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Gesture patents

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Method and device for providing an image preview


Method and device for providing an image preview


Isolate extraneous motions

Date/App# patent app List of recent Gesture-related patents
 Accelerated scrolling for a multifunction device patent thumbnailnew patent Accelerated scrolling for a multifunction device
A computer-implemented method is performed at a multifunction device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface. The method includes detecting multiple input gestures by a user, beginning with an initial input gesture.
Apple Inc.
 Method and device for providing an image preview patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for providing an image preview
The present disclosure provides a method and device for providing an image preview to improve the effect and efficiency of previewing images. The method includes: receiving a sliding gesture from a user through an interface of displaying an image; providing an image preview within a first boundary of the image if the sliding gesture is received through a first region of the interface; and providing the image preview within a second boundary of the image if the sliding gesture is received through a second region of the interface..
Xiaomi Inc.
 System and  inputting time on an electronic device having a touch screen patent thumbnailnew patent System and inputting time on an electronic device having a touch screen
A system and method of inputting time on an electronic device having a touch screen that displays a graphical hour keypad and detects user touch input to select an hour from the keypad, and displays, either simultaneously with the hour keypad, or following selection of an hour, a graphical minute keypad and detects user touch input to select a minute from the keypad. The selection could also be done in reverse order.
 Capturing media content in accordance with a viewer expression patent thumbnailnew patent Capturing media content in accordance with a viewer expression
Systems and methods for capturing media content in accordance with viewer expression are disclosed. In some implementations, a method includes: at a computer system having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors: detecting display of a media content item; while the media content item is being displayed: detecting a viewer expression corresponding to a predefined viewer expression; and in response to detecting the viewer expression: identifying a portion of the media content item corresponding in time to the viewer expression.
Google Inc.
 Isolate extraneous motions patent thumbnailnew patent Isolate extraneous motions
A system may receive image data and capture motion with respect to a target in a physical space and recognize a gesture from the captured motion. It may be desirable to isolate aspects of captured motion to differentiate random and extraneous motions.
Microsoft Corporation
 Video monitoring system patent thumbnailnew patent Video monitoring system
A monitoring system includes cameras adapted to capture images and depth data of the images. A computer device processes the image signals and depth data from the cameras according to various software modules that monitor one or more of the following: (a) compliance with patient care protocols; (b) patient activity; (c) equipment usage; (d) the location and/or usage of assets; (e) patient visitation metrics; (f) data from other sensors that is integrated with the image and depth data; (g) gestures by the patient or caregivers that are used as signals or for controls of equipment, and other items.
Stryker Corporation
 Method, device and mobile terminal for three-dimensional operation control of a touch screen patent thumbnailnew patent Method, device and mobile terminal for three-dimensional operation control of a touch screen
A method, a device and a mobile terminal for 3d operation control of a touch screen are disclosed. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring capacitance values of at least two acquiring points in a motion trajectory formed by a finger or a conductor moving in a touch screen sensing space; calculating coordinates of the acquiring points on the x-axis, the y-axis and the z-axis respectively according to the capacitance values of the acquiring points to obtain 3d coordinates of the acquiring points; and determining the motion trajectory according to the 3d coordinates of the at least two acquiring points and executing a corresponding operation.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd
 Input apparatus, input mode switching method and computer apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Input apparatus, input mode switching method and computer apparatus
The present disclosure provides an input apparatus, which is coupled to a handheld electronic device. The input apparatus includes a touchpad and a processing unit.
Wistron Corp.
 Application program switching method and apparatus, and touchscreen electronic device patent thumbnailnew patent Application program switching method and apparatus, and touchscreen electronic device
An application program switching method and apparatus, and a touchscreen electronic device are provided that can rapidly implement switching between different application programs. The method includes identifying, by a touchscreen driver of the touchscreen electronic device, at least one user gesture when an interface of a first application program is displayed on a touchscreen of the touchscreen electronic device; matching the at least one user gesture with a preset symbol stored in the touchscreen electronic device; and if a first preset symbol matching the at least one user gesture exists, triggering a second application program corresponding to the first preset symbol to execute an action bound to the first preset symbol.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
 Systems, articles, and methods for gesture identification in wearable electromyography devices patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, articles, and methods for gesture identification in wearable electromyography devices
Systems, articles, and methods perform gesture identification with limited computational resources. A wearable electromyography (“emg”) device includes multiple emg sensors, an on-board processor, and a non-transitory processor-readable memory that stores data and/or processor-executable instructions for performing gesture identification.
Thalmic Labs Inc.
new patent

