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 Clustering high dimensional data using gaussian mixture copula model with lasso based regularization patent thumbnailClustering high dimensional data using gaussian mixture copula model with lasso based regularization
Lasso constraints can lead to a gaussian mixture copula model that is more robust, better conditioned, and more reflective of the actual clusters in the training data. These qualities of the gmcm have been shown with data obtained from: digital images of fine needle aspirates of breast tissue for detecting cancer; email for detecting spam; two dimensional terrain data for detecting hills and valleys; and video sequences of hand movements to detect gestures.
Xerox Corporation

 Identifying abandonment using gesture movement patent thumbnailIdentifying abandonment using gesture movement
Examples of the present disclosure describe systems and methods of identifying good and bad abandonment using gesture movement. In aspects, user feedback signals may be received by a client device in response to the viewing and/or navigation of query results.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Methods and apparatuses for form operation on a mobile terminal patent thumbnailMethods and apparatuses for form operation on a mobile terminal
Apparatuses and methods are disclosed for form operation on a mobile terminal. An exemplary method may include detecting an input hand gesture on a screen, and acquiring a trajectory of the input hand gesture.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

 Mechanism to create pattern gesture transmissions to create device-sourcing emergency information patent thumbnailMechanism to create pattern gesture transmissions to create device-sourcing emergency information
A system may comprise a registration device configured to register patterns for users; a recording device configured to record a received pattern, as an electronic pattern, wherein the recording device recognizes the received pattern as one of the registered patterns; a receiving device configured to observe human movement patterns with a camera, transform the observed human movement patterns to an electronic signal, and receive the recognized registered pattern from the recording device by a first wireless transmission; a forwarding device configured to transmit the electronic signal, and the received recognized registered pattern to an alert service by a second wireless transmission; and an alert service, configured to receive the electronic signal and the received recognized registered pattern from the forwarding device and configured to transmit the electronic signal and the received recognized registered pattern to a second electronic device by a third wireless transmission.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Gesture-based control system patent thumbnailGesture-based control system
A method and system for human computer interaction using hand gestures is presented. The system permits a person to precisely control a computer system without wearing an instrumented glove or any other tracking device.
Facebook, Inc.

 System and methods for eye gaze triggered control of appliance by hand gesture patent thumbnailSystem and methods for eye gaze triggered control of appliance by hand gesture
An exemplary embodiment of the present system comprises a camera head unit including an eye gaze recognizing functionality receiving an eye gaze from a user and activating a hand gesture recognizing functionality, wherein the hand gesture recognizing functionality is receiving a hand gesture from the user and determining an operation based upon the hand gesture, and a communication device communicatively connected to the camera head unit and to the appliance for communicating the operation to the appliance. And exemplary embodiment of the present method for controlling an appliance from a distance comprises the steps of: receiving an eye gaze from a user; activating hand gesture recognition; receiving a hand gesture from the user; determining an operation based upon the hand gesture; and communicating the operation to the appliance..

 Sensor design for enhanced touch and gesture decoding patent thumbnailSensor design for enhanced touch and gesture decoding
A sensor arrangement for capacitive touch and non-touch detection has a transmission electrode and a predefined number of receiving electrodes coupled with an evaluation unit. The evaluation unit operates in a non-touch detection mode and in a touch detection mode, wherein the transmission electrode generates an alternating electric near field, and in the non-touch detection mode, the evaluation unit evaluates signals from the receiving electrodes to determine non-touch gestures or a three-dimensional position of an object.
Microchip Technology Germany Gmbh

 Head mounted display linked to a touch sensitive input device patent thumbnailHead mounted display linked to a touch sensitive input device
A system that accepts and displays user input from a touch sensitive input device, such as phone touchscreen, while a user is wearing a head mounted display. Since the user cannot directly observe the input device, the system generates a virtual touchscreen graphic showing the location of the user's touch, and displays this graphic on the head mounted display.
Ariadne's Thread (usa), Inc. (dba Immerex)

 Modular pro tba knob for open storage areas patent thumbnailModular pro tba knob for open storage areas
A vehicle trailer backup assist control module for positioning in an open area of a vehicle is disclosed, comprising a control device configured to mate electrically and mechanically with a modular adapter for removable positioning the module in the open area of the vehicle, a user interface for receiving gestures from a user and for providing feedback to the user, at least one visual indicator for indicating a status of the control device and/or of a trailer backup assist function of the vehicle, and a data port for transmitting and receiving data to and from the vehicle for controlling a trailer backup assist function of the vehicle.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Apparatus having gesture sensor patent thumbnailApparatus having gesture sensor
An apparatus having a gesture sensor is provided. The gesture sensor includes an image sensing unit and a processing unit.
Pixart Imaging Inc.

Iot device selection

Various systems and methods for initiating a communication session are provided herein. A system for initiating a connection session includes sensor array; a gesture detection circuit communicatively coupled to the sensor array, the gesture detection circuit to: detect an air gesture performed by a user of the system based on data from the sensor array; and determine a classification of the air gesture; and a transceiver to transmit a signal to a receiver associated with a receiver device, to initiate a connection between the system and the receiver device, when the air gesture is recognized as a triggering gesture to initiate the connection..

Implementing a business training user(s) in disc personality styles

The present invention relates to a business method implementing a mnemonic educational process for training the user(s) in the personality style of an individual. The method utilizes the hand formation/gesture to train the user(s) in the disc personality style of the individual.

Touch gestures for navigation and interacting with content in a three-dimensional space

A computer-implemented method of manipulating some portion of a 3d representation of a scene from a reference view direction using a touch-sensitive display unit that includes identifying, by the touch-sensitive display unit, the portion of the 3d representation of the scene to be translated; generating and displaying on some portion of a display device of the touch-sensitive display unit a second 3d representation of the scene from an auxiliary view direction that may be selectively adjustable; and using the second 3d representation of the scene to translate the portion of the 3d representation of the scene.. .
Mental Canvas Llc

Method and system of temporal segmentation for gesture analysis

A method, system and non-transitory computer readable medium are disclosed for recognizing gestures, the method includes capturing at least one three-dimensional (3d) video stream of data on a subject; extracting a time-series of skeletal data from the at least one 3d video stream of data; isolating a plurality of points of abrupt content change called temporal cuts, the plurality of temporal cuts defining a set of non-overlapping adjacent segments partitioning the time-series of skeletal data; identifying among the plurality of temporal cuts, temporal cuts of the time-series of skeletal data having a positive acceleration; and classifying each of the one or more pair of consecutive cuts with the positive acceleration as a gesture boundary.. .
Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.

System and method to accelerate accessing content

A native application executing on a user's device can receive a selection of one or more content items. The one or more content items can be selected via a cursor positioning device or via a gesture on a touch screen.
International Business Machines Corporation

Using gesture selection to obtain contextually relevant information

Described herein are various technologies pertaining to using a gesture to obtain contextually relevant information. Content within an area selected by a gesture is extracted.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Gesture based system for translation and transliteration of input text and a method thereof

A gesture based system for translation and transliteration of input text, and a corresponding method have been disclosed. The system and method provide for selective translation and transliteration of the input text, based on the gestures performed by a user.
Oslabs Pte. Ltd.

Generating and rendering inflected text

A facility for using gestures to attach visual inflection to displayed text is described. The facility receives first user input specifying text, and causes the text specified by the first user input to be displayed in a first manner.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Gesture recognizers with delegates for controlling and modifying gesture recognition

A software application includes a plurality of views and an application state. The application includes instructions for displaying one or more views, where a respective view includes a respective gesture recognizer having a corresponding delegate, detecting one or more touches on a touch-sensitive surface, and processing a respective touch.
Apple Inc.

Method and system for volume control by hand gesture

A method and system for volume control by hand gesture, comprising the following steps: enter music playing interface, and control the music volume and system volume, conduct hand gesture operation and pop up volume control interface; conduct volume control by hand gesture in the volume control interface, and conduct the corresponding operation for the music volume according to the volume control by hand gesture. If the direction of volume control by hand gesture is upward, the volume increases, and vice versa.
Fiio Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Letter input method using touchscreen

A letter input method using a touch screen allows an input action of a user to be recognized using basic slip actions in four directions perpendicular to each other and consecutive slip actions expansively consecutive therefrom, and a consecutive slip action is configured as a combination of actions slipping in a direction not overlapping with a former slip direction. Thus, each slip action may be clearly distinguished to fundamentally solve problems such as erroneous input, duplicated recognition caused by gestures (slips) performed at a border line, erroneous recognition or the like, thereby greatly improving the efficiency in inputting letters and also realizing an action recognition algorithm more conveniently and easily..

Device processing method and electronic device

One embodiment provides a method, including: receiving, at an electronic device, user input comprising a predetermined gesture; determining, using a processor, a first set of coordinates associated with the predetermined gesture; receiving, after the user input, another user input comprising the predetermined gesture at the electronic device; determining, using a processor, a second set of coordinates associated with the predetermined gesture of the another user input, wherein the second set of coordinates is different than the first set of coordinates; comparing the first and second sets of coordinates; and determining, based on the comparing, an offset between the first and second set of coordinates. Other aspects are described and claimed..
Lenovo (beijing) Limited

Ink input for browser navigation

Techniques for ink input for browser navigation are described. Generally, ink refers to freehand input to a touch-sensing functionality and/or a functionality for sensing touchless gestures, which is interpreted as digital ink.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Display device and computer-readable non-transitory recording medium with display control program recorded thereon

A display device includes a display, a display control section, a touch panel, a touch pressure detecting section, and a gesture acceptance section. The touch pressure detecting section detects a pressure of touch on the display.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Systems and methods for reducing jitter using a touch screen

Systems and methods are described herein for reducing jitter of touch screen inputs. In some embodiments, a media guidance application may receive touch screen inputs for controlling media playback, such as a swipe gesture.
Rovi Guides, Inc.

