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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gel-related patents
 Methods and  an ophthalmic lens with functional insert layers patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and an ophthalmic lens with functional insert layers
This invention discloses a media substrate for incorporation into ophthalmic lenses that has been formed by the stacking of multiple functionalized layers. Additionally, methods and apparatus for providing a stacked functional layer insert for incorporation into an ophthalmic lens are also provided.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

 Method for production of recombinant human alpha-galactosidase a patent thumbnailnew patent Method for production of recombinant human alpha-galactosidase a
Disclosed is a method for production of recombinant human alpha-galactosidase a (rh alpha-gal a) in a large scale, with a high purity. The method comprises the steps of (a) culturing rh alpha-gal a-producing mammalian cells in a serum-free medium, (b) collecting culture supernatant, (c) subjecting the culture supernatant to anion-exchange column chromatography, (d) to hydrophobic column chromatography, (e) to a column chromatography employing as solid phase a material having affinity for phosphate group, (f) to cation-exchange column chromatography, and (g) to gel filtration column chromatography, in the order..
Jcr Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

 System for in-situ management of ph of culture patent thumbnailnew patent System for in-situ management of ph of culture
Disclosed is a hydrogel composition loaded with a base that regulates and maintains the ph of cell culture media. The invention particularly discloses in situ ph managing hydrogels (phmh) loaded with base mg(oh)2 for ph control in small scale cultures comprising adherent mammalian cells, suspended mammalian cells, microorganisms, a microorganism with plasmids and the like thereof..
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

 Plastic molding composition and sintered product patent thumbnailnew patent Plastic molding composition and sintered product
A plastic molding composition includes a raw powder, gelatin, a polar solvent, and a plasticizer. The raw powder contains at least one of a ceramic particle and a metal particle.
Denso Corporation

 Oral suction device patent thumbnailnew patent Oral suction device
An oral suction device includes a suction catheter having a suction portion at a first end, a shell surrounding the suction portion, and a suction tubing connector on a second end opposite the first end. The shell includes a hydrogel..
Cole Research & Design, Inc.

 Method of suppressing coloration of catechins and a dentifrice composition patent thumbnailnew patent Method of suppressing coloration of catechins and a dentifrice composition
The present invention relates to a method of suppressing coloration of catechins, which contains adding, to catechins, a water-soluble polymer forming a water-insoluble complex with catechins, as well as hydrogel particles containing a water-insoluble complex between catechins and a polymer forming a water-insoluble complex with catechins. Further, the present invention relates to a dentifrice composition containing hydrogel particles containing catechins and a polymer forming a water-insoluble complex with catechins, a binder and water..
Kao Corporation

 Peripheral hydrogel wound dressing patent thumbnailnew patent Peripheral hydrogel wound dressing
Apparatus and associated methods for a hydrogel wound covering membrane may include a backing layer and a release liner each having high pliability for permitting the membrane to be folded without pinching a sandwiched hydrogel layer thereby preventing its thinning in folded regions. In an illustrative embodiment, the hydrogel layer may annularly circumscribe a central wound region of the membrane.
Fasttrack Medical Solutions Llc

 Orthodontic protection device patent thumbnailnew patent Orthodontic protection device
An easily applied device is described that protects the soft tissues inside of the mouth from abrasion by orthodontic braces. The device consists of (1) a putty-like, moldable material that may be pressed onto and into and molded about the brackets and wires of orthodontic braces, and (2) a plasticized and dehydrated or partially dehydrated hydrogel-forming layer on those surfaces of the device that contact the braces and teeth so as to absorb saliva and dry to some extent the surfaces to which the device is pressed and to offer initial adhesion of the device to the teeth and/or braces..
Orvance Technologies, Llc

 Liquid protein markers for native gel electrophoresis patent thumbnailLiquid protein markers for native gel electrophoresis
Marker sets are provided for use on nondenaturing gels. The protein molecular weight markers are provided in liquid form, and are stable in liquid form for at least two months at 4 degrees c.
Life Technologies Corporation

 Hydrogel fragrance capusle, formulations and process for preparing the same patent thumbnailHydrogel fragrance capusle, formulations and process for preparing the same
This invention is a hydrogel capsule with a fragrance or odorant encapsulated therein during the polymerization process. The hydrogel capsule is of use in fabric care or personal care formulations..
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.


