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Gesture patents


This page is updated frequently with new Gesture-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Gesture-related patents
 System and  detection of indoor tracking units patent thumbnailnew patent System and detection of indoor tracking units
Disclosed is a system and method for obtaining ad-hoc the spatial layout and setup of installed radio-based indoor tracking systems at particular locations. The systems and methods can be implemented via an installed or web-based application that performs the ad-hoc detection of indoor beacons, which includes detecting the signal strength of all beacons at a location while the user performs a previously configured gesture.
Yahoo! Inc.

 Automatic  determining individual and/or collective intrinsic user reactions to political events patent thumbnailnew patent Automatic determining individual and/or collective intrinsic user reactions to political events
Embodiments disclosed herein may be directed to a video content server for: receiving, using a communication unit, a video stream of a user of a user device; analyzing, using a graphical processing unit (gpu), the video stream in real time; identifying, using a recognition unit, at least one object of interest comprised in the video stream; assigning, using a gesture analysis unit, at least one numerical value associated with at least one predetermined emotion to the at least one object of interest; and generating, using a reporting unit, a score indicating relevance of political content to the user based at least in part on the at least one numerical value.. .
Krush Technologies, Llc

 Realtime capture exposure adjust gestures patent thumbnailnew patent Realtime capture exposure adjust gestures
Disclosed herein are systems, device, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for enabling semi-manual media capture. Semi-manual media capture can involve calculating optimal exposure settings in an auto-exposure loop, displaying a scene with optimal exposure settings in real time, receiving a manual adjust gesture, and adjusting the scene, in real time, based on the manual adjust gesture..
Apple Inc.

 3d ir illumination for iris authentication patent thumbnailnew patent 3d ir illumination for iris authentication
A system and method for iris authentication in an electronic device employ a presence detection sensor to detect when a user is close to the device. Thereafter, an array of gesture recognition ir (infrared) leds (light emitting diodes) on the device are activated, and the reflections thereof are used to determine the distance and location of the user from the electronic device.
Motorola Mobility Llc

 Method and  transmitting and receiving data patent thumbnailnew patent Method and transmitting and receiving data
A method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving multimedia data in the form of divided data segments. The data transmission method of the present disclosure includes detecting a multimedia data transmission request, segmenting multimedia data into data segments according to a predetermined condition in response to the multimedia data transmission request, and transmitting the data segments selectively or as a whole.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Visually intuitive interactive network management patent thumbnailnew patent Visually intuitive interactive network management
Network security management technology as disclosed herein generates and dynamically updates an intuitive, interactive visualization of a computer network in live operation. The network security management technology interprets human user interactions, such as gestures, as network directives, and updates the interactive visualization in response to the network directives..
Sri International

 Visually intuitive interactive network cyber defense patent thumbnailnew patent Visually intuitive interactive network cyber defense
Network security management technology as disclosed herein generates and dynamically updates an intuitive, interactive visualization of a computer network in live operation. The network security management technology interprets human user interactions, such as gestures, as network directives.
Sri International

 Control methods for musical performance patent thumbnailnew patent Control methods for musical performance
A method for generating music is provided, the method comprising receiving, on a capacitive touch sensitive interface such as a keyboard, multi-finger gesture inputs having a first component and a second component, wherein the second component has a temporal evolution such as speed; determining the onset of an audio signal, such as a tone, based on the first component, analysing the temporal evolution of the second component to determine midi or open sound control osc instructions; modifying the audio signal based on the instructions, in particular by decoupling the temporal relationship between specific gesture inputs (e.g. At key onset, during a note and upon key release), thus mapping gesture and motion inputs, to thus obtain previously unachievable musical effects with music synthesizers..
Queen Mary University Of London

 Visual task feedback for workstations in materials handling facilities patent thumbnailnew patent Visual task feedback for workstations in materials handling facilities
Visual task feedback for workstations in a materials handling facility may be implemented. Image data of a workstation surface may be obtained from image sensors.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

