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Finder optical system, image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system

Wood storm window

Date/App# patent app List of recent Glass-related patents
 Bone stabilization device and method patent thumbnailnew patent Bone stabilization device and method
There is disclosed a device and method for stabilizing a bone. The device includes a polymer with a glass transition temperature.
 Prosthetic component for monitoring joint health patent thumbnailnew patent Prosthetic component for monitoring joint health
A prosthetic component suitable for long-term implantation is provided. The prosthetic component includes electronic circuitry and sensors to measure a parameter of the muscular-skeletal system.
 Thermoplastic sheet, a radiation mask of thermoplastic sheet and method for providing said sheet and said mask patent thumbnailnew patent Thermoplastic sheet, a radiation mask of thermoplastic sheet and method for providing said sheet and said mask
The present invention relates to a thermoplastic composition suitable for manufacturing a thermoplastic sheet for producing a medical cast, such as a radiation mask. The composition has a polymeric component comprising a mixture of a styrene acrylonitrile copolymer and polycaprolactone, optionally together with a cross-linker and/or a filler, wherein the polymeric component comprises, 20 to 40 weight % of a styrene acrylonitrile copolymer and 80 to 60 weight % of a polycaprolactone, expressed in weight % of the polymeric component, wherein the thermoplastic composition has a glass transition temperature of 35° c.-80° c.
 Refurbished component, electronic device including the same, and method of refurbishing a component of an electronic device patent thumbnailnew patent Refurbished component, electronic device including the same, and method of refurbishing a component of an electronic device
A method of refurbishing a surface of a component for an electronic device includes: abrading a surface to be refurbished with an abrasive to remove a coating on the surface and provide an abraded surface; optionally firstly cleaning the abraded surface by contacting with a glass cleaner to provide a firstly cleaned surface; optionally secondly cleaning the firstly cleaned surface by contacting the firstly cleaned surface with a grease remover to provide a secondly cleaned surface; optionally contacting the secondly cleaned surface with an activator to provide an activated surface; and disposing a coating resin on the abraded and optionally activated surface; and curing the coating resin to provide a coated surface to refurbish the surface of the electronic device.. .
 Dispersions of nanoscale dental glass particles and methods for preparing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Dispersions of nanoscale dental glass particles and methods for preparing the same
Provided are a dispersion of a nanoparticulate mixed oxide of sio2 with at least one further metal oxide in a matrix monomer, methods for preparing such a dispersion, a dental composite producible by curing such a dispersion, and uses of the dispersion as a precursor for dental composites.. .
 Euv lithography member, making method, and titania-doped quartz glass patent thumbnailnew patent Euv lithography member, making method, and titania-doped quartz glass
A member is made of titania-doped quartz glass in which striae have a curvature radius of at least 150 mm in a surface perpendicular to an euv-reflecting surface. The member free of exposed striae and having a high flatness is useful in euv lithography..
 High purity nickel molds for optical quality glass forming patent thumbnailnew patent High purity nickel molds for optical quality glass forming
The present disclosure relates to high purity nickel molds for use in forming three dimensional glass substrates, along with methods of making three dimensional glass substrates. The mold compositions minimize imperfections in the formed glass substrates providing optical quality shaped glass articles for use in electronics applications..
 Glass-ceramics composite material patent thumbnailnew patent Glass-ceramics composite material
An easily-administered technology which demonstrates the intrinsic thermal conductivity improvement effect by addition of non-oxide system compound crystal phase (filler particles) and makes it possible to sufficiently raise the thermal conductivity of a glass-ceramics composite material is provided. In the glass phase which constitutes a glass-ceramics composite material, the quantity of aluminum oxide (al2o3) component is increased under a condition where at least either of zinc oxide (zno) component or magnesium oxide (mgo) component exists in a predetermined quantity or more.
 Methods of growing heteroepitaxial single crystal or large grained semiconductor films on glass substrates and devices thereon patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of growing heteroepitaxial single crystal or large grained semiconductor films on glass substrates and devices thereon
A method is disclosed for making semiconductor films from a eutectic alloy comprising a metal and a semiconductor. Through heterogeneous nucleation said film is deposited at a deposition temperature on relatively inexpensive buffered substrates, such as glass.
