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Global Positioning System patents


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 Method and system for providing enhanced location based information for wireless handsets using dead reckoning patent thumbnailMethod and system for providing enhanced location based information for wireless handsets using dead reckoning
Methods, devices and systems for generating enhanced location information on or about a mobile device may include improved dead reckoning solutions in which the mobile device performs location determination calculations with the aid of network components or global positioning systems (gps). The network aided location information may be provided to the processor and utilized in measuring the accuracy of sensor based location calculations.
Rivada Research, Llc.

 Traffic flow rates patent thumbnailTraffic flow rates
One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for determining a scaled flow rate of traffic for a road segment. For example, probe flow rate information is determined based upon locational information from one or more probe vehicles on a road segment (e.g., a flow rate of probe vehicles corresponding to a sum of probe vehicles identified from time stamped global positioning system coordinates provided by the probe vehicles).
Inrix Inc.,

 Smart integrated point of sale system patent thumbnailSmart integrated point of sale system
Embodiments of the present technology relate to an all-in-one integrated transaction platform. An example integrated point of sale (pos) device comprises a tablet processor, secure processor, and memory for storing executable instructions that comprise a business management system, a housing comprising a plurality of video display screens, wherein a merchant display screen is coupled to at least one customer display screen, a business management system receiving input from the plurality of video display screens, a payment reader, wherein the payment reader is capable of accepting at least magnetic swipe cards, emv (europay, mastercard, and visa) chip and pin cards, and nfc (near field communication) payment, a barcode scanner, a cash drawer, a printer, an ada (american disabilities act) compliant secure keypad, a biometric verification unit, at least one camera, gps (global positioning system), and wired and wireless communication technologies such as but not limited to ethernet, wi-fi, bluetooth, 3g/4g etc..
Innowi Inc.

 Traffic obstruction detection patent thumbnailTraffic obstruction detection
One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for training and/or utilizing a traffic obstruction identification model for identifying traffic obstructions based upon vehicle location point data. For example, a training dataset, comprising sample vehicle location points (e.g., global positioning system location points of vehicles) and traffic obstruction identification labels (e.g., locations of known traffic obstructions such as stop signs, crosswalks, stop lights, etc.), may be evaluated to extract a set of training features indicative of traffic flow patterns.
Inrix Inc.,

 Single pcb wrist worn device patent thumbnailSingle pcb wrist worn device
A wrist worn device, comprising: a single piece flexible printed circuit board (pcb), the single piece flexible pcb having: a central portion fabricated with a central conducting area configured to connect electronically to an electronic source, a processing unit and a cellular communication circuit; a band portion fabricated with conductive materials for forming an integrated antenna electrically connected to the cellular communication circuit via the central conducting area; and a second band portion; a global positioning system (gps) module electrically connected to the processing unit and to the electronic source via the central conducting area; a first band cover mounted to wrap the first band portion; a second band cover mounted to wrap the second band portion; and a central portion cover having a receptacle area for housing the electronic source, the processing unit and the cellular communication circuit.. .
Kgps (israel) Ltd.

 Bicycle activity monitoring and recording device with air pollution sensors patent thumbnailBicycle activity monitoring and recording device with air pollution sensors
Provided is an activity monitoring and recording device which may include a smartphone, a pollution sensor, a global positioning system (gps) device, a microprocessor and proprietary software supported to a bicycle.. .

 Positioning with wireless local area networks and wlan-aided global positioning systems patent thumbnailPositioning with wireless local area networks and wlan-aided global positioning systems
Accurate position capability can be quickly provided using a wireless local area network (wlan). When associated with a wlan, a wireless device can quickly determine its relative and/or coordinate position based on information provided by an access point in the wlan.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Distress signal transmitters patent thumbnailDistress signal transmitters
Distress signal transmitters of the present invention are designed to maximize the chance for a victim to survive an accident, and minimize the time for a rescue party to find a victim. The preferred embodiments of the distress signal transmitters of the present invention are to be self-powered, self-activated, and to remain fully functional when dropped into salt water.

 System and  selecting events or locations based on content patent thumbnailSystem and selecting events or locations based on content
Systems and methods of returning location and/or event results using information mined from non-textual information are provided. Non-textual information is captured using a hardware component of a user device.
Ebay Inc.

 Shoelaces with location monitoring systems patent thumbnailShoelaces with location monitoring systems
Systems and methods for monitoring the location of a wearer of a shoelace and providing alerts when the wearer is not within the pre-established parameters are disclosed. A shoelace has a location monitoring device irremovably housed within it.

System and video streaming to a geographically limited set of viewers

A video distribution technique permits individual users to view a streaming video of an event if they are located outside an exclusion zone surrounding the location of the event. The exclusion zone may be a distance (e.g., 50 miles) or a geographical zone (e.g., a city or county border).
Mobilitie, Llc

Textual geographic location processing

Textual geographical location relates a placename, which is a set of terms, from one to any maximum as defined in an individual language, to a unique point or area (many points) as found on a map or other coordinate system, such as the map of the united states as used in global positioning system (gps).. .
Intelligent Language, Llc

Methods and systems for detecting and defending against invalid time signals

Some embodiments of the time resilient system and methods disclosed herein can be configured to detect and defend against invalid time signals. According to various embodiments of the disclosed technology, the time resilient system include a receiver for collecting time signals sourced from an external clock.
San Diego Gas & Electric Company