Aerogels, calcined and crystalline articles and methods of making the same

Aerogel, calcined articles, and crystalline articles comprising zro2. Exemplary uses of the crystalline metal oxide articles include dental articles (e.g., restoratives, replacements, inlays, onlays, veneers, full and partial crowns, bridges, implants, implant abutments, copings, anterior fillings, posterior fillings, and cavity liner, and bridge frameworks) and orthodontic appliances (e.g., brackets, buccal tubes, cleats, and buttons)..
3m Innovative Properties Company


Dispersion and forming hydrogel

There is provided a dispersion containing a lipid peptide type compound useful as a low molecular weight gelator and a solvent capable of dissolving the lipid peptide type compound at a lower temperature. There is provided also a dispersion from which a hydrogel can be formed by a simpler method and from which a gel can be obtained as a gel having high thermal stability, and provide a method for forming the gel.
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Microneedle-based devices and methods for the removal of fluid from a body

Microneedle-based devices and associated methods for removing fluid from a body are described. The devices incorporate microneedles capable of fluidly linking the body to a high capacity absorbent material capable of absorbing at least 5 times its own weight of said fluid.
Renephra Limited


Conversion of nitrogen dioxide (no2) to nitric oxide (no)

A nitric oxide delivery system, which includes a gas bottle having nitrogen dioxide in air, converts nitrogen dioxide to nitric oxide and employs a surface-active material, such as silica gel, coated with an aqueous solution of antioxidant, such as ascorbic acid. A nitric oxide delivery system may be used to generate therapeutic gas including nitric oxide for use in delivering the therapeutic gas to a mammal..
Geno Llc


Omentum based scaffold and delivery system

Compositions of matter comprising decellularized omentum are disclosed. The compositions may be scaffolds, hydrogels or hydrogel precursor compositions.
Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.


Method of creating hydrogels through oxime bond fomration

A method of creating a hydrogel, comprising the step of condensing first and second functional groups, wherein the first group comprises a molecule or macromolecule of interest containing two or more hydroxylamine or aminooxy groups and the second group comprises a molecule or macromolecule of interest containing two or more aldehyde/ketone/other reactive oxo groups, under conditions such that a hydrogel forms.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


Stabilizing shear-thinning hydrogels

The present inventions are directed to shear-thinning and stabilizing hydrogels, especially for use in drug delivery and therapy. Various embodiments provide settable, shear-thinning hydrogels, each hydrogel comprising a hydrophilic polymer network, said hydrophilic polymer network comprising non-covalent crosslinks and at least one set of chemical moieties being capable of participating in at least one chemical covalent cross-linking reaction.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania


Hybrid hydrogels

The present invention relates to compositions and pharmaceutical compositions forming hydrogels, their use in medical applications and methods of making same as well as medical devices comprising same.. .
University Of Geneva


Compositions for a medical device comprising exopolysaccharide-producing bacterial strains in association with gums and/or gelatines

A composition for a medical device is described. The composition comprises a specific mucoadherent gelling complex composed of eps, exopolysaccharides of bacterial origin produced in situ in the gastrointestinal tract by specific selected bacterial strains, in association with vegetable gums and/or animal and/or vegetable gelatines.
Probiotical S.p.a.


