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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gel-related patents
 Method for silk fibroin gelation using sonication patent thumbnailMethod for silk fibroin gelation using sonication
This invention provides for a process of rapidly forming silk fibroin gelation through ultrasonication. Under the appropriate conditions, gelation can be controlled to occur within two hours after the ultrasonication treatment.
 Method of producing a delivery device patent thumbnailMethod of producing a delivery device
A method of producing a delivery device for delivering a chemical compound includes i) providing an interpenetrating polymer substrate (ip substrate) having a first continuous polymer comprising rubber and a second polymer having hydrogel or a hydrogelable precursor, where the second polymer is interpenetrating in the first polymer; ii) providing the chemical compound and a loading solvent for the chemical compound; and iii) loading the ip substrate with the chemical compound by subjecting the ip substrate to the loading solvent having the chemical compound under conditions where the loading solvent at least partially swells the second polymer. The chemical compound, the second polymer and the loading solvent are selected such that the work of adhesion (whc) between the second polymer and the chemical compound during at least a part of the loading is at least about 0 j/m2..
 Washing or cleaning agent comprising a hydrogel former patent thumbnailWashing or cleaning agent comprising a hydrogel former
The invention relates to a washing or cleaning agent, wherein use thereof generates hydrogel layers surfaces, comprising a hydrogel former having a molecular weight less than 3500 g/mol, wherein the hydrogel former is water-soluble at concentrations below the minimum gel formation concentration, wherein the minimum gel formation concentration is the concentration at which a yield point of at least 0.05 pa is formed in a binary solution of water and hydrogel former at t=25° c., and wherein said minimum gel formation concentration lies below 2 wt % of hydrogel former, relative to the system consisting of water and hydrogel former. The washing or cleaning agents according to the invention enable the hydrophiliation of surfaces, and the specific and retarded releasing of active substances embedded in the hydrogel layers, such as aromatic substances or antimicrobial active substances, for example..
 Methods for the preparation of hydrogels using lipase enzymes patent thumbnailMethods for the preparation of hydrogels using lipase enzymes
The present invention relates to an improved method for preparing hydrogels, such as alginate hydrogels. The hydrogels of the present invention is in particular useful for immobilisation and preservation of biological material, such as cellular material, e.g.
 Central line simulation and training device patent thumbnailCentral line simulation and training device
An anatomical simulation training device is disclosed in an embodiment herein. The anatomical device includes an anatomical model comprising a quadrant of a torso.
 Wine additives for improving the taste, aroma and quality of wine patent thumbnailWine additives for improving the taste, aroma and quality of wine
The present invention provides compositions and methods of using these compositions to improve the taste, aroma and quality of wine. The compositions are aqueous solutions containing gelatin having a concentration of about 45 g/l to about 55 g/l, gum arabic having a concentration of about 92 g/l to about 112 g/l and copper sulfate having a concentration of about 0.014 g/l to about 0.018 g/l or ascorbic acid having a concentration of about 223 g/l to about 273 g/l and gum arabic having a concentration of about 46 g/l to about 56 g/l or gelatin having a concentration of 42 g/l to about 52 g/l, gum arabic having a concentration of about 86 g/l to about 106 g/l, ascorbic acid having a concentration of about 9.9 g/l to about 11 g/l and potassium metabisulfite having a concentration of about 12 g/l to about 15 g/l.
 Multi-layered injectable self-assembling peptide scaffold hydrogels for long-term sustained release of human antibodies patent thumbnailMulti-layered injectable self-assembling peptide scaffold hydrogels for long-term sustained release of human antibodies
The invention relates to a pharmaceutical formulation for sustained delivery of a therapeutic agent, preferably a protein, polypeptide, an antibody or an antibody fragment, comprising one or more gel forming peptides wherein the formulation exhibits sustained delivery for at least two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, five weeks, six weeks, seven weeks, eight weeks, nine weeks, ten weeks, eleven weeks, twelve weeks or more. In one embodiment, the invention relates to a formulation comprising self-assembling peptides that undergo sol-gel transition in the presence of an electrolyte solution such as biological fluids and salts.
