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Germ patents


This page is updated frequently with new Germ-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Germ-related patents
 Germ barrier for a telecommunication device, and  use thereof patent thumbnailGerm barrier for a telecommunication device, and use thereof
A germ protector for a telecommunications device comprising a body portion having at least one open end for receiving the telecommunications device, the body portion being flexible to conform to the telecommunications device; wherein at least a portion of an inner surface of the body portion is coated with a decontaminant.. .

 Anodes comprising germanium for lithium-ion devices patent thumbnailAnodes comprising germanium for lithium-ion devices
An anode material for a lithium ion device includes an active material including germanium and boron. The weight percentage of the germanium is between about 45 to 80 weight % of the total weight of the anode material and the weight percentage of the boron is between about 2 to 20 weight % of the total weight of the anode material.
Storedot Ltd.

 Germanium-centered dendrimer compound, and organic optoelectric element comprising same patent thumbnailGermanium-centered dendrimer compound, and organic optoelectric element comprising same
Germanium-centered dendrimer compounds and organic optoelectronic devices comprising the same are provided. The organic optoelectronic device comprising the compound is capable of implementing high light-emitting ability and light-emitting efficiency, and improving thermal stability (heat resistance) of the organic optoelectronic devices, thereby increasing the lifetime thereof..
Chung-ang University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

 Contacts for highly scaled transistors patent thumbnailContacts for highly scaled transistors
A semiconductor device and methods of forming the same are disclosed. The semiconductor device includes a substrate, first and second source/drain (s/d) regions, a channel between the first and second s/d regions, a gate engaging the channel, and a contact feature connecting to the first s/d region.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Tunnel field-effect transistor (tfet) with supersteep sub-threshold swing patent thumbnailTunnel field-effect transistor (tfet) with supersteep sub-threshold swing
Technologies are generally described herein generally relate to tunnel field-effect transistor (tfets) structures with a gate-on-germanium source (goges) on bulk silicon substrate for sub 0.5v (vdd) operations. In some examples, the goges structure may include an increase in tunneling area and, thereby, a corresponding increases in the on-state current ion.
University Of Calcutta

 Sige and si finfet structures and methods for making the same patent thumbnailSige and si finfet structures and methods for making the same
Finfet structures and methods for making the same. A method includes: creating a plurality of silicon fins on a first region of a substrate, creating a plurality of silicon-germanium fins on a second region of the substrate, adjusting a silicon fin pitch of the plurality of silicon fins to a predetermined value, and adjusting a silicon-germanium fin pitch of the plurality of silicon-germanium fins to a predetermined value, where the creating steps are performed in a manner that silicon material and silicon-germanium material used in making the plurality of fins will be on the semiconductor structure at a same time..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Low temperature spacer for advanced semiconductor devices patent thumbnailLow temperature spacer for advanced semiconductor devices
Embodiments of the present invention provide semiconductor structures and methods for making the same that include a boron nitride (bn) spacer on a gate stack, such as a gate stack of a planar fet or finfet. The boron nitride spacer is fabricated using atomic layer deposition (ald) and/or plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (peald) techniques to produce a boron nitride spacer at relatively low temperatures that are conducive to devices made from materials such as silicon (si), silicon germanium (sige), germanium (ge), and/or iii-v compounds.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Tall strained high percentage silicon-germanium fins patent thumbnailTall strained high percentage silicon-germanium fins
The present invention relates generally to semiconductor devices and more particularly, to a structure and method of forming one or more tall strained silicon germanium (sige) fins on a semiconductor on insulator (soi) substrate. The fins have a germanium (ge) concentration which may differ from the ge concentration within the top layer of the soi substrate.
Globalfoundries Inc.