 Vehicle,  controlling the same and gesture recognition apparatus therein patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle, controlling the same and gesture recognition apparatus therein
Provided is a vehicle including a storage unit that stores a vein pattern lookup table including a plurality of reference vein pattern images according to a rotation angle of a driver's hand. The vehicle also includes an image acquisition unit that acquires a driver's image including an image of the driver's hand.
Hyundai Motor Company

new patent

Multi-gesture security code entry

A processor-implemented method for collecting a sequence of security code characters includes: detecting a trajectory through a region proximate the device followed by an instrument; responsive to the trajectory, identifying one of a collection of defined gestures; and interpreting the identified gesture as the portion of the security code.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Annotation of endoscopic video using gesture and voice commands

The invention relates to annotating live video during endoscopy medical procedures.. .
University Of Maryland Baltmore County

new patent

Method for controlling audio playing of an electronic device, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product

A method for controlling audio playing of an electronic device, an associated apparatus and an associated computer program product are provided, where the method includes: controlling a touch panel of the electronic device to be active, to allow at least one touch gesture input to be received from the touch panel while an audio player application is running on the electronic device, wherein when the at least one touch gesture input is received from the touch panel, a screen of the electronic device is kept turned off; and determining whether a specific touch gesture input of the at least one touch gesture input matches a pre-defined gesture to generate a determining result, and controlling the audio player application to execute a pre-defined command corresponding to the pre-defined gesture based on the determining result.. .
Mediatek Inc.

new patent

Apparatus and controlling key input

A key input control apparatus includes a gesture recognizing unit which detects whether or not an input of a touch event generated on a screen corresponds to a predetermined gesture. A gesture area identifying unit which identifies a predetermined area where the input of the touch event corresponding to the predetermined gesture is generated.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent

Actionable content displayed on a touch screen

Some implementations may present a media file that includes video on a touchscreen display. A user gesture performed on the touchscreen display may be detected.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Control of representation interaction within an application launcher

Techniques involving control of interaction with an application launcher are described. In one or more implementations, interaction with a plurality of representations of applications or content in an application launcher is controlled by a computing device.
Microsoft Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Gesture manipulation device and method, program, and recording medium

A hand region is detected in a captured image, and for each part of the background area, a light source presence degree indicating the probability that a light source is present is determined according to the luminance or color of that part; on the basis of the light source presence degree, a region in which the captured image is affected by a light source is estimated, and if the captured image includes a region estimated to be affected by a light source, whether or not a dropout has occurred in the hand region in the captured image is decided; on the basis of the result of this decision, an action is determined. gesture determinations can be made correctly even when the hand region in the captured image is affected by a light source at the time of gesture manipulation input..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

new patent

Holder for mobile devices to take self-portraits or selfies remotely

A holder for mobile devices with camera including phones or tablets for taking self-portraits or selfies remotely. The holder device comprises of a receptacle to insert and clamp securely a mobile device, where the clamping also establishes an electronic connection between the holder device and the mobile device.

new patent

Hands-free signaling systems and related methods

A hands-free signaler can include a gesture-detection sensor configured to detect a change in state associated with movement of a portion of a user's body other than one or both of his hands. A controller can be configured to assess whether a change in state detected by the gesture-detection sensor resulted from an intentional or an unintentional gesture by the user.

new patent

Tracking specific gestures relative to user movement

Techniques are disclosed for distinguishing user movements in an immersive play environment. A first tracking device is provided that measures first tracking data.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

new patent

Techniques for providing non-verbal speech recognition in an immersive playtime environment

An immersive play environment platform including techniques describing recognizing non-verbal vocalization gestures from a user is disclosed. A headset device receives audio input from a user.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

new patent

Optical detection and analysis of internal body tissues

In one embodiment, an electronic device may include a light source configured to emit light that penetrates into a portion of a user's body, a plurality of light sensors configured to detect a pattern of diffusion of the emitted light, and a controller configured to detect a gesture made by the user based on the detected pattern of diffusion of the emitted light. The controller may be configured to control the light source and the plurality of light sensors to detect the gesture made by the user..
Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.


