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 Method for wireless backhaul frequency band flexible allocation patent thumbnailMethod for wireless backhaul frequency band flexible allocation
The present invention provides a method for wireless backhaul frequency band flexible allocation. It is able to use the uplink band of fdd band as the wireless backhaul uplink and downlink band of small cells.
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

 Method and network node for routing ip packets patent thumbnailMethod and network node for routing ip packets
The disclosure provides a method in a network node for routing internet protocol (ip) packets. The method comprises: receiving from a radio access network (ran) node an ip address assignment request originated from a pico-base station (pico-bs) for assigning an ip address to the pico-bs.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Enhanced ue performance in hetnet poor coverage scenarios patent thumbnailEnhanced ue performance in hetnet poor coverage scenarios
This disclosure relates to techniques for enabling a user equipment (ue) to determine which cell to attach to in a heterogeneous network (hetnet). The ue may determine, based on the quality of the downlink (dl) channel and/or on the type of traffic between the ue and a current base station, whether to attach to a small cell base station or an overlay macro base station in the cellular network.
Apple Inc.

 Indoor positioning device and indoor positioning method patent thumbnailIndoor positioning device and indoor positioning method
Disclosed is an indoor positioning device which comprises a base, a light source mounted on the base, a rotating part, a rotating outer shell and a controller; the rotating outer shell is a hemispherical shell body or a shell body being tangent externally with a hemispherical surface; a luminous point is located at a spherical center of the rotating outer shell; the rotating outer shell is divided into a plurality of encoded rings, each encoded ring is divided into a plurality of encoding bits, a angle β of each encoding bit in a latitudinal direction is 360/n degrees, different encoded rings has different arrangements of encoding bits; in each encoded ring, some encoding bits are in a transparent state, there is no arrangement of two continuous opaque encoding bits, some encoding bits arranged in a specified style constitute a start bit or an end bit; once a light barrier of the rotating part passes through an optical coupler, the light source generates a frequency hopping; a receiver senses an optical signal and performs positioning. According to the special rotating outer shell and the frequency hopping light source, and in combination with the receiver, the optical signal can be sensed and positioning can be implemented.
Shenzhen Institutes Of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy Of Sciences

 Optimised video denoising for heterogeneous multisensor system patent thumbnailOptimised video denoising for heterogeneous multisensor system
The description relates in particular to a method for temporal denoising of image sequences with the aid of at least two sensors of different types. The description also relates to an optronics device, a computer program and a storage medium for the implementation of such a method..
Safran Electronics & Defense

 System and  spectrum sharing management using dynamic spectrum policy enforcement patent thumbnailSystem and spectrum sharing management using dynamic spectrum policy enforcement
Policies that govern allocation of spectrum access credentials are established. The policies are configured to implement regulatory rules governing spectrum use in a geographic area.
Spectrum Bridge, Inc.

 Dynamically reallocating resources for optimized job performance in distributed heterogeneous computer system patent thumbnailDynamically reallocating resources for optimized job performance in distributed heterogeneous computer system
An apparatus dynamically reallocates resources for optimized job performance in a distributed heterogeneous computer system that includes a plurality of computer nodes. The apparatus includes an application injector to invoke at least one job to be performed on at least one computer node among the computer nodes.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Device and  resonant cryptography patent thumbnailDevice and resonant cryptography
A system for secure communications using resonate cryptography includes a resonator that has a random number generator (rng). The rng can be at least one of a true random number generator, pseudo-random number generator, and any non-repeating sequence of numbers having a characteristic of a random number stream, and generating a first stream of random numbers.
Global Risk Advisors

 Radio-frequency switch decoder patent thumbnailRadio-frequency switch decoder
A decoder for a radio-frequency module includes a control signal output, first control signal generator circuitry configured to receive an input signal indicating an operational state of a radio-frequency core communicatively coupled to the decoder, and generate an output control signal for controlling one or more radio-frequency devices of the radio-frequency core, second control signal generator circuitry configured to generate an intermediate output signal, and transition detection circuitry configured to receive a least a portion of the input signal and selectively provide the intermediate output signal on the control signal output when the input signal indicates a transition of the radio-frequency core for a first operational state of a first group of operational states to a second operational state of a second group of operational states.. .
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

