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 Nanowire for anode material of lithium ion cell and  preparing the same patent thumbnailNanowire for anode material of lithium ion cell and preparing the same
The disclosure describes a nanowire for an anode material of a lithium ion cell and a method of preparing the same. The nanowire includes silicon (si) and germanium (ge).
Postech Academy-industry Foundation

 Resonant cavity strained iii-v photodetector and led on silicon substrate patent thumbnailResonant cavity strained iii-v photodetector and led on silicon substrate
An optoelectronic device that includes a germanium containing buffer layer atop a silicon containing substrate, and a first distributed bragg reflector stack of iii-v semiconductor material layers on the buffer layer. The optoelectronic device further includes an active layer of iii-v semiconductor material present on the first distributed bragg reflector stack, wherein a difference in lattice dimension between the active layer and the first distributed brag reflector stack induces a strain in the active layer.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Semiconductor structure with a silicon germanium alloy fin and silicon germanium alloy pad structure patent thumbnailSemiconductor structure with a silicon germanium alloy fin and silicon germanium alloy pad structure
A semiconductor structure is provided that includes a silicon germanium alloy fin having a second germanium content located on a first portion of a substrate. The structure further includes a laterally graded silicon germanium alloy material portion located on a second portion of the substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Vertical cmos structure and method patent thumbnailVertical cmos structure and method
A method for forming stacked, complementary transistors is disclosed. Selective deposition techniques are used to form a column having a lower portion that includes one type of semiconductor (e.g.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Display device based on phase-change materials patent thumbnailDisplay device based on phase-change materials
A display device comprises a plurality of pixels, each pixel having a portion (10) of a solid-state, phase-change material such as germanium-antimonium-telluride (gst) or vanadium dioxide, wherein the phase-change material can be reversibly brought into an amorphous state or a crystaline state and has a refractive index that is reversibly, electrically controllable. A plurality of electrodes (14, 16) are provided, at least two of which contact said portion of material (10).
Isis Innovation Limited

 Methods for selecting plants after genome editing patent thumbnailMethods for selecting plants after genome editing
The disclosure provides methods for selecting modified plants with a mutation in a target gene and plants produced by the methods. Specifically, the disclosure provides methods comprising introducing a recombinant expression cassette encoding a genome editing protein into meristematic or germline cells of a parent plant, wherein the genome editing protein specifically recognizes a target gene; crossing or selfing the parent plant, thereby producing a plurality of progeny seeds; and selecting progeny plants grown from the progeny seeds that express a phenotype that can be selected at the intact plant level..
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Process for implementing in vitro spermatogenesis and associated device patent thumbnailProcess for implementing in vitro spermatogenesis and associated device
The present invention relates to a process for in vitro spermatogenesis from male germinal tissue comprising conducting maturation of testicular tissue comprising germ cells in a bioreactor which is made of a biomaterial and comprises at least one cavity wherein the germinal tissue is placed, and recovering elongated spermatids and/or spermatozoa.. .
Ecole Normale Superieure De Lyon

 Luminescent compounds patent thumbnailLuminescent compounds
In the formulae: q1 and q2 are the same or different and are a single bond, hydrocarbon aryl, or deuterated hydrocarbon aryl; ar1-ar4 are the same or different and are hydrocarbon aryl, heteroaryl, substituted derivatives thereof, or deuterated analogs thereof, where ar1 and ar2 may be joined to form a carbazole group and ar3 and ar4 may be joined to form a carbazole group; r1 is the same or different at each occurrence and is d, f, cn, alkyl, alkoxy, fluoroalkyl, hydrocarbon aryl, aryloxy, heteroaryl, silyl, siloxane, siloxy, germyl, deuterated alkyl, deuterated partially-fluorinated alkyl, deuterated alkoxy, deuterated hydrocarbon aryl, deuterated aryloxy, deuterated heteroaryl, deuterated heteroaryl deuterated silyl, deuterated siloxane, deuterated siloxy, or deuterated germyl; a is an integer of 0-4; b and b1 are the same or different and are an integer of 0-2; and c is an integer of 0-3.. .

 Degerminator patent thumbnailDegerminator
A degerminator having a base, a plate with a plurality of protrusions, and a clamp that engages the plate to removably secure the plate to the base. A degerminator having first and second plate assemblies and an enclosure that surrounds the first plate assembly.
Cereal Enterprises, Inc.