Dynamic differential algorithm for side touch signals

Input devices described herein include sensing regions that permit the device to identify a location of input objects along a side of the device. To perform gesture detection, an input device selects baseline signals which are subtracted from capacitive sensing signals captured using the sensor electrodes in the sensing region.
Synaptics Incorporated

User-defined gesture enablement protocols for touch input device

A user interface method is disclosed. For a particular interface, such as a touch input device, the method involves defining an enablement protocol for a function and recording and retaining the enablement protocol of said function, such that a user enables the function by substantially reproducing the enablement protocol in the absence of spatial or temporal indication of at least a portion of the enablement protocol..
Zetta Research And Development Llc - Rpo Series

Method, terminal and computer storage media for awakening mobile terminal and application

The disclosure is applicable to the technical field of mobile terminals and provides a method and a system for awakening a mobile terminal and an application. The method includes: collecting a sliding gesture of a user on a screen; matching the sliding gesture with a pre-stored sliding gesture; and, if the match succeeds, unlocking the mobile terminal and opening the application associated with the sliding gesture.
Lemobile Information Technology (beijing) Co., Ltd.

Touch-input support for an external touch-capable display device

Touch-input support for an external touch-capable display device is described. A computing device (e.g., a smartphone) is configured to form a connection with an external touch-capable display device that is separate from the computing device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Navigation of a virtual plane using a zone of restriction for canceling noise

A touchless human computer interface (hci) provides a virtual surface in three-dimensional space and a zone of restriction for defining a level of sensitivity to movements in order to cancel noise that may be caused by natural wobble of a human appendage. The touchless hci may receive input regarding a user movement, process the input to generate clean gesture data and analyze at least one dynamic variable to determine an interpreted action based upon a relationship of the clean gesture data with respect to the virtual surface..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Character input method, program for character input, recording medium, and information-processing device

The layout of character keys each having a plurality of characters allocated thereto is established on a virtual surface (first layer) including a detection position of a gesture that satisfies predetermined conditions, and when a gesture moving along the first layer is detected, a selection position with respect to the layout of character keys is moved in accordance with the gesture movement. When the movement direction of the gesture is switched to a direction away from the first layer under the condition that a prescribed character key in the layout is selected, each character allocated to the character key being selected is arranged outside the first layer at individually different positions relative to a virtual axis passing through the character key.
Omron Corporation

Apparatus for projecting image and operating same

An apparatus for projecting an image, according to one embodiment of the present invention, projects an image, detects a user gesture operation in an area between an image screen area, where an image screen corresponding to the projected image is displayed, and the apparatus for projecting an image, and carries out a control operation corresponding to the detected gesture operation. The operation of detecting the user gesture operation includes distinguishing, into a plurality of areas, the area between the image screen area and the apparatus for projecting an image, and detecting the user gesture operation with respect to the plurality of distinguished plurality of areas..
Lg Electronics Inc.

System and recognizing hand gesture

Provided is a hand gesture recognition technique. A hand gesture recognition system according to one aspect of the present invention includes an image capturing unit that captures an image of a gesture recognition region to acquire a depth image; a hand region extractor that extracts a hand region from the depth image; and a hand gesture recognizer that analyzes the extracted hand region to recognize a hand gesture included in the depth image as a grasp gesture or a release gesture..
Korea Electronics Technology Institute

Sharing across environments

Techniques for sharing across environments are described. Generally, different types of input may be employed to share content, such as using a pen, a stylus, a finger, touchless gesture input, and so forth.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Control system using aesthetically guided gesture recognition

A method for facilitating and enhancing computer-based authoring of gesture definitions that are useful in controlling a walk-around character and other systems using gesture controls. The method includes, during performance of a gesture by a performer, collecting sets of raw sensor data each corresponding to differing parameters of the performance of the gesture.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Gesture control of interactive events using multiple wearable devices

Systems and methods for gesture control of an interactive event using multiple wearable devices are herein disclosed as comprising, in an implementation, receiving signal data indicative of at least one gesture from a first sensor of a first wearable device and a second sensor of a second wearable device, performing pre-processing on the signal data by a computing device in communication with the first wearable device and the second wearable device, performing feature extraction on the pre-processed signal data by the computing device, and determining the at least one gesture based on the feature extracted signal data and offline training data by the computing device. In an implementation, the first sensor and the second sensor comprise one or more of a three-axis accelerometer, a six-axis accelerometer, or an electromyography sensor, and can be configured to calibrate the other..
Huami Inc.

Methods for analysing user interactions with a user interface

Computer-implemented methods for analysing interactions between a user and a computing device include analysing user interaction data to identify a plurality of user gestures, and analysing the gestures to identify those likely to represent user struggles or difficulties encountered with a user interface. A predictive model is generated from this analysis for use in identifying user gestures likely to represent user struggles during further user sessions..
Sessioncam Limited

Systems and methods for providing gesture indicative data via a head wearable computing device

Computationally implemented methods and systems include facilitating a head wearable computing device to receive one or more solicitations via one or more solicitation signals that solicit to provide to a limb wearable computing device gesture indicative data that is indicative of one or more user gestures, the head wearable computing device being designed to be worn on a head of a user and the limb wearable computing device being designed to be worn around a limb of a user; and directing the head wearable computing device to transmit to the limb wearable computing device the gesture indicative data via one or more low-power gesture indicative data signals, the limb wearable computing device being within communication range of the head wearable computing device. In addition to the foregoing, other aspects are described in the claims, drawings, and text..
Elwha Llc

Method and following an operator and locking onto a retroreflector with a laser tracker

A method for measuring three-dimensional (3d) coordinates includes providing a retroreflector and a laser tracker. An operator gives a follow-operator gesture, and the laser tracker responds by following movement of the operator..
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Multifunctional infrared module

A multifunctional infrared (ir) module is configured for multiple ir applications without an additional microcontroller to be integrated into a computing device and is able to utilize voltage control instead of current control. The multifunctional ir module includes an ir light emitting diode (led), and an ir receiver (e.g., photodiode or phototransistor).
Peel Technologies, Inc.

Input/output functions related to a portable device in an automotive environment

To facilitate various functionality related to interactions between a portable device and a vehicle head unit, systems and methods (i) efficiently provide audio navigation instructions to a vehicle head unit; (ii) enable data exchange between a portable device which is not in direct communication with a vehicle head unit and the vehicle head unit; and (iii) provide visual output in response to user gestures in an automotive environment.. .
Google Inc.

User interface vehicle, and vehicle

A user interface apparatus for a vehicle including a touch screen; a gesture input unit configured to detect a gesture of a user; and a processor configured to in response to the gesture detected by the gesture input unit being applied from a driver seat of the vehicle, display a preset first screen on the touch screen corresponding to driver operations of the vehicle, and in response to the gesture detected by the gesture input unit being applied from a front passenger seat of the vehicle, display a preset third screen on the touch screen corresponding to passenger operations of the vehicle excluding vehicle driving operations.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Gesture-based control device for controlling an electrical load

A control device may be configured to control one or more electrical loads in a load control system. The control device may be a wall-mounted device such as dimmer switch, a remote control device, or a retrofit remote control device.
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Gesture-based control device for controlling an electrical load

A control device may be configured to control one or more electrical loads in a load control system. The control device may be a wall-mounted device such as dimmer switch, a remote control device, or a retrofit remote control device.
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Video content deep diving

One or more computing devices, systems, and/or methods for displaying content associated with a video element of a video are provided. For example, a video may comprise video elements (e.g., pixels of frames of the video depicting an entity such as a car, an actor, a monument, etc.) that are tagged with content tags (e.g., a textual string such as a search query used to obtain content from content providers).
Yahoo!, Inc.

Displaying virtual target window on mobile device based on user intent

An approach is provided that executes on a mobile device with a touch-enabled display screen. The approach receives, from a user of the mobile device, a gesture entered on the touch-enabled display screen with the gesture being entered using an input instrument, such as a finger or thumb, operated by the user.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for processing ultrasonic inputs

Hazard detection systems and methods according to embodiments described herein are operative to enable a user to interface with the hazard detection system by performing a touchless gesture. The touchless gesture can be performed in a vicinity of the hazard detection system without requiring physical access to the hazard detection system.
Google Inc.

Curve editing mechanism

Datasets such as two dimensional raster images or three dimensional voxel based representations are often processed for representation using a transfer function defined by a curve. A mechanism for manually adjusting such curves is described, whereby a user adds a second curve.
Ecole Nationale De L'aviation Civile

Identifying local coordinate system for gesture recognition

Identifying a local coordinate system is described for gesture recognition. In one example, a method includes receiving a gesture from a user across a horizontal axis at a depth camera, determining a horizontal vector for the user based on the received user gesture, determining a vertical vector; and determining a rotation matrix to convert positions of user gestures received by the camera to a frame of reference of the user..
Intel Corporation

Sign language communication with communication devices

Implementations enable conversations between operators of communication devices who use sign language and other operators who don't. A method may include receiving images of first sign language gestures captured by a camera of a first communication device, converting the first sign language gestures into first text, transmitting the first text to a second communication device, receiving second text from the second communication device, and converting the second text into images of second sign language gestures made by an avatar.
Avaya Inc.

