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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gel-related patents
 Biopolymer system for tissue sealing patent thumbnailnew patent Biopolymer system for tissue sealing
A tissue sealant for use in surgical and medical procedures for sealing the tissues of a living mammal is provided. The tissue sealant comprises a hydrogel which is formed by gelation of a premix disposed on the tissue to be sealed.
 Biomarkers for aggressive prostate cancer patent thumbnailnew patent Biomarkers for aggressive prostate cancer
The present invention relates to the field of biomarkers and, more specifically, to biomarkers useful in diagnosing aggressive prostate cancer. In specific embodiments, a method for diagnosing aggressive prostate cancer in a patient comprises (a) measuring the levels of one or more biomarkers in a sample collected from the patient; and (b) comparing the levels of the one or more biomarkers with predefined levels of the same biomarkers that correlate to a patient having aggressive prostate cancer and predefined levels of the same biomarkers that correlate to a patient not having aggressive prostate cancer, wherein a correlation to one of the predefined levels provides the diagnosis.
 Beverage dispenser patent thumbnailnew patent Beverage dispenser
The present invention relates to a beverage dispenser for dispensing a gelatinous beverage. The present invention also relates to a gelatinous beverage for use in a beverage dispenser, and more specifically an alcoholic gelatinous beverage.
 Core-shell capsules patent thumbnailnew patent Core-shell capsules
The invention provides a process for preparing a core-shell capsule comprising the steps of (i) mixing a solid active ingredient and/or an oily liquid active ingredient with a polymeric material capable of forming a hydrogel shell around the active ingredient(s), (ii) forming a shell comprising a hydrogel scaffold formed of a polymeric lattice around the core, (iii) optionally cross-linking the polymeric lattice; and (iv) contacting the optionally cross-linked core-shell hydrogel shell with a liquid silica precursor so as to cause precipitation of silica within the scaffold structure thereby forming a composite shell of silica interspersed between the polymeric lattice.. .
 Hydrogels for tissue regeneration patent thumbnailnew patent Hydrogels for tissue regeneration
Provided herein are hydrogels and hydrogel-forming compositions that are useful for, among others, tissue regeneration in vivo. Methods for generating such hydrogels, for example, from such hydrogel-forming compositions are also provided herein.
 Method of preparing porous metal material patent thumbnailnew patent Method of preparing porous metal material
Provided is a method of preparing a porous metal material. The method includes: obtaining a composite of a dna hydrogel and a metal precursor by mixing the dna hydrogel and the metal precursor; and reducing the composite of the dna hydrogel and the metal precursor..
 Device for detecting fluctuation in moisture content, method for detecting fluctuation in moisture content, vacuum gauge, and method for detecting fluctuation in vacuum degree patent thumbnailnew patent Device for detecting fluctuation in moisture content, method for detecting fluctuation in moisture content, vacuum gauge, and method for detecting fluctuation in vacuum degree
A moisture content fluctuation detection device including: a silica aerogel placed, disposed to a measurement object space; and a detection unit configured to detect fluctuation in moisture content within the measurement object space, the detection unit including: a light source configured to emit light to the silica aerogel, the light having at least a portion of a range of wavelengths of 1850 nm or greater and 1970 nm or less; a light receiving unit configured to receive the light which has passed through the silica aerogel and has at least a portion of the range of wavelengths of 1850 nm or greater and 1970 nm or less; and a calculation unit configured to calculate the fluctuation in moisture content within the measurement object space from change in light intensity of the light received by the light receiving unit.. .
 Method for forming microcapsules for electrophoresis display patent thumbnailnew patent Method for forming microcapsules for electrophoresis display
An embodiment of the invention provides a method for forming microcapsules for electrophoresis display by forming microcapsules through a complex coacervation reaction between a sulfonated styrene maleic anhydride copolymer and gelatin, wherein a mass ratio of the sulfonated styrene maleic anhydride copolymer to the gelatin is 1:10˜10:1. The method of the embodiment of the invention not only can obtain microcapsules with good sealability and stability, but also can obtain microcapsules having evenly distributed particle sizes and low cost..