 Glass ceramic material and method patent thumbnailnew patent Glass ceramic material and method
The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing of a glass ceramic material for dental applications. The method comprises: providing a first precursor comprising silicon(iv); providing a second precursor comprising zirconium(iv); hydrolyzing said first precursor and second precursor in solution; polymerizing of the hydrolysed first precursor and second precursor in a solvent, wherein polymers are formed; formation of colloids comprising said polymers; formation of a gel from said colloids; aging the gel; drying the gel; and sintering the gel under formation of a glass ceramic material..
new patent Glazing unit with peripheral seal and corresponding manufacturing process
The invention relates to a glazing unit, in particular an insulating glazing unit, comprising at least a first (5) and a second (5) glass sheet joined together via at least one spacer (8) that keeps them a certain distance apart from each other and, between said at least two glass sheets, at least one internal space (4) closed by a peripheral seal (101) placed on the periphery of the glass sheets, around said internal space, the seal having a u-shaped cross section comprising a first flange (ion) securely fastened to the first glass sheet and a second flange (1012) securely fastened to the second glass sheet. According to the invention, the first flange is securely fastened in a first recess (521) produced in the edge face of the first glass sheet..
new patent Method and apparatus for acquiring nanostructured coating by effect of laser-induced continuous explosion shock wave
A method and apparatus for acquiring a nanostructured coating on a metal surface by using an intense shock wave generated by continuous explosion of a laser-induced plasma is provided. The method comprises: irradiating a laser beam on a black paint surface of an upper opening of a high pressure resistant glass pipe having a black paint strip arranged therein; the black paint absorbing the light energy and producing a plasma; generating an initial plasma explosion shock wave; transmitting the initial plasma explosion shock wave in the high pressure resistant glass pipe; generating a plasma cloud reaching a lower opening of a glass catheter; and, the shock wave pressure outputted embedding nanoparticles into a surface of a workpiece.
new patent Methods of utilizing block copolymer to form patterns
Some embodiments include methods of forming patterns. A block copolymer film may be formed over a substrate, with the block copolymer having an intrinsic glass transition temperature (tg,0) and a degradation temperature (td).
new patent Method and use of organic and mineral admixtures for emi and radioactive isotope shielding of building materials such as glass fiber wall coverings, gypsum wallboard and electrically conductive or resistive, high performance, high strength concrete
A method is disclosed for the use of an organic admixture composed of a polysaccharide such as hydroxypropylcellulose and a monosaccharide such as ethoxylated methylglucoside and de-ionized water and minerals such as zeolites for electromagnetic; radio and microwave frequency and radioisotope shielding of building materials such as wall liners, gypsum wallboard and high performance, high strength concrete.. .
new patent Method for cosmetically treating caspase-14 deficiency
A method of cosmetic care comprising activating capsase-14 expression in skin deficient in caspase-14 expression by applying, on at least one skin zone in need thereof, an effective amount of a plant extract selected from the group consisting of litchi, glasswort, peach, soja seed, sweet basil, cucumber, chanterelle, leek, kiwi fruit, rhubarb, grapefruit, wheat, raspberry, plum, and mixtures thereof, to activate caspase-14 expression in said skin.. .
new patent Method for preparing sulfuric acid by using hydrogen sulfide
Provided is a method for preparing sulfuric acid by using hydrogen sulfide. The method comprises the following steps: (1) performing a reduction-oxidation reaction between an h2s feed gas and oxygen comprised in an oxygen-rich air to prepare so2, controlling residual oxygen after the reduction-oxidation reaction step at a molar percentage of ≧2%; (2) cooling the product acquired in step (1) to a temperature between 390° c.
new patent Low-loss uv to mid ir optical tellurium oxide glass and fiber for linear, non-linear and active devices
A tellurium oxide glass that is stable, strong and chemically durable exhibits low optical loss from the uv band well into the mir band. Unwanted absorption mechanisms in the mir band are removed or reduced so that the glass formulation exhibits optical performance as close as possible to the theoretical limit of a tellurium oxide glass.
new patent Eyes-off-the-road classification with glasses classifier
A method for determining an eyes-off-the-road (eotr) condition exists includes capturing image data corresponding to a driver from a monocular camera device. A detection of whether the driver is wearing eye glasses based on the image data using an eye glasses classifier.
