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This page is updated frequently with new Gel-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Gel-related patents
 Three-dimensional transglutaminase-crosslinked hydrogel for tumor engineering patent thumbnailThree-dimensional transglutaminase-crosslinked hydrogel for tumor engineering
Development of a physiologically relevant 3d model system for cancer research and drug development represents quite a challenge. We have adopted a 3d culture system based on a transglutaminase-crosslinked gelatin gel (col-tgel) to mimic tumor 3d microenvironment.

 Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis apparatus and method patent thumbnailTwo-dimensional gel electrophoresis apparatus and method
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis apparatus includes an electrophoresis zone having four edges defined by a plurality of electrodes. A pair of opposed edges are defined by groups of discrete electrodes.

 Novel use of maltotriosyl transferase patent thumbnailNovel use of maltotriosyl transferase
The present invention is intended to provide a novel use of a maltotriosyl transferase. The present invention provides a method for producing rice cakes or noodles, including a step of heat-treating a dough containing maltotriosyl transferase thereby gelatinizing starch in the dough.

 Hydrogel fibers and preparation thereof patent thumbnailHydrogel fibers and preparation thereof
This invention provides a polymer fiber and polymer optical fiber (pof) wherein said polymer is a hydrogel. This invention further provides a process for preparing water-absorbent and superabsorbent acrylate polymer fibers and polymer optical fibers, and provides encapsulated, biodegradable, renewable and functional hydrogel fibers and hydrogel optical fibers prepared according to the process of this invention..

 Extremely compliant yet tough hydrogel systems as ultrasound transmission agents patent thumbnailExtremely compliant yet tough hydrogel systems as ultrasound transmission agents
Method for making a tough and compliant hydrogel. A precursor hydrogel is made of a first polymer selected to maintain high elasticity and a second polymer selected to dissipate mechanical energy.

 Method for preparing a super absorbent polymer patent thumbnailMethod for preparing a super absorbent polymer
The present invention relates to a method for preparing a super absorbent polymer. The method for preparing a super absorbent polymer according to the present invention comprises the steps of: carrying out a thermal polymerization or a photopolymerization of a monomer composition including a water-soluble ethylene-based unsaturated monomer and a polymerization initiator to form a hydrogel polymer; drying the hydrogel polymer; pulverizing the dried polymer; mixing a fine powder having a particle diameter of 180 μm or less and a polymer having a particle diameter of 300 μm or more among the pulverized polymer; and adding steam to the mixture to carry out a reassembling.

 Pristine and surface functionalized cellulose nanocrystals (cncs) incorporated hydrogel beads and uses thereof patent thumbnailPristine and surface functionalized cellulose nanocrystals (cncs) incorporated hydrogel beads and uses thereof
The present disclosure relates to the use of pristine and surface functionalized cellulose nanocrystal (cnc) incorporated hydrogel beads as adsorbent materials for water treatment applications. Here the hydrogel beads were prepared by ionic crosslinking of biopolymer sodium alginate using calcium chloride..

 Covalently-immobilized hydrogel arrays in multi-well plates patent thumbnailCovalently-immobilized hydrogel arrays in multi-well plates
Hydrogel arrays, methods for preparing hydrogel arrays and methods for screening cell-substrate interactions using the hydrogel arrays are disclosed. Advantageously, the hydrogel arrays include individual hydrogel posts that are completely isolatable, allowing for systematic and independent control of the chemical composition and physical dimensions of each hydrogel post..

 Cross-linked carbon nanotube networks patent thumbnailCross-linked carbon nanotube networks
The present invention relates to a method for the production of cross-linked carbon nanotube network which are selected from aerogels and xerogels with improved performance and characteristics thereof. The invention is also concerned with carbon nanotube networks which are selected from aerogels and xerogels produced by such processes and uses thereof..

 Low friction hydrogels and hydrogel-containing composite materials patent thumbnailLow friction hydrogels and hydrogel-containing composite materials
Hydrogels and composite material containing hydrogels and liposomes dispersed therein, which exhibit a reduced friction coefficient compared to neat hydrogels or composites containing hydrogels, processes for preparing the same, and methods for using the same are disclosed.. .


Hydrogels for vocal cord and soft tissue augmentation and repair

The present invention provides hydrogels and compositions thereof for vocal cord repair or augmentation, as well as other soft tissue repair or augmentation (e.g., bladder neck augmentation, dermal fillers, breast implants, intervertebral disks, muscle-mass). The hydrogels or compositions thereof are injected into the superficial lamina propria or phonatory epithelium to restore the phonatory mucosa of the vocal cords, thereby restoring a patient's voice.