 Crosslinked swellable polymer patent thumbnailnew patent Crosslinked swellable polymer
The invention is directed to stable crosslinked water-soluble swellable polymers, methods for making same, and their various uses in the hygiene and medical arts, gel electrophoresis, packaging, agriculture, the cable industry, information technology, in the food industry, papermaking, use as flocculation aids, and the like. More particularly, the invention relates to a composition comprising expandable polymeric microparticles having labile crosslinkers and stable crosslinkers, said microparticle mixed with a fluid and an unreacted tertiary crosslinker that is capable of further crosslinking the microparticle on degradation of the labile crosslinker so as to form a stable gel.
 Conversion of nitrogen dioxide (no2) to nitric oxide (no) patent thumbnailnew patent Conversion of nitrogen dioxide (no2) to nitric oxide (no)
Inhalation of low levels of nitric oxide can rapidly and safely decrease pulmonary hypertension in mammals. A nitric oxide delivery system that converts nitrogen dioxide to nitric oxide employs a surface-active material, such as silica gel, coated with an aqueous solution of antioxidant, such as ascorbic acid..
Apparatus and methods for sealing a vascular puncture
Apparatus for sealing a puncture communicating with a blood vessel includes a porous carrier formed from lyophilized hydrogel or other material. The plug may include at least first and second hydrogel precursors and a ph adjusting agent carried by the porous carrier in an unreactive state prior to exposure to an aqueous physiological environment.
Infusion site leak detection device
An infusion set or patch pump is provided for delivering a pharmaceutical agent, such as insulin, to a patient. The infusion set or patch pump has a recessed portion in the bottom face containing a hydrogel and a reactant capable of producing a color change upon contact with the pharmaceutical agent.
Antimicrobial hydrogel formulation
A hydrogel formulation is provided for use with a film. The hydrogel formulation includes a medical-grade hydrogel and an antimicrobial substance.
Actinically-crosslinkable siloxane-containing copolymers
The invention provide a class of actinically-crosslinkable silicone-containing prepolymers obtained by functionalizing an intermediary copolymer to have two or more thiol or ethylenically-unsaturated groups covalently attached thereto, wherein the intermediary copolymer is an atom-transfer radical polymerization (atrp) product of a reactive mixture comprising a polysiloxane atrp macroinitiator and at least one hydrophilic vinylic monomer. The present invention is also related to silicone hydrogel contact lenses made from a prepolymer of the invention and methods for making the contact lenses in a cost-effective way and with high consistency and high fidelity to the original lens design..
Seed coating hydrogels
A bio-degradeable seed coating composition for enhanced seed protection and propagation comprises a gelatin-based hydrogel formulation consisting of a naturally derived, hydrophilic protein in combination with a sulfated or non-sulfated polysaccharide. The protein is animal porcine or bovine derived while the polysaccharide is preferably a cellulose derivative such as sodium cellulose sulfate, dextran sulfate, sulfated chitosan, sulfated starch and mixtures thereof.
Recombinase polymerase amplification
This disclosure describes related novel methods for recombinase-polymerase amplification (rpa) of a target dna that exploit the properties of recombinase and related proteins, to invade double-stranded dna with single stranded homologous dna permitting sequence specific priming of dna polymerase reactions. The disclosed methods have the advantage of not requiring thermocycling or thermophilic enzymes, thus offering easy and affordable implementation and portability relative to other amplification methods.
Method for preparing polymeric protein composed of monomeric protein produced by fusing protein having immunoglobulin fold structure to protein capable of serving as subunit structure
(d) replacing a solvent of a solution obtained in step (c) with a buffer using gel filtration chromatography or the like.. .
