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Germ patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Germ-related patents
 Plant germplasm resistant to rna viruses patent thumbnailnew patent Plant germplasm resistant to rna viruses
Disclosed is a dsrna construct used to silencing specific eukaryotic translation initiation factor in plants to produce a plant resistant to viruses such as potyviruses, luteoviruses, and furoviruses. More specifically, the plant would be resistant to viruses such as wheat streak mosaic virus, triticum mosaic virus, soil bourne mosaic virus, or barley yellow dwarf virus.
Kansas State University Research Foundation
 Synthesis of mse-framework type molecular sieves patent thumbnailnew patent Synthesis of mse-framework type molecular sieves
A method of synthesizing a crystalline molecular sieve having an mse framework type comprises crystallizing a reaction mixture comprising a source of water, a source of an oxide of a tetravalent element, y, selected from at least one of silicon, tin, titanium, vanadium, and germanium, optionally a source of a trivalent element, x, a source of an alkali or alkaline earth metal, m, and a source of organic dications, q, such as 3-hydroxy-1-(4-(1-methylpiperidin-1-ium-1-yl)butyl)quinuclidin-1-ium, 3-hydroxy-1-(5-(1-methylpiperidin-1-ium-1-yl)pentyl)quinuclidin-1-ium, 1,1′-(butane-1,4-diyl)bis(1-methylpiperidin-1-ium), 1,1′-(pentane-1,5-diyl)bis(1-methylpiperidin-1-ium), 1,1′-(hexane-1,6-diyl)bis(1-methylpiperidin-1-ium), and 1,1′-((3as,6as)-octahydropentalene-2,5-diyl)bis(1-methylpiperidin-1-ium).. .
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company
 Method of modifying fertility patent thumbnailnew patent Method of modifying fertility
The present invention provides methods and compositions for modifying fertility in a male mammalian subject by contacting the subject's testis cells, germ cells or sperm with a sufficient amount of a composition comprising a ligand that binds, activates, or inhibits activation of, a tas2r receptor expressed on the cells. Also described are methods for screening a test molecule for its effect on fertility by examining changes in male germ cells, testis cells or sperm resulting from contact with a molecule that binds, activates, or inhibits activation of, a tas2r receptor expressed on the cells.
Monell Chemcial Senses Center
 Plant growth regulating compounds patent thumbnailnew patent Plant growth regulating compounds
The present invention relates to novel strigolactam derivatives, to processes and intermediates for preparing them, to plant growth regulator compositions comprising them and to methods of using them for controlling the growth of plants and/or promoting the germination of seeds.. .
Syngenta Participations Ag
 Anode and  manufacturing the same, and battery and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Anode and manufacturing the same, and battery and manufacturing the same
An anode in which an anode active material layer is arranged on an anode current collector. The anode active material layer includes anode active material particles made of an anode active material including at least one of silicon and tin as an element.
Sony Corporation
 Optical system for an infrared ray patent thumbnailnew patent Optical system for an infrared ray
An object of the present invention is to provide an optical system for an infrared ray which can provide a bright image, and can be applied to fixed focal length lenses among wide-angle to medium-telephoto. To achieve the object, the optical system for an infrared ray is constituted by a first lens having negative refractive power and a second lens having positive refractive power, these are arranged sequentially from an object side, wherein both the first lens and the second lens are made of an infrared transmitting material that transmits a light beam in an infrared wavelength range of 3 micron-meters or more to 14 micron-meters or less, and at least one of the lenses is made of an infrared transmitting material excluding germanium..
Tamron Co., Ltd.
 Humanized il-7 rodents patent thumbnailHumanized il-7 rodents
Genetically modified non-human animals comprising a human or humanized interleukin-7 (il-7) gene. Cells, embryos, and non-human animals comprising a human or humanized il-7 gene.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
 Semiconductor device having buried bit lines and  fabricating the same patent thumbnailSemiconductor device having buried bit lines and fabricating the same
A semiconductor device includes semiconductor bodies formed substantially perpendicular to a semiconductor substrate, buried bit lines formed in the semiconductor bodies and including a metal silicide; and barrier layers formed under and over the buried bit lines and containing germanium.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.
 Method for increasing yield in the malting process patent thumbnailMethod for increasing yield in the malting process
Processes for increasing yield in the malting process are described. Utilization of an extract in the germination stage of the malting process can result in an increased malt yield without substantially affecting the quality of the resulting malt..
Cargill, Incorporated
 Systems and methods for generating germicidal compositions patent thumbnailSystems and methods for generating germicidal compositions
The present invention relates to systems and methods for generating germicidal compositions for use in a wide variety of settings, including agricultural settings (e.g., animal bedding), food production settings, hospitality settings, health care settings, health club settings, exercise facility settings, research based settings, veterinarian settings, medical settings, hydraulic fracturing settings, and/or any setting requiring disinfection.. .
Zurex Pharmagra, Llc

Silicon-on-nothing finfets

A semiconductor device includes an insulator formed within a void to electrically isolate a fin from an underlying substrate. The void is created by removing a doped sacrificial layer formed between the substrate and a fin layer.
International Business Machines Corporation

Integrated circuits with strained silicon and methods for fabricating such circuits

Integrated circuits with strained silicon and methods for fabricating such integrated circuits are provided. An integrated circuit includes a stack with a surface layer, an intermediate layer, and a base layer, where the surface layer overlies the intermediate layer, and the intermediate layer overlies the base layer.
Globalfoundries, Inc.

