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Glass patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Glass-related patents
 Methods for characterizing performance of an energy-efficient film in fenestration assemblies patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for characterizing performance of an energy-efficient film in fenestration assemblies
A method of determining energy performance of a film component is disclosed. The method includes: (i) obtaining a glass heat loss value or a glass heat gain value of a glass body by measuring heat loss or heat gain from the glass body using a heat distribution measuring device; (ii) obtaining an assembly heat loss value or an assembly heat gain value of a film and glass assembly by measuring heat loss or heat gain from the film and glass assembly using a heat distribution measuring device; (iii) obtaining an assembly heat loss value or an assembly heat gain value of a film and glass assembly by measuring heat loss or heat gain from the film and glass assembly using a heat distribution measuring device; and (iv) subtracting the glass heat loss value from the assembly heat loss value to obtain a film heat loss value or subtracting the glass heat gain value from the assembly heat gain value to obtain a film heat gain value.
 Scanned laser vein contrast enhancer patent thumbnailnew patent Scanned laser vein contrast enhancer
The present invention is a miniature vein enhancer that includes a miniature projection head. The miniature projection head may be operated in one of three modes, afm, dbm, and rtm.
 Process for the electrochemical preparation of gamma-hydroxycarboxylic esters and gamma-lactones patent thumbnailnew patent Process for the electrochemical preparation of gamma-hydroxycarboxylic esters and gamma-lactones
γ-hydroxycarboxylic esters and γ-lactones which are suitable as flavors can be prepared by electrochemical reductive cross-coupling of α,β-unsaturated esters with carbonyl compounds in an undivided electrolysis cell having a cathode composed of lead, lead alloys, cadmium, cadmium alloys, mercury, steel, glassy carbon or boron-doped diamonds and a basic aqueous electrolyte comprising an electrolyte salt which suppresses the cathodic formation of hydrogen.. .
 Dust protection method for glass substrate edge polishing machine patent thumbnailnew patent Dust protection method for glass substrate edge polishing machine
The present invention provides a dust protection method for glass substrate edge polishing machine, which includes (1) providing an edge polishing machine and a glass substrate to be polished, wherein a dust protection board is arranged above a platform bearing a glass substrate to form a first gap therebetween and an air blow tube is provided in front of a grind stone; (2) fixing the glass substrate on the edge polishing machine; (3) introducing cooling water from the dust protection board to form a water curtain at the first gap; (4) activating the air blow tube to form an air curtain region; and (5) activating the grindstone to set out a grinding operation. The dust protection board and the water curtain block particles generated in grinding and the air curtain region blows residual water that contains particles off edges of the glass substrate..
 Method of forming a web from fibrous material patent thumbnailnew patent Method of forming a web from fibrous material
Fibrous material webs and methods of making the fibrous material webs. Binderless webs can be formed in a continuous process where fiber material, such as glass is melted and formed into fibers.
 Reusable pcr amplification system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Reusable pcr amplification system and method
A dna amplification device utilizing a polydimethylsiloxane (pdms) and silicon substrate coated with spin-on glass (sog) is provided. This pdms layer is irreversibly bonded to the sog layer of the silicon substrate using oxygen plasma.
 Vesicle capturing devices and methods for using same patent thumbnailnew patent Vesicle capturing devices and methods for using same
Provided is a device that collects vesicles and vesicle-like materials from biological fluids. Such devices comprise at least one sample loading region; at least one corresponding vesicle-capture material, wherein said vesicle-capture material comprises glass-like materials; and at least one corresponding sample receiving region, wherein passage of the biological fluid from the sample loading region through the vesicle capture material and into the sample receiving region results in the capture of vesicles.
 Bio-based toner compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Bio-based toner compositions
Use of a resin blend of a petroleum based resin and a bio-derived polyester resins having low glass transition (tg) values in a toner composition is disclosed. The resulting novel bio-based toner exhibits desirable characteristics such as good blocking performance and excellent fusing latitude..
 Electrode active material having core-shell structure patent thumbnailnew patent Electrode active material having core-shell structure
Disclosed is an electrode active material having a core-shell structure, which includes: (a) a core capable of intercalating and deintercalating lithium ions; and (b) a shell including a polymer or an oligomer having a glass transition temperature of 25° c. Or less when impregnated with an electrolyte, wherein a surface of the core is coated with the shell.