Moving display images from one screen to another screen by hand gesturing

A display management arrangement for a motor vehicle includes a first display screen and a second display screen disposed on a dashboard of the motor vehicle. An electronic processor is disposed in the motor vehicle.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

Client terminal user interface for interacting with contacts

There is provided a computerized method for establishing a communication session with at least one contact based on a cross display gesture, comprising: displaying an array of contacts at a first location on a display of an interactive user interface on a screen of a client terminal; displaying an array of applications at a second location on the display of the interactive user interface, the first and second locations being located on opposite sides of the screen separated by an interactive region of the interactive user interface; identifying a cross display gesture manually performed by the user, the cross display gesture connecting a certain contact of the array of contacts with a certain application of the array of applications while crossing some of the interactive region; and establishing a communication session between the user and the certain contact activated by the certain application.. .
Drupe Mobile Ltd.

Cross-platform interactivity architecture

Maintaining an application for deployment across platforms requires significant engineering effort and an expanded code base, especially when dealing with different input types from the host platforms. To reduce the computational expenses and improve the standardization of the user interface, systems and methods are provided to recognize gestures in a platform agnostic code architecture, which may be deployed on multiple platforms with different input and output methodologies to provide a consistent user experience with a smaller code base to install on those platforms and to maintain.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

Applications for multi-touch input detection

In general, the multi-touch detection implementations described herein use touch detection technologies to provide new and advantageous interactions between users and touch displays using touch, pens and user-wearable devices (uwds). These new and advantageous interactions include user-associated mobile menus, combined click-through and radial marking menus, menus to automate and improve drawing or manipulation of content on a display, new menus and methods of selecting objects and text on a display, and new interactions with uwds and touchscreen displays by using uwds with gestures.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Device interaction with spatially aware gestures

Described is a system and technique for providing the ability for a user to interact with one or more devices by performing gestures that mimic real-world physical analogies. More specifically, the techniques described herein provide the ability for a user to interact with a device by limiting the conscious gesturing for a computer component by camouflaging computer-recognizable gestures within manipulations of a physical objects..
Google Inc.

Control device and controlling functions in a vehicle, in particular a motor vehicle

An operation device and a method for operating functions of a vehicle involve a gesture detection device allowing detection of gestures carried out by a person in an interior of the vehicle for operating the functions. The gesture detection device has a multitude of operation zones in the interior, each zone being allocated to one of the functions and being selectable for operating the respective function by a gesture allocated to the respective operation zone..
Daimler Ag

Method, apparatus and system for interacting with content on web browsers

A method, apparatus and system enable indirect remote interaction with a web browser. In one embodiment, remote user gestures may be captured and processed to determine an action to be taken by the web browser..
Intel Corporation

Hand gesture recognition method, device, system, and computer storage medium

The embodiments of the present invention disclose a hand gesture recognition method, device, and system; the hand gesture recognition method disclosed in the present invention comprising: a first hand gesture recognition device determining, according to a recognized hand gesture and the position thereof, as well as said hand gesture and the position thereof as recognized by a second hand gesture recognition device, whether to accept control by said hand gesture. Another hand gesture recognition method disclosed by the present invention comprises: a first hand gesture recognition device publishing information of a hand gesture it has recognized, and receiving information of said hand gesture recognized by a second hand gesture recognition device..
Zte Corporation

Displaying virtual target window on mobile device based on directional gesture

An approach is provided for receiving, from a user of the mobile device, a directional gesture entered on a touch-enabled display screen. The directional gesture was entered using an input instrument, such as a finger or thumb, operated by the user.
International Business Machines Corporation

Single axis gesture recognition

Embodiments herein describe an input device that includes a sensing region that permits the device to identify a location of an input object (e.g., a finger) along a side of the device. For example, the sensing region may include sensor electrodes that form a stack with display elements used to display images to the user.
Synaptics Incorporated

Method and using gestures to control a laser tracker

A method and system are provided for controlling a measurement device remotely through gestures performed by a user. The method includes providing a relationship between a command and a gestures.
Faro Technologies, Inc.

Use of human input recognition to prevent contamination

Embodiments of a system and method for processing and recognizing non-contact types of human input to prevent contamination are generally described herein. In example embodiments, human input is captured, recognized, and used to provide active input for control or data entry into a user interface, the human input may be provided in variety of forms detectable by recognition techniques such as speech recognition, gesture recognition, identification recognition, and facial recognition.
Medivators Inc.

System and autonomously recording a visual media

A system and method for autonomously recording a visual media including a digital image sensor to capture a visual media; a display to present the visual media from the digital image sensor; a touch controller to identify at least one of a haptic contact engagement, haptic contact signal and haptic contact gesture detected on a single haptic zone or at least one of a multiple individual haptic zone on the display; and a visual media capture controller to alternately record the visual media as a photograph or video based upon the number of times or the method which haptic contact occurs on the screen display and toggle between the single haptic zone and multiple haptic zones.. .

Graphical display of phone conversations

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for analyzing mobile device usage. During the course of a conversation, a graphical display is generated on a mobile device which depicts entity nodes, conversation nodes, and a voice channel boundary.
International Business Machines Corporation

Controlling display device settings from a mobile device touch interface

System, method, and computer product embodiments for controlling a display device's display settings from a computing device's touch-based user interface are described. In an embodiment, the computing device establishes a wireless connectivity with the display device.
Roku, Inc.

Biometric aware object detection and tracking

The technology disclosed can provide methods and systems for identifying users while capturing motion and/or determining the path of a portion of the user with one or more optical, acoustic or vibrational sensors. Implementations can enable use of security aware devices, e.g., automated teller machines (atms), cash registers and banking machines, other secure vending or service machines, security screening apparatus, secure terminals, airplanes, automobiles and so forth that comprise sensors and processors employing optical, audio or vibrational detection mechanisms suitable for providing gesture detection, personal identification, user recognition, authorization of control inputs, and other machine control and/or machine communications applications.
Leap Motion, Inc.

User-authentication gestures

This document relates to user-authentication gestures. One example can capture multiple biometric features when a user-authentication gesture is performed as a device authentication attempt.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

User interface and the protected input of characters

A simple gesture control system that permits accurate, simple, and secure input of personal identification numbers (pin) by visually impaired or blind persons at a payment terminal or automatic teller machine is provided. By the user interface, invisible keys can be selected by simple wiping gestures.
Wincor Nixdorf International Gmbh

Digital object sharing using a flexible display

As disclosed herein a computer-implemented method includes detecting a gesture applied to a touch display that corresponds to an object, determining a direction for the gesture and determining if a gesture pressure is greater than a threshold pressure required to move the object. The method further includes determining a surface profile of the display and selecting a rate of transfer according to the surface profile of the display, determining if a surface profile of a receiving device is compatible with the surface profile of the display, and transferring the object to the receiving device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Portable electronic device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying-structured electronic documents

At an electronic device with a touch screen display, display a user interface, where the user interface includes at least two windows of an application, a first icon displayed in association with a first window of the at least two windows, and a second icon at a location different from the at least two windows. While displaying the at least two windows, detect a gesture on the touch screen display.
Apple Inc.

Optical proximity sensor and eye tracker

A user interface system, including a display surface displaying thereon a plurality of controls representing different applications, a multi-faceted housing situated along a single edge of the display surface, including an eye-tracker mounted in a first facet of the housing, the first facet being distal from the display surface, the eye-tracker identifying a control on the display surface at which a user's eyes are directed, and a proximity sensor mounted in a second facet of the housing, the second facet being between the first facet and the display, the proximity sensor detecting a gesture performed by an object opposite the second facet, and a processor running the different applications, connected to the proximity sensor and to the eye-tracker, causing the application represented by the control identified by the eye-tracker to receive as input the gesture detected by the proximity sensor.. .
Neonode Inc.

