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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gly-related patents
 Production of oil in vegetative tissues patent thumbnailProduction of oil in vegetative tissues
The present invention relates to compositions and methods for providing rna interference (rnai) vectors comprising trigalactosyldiacylglycerol (tgd) biosynthesis enzyme constructs for increasing oil content of plants. Further, the use of tgd rnai silencing vectors in combination with co-expression of heterologous oil regulating transcription factors, such as wrinkled1, are contemplated to overcome the reduced growth and variable levels of embryonic lethality in plants with reduced tgd protein.
 Process for the production of a dioxolane compound from crude glycerol including a liquid-liquid extraction step patent thumbnailProcess for the production of a dioxolane compound from crude glycerol including a liquid-liquid extraction step
A process for the production of dioxolane compounds of formula (i), wherein r1 and r2 independently represent hydrogen or an alkyl chain from 1 to 10 carbon atoms; r3 and r4 independently represent hydrogen, an alkyl chain from 1 to 5 carbon atoms or an alkyl chain from 1 to 5 carbon atoms endowed with one or more hydroxyl groups. Such process comprises successively a reaction step between crude glycerol and aldehyde or ketone and a liquid-liquid extraction step with an extracting ketonic solvent corresponding to formula (ii) with a and b independently being an alkyl chain with 2 to 10 carbon atoms, or phenyl, a and b not comprising hydroxyl functions..
 Synthesis of new fucose-containing carbohydrate derivatives patent thumbnailSynthesis of new fucose-containing carbohydrate derivatives
A method for the synthesis of a fucooligosaccharide glycosides by reacting a fucosyl donor with h-a-r1 or a salt thereof, wherein a and r1 are as defined herein, under the catalysis of an enzyme capable of transferring fucose is provided. The fucooligosaccharid glycoside compounds, or derivatives thereof, their use in the manufacture of human milk oligosaccharides, and a method of manufacture of human milk oligosaccharides, are also provided..
 Polyol ester plasticizers and process of making the same patent thumbnailPolyol ester plasticizers and process of making the same
Triglyceride and other polyol ester pvc plasticizers can be produced by recovery of branched c6 to c9 aldehydes from a hydroformylation product, optional hydrogenation to the alcohol, oxidation to the acid with oxygen and/or air, recovery of the resulting acid, and esterification with glycerol, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol or mixtures thereof. The branched alkyl chains comprise at least 10% methyl branching.
 Hybrid polymeric materials for medical applications and preparation thereof patent thumbnailHybrid polymeric materials for medical applications and preparation thereof
The present invention relates to a novel polymeric material with enhanced hydrophilicity for medical use comprising a biocompatible polyester material selected from the group consisting of poly(hydroxyalkanoate)s, poly(lactic acid)s, poly(glycolic acid)s, poly(caprolactone)s and copolymers and blends thereof, wherein the biocompatible polyester material is crosslinked with a functionalized poly(alkylene oxide) having at least two functional groups independently selected from the group consisting of azido-formate and alkanoyl azide. The novel polymeric material with enhanced hydrophilicity is useful as a biocompatible material in a variety of medical applications, including medical implants, bioresorbable implants, tissue engineering, and controlled release..
 Ketone compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses patent thumbnailKetone compounds and compositions for cholesterol management and related uses
The present invention relates to novel ketone compounds, compositions comprising ketone compounds, and methods useful for treating and preventing cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidemias, dysproteinemias, and glucose metabolism disorders comprising administering a composition comprising a ketone compound. The compounds, compositions, and methods of the invention are also useful for treating and preventing alzheimer's disease, syndrome x, peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-related disorders, septicemia, thrombotic disorders, obesity, pancreatitis, hypertension, renal disease, cancer, inflammation, and impotence.
 Methods and compositions for preventing and treating a disease related to glycan dysregulation patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for preventing and treating a disease related to glycan dysregulation
Contemplated compositions and methods are directed to prevent and/or treat various autoimmune diseases that are typically associated with glycan dysregulation, and especially autoimmune demyelinating diseases. Further especially contemplated aspects include animal models and systems for screening compounds to treat and/or prevent such diseases..
 Antibiotic composition and its uses patent thumbnailAntibiotic composition and its uses
The present invention relates to a composition comprising: an antibiotic selected from the group consisting of an aminoglycoside antibiotic, a beta-lactam antibiotic, an ansamycin antibiotic, a macrolide antibiotic, a sulfonamide antibiotic, a quinolone antibiotic, an oxazolidinone antibiotic, a glycopeptide antibiotic, and a mixture thereof; and a fatty acid represented by formula (i), a stereoisomer, a salt or an ester thereof, wherein r1 is a substituted or unsubstituted aliphatic group.. .
