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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gel-related patents
 Wound dressings with enhanced gas permeation and other beneficial properties patent thumbnailWound dressings with enhanced gas permeation and other beneficial properties
A wound dressing comprises a wound dressing substrate including one or more of gas vesicles, rhamnolipids, and sophorolipids. The wound dressing can be fabric-based or hydrogel-based.
 Hydrogel polymeric compositions and methods patent thumbnailHydrogel polymeric compositions and methods
Some aspects of this disclosure relate to a method of treating an ophthalmic disease affecting an eye of a patient comprising forming a covalently-crosslinked hydrogel in situ at a peri-ocular, intra-ocular, or intra-vitreal site for controlled release of a therapeutic agent.. .
 Silicone hydrogel soft contact lens having wettable surface patent thumbnailSilicone hydrogel soft contact lens having wettable surface
Provided is a silicone hydrogel soft contact lens obtained by curing in a double-sided casting mold, a liquid mixture including glycerol mono(meth)acrylate and at least one type of silicone monomer having at least one hydroxyl group or polyethylene glycol group in the molecular structure thereof, the silicone hydrogel soft contact lens having a wettable surface without a polymerized lens-shaped material being subjected to post-processing to improve the water wetting properties of a surface thereof.. .
 Aerogel-based material that is super-insulating at atmospheric pressure patent thumbnailAerogel-based material that is super-insulating at atmospheric pressure
The present invention relates to a solid thermally insulating material, essentially free of phyllosilicates, comprising (a) from 70 to 98% by volume of hydrophobic silica aerogel particles having an intrinsic density between 110 and 210 kg/m, (b) from 0.3 to 12% by volume of an organic binder formed by at least one organic polymer (b1) and at least one surfactant (b2), or by an amphiphilic organic polymer (b3), these volume fractions being determined by image analysis on thin sections of the solid material and being given relative to the total volume of the material, the aerogel particles having a particle size distribution that has at least two maxima, with a first maximum corresponding to an equivalent diameter (d) of less than 200 μm, preferably between 25 μm and 150 μm and a second maximum corresponding to an equivalent diameter (d) between 400 μm and 10 mm, preferably between 500 μm and 5 mm. It also relates to a thermally insulating product containing at least one layer of this material..
 Thermal insulation products and production of thermal insulation products patent thumbnailThermal insulation products and production of thermal insulation products
Methods of making thermal insulation products that may be usable to provide insulation in high temperature applications. One method includes sealing a support material (e.g., a nanoporous core such as fumed silica, an aerogel powder, etc.) and at least one vapor within an interior portion of a substantially gas-impermeable envelope (e.g., a metallic and/or polymeric film), and then condensing at least a portion of the vapor after the sealing step to reduce the pressure within the gas-impermeable envelope from a first pressure before the condensing to a lower second pressure after the condensing.
 Novel protein peptide hydrogels patent thumbnailNovel protein peptide hydrogels
The present invention broadly provides novel peptides that can be used to form hydrogels. The peptides are short (preferably 30 amino acid residues or less) and include hydrophilic and hydrophobic segments joined by a turning segment.
 Peptide-hydrogel composite patent thumbnailPeptide-hydrogel composite
The present invention relates to polymers, especially polymers useful as hydrogels, and to use of hydrogels for repair or restoration of tissue. In particular, the polymers and hydrogels of the present invention can be used for the repair or restoration of cartilage, especially articular cartilage.
 Methods for controlled release oral dosage of a vitamin d compound patent thumbnailMethods for controlled release oral dosage of a vitamin d compound
A stable, controlled release formulation for oral dosing of vitamin d compounds is disclosed. The formulation is prepared by incorporating one or more vitamin d compounds into a solid or semi-solid mixture of waxy materials.
 Interpenetrating polymer network hydrogel patent thumbnailInterpenetrating polymer network hydrogel
A strain-hardened interpenetrating polymer network (ipn) hydrogel is provided. The interpenetrating polymer network hydrogel is based on two different networks.
 Hydrogel-mediated tissue analysis patent thumbnailHydrogel-mediated tissue analysis
A method for analyzing the polypeptide content of animal tissue is described. The method includes the steps of (a) providing an animal tissue specimen; (b) depositing one or more portions of a hydrogel mixture including a protease on spatially discrete portions of the animal tissue specimen; (c) allowing sufficient time to pass for animal tissue under the hydrogel mixture to be form a digested mixture of animal tissue and hydrogel mixture; (d) removing the digested mixture from the animal tissue and extracting the polypeptides from the digested mixture to provide an extract; and (e) analyzing the polypeptide content of the extract by mass spectrometry..