Touch sensitive surface with recessed surface feature for an electronic device

An electronic device (300) includes a housing (301). A touch sensitive surface (100) can be disposed along the housing.
Google Technology Holdings Llc

Vehicle and controlling the vehicle

A vehicle includes a display for displaying a keypad to receive a command through a touch gesture of a user, and a controller for determining an operable area for the user on the display based on a user's shoulder height and arm length, and for controlling the display to display the keypad in the operable area.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Touch input device and vehicle including the touch input device

A touch input device includes a mounting unit in which a mounting groove is formed at an inner side of the mounting unit, and a touch unit accommodated in the mounting groove and installed to be detachable from the mounting unit, wherein the touch unit comprises a first touch portion and a second touch portion, which are provided on different surfaces of the touch unit and allow a user to input a touch gesture, and the touch unit is selectively coupled to the mounting unit to allow the first touch portion to face an upper side or to allow the second touch portion to face the upper side.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Data services based on gesture and location information of device

With the addition of directional information and gesture based input in a location based services environment, a variety of service(s) can be provided. For example, a computer system can identify a spatially-related point of interest based on a geographical location of the computer system and based on directional information.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Gesture recognition devices, gesture recognition methods, and computer readable media

According to various embodiments, a gesture recognition device may be provided. The gesture recognition device may include: a plurality of emitters, each emitter configured to emit a signal; at least one receiver configured to receive signals emitted by the plurality of emitters; a controller configured to control the plurality of emitters to subsequently emit signals in a plurality of patterns of a first subset of the plurality of emitters emitting a signal and a second subset of the plurality of emitters not emitting a signal; and a gesture recognition circuit configured to determine a gesture of a user of the input device based on the signals received by the at least one receiver..
Singapore University Of Technology And Design

Gestures and touch in operator interface

Techniques for adjusting process variables in a process plant using gesture-based input on a user interface device include presenting a graphic representation associated with a process plant entity in the process plant and an indication of a process variable value corresponding to the process plant entity as measured with the actual process plant and providing a user control for receiving gesture-based input at a location on the user interface device corresponding to the graphic representation associated with the process plant entity to adjust the process variable value. In response to receiving gesture-based input from an operator to adjust the process variable value for the corresponding process plant entity, the user interface device presents an adjusted process variable value and sets the process variable in the actual process plant to the adjusted process variable value..
Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.

Orientation-independent air gesture detection service for in-vehicle environments

A vehicle sensor may indicate heading angle. A plurality of seating zones may each include an orientation sensor indicating seating angle.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Method and device for the administration of the energy consumption of a portable electronic device activated by gestures or movements

A portable electronic device and method that functions as a user interface to notify and monitor, in particular, and to interact, in general, with the user with regard to events generated depending on an application that may or may not use different external services coming from the application and/or the host system and the coupling and decoupling method of the electronic device of the invention allowing its use in multiple situations. The electronic device may consist of a cover containing one or more data microprocessors, one or more wireless communication modules, one or more color displays, one or more general-purpose sensing components, one or more voltage regulators, one or more voltage boosters, one or more electric batteries, one or more battery charge management circuits, one or more battery sensors, one or more amplifier circuits for one or more actuators, one or more oscillators and connection circuitry..
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Smart vehicle

A vehicular gesture control system includes sensors such as iot (internet of things) sensors that can share data with other vehicles and that can communicate with the cloud to provide intelligent handling of the vehicle.. .

Systems and methods for controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle

Systems and methods for controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle recognize and interpret gestures by a user. The gestures are interpreted to adjust the operation of the unmanned aerial vehicle, a sensor carried by the unmanned aerial vehicle, or both..
Gopro, Inc.

Apparatus and faucet control

A faucet system for providing adjustable water flow is provided. The system includes hot and cold water valves operable to respectively control a flow of hot and cold water, a sensor pad with substantially continuous sensing axes, and a controller in communication with the sensor pad and operatively connected to the hot and cold water valves.
9329-5459 Quebec Inc.

Device for controlling the interior lighting of a motor vehicle

A device for controlling the interior lighting of a motor vehicle comprises at least one lighting module capable of emitting a light beam in the passenger compartment, and means for detecting a plurality of gestures of an occupant of the vehicle forming a determined sequence triggering the control of the interior lighting module.. .
Valeo Vision

Band type sensor and wearable device having the same

A band type sensor includes a substrate and a gesture sensor on the substrate, where the gesture sensor senses the gesture of a user in a capacitive type. And a wearable device having the band type sensor includes a main body, a display part disposed inside the main body, a band connected to the main body, a band type sensor including a touch sensor disposed on the display part and a gesture sensor disposed in the band, and a control unit to perform an operation according to touch and gesture inputs of the user sensed by the band type sensor..
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System and capturing multi-media of an area of interest using multi-media capturing devices

The present disclosure relates to a method and device for capturing multi-media of an area of interest in plurality of areas using plurality of multi-media capturing devices. The method comprises receiving feeds from each of plurality of multi-media capturing devices and analyzing the feeds to obtain one or more multi-media parameters associated with the plurality of areas.
Wipro Limited

Switch actuating device, mobile device, and actuating a switch by a non-tactile gesture

A switch actuating device for actuating a switch by eight types of non-tactile gestures performed with an object emitting heat includes a gesture sensor with four pixels configured to detect heat emitted by the object. The pixels include thin films made of pyroelectric sensitive material which generate a signal that has signal deflections corresponding to a temporal intensity curve of the heat detected by the thin film of the corresponding pixel.
Pyreos Ltd.

Intuitive selection of a digital stroke grouping

Improved accuracy and user interaction efficiency for selecting a grouping of digital strokes is provided. In response to receiving an indication of a selection input on or in proximity to a digital stroke, a determination is made as to whether the digital stroke is part of an existing group of digital strokes.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

Segment length measurement using a touch screen system in response to gesture input

Disclosed embodiments relate to processing of gestures to cause computation of measurements of a line using a touch screen. A system includes a processor, a touch screen coupled to the processor, a gesture module coupled to the processor for executing a gesturing method.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Electronic device for guiding gesture and guiding gesture

A method of guiding a gesture in an electronic device is provided. The method includes sensing a gesture input via an input tool on a screen; predicting a first proceeding direction of the gesture based on information about the gesture; determining a first guide object corresponding to the predicted first proceeding direction; predicting a second proceeding direction of the gesture based on information about a changed gesture when a proceeding direction of the gesture is changed; and determining a second guide object different from the first guide object and corresponding to the predicted second proceeding direction..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Touchscreen gestures

In an example implementation a method of providing multi-gesture input on a touchscreen device includes sensing a finger gesture at a touchscreen initiation area. In response to sensing the finger gesture, images of a user's eye are captured and an eye-tracking function is initiated to determine eye motion and an end gaze point of the user's eye from the images.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, Lp.

Mobile apparatus displaying end effect and control method thereof

A method of controlling a mobile apparatus to display an end effect is provided. The method includes displaying at least one object on a first layer on a touch screen, converting the at least one object in response to a first gesture that converts the at least one object, detecting that the conversion for the at least one object is ended, and displaying an end effect, which represents a message saying that the at least one object to be converted does not exist anymore or represents additional information, on the touch screen..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Methods and systems for positioning and controlling sound images in three-dimensional space

A system for positioning and controlling sound images in three-dimensional space, comprising: a three-dimensional motion sensing input device; and a computer system incorporating a digital audio workstation application including a gesture library and one or more built-in features, the computer system being connected to the three-dimensional motion sensing input device by a communication link, wherein gestures that are pre-defined in the gesture library are captured by the three-dimensional motion sensing input device and are provided to the computer system via the communication link and used by the digital audio workstation application to position a sound image in three-dimensional space or to control one or more built-in features of the digital audio workstation application.. . Pty Ltd

Method and gesture detection in an electronic device

An electronic device includes one or more processors, a motion detector, another motion detector, such as a gyroscope or one or more accelerometers, and one or more proximity detectors. An amount of movement of the electronic device, an amount of rotation about an axis, and whether an object is proximately located with a major face of the electronic device can be determined.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Methods and systems for monitoring and influencing gesture-based behaviors

Methods and systems are provided herein for analyzing, monitoring, and/or influencing a user's behavioral gesture in real-time. A gesture recognition method may be provided.
Somatix, Inc.

Method and system for gesture based control device

For publication: fig. 6.

Hand gesture recognition method, device, system, and computer storage medium

The embodiments of the present invention disclose a hand gesture recognition method, device, system, and computer storage medium; a hand gesture recognition method disclosed in the present invention comprising: a hand gesture recognition device publishing in a network a list of supported hand gestures and/or a list of instructions corresponding to said supported hand gestures. Another hand gesture recognition method disclosed by the present invention comprises: a hand gesture recognition control device obtaining by means of a network a list of hand gestures supported by a hand gesture recognition device, and/or a list of instructions corresponding to said supported hand gestures..
Zte Corporation

Wearable electromyography sensor array using conductive cloth electrodes for human-robot interactions

A sleeve worn on an arm allows detection of gestures by an array of sensors. Electromyography, inertial, and magnetic field sensors provide data that is processed to categorize gestures and translate the gestures into commands for robotic systems.
California Institute Of Technology

Gaming device with independent gesture-sensitive areas

A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, a processor coupled to a memory storing instructions and to a near field sensor. Execution of the instructions can cause the processor to perform operations including defining a zone corresponding to a portion of an accessory comprising the sensor, detecting a gesture of an object in the zone by sensing the object with the sensor, determining that the gesture is a new gesture not previously associated with the zone and not previously associated with a gaming action controlling presentations produced by a gaming application, associating the gesture with the zone and with the gaming action, subsequently detecting the gesture in the zone, obtaining the gaming action associated with the gesture, and transmitting the gaming action to the gaming application.
Steelseries Aps

Method and system for assessment of cognitive function based on mobile device usage

A system and method that enables a person to unobtrusively assess their cognitive function from mobile device usage. The method records on the mobile device the occurrence and timing of user events comprising the opening and closing of applications resident on the device, the characters inputted, touch-screen gestures made, and voice inputs used on those applications, performs the step of learning a function mapping from the mobile device recordings to measurements of cognitive function that uses a loss function to determine relevant features in the recording, identifies a set of optimal weights that produce a minimum of the loss function, creates a function mapping using the optimal weights, and performs the step of applying the learned function mapping to a new recording on the mobile device to compute new cognitive function values..
Mindstrong, Llc

Image identification based interactive control smart television

An image recognition based interactive control system and method for a smart television. The system comprises: an image acquisition module for acquiring a card image; a gesture recognition module for recognizing a gesture of a user holding a card and outputting a gesture recognition result, wherein the gesture recognition result is channel switching, program selecting or content searching; a card recognition module for recognizing the content of the card image and outputting a card recognition result; and an interactive control module for performing a relevant interactive operation according to the gesture recognition result and the card recognition result..
Shenzhen Prtek Co. Ltd.