Reversely thermo-reversible hydrogel compositions

A reversely thermo-reversible hydrogel composition comprising a water soluble block copolymer comprising at least two blocks of polyethylene oxide and at least one block of polypropylene oxide, and at least one associative gelling adjuvant having water solubility less than 0.5 g/100 ml, preferably less than 0.3 g/100 ml at 20° c., and being capable of forming water soluble inter-molecular complexes with the water soluble block copolymer in water. The hydrogel composition exhibits improved gelling efficiency, enhanced solubility and/or stability for water sparely soluble and insoluble pharmaceutical agents.


Natural herbal compositions for rapid removal of metabolic toxins in the body

The present invention provides a natural herbal composition for rapid removal of metabolic toxins in the body, to solve the problems of existing herbal compositions such as slow efficacy for such symptoms as constipation, bad breath, acnes caused by accumulated toxins in the body, side and toxic effects, etc. The natural herbal composition comprises the following ingredients (by mass): mangosteen extract, aloe extract, hot water extract of mixture of dandelion 1-30, angelica sinensis 1-20, polygonum multiflorum 1-30, cinnamomum cassia 3-16, rheum officinale 4-20, glycyrrhiza uralensis 3-10, panax notoginseng 3-10, atractylodes macrocephala 5-15, wherein the mass ratio of mangosteen fruit extract to aloe extract is 3:1-5, and the mass ratio of mangosteen and aloe extracts to the hot water extract is 2:1-5..


Brain function-improving composition

Provided is a brain function-improving composition which can inhibit binding of homocysteic acid to a receptor (nmda receptor) and, at the same time, decrease the binding ability of homocysteic acid per se to the receptor to thereby improve reduction in the brain function caused by the toxicity of homocysteic acid. The brain function-improving composition comprises 0.3-0.5 part by weight of a cinnamic acid derivative compound and 0.5-0.7 part by weight of a calcium hydride powder.


Intranasal lower dosage strength testosterone gel formulations and use thereof for treating anorgasmia or hypoactive sexual desire disorder

The present invention relates to lower dosage strength pernasal testosterone gel formulations for intranasal administration and treatment methods for using the lower dosage strength pernasal testosterone gel formulations for treating a female subject with anorgasmia and/or hypoactive sexual desire disorder.. .


Teeth whitening film utilizing tripolyphosphate salts

A teeth whitening film may include a water insoluble polymeric sheet. A gelatinous active layer may be located on a surface of the water insoluble polymeric sheet.


Temporary gastric device (tgd) and use

A gastric device for a stomach having a pyloric valve comprising a biodegradable delivery structure disposable within the stomach configured to erode upon exposure to gastric fluid. A first volume filling agent retained by the biodegradable delivery structure and is permeable to water and/or gastric fluids.


Cellulose based hydrogels and process for making the same from hemicaustic byproduct

A process for making a hydrogel forming material from a kraft or sulfite pulping process cellulosic pulp slurry by extracting hemicellulose heteropolymers from the cellulosic pulp slurry as a hemicaustic extract by treating the cellulosic pulp slurry with a cold caustic solution, then isolating the hemicaustic extract and preparing a mixture of the hemicellulose extract and a derivatizing agent comprised of a monofunctional etherifying agent and/or a polyfunctional organic cross-linking agent, and reacting the mixture to produce the hydrogel forming material. A polyvalent metal cross-linking agent can optionally be reacted with the hydrogel forming material to enhance its gel strength..
Rayonier Performance Fibers, Llc


Device and methods of using device for detection of aminoacidopathies

The present invention relates to a biosensor capable of measuring the total concentration of one or a plurality of amino acids with the use of a reagentless system comprising an electrode modified by hydrogel that comprises at least one enzyme that oxidizes at least one substrate that is at least one amino acid. In some embodiments, the biosensor comprises a hydrogel comprising alginate.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human


Cell culturing method, particulate culture carrier, and particle-encompassing cell aggregate

Provided is a culturing method capable of causing a three-dimensional aggregate in which cell function is similar to in vivo function to adhere to a culturing vessel while improving permeability of nutrients, oxygen, drugs and reagents from the culture medium and maintaining cell function. By sowing isolated cells in a culturing vessel, and after the cells have settled on the culturing surface, administering microscaffold particles that are cell-adhesive and substance-permeable onto the cells, it is possible to cause the cells to adhere to the culturing vessel while forming cell aggregates that encompass the particles.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Cycloaliphatic and aliphatic diamine-based fatty acid diamides used as oganogelators

The invention also covers the use of this diamide as an organogelling agent, in particular as a rheology additive, for coating, glue, adhesive or cosmetic, stripping, moulding, mastic or sealing compositions.. .