Method for determining the surface concentration of carboxyl groups on a lens
The invention is related to a method for qualifying and quantifying carboxyl groups on the surfaces of a silicone hydrogel contact lens. The method of the invention comprises the steps of: (a) obtaining silicone hydrogel contact lenses each of which comprises a silicone hydrogel lens body (i.e., bulk material) and a coating thereon, wherein the silicone hydrogel lens body is obtained from a lens formulation free of any polymerizable component including one or more carboxyl groups, wherein the coating comprises a polymer having carboxyl groups; (b) immersing a given number of the silicone hydrogel contact lenses in a fixed volume of a c1-c4 alcohol solution of a positively-charged dye having acetate as counter anion at a given initial concentration for a time period sufficient to stain the silicone hydrogel contact lens; and (c) determining the concentration of carboxyl groups per each silicone hydrogel contact lens and/or the thickness of the coating on the silicone hydrogel contact lens..
Method and apparatus for the preparation of a crisp food product
A crisp food product is prepared in a first phase from thin food pieces of raw fruit, vegetable or gelatinizable proteins, by blanching them (if necessary) and drying them. A second phase takes place in a vacuum chamber, where the dried thin food pieces are exposed to heat to expand them, are quickly removed from the heat source and are cooled, before being removed from the vaccuum..
Enteric coated multiparticulate controlled release peppermint oil composition and related methods
A multiparticulate composition is formed from a plurality of individual cores including a hydrophobic phase containing peppermint oil dispersed in a microcrystalline cellulose-based gel and a hydrophilic phase containing a hydrogel. An enteric coating is over the individual cores.
Composition for treatment or reduction of symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome (pms), premenstrual disphoric disorder (pmdd), premenopause, menopause or female hormonal disorders, in a pharmaceutical composition containing said form, and process for producing said pharmaceutical form and use of said composition
The present invention relates to the field of food and medicines for the treatment or alleviation of premenstrual syndrome (pms), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd), premenopause, menopause and female hormonal disorders. A first embodiment relates to a composition containing vitamins, minerals and oils.
Formulations of lycopene in combination with bisphosphonates bone resorption inhibitors
The present invention provides a pharmaceutical formulation suitable for filling softgel capsules comprising: (a) from about 1% to about 90% by weight of a bisphosphonic acid or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt; (b) from 1% to about 99% by weight of lycopene and (c) from about 40% to about 80% by weight of a liquid carrier comprising 50% to 80% by weight polyethylene glycol; 5% to 15% by weight of glycerin; and 5% to 20% by weight water. The invention also describes a method for preparing alendronate or its pharmaceutical acceptable salts in encapsulated therapeutic dosage form in combination with lycopene..
Buoyant cosmetic gel formulation
A buoyant cosmetic gel formulation with a high moisture content that increases the longevity and facilitates the application of the formulation on a user's skin through various means of application. The buoyant cosmetic gel formulation contains a volatile liquid, a polysaccharide as a film forming and structuring agent, a humectant, effect pigments, and an anhydrous phase.
Bridgeless pfc power converter with reduced emi noise
A bridgeless pfc boost converter has either a single switching cell or two identical switching cells configured to operate 180 degrees out of phase. A switching cell includes first and second transistor switches coupled to opposing ends of an input ac voltage source, and first and second rectifying diodes, one rectifying diode coupled in series to each of the two transistor switches.
Bridgeless pfc power converter with high efficiency
A bridgeless pfc boost converter has two auxiliary transistor switches coupled to an input ac voltage source and two boost inductors coupled to opposing ends of the input ac voltage source. A first boost inductor is coupled to a junction node of a first rectifying diode and a first transistor switch coupled in series.
Electronic dosage dispensing system for filling softgel capsules
The invention relates to a rotary die device for producing soft capsules, comprising a capsule forming unit for forming a soft-capsule shell and a novel dosing unit for feeding a filling material into the capsule forming unit, characterized in that the dosing unit comprises a dispensing system that includes (a) a container defining a reservoir for storing therapeutic or non-therapeutic compositions; (b) a low pressure pump; (c) a high pressure peristaltic pump; (d) a supply line for the therapeutic or non-therapeutic compositions; and (d) one or more electromagnetically activated nozzles/injectors to fill the softgel capsules with the therapeutic or non-therapeutic compositions.. .