 Method for utilizing extraction residue of yeast extract patent thumbnailMethod for utilizing extraction residue of yeast extract
To produce a glucosylceramide composition suitable for a functional food or a medicinal product, having stable quality, and cleared of contaminants such as sterol glycosides. An objective is to produce a glucosylceramide composition at low cost from a raw material which is safe, has been eaten by human beings, and is readily available.
 Modified and stabilized gdf propeptides and uses thereof patent thumbnailModified and stabilized gdf propeptides and uses thereof
Modified and stabilized propeptides of growth differentiation factor proteins, such as gdf-8 and bone morphogenetic protein-11, are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods for making and using the modified propeptides to prevent or treat human or animal disorders in which an increase in muscle tissue would be therapeutically beneficial.
Cationic peptidopolysaccharides with excellent broad- spectrum antimicrobial activities and high selectivity
Which has a bacterial peptidoglycan-mimetic structure, and shows outstanding broad spectrum activities against clinically significant bacteria and fungi. The structural affinity of these compounds with microbial cell wall constituents promotes its passage to the cytoplasmic membrane resulting in excellent antimicrobial activity and record high selectivity..
Dishwasher rinse aids and detergents
Rinse aids and dishwashing agents that contain anionic surfactant(s) having at least one sulfate group or sulfonate group, as well as nonionic surfactant(s), produce very good drying of the dishes cleaned in an automatic dishwashing method. The automatic dishwashing agents additionally contain polycarboxylic acid in combination with methyglycinediacetic acid or glutaminediacetic acid or ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid, or salts thereof..
Mild cosmetic cleansing composition
In which r1 denotes a linear or branched, saturated or unsaturated alkyl residue having 6 to 30 carbon atoms, at least one of the residues r2 to r5 denotes a c1-c4 alkyl residue, and the other residues independently of one another denote a hydrogen atom or a c1-c4 alkyl residue, and m+ denotes an ammonium, alkanolammonium or metal cation, b) 2 to 10 wt. % of at least one amphoteric and/or zwitterionic surfactant and c) 0.5 to 10 wt.
Method for stabilizing glycerophospholipids and reagents using same
Disclosed is an accurate and stable immunoassay reagent using a glycerophospholipid and a method for stabilizing the reagent. The reagent for assaying an analyte in blood by immune reaction with an antigen when the analyte is an antibody or with an antibody when the analyte is an antigen, wherein a glycerophospholipid and a polyvinylpyrrolidone are incorporated into the immune reaction system..
Compositions and methods for glycan sequencing
Compositions and methods directed to a glycan reagent for depolymerization of a glycan having a reducing end, the glycan reagent being represented by the formula mcx, in which m is a glycan coupling group selected from oxylamines and hydrazides; c is a fixed charge group or a basic group having a proton affinity of at least 210 kcal/mol; and x is hydrogen or a free radical initiator chemically coupled to c.. .
Anion transport membrane
An anion transport membrane is provided enabling efficient anion exchange across the membrane, which could be used in applications like fuel cells, water electrolyzers, or water filtration systems. The structural membrane morphology is based on a hydrophobic polysulfone membrane backbone and co-grafted thereon hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol) grafts and anion conducting quaternary ammonium species.
Preparation method for medical porous tantalum implant material
A preparation method for medical porous tantalum implant material is provided, which includes mixing polyethylene glycol aqueous solution and tantalum powder to form tantalum slurry, casting the tantalum slurry into an organic foam body through vibrant pressurization, and going through steps of drying, degreasing, vacuum sintering and thermal treatment to obtain the porous tantalum. The solution is a 2-8 wt % polyethylene glycol aqueous solution, the frequency of vibration is 20-80 times/min, the thermal treatment is performed under 10−4-10−3 pa of vacuity and the temperature is increased to 800-900° c.
Glucosyl stevia composition
Glucosyl stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of stevia rebaudiana bertoni. The glucosylation was performed by cyclodextrin glucanotransferase using the starch as source of glucose residues.
Glucosyl stevia composition
Glucosyl stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of stevia rebaudiana bertoni. The glucosylation was performed by cyclodextrin glucanotransferase using the starch as source of glucose residues.