Lactame or amino acid-based fatty amide, and use as an oganogelator

The invention also covers a process for the preparation of said amide and its use as organogelator or rheology additive in an organic solvent medium, in particular in coating, glue or adhesive, mastic, sealant or stripping agent compositions or moulding or cosmetic compositions.. .


Composite material and electronic apparatus

A composite material includes: a heat dissipation sheet; a heat insulation material that is placed on one surface of the heat dissipation sheet; and a support layer that is placed on at least one of the other surface of the heat dissipation sheet and the other surface of the heat insulation material, wherein silica aerogel is included between fibers in an inner region of the heat insulation material, an outer peripheral region of the heat insulation material includes the fibers, and the heat dissipation sheet and the heat insulation material are fixed onto each other through the fibers. Furthermore, provided is an electronic apparatus, including a heat generating component; and the above composite material, wherein the composite material is placed between the housing and the heat generating component..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Metallic copper dispersion, manufacturing same, and usage for same

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a metallic copper dispersion: capable of maintaining dispersion stability of metallic copper particles for a long period of time; suitable for inkjet printing, spray coating, or the like; and capable of allowing a metallic copper-containing film having an excellent electrical conductivity and metallic color tone to be manufactured in a simple manner by performing low-temperature heating or plasma irradiation after application. The metallic copper dispersion is a dispersion containing at least an organic solvent, a polymer dispersant, and metallic copper particles having gelatin on the particle surface, wherein the metallic copper particles in the dispersion have a cumulative 50% particle size (d50) of 1-130 nm and a cumulative 90% particle size (d90) of 10-300 nm, and the polymer dispersant has an amine number of 10-150 mgkoh/g.
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.


Engineered neural tissue

A method for producing an engineered tissue scaffold for neural repair is described. The method includes tethering a hydrogel matrix seeded with tension-generating cells to a frame, and allowing the tension-generating cells to generate tension within the matrix, such that the cells self-align.
The Open University


Hydrogel drug delivery implants

Materials and methods for treating a patient, optionally a patient with an eye disease, comprising providing a collection of particles that comprise a first biodegradable material that is a hydrogel or a xerogel and a therapeutic agent, with the first material, before biodegradation, having a rate of release for the therapeutic agent as measured in physiological solution, and forming a second hydrogel ex vivo or in situ on a tissue of the patient at a site of intended use, optionally at or near an eye, that at least partially coats the collection of particles. The agent is released to treat the patient..
Incept, Llc


Structural hydrogel polymer device

The present invention relates generally a manufacturing process which results in a completely hydrogel polymer device that maintains lumen patency which allows for numerous applications. Catheters and stents are particular examples, and their composition, mechanical characteristics, and the significantly unique ability to conduct and allow fluids to pass from one end to the other without physiological rejection, inflammation, or manifestation of complications due to implant or otherwise undesirable outcomes when used for ambulatory and or therapeutic interventions is the purpose of the invention..


Tubular vascular graft and the preparation thereof

The present invention provides a reparation method of a tubular vascular graft, (a) immersing a tubular scaffold in a first light sensitivity gelatin solution, and irradiate the tubular scaffold by a first time period, to let surface of the tubular scaffold form a base layer; (b) immersing the tubular scaffold of the step (a) in a chitin gelatin solution, when the surface of the base layer form a film, then immersing the tubular scaffold into a sodium hydroxide solution to generate a middle layer of the surface of the base layer; (c) immersing the tubular scaffold of the step (b) in a second light sensitivity gelatin solution, wherein the second light sensitivity gelatin solution comprises a cell, the tubular scaffold is irradiated by a second time period to form a surface layer of the middle layer; (d) until the cell forms a tubular structure of the surface layer by the cell in the tubular scaffold of the step (c), heating the tubular scaffold by a temperature to solve the base layer into a solution, pulling out the tubular scaffold to get an artificial blood vessels.. .
National Tsing Hua University


Monolithic ionogel with biopolymer matrix, and manufacturing same

The invention relates to a monolithic ionogel with an organic confinement matrix for at least one ionic liquid, and a method for manufacturing same. An ionogel according to the invention comprises a biopolymer confinement matrix with a cross-linked polysaccharide base and an ionic liquid confined in a network formed by the matrix, and it is such that the polysaccharide has siloxane cross-linking bridges, the ionogel being a chemical gel able to constitute a self-supported solid electrolyte by itself.
Universite De Nantes


Pellicle with aerogel support frame

Disclosed herein are various pellicles for use during extreme ultraviolet (euv) photolithography processes. An euv radiation device disclosed herein includes a reticle, a substrate support stage, a pellicle positioned between the reticle and the substrate support stage, wherein the pellicle includes an aerogel grid and a membrane formed on the aerogel grid, and a radiation source that is adapted to generate radiation at a wavelength of about 20 nm or less that is to be directed through the pellicle toward the reticle..
Globalfoundries Inc.