 Capsule with internal diaphragm patent thumbnailCapsule with internal diaphragm
A capsule of, for instance, hard gelatin for holding a substance such as medicine, food supplements or similar materials includes a capsule body having a closed and an opposed open end with a predetermined length defined between the ends. A diaphragm having a closed end and an opposed open end and a predetermined length there between seals off the body and provides a first compartment to hold a first medicine, food supplement, etc.
 Nail discoloration and fungus treatment patent thumbnailNail discoloration and fungus treatment
A system and method for treating human nails afflicted with fungus is now disclosed. The system comprises a hydrogel dressing or pad, a topical agent consisting of a nanosilver treatment agent, a topical carrier in which said treatment agent is dispersed, and an adhesive for securing the hydrogel and treatment agent to a nail in need of such treatment.
 Cosmetic composition comprising silica aerogel particles, a gemini surfactant and a solid fatty substance patent thumbnailCosmetic composition comprising silica aerogel particles, a gemini surfactant and a solid fatty substance
In which r1 and r3 denote, independently of one another, an alkyl radical containing from 1 to 25 carbon atoms; r2 denotes a spacer consisting of a linear or branched alkylene chain containing from 1 to 12 carbon atoms; x and y denote, independently of one another, a —(c2h4o)a—(c3h6o)bz group; n ranges from 1 to 10 ; and (3) at least one fatty phase comprising at least one fatty substance chosen from solid fatty substances and pasty fatty substances. The composition in accordance with the invention makes it possible to make good the lack of cutaneous lipids in dehydrated skin, and to provide comfort and persistent nutrition, while at the same time having sensory properties, for example a non-greasy and non-tacky effect and a matt skin appearance, and also good skin penetration properties, even with a high level of solid fatty substance..
Biocompatible hydrogel polymer formulations for the controlled delivery of biomolecules
Provided herein are biocompatible hydrogel polymers capable of gelling in vivo comprising a therapeutic agent such as a protein or other biomolecule and kits comprising at least one nucleophilic compound or monomer unit, at least one electrophilic compound or monomer unit, and at least one therapeutic agent. The biocompatible hydrogel polymer is bioabsorbable and releases the therapeutic agent at a target site, avoiding systemic exposure and achieving a controlled delivery..
Stable formulations of botulinum toxin in hydrogels
The invention includes liquid formulations of botulinum toxin, including hydrogel formulations that are stable to storage in liquid form at standard refrigerator temperatures for at least 1-2 years and to storage at higher temperatures for at least 6 months. The invention also includes methods of treatment using such formulations for various therapeutic and cosmetic purposes..
Vitamin functionalized gel-forming block copolymers for biomedical applications
Gel-forming block copolymers were prepared comprising i) a central hydrophilic block consisting essentially of a divalent poly(ethylene oxide) chain and ii) two peripheral monocarbonate or polycarbonate hydrophobic blocks. The hydrophobic blocks comprise one or more vitamin-bearing subunits.
Controlled translocation of macromolecules employing a funnel nanopore structure and a gel
A system of controlled translocation of macromolecules by gel electrophesis employs a funnel nanopore structure. A graphene portion is attached to a porous material layer including funnel-shaped pores such that the graphene portion blocks the side of the porous material layer having openings for smaller pores.
Controlled translocation of macromolecules employing a funnel nanopore structure and a gel
A system of controlled translocation of macromolecules by gel electrophesis employs a funnel nanopore structure. A graphene portion is attached to a porous material layer including funnel-shaped pores such that the graphene portion blocks the side of the porous material layer having openings for smaller pores.
Composite material, formed body, electronic device with formed body, and method for manufacturing a formed body
A composite material includes a polymer matrix and silica gel, which is bound in the polymer matrix. The volume fraction of the silica gel to the volume fraction of the composite material amounts to at least 50%, especially at least 65%.
Preparation patch and safety syringe system
A safety syringe system including a safety syringe and an injection site preparation patch adapted for use with the safety syringe. The safety syringe includes a syringe body and a safety shield slidably disposed about the syringe body.