Movable user interface shutter button for camera

An electronic device having a camera and a touch-sensitive display supports methods for capturing an image using a movable shutter button thereon. The electronic device executes a camera application that may have a single movable displayed on the touch sensitive display, or two shutter buttons, one of which is fixed and one of which is movable.
Rollcall, Llc

Messaging interface based on caller of an incoming call

In one embodiment, a method includes, during an incoming call from a second user, displaying a notification interface comprising an indication of the incoming call; during the incoming call, detecting a gesture input from the first user; and in response to the detection of the gesture input, transitioning to a messaging interface that includes one or more previous communications between the first user and the second user.. .
Facebook, Inc.

Gesture recognition system and related method

A recognition system and a recognition method are provided. The recognition system includes a camera having a wide angle-of-view, a transmitter electrically connected to the camera, and a processor communicating with the transmitter.
National Taiwan University

Electronic device for measuring biometric information and operating same

A method of operating an electronic device is provided. The method includes detecting a gesture through a first sensor module, acquiring first biometric information through a second sensor module in response to the gesture, determining whether a user's skin contacts the second sensor module based on the first biometric information, and acquiring second biometric information from the user's skin through the second sensor module according to a result of the determination..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Display device

A display device includes a display surface, a detector, and a controller. The display surface displays an image.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Apparatus, method, and program product for detecting input gestures

Apparatuses, methods, and program products are disclosed for detecting input gestures. In one method, an input is detected by use of a processor.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Systems and methods for performing erasures within a graphical user interface

Examples described herein include improved systems and methods for performing erasures and edits within a graphical user interface. A computing device can include a processor that detects skin contact with a touch-screen display of the computing device.
Airwatch, Llc

Method and system for providing prototyping tool, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium

The present disclosure provides a method for providing a prototyping tool, including at least: acquiring first input data and second input data by using a sensor, and acquiring combination data for specifying a combination between the input data; defining, as a trigger, a gesture in which the first input data and the second input data are combined according to the combination data; providing a first graphic element corresponding to the trigger, a second graphic element corresponding to an object, and a third graphic element corresponding to an action; and defining an interaction for allowing an action corresponding to the third graphic element to be performed with respect to the object corresponding to the second graphic element if the trigger corresponding to the first graphic element occurs, when the first graphic element, the second graphic element, and the third graphic element are selected and combined by a user.. .
Studio Xid Korea Inc.

Portable electronic device for instant messaging

A portable electronic device for instant messaging is disclosed. One aspect of the invention involves a graphical user interface (gui) on a portable electronic device with a touch screen display.
Apple Inc.

Accessible reading mode techniques for electronic devices

Techniques are disclosed for providing accessible reading modes in electronic computing devices. The user can transition between a manual reading mode and an automatic reading mode using a transition gesture.
Nook Digital, Llc

Denoising touch gesture input

In one embodiment, a method includes determining a touch gesture that includes two or more data points that each correspond to a particular location on a touch screen and a particular point in time or a particular location; adjusting, for each of one or more of the data points, a time or a position value representing its particular point in time or location with respect to other ones of the data points; and based on the adjusted values, determining a user intent associated with the touch gesture.. .
Facebook, Inc.

Virtual input device using second touch-enabled display

An example system for generating hardware device input includes a gesture detector to detect an input device trigger from one of two coupled touch-enabled displays. The example system also further includes a redirector to intercept touch data from a triggered touch-enabled display.
Intel Corporation

Motion recognition apparatus and control method thereof

A motion recognition apparatus and a control method thereof, capable of controlling and operating a controlled device by determining a gesture variation of a user to replace conventional finger touch for a user interface. The motion recognition apparatus includes a first device, a second device and a controlled device wirelessly connected to the first device and the second device.
Pvd Plus Co., Ltd.

Gesture feedback

A gesture recognition device (100) for recognising gestures made by a user is disclosed. The device comprises a gesture detector for detecting a gesture made be a user and a gesture analysis block, the gesture analysis block comprising a memory configured to store known gestures, and a pattern recognition block configured to associate a gesture detected by the gesture detector with a known gesture stored in the memory.
Nxp B.v.

Mobile electronic device with an adaptively responsive flexible display

A mobile electronic device having a flexible display device is disclosed. A request to retrieve information from a server over a wireless network is triggered based on flexing the flexible display device and other gestures..
Apple Inc.

A fluid dispensing system, a system for processing waste material and a fluid monitoring system

Described herein is a fluid dispensing system, a system for processing waste material and a fluid monitoring system and a method of monitoring the quality of a fluid. One embodiment provides a fluid dispensing system (1) including a fluid dispenser (3) in fluid communication with at least one source of a first fluid.

Portable device for indicating emergecny events

A portable device including a gesture recognizer module for automatically detecting a specific sequence of gestures is described. The portable device may be used to detect a health, safety, or security related event.

Portable device for indicating emergecny events

A portable device including a gesture recognizer module for automatically detecting a specific sequence of gestures is described. The portable device may be used to detect a health, safety, or security related event.

Small form factor wireless communication device and method

Disclosed herein is a small form factor device for selectively communicating an authorisation signal. The small form factor device comprises a processor configured to process force signals received from a force sensor to determine the occurrence of an authorisation gesture.
Maxwell Forest Pty Ltd

Interactive content recommendation personalization assistant

An interactive communication-based personalized content recommendation provisioning method and system are described. A user interacting with an interactive communication platform (e.g., a messaging application, an internet of things device, a virtual reality device, an augmented reality device, a webpage, a website etc.) may engage in an interactive conversation (e.g., a text-based exchange, a voice-based exchange, a video-based exchange, a gesture-based exchange etc.) with a conversation agent of a personalized content recommendation communication system.
Outbrain Inc.

Platform for enabling remote services

A platform receives service requests from a principal. The service request includes a service location that is remote from the principal.
Uzoom, Inc.

System and converting gestures into digital graffiti

Systems and methods are provided for converting gestures undergone by a device into digital graffiti that is superimposed on a digital canvas.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method for processing image with depth information and computer program product thereof

The present invention proposes a method for processing an image with depth information and a computer program product thereof, wherein a filtering template is used to extract a gesture region and filter the image, and wherein the hue values of the pixels of the current gesture region are used to modify the self-adaptive thresholds of the filtering template, and wherein the size of the filtering template at the next time point is modified according to the depth at the current time point and the depth at the former time point.. .
National Chiao Tung University

Global standard template creation, storage, and modification

Methods and systems for a complete vehicle ecosystem are provided. Specifically, systems that when taken alone, or together, provide an individual or group of individuals with an intuitive and comfortable vehicular environment.
Autoconnect Holdings Llc

Generating content that includes screen information and an indication of a user interaction

A device may activate a screen capture mode and may record screen information provided via a touch screen display associated with the device based on activating the screen capture mode. The device may detect one or more user interactions with the touch screen display in association with the screen information.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Gesture-based workflow progression

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for displaying, by the one or more processors, at least one graphical representation associated with an electronic document on a touchscreen display; and receiving, by the one or more processors, user input to the at least one graphical representation, the user input indicating a touchscreen gesture to the touchscreen display, and in response: determining a type of the touchscreen gesture; determining a degree of the touchscreen gesture; identifying one or more actions based on the type and the degree, each action of the one or more actions being executable to progress through a workflow; and displaying one or more action elements on the touchscreen display, each action element representing an action of the one or more actions.. .
Vmware, Inc.

Context-aware field value suggestions

Media, method and device for providing multiple, context-aware suggestion contexts to a user entering text data. To see the multiple suggestion contexts, the user can use a long-press gesture (or other gesture) to bring up a context-aware suggestion menu.
Hrb Innovations, Inc.

Gesture based manipulation of three-dimensional images

Examples disclosed herein relate to manipulating three-dimensional image in response to user gestures. Examples include rendering three-dimensional images based on three-dimensional image data, receiving sensor data corresponding to a user gesture, and recognizing the user gesture based on the sensor data based on the recognized user gesture and the three-dimensional image data, determining and performing a function to update the corresponding three-dimensional image data and, consequently, alter the rendered three-dimensional images.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Gesture based user interfaces, apparatuses and control systems

User interaction concepts, principles and algorithms for gestures involving facial expressions, mental activity, and other body actions are disclosed. User interaction concepts, principles and algorithms for enabling hands-free and voice-free interaction with electronic devices are disclosed.

Techniques for gesture-based control of color-tunable lighting

Techniques are disclosed herein for a lighting interface system configured to adjust tunable lighting characteristics output by one or more lighting devices based on a plurality of simple, intuitive touch-gestures without necessarily providing visual indicators via a display screen or other feedback elements. The lighting interface system may be implemented as a relatively simple touchpad device that may be wall-mounted and/or portable depending on a desired configuration.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Gesture based gaming controls for an immersive gaming terminal

A gaming system and method is described. The gaming system includes an immersive gaming terminal, at least one motion sensing sensor, at least one game of chance and at least one game of skill.