 Slurry compositions and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices using the same patent thumbnailSlurry compositions and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices using the same
Provided are slurry compositions for polishing a germanium-containing layer and methods of fabricating a semiconductor device using the same. The slurry composition may include a polishing particle, an oxidizing agent, a polishing accelerator, and a selectivity control agent.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Methods and characteristics for the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia patent thumbnailMethods and characteristics for the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Methods for identification of leukemia or a genetic predisposition to leukemia are provided that are particularly applicable to acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all). A novel heterozygous germline variant, c.547g>a (p.gly183ser) in the octapeptide domain of pax5, is used to identify those individuals with an enhanced risk or predisposition to all..
Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center


Methods and compositions for producing germ cells from bone marrow derived germline stem cells

The present invention relates to the use of bone marrow derived germline stem cells and their progenitors, methods of isolation thereof, and methods of use thereof.. .
The General Hospital Corporation


Generation of male germ cells

Methods are provided for the generation of male germ cells from somatic cells. Included are methods of non-integrative reprogramming for germ cell differentiation with a reduced risk of neoplasia during in vivo differentiation by the inclusion of vasa with the reprogramming factors.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education


Method for preparing a composition comprising functionalised mineral particles and corresponding composition

A method for preparing a composition including mineral particles functionalized by at least one organic group and having a specific surface defined according to the bet method greater than 500 m2/g, involves: —choosing a phyllosilicate composition, including mineral particles having a thickness of less than 100 nm, a largest dimension of less than 10 μm and belonging to the family of lamellar silicates; —choosing at least one functionalizing agent, from the group formed from the oxysilanes and oxygermanes having at least one organic group, —bringing the phyllosilicate composition into contact with a functionalizing solution including the functionalizing agent, so as to obtain a phyllosilicate composition including mineral particles functionalized by the organic group, while choosing the organic group from the group formed from the cationic heteroaryl groups, the quaternary ammonium groups and the salts of same. The phyllosilicate composition obtained by the method is also described..
UniversitÉ Paul Sabatier Toulouse Iii


Lithium silicate glass ceramic for fabrication of dental appliances

The present invention relates to a method of fabricating an improved lithium silicate glass ceramic and to that material for the manufacture of blocks for dental appliances using a cad/cam process and hot pressing system. The lithium silicate material has a chemical composition that is different from those reported in the prior art with 1 to 10% of germanium dioxide in final composition.
James R. Glidewell Dental Ceramics, Inc.


Method for preparing a composition comprising functionalised silico/germano-metal particles and composition obtained

A method for preparing a composition includes silico/germano-metal particles functionalized by at least one organic group, which involves:—carrying out a hydrothermal treatment of a hydrogel precursor of the silico/germano-metal mineral particles, and—preparing a hydrogel including silico/germano-metal particles having at least one organic group by co-precipitation in an aqueous medium. A composition including functionalized silico/germano-metal mineral particles of which 1% to 75% of the silicon atoms and/or of the germanium atoms are covalently bonded to at least one organic group is also described..
UniversitÉ Paul Sabatier Toulouse Iii


Method & device for containing deadly germs of a patient during treatment

Methods and devices are presented for the long-term treatment of a patient infectious with deadly microbes without a risk for spread of germs to caregivers comprising a hermetically sealed human sized containment box with means for delivering medical care, for sustaining life, and for dealing with waste products, as well as providing rehabilitative care.. .


Composition for destroying thread algae

A composition of alkali carbonate peroxyhydrate in a quantity of 45 to 85% by weight relative to a total amount of the composition and an alkali hydrogen carbonate is provided for combating pathogenic germs and parasites in water of aquaculture, ponds, and aquariums; for destroying thread algae in water; for processing water. The addition of alkali hydrogen carbonate to alkali percarbonate peroxyhydrate stabilizes the alkali percarbonate peroxyhydrates relative to combustible materials.
Soll Gmbh


Dicotyledon transgenic invading growing points of seed sprouts or seedling stems minimally and fully

