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Global Positioning System patents


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new patent Metadata analyzing
In embodiments, a system receives a file comprising metadata to which rules are applied. Alerts may be generated based on the rules processing of the metadata.
Uipco, Llc

new patent Wearable system for providing walking directions
A wearable computing device includes an input device, a global positioning system (gps) sensor, an inertial measurement unit (imu), a camera, and a memory that is designed to store a database of landmarks and corresponding locations. The device includes a mobile processor that is designed to receive first user input indicating that the user is traveling from a starting location to a destination location and second user input indicating that new landmarks are present.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Mobile alert and security system
A safety alert system for a specific vehicle includes an internet-connected server executing software, a digital data repository, a profile associated with the specific vehicle and identifying the specific vehicle and comprising contact information for a person, a computerized monitoring apparatus located in the specific vehicle with a two-way internet connection to the internet-connected server, global positioning system (gps) circuitry coupled, a plurality of sensors, sensing both environmental conditions and status of apparatus of the specific vehicle, and reporting to the monitoring apparatus, and at least one set of variable values stored in the digital data repository indicating an alert status. The server keeps a log of reported variable values for the specific vehicle, periodically compares the variable values reported with the at least one set of variable values indicating an alert status, and issues an alert accordingly..

Systems and methods for identifying articles of clothing
Systems and methods for allowing sight impaired or blind persons to identify articles of clothing utilizing “smart labels” which comprise identification information, wherein the identification information is contained in, represented by, or interpretable via raised indicia (e.g., raised lettering or braille), smart codes, global positioning system (gps) technology, magnetic stripes, radio frequency identification (rfid) technology, near field communication (nfc) technology, microprocessors, bluetooth technology, or combinations thereof. These smart labels are unaffected by normal usage such as washing, folding and crumpling to allow sight impaired or blind persons to tactually, or via an electronic interpretation device, e.g., personal computer, a smartphone, computer tablet, magnetic stripe reader, nfc communicator, rfid reader, or bluetooth device, comprehend the identification information of the smart label..

Apparatus, content playlist based on user location
An exemplary geographic playlist system includes a plurality of mobile devices with global positioning systems that provide geographic location information of the mobile device to a geographic location playlist device. The geographic location playlist device has a database of geographic playlist information that includes at least a unique identifier for each one of a plurality of media content events and at least one associated geographic location for each of the plurality of media content events.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Location correction through differential networks system
A method may be executed by a base station or mobile device to improve accuracy of a global positioning system (gps)-based position or “geoposition” of the mobile device. A time-stamped first set of gps data may be received via a gps receiver, e.g., of the base station.
United States Of America As Represented By The Administrator Of Nasa

Autonomous emergency flight management system for an unmanned aerial system
An autonomous emergency flight management system may find safe and clear landing sites for unmanned aerial systems (uass) in emergency situations. Emergency flight management software may reside on an onboard computing system.
U.s.a., As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

Positioning method and image capturing device thereof
A positioning method includes the steps of: capturing a positioning image by an image capturing device, determining a pixel coordinate of an object in the positioning image, and determining a global positioning system coordinate of the object according to the pixel coordinates and a transformation matrix. An image capturing device includes a camera configured to capture a positioning image, a storage medium storing with a transformation matrix, and a processor electrically connected to the camera and the storage medium respectively.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Equine saddle location tracker system
Disclosed is a global positioning system (gps) location tracking system for equine saddles with battery charging means and/or charging protocols and, optionally, a saddle leasing method that takes advantage of the saddle tracking system. The tracking system may be an equine saddle having a tree, a cantle, a horn, a side, an underside and a saddle covering, a battery powered gps location tracking module, and battery charging means attached to the structure of the saddle.

Multiport multiband vehicular antenna assemblies including multiple radiators
Exemplary embodiments are disclosed of multiport multiband vehicular antenna assemblies. In exemplary embodiments, a multiport multiband antenna assembly may include multiple ports (e.g., three, four, or five ports, etc.) with different combinations of antennas or radiators operable over various frequencies, such as one or more cellular frequencies (e.g., long term evolution (lte), etc.), internet frequencies (e.g., wi-fi, wi-fi ism, etc.), satellite navigation frequencies (e.g., global positioning system (gps), global navigation satellite system (glonass), etc.), and/or other frequencies.
Laird Technologies, Inc.

Aerial image processing

Methods for aerial image processing and object identification using an electronic computing device are presented, the methods including: causing the electronic computing device to build a deep learning model; receiving actual aerial image data; applying the deep learning model to the actual aerial image data to identify areas of interest; post-processing the areas of interest; and returning a number of classified objects corresponding with the areas of interest to a user. In some embodiments, methods further include: applying global positioning system (gps) mapping to the number of classified objects with respect to the actual aerial image data..
Panton, Inc.

Method and system for high precision time synchronization

In one embodiment, a dedicated time processing device inserted into a peripheral bus coupling or embedded with at least some of the rest of system components (e.g., processor, memory) of a data processing system to synchronize a system clock of the data processing system. The peripheral bus can be a peripheral component interface (pci) bus, a pci express (pcie) link, a pci extended (pci-x) bus, or the like.
Baidu Usa Llc

Target tracking air vehicle

A target tracking method for an air vehicle includes steps of: during a flight of an air vehicle main body to a position corresponding to a global positioning system (gps) positioning signal, taking pictures of an area where a reference target is located by a camera, and obtaining a reference image; extracting reference image characteristics of the reference target and initial position information of the reference target in the reference image from the reference image; when the camera obtains a temporary image showing a temporary target, extracting temporary image characteristics of the temporary target and temporary position information of the temporary target in the temporary image from the temporary image; if the reference image characteristics are consistent with the temporary image characteristics, calculating a deviation direction according to a difference between the initial position information and the temporary position information; and tracking the temporary target in the deviation direction.. .
Yuneec International (china) Co.,ltd

