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Non-cytotoxic protein conjugates
The present invention is directed to non-cytotoxic protein conjugates for inhibition or reduction of exocytic fusion in a nociceptive sensory afferent cell. The protein conjugates comprise: (i) a Targeting Moiety (TM), wherein the TM is an agonist of a receptor present on a nociceptive sensory afferent cell, and wherein the receptor...

Energy saving system and method for devices with rotating or reciprocating masses
A system and method are provided for reducing the energy consumed by a pump jack electric motor by reducing the supply voltage to the motor when the motor would be generating energy in open loop mode. By substantially eliminating the energy generation mode, the braking action of the utility grid in...

Dynamic evacuation information delivery to mobile devices
A method for delivering dynamically updated evacuation information to mobile communication devices (1-n) users commences by first dynamically updating evacuation information associated with a building premises and storing such information for retrieval. A building premise undergoes monitoring to detect an emergency condition, for example fire, earthquake or the like. In response...

Path resolution for hierarchical load distribution
Network devices perform multiple stage path resolution. The path resolution may be ECMP resolution. Any particular stage of the multiple stage path resolution may be skipped under certain conditions. Further, the network device facilitate redistribution of traffic when a next hop goes down in a fast, efficient manner, and without reassigning...

Image recording apparatus
A first irradiation section has a light source and an emitting member. The light source generates radiation, and the emitting member is located between a first irradiation point and a virtual plane that extends through the edge of a nozzle surface closest to the first irradiation section tangentially to a curved...

Phase locked loop circuit
The present disclosure provides a clock generator circuit comprising a master clock generator unit configured to generate a master clock signal, and a plurality of slave phase locked loop units. Each of the plurality of slave phase looked loop units is configured to receive the master clock signal as an input...

Method for producing a component by hot forming a pre-product made of steel
In a method for producing a component by hot forming of a pre-product made of steel, the pre-product is heated to forming temperature and subsequently formed. The product is heated to a temperature below the AC1-transformation temperature and undergoes a strength increase prior to the heating by cold forming....

Personal cooling unit using phase change material
A personal cooling unit, comprising: an air inlet for receiving input air; at least one heat pump having a first surface and a second surface, and being configured to extract heat from the input air at the first surface to generate cooled output air and to transport heat to the second...

Multi-modal electrotherapy method and apparatus
A multi-modal electrotherapy apparatus including circuitry for administering defibrillation therapy and for administering medium voltage therapy (MVT). A combined-use capacitor bank of at least one capacitor stores energy to be administered as defibrillation therapy and MVT. Combined-use discharge circuitry electrically is coupled between the combined-use capacitor bank and patient terminals for...

Mesoporous nanocrystalline film architecture for capacitive storage devices
A mesoporous, nanocrystalline, metal oxide construct particularly suited for capacitive energy storage that has an architecture with short diffusion path lengths and large surface areas and a method for production are provided. Energy density is substantially increased without compromising the capacitive charge storage kinetics and electrode demonstrates long term cycling stability....

Method for detecting 3d geometric boundaries in images of scenes subject to varying lighting
Three-dimensional (3D) geometric boundaries are detected in images of a scene that undergoes varying lighting conditions caused by light sources in different positions, from a set of input images of the scene illuminated by at least two different lighting conditions. The images are aligned, e.g., acquired by a stationary camera, so...

Single electrode triboelectric generator
A triboelectric generator includes a first contact charging member, a second contact charging member and an electrical load. The first contact charging member has a contact side and an opposite back side. The first contact charging member includes a material that has a first rating on a triboelectric series and also...

Vehicle seat
A part of the planar member, which is defined by the slits and extends over the center groove made in a seat pad, serves as a bridge part. As the sewn part of a trim cover is pulled into the groove, the bridge part is pressed onto the sewn part of...

Method, computer program and rolling mill train for rolling a metal strip
The invention relates to a method, a computer program and a rolling mill train for cold rolling a metal strip (). In order to achieve a shortening of undesired off-gauge lengths, the method according to the invention provides that the head () of the metal strip () already undergoes a thickness...

Infusion pump with temperature monitoring
This document discusses, among other things, an apparatus comprising a pump configured to deliver a fluid from a cartridge, a display a temperature sensor and a controller. The controller is configured to compare a temperature within the cartridge as measured by the temperature sensor to a threshold temperature and cause the...

Crosslinked polyolefins for biomedical applications and method of making same
The invention relates to a polymer composition that includes a branched alkene which is cationically polymerizable as well as a glass-forming comonomer and/or a vinyl comonomer containing benzocyclobutene as the pendant group. The structure of the polymer composition can take various forms: linear random copolymer, linear block copolymer, star random copolymer,...

Scored smart card
The invention relates to a SIM () card in a first format, with an electronic module (). The card body comprises a score line () surrounding the electronic module () in order to define the second card format (). The said score line (), comprises residual matter thickness that is smaller...

Gelatinous hydroxyapatite-nanocomposites
A novel nanocomposite including hydroxyapatite-gelatin bioceramic material and dopamine, wherein the dopamine undergoes an oxidative self-polymerization reaction to form the novel nanocomposite. The nanocomposite displays superior mechanical strength, elasticity, biocompatibility and forming capabilities and is targeted for bone repairs and template-assisted tissue engineering applications. In addition, improved aminosilica-based hydroxyapatite-gelatin bioceramic bioceramics...

System for wireless corrosion monitoring
A system is disclosed for wireless monitoring of corrosion as it occurs in a corrodible object. The system comprises one or more wireless corrosion sensors. A wireless corrosion sensor comprises an antenna assembly for transmitting and receiving radio signals. In the antenna assembly, at least part of the antenna assembly is...

Intergrated multi-junction photovoltaic device
A multi-junction photovoltaic device and an integrated multi-junction photovoltaic device, having a two-terminal structure, in which subsequent layers can be stacked under conditions with minimal restrictions imposed by previously stacked layers. A plurality of photovoltaic cells having different spectral sensitivity levels are stacked such that at least the photovoltaic cells at...

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