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Geolocation patents


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Method and system for maintaining privacy in the inference of merchant geolocations
A method for inferring a merchant geolocation includes: storing a plurality of transaction data entries, each including an account identifier, merchant identifier, and transaction time; storing a plurality of merchant profiles, each including a merchant identifier and geolocation; identifying a first set of transaction data entries, each entry including a common merchant identifier; identifying a second set of transaction data entries, each entry including a different merchant identifier corresponding to a merchant within a predetermined distance of a merchant corresponding to the common merchant identifier; transmitting an identification value associated with each transaction data entry in the first and second sets; receiving geolocation data entries for each identification value, each entry including a location time and geolocation; and identifying an updated merchant geolocation for the merchant corresponding to the common merchant identifier based on the geolocation included in geolocation entries that match transaction data entries in the first set.. .
Mastercard International Incorporated

Apparatus and geolocation intelligence
Location information relating to a changeable location of a mobile device is received. An automatic determination is made as to whether an asset is closest in geographic proximity to the location of the mobile device where the asset is selected from a plurality of assets.
Ge Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

Automatically organizing images
A method includes obtaining a plurality of images, including geolocation information and time information for each image. The method also includes identifying a group of related images from the plurality of images from a common geographical area and a common time period based on the geolocation information and the time information for each of the plurality of images, and identifying an event that occurred within the common time period and within the common geographical area by searching a repository of event information.
Google Inc.

Method of geolocation
A method of geolocation assigning an internet user a geolocation within a territory determined on the basis of the geolocation of his ip address. A method of broadcasting advertising announcements according to the method of geolocation..

Method for estimating the level of error in satellite geolocation measurements and for monitoring the reliability of said estimations and associated device
In the field of satellite global navigation, a method is provided for estimating the level of error in global navigation satellite measurements and for ensuring the reliability of these estimations, implemented by a global navigation device in which local errors are detected by said global navigation device and errors associated with the satellites are detected by a ground segment.. .

Systems and methods for generating an online solar energy marketplace
Computer-implemented systems and methods are disclosed for providing an online solar marketplace. In an embodiment, a geolocation may be received corresponding to a property.
Geostellar, Inc.

Method and system for processing positioning signals based on predetermined message data segment
A method and system for determining a geolocation of an object includes collecting a positioning signal including a predetermined message data segment. A time of arrival of the predetermined message data segment may be determined in the positioning signal.
Fast, Llc

Method for calculating the activity of a user
-e- one of the two devices calculates, based on the distance traveled and the number of steps taken between the two geolocations, the average stride and/or average step of the user.. .

Spoofing detection
A wireless access device in a wireless network, whether a known or unknown entity, can be located using a geolocation system according to the present invention. A signal strength is determined by a wireless intrusion detection system (wids) node in a wireless network for each wireless access device that it detects.
Tekla Pehr Llc

Method and system for identifying associated geolocations
A method and a system are provided for identifying associated geolocations. The method involves retrieving from one or more databases a first set of information including payment card transaction information, and retrieving from one or more databases a second set of information including external information.
Mastercard International Incorporated

Systems and methods for providing an optimized payment location for cash payments

Disclosed herein are systems and methods to facilitate fast and safe cash payments including systems and methods for generating an optimized payment location for a customer by: storing geolocation information for a plurality of points-of-service; receiving customer information including geolocation information for the customer of the bill provider from the bill provider; determining an optimized payment location for the customer by comparing the stored point-of-service geolocation information to the customer geolocation information; generating a token that is a reference to the customer information; and transmitting with the service provider system the optimized payment location and the token to the bill provider.. .
Paynearme, Inc.

Real-time content sharing between browsers

Techniques are provided for selectively broadcasting information from a sender's computer to one or more recipient computers in real-time. A user connects to a networked content server and browses selected content items which are determined to be of interest to other collaborators.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Mobile loyalty and payment system using temporary short codes

A loyalty server enables customers to use a merchant's mobile loyalty and payment program by pairing a customer's loyalty account through use of temporary codes. A customer may login to the customer's loyalty and payment account using a loyalty application installed on a mobile device.
Tillster, Inc.

Matching personal photo images with purchase history

At a photo server, a payment card account number is obtained from a cardholder. At the photo server, access is obtained to a database of payment card transaction information, using the payment card account number.
Mastercard International Incorporated

Remote tracking arrow

The remote tracking arrow comprises an arrow body and an arrow head arranged in a conventional arrow arrangement. The arrow body is configured as a conventional arrow body except that it includes a sensor assembly on its end which is adjacent to the conventional arrow head.

