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Gel patents


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 Lithium cell, battery comprising the lithium cell, and motor vehicle, mobile device, or stationary storage element comprising said battery patent thumbnailLithium cell, battery comprising the lithium cell, and motor vehicle, mobile device, or stationary storage element comprising said battery
The disclosure relates to a lithium cell having an anode; a cathode; and an electrolyte gel which is located at least between the anode and the cathode, containing a lithium ion conducting salt solution. The electrolyte gel contains fibers which can be crosslinked using the lithium ion conducting salt solution and which have a surface tension of at least 30 mn/m.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

 Exhaust system for vehicle patent thumbnailExhaust system for vehicle
An exhaust system for a vehicle includes a heat insulation coating layer formed on an inner wall surface of an exhaust gas flow tube through which exhaust gas passes. The heat insulation coating layer includes an inorganic binder including two or more silicon-based compounds and an aerogel dispersed in the inorganic binder, includes 5 to 50 parts by weight of the aerogel for 100 parts by weight of the inorganic binder, and has heat conductivity of at most 1.0 w/mk, measured by astm e1461..
Hyundai Motor Company

 Method to increase the viscosity of hydrogels by crosslinking a copolymer in the presence of dissolved salt patent thumbnailMethod to increase the viscosity of hydrogels by crosslinking a copolymer in the presence of dissolved salt
Iv) selecting the amount of the dissolved salt in the hydrogel to range from 0.15 and 10 weight %.. .

 Thermal insulation coating composition and thermal insulation coating layer patent thumbnailThermal insulation coating composition and thermal insulation coating layer
A thermal insulation coating composition includes a polymer having a c1-5 alkylene oxide repeat unit, aerogel and a water soluble binder.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

 Gelled, crosslinked and non-dried aqueous polymeric composition, aerogel and porous carbon for supercapacitor electrode and processes for preparing same patent thumbnailGelled, crosslinked and non-dried aqueous polymeric composition, aerogel and porous carbon for supercapacitor electrode and processes for preparing same
The invention relates to a gelled, crosslinked and non-dried aqueous polymeric composition capable of forming a non-monolithic organic aerogel by drying, to this aerogel, to a non-monolithic porous carbon resulting from a pyrolysis of this aerogel, to an electrode based on this porous carbon, and to a process for preparing this composition and this aerogel. The invention applies in particular to supercapacitors.

 High molecular weight, post-translationally modified protein brushes patent thumbnailHigh molecular weight, post-translationally modified protein brushes
Disclosed are protein brushes that mimic mucin in physical and functional characteristics. The protein brushes have a variable number of tandem repeats similar to natural mucin and are modified at a number of their tyrosine residues to introduce brush substituents that mimic the hydrogel nature of mucin..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

 Biodegradable, thermally responsive injectable hydrogel for treatment of ischemic cardiomyopathy patent thumbnailBiodegradable, thermally responsive injectable hydrogel for treatment of ischemic cardiomyopathy
Provided are novel biocompatible copolymers, compositions comprising the copolymers, and methods of using the copolymers. The copolymers are non-toxic and typically have an lcst below 37° c.
University Of Pittsburgh -of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

 Injectable dendrimer hydrogel nanoparticles patent thumbnailInjectable dendrimer hydrogel nanoparticles
Injectable hydrogels in the form of crosslinked nano beads or particle in the size range 5 nm to 10 μm, comprising pamam dendrimer with asymmetrical peripheral end groups such that one of the terminal groups is involved in formation of hydrogel and the other in involved in the conjugation of drugs or imaging agents are formed by reaction of the pamam dendrimer with asymmetrical end groups with linear, branched, hyperbranched or star shaped polymers with functionalized terminal groups. The pamam dendrimer with asymmetrical terminal groups consists of a generation 2 and above pamam dendrimer with symmetrical end groups modified using the amino acids or their modified forms.
Wayne State University