Semiconductor structure and the manufacturing method thereof

The present disclosure provides a finfet. The finfet includes a silicon-on-insulator (soi) with an insulator; a plurality of fin structures on the insulator; an isolation on the insulator, and between two adjacent fin structures in the plurality of fin structures; and an oxide layer between each of the plurality of fin structures and the insulator, wherein the insulator comprises silicon germanium oxide.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Footwear sanitizing and deodorizing system

Introducing ultraviolet (uv) light to activate a light sensitive chemical compound applied to interior portions of footwear alters the environment inside a shoe or other footwear to destroy microorganisms or inhibit their growth. Visible light can also be used to prevent further microorganism growth.
Shoe Care Innovations, Inc.

Floor sanitizer for toilet area

A sanitary device sanitizes the floor area in front of and around a toilet, urinal, or other restroom fixture. An ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (uvgi) lamp or led irradiates and sanitizes the floor area surrounding the toilet, urinal, or similar fixture.

Molecular markers for blackleg resistance gene rlm4 in brassica nupus and methods of using the same

This disclosure concerns methods and compositions for identifying canola plants that have a blackleg resistant phenotype. Some embodiments concern molecular markers to identify, select, and/or construct blackleg resistant plants and germplasm, or to identify and counter-select plants that are susceptible or have low resistance to blackleg disease.
Dow Agrosciences Llc

Molecular markers for blackleg resistance gene rlm2 in brassica napus and methods of using the same

This disclosure concerns methods and compositions for identifying canola plants that have a blackleg resistant phenotype. Some embodiments concern molecular markers to identify, select, and/or construct blackleg resistant plants and germplasm, or to identify and counter-select plants that are susceptible or have low resistance to blackleg disease.
Dow Agrosciences Llc

Materials and methods for suppressing and/or treating neurofibroma and related tumors

Germline mutations in the nf1 tumor suppressor gene cause von recklinghausen's neurofibromatosis type 1 (nf1), a common genetic disorder of the nervous system characterized by plexiform neurofibroma development. Using adoptive transfer of hematopoietic cells, we establish that nf1 heterozygosity of bone marrow derived cells in the tumor microenvironment is sufficient to allow neurofibroma progression in the context of schwann cell nullizygosity.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corp.

Pecvd microcrystalline silicon germanium (sige)

Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to methods for forming a sige layer. In one embodiment, a seed sige layer is first formed using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (pecvd), and a bulk sige layer is formed directly on the pecvd seed layer also using pecvd.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Cell transfection method

The present invention relates to methods for transfecting cells. In particular, the present invention relates to methods of transfecting primordial germ cells in avians, and to methods of breeding avians with modified traits..
Commonwealth Scientifice And Industrial Research Organisation

Apparatus and monitoring hygiene

Method and apparatus for monitoring and reporting hand washing at a sanitizing station employs a sensor for signaling the dispensing of a sanitizer from a dispenser and a sensor module detecting the direction of passage of an individual into and out of a portal, such as the entrance to a sanitary area. The apparatus operates in a normal mode and a bypass mode.
Simoniz Usa, Inc.

Germanium photodetector having absorption enhanced under slow-light mode

A novel germanium (ge) photodetector is disclosed, containing a stripe layer including ge, a substrate supporting the stripe layer, and p and n regions, which are located inside the substrate and near opposite sides of the stripe. The stripe layer containing ge for light absorption is operated in a slow-light mode by adding combinations of a gradual taper indent structure and a periodic indent structure to reduce light scatterings and to control light group velocity inside the stripe.
Forelux Inc.

High percentage silicon germanium alloy fin formation

A layer of a silicon germanium alloy containing 30 atomic percent or greater germanium and containing substitutional carbon is grown on a surface of a semiconductor layer. The presence of the substitutional carbon in the layer of silicon germanium alloy compensates the strain of the silicon germanium alloy, and suppresses defect formation.
International Business Machines Corporation

Fin field-effect transistors with superlattice channels

Finfet structures may be formed including superlattice fins. The structure may include a superlattice fin of alternating layers of silicon-germanium with a germanium concentration of approximately 10% to 80% and a second semiconductor material.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems methods and devices for disinfecting using uv light

An apparatus includes an enclosure including one or more ultraviolet lights configured to kill germs, the enclosure including a drawer for placing items into and removing items from the enclosure, wherein the enclosure is configured for insertion into an existing cabinet. The apparatus can include an adjustable width bracket, wherein the adjustable width bracket allows the enclosure to be secured against side surfaces within the existing cabinet.