System for leveraging a user's geo-location to arm and disarm network a enabled device

A system includes a security monitoring device in a monitored physical location, a security processing system, and one or more mobile devices. The one or more mobile devices are configured to communicate with the security monitoring device over a network and the security monitoring device is configured to communicate with the security processing system via the network.
Canary Connect, Inc.

Driver performance determination based on geolocation

A system for determining driver performance based on vehicle geolocation comprises one or more onboard vehicle sensors, one or more processors, and a memory. The one or more onboard vehicle sensors are configured to detect driving data of a moving vehicle.
Lytx, Inc.

System and providing targeted advertisements and geolocation information to an operator of a vehicle

A system is disclosed for inserting stored advertising content into broadcast content being played over an audio system. The system may have a smartphone in wireless communication with the audio system which runs an application relating to a specific broadcast station that is broadcasting the broadcast content.
Myine Electronics, Inc.

Facilitating presentation of localized information regarding recycling service on a mobile device

A system and method for facilitating presentation of localized recycling information on a mobile device is disclosed. Recycling information regarding recycling service(s) available at corresponding service locations may be managed.
Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.

Cooperative learning road infrastructure detection and characterization

A method for generating street map data includes collecting acceleration, turning, and geolocation data. The data is collected from acceleration sensors, turning sensors, and geolocation systems in at a least one vehicle across a plurality of vehicle drive cycles.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Portable device and the geolocation and continuous location of an object moving in a constrained environment

Means for processing this signal able to calculate the speed vector of this object and its position.. .

Geolocation via internet protocol

Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, computer program products, and the like, for extracting information associated with one networking transmission protocol, such as internet protocol version 6 (ipv6), based on information associated with a different networking transmission protocol, such as internet protocol version 6 (ipv4). More specifically, when resolving an ip address for a uniform resource locator (url) through which a content file may be obtained, the system may base the resolved url on attributes of an ipv4 address extracted from an ipv6 address for a machine associated with the request.

Method for calibrating the physical position and orientation of an electronic device

A system and method for calibrating the location and orientation of an electronic device, including an electronic data device having a processor, permanent memory, temporary memory, program loading means, a visual display and display subsystem, user input devices, a motion detection subsystem, an orientation detection subsystem, and a geolocation subsystem. The electronic device is programmed with instructions that, when executed, cause the electronic device to visually display a virtual representation of a user-selected physical space on the electronic visual display and to display a position indicator corresponding to an initial location and orientation of the electronic data device in the user-selected physical space, and thereafter to adjust and correct the location according to either user manual inputs or movement of the electronic data device in the physical space..

Social network for users sharing geolocation-based information

A social network enabling a plurality of users to post and access current information on a server related to topics of interest, where an information topic is referenced by a geolocation having a physical geographical location. There may be a plurality of geolocations that serve as contexts and references for organizing information related to different topics.

Placeshifting recommendations using geolocation and related systems and methods

Methods and systems are provided for placeshifting data. An exemplary method of placeshifting a media program from a source device to a destination device over a network involves obtaining location information associated with the destination device, determining, by a server coupled to the network, one or more recommended media programs available for streaming from the source device in a manner that is influenced by the location information, and providing indication of the one or more recommended media programs to the destination device..
Sling Media Inc.

Systems, methods, and apparatuses for agricultural data collection, analysis, and management via a mobile device

Systems and methods for data collection, management, and use, and more particularly to data collection, geolocation, and crop scouting using hands-free devices in agricultural interest zones. In various embodiments, users predefine criteria regarding a particular agricultural interest zone.
Tekwear, Llc

Urban mobile network system

An embodiment of a mobile communication system includes a plurality of mobile units operating within a defined operating area, each of the mobile units having a processor, a memory for storing a mobile unit file structure, an application running on the processor for operating on the mobile unit file structure, and a receiver for receiving on a common receive communication channel data. The mobile communication system further includes a plurality of geolocation markers disposed within the defined operating area, each having a memory for storing geolocation information to define a relative position within the defined operating area, and a geolocation transmitter for transmitting the defined geolocation information on the common receive communication channel, the geolocation transmitter having a geolocation transmit range less than the defined operating area..
Beelinx Usa, Llc