Shaped article made of porous hydrogel, manufacturing process therefor and use thereof
There is provided a shaped article made of porous hydrogel that contains a polyvinyl alcohol acetalized with a dialdehyde, wherein the shaped article after freeze-drying has a pore size of 0.1 to 50 μm. Preferably, the shaped article made of porous hydrogel further contains a water-soluble polysaccharide.
Co2-facilitated transport membrane and production method of same
Co2-facilitated transport membrane that can be applied to a co2-permeable membrane reactor is stably provided. The co2-facilitated transport membrane is provided such that a gel layer 1 composed of a hydrogel membrane is deposited onto a porous membrane 2.
Elongated expandable member for occluding varicose veins
Assemblies, kits, and methods for occluding a vascular vessel, such as a varicose vein, are disclosed. An assembly can include a removable inner member, a removable outer member, and an elongated expandable member positioned in a compressed form between portions of the inner and outer members.
Photo-crosslinked gellan gum-based hydrogels: methods and uses thereof
The matrix can be used either as an acellular or cellular system, dispensed manually or automatically by injection and crosslinked directly at the site of application, and can be processed using manual or automated systems in different types of scaffolds, such as hydrogels, fibres, 3d structures and micro- or nanoparticles.. .
Method of aerogel synthesis
The present disclosure provides a method for producing an aerogel, the method comprising reacting at least one acid monomer with at least one diamino monomer in a first solvent under conditions appropriate to form a polyimide polymer; conducting a solvent exchange wherein the first solvent is exchanged for a second solvent, said second solvent having a freezing point, wherein said solvent exchange further comprises (1) submersing the polyimide polymer in the second solvent in a pressure vessel and (2) creating a high pressure environment inside the pressure vessel for a first period of time; cooling the polyimide polymer to a first temperature below the freezing point of the second solvent; and subjecting cooled polyimide polymer to a first vacuum for a second period of time at a second temperature.. .
Biotherapeutics for the treatment of infectious diseases
An occlusive dressing made with an elastomeric gel and one or more active agents is described. The elastomeric gel contains a plasticizing oil phase and a block copolymer agent.
Polysaccharide gel formulation having increased longevity
Described herein are polysaccharide gel formulations including at least one inhibitor of polysaccharide degradation and methods of making the same. The methods described herein involve the steps of providing at least one polysaccharide and incorporating at least one inhibitor of degradation into the polysaccharide.
Self-assembled composite ultrasmall peptide-polymer hydrogels
The present invention relates to composite hydrogels comprising at least one non-peptidic polymer and at least one peptide having the general formula: z—(x)m—(y)n—z′p, wherein z is an n-terminal protecting group; x is, at each occurrence, independently selected from an aliphatic amino acid, an aliphatic amino acid derivative and a glycine; y is, at each occurrence, independently selected from a polar amino acid and a polar amino acid derivative; z′ is a c-terminal protecting group; m is an integer selected from 2 to 6; n is selected from 1 or 2; and p is selected from 0 or 1. The present invention further relates to methods of producing the composite hydrogels, to uses of the composite hydrogels for the delivery of drugs and other bioactive agents/moieties, as an implant or injectable agent that facilitates tissue regeneration, and as a topical agent for wound healing.
Gelatinous dielectric material for high voltage connector
A connector device includes a device body and a pin assembly. The connector device includes a bushing portion with a conductive bus having a first bore, a conductive housing with a second bore that is axially aligned with the first bore, an internal chamber separating the first bore and the second bore, and a gelatinous silicone material enclosed within the internal chamber.
Hydrolytically degradable micellar hydrogels
Degradable and biologically inert hydrogel networks are described. The hydrogel networks are crosslinked and based on a biocompatible polymer that is chain extended with hydrophobic segments that include no more than 5 hydrophobic monomers to form a macromonomer that is then crosslinked to form a network that includes individual micelles throughout the crosslinked network.
Aerogel-based mold for mems fabrication and formation thereof
The invention is directed to a patterned aerogel-based layer that serves as a mold for at least part of a microelectromechanical feature. The density of an aerogel is less than that of typical materials used in mems fabrication, such as poly-silicon, silicon oxide, single-crystal silicon, metals, metal alloys, and the like.