Identifying gestures corresponding to functions

Disclosed herein are a method, electronic device, and non-transitory computer readable medium for detecting gestures. A head gesture is detected.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Gesture control

The present invention relates to devices, system and method for detecting gestures. The devices, systems and methods uses optically shape sensing devices for tracking and monitoring users.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.
new patent

Use of human input recognition to prevent contamination

Embodiments of a system and method for processing and recognizing non-contact types of human input to prevent contamination are generally described herein. In example embodiments, human input is captured, recognized, and used to provide active input for control or data entry into a user interface.
Medivators Inc.

Method and identifying point of interest and inserting accompanying information into a multimedia signal

An apparatus arranged to insert accompanying information into a multimedia signal, the apparatus constituted of: a multimedia receiver; a point of interest (poi) identifier arranged to identify a poi in the received multimedia signal responsive to content of the received multimedia signal; an inserter arranged to insert accompanying information into the received multimedia signal responsive to an output of the poi identifier; an output device arranged to transmit the output of the inserter to a display device, the identification, insertion and output being contemporaneous with the receiving; a server; a user gesture signal receiver arranged to receive a signal responsive to a user gesture; and a communication device, wherein the inserted accompanying information encourages a user to perform a gesture with a device in communication with the user gesture signal receiver, and wherein the communication device is arranged to transmit the received signal responsive to the user gesture.. .

A primary device that interfaces with a secondary device based on gesture commands

An incoming call from a remote device can be received by a primary device. The primary device can determine a numerical count of detected user gestures.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Enhanced input selection

A touch sensor of an electronic device that is used to navigate one or more presented lists is operable in at least a gesture mode and a character mode. In the gesture mode, one or more touches detected by the touch sensor are interpreted as gesture input for navigating the list.
Apple Inc.

Controlling application launch

A method, apparatus, and/or computer program product control how an application window of a graphical user interface will open. A computing device defines a time period immediately after an application launch selection action by a user and before an on-screen drawing of the application window.
International Business Machines Corporation

Guiding gesture operations

A method, system, and computer program product for guiding gesture operations are provided in the illustrative embodiments. An initial position of a gesture is determined.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

Gesture-based searching

The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or a method that facilitates in situ searching of data. An interface can receive a flick gesture from an input device.
Microsoft Corporation

Operating system for a motor vehicle

An operating system for a motor vehicle, having a first operating unit for detecting user gestures, at least one second operating unit for detecting user inputs, and an evaluation unit which assigns the user gestures and user inputs detected by the operating units to operating functions. The evaluation unit checks whether a user gesture and a user input have been detected at the same time within the same time window and within the same spatial area.
Leopold Kostal Gmbh & Co., Kg

Boolean/float controller and gesture recognition system

A system and method are disclosed for providing input to a software application such as a gaming application. The inputs may be received from one or both of a hand-held controller and a nui system accepting gestural inputs.
Microsoft Corporation

Cross device information exchange using gestures and locations

A method, apparatus and software related product (e.g., a computer readable memory) are presented for exchanging information between two or more devices when they are in a close proximity using gestures and web technologies. According to an embodiment, the identification of one or more devices using gestures is asynchronous, so that the two or more devices do not have to be shaken together at the same time synchronously, which is one advantage over conventional approaches.
Yahoo! Inc.