 Error-checking compressed streams in hetergeneous compression accelerators patent thumbnailError-checking compressed streams in hetergeneous compression accelerators
A compression engine may be designed for more efficient error checking of a compressed stream, to include adaptation of a heterogeneous design that includes interleaved hardware and software stages of compression and decompression. An output of a string matcher may be reversed to generate a bit stream, which is then compared with an input stream to the compression engine as a first error check.
Intel Corporation

Cylindrical and spherical triboelectric generators

A generator includes a first member, a second member and a sliding mechanism. The first member includes a first electrode and a first dielectric layer affixed to the first electrode.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Dual-shaft gas turbine power generation system, and control device and control gas turbine system

The dual-shaft gas turbine power generation system includes: a high-pressure gas turbine; a first rotating shaft connecting a compressor and the high-pressure gas turbine; an electric motor connected to the first rotating shaft; a governor which adjusts the amount of air taken into the compressor; a low-pressure gas turbine; a second rotating shaft connected to the low-pressure gas turbine; a synchronous power generator connected to the second rotating shaft; a frequency converter which converts the frequency of power transmitted between the synchronous power generator and the electric motor; and a control device which controls a frequency converter control device for controlling the frequency converter, and the governor, on the basis of a power output command value indicating the power to be outputted to an external grid.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

Microgrid control the same

A microgrid control system includes a power transmission system configured to supply power to a microgrid, the microgrid configured to receive power from the power transmission system and to supply power to at least one or more distributed generators or into at least one or more loads, a dc converter configured to convert power that is supplied to the microgrid, and a converter control unit configured to measure a first power frequency variation of the microgrid and a second power frequency variation of the power transmission system and to control active power that is transmitted to the microgrid by the dc converter.. .
Korea University Research And Business Foundation

Generator load control

A power system for an electrical system with highly fluctuating loads is powered by one or more power sources that are slow to react to load changes. The power sources are connected to electrical equipment used on the drill rig which provide active load to the generate.
Canrig Drilling Technologiy Ltd.

Subharmonic power line carrier based island detection systems and methods

Systems and methods for identifying an island condition in a power distribution system and disconnecting distributed generators in the case of islanding. The systems and methods are used to enable reliable detection of island formation with high false-trip immunity, for any combination of distributed energy resources, and for distributed energy resources using grid support functions..

Applying compliant compliant interfacial layers in thermoelectric devices

A thermoelectric power generation technique is disclosed using one or more mechanically compliant and thermally and electrically conductive layers at the thermoelectric material interfaces to accommodate high temperature differentials and stresses induced thereby. The compliant material may be metal foam or metal graphite composite (e.g.
California Institute Of Technology

Photoelectric conversion element, solar battery, solar battery module, and solar power generation system

A photoelectric conversion element of an embodiment includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and a light-absorbing layer containing a chalcopyrite-type compound containing a group ib element, a group iiib element, and a group vib element between the first electrode and the second electrode. A region in which concentration of the group ib element in the light-absorbing layer is from 0.1 to 10 atom %, both inclusive, is included in a region up to a depth of 10 nm in a direction from a principal plane of the light-absorbing layer on a side of the second electrode to a side of the first electrode..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Semiconductor substrates with unitary vias and via terminals, and associated systems and methods

Semiconductor substrates with unitary vias and via terminals, and associated systems and methods are disclosed. A representative system in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a semiconductor substrate having an opening that includes a generally cylindrical portion with a generally smooth, uniform surface.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Plasma processing apparatus

Disclosed is a plasma processing apparatus including a processing container, a placing table provided in the processing container and configured to place a substrate thereon, a plasma generating mechanism attached to the processing container to face the placing table and configured to supply electronic energy for plasma generation into the processing container, a lattice-shaped member or a plurality of rod-shaped members provided at a position closer to the placing table than an intermediate position between the placing table and the plasma generating mechanism, and a moving mechanism configured to move the lattice-shaped member or the plurality of rod-shaped members and the placing table relative to each other.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited

Driver integrated circuit (ic) chip and display device having the same

A driver integrated circuit (ic) chip includes gamma voltage generators, a line selector, and a data driver. The gamma voltage generators generate gamma voltage sets based on a reference voltage set.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Security feature and use thereof, value document and process for verifying the authenticity thereof

The invention relates to a security feature for safeguarding value documents, comprising particles which are composed of at least two different, spatially separate solid homogeneous phases, wherein each of the phases is detectable and identifiable in a spatially resolved manner by means of a spatially resolving analytical method that is adapted for resolving down to the single-particle level.. .
Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh

Recursive cell-based hierarchy for data visualizations

The disclosed technology includes systems and methods for a recursive cell-based hierarchy for data visualization. The technology disclosed relates to a platform for ultra-fast, ad-hoc data exploration and faceted navigation on integrated, heterogeneous data sets., Inc.