Multifunctional topical formulation for the treatment of acne vulgaris and other skin conditions
A two-part aqueous composition for treating skin ailments, such as acne vulgaris, includes an acidic part having salicylic acid and an α-hydroxy acid, and an alkaline part having an alkaline nitrite salt. The α-hydroxy acid is preferably glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, mandelic acid or a combination thereof.
Heterobifunctional linkers with polyethylene glycol segments and immune response modifier conjugates made therefrom
Conjugates of an immune response modifier, a linker, and an antigen are disclosed. The linker is represented by formula (i): wherein a is ch or n, p is in a range from 1 to 50, r″ is a bond or -alkylene-o—, r′ is alkylene that is optionally interrupted or terminated with one or more amide or ether groups, and e is an amine- or thiol-reactive group.
Method for removing immunosuppressive properties of hiv envelope glycoproteins
The present invention concerns a method for removal of immunosuppressive effects of envelope glycoproteins derived from human immunodeficiency virus, such as for vaccination purposes and for generation of neutralizing antibodies to hiv. The invention further concerns vaccines and antibodies obtainable by the method, as well as the use of such vaccines and antibodies..
Method for increasing n-glycosylation site occupancy on therapeutic glycoproteins produced in pichia pastoris
Described is a method for increasing the n-glycosylation site occupancy of a therapeutic glycoprotein produced in recombinant host cells modified as described herein and genetically engineered to express the glycoprotein compared to the n-glycosylation site occupancy of the therapeutic glycoprotein produced in a recombinant host cell not modified as described herein. In particular, the method provides recombinant host cells that overexpress a heterologous single-subunit oligosaccharyltransferase, which in particular embodiments is capable of functionally suppressing the lethal phenotype of a mutation of at least one essential protein of the yeast oligosaccharyltransferase (otase) complex, for example, the leishmania major stt3d protein, in the presence of expression of the host cell genes encoding the endogenous otase complex.
Methods of treating herpesvirus infections
The present disclosure provides methods for the prevention or treatment of herpes virus infections. The pharmaceutical composition contains a substance inhibiting the binding of glycoprotein b to a non-muscle myosin heavy chain iia or iib..
Agents that engage antigen-presenting cells through dendritic cell asialoglycoprotein receptor (dc-asgpr)
The present invention includes compositions and methods for making and using anti dc-asgpr antibodies that can, e.g., activate dcs and other cells.. .
Method of treating or ameliorating metabolic disorders using clec-2
Methods of treating metabolic diseases and disorders using a clec-2 extracellular domain are provided. In various embodiments the metabolic disease or disorder is type 2 diabetes, elevated glucose levels, elevated insulin levels and elevated triglyceride levels..
Pegylated interleukin-10
Interleukin-10 (il-10) conjugated via a linker to one or more polyethylene glycol (peg) molecules at a single amino acid residue of the il-10, and a method for preparing the same, are provided. The method produces a stable mono-pegylated il-10, which retains il-10 activity, where pegylation is selective for the n-terminus on one subunit of il-10 with little or no formation of monomeric il-10.
Cosmetic composition and cosmetic
A cosmetic composition containing a component (a): a polyglycerol fatty acid ester, which is an ester of polyglycerol having an average degree of polymerization of 3 to less than 100 with a fatty acid having 6 to 30 carbon atoms; a component (b): water; and a component (c): at least one compound selected from the group consisting of ascorbic acid, ascorbic acid derivatives, trehalose, sucrose, citric acid and salts of citric acid, and a cosmetic containing the cosmetic composition.. .
Method for modifying a base water matrix prior to adding a super absorbant acrylic based copolymer such as in order to form a flavored gelatinous composition suited for use with smoking devices
A method for modifying a base water matrix, prior to the addition of a super absorbent copolymer in order to create a flavored and combustible gelatinous composition. A distilled water is provided, to which is added a percentage by volume or weight of a glycerin.
Creating a transposed document defined by transposed markup language including transposed text
Disclosed is an apparatus, system, and method to provide a document to an external user in which the markup language to create the document is transposed such that the text of the markup language is very difficult to copy. A document may be received by a computing device that is defined by a standard markup language including the text of the document.
Method and implantable system for blood-glucose concentration monitoring using parallel methodologies
In an implantable medical device for monitoring glucose concentration in the blood, a blood-glucose concentration analysis is performed using correlations of blood-glucose concentration with measures of metabolic oxygen consumption including oxymetric, and/or temperature. Analysis of electrocardiographic data is used in a parallel method to detect and/or confirm the onset and/or existence and/or extent of hypoglycemia and/or hyperglycemia.
