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This page is updated frequently with new Gel-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Gel-related patents
 Porous substrate electrode body and  producing same patent thumbnailnew patent Porous substrate electrode body and producing same
The object of the present invention is to provide an electrode member with the hydrogel substrate, capable of producing a high-voltage pulse. Further, the other object of the present invention is to provide an electrode member which is not broken due to a deformation of the hydrogel.
Tohoku University

 Fluid channel system for examining cells patent thumbnailnew patent Fluid channel system for examining cells
A fluid channel system for examining cells may comprise a chamber filled with at least one photopolymerized hydrogel and/or one polymerized photodepolymerizable hydrogel to at least 90% capacity. The chamber may open exclusively towards at least one fluid channel via at least two openings.
Ibidi Gmbh

 Cylinder head for engine patent thumbnailnew patent Cylinder head for engine
Disclosed is a cylinder head for an engine. The cylinder head for an engine includes an insulation coating layer formed on a surface of an intake port surface.
Hyundai Motor Company

 Heat insulation composition for improving heat insulation and soundproofing functions, containing aerogel, and  manufacturing heat insulation fabric by using same patent thumbnailnew patent Heat insulation composition for improving heat insulation and soundproofing functions, containing aerogel, and manufacturing heat insulation fabric by using same
The present invention relates to a heat insulation composition, containing aerogel, with improved heat insulation and soundproofing properties, and a method for manufacturing a heat insulation fabric by using the same. The heat insulation composition is prepared by mixing solvent, aerogel powder, adhesive binder and carbon black powder, thereby improving the heat insulation property at an extremely low temperature and at a high temperature, and also enhancing the soundproofing property..
Jios Aerogel Corporation

 Self-suspending proppants for hydraulic fracturing patent thumbnailnew patent Self-suspending proppants for hydraulic fracturing
The invention provides for modified proppants, comprising a proppant particle and a hydrogel coating, wherein the hydrogel coating localizes on the surface of the proppant particle to produce the modified proppant, methods of manufacturing such proppants and methods of use.. .
Self-suspending Proppant Llc

 Method for producing tricyclic heterocyclic compound patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing tricyclic heterocyclic compound
It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for producing a high-purity tricyclic heterocyclic compound represented by formula (i), which is useful as a production intermediate for a pharmaceutical agent, wherein the method is an efficient production method with short steps and with a high yield, which does not use, as raw materials, expensive bromopyruvate and highly harmful copper chromite, and does not need silica gel column chromatography that generates, as by-products, large quantities of waste. The present invention relates to production of compound (i) by the following method..
Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited

 Method for preparing a composition comprising functionalised silico/germano-metal particles and composition obtained patent thumbnailnew patent Method for preparing a composition comprising functionalised silico/germano-metal particles and composition obtained
A method for preparing a composition includes silico/germano-metal particles functionalized by at least one organic group, which involves:—carrying out a hydrothermal treatment of a hydrogel precursor of the silico/germano-metal mineral particles, and—preparing a hydrogel including silico/germano-metal particles having at least one organic group by co-precipitation in an aqueous medium. A composition including functionalized silico/germano-metal mineral particles of which 1% to 75% of the silicon atoms and/or of the germanium atoms are covalently bonded to at least one organic group is also described..
UniversitÉ Paul Sabatier Toulouse Iii

 Highly porous aerogels patent thumbnailnew patent Highly porous aerogels
Provided are methods for the manufacture of highly porous aerogels, particularly to twisted carbon fibers (tcf) and carbon microbelt (cmb) aerogels, by providing a carbon raw material and heating said carbon raw material under inert gas atmosphere and reduced pressure up to 900° c. Also encompassed are the thus obtained aerogels and the use thereof, particularly for treating waste water..
Nanyang Technological University

 System for additive manufacturing of three-dimensional structures and  same patent thumbnailnew patent System for additive manufacturing of three-dimensional structures and same
A system and method for additive manufacturing of three-dimensional structures, including three-dimensional cellular structures, are provided. The system comprises at least one print head for receiving and dispensing materials, the materials comprising a sheath fluid and a hydrogel, the print head comprising an orifice for dispensing the materials, microfluidic channels for receiving and directing the materials, fluidic switches corresponding to one of the microfluidic channels in the print head and configured to allow or disallow fluid flow in the microfluidic channels; a receiving surface for receiving a first layer of the materials dispensed from the orifice; a positioning unit for positioning the orifice of the print head in three dimensional space; and a dispensing means for dispensing the materials from the orifice of the print head..
Aspect Biosystems Ltd.