new patent Illuminated glass panel for a vehicle, and manufacture thereof
An illuminating glazing unit for a vehicle includes a first sheet made of mineral or organic glass, a peripheral light source with a support profiled member referred to as source support, the emitting region or face of the source facing the edge face, referred to as injection face, of the first sheet for a propagation of the injected light within the thickness of the first sheet, the first sheet then playing the role of guide for the injected light, a device of extraction of the guided light so as to form at least one illuminating region, the source support being within an accommodation surrounded by material and covered by a cover, the cover and the source support being removable from the glazing unit.. .
new patent Electronic device and method for manufacturing electronic device
An electronic device includes a glass substrate, an electronic element mounted on one surface of the glass substrate, a cover body covering the electronic element and bonded to the glass substrate and a through electrode penetrating from one surface to the other surface of the glass substrate. The through electrode is composed of an iron-nickel based alloy and; and a nickel film is formed on an end face of the through electrode exposing on the other surface of the glass substrate and on the other surface of the glass substrate located in the vicinity of the end face..
new patent Ir supercontinuum source using low-loss heavy metal oxide glasses
An ir supercontinuum source for generating supercontinuum in the mir or possibly lwir spectral bands comprises a supercontinuum fiber formed from a heavy metal oxide host glass having low optical loss and high non-linearity over the spectral band that is stable, strong and chemically durable. The supercontinuum fiber is suitably a depressed inner clad fiber configured to support only single transverse spatial mode propagation of the pump signal and supercontinuum.
new patent Thermally switched optical downconverting filter
A thermally switched optical downconverting (tsod) filter is a self-regulating device including a downconverter that converts incoming light at a variety of wavelengths into longer-wavelength radiation and then directs it using one or more bandblock filters in either the inward or outward direction, depending on the temperature of the device. This control over the flow of radiant energy occurs independently of the thermal conductivity or insulating properties of the device and may or may not preserve the image and color properties of incoming visible light.
new patent Image reading apparatus capable of displaying foreign matter position as image
An image reading apparatus that is capable of displaying in detail, as an image, a foreign matter position where an image reading failure could be caused. The image reading apparatus has a main scanning index plate and a sub-scanning index plate disposed adjacent to a reading glass and extending in main scanning and sub-scanning directions.
new patent Low drift reference for laser radar
Laser radar systems include a pentaprism configured to scan a measurement beam with respect to a target surface. A focusing optical assembly includes a corner cube that is used to adjust measurement beam focus.
new patent Progressive lenses
A method comprising: performing eye exam to a subject having a first and second eye; determining a prescription for the first and second eyes, the prescription describing focal power for each of the first eye and the second eye for at least three distances; and providing the prescription to a machine that produces progressive glasses that comprise a first and second lenses, wherein the first and second lenses each having at least three focal portions associated with the at least three distances that are located in a same height in the glasses thereby enabling clear vision for the subject in the first eye and the second eye with respect to the at least three distances.. .
new patent Bio-sensors in eyeglasses
A wearable medical device (10) comprising: spectacles or eyeglasses (12) including at least one temple piece (14) and nose-engagers (16); at least one bio-sensor (18) for measuring at least one physical parameter of a person wearing said spectacles (12), said bio-sensor (18) being associated with one of said temple piece (14) or said nose-engagers (16); information storage (20) incorporated with said spectacles (12) for storing information received from said bio-sensor (18); a transmitter (22) for transmitting said stored information; and a power supply (24) for driving said bio-sensor, said storage and said transmitter.. .
new patent Novelty shades
Attractive eyeglasses and novelty shades are provided that are fun and entertaining and can be worn at sporting events, pep rallies, amusement parks, popular concerts, car races, parties, with costumes, and at other places. The improved eyeglasses and novelty shades can comprise an eye glass assembly with a novelty connected to an eyeglass frame.
new patent Safety glasses for blocking harmful electromagnetic radiation and preventing dazzling
Disclosed are safety glasses for blocking of harmful electromagnetic radiation and prevention of dazzling which protect eyes from harmful electromagnetic radiation and are ergonomically balanced by arranging the lens portion at the front and the adjuster and battery at the rear side of the temple to ensure convenient wearing of the glasses. The safety glasses include an inner/outer hosing formed of a soft material to closely contact the face of the user and fabricated through double injection molding, thereby ensuring convenient wearing of the glasses..