 Feedthrough patent thumbnailnew patent Feedthrough
A feedthrough, for example through a part of a housing, such as a battery housing, is, for example, made of a metal, such as a light alloy, for example aluminum, an aluminum alloy, alsic, magnesium, a magnesium alloy, titanium, a titanium alloy, steel, stainless steel or high-grade steel. The housing part has at least one opening through which at least one conductor having a cross-section is guided in a glass or glass ceramic material.
new patent Glass for chemical strengthening
There is provided a glass for chemical strengthening having a black color tone and excelling in characteristics preferred for the purposes of housing or decoration of an electronic device, that is, bubble quality, strength, and light transmittance characteristics. A glass for chemical strengthening contains, in mole percentage based on following oxides, 55% to 80% of sio2, 3% to 16% of al2o3, 0% to 12% of b2o3, 5% to 16% of na2o, 0% to 4% of k2o, 0% to 15% of mgo, 0% to 3% of cao, 0% to 18% of Σro (where r represents mg, ca, sr, ba or zn), 0% to 1% of zro2, and 0.1% to 7% of a coloring component having at least one metal oxide selected from the group consisting of oxides of co, mn, fe, ni, cu, cr, v and bi..
new patent Composite materials and articles comprising the same
The present invention disclosed a composite material comprising a core (10) sandwiched between two skins (15). Each of the skin (15) is a multiple layers skin comprising at least one layer of random discontinuous natural fiber sandwiched between layers of resin (25, 25″), glass fiber layers (30, 30″)..
new patent Crystal block array and method of manufacture
A novel method of making a crystal block array (configured for coupling with photodetectors as part of an integrated detector module useful in advanced pet scanner systems) is disclosed herein. The novel method comprises a series of cutting, polishing, and assembling steps that utilize a curable bonding agent, removable wire spacers, and a series removable protective glass end plates.
new patent Light-permeable housing having metal layer and texture of specific material and method for making the same
The present invention is to provide a light-permeable housing, which includes a metal layer evenly formed with a plurality of apertures and a bonding layer made from a mixture of a light-permeable bonding material and a solid material (such as mineral or glass powder) with a particle size smaller than the diameter of each aperture. The bonding layer is formed on the metal layer and bonds tightly thereto through the apertures to form the light-permeable housing, allow passage of light projected from a lamp inside the light-permeable housing, and thereby impart light-permeability to the light-permeable housing.
new patent Method for depositing layers on a glass substrate by means of low-pressure pecvd
The invention relates to a method for producing metal or semiconductor oxide, nitride or oxynitride films on a substrate, by means of the pecvd method, including the steps that involve: (i) having a low-pressure pecvd device including at least one plasma source that includes at least one electrode connected to an ac, dc, or drawn dc generator for depositing said films on the substrate; and (ii) applying electrical power to the plasma source and applying, on the substrate, an oxide film gas precursor made of metal or semiconductor nitrides or oxynitrides and a reactive gas made of oxygen, oxygen derivatives, or nitrogen derivatives. The invention also relates to metal or semiconductor oxide, nitride, or oxynitride films obtained by the method..
new patent Device for use in beverage containers
Systems and methods for isolating a bottom open end of a drinking straw from objects, such as fruit, leaves, seeds, etc., located within a beverage container. A sieve is disclosed that has outer dimensions that substantially match inner dimensions of a bottom portion of a drinking glass.
new patent Particles of aerated ice confection products for frozen ice drinks
A process for preparing aerated ice confection particles by manufacturing an aerated ice confection in a mass; further freezing the mass cryogenically to a temperature close to the glass transition temperature (tg) of the aerated ice confection to form a aerated frozen mass, and comminuting the frozen mass to aerated ice confection particles with a high surface area to volume ratio. These particles can be used for a variety of purposes but preferably are used for forming frozen ice drinks in a simple, rapid and convenient manner.
new patent Laminated led array and/or products including the same
In certain example embodiments, light emitting diodes (leds) may be disposed on a deformable and flexible backbone sheet and chained together in an array, e.g., via flexible wiggle wires. Such flexible wiggle wires may also provide an electrical connection to an external power source.