Uv-blocking silicone hydrogel composition and silicone hydrogel contact lens containing thereof

And x is 0 or 1. A silicone contact lens containing the uv-blocking silicone hydrogel composition is also provided herein..


Smart window using aerogel

A smart window includes a pair of transparent electrodes spaced apart to face each other. Porous aerogel is interposed between the pair of transparent electrodes.
Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation Of Sejong University


Composition for evaluating or predicting patients therapeutic response to methormin

The present invention relates to a biomarker for evaluating or predicting response of a patient to metformin, and use thereof. The present invention relates to a composition and a kit for evaluating or predicting therapeutic response of a patient to metformin, comprising an agent capable of detecting one or more microorganisms selected from the group consisting of blautia, shigella and clostridium.
Snu R&db Foundation


Composition for transferring gene to cell

Disclosed are a composition for gene transfer, a method for introducing a gene into cell of a non-human animal, a method for introducing a gene into an in vitro cell, and a kit for gene transfer. The composition comprises (a) at least one lipid selected from the group consisting of sorbitan sesquioleate, sorbitan monolaurate, sorbitan monopalmitate, sorbitan monostearate, sorbitan trioleate, sorbitan monooleate, l-α-phosphatidylinositol, l-α-dioleoyl phosphatidylethanolamine, octadecylamine, hexadecylamine, dotap, and cardiolipin; (b) at least one protein selected from the group consisting of albumin, casein, gelatin, and sericin; and (c) at least one positively charged substance selected from the group consisting of protamine sulfate, polyarginine, polylysine, polyethyleneimine, and hexadimethrine bromide..
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.


Hydrogel forming material from byproduct pulp fines

A process for making a hydrogel forming material from an unbleached cellulose pulp comprised of isolating pulp fines from the cellulose pulp by screening and/or dissolved air filtration, reacting the isolated pulp fines with alkaline hydroxide to form an alkali cellulose composition, preparing a heterogeneous mixture of the alkali cellulose composition and an etherifying agent, and optionally organic cross-linking agent, and reacting the components of the mixture to produce a hydrogel forming material. A polyvalent metal cross-linking agent can optionally be reacted with the hydrogel forming material to enhance its gel strength..
Rayonier Performance Fibers, Llc


Antibodies to matrix metalloproteinase 9

The present disclosure provides compositions and methods of use involving binding proteins, e.g., antibodies and antigen-binding fragments thereof, that bind to the matrix metalloproteinase-9 (mmp9) protein (mmp9 is also known as gelatinase-b), wherein the binding proteins comprise an immunoglobulin (ig) heavy chain (or functional fragment thereof) and an ig light chain (or functional fragment thereof).. .
Gilead Biologics, Inc.


Recording material for thermal printing methods

A recording material for thermal printing methods comprising a carrier and a dye-absorbing layer equipped for the thermal dye transfer, wherein a barrier layer is arranged between the carrier and the dye-absorbing layer and the barrier layer contains gelatine and a polymer binder dispersible in water, the gelatine and the polymer binder dispersible in water being cross-linked with one another, suitable for the production of photo-like images having very good dye migration behaviour and without mottle effect.. .
Schoeller Technocell Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method of manufacturing wettable silicone hydrogel contact lenses

A method for manufacturing a silicone hydrogel contact lens is described that comprises curing a polymerizable composition comprising at least one siloxane monomer and at least one hydrophilic vinyl-containing monomer in a contact lens mold comprising a molding surface having a coating comprising a hydrophilic polymer. The hydrophilic coating is not solubilized by the polymerizable composition during the curing step.
Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp


Photo-responsive spiropyran-based n-isopropylacrylamide (nipam) gels

The present teaching relates to photo-responsive hydrogels comprising a copolymer comprising n-isopropylacrylamide (nipam), a polymerisable derivative of benzospiropyran, a cross-linking agent and an acid, the acid having a pka of less than 6, wherein the hydrogel is operably responsive to exposure to water so as to undergo spontaneous protonation and swelling. The photo-responsive hydrogels described can be used in the field of microfluidic platforms..
Dublin City University