Cultured dairy products having excellent freeze/thaw properties
Refrigerated or frozen cultured dairy bar products comprise a cultured dairy composition having i) total solids content of at least about 22% by weight of the cultured dairy composition and a milk solids content of greater than 38 wt % based on total solids content, ii) a gelatin content of from about 0.7 to about 1.5% by weight of the cultured dairy composition, and iii) a viscosity of from about 200,000 cp to about 700,000 cp at 4° c. The cultured dairy composition is in the form of cultured dairy portions completely enveloped by a fat-based coating composition comprising from about 20 to about 80% fat by weight of the fat-based coating composition.
Capsules comprising an emulsified syrup and methods of making the same
This invention provides capsules and, more specifically soft capsules, wherein the fill material comprises an emulsified syrup. In particular, the present invention provides a means of encapsulating honey in a gelatin, modified-gelatin or gelatin-free shell material.
Pupil-only photochromic contact lenses displaying desirable optics and comfort
A method for making a hydrogel, photochromic contact lens including supplying a first lens composition comprising a contact lens monomer and a photochromic material to a front contact lens mold and supplying a second lens composition to said contact lens mold wherein the viscosity of said first composition is at least about 1000 cp greater than the viscosity of said second contact lens composition, and the makeup of said second composition matches the of said first composition to reduce strain between said compositions of the resulting lens.. .
Methods for production of proteins
The current invention provides methods for producing a polypeptide as inclusion bodies in bacterial host cells. The present methods are carried out by forming a gene construct comprising the genetic sequence encoding a polypeptide operatively linked to that of an inclusion partner protein, such that host cells comprising the gene construct produce the polypeptide as intracellular inclusion bodies thereby facilitating rapid isolation and purification of recombinant proteins.
Medicinal tea
The medicinal tea includes a natural, herbal composition for treating female menstrual pains and post-delivery symptoms. The composition eliminates the side effects of common pain relief or sedative remedies.
Contact lens products
The present invention relates to improved contact lens products which not only have initial insertion comfort but also are comfortable to wear for more than about 6 hours. The invention is achieved by packaging and storing a hydrogel lens with two or more leachable polymeric lubricants incorporated therein in a relatively viscous packaging solution including a relatively low molecular weight polyethylene glycol (peg) and a viscosity-enhancing hydrophilic polymer.
Dermal filler hydrogels with vitamin a/cyclodextrin inclusion complexes
Compositions, such as hydrogel compositions, that include a hyaluronic acid, a vitamin a, and a cyclodextrin may be used as medical or cosmetic fillers, implants, or creams. For example, the compositions may be used as dermal fillers..
Methods of making hydrogels for soft tissue augmentation
Hair-like shaped crosslinked hydrogels and methods for preparing such crosslinked hydrogels and are provided.. .
Hydrogel-forming material
Where r1 is a c9-23 aliphatic group; r2 is a hydrogen atom or a c1-4 alkyl group which optionally has a c1-2 branched chain; r3 is a —(ch2)n—x group; n is a number from 1 to 4; and x is an amino group, a guanidino group, a —conh2 group, or a 5-membered ring group or a 6-membered ring group, or a condensed ring group that contains a 5-membered ring and a 6-membered ring, optionally containing 1 to 3 nitrogen atoms, and the similar compounds or pharmaceutically usable salts thereof; water; and an additive including either an organic acid or an organic acid salt.. .
Palatable ductile chewable veterinary composition
The present invention is directed to palatable ductile chewable veterinary composition for oral administration. The composition is capable of killing endo-parasites and ecto-parasites and/or can be used for treating prophylactic or curative animal diseases, and it is useful for the treatment of any warm-blooded non-human animal, including herd animals, like horses, cattle, sheep or poultry and preferably pets like dogs and cats.
Non-adherent cell support and manufacturing method
A non-adherent cell support for use as a substrate in fluidic chambers used for cell culturing and assays. The non-adherent cell support allows for the formation of sphere cultures from single cells, which can better mimic primary tumor-like behavior in the study of cancer stem cells.