 Microfluidic methods for manipulating dna patent thumbnailnew patent Microfluidic methods for manipulating dna
Techniques are provided for generating, manipulating, and measuring fluidic droplets in mixed phase systems based on establishing transient continuities between otherwise spatially separated phases. In certain methods of the invention, electrodes in contact with the continuous phases allow electrical monitoring of continuity or proximity of separated phases as a means to characterize droplets.
Lariat Biosciences, Inc.

new patent

Caprolactam-based fatty amide as gelling additive

The present invention relates to a caprolactam-based fatty amide additive having an amine or salified amine ending useful as a hydrogelator for aqueous compositions.. .
Arkema France

new patent

Device and compressing a hydrogel

The invention relates to a device and a method for compressing a hydrogel layer (h), wherein a separate piston (600) that is designed to be connected to a second component (400) of the device in a releasable manner in an operating mode of the device, particularly by means of a latching connection, presses along a compression direction (c) against said hydrogel layer (h) residing on a membrane bottom (501) of a graft frame (500) so as to compress the hydrogel layer (h) between the piston (600) and the membrane bottom (501).. .
UniversitÄt ZÜrich

new patent

Gelatin sponge comprising an active ingredient, its preparation and use

The present invention is directed to a method for manufacturing a cross-linked gelatin sponge having a surface by providing a cross-linked gelatin sponge, wetting the surface of the sponge by applying a sufficient amount of liquid comprising a protein or peptide active ingredient, wherein a sufficient amount of liquid is one that retains the flexibility of the sponge even after drying. The sponge is then dried the sponge to obtain a flexible, dry and ready to use cross linked gelatin sponge having a layer of protein or peptide active ingredient on the surface thereof..
Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.

new patent

Methods of preparing and using sericin hydrogel

A method for preparing a sericin hydrogel, the method including: 1) weighing a cocoon of a fibroin-deficient mutant silkworm, bombyx mori, extracting the cocoon by an aqueous solution of libr or licl, dialyzing an extracted solution to yield a sericin solution having a concentration of a non-degraded sericin of between 0.1 and 4 wt. %; and 2) concentrating the sericin solution to a concentration of between 1.5 and 10 wt.
Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

new patent

Tunable anti-microbial loaded hydrogels

A tunable antimicrobial-loaded hydrogel formulation has a mechanical strength can be altered by changing the salt composition. The hydrogel formulation is preferably a gellan film.
Brown University

new patent

Orally disintegrating tablet

Disclosed is an orally disintegrating tablet including: (a) an active ingredient; (b) a starch with an amylose content of 20% by mass to 30% by mass and a degree of gelatinization of less than 10%; and (c) at least one inorganic excipient selected from the group consisting of magnesium silicate, calcium silicate, and synthetic hydrotalcite. The orally disintegrating tablet is a single-layer tablet or a dry-coated tablet having an inner core and an outer layer.
Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co., Ltd.

new patent

Controlled release delivery system for nasal applications and treatment

This invention relates to a gel formulation for nasal administration of a controlled release formulation of hormones to the systemic circulation and/or to the brain. The special lipophilic or partly lipophilic system of the invention leads to higher bioavailability of the active ingredient caused by sustained serum levels in plasma but also leads to a more favorable serum level profile.
Mattern Pharma Ag

new patent

Silica hydrogel composite

This invention relates to a silica hydrogel composite obtainable by mixing silica particles, comprising an encapsulated agent, with a silica sol, wherein obtained hydrogel composite is shear-thinning. The present invention also relates to use of the silica hydrogel composite according to the invention for an injectable, flowing or extrudable formulation.
Delsitech Oy

new patent

Plant water reservoir

A plant watering reservoir has a container having a container sidewall. Sidewall openings are formed on the container sidewall.


