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Global Positioning System patents


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 Location tracking system and method patent thumbnailLocation tracking system and method
Provided is a location tracking system and a method of operating the location tracking system. The location tracking system selects either an indoor location tracking mode or an outdoor location tracking mode according to whether a user is currently indoors or outdoors and tracks the location of the user.
Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation

 Systems and methods to identify home addresses of mobile devices patent thumbnailSystems and methods to identify home addresses of mobile devices
Systems and methods including a database storing the identifiers of cells representing residential parcels of real estate properties. Mobile devices determine the coordinates of their locations during a period of time using a location determination system, such as a global positioning system.
Ninthdecimal, Inc.

 Facilitation of determination of antenna location patent thumbnailFacilitation of determination of antenna location
Assisted global positioning system (agps) information is retrieved from mobile devices and employed to facilitate antenna location. Measurement information, including agps information, can be received from a plurality of mobile devices dispersed over a geographical region.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

 Circularly polarized global positioning system antenna using parasitic lines patent thumbnailCircularly polarized global positioning system antenna using parasitic lines
A circularly polarized global positioning system (gps) antenna using parasitic lines, in which circular polarization is implemented to improve the efficiency of the reception of satellite signals by an antenna. For this, a circularly polarized gps antenna using parasitic lines according to an embodiment includes a substrate, a radiating patch formed on a top of the substrate, a parasitic line part formed on the top of the substrate and disposed to be spaced apart from the radiating patch, thus implementing circular polarization characteristics by inducing reverse current, a ground plate formed on a bottom of the substrate, and a feeding via formed through the substrate and configured to electrically connect the ground plate to the radiating patch..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Enhancing information security via the use of a dummy credit card number patent thumbnailEnhancing information security via the use of a dummy credit card number
The present disclosure is directed to enhancing electronic information security. An electronic device is registered in a registration process.
Paypal, Inc.

 Autonomous transmit chain delay measurements patent thumbnailAutonomous transmit chain delay measurements
A system and method for determining transmission delay in a communications system. In some embodiments, satellite positioning information having system frame number (sfn) information may be received for a mobile device and observed time difference of arrival (otdoa) measurements may be received for a mobile device.
Commscope Technologies Llc

 Doppler shift estimation and correction for broadband communication in unmanned aerial vehicles patent thumbnailDoppler shift estimation and correction for broadband communication in unmanned aerial vehicles
Systems and associated methods for reducing doppler shifts in the broadband signals between unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and ground stations are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method for reducing the doppler shift of wireless signals includes estimating a velocity of the uav based on a global positioning system (gps) or an inertial measurement unit (imu) of the uav and calculating the doppler shift of an upload (ul) wireless signal based on the velocity of the uav.
Facebook, Inc.

 Multiband vehicular antenna assembly patent thumbnailMultiband vehicular antenna assembly
Exemplary embodiments are disclosed of multiband vehicular antenna assemblies with global navigation satellite system (gnss) capabilities. In exemplary embodiments, a multiband antenna assembly is operable with more than two satellite navigation system frequencies (e.g., global positioning system (gps), beidou navigation satellite system (bds), the russian global navigation satellite system (glonass), etc.).
Laird Technologies Shanghai Co., Ltd.

 Alarm system and method patent thumbnailAlarm system and method
An alarm system includes a detector positioned to detect when an object experiences an unauthorized removal and which produces an alarm signal when the object experiences an unauthorized removal. The alarm system includes a cell phone with global positioning system (gps) in communication with the detector which transmits wirelessly an alarm alert signal with coordinates of the cell phones location when the cell phone receives the alarm signal.

 Techniques for securing live positioning signals patent thumbnailTechniques for securing live positioning signals
A pay television satellite broadcast includes validation data that can be used to validate authenticity of live global positioning system (gps) data. The validation data may be included within entitlement messages and encrypted for security and selective reception by authorized receivers.
Opentv, Inc.

System and placing virtual geographic zone markers

A system and method for user interaction includes a network, a server connected to the network, a supervisor device receiving information from a global positioning system and connected to the network, a user device receiving information from the global positioning system and connected to the network. The supervisor, having the supervisor device, defines a set of virtual geographic zones and sub-zones in which the user device is tracked, and saves the set of virtual geographic zones and sub-zones to a supervisor account on the server.

