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 Methods, systems, and products for authenticating users patent thumbnailMethods, systems, and products for authenticating users
Enhanced biometric authentication combines a user's inherent biometric data with the user's password, code, or other secret glyph. For example, the user's finger makes an input on a touchpad.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 Marker of neuropathic gaucher's disease and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailMarker of neuropathic gaucher's disease and methods of use thereof
A biomarker of the neuronopathic types of gaucher's disease (ngd) is provided, and use thereof for assisting the diagnosis of this form of the disease and its severity. In particular, use of the level of trans-membrane glycoprotein non-metastatic b (gpnmb) or a fragment thereof in the cerebrospinal fluid (csf) as a diagnostic marker of ngd is provided.
Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.

 Use of glycan as biomarkers for autoimmune diseases patent thumbnailUse of glycan as biomarkers for autoimmune diseases
The present invention discloses a method of determining the presence of autoimmune disease with the use of glycan biomarkers. A method of improving the detection sensitivity of trace glycans from a mixture of glycans and a microfluidic chip therefor are also disclosed..
Macau University Of Science And Technology

 Method for activating metal surfaces to be phosphated patent thumbnailMethod for activating metal surfaces to be phosphated
A method of activating a metal surface, such as a galvanized steel sheet, before a phosphating process, may involve bringing the metal surface into contact with an activating bath containing activating particles, which may be based on phosphate and/or titanium, dispersed in water. To alleviate or even eliminate the problems of poor adhesion of surface coatings to preferably electrolytically galvanized, phosphated metal strip, an additive that suppresses or at least slows agglomeration of the activating particles may be added to the activating bath.
Thyssenkrupp Ag

 Epitaxial barium titanate thin films using a highly volatile ba(hfa)2 triglyme precursor patent thumbnailEpitaxial barium titanate thin films using a highly volatile ba(hfa)2 triglyme precursor
Ferroelectric barium titanate (batio3) epitaxial films grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition using a barium precursor having a low melting point and a stable vapor pressure.. .
Northwestern University

 Method for improving corn oil extraction using alkyl polyglycosides patent thumbnailMethod for improving corn oil extraction using alkyl polyglycosides
Methods are provided for recovering oil from a process stream mixture in a corn to ethanol process. The method comprises adding an oil separation aid to the process stream wherein the oil separation aid is an alkyl polyglycoside (apg)..
General Electric Company

 Low viscosity bio-oils as substrates for bpf adhesives with low free formaldehyde emission levels, their methods of preparation and use patent thumbnailLow viscosity bio-oils as substrates for bpf adhesives with low free formaldehyde emission levels, their methods of preparation and use
The present application is directed to the preparation of low viscosity bio-oils from the hydrothermal liquefaction (htl) of lignocellulosic biomass in the presence of a crude glycerol and water mixture achieving a high biomass conversion ratio. The modified htl process allows the direct use of crude glycerol as an effective solvent for biomass liquefaction creating a highly efficient and cost-effective process.
Ace Econergy Inc.

 Aqueous polymer dispersion for paper with a copolymer of vinyl acetate and an acrylate monomer patent thumbnailAqueous polymer dispersion for paper with a copolymer of vinyl acetate and an acrylate monomer
The invention relates to a process for preparing an aqueous dispersion of a polymer p, which comprises the emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate, an acrylate monomer, which is a c1-c10 alkyl acrylate or a c1-c10 methacrylate, an α,β-ethylenically unsaturated c3-c8 carboxylic acid, glycidyl methacrylate or glycidyl acrylate, optionally an ethylenically unsaturated sulfonic acid and optionally an ethylenically unsaturated other monomer. Furthermore, the aqueous polymer dispersion obtainable from this process and a powder form thereof are disclosed.
Basf Se

 Aqueous polymer dispersion for paper with a copolymer of vinyl acetate and an acrylate monomer prepared in the presence of a starch derivative patent thumbnailAqueous polymer dispersion for paper with a copolymer of vinyl acetate and an acrylate monomer prepared in the presence of a starch derivative
The invention relates to a process for preparing an aqueous dispersion of a polymer p, which comprises the emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate, an acrylate monomer, which is a c1-c10 alkyl acrylate or a c1-c10 methacrylate, an α,β-ethlyenically unsaturated c3-c8 carboxylic acid and at least one out of glycidyl methacrylate, glycidyl acrylate, allyl methacrylate and allyl acrylate, in the presence of a starch derivative. Optionally, an additional monomer is an ethylenically unsaturated sulfonic acid, an ethylenically unsaturated other monomer or both of them.
Basf Se