Polysaccharide hydrogels for injection with tunable properties

Injectable hydrogels comprising polysaccharides based on disaccharides the backbones of which form an α-helix structure and in which in at least 10% of the disaccharide units the primary hydroxyl groups are oxidized.. .
UniversitÄtsspital Basel


Self-assembling biomimetic hydrogels having bioadhesive properties

The disclosure relates to a composition that is liquid at a temperature below the body temperature of a mammal and that solidifies at or above the body temperature of the mammal. The composition includes a thermally-desolubilizable polymer interspersed with a polymeric component of extracellular matrix and an encapsulated form of an amine compound (preferably an aminated component of extracellular matrix) that is de-encapsulated in the body of the mammal.
Rowan University


Device and the delivery of drugs for the treatment of posterior segment disease

Hydrogel lenses are infused with a drug for the treatment of posterior segment disease. The lenses are placed in contact with the subject's cornea.
Direct Contact Llc


Herbal composition for increasing fertility in men and a synthesizing the same

The embodiments of the present invention provide herbal syrup comprising nigella sativa (nigella) seed extract and zingiber officinale (ginger) root extract. The nigella seeds and ginger roots are identified in a herbarium and confirmed.


Intraocular shunt manufacture

An intraocular shunt can be manufactured using a system that includes a liquid bath and a wire, which is moved through the bath. When moved through the bath, the wire is coated with a material, such as gelatin.
Aquesys, Inc.


Drug target capturing method

The present invention discloses a method for capturing drug targets, comprising the following steps of: (1) preparing row materials, i.e., compounds and dna or rna or one party of other specific affinity materials; (2) linking: covalently linking the compounds to the dna or rna or the one party of other specific affinity materials, to obtain labeled compounds; (3) transferring: transferring the labeled compounds obtained in the step (2) into cells by a specific gene transfer method; (4) capturing targets: disrupting the cells in the step (3), and then capturing the dna or rna in the step (1) by immobilized complementary dna or rna, or capturing the one party of affinity materials in the step (1) by the other party of immobilized specific affinity materials, thus to enrich the targets through the covalently linked labeled compounds and the affinity of the targets; (5) identifying targets: dissociating the enriched targets from a stationary phase, deploying the targets by a gel electrophoresis method or by an equivalent separation method, and comparing differential proteins by proteomics thus to identify the potential targets; and (6) determining targets: expressing or purchasing the targets identified in the step (5) by priority, and comparing by interaction of the compounds with those targets one by one to determine the targets for the compounds. By the method of the present invention, compounds with low membrane permeability may be transferred into cells to be bound with the targets in the cells, to realize the target identification closer to the real physiological environment and thus provide more conclusive evidences for the acting mechanism of the compounds to diseases.
Hitgen Ltd.


Selective capture and release of rare mammalian cells using photodegradable hydrogels in a microfluidic platform

Disclosed herein are photodegradable hydrogels and associated kits for selectively capturing and releasing cells. The hydrogels result from cross linking in the presence of a photoinitiator (1) a macromer having a polymeric backbone structure, a photo labile moiety, and a first linking moiety, and (2) a cell-binding moiety having a second linking moiety.
The General Hospital Corporation


Leucine beta roll domains and uses thereof

In one aspect, the invention relates to a peptide that forms a calcium-dependent hydrogel using a rationally engineered beta roll peptide. In the absence of calcium, the peptide is intrinsically disordered.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


Nanodiamond composites and methods for their synthesis

Disclosed herein are nanodiamond composites and methods for their synthesis. In particular, the nanodiamond composites include large-surface-area polymer composites that include a polymer and nanodiamond dispersed and bound therein.
University Of Washington


Organically modified hybrid aerogels

Disclosed and claimed herein are hybrid aerogels which are compositions of tetraalkoxysilanes and bis-(trialkoxysilyl) imides that exhibit low thermal conductivities and high compressive strengths. Methods for their preparation are also provided..
Aspen Aerogels,inc.


Poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate) hydrogel compositions, and methods of use thereof

The present application relates to hydrogel compositions comprising first and second precursor polymers, wherein the precursor polymers are modified poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate) copolymers that are crosslinked through electrophile-nucleophile reactions.. .
Mcmaster University


Method for the treatment of nanohydrogels

A method for treating nanohydrogels comprising—a dispersion step, in which a nanohydrogel obtained from a polysaccharide functionalized with hydrophobic molecules is dispersed in an aqueous solution, and a sterilization and homogenization step, in which the aqueous dispersion of nanohydrogels is added with a compound designed to be charged in the nanohydrogel particles by being englobed or adsorbed thereby and is subjected to a temperature of between 70° c. And 150° c.
Niob Sagl


Semi-solid chewable dosage form for over-the-counter medications and producing same

The invention provides a semi-solid chewable dosage form for use as an over-the-counter medication that contains an active pharmaceutical ingredient to treat symptoms associated with allergies, colds, coughs, fever, pain, gastrointestinal disorders, sleep, and other common conditions. The invention further provides a semi-solid chewable dosage form that contains an active pharmaceutical ingredient, a gelling agent, gelatin, sugar, a polyol, and a ph adjusting agent.
Santa Cruz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Method for preparing hydrogel bead for detection of hydrofluoric acid and kit comprising the same

The present invention relates to a hydrogel bead for detecting hydrofluoric acid and a kit comprising the same, and more particularly, to a hydrogel bead capable of detecting hydrofluoric acid using an organometallic ligand compound that reversibly changes color depending on the concentration of hydrofluoric acid when coming into contact with hydrofluoric acid, and to a kit for detecting hydrofluoric acid comprising the same. In an embodiment, a method for preparing a hydrogel bead for detecting hydrofluoric acid comprises the steps of: mixing an organic compound, which contains an aromatic functional group having at least one hydroxyl group bonded thereto, with a solution of a metal-ligand compound that bonds with the organic compound, thereby preparing a mixed solution; dropping the mixed solution onto a gelling agent; and adding coagulating agent to the mixture resulting from the dropping step to form a porous bead..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University


Kit and promoting mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

The present invention is related to a kit comprising: (a) a mesenchymal stem cell; (b) a gelatin-hyaluronan-chondroitin tri-copolymer scaffold; (c) a kartogenin; and (d) a bioreactor. The present invention is also related to a method for promoting differentiation of a mesenchymal stem cell into cartilage tissue, comprising: (a) culturing the mesenchymal stem cell on a gelatin- hyaluronan-chondroitin tri-copolymer scaffold in the presence of a kartogenin; and (b) culturing the mesenchymal stem cell and the gelatin-hyaluronan-chondroitin tri-copolymer scaffold in a bioreactor..
National Taiwan University


Compositions comprising encapsulated actives within droplets and other compartments

The present invention generally relates to microparticles and, in particular, to systems and methods for encapsulation within microparticles. In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to microparticles containing entities therein, where the entities contain an agent that can be released from the microparticles, e.g., via diffusion.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Methods for encapsulation of actives within droplets and other compartments

The present invention generally relates to microparticles and, in particular, to systems and methods for encapsulation within microparticles. In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to microparticles containing entities therein, where the entities contain an agent that can be released from the microparticles, e.g., via diffusion.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Systems for encapsulation of actives within droplets and other compartments

The present invention generally relates to microparticles and, in particular, to systems and methods for encapsulation within microparticles. In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to microparticles containing entities therein, where the entities contain an agent that can be released from the microparticles, e.g., via diffusion.
The Procter & Gamble Company


Caprolactam-based fatty amide as hydrogelling additive

The present invention relates to a caprolactam-based fatty amide additive useful as a hydrogelator for aqueous compositions.. .
Arkema France


Suturable hybrid superporous hydrogel keratoprosthesis for cornea

The present invention features a superporous hydrogel scaffold for corneal regeneration or replacement and a method for producing the same. The superporous hydrogel is composed of a poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (phema) and poly(methyl methacrylate) (pmma) copolymer mixed with collagen.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Nanocomposite hydrogels

Provided herein are hemostatic compositions useful for treating wounds in a patient in need thereof. An exemplary hemostatic comprises gelatin or a derivative thereof and silicate nanoparticles.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Method for crosslinking hyaluronic acid; preparing an injectable hydrogel; hydrogel obtained; use of the obtained hydrogel

The present invention relates to a method for crosslinking hyaluronic acid, a method for preparing an injectable hydrogel, the hydrogel thus obtained and its use.. .
Anteis S.a.