High-capacity machine learning system

The present disclosure is directed to a high-capacity training and prediction machine learning platform that can support high-capacity parameter models (e.g., with 10 billion weights). The platform implements a generic feature transformation layer for joint updating and a distributed training framework utilizing shard servers to increase training speed for the high-capacity model size.
Facebook, Inc.

Generating and decoding two-dimensional code

A two-dimensional code generation method includes: performing a multiple system barcode encoding on hidden information to generate multiple system barcode of hidden encoded information; selecting a corresponding two-dimensional code version to encode standard information to generate to-be-determined standard encoded information; selecting a corresponding mask to generate a bit matrix of a two-dimensional code, and extracting the number of black dots in the bit matrix; updating the selected mask and the two-dimensional code version according to the number of black dots and the length of the hidden encoded information to determine a finally selected mask and two-dimensional code version; generating standard encoded information according to the finally selected mask and two-dimensional code version; and generating a two-dimensional code according to the hidden encoded information and the standard encoded information.. .
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Marker generating method, marker decoding method, and marker reading device

According to one embodiment, a marker generating method is provided. In the marker generating method, a value in a bit string is replaced with a signal pattern to generate a first signal pattern arrangement.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Device and the direct optical recording of live skin areas

A device and method for direct optical recording of live skin areas, particularly of fingerprints or handprints, is disclosed. A novel possibility for direct optical recording of human skin prints with forensic quality where interference through ambient light is excluded is achieved in that, from a skin area to be recorded, image data of a calibration image generated under homogeneous illumination from an areal source and ambient light that may be present are read out from the sensor array, an adapted illumination pattern is calculated by means of the stored calibration image such that, through application of the adapted illumination pattern, a two-dimensionally structured illumination pattern is generated to minimize the influence of the ambient light and to homogenize the illumination at least of the deposited skin print, wherein an illumination array is controlled in individual light-emitting elements or in groups of light-emitting elements with the calculated illumination pattern..
Jenetric Gmbh

Group license encryption and decryption

According to an aspect, a computing device may include a media content handler to obtain media content, a group license manager to determine whether or not the media content is part of a license group, and when the media content is determined as part of the license group, the group license manager may determine whether a master key for the license group was previously received. The group license manager may send, over a network, a license request to a license manager when the master key was not previously received.
Google Inc.

Secure isolation of scripting from native graphic rendering of animated data visualizations

The disclosed technology includes systems and methods for secure isolation of scripting from graphical representations in a unified charting framework. The technology disclosed relates to a platform for ultra-fast, ad-hoc data exploration and faceted navigation on integrated, heterogeneous data sets., Inc.

Systems and methods for genetic testing

A genetic analysis system that provides a notification of new medical information that is non-trivial and significant to the results of a patient's prior genetic test. The system retrieves clinical information from an outside database and also evaluates whether subsequent updates to that database are significant to the patient.
Good Start Genetics, Inc.

Method for increasing utilization of genetic testing

This invention describes a method and site for providing genetic testing using the internet which enables individuals to access genetic testing as well as methods that ensure privacy in the selection of genetic tests, payment, performance of tests, delivery of results, interpretation of results, and genetic counseling. These methods will increase the utilization of genetic testing by individuals..
National Biomedical Research Foundation

Virtual inference of protein activity by regulon enrichment analysis

Methods for determining regulon enrichment in gene expression signatures are disclosed herein. An example method can include obtaining a set of transcriptional targets of a regulon.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Algorithm for constructing hypothetical evolutionary trees using common mutations similarity matrices

The present invention permits constructing hypothetical evolutionary trees for a set of genetically related dna strings or a set of proteins within a protein family. The main novelty of the invention compared to other hypothetical evolutionary tree construction methods is the use of a common mutations similarity matrix..

