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Methods of seed breeding using high throughput nondestructive seed sampling
The present invention provides for novel methods to facilitate germplasm improvement activities through the use of high throughput, nondestructive sampling of seeds. A method for analyzing a population of haploid seeds generally includes providing a population of seeds comprising haploid seeds, removing tissue samples from a plurality of the seeds in...

Plant starter kit and method
Kits are disclosed for starting plant seedlings from seeds. The kits can employ self-watering structures and can create microenvironments that foster seed germination and seedling growth. The kits can include structures that minimize the transplanting stress to transplanted seedlings. Methods for growing seedlings from seeds also are disclosed....

Parasitic plant control agent and parasitic plant control method
Disclosed is a parasitic plant control agent which can control a parasitic plant effectively. Also disclosed is a parasitic plant control method. A parasitic plant can be controlled by inhibiting the metabolism of gentianose in the parasitic plant to inhibit the germination of the parasitic plant....

Bile resistant bacillus composition
A bacillus composition characterized by fast germination and outgrowth in bile salts (simulated gut environment) and by producing a compound of interest. The bacillus composition may be used as supplement in animal feed where it has a probiotic (health promoting) effect and increases the digestion and availability of nutrients from animal...

Compositions and methods comprising high valency silver for increasing seed germination
The present invention is compositions and methods for improving seed germination rates or speed using a composition comprising at least one high valency silver ion. The compositions and methods of the present invention are effective in treating biofilms....

Methods and compositions for inhibiting clostridium difficile spore germination and outgrowth
Certain bile acids, including novel bile acids, and derivatives thereof can be used to inhibit the germination of C. difficile spores and/or the growth of C. difficile cells. The methods and compositions of the invention are useful for preventing and treating C. difficile-associated diseases, including but not limited to C. difficile...

Method for the treatment of plants using electromagnetic fields
The invention relates to a method for the treatment of plants using electromagnetic fields and consists in applying pulse sequences to growing plants or the seeds thereof in a pulsed electromagnetic field by means of a pulse generator, wherein the individual pulses have a frequency ranging from 1 to 100 Hz...

Plant development control composition
A method of stimulating germination in plant seeds and/or releasing plant tissue or plant organs from dormancy, comprising applying to a seed, plant, plant organ or plant tissue a compound of formula (I): where: R1 is alkyl or H; R2, R3, R4 and R5 are independently selectable from H, halide, —NO2,...

Grass seed providing distinguishing color from surrounding environments
This disclosure relates to seed as may be employed to grow a lawn and more particularly, to grass seed which is imparted with a color which allows it to be relatively easily observed and distinguished within the environment in which it may be distributed. The user may then confirm, among other...

bile resistant bacillus composition secreting high levels of essential amino acids
A bacillus composition characterized by fast germination and outgrowth in bile salts (simulated gut environment) and by high-level secretion of essential amino acid. The bacillus composition may be used as supplement in animal feed where it has a probiotic (health promoting) effect and increases the digestion and availability of nutrients from...

Novel formulation of microbial consortium based bioinoculant for wide spread use in agriculture practices
The present invention relates to eco-friendly compositions and methods for providing plant growth enhancing formulations comprising mixtures of microbial isolates. The microbial consortium is developed for customized solution of soil health related problem such as with plant growth promoting properties including root and shoot length elongation, early and high germination rate,...

Microorganism compositions and methods
Compositions comprising a first component comprising an agriculturally acceptable complex mixture of dissolved organic material characterized by natural organic matter that is partially humified and at least one agriculturally acceptable microorganism. A method comprising contacting a seed with a first component comprising an agriculturally acceptable complex mixture of dissolved organic material...

Enriching the seed quality of a batch of seeds
applying a magnetic field to said mixture such that the mixture is exposed to a magnetic gradient so as to separate two or more seed fractions with different densities. mixing a feed of seeds, said feed comprising seeds with at least two different densities,...

Methods for enhancing the production and consumer traits of plants
The invention provides methods for producing plants, plant materials and seeds that have multiple desirable attributes for consumers of these products, as well as for commercial plant growers, and to improved plants, plant materials and seeds that are produced by these methods. These inventive methods provide hybrid plants, plant materials and...

Cast pellets for planting seeds
A multi-plant product and a method of producing a container of plants are described. Cast pellets containing plant seeds selected for their seed germination timing are planted in a container with a vegetative cutting. The cutting can be selected for having root initiation timing synchronized with the seed germination timing of...

Compositions for stabilizing bacillus spores and methods of use thereof
The invention provides methods for providing Bacillus spores for application to agricultural soil or plant material as well as zootechnic applications for odor control in areas of high ammonia generation. The methods comprise suspending the Bacillus spores in a liquid consisting essentially of water and an organic acid, including acetic acid,...

Biofungicidal composition for controlling phytopathogenic fungi
Biofungicide composition derived from a biologically pure culture of a Chilean bacterial isolate obtained from the skin of grapes, corresponding to Serratia plymuthica CCGG2742, to be used as an environmentally friendly biological control agent against fungal diseases of vegetables, in particular fruits susceptible to the infection of Botrytis cinerea, efficiently preventing...

A method for germination of haloxylon persicum
A method for in vitro germination of seeds of Haloxylon persicum i.e., Ghada plant is disclosed. The method includes soaking sterilized seeds in sterile water for a predetermined time. Soaking facilitates development of germinating embryos from the sterilized seeds. Thereafter, the germinating embryos are isolated from the sterilized seeds. Subsequently, the...

Compositions containing anthraquinone derivatives as growth promoters and antifungal agents
Compositions for modulating plant growth, seed germination and soil borne diseases comprising anthraquinone derivatives are disclosed....

Method for storage of seeds
The present invention provides a method for storing seeds, comprising the step of immersing seeds in an oily substance having a boiling point of 100° C. or higher. According to the method for storing seeds of the present invention, the germination rate and the germination vigor of seeds can be stably...

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