Monitoring the structural health of columns

A method and apparatus for monitoring the structural health of a stock of columns such as lighting columns and/or columns within that stock each of which is connected to receive power from an external source or otherwise. The method comprises the steps of locating on an upper surface of each or a plurality of columns within the stock to be monitored a micro controller connected to receive power from the electrical source of the respective column.
The Aluminium Lighting Company Ltd

Method and system to improve sensor accuracy for adas systems using geographical information

The disclosure includes embodiments for estimating whether local sensor data or remote sensor data is more accurate for a given geographical location of an ego vehicle. A method may include determining, based on global positioning system data (“gps data”), whether the ego vehicle is located in a geographical region where local sensor data or remote sensor data is more accurate.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Network authentication of a geo-fenced volume

Provided is a method for managing a software defined network using a software control layer to regulate a geo-fenced volume. The software control layer can use a global positioning system (gps) including a range of latitudes, a range of longitudes and a range of altitudes.
International Business Machines Corporation

Intelligent solar roadway system and solar roadway panels

An intelligent roadway system of trafficable solar roadway panels for collecting solar energy, converting the solar energy into electricity, illuminating leds, storing and distributing the electrical energy and sensing dynamic conditions on and about the trafficable solar roadway panels and communicating the sensed dynamic conditions and precise global positioning system (gps) location of the sensed dynamic conditions to a user for use.. .
Solar Roadways Incorporated

Gauge type bicycle computer

A cycling gage assembly comprises a housing, a dial gauge face, a first antenna, a second antenna, a motor assembly a printed circuit board and a battery. The housing has a rotating bezel, a transparent cover, and a rear cover.
Omata, Inc.

Autonomous flight termination system and method

An autonomous flight termination system for terminating vehicle flight after the vehicle is launched from an aircraft includes a global positioning system (gps) receiver; a termination unit selected from a cut-off switch connected to terminate vehicle flight when actuated, and a switch connected to detonate an explosive on the vehicle; a system controller for receiving a first signal indicating separation of the vehicle from the aircraft and a second signal from the gps receiver to calculate an actual vehicle trajectory, and for sending a third signal to actuate the termination unit to terminate the flight of the vehicle when the actual vehicle trajectory is determined to be outside the safety bounds of a mission-planned flight trajectory; and a failsafe controller connected to receive operational data of the system controller, and to actuate the termination unit when the operational data indicates that the system is in an error state.. .
The Boeing Company

Computerized vehicular location-based service provision

Computerized apparatus useful within vehicles for causing provision of location-based services to users via a portable wireless computerized device. In one embodiment, the vehicle comprises a global positioning system (gps) based receiver capable of providing location data to the computerized apparatus..
West View Research, Llc

Vehicle position point forwarding autonomous vehicles

In one embodiment, a first position associated with a set of rear wheels of an autonomous vehicle is determined based on global positioning system (gps) data received from a gps source. A moving direction of the autonomous vehicle is determined based on directional data received from an inertial measurement unit (imu) onboard.
Baidu Usa Llc

Gps jammer & spoofer detection

A method for determining the presence of interference on a gps receiver is described. The method involves monitoring global positioning system data received by a receiver under known non-interfering conditions, storing the data for analysis and, at a later time, comparing the data, over a period of time, with the position output of a pure inertial navigation system to determine the presence of characteristics indicating interference..
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Method for detecting forward collision

A safety system for an automotive vehicle includes: a dedicated radio to receive and transmit state data between a host vehicle and a remote vehicle; a global positioning system (gps) receiver; an on-board unit (obe) to perform a vehicle-to-vehicle (v2v) communications so that the host vehicle receives state data of the remove vehicle in a basic safety message (bsm) format; and a safety control unit. In particular, the safety control unit receives the state data of the host and remote vehicles, calculates a separation distance, a prediction horizon time, and then compares the prediction horizon time with a driver reaction time to generate a warning to a driver.
Kia Motors Corporation

Ground-based, multi-bistatic interferometric radar system for measuring 2d and 3d deformations

The invention relates to a method and to an apparatus for determining a displacement vector field of a scenario, by a ground-based interferometric radar system operated in multi-bistatic mode and comprising a main radar transceiver device and at least one passive radar receiver device arranged at a predetermined distance from each other, in which the oscillators of the at least two radar are synchronized, in time and in frequency, in particular according to a signal coming from a global positioning system. The method provides a step of interferometrically determining at least one first displacement map and one second displacement map of the scenario between a previous time and a subsequent time, expressed in a global reference system and having each a plurality of pixels each associated to a respective domain of the scenario.
Ids Georadar S.r.l.

Dedicated short-range communication vehicle management apparatuses, systems and methods

Exemplary embodiments are provided of dedicated short-range communication (dsrc) vehicle management apparatuses, systems and methods. In an exemplary embodiment, dsrc apparatus for a vehicle generally includes a receiver (e.g., a global positioning system (gps) receiver, etc.) configured to determine a location of the vehicle, a vehicle bus interface coupled to a vehicle bus of the vehicle to obtain diagnostics of the vehicle, and a dsrc wireless interface configured to communicate wirelessly with a vehicle management server.
Laird Technologies, Inc.

Smart open house system and method

A smart open house system for providing a mobile device application useful for identifying and viewing the details and location of at least one real estate listing. The user interface may be a real estate multiple listing service interface, a global positioning system module, and a user-input interface.