 Method of producing bivalirudin patent thumbnailMethod of producing bivalirudin
The present disclosure provides a method of producing bivalirudin using a peptide fragment or peptide fragments on solid phase peptide synthesis that minimizes, or eliminates, the production of bivalirudin molecules having too few or too many glycine residues.. .
Ambiopharm, Inc.

Novel triterpene-glycosides as sweeteners or sweetener enhancers

Suggested are triterpene-glycoside compounds, which are obtainable by the extraction of momordica grosvenorii (siraitia grosvenori) which are useful as a sweetener or sweetener enhancer in preparations and compositions, especially oral edible compositions.. .
Analyticon Discovery Gmbh

Process for the preparation of (1s)-1,5-anhydro-1-c-{4-chloro-3-4[(4-ethoxyphenyl)methyl]phenyl]-glucitol and its solvate thereof

The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of (1s)-1,5-anhydro-1-c-[4-chloro-3-[(4-ethoxyphenyl)methyl]phenyl]-d-glucitol which is represented by the following structural formula-1 and its glycerol solvate.. .
Msn Laboratories Private Limited

Synthesis of r-glucosides, sugar alcohols, reduced sugar alcohols, and furan derivatives of reduced sugar alcohols

Disclosed herein are methods for synthesizing 1,2,5,6-hexanetetrol (hto), 1,6 hexanediol (hdo) and other reduced polyols from c5 and c6 sugar alcohols or r glycosides. The methods include contacting the sugar alcohol or r-glycoside with a copper catalyst, most desirably a raney copper catalyst with hydrogen for a time, temperature and pressure sufficient to form reduced polyols having 2 to 3 fewer hydoxy groups than the starting material.
Archer Daniels Midland Company

Processes for producing hydrocarbons from a renewable feedstock

Processes for the production of linear alkylbenzenes from a renewable feedstock. Prior to converting the side chains of the glycerides and free fatty acids of the feedstock into hydrocarbons, the feedstock is separated into a stream rich in c10 and c14 free fatty acids glycerides having c10 and c14 fatty acid side chains and at least one, preferably two, other glyceride streams.
Uop Llc

Stable protein formulations comprising a molar excess of sorbitol

A stable pharmaceutical formulation comprising a protein of interest, sorbitol and polyethylene glycol (peg). The sorbitol and protein is present in a molar ratio of 550 to 700 mole of sorbitol: 1 mole of protein and the peg to protein is present in the molar ratio of 2-50:1.
Mylan Gmbh

Method for masking bitterness of composition containing collagen peptide

By incorporating glycerophospholipids comprising neutral glycerophospholipids and acidic glycerophospholipids in specified proportions or incorporating sphingoglycolipids in a specified proportion relative to collagen peptides, there can be provided methods for masking the bitterness of collagen peptide containing compositions.. .

Dietary compositions for reducing blood glucose levels and for weight management

The present invention provides dietary compositions comprising mulberry extract, coffee extract, bean extract, optionally, dietary fibers, and a nutraceutically acceptable carrier. The present invention further provides methods for preventing the increase in postprandial hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinemia and diseases and disorders associated therewith, including, endothelial dysfunction, inflammatory conditions, oxidative stress, hyperlipidemia, and consecutive pathologies like insulin resistance, diabetes, visceral obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases..
Marmar Investment Sp. Z O.o.