Device and signalling a successful gesture input

A device and a method for signaling a successful gesture input by means of a user. A user gesture is sensed and classified by a processing device.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

Portable electronic device

The present invention relates to a portable electronic device and corresponding method allowing control of a remotely positioned electronic arrangement, allowing for improved user convenience and security improvements when combining gesture identification with fingerprint authentication.. .
Fingerprint Cards Ab

Device and controlling the device

A method of controlling a device includes receiving an independent touch gesture with respect to locations of elements of a graphical user interface (gui) on the device; providing an indication with respect to one of a plurality of applications and functions in a previously established order in response to the received touch gesture; receiving a user input with respect to the indication; and executing an application or function corresponding to the indication in response to the received user input.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Interface for aircraft and control of such an interface

This interface for aircraft comprises an assemblage of at least one display device for the display of data, at least one support (l) for portable computer equipment comprising means of power supply for the computer equipment, bidirectional means of data transfer to the computer equipment and a communication gateway (4) between the support and the onboard display device, comprising means of copying image data in order to copy the image data coming from the computer equipment onto at least a portion of the screen of at least one of the display devices and means of transfer of data representative of a command gesture between the display device and the support.. .
Zodiac Aero Electric

Remote controller

A remote control unit for controlling a device is provided. An exemplary remote control unit includes a communications transceiver configured to communicate with the device and a touchpad for receiving input from a user while the remote control is communicatively coupled to the device.
Analogix Semiconductor, Inc.

Systems and methods for activating a multi-tasking mode using an application selector that is displayed in response to a swipe gesture on an electronic device with a touch-sensitive display

Systems and methods for multitasking using touch-sensitive displays are disclosed. An example method includes: displaying a first application on a touch-sensitive display (tsd) of an electronic device; detecting, via the tsd, a swipe gesture that moves over part of the first application; in response to detecting the swipe gesture, displaying an application selector with a set of affordances, and the application selector is (i) displayed in a predefined portion of the tsd and (ii) overlays at least a portion of the displayed first application; detecting an input at an affordance of the set of affordances; in response to detecting the input: (i) ceasing to display the application selector; (ii) displaying a second application corresponding to the selected affordance in the predefined portion that was previously used to display the application selector; and (iii) resizing the first application to occupy a remaining portion of the tsd adjacent to the predefined portion..
Apple Inc.

User interface and contactlessly operating a hardware operating element in a 3-d gesture mode

User interface and method for contactlessly operating a hardware operating element in a 3-d gesture mode. The invention proposes a user interface and a method for contactlessly operating a hardware operating element (12), called “button” below, of a user interface in a 3-d gesture mode, by means of which the user interface can be operated using gestures freely carried out in space, called 3-d gestures below.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

Segmented character data entry system

The present invention provides a safety control system for a vehicle with controls located on the vehicle steering wheel. The controls maybe arranged in a cluster on one or both sides of the upper half of the steering wheel.

Image processing for gesture-based control of an unmanned aerial vehicle

Apparatus for controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) that includes an imaging device is described. The apparatus includes a touch screen and a processor, configured to (i) receive a gesture that is performed, on the touch screen, with respect to a first image acquired by the imaging device, the gesture indicating a requested change with respect to the first image, (ii) communicate, to the uav, a first control signal that causes the uav to begin executing a flying maneuver that is suggested by the gesture, (iii) identify a plurality of features in a subsequent image acquired by the imaging device, (iv) ascertain that respective positions of the features indicate that the flying maneuver has effected the requested change, and (v) in response to the ascertaining, communicate, to the uav, a subsequent control signal that causes the uav to stop execution of the flying maneuver.
Dronomy Ltd.

Scale factors for gesture-based control of an unmanned aerial vehicle

Apparatus and methods are described, including apparatus for operating an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) that includes an imaging device. The apparatus includes a touch screen and a processor.
Dronomy Ltd.

Identifying and localizing a vehicle occupant by correlating hand gesture and seatbelt motion

A method, system, and vehicle for locating an occupant within the vehicle. The method includes receiving motion data of a seatbelt for a seat in the vehicle and receiving motion data of a wearable device of the occupant.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

Touch gesture control of video playback

A method of touch gesture control of video playback is discloses. The method includes providing a video item for playback the method also receives an indication of a touch gesture made by a user of mobile user device.
Google Inc.

System and preserving video clips from a handheld device

A system and method for recording video that combines video capture, touch-screen and voice-control technologies into an integrated system that produces cleanly edited, short-duration, compliant video files that exactly capture a moment after it has actually occurred the present invention maintains the device in a ready state that is always ready to capture video up to n seconds or minutes in the past (where n depends on available system memory). This enables the user to run the system indefinitely without having to worry about running out of storage.

Realtime capture exposure adjust gestures

Disclosed herein are systems, device, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for enabling semi-manual media capture. Semi-manual media capture can involve calculating optimal exposure settings in an auto-exposure loop, displaying a scene with optimal exposure settings in real time, receiving a manual adjust gesture, and adjusting the scene, in real time, based on the manual adjust gesture..
Apple Inc.

Methods and systems for showing perspective in market data

Methods and systems are disclosed for providing perspective to market data. In one embodiment, market data is displayed in a three-dimensional perspective that emphasizes important aspects of market data while minimizing less important aspects.
Geneva Technologies, Llc

Executing a default action on a touchscreen device

A computer-implemented method for executing a default action on a touchscreen device is provided. The method includes receiving a touch input from a user on a touchscreen device and determining a context associated with the touch input.
Google Inc.

Continuous circle gesture detection for a sensor system

A method for detecting a continuous circle gesture, has the following steps: receiving vectors representative of an object movement by a object detection unit; determining from the received sequence velocity vectors a sequence of velocity vectors or an approximation thereof; estimating an angle between subsequent velocity vectors; and determining a rotation direction.. .
Microchip Technology Incorporated

Method and gesture-based searching

A content searching technique that includes sensing at least three types of input gestures from a user, each of the at least three input gestures representative of a respective one of a search term, a class of assets to be searched and a location to be searched. The sensed at least three types of input gestures are translated into the search term, the class of assets to be searched and the location to be searched.
Thomson Licensing

Systems and methods of creating a realistic grab experience in virtual reality/augmented reality environments

The technology disclosed relates to a method of realistic rotation of a virtual object for an interaction between a control object in a three-dimensional (3d) sensory space and the virtual object in a virtual space that the control object interacts with. In particular, it relates to detecting free-form gestures of a control object in a three-dimensional (3d) sensory space and generating for display a 3d solid control object model for the control object during the free-form gestures, including sub-components of the control object and in response to detecting a two e sub-component free-form gesture of the control object in the 3d sensory space in virtual contact with the virtual object, depicting, in the generated display, the virtual contact and resulting rotation of the virtual object by the 3d solid control object model..
Leap Motion, Inc.

User interface, a means of transportation and a classifying a user gesture performed freely in space

A user interface, a computer program product, a signal sequence, a means of transportation and a method for classifying a user gesture performed freely in space. A first gesture and/or a second gesture may be detected by a sensor.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

Method of providing handwriting style correction function and electronic device adapted thereto

A method of providing a handwriting style correction function and an electronic device adapted to the method are provided. The electronic device includes: a touch screen; a processor electrically connected to the touch screen; and a memory electrically connected to the processor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Vehicle operating system using motion capture

Vehicle operating systems for operating a vehicle having a driving seat for a vehicle driver and at least one passenger seat for passengers are described. The vehicle operating system may include one or more camera devices for shooting images of hand actions of the driver or images of hand actions of a passenger, and a storage device for storing operating signals corresponding to hand actions.
Thunder Power Hong Kong Ltd.

Three-dimensional gesture sensing method and touch sensing device using the same

Disclosed is a three-dimensional gesture sensing method. The three-dimensional gesture sensing method comprises the following steps.
Pixart Imaging Inc.

System for gaze interaction

A method and system for assisting a user when interacting with a graphical user interface combines gaze based input with gesture based user commands. A user of a computer system without a traditional touch-screen can interact with graphical user interfaces in a touch-screen like manner using a combination of gaze based input and gesture based user commands.
Tobii Ab

Control of an aerial drone using recognized gestures

A method, system, and/or computer program product controls movement and adjusts operations of an aerial drone. A drone camera observes an aerial maneuver physical gesture by a user.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and system for real-time positioning of smart device, and determining the motion gesture of mobile phone

The present invention discloses a method for real-time positioning of a smart device, comprising: getting tri-axial acceleration sequences truncated in turn by using a preset time period in the world coordinate individually; acquiring a dominate frequency fstep by applying fast fourier transform (fft) on the truncated z-axis acceleration sequence, using a band-pass filter with a pass band [fstep−0.5 hz, fstep+0.5 hz] to filter the truncated tri axial acceleration sequences individually; comparing the time domain waveform form from the filtered z-axis acceleration sequence with a preset step threshold, and counting each peak above the threshold as a step to acquire a user's step number in the present time period; determining the moving direction of the smart device in the time period by calculating the filtered x-axis and y-axis acceleration sequences; determining the current position of the smart device by calculating the user's step number and the moving direction of the smart device.. .
Guangzhou Hkust Fok Ying Tung Research Institute

Vehicle control system

A vehicle control system includes a vehicle control apparatus mounted on a vehicle, a first portable device (electronic key) performing communication with the vehicle control apparatus, and a second portable device (smartphone) performing communication with the first portable device. The second portable device transmits, based on a predetermined operation by a user, a notification signal notifying about the operation to the first portable device.
Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

Implantable remote control

The present application discloses systems, methods, and articles of manufacture for controlling one or more functions of a device utilizing one or more tags. In one example, a method for controlling one or more functions of a medical device includes scanning a data interface of the medical device for signals induced wirelessly by one or more gestures made with one or more tags associated with a recipient of the medical device and controlling one or more functions of the medical device based on the wirelessly induced signals..