Integrated multifunction scope for optical combat identification and other uses

Systems and methods for enabling an integrated multifunction scope for optical combat identification and other uses. The functionality of multiple integrated laser engagement system (miles) is combined with optical combat identification systems (ocids) or other identification as friend or foe (iff) systems.
Cubic Corporation

Potential call drop indicator

Mobile device user notifications of highly likely call drops or service losses are provided. A wireless network can determine from the location history of a mobile device if that mobile device is likely to lose connectivity to the wireless network or to a particular wireless service and issue an alert to the user.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Systems and methods for refining landmark positions

A system is provided for determining a location of a landmark for use in navigation of an autonomous vehicle. The system includes a processor programmed to receive a measured position of the landmark.
Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.

Interactive applications using data from light sensory networks

In various example embodiments, a system and method for interactive applications that use location-based information from a light sensor network are presented. In example embodiments, data indicating a destination location inside a geofence is received.
Sensity Systems Inc.

Intelligent global positioning system service

An approach for an intelligent gps service is provided. The approach monitors a plurality of routes, wherein the plurality of routes are routes traveled by a user in a plurality of successive journeys.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and method with automatic radius crossing notification for global positioning system (gps) tracker

Systems and methods with automatic radius cross notification for a gps tracker are provided. Some methods can include receiving user input requesting a dynamic creation of a geo-fence, and, responsive thereto, creating the geo-fence.
Honeywell International Inc.

Personal luggage locator device, system, and processes

A personal luggage locator device, system, and processes for controlling this device are disclosed. The personal luggage locator device and system allows a traveler to track his or her luggage when traveling by packing the personal luggage locator device in the luggage and tracking the location of the luggage using a mobile device that receives location information about the luggage from at least one of a global positioning system (gps) and a bluetooth communication connection to the personal luggage locator device..

Mobile monitoring process with gas sensing technology

A system and method for mobile monitoring is provided. The system may include a mobile communications unit and a plurality of global positioning system “gps” enabled sensors each configured to wirelessly transmit geographic data, liquid level data, and gas sensing data to the mobile communications unit.
Karmic Energy Llc

Vision system for vehicle

A vision system for a vehicle includes a forward viewing camera and an image processor operable to process image data captured by the camera. Responsive at least in part to processing of captured image data, lane markers of a road along which the vehicle is traveling are detected, other vehicles are detected, and road curvature of the road along which the vehicle is traveling is determined.
Magna Electronics Inc.

Method, system and geo-verification

A method, system and apparatus are provided for geo-verification for access to data stored in a memory of a server having a processor and a network interface connected to the memory. The method includes: storing, in the memory, access control data including an approved geographic area; receiving at the processor, from a client computing device via the network interface, a request for access to the data, the request containing a client location of the client computing device, the client location including global positioning system (gps) coordinates; comparing, at the processor, the client location to the approved geographic area; when the client location is within the approved geographic area, permitting access to the data for the client computing device via the network interface; and when the client location is not within the approved geographic area, denying the request..
Client Care Audit Inc.

Integration of heads up display with data processing

A wearable information gathering and processing system is described. The system includes an information obtaining device, the information obtaining device including at least one of a radio frequency identification (rfid) reader, an infra red (ir) detector, a global positioning system (gps) receiver, a laser measurement device, microphone, or camera.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Geolocation antenna system

Systems and methods for improved global positioning system (“gps”) function employ two multiband, multiport antennas to receive gps signals. The antennas also serve wifi frequencies, and the system utilizes the received wifi signal strength to correct the gps reception pattern for detuning due to user contact or other factors.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Backpack for motorcyclists

A backpack for motorcyclists provides a rigid outer shell with an electrical system wherein an onboard battery powers rear signal lights, each comprising a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds), which are linked with the motorcycle's electrical system to function as brake lights and turn signals. The electrical system also charges a cellular telephone or other portable device via a universal service bus (usb) port, and may be recharged by one or more solar panels mounted to the exterior of the backpack.

Method and device for retrieving secured terminal log data

A mobile device, such as a cellular phone, can retrieve log data from a secured terminal, such as an automated teller machine. The mobile device can download data including a log from a secured terminal through a connection established therebetween, such as through a wired port on the secured terminal.
Ncr Corporation

Systems, methods, and devices for generating a shipment order based on wireless tracker information

Embodiments of the present disclosure include systems, methods, and devices for generating a shipment order based on wireless tracker information. Embodiments may include a computer server that stores a shipment origin for a shipment.
Roambee Corporation

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  • Tracking System
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  • Wireless Computing
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