Polymer hydrogels and methods of preparation thereof
The invention relates to a method for the preparation of a polymer hydrogel, comprising cross-linking a precursor comprising a hydrophilic polymer optionally in combination with a second hydrophilic polymer, using a polycarboxylic acid as the cross-linking agent. The invention further concerns the polymer hydrogel obtainable by the method of the invention and the use thereof in a number of different applications..
Ionic silicone hydrogels having improved hydrolytic stability
The present invention relates to ionic silicone hydrogel polymers displaying improved thermal stability. More specifically, the present invention relates to a polymer formed from reactive components comprising at least one silicone component and at least one ionic component comprising at least one anionic group.
Telechelic based networks from novel macromonomers, compositions, preparation and uses thereof
The invention provides highly resilient synthetic hydrogels, which can be prepared, for example, by using the efficient thiol-norbornene chemistry to cross-link hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol) (peg) and hydrophobic polydimethylsiloxane (pdms) polymer chains. The simple hydrogel system with enhanced mechanical properties is useful in many applications, including in the biomedical field and in the design of protective and corrective wear..
Adhesive hydrogel and use thereof
An adhesive hydrogel contains: a polymer matrix of a copolymer of a monofunctional monomer and a crosslinking monomer (a); another polymer component; water; and a polyhydric alcohol, wherein: either a structural unit derived from the monofunctional monomer contained in the polymer matrix or the other polymer component or both contain a structural unit derived from at least one compound (b) selected from the group consisting of ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids, ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid salts, and ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid derivatives having a hydroxyl group, an acid group, a salt thereof, an amino group, and/or an ammonium group; and the other polymer component contains a polymer compound (c) with a side chain having an oxyalkylene group or a polyoxyalkylene group.. .
Sustained action formulation of cyclosporin form 2
Disclosed herein are methods of treating diseases of the eye by administering to the subconjunctival space a formulation comprising cyclosporin a form 2 and a hydrogel.. .
Peptides from fish gelatine
The invention relates to a process of preparing low molecular weight peptides from gelatine. The gelatine is broken down into low molecular weight peptides using enzymes from bacillus sp.
In-vitro cell colony culture device and use thereof
Provided are an in-vitro cell colony culture device and use thereof, the in-vitro cell colony culture device comprising: a micro-patterned template having a micro-patterned cavity, and adhesive hydrogel formed on the lower surface of the micro-patterned template, and the micro-patterned cavity defining the growth space of the cell colony. An upper template can be retained or removed as required to from a monolayer cell micro-pattern or a multiplayer cell micro-cluster..
Reconstituted rice containing fibers
A process for the manufacture of reconstituted rice is disclosed which comprising the steps of a) providing or preparing a mixture containing comminuted rice matrix material; b) hydrating the mixture to obtain a paste and kneading the paste obtained until the rice starch is at least semi-gelatinized; c) forming the semi-gelatinized mass to strands and cutting them to obtain grains similar or equal to the size of rice grains; and d) drying the grains. The mixture provided or prepared in step a) contains fibers and/or fibers are added during step b) and/or between step b) and step c).
Solid anti-sun composition based on lipophilic organic uv screening agent and aerogel particles of hydrophobic silica
The present invention thus relates to a solid composition, in particular in the form of a loose or compact powder, comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable medium: a) at least one pulverulent phase; b) at least one lipophilic organic uv screening agent characterized in that the pulverulent phase comprises at least aerogel particles of hydrophobic silica exhibiting a specific surface per unit of weight (sw) ranging from 200 to 1500 m2/g, preferably from 600 to 1200 m2/g and better still from 600 to 800 m2/g, and a size, expressed as volume-average diameter (d[0.5]), of less than 1500 μm and preferably ranging from 1 to 30 μm, more preferably from 5 to 25 μm, better still from 5 to 20 μm and even better still from 5 to 15 μm. It also relates to a cosmetic method for caring for and/or making up human keratinous substances, in particular the skin of the body or of the face or the hair, comprising at least the application, to the surface of the keratinous substance, of at least one composition as defined above..
Implantable modular hydrogel for salivary gland restoration
Implantable modular hydrogels to aid in salivary gland restoration and associated methods are provided. In one embodiment, the present disclosure provides for a hydrogel network comprising: a hyaluronic acid macromer crosslinked with a multiblock copolymer..
