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Gesture patents

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Directional touch unlocking for electronic devices


Directional touch unlocking for electronic devices

Off-axis detection for proximity or gesture sensor

Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte.

Off-axis detection for proximity or gesture sensor

Off-axis detection for proximity or gesture sensor

Microsoft Technology Licensing

Device control

Date/App# patent app List of recent Gesture-related patents
 Apparatus and system for interfacing with computers and other electronic devices through gestures by using depth sensing and methods of use patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and system for interfacing with computers and other electronic devices through gestures by using depth sensing and methods of use
Disclosed herein are systems and methods for gesture capturing, detection, recognition, and mapping them into commands that allow one or more users to interact with electronic games or any electronic device interfaces. Gesture recognition methods, apparatus and system are disclosed from which application developers can incorporate gesture-to-character inputs into their gaming, learning or the like applications.
Mgestyk Technologies Inc.

 Gesture-and expression-based authentication patent thumbnailnew patent Gesture-and expression-based authentication
A user can define a gesture-based input mode with respective input value to establish an authentication protocol to unlock a computer or govern other computer behavior. As an alternative or in addition, the user can define a second input mode based on face recognition plus ir sensing satisfying a threshold to ensure a live person is being imaged for authentication, and/or face recognition plus a particular facial expression such as a smile and wink..
Sony Corporation

 Directional touch unlocking for electronic devices patent thumbnailnew patent Directional touch unlocking for electronic devices
A system and machine-implemented method for matching input gestures on a touch interface to a security pattern to allow user access to an electronic device or account. The security pattern may correspond to a combination of linear and non-linear input gestures relating to directional changes of the input gestures.
Google Inc.

 Authentication with secondary approver patent thumbnailnew patent Authentication with secondary approver
Techniques are provided for giving access to restricted content on a first device from a second device through a wireless network. In one embodiment, the first device transmits an authorization request signal to the second device or to a server in the wireless network.
Apple Inc.

 Human interface device with touch sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Human interface device with touch sensor
Embodiments are disclosed that relate to human interface devices having touch sensors. For example, one disclosed embodiment provides a human interface device including a touch sensor comprising two or more touch sensing units, each touch sensing unit comprising a touch sensing pad and a charge accumulation capacitor in communication with the touch sensing pad, the charge accumulation capacitor having a larger capacitance than the touch sensing pad.
Microsoft Corporation

 Device control patent thumbnailnew patent Device control
The description relates to interactions with a display device. In one example, the interactions can include detecting a user proximate to a display and detecting a non-touch control gesture performed by the user proximate to the display.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Automatic bookmark of a select location within a page of an ebook responsive to a user touch gesture patent thumbnailnew patent Automatic bookmark of a select location within a page of an ebook responsive to a user touch gesture
System and method for bookmark a select location with a page of an ebook. A graphical user interface (gui) is configured to display content of a page, and bookmark a select location within the page responsive to a swipe gesture starting from a predetermined position on the gui.
Kobo Incorporated

 In-air ultrasound pen gestures patent thumbnailnew patent In-air ultrasound pen gestures
Implementations of the technology described herein provide a method for detecting gesture commands using an ultrasonic pen system. The system has a pen and a user device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Off-axis detection for proximity or gesture sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Off-axis detection for proximity or gesture sensor
An optical sensor for detecting at least one of proximity and gesture is disclosed. The optical sensor is configured to detect or sense an object that is located out of the sensor's primary axis.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

 Methods and  recognition of a plurality of gestures using roll pitch yaw data patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and recognition of a plurality of gestures using roll pitch yaw data
Described are apparatus and methods for reconstructing a plurality of gestures using roll pitch and yaw data, typically in combination with data for recognition of start and/or stop portions of the gesture using an auxiliary sensor, such as a capacitive touch sensor or a mems sensor.. .
Nod, Inc.

new patent

Apparatus and processing user input

A method and apparatus for processing a gesture input of a display apparatus is provided. The method includes setting a gesture input mode based on an operational situation of the display apparatus, displaying information about the set gesture input mode on a screen of the display apparatus, and in response to receiving an input that corresponds to the set gesture input mode, performing a control operation with respect to the screen..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent

Apparatus and recognizing user gesture for vehicle

An apparatus and a method for recognizing a user gesture for a vehicle are provided. The apparatus includes an infrared imaging device that is configured to photograph a portion of a user body in a gesture recognition region and generate a plurality of images and an infrared emitting device that is configured to emit infrared rays toward the gesture recognition region.
Hyundai Motor Company

new patent

Electronic device having multiple sides with gesture sensors

An electronic device has multiple sides and multiple gesture sensors (such as infrared sensors) and can interpret gestures based on the movement detected by the gesture sensors. The device may interpret data from each of the gesture sensors as separate gestures, or may interpret the data from two or more of the sensors as one single gesture.
Motorola Mobility Llc

new patent

Wearable finger ring input device and controller

Systems and methods for remotely providing user input to different electronic devices based on user finger motions and/or gestures. A universal user input device assembles a motion sensor, control logic, a memory and a processor into a substantially ring-shaped housing that is wearable on a finger of a user.
Nvidia Corporation

new patent

Exercise equipment with improved user interaction

Methods and systems are presented for accepting inputs into a treadmill or other exercise equipment to control functions of the treadmill or exercise equipment. An exercise control system can receive gestures and other inputs.
Flextronics Ap, Llc


Systems and methods of gesture-based detection of driver mobile device

A vehicle may be configured to prompt for a gesture-based identifying action, the action to be performed via moving a device, thereby identifying the device for association as the driver device; identify movement of the device in accordance with the gesture-based identifying action; and associate the device, moved in accordance with the gesture-based identifying action, as the driver device.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Method and self camera shooting

An apparatus capable of taking a self-portrait picture includes a screen, a camera, and a controller configured to cause the screen to display a live preview image received from the camera, after the live preview image is displayed, detect a first user gesture for triggering a display of an indicator on the screen, cause the screen to display the indicator at a changeable position where the first user gesture is detected, wherein the indicator indicates that a gesture detection mode is entered to recognize a second user gesture different from the first user gesture, while the indicator is displayed on the screen, detect the second user gesture in the indicator, and after detecting the second user gesture, cause the camera to automatically take a self-portrait picture.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Grip detection and capacitive gesture system for mobile devices

Apparatus and methods are disclosed related to managing characteristics of a mobile device based upon capacitive detection of materials proximate the mobile device, a capacitive gesture system that can allow the same gestures be used in arbitrary locations within range of a mobile device. One such method includes receiving a first capacitive sensor measurement with a first capacitive sensor of the mobile device.
Analog Devices, Inc.


Gesture input interface for gaming systems

Systems, methods and apparatus for providing a gesture input interface. In some embodiments, a 3-dimensional display of a game is rendered by a gaming system, where at least one game component is projected out of a screen of a display device and into a 3-dimensional space between the screen and a player.


Gestures for keyboard switch

In one embodiment, a method includes displaying a first one of a plurality of touch-screen keyboards on a touch-screen display of a computing device; and, in response to a touch gesture, displaying a second one of the keyboards on the touch-screen display in place of the first one of the keyboards.. .
Facebook, Inc.


Device, method, and graphical user interface for selection of views in a three-dimensional map based on gesture inputs

An electronic device displays a first map view of a map that includes one or more map objects on a touch-sensitive display. While displaying the first map view, the device detects a first gesture of a first gesture type at a first location on the touch-sensitive display.
Apple Inc.


Information display device and display information operation method

A memory stores a program which, when executed by a processor, results in performance of steps including, causing, when a user operation is a gesture operation associated with a screen image movement-or-modification type function of controlling display information on a display surface in a control direction set in accordance with a gesture direction, a composite icon to be displayed on the display surface, the composite icon having multiple icons that are each associated with the screen image movement-or-modification type function but assigned different control directions, and executing, when the user operation is an execution instruction operation with respect to any of the icons of the composite icon, the screen image movement-or-modification type function in the control direction assigned to the icon with respect to which the execution instruction operation is performed.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Methods and devices for presenting interactive media items

An electronic device with processor(s), memory, and a touch screen display presents a media item, where the media item is associated with a metadata structure that includes first information identifying at least a portion of an audio track, second information identifying one or more media files, and third information identifying one more audio and/or video effects. The presenting includes: displaying one or more media files associated with the media item; and playing back at least a portion of an audio track associated with the media item in synchronization with the one or more media files.
Eyegroove, Inc.


Device, method and graphical user interface for zooming in on a touch-screen display

In accordance with some embodiments, a computer-implemented method for use in conjunction with a device with a touch screen display is disclosed. In the method, at least a first portion of an electronic document is displayed at a first magnification.
Apple Inc.


Touch-sensitive electronic media applications, and methods therefor

Described herein are devices, methods and computer readable media that allow a device with a touch-screen to respond to different pressure inputs. For example, while the device displays a plurality of media controls on the touch screen, it detects a gesture at a location corresponding to a respective medial control.
Apple Inc.


Method and system for determining user input based on gesture

A waveguide apparatus includes a planar waveguide and at least one optical diffraction element (doe) that provides a plurality of optical paths between an exterior and interior of the planar waveguide. A phase profile of the doe may combine a linear diffraction grating with a circular lens, to shape a wave front and produce beams with desired focus.
Magic Leap, Inc.