Spalling methods to form multi-junction photovoltaic structure

A method cleaving a semiconductor material that includes providing a germanium substrate having a germanium and tin alloy layer is present therein. A stressor layer is deposited on a surface of the germanium substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation

Molecular markers associated with yellow flash in glyphosate tolerant soybeans

The present invention provides methods and compositions for the identification and selection of loci modulating phenotypic expression of a herbicide tolerance trait in plant breeding. In addition, methods are provided for screening germplasm entries for the performance and expression of this trait..
Monsanto Technology Llc

Photoacid generator, photoresist, coated substrate, and forming an electronic device

Wherein l is an unsubstituted or substituted c1-50 divalent group; z− is a monovalent anionic group; and m+ is an iodonium or sulfonium cation. Geminal r groups can combine to form a ring with the carbon to which they are attached, as long as no more than two such rings are formed.

Uv treatment for ald film densification

Irradiation with ultraviolet (uv) light during atomic layer deposition (ald) can be used to cleave unwanted bonds on the layer being formed (e.g., trapped precursor ligands or process-gas molecules). Alternatively, the uv irradiation can be used to excite the targeted bonds so they may be more easily cleaved by other means.
Intermolecular Inc.

Pluripotent germ layer origin antigen presenting cancer vaccine

The disclosure provides reagents, methods, and kits, for treating or preventing cancers derived from each of the germ layers (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm, neural crest). The reagent encompasses interferon-gamma (ifn-gamma) responsive cancer cells, where the cells are autophagic and non-apoptotic cancer cells, and where the cells express mhc class ii..
California Stem Cell, Inc.

Cmos-compatible germanium tunable laser

A semiconductor light emitter device, comprising a substrate, an active layer made of germanium, which is configured to emit light under application of an operating voltage to the semiconductor light emitter device, wherein a gap is arranged on the substrate, which extends between two bridgeposts laterally spaced from each other, the active layer is arranged on the bridgeposts and bridges the gap, and wherein the semiconductor light emitter device comprises a stressor layer, which induces a tensile strain in the active layer above the gap.. .
Ihp Gmbh - Innovations For High Performance Micro- Electronics/leibniz-institue Fur Innovative Mikro

Ultraviolet disinfection lighting system

Germicidal light fixtures and germicidal light fixture systems. One embodiment of a germicidal light fixture includes a support structure and at least one first lighting device coupled with the support structure operative to emit ultraviolet radiation at a first predetermined wavelength.
American Air & Water, Inc.

Source and drain stressors with recessed top surfaces

An integrated circuit structure includes a gate stack over a semiconductor substrate, and a silicon germanium region extending into the semiconductor substrate and adjacent to the gate stack. The silicon germanium region has a top surface, with a center portion of the top surface recessed from edge portions of the top surface to form a recess.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Transistors with high concentration of boron doped germanium

Techniques are disclosed for forming transistor devices having source and drain regions with high concentrations of boron doped germanium. In some embodiments, an in situ boron doped germanium, or alternatively, boron doped silicon germanium capped with a heavily boron doped germanium layer, are provided using selective epitaxial deposition in the source and drain regions and their corresponding tip regions.

Polishing composition

The polishing composition of the present invention contains abrasive grains, an oxidant and a water-soluble polymer. The water-soluble polymer may be a water-soluble polymer such that 5,000 or more molecules are adsorbed per 1 μm2 of the surface area of the abrasive grains.

Genes controlling plant root growth and development for stress tolerance and their use

Microarrays are employed to analyze soybean transcriptome under water stress conditions in different regions of the root at vegetative stage. Drought responsive genes and transcription factors are identified which may be used for enhancing drought tolerance in soybean or other plants through genetic/metabolic engineering.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

Methods for making fully human bispecific antibodies using a common light chain

A genetically modified mouse is provided, wherein the mouse expresses an immunoglobulin light chain repertoire characterized by a limited number of light chain variable domains. Mice are provided that express just one or a few immunoglobulin light chain variable domains from a limited repertoire in their germline.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Primate embryonic stem cells

A purified preparation of primate embryonic stem cells is disclosed. This preparation is characterized by the following cell surface markers: ssea-1 (−); ssea-4 (+); tra-1-60 (+); tra-1-81 (+); and alkaline phosphatase (+).
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Method for connecting multi-core fiber, multi-core fiber, and manufacturing multi-core fiber

A multicore fiber 1 includes a plurality of cores 3 disposed at predetermined intervals and surrounded by a cladding 5. The multicore fiber 1 also includes a marker 7 formed apart from the cores 3.
Furukawa Electric Co.,ltd.

Formation stability modeling

A method can include receiving data that characterizes anisotropy of a formation; receiving a model that models one or more planes of weakness in an anisotropic formation; and, based at least in part on the model and the data, outputting information germane to stability of a bore in an anisotropic formation.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

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