Database system, database access method, and database access program

A database system includes a first information processing device that accesses a first database, and a second information processing device that accesses a second database that is a standby system of the first database, wherein the first information processing device includes a processor that executes a process including transmitting to the second information processing device a query corresponding to regeneration target execution plan information among items of execution plan information for access to the first database, and the second information processing device includes a processor that executes a process including updating first information indicating characteristics of the second database in response to updating of data of the second database, regenerating the regeneration target execution plan information, based on the first information and the query, and transmitting the regenerated execution plan information to the first information processing device.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Interchangeable i/o modules with individual and shared personalities

Methods and systems for connecting interchangeable input/output (i/o) modules having individual and shared personalities may include a generic i/o bay of a server hosting one or more compute nodes configured to be connected to one or more removable i/o modules. A first connector coupled to a first i/o module may connect the first i/o module to a compute node having a second connector.
Dell Products, L.p.

Automated system documentation generation

A transaction is initiated that involves a plurality of software components in a system. Transaction data is received from a plurality of agents instrumented on at least a subset of software components in the plurality of software components, the transaction data describing attributes of a plurality of fragments of the transaction observed by the plurality of agents.
Ca, Inc.

Method and system for real-time causality and root cause determination of transaction and infrastructure related events provided by multiple, heterogeneous agents

A method is disclosed that estimates causal relationships between events based on heterogeneous monitoring data. The monitoring data consists in transaction tracing data, describing the execution performance of individual transactions, resource utilization measurements of infrastructure entities like processes or operating systems and network utilization measurement data.
Dynatrace Llc

Virtual machine homogenization to enable migration across heterogeneous computers

Described is a technology by which a virtual machine may be safely migrated to a computer system with a different platform. Compatibility of the virtual machine may be checked by comparing the virtual machine's capabilities against those of the new platform.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Multicore processor and use that configures core functions based on executing instructions

A multiprocessor system having plural heterogeneous processing units schedules instruction sets for execution on a selected of the processing units by matching workload processing characteristics of processing units and the instruction sets. To establish an instruction set's processing characteristics, the homogeneous instruction set is executed on each of the plural processing units with one or more performance metrics tracked at each of the processing units to determine which processing unit most efficiently executes the instruction set.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and system for code generation

A method and system for providing target code to various computer systems. The target code is provided by a service.
Implicit, Llc

Creating and operating software applications

A system for creating software applications and for operating these software applications on a plurality of different devices is provided. The system includes a number of functional units that may be repeatedly instantiated in the same application or in different applications, wherein each functional unit defines a delimited ui area of a graphical user interface.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Capacitive sensing apparatus and methods

One or more waveform generators impose an input waveform across touch sensor components. Phase shift detection logic measures a phase shift between the input waveform and an output waveform component associated with each waveform generator appearing across a touch sensor component.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

Clock generation circuit and wireless receiving device

A clock generation circuit includes a random number generator configured to generate random numbers according to a first probability distribution, a filter configured to output random numbers according to a second probability distribution, based on the random numbers according to the first probability distribution input thereto, and a variable delay circuit configured to modulate a clock signal input thereto by delaying edges of the clock signal by amounts corresponding to values of the random numbers according to the second probability distribution. Probability of a smallest number according to the second probability distribution is smaller than probability of the smallest number according to the first probability distribution, and probability of a largest number according to the second probability distribution is smaller than probability of the largest number according to the first probability distribution..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Onium salt, photoacid generator, photosensitive resin composition, and producing device

An onium salt represented by formula (a). Z-a-w—y+(r)n x− (a) (in formula (a), z, a, w, y, (r)n, and x have the following meanings: z represents a monovalent organic group having a ring structure provided with a conjugated π electron system, which may have one or more substituent groups; w represents a divalent organic group having a ring structure provided with a conjugated π electron system, which may have one or more substituent groups; a represents a divalent linking group containing a direct coupling of one or more bonds selected from a group consisting of a carbon-carbon single bond, a carbon-carbon double bond, and a carbon-carbon triple bond (any z and/or w substituent group may form a ring structure in which one or more atoms included in z and/or w are saturated or partially saturated together with a); y is an iodine or sulfur atom, n=1 when y is an iodine atom, and n=2 when y is a sulfur atom; (r)n may be identical to or different from one another, and each (r)n is a monovalent organic group having a carbon number of 1 or more, which may have a substituent group; and x is a monovalent anion.).
Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd.

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