new patent Glass enclosure body having mechanical resistance to impact damage
An enclosure for a portable electronic device includes a glass sleeve having an oblong cross-sectional profile and a wall defining a cavity for an electronic insert. The wall comprises a first wall segment with a first thickness and a local radius or curvature of 10 mm or less and a second wall segment with a second thickness, where the first thickness is 20 to 50% greater than the first thickness..
new patent Assembly for adjusting the outside mirror
An adjustment assembly for adjusting the reflecting surface of a glass assembly in an external rearview vehicle mirror, where two linear adjusting motors act on two points of the glass assembly, where the adjusting motors are positioned between the glass assembly and a mirror carrier in the mirror head. The adjusting motors are connected to the glass assembly and/or the mirror carrier via at least one elastomeric connecting piece..
new patent Exterior mirror element with auxiliary reflector portion
A mirror reflector sub-assembly for a vehicular exterior rearview mirror assembly includes a mirror reflective element having a glass substrate with first and second surfaces. The mirror reflective element has a principal reflector portion and an auxiliary reflector portion.
new patent Wearable high resolution audio visual interface
An adjustable visual optical element is provided, which may be supported, for example, by an eyeglass. The optical element is preferably adjustable in each of the x, y, and z axes to allow the wearer to optimize projection of the optical element.
new patent Polarization conversion mechanism and method thereof
A polarization conversion mechanism for a touch screen display includes a crystal layer and a polarizing layer. The crystal layer utilizes a birefringent crystal glass for changing phase delay effect in accordance with crystal axial angle thereof.
new patent Shutter glasses
Provided are shutter eyeglasses that can have simplified internal wiring. The shutter glasses include: a circuit board to which a drive circuit adapted to drive a left eye shutter and a right eye shutter is mounted; a battery adapted to supply power to the circuit board; and a reception element adapted to receive a synchronizing signal transmitted from an image display device.
new patent Coated article with low-e coating having low visible transmission
This invention relates to a coated article including a low-emissivity (low-e) coating. In certain example embodiments, the low-e coating is provided on a substrate (e.g., glass substrate) and includes at least first and second infrared (ir) reflecting layers (e.g., silver based layers) that are spaced apart by contact layers (e.g., nicr based layers) and a dielectric layer of or including a material such as silicon nitride.
new patent Method for calculating and optimizing an eyeglass lens taking into consideration higher-order imaging errors
Calculating or optimizing the at least one surface of the spectacle lens taking into consideration the determined higher-order aberration of the propagated local wavefront.. .
new patent Eyeglasses
A pair of eyeglasses includes a frame, two lenses, two temples, two push devices and two fixing elements. The frame has two lens-holding portions, to which the lens are respectively disposed.
new patent Glasses-free 3d liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
A glasses-free 3d liquid crystal display device includes an array substrate, a plurality of data lines disposed horizontally and a plurality of gate lines disposed vertically on the array substrate, a plurality of pixel units defined by the data lines and the gate lines. A pixel unit includes a first sub-pixel and a second sub-pixel that are horizontally disposed and adjacent to each other.
new patent Three-dimensional viewing system
A three-dimensional viewing system includes a television having an electric circuit provided therein for the generation of alternating left-eye image and right-eye image on a screen, a micro controller unit provided inside the television and configured to extract a vertical synchronizing signal therefrom, a signal transmitting system for directly transmitting the vertical synchronizing signal to a pair of three-dimensional shutter glasses to be worn by the viewer in front of the television. The shutter glasses include left and right liquid crystal shutter lenses adapted to receive the vertical synchronizing signal and produce alternating transparency and opacity of the left and right shutter lenses.
new patent Multiview synthesis and processing systems and methods
Certain embodiments relate to systems and methods for presenting an autostereoscopic, 3-dimensional image to a user. The system may comprise a view rendering module to generate multi-view autostereoscopic images from a limited number of reference views, enabling users to view the content from different angles without the need of glasses.
new patent Fe-based amorphous alloy, powder core using the same, and coil encapsulated powder core
An fe-based amorphous alloy of the present invention has a composition formula represented by fe100-a-b-c-x-y-z-tniasnbcrcpxcybzsit, and in the formula, 1 at %≦a≦10 at %, 0 at %≦b≦3 at %, 0 at %≦c≦6 at %, 6.8 at %≦x≦10.8 at %, 2.2 at %≦y≦9.8 at %, 0 at %≦z≦4.2 at %, and 0 at %≦t≦3.9 at % hold. Accordingly, an fe-based amorphous alloy used for a powder core and/or a coil encapsulated powder core having a low glass transition temperature (tg), a high conversion vitrification temperature (tg/tm), and excellent magnetization and corrosion resistance can be manufactured..