System and process for resource allocation to relocate physical objects

A machine server system includes a video processor adapted with logic to identify a physical object representation in a video, an object fingerprinter adapted to assign an object type to the physical object representation, a resource allocator adapted to match the object type to pre-defined relocation resource values for physical objects having the object type, and weighting logic adapted to adjust the pre-defined relocation resource values for physical objects having the object type by an adjustment amount that varies according to geolocation coordinates correlated to the physical object representation.. .
Ghostruck Co

Geopositioning method with trust index, and associated terminal

In the field of satellite geolocation, a geopositioning method with a trust index is implemented by a geopositioning terminal. According to the method, the positioning of the terminal is estimated by geopositioning satellites and the trust index is provided by comparison with at least one pseudo-distance measurement recorded by at least one additional geopositioning satellite, which is different from those used to compute the position of the terminal..

Interference geolocation using a satellite constellation

A system includes a plurality of satellites including respective antennas and circuitry. The satellites form a satellite constellation and revolve around a rotating astronomical object from which a source radiates interference toward a target satellite for at least some period of time as the target satellite revolves in a target orbit.
The Boeing Company

Geofenced event-based fan networking: systems

The present invention is a fan networking system (fns), available through a software application, executing on fans' portable smart devices for an event to be held in a venue. A fns may offer event-customized services to fans, such as messaging, fan groups, mementos, coupons, “friends”, and contests.
Bleachr Llc

Geofenced event-based fan networking: space-time dependence

The present invention is a fan networking system (fns), available through a software application, executing on fans' portable smart devices for an event to be held in a venue. A fns may offer event-customized services to fans, such as messaging, fan groups, mementos, coupons, “friends”, and contests.
Bleachr Llc

Serving an advertisement according to a user's shopping interest

Methods and systems are provided for selecting and serving content, such as promotional content, to a user in accordance with a shopping interest of the user, location information for the user (e.g., location information associated with the user's mobile device), or both. A content delivery system is configured to make inferences on which promotional content to deliver to a user based on different types of signals.
Google Inc.

Geofenced event-based fan networking: methods

The present invention is a fan networking system (fns), available through a software application, executing on fans' portable smart devices for an event to be held in a venue. A fns may offer event-customized services to fans, such as messaging, fan groups, mementos, coupons, “friends”, and contests.
Bleachr Llc

Determining the precise geolocation of a wireless internet target

The techniques herein describe an approach that can quickly geolocate internet users that are connected through a wireless (e.g., wifi) network. To do so, one or more embodiments herein send specially-crafted signals to the user's ip address.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

System for creating anonymous social gatherings

A system for creating an anonymous social gathering of 3 or more persons. The system has a server digital device and a client digital device both operatively connected to a distributed network and thus to each other.

Time and location monitoring systems and related methods

A system for monitoring a worker's time and location by receiving a scheduled time and location of when and where a worker should begin a working appointment from a scheduler. The system receives a starting geolocation and a starting time associated with when the worker is at the starting geolocation from a client device associated with the worker.
Remote Personal Web Solutions, Inc.

Cooperative location sensor apparatus and system for low complexity geolocation

A location or position sensor apparatus and sensor systems are presented, in which individual location sensors store and wirelessly exchange orbital information, soft demodulation information, position and time of day information, and the sensors share decoding and computation tasks related to acquiring and tracking navigation satellites to conserve power and to facilitate determination of sensor positions.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Systems and methods for mapping ip- addresses to geolocations

A computer-implemented method that includes receiving a location from a location aware access device and an ip address of a network device to which the location aware access device is connected, receiving a request that includes the ip address of the network device from a location unaware access device that is connected to the network device, determining a geographic location for the location unaware access device based on the ip address of the network device and the location received from the location aware access device, selecting information responsive to the request from the location unaware access device based at least in part on the geographic location, and providing the selected information to the location unaware access device.. .
Google Inc.

Flash detection

The present disclosure provides a method comprising: memorizing a sequence of high-resolution images of a scene in a buffer; obtaining radiation emission readings from one or more photo detectors; detecting a suspected flash event based on processing the radiation emission readings from the one or more photo detectors, wherein said detecting occurs at a first instant; retrieving from the buffer high-resolution images of the scene including at least one image that was captured prior to said first instant; and processing the high-resolution images of the scene to determine a geolocation of the suspected flash event.. .
Elta Systems Ltd.