 Polyamine-dihydroxybenzoic acid conjugate hydrogels as iron chelators patent thumbnailPolyamine-dihydroxybenzoic acid conjugate hydrogels as iron chelators
Compositions and methods for making a composition comprising a polymer and one or more chelators covalently coupled to polymer, wherein the one or more chelators has a benzene ring with more than one hydroxyl group at any position that is free, or a derivative of the chelator, or a salt of the chelator and methods of use.. .
The University Of Kansas

 Polyamine-dihydroxybenzoic acid conjugate hydrogels as iron chelators patent thumbnailPolyamine-dihydroxybenzoic acid conjugate hydrogels as iron chelators
Compositions and methods for making a composition comprising a polymer and one or more chelators covalently coupled to polymer, wherein the one or more chelators has a benzene ring with more than one hydroxyl group at any position that is free, or a derivative of the chelator, or a salt of the chelator and methods of use.. .
The University Of Kansas

Novel microcin and uses thereof

Microcin mccpdi and bacteria harboring the mcpm gene which encodes mccpdi limit growth of and/or kill pathogenic bacteria such as pathogenic escherichia coli (e. Coli) and/or shigella bacteria via proximity-dependent inhibition (pdi)..
Washington State University

Contraceptive devices and methods

Contraceptive devices that provide substantially immediate and permanent sterilization are described herein. Systems and methods for transcervically delivering the contraceptive devices are also described herein.
Bayer Healthcare Llc

Flowable hydrogels for botanical applications

The present disclosure is directed to a method for providing a flow-able hydrogel for germinating, cultivating, transporting or displaying plants. The method generally includes at least three distinct steps: 1) dissolving a polyethylene glycol having functionalized end-groups in water to form a flow-able solution, 2) dissolving one or more activating agents within the flow-able solution such that the activating agents react with the functionalized end-groups of the polyethylene glycol to form a non-flow-able hydrogel after a set-time, 3) pouring the flow-able solution into a container prior to the set time such that the flow-able solution assumes the shape of the container and forms a non-flow-able hydrogel..

Spherical fusion reactor with aerogel material

A spherical nuclear fusion reactor machine is provided that uses a graphene aerogel material to enclose a fuel reaction zone. In illustrative examples described herein, the graphene aerogel material functions as a greybody material and includes a heavy noble gas such as xenon, krypton or argon or combinations thereof.

Thermal insulation panel

Disclosed is a thermal insulation panel, in particular for thermally insulating edifices, said thermal insulation panel containing at least one aerogel and being open to diffusion along the main insulating direction of the panel.. .
Interbran Systems Ag

Zinc alloy plating method

The present invention provides a zinc alloy electroplating method comprising applying a current through an alkaline zinc alloy electroplating bath comprising a cathode and an anode, wherein a cathode region including the cathode and an anode region including the anode are separated from each other by a separator comprising an electrically conductive electrolyte gel.. .
Dipsol Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Hydrogel object and manufacturing hydrogel object

A hydrogel object includes a polymer and water, wherein the rate of mass loss is not greater than 20 percent by mass when the hydrogel object is left undone for one week at 25 degrees c. And relative humidity of 50 percent..

Monolithic, super heat-insulating, organic aerogel composition preparation method, said composition, and the use thereof

According to the invention, step a) is performed in the presence of a cationic polyelectrolyte dissolved in this solvent, and the process also comprises a step d) of heat treatment under inert gas of the dried gel obtained in step c) at temperatures of between 150° c. And 500° c.

Dry building material mixture and thermal insulation plaster resulting therefrom

The invention relates to a dry building material mixture, in particular a plastering mortar, the dry building material mixture comprising at least on aerogel.. .
Interbran Systems Ag

Odor neutralizing mask insert

An air-permeable guard adapted to attach to a covering, the air permeable guard comprising a plurality of layers attached together to create one or more compartments. The guard further comprises at least one agent stored in the one or more compartments wherein the at least one agent may be a counteracting agent, a masking agent or a disinfectant agent.

Polysaccharide and protein-polysaccharide cross-linked hydrogels for soft tissue augmentation

Disclosed herein are cohesive soft tissue fillers, for example, dermal and subdermal fillers, based on hyaluronic acids and optionally including proteins. In one aspect, hyaluronic acid-based compositions described herein include zero-length cross-linked moieties and optionally at least one active agent.
Allergan, Inc.