Authentication via motion of wireless device movement

Motion of a wireless device is pre-registered as authentication credentials, then later matched, to provide motion-based authentication for access to software, service, etc. The wireless device may contain any number of gyroscopic, distance, positional or compass sensors—any or all of which are measured during a physical gesture or motion or the wireless device while the user is holding the wireless device.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.


User-guided teaching an object of a deictic reference to a machine

A method and system for teaching an object of a deictic reference to a machine. A processor of the machine teaches the object of the deictic reference to the machine which results in the machine learning the object.
International Business Machines Corporation


Air writing and gesture system with interactive wearable device

A wearable device interactive system and techniques, methods and apparatuses thereof are described. A wearable device may sense a movement by a user wearing the wearable device.
Mediatek Inc.


Systems and methods for performing actions in response to user gestures in captured images

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided for performing actions in response to gestures made by a user in captured images. In accordance with one implementation, a computer-implemented system is provided that includes an image capture device that captures at least one image, a memory device that stores instructions, and at least one processor that executes the instructions stored in the memory device.
Google Inc.


Wink gesture based control system

A wink gesture based control technique for selecting, controlling and manipulating virtual objects and smart applications on a display using facial gestures of the user, in particular winking, blinking and squinting movements of the eyes. The wink gesture based control technique utilizes wink gestures of a user to select, control, and manipulate virtual objects on a display.
Bmt Business Meets Technology Holding Ag


Real time backup system for computer users

This invention involves tracking and backing all the information that a user generates on its computer devices (including embedded devices) in real time. The local user server records all user actions and gestures (via various means that include tv cameras).
International Business Machines Corporation


Portable device operating system

A portable device booting system consists of a booting firmware and a circuit system which includes a microprocessor, a sensor and a power control circuit. The booting is performed by a booting gesture.
Sheng-chia Optical Co., Ltd.


Detecting input based on multiple gestures

Detecting user input based on multiple gestures is provided. One or more interactions are received from a user via a user interface.
International Business Machines Corporation


Content manipulation using swipe gesture recognition technology

A method of manipulation of content provided by a hosting server using swipe gesture recognition on a user device having a touch input display. The method includes storing the content, combined with a swipe gesture recognition module to form a content package, on the hosting server.
Somo Audience Corp.


Touch screen tactile gestures for data manipulation

A set of data is presented on a user interface, which is on a touch screen that is capable of detecting touch inputs. The set of data is initially in a first state.
International Business Machines Corporation


Rapid discrete browsing

A display system includes a display screen, an interactive sensor, and a computer in communication with the display screen and the interactive sensor, wherein the computer displays an image composed of a two-dimensional matrix of items on the display screen, wherein the computer responds to a non-selection gesture on the matrix discretely for the items.. .
T1visions, Inc.


Method and system for resizing digital page content

A method and system for resizing a digitally rendered page content for rendering on a display screen. The method comprises displaying a current page content of the e-book, the current page content bounded by at least one margin within the display screen, receiving a touch gesture enacted on the current page content, identifying the touch gesture as a command to modify the at least one margin, in response to the margin modify command, reconstructing the current page content by incorporating an adjacent page content portion of text characters while preserving a plurality of text attributes of the text characters, and within the display screen, rendering the reconstructed current page partially outside of the at least one margin..
Kobo Incorporated


Mobile terminal and controlling the same

A mobile terminal including a touchscreen; a wireless communication unit configured to wirelessly communicate with an external watch terminal having a holography module disposed in a band of the watch terminal and being worn by a user; a sensing unit configured to sense a gesture of the user; and a controller configured to display a launch screen of a prescribed application on the touchscreen, receive a prescribed gesture sensed through the sensing unit, and control the wireless communication unit to transmit a control command to the external terminal to output a holographic image corresponding to the launch screen, in response to the received prescribed gesture.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method for controlling multiple touchscreens and electronic device