Pharmaceutical composition for use in the treatment or prevention of osteoarticular diseases

A pharmaceutical composition for the acute and/or chronic treatment or prevention of osteoarticular diseases includes an adequate pharmaceutical carrier or diluent, a polysaccharide and/or a glycosaminoglycan, an anti-inflammatory agent and stem cells.. .
Bone Therapeutics

Chewable lipid supplements containing caffeine for increasing alertness, focus and energy

Flavored chewable wafers containing caffeine suitable for increasing alertness and allow an individual to perform tasks in a more focused and energetic manner comprises, formulations of phospholipids, specifically identified concentrations of phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidic acid, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylcholine, glycolipids and phosphatidylserine along with inulin and other desirable active ingredients.. .
Allergy Research Group, Llc

Treatment of erectile dysfunction and other indications

The present invention generally relates to the transdermal delivery of various compounds. In some aspects, transdermal delivery may be facilitated by the use of a hostile biophysical environment.
Strategic Science & Technologies, Llc

Posaconazole pharmaceutical compositions and preparation methods, uses and pharmaceutical formulations thereof

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising posaconazole and a carrier material, wherein the carrier material comprises a vinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate copolymer or a polymer containing ethylene glycol units. The present invention also relates to a method for the preparation of the pharmaceutical composition, a method for the prevention and/or treatment of fungal infections and related diseases in a mammal using the pharmaceutical composition, and a pharmaceutical formulation comprising the pharmaceutical composition..
Sinotherapeutics Inc.

Pharmaceutical composition

Described herein are pharmaceutical compositions for inhalation comprising glycopyrrolate, a beta2-agonist, and optionally an inhaled corticosteroid; to a process for preparing such compositions and to the use of such compositions for the prevention and/or treatment of respiratory, inflammatory or obstructive airway disease.. .
Cipla Limited

Oral care compositions having improved rheology

Oral care compositions comprising have improved stability due to the removal of stannous ions and the inclusion of low molecular weight polyethylene glycols (pegs). Compositions containing a source of zinc ions and peg having a weight average molecular weight of 300 da to 8000 da and used for treating the oral cavity comprising administering to the oral cavity an oral care composition according to the present invention..
The Procter & Gamble Company

Methods, compositions, and devices for supplying dietary fatty acid needs

Nutritional formulas comprising long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (lc-pufas) are provided, along with methods and devices for preparing and/or administering nutritional formulas. In some embodiments, a percentage of the lc-pufas in the nutritional formula are in the form of monoglycerides and/or free fatty acids.
Alcresta Therapeutics, Inc.

Sugar replacement composition

The present invention relates to a sugar replacement composition, which is based on a novel and innovative combination of ingredients such that the sugar replacement composition gives rise to one or more advantageous use characteristics of comparable or superior to those of sucrose, including excellent taste, sweetness of sucrose, superior structural properties, e.g. In cake, sorbet and ice cream, improved crunchiness of biscuits, excellent organoleptic properties, low calorie content (in certain embodiments 100 kcal/100 g or less), permits reduction of fat content of certain foods such as chocolate, as well as significant health benefits, including low glycemic index, low cariogenicity, and prebiotic properties supporting growth of advantageous intestinal bacteria, beneficial effects or lowering blood sugar and slowing down the emptying of the stomach.
Aegis Nv

Methods for improving plant growth-monitoring

Methods of improving the growth of a plant by applying a plant growth effective amount of a plant growth composition that includes a hydrated aluminum magnesium silicate and at least one dispersant selected from the group consisting of a sucrose ester, a lignosulfonate, an alkylpolyglycoside, a naphthalenesulfonic acid formaldehyde condensate and a phosphate ester to plant propagation material in the absence of insect pest pressure.. .
Fmc Corporation

Use of 2-chloro-3-(methylsulfanyl)-n-(1-methyl-1h-tetrazol-5-yl)-4-(trifluoromethyl)benzamide or its salts for controlling unwanted plants in areas of transgenic crop plants being tolerant to hppd inhibitor herbicides

The use of 2-chloro-3-(methylsulfanyl)-n-(1-methyl-1h-tetrazol-5-yl)-4-(trifluoromethyl)benzamide or its salts for controlling unwanted plants in areas of transgenic crop plants being tolerant to hppd inhibitor herbicides by containing one or more chimeric gene(s) comprising (i) a dna sequence encoding hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (hppd) derived from a member of a group of organisms consisting of (a) avena, (b) pseudomonas, (c) synechococcoideae, (d) blepharismidae, (e) rhodococcus, (f) picrophilaceae, (g) kordia, or (ii) one or more mutated dna sequences of hppd encoding genes of the before defined organisms, preferably from pseudomonas, or (iii) one or more dna sequences encoding mutated maize (zea mays) or soybean (glycine max) hppd each being mutated as described in wo 2012/021785.. .

