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Crossed roller bearing
A crossed roller bearing, including: an inner element and an outer element that relatively rotate, the inner element including an annular inner V-groove that is provided along an outer peripheral surface of the inner element and that has a V shape that opens towards the outer element, the outer element including...

Head-up display device
A head-up display device operated in a vehicle comprises: a first image source disposed under the windshield of the vehicle, which emits a first polarized image light having a first polarization; a light path combining component in front of the first image source, which is for that the first polarized image...

Intelligent gate driver for igbt
A reverse-conducting insulated gate bipolar transistor, particularly a bi-mode insulated gate transistor, is controlled by responding to an ON command by applying high-level gate voltage for a first period, during which a current is fed into a connection point, from which it flows either through the RC-IGBT or along a different...

Harmonic uniflow engine
A reciprocating-piston uniflow engine includes a harmonic oscillator inlet valve capable of oscillating at a resonant frequency for controlling the flow of working fluid into the engine. In particular, the inlet valve includes an inlet valve head and a spring arranged together as a harmonic oscillator so that the inlet valve...

Cryogenic refrigerator
A cryogenic refrigerator includes a compressor having a return end and a suction end that selectively connects to an expansion space, a housing having an assist space that communicates to the return end, a cylinder having one end connected to the housing and another end connected to the expansion space, a...

Hinging element manufactured on the basis of at least one planar structure and a method for manufacturing a hinging element based on at least one planar structure
A hinge element has at least one planar structure made of a thermoplastic material. Following a stretching process, the thermoplastic material undergoes a shrinking process under the effects of heat....

Sanssoil (soil-less) indoor farming for food and energy production
To produce food, plants rely on three main ingredients, sun energy, water, and carbon dioxide, the cost of which is zero. To address the food and energy security concerns, two mysteries are resolved for the first time: i)—Photosynthetic efficiency is known to be very low, the scientific full accounting for all...

Novel cyanine derivatives having meso-reactive functional group at polymethine chain and preparation method thereof
The present invention relates to a novel cyanne derivative having a meso-reaction functional group in a polymethine chain, and a preparation method thereof, and the cyanine derivative having the reaction functional group substituted at the meso site may be suitable for mass production thanks to a very simple synthesis method, have...

Superelastic alloy structural geometry for ultrahigh mechanical damping
A mechanical structure is provided with a crystalline superelastic alloy that is characterized by an average grain size and that exhibits a martensitic phase transformation resulting from a mechanical stress input greater than a characteristic first critical stress. A configuration of the superelastic alloy is provided with a geometric structural feature...

Method for manufacturing high purity sulfuric acid
A method for manufacturing high purity sulfuric acid is provided. A mixed solution subsequently undergoes a first preheating step, a second preheating step, a distilling step and an evaporating step to remove peroxide, water, oxygen and insoluble impurities, so as to obtain the first gas containing sulfur trioxide, sulfuric acid and...

Cell reselection enhancement for power saving lte devices
A method of cell reselection enhancement is proposed. A UE obtains parameters for extended cell reselection (ECR) in a mobile communication network. The UE goes to sleep and then wakes up periodically to monitor a paging channel. The UE either applies a normal paging cycle having a normal paging cycle length...

Systems and methods for lithography masks
Structure of mask blanks and masks, and methods of making masks are disclosed. The new mask blank and mask comprise a tripe etching stop layer to prevent damages to the quartz substrate when the process goes through etching steps three times. The triple etching stop layer may comprise a first sub-layer...

Therapeutic agent for cancer, and method for determining prognosis of cancer
Disclosed are a novel therapeutic agent for cancer such as esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, a method for predicting the prognosis of cancer, and a method for detecting, or predicting the prognosis of, cancer such as esophageal squamous cell carcinoma using a sample that can be collected less invasively. The therapeutic agent...

Composite plastic lens and method of manufacturing the same
A composite plastic lens including: a lens having a convex surface, a lens back surface, and a protrusion formed on at least part of an periphery; and a holder, the lens and the holder being molded integrally, wherein the cross-sectional shape of at least part of the lens including an optical...

Beverage or alcohol container
The present invention relates to a beverage or liquor container. The beverage or liquor container of the present invention includes: a body containing contents therein in a shape of a funnel with an open upper portion having a large inner diameter and a closed lower portion having an inner diameter gradually...

Ventilation insert
The invention relates to a ventilation insert for ventilating textiles, shoes and soles of shoes, gloves, protective helmets and their visors, protective goggles, insulating mats, cushioning mats, knee pads and shin pads, headgear and similar articles. The invention proposes a ventilation insert in which an open-pored support layer () is provided...

One-page checkout
Systems and methods for facilitating a purchase are described. A user logs in to a payment service provider site. The user provides authorization to use a one-page checkout service. The user's information is captured during the session, and a cookie is placed on the user's device. When the user goes on...

Two-stage diesel aromatics saturation process utilizing intermediate stripping and base metal catalyst
A process for making high cetane diesel. The process includes contacting a distillate feedstock in a hydrodenitrogenation and polyaromatics saturation zone and passing the resulting treated effluent to a high pressure stripping zone. The stripped liquid fraction from the high pressure stripping zone is contacted with a base metal catalyst under...

Liquid galley refrigeration system for aircraft
The liquid galley refrigeration system for cooling food carts for aircraft employs an intermediate working fluid to transfer heat from one or more food carts to one or more remote chillers, allowing the carts and chillers to be advantageously distributed in the aircraft. While the chiller working fluid undergoes a phase...

Heat dissipation device and manufacturing method thereof
A heat dissipation device and a manufacturing method thereof. The heat dissipation device includes a first chamber defining a first cavity, a second chamber defining a second cavity, and multiple connection members each defining a passageway. First and second ends of the connection members are respectively connected with the first and...

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