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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gly-related patents
 Lubricious, biocompatible hydrophilic thermoset coating using interpenetrating hydrogel networks patent thumbnailnew patent Lubricious, biocompatible hydrophilic thermoset coating using interpenetrating hydrogel networks
A medical electrical lead includes an insulative lead body extending from a distal region to a proximal region and a conductor disposed within the insulative lead body and extending from the proximal region to the distal region. An electrode is disposed on the insulative lead body and is in electrical contact with the conductor.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.
 Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of diseases patent thumbnailnew patent Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of diseases
Wherein l is a lipid or a phospholipid, z is either nothing, ethanolamine, serine, inositol, choline, or glycerol, y is either nothing or a spacer group ranging in length from 2 to 30 atoms, x is a polymer; and n is a number from 1 to 1000, wherein any bond between l, z, y and x is either an amide or an esteric bond.. .
 Polyglycolic acid and copolymers thereof from c1 feedstocks patent thumbnailnew patent Polyglycolic acid and copolymers thereof from c1 feedstocks
A method of preparing a poly(glycolic acid) (pga) from the c1 feedstocks carbon monoxide and formaldehyde or its equivalent. By controlling the comonomer feed ratios and the polymerization temperatures, high quality pga can be prepared.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.
 Coating compositions having chelant functionality patent thumbnailnew patent Coating compositions having chelant functionality
The present invention provides a floor coating composition comprising (a) and aqueous solvent; and (b) a chelating polymer which comprises units derived from one or more aminocarboxylate compounds or their salts, one or more other polymerizable monomers, one or more ethylenically unsaturated monomers and, optionally, one or more crosslinking monomers. For example, the aminocarboxylate compounds or their salts may be one or more of iminodiacetic acid (ida), iminodisuccinic acid (ids), ethylenediamine triacetic acid (ed3a) and ethylenediamine disuccinic acid (edds), or their salts.
Rohm And Haas Company
 Aqueous liquid preparation containing 2-amino-3-(4-bromobenzoyl)phenylacetic acid patent thumbnailnew patent Aqueous liquid preparation containing 2-amino-3-(4-bromobenzoyl)phenylacetic acid
An aqueous liquid preparation of the present invention containing 2-amino-3-(4-bromobenzoyl)phenylacetic acid or its pharmacologically acceptable salt or a hydrate thereof, an alkyl aryl polyether alcohol type polymer such as tyloxapol, or a polyethylene glycol fatty acid ester such as polyethylene glycol monostearate is stable. Since even in the case where a preservative is incorporated into said aqueous liquid preparation, the preservative exhibits a sufficient preservative effect for a long time, said aqueous liquid preparation in the form of an eye drop is useful for the treatment of blepharitis, conjunctivitis, scleritis, and postoperative inflammation.
Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
 Methods for enhancing, improving, or increasing fertility or reproductive function patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for enhancing, improving, or increasing fertility or reproductive function
The present disclosure is directed to methods for enhancing, improving or increasing fertility or reproductive function. For example, the present disclosure is directed to a method for enhancing, improving, or increasing a female human's likelihood of becoming pregnant comprising: administering to the human a nutritional, dietary, or food fatty acid supplement comprising: at least 30% docosahexaenoic acid (dha), by weight of the total fatty acids in the supplement in a form chosen from ethyl ester, free fatty acid, and triglyceride..
The General Hospital Corporation
 Hypoglycemic hyper-branched maltodextrins patent thumbnailnew patent Hypoglycemic hyper-branched maltodextrins
Hyper-branched maltodextrins having a dextrose equivalent (de) between at least 8 and at most 15 and a molecular weight or mw between at least 1,700 and at most 3,000 daltons, characterized in that same have: a 1,6 glucoside bond content between at least 30 and at most 45%; a soluble indigestible fiber content, which is determined according to the aoac no. 2001-03 method, between at least 75 and at most 100%; and a hypoglycemic capacity expressed according to a test a, which:—in vitro, results in an 80 to 90% reduction of the α-amylase hydrolysis of standard maltodextrins, and—in situ, by a 30 to 45% reduction in the intestinal digestive activity of standard maltodextrins..
Roquette Freres
 Novel albumin-free factor viii formulations patent thumbnailnew patent Novel albumin-free factor viii formulations
A factor viii composition formulated without albumin, comprising the following formulation excipients in addition to factor viii: 4% to 10% of a bulking agent selected from the group consisting of mannitol, glycine and alanine; 1% to 4% of a stabilizing agent selected from the group consisting of sucrose, trehalose, raffinose, and arginine; 1 mm to 5 mm calcium salt; 100 mm to 300 mm nacl; and a buffering agent for maintaining a ph of approximately between 6 and 8. Alternatively, the formulation can comprise 2% to 6% hydroxyethyl starch; 1% to 4% of a stabilizing agent selected from the group consisting of sucrose, trehalose, raffinose, and arginine; 1 mm to 5 mm calcium salt; 100 mm to 300 mm nacl; and a buffering agent for maintaining a ph of approximately between 6 and 8.
University Of Connecticut
 Self-regulated peptide hydrogel for insulin delivery patent thumbnailnew patent Self-regulated peptide hydrogel for insulin delivery
A glucose binding amphiphilic peptide hydrogel insulin delivery system that is responsive to glucose concentrations under physiological conditions is provided. Insulin is encapsulated in a glucose binding hydrogel, made from self-assembling amphiphilic peptides including a hydrophobic domain including a beta sheet forming region coupled to a charged hydrophilic domain modified to contain a glucose binding segment.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
 Soap bar patent thumbnailnew patent Soap bar
A surfactant free soap bar comprising soap, 0.1 to 2.5% by weight free fatty acid, 3 to 7% by weight talc, and 0.1 to 5% glycerin. The talc can be a macrocrystalline talc having d90≧20 μm and optionally d50≧20 μm or d10≧5 μm.
Colgate-palmolive Company
new patent