Review system with location-verified reviews

In general, the subject matter described in the specification can be embodied in methods, systems and program products for an improved review system with location-verified reviews. The system verifies a user's location using one or more available sources, such as geographic location by global positioning system (gps), cellular localization systems, or wireless local area network (wlan).

Autonomous vehicle navigation system and method

An autonomous vehicle is improved with a navigational system having both cameras and echolocation sensors. The cameras and echolocation sensors may be part of an optical and echolocation system, respectively, that may work in conjunction with, for example, a global positioning system to determine a course for the autonomous vehicle to reach an objective while detecting and avoid obstacles along the course..
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

Vehicle-disabling remote anti-theft system and method

A vehicle anti-theft system includes a vehicle control module having an electrical interface, a transceiver, and a gps receiver, a kill switch, a mobile device with a microphone, a mobile device application, a programmable security passcode, a security camera, at least one impact detection sensor, and a speaker. The vehicle control module communicates with and controls the vehicle via the electrical interface.

Dynamic gps location update

A global positioning system (gps) is provided and includes a processing system that is in communication with a network and memory. The memory has executable instructions stored thereon, which, when executed, cause the processing system to control the network to coarsely identify a region currently occupied by a tracked device and determine an accurate location of the tracked device responsive to a predefined event..
International Business Machines Corporation

System for insertion of location data into a source device's storage location

A system for providing locations for each of a plurality of non-global positioning system (gps) enabled devices (e.g., locations of “things” or objects in the iot, for sensors in a wsn, and so on). The system includes a source device or “thing” including memory (e.g., a long-range sensor in a wsn or the like).
Trimble Inc.

Dynamic gps location update

A global positioning system (gps) is provided and includes a processing system that is in communication with a network and memory. The memory has executable instructions stored thereon, which, when executed, cause the processing system to control the network to coarsely identify a region currently occupied by a tracked device and determine an accurate location of the tracked device responsive to a predefined event..
International Business Machines Corporation

Method, device and system for target tracking

The disclosure discloses a method, device and system for target tracking. Wherein, the method for target tracking includes that: global positioning system (gps) information of a target object monitored by tracking equipment is acquired (s102); pan/tilt/zoom (ptz) coordinate information corresponding to the gps information of the target object is obtained according to a pre-stored conversion relationship between gps information and ptz coordinate information (s104); and the tracking equipment is regulated to control the tracking equipment to monitor the target object according to the ptz coordinate information of the target object (s106).
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co.. Ltd

Systems and methods for measuring gas flux

Systems and methods for measuring gas flux are disclosed. One method for calculating gas flux includes: receiving a master clock signal from a global positioning system (gps) module; transmitting a clock synchronization signal that is based on the master clock signal to a measurement subsystem configured to measure environmental data, wherein the measurement subsystem comprises at least two clocks; receiving the environmental data from the measurement subsystem, wherein the environmental data is associated with the at least two clocks; and calculating gas flux based on the environmental data received from the measurement subsystem..
Li-cor, Inc.

Inertial track measurement system and methods

A track geometry measurement system includes a plurality of wheels, a frame, an inertial measurement unit, a global positioning system, and a processor. The plurality of wheels are operable to trail over rail track.
Harsco Technologies Llc

Vehicle security system

A vehicle security system for monitoring a vehicle and notifying a user includes at least two image capture devices (icd), sensors, a global positioning system tracking module (gpstm), a control module (cm), and a monitoring device. The icd are positioned at predetermined locations of the vehicle for capturing and transmitting images of a target object.

Automatic motor vehicle accident reporting

An accident reporting arrangement for a motor vehicle includes at least one camera capturing images of an environment surrounding the motor vehicle. A microphone is positioned to produce a microphone signal based on sounds in a passenger compartment of the motor vehicle.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

Systems and methods for control of mobile platform safety systems

A control system and method of controlling a mobile platform safety system is provided. User input including a modification to a predefined alert response associated with the mobile platform safety system is received, the modification being associated with a geographic location.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Method and providing goal oriented navigational directions

A method or system is able to refine global positioning system (“gps”) information for guiding a vehicle via extracted metadata using a gps refinement (“gr”) model managed by a virtuous cycle containing sensors, machine learning center (“mlc”), and a cloud based network (“cbn”). The gr system includes a set of outward facing cameras, a vehicle onboard computer (“voc”), and gr model. Corporation

Aquatic visual data collector

A system for the collection of visual and related data on marine and other underwater habitats and fauna, in particular and without limitation for benthic habitats over significant spatial scales. The system can include elements such as a digital or video camera to receive visual images, various sensors to sense other related data and waterproof housings to protect various elements of the device.
Ocean Vision Environmental Research Pty Ltd

Global positioning system and ultra wide band universal positioning node consellation integration

Gaining a time signal from a radio signal such as gps, an ultra-wide band constellation can be synchronized. While the entirety of the constellation is synchronized to a nanosecond level of accuracy, local subsets of ultra-wide band nodes can establish even finer degrees of synchronization resulting in more accurate positional determination.
5d Robotics, Inc.

