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Glasses patents

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Ir supercontinuum source using low-loss heavy metal oxide glasses

Novelty shades

Compositing display

Date/App# patent app List of recent Glasses-related patents
 Eyes-off-the-road classification with glasses classifier patent thumbnailnew patent Eyes-off-the-road classification with glasses classifier
A method for determining an eyes-off-the-road (eotr) condition exists includes capturing image data corresponding to a driver from a monocular camera device. A detection of whether the driver is wearing eye glasses based on the image data using an eye glasses classifier.
 Ir supercontinuum source using low-loss heavy metal oxide glasses patent thumbnailnew patent Ir supercontinuum source using low-loss heavy metal oxide glasses
An ir supercontinuum source for generating supercontinuum in the mir or possibly lwir spectral bands comprises a supercontinuum fiber formed from a heavy metal oxide host glass having low optical loss and high non-linearity over the spectral band that is stable, strong and chemically durable. The supercontinuum fiber is suitably a depressed inner clad fiber configured to support only single transverse spatial mode propagation of the pump signal and supercontinuum.
 Progressive lenses patent thumbnailnew patent Progressive lenses
A method comprising: performing eye exam to a subject having a first and second eye; determining a prescription for the first and second eyes, the prescription describing focal power for each of the first eye and the second eye for at least three distances; and providing the prescription to a machine that produces progressive glasses that comprise a first and second lenses, wherein the first and second lenses each having at least three focal portions associated with the at least three distances that are located in a same height in the glasses thereby enabling clear vision for the subject in the first eye and the second eye with respect to the at least three distances.. .
 Bio-sensors in eyeglasses patent thumbnailnew patent Bio-sensors in eyeglasses
A wearable medical device (10) comprising: spectacles or eyeglasses (12) including at least one temple piece (14) and nose-engagers (16); at least one bio-sensor (18) for measuring at least one physical parameter of a person wearing said spectacles (12), said bio-sensor (18) being associated with one of said temple piece (14) or said nose-engagers (16); information storage (20) incorporated with said spectacles (12) for storing information received from said bio-sensor (18); a transmitter (22) for transmitting said stored information; and a power supply (24) for driving said bio-sensor, said storage and said transmitter.. .
 Novelty shades patent thumbnailnew patent Novelty shades
Attractive eyeglasses and novelty shades are provided that are fun and entertaining and can be worn at sporting events, pep rallies, amusement parks, popular concerts, car races, parties, with costumes, and at other places. The improved eyeglasses and novelty shades can comprise an eye glass assembly with a novelty connected to an eyeglass frame.
 Safety glasses for blocking harmful electromagnetic radiation and preventing dazzling patent thumbnailnew patent Safety glasses for blocking harmful electromagnetic radiation and preventing dazzling
Disclosed are safety glasses for blocking of harmful electromagnetic radiation and prevention of dazzling which protect eyes from harmful electromagnetic radiation and are ergonomically balanced by arranging the lens portion at the front and the adjuster and battery at the rear side of the temple to ensure convenient wearing of the glasses. The safety glasses include an inner/outer hosing formed of a soft material to closely contact the face of the user and fabricated through double injection molding, thereby ensuring convenient wearing of the glasses..
 Compositing display patent thumbnailnew patent Compositing display
A device is disclosed that is capable of independently modulating the transparency and emissive color of individual pixels that comprise an electronic display. Modulating the transparency of a transmissive layer allows a darkened or semi-darkened foreground field to be provided on the display.
 Eyeglasses type operation device, eyeglasses type operating system and electronic devices patent thumbnailnew patent Eyeglasses type operation device, eyeglasses type operating system and electronic devices
An eyeglasses type operation device comprises a frame configured to be worn on a head of a user, a sensor that outputs a detection signal by sensing, the sensor being disposed inside the frame and a connector operatively connected to the sensor to receive the detection signal, the connector being configured to detachably connect to an external electronic device, and the connector being configured to output the detection signal to the external electronic device when the external electronic device is connected to the connector.. .