Vehicle and map generating the vehicle

A map generating method includes: modeling a predetermined amount of global positioning system (gps) data as linear segments; determining whether a difference between the modeled segments and the gps data is within a predetermined range; and determining an amount of gps data forming the modeled segments based on whether the difference is within the predetermined range.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Method and radio interface-based inter-cell synchronization in wireless communication system

Provided are a method and an apparatus for transmitting a maximum stratum level in a wireless communication system. An evolved nodeb (enb) or a home enb (henb) having a global positioning system (gps) constitutes a maximum stratum level indicating a maximum value of a hop capable of supporting radio interface based synchronization (ribs) and transmits the constituted maximum stratum level to a small cell.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Cell id disambiguation

Systems and methods for cell id disambiguation are described. In one embodiment, a method may be disclosed for constructing a neighbor table, comprising: receiving, at a mobile base station, a physical cell identifier (pci) of a detected neighbor base station from a user equipment (ue); receiving a global positioning system (gps) position of the mobile base station; and associating the gps position of the mobile base station with the pci of the detected neighbor base station in a neighbor table..
Parallel Wireless, Inc.

Global positioning system ("gps") independent navigation system for a self-guided aerial vehicle utilizing multiple optical sensors

Disclosed is a global positioning system (“gps”) independent navigation system (“gins”) for a self-guided aerial vehicle (“sav”). The sav has a housing, where the housing has an outer surface, a length, a front-end, and a longitudinal axis along the length of the housing.
The Boeing Company

Retriever locator

A selectable lost item retriever locator system to locate the predetermined lost and/or stolen items, comprising a hand-held receiver or locator unit and chips applied to items the user desires to locate, is disclosed. The receiver or locator unit is a hand held device, either a smartphone app or a component that picks up signals like a remote or a key clicker device.

Sharing links in an augmented reality environment

Various embodiments provide methods and systems for users and business owners to share content and/or links to visual elements of a place at a physical location, and, in response to a user device pointing at a tagged place, causing the content and/or links to the visual elements of the place to be presented on the user device. In some embodiments, content and links are tied to specific objects at a place based at least in part upon one of global positioning system (gps) locations, inertial measurement unit (imu) orientations, compass data, or one or more visual matching algorithms., Inc.

Modularized self-addressing apparatus and method

A monitoring and reporting system involves a master control unit; multiple geographically dispersed monitor units, each comprising a base unit including a self addressing radio controller repeater having at least a microcontroller, a global positioning system (gps) receiver, and a multi-band communications transceiver; multiple sensors, communicatively coupled to the base unit, including at least one motion, temperature, and electrical sensor; each of the monitor units self-addresses according to complex self-addressing and communicates with at least one other of the monitor units to collectively form an ad hoc network; at least a first of the monitor units operates as a repeater with respect to communications received from either or both (i) of a second of the monitor units located at an equipment location or (ii) the master control unit; and the second of the monitor units will take local readings and report at least one to the master control unit.. .

Method and system for vehicle rollover engine protection, emergency call and location services

A vehicle rollover engine protection and location system 10 for an off-road vehicle includes an inertial sensor unit 22, a communication bus 18 for providing communication from both the rollover sensor 22 and a global positioning system 40 to an electronic control unit 12. When a vehicle rollover has occurred, a processor 14 of the electronic control unit 12 is configured to stop providing fuel to an engine of the off-road vehicle, stop operation of the fuel pump, determine a location of the off-road vehicle from signals of the global positioning system, perform a rollover emergency call to actively indicate rollover of the off-road vehicle, and transmit a location signal..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Motor vehicle power management system and method

A power management system for a vehicle having at least one motor, comprising a user interface, a global positioning system input, an energy management system input, a motor controller operatively connected to the at least one motor and a power controller operatively connected to the user interface, the global positioning system input, the energy management system input and the motor controller, the power controller being configured to estimate a maximum available power value based on information provided by the user interface, the global positioning system input and the energy management system input. The power controller limits power available to the motor though the motor controller based on the estimated maximum available power..
Lito Green Motion Inc.

Location tracking system and method

Provided is a location tracking system and a method of operating the location tracking system. The location tracking system selects either an indoor location tracking mode or an outdoor location tracking mode according to whether a user is currently indoors or outdoors and tracks the location of the user.
Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation

Systems and methods to identify home addresses of mobile devices

Systems and methods including a database storing the identifiers of cells representing residential parcels of real estate properties. Mobile devices determine the coordinates of their locations during a period of time using a location determination system, such as a global positioning system.
Ninthdecimal, Inc.

Facilitation of determination of antenna location

Assisted global positioning system (agps) information is retrieved from mobile devices and employed to facilitate antenna location. Measurement information, including agps information, can be received from a plurality of mobile devices dispersed over a geographical region.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Circularly polarized global positioning system antenna using parasitic lines

A circularly polarized global positioning system (gps) antenna using parasitic lines, in which circular polarization is implemented to improve the efficiency of the reception of satellite signals by an antenna. For this, a circularly polarized gps antenna using parasitic lines according to an embodiment includes a substrate, a radiating patch formed on a top of the substrate, a parasitic line part formed on the top of the substrate and disposed to be spaced apart from the radiating patch, thus implementing circular polarization characteristics by inducing reverse current, a ground plate formed on a bottom of the substrate, and a feeding via formed through the substrate and configured to electrically connect the ground plate to the radiating patch..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

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