Performance and position monitoring of a mobile hvac&r unit

A system for monitoring a mobile refrigerant system including one or more system components is provided. The system includes a global positioning system, a performance monitor, and a processor.
Carrier Corporation

Road health (pothole) detection over wireless infrastructure

A motor vehicle includes a road condition sensor detecting a hazardous condition of a road on which the motor vehicle is traveling. A global positioning system detects a global position of the motor vehicle.
Panasonic Automatic Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

Techniques to improve global weather forecasting using model blending and historical gps-ro dataset

Techniques for improving weather forecasting using model blending and historical global positioning system-radio occultation (gps-ro) measurements are provided. In one aspect, a method for weather forecasting includes: obtaining historical gps-ro measurements; determining a refractive index of the atmosphere from the gps-ro measurements; obtaining historical forecasts from multiple individual numerical weather models from a same given time period as the gps-ro measurements; statistically correcting the historical forecasts using the refractive index of the atmosphere determined from the gps-ro measurements; blending the numerical weather models using the statistically corrected historical forecasts to create a blended weather model, wherein the blending is performed to improve a forecast of the refractive index of the atmosphere by the blended weather model; and forecasting primary weather parameters using the blended weather model.
International Business Machines Corporation

Fast gps recovery using map vector data

Methods and apparatuses to assist a global positioning system (gps) module to determine gps position estimates for a wireless communication device is disclosed. Processing circuitry in the wireless communication device determines a potential or an actual inaccuracy in a gps position estimate obtained from a gps module.
Apple Inc.

Disablement of global positioning system transceiver while providing directions

In one aspect, a device includes a processor, a motion sensor accessible to the processor, a global positioning system (gps) transceiver accessible to the processor, and storage accessible to the processor. The storage bears instructions executable by the processor to identify at least a first instruction to travel to a location, and determine whether to disable the gps transceiver based at least in part on one or more of a distance to be traveled before a second instruction is provided and a length of time to pass before the second instruction is provided.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Sport pole with sensors and a using it

The present invention relates to a sport stick that measures the driving force generated by the upper body, which is applied to the ground through poles during the natural performance of nordic walking or any other sport, where poles are used to drive/propel the body forward. An inclination sensor along with a pole length sensor (pole length constant in a fixed length pole) has been placed into the pole for the achievement of the most suitable biomechanical performance, i.e.

Remote control device for aircraft, aircraft system and remote control aircraft system

A remote control device for an aircraft and an aircraft system are provided. The aircraft system includes the aircraft (3) and the remote control device.
Yuneec Technology Co., Limited

System and placing virtual geographic zone markers

A system and method for user interaction includes a network, a server connected to the network, a supervisor device receiving information from a global positioning system and connected to the network, a user device receiving information from the global positioning system and connected to the network. The supervisor, having the supervisor device, defines a set of virtual geographic zones and sub-zones in which the user device is tracked, and saves the set of virtual geographic zones and sub-zones to a supervisor account on the server.
Zonal Systems, Llc

Underground gps for use in plug tracking

A system for tracking an object in oil and gas wellbore operations wherein a releasable object carrying a first signal system is released into tube system associated with a wellbore. The first signal system communicates with one or more second signal systems positioned along the travel path of the object; along the surface of the formation; and/or throughout the wellbore.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Highway infrastructure inventory and assessment device

The disclosure provides a method for identifying a transportation infrastructure condition may comprise disposing a smart camera system on a vehicle and installing the smart camera system to the vehicle. The method may further comprise recording data from transportation infrastructure with the smart camera system, transmitting the data to a remote server with the transmitter, analyzing the data on the server, and accessing the data on the server with device.
The Texas A&m University System

Advanced mobile emergency communication system

Described herein is a module mobile emergency notification system. This system includes a module wireless emergency alerting device for receiving a user input indicative of an emergency situation and communicating the user input with a base station, a base station for communicating with the alerting device, and a mainframe for communicating with the base station and an alert notification display.
Shieldtech Inc.

Self-customizing, multi-tenanted mobile digitally gathering and disseminating real-time visual intelligence on utility asset damage enabling automated priority analysis and enhanced utility outage response

A self-customizing, multi-tenanted mobile system includes digitally gathering and disseminating real-time visual intelligence on utility asset damage enabling automated priority analysis and enhanced utility outage response. A preferred embodiment may be made up of, for example, communication module (102) to transfer geo-coded damage imaging and associated metadata simultaneously from multiple outage-causing damage locations to dispatchers and operations personnel in the utility control room and in the field.
Bossanova Systems, Inc.

Method and input device for setting function keys

Disclosed herein are a method and an input device for setting function keys. Information of latitude and longitude related to the input device is obtained by a network positioning method or a method of global positioning system and position information is obtained according to the information of latitude and longitude.
Kye Systems Corp.

System and calculating distance between objects

System and method for calculating distance between objects is disclosed. Location data of a first object is generated.
Hcl Technologies Limited

Plug tracking using through-the-earth communication system

A system for tracking an object in oil and gas wellbore operations wherein a releasable object carrying a first signal system is released into tube system associated with a wellbore. The first signal system communicates with one or more second signal systems positioned along the travel path of the object; along the surface of the formation; and/or throughout the wellbore.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Plug tracking through surface mounted equipment

A system for tracking an object in oil and gas wellbore operations wherein a releasable object carrying a first signal system is released into tube system associated with a wellbore. The first signal system communicates with one or more second signal systems positioned along the travel path of the object; along the surface of the formation; and/or throughout the wellbore.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Driverless vehicle movement processing and cloud systems

A system for navigating a vehicle automatically from a current location to a destination location without a human operator is provided. The system of the vehicle includes a global positioning system (gps) for identifying a vehicle location and a communications system for communicating with a server of a cloud system.
Emerging Automotive, Llc

Plug tracking using piezo electric pulse signaling

A system for tracking an object in oil and gas wellbore operations wherein a releasable object carrying a first signal system is released into tube system associated with a wellbore. The first signal system communicates with one or more second signal systems positioned along the travel path of the object; along the surface of the formation; and/or throughout the wellbore.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

System and methods for smart and secure package receivers

A smart and secured system to receive packages from online shopping; automatically download list of incoming packages from one or multiple linked online-shopping accounts; provide navigational support to postal carriers and/or autonomous delivery; print receipts for validation; send encrypted confirmation to home-owners when any packages arrives; and implement an a. The system compromises of a secure box with a magnetic lock to store packages; a control circuitry, mini thermal printer and embedded processor to recognize and validate the arrived packages; a radio-frequency transceiver to wirelessly communicate with other electronic devices to notice information of the packages; and global positioning system (gps) tracking tags for anti-theft protection.