Single platform doppler geolocation

To make small uavs capable of geolocation of emitters, a low cost, low power, small weight and power radio receiver receives and tracks doppler frequency at a minimum. In order to minimize the size, weight and power (swap), a single receiving element array is utilized.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Systems and methods for selecting geographic locations for use in biasing search results

Embodiments include a computer-implemented method that includes identifying a plurality of geolocations associated with a user based on a plurality of received geolocation signals, receiving, from a user device, a search query from the user, selecting one of the plurality of geolocations as a query geolocation based on application of a plurality of rules in a predefined order, identifying a set of search query results responsive to the search query based at least in part on the query geolocation, and providing, to the user device, the set of search query results for display to the user.. .
Google Inc.

Communication network aggregating local geolocation information

A geolocation aggregator provides a database collecting information about different geolocation venues and zones linked to context information. Campaigns may provide content to individuals within the zones according to a matching between desired context information and the context information at the zones permitting a more comprehensive delivery of geolocation services among different venues..
Solomo Identity, Llc.

Method and system for determining and assessing geolocation proximity

A method and a system directed to location-based services within a wireless telecommunications or data communications network, and more particularly to other technical fields such as technologies used to authenticate secure payment card transactions, technologies to verify and validate payment card user identities, and for use with any application where the results of comparing two or more geographic locations has some utility or value. The method includes receiving information from a transaction device involving a payment card holder initiating a payment card transaction; identifying a location of the transaction device; identifying a location of a mobile device associated with the payment card holder; comparing the location of the transaction device with the location of the mobile device to determine a relative degree of proximity of the transaction device with the mobile device; and assessing the determined relative degree of proximity to determine whether the payment card transaction is valid or invalid..
Mastercard International Incorporated

System and indoor geolocation and mapping

Methods and systems to provide location and navigation information to a user within a building. In an embodiment, low power radars may be used to locate and track a user.

Human-like global positioning system (gps) directions

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a request for a route from a first geolocation to a second geolocation; calculating the route from the first geolocation to the second geolocation; identifying one or more logged paths of a user that coincide with at least a portion of the route; updating one or more navigation instructions for the route based on the identified logged paths of the user; and providing the updated navigation instructions.. .
Facebook, Inc.

Crowd sourced delivery assistance

Crowd sourced delivery assistance. Receiving a submission comprising a geolocation and at least one of an image and an annotation.
Google Inc.

Providing geolocation notifications to increase collaboration between users

Embodiments herein provide geolocation notifications to increase collaboration between users. Specifically, a collaboration tool is configured to receive, from a social media application, an indication of a geolocation of a first user, as well as information about an availability of the first user.
International Business Machines Corporation

Tangibilization of geocoded data

Data points that include geolocation data are obtained. Frequency values are determined that depict frequencies of sets of the data points that are associated with respective geolocations represented by the geolocation data, and the frequency values are normalized.
Microsoft Corporation

Location-based analytic platform and methods

Provided is a process of learning an audience member function, the process including: obtaining a training set of geographic data describing geolocation histories of a plurality of mobile devices, wherein members of the training set are classified according to whether the respective member of the training set is a member of an audience; retrieving attributes of geolocations in the geolocation histories from a geographic information system; learning feature functions of an audience member function based on the training set, wherein at least some of the feature functions are a function of the retrieved attributes of geolocation, wherein the feature functions are learned, at least in part, by calculating a plurality of impurity measures for candidate feature functions and selecting one of the candidate feature functions based on the relative values of the impurity measures; and storing the feature functions of the audience member function in an audience repository.. .
Placeiq, Inc.

Sorting and searching of related content based on underlying file metadata

A method for searching for similar files stored on a server includes determining a target geolocation for a target file stored on the server, where the target geolocation is based on a geographical location of a client device on which a user has edited the target file, and storing the target geolocation in metadata of the target file. The method further includes receiving from the user a request to search a plurality of files stored on the server based on similarity to the target file, where the similarity is based on the target geolocation and a plurality of attributes of the target file, assigning a score to each file in the plurality of files, where the score is based on the similarity of each file to the target geolocation and the plurality of attributes, and presenting to the user a list of the plurality of files ordered by score..
Google Inc.

Systems, methods, and devices for electronic spectrum management with remote access to data in a virtual computing network

Systems, methods, and apparatus are provided for automated geolocation of a signal using automated identification of baseline data and changes in state in a wireless communications spectrum, by identifying sources of signal emission in the spectrum by automatically detecting signals, analyzing signals, comparing signal data to historical and reference data, creating corresponding signal profiles, and determining information about the baseline data and changes in state based upon the measured and analyzed data in near real time.. .
Dgs Global Systems, Inc.