Multiple sensor gesture recognition

Methods for recognizing gestures using adaptive multi-sensor gesture recognition are described. In some embodiments, a gesture recognition system receives a plurality of sensor inputs from a plurality of sensor devices and a plurality of confidence thresholds associated with the plurality of sensor inputs.


Method and device for operating a motor vehicle component by means of gestures

A method for operator control of a motor vehicle component by a gesture includes: detecting the gesture being executed by an input unit of an operator in a three-dimensional operator control space, which is part of an interior of a motor vehicle; executing an operator control function associated with the identified gesture; and outputting a feedback signal as soon as the input unit enters or has entered the three-dimensional operator control space from outside the three-dimensional operator control space.. .
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Input device, input method, and storage medium

An input device is a device determining an input by a user based on a motion of a hand of the user in picked-up images associated with an operation screen displaying a selectable area. The input device includes an input determiner (155) determining whether or not the input by the user is a select operation of a selectable area or is a gesture operation based on, in the picked-up images, a change in shape of the hand of the user caused by the moving hand.
Nec Solution Innovators, Ltd.


Hover interactions across interconnected devices

Example apparatus and methods support interactions between a hover-sensitive apparatus and other apparatus. A hover action performed in the hover space of one apparatus can control that apparatus or another apparatus.
Microsoft Corporation


Method and gesture detection and display control

A device includes a display and one or more motion sensors configured to track positions of two or more feature points of an object when the object is used to perform a gesture at a position remote from the display, and generate, based on the tracked positions of the feature points, sequential position data that indicates a relative position of the feature points with respect to each other and to the display. The device includes circuitry configured to determine, based on the sequential position data, whether the gesture corresponds to one of a plurality of predetermined input operations, and execute processing related to the predetermined input operation when a correspondence is determined.
Sony Corporation


Gesture recognition device and controlling gesture recognition device

A gesture recognition device that acquires a gesture performed by a user and generates a command corresponding to said gesture, includes: a gesture acquisition unit for acquiring a gesture performed by a user; a gaze tracking unit for acquiring the user's movement of gaze; a gaze pattern determination unit for determining whether the movement of gaze satisfies a prescribed pattern; a gesture selection unit selecting a valid gesture acceptable as input when the movement of gaze satisfies a prescribed pattern; and a command generating unit for generating a command corresponding to the acquired gesture only if said acquired gesture is a valid gesture. Thus, the gesture recognition device that recognizes gestures performed by a user can prevent actions other than gestures from being falsely recognized as gestures..


Systems and methods for sensing environmental changes using emi signal sources as sensors

Systems and methods for sensing environmental changes using electromagnetic interference (emi) signals are disclosed herein. An emi monitoring system may be used to monitor an emi signal of one or more emi signal sources provided over a power line, e.g., in a home or building.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Game program and information processing device

To improve the operating characteristics of character manipulation on touchscreen panels while at the same time providing a compact display of the control areas on a game screen. When a first operation is accepted as input by allowing a player to select any single area among multiple unit areas with a touch gesture on a game screen, or when a second operation is accepted as input by allowing a player to select any two or more areas among multiple unit areas in a successive manner, the inventive game program directs a computer to execute a process that determines the actions that a player-operated character is directed to perform respectively in response to the first operation and the second operation..
Dena Co., Ltd.


Biometric monitoring device with heart rate measurement activated by a single user-gesture

A biometric monitoring device having a heart rate sensor for measuring various biometric information is provided. In some embodiments, the biometric monitoring device allows the person to take and/or display a heart rate reading by a simple user interaction with the device, e.g., by simply touching a heart rate sensor surface area, moving the device in a defined motion pattern, or clenching the fist.
Fitbit, Inc.


Method and displaying a 3d image in a mobile terminal

A method and apparatus are provided for displaying a three dimensional (3d) image in a mobile communication terminal. The method includes displaying an image comprising at least one object; sensing a touch gesture selecting an object for changing a three dimensional depth of the object among the at least one object with the image displayed; checking the three dimensional depth of the selected object; determining the three dimensional depth of the selected object based on the checked three dimensional depth; and displaying the selected object reflecting the determined three dimensional depth..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Mobile terminal and method thereof

A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to provide wireless communication; a camera; a touchscreen; a memory; and a controller configured to receive a first user gesture indicating a readiness for capturing an image through the camera, receive a second user gesture after receiving the first user gesture for indicating the camera to capture the image, and capture the image after a predetermined time period from receiving the second user gesture.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Mobile security application

An application for a mobile device allows a user to let a monitoring center know that they are in trouble without the requirement of using the user interface of the mobile device to navigate to the app menu to select the app and select an option to send an alarm. The app allows the user to send alarms for different types of events.