Hydrogel composition and uses thereof
Hydrogel composition comprising gelatin, poly-glutamic acid and epiregulin suitable for cultivating keratinocytes, preferably human keratinocytes.. .
Non-adherent cell support and manufacturing method
A non-adherent cell support for use as a substrate in fluidic chambers used for cell culturing and assays. The non-adherent cell support allows for the formation of sphere cultures from single cells, which can better mimic primary tumor-like behavior in the study of cancer stem cells.
Tannase, gene encoding same, and process for producing same
Disclosed is a thermostable tannase derived from a microorganism. Specifically disclosed is a thermostable tannase derived from aspergillus awamori or aspergillus niger.
Method of mutation detection in blood cell-free dna using primer extension (pe) and pcr
A method of detecting mutation in blood cell-free dna, includes providing a serum sample, isolating dna from the serum sample, amplifying the dna by polymerase chain reaction (pcr), subjecting the pcr product to primer extension (pe), and separating the pe reaction product and identifying the mutation by gel electrophoresis. In order to improve accuracy and sensitivity, the pe reaction can be carried out by using a primer that blocks the extension of the wild or non-mutated sequence..
Transparent cooling gel
Therefore, it was necessary to produce a cooling preparation for transplantation medicine, which in a temperature range from −5° c. To 4° c.
Process for manufacturing modified starch
Process for manufacturing modified starch. A powdery starch composition raw material, containing a specified amount of a phosphate with respect to a raw material starch on a dry basis, is subject to esterification modification by performing a first step of heat treating by raising a temperature gradually and performing, in continuation, a second step of heat treating at a constant temperature.
Kneadable and pliable bone replacement material
A kneadable and moldable bone-replacement material includes a mixture of calcium-containing ceramic particles and a hydrogel or a substance which can be swelled into a hydrogel. The ceramic particles are of fully synthetic origin and the individual ceramic particles have a structure which is at least partially cohesive and porous.
Amphiphilic linear peptidepeptoid and hydrogel comprising the same
The present invention provides an amphiphilic linear peptide and/or peptoid as well as a hydrogel that includes the amphiphilic linear peptide/peptoid.. .
Color light therapy device
Provided is a color light therapy device. The color light therapy device includes: a body that is used by being attached to a color light therapy portion of a human body by using a double-sided adhesive tape, a hydrogel pad, or an air suction plate, and includes a printed circuit board (pcb) that supplies driving power to a light source that emits color light in a given wavelength range to perform color light therapy on the human body; and a power jack that is connected to the pcb of the body through an electric wire.
Systems for hydrating defibrillation electrodes
According to an aspect of the present disclosure, an automated external defibrillator is configured to deliver one or both of electrical pulses and shocks to a heart of a patient during a cardiac emergency. The defibrillator includes a defibrillator electrode delivery system and a hydrating system.
Method and external preparation for lymphatic slimming
The present invention provides a set of body slimming compositions, for application to a body before irradiating the body with a far-infrared ray in an atmosphere of 50° c. Or thereabout.
Film encapsulated pelvic implant system and method
Various embodiments of an implant devices and systems are provided. The implant devices can include a mesh or implant encapsulated or otherwise coated, in whole or in part, with a film or coating.
Method for making specific products from polysaccharide molecule
A method for preparing a specific product from a polysaccharide in which at least one hydroxyl of a saccharide unit is substituted with an ether or ester moiety. The ether or ester moiety is provided with ethenyl and/or epoxy functionality for preparing an activatable polysaccharide polymer and the activatable polysaccharide polymer with ethenyl and/or epoxy functionality is optionally reacted with an additional coupling reagent, having at least two coupling functionality for preparing polysaccharide polymer with additional activatable crosslinker.