Method and system for detecting an input to a device

System and method for detecting an input for an apparatus inside a vehicle, wherein at least one moving user device generates a changing electromagnetic field. A detection unit detects at least one field parameter of the electromagnetic field, wherein the detected field parameter is a function of the geometric arrangement of the user device relative to the detection unit.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

Controlling electronic devices based on wireless ranging

A wireless communication device may wirelessly control an object, such as a physical device, directly or through interaction with a virtual representation (or placeholder) of the object situated at a predefined physical location. In particular, the wireless communication device may identify an intent gesture performed by a user that indicates intent to control the object.
Apple Inc.

Methods and systems for a gesture-controlled lottery terminal

A method including providing a lottery terminal that includes a graphical user interface and a motion capture device to facilitate a user to play in a lottery. The method further includes displaying, on the graphical user interface, a first image with content that includes drawing lottery tickets, instant lottery tickets, lottery games, dynamically-generated animations, and advertisements and detecting, by the motion capture device, a gesture of the user in a three dimensional space surrounding the lottery terminal.
Intralot S.a. - Integrated Lottery Systems And Services

Depth-based feature systems for classification applications

Human computer interfaces (hcl) may allow a user to interact with a computer via a variety of mechanisms, such as hand, head, and body gestures. Various of the disclosed embodiments allow information captured from a depth camera on an hcl system to be used to recognize such gestures.
Youspace, Inc

Hybrid mobile interactions for native apps and web apps

There is disclosed a system, including apparatus, methods and computer programs, for running native software applications (apps) and html5 web-based apps on a computing device, particularly a mobile computing device, in a multitasking mode of operation. In one embodiment, touch screen displays having one or more browsers are adapted to run one or more html5 apps, and receive input from hand gestures.
Intel Corporation

System and redirection and processing of audio and video data based on gesture recognition

An information handling system includes a redirection module and an audio/video module. The redirection module receives an audio data frame and an image data frame, analyzes the image data frame for a trigger event.
Dell Products, Lp

Smartpad split screen desktop

A multi-display device is adapted to be dockable or otherwise associatable with an additional device. In accordance with one exemplary embodiment, the multi-display device is dockable with a smartpad.

System and providing visual feedback related to cross device gestures

An electronic device includes a touch sensitive display and a processor in communication with the touch sensitive display. The device detects that a second electronic device is in a defined position proximate the electronic device and detects a touch gesture including a swipe tracing a path across the touch sensitive display between a first position proximate the second electronic device and a second position away from the second electronic device.
Nanoport Technology Inc.

User gesture for controlling user output in content display system

There is disclosed a computer device having a display for displaying to a user at least one content item, wherein the display is provided on a user interface which is configured to detect a user input in the form of a swipe action over the displayed content item, wherein an audio output is responsive to the direction of swipe such that the volume of the audio output varies depending on the direction of swipe by a user.. .
Piksel, Inc.

Presentation of a control interface on a touch-enabled device based on a motion or absence thereof

Techniques are described herein that are capable of causing a control interface to be presented on a touch-enabled device based on a motion or absence thereof. A motion, such as a hover gesture, can be detected and the control interface presented in response to the detection.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Systems and methods for a virtual reality editor

A system includes processors, a head mounted display, a hand-tracking input device, and an editor engine. The editor engine performs operations including identifying a set of virtual assets, each virtual asset includes data associated with a 3d object, creating a card tray within a virtual environment, creating one or more virtual cards within the card tray, the one or more virtual cards including a first virtual card, the first virtual card is configured with a first interaction mechanic including a triggering gesture and an associated gesture response, the triggering gesture allows the user to interact with the first virtual card within the virtual environment by performing the triggering gesture, detecting performance of the triggering gesture by the user on the first virtual card using the first hand-tracking input device, and based on detecting performance of the triggering gesture, performing the gesture response associated with the first interaction mechanic..
Unity Ipr Aps

Methods and systems for performing medical procedures and for accessing and/or manipulating medically relevant information

A system permits a medical practitioner to interact with medically relevant information during a medical procedure. The system comprises: a projector for projecting a user interface menu image onto a projection surface; a three-dimensional optical imaging system for capturing three-dimensional location information for objects in a sensing volume which includes the projection surface; and a controller connected to receive the three-dimensional location information from the three-dimensional optical imaging system and configured to interpret one or more gestures made by the practitioner in a space between the three-dimensional optical imaging system and the projection surface based on a location of the gesture relative to the projected user interface menu image.
The University Of British Columbia

Compound gesture-speech commands

A multimedia entertainment system combines both gestures and voice commands to provide an enhanced control scheme. A user's body position or motion may be recognized as a gesture, and may be used to provide context to recognize user generated sounds, such as speech input.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

System and controlling a piece of equipment of a motor vehicle

The system is characterised in that, the vehicle comprising a head-up-type display (34), said system comprises a gesture recognition device (26) that can supply data representative of a gesture made by the driver of the vehicle, and a control module (28) for processing the data, the control module (28) being designed so as to be able to control the display of at least one visual feedback (30, 32) on the display, upon reception of said data representative of the gesture made by the driver.. .
Valeo Comfort And Driving Assistance

Method and providing interactive content

Ways to provide interactive media content are described. Interactive displays (110) may include a sensing element (130) that is able to sense user movements in order to collect motion data.
Thomson Licensing

Methods, systems, and products for gesture-activation

Methods, systems, and products recognize a gesture to control a device or appliance. A camera generates an image of a user performing the gesture.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Method for controlling electronic equipment and wearable device

A method for controlling an electronic equipment and a wearable device are provided, respectively. The method for controlling the electronic equipment includes the following steps.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Tremor correction for gesture recognition

Motion detection computing devices may have difficulty determining precise motions of a user who suffers from unintended movement, such as tremors, associated with a physical or medical condition. Aspects described herein relate to motion compensation for detected motion input, e.g., 3d motion, from such users.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Electronic apparatus with touch input determining mechanism

An electronic apparatus comprising an environment sensing device, a display, a touch sensing device, and a processing module comprising a main controller and a sub-controller is disclosed. The main controller performs a predetermined function based a touch input.
Htc Corporation

Floor estimation for human computer interfaces

Human computer interfaces (hci) may allow a user to interact with a computer via a variety of mechanisms, such as hand, head, and body gestures. Various of the disclosed embodiments allow information captured from a depth camera on an hci system to be used to recognize such gestures.
Youspace, Inc

Driving support device, driving support system, and driving support method

In a driving support device, an image output unit outputs an image including a vehicle object representing a vehicle and a peripheral situation of the vehicle, to a display unit. An operation signal input unit receives a gesture operation by a user that involves moving of the vehicle object in the image displayed on the display unit.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Wearable device controlled vehicle systems

An example of a system to control an in-vehicle system includes a wearable device, a vehicle communications platform operatively disposed in a vehicle, a control module in communication with the vehicle communications platform, and the in-vehicle system. The wearable device is for recognizing a hand gesture.
General Motors Llc

Sensor-based action control for mobile wireless telecommunication computing devices

The present disclosure describes systems and methods in which one or more existing onboard sensors on a mobile wireless telecommunication computing device, such as a smartphone, are recruited to detect a condition in which an action should be initiated, and the mobile wireless telecommunication computing device uses a wireless signal to identify the desired action. For example, a magnetometer on a smartphone may be used to detect the presence of a nearby magnet as a condition in which an action should be initiated, or an accelerometer and gyroscope on a smartphone may be used to detect a gesture as a condition in which an action should be initiated.
Overair Proximity Technologies Ltd.

Facial gesture recognition and video analysis tool

Embodiments disclosed herein may be directed to a video communication server. In some embodiments, the video communication server includes: at least one memory including instructions; and at least one processing device configured for executing the instructions, wherein the instructions cause the at least one processing device to perform the operations of: determining a time duration of a video communication connection between a first user of a first user device and a second user of a second user device; analyzing video content transmitted between the first user device and the second user device; determining at least one gesture of at least one of the first user and the second user based on analyzing the video content; and generating a compatibility score of the first user and the second user based at least in part on the determined time duration and the at least one determined gesture..
Krush Technologies, Llc

Power consumption in motion-capture systems with audio and optical signals

The technology disclosed provides systems and methods for reducing the overall power consumption of an optical motion-capture system without compromising the quality of motion capture and tracking. In implementations, this is accomplished by operating the motion-detecting cameras and associated image-processing hardware in a low-power mode (e.g., at a low frame rate or in a standby or sleep mode) unless and until touch gestures of an object such as a tap, sequence of taps, or swiping motions are performed with a surface proximate to the cameras.
Leap Motion, Inc.

