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Mesoporous nanocrystalline film architecture for capacitive storage devices
A mesoporous, nanocrystalline, metal oxide construct particularly suited for capacitive energy storage that has an architecture with short diffusion path lengths and large surface areas and a method for production are provided. Energy density is substantially increased without compromising the capacitive charge storage kinetics and electrode demonstrates long term cycling stability....

Method for detecting 3d geometric boundaries in images of scenes subject to varying lighting
Three-dimensional (3D) geometric boundaries are detected in images of a scene that undergoes varying lighting conditions caused by light sources in different positions, from a set of input images of the scene illuminated by at least two different lighting conditions. The images are aligned, e.g., acquired by a stationary camera, so...

Single electrode triboelectric generator
A triboelectric generator includes a first contact charging member, a second contact charging member and an electrical load. The first contact charging member has a contact side and an opposite back side. The first contact charging member includes a material that has a first rating on a triboelectric series and also...

Vehicle seat
A part of the planar member, which is defined by the slits and extends over the center groove made in a seat pad, serves as a bridge part. As the sewn part of a trim cover is pulled into the groove, the bridge part is pressed onto the sewn part of...

Method, computer program and rolling mill train for rolling a metal strip
The invention relates to a method, a computer program and a rolling mill train for cold rolling a metal strip (). In order to achieve a shortening of undesired off-gauge lengths, the method according to the invention provides that the head () of the metal strip () already undergoes a thickness...

Infusion pump with temperature monitoring
This document discusses, among other things, an apparatus comprising a pump configured to deliver a fluid from a cartridge, a display a temperature sensor and a controller. The controller is configured to compare a temperature within the cartridge as measured by the temperature sensor to a threshold temperature and cause the...

Crosslinked polyolefins for biomedical applications and method of making same
The invention relates to a polymer composition that includes a branched alkene which is cationically polymerizable as well as a glass-forming comonomer and/or a vinyl comonomer containing benzocyclobutene as the pendant group. The structure of the polymer composition can take various forms: linear random copolymer, linear block copolymer, star random copolymer,...

Scored smart card
The invention relates to a SIM () card in a first format, with an electronic module (). The card body comprises a score line () surrounding the electronic module () in order to define the second card format (). The said score line (), comprises residual matter thickness that is smaller...

Gelatinous hydroxyapatite-nanocomposites
A novel nanocomposite including hydroxyapatite-gelatin bioceramic material and dopamine, wherein the dopamine undergoes an oxidative self-polymerization reaction to form the novel nanocomposite. The nanocomposite displays superior mechanical strength, elasticity, biocompatibility and forming capabilities and is targeted for bone repairs and template-assisted tissue engineering applications. In addition, improved aminosilica-based hydroxyapatite-gelatin bioceramic bioceramics...

System for wireless corrosion monitoring
A system is disclosed for wireless monitoring of corrosion as it occurs in a corrodible object. The system comprises one or more wireless corrosion sensors. A wireless corrosion sensor comprises an antenna assembly for transmitting and receiving radio signals. In the antenna assembly, at least part of the antenna assembly is...

Intergrated multi-junction photovoltaic device
A multi-junction photovoltaic device and an integrated multi-junction photovoltaic device, having a two-terminal structure, in which subsequent layers can be stacked under conditions with minimal restrictions imposed by previously stacked layers. A plurality of photovoltaic cells having different spectral sensitivity levels are stacked such that at least the photovoltaic cells at...

Systems and methods for a contextual social network
Disclosed are systems and methods to implement a contextual social network. A contextual social network adds a relationship based at least in part on a context of the relationship. For example, a child may be a student at a school and in turn a student in a particular kindergarten class at...

Aqueous phase pore sealing agent imroving pcb coating oxidation- resistant and corrosion-resistant properties and method for using same
The present invention relates to a water-based pore sealing agent enhancing PCB coating anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties, consisting of, by weight, 4-12 parts of a corrosion inhibitor, 15-25 parts of a mixed surfactants system, 10-20 parts of an ion chelating agent, 6-15 parts of a pH regulator, 20-40 parts of a...

Antimicrobial solution and methods of making and using the same
A chitosan solution is formed from chitin, which is a homopolymer of beta (1-4)-linked N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. Rinsed, dried and ground chitin undergoes a process of deacetylation to convert some N-acetyl glucosamine to glucosamine, a primary component of chitosan. The chitosan solution is prepared by mixing 5 chitosan with an alpha-hydroxy acid such...

Ergonomic numbered connector to hold tubes with improved cap
A microtube with a novel recessed concave top is described. The recessed top is at least 20-80% of the area of the entire cap and has a thickness from 0.025 mm to 1.0 mm. The recessed portion is smooth in structure and is optically transparent to allow all instrumental reading based...

Direct digital signal processor control of multi-channel scan for re-establishing connections in a wirelessly networked device
A method and system for establishing a wireless connection between a portable computer system and a wireless network, particularly when the portable computer system goes out of coverage and a wireless connection needs to be re-established. The portable computer system has a main processor and a digital signal processor (DSP). The...

Easy-to-operate travel sleep bracket
An easy to operate sleep support frame for travelling is disclosed. The support frame includes a movable and curved chest rod which can move from a passenger's chest to the bottom of the seat; a chest cushion connected with the chest rod; and a headrest connected with the chest rod. The...

Multi-step electrochemical stripping method
A multi-step electrochemical stripping method includes providing a determined electrode potential between a reference electrode and an article submerged in an electrolyte; recording a current peak value of a current signal flowing through the article; removing the voltage provided to the article when the current signal falls to a determined first...

Heat exchanger, and energy recovery device and energy recovery system comprising heat exchanger
A heat exchanger () for recovering energy from a fluid, an energy recovery device including the heat exchanger (), and an energy recovery system are provided. The heat exchanger () includes: a first fluid collector () provided with an opening () for introducing a first fluid, a cavity () and an...

Method for metrologically differentiating material regions of a page-like, web-like or sheet-like material and device therefor
A method and device for metrologically differentiating material regions, namely majority regions and minority regions of a page-like, web-like or sheet-like material. At least one sensor receives a measuring signal of variable amplitude, the amplitude being variable depending on the material region located in a spatial detection range of the sensor....

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