Systems and methods to track regions visited by mobile devices and detect changes in location patterns

Systems and methods including mobile devices determining their location using a location determination system, such as a global positioning system. A database stores the identifiers of cells representative of predefined regions in a hierarchical grid system.
Ninthdecimal, Inc.

Positioning with wireless local area networks and wlan-aided global positioning systems

Accurate position capability can be quickly provided using a wireless local area network (wlan). When associated with a wlan, a wireless device can quickly determine its relative and/or coordinate position based on information provided by an access point in the wlan.
Qualcomm Incorporated

On-road vehicle service handling method

A computerized, on-road, vehicle service handling system involves, a motor vehicle having therewithin a global positioning system (gps) navigation system, an on-board diagnostic (obd) system, a display within the vehicle, non-transitory storage having stored therein payment information, and at least one processor. While a user is driving a vehicle between first and second locations, upon receiving a fault condition signal from the obd system, the processor will; automatically identify, and transmit information, to multiple vehicle service locations within a limited distance radius of the path towards the second location, receive service responses, receive a selection by the user of at least two of the vehicle service locations and an order of preference thereof; send a service request with payment information to the first selected vehicle service location; and receive a communication from the first vehicle service location either accepting or rejecting the request..
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and a system for providing an interactive location service

The present invention provides a method (200) for providing an interactive location service to a user, through a computing device (110). The method comprising the steps of obtaining (210) a spherical map of the geographical region, identifying (220) a point of reference within the geographical region, obtaining (230) reference global positioning system (gps) coordinates corresponding to the point of reference, defining (240) a spatial coordinate system with the point of reference as an origin of the spatial coordinate system, identifying (250) a first locale within the geographical region and obtaining first gps coordinates, calculating (260) first spatial coordinates, displaying (270) the spherical map at a screen (120), indicating (280) the first locale on the spherical map by means of a first token and displaying (290) content data corresponding to the first locale to the user.
Centre For Content Creation Sdn Bhd

Methods and assessing tire health through monitoring effective tire rolling radius

Methods and apparatus for assessing tire health through monitoring an effective tire rolling radius are disclosed. An example method includes obtaining velocity data for a vehicle from a global positioning system, obtaining angular speed data for a wheel of the vehicle, processing the velocity data and the angular speed data using a digital filter, and determining an effective rolling radius of a tire coupled to the wheel based on the processed velocity data and angular speed data..
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Trailer, labeling system, control system, and program for field implementation of computerized hole selection for layflat irrigation pipe

A system for installing and labeling lay flat irrigation pipe in flooded rice and furrow irrigated fields, and a trailer for laying a roll of pipe in an irrigated field. The trailer includes a flexible hitch assembly positioned at a first end of the trailer, wherein the hitch assembly couples the trailer to a vehicle.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

Baler information system and method

A bale information system includes a baling machine configured to process a material into a bale, the baling machine including a sensor configured to measure a release of the bale from the baling machine, a global positioning system receiver in operable communication with the baling machine, and a data storage system operable to receive and store data from the global positioning system receiver.. .
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

Systems and methods to track locations visited by mobile devices and determine neighbors of and distances among locations

Systems and methods including mobile devices determining their locations using a location determination system, such as a global positioning system. A set of locations, including locations of one or more mobile devices, are identified by their coordinates on the surface of the earth.
Ninthdecimal, Inc.

Method of using gps map information to highlight road markings on a head up display that otherwise may be non-visible due to inclement weather

A head up display arrangement for a motor vehicle includes a global positioning system module emitting geographic location coordinates associated with the motor vehicle. A database includes lane marking location data stored in association with corresponding geographic location coordinates.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

Intelligent standpipe

A standpipe (15) for drawing water from a mains water supply. The standpipe includes an inlet 9 having a first coupling (7) configured to enable the standpipe to be connected to a hydrant outlet of the mains water supply and an outlet (5) having a second coupling (23) configured to enable a water delivery hose to be connected to the standpipe.
Skilltech Consulting Services Pty Ltd

Dome light assemblies and units that produce natural and courtesy light patterns

A dome light assembly that includes a reflective surface facing an interior; a light-diffusing element over the reflective surface having a plurality of corresponding opposed edges and led sources; and a controller for directing the sources to transmit a plurality of light patterns from the element into the interior based at least in part on a plurality of inputs. Further, each source is configured to direct incident light into the corresponding edge.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Systems and methods to identify a predefined geographical region in which a mobile device is located

Systems and methods including a mobile device determining the coordinates of its location using a location determination system, such as a global positioning system. A database stores the identifiers of cells representative of predefined regions in a hierarchical grid system.
Ninthdecimal, Inc.

Motor-wing gimbal aircraft, methods, and applications

This invention, the motor-wing gimbal aircraft (mga) is an aerial vehicle and waterborne craft. It launches and lands vertically from the ground and water.