Method for inhibiting the plugging of conduits by gas hydrates

A method for inhibiting the plugging of a conduit containing a flowable mixture comprising at least an amount of hydrocarbons capable of forming hydrates in the presence of water and an amount of water, which method comprises adding to the mixture an amount of a functionalized dendrimer effective to inhibit formation and/or accumulation of hydrates in the mixture at conduit temperatures and pressures; and flowing the mixture containing the functionalized dendrimer and any hydrates through the conduit wherein the functionalized dendrimer comprises at least one polyalkylene glycol end group.. .
Shell Internationale Research Maatschappij B.v.
new patent

Three-dimensional fibrous scaffolds for cell culture

Provided herein is a three-dimensional scaffold composition comprising randomly oriented fibers, wherein the fibers comprise a polyethylene glycol-polylactic acid block copolymer (peg-pla) and a poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (plga). Also provided are methods for using the three-dimensional scaffolds described herein..
University Of South Florida (a Florida Non-profit Corporation)
new patent

Stable high strength oil-in-water emulsions

Novel high-strength herbicidal oil-in-water emulsions containing a water soluble salt of glyphosate and an oil soluble herbicide active ingredient show enhanced stability to oil phase coalescence and active ingredient crystallization by the use of specific surfactants and water immiscible organic solvents.. .
Dow Agrosciences Llc
new patent

Abrasive, abrasive set, and abrading substrate

The polishing agent of the invention comprises water, an abrasive grain containing a hydroxide of a tetravalent metal element, and a specific glycerin compound.. .
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
new patent

Microorganism belonging to yarrowia genus, and oil decomposition agent and oil decomposition/removal method using same

The present invention addresses the problem of providing a new microorganism that is useful for efficiently decomposing oils and fats, and a use for said microorganism. According to screening results, a new yarrowia lipolytica having a high capacity to assimilate free fatty acids was successfully obtained.
National University Corporation Nagoya University
new patent

Modified diacylglycerol acyltransferase proteins and methods of use thereof

Provided are fusion proteins of diacylglycerol acyltransferase (dgat) polypeptides fused to at least one heterologous intracellular localization domain, such as a bacterial membrane-targeting domain, modified photosynthetic microorganism that comprise such fusion proteins, and related methods for improving the production of lipids by photosynthetic microorganisms, including lipids such as triglycerides, fatty acids, and wax esters.. .
Matrix Genetics, Llc
new patent