 Configurable coaster for holding a mobile device patent thumbnailnew patent Configurable coaster for holding a mobile device
A method and an article of manufacture are disclosed for making and using a configurable coaster to support a drink cup on a table and also to use as a stand for a smartphone. In various embodiments, a sheet material, such as cardboard, plastic, laminates, and the like is used to create a flat plate having partially perforated or grooved lines in a pattern that defines various flaps configured to allow transformation of the flat plate into a smartphone stand by bending the flaps to create a three-dimensional stand.
 Melt overheating method for improved toughness and glass-forming ability of metallic glasses patent thumbnailnew patent Melt overheating method for improved toughness and glass-forming ability of metallic glasses
A method of forming a bulk metallic glass is provided. The method includes overheating the alloy melt to a temperature above a threshold temperature, ttough, associated with the metallic glass demonstrating substantial improvement in toughness compared to the toughness demonstrated in the absence of overheating the melt above tliquidus, and another threshold temperature, tgfa, associated with the metallic glass demonstrating substantial improvement in glass-forming ability compared to the glass-forming ability demonstrated in the absence of overheating the melt above tliquidus.
Photochromic lens for eye glasses
[problem] to provide a photochromic lens for eye glasses, which has a high refractive index and excellent light-controlling properties and has such a constitution that the weight and thickness of the lens can be reduced. [solution] provided is a photochromic lens for eye glasses, which is produced by polymerizing a polymerizable composition prepared by dissolving a photochromic compound into a monomer mixture comprising a first radically polymerizable monomer represented by general formula (i), a second radically polymerizable monomer represented by general formula (ii) and divinylbenzene that has a purity of 50% or more and contains a divinylbenzene component and an ethylvinylbenzene component at a total content of 90% or more..
Dynamic zone plate augmented vision eyeglasses
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for modulating optics in a display are provided. An apparatus forms a plurality of zone plates in a liquid crystal using electric fields.
Applications of glass microparticles and nanoparticles manufactured from recycled glasses
Glass microparticles and/or glass nanoparticles have been developed for use as: reflective paints; abrasive papers/wheels; flame retardant paints; thermal insulation for aggregates, self-cleaning building materials, absorbent of oils, diesel, gasoline, brake fluids, transmission fluids, ethanol, methanol, and acetone; cosmetics (lipstick, foundation, etc.), medicated dental implant, and targeted drug delivery systems.. .
Flexible full coverage face mask
A flexible face mask is provided for protecting the face from outdoor elements. The face mask comprises a nose shield portion that conforms to a user's nose, a lip shield portion to cover the user's upper and lower lip, a chin shield portion to cover the user's chin, a pair of cheek shield portions to cover the sides of the user's face, a pair of ear strap portions to cover and receive the user's ears and eyewear, and a nostril cover portion to cover the nostrils.
Flexible medium coverage face mask
A flexible face mask is provided for protecting the face from outdoor elements. The face mask comprises a nose shield portion that conforms to a user's nose, a lip shield portion to cover the user's upper, a pair of cheek shield portions to cover the sides of the user's face, a pair of ear strap portions to cover and receive the user's ears and eyewear, and a nostril cover portion to cover the nostrils.
Intermediate film for laminated glasses, and laminated glass
The present invention provides an interlayer film for laminated glass which enables production of laminated glass having a high visible transmittance and excellent heat-shielding properties, and enables the laminated glass to retain the high visible transmittance for a long period of time; and provides laminated glass including the interlayer film. An interlayer film for laminated glass according to the present invention includes a first heat-shielding layer and at least one second heat-shielding layer.
Support, apparatus and method for performing a reflection measurement on an eyeglass
An eyeglass support is adapted for pinch-holding the eyeglass (5) between three first contact portions (41-43) and three second contact portions (61-63). The first contact portions form a height reference for positioning the eyeglass whereas the second contact portions ensure application of the eyeglass against the first contact portions while conforming to any possible shape for the eyeglass.