Ultra dense and ultra low power microhotplates using silica aerogel and making the same

An ultra dense and ultra low power microhotplates using silica aerogel and method of making the same, comprising spin coating an aerogel layer followed by sio2 as capping interlayer, and nichrome (ni80/cr20) for heating element to increase the efficiency of metal oxide gas sensors. There may be multiple thin layers of aerogel separated by interlayers such as of sio2..
University Of Louisiana At Lafayette


Polymers comprising sulfonic acid groups

The present invention relates to a polymers and hydrogels comprising a sulfonic acid component formed from reactive components comprising (i) at least one hydrophobic monomer and (ii) at least one sulfonic acid-containing component, wherein the sulfonic acid-containing component is comprised of a salt formed by a non-polymerizable, hydrophilic base and a polymerizable sulfonic acid. One or more embodiments provide that the at least one hydrophobic monomer comprises a silicone component..
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


Dehydratable panels

A multilayer armored panel comprising: (i) at least one layer that is non moldable when dry but moldable when wet; (ii) at least one hydrogel based layer in contact with layer (i) which, when wet enables the moulding of layer (i) but which is capable of drying out to leave a non moldable layer (i).. .
Biodynamic Armor Ltd


Thermostatic packaging and methods for their preparation and use

Thermostatic packaging materials, and methods for making and using the materials are disclosed. The materials may include phase change materials that are covalently bound with the packaging material to avoid any leaching of liquefied phase change materials.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Interventional sinus endoscope

An apparatus and method are presented for a therapy delivery device including a catheter, an endoscope and an endoscope shaft, one or more attachment features for attaching the catheter to the endoscope, wherein the catheter has an expandable lumen at a distal end and wherein the expandable lumen expands upon injection of a therapy at the proximal end of the catheter. Attachment features may be a series of clips along the length of the catheter for attaching to an endoscope or a second lumen on the catheter wherein an endoscope may through one of said.
Gyrus Acmi, Inc. (d.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technologies America)


Polysaccharide and protein-polysaccharide cross-linked hydrogels for soft tissue augmentation

Disclosed herein are cohesive soft tissue fillers, for example, dermal and subdermal fillers, based on hyaluronic acids and optionally including proteins. In one aspect, hyaluronic acid-based compositions described herein include zero-length cross-linked moieties and optionally at least one active agent.
Allergan, Inc.


Gelatin-transglutaminase hemostatic dressings and sealants

An adhesive material for medical use comprising gelatin and a non-toxic cross-linking material such as transglutaminase. An optional embodiment of the invention includes dressings in which a layer of a transglutaminase is sandwiched between a first and second layer of gelatin.
Lifebond Ltd.


Gelatin sponge comprising an active ingredient, its preparation and use

The present invention is directed to a method for manufacturing a cross-linked gelatin sponge having a surface by providing a cross-linked gelatin sponge, wetting the surface of the sponge by applying a sufficient amount of liquid comprising a protein or peptide active ingredient, wherein a sufficient amount of liquid is one that retains the flexibility of the sponge even after drying. The sponge is then dried the sponge to obtain a flexible, dry and ready to use cross linked gelatin sponge having a layer of protein or peptide active ingredient on the surface thereof.
Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.


Sterilization of biodegradable hydrogels

The present invention relates to a terminal sterilization process for biodegradable peg-based insoluble hydrogels using irradiation. The presence of a protective solvent ensures that the hydrogel remains intact with functionally preserved three-dimensional and physicochemical properties..
Ascendis Pharma A/s


Use of polymeric materials with other substances for improved performance

Methods of enabling or improving the ability of a hydrogel to swell in the stomach of an animal and/or increasing the amount of time said hydrogel remains swollen in the stomach are described herein. In one embodiment, a polymer is administered in combination with one or more ph modifying agents which raise and maintain the ph of the micro environment of the polymer and/or the stomach in order inducing swelling in the polymer.
Gelesis, Inc.


Agent for treating urinary incontinence including stem cells derived from amniotic fluid

The present invention relates to a cell therapy product which is intended for regenerating a sphincter muscle and which contains stem cells derived from amniotic fluid, and more particularly, to a cell therapy product which is intended for regenerating the sphincter vesicae and which contains stem cells derived from amniotic fluid. Also, the cell therapy product of the present invention can be provided in the form of a formulation for administration through injection, said formulation being injected into a hydrogel complex to thereby improve the effects thereof.
Kyungpook National University Hospital