Method of producing dispersion liquid of gelatinous electrolyte

A method of producing a dispersion liquid of a gelatinous electrolyte includes a water content reduction process of concentrating an aqueous dispersion liquid of an electrolyte at a temperature of 50° c. Or less and reducing a water content in a concentrate of the electrolyte to 5% by mass or less based on the total mass of the concentrate of the electrolyte, and an alcohol addition process of adding an alcohol to the concentrate of the electrolyte obtained in the water content reduction process to form the dispersion liquid of the gelatinous electrolyte..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Heat shield for cables

A heat shield for use with cables in a nuclear environment can include a thermal insulator. The thermal insulator can have a low thermal conductivity and can be formed of a silica glass fiber material, an aerogel, or an aerogel-derived material.
General Cable Technologies Corporation


Elastomeric gel body gasket having a substantially incompressible skeleton, a making and using the same

Gaskets, including aircraft gaskets, are disclosed, the gaskets having an elastomeric gel body and substantially incompressible skeletons. The bodies may be pliable and deformable and, in one example, may be comprised of a two-part chemically cured polyurethane that sets up as a gel after mixing with the web so that it is fully integral with the web and so that there is substantially no air bubbles or air pockets left in the web.
Aviation Devices & Electronic Components, L.l.c.


Improved spinning process and novel gelatin fibers

The present invention relates to the manufacturing gelatin fibers comprising the steps of: (a) preparing a two-phase composition as defined in the claims, (b) spinning the lower phase of said composition, (c) stretching the obtained fiber and (d) optional finishing steps; to new gelatin fibers and to the use thereof.. .
Eth Zurich


Multi-component adhesive for producing an adhesive hydrogel

The present invention primarily relates to a multicomponent adhesive for producing an adhesive hydrogel, comprising the compound defined below of the formula (i) and one, two, three, four or more further constituents. The invention further relates to the use of said multicomponent adhesive and corresponding methods for gluing two surfaces together.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-universitÄt


Durable polymer-aerogel based superhydrophobic coatings: a composite material

Provided are polymer-aerogel composite coatings, devices and articles including polymer-aerogel composite coatings, and methods for preparing the polymer-aerogel composite. The exemplary article can include a surface, wherein the surface includes at least one region and a polymer-aerogel composite coating disposed over the at least one region, wherein the polymer-aerogel composite coating has a water contact angle of at least about 140° and a contact angle hysteresis of less than about 1°.


Antioxidant-based poly(anhydride-esters)

Certain embodiments of the invention provide antioxidant-based diacids and polymers comprising glycol groups as described herein, and methods of use thereof. In certain embodiments the polymers described herein are formulated as microspheres or hydrogels.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey


Device for cleaning pipes

The invention relates to the non-covalent, self-organizing hydrogel matrix for biotechnological applications containing a covalent polymer peptide conjugate, wherein the covalent polymer peptide conjugate comprises conjugates of two or more peptides that are coupled to a polymer chain and the peptide sequence contains a recurring dipeptide motif (ba)n wherein b is an amino acid having positively charged side chain, a is alanine and n is an integer between 4 and 20.. .
Ims IngenieurbÜro Gmbh


Aerogel for capturing carbon dioxide

Disclosed is an aerogel for capturing carbon dioxide (co2 ) and, more particularly an aerogel for capturing co2 and a preparation method for the same, where the aerogel for capturing co2 is prepared using a magnesium precursor and an aluminum precursor by an epoxide-driven sol-gel method and a subsequent drying method using supercritical carbon dioxide to have a high co2 adsorptive performance at elevated temperature. There is provided an aerogel for capturing co2 to selectively adsorb co2 at elevated temperature, thereby contributing to the reduction of the co2 emission that is mainly responsible for atmospheric pollutions by using the high-efficiency aerogel for capturing co2 with high co2 selectivity, high co2 adsorption performance, and good recyclability in the repetitive adsorption-desorption processes..
Myongji University Industry And Academia Cooperation Foundation


Sugar chain-polypeptide complex

The object of the present invention is to provide a sugar chain-polypeptide complex that may form a transparent and homogeneous hydrogel in a broad ph. The present invention provides a sugar chain-polypeptide complex, characterized in that said polypeptide is a polypeptide comprising an amino acid sequence consisting of 8-34 amino acid residues in which polar and nonpolar amino acid residues are alternately arranged, and one or more sugar chains are bound to said polypeptide..
Glytech, Inc.