Method for producing milk protein nanoparticles

The disclosure relates to milk protein nanoparticles produced according to a polymerization method in which at least one protein, which is obtained from milk and which can be thermally plasticized, is plasticized using a plasticizing agent, such as for example, water or glycerol at temperatures between room temperature and 140° c., subjected to mechanical stress and subsequently retreated, for example, in the top down or bottom up method to form nanoparticles.. .
Qmilch Ip Gmbh
new patent

Method for preparing lithium iron phosphate nanopowder

The present invention relates to a method for preparing a lithium iron phosphate nanopowder, including the steps of (a) preparing a mixture solution by adding a lithium precursor, an iron precursor and a phosphorus precursor in a glycerol solvent, and (b) putting the mixture solution into a reactor and heating to prepare the lithium iron phosphate nanopowder under pressure conditions of 10 bar to 100 bar, and a lithium iron phosphate nanopowder prepared by the method. When compared to a common hydrothermal synthesis method and a supercritical hydrothermal synthesis method, a reaction may be performed under a relatively lower pressure.
Lg Chem, Ltd.
new patent

Conductive-pattern forming method and composition for forming conductive pattern by photo irradiation or microwave heating

Provided are a conductive pattern forming method and a composition for forming a conductive pattern by photo irradiation or microwave heating, capable of increasing the conductivity of the conductive pattern. A conductive pattern is formed by preparing a composition for forming a conductive pattern comprising, copper particles each having a copper oxide thin film on the entirety or a part of the surface thereof, copper oxide particles, a reducing agent such as a polyhydric alcohol, a carboxylic acid, or a polyalkylene glycol, and a binder resin; forming a printed pattern having any selected shape on a substrate using this composition for forming a conductive pattern; and subjecting the printed pattern to photo irradiation or microwave heating to generate a sintered body of copper..
Showa Denko K.k.
new patent

Compositions and methods for treatment of hemorrhage

Methods of treating hemorrhage are provided, comprising diagnosing one or more hemorrhaging or potentially hemorrhaging vessels in a patient and administering to the patient a therapeutically effective amount of a composition comprising a vessel closing compound at a concentration between about 0.1% and about 45%. The vessel closing compound may comprise a polymer with hydrophilic properties, such as polyethylene glycol (peg).
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.
new patent

Liquid-filled hard gel capsule pharmaceutical formulations

Embodiments of liquid-filled hard gel capsule pharmaceutical formulations comprise a non-emulsified mixture, wherein the non-emulsified mixture comprises about 0.1 to about 5% by weight of at least one active pharmaceutical ingredient, about 50 to about 95% by weight long chain triglycerides, and about 5 to about 25% by weight medium chain mono/diglycerides, wherein the long chain triglycerides and medium chain mono/diglycerides are present at a ratio by weight of from about 10:1 to about 5:1.. .
Mylan Inc.
new patent

Genetically modified organism for the production of lipids

The invention provides an isolated genetically modified non-mammalian organism, wherein the activity of acyl-coa:sterol acyltransferase/sterol o-acyltransferase (ec and/or diacylglycerol acyltransferase/diacylglycerol o-acyltranferase (ec and/or lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase/phospholipid: diacylglycerol acyltransferase (ec and/or acyl coa-wax alcohol acyltransferase (ec is reduced or abolished in comparison with a corresponding wildtype organism, methods of use of such an organism, shuttle vehicles for making such an organism and methods for producing such an organism.. .
Organobalance Gmbh
new patent

Methods of modulating immunological responses by administering truncated baff receptors

The disclosure provides a non-naturally occurring baff-r glycoprotein having a deletion in the extracellular domain which results in an altered o-linked glycosylation pattern. The disclosure also provides methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating b-cell- and t-cell-mediated disorders..
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.
new patent

Combined use of a sulfated glycosaminoglycan and a hyaluronidase for improving the bioavailability of factor viii