Inhibiting microbial infections
A method of inhibiting a microbial infection can include: providing a compound of the invention or prodrugs or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof; and administering the compound to a subject in a therapeutically effective amount to inhibit the microbial infection. The therapeutically effective amount can be sufficient to inhibit a biological activity of a transcriptional activator of the microbe.
Softgel of nlkj for treating prostate diseases
A softgel of nlkj for the treatment of prostate diseases, comprising 0.05-1.0 g of nlkj and 0.05-1.5 mg of an antioxidant, said nlkj having the following physicochemical parameter: acid value<0.56, iodine value 95.0-107.00, saponification value 185.00-195.00, specific gravity 0.914-0.918 (20° c.), and refractive index 1.470-1.475 (20° c.). The inhibition of the softgel of nlkj on the growth of prostate cancer in combination with the injection of lupron is stronger than that of each of them used alone..
Promotion of plant growth using collagen based gelatin
Compositions and related methods for promoting plant growth using irreversibly denatured collagen-based gelatin are described. In one embodiment, a covered plant propagation source comprises a plant propagation source covered by a covering material, the covering material comprising irreversibly denatured collagen-based gelatin.
Method for manufacturing an aerogel-containing composite and composite produced by that method
Method for manufacturing an aerogel-containing composite, said method comprising the steps of: providing fibres, at least some of which are first fibres, such as mineral fibres, polymer fibres, cellulose fibres, or other types of fibres, in an amount of from 3 to 80 wt % of the total weight of starting materials, providing an aerogel particulate material in an amount of from 10 to 75 wt % of the total weight of starting materials, providing a binder in an amount of from 1 to 30 wt % of the total weight of starting materials, suspending the fibres in a primary air flow and suspending the aerogel particulate material in the primary air flow, thereby mixing the suspended aerogel particulate material with the suspended fibres, mixing the binder with the fibres and/or aerogel particulate material before, during or after mixing of the fibres with the aerogel particulate material, collecting the mixture of fibres, aerogel particulate material and binder and pressing and curing the mixture to provide a consolidated composite with a density of from 120 kg/m3 to 800 kg/m3. With this method homogeneous composites can be produced..
Dried silken tofu
Provided is a dried soft bean curd and a drying method of soft bean curd capable of recovering a taste and texture of soft bean curd before drying as it is by vacuum freeze-drying the soft bean curd without a pre-freezing process. In addition, provided are soft bean curd having excellent physical properties of the bean curd, and a manufacturing method of soft bean curd including a step of adding starch to soy milk and a step of heating the starch for gelatinizing starch.
Hydrogel formulation for dermal and ocular delivery
Formulations of cross-linkable polymers, capable of forming non-toxic and biocompatible hydrogels in situ, containing at least one of doxycycline or minocycline. Methods of using the hydrogels for treating the skin or ocular tissues of mammals exposed to vesicant compounds such as sulfur mustard (sm), nitrogen mustard (nm) or half mustard (2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide (cees)) are also disclosed..
Uv-resistant gelatin/silica viral particles, preparation method and uses thereof
Disclosed herein are uv-resistant gelatin/silica coated viral particles, methods for producing the same, and methods for controlling agricultural insect pests using the uv-resistant gelatin/silica coated viral particles.. .
Fragmented polymeric compositions and methods for their use
Cross-linked hydrogels comprise a variety of biologic and non-biologic polymers, such as proteins, polysaccharides, and synthetic polymers. Such hydrogels preferably have no free aqueous phase and may be applied to target sites in a patient's body by extruding the hydrogel through an orifice at the target site.
Biomaterial, method for making the biomaterial and uses of the same
A method for making a biomaterial comprising providing at least one polypeptide fraction chymotryptically isolated and extracted from fibroin, and adding the at least one extracted polypeptide fraction to a hydrogel precursor before gelling, wherein the at least one isolated and extracted polypeptide fraction is selected from a soluble fraction cs, and a precipitated fraction cp. A biomaterial comprising at least one of the isolated and extracted polypeptide fractions incorporated in a hydrogel or a hydrogel precursor.