Oxygen-controllable and hypoxia-inducible hydrogels

Novel hydrogels that can serve as 3d hypoxic microenvironments are disclosed. Oxygen controllable, hypoxia-inducible hydrogels (hi hydrogels) are composed of a phenolic agent and polymer backbone, which can form hydrogel networks via oxygen consumption in an enzyme-mediated crosslinking reaction.
The Johns Hopkins University


Pharmaceutical formulations for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension

Pharmaceutical formulations are described for use in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (pah). The formulations comprise polymeric nanoparticles encapsulated within crosslinked polymeric hydrogel microparticles, wherein the polymeric nanoparticles carry a therapeutic agent suitable for treatment of pah loaded within them (for example, prostacyclin synthetic analogs, ppar β agonists and no donors).
Heart Biotech Pharma Limited


Method of using fibrous tissue sealant

Disclosed herein is a fibrous tissue sealant in the form of an anhydrous fibrous sheet comprising a first component which is a fibrous polymer containing electrophilic or nucleophilic groups and a second component capable of crosslinking the first component when the sheet is exposed to an aqueous medium, thereby forming a crosslinked hydrogel that is adhesive to biological tissue. The fibrous tissue sealant may be useful as a general tissue adhesive for medical and veterinary applications such as wound closure, supplementing or replacing sutures or staples in internal surgical procedures, tissue repair, and to prevent post-surgical adhesions.
Actamax Surgical Materials, Llc


Method of manufacturing an electrophoresis cassette

Method of manufacturing an electrophoresis gel cassette with a cassette housing defining a gel compartment for molding a gel member,comprising the steps of: molding in a rigid material a cassette housing member with an external face, an internal face defining at least a section of the gel compartment, and at least one opening for providing access to the gel compartment from the external face, and molding a closing member formed to close the at least one opening of the cassette housing member at the external face, wherein the closing member is molded with the cassette housing member acting partly as mold, and is comprised of an elastic material with non-permanent adhesion to the rigid material to make the closing member selectively removable.. .
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab


Thickened compositions comprising crosslinked polymers containing biomass derived materials

Novel, crosslinked polymers using biomass derived materials, such as aldaric acids and derivatives, are provided. The polymers can be used as hydrogels and in antimicrobial compositions..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Chromatography methods

This application discloses, in part, 1) a stationary phase column and compression designs for preparative chromatography, 2) a method of improving performance of silica gel chromatography by controlling the hydration of silica gel and acidifying the mobile phase, and 3) a method of extending the life of a silica gel column packing by cleaning or regenerating the silica gel stationary phase.. .
Ironstone Separations, Inc.


Injectable hydrogel implant for treating glaucoma

A method is provided for increasing the aqueous outflow of fluid through a trabecular meshwork and into a schlemm's canal of an eye. A liquid hydrogel precursor solution is introduced into the schlemm's canal, during a medical procedure.
Rainbow Medical, Ltd.


Embolic devices

Described herein are apparatus, compositions, systems and methods for occluding vascular structures and vascular malformations with radiopaque hydrogel filaments. The filaments can contain no support members and can be ct and mr compatible.
Microvention, Inc.


Solid polyglycol-based biocompatible pre-formulation

Provided herein are pre-formulations forming a biocompatible hydrogel polymer comprising at least one nucleophilic compound or monomer unit, at least one electrophilic compound or monomer unit, and optionally a therapeutic agent and/or viscosity enhancer. In some embodiments, the biocompatible hydrogel polymer covers a wound in a mammal and adheres to the surrounding skin tissue.
Medicus Biosciences Llc


Method of cross-linking hyaluronic acid with divinylsulfone

The present invention relates to methods of producing a homogenous hydrogel comprising hyaluronic acid, or salt thereof, crosslinked with divinylsulfone (dvs), said method comprising the steps of (a) providing an alkaline solution of hyaluronic acid, or salt thereof; (b) adding dvs to the solution of step (a), whereby the hyaluronic acid, or salt thereof, is crosslinked with the dvs to form a gel; (c) treating the gel of step (b) with a buffer, wherein the gel swells and forms a hydrogel comprising hyaluronic acid, or salt thereof, crosslinked with dvs.. .
Novozymes Biopharma Dk A/s