 Absorption towel patent thumbnailAbsorption towel
An absorption towel disclosed here illustrates a towel arrangement, which will effectively protect the workout equipment from damage or stains, and protecting the user from contacting disease-causing germs. The absorption towel comprises a fabric section and a pocket section.

Flowable hydrogels for botanical applications

The present disclosure is directed to a method for providing a flow-able hydrogel for germinating, cultivating, transporting or displaying plants. The method generally includes at least three distinct steps: 1) dissolving a polyethylene glycol having functionalized end-groups in water to form a flow-able solution, 2) dissolving one or more activating agents within the flow-able solution such that the activating agents react with the functionalized end-groups of the polyethylene glycol to form a non-flow-able hydrogel after a set-time, 3) pouring the flow-able solution into a container prior to the set time such that the flow-able solution assumes the shape of the container and forms a non-flow-able hydrogel..

Device for growing seedlings, and device for producing grafted seedlings provided with device for growing seedlings

A grafted seedling producing apparatus 1 includes a seeding apparatus 2, a seedling raising apparatus 3 having a carriage 6 and a chamber 7, a grafting apparatus 4, and a plurality of nursery apparatuses 5. The seeding apparatus 2 creates seed-containing cultivation mediums each made up of a cultivated plant seed and a soil contained in a pot, arranges the mediums on a tray, and loads the tray into the carriage 6.
Mechatech Limited Company

Electroactive materials

In formula i: ar1 is selected from the group consisting of phenanthrene, triphenylene, triphenylsilyl, triphenylgermyl, dibenzofuran, dibenzothiophene, polyarylphenyl, substituted derivatives thereof, or deuterated analogs thereof; ar2 and ar3 are the same or different and are hydrocarbon aryl, heteroaryl, substituted derivatives thereof, or deuterated analogs thereof, with the proviso that ar2 and ar3 are not the same as ar1; and a is 0 or 1. In addition, ar1, ar2, and ar3 have no additional amino substituents..

High-speed germanium pin photodiode

A diode is described which comprises a light-sensitive germanium region (5) located on a waveguide (2) made of silicon or silicon germanium and which has lateral dimensions in a direction transverse to a direction of light propagation in the waveguide that are identical or at most 20 nm per side shorter in comparison with the waveguide.. .
Ihp Gmbh-innovations For High Performance Microelectronics/leibniz-institut Fur Innovative

Strained silicon germanium fin with controlled junction for finfet devices

Finfet structures are formed on silicon germanium fins. Both the sides and the top surfaces of the source/drain regions of the fins are etched, thereby exposing portions of the channel regions of the fins within gate spacers.
International Business Machines Corporation

Three-dimensional germanium-based semiconductor devices formed on globally or locally isolated substrates

Three-dimensional germanium-based semiconductor devices formed on globally or locally isolated substrates are described. For example, a semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate.

Semiconductor devices comprising multiple channels and making same

The disclosed technology generally relates to semiconductor devices, and more particularly to transistor devices comprising multiple channels. In one aspect, a method of fabricating a transistor device comprises forming on the substrate a plurality of vertically repeating layer stacks each comprising a first layer, a second layer and a third layer stacked in a predetermined order, wherein each of the first, second and third layers is formed of silicon, silicon germanium or germanium and has a different germanium concentration compared to the other two of the first, second and third layers.
Imec Vzw

Method and dry gas phase chemically etching a structure

According to the invention there is provided a method of dry gas phase chemically etching a structure comprising the steps of: positioning the structure in an etch chamber, the structure comprising a first material and a second material, wherein the first material is selected from silicon, molybdenum, germanium, sige and tungsten, the second material is silicon dioxide or silicon nitride, and at least one surface of the first material is exposed so as to be contactable by a gas phase chemical etchant; etching the first material with a noble gas fluoride or halogen fluoride gas phase chemical etchant; and exposing the etch chamber to water vapour so that the step of etching the first material is performed in the presence of water vapour.. .
Spts Technologies Limited

P-phenylene ethynylene compounds as bioactive and detection agents

Various embodiments relate to p-phenylene ethynylene compounds as bioactive and detection agents. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a method of inducing germination of microbial spores including contacting the microbial spores with a p-phenylene ethynylene compound.