The present invention is a method of shoot apical meristem transformation for dicot plant via sufficient and micro wounding (smw). The technical process includes: germinate the seeds in petri dish or in the nutrient matrix which can be transplanted with the seedling; expose the shoot apical meristem by removing one cotyledon away; make sufficient and micro wounding transformation treatment in vivo to the apical meristem by stabbing and brushing for 2-3 times using the smw brush having 100-5000 bristles which is 4-20 μm in diameter for each one and 0.5-3 mm in exposed length, and dipped with the agrobacterium tumefaciens containing binary vector harboring exogenous genes; after co-cultivation, develop the treated objects directly to normal plants in the nutrient matrix and then transplant the matrix and seedling together into pot or field; promote the plant to develop more branches, pods, bolls, fruits, and seeds; harvest the seeds of each branch of individual t0 plants separately; detect and identify the transformation results in t1 generation from every t0 plant.


Semiconductor devices including silicide regions and methods of fabricating the same

A semiconductor device has a silicide source/drain region is fabricated by growing silicon on an epitaxial region including silicon and either germanium or carbon. In the method, a gate electrode is formed on a semiconductor substrate with a gate insulating layer interposed therebetween.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor transistor having a stressed channel

A process is described for manufacturing an improved pmos semiconductor transistor. Recesses are etched into a layer of epitaxial silicon.
Intel Corporation


Alternative gate dielectric films for silicon germanium and germanium channel materials

Embodiments of the present invention provide a high-k dielectric film for use with silicon germanium (sige) or germanium channel materials, and methods of fabrication. As a first step of this process, an interfacial layer (il) is formed on the semiconductor substrate providing reduced interface trap density.
Globalfoundries Inc.


Hybrid perovskite with adjustable bandgap

A method is provided for preparing a thin film of perovskite material having an adjustable bandgap. The method forms a thin film of material having the formula bx2, where anionic part x is a halide, and where the cation b is lead (pb), tin (sn), or germanium (ge).
Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.


Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same

In a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, a first gate structure and a second gate structure are formed on a substrate in a first region and a second region, respectively. A first semiconductor pattern including germanium is formed in the first region on the substrate.


Preparation a germanium-based schottky junction

The present invention discloses a preparation method of a germanium-based schottky junction, comprising, cleaning a surface of n-type germanium-based substrate, then depositing a layer of ceo2 on the surface, and further depositing a layer of metal. The stability ce—o—ge bonds can be formed at the interface after rare earth oxides ceo2 are in contact with the germanium substrate, and this is beneficial to reduce the interface state density, improve the quality of the interface, and reduce the migs and suppress fermi-level pinning.
Peking University


Near field transducers (nfts) and methods of forming nfts

Devices having an air bearing surface (abs), the device including a near field transducer, the near field transducer having a peg and a disc, the peg having a region adjacent the abs, the peg including a plasmonic material selected from gold (au), silver (ag), copper (cu), ruthenium (ru), rhodium (rh), aluminum (al), or combinations thereof; and at least one other secondary atom selected from germanium (ge), tellurium (te), aluminum (al), antimony (sb), tin (sn), mercury (hg), indium (in), zinc (zn), iron (fe), copper (cu), manganese (mn), silver (ag), chromium (cr), cobalt (co), and combinations thereof, wherein a concentration of the secondary atom is higher at the region of the peg adjacent the abs than a concentration of the secondary atom throughout the bulk of the peg. Methods of forming nfts are also disclosed..
Seagate Technology Llc


Devices including a near field transducer (nft) with nanoparticles

Devices that include a near field transducer (nft) including a crystalline plasmonic material having crystal grains and grain boundaries; and nanoparticles disposed in the crystal grains, on the grain boundaries, or some combination thereof, wherein the nanoparticles are oxides of, lanthanum (la), barium (ba), strontium (sr), erbium (er), hafnium (hf), germanium (ge), or combinations thereof; nitrides of zirconium (zr), niobium (nb), or combinations thereof; or carbides of silicon (si), aluminum (al), boron (b), zirconium (zr), tungsten (w), titanium (ti), niobium (nb), or combinations thereof.. .
Seagate Technology Llc.