System and transferring data using a directional touch gesture

A method for transferring files between information handling systems is disclosed. The method includes receiving, at an information handling system, a selection of a file, requesting, by the information handling system, nearby information handling systems in response to the selection of the file, and receiving coordinate information and contact information for the nearby information handling system from a server.
Dell Products, Lp


Multiple player gaming station interaction systems and methods

Systems and methods for transferring objects from a first player to a second player within a gaming system are described herein. The method includes receiving, via a first touchscreen of the first gaming machine, a selection of an object by the first player.


Touch screen interface gesture control

Provided is a gesturing mechanism configured for facilitating interaction with a computer via a touchscreen device having a device surface. The mechanism includes a controller having a controller surface configured for accepting a touch gesture.
Ge Intelligent Platforms, Inc.


Electronic device for managing applications running therein and same

A method for managing a number of applications running in an electronic device includes determining a touch gesture of a number of touch gestures on a display of the electronic device, opening an interface on a display of the electronic device to display icons of all applications that are currently running in the background when one of the touch gestures is determined, and managing the applications currently running in the background according to the number of touch gestures. The touch gestures include a single touch gesture, a normal slide gesture, and a pressure slide gesture..
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.


Method and unlocking electronic appliance

An unlocking method and apparatus for an electronic appliance are disclosed. The method and apparatus may enable a user to unlock the electronic appliance by identifying a gesture and to invoke a function mapped to the gesture.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method for selecting interactivity mode

A method is provided for selecting, from at least two available modes, a mode of interaction between a user and a digital playback device. The digital playback device is capable of obtaining at least one item of information representative of a gesture performed by a user, the gesture being performed with the aid of at least one limb or of at least one part of a limb by the user.
Institut National De Sciences Appliquees


Mobile terminal device, on-vehicle device, and on-vehicle system

A mobile terminal device 40 according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a touch panel 3 and a control device 1 which causes the touch panel 3 to function as a touch pad for operating an operation object displayed on a display device 6v when it is placed at a predetermined position in a vehicle interior. The touch panel 3 functions as a multi-touch type touch pad.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Correcting scrolling gesture

A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium may comprise instructions stored thereon. When executed by at least one processor, instructions may be configured to cause a computing system to at least receive, on a tactile input device of the computing system, a first contact and a second contact, the first and second contacts being maintained on the tactile input device, at least one of the first and second contacts changing location on the tactile input device, determine a direction of movement by the first and second contacts based on the at least one of the first and second contacts changing locations on the tactile input device, assign the determined direction of movement to one of a plurality of directional zones, and modify the determined direction based on the assigned directional zone..
Google Inc.


Input apparatus, input method and computer-executable program

One embodiment provides a method, including: capturing, using a camera, an image of an object in contact with a hand of a user; determining, using a processor, that the hand of the user contacts the object; thereafter capturing, using the camera, controlling gesture input; detecting, within the controlling gesture input, a gesture that emulates use of a pointing device; and controlling an application running on an information handling device based on the controlling gesture input. Other aspects are described and claimed..
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Gesture input system, method, and program

A gesture input method includes acquiring motion information of an individual based on a gesture of the individual. The method also includes performing normalization and position-coordinate conversion on the acquired motion information, where the normalization is a correction of at least a first body data of the individual into a second body data that is indicative of a normal figure provided as a base model.
Osaka Electro-communication University


Systems and methods of determining interaction intent in three-dimensional (3d) sensory space

The technology disclosed relates to determining intent for the interaction by calculating a center of effort for the applied forces. Movement of the points of virtual contacts and the center of effort are then monitored to determine a gesture-type intended for the interaction.
Leap Motion, Inc.


Gesture based rating system and method

A method that includes receiving a request to provide a rating for an entity, in response to receiving the request to provide a rating for an entity, providing a graphical user interface comprising a gesture input region, receiving, via the gesture input region, a graphical representation of a gesture, determining a rating corresponding to the graphical representation of the gesture, and storing the rating.. .
Google Inc.


Human-computer interaction method, terminal and system

Embodiments of the present disclosure disclose a human-computer interaction method, including: acquiring positions and/or motion tracks of multiple auxiliary light sources in a captured area by using a camera; acquiring a corresponding operation instruction according to a combined gesture formed by the acquired positions and/or motion tracks of the multiple auxiliary light sources in the captured area; and executing the acquired operation instruction. The embodiments of the present disclosure further disclose a human-computer interaction terminal and system.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


User-directed motion gesture control

Apparatuses and methods for user-directed motion gesture control are disclosed. According to aspects of the present disclosure, direct user inputs can be used to predictably manipulate power control behavior.
Qualcomm Incorporated

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