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method for controlling multiple touch panels and an electronic device. The method includes: acquiring a first touch event by using a first touch panel, where the first touch event is input information that is triggered by a touch gesture on the first touch panel and is incompatible with an interface of third-party application software; when the electronic device detects that currently displayed application software is third-party application software, acquiring a first instruction corresponding to the first touch event, where the third-party application software is application software that is installed in the electronic device and is developed by a third party and not by a manufacturer of the electronic device; and running the third-party application software according to the first instruction.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


Providing an elevated and texturized display in a mobile electronic device

A mobile electronic device may have a multi-touch display device and a texturizing polymer layer. The texturizing polymer layer may elevate a surface portion of the texturizing polymer layer to a level to texturize information displayed on the multi-touch display device.
Hj Laboratories, Llc


Control head-mounted information systems

A head-mounted information system is provided, the head-mounted information system comprising a frame configured to be mounted on a head of a user, a display unit coupled to the frame, a sensor unit coupled to the frame comprising one or more motion sensors, and, a processor unit coupled to the frame and connected to receive signals from the motion sensors. The processor unit comprises a processor and a memory accessible by the processor.
Intel Corporation


Touchless input

A series of depth maps image a scene including a human subject. Each depth map includes a plurality of pixels, where each of the plurality of pixels defines a depth of a surface imaged by that pixel.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Information processing recognizing operation input by gesture of object and control method thereof

An information processing apparatus includes an obtainment unit configured to obtain information indicating a proximity state of an object and a predetermined operation surface, a setting unit configured to set a condition regarding the proximity state for determining whether the object is released from the operation surface based on a moving speed of the object in a period during which the object is regarded as touching the operation surface for input by the information obtained by the obtainment unit, and a determination unit configured to determine that the object is released from the operation surface in response to that the information obtained by the obtainment unit satisfies the condition set by the setting unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Gesture recognition method, gesture recognition system, terminal device and wearable device

The present disclosure provides a gesture recognition method, a gesture recognition system, a terminal device and a wearable device. The gesture recognition method includes: collecting action information about a user; recognizing the action information; inquiring an action instruction corresponding to the recognized action information from a personal action database of the user, a correspondence between the action information about the user and the action instruction being stored in the personal action database of the user; and executing an operation corresponding to the inquired action instruction..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Operating an operating and display device in a vehicle and operating and display device in a vehicle

An operating method in a vehicle having a menu of an operating structure displayed on a display surface arranged in the vehicle. The operating structure includes a main menu and additional menus.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft


Room monitoring device

A system for monitors a person in a dwelling. A detection device is in communication with a user monitoring device.
Hello Inc.


Device, system, and password-less user authentication and password-less detection of user identity

Devices, systems, and methods of detecting user identity, differentiating between users of a computerized service, and detecting possible attackers; as well as password-less user authentication, and password-less detection of user identity. A system or a computing device requires a user to perform a particular unique non-user-defined task, the task optionally being an on-screen connect-the-dots task.
Biocatch Ltd.


Program for program editing

A program for program editing for editing a program described using a symbol on a program editing screen causes an information processing apparatus to function as input-gesture-characteristic-information acquiring unit for acquiring input gesture characteristic information including coordinate information and a track of the coordinate input on the program editing screen, and as processing executing unit for specifying an operation target and specifying a command applied to the operation target on the basis of the input gesture characteristic information, executing the command, and for displaying the result of execution of the command on the program editing screen.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Gesture controlled adaptive projected information handling system input and output devices

Projected input and output devices adapt to a desktop environment by sensing objects at the desktop environment and altering projected light in response to the sensed objects. For instance, projection of input and output devices is altered to limit illumination against and end user's hands or other objects disposed at a projection surface.
Dell Products L.p.


Print article with multi-touch function and interactive method thereof

A print article with a multi-touch function comprises a specific page, a touch sensor, a look-up table and an output circuit. The specific page has at least one virtual object.
Generalplus Technology Inc.