Z-axis determination in a 2d gesture system

Systems, apparatus and methods for determining a gesture are presented. According to some aspects, disclosed are systems, apparatus and methods for determining a gesture that compares different images and deduces a direction and/or distance based on a relative size change of a palm in the different images.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Depth map generation and post-capture focusing

Aspects of depth map generation and post capture focusing and re-focusing are described. According to one embodiment, a depth map is generated.
Broadcom Corporation

Methods and systems for multi-factor authentication in secure media-based conferencing

Methods and apparatuses, including computer program products, are described for multi-factor authentication of media-based (e.g., video and/or audio) conferencing between a plurality of end point devices. The methods and apparatuses provide for analysis of an end point media stream using a matrix of authentication factors, where the authentication factors include at least two of: user-specific facial recognition attributes, user-specific audio recognition attributes, acoustic environment attributes, visual environment attributes, user gesture attributes, technical attributes of the end point device, and technical attributes of the media stream, to determine an authentication score for the first end point device..
Edifire Llc

Glass type terminal having three-dimensional input device and screen control method thereof

Disclosed are a glass type terminal capable of supporting gestures using one finger or two fingers by providing a three-dimensional input device at a temple hinged to a rim of a lens, and an input method thereof. For three-dimensional touch inputs, the temple is configured to have an upper surface, a lower surface, an inner side surface and an outer side surface provided touch sensor, respectively.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Velocity field interaction for free space gesture interface and control

The technology disclosed relates to automatically interpreting a gesture of a control object in a three dimensional sensor space by sensing a movement of the control object in the three dimensional sensor space, sensing orientation of the control object, defining a control plane tangential to a surface of the control object and interpreting the gesture based on whether the movement of the control object is more normal to the control plane or more parallel to the control plane.. .
Leap Motion, Inc.

System and multi-touch gesture detection using ultrasound beamforming

Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for gesture detection using ultrasound beamforming are presented. In some embodiments, a method for gesture detection utilizing ultrasound beamforming includes projecting an ultrasound wave parallel to a surface, wherein the ultrasound wave is projected utilizing ultrasound beamforming.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Alarm setting and interfacing with gesture contact interfacing controls

A device configured for capture of activity data for a user includes a housing, a sensor, a motor, a memory, and a processor. The sensor is disposed in the housing to track activity data of the user.
Fitbit, Inc.


Enhancements to ornamental or holiday lighting are disclosed including remote control ornamental illumination with color pallet control whereby a user can vary the color/intensity/appearance of an individual bulb or entire light string by selecting the electronic address of the bulb and selecting its attribute. Further disclosures include: motion responsive lights which respond to sensed movement, gesture controlled lights, adjustable white color/white led sets, connectable multi-function lights, controller to sequence lights to music or other input source, rotating projection led light/tree top/table top unit, and remote controlled sequencing icicle lights and ornament lighting system..
Seasonal Specialties, Llc

Method and user authentication

A method for authentication is provided comprising: displaying, by an electronic device, a first screen including first objects, each first object being associated with a respective value; detecting a first gesture performed on a first set of the first objects; identifying a first operation based on the first gesture; performing, by the electronic device, the first operation using the respective values of the first objects in the first set as operands to obtain a first result; computing an input string based on the first result; detecting whether the input string matches a predefined password; and authorizing access to the electronic device in response to the input string matching the predefined password.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Distance scalable no touch computing

Disclosed herein are techniques for scaling and translating gestures such that the applicable gestures for control may vary depending on the user's distance from a gesture-based system. The techniques for scaling and translation may take the varying distances from which a user interacts with components of the gesture-based system, such as a computing environment or capture device, into consideration with respect to defining and/or recognizing gestures.
Microsoft Corporation

Gestures for multiple window operation

A method for creating multiple windows on a touch screen display of an electronic device is provided. The method includes detecting a multi-point touch event on an edge of the touch screen display, the multi-point touch event including the simultaneous contact of the touch screen display at two or more points..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Portable electronic device and controlling the same

Portable electronic device and method for controlling the same are provided. The portable electronic device includes a user interactive touch panel and a controller.
Wistron Corp.

