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Geomagnetic patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Geomagnetic-related patents

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Acoustic navigation method
An information processing apparatus that detects a current location of the information processing apparatus; obtains a direction of a destination from the detected current location as a target direction; detects a facial orientation of a user wearing a headphone unit connected to the information processing apparatus via a wired or wireless...

Touch pad module and electronic device using the same
A touch pad module includes: a touch pad, a sensor group, a touch pad controller IC and a touch pad controller IC (Integrated Circuit). The touch pad has a touch surface touchable by a user. The sensor group is mounted on a mount surface of the touch pad. The sensor group...

Control method of mobile terminal apparatus
A mobile device system that includes left and right earphones, and a mobile device connectable to the left and right earphones. Each of the left and right earphones includes at least one of an acceleration sensor and a geomagnetic sensor. The mobile device includes a controller that monitors a wearing state...

Image processing device
When an accepting section accepts an order to acquire image data, an image data acquirer acquires image data from a memory section and compresses it in the JPEG format. An orientation identifier identifies orientation information of an image processing device by using a detection value of...

Input device comprising geomagnetic sensor and acceleration sensor, display device for displaying cursor corresponding to motion of input device, and cursor display method thereof
A display device for displaying a cursor according to motion of an input device is provided. The input device comprises an input part which receives pitch angle information and yaw angle information corresponding to motion of an external input device; a computation part which computes a first relative angle corresponding to...

Apparatus and method for detecting vehicle
A vehicle detecting apparatus obtains a magnetic signal from strength of a geomagnetic field generated due to a movement of a vehicle, and detects and classifies the moving vehicle on the basis of information regarding the latest magnetic signal change pattern indicating a change in the magnetic signal and information regarding...

Case for portable device and method of controlling an operation of turning a screen of the portable device on and off by using same
The present invention relates to a protective case incorporating a magnet in a portion facing a magnetism sensor of a portable device, and to a method for controlling the action of turning the screen of the portable device on and off by using same, and relates to an invention for providing...

Method and apparatus for generating magnetic field map for database construction
Provided is a method and apparatus for generating a magnetic field map using a magnetic field value collected in a sample area. The magnetic field map may be used to verify a user location based on a geomagnetic field....

Epoxy resin composition for sealing geomagnetic sensor module, and geomagnetic sensor module sealed with the composition
The present invention provides an epoxy resin composition for sealing a geomagnetic sensor module, including: an epoxy resin; a curing agent; and a phase change material, and provides a geomagnetic sensor module sealed with the epoxy resin composition. The present invention is advantageous in that a geomagnetic sensor can be maintained...

Geomagnetic sensor calibration apparatus and method thereof
A geomagnetic sensor calibration apparatus includes a geomagnetic sensor which measures at least one value of Earth's magnetic field, an initial point estimator which estimates first central points regarding the at least one value of the Earth's magnetic field by using a first linear function, a central point estimator which estimates...

Running condition detection device, running condition detection method, and recording medium
a determination prohibition unit which prohibits the first and second bend determination units from determining passage of a street corner during a given period of time when passage of a street corner is determined by one of the first bend determination unit and the second bend determination unit. ...

Geomagnetic sensor
A geomagnetic sensor includes: a core that constitutes a closed magnetic circuit; a pair of coils that are wound around the core in positions facing each other and are connected in series to generate magnetic flux in the same circumferential direction in the core; an excitation power supply that applies an...

Geomagnetic sensor
A geomagnetic sensor includes: a core that constitutes a closed magnetic circuit; a pair of coils that are wound around the core in positions facing each other and are connected in series to generate magnetic flux in the same circumferential direction in the core; an excitation power supply that applies an...

Mu metal shield cover
Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to an apparatus for processing substrates having improved magnetic shielding. One embodiment of the present invention provides a plasma processing chamber having an RF match, a plasma source and a plasma region defined between a chamber ceiling and a substrate support. At least one...

Image generation apparatus and image generation method
A posture detection unit detects posture information of three axes of portable equipment using at least one of a three-axis gyro sensor, a three-axis acceleration sensor and a three-axis geomagnetic sensor built in the portable equipment. A pan angle-elevation angle calculation unit calculates a pan angle and an elevation angle of...

Device control system, device control method, and computer-readable recording medium
A device control system includes a positioning apparatus and a control apparatus connected to the positioning apparatus through a network. The positioning apparatus includes a receiver configured to receive detection data from an acceleration sensor, an angular velocity sensor, and a geomagnetic sensor that are carried by a person; a position...

Magnetic field shielding sheet for digitizer, manufacturing method thereof, and portable terminal device using same
Provided is a magnetic field shield sheet for a digitizer, which blocks an effect of a magnetic field generated from various components of a main body of the portable terminal device and at the same time improves the sensitivity of an electronic pen when a digitizer feature is implemented in the...

Digital magnetic compass compensation
Therein, the user guidance for the compensation is done with a gathering of directional information based on rotary rate readings from a gyroscope for an azimuthal component of the orientation. Therein, a user guidance for subsequently orienting the compass into a predetermined desired range of orientation is provided to the user. In...

Method and apparatus for calculating azimuth
A method and an apparatus for calculating azimuth, and a method and an apparatus for determining an offset from geomagnetic field are provided. An apparatus for calculating azimuth includes a magnetic sensor configured to sense magnetic field, a data selecting unit configured to select offset data items, an offset calculating unit...

Apparatus for monitoring and diagnosing power transmission line
There is provided a power transmission line monitoring apparatus installed on a power transmission line to monitor a geomagnetically induced current (GIC) flowing along the power transmission line. The power transmission line monitoring apparatus includes: a main body installed on a power transmission line; a sensing unit embedded in the main...

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