Imidated biopolymer adhesive and hydrogel

Biologically compatible polymers carry an imide and can be used as an adhesive, a hydrogel or both. A second biologically compatible polymer reactive with the imidated polymer can be used therewith to seal openings..
The Johns Hopkins University


Dispersion and forming hydrogel

An object is to provide dispersion containing lipid peptide type compound useful as low molecular weight gelator, such as lipid dipeptide and lipid tripeptide, and dissolution accelerator capable of dissolving the lipid peptide type compound at lower temperature and more easily. It is also an object to provide dispersion that can form hydrogel by simpler method and under milder condition (low temperature) and from which gel can be obtained as gel having high thermal stability, and provide method for forming the gel.
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Imageable biopsy site marker

A biopsy site marker having at least one small marker body or pellet of bioresorbable material such as gelatin, collagen, polylactic acid, polyglycolic acid which has a radiopaque object, preferably with a non-biological configuration. The at least one bioresorbable body or pellet with a radiopaque object is deposited into the biopsy site, by a delivery device that includes an elongated tubular body with a piston slidable within the tubular body.
Senorx. Inc.


Method of producing a halogen lamp and halogen lamp

The present invention relates to a method for producing a halogen lamp, comprising the following steps: providing a glass tube blanket; dip-coating of the glass tube blanket using a sol gel process having an inorganic coating; forming a lamp bulb from the coated glass tube blanket. The present invention relates further to a halogen lamp produced accordingly..
Vosla Gmbh


Particle size distribution measurements of particles and droplets using optical gel electrophoresis

A device for measuring size distributions of particles and droplets includes a gel electrophoresis component that has a gel chamber that is suitable to receive a gel in which at least one of particles or droplets propagate in a liquid medium during operation; an illumination source arranged to illuminate said at least one of particles or droplets such that the at least one of particles or droplets absorbs, scatters or emits light; an imaging device configured to obtain image data from the absorbed, scattered, or emitted light from the at least one of particles or droplets while the at least one of particles or droplets propagate through the gel; and a computing device configured to receive and process the image data to provide information concerning a size distribution of the at least one of particles or droplets.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


Hydrogel compositions and methods for electrochemical sensing

Embodiments of hydrogels for electrochemical sensing, electrodes comprising the hydrogels, and methods of making and using the hydrogels are disclosed. The disclosed hydrogel electrodes comprise a cross-linked poly(acrylic acid-co-2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid (poly(aa-amps)) hydrogel and an electrical contact..
Portland State University


Tank container for transport and storage of cryogenic liquefied gases

The invention relates to a tank container (100; 100′) for the transport and storage of cryogenic liquefied gas, comprising a framework (120) and a cylindrical vessel (110) connected to the frames work (120), wherein the vessel (110) is covered by a superinsulation arrangement (130) based on an aerogel composition, and the vessel (110) is connected to the framework (120) by a clamping device (30) which is adapted to allow for a relative movement between the framework (120) and the vessel (110) due to thermal expansion or contraction of the vessel (110).. .
Aspen Aerogels, Inc.


Devices and methods for creating and testing microbes and biofilms

Systems and methods for growing microbes and biofilms on a hydrogel in a controlled environment. The system can have a cup, and a liner with the liner inserted into the cup and a hydrogel inserted into the liner.