Polyglycerol based polyols and polyurethanes and methods for producing polyols and polyurethanes
A new class of polyols derived from renewable resources, including polyglycerol and vegetable oils, the use of such polyols in polyurethane foams and cast resins, and methods for making the polyols and polyurethanes are provided.. .
Process of converting low and high free fatty acid containing oils into no free fatty acid containing oils
A system and method for the conversion of high free fatty acid (hffa) containing oils defined as oils containing 20-100% free fatty acids (ffa) and low free fatty acid (lffa) containing oils defined as oils containing 1-20% free fatty acids (ffa) into oil with less than 0.5% ffa (defined as nffa oil) includes a combination of partial glycerolysis of hffa oils to produce lffa oils and subsequent stripping of lffa oils to produce nffa oils via steam distillation.. .
Primary pvc plasticizers derived from vegetable oils, process for obtaining primary pvc plasticizers derived from vegetable oils and plasticized pvc composition
The present descriptive report refers to a patent of invention of pvc plasticizers composed of epoxidized bioesters of vegetable oil fatty acids obtained by partial transesterification with an alcohol, and glycerin and further acetylation and epoxidation, and pvc compounds plasticized with bioesters resulting from partial transesterification, acetylation and epoxidation, belonging to the technical field of polymer additives that were developed to improve the properties of pvc polymers, in addition to providing a lower cost for renewable compounds, such as those obtained with the use of vegetable oils. The epoxidized bioesters of the present invention are composed by mixtures of epoxidized ethyl esters and acetylated and epoxidized mono, di and triglyceril esters, presenting oxirane index equal to or less than 8.
Tire puncture sealing agent
The present invention provides a tire puncture sealant containing a natural rubber latex and/or a synthetic resin emulsion and propylene glycol, the propylene glycol/water ratio being from 0.5 to 1.1, and the viscosity at −20° c. When a bl-type viscometer is used being from 100 to 1200 mpa·s at a revolution speed of 60 rpm.
Alcoholic pump foam
An alcoholic foam composition, which can be dispensed as a foam via a pump-foam system contains a) at least 52 to ≦99 wt % of an alcohol or mixture of alcohols, b) a surfactant or a surfactant mixture, c) at least one polyalkylene glycol, d) optionally, at least one foam stabilizer, e) optionally, at least one member selected from the group consisting of cosmetic auxiliaries, adjuvants, active ingredients, and mixtures thereof, and f) optionally water. The surface tension of component b) lies in the range of ±15 dyn/cm of the surface tension of component a) or corresponds to the surface tension of component a), and the sum of components a) to f) is 100 wt % relative to the total quantity of the foam composition..
Deuterated 2-amino-3-hydroxypropanoic acid derivatives
This invention relates to novel 2-amino-3-hydroxypropanoic acid derivatives and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. This invention also provides compositions comprising a compound of this invention and the use of such compositions in methods of treating diseases and conditions that are beneficially treated by administering an nmda glycine-site antagonist..
Gip elevation inhibitor
A gip-increase inhibitor, which may be utilized for producing a medicine, a food, or the like, is provided. The gip-increase inhibitor contains triacylglycerol in which α-linolenic acid accounts for 10% by mass or more of the constituent fatty acid, as an effective ingredient..
Compound, composition and uses thereof
The disclosure herein provides the compounds of formulas 1 and its pharmaceutical acceptable salts, as well as polymorphs, solvates, and hydrates thereof. These salts may be formulated as pharmaceutical compositions.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids for the treatment of diseases related to cardiovascular, metabolic and inflammatory disease areas
Wherein r1 is a c10-c22 alkyl group, a c10-c22 alkenyl group having 1-6 double bonds, or a c10-c22 alkynyl group having 1-6 triple bonds; r2 and r3 are the same or different and may be chosen from different substituents; and x is a carboxylic acid or a derivative thereof, such as a carboxylic ester, a carboxylic anhydride, a phospholipid, triglyceride, or a carboxamide; or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate, solvate of such salt, or a prodrug thereof. The present disclosure also relates to pharmaceutical compositions and lipid compositions comprising at least one compound according to the present disclosure, and to such compounds for use as medicaments or for use in therapy, in particular for the treatment of diseases related to the cardiovascular, metabolic, and inflammatory disease area..