Genetic loci associated with soybean cyst nematode resistance and methods of use

Various methods and compositions are provided for identifying and/or selecting soybean plants or soybean germplasm with resistance or improved resistance to soybean cyst nematode. In certain embodiments, the method comprises detecting at least one marker locus that is associated with resistance to soybean cyst nematode.
Pioneer Hi Bred International Inc


Methods and assays for male sterile watermelon

The present disclosure provides watermelon plants with a male sterile phenotype and their progeny. Such plants may comprise an introgressed genomic region associated with a male sterile phenotype.
Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc.


Soybean seed and oil compositions and methods of making same

Methods for obtaining soybean plants that produce seed with low linolenic acid levels and moderately increased oleic levels are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods for producing seed with low linolenic acid levels, moderately increased oleic levels and low saturated fatty acid levels.
Monsanto Technology Llc


System and reducing germs by means of plasma

Disclosed is a system for reducing germs by means of plasma. To this end, a piezoelectric transformer is associated with a dielectric film.
Relyon Plasma Gmbh


Sterilization method

The present invention relates to methods of decreasing sperm production in a male mammal by administering an effective amount of shp2 inhibitor to decrease the spermatogonial stem cell (ssc) population. In particular non-limiting embodiments, this method may be used to achieve sterilization.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education


Appraratus for producing germanium spring water

A germanium hot spring water generating system may include a shell and a front cover, a water filter, a water softening unit and a mineral generating unit. A cold water inlet and a hot water inlet are disposed at a sidewall of the shell and an output channel is disposed at a lower portion thereof.


Tomato plants with improved disease resistance

The present disclosure provides tomato plants exhibiting resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus (tylcv) and lacking unfavorable linked traits such as necrosis. Such plants may comprise novel introgressed genomic regions associated with disease resistance from s.
Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc.


Method for manufacturing a transistor device comprising a germanium channel material on a silicon based substrate, and associated transistor device

Method for manufacturing a transistor device comprising a germanium channel material on a silicon based substrate, the method comprising providing a shallow trench isolation (sti) substrate comprising a silicon protrusion embedded in sti dielectric structures, and partially recessing the silicon protrusion in order to provide a trench in between adjacent sti structures, and to provide a v-shaped groove at an upper surface of the recessed protrusion. The method also includes growing a si1-xgex srb layer in the trenches, and growing a germanium based channel layer on the si1-xgex srb layer.
Imec Vzw


Hydrogen-resistant optical fiber

Embodiments of the invention relate to a hydrogen-resistant optical fiber with a core having a central axis. The core may include only silica, or only silica and fluorine, while a cladding region surrounding the core may be made of silica and fluorine, along with at least one of germanium, phosphorus, and titanium..
Verrillon, Inc.


Spray layer capable of germ-eradication, finger print prevention, and good touch feeling, its application, and spraying the same

Disclosed is a spray layer capable of germ eradication, finger prints prevention, and good touch feeling, comprising ingredients of following weight percentage (wt %): polyurethanes resin 20 wt %˜40 wt %, isocyanate curing agent 3 wt %˜10 wt %, touch feeling agent 6 wt %˜15 wt %, dissipation agent 1 wt %˜2 wt %, drier activation agent 0.1 wt %˜1 wt %, leveling agent 0.5 wt %˜2 wt %, diluting agent 10 wt %˜40 wt %, graffiti barrier agent 5 wt %˜15 wt %, germicide a 0.5 wt %˜1.5 wt %,germicide b 0.2 wt %˜1 wt %. Also disclosed are a method of spraying the spray layer, and an application of the spray layer..
Ningbo Runner Industrial Corporation


Dispensing device

The invention is a device that dispenses contents from a squeezable chamber through a passage into an attached spoon. The spoon is hinged so that it folds back against the squeezable chamber for shipping and sales/shelf display, and pivots forward to engage the passage when in use.