The present invention relates to pharmaceutical preparations comprising factor viii, a sulfated glycosaminoglycan and a hyaluronidase for the non-intravenous administration in the therapy and prophylactic treatment of bleeding disorders. The invention further relates to the combined use of a factor viii, a sulfated glycosaminoglycan and a hyaluronidase for the treatment and prevention of bleeding disorders, and to a method for increasing the bioavailability after non-intravenous administration of factor viii by co-adminstration of a sulfated glycosaminoglycan and a hyaluronidase..
Csl Behring Gmbh
new patent

Compositions and methods for promoting neuronal outgrowth

Neural outgrowth in the central nervous system is achieved by administering chondroitinase ac and/or chondroitinase b to degrade chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans that inhibit or contribute to the inhibition of nervous tissue regeneration.. .
Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.
new patent

Long acting proteins and peptides and methods of making and using the same

Disclosed is a method for refolding a protein or peptide that does not contain essential disulfides and that contains at least one free cysteine residue. Also disclosed are polymer ifn-γ conjugates that have been created by the chemical coupling of polymers such as polyethylene glycol moieties to ifn-γ, particularly via a free cysteine in the protein.
Bolder Biotechnology, Inc.
new patent

Treatment for melanoma

The present invention relates to combination therapies for melanoma, and in particular, metastatic melanoma. Drugs for use in such therapies in include mek inhibitors combination with cardiac glycosides..
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System
new patent

Functionalized surfaces and methods related thereto

The disclosed subject matter provides a nanoaperture having a bottom surface and a side wall comprising gold. A surface of the side wall is passivated with a first functional molecule comprising polyethylene glycol.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York
new patent

Ink set

There is provided an ink set in which at least a cyan ink, a magenta ink, and a yellow ink are provided, each ink provided in the ink set includes water, a pigment of equal to or greater than 5% by mass with respect to 100% by mass of a total amount of each of the ink, glycerin, and a betaine compound having a molecular weight of less than 120, respectively, in each of the ink, a maximum difference in a content ratio of the pigment is equal to or greater than 3.0% by mass, and a maximum difference in a content ratio of the water is equal to or less than 3.0% by mass and in each of the ink, the ink in which a content ratio of the pigment is at a maximum, the ink in which the content ratio of the water is at a maximum, and the ink in which a total content ratio of the glycerin and the betaine compound is at a maximum are the same ink.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation
new patent

Method, apparatus, and computer program product for dynamically displaying graphical and textual overlays on geospatial arrangements

A method is provided for dynamically displaying graphical and textual overlays on geospatial arrangements. Glyph information provided by one or more third party systems may be stored in a centralized system.
Mckesson Financial Holdings
new patent

Polishing agent for synthetic quartz glass substrate

Disclosed is a polishing agent for synthetic quartz glass substrates, which is characterized by containing a colloidal solution of a colloidal silica or the like having a colloid concentration of 20-50% by mass, and a polycarboxylic acid polymer, an acidic amino acid, a phenol or a glycosaminoglycan.. .
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
new patent

Hyperbranched polymers

There is disclosed certain hyperbranched polyester amides with a cloud point of at least 50° c. In water with end groups selected from: two or more i] tertiary amine functional end groups ii) ammonium functional end groups, iii) polyalkylene glycol functional end groups; iv) quaternary ammonium zwitterionic end groups and/or v) other ionic groups (such as phosphate or sulfate), that are useful in various end uses such as a flocculant..
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Plants comprising events pp009-401, pp009-415, and pp009-469, compositions, sequences, and methods for detection thereof

The invention provides glyphosate tolerant transgenic turfgrass plants, plant material, and seeds that have a specific transformation event. Also provided are assays for detecting the presence of the event.
Oms Investments, Inc.