Microcapsules containing retinoids, preparing same, and pharmaceutical compositions containing same

Microcapsules are described that include a pharmaceutical active agent selected from among retinoids, an anionic hydrophilic polymer (in particular, gum arabic), and a cationic hydrophilic polymer (in particular, type-a gelatin). Also described, are methods for preparing such microcapsules, topical pharmaceutical compositions including such microcapsules, and dermatological uses thereof..
Galderma Research & Development


Cosmetic composition of hydrophobic silica aerogel particles and a polymer comprising a sugar unit

The invention also relates to a cosmetic treatment method using said composition, especially a hair treatment method that makes it possible in particular to delay or even prevent regreasing of the hair and/or of the scalp.. .


Therapeutics dispensing device and methods of making same

A therapeutics delivery system, and methods of making and using same, are disclosed for environments that rapidly clear any injected therapeutics, such as a patient's eye. The therapeutics delivery system releases the drug in a therapeutically effective concentration for a desired duration of time with a predefined drug kinetics.
Baylor College Of Medicine


Resistant starch food bar system

One embodiment of the present invention relates to an uncooked consolidated ready to eat food bar system containing at least 15 grams of resistant starch. The food bar system includes a liquid, a fiber substance, and a gelling substance.
Epic Technology Llc


Medical devices having homogeneous charge density and methods for making same

The present invention relates to ionic silicone hydrogel polymers comprising at least one pharmaceutical or nutriceutical component and displaying improved lysozyme uptake, low contact angle and reduced water soluble polymeric ammonium salt uptake.. .
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


System and dynamically calibrating and measuring analyte concentration in diabetes management monitors

An optical analyte sensor and diabetes management system is provided. The sensor preferably includes a hydrogel matrix for receiving a sample containing an analyte at unknown concentration, a light emitter for emitting light at a stimulation frequency, a light receiver for receiving a fluorescence signal at a first isosbestic frequency, and at a second frequency, for measuring an intensity of the fluorescence signal and the first and second frequencies.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Electrophoresis buffer for faster migration, improved resolution and extended shelf-life

There is provided an electrolyte solution for extending shelf life, and/or accelerating or improving resolution or improving transfer efficacy for blot applications, or accelerating and improving resolution, or accelerating and improving transfer efficacy of gel electrophoresis and containing tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (tris), at least one zwitterion, and water. The electrolyte solution may be used in buffer systems for gel electrophoresis and the preparation of gels for gel electrophoresis, such as western blot..
Dgel Electrosystem Inc.


Electrophoresis gel cassette

Electrophoresis gel cassette comprising a first and a second face wall member and one or more side wall members defining a gel compartment for a gel member with a first and second face, wherein at least a section of each one of the first and second face wall member is removable to expose a section of both the first and second face of the gel member essentially corresponding to the separation zone while the gel member is preserved in the cassette.. .
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab


Thermal insulation coating composition and thermal insulation coating layer

Disclosed is a thermal insulation coating composition including: a polymer resin; an aerogel; and an amphiphilic compound including specific functional groups and having a weight average molecular weight of about 200 to about 5000. A thermal insulation coating layer obtained from the thermal insulation coating composition is also provided..
Hyundai Motor Company


Bituminous compositions comprising additives having improved thermoreversible properties

The disclosure relates to a bituminous composition and to the method of preparation thereof. The bituminous composition includes a bitumen, a first additive including at least one fatty acid ester function, saturated or unsaturated, linear or branched, having a hydrocarbon chain with 4 to 36 carbon atoms, optionally substituted by at least one hydroxyl group and a second additive comprising at least one organogelator.
Total Marketing Services


Strain-promoted crosslinking of peg-based hydrogels via copper-free cycloaddition

The present invention is directed to a covalently crosslinked hydrogel comprising the strain-promoted reaction product of an 8-member cycloalkyne functionalized polyalkylene glycol and a multi-arm glycerol exytholate triazide and methods for making them. Because the precursor materials can be manipulated without causing crosslinking, provided the strain threshold is not reached, these hydrogels permit mechanical control over when (and where) cross linking occurs and are easier to use than prior strain-activated or temperature-activated systems.
The University Of Akron


Method to produce hyaluronic acid functionalized derivatives and formation of hydrogels

Both direct derivatives of the proposed process and those obtained by the further functionalization can be employed to produce hydrogels.. .