The present disclosure relates to eyeglasses, more particularly, to eyeglasses the size of which can be reduced during storage and transportation and which can have improved wearing comfort for a user.. .
Shutter glasses and related 3d display system
The present invention discloses shutter glasses and a 3d display system. The shutter glasses include a first polarizer, a second polarizer, a normally-white lcd panel, and a normally-black lcd panel.
Multi-person stereo display system
The multi-person stereo display system permits several independent viewers to see different stereo images on a single projection surface. This is accomplished through the innovative use of video multiplexing, software, control electronics, and special viewing glasses.
Display apparatus, shutter glasses, display method, and method for operating glasses apparatus
A glasses apparatus is provided. The glasses apparatus includes: a first retarder which delays phases of a first image and a second image which are output from a display apparatus, a second retarder which delays the phases of the first image and the second image in a direction different from that of the first retarder, a first shutter glass and a second shutter glass which change polarization properties of the first image and the second image, optical axes of which are rotated according to whether power is supplied or not, and a controller which controls to selectively supply the power to the first shutter glass and the second shutter glass so that a user selectively views the first image and the second image..
Method for manufacturing glass-ceramic composite
The invention provides a method for manufacturing a glass-ceramic composite using natural raw material and waste glasses. The invention provides a method for manufacturing a white glass-ceramic composite using waste glass and a whitening agent.
Bulk nickel-silicon-boron glasses bearing iron
Ni—fe—si—b and ni—fe—si—b—p metallic glass forming alloys and metallic glasses are provided. Metallic glass rods with diameters of at least one, up to three millimeters, or more can be formed from the disclosed alloys.
Dust remover
A dust remover which comprises a power supply and an electrode applied with voltage by said power supply. The dust attached to the object of dust removal is removed therefrom by bringing the electrode into contact with the object of dust removal or approaching toward the object of dust removal.
Apparatus for execution of treatment operations on microscope slices with tissue specimens
An apparatus for automatic execution of different treatment operations in connection with staining of tissue specimens on microscope slides, wherein the apparatus (1) comprises an assembly of vessels (4) for receiving different liquids for staining of the tissue specimens, a loading station (2) for microscope slides (28), a conveyor (5) for transfer of carriers with microscope slides from vessel to vessel in accordance with a treatment program, an unloading station (8) for treated microscope slides, and a control unit (18) for controlling the treatment operations in accordance with a data program. The apparatus comprises different levels (i, ii) having units for execution of the relevant treatment operations.
Methods and apparatus for transparent display using scattering nanoparticles
Transparent displays enable many useful applications, including heads-up displays for cars and aircraft as well as displays on eyeglasses and glass windows. Unfortunately, transparent displays made of organic light-emitting diodes are typically expensive and opaque.
Lighted reading glasses
Lighted eyewear is described that projects light forwardly thereof. The eyewear includes a cross frame portion with temple arm portions extending rearwardly therefrom.
Method of stereoscopic synchronization of active shutter glasses
A three-dimensional viewing device for providing images to a user includes a receiver receiving source 3d synchronization signals from a transmitting device, wherein the source 3d synchronization signals comprise a source frequency and a source phase, a plurality of lcd shutters including a right lcd shutter and a left lcd shutter are for alternatively entering a translucent state in response to local 3d synchronization signals in response to the source 3d synchronization signals, and an adjustment portion for adjusting parameters of the local 3d synchronization signals in response to parameters of the source 3d synchronization signals.. .
Glass with improved total pitch stability
Described herein are alkali-free, boroalumino silicate glasses exhibiting desirable physical and chemical properties for use as substrates in flat panel display devices, such as, active matrix liquid crystal displays (amlcds) and active matrix organic light emitting diode displays (amoleds). In accordance with certain of its aspects, the glasses possess excellent compaction and stress relaxation properties..