Gesture enabled simultaneous selection of range and value

A method, gesture input devices and a computer program product are provided for gesture enabled simultaneous selection of range and value. A user makes a gesture with two fingers (210, 220) to select a range of values (e.g.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Selecting actionable items in a graphical user interface of a mobile computer system

A computer-based method for selecting an actionable item displayed in a graphical user interface on a mobile computer system is provided. The method includes detecting a first gesture, ending at a first position, on a lower portion of a touchscreen; in response to detecting the first gesture, activating a single-handed operation mode; determining a sequence of actionable items for a foreground application executing on a processor; detecting a second gesture on the touchscreen, the second gesture beginning at the first position and ending at a second position; in response to detecting the second gesture, highlighting one of the actionable items of the sequence based on the second position; detecting a third gesture on the touchscreen; and, in response to detecting a release at the second position as the third gesture, selecting the highlighted actionable item for processing by the foreground application and de-activating the single-handed operation mode..
Oracle International Corporation


Column organization of content

Column organization of content is described. In an implementation, a mobile communications device configures a user interface to include a plurality of representations of content arranged according to a plurality of columns that permits navigation between first and second said columns upon detection of a gesture input via a touchscreen of the mobile communications device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Multi-object acoustic sensing

Acoustic sensing provides a mode by which user input is received by a computing device. As an example, a surface is acoustically monitored for interactions with one or more user-manipulated objects, such as a body part of the user or a variety of passive objects.
Etter Studio Ltd.


Identification of a gesture

A computing device for identifying a gesture performed by a tracked object in an image stream, said computing device comprising a memory and a controller, wherein said controller is configured to: determine a movement vector for the tracked object, compare the movement vector against a reference library of gestures, and thereby identify a gesture matching the movement vector, wherein said movement vector comprises at least one partial movement having a direction being identified by a relative angle and wherein said comparison is based on said relative angle.. .
Crunchfish Ab


System and using a side camera for free space gesture inputs

An information handling system including a camera mounted in the side edge surface for detecting gestures by a user on a detected working surface in a gesture detecting zone next to the system and including a gesture detection system for interpreting free space gestures and initializing cursor control commands.. .
Dell Products, Lp


Closed loop feedback interface for wearable devices

A gesture controlled system wearable by a user and operationally connected to a computerized device, the system comprising: at least one bio-potential sensor; at least one motion sensor; at least one haptic feedback actuator capable of creating haptic feedback corresponding to signals from the computerized device; a memory module, having a database with known records representing different gestures and a gesture prediction model; a signal processor, capable of identifying signal parameters from the sensors as known gestures; and a communication controller capable of transmitting information from the signal processor to the computerized device, wherein the at least one bio-potential sensor and the at least one feedback actuator are in direct contact with the skin of the user, wherein identified signals from the signal processor are transmitted to the computerized device, and wherein the at least one haptic feedback actuator is configured to allow reading text from the computerized device.. .
Wearable Devices Ltd.


Sensor array for detecting control gestures on vehicles

A sensor device for a motor vehicle includes a light source, a detection device and a control and evaluation device. The control and evaluation device activates the light source to emit pulses, activates the detection device for detecting light reflected back by the environment, and evaluates the signals from the detection device.
Huf Huelsbeck & Fuerst Gmbh & Co. Kg


Sensors for conveyance control

A method includes generating a depth stream from a scene associated with a conveyance device; processing, by a computing device, the depth stream to obtain depth information; recognizing a gesture based on the depth information; and controlling the conveyance device based on the gesture.. .
Otis Elevator Company


Room monitoring device and sleep analysis

A system is provided for monitors a person's sleep parameters, sleep activities, sleep state, awake status and the like. A detection device is in communication with a user monitoring device.
Hello Inc.


Systems, apparatus, and methods for programmatically associating nearby users

Systems, apparatus, methods, and non-transitory media for programmatically associating nearby users are discussed herein. Some embodiments may include user-wearable gesture exchange device including a motion sensor and circuitry.