new patent Finder optical system, image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system
A finder optical system 20 includes a focusing glass 21 including a collection surface 21a that collects a light beam and a diffusion surface 21b that diffuses the collected light beam, an eyepiece 23 that receives a part of the diffused light beam, a photometry lens 24 arranged near the eyepiece 23, and a photometry sensor 25 on which an image of another part of the light beam diffused by the diffusion surface 21b is formed via the photometry lens 24, a plurality of micro lenses are arranged on the diffusion surface 21b of the focusing glass 21, at least one micro lens of the plurality of micro lenses has at least two radii of curvature on its cross section in a predetermined direction, and the at least one micro lens satisfies r1<r2 where r1 and r2 are radii of curvature in first and second areas, respectively.. .
new patent Compositing display
A device is disclosed that is capable of independently modulating the transparency and emissive color of individual pixels that comprise an electronic display. Modulating the transparency of a transmissive layer allows a darkened or semi-darkened foreground field to be provided on the display.
new patent Eyeglasses type operation device, eyeglasses type operating system and electronic devices
An eyeglasses type operation device comprises a frame configured to be worn on a head of a user, a sensor that outputs a detection signal by sensing, the sensor being disposed inside the frame and a connector operatively connected to the sensor to receive the detection signal, the connector being configured to detachably connect to an external electronic device, and the connector being configured to output the detection signal to the external electronic device when the external electronic device is connected to the connector.. .
new patent Oil level indicator for rotary wing aircraft transmission
A fluid level sensor for determining an amount of first fluid in a system is provided including a first substantially transparent sight glass mounted outside and fluidly coupled to a portion of the system. A level of first fluid in the first sight glass is indicative of the amount of first fluid in the system.
new patent Roulette wheel with smart cover
A system and method is provided for delaying an outcome of a roulette game is disclosed. Accordingly, the system includes a roulette wheel and a glass cover attached to the roulette wheel, the glass cover configured to switch between a transparent state and an opaque state in response to electrical signals.
new patent Yellow phosphor layer containing colored beads for adjusting its perceived off-state color
Led dies, emitting blue light, are provided on a first support substrate to form a light emitting layer. A mixture of a transparent binder, yellow phosphor powder, magenta-colored glass beads, and cyan-colored glass beads is printed over the light emitting surface.
new patent System for wall-mounting of objects
A system for wall-mounting an object for viewing comprising a wall hanger having lugs extending therefrom, and a one-piece back plate formed to mate with the wall hanger via keyhole openings. An optional pre-formed frame may be receptive of the object and the back plate, may be formed of wood, plastic, or metal, has an opening on the front side, and may be relieved at its rear side to provide a relief for receiving the object and optionally a pane of glass and the back plate.
new patent Configurable coaster for holding a mobile device
A method and an article of manufacture are disclosed for making and using a configurable coaster to support a drink cup on a table and also to use as a stand for a smartphone. In various embodiments, a sheet material, such as cardboard, plastic, laminates, and the like is used to create a flat plate having partially perforated or grooved lines in a pattern that defines various flaps configured to allow transformation of the flat plate into a smartphone stand by bending the flaps to create a three-dimensional stand.
new patent Refractive body panels (vehicle refractive panels)
Refractive body panels replace traditional metal or fiberglass panels and consist primarily of dyed and moldable plastic in a prism configuration under clear polycarbonate; a bi-layer unit working in concert to scatter and/or change the direction of light to illuminate the exterior and increase safety and performance; the bi-layer unit works together to reduce the weight of a vehicle; the dyed prism allows for panels in various colors: the panels attach to a vehicle's frame as a direct pre-market or post-market replacement (including polyurethane bumpers) and require minimal modifications to the structural design of foot-powered vehicles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, etc.. .