Regional item recommendations

Systems and methods for regional item recommendations are provided. In example embodiments, an indication of a destination geolocation from a user device of a user is received.

Network geolocation determination for direct mailings

Techniques for generating a direct mailing list based on visitors to a web page include storing multiple direct mailing lists, each direct mailing list being associated with a respective web page identifier. A request is made for a location of a device displaying the web page via a client-side script embedded in the web page.
Epic Playground, Inc.

Method and system for consumer tracking using geolocation

A method for calculating consumer metrics includes: storing a plurality of transaction data entries, each entry including a transaction time and transaction geographic location associated with a transaction involving a consumer; receiving a plurality of location data entries, each entry including a consumer geographic location and a location time at which the consumer was at the location; identifying a first subset of location data entries, each entry in the first subset corresponding to a transaction data entry where the times and geographic locations correspond; identifying a second subset of location data entries, wherein the second subset includes each location data entry not in the first subset; calculating a consumer metric based on the location data entries and transaction data entries in the first subset and the location data entries in the second subset; and associating the calculated consumer metric with a consumer profile associated with the consumer.. .
Mastercard International Incorporated

Suggesting interesting dates to explore images in a historical imagery database

A computer-implemented method, system and computer-readable medium for suggesting a date to display a historical image, is provided. A plurality of tiles corresponding to a geographic area are identified.
Google Inc.

Device and method to show recipient's local time with real-time communication

Time zone and day of the week differences can complicate international business and family communication. A device and a method are described for displaying the expected local time and day of the recipient when initiating real-time communication.

Calculating and broadcasting an area's population density based on cell signal

The subject technology determines population density of an area in order to map one or more persons to smaller areas such as bathrooms, stores, and lines. Based on a user's current geolocation, the subject technology utilizes one or more nearby wireless signals transmitted from computing devices to determine a population density of an area near the user's geolocation.
Google Inc.

Geolocation based resource finder

Techniques for enabling users of a social networking application or service to share information and additional resources with other users of the service are provided. A content item from a first user of the social networking service is registered as a resource within the social networking service.
Google Inc.

Connect social networking users who simultaneously check-in at a geolocation

Configurations are provided for suggesting one or more other users within a same or proximate geolocation to enable the user to engage in activities with these suggested users. When the user performs a check-in for a new or different geolocation in an online social networking service, the subject technology can suggest other users who have recently checked-in and/or changed their location to the same place or region.
Google Inc.

Geotagged hashtags

A system and method for geotagging hashtags. Geographic location information related to a hashtag is determined, and a geolocation is assigned to the hashtag based on the determined geographic location information.
Google Inc.

Method and processing data

A method of processing data for at least one wireless communication network and a data processing system for implementing such a method are provided. The method comprises determining geolocation information for data segments received at a plurality of distributed components of a data processing system, the data segments being received from at least one network element of the wireless communication network, and forwarding the data segments to backend processing resources based at least partly on their respective geolocation information..
Jdsu Uk Limited

Determining mobile device location in a mobile network having repeaters

A method for determining mobile device location in a wireless communication network having plural base stations and at least one repeater for communicating with a mobile device is performed by a geolocation detection program for locating a mobile device. The geolocation detection program determines whether a signal received from the mobile device has passed through the at least one repeater..
Tektronix, Inc.

Context aware geo-targeted advertisement in a communication session

Techniques are provided for capturing audio containing speech at an endpoint device, converting the audio into corresponding text, identifying one or more keywords from the corresponding text and determining geolocation information associated with the endpoint device. Both the one or more keywords and the geolocation information are supplied as input to a geo-targeting advertisement service so as to cause the geo-targeting advertisement service to identify relevant content based on both the geolocation information and the one or more keywords.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method and system for collecting data on businesses via mobile and geolocation communications

A method for reporting data concerning a business, comprising: providing, on a device, a map of the geographic location of the business, wherein the business is represented by a marker on the map; selecting the marker to display the name of the business; receiving an instruction to open a toolbar to provide options for inputting information concerning the business; providing information concerning the business to the device via at least one of the options; and transmitting the information to a central database by using the device.. .
The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation

Digital payment card presentation systems, methods, and apparatuses

Disclosed are systems, methods, and apparatuses to securely present payment card information using a computing device such as a mobile phone. The digital payment card presentation may be controlled or influenced by context including geolocation, time, proximity to another device, or input from designated third parties.
Red Giant, Inc.

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