Flowable hydrogels for botanical applications

The present disclosure is directed to a method for providing a flow-able hydrogel for germinating, cultivating, transporting or displaying plants. The method generally includes at least three distinct steps: 1) dissolving a polyethylene glycol having functionalized end-groups in water to form a flow-able solution, 2) dissolving one or more activating agents within the flow-able solution such that the activating agents react with the functionalized end-groups of the polyethylene glycol to form a non-flow-able hydrogel after a set-time, 3) pouring the flow-able solution into a container prior to the set time such that the flow-able solution assumes the shape of the container and forms a non-flow-able hydrogel..

Message encryption

The computer receives customer registration information and encryption parameters from a customer, then transmits them to the server of an entity such as a pharmacy or bank. After the entity utilizes the transmitted encryption parameters to encrypt confidential portions of a message to the customer, the computer captures the message by way of receiving, photographing, scanning, or otherwise obtaining a copy of the message.
International Business Machines Corporation

Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof

A manufacturing method of a liquid crystal display, including: applying a photoalignment agent on a substrate; baking the applied photoalignment agent; forming a photoalignment layer by irradiating the baked photoalignment agent with polarized light; baking the photoalignment layer; and removing at least one decomposed unit by cleaning the baked photoalignment layer using a cleaning solution including at least one of propylene glycol monomethyl ether, propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate, or ethyl lactate.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Novel class of glyphosate resistance genes

The present disclosure relates to a novel class of epsps enzymes, and nucleic acids useful in encoding the same.. .
Dow Agrosciences Llc

Novel herbicide resistance genes

The subject invention provides novel plants that are not only resistant to 2,4-d and other phenoxy auxin herbicides, but also to aryloxyphenoxypropionate herbicides. Heretofore, there was no expectation or suggestion that a plant with both of these advantageous properties could be produced by the introduction of a single gene.
Dow Agrosciences Llc

Removal of free fatty acids from glyceride oils

The present invention relates to deacidification of glyceride oils. The present invention provides a process for removing free fatty acids from glyceride oil, preferably palm oil, containing free fatty acids, said process comprising the steps of: (i) contacting the glyceride oil containing free fatty acids with the basic ionic liquid; wherein the basic ionic liquid has a basic anion selected from hydroxide, alkoxide, alkylcarbonate, hydrogen carbonate, serinate, prolinate, histidinate, threoninate, valinate, asparaginate, taurinate and lysinate; and a cation selected from: [n(ra)(rb)(rc)(rd)]+, wherein: ra, rb, rc and rd are each independently selected from hydrogen, a c1 to c8, straight chain or branched alkyl group or a c3 to c6 cycloalkyl group, wherein said alkyl or cycloalkyl groups are unsubstituted or may be substituted by one to three groups selected from: c1 to c4 alkoxy, c2 to c8 alkoxyalkoxy, c3 to c6 cycloalkyl, —oh, —sh, —co2(c1 to c6)alkyl, —oc(o)(c1 to c6)alkyl, or any two of ra, rb, rc and rd combine to form an alkylene chain —(ch2)q— wherein q is from 3 to 6; and (ii) obtaining a treated glyceride oil having a reduced content of free fatty acid compared to the glyceride oil feed of step (i)..

An aqueous lubricant composition, a making the same and uses thereof

The disclosure concerns an aqueous lubricant composition, characterized in that it comprises of: 50 wt % of water, 0.01-20 wt % of a thickening agent, 0.5-10 wt % of an antioxidant; 0.5-5 wt % of a ph regulating agent; and glycerol. There is also provided a method for manufacturing the aqueous lubricant composition, and uses of said aqueous lubricant composition..
Sustainalube Ab

Emulsifier components and methods of using the same

This invention relates to an additive comprising a functional group derived from a first hydrocarbyl-substituted acylating agent and a functional group derived from a second hydrocarbyl-substituted acylating agent, where the functional groups are coupled by a functional group derived from an alkylene glycol. The invention also relates to an emulsifier component prepared by a process that utilizes the described additive and converts it to an emulsifier component by reacting it with a neutralizing component.
The Lubrizol Corporation

Renewable diesel and jet fuel from microbial sources

The invention provides methods of manufacturing alkanes from triglyceride oils produced through fermentation of oil-bearing microbes. The processes provided herein can utilize a variety of carbohydrate feedstocks including cane bagasse, sugar beet pulp, corn stover, glycerol, corn starch, sorghum, molasses, waste glycerol, and other renewable materials.
Terravia Holdings, Inc.