Water-soluble supramolecular complexes

Water-soluble supramolecular complexes formed from a water soluble block copolymer and at least one associative gelling adjuvant. The copolymer includes at least two blocks of polyethylene oxide and at least one block of polypropylene oxide.
Broda International, Llc


Wound dressing garment

A wound dressing garment is provided. The wound dressing garment includes a wearable garment including a portion having a hole configured to receive a wound dressing therein in combination with the wound dressing.
Roar Consultants


Stable oil suspensions with enhanced bioavailability and compositions thereof

Stable oil suspensions are described that have enhanced bioavailability and contain lipophilic nutrients uniformly dispersed in a solid hydrophilic carrier and suspended in an oil medium. A process for preparation of stable oil suspensions of lipophilic nutrients and compositions of these suspensions such as soft gelatin capsules are also described.
Omniactive Health Technologies Limited


Porous substrate electrode body and producing same

The object of the present invention is to provide an electrode member with the hydrogel substrate, capable of producing a high-voltage pulse. Further, the other object of the present invention is to provide an electrode member which is not broken due to a deformation of the hydrogel.
Tohoku University


Fluid channel system for examining cells

A fluid channel system for examining cells may comprise a chamber filled with at least one photopolymerized hydrogel and/or one polymerized photodepolymerizable hydrogel to at least 90% capacity. The chamber may open exclusively towards at least one fluid channel via at least two openings.
Ibidi Gmbh


Cylinder head for engine

Disclosed is a cylinder head for an engine. The cylinder head for an engine includes an insulation coating layer formed on a surface of an intake port surface.
Hyundai Motor Company


Heat insulation composition for improving heat insulation and soundproofing functions, containing aerogel, and manufacturing heat insulation fabric by using same

The present invention relates to a heat insulation composition, containing aerogel, with improved heat insulation and soundproofing properties, and a method for manufacturing a heat insulation fabric by using the same. The heat insulation composition is prepared by mixing solvent, aerogel powder, adhesive binder and carbon black powder, thereby improving the heat insulation property at an extremely low temperature and at a high temperature, and also enhancing the soundproofing property..
Jios Aerogel Corporation


Self-suspending proppants for hydraulic fracturing

The invention provides for modified proppants, comprising a proppant particle and a hydrogel coating, wherein the hydrogel coating localizes on the surface of the proppant particle to produce the modified proppant, methods of manufacturing such proppants and methods of use.. .
Self-suspending Proppant Llc


Method for producing tricyclic heterocyclic compound

It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for producing a high-purity tricyclic heterocyclic compound represented by formula (i), which is useful as a production intermediate for a pharmaceutical agent, wherein the method is an efficient production method with short steps and with a high yield, which does not use, as raw materials, expensive bromopyruvate and highly harmful copper chromite, and does not need silica gel column chromatography that generates, as by-products, large quantities of waste. The present invention relates to production of compound (i) by the following method..
Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited


Method for preparing a composition comprising functionalised silico/germano-metal particles and composition obtained

A method for preparing a composition includes silico/germano-metal particles functionalized by at least one organic group, which involves:—carrying out a hydrothermal treatment of a hydrogel precursor of the silico/germano-metal mineral particles, and—preparing a hydrogel including silico/germano-metal particles having at least one organic group by co-precipitation in an aqueous medium. A composition including functionalized silico/germano-metal mineral particles of which 1% to 75% of the silicon atoms and/or of the germanium atoms are covalently bonded to at least one organic group is also described..
UniversitÉ Paul Sabatier Toulouse Iii


Highly porous aerogels

Provided are methods for the manufacture of highly porous aerogels, particularly to twisted carbon fibers (tcf) and carbon microbelt (cmb) aerogels, by providing a carbon raw material and heating said carbon raw material under inert gas atmosphere and reduced pressure up to 900° c. Also encompassed are the thus obtained aerogels and the use thereof, particularly for treating waste water..
Nanyang Technological University


System for additive manufacturing of three-dimensional structures and same

A system and method for additive manufacturing of three-dimensional structures, including three-dimensional cellular structures, are provided. The system comprises at least one print head for receiving and dispensing materials, the materials comprising a sheath fluid and a hydrogel, the print head comprising an orifice for dispensing the materials, microfluidic channels for receiving and directing the materials, fluidic switches corresponding to one of the microfluidic channels in the print head and configured to allow or disallow fluid flow in the microfluidic channels; a receiving surface for receiving a first layer of the materials dispensed from the orifice; a positioning unit for positioning the orifice of the print head in three dimensional space; and a dispensing means for dispensing the materials from the orifice of the print head..
Aspect Biosystems Ltd.


Microfluidic methods for manipulating dna

Techniques are provided for generating, manipulating, and measuring fluidic droplets in mixed phase systems based on establishing transient continuities between otherwise spatially separated phases. In certain methods of the invention, electrodes in contact with the continuous phases allow electrical monitoring of continuity or proximity of separated phases as a means to characterize droplets.
Lariat Biosciences, Inc.