Gesture responsive keyboard and interface

Systems, methods, and devices for interpreting slide gestures as input in connection with push-button keyboards and touch-sensitive user interfaces that include virtual keyboards are disclosed herein. These systems and methods cause an arrangement of alternative key inputs to be displayed as a function of a dynamic user input having an initial key-input and a continuous slide gesture such that the arrangement of alternative key inputs is displayed in the direction of the slide gesture prior to cessation of the slide gesture.

Method for detecting user gestures from alternative touchpads of a handheld computerized device

A method for controlling a control region on a display screen of a computerized system is presented. The method includes obtaining data from a touchpad.
Handscape Inc.

Method and touch interface for controlling a protected equipment item or function

A method for controlling an equipment item or a function by means of a touch interface includes: displaying, on a touch screen of the interface, a first graphical object that can be manipulated to control said equipment item or said function and a second graphical object having a first configuration in which the first graphical object is disabled and a second configuration in which the first graphical object can be activated; detecting a first gesture on the screen tending to switch the second graphical object from the first configuration to the second configuration; activating said first graphical object while the second graphical object is being manipulated; and detecting a second gesture on the screen tending to activate the first graphical object. Applicable to the activation of a protected function implemented onboard an aircraft..
Zodiac Aero Electric

Video streaming on a mobile device

A video streaming system for playback of videos, including: a touch screen display defining a playback window; a processor; and non-transitory computer-readable media including instruction that when executed by the processor cause it to: play one or more videos from a current channel of two or more channels, wherein each channel is a simultaneously available but different feed of videos, and wherein the two or more channels are ordered such that for each channel defines at least one of a previous channel and a next channel; receive a directional input through the user interface; determine whether the user has imparted a predetermined gesture on the touch screen display within the playback window along one of a horizontal axis and a vertical axis defined by an orientation of the one or more videos; and if predetermined gesture is along the vertical axis, updating the current channel of the video media.. .

Ui techniques for revealing extra margin area for paginated digital content

Techniques are disclosed for revealing extra margin area for paginated digital content, referred to herein as an extra margins mode. For example, the extra margins mode may be used to reveal/expose extra margin area (galley area) at the perimeter of one or more pages of an ebook or a photo of a photo album. Llc

Detecting, representing, and interpreting three-space input: gestural continuum subsuming freespace, proximal, and surface-contact modes

Systems and methods for detecting, representing, and interpreting three-space input are described. Embodiments of the system, in the context of an soe, process low-level data from a plurality of sources of spatial tracking data and analyze these semantically uncorrelated spatiotemporal data and generate high-level gestural events according to dynamically configurable implicit and explicit gesture descriptions.

Contextual insights and exploration

Techniques and systems are presented for providing “contextual insights,” or information that is tailored to the context of the content a user is consuming or authoring. Given a request for information about a topic, which may be indicated by a user gesture in an application, one or more queries to search services may be formulated without requiring entry of a search query directly by a user.
Microsoft Corporation

Testing touch device and system thereof

A testing method of a touch device and a system thereof are provided. The testing method includes following steps.
Wistron Corporation

Optical touch device and gesture detecting method thereof

A gesture detecting method is adapted to an optical touch device. The optical touch device includes an indication plane and two image sensing units disposed at two corners of one side of the indication plane.
Wistron Corporation

Continuous circle gesture detection for a sensor system

A method for detecting a continuous circle gesture, has the following steps: receiving vectors representative of an object movement by a object detection unit; determining from the received sequence velocity vectors a sequence of velocity vectors or an approximation thereof; estimating an angle between subsequent velocity vectors; and determining a rotation direction.. .
Microchip Technology Incorporated

Gesture recognition for on-board display

Methods and systems for a complete vehicle ecosystem are provided. Specifically, systems that when taken alone, or together, provide an individual or group of individuals with an intuitive and comfortable vehicular environment.
Flextronics Ap, Llc

Desktop reveal

A multi-display device is adapted to be dockable or otherwise associatable with an additional device. In accordance with one exemplary embodiment, the multi-display device is dockable with a smartpad.