Vermin poison
Use of an orally or nasally available formulation of tretazicar for poisoning vermin. An orally available or nasally available formulation of tretazicar, wherein in the orally available formulation the tretazicar is protected from acid hydrolysis, and provided that the formulation is not solid tretazicar in a gelatin capsule.
Biodegradable bone fillers, membranes and scaffolds containing composite particles
This invention is related to bone fillers, hard tissue supporting films and three dimensional scaffolds that contains composite particle of inorganic compound/water soluble polymer (such as β-tcp/gelatin), that can lead to bone regeneration and release an antibacterial or bioactive agent at the defect area. The bone regenerative hard tissue supporting films and scaffolds were obtained by addition of antibacterial or bioactive agent loaded composite particles into biodegrable polymer (such as pcl) matrix..
Compositions and methods for spinal disc repair and other surgical and non-surgical indications
The present invention features, inter alia, biocompatible compositions that include a poloxamer and one or more additives such as hyaluronic acid, gelatin, fibronectin, or a peptide fragment of fibronectin. The compositions are useful in tissue repair or remodeling, including repair of an injured spinal disc, in drug delivery, in cell culture, and in inhibiting the formation of adhesions..
Polymer compositions, polymer films, polymer gels, polymer foams, and electronic devices containing such films, gels and foams
A polymer film, polymer gel, and polymer foam each contain an electrically conductive polymer and an ionic liquid and are each useful as a component of an electronic device.. .
Methods of forming a polymeric material via self-assembly of amphiphilic material and related template structures
Methods for fabricating sub-lithographic, nanoscale microchannels utilizing an aqueous emulsion of an amphiphilic agent and a water-soluble, hydrogel-forming polymer, and films and devices formed from these methods are provided.. .
Adhesive composition
The present invention relates to an adhesive composition comprising a component a and a component b, wherein said component a comprises bisphenol a resin; a hydrophilic solvent, preferably acetone or ethanol or mixtures thereof; and silica gel (sio2) or alumina (al2o3) and said component b comprises aliphatic or aromatic polyamines, preferably polyamidoamines; polythiol; a combination of primary and tertiary amines, preferably 1-(2-aminoethyl)piperazine and ethylenediamine; optionally a hydrophilic solvent and optionally silica (sio2) or alumina (al2o3) gel. Said composition has the advantage that it cures, in addition to under dry conditions, in the presence of water or humidity in a time of 30 minutes as much and is flexible.
Apparatus and methods for transferring materials between locations possessing different cross-sectional areas with minimal band spreading and dispersion due to unequal path-lengths
Non-limiting exemplary embodiment(s) of apparatus(es) and method(s) are described for the conveyance of fluid media and entrained materials between two or more locations, each possessing a different cross-sectional area. Equidistant pathways incorporated into uniquely designed conduits enable this transference to occur with minimal band spreading and separation resolution loss due to undesirable flow patterns that arise from end effects.
Vented emergency wound dressings
A wound dressing provides a tenacious occlusive seal against the skin of a wearer, even in the presence of excessive blood or heavy perspiration. The preferred embodiment combines an adhesive backing layer with a hydrogel island providing superior hydrophilic gel adhesion.
Localization of the parathyroid
Systems and methods are disclosed for locating the parathyroid. In one aspect, temporal variation among a plurality of images is evaluated and at least one image is enhanced according to the temporal variation.
Gelatinized pre-oriented filaments and preparation method thereof, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers and preparation method thereof
Disclosed are a method for preparing gelatinized pre-oriented filaments and the gelatinized pre-oriented filaments prepared by the method. The method comprises: feeding a spinning dope into a twin-screw extruder for blending and extruding the same to obtain a first spinning solution having a non-newtonian index of 0.1-0.8 and a structural viscosity index of 10-50; feeding the first spinning solution into a spinning box, and drawing at a spinneret with a factor of 5-20 so as to obtain a second spinning solution; and flash cooling and curing the second spinning solution so as to obtain the gelatinized pre-oriented filaments.
Hydrogels with biodegradable crosslinking
Hydrogels that degrade under appropriate conditions of ph and temperature by virtue of crosslinking compounds that cleave through an elimination reaction are described. The hydrogels may be used for delivery of various agents, such as pharmaceuticals.
