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Heat dissipation device and manufacturing method thereof
A heat dissipation device and a manufacturing method thereof. The heat dissipation device includes a first chamber defining a first cavity, a second chamber defining a second cavity, and multiple connection members each defining a passageway. First and second ends of the connection members are respectively connected with the first and...

Electronic control unit furnished with power-supply voltage monitoring function and vehicle steering control apparatus equipped with the same
A vehicle steering control apparatus includes a power-supply supply portion supplying a power supply to a micro-controller , an inverter supplying power to drive a motor , a gate driver controlling the inverter , a motor relay opening and closing a current-passing path between the inverter ...

Rotor for a laboratory centrifuge
A rotor body () for a laboratory centrifuge includes a rotor hub () which is inserted in a central opening and on the outside of which, at least one helically curve continuous groove () runs so as to form a transport facility for cooling air. The cooling air is effective in...

Method and apparatus for advertisement playout confirmation in digital cinema
A method and system for tracking playout of auxiliary content (e.g., advertisements) accompanying a digital cinema feature presentation commences by first detecting identifying information in an auxiliary content file associated with the auxiliary content while the auxiliary content undergoes playout. The length of time the detected identifying information remains active is...

Headlight lens for a vehicle headlight
The invention relates to a headlight lens for a vehicle headlight, more particularly for a motor vehicle headlight, wherein the headlight lens has a body composed of a transparent material, wherein the body comprises a first light tunnel, which undergoes transition with a first bend into a light-conducting part, wherein the...

Three dimensional stimulated emission depletion microscopy
A STED microscope for producing a 3D image. The microscope has an excitation laser source for providing an excitation laser beam and a depletion laser source for providing stimulated emission depletion laser beam. The excitation beam is capable of exciting fluorescent markers in a sample placed in the sample region and...

Method of fuel activation and system to deliver it to a diesel engine
A method for activating a diesel fuel by saturating it with air, CO2 or any other type of gas and system to deliver it to an internal combustion engine (gas turbine, diesel engine or any HC fuel combustion unit) for combustion. The high pressure pump delivers the fuel from the fuel...

Manufacturing a product using a soldering process
Manufacturing a product, wherein the product includes a first part and a second part, wherein the first part includes solder pins and the second part includes solder pads, wherein each of the solder pins has the matching solder pad, wherein each of the solder pads is covered by a matching solder...

Process for preparing a high molecular weight heteroaromatic polyester or coplyester
A process for preparing a high molecular weight heteraromatic polyester or copolyester is disclosed. A process for preparing a high molecular weight heteroaromatic polyester or copolyester includes the steps of: (a) processing comonomers by mixing together to form a homogeneous solution (1) at least one heteroaromatic dicarboxylic acid having 2-12 carbon...

Highly thickening paste composition and method for producing same, and low-viscosity substance and method for controlling viscosity thereof both using same
Provided is a highly thickening composition which overcomes drawbacks seen in thickening compositions using a polysaccharide in that a desired viscosity cannot be achieved when the thickening composition is added to a liquid composition having a specific salt concentration, and that even when the desired viscosity is achieved, the resultant liquid...

Ble scatternet system and method
A BLE network includes a first piconet (A) including a first master scanner (-) and a first group of low-power slave/advertisers (-) for transmitting wireless advertisements and for establishing wireless connections with the first master/scanner. Circuitry () in the first master/scanner wirelessly scans to detect an advertisement...

Led backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and method for driving the led backlight driving circuit
A light emitting diode (LED) backlight driving circuit includes an LED light bar, a power supply that drives the LED light bar, and a control assembly that controls the LED light bar and the power supply. The control assembly is configured with a monitor that reduces brightness of the LED light...

Water flow regulating device and ocean power generating device using the same
The present invention provides a water flow regulating device and an ocean power generating device using the same. The water flow regulating device includes a main body, a water deflector, a rotating shaft, a winding shaft, a rope or cable, and a driving unit. The water deflector is pivotally connected with...

Detection structure for a mems acoustic transducer with improved robustness to deformation
A micromechanical structure for a MEMS capacitive acoustic transducer, has: a substrate of semiconductor material; a rigid electrode, at least in part of conductive material, coupled to the substrate; a membrane, at least in part of conductive material, facing the rigid electrode and coupled to the substrate, which undergoes deformation in...

Rotary wing engine
Embodiments relate to a rotary internal combustion engine with a sealing structure that enables a rotor and a plurality of wings within a housing to form a plurality of sealed chambers. The wings are connected to the rotor and can rotate about a first axis with reference to the rotor, and...

Dual-layer filter net and juicer using the same
A dual-layer filter net and a juicer that uses the same are provided. The juicer includes a housing, a cutter plate, a driving device and a dual-layer filter net. The dual-layer filter net includes an inner layer filter net and an outer layer filter net. The opening of the inner layer...

Method of forming fertilizer
A system and method of forming high nutritional fertilizer form swine feces in a reservoir underneath a swine facility. A pump system has a pump that conveys the feces to a remote location where the swine feces first goes through a filter and then into a treatment tank. The treatment tank...

Method for manufacturing an electromagnetic relay
A method for manufacturing an electromagnetic relay includes: forming an iron core that has an end face and a groove which goes across the end face; fitting a shading coil that is fitted in the groove; and fixing the shading coil to the iron core by applying caulking processing to a...

Direct drug delivery system based on thermally responsive biopolymers
A method for delivering a drug depot of a compound of interest to a selected region in a subject. The method comprises administering a composition directly to said region of interest, the composition comprising the compound of interest to be delivered (such as an antiinflammatory agent or a chemotherapeutic agent) and...

Electronic device with forced shutdown function
An electronic device includes an built-in battery unit, a voltage converter, a resistor, and a mechanical button. When the electronic device is connected to an external power source, the external power source provides power to the voltage converter and charges the built-in battery unit. When the external power source is absent,...

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