Temperature-stable, electrolytic hydrogel and stimulating crude oil and natural gas deposits

The invention relates to a temperature-stable hydrogel comprising electrolytic water and a copolymer cross-linked to multivalent metal ions. The invention is characterized in that the copolymer contains at least structural units which are derived at up to 0.005-20% by weight from an ethylenically unsaturated phosphonic acid and alkali metal salts thereof and/or ammonia salts, up to 5-40% by weight from an ethylenically unsaturated sulfuric acid and alkali metal salts thereof and/or ammonia salts and up to 5-94.995% by weight from an amide of an ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid selected from the group of acrylamide, methacrylamide and/or c1-c4 alkyl derivatives, wherein the percentages are based on the total mass of the monomers used during copolymerization, and that the multivalent metal ions for cross-linking of the copolymers belong to the groups iiia, ivb, vb, viiib and/or viiib of the periodic system of elements..
Tougas Oilfield Solutions Gmbh


Process for hydrolysis of starch

The present invention relates to a process for enzymatic hydrolysis of granular starch into a soluble starch hydrolysate at a temperature below or just above the initial gelatinization temperature of said granular starch.. .
Novozymes A/s


Antibodies to matrix metalloproteinase 9

The present disclosure provides compositions and methods of use involving binding proteins, e.g., antibodies and antigen-binding fragments thereof, that bind to the matrix metalloproteinase-9 (mmp9) protein (mmp9 is also known as gelatinase-b), wherein the binding proteins comprise an immunoglobulin (ig) heavy chain (or functional fragment thereof) and an ig light chain (or functional fragment thereof).. .
Gilead Biologics, Inc.


Production olefin, and dehydration catalyst employed in same

An object of the present invention is to provide a method of producing a corresponding olefin such as propylene with a high activity and a high selectivity even in a high lhsv range by an intramolecular dehydration reaction of an alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol. The present invention provides a method of producing an olefin represented by general formula (ii) below from an alcohol represented by general formula (i) below, which method uses, as a dehydration catalyst, a chemically treated silica gel (x) in which an aluminum compound is supported onto a silica gel (a) with an average fine pore diameter of 10 to 50 nm in the amount of 1,000 to 10,000 ppm by weight in terms of aluminum element.
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.


Ultrapure synthetic carbon materials

The present application is generally directed to ultrapure synthetic carbon materials having both high surface area and high porosity, ultrapure polymer gels and devices containing the same. The disclosed ultrapure synthetic carbon materials find utility in any number of devices, for example, in electric double layer capacitance devices and batteries.
Basf Se


Methods and hygromorphic shape control

A composite film includes a substrate that is not responsive to relative humidity, and also one or more layers of hygromorphic material. The hygromorphic material expands in response to an increase in relative humidity and contracts in response to a decrease in relative humidity.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Internal clamp for surgical procedures

One aspect of the present invention relates to a method of occluding a vascular site in a mammal comprising the step of introducing into the vasculature of a mammal at or proximal to a surgical site, a composition comprising at least one optionally purified inverse thermosensitive polymer, wherein said inverse thermosensitive polymer gels in said vasculature, thereby temporarily occluding a vascular site of said mammal, wherein said temporarily occluded vasculature site is kept in a substantially cylindrical shape.. .
Genzyme Corporation


Layered cell sheet incorporating hydrogel

The present invention relates to layered cell sheets comprising living cells and methods for producing the same. Specifically, the present invention provides methods for layering cell sheets, comprising layering cell sheets using hydrogel or preferably gelatin hydrogel.
Iheart Japan Corporation


Single solution of gel-like fibrin hemostat

The present invention trademarked clotgel© is a fibrin ii-based hemostat made of two components that are mixed into a single syringe to be delivered as an adjunct or primary treatment in moderate intraoperative hemorrhage and in trauma. It can be applied topically to the wound either on the skin in a laparatomy or as non-invasive manner in surgical procedures.
Biomedica Management Corp


Method for preparing nanohydrogel

A method for preparing nanohydrogels comprising a dispersion step, in which a polysaccharide functionalized with hydrophobic molecules and in the form of a macromolecular agglomerate is dispersed in an aqueous solution, and a heating step, in which the aqueous dispersion of the polysaccharide is subjected to a temperature of between 70° c. And 150° c.
Niob Sagl


Method and the manufacture of softgels

Provided is a die roll for manufacturing softgels, a softgel, and methods for producing a softgel. The die roll includes a die roll surface and a pocket defined therein.
Barlean's Organic Oils, Llc


Hydrogel pressure sealant system

The present invention includes devices, systems, and methods for sealing a defect in body tissue. For example, the present invention includes a device for preventing leakage of air and other gases from the lung during and after lung biopsy.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Ethanol-free gel formulation cartridge for e-vaping device

A cartridge for an e-vaping device includes an ethanol-free gel formulation. The ethanol-free gel formulation includes a vapor former, water, and a biopolymer.