Enhancement and control of seed germination with compositions comprising a transition metal catalyst and an oxidant

The present application pertains to compositions for enhancing or controlling the germination of seeds. The compositions comprise i) a transition metal catalyst such as nanoparticulate catalyst bearing one or more transition metals, a carbon nanotube impregnated with fe, cu, mo, rh or co, or a transition metal salt (feso4, cuso4 or a cobalt salt) and ii) an oxidant such as hydrogen peroxide.
University Of Saskatchewan


Switching components and memory units

Some embodiments include a switching component which includes a selector region between a pair of electrodes. The selector region contains silicon doped with one or more of nitrogen, oxygen, germanium and carbon.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Semiconductor structure having finfet ultra thin body and methods of fabrication thereof

In one aspect there is set forth herein a semiconductor structure having fins extending upwardly from an ultrathin body (utb). In one embodiment a multilayer structure can be disposed on a wafer and can be used to pattern voids extending from a utb layer of the wafer.
Globalfoundries Inc.


Self-aligned contact metallization for reduced contact resistance

Techniques are disclosed for forming low contact resistance transistor devices. A p-type germanium layer is provided between p-type source/drain regions and their respective contact metals, and an n-type iii-v semiconductor material layer is provided between n-type source/drain regions and their respective contact metals.
Intel Corporation


Selective etch for metal-containing materials

Methods of selectively etching metal-containing materials from the surface of a substrate are described. The etch selectively removes metal-containing materials relative to silicon-containing films such as silicon, polysilicon, silicon oxide, silicon germanium and/or silicon nitride.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Etching method, etching solution used in same, etching solution kit, and manufacturing semiconductor substrate product

There is provided an etching method of a semiconductor substrate that includes a first layer containing germanium (ge) and a second layer containing at least one specific metal element selected from nickel platinum (nipt), titanium (ti), nickel (ni), and cobalt (co), the method including: bringing an etching solution which contains an alkali compound into contact with the second layer and selectively removing the second layer.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Enhanced thin film deposition

Methods of producing metal-containing thin films with low impurity contents on a substrate by atomic layer deposition (ald) are provided. The methods preferably comprise contacting a substrate with alternating and sequential pulses of a metal source chemical, a second source chemical and a deposition enhancing agent.
Asm International N.v.


Methods of forming doped epitaxial sige material on semiconductor devices

One illustrative method disclosed herein includes, among other things, performing first and second in situ doping, epitaxial deposition processes to form first and second layers of in situ doped epi semiconductor material, respectively, above a semiconductor substrate, wherein one of the first and second layers has a high level of germanium and a low level of p-type dopant material and the other of the first and second layers has a low level of germanium and a high level of p-type dopant material, and performing a mixing thermal anneal process on the first and second layers so as to form the final silicon germanium material having a high level of germanium and a high level of p-type dopant material.. .
Globalfoundries Inc.


Sample collection apparatus

A sample collection apparatus, especially for an analyzer to determine a measurand of a liquid, comprising: a sample collection unit connected to a liquid removal point via a fluid line, a feed device that is designed to transport liquids from the liquid removal point through the fluid line to the sample collection unit, and a filter unit arranged in the flow path from the liquid removal point through the fluid line to the sample collection unit, characterized in that the sample collection apparatus comprises at least one surface or a device effecting a reduction of germs in the liquid transported through the flow path from the filter unit to the sample collection unit.. .
Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft Für Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

Germ topics: Semiconductor, Transistors, Semiconductor Material, Ion Source, Optical Fiber, Photodiode, Electrical Signal, Level Shift, Source Follower, Transimpedance Amplifier, Movable Barrier, Prophylactic, Immunoglobulin, Immunoglobulins, Evaporator

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