Method for manufacturing multicore gelatin microcapsule
Provided is a method for producing a multicore gelatin microcapsule containing a flavoring agent, the multicore gelatin microcapsule having a time to the flavor emanation peak ranging from 1 minute 30 seconds to less than 4 minutes in the case of use in a food. The method for producing a multicore gelatin microcapsule comprises the steps of: adding a transglutaminase to an oil-in-water emulsion composition containing gelatin and a flavoring agent to yield a mixed solution containing the gelatin in an amount of 10 to 25% by mass; and spraying the mixed solution and cooling and solidifying the sprayed solution..
Amniotic membrane hydrogel and methods of making
The present invention provides compositions and methods for wound healing and tissue regeneration. The compositions of the present invention comprise amniotic membrane of the placenta.
Absorbable in situ gel-forming system, method of making and use thereof
An in situ gel-forming composition is disclosed. The in situ gel-forming composition comprises one or more absorbable polymers, solvents such as n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, polyethylene glycol or dmso, and optionally one or more bioactive agent.
Production of hydrogels by means of diels-alder reaction
The present invention is directed to hydrogels and their preparation by cross-linking macromonomers by means of diels-alder reaction. The hydrogels described in the invention, which can gel in situ, are suitable, inter alia, as biomaterial for medical applications, as scaffolding material for living cells and as carrier system for the controlled release of drugs..
Fluorescing gel formulations and their applications
Fluorescing gel formulations are disclosed for monitoring cleaning of a surface. The fluorescing gel formulations are stable, fluoresce under uv light, and do not leave a mark after drying and removal.
Opacity consistent polymer graft for optical sensor
A sensor (e.g., an optical sensor) that may be placed within a living animal (e.g., a human) and may be used to measure an analyte (e.g., glucose or oxygen) in a medium (e.g., interstitial fluid) within the animal. The sensor may include a sensor housing and a polymer graft including indicator molecules and covering at least a portion of the sensor housing.
Preparation of enzymatically hydrolyzed starch
The present invention pertains to methods for preparing enzymatically hydrolyzed starch for use as a stabilizing agent that include the steps of first gelatinizing a starch and next, hydrolyzing the gelatinized starch with an enzyme having endo-hydrolytic activity. The present invention also pertains to the resulting enzymatically hydrolyzed starch for use as a stabilizing agent within emulsions, beverages, food products and industrial products prepared using the enzymatically hydrolyzed starch..
Hydrogels and methods for producing and using the same
The present invention relates to hydrogels and methods for producing and using the same. In particular, some embodiments of the invention relate to hydrogels and methods for patterning the same..
Nondrying polymer hydrogel
The problem to be solved is to provide a nondrying polymer hydrogel, which is not dried under atmospheric conditions and has excellent mechanical properties, and a method for producing the nondrying polymer hydrogel. A nondrying polymer hydrogel having both excellent nondrying properties and mechanical properties (e.g., excellent elongation properties, compression properties, and surface adhesiveness) can be produced by using a nondrying polymer hydrogel including a deliquescent substance in such a manner that the water vapor pressure shown by the polymer hydrogel is equal to or lower than the water vapor partial pressure in the atmosphere, in particular, by allowing a deliquescent substance to be contained at a high concentration in a polymer hydrogel having a network structure formed by a polymer of a water-soluble radically-polymerizable organic monomer having a specific chemical composition and a delaminated water-swellable clay mineral..
Polymeric devices for controlled release of active agents
Polymeric devices for controlled release of an active agent of interest are provided. The active agent is provided within a biodegradable polymer system to supply a polymeric device for controlled release of the active agent.
In situ mixing and application of hydrocolloid systems for pre- and post harvest use on agricultural crops
In-situ methods of applying ethylene response manipulation formulations are disclosed. The formulations comprise at least one ethylene response manipulation agent which is at least partially encapsulated, a polyol liquid medium, or a hydrogel medium, or a combination of polyol and hydrogel medium.
Method for measuring physiologically active substance of biological origin
A method for measuring a specific physiologically active substance of biological origin includes preparing a mixed solution of an al reagent and a sample containing the physiologically active substance and detecting the aggregation or gelatinization of a protein in the mixed solution while agitating the mixed solution, thereby detecting the physiologically active substance or measuring the concentration of the physiologically active substance in the sample. A predetermined fluorescence emission is imparted to a substance involved in the aggregation or gelatinization in the sample to be measured and/or the al reagent, and the fluorescence emitted from the substance involved in the aggregation or gelatinization is measured or observed in the mixed solution.