Biodegradable nerve guides
The present invention is directed to the compositions and methods of preparing hydrogel-grafted nerve guides for peripheral nerve regeneration. Particularly, the present invention describes the nerve guides and methods for preparation of hydrogel-grafted nerve guides with encapsulated neurotrophic factors and a nanofiber mesh lining the inner surface of the guide.
Hydrogel-forming composition and hydrogel produced from the same
A hydrogel having mechanical properties and capable of being produced simply by using and mixing an industrially obtainable polymer having high versatility and clay particles, and to provide a method of producing the hydrogel. A hydrogel-forming composition is characterized by containing a polyelectrolyte, clay particles, and a dispersant for the clay particles..
Hydrogel-forming composition and hydrogel produced from the same
A hydrogel having excellent mechanical properties and capable of being produced simply by using and mixing an industrially easily obtainable polymer having high versatility and clay particles, and to provide a method of producing the hydrogel. A hydrogel-forming composition is characterized by containing a polyelectrolyte, clay particles, and a dispersant for the clay particles..
Telechelic hybrid aerogels
Hybrid aerogels that contain a metal oxide precursor and a branched telechelic copolymer are described. Aerogels and aerogel articles, including hydrophobic aerogels and hydrophobic aerogel articles are also described..
Microporous polyolefin-based aerogels
Microporous polyolefin and microporous polydicyclopentadiene (polydcpd) based aerogels and methods for preparing and using the same are provided. The aerogels are produced by forming a polymer gel structure within a solvent from a olefin or dicyclopentadiene monomer 5 via ring opening metathesis polymerization (romp) reactions, followed by supercritical drying to remove the solvent from the aerogel.
Detection of ngal in chronic renal disease
Methods of assessing the ongoing kidney status in a subject afflicted with chronic renal failure (crf) by detecting the quantity of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (ngal) in fluid samples over time. Ngal is a small secreted polypeptide that is protease resistant and consequently readily detected in the urine and serum as a result of chronic renal tubule cell injury.
Gelatin particle and use thereof, and device for administration of physiologically active substance
The present invention relates to a gelatin particle, which is a thermally crosslinked non-porous spherical gelatin particle having a circularity of 0.8 or more and a dry particle diameter of 20 to 1,600 μm. The average volume swelling ratio of the gelatin particle in a case where the gelatin particle is immersed in physiological saline at 23° c.
Pharmaceutical formulations including an amine compound
The present invention relates to solid, semisolid, or liquid formulations comprising water soluble antioxidants that prevent or reduce formic acid and/or formyl species generation in the dosage form during the manufacturing process and/or during shelf-life storage. The formulations of the present invention prevent or reduce formation of n-formyl impurities (and gelatin crosslinking) during the manufacturing process and/or during shelf-life storage..
Injectable, pore-forming hydrogels for materials-based cell therapies
The invention provides compositions and methods to form pores in situ within hydrogels following hydrogel injection. Pores formed in situ via degradation of sacrificial porogens within the surrounding hydrogel facilitate recruitment or release of cells.
Self-gelatinizable nucleic acid
The purpose of the invention of the present application is to a method for preparing a hydrogel composed substantially only of nucleic acids. The invention of the present application provides: a nucleic acid sol-like composition for producing a nucleic acid gel without requiring the use of any nucleic acid ligase, wherein the composition comprises at least two nucleic acid monomers which are partly complementary to each other and are independently selected from the group consisting of a nucleic acid, a nucleic acid derivative, a modified nucleic acid, a compound capable of binding to a nucleic acid in complementary manner and a mixture thereof, one of the nucleic acid monomers has a moiety that constitutes a cohesive protruding end and a complementary nucleotide sequence moiety that can bind to at least one of the other nucleic acid monomers to form a double strand, and the composition contains no nucleic acid ligase; and a nucleic acid gel produced using the composition..

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