new patent Thermoplastic resin composition for reflector, reflector plate, and light-emitting diode element
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a thermoplastic resin composition for a reflector plate with which it is possible to obtain a molded article having excellent moldability, high mechanical strength, excellent heat resistance and a high reflectance that is stable over time, and it is possible to obtain a reflector plate with which there is little reduction in reflectance due to heating. The thermoplastic resin composition for a reflector of the invention comprises 30 to 80 weight % of a thermoplastic resin (a) having structural units containing carbonyl groups and a melting point or glass transition temperature of 250° c.
new patent Steering column assembly for a motor vehicle
A steering column assembly for a motor vehicle is provided. The steering column assembly may include a main steering column shaft; a first tubular member; a first attachment feature; and a second attachment feature.
new patent Goalie skate
The inventive skate consists of an upper that is designed to accept the foot of the user. Other portions of the upper are preferably constructed using a semi-rigid material, such as fiberglass, nylon, plastic, etc.
new patent Seal ring
The objective of the present invention is to provide a seal ring having excellent dimensional stability and fitting properties with an opposing member, is able to effectively prevent leakage of oil even at very low hydraulic pressure, and also having excellent sliding properties. The seal ring is produced from a resin composition comprising (a) a poly(phthalamide) and (b) at least one component selected from among elastomers, crosslinked rubbers and dynamically crosslinked resins.
new patent Glass base material hanging mechanism
Provided is a glass base material hanging mechanism that, when hanging a starting member or a glass base material, can tightly (solidly) connect the hanging shaft tube and the hanging component and can vertically align the hanging component and the center of the glass base material.. .
new patent Thick film silver paste and its use in the manufacture of semiconductor devices
The present invention is directed to an electroconductive silver thick film paste composition comprising ag particles and a bi—cu—b—zn-based glass frit dispersed in an organic medium. The present invention is further directed to an electrode formed from the paste composition and a semiconductor device and, in particular, a solar cell comprising such an electrode.
new patent Method for curing glass-fiber coatings
A uvled apparatus and method provide efficient curing of an optical-fiber coating onto a drawn glass fiber. The apparatus and method employ one or more uvleds that emit electromagnetic radiation into a curing space.
new patent Scintillation detector assembly
A scintillation detector assembly sealed via a compression fit without the use of epoxy or other sealant is disclosed. The assembly includes a scintillator composition and a photomultiplier tube optically coupled to the scintillator.
new patent Nose section for a flying machine and associated flying machine
The nose section for a flying machine according to the invention comprises an enclosure delimiting a nose cone extending along a longitudinal axis (a-a′), the enclosure delimiting a window, and a glass closing the window extending transversely relative to the longitudinal axis (a-a′). The nose section includes an optical sensor, in particular a camera, positioned in the enclosure behind the glass.
new patent Scrapped glass pulverizing device
A scrapped glass pulverizing device includes a vibration crushing device. The vibration crushing device includes a vibration hammer, a vibration generator that controls vibration of the vibration hammer up and down, and a crushing platform arranged below the vibration hammer and supports scrapped glass..
new patent 3d glasses and related systems
3d glasses having an rfid tag (embedded in one or more temples) are rented to theater or other venue operators. The glasses are shipped to a venue for distribution to patrons and collected from patrons in the trays.
new patent Freight floor, freight container, use of a multilayer panel to produce a freight floor, and method for producing a freight floor
A freight floor having a multilayer construction and that is formed as a composite material, comprising a core layer of carbon-fibre-reinforced and/or glass-fibre-reinforced plastic and a seating layer of a metal alloy, in particular an aluminium alloy.. .
new patent Iron
The invention relates to an electrical iron. An iron comprises a sole plate, of a glass or ceramic substrate bearing an electrical heating element.
new patent Multi-layer material for application to a vehicle underbody
A dual layer material adapted to being applied to a vehicle underbody including a panel shaped body formed by a moldable polyethylene terephthalate (pet) layer joined with a polypropylene and glass composite layer in order to provide at least one of improved wear and abrasion resistance on an outer facing surface and acoustic noise attenuation on an inner vehicle facing surface. The dual layer material can also incorporate a bonding agent for adhering the layers together..