Class of anti-adhesion hydrogels with healing aspects

Disclosed are hydrogels polymerized with a biofunctional moiety, biodegradable and permanent, designed to be implantable in a mammalian body and intended to block or mitigate the formation of tissue adhesions. The hydrogels of the present invention are characterized by comprising four structural elements: a) a polymeric backbone which defines the overall polymeric morphology, b) linkage groups, c) side chains, and d) biofunctional end groups.
Bvw Holding Ag

Antioxidant composition

The present invention relates to an antioxidant composition comprising a combination of galatomannan and n-acetyl cysteine for its use in the treatment of a skin disease or condition resulting from reactive oxygen species production in the skin or involving reactive oxygen species production in the skin, to a hydrogel containing said combination as well as to dressing wounds comprising said hydrogel and its use in the healing of ulcers, wounds, burns and scalds.. .
Histocell, S.l.

Silicone hydrogels comprising n-vinyl amides and hydroxyalkyl (meth)acrylates or (meth)acrylamides

The present invention relates to a process comprising the steps of reacting a reactive mixture comprising at least one silicone-containing component, at least one hydrophilic component, and at least one diluent to form an ophthalmic device having an advancing contact angle of less than about 80°; and contacting the ophthalmic device with an aqueous extraction solution at an elevated extraction temperature, wherein said at least one diluent has a boiling point at least about 10° higher than said extraction temperature.. .
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Compositions and methods for measuring cellular mechanical stress

Provided are compositions and methods employing cells encapsulated within and attached to a hydrogel, e.g., for measuring mechanical strain and/or stress of the cell and for investigating the mechano-chemo-transduction mechanisms at cellular and molecular levels.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

Collagen hydrogel kit and methods of making a collagen hydrogel

Provided is a kit and method for preparing a collagen hydrogel media matrix. The kit includes a collagen, a cell growth medium, a serum supplement, an organic chemical buffering agent, and an aqueous base.
Medtrain Technologies, Llc

Water-rich adherent gel, composition for manufacturing water-rich adherent gel, and electrode pad

The present invention provides an adhesive, high water content gel that does not cause about generation problem even when used as a patient plate for electrosurgical units through which high current flows and that is excellent adhesion, as well as an electrode pad including the gel. The present invention relates to an adhesive, high water content hydrogel containing a polymer matrix that includes a copolymer of a polymerizable monomer and a crosslinkable monomer, water, a polyhydric alcohol, an electrolyte, polyacrylic acid, and polyvinyl alcohol, the hydrogel containing, based on 100% by weight of the total hydrogel, 40-70% by weight of water, 1.0-5.0% by weight of polyacrylic acid, and 0.5-5.0% by weight of polyvinyl alcohol, and being produced by copolymerization.
Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.

Process for producing aerogels by dielectric heating

The present invention relates to a process for producing aerogels, comprising the following successive steps: a) formation or casting of a sol in a reactor, optionally in the presence of a reinforcing material and/or an additive, b) complete gelling of the sol into a lyogel; c) optionally hydrophobization of the lyogel resulting in a hydrophobized lyogel; d) drying of the optionally hydrophobized lyogel so as to obtain an aerogel; said process being characterized in that the complete gelling step b) comprises dielectric heating by microwave or high-frequency electromagnetic irradiation, inducing an increase in temperature so as to reach a set temperature for complete gelling tb in a range of from 100° c. To 200° c., preferably from 100° c.

Hydrogel based on γ-polyglutamic acid and ε-polylysine crosslinked polymer, and preparation method therefor

A hydrogel based on a cross-linked γ-polyglutamic acid and ε-polylysine polymer is obtained by cross-linking of γ-polyglutamic acid with ε-polylysine, and it is a polymer having the following constitutional unit, wherein, m is a natural number of 15 to 45, n is a natural number of 3900 to 17000, and x is a natural number of 5 to 40. It also discloses a preparation method of as-described hydrogel and its application in preparation as a medical wound dressing..
Nanjing Tech University

Methods of treating developmental disorders with gaboxadol

Methods of treating developmental disorders such as angelman syndrome, fragile x syndrome, fragile x-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (fxtas), autistic spectrum disorder, autism, asperger's syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, rett syndrome, lanau-kleffner syndrome, prader-willi syndrome, tardive dyskinesia, and/or williams syndrome with gaboxadol or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof are provided. The methods provide therapeutic compositions that may be used to improve one or more symptoms of the developmental disorder..
Ovid Therapeutics Inc.