Graphene hydrogel, graphene hydrogel nanocomposite materials, and preparation method thereof

Provided are a graphene hydrogel, graphene hydrogel nanocomposite materials, and a preparation method thereof, wherein the graphene hydrogel includes pores between laminated graphene sheets, and the pores contain moisture. In addition, the graphene hydrogel nanocomposite materials include nanoparticles and porous pores between laminated graphene sheets, and the pores contain water..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Hyaluronic acid-calcium phosphate composite for growth factor support and producing same

The carrier for controlling the delivery rate of the growth factor in the present invention is composed of a hyaluronic acid hydrogel having a distribution of interconnected pores and a calcium phosphate microsphere being distributed in the pores of the hyaluronic acid hydrogel. The calcium phosphate microsphere having a porosity suitable for delivery of the growth factor is positioned into the pores of the cross-linked hyaluronic acid hydrogel to complete the carrier..


Dense hydrogels

There is provided a method for preparing a dense hydrogel comprising providing an at least partially gelled hydrogel, placing the at least a partially gelled hydrogel in fluid communication with an end of a capillary, and driving the at least partially gelled hydrogel into the capillary to form a dense hydrogel. There is also provided a system for preparing the dense hydrogel comprising a capillary having a bore; and a driver in communication with an end of the capillary for driving an at least partially gelled hydrogel into the bore of the capillary to form a dense hydrogel..
The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learn Ing/ Mcgill University


Hydrogel composition for the treatment of dermatological disorders

The present patent application is related to a hydrogel composition which is essentially free of active drugs for the manufacture of a product for the treatment of dermatological disorders, especially perioral dermatitis, acne or seborrheic dermatitis.. .
Intendis Gmbh


Stable compositions of fesoterodine

Stable pharmaceutical compositions of fesoterodine or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and process for preparing the same. In a first embodiment, a stable pharmaceutical composition is provided comprising fesoterodine fumarate, glyceryl behenate and a stabilizer.
Hetero Research Foundation


Vaccine for protection against shigella sonnei disease

Compositions and methods for protecting a susceptible host against an infection of shigella sonnei are disclosed. Such compositions and methods are useful for protecting the host against bacillary dysentery and shigellosis..
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept. Of Health And Human Services


Live, oral vaccine for protection against shigella dysenteriae serotype 1

The invention relates to salmonella typhi ty21a comprising core-linked shigella dysenteriae serotype 1 o-specific polysaccharide (o-ps) and dna encoding o antigen biosynthesis, said dna selected from the group consisting of: a) the dna sequence set out in any one of seq id nos: 1 and 2 and species homologs thereof; b) dna encoding shigella dysenteriae serotype 1 polypeptides encoded by any one of seq id nos: 1 and 2, and species homologs thereof; and c) dna encoding a o antigen biosynthesis gene product that hybridizes under moderately stringent conditions to the dna of (a) or (b); and related sequences, compositions of matter, vaccines, methods of using, and methods of making.. .
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept. Of Health And Human Services


Collagen peptide composition production method, dpp-4 inhibitor, and antihyperglycemic agent

Provided are methods of producing a novel collagen peptide composition, and a dpp-4 inhibitor and antihyperglycemics that comprise the above-mentioned collagen peptide composition. Ginger rhizome-derived enzymes are added to and break down a collagen and/or gelatin solution to generate peptide compositions comprising peptides represented by x-hyp-gly (wherein x represents an amino acid residue other than gly, hyp, and pro).
Nippi, Incorporated


Methods for enhancing the release and absorption of water insoluble active agents