new patent Pneumatic powertrain for an automotive vehicle
A pneumatic vehicle is provided with a chassis, wheels, a compressed air tank, a heat exchanger to heat the compressed air, and an air motor driven by the heated air and connected to at least one wheel. A pneumatic vehicle is provided with a chassis, wheels, a compressed air tank, and an air motor driven by the compressed air and connected to a wheel.
new patent Infrared light enabled and electromagnetic shielding aircraft window
A flight deck aircraft window 10 has improved transparency from two layers of different types of glass and electromagnetic radiation shielding from a thin layer of indium tin oxide between the two layers of glass. The thin layer of indium tin oxide provides the required shielding without appreciably adding to the window weight or detracting from the enhanced transparency of the two layers of glass..
new patent Glass wiring board
A glass wiring board is provided that includes a glass substrate and a primer layer. The prime layer is disposed on the glass substrate and includes an intermediate layer and a copper plating layer disposed on the intermediate layer.
new patent Method and device for the assembly of insulating glass panes that are filled with a gas different from air
Disclosed is a method for assembling insulating glass panes filled with a gas other than air. According to said method, two glass sheets provided with a spacer are arranged in a vertical or inclined position and facing each other, gas that is different from air is introduced into a chamber from below and the insulating glass pane is formed by moving the glass sheets closer to each other after reaching a desired gas filling level.
new patent Methods of making laminated led array and/or products including the same
In certain example embodiments, light emitting diodes (leds) may be disposed on a deformable and flexible backbone sheet and chained together in an array, e.g., via flexible wiggle wires. Such flexible wiggle wires may also provide an electrical connection to an external power source.
new patent Bulk nickel-phosphorus-boron glasses bearing molybdenum
The disclosure provides ni—mo—p—b, ni—mo—nb—p—b, and ni—mo—nb—mn—p—b alloys capable of forming metallic glass objects. The metallic glass objects can have lateral dimensions in excess of 1 mm and as large as 3 mm or larger.
new patent Glass base material elongating apparatus
In order to provide a glass base material elongating apparatus that can safely elongate a glass base material in an extendable top chamber without damaging a flange, provided is a glass base material elongating apparatus comprising a heating furnace; an extendable top chamber formed of a multilayer cylinder disposed above the heating furnace; a glass base material hanging mechanism that hangs a glass base material into the heating furnace and the extendable top chamber; and a top chamber lifting mechanism. A flange is formed on a top portion of an outermost tube of the multilayer cylinder, and the top chamber lifting mechanism includes a cylinder support member that supports the flange from below and a cylinder lifting member that lifts up the cylinder support member..
new patent Composition fiber glass utility pole
A fiber glass utility pole comprising: (a) a center section that comprises from 5% to 15% of the total diameter of the utility pole; (b) a mid-section surrounding the center section, the mid-section comprising from 70% to 90% of the total diameter of the utility pole; and (c) an outer section surrounding the mid-section, the outer section comprising from 5% to 15% of the total diameter of the utility pole, wherein the center section comprises fiber glass oriented at a 30 to 60 degree angle to a center axis, and wherein the mid-section comprises fiber glass oriented parallel to the center axis, and wherein the outer section comprises fiber glass oriented at a 30 to 60 degree angle to a center axis.. .
new patent Building
A building panel and a building formed therefrom, where the building includes a plurality of building panels arranged to form a cylindrical shape, where each panel comprises a single, or monolithic, glass piece, where each glass piece is substantially rectangular and includes two opposing long sides extending in a height direction and two opposing short sides extending substantially in a width direction, and where each glass piece forms an identical circular arc when viewed from either of the two opposing short sides.. .
new patent Ecological house
This disclosure provides a method and means to build an ecological house with enormous monolithic foam blocks. The building structure is reinforced by liquid cement filled pipes or by glass fiber mesh.
new patent Glass clip
Glass clips comprising a pair of opposed planar elements separated and joined by fasteners to an attachment means are employed to grasp, support or suspend a plate glass from a stable structure such as a rail, post or flooring. The suspended glass creates a transparent wall or barrier that is valued for its expansive and uncluttered visual effect.

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