Amniotic membrane powder and methods of making
The present invention provides compositions and methods for wound healing and tissue regeneration. The compositions of the present invention comprise amniotic membrane of the placenta.
Thiolated hyaluronan-based hydrogels cross-linked using oxidized glutathione
The invention provides methods, compositions and kits relating to hyaluronan based matrices using oxidized glutathione as a crosslinking agent.. .
Superabsorbent, freeze dried hydrogels for medical applications
Methods are provided for making freeze dried hydrogel and structures therefrom that may be introduced into a patient's body for medical applications. Precursor components are combined to initiate crosslinking.
Gel cassette adaptor
A gel cassette adaptor for use with an electrophoresis system gel cassette is disclosed herein. The gel cassette adaptor allows a single gel cassette to be compatible with more than one electrophoresis system.
Alginate monomer structure with metal crystallite embedded, alginate salt structure with metal crystallite embedded and method of producing alginate hydrogel with metal crystallite incorporated
An alginate monomer structure with metal crystallite embedded includes a first alginate monomer and at least a first metal crystallite. The first alginate monomer is composed of a first uronate molecule and a second uronate molecule, which are linked linearly to each other.
Method for insulating aluminum backboard of photovoltaic
A method for insulating an aluminum backboard of a photovoltaic module comprises the following steps: shearing the aluminum backboard such that the dimensions of the aluminum backboard are 4-5 mm smaller those of the glass; forming a square aperture at the position of the electrode lead of the aluminum backboard; insulating the square aperture by cushioning a small insulating material or wrapping the edges with an insulation film when arraying and laying the modules; laminating and trimming the superimposed module components; wrapping the trimmed laminated piece around the edge with the 0.5-1 mm insulation tape; finally, framing up the laminated piece by using a frame filled with silica gel, and installing the terminal box. The invention is convenient to operate and low in investment and has a wide application prospect..
Monoclonal antibody against interferon-gamma (ifn-gamma) inducing factor (ifig, il-18)
A protein which induces the ifn-γ production by immunocompetent cells and has a molecular weight of 19,000±5,000 daltons on sds-page or gel filtration method and a pi of 4.8±1.0 on chromatofocusing. The protein is isolated from mouse liver and can be purified by a monoclonal antibody specific to it.
Method for providing modified cement compositions, dry mortars and cement-free mixtures
The present invention relates to methods for providing modified cement compositions having increased slip resistance and/or a decreased setting time in comparison to cement compositions comprising from 1 to 10 weight percent redispersible polymer powder (rdp) and water soluble cellulose ether in a specific amount from 0.1 to 1.0 weight percent, based on the total dry weight of said composition. Also provided are dry mortars comprising cement, rdp, water soluble cellulose ether and one or more additives selected from gelatin, bentonite and combinations thereof for use in such methods, and cement-free mixtures comprising water soluble cellulose ether and one or more additives selected from gelatin, bentonite and combinations thereof which may be added to cement binder for use a for use in such methods..
In situ crosslinking hydrogel comprising gamma-polyglutamic acid and method for producing the same
Disclosed are a biodegradable, biocompatible hydrogel that can be used for sealants of suppressing the leakage of blood or air during surgical operation, tissue adhesives, anti-adhesive agents and drug delivery carriers, and a method for producing the same. .
Nanoparticle assembly, preparation thereof, and active material delivering composite comprising the same
Provided are a nanoparticle assembly including a dna hydrogel and gold nanoparticles, methods of preparing thereof, and an active material delivering composite including the same. The nanoparticle assembly has an excellent biocompatibility, an ability to prevent an accumulation of the nanoparticle assembly in a body, and is capable of being used to provide physical and chemical treatment..
Extended release tablet formulation containing pramipexole or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof
An extended release tablet formulation comprising pramipexole or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof in a matrix comprising at least one water swelling polymer other than pregelatinized starch.. .
Stable formulations of antiplatelet agents, omega-3 fatty acids and amylose in soft gelatin capsules
The invention discloses stable formulations of acetylsalicylic acid or salts thereof, omega-3 fatty acids and amylose in soft gelatin capsules.. .