Horizontal directional drilling system including sonde position detection using global positioning systems

A locator device and methods of use are disclosed. The locator device includes a first locating system configured to generate to sense an electromagnetic field emanating from a sonde associated with a drill head, and a second locating system including a global positioning system.
Vermeer Manufacturing Company

Data derived pre-bolus delivery

A medical therapy system to deliver a pre-bolus volume of medicant is disclosed. The medical therapy system includes an infusion pump that has a case containing a processor, memory, a drive mechanism, a reservoir, communication hardware and a sensor system.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

Location-assisted service capability monitoring

A digitally stored map can indicate the signal quality for each of the map's regions. A device can determine its location, speed, and direction using global positioning system (gps) and other sensors.
Apple Inc.

System for tracking location of a person

A system and a method for tracking the location of a person are provided. The system includes means for wearable housing, means for data communication, means for data interface and a means adapted for a computing device.

Portable terminal and position determination

There is a mobile terminal including an antenna, a global positioning system (gps) receiver and at least two different applications. Each of the at least two different applications are executable on the mobile terminal.
Nokia Technologies Oy

Aircraft laser detector

In certain embodiments, an apparatus comprises a laser detector, a lens, a global positioning system (“gps”) receiver, a digital ground map, a tilt measurement device, and one or more processors. The laser detector is operable to detect a laser light emitted from a laser source, the lens is operable to pass the laser light to the laser detector, the gps receiver is operable to determine a gps location of an aircraft, and the tilt measurement device is operable to determine a tilt angle of the aircraft.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Systems and methods for identifying socially relevant landmarks

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for identifying socially relevant landmarks that can facilitate wayfinding providing a landmark based route map that is easy to read and is dynamically updated by known and new landmarks based on their social relevance. Gps (global positioning system) locations help in identifying active zones and social media data associated with users in the zone help to identify candidate landmarks in the active zone that may be registered as new landmarks.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Remote monitoring device

A remote monitoring device is connected to a rubber strap and contains: a controller, a global system for mobile communication (gsm), a global positioning system (gps), a wi-fi & blue tooth, and a near field communication (nfc). The controller includes a microprocessor, a blood pressure sensing unit, a heartbeat sensing unit, a temperature sensing unit, and a wireless signal transmitting unit.

Offline map download

A system discloses analyzing global positioning system (gps) parameters of a mobile device to determine if the mobile device is outside a predetermined range and if it is determined that the mobile device is outside the predetermined range, communicating a notification to the mobile device to download maps on the mobile device using an alternate communication channel.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Personal global positioning system (gps) security token

An improved system for increasing computer security generates a list of computing devices or assets, and a set of rules having approved locations corresponding to each of the computing devices or assets. An alert is generated if a computing device or asset that is in a rule violation of the set of rules.
The Boeing Company

Implantable device for locating drug users

A medical implant including a drug sensor and a global positioning system (gps) module connected to a wireless network. The gps module sends a location of the patient and optionally information of when patient uses an illegal drug when the sensor detects the drug within the patient's bloodstream..

Systems and methods to identify home addresses of mobile devices

Systems and methods including a database storing the identifiers of cells representing residential parcels of real estate properties. Mobile devices determine the coordinates of their locations during a period of time using a location determination system, such as a global positioning system.

Location based services in a distributed communication system, and related components and methods

Distributed communication systems provide location information to mobile terminals that may not be able to receive otherwise global positioning system (gps) information from gps satellites. Providing location information to clients inside a building or other location may make location based services, such as emergency (e911) services, possible based on the location information.

Multi-mode remote collaboration

Generally discussed herein are systems and apparatuses for multi-mode collaboration between entities in different jurisdictions. According to an example a technique can include determining a location of a remote communication device by at least one of a global positioning system (gps), low frequency (lf) atomic time radio, earth magnetic signature, internet protocol (ip) address, and cell phone tower triangulation, determine regulations regarding communication from an internal network to the remote device based on the determined location, and configure the remote device to transmit and receive communications in a manner compliant with the determined regulations including one of voice over internet protocol (voip) communication, hypertext transfer protocol (http) communication, text communication, voice communication, video communication, and augmented reality communication..

System of determining a position of a remote object via one or more images

In one or more embodiments, one or more systems, methods and/or processes may determine a location of a remote object (e.g., a point and/or area of interest, landmark, structure that “looks interesting”, buoy, anchored boat, etc.). For example, the location of a remote object may be determined via a first bearing, at a first location, and a second bearing, at a second location, to the remote object.

Search, measurements, and positioning with aid of motion detection information

Certain aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to enhanced procedures for search, measurement, and positioning with aid of motion detection information. According to certain aspects, a method is provided for wireless communications which may be performed, for example, by a user equipment (ue).
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and surrogate locational determination

Surrogate locational determination may rely on a surrogate device to provide a locational fix. When a device lacks an accurate geo-location system, communication may be established with a nearby surrogate device.
Dell Products, Lp

Computerized generating and updating a map user interface

Apparatus, interfaces, and computer instructions are provided for establishing an association between a user and a declared interest, such as a brand or some other subject, and for generating a map to display the interests of one or more users. An association is established between an interest identifier, a user, and target object selected based upon an action of the user.

Accurate synchronization as a service

Novel tools and techniques are provided for implementing network timing functionality. In some embodiments, a grand master clock(s) might receive a first timing signal from a global positioning system (“gps”) source via a gps antenna(s), and might send a second timing signal (which might be based at least in part on the first timing signal) to a slave clock(s), in some cases, via one or more network elements or the like.

System and pressure altitude correction

Transponder transmissions may be monitored through a direct, shielded connection of an rf coupler to a transponder antenna cable. The transponder interrogated pressure altitude may quickly change and measuring accurate data including position and pressure altitude is critical.

Method and system for packet acquisition, analysis and intrusion detection in field area networks

A packet intercept system includes probes along the field area network. A portion of the probes are mobile probes configured to receive and process a global positioning system signal.