new patent Cover glass for mobile terminals, manufacturing method of the same and mobile terminal device
To provide cover glass for mobile terminals exhibiting high strength in a thin plate thickness state to enable reductions in thickness of apparatuses when inserted in the apparatuses, cover glass (1) for a mobile terminal of the invention is cover glass (1) that is obtained by forming a resist pattern on main surfaces of a plate-shaped glass substrate, then etching the glass substrate with an etchant using the resist pattern as a mask, and thereby cutting the glass substrate into a desired shape and that protects a display screen of the mobile terminal, where an edge face of the cover glass (1) is formed of a molten glass surface, and as surface roughness of the edge face, arithmetic mean roughness ra is 10 nm or less.. .
new patent Synthetic bubbles or beads having hydrophobic surface
A synthetic bead for use in mineral separation is described. The synthetic bead has a surface made of or coated with a synthetic material such as a polymer that is naturally hydrophobic or a polymer that is hydrophobically modified.
new patent Glass enclosure article with color and pattern decoration, and process preparing thereof
A glass enclosure article is provided that includes color and patterned decoration and a process of making thereof. The glass enclosure article has a desired color and appearance and also a durable impact resistance.
new patent Pushbutton switch
A pushbutton switch comprises a body including a barrel, a plunger longitudinally movable in the barrel, a ratchet coaxial with the plunger including a plurality of longitudinally extending camming teeth, and at least one longitudinally extending camming tooth on the plunger for engagement with the camming teeth on the ratchet, wherein the body and cover comprise a synthetic polymer material. The cover and body can comprise a glass-filled material.
new patent System for placing vacuum glass middle supports
The present invention discloses a vacuum glass middle support placing system. Middle supports capable of being adsorbed by magnetic force are used as placed objects in the system; the system comprises a glass plate placing station, a middle support placing station and a vacuum sealing station; a glass plate for placing the middle supports is placed on a bracket, and the bracket is transferred among the stations; and the bracket is provided with a supporting face matched with the surface of the glass plate and a glass plate positioning structure, and a magnetic adsorption surface array corresponding to the middle supports to be placed one by one on the glass plate is arranged on the supporting face.
new patent Melt overheating method for improved toughness and glass-forming ability of metallic glasses
A method of forming a bulk metallic glass is provided. The method includes overheating the alloy melt to a temperature above a threshold temperature, ttough, associated with the metallic glass demonstrating substantial improvement in toughness compared to the toughness demonstrated in the absence of overheating the melt above tliquidus, and another threshold temperature, tgfa, associated with the metallic glass demonstrating substantial improvement in glass-forming ability compared to the glass-forming ability demonstrated in the absence of overheating the melt above tliquidus.
new patent Solar cell module
An aspect of the invention provides a solar cell module, which comprises a solar cell with a light-receiving surface and a back surface, a first protection member disposed at a light-receiving surface side of the solar cell and made of a glass plate, a second protection member disposed at a back surface side of the solar cell, and a filler layer provided between the first protection member and the second protection member and sealing the solar cell. At least part of a portion of the filler layer situated at the back surface side of the solar cell contains an acidic additive..
new patent Thermoplastic polyolefin copolymer lamination film, laminated structures and processes for their preparation
Disclosed are polyolefin copolymer films comprising alkoxysilane groups and a catalyst for cross-linking the alkoxysilane groups; wherein the cross-linking catalyst is a lewis or bronsted acid or base compound that has a relatively high melting point and therefore initiates the cross-linking essentially only at the lamination temperature, preferably at or above at least 50° c. Also disclosed are films wherein (i) the layer or layers comprising the alkoxysilane groups, including surface layer(s), comprise the cross-linking catalyst; or (ii) layer or layers comprising alkoxysilane groups do not contain cross-linking catalyst and have a facial surface in adhering contact with a layer of a thermoplastic polyolefin copolymer comprising the cross-linking catalyst; or (iii) there is a combination of layers (i) and (ii).
new patent Booster films for solar photovoltaic systems
We describe stacked photovoltaic modules, and components thereof, in which at least one booster cell is combined with at least one primary cell in a stacked configuration. The booster cell may be in the form of a polycrystalline film disposed on a transparent substrate, such as a glass substrate, and the film may be patterned to form multiple booster cells.