Solid acid catalyst, manufacturing the same and manufacturing fatty acid alkyl ester using the same

The purpose of the present invention is to solve various problems with fatty acid alkyl ester methods using conventional homogenous-phase catalysts, and to provide a solid acid catalyst for fatty acid alkyl ester manufacturing that can be used to manufacture high-quality fatty acid alkyl esters and high-purity glycerin from various oils at low cost and with high yield. The present invention is a solid acid catalyst produced by supporting an oxide (b) of a metal element of at least one type selected from group vib on the periodic table as the primary active constituent, an oxide or a sulfide (c) of a metal element of at least one type selected from the group consisting of manganese (mn), iron (fe), cobalt (co), nickel (ni), copper (cu), zinc (zn), gallium (ga), and tin (sn) as a promoter, and an oxide (d) of a non-metal element of at least one type selected from the group consisting of boron (b) and silicon (si) as a catalyst stabilizer, on an inorganic porous carrier (a) such as silica, alumina, titania, magnesia, and zirconia, and applying heat treatment at 400-750° c..
Benefuel Inc.

Glycoprotein enriched composition as a food and/or feed additive and/or as a therapeutic agent

The present invention relates to glycoprotein enriched compositions and their use in the treatment and/or prevention of disease, more particular gastro-intestinal diseases. The present invention further relates to the use of a glycoprotein enriched composition as a food or feed additive..
Foodip Sarl

Antibodies that bind peptidoglycan recognition protein 1

Disclosed herein is a method for identifying trem-1's ligand and antibodies, or fragments thereof, which are capable of modifying the function of trem-1's ligand. Antibodies that reduce or block trem-1 activation may be identified and selected using this method.
Novo Nordisk A/s

Nanotherapeutic colloidal metal compositions and methods

The present invention comprises compositions and methods for delivery systems of agents, including therapeutic compounds, pharmaceutical agents, drugs, detection agents, nucleic acid sequences and biological factors. In general, the nanotherapeutic compositions of the present invention comprise a platform comprising a colloidal metal, a targeting ligand such a tumor necrosis factor, a stealth agent such as polyethylene glycol, and one or more diagnostic or therapeutic agents for delivery.
Cytlmmune Sciences, Inc.

Aqueous ophthalmic composition

The present invention relates to an aqueous ophthalmic composition comprising (a) polyoxyethylene castor oil, (b) polyethylene glycol monostearate, and (c) at least one member selected from the group consisting of sesame oil, castor oil, vitamin a, and chlorobutanol.. .
Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Pesticidal dispersible concentrate formulations

The present invention relates to non-aqueous pesticidal dispersible concentrate formulations comprising from about 2 to about 10% of at least one pesticidal agent, from about 15 to about 25% of hexylene glycol, from about 65 to about 75% of propylene glycol, a hydrophobic silica, and a surfactant, wherein the weight percentages are based on the total weight of the formulation. Formulations of the present invention have superior storage stability but are non-phytotoxic to seeds when used as a seed treatment.
Valent U.s.a., Corporation

Preparation of triple responsive nanogel system and its application

A thermal triple-responsive polymer, along with methods of its formation and use, is generally provided. The thermal triple-responsive polymer can comprise poly[(2-(pyridin-2-yldisulfanyl)-co-[poly(ethylene glycol)]-co-[n-isopropyl methacrylamide], which contains both disulfide bonds and ester bonds that are labile to high redox potential and acidic ph, respectively, and temperature sensitive segments.

Method for the preparation of triglycerides of medium-chain length fatty acids

A method is disclosed for the preparation of glycerol esters (triglycerides) of medium-chain length monocarboxylic fatty acids which consists of the reaction of the precursor free fatty acid and glycerol in the presence of a catalyst under partial vacuum. The process preferably uses a metal catalyst such as an oxide or a chloride of tungsten, molybdenum, calcium, zinc, chromium or magnesium.
Prometic Biosciences Inc.