Chest tube simulation method and training device

Disclosed herein is a chest tube trainer model. Specifically exemplified is a an anatomical model for simulating at least a portion of a thorax that includes a rib portion removably secured to and supported by a base, the rib portion comprised in whole or in part of a hydrogel; and a securing member for holding the anatomical model onto a human; wherein the rib portion has a convex shape defining a space between the base and the rib portion, the space is adapted for receiving a bladder disposed between the rib portion and the base; and at least a portion of the base is formed from puncture resistant material..

Substrates and methods useful in sequencing

A hydrogel network includes a hydrogel polymer having a coupling site, an oligonucleotide conjugated at a terminal end to the hydrogel polymer at the coupling site, and a functional moiety coupled between the terminal end of the oligonucleotide and the coupling site. Such a hydrogel network can be formed by a method including activating a coupling site of a substrate and binding a linker moiety coupled to a terminal end of an oligonucleotide to the activated coupling site, a functional moiety coupled between the terminal end of the oligonucleotide and the linker moiety..
Life Technologies Corporation

Crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels

Zwitterionic crosslinking agents, crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels prepared from copolymerization of zwitterionic monomers with the zwitterionic crosslinking agent, methods for making crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels, and devices that include and methods that use the crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels.. .
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

Contact lenses made with hema-compatible polysiloxane macromers

Hema-compatible siloxane monomers are described that can be used to manufacture contact lenses that combine the attributes of hema-based contact lenses with the high oxygen permeability of silicone hydrogel lenses. Optically clear silicone hydrogel contact lens can be manufactured that comprise a polymeric lens body that is the reaction product of a polymerizable composition comprising: a) at least 25 wt.
Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

Amelogenin-chitosan hydrogel for dentin hypersensitivity

A method to regrow a protective layer over exposed/demineralized dentin that includes a step of identifying a subject having exposed/demineralized dentin. The demineralized dentin is contacted with a remineralization composition that includes an amelogenin and derived peptides, a chitosan, water, and a sufficient amount of a ph adjusting component such that the composition has a ph greater than about 6.0 such that dentinal tubules are occluded with apatite crystals and enamel is regrown on the dentinal tubules..
University Of Southern California

Supramolecular hydrogel of fmlf-based molecules and use thereof

The invention relates to the application of peptides that can self-assemble to form supramolecular nanofibrils and hydrogels, hydrogel compositions containing the self-assembled supramolecular nanofibrils, and methods of uses and making the hydrogel compositions.. .
Boston Children's Hospital

Artcure diffusional patch

The present invention is a diffusional patch having an oil mixture (20) providing mechanical treatment support by reducing the edema in volume and in mass by throwing out the liquid inside by means of diffusion effect after entering into the region with edema by means of the diffusion effect and placed into a porous sheath (10) in microfiber structure, in order to be used in treatment of region with edema which may occur in sports injuries and/or disc hernia (50); characterized in that said oil mixture (20), of which the ingredient proportions in weight are given, comprises the below mentioned ingredients and does not comprise water: ingredient amount (%) dextrin palmitate derivatives 1-10 paraffin 1-30 oleum nigellae sativae (black cumin oil) 0-20 oleum origani (carvacrol) 0-20 oleum lauri expressum (laurel oil) 0-30 oleum chamomillae (chamomile oil) 0-30 balsamum meccae (balsam oil) 0-30 styrax liguidus (sweetgum) 0-30 oleum limonis (lemon oil) 0-10 oleum rosmarini (rosemary oil) 0-10 olive oil 0-30 oleum vitis vinifera 0-10. .
Metuas Medikal Saglik Hizmetleri Danismanlik Ihracat Ithalat A.s Sirketi

Cap assembly for masturbation device

A cap assembly for removable attachment to a non-mechanized masturbation device is provided. The cap assembly comprises at least one moveable extension member, and at least one actuator adapted to move the extension member.
Thika Holdings Llc

Implantation devices including hydrogel filaments

Described are devices for implantation comprising a hydrogel filament wherein the hydrogel filament includes a low molecular weight ethylenically unsaturated macromer, an ethylenically unsaturated monomer, and a visualization agent. Methods of making and using these devices are also described..
Microvention, Inc.