Enhanced field of view to augment three-dimensional (3d) sensory space for free-space gesture interpretation

The technology disclosed relates to enhancing the fields of view of one or more cameras of a gesture recognition system for augmenting the three-dimensional (3d) sensory space of the gesture recognition system. The augmented 3d sensory space allows for inclusion of previously uncaptured of regions and points for which gestures can be interpreted i.e.
Leap Motion, Inc.

Method and preventing screen off during automatic response system service in electronic device

A method of avoiding screen off during an automatic response system (ars) service is provided. The method includes enabling a proximity sensor in a call connection, detecting one of a first gesture and a second gesture during a call, and upon detecting the first gesture, disabling the proximity sensor..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Gesture detection to pair two wearable devices and perform an action between them and a wearable device, a method and a system using heat as a means for communication

The present disclosure relates to devices and methods for initiating execution of actions and for communicating information to a user, and more particularly, to initiating execution of predefined actions in wearable devices and communication devices based on gestures made with the wearable devices and/or heat applied to a surface of the wearable devices. According to an aspect, the method relates to, in the wearable device, detecting a first, in the first wearable device predefined, gesture of the first wearable device, broadcasting a first signal comprising information associated with the first gesture, receiving, from a second wearable device, a second signal comprising information associated with a second gesture and initiating execution of a, in the first wearable device predefined, first action based on the first signal and the second signal..
Sony Corporation

Order entry actions

Various embodiments disclosed herein relate to order entry. In the electronic trading process, order entry involves setting one or more order entry parameters, sending one or more order entry parameters, or both setting and sending one or more order entry parameters.
Trading Technologies International, Inc.

Gesture classification apparatus and method using emg signal

A gesture classification apparatus and method is disclosed. The apparatus may include a feature extractor configured to extract a plurality of features using a electromyogram (emg) data group obtained from an emg signal sensor including a plurality of channels, an artificial neural network including an input layer to which the emg data group corresponding to the plurality of features is input and an output layer configured to output a preset gesture corresponding to the plurality of features, and a gesture recognizer configured to recognize a gesture performed by a user and corresponding to the extracted features..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Fingerprint based smart phone user verification

A touchscreen, now incorporated in most smartphones, tablets, laptops, and similar devices, presents an effective and transparent method to incorporate continuous active user verification schemes. The touchscreen element grid structure can be used to capture information, such as a set of one-dimensional time-varying signals produced as the user's finger moves past the grid intersections points.
Ami Research & Development, Llc

User interface for redirection of print jobs

The present disclosure is directed to a method and user interface for redirecting print jobs. The method involves receiving a notification indicating that execution of a print job at a first printing device failed.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Touch interaction processing method, device, and system

A touch interaction processing method, device, and system. The touch interaction processing method includes: receiving first information sent by an electromyographic signal collection device and second information sent by a location capturing device (101); if it is determined that a time gap between a first touch start time and a second touch start time is less than a preset threshold, and a quantity of touch points that is corresponding to a hand gesture is the same as a quantity of touch points that is included in the second information, generating a touch instruction, where the touch instruction includes a device identifier of the electromyographic signal collection device, the hand gesture, and coordinate information of each touch point (103); and performing an interaction operation corresponding to the touch instruction (105)..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Self-revealing gesture

Various embodiments provide self-revealing gestures that are designed to provide an indication of how to perform one or more different gestures. In at least one embodiment, an initiation gesture is received, relative to an object.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Home security system with touch-sensitive control panel

A security system includes a control panel and sensors for monitoring conditions related to the security of a residential or commercial location. The control panel communicates with the sensors and displays information related to the operation of the security system.
Vivint, Inc.

In-application interactive notification

A system and method of providing information on a computing device is described. A client application can present a user interface on a display of the computing device.
Uber Technologies, Inc.

User interface for editing a value in place

A user interface element is displayed for in place editing of values within a document. For example, in response to selecting a value, a user interface is displayed near the value that receives a slide gesture for adjusting the value in place.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Led/oled array approach to integrated display, focusing lensless light-field camera, and touch-screen user interface devices and associated processors

A system for implementing a display which also serves as one or more of a tactile user interface touchscreen, light-field sensor, proximate hand gesture sensor, and focusing lensless light-field imaging camera using image formation systems and methods such as those taught in the inventor's related patents as cited. In an implementation, an oled array or led array that can comprise photosensors that can be used for light sensing as well as light emission functions.

Touch input device

A touch input device includes a first sensor having a first surface to which a touch is input, and a second surface opposing the first surface, and a second sensor connected to the second surface of the first sensor, and spaced apart from the first sensor in a vertical direction, wherein the first sensor measures a first position of the touch input to the first surface, wherein the second sensor measures a force caused by the touch input to the first surface of the first sensor, and calculates a second position by applying the force measured by the second sensor to force and moment equilibrium equations, when a distance between the first position and the second position is greater than or less than a threshold, the touch input to the first surface of the first sensor is determined to be a shear force or a sliding gesture, respectively.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Dynamic hover sensitivity and gesture adaptation in a dual display system

An information handling system including a display device in a first display device housing operable to detect a touch device hovering above the display device and operable to receive touch inputs and a processor to determine a set default sense state for the display device based on orientation, operating application, or usage mode of the information handling system where the display device detects a first gesture and the processor to determine if the first gesture is consistent with the set default sense state for the orientation, operating application, or usage mode of the information handling system and if so to process the first gesture with the default sense state and the processor to set an alternative sense state if the first gesture is not consistent with the set default sense state. .
Dell Products, Lp

Cross device gesture detection

A first electronic device comprising a plurality of connectors is disclosed. The device detects that at least one connector of a second electronic device has been connected to at least one of its connectors of the first electronic device.
Nanoport Technology Inc.

Press and move gesture

A method. The method may include obtaining force information regarding an input force applied by an input object to a sensing region of an input device.
Synaptics Incorporated

Use of transparent photosensor array to implement integrated combinations of touch screen tactile, touch gesture sensor, color image display, hand-image gesture sensor, document scanner, secure optical data exchange, and fingerprint processing capabilities

A system and method for implementing a display with a photosensor overlay, permitting the arrangement to also serve as one or more of a proximate hand gesture sensor, light field sensor, lensless imaging camera, document scanner, fingerprint scanner, and secure optical communications interface. The resulting arrangements are accordingly advantageous for use in handheld devices such as cellphone, smartphones, pdas, tablet computers, and other such devices..

Digital cursor display linked to a smart pen

A system and a method are disclosed for calibrating writing on a writing surface to a digital document. One or more calibration parameters associated with a writing surface and a digital document of a display device are determined.
Livescribe Inc.

System and using a side camera for free space gesture inputs

An information handling system including a camera mounted in the side edge surface for detecting gestures by a user on a detected working surface in a gesture detecting zone next to the system and including a gesture detection system for interpreting free space gestures and initializing cursor control commands.. .
Dell Products, Lp

Dynamic user interactions for display control and scaling responsiveness of display objects

The technology disclosed relates to distinguishing meaningful gestures from proximate non-meaningful gestures in a three-dimensional (3d) sensory space. In particular, it relates to calculating spatial trajectories of different gestures and determining a dominant gesture based on magnitudes of the spatial trajectories.
Leap Motion, Inc.

Human interface device and method

A method for state tracking based gesture recognition engine for a sensor system has the steps of: defining a plurality of sequential states of a finite-state machine, determining a sequence progress level (spl) for each state, mapping a state probability distribution to a (single) spl on run-time, and utilizing the mapped spl estimate as an output value of the sensor system.. .
Microchip Technology Germany Gmbh

Efficient gesture processing

Embodiments of the invention describe a system to efficiently execute gesture recognition algorithms. Embodiments of the invention describe a power efficient staged gesture recognition pipeline including multimodal interaction detection, context based optimized recognition, and context based optimized training and continuous learning.
Intel Corporation

System and controlling playback of media using gestures

The playback of media by a playback device is controlled by input gestures. Each user gesture can be first broken down into a base gesture which indicates a specific playback mode.
Thomson Licensing System

Interactivity model for shared feedback on mobile devices

A system that produces a dynamic haptic effect and generates a drive signal that includes a gesture signal and a real or virtual device sensor signal. The haptic effect is modified dynamically based on both the gesture signal and the real or virtual device sensor signal such as from an accelerometer or gyroscope, or by a signal created from processing data such as still images, video or sound.
Immersion Corporation

Combination gesture game mechanics using multiple devices

Embodiments provide techniques for altering a virtual world based on combinational input gestures. Embodiments retrieve a definition for a combinational gesture within a computer game, the definition specifying physical actions to perform according to a specified timing schedule in order to successfully perform the combinational gesture.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Image processing device and image processing image correction, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium thereof

The present disclosure is to generate a high-quality image by correcting a predetermined correction target image based on a plurality of input images. In an image processing device 3, an image correcting section 160 detects a user tap gesture on a touch panel 250.
Morpho, Inc.

Touch screen gesture for perfect simple line drawings

A method for drawing shapes includes receiving first input from a touch screen display indicating a first user touch continuing for a first touch time delay, then subsequent to said first touch time delay, receiving second input from the display indicating a second user touch in a pattern on the display. The method includes correlating the first input and the second input with a drawing shape.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

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