Genetic loci associated with phytophthora tolerance in soybean and methods of use

Various methods and compositions are provided for identifying and/or selecting soybean plants or soybean germplasm with tolerance or improved tolerance to phytophthora infection. In certain embodiments, the method comprises detecting at least one marker locus that is associated with tolerance to phytophthora infection.
Pioneer Hi-bred International, Inc.

Expansion of stem cells in hollow fiber bioreactors

The invention is directed to producing large numbers of cells using hollow fiber bioreactor technology. The cells are non-embryonic stem, non-germ cells that can be characterized by one or more of the following: extended replication in culture and markers of extended replication, such as telomerase, markers of pluripotentiality, and broad differentiation potential, without being transformed..
Regenesys Bvba

Protective laryngoscope housing with light source sterilization

In accordance with the teachings provided herein, a protective laryngoscope housing with light source sterilization can emit pulse uv light at a sufficiently short wavelength to cause ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (uvgi) to maintain an easily accessible, yet sterile or germicidal environment for laryngoscope handles.. .

Semiconductor device

A transistor with favorable electrical characteristics is provided. One embodiment of the present invention is a semiconductor device including a semiconductor, a first insulator in contact with the semiconductor, a first conductor in contact with the first insulator and overlapping with the semiconductor with the first insulator positioned between the semiconductor and the first conductor, and a second conductor and a third conductor, which are in contact with the semiconductor.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Thin-film transistor and manufacturing method thereof

A thin-film transistor and a manufacturing method thereof are characterized in that: the active layer is a group iv-vi compound semiconductor film; the group iv-vi compound is one of geranium sulfide (ges), germanium selenide (gese), germanium telluride (gete), tin selenide (snse), and tin telluride (snte) or a ternary, quaternary, or quinary compound thereof; the active layer is deposited by sputtering; and thermal annealing is performed after the active layer is deposited. The thin-film transistor has high carrier mobility and a high current on/off ratio and therefore meets the needs of high-resolution display development..
National Sun Yat-sen University

Silicon germanium fin channel formation

A method for channel formation in a fin transistor includes removing a dummy gate and dielectric from a dummy gate structure to expose a region of an underlying fin and depositing an amorphous layer including ge over the region of the underlying fin. The amorphous layer is oxidized to condense out ge and diffuse the ge into the region of the underlying fin to form a channel region with ge in the fin..
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

Semiconductor device having a fin

Provided is a semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a fin disposed on a substrate along a first direction.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Silicon-germanium finfet device with controlled junction

Embodiments of the invention include a method for <something> and the resulting structure. A semiconductor device including a substrate, a silicon-germanium fin formed on the substrate, a dummy gate formed on the fin, and a first set of spacers formed on the exposed sidewalls of the dummy gate is provided.
International Business Machines Corporation

Silicon germanium and silicon fins on oxide from bulk wafer

A method for forming fins includes growing a sige layer and a silicon layer over a surface of a bulk si substrate, patterning fin structures from the silicon layer and the sige layer and filling between the fin structures with a dielectric fill. Trenches are formed to expose end portions of the fin structures.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

Methods for depositing nickel films and for making nickel silicide and nickel germanide

In one aspect, methods of silicidation and germanidation are provided. In some embodiments, methods for forming metal silicide can include forming a non-oxide interface, such as germanium or solid antimony, over exposed silicon regions of a substrate.
Asm International N.v.

Method of selective epitaxy

Embodiments of the present disclosure generally relate to methods for trench filling of high quality epitaxial silicon-containing material without losing selectivity of growth to dielectrics such as silicon oxides and silicon nitrides. The methods include epitaxially growing a silicon-containing material within a trench formed in a dielectric layer by exposing the trench to a gas mixture comprising a halogenated silicon compound and a halogenated germanium compound.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Germ topics:
  • Semiconductor
  • Transistors
  • Semiconductor Material
  • Ion Source
  • Optical Fiber
  • Photodiode
  • Electrical Signal
  • Level Shift
  • Source Follower
  • Transimpedance Amplifier
  • Movable Barrier
  • Prophylactic
  • Immunoglobulin
  • Immunoglobulins
  • Evaporator

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