E-vaping cartridge

An e-vaping cartridge includes an inner tube defining a channel. A heater is positioned near a first end of the channel, and a hydrogel is located near a second end of the channel.


Arrays of discrete cell culture microenvironments, making such arrays and uses thereof

The invention pertains to a combinatorial method of identifying the hydrogel formulations controlling phenotype and fate of difficult-to-culture cell types.. .
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)


Insulating composite materials comprising an inorganic aerogel and a melamine foam

The invention relates to insulating composite materials comprising an inorganic aerogel and a melamine foam. The invention also relates to the production method of said materials, and to the use of same..
Aspen Aerogels, Inc.


Multi-layered cell constructs and methods of use and production using enzymatically degradable natural polymers

The present disclosure relates generally to the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. More particularly, the present disclosure generally relates to systems, methods, compositions and kits to rapidly fabricate functionalized three-dimensional tissues from multiple stacks of cell sheets using enzyme-digestible hydrogel substrates as supports for the cell sheets.
Trustees Of Boston University


Three-dimensional object forming liquid, three-dimensional object forming liquid set, three-dimensional object producing method, and three-dimensional object

Provided is a three-dimensional object producing method, including: a first step of forming a film by delivering a first liquid as a hydrogel precursor including at least a multifunctional monomer; and a second step of curing the film formed in the first step, wherein the first step and the second step are repeated a plurality of times.. .


Method and preparing aerogel by drying under reduced pressure

A method and an apparatus for preparing aerogel by drying under reduced pressure. The gel to be dried is placed into a sealed drying apparatus which can be depressurized by air extraction or/and can be heated to raise the temperature.
Hong Da Technology (bei Jing) Co. Ltd.


Split-tip catheter

In one aspect of the present disclosure, a catheter includes an elongate shaft, first and second tip segments, and a hydrogel. The elongate shaft has a proximal end and a distal end defining a longitudinal axis.
Covidien Lp


Dermal filler compositions

The present invention provides highly injectable, long-lasting hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel dermal filler compositions made with a di-amine or multiamine crosslinker in the presence of a carbodiimide coupling agent.. .


Processed brown rice, fermented food, and manufacturing processed brown rice

A method to provide processed brown rice, in which the content of free ferulic acid that contributes to the amelioration of dementia, can be increased. High water pressure-treated processed brown rice characterized by being obtained by applying hydrostatic pressure of 100 mpa to 600 mpa to brown rice in water at 0 degrees c.
Kadomasaya, Inc.


Methods for safe administration of nephrotoxic agents

Methods for determining the risk of developing acute renal failure in a human subject by measuring human neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (ngal) are provided.. .


Sensor for detecting saccharide and manufacturing method thereof and detection glycated hemoglobin using the same

The present disclosure relates to a sensor for detecting saccharide and manufacturing method thereof and detection method of glycated hemoglobin using the same wherein the sensor for detecting saccharide includes a reactive layer synthesized with hydrogel having a boronic acid-modified 3d mesh structure. A selective and sensitive detection of the glycated protein including glucose or glycated hemoglobin (hba1c) in blood through high level of signal may be enabled, and the durability of the sensor for detecting saccharide may be enhanced..


Fire protection glazing and producing a fire protection glazing

The fire-protection glazing includes at least two glass panes, between which a transparent layer of a fire-protection layer is arranged, wherein the fire-protection layer includes a hydrogel. The educts of the fire-protection layer include water-soluble, non-toxic monofunctional monomers in an acid environment as well as at least one bifunctional or polyfunctional monomer and, as the case may be, an initiator, in an aqueous salt solution or in an aqueous salt dispersion.