Proximity-enabled digital gesture tracking

Online social networking and user posts may be associated with a user profile managed by a particular online application or website. One example method of operating may include identifying a digital gesture received from a user device, receiving a digital gesture confirmation based on at least one of current location and a previous location between the user device and a target location associated with the digital gesture, applying a weight to the digital gesture based on the digital gesture confirmation, and storing the digital gesture as a weighted function of the applied weight..


Ultrasonic operation of a microelectromechanical microphone

Detection of audible and ultrasonic signals is provided by a microelectromechanical microphone. The detection range of ultrasonic signals can be configurable.


Visualized device interactivity management

The present disclosure is directed to a visualized device interactivity management system. A device may display visual representations of target devices with which wireless interaction is possible.


Electronic device and playing symphony

A symphony playing method using an electronic device includes calculating a distance value between a first gps device of a first detecting device and a distal terminal of a baton. An angle between a first straight line and a second straight line is calculated.


Gesture-based navigation on gaming terminal with 3d display

An electronic gaming machine for providing a game to a player includes a camera configured to generate camera data. The electronic gaming machine further includes a display configured to provide auto stereoscopic 3d viewing of at least a portion of the game and a processor coupled with the display and the camera.


Multi-site order fulfillment with single gesture

Disclosed is a system and method for fulfilling orders for multiple entities located on websites with distinct entity checkout systems with a single user input. The process for fulfilling orders for two entities includes receiving a first indication to purchase a first entity and a second indication to purchase a second entity, where the first entity is associated with a first retailer and the second entity is associated with a second retailer.


Real-time adjustable window feature for barcode scanning and process of scanning barcode with adjustable window feature

A mobile bar code scanning device with a pinch-to-window feature includes an embedded camera and a user interface system having a visual display. The user interface system enables the user to access features of the mobile barcode scanning device with touch gestures.


User authentication system and method

A user authentication system includes an augmented reality device with a gesture analyzer configured for recognizing a user's gestures. The augmented reality device also includes an object renderer in communication with the gesture analyzer.


Visual search and recommendation user interface and apparatus

The present disclosure is directed towards conducting a search for content and results using a user interface. A number of graphical objects (715) and filters are displayed where a search query is generated in response to a user gesture (730) that selects a graphical object and filter.


Mobile io input and output for smartphones, tablet, and wireless devices including touch screen, voice, pen, and gestures

A cellular telephone or mobile device with several methods of touch, voice, and gesture based input is described. A user is able to interact with a touch screen display on the device to select one or more keys, expand keys, and customize legends or toolbars.


Method for the determination of a speed vector for a gesture recognition system in a motor vehicle and device for the implementation of the method

A method for the determination of a speed vector for a gesture recognition system in a motor vehicle is disclosed. The method includes detection of movement data by a detection unit, and transmission of the movement data to a processing unit in the form of vectors.


Floating media player

Disclosed are various embodiments relating to a floating media player. A playback of a media item is performed using an output device of a client device.


Cellphone with projection capability

A method of adjusting an image projected by a projector in operative communication with a smartphone having a touch screen display, wherein the method includes projecting an image onto an adjacent surface using the projector and generating an image adjustment user interface on the touch screen display. The image adjustment user interface defines an image adjustment field on the touch screen display.


Text entry method with character input slider

A method of receiving text entries on a display of an infotainment system including a character input slider that has a slider controller, includes sensing gesture as the slider controller is moved, moving the slider controller along the character input slider in a direction of a sensing result when the gesture is in proximity with the slider controller along the character input slider, presenting one character when the slider controller is in a proximity with a location related to the one character on the character input slider, focusing the one character when the gesture regarding moving the slider controller is not detected for a predetermined period of time, selecting the one character when a predetermined gesture other than the gesture is detected after focusing the one character, and entering the selected one character into an active location of an active text input field.. .


Electronic system with gesture calibration mechanism and operation thereof

An electronic system includes a display interface configured to display a calibration point; a sensor, coupled to the display interface, and configured to capture a first gesture directed at the calibration point from a first position; capture a second gesture directed at the calibration point from a second position, wherein the second position is different from the first position; and a control unit, coupled to the display interface, and configured to display a position indicator on the display interface based on a directive gesture captured by the sensor, the first gesture, and the second gesture.. .