Caprolactam-based fatty amide as gelling additive

The present invention relates to a caprolactam-based fatty amide additive having an amine or salified amine ending useful as a hydrogelator for aqueous compositions.. .
Arkema France


Device and compressing a hydrogel

The invention relates to a device and a method for compressing a hydrogel layer (h), wherein a separate piston (600) that is designed to be connected to a second component (400) of the device in a releasable manner in an operating mode of the device, particularly by means of a latching connection, presses along a compression direction (c) against said hydrogel layer (h) residing on a membrane bottom (501) of a graft frame (500) so as to compress the hydrogel layer (h) between the piston (600) and the membrane bottom (501).. .
UniversitÄt ZÜrich


Gelatin sponge comprising an active ingredient, its preparation and use

The present invention is directed to a method for manufacturing a cross-linked gelatin sponge having a surface by providing a cross-linked gelatin sponge, wetting the surface of the sponge by applying a sufficient amount of liquid comprising a protein or peptide active ingredient, wherein a sufficient amount of liquid is one that retains the flexibility of the sponge even after drying. The sponge is then dried the sponge to obtain a flexible, dry and ready to use cross linked gelatin sponge having a layer of protein or peptide active ingredient on the surface thereof..
Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.


Methods of preparing and using sericin hydrogel

A method for preparing a sericin hydrogel, the method including: 1) weighing a cocoon of a fibroin-deficient mutant silkworm, bombyx mori, extracting the cocoon by an aqueous solution of libr or licl, dialyzing an extracted solution to yield a sericin solution having a concentration of a non-degraded sericin of between 0.1 and 4 wt. %; and 2) concentrating the sericin solution to a concentration of between 1.5 and 10 wt.
Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University Of Science And Technology


Tunable anti-microbial loaded hydrogels

A tunable antimicrobial-loaded hydrogel formulation has a mechanical strength can be altered by changing the salt composition. The hydrogel formulation is preferably a gellan film.
Brown University


Orally disintegrating tablet

Disclosed is an orally disintegrating tablet including: (a) an active ingredient; (b) a starch with an amylose content of 20% by mass to 30% by mass and a degree of gelatinization of less than 10%; and (c) at least one inorganic excipient selected from the group consisting of magnesium silicate, calcium silicate, and synthetic hydrotalcite. The orally disintegrating tablet is a single-layer tablet or a dry-coated tablet having an inner core and an outer layer.
Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co., Ltd.


Controlled release delivery system for nasal applications and treatment

This invention relates to a gel formulation for nasal administration of a controlled release formulation of hormones to the systemic circulation and/or to the brain. The special lipophilic or partly lipophilic system of the invention leads to higher bioavailability of the active ingredient caused by sustained serum levels in plasma but also leads to a more favorable serum level profile.
Mattern Pharma Ag


Silica hydrogel composite

This invention relates to a silica hydrogel composite obtainable by mixing silica particles, comprising an encapsulated agent, with a silica sol, wherein obtained hydrogel composite is shear-thinning. The present invention also relates to use of the silica hydrogel composite according to the invention for an injectable, flowing or extrudable formulation.
Delsitech Oy


Plant water reservoir

A plant watering reservoir has a container having a container sidewall. Sidewall openings are formed on the container sidewall.


Method of producing dispersion liquid of gelatinous electrolyte

A method of producing a dispersion liquid of a gelatinous electrolyte includes a water content reduction process of concentrating an aqueous dispersion liquid of an electrolyte at a temperature of 50° c. Or less and reducing a water content in a concentrate of the electrolyte to 5% by mass or less based on the total mass of the concentrate of the electrolyte, and an alcohol addition process of adding an alcohol to the concentrate of the electrolyte obtained in the water content reduction process to form the dispersion liquid of the gelatinous electrolyte..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Heat shield for cables

A heat shield for use with cables in a nuclear environment can include a thermal insulator. The thermal insulator can have a low thermal conductivity and can be formed of a silica glass fiber material, an aerogel, or an aerogel-derived material.
General Cable Technologies Corporation


Elastomeric gel body gasket having a substantially incompressible skeleton, a making and using the same

Gaskets, including aircraft gaskets, are disclosed, the gaskets having an elastomeric gel body and substantially incompressible skeletons. The bodies may be pliable and deformable and, in one example, may be comprised of a two-part chemically cured polyurethane that sets up as a gel after mixing with the web so that it is fully integral with the web and so that there is substantially no air bubbles or air pockets left in the web.
Aviation Devices & Electronic Components, L.l.c.

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