Polishing agent, polishing agent set, and substrate polishing method

The polishing agent of the invention comprises water, an abrasive grain containing a hydroxide of a tetravalent metal element, polyalkylene glycol, and at least one cationic polymer selected from the group consisting of allylamine polymers, diallylamine polymers, vinylamine polymers and ethyleneimine polymers.. .
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

Method for obtaining a glycoprotein composition

Provided is a method for producing glycoprotein with a specific glycoform compostion. The desired glycoform profile is brought about iby altering the culture conditions on the basis of ivcc rather than the age of the culture.
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited

Methods for reducing mannosyltransferase activity in lower eukaryotes

Disclosed are methods for reducing detectable mannosylation of n-linked and o-linked oligosaccharides in lower eukaryote host cells. In particular, recombinant lower eukaryote host cells are provided in which expression of the gdp-mannose transporter encoded by the vanadate resistant glycosylation 4 (vrg4) gene has been disrupted.
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Assays for detection of glycosaminoglycans

Disclosed herein are novel methods, assays and kits useful for the diagnosis and monitoring of subjects with mucopolysaccharidoses (mps). The methods, assays and kits are particularly useful for detecting the presence of one or more glycosaminoglycans which correlate to mps and its severity in a variety of biological samples..
Shire Human Genetic Therapies Inc.

Process and its application for improving reproducibility in maldi-tof glycan profiling of human serum: experimental procedure and application to the screening for ovarian tumors

Disclosed is that the most crucial point in the quantitative analysis of maldi-tof ms is to minimize quantitative variances (rsds, relative standard deviations) of peak intensities of obtained spectrum data. The minimized rsd is translated into improved reproducibility of the data and finally leads to high accuracy of the results.
Hudson Surface Technology, Inc.

Cryopreservation of cells in absence of vitrification inducing agents

The present invention relates to a method for cryopreserving biological material. In particular, the method comprises storing the biological material at a cryopreserving temperature in a composition comprising polyvinyl alcohol (pva).
University Of Warwick

Sintered cobalt ferrites composite material with high magnetostriction

Disclosed herein is a sintered cobalt ferrite composite material comprising of nano and micron sized powders of cobalt ferrite with high magnetostriction. The present invention further discloses preparation of nano and micron sized powders of cobalt ferrite, in particular, the auto combustion process using glycine as fuel for preparing nano sized cobalt ferrite powders..
Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research

Compositions and methods for improving rebaudioside m solubility

Rebaudioside m compositions with improved aqueous solubility and methods for preparing the same are provided herein. The rebaudioside m compositions include (i) disordered crystalline compositions comprising rebaudioside m and rebaudioside d, (ii) spray-dried compositions comprising rebaudioside m, rebaudioside d and steviol glycoside mixtures and/or rebaudioside b and/or nsf-02, (iii) spray-dried compositions comprising rebaudioside m, rebaudioside d and at least one surfactant, polymer, saponin, carbohydrate, polyol, preservative or a combination thereof.

Cleansing composition having a preservative system and a wet wipe comprising the cleansing composition

A wet wipe includes a cleansing composition and a substrate. The cleansing composition includes a preservative enhancing agent selected from the group consisting of caprylyl glycol; caprylyl glyceryl ether; glyceryl caprylate; sorbitan caprylate; ethylhyexyl glycerin, and combinations thereof.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Ocular composition and kits thereof

An ocular composition consisting essentially of purified water, peg-80 sorbitan laurate, sodium trideceth sulfate, peg-150 distearate, sodium lauroamphoacetate, cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, sodium laureth-13 carboxylate, sodium chloride, peg-15 cocopolyamine, polyhexamethylene biguanide, potassium sorbate, 1,2 hexanediol, and caprylyl glycol. The composition can be applied to a fabric pad for use as an eyelid cleanser, where the fabric pad is pre-moistened with the composition and packaged for use.
Ocusoft, Inc.

Methods and products to provide oral nutritional care to subjects with dementia

The present invention provides food products, nutritional programs, and methods for meeting nutritional needs of subjects with dementia and related cognitive disorders. In one embodiment, the invention provides a food product comprising a reversibly sealed container and a soup, wherein the soup is in the container and comprises a total volume of 200-2000 mls, a vegetable or meat component, 300 to 2500 calories, a macronutrient caloric distribution comprising: 20-80% fat, 10-45% protein, and 10-65% carbohydrate, about 2% to about 40% medium chain triglycerides, omega 3 fatty acids in an amount of 100 to 2000 mg and less than 20 solid food particles having a volume greater than about 20 cm3.
D&e Gillespie Enterprises Llc

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