Charging station guide apparatus and the same

The present disclosure provides charging station guide apparatus and method. The charging station guide apparatus includes: a global positioning system (gps) receiving a gps signal transmitted from a gps satellite; a storage unit storing charging station information including map information and charging station position information; a control unit generating a first display window including a vehicle object representing vehicle position information and a charging station position object representing charging station position information based on the gps signal, the map information, and the charging station information, generating a second display window including a charging station distance object representing charging station distance information, and also generating an image so that the second display window overlaps with one end of the first display window; and a display unit displaying an image generated from the control unit..

Remote controlled aircraft

A remote controlled aircraft includes an aircraft that may be flown. A plurality of light emitters is coupled to the aircraft.

Gps time-aiding and frequency correction

A system and method for time-aiding an autonomous global positioning system device over a bluetooth connection allows for a faster time to fix by allowing faster acquisition of time and ephemeris data. The time-aiding information may be distributed in a one-to-one manner or in a manner that allows for the synchronization of multiple devices..
Google Technology Holdings Llc

Cell phone for prevention of accidents

A cell phone which can be used to disable texting, calling and other features while driving a moving vehicle. The position and speed of a user's cell phone are captured with the help of global positioning system feature present in the cell phone.

Peer competitor locating system

The present embodiment is a system and a method for enabling interactive socialization of users at a venue and employing a wireless interactive device. The system may include a registration interface, location determination data packet, user location data packet, transmission data packet, intercommunication data packet, and mapping data packet.

On board monitoring device

An onboard device comprising a processor, a memory coupled to the processor, and an analog-to-digital (a/d) converter. The onboard device also comprises a transceiver and a global positioning system (gps) receiver.
Gordon*howard Associates, Inc.

Method and generating road surface, processing point cloud data, computer program, and computer readable recording medium

Provided herein is a method for generating a road surface. The method for generating a road surface includes: obtaining a view height of a laser scanner used in an operation process through a mobile mapping system (mms); determining a reference height on the basis of the obtained view height and a height measured by a global positioning system (gps); extracting point cloud data positioned in a predetermined height range from the determined reference height among point cloud data obtained in the mobile mapping system; and generating the road surface on the basis of the extracted point cloud data..
Thinkware Corporation

Geofencing for medical devices

A medical therapy system for delivering at least two therapies based on a geographic location of the medical therapy system is disclosed. The medical therapy system includes an infusion pump having a case that contains a processor, memory, a drive mechanism, a reservoir, a radio, and a sensor suite.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

Traffic flow rates

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for determining a scaled flow rate of traffic for a road segment. For example, probe flow rate information is determined based upon locational information from one or more probe vehicles on a road segment (e.g., a flow rate of probe vehicles corresponding to a sum of probe vehicles identified from time stamped global positioning system coordinates provided by the probe vehicles).
Inrix Inc.

Joint non-coherent integral vector tracking method based on spatial domain

The present invention discloses a joint non-coherent integral vector tracking method based on a spatial domain, which is used for further improving the performance of a vector tracking gps (global positioning system) receiver. In a new vector tracking strategy design, a phase discriminator/a frequency discriminator in a traditional vector tracking loop is discarded, and baseband signals of visible satellites in each channel are taken as an observation value after performing non-coherent integration, and eke (abbreviation of extended kalman filter) is used to estimate directly and to solve the position, the velocity, a clock error, etc.
Southeast University

Determination of a ground receiver position

Technology for determining a geographical location of a ground receiver is disclosed. A plurality of radio frequency (rf) signals from a plurality of rf signal carriers may be received at the ground receiver.
Raytheon Company

Interactive applications using data from light sensory networks

In various example embodiments, a system and method for interactive applications that use location-based information from a light sensor network are presented. In example embodiments, data indicating a destination location inside a geofence is received.
Sensity Systems Inc.

Terminal device and early warning method thereof

The embodiments of the present disclosure disclose a terminal device and an early warning method for the terminal device. The method includes: a terminal starts a global positioning system (gps) positioning to acquire current geographical location information in real time, and matches the current geographical location information with geographical location information of a set region in a service area of a base station to which the terminal belongs; if a matching result is that the terminal has left the set region of the base station to which the terminal belongs, the terminal performs an early warning operation.
Zte Corporation

Mounting device for portable multi-stream video recording device

A disclosed mounting device for a portable video capture device includes a main body, a first coupling device, and a second coupling device. The main body includes a global positioning system (gps) receiver.
Waylens, Inc.

Apparatus, method, and computer program product for correlating global positioning system data and iso 8583 network transaction data or the like

A mobile application is made available for download to a device associated with a mobile business. Data describing a varying location of the business (and including an id) is obtained by exposing an api to the application over a wireless network.
Mastercard International Incorporated

Global navigation satellite system antenna

A system for facilitating installation of a global navigation satellite system (gnss) antenna on an aircraft may include, a gnss antenna, a transducer, a cable operably coupling the gnss antenna to the transducer, and a global positioning systems (gps) receiver operably coupled to the transducer.. .
Aeroantenna Technology, Inc.

