferably coal. The fuel-derived syngas stream is divided into at least two sub-streams, one of which undergoes a catalytic water shift conversion reaction....

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