Golf eyeglasses having function of correcting various swing errors and head up movement
Provided is a pair of golf eyeglasses having a function of correcting various swing errors and head-up movement, in which a golf ball-coloured focus structure is detachably mounted on one of a pair of eyeglasses, to thus form a golf ball-coloured focus control circle with a limited field of view, in order to correct errors in various swing actions that frequently occur for golfers. In addition, the pair of golf eyeglasses enables a golfer to make a golf swing practice by using a limited field of view of a golf ball-coloured adjustable focus circle, to thereby make the golfer focus more attention on a target golf ball, and recognize various swing errors and the head up movement for himself or herself as soon as the golf ball deviates from the golf ball-coloured adjustable focus circle and correct the posture of the golfer, and to thus allow anyone from amateur golfers to professional golfers to conveniently use the golf eyeglasses at low costs..
Low etendue illumination
An optical system and method that utilize multiple low-etendue lasers to illuminate multiple spots one or more spatial light modulators. Stereoscopic systems may be formed by using different wavelengths or different polarizations for each spot.
Auto stereo display system for subway tunnel
An auto stereo display system for subway tunnel is disclosed. When a train is traveling through the tunnel at high speed, passengers can see stereo images outside the window by the system.
Portable diopter meter
An inexpensive, easy-to-use self-refracting device which adjusts to continuously variable prescription corrections for a patient. In preferred embodiments specially designed gear arrangements, controlled by control knobs, moves one lens relative to the other or both lenses relative to each other in directions perpendicular to the viewing direction.
Shutter and polarized eyewear
Apparatuses and methods of shuttering glasses are disclosed. One apparatus includes a first lens operable to blank for a first blocking time, wherein light passing through the first lens is polarized in a first orientation, a second lens operable to blank for a second blocking time, wherein light passing through the second lens is polarized in a second orientation, wherein the second orientation is different than the first orientation, and a controller for controllably setting at least one of the first blocking time and the second blocking time..
Structure of diamond-embedded earpiece and eyeglass and diamond-embedding method thereof
A structure of a diamond-inlaid eyeglass temple includes an eyeglass temple body (1) and an elastomer (3) set thereon. The elastomer (3) has an elastic tendency to bend inwardly and the two external sides thereof are connected, respectively, to a first holding device (4) and a second holding device (5) with a cantilever structure.
Attachable/detachable covering lens
An attachable/detachable covering lens for covering eyeglass lenses is disclosed. A transparent optical material is suitably shaped to cover at least a portion of an eyeglass lens.
Swimming glasses
A swimming glasses is provided. The swimming glasses includes a first lens, a second lens, a spectacle frame connecting the first lens to the second lens, a pad joined to the first lens and the second lens and contacting tightly with skin of eye sockets, a head band joined to the spectacle frame to surround a head, a receiving member joined to the spectacle frame, a lock member attached to the receiving member to adjust a degree of tightness of the head band; and a light-emitting device received in the spectacle frame and comprising a printed circuit board, at least one light source mounted on the printed circuit board, and at least one battery electrically connected to the printed circuit board.
Wearable display device
A wearable display device according to the present invention comprises a communication control module controlling transmission and reception of a signal; a signal processing module processing the signal input to the communication control module and extracting information from the signal; and a display module being worn by a user in the form of glasses and displaying the information.. .
Integrated camera window
Apparatus, systems and methods for camera integration with cover glass and for processing cover glass to provide a camera window for an electronic device are disclosed. A camera window can be integrated into the cover glass.
Active barrier and method for producing the same, display apparatus and active shutter glasses
An active barrier, a method for producing the active barrier, a display apparatus and an active shutter glasses are provided. The active barrier comprises: a first substrate and a second substrate; at least one set of strip electrodes disposed between the first and second substrates, each set of strip electrodes comprising two strip electrodes, two adjacent sets of strip electrodes being separated from each other; and an electrochromism layer and an electrolyte layer disposed in a region defined by the two strip electrodes of each set of strip electrodes between the first and second substrates.