Contextual based gesture recognition and control

Described are mobile devices and methods that receive location data by a user device that is configured to perform a plurality of different control actions on one or more different remote systems/devices, receive gesture data from a sensor process the location data and the gesture data to determine a command that performs a control action and to determine a particular one of the remote systems/devices on which the command is to be performed, and cause a message that includes the determined command to the determined particular one of the remote systems/devices to perform the determined control action by the particular one of the systems/devices.. .


Smart tutorial for gesture control system

A method includes monitoring a plurality of system inputs, and detecting a behavioral pattern performed by a user and associated with the plurality of system inputs, when the behavioral pattern is detected, the method includes associating, in a memory, a gesture with at least one action, the at least one action being determined by the plurality of system inputs, and, upon detecting the gesture, executing the action associated with the gesture.. .


Re-anchorable virtual panel in three-dimensional space

The present invention provides a re-anchorable virtual panel in a three-dimensional space, including a detection module, a recognition module and a display module. The detection module includes a finger position detection submodule and a hand feature extraction submodule.


Method and processing gesture input

A method and apparatus for processing a gesture input are provided. The method includes determining a type of an elliptical arc corresponding to a gesture input; determining a rotation direction corresponding to the gesture input; and processing the gesture input based on the type of the elliptical arc and the rotation direction..


Providing an elevated and texturized display in an electronic device

A multi-touch display layer may have a texturizing polymer layer. The texturizing polymer layer may elevate a surface portion of the texturizing polymer layer to a level to texturize information displayed on the multi-touch display layer.


Flexible smart glove

A flexible smart glove detects fine hand and finger motions while permitting the wearer to make hand gestures with dexterity. The flexible smart glove has a thickness of less than about 100 μm and incorporates capacitive micro-sensors positioned at finger joint locations.


System and tracking with associated sensory feedback

The aspects of the present disclosure provide a tracking system with associated sensory feedback and method for activating a component and adjusting the component's mode of operation within a vehicle with a tracking system. Sensory feedback may be provided based on the user's gaze or input detected by the tracking system—and/or in response to the change in the component's mode of operation.


Monitoring device for sleep analysis including the effect of light and noise disturbances

Systems and methods are provided for monitoring a person's sleeping activities in a dwelling. A detection device is in communication with a user monitoring device.


Methods and applying lighting to an object

Disclosed are methods and apparatus for lighting control. Initial lighting may be applied to an object in response to identifying presence of the object.


Stereophonic sound recording method and apparatus, and terminal

A stereophonic sound recording method, apparatus and a terminal pertain to the field of audio and video technologies. The method includes acquiring an initial gesture parameter of the terminal when recording starts, where the terminal is equipped with two or more microphones; acquiring a current gesture parameter of the terminal in a recording process; acquiring a gesture change parameter of the terminal when it is determined, according to the current gesture parameter and initial gesture parameter of the terminal, that a gesture of the terminal changes; acquiring, according to the gesture change parameter of the terminal, a weight factor corresponding to the gesture change parameter of the terminal; and separately writing, according to the weight factor corresponding to the gesture change parameter of the terminal, audio data collected by the two or more microphones into a left channel and a right channel..


Content selection

One or more systems and/or techniques for generating a content item from content within a content area are described herein. A first boundary and a second boundary may be defined for a content area based upon a first user input and a second user input, such as swipe gestures.


Threaded conversation user interface

Embodiments described herein provide a threaded conversation user interface (“tcui”) on a display area of a computer used to connect a social network. The tcui comprises a plurality of nested columns.

Gesture topics: Virtual Keyboard, Touchscreen, Electronic Device, User Interface, Characters, Display Panel, Touch Screen, Output Device, Input Device, Computing Device, Device Control, Computer Vision, Mobile Terminal, Ball Mouse, Navigation

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