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Intelligent selection and remapping of ellepots
In various embodiments, a method for removing selected ellepots from a plurality of germination ellepot trays and remapping the selected ellepots to a planting ellepot tray is provided. The method can include placing one of a plurality of germination ellepot trays onto an ellepot ejection dock of an ellepot workstation. Each...

Method and arrangement for growing plants
A method for cultivating plants is described. The method comprises the steps of sowing seeds in the growing medium in sterilised pots () using a sowing device (), allowing the seeds to germinate in a germination device (), automatically moving the pots through a greenhouse () to allow the germinated seeds...

Fungicidal compositions
The present invention relates to compositions of fungicidally active compounds comprising at least one active compound I selected from 3-difluoromethyl-1-methyl-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylic acid (3′,4′,5′-trifluoro-biphenyl-2-yl)-amide (fluxapyroxade), bixafen, fluopyram, isopyrazam, sedaxane, penflufen and penthiopyrad and at least one further active component II as defined below. The invention furthermore relates to a method for controlling harmful...

Liquid-based method for producing plant embryos
The present invention relates to methods for developing embryos and producing germination-competent embryos using a liquid embryo development media....

Method of preparing flour or splits of legume
A method of preparing flour or splits of legume according to the invention comprises the steps of: i) providing legume; ii) allowing the legume to partially germinate; iii) optionally, terminating germination of the legume; iv) preparing the partially germinated legume for milling; v) optionally, milling the prepared legumes of step iv)....

Soil additives for promoting seed germination, for prevention of evaporation and methods for use
The present invention relates to methods of improving germination rates of plants or crops, and of preventing or arresting water evaporation loss from targeted soil areas by use of soil additives, which allow for improved water utilization by crops, plants, grasses, vegetation, etc....

Methods of seed breeding using high throughput nondestructive seed sampling
The present invention provides for novel methods to facilitate germplasm improvement activities through the use of high throughput, nondestructive sampling of seeds. A method of evaluating seeds for a desired trait, for example, for facilitating germplasm improvement activities, etc., generally includes removing tissue samples from individual seeds using an automated seed...

Paddle sealer
A paddle sealer used for planting having closing wheels that are drawn by a motive power source such as a tractor and used to close seed trenches to prevent the seed trench from reopening and provide the proper soil conditioning to promote uniform germination and emergence. The paddle sealer with closing...

Container, soil blend, and method of growing plants
Containers having air pruning holes are have dimensions configured for germination and/or growth of citrus plants, including citrus rootstock, as well as other plants. One such container may have a width of about 1.0 to 1.25 inches and a depth of about 5.0 to 7.0 inches. Another such container may have...

Use of a seed specific promoter to drive odp1 expression in cruciferous oilseed plants to increase oil content while maintaining normal germination
A recombinant DNA construct comprising a polynucleotide encoding an ODP1 polypeptide operably linked to a sucrose synthase 2 promoter where this construct can be used to increase oil content in the seeds of a cruciferous oilseed plant while maintaining normal germination is disclosed. A method for increasing oil content in the...

Uses of thaxtomin and thaxtomin compositions as herbicides
There is a need for a selective, low-risk herbicide that can be used to control weeds in cereal cultures and turf. The present invention discloses that a bacterial secondary metabolite, thaxtomin and optionally another herbicide is an effective herbicide on broadleaved, sedge and grass weeds. Thaxtomin A and structurally similar compounds...

Method for obtaining a wheat plant with improved yield properties and a new type of wheat obtained by said method
The description of a method to obtain a wheat plant with improve yield properties that consists in the generation of genetic variability by means of the following stages: a) the construction of a wheat plant FI by means of the crossing of two genetically distant parents and of opposed industrial qualities;...

Method for cultivation of monarda fistulosa
A method for cultivating Monarda fistulosaincludes planting seeds at rates between about 2.5 and about 5 pounds per acre, preferably about 4 pounds per acre. Fuel costs are reduced because seeding, mowing the first season, and harvesting in seasons thereafter are all that is required. Reduction in herbicide use results from...

Method for improving yield in malting process
Processes for improving yield in the malting process are described. Utilization of conditioned water in the germination stage of the malting process can result in an improved malt yield. The conditioned water comprises from 0.025% to 2% chloride salt....

Furrow closing assembly and method
Agricultural planter row units feature soil finishing assemblies for closing a seed groove after seed is placed in the soil. An adjustable furrow closing assembly enhances upper seed groove coverage and closure with soil resulting in sustained relative humidity levels and optimum seed-to-soil contact for faster seed germination. The furrow closing...

Support of plant origin (segment of macrophyte leaf) for assistance with seed germination and plant growth
A fundamental part of the procedure involves a support of plant origin which consists of a longitudinal segment of the leaf of a macrophyte plant that has been dried, the result being the appearance of a macaroon, having an outer plant coating and an inner circular portion filled with a porous...

Uses of thaxtomin and thaxtomin compositions as herbicides
There is a need for a selective, low-risk herbicide that can be used to control weeds in cereal cultures and turf. The present invention discloses that a bacterial secondary metabolite, thaxtomin and optionally another herbicide is an effective herbicide on broadleaved, sedge and grass weeds. Thaxtomin A and structurally similar compounds...

Antimicrobial, antibacterial and spore germination inhibiting activity from an avocado extract enriched in bioactive compounds
The present disclosure relates to extracts from Persea sp. (avocado) enriched in bioactive compounds which can be used as antimicrobial, antibacterial or spore germination inhibiting agents, the process for obtaining the extracts, acetogenins and isolated molecules and methods for using the extracts enriched in bioactive compounds for providing antimicrobial, antibacterial or...

Automated system for germination testing using optical imaging
A system prepares plant specimens, tracks the plant specimens, captures images of the plant specimens, and evaluates growth parameters of the plant specimens in the captured images. The system prepares receptacles by placing a predetermined quantity of gel, if required by a particular test, into a receptacle and a layer of...

Automated seed sampler and methods of sampling, testing and bulking seeds
An automated system for sampling seeds generally includes an automated sampling station having a seed feeder and a seed sampler. The seed feeder is configured to deliver seeds to the seed sampler, and the seed sampler is configured to remove material from the seeds without substantially adversely affecting the germination viability...

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