Method of manufacturing hexagonal ferrite powder, hexagonal ferrite powder, magnetic recording medium and manufacturing magnetic recording medium

The method of manufacturing hexagonal ferrite powder includes preparing a hexagonal ferrite precursor by mixing an iron salt and a divalent metal salt in a water-based solution, and converting the hexagonal ferrite precursor into hexagonal ferrite within a reaction flow passage, within which a fluid flowing therein is subjected to heating and pressurizing, by continuously feeding a water-based solution containing the hexagonal ferrite precursor and gelatin to the reaction flow passage.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Ngal for diagnosis of renal conditions

Use of serum neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (ngal) as a biomarker, alone or in conjunction with creatinine to aid in the diagnosis of renal conditions such as acute tubular necrosis and acute renal failure, and a method and a kit for assigning a diagnosis of acute tubular necrosis or acute renal failure to a subject based on the correlation between the levels of ngal and optionally creatinine in a sample obtained from a subject when compared to a sample obtained from a normal subject not experiencing acute tubular necrosis or acute renal failure.. .
Children's Hospital Medical Center

Responsive hydrogel for the detection of biomolecules

The present invention relates to a responsive hydrogel which is chemically crosslinked, has a porous photonic crystal structure and contains biomolecule-specific detection groups.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zurforderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Hydrogelling fibers and fiber structures

A method for producing hydrogelling fibers or fiber structures, involving tempering fibers or fiber structures composed of a first fiber raw material comprising water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol and/or water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol copolymer for a predetermined tempering duration at a predetermined tempering temperature that is greater than a glass transition temperature and/or less than a melting temperature of the first fiber raw material used, such that the fibers are cross-linked, wherein the fibers or fiber structures are provided with an acid catalyst before the tempering.. .
Carl Freudenberg Kg

Conjugation of carboxyl functional hydrophilic beads

A polymer substrate, such as a polymer coating or a polymer hydrogel network, includes carboxyl moieties that can be used as conjugation sites to which receptor or analyte molecules can be attached. In an example, the polymer substrate includes a polyacrylamide polymer network having alkanoic acid moieties or derivatives thereof, which can react with carboxyl activating compounds to provide an activated alkanoate moieties on the polyacrylamide network amine-terminated nucleic acids can react with the activated alkanoate moieties to capture the nucleic acid to the polymer network through an alkylamide moiety..
Life Technologies As

Novel ultrashort hydrophobic peptides that self-assemble into nanofibrous hydrogels and their uses

The present invention relates to hydrophobic peptides and/or peptidomimetics capable of forming a (nanofibrous) hydrogel and hydrogels comprising said hydrophobic peptides and/or peptidomimetics and to various uses, such as in regenerative medicine, injectable therapies, delivery of bioactive moieties, wound healing, 2d and 3d synthetic cell culture substrate, biosensor development, biofunctionalized surfaces, and biofabrication.. .
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Tris(trimethyl siloxy)silane vinylic monomers and uses thereof

The invention provides a tris-containing vinylic monomer which comprises one sole (meth)acryloyloxy group and a tris(trimethylsiloxy)silyl group covalently linked to the ethylenically-unsaturated group through a polyoxyethylene linker. The present invention is also related to a polymer, an actinically-crosslinkable silicone-containing prepolymer, a silicone hydrogel polymeric material, or a silicone hydrogel contact lens, which comprises monomeric units derived from a tris-containing vinylic monomer of the invention.
Shin-etsu Chemical Company, Ltd.

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