new patent Glass wiping device and control method thereof
A glass wiping device and a control method thereof are provided. The glass wiping device comprising a driver mechanism (110) and a follower mechanism (120); the driver mechanism (110) and the follower mechanism (120) are respectively provided with a first magnet unit and a second magnet unit; the magnetic force between the first magnet unit and the second magnet unit enables the driver mechanisms (110) and the follower mechanism (120) to be correspondingly adsorbed on the inside and outside of the glass, and the follower mechanism (120) can follow the driver mechanism (110); the driver mechanism (110) or the follower mechanism (120) is provided with a pressure induction unit and a pressure indicating device (121) thereon; the pressure induction unit comprises a pressure sensor (41) and a controller (42); the pressure sensor (41) is used to sense the pressure of the driver mechanism (110) and the follower mechanism (120) against the glass; after receiving a pressure signal transmitted by the pressure sensor (41), the controller (42) controls the pressure indicating device (121) to display a relevant state.
new patent Electronic cigarette atomizer and electronic cigarette
An electronic cigarette atomizer is provided, comprising a suction nozzle cover, a fiberglass pipe sleeved on the suction nozzle cover, an oil cotton coated outside of the fiberglass pipe and a shell coated outside of the oil cotton, wherein, it also comprises multiple insulating layers and a connector far away from one end of the suction nozzle cover, the multiple insulating layers are sleeved on the outside of the oil cotton successively and located between the oil cotton and the shell, one end of the multiple insulating layers is butting connected with the connector embed into the shell, the other end of the multiple insulating layers is butting connected with the suction nozzle cover nested in the shell. It can effectively solve the problem that the electronic cigarette may run hot after been used continuously for a long time and improve the taste of smoking through using multiple insulating layers..
new patent Traction bearing and rod joint from the sliding shelf set
Traction bearing and rod joint to anchor a sliding shelf set to an oven door, the bearing (1) being made of engineering plastic, stainless steel or another compatible material, and is designed to be installed on the internal glass or surface of the counter door (p) of the stove (f1) by fitting into an orifice. The locking of the bearing (1) in this orifice is held by the provision of a beveled skirt (7) and a collar (6), both applied on the outer surface of the bearing (1).
new patent Glass plate scribing method and scribing apparatus
A scribing apparatus includes a horizontal table on which a glass plate is placed and fixed under vacuum suction; a feed screw and a y-axis control motor 6 for moving the table along a pair of guide rails under scribe numerical control; a guide rail device body installed above the table along an x-axis direction; a carriage mounted on the guide rail device body so as to move in the x-axis direction while being guided; a feed screw and an x-axis control motor for moving the carriage in the x-axis direction under numerical control; and a scribe head installed on the carriage.. .
new patent Press forming apparatus, press forming method, and mounting plate for press forming
A press forming apparatus includes a mounting plate, a heating mechanism, and a die. The mounting plate supports a glass material on an upper surface of the mounting plate.
new patent Molds for shaping glass and methods for making the same
A mold for shaping glass can be made by a method that includes providing a mold body having a shaping surface comprising at least about 90% nickel and modifying the composition of the shaping surface of the mold body by exposing the shaping surface to an oxidizing heat treatment. The oxidizing heat treatment may include a ramping heat treatment, a fixed heat treatment, or both the ramping heat treatment and the fixed heat treatment.
new patent Coated article with heat treatable coating for concentrated solar power applications, and/or methods of making the same
Certain example embodiments relate to heat treatable coated articles, e.g., suitable for concentrating solar power (csp) and/or other applications. For instance, the heat treatable coated article may be a secondary reflector panel, primary reflector, etc., where a reflective coating is disposed on a glass substrate.
new patent Vacuum-insulated glass windows with glass-bump spacers
Vacuum-insulated glass (vig) windows (10) that employ glass-bump spacers (50) and two or more glass panes (20) are disclosed. The glass-bump spacers are formed in the surface (24) of one of the glass panes (20) and consist of the glass material from the body portion (23) of the glass pane.
new patent Wood storm window
A wood storm window includes: an upper panel including a fixed pane of glass fixed within the upper panel from the exterior side of the wood storm window; a lower panel including an insect screen secured within the lower panel from the interior side of the wood storm window; and a removeable storm sash that may be positioned at varying positions along the interior side of the wood storm window, wherein the removal of the storm sash provides access to repair or replace the insect screen without needing to remove the wood storm window from an installed position.. .

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