Information processing apparatus and operation information processing apparatus

An information processing apparatus includes: an apparatus body including a body having a keyboard and a display unit attached to the body so as to be opened and closed; an acceleration sensor mounted on the apparatus body; a gesture motion determination unit mounted on the apparatus body and determining a reference posture of a holding state of the apparatus body taken when a user executes a given gesture function while holding the apparatus body based on acceleration detected by the acceleration sensor as well as determining a gesture motion executed by the user by detecting posture change of the apparatus body from the reference posture based on acceleration detected by the acceleration sensor; and an operation execution unit mounted on the apparatus body and executing a given operation corresponding to the gesture motion executed by the user based on the determination result in the gesture motion determination unit.. .
Sony Corporation

Method and controlling multi-experience translation of media content

A method or apparatus for controlling a media device using gestures may include, for example, modifying media content to generate first updated media content according to a comparison of first information descriptive of a first environment of the source device to second information descriptive of a second environment of the recipient device, capturing images of a gesture, identifying a command from the gesture, and modifying the first updated media content to generate second updated media content according to the command. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Enhanced field of view to augment three-dimensional (3d) sensory space for free-space gesture interpretation

The technology disclosed relates to enhancing the fields of view of one or more cameras of a gesture recognition system for augmenting the three-dimensional (3d) sensory space of the gesture recognition system. The augmented 3d sensory space allows for inclusion of previously uncaptured of regions and points for which gestures can be interpreted i.e.
Leap Motion, Inc.

Zooming with air gestures

An nui system for mediating input from a computer-system user. The nui system includes a logic machine and an instruction storage machine.
Microsoft Corporation

Status indication triggering and user interfacing in a smart-home hazard detector

In various embodiments, a hazard detector may be presented. The hazard detector may include at least one hazard detection sensor that detects a presence of at least one type of hazard.
Google Inc.

Method and terminal device for displaying messages

The present disclosure discloses a method for displaying messages in a terminal device and the terminal device thereof. The method includes the following steps: displaying messages by a display; detecting a first preset gesture acting on the display, wherein the gesture generates two endpoints on the display; and adjusting messages between the two endpoints.
Xiaomi Inc.

Actionable content displayed on a touch screen

Some implementations may present a media file that includes video on a touchscreen display. A user gesture performed on the touchscreen display may be detected.
Microsoft Corporation

Pan and selection gesture detection

A user interface that has a canvas that is extendable in an extendable dimension and on which multiple selectable elements may be placed. In this context, when a selecting control is associated with a particular selectable element, and further user gestures are provided, a pan detection mechanism is configured to distinguish between an intent to pan the canvas and an intent to select the particular selectable element.
Microsoft Corporation

Method of recognizing multi-gaze and apparatus therefor

A multi-gaze recognition device according to one embodiment of the present specification includes a display module configured to display a display area containing a visual content capable of being scrolled, an input module configured to receive an input of a touch gesture signal to scroll the visual content, an image acquisition module configured to acquire an image in front of a device, and an analysis module configured to scroll the visual content using a first gaze and a second gaze detected from the image acquired in front of the device. The first gaze determines a maximum amount of a scroll area to scroll the visual content, the second gaze determines whether an event initiating the scroll occurs..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Intelligent data representation program

Organizing, visualizing, and manipulating data stored in a database using computer interaction techniques is provided. Motion-aware sensors, multi-touch monitors, and/or user input devices may be used with the various embodiments to allow users to interact with a collection of data comprised of a plurality of datasets in a three-dimensional environment.
Trial Technologies, Inc.

Swipe-direction gesture control for video games using glass input devices

Methods, systems, and computer programs are presented for handling a touch input to a game executed on a device. The method includes the operation of rendering the game on the device.
Zynga Inc.

Adaptive trigger point for smartwatch gesture-to-wake

While in a first mode, a smartwatch can power down a majority of the smartwatch components to save power. In order to change modes, the watch may use a two-step method.
Google Inc.

Gesture-based industrial monitoring

A system includes an imager, such as a 3-d structured light imaging system, and gesture logic in data communication with the imager. The imager is configured to create an image of the motion of a mobile subject.
Broadcom Corporation

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