Water-stable hydrogel and method using same
A hydrogel (i) comprising a polymer backbone comprising a plurality of repeat units, wherein one or more of the repeat units comprises a pendent water soluble polymer attached thereto by a linkage selected from the group consisting of amide, thioamide, urea, and thiourea.. .
Layered aerogel composites, related aerogel materials, and methods of manufacture
Composites comprising aerogel materials are generally described. Layered aerogel composites may be of great utility for a wide variety of applications including lightweight structures, ballistic panels, multilayer thermal and acoustic insulation, spacecraft reentry shielding, supercapacitors, batteries, acoustic insulation, and flexible garments.
Multi-flavored beverage
A flavor additive including a base selected from proteins, gelatin, pectin, alginate, gums, starches, modified starches, oils, food grade petrochemicals etc. Is disclosed.
Sugar confectionary product on the basis of a gelatin gel and method for its production
The present invention relates to a sugar confectionary product on the basis of a gelatin gel, comprising approximately 1% to approximately 15% by weight of gelatin, and approximately 20% to approximately 85% by weight of at least one sugar and/or sugar substitute. In order to increase the melting point of the gelatin gel, it is proposed that the sugar confectionary product contains one or more polyphenols..
Rotary molded shaped crunchy granola food products and methods of making same
Disclosed are nonlimiting embodiments comprising a novel process for forming and shaping crunchy granola food products. The process comprises using rotary molding processes to form and shape a granola mass into a variety of desired shapes.
Intraocular shunt manufacture
An intraocular shunt can be manufactured using a system that includes a liquid bath and a wire, which is moved through the bath. When moved through the bath, the wire is coated with a material, such as gelatin.
Method of preparing microspheres by using polymer having sol-gel transition property and microspheres prepared thereby
The present invention relates to a method of preparing microspheres by using a polymer having a sol-gel transition property and microspheres prepared thereby, and more particularly, to a method of preparing microspheres by using a polymer having a sol-gel transition property and microspheres prepared thereby capable of preventing a solvent in a polymer solution for a carrier from being rapidly diffused to the aqueous medium before formation of the microspheres to reduce porosity of the microspheres and reduce surface roughness of the microspheres in order to obtain microspheres having a sphere shape, and increasing an encapsulation ratio of a bioactive substance, by using a polymer having a sol-gel transition property as a surfactant included in an aqueous medium into which a primary emulsion is injected and gelating a secondary emulsion formed after injecting the primary emulsion using the sol-gel transition property of the polymer used as the surfactant.. .
Soft-gelatin capsule formulation
The present invention discloses a soft gelatin capsule formulation of a 15-keto-prostaglandin compound, which comprises: a soft gelatin capsule shell comprising gelatin and sugar alcohol as a plasticizer, and a mixture comprising a 15-keto-prostaglandin compound and a pharmaceutically acceptable vehicle which is filled in the shell. By encapsulating the 15-keto-prostaglandin compound in the specified soft gelatin capsule shell, stability of the compound is significantly improved..
Synthetic diblock copolypeptide hydrogels for use in the central nervous system
This invention relates, e.g., to a composition suitable for administration to the central nervous system (cns), comprising a block copolypeptide hydrogel, which comprises a biologically active material that is mixed with the hydrogel or that is attached to the polypeptide chain of the hydrogel, wherein the composition is suitable for administration to the cns. Also disclosed are methods of making and using compositions of the invention as depots or as scaffolds for cell migration, and pharmaceutical compositions and kits for implementing methods of the invention..
Solid state heating source and plasma actuators including extreme materials
Solid state flow control devices, solid state heating sources, and plasma actuators are provided. A plasma actuator can include at least one powered electrode separated from at least one grounded electrode by a dielectric material.
Diaphragm and speaker using same
A diaphragm is disclosed in the present disclosure. The diaphragm includes a middle layer, a first and a second adhesive layer attached on two side surfaces of the middle layer respectively, and a first layer adhered to the middle layer by the first adhesive layer and a second layer adhered to the middle layer by the second adhesive layer.

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