N-hetero-ring-substituted amide derivative
Compounds having an excellent hypoglycemic effect and β cell- or pancreas-preserving effects or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and a pharmaceutical composition having an excellent therapeutic effect and/or prophylactic effect on type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and the like, which cause hyperglycemia due to abnormal glucose metabolism. A compound represented by general formula (i), or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, is disclosed..
Heterocyclic schiff's bases as novel and new antiglycation agents
The invention provides that heterocyclic schiff bases posses protein antiglycation potential in hyperglycemia. The novel antiglycation agents 3-6 showed a moderate to potent antiglycation activity..
Formulations of aminoglycoside and fosfomycin combinations and methods and systems for treatment of ventilator associated pneumonia (vap) and ventilator associated tracheal (vat) bronchitis
The present invention is antibiotic compositions, ventilator based systems and methods relating to ventilator-associated pneumonia (vap) and ventilator associated tracheal (vat) bronchitis. Antibiotic combinations of fosfomycin and an aminoglycoside, preferably amikacin, are administered via an in-line nebulizer within the airway of the ventilator.
Modified binding proteins inhibiting the vegf-a receptor interaction
The present invention relates to binding proteins specific for vascular endothelial growth factor a (vegf-a), in particular to recombinant binding proteins comprising a polyethylene glycol moiety and a binding domain, which inhibits vegf-axxx (wherein xxx denotes the amino acid length of the vegf-a mature protein) binding to vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (vegfr-2). Examples of such recombinant binding proteins are proteins which comprise an ankyrin repeat domain with the desired binding specificity, and a polyethylene glycol moiety.
Methods for rapidly treating severe hypoglycemia
Disclosed is a method for treating or preventing hypoglycemia in a patient comprising administering an effective amount of a composition comprising a glucagon peptide which has been dried in a non-volatile buffer, and wherein the glucagon peptide has a ph memory that is about equal to the ph of the glucagon peptide in the non-volatile buffer, and an aprotic polar solvent, wherein the moisture content of the formulation is less than 5%, and wherein the dried glucagon peptide maintains the ph memory that is about equal to the ph of the glucagon peptide in the non-volatile buffer when the dried glucagon peptide is reconstituted in the aprotic polar solvent, wherein the patient has been diagnosed as having a blood glucose level between 0 mg/dl and less than 50 mg/dl or has an indication of impending hypoglycemia based on a blood glucose monitoring device before administration of the composition, and wherein the patient has a blood glucose level greater than 50 mg/dl to 180 mg/dl within 1 to 20 minutes after administration of the composition.. .
Amylin peptides and derivatives and uses thereof
There are provided polypeptide conjugates having enhanced duration of biological activity, and methods of use thereof. The polypeptide conjugates include duration enhancing moieties, including water soluble polymers, bound to the polypeptide components of defined sequence.
Sodium channel blockers reduce glucagon secretion
It is discovered that sodium-channel blockers inhibit the secretion of glucagon from pancreatic alpha cells. The present disclosure, based on such discoveries, provides compositions and methods for the treatment of hyperglycemia and related diseases and conditions with na-channel blockers..
Methoxypolyethyleneglycol succinimidyl propionate modified recombinant ganoderma immunoregulatory protein, preparing method and application thereof
Methoxypolyethyleneglycol succinimidyl propionate modified recombinant ganoderma immunoregulatory protein, a preparing method and applications thereof are provided, including: the mpeg-spa modified rlz-8; the method for preparing the mpeg-spa modified rlz-8 comprising: feeding the rlz-8 dimer and the mpeg-spa with the molar ratio of 1:1˜1:6 into a 0.1m phosphate buffer with ph 5.0˜ph 8.0, and stirring by a magnetic stirrer at a room temperature for 1.0˜2.5 h, purifying the product for obtaining a modification product with a purity of 98%; and applications of the mpeg-spa modified rlz-8 in preparation of medicine for treating leukopenia due to chemotherapy. Advantages are as follows: the method for preparing the mpeg-spa modified rlz-8 is simple, and the product is identical; a half-life of the mpeg-spa modified rlz-8 is significantly longer than the half-life of unmodified rlz-8 (illustrated in the fig.
Eco-plant aid
A composition of matter having a powderized, tablet or dissolved in water solution having the following component compounds: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium lauryl sulfonate, polyethylene glycol, alkylbenzene sulfonate, boric acid. The composition has several embodiments indicating various ranges for the compounds therein.

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