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Slide fastener
A slide fastener where each fastener element includes an upper half element portion disposed at a first surface side of a fastener tape and a lower half element portion disposed at a second surface side of the fastener tape. The upper half element portion includes a first tape-sandwiching portion and a...

Radial counterflow steam stripper
Turbine exhaust steam, axially fed between counter-rotating radial flow disk turbines, separates into: (1) a radially inward flow of low enthalpy dry steam, and (2) a radially outward flow of high enthalpy steam, noncondensibles, and condensate. The radially inward flow goes to a conventional condenser. The radially outward flow loses enthalpy...

Insulating film for semiconductor device, process and apparatus for producing insulating film for semiconductor device, semiconductor device, and process for producing the semiconductor device
An object is to provide an insulating film for a semiconductor device which has characteristics of a low permittivity, a low leakage current, and a high mechanical strength, undergoes less change in these characteristics with the elapse of time, and has an excellent water resistance, as well as to provide a...

Weigh-in-motion scale
A system includes a camera, a weigh-in-motion scale, and a processor. The camera is configured to capture one or more images of a vehicle as the vehicle goes over the weigh-in-motion scale. The weigh-in-motion scale is configured to generate one or more weight measurements of the vehicle as the vehicle goes...

Printer and printer control method
Described are a printer and a method of controlling it, in which discarding received data and clearing data from a receive buffer is started when an off-line error occurs and the printer goes off-line. When the printer returns on-line, a control unit causes a data receiving unit to stop discarding said...

Lighting device with heat dissipation elements
A lighting device, comprising a solid state light emitter and first and second heat dissipation elements. In some devices, (1) the first heat dissipation element is in the path of at least some of the light emitted, (2) at least half of the 25% of the surface area of a first...

Nonaqueous electrolytic solution and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the same
[where, A is a functional group which undergoes the electrolytic polymerization in the range of 4.3V or more to 5.5V or less at the lithium metal standard voltage, R and R′ are each independently an hydrogen atom or a methyl group] A nonaqueous electrolytic solution which may suppress the overcharge of a...

Drainless air conditioner
A drainless air conditioner performs an air conditioning process on mixed air, which is a mixture of some indoor air and outdoor air. A first adsorptive heat exchanger and a second adsorptive heat exchanger are capable of performing a humidity conditioning process on the air. An air heat exchanger is capable...

Screw tensioning device
The screw tensioning device comprises a support tube (), a cylinder member () and a piston section (). The piston section serves for moving a tensioning bolt () screwed onto the thread of a threaded bolt (). Provided according to the invention is a depth measuring device (), which presents an...

Method and system for delivering cargoes into space
A method for delivering space cargo including inserting one or more container spacecrafts (CSCs) into orbit. A CSC comprises a hull, a device for receiving cargoes (an artificial medium), a braking medium container, an arrangement for separating the cargoes and the braking medium, storage tanks, a propulsion system, a satellite solar...

Injection molded inflatable active bolster
An inflatable active bolster for a vehicle occupant, the bolster having a first body section and a second body section interconnected by a living hinge. The first and second body sections are folded about the living hinge to form a hollow chamber. The first body section provides an outer surface for...

Endoskeletal transformer tank
A transformer tank having opposing walls and junctions between adjacent tank walls being intermediate walls defining obtuse angles with respect to each of their respective adjacent tank walls such that the tank is free from perpendicular wall intersections. Internal framework is disposed within the tank for preventing inward wall deflections and...

Circuit architecture on an organic base and related manufacturing method
A method comprises providing a bottom electrode, depositing, on the bottom electrode, an active material comprising a first structural portion having an absorption peak at a UV wavelength, wherein such first structural portion is photo-activatable at such wavelength and which is constituted by monomers or oligomers that, when irradiated at said...

Method and apparatus for cavitating a mixture of a fuel and an additive
An apparatus and a method for cavitating a mixture of a fuel and an additive are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a cavitation stream, the cavitation stream comprising a counter jet device, a jet stroke device and a swirling cavitation device. A mixture of a fuel and additive is arranged to pass...

Combining structure for the decorating shell of a ceiling fan
A combining structure for the decorating shell of a ceiling fan includes an outer shell and a decorating cover. The bottom of the outer shell has a connecting hole. The rim of the connecting hole is formed upward with at least two opposite notches. Each of the notches is bent downward...

Method and apparatus for anaerobic digestion for crop stalk
In this disclosure, the hydraulic circulation and PLC control system are applied. The digester vessels are used also as biogas storage tank with simple structure. It is safe to operate with low cost. This disclosure also discloses automatic mechanical stirring and feedstock heating outside the digester vessel as well as hydro-stirring...

Sensitive and selective detection method for mercury (ii) in aqueous solution
A method for detecting and measuring a metal ion in an aqueous medium includes derivatizing a solid phase extraction material with a reactive material that undergoes a chemical reaction when contacted with the metal ion. The solid phase extraction material and the reactive material are positioned in an aqueous medium containing...

Small pore molecular sieve supported copper catalysts durable against lean/rich aging for the reduction of nitrogen oxides
A method of using a catalyst comprises exposing a catalyst to at least one reactant in a chemical process. The catalyst comprises copper and a small pore molecular sieve having a maximum ring size of eight tetrahedral atoms. The chemical process undergoes at least one period of exposure to a reducing...

Load balancing in parallel database systems using multi-reordering
Load balancing in a parallel database system is performed using multi-reordering, in which a sequence of multiple processors (two, three, or more) that have small average load (for example, the smallest of any such sequence) is selected to participate in load balancing. In the case of three adjacent low-load processors, the...

Super block error correction code (ecc) adaptable to communication systems including hard disk drives (hdds) and other memory storage devices
Super block error correction code (ECC) adaptable to communication systems including hard disk drives (HDDs) and other memory storage devices. A means is presented by which a number of blocks of information can be organized, with a degree of ECC provided thereto, and transmitted via a signal into a communication channel....

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