Method and system for assessment of cognitive function based on electronic device usage

A system and method that enables a person to unobtrusively quantify the effect of mobility, physical activity, learning, social interaction and diet on cognitive function. The method records on the electronic device one of global positioning system longitude and latitude coordinates, accelerometer coordinates, and gyroscope coordinates, one of outgoing and incoming phone calls, outgoing and incoming emails, and outgoing and incoming text messages, one of urls visited on an internet browser application, books read on an e-reader application, games played on game applications, and the nutritional content of food consumed, performs the step of learning a function mapping from those recordings to measurements of cognitive function using a loss function to identify a set of optimal weights that produce a minimum for the loss function, uses those optimal weights to create the function mapping, and performs the step of computing the variance of the cognitive function measurements that is explained by the function mapping to assign an attribution to the effect of physical activity on measured changes in cognitive function..
Mindstrong, Llc

Gps signal acquisition method and distributed base station

A method for acquiring a global positioning system gps signal and a distributed base station are provided. The method includes that: a gps signal is received via a gps receiving module on a radio remote unit rru of a distributed base station, herein the gps signal includes a clock signal and location information; the rru transmits the received clock signal and location information to a building base band unit bbu of the distributed base station; and the bbu computes to obtain an optimal clock provided for all devices of the present base station to use according to the received clock signal, and stores the received location information..
Zte Corporation

Multipath error correction

In one or more embodiments, techniques and systems for multipath error correction are provided herein. A global positioning system (gps) component or unit determines a position of a vehicle at different times.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Uav policing, enforcement and deployment system

The described embodiments provide systems and methods for any type, usage, classification of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) policing including but limited; detection, compliance to faa (local, state, federal and global) enforcement and various operational guidelines. The unmanned aerial vehicle enforcement (uave) includes but is not limited to operational and airworthiness guidance for the operation of plurality approved routes and/or route restriction, methods, procedures, global positioning systems, registration (ownership), authorization, cargo and usage approval, breadcrumb trail of flight departure(s) procedures and coordinates (dpcs), and standard arrival procedures and coordinates (sapcs) and other systems.

Marine vessel station keeping systems and methods

A system for maintaining a marine vessel in a body of water at a selected position and orientation includes a global positioning system that determines a global position and heading of the vessel and a proximity sensor that determines a relative position and bearing of the vessel with respect to an object near the vessel. A controller operable in a station keeping mode is in signal communication with the gps and the proximity sensor.
Brunswick Corporation

Content display controls based on environmental factors

Approaches are described for controlling and filtering the display of content by computing devices. In particular, a mobile computing device can adjust the playing of media content (e.g., audio, video, images, games, ringtones) according to situational appropriateness and other environmental factors occurring around the device.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Car-top mount with population density estimation

In many contexts, vehicles navigate routes while providing a service on behalf of a service provider, and with the assistance of global positioning systems (gps) for navigation, routing, and/or vehicle tracking. In addition to identifying the location of the vehicle, devices with integrated gps may also identify a population density (e.g., of individuals, cyclists, or other vehicles) within a vicinity of a location of the vehicle, which may caution a driver of high-population-density areas; may be used to assess a risk of the vehicle while navigating the route, and/or to suggest alternative routes; and/or to count the people who observe the vehicle navigating the route while performing the service.

Selecting a location determination a mobile device within a wireless communication network

A method of selecting a location determination method for a mobile device within a wireless communication network. For example, the method may be selected based upon how the mobile device accessed the wireless communication network and the capabilities of the mobile device.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

Location tracking power cord and method therefore

A location tracking power cord and method therefore is taught in the various embodiments. The power cord includes location module housing having a location circuit board therein.

System and instantaneously determining uniform distribution of water, salinity, conductivity, temperature and other conditions in soil

A system and method for objective and real-time measurable indicator for calculating distribution uniformity of water, salinity, conductivity, or temperature in turf are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system and method may be directed to collecting turf condition data using a compact, portable turf analysis device having one or more sensors and global positioning system (gps) module configured to collect location data to a server database.
Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

System and determining turf performance indicators

System and method for quantifying qualitative turf conditions as they relate to turf performance and health. In an embodiment, data is collected about turf condition using a turf analysis device.
Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

System and tracking and optimizing pin hole locations on a putting green

A system and method for more efficient tracking and automatically recommend an optimizing pinhole locations on putting greens are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system and method may be directed to identifying a global position of a pinhole location using a turf analysis device having a global positioning system (gps) module configured to collect and assimilate pinhole location data and condition data to a server database.
Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc

Golfing performance assistance device

A golfing performance assistance device for performance assistance through range finding and terrain mapping includes a housing. A power module, a microprocessor, a receiver and a memory storage unit are coupled to and positioned in the housing.

Automated farming system and method

An automated farming system includes equipment operating on a cropland. The equipment includes a yield monitor for dynamically measuring crop yields, and a communications subsystem for wirelessly reporting data corresponding to the crop yields.

Mitigation of spoofer satellite signals

A technology is described for mitigating global positioning system (gps) spoofer signals. A potentially spoofed gps signal received via an antenna coupled to a gps receiver can be identified.
Raytheon Company

Processing container images and identifiers using optical character recognition and geolocation

Embodiments include a system configured to process location information for objects in a site comprising an imaging device configured to take a picture of an object, the picture containing a unique identifier of the object; a global positioning system (gps) component associated with the imaging device and configured to tag the image of the object with gps location information of the object to generate a tagged image; a communications interface configured to transmit the tagged image to a server computer remote from the imaging device over an internet protocol (ip) network; and a processor of the server configured to perform optical character recognition (ocr) on the picture and to create an indicator code corresponding to the identifier of the object, wherein the processor is further configured to create a processed result containing the indicator code and the location to locate the object within the site.. .
Hki Systems And Service Llc

Assigning social networking system users to households

Users of a social networking system are assigned to households using prediction models that rely, in part, on user profile information and social graph data. Information about users may be received by a social networking system through various channels (e.g., declared/profile information, user history, ip addresses, global positioning system (gps) data from check-in events and/or continuously provided by mobile devices, external household information, and/or social information).
Facebook, Inc.

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