Eyeglasses-wearing simulation method, program, device, eyeglass lens-ordering system and eyeglass lens manufacturing method
An eyeglasses-wearing simulation method comprising: a step of creating a pair of left and right original images for enabling a patient to perform stereoscopic viewing by utilizing binocular parallax, based on virtual scene data constituted by virtual objects placed in visual field spaces of the left and right eyes; a step of calculating distortion and blur of a right eye eyeglass lens and adding the distortion and blur to the right eye original image, and calculating distortion and blur of a left eye eyeglass lens and adding the distortion and blur to the left eye original image; and a step of stereoscopically displaying the processed images viewed through the pair of left and right eyeglass lenses on a screen, wherein a value of the blur is calculated by setting a same amount of accommodation to the left and right eyes in regard to all of object points.. .
Eyewear attachment device
A sweat wicking and glare reducing eyeglass attachment is provided that is adapted to secure to the upper surfaces of a pair of eyeglasses or pair of sunglasses. The attachment comprises a u-shaped frame having a frontal portion and a pair of side portions, wherein the cross section of the frame is j-shaped and comprised of an upstanding portion and an upper overhang portion.
Stereoscopic image system and related driving method for balancing brightness of left-eye and right-eye images
A stereoscopic image system includes an image-generating unit and a modulating module. According to an image signal controller, the image-generating unit is configured to provide a first image having a first brightness during a first period and a second image having a second brightness during a second period.
Glasses apparatus and method for controlling glasses apparatus, audio apparatus and method for providing audio signal and display apparatus
A glasses apparatus and a controlling method thereof, and a display apparatus are provided. The glasses apparatus is configured to operate with the display apparatus, and includes a communicator configured to perform communication with the display apparatus; an osteophony speaker configured to output audio received from the display apparatus; and a controller configured to control the communicator to receive contents audio from the display apparatus if the display apparatus provides a contents image, and to receive call audio from the display apparatus if the display apparatus performs a call function with an external user, and to output one of the received contents audio and call audio to the osteophony speaker..
Large audience 3d display system without glasses
A three dimensional (3d) display apparatus for without 3d glasses. The display apparatus includes a display element operated to display left and right eye images.
High visible transmission glasses with low solar transmission
Glasses are described which have characteristics that produce high visible transmittance, low solar transmittance, and high selectivity. The glasses can also preferably have a blue-green color.
Golf training aid kit
A kit for use by a golfer which provides an improved training aid. The kit includes a plurality of multi-layered sighting devices and a backing sheet.
Heat-strengthened vacuum glass
Provided is a heat-strengthened vacuum glass, comprising: a plurality of sheet glasses spaced apart by a predetermined interval; a plurality of spacers interposed between the sheet glasses to maintain the intervals between the sheet glasses; and a sealing material arranged along edges of the sheet glasses to seal and bond the sheet glasses. The heat-strengthened vacuum glass of the present invention has a surface compressive stress of 20 mpa to 55 mpa after the seal bonding of the sheet glasses, thus ensuring high thermal resistance, high strength, and, when damaged, high stability..
Holographic bubble generating system
An optical effect bubble generating system includes an optical effect viewing device including one or more desired holographic images. The optical effect viewing device can be eyeglasses having lenses containing the holographic images.
Multi-touch interactions on eyewear
The subject disclosure is directed towards eyewear configured as an input device, such as for interaction with a computing device. The eyewear includes a multi-touch sensor set, e.g., located on the frames of eyeglasses, that outputs signals representative of user interaction with the eyewear, such as via taps, presses, swipes and pinches.
Eyeglass frames having removable lens
The present invention relates to the structure of eye glasses. More specifically, the frame has embedded clamps on the outside part of the front.
Accessory for glasses
The present invention provides an accessory for eyeglasses or sun glasses which fit over the arms of the sunglasses and allows the user to add flotation pieces, lights or lighting elements, or embellishments. The accessory can be quickly installed and allows the user to customize the color and design of their accessory..

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