Methods for enhancing the release and/or absorption of poorly water soluble active agents are described herein. The method involves dissolving, melting, or suspending a poorly water soluble active agent in one or more molten fatty acids, conjugated fatty acids, (semi-) solid surfactants of high hlb value, and/or hydrophilic polymers.
Banner Life Sciences Llc


Method for preparing hydro/organo gelators from disaccharide sugars by biocatalysis and their use in enzyme-triggered drug delivery

A method for preparing hydro/organo gelators from disaccharide sugars by biocatalysis and their use in enzyme-triggered drug delivery. Controlled delivery of an anti-inflammatory, chemopreventive drug is achieved by an enzyme-triggered drug release mechanism via degradation of encapsulated hydrogels.
Research Foundation Of The City University Of New York


Hydrogel vaccine formulations

This invention relates to compositions for delivering one or more active ingredients, and more particularly to compositions, e.g. Beads, comprising a matrix material which matrix material comprises a microorganism.
Sigmoid Pharma Ltd.


Traditional chinese medicine composition for pigment repair

The invention provides a composition for use in traditional chinese medicine to repair the pigment, wherein said composition comprises the following parts by weight of the composition ratio of raw material: 5-10 parts water, rhodiola extract 2-6 copies, snow lotus root extract 3-5 parts, 1-5 parts egeria motherwort extract, vitamin-c2-3 copies, copies of oat amino acids 2-5, 2-3 parts of dextran, 1-2 parts of emu oil, astragalus extract 2-3 parts, 4-5 parts of ginseng root extract, angelica extract 2-3 parts. This composition helps dilute pigment and redness, thickening of the skin to make the skin more resistant to ease fragile, net flashed white luster..
Shang Chen Mei Bang (beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Traditional chinese medicine composition for dispelling wringles and black eye and its preparation method

The invention provides a composition and method for preparing medicine for eye bags and dark circles fade, wherein said composition comprises the following parts by weight ratio of raw material composition: 10-15 parts water, ganoderma lucidum extract 2-3 copies, black ganoderma extract 3-4, 5-6 parts wheat germ oil, sucrose laurate 2-3 parts, 3-5 parts chamomile extract, 3-5 parts of milk protein, yeast ferment filtrate 3-5 copies, dextran 2-3 copies, copies tremella 2-4, 2-3 parts angelica root extract, astragalus extract 2-3 parts. The above described method for preparing a composition according to the present invention, without any side effects, can be soft smooth skin around the eyes, remove free radicals, enhance the resilience of the skin, thereby improving eye skin color, to get rid of dark circles effect..
Shang Chen Mei Bang (beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Traditional chinese medicine extract composition with whitening skin-care function adn its preparation method

The invention provides a raised white skin rejuvenation medicine composition, wherein said composition comprises the following servings by weight of the composition ratio of raw material: 5 to 10 servings of water, 2 to 5 servings of orchids extract, 2 to 3 servings of winter worm of summer, 2 servings of vitamin-c1, 5 servings of almond oil, 2-3 servings of sucrose laurate, 2-3 servings of oat amino acids, 3-4 servings of hyaluronic acid, 2 to 3 servings of muti pearl, 2 to 3 of pennisetum extract, 2 to 3 servings of white chrysanthemum extract, 2 to 3 servings of white peony extract, 2 to 3 servings of poria extract. The above composition was prepared according to the method of the invention, the composition has activated, whitening, moisturizing super protection function can inhibit the formation of melanin and plant extracts such as angelica restore melanin already formed, the epidermal melanin exclusion dilute huang, make skin white and transparent..
Shang Chen Mei Bang (beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Pneumatic wrap compression treatments for venous conditions

A method of treatment of a condition such as deep vein thrombosis, arterial insufficiency, lymphedema, pulmonary embolism, and pain includes use of a pneumatic compression wrap, pump, and medicament to provide compression on the body part of a patient and a pharmaceutical beneficial in treating the condition. Deep vein thrombosis, arterial insufficiency, lymphedema, pulmonary embolism, and pain can also be treated by an electrotherapy device utilizing a hydrogel patch containing a medicament.
Aij Properties, Llc

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