Method of chemically increasing the efficiency of peroxygen based viscosity reduction reactions

A method of reducing the viscosity of a viscosified fluid in an underground drilling operation comprising, where the introduction of a chelated transition metal catalyzes the viscosity reduction of the viscosified fluid. The chelated transition metal may be ferric methylglycinediacetate.
Orin Technologies, Llc

Method of ice formation inhibition for waterfowl decoy application

A method for maintaining hunting decoy appearance realism in the presence of ice formation on decoy surfaces, comprising a coating having a chemical composition that, upon application to a hunting decoy surface, inhibits ice formation or accumulation on the decoy surface by reducing the freezing point temperature on the decoy surface to below the ambient temperature. The coating composition may be adjusted to change the freezing point depending on the ambient temperature.
Outdoor Sports Products Llc

Asphalt binders containing a glyceride and fatty acid mixture and methods for making and using same

Asphalt binders and methods for making and using same. In at least one specific embodiment, the asphalt binder can include a bitumen and a glyceride and fatty acid mixture.
Flint Hills Resources, Lp

Polyethylene glycol substituted acyl borates

Wherein peg denotes a polyethylene glycol-based substituent; a is an integer from 1 to 12; x1, x2, and x3 are independently of one another selected from the group made of f, or, n+r3, n+r2or, n+r2sr, and n+r2nr2, and are optionally forming a cyclic or a bicyclic structure; and r is an organic substituent or h.. .

Synthesis of amphiphilic calixarene glycoside detergents and use of same for extracting and stabilizing native functional membrane proteins

Amphiphilic calixarene glycoside compounds, the preparation of such compounds, and the use of such compounds for selectively extracting, solubilizing and stabilizing membrane proteins.. .

Carbohydrate ligands that bind to igm antibodies against myelin-associated glycoprotein

The invention relates to carbohydrate ligands presenting the minimal human natural killer-1 (hnk-1) epitope that bind to anti-mag (myelin-associated glycoprotein) igm antibodies, and their use in diagnosis as well as for the treatment of anti-mag neuropathy. In particular, the invention relates to disaccharides of formula (i) and (ii) wherein z is optionally substituted phenyl, heteroaryl, arylcarbonyl, or heteroarylmethyl, and to therapeutically acceptable polymers comprising a multitude of substituents of formula (i) and/or formula (ii), wherein z is a bifunctional linker connecting the disaccharides to the polymer backbone..
Universitaet Basel

Catalytic glycosylation with designer thioglycoside and novel protecting groups for same and for synthesis of oligosaccharides

A catalytic glycosylation method comprising: installing thioether to an anomeric carbon of a carbohydrate; and catalytically activating the thioether with a non-oxophilic lewis acid. The thioether may comprise an anomerically stable thioether leaving group.
University Of Pittsburgh -- Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Tricyclic compounds having antimitotic and/or antitumor activity and methods of use thereof

The present invention provides tricyclic compounds, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, prodrugs, solvates, or hydrates thereof, having antimitotic activity, anti-multidrug resistance activity, for example p-glycoprotein inhibition, and antitumor activity, and which inhibit paclitaxel sensitive and resistant tumor cells. Also provided are methods of utilizing these compounds for treating tumor cells and inhibiting mitosis of cancerous cells..
Duquesne University Of The Holy Spirit

Method for the production of high-purity glycerol dimethacrylate

The present invention claims a process for preparing high-purity glycerol dimethacrylate comprising <500 ppm of glycidyl methacrylate, characterized in that an aftertreatment with acidic adsorbent is effected.. .
Evonik Roehm Gmbh

New process for the preparation of complex oligomeric structures

The invention relates to a process to prepare complex oligomeric structures obtained from vegetable oils. The process allows to use a mixture of triglycerides containing dicarboxylic acids produced by the oxidative cleavage of vegetable oils as a starting material, these oils being subjected to a step of heating (condensation) followed by a step of esterification with alcohols at temperatures up to 250° c..
Novamont S.p.a.

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