Compositions for minimizing skin imperfections
Disclosed herein are compositions comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium, a silicone material comprising concave and/or annular particles; hydrophobic silica aerogel particles; fillers chosen from platelet type fillers and silica particles other than hydrophobic silica aerogel particles; a fatty substance chosen from fatty alcohols and fatty acids; an emulsifying agent and a thickening agent, wherein the silica material, hydrophobic silica aerogel particles and fillers are present in a total amount of greater than 4% by weight, based on the total weight of the composition. Also disclosed herein is a process for reducing the visibility of imperfections on skin, comprising applying the composition onto the skin..
Sustained releasing pharmaceutical composition
The present invention relates to a formulation made from a chitosan, a gelatin, and a phosphate salt can provide a sustained release/maintenance of a therapeutic agent, wherein the phosphate salt is selected from the group consisting of disodium phosphate and ammonium hydrogen phosphate.. .
Artist's palette accessory and paint storage system
This palette accessory and paint storage system keeps oil paint fresh and pliable for weeks at room temperature. A linear paint tray, upon which daubs of paint are placed, is stored inside an airtight tube.
Prefabricated, self-contained gel electrophoresis module
An electrophoresis system is provided. The system includes a buffer chamber box having a front surface.
Kit for co-purification and concentration of dna and proteins using isotachophoresis
A kit for separating and concentrating nucleic acid and protein targets includes labeled reagents which affect simultaneous co-purification and concentration of a nucleic acid and a protein, a gel isotachophoresis separation unit to which a sample comprising the nucleic acid and the protein is added, a detection unit for the detection of the presence of the nucleic acid and the protein, and instructions for use. The gel electrophoresis includes a gel box having a negative electrode side and a positive electrode side, the negative electrode side being filled with a first buffer comprising 2-hydroxy-n-(tris(hydroxymethyl)methyl)-3-aminopropanesulfonic acid buffer and the positive electrode side being filled with a second buffer being different than the first buffer.
Free-standing microfluidic gel electrophoresis devices and methods
Provided are devices that include a support, a free-standing polymeric separation medium associated with the support and configured to separate a sample along a directional axis, and a sample-loading element associated with the polymeric separation medium. Systems that include the devices, as well as methods of using the devices, are also provided.
Faster resistive-pulse sensing together with physical and mechanical characterization of particles and cells
A method for multiplex characterization of individual particles by their size, shape, mechanical properties (deformability), and chemical affinity to recognition agents. The analysis can be performed from concentrated solutions.
Active material for counter-electrode, method for preparing same, solar cell counter-electrode using active material for counter-electrode and preparation method thereof
Disclosed is an active material for a counter-electrode. The material comprises a carbon aerogel and platinum loaded on the carbon aerogel, the platinum having a mass content of 1% to 5% in the active material for a counter-electrode.
Bio-oil upgrading process
A method for upgrading pyrolysis oil into a hydrocarbon fuel involves obtaining a quantity of pyrolysis oil, separating the pyrolysis oil into an organic phase and an aqueous phase, and then upgrading the organic phase into a hydrocarbon fuel by reacting the organic phase with hydrogen gas using a catalyst. The catalyst used in the reaction includes a support material, an active metal and a zirconia promoter material.
Low volume intragastric device
The teachings are directed to an intragastric device comprising a flexible and expandable bladder having a predetermined shape upon expansion for contacting the antrum of the stomach of a subject. The device is designed to avoid passage of any part of the device beyond the pylorus and lower esophageal sphincter while the bladder is expanded during use.
Hydrogel adapted for treatment of acute dermal wounds
The present invention provides compositions and methods useful in the treatment of wounds, particularly in reducing or preventing scar formation, particularly hypertrophic scar or keloid formation. The invention thus further provides methods of treatment, including methods useful in hypertrophic scar or keloid revision as well as prophylactic, scar inhibiting methods..
Ionic silicone hydrogels comprising pharmaceutical and/or neuticeutical components and having improved hydrolytic stability
The present invention relates to ionic silicone hydrogel polymers displaying improved thermal stability. More specifically, the present invention relates to a polymer formed from reactive components comprising at least one silicone component and at least one ionic component comprising at least one anionic group.
Testosterone gel and method of use
The present invention relates to an improved transdermal hydroalcoholic testosterone gel formulation that provides, among other things, a desirable pharmacokinetic hormone profile, and methods of use.. .

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