Superabsorbent polymers with rapid absorption properties and process for producing same

The present invention relates to a water-absorbing polymer comprising the process steps of (i) mixing (α1) 0.1 to 99.999% by weight of polymerizable, ethylenically unsaturated monomers containing acid groups, or salts thereof, (α2) 0 to 70% by weight of polymerized, ethylenically unsaturated monomers copolymerizable with (α1), (α3) 0.001 to 10% by weight of one or more crosslinkers, (α4) water-soluble polymers, and (α5) one or more assistants, where the sum of the weights (α1) to (α5) is 100% by weight, (ii) free-radical polymerization with crosslinking to form a water-insoluble, aqueous untreated hydrogel polymer, (iii) drying the hydrogel polymer, (iv) grinding and sieving the water-absorbing polymer to size, (v) surface postcrosslinking the ground and sieved hydrogel polymer and (vi) drying and finishing the water-absorbing polymer, wherein 0.01 to 5% by weight of a blowing agent having a particle size of 10 μm to 900 μm are added, based on the hydrogel polymer.. .


Novel peptide hydrogels generating chemical exchange saturation transfer mri contrast and uses thereof

The present invention provides novel hydrogels through peptides, which are designed to self-assemble and produce magnetic resonance (mr) contrast through chemical exchange saturation transfer (cest). The location and integrity of these gels could consequently be tracked using mr imaging.


Polymers for delivery of therapeutic proteins

In some aspects, improved hydrogel copolymers (e.g., comprising itaconic acid and n-vinylpyrrolidone) are provided and may be used, e.g., for oral delivery of a therapeutic protein. In some embodiments, improved methods for loading a therapeutic protein (e.g., a high isoelectric point protein) into a hydrogel copolymer are provided, and may comprise incubating the therapeutic protein and the hydrogel in a reduced ionic strength loading solution.


Treating pain in patients with hepatic impairment

An extended release composition for an analgesic active pharmaceutical ingredient which may be an opioid, preferably hydrocodone as the only active ingredient. The extended release composition preferably comprises a extended release composition which may be in the form of beads contained in an oral dosage form such as gelatin capsules.


Treating pain in patients with hepatic impairment

An extended release composition for an analgesic active pharmaceutical ingredient which may be an opioid, preferably hydrocodone as the only active ingredient. The extended release composition preferably comprises a extended release composition which may be in the form of beads contained in an oral dosage form such as gelatin capsules.


Treating pain in patients with hepatic impairment

An extended release composition for an analgesic active pharmaceutical ingredient which may be an opioid, preferably hydrocodone as the only active ingredient. The extended release composition preferably comprises a extended release composition which may be in the form of beads contained in an oral dosage form such as gelatin capsules.


Aqueous-based metronidazole gel formulations

The present disclosure provides mucoadhesive aqueous-based gel formulations of metronidazole useful for a variety of purposes, including intravaginal application as a therapeutic approach towards the treatment of individuals suffering from and/or diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis.. .


Method for obtaining a stable gel of hyaluronic acid and of a free form of vitamin c and/or a salt thereof

The invention relates to a process for producing an aqueous gel comprising hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and a stabilizing agent selected from the metabisulfites. According to the invention, such a process comprises the steps of a) preparing a mixture comprising crosslinked or non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid and/or a salt thereof with a molar mass of between 1000 da and 10 mda, from 0.1 to 20.0% by weight of vitamin c in its acid form, or its equivalent in ascorbate derived from a vitamin c salt, from 0.01 to 1.00% by weight of a stabilizing agent selected from the metabisulfites, and an aqueous solution added so that the hyaluronic acid content is between 0.01 and 100 mg/ml, so as to form a hydrogel, and b) degassing the mixture before the hydrogel being formed is completely swollen..


Ocular gels or hydrogels and microinjectors

Devices and materials for treating an ophthalmic pathology affecting an eye of a patient comprising forming, in situ, a continuous cohesive layer of covalently-crosslinked hydrogel at a choroid in the eye, wherein the hydrogel comprises a therapeutic agent that is released into the eye to treat the ophthalmic pathology. An injection device for injection into a tissue, for example an eye, comprising a syringe, and a needle, with the syringe comprising a reservoir in fluid communication with an outlet and a piston for expelling contents of the reservoir from the syringe through the outlet.


Cell-nanofiber composite and cell-nanofiber-hydrogel composite amalgam based engineered intervertebral disc

The instant invention is directed to a tissue engineered intervertebral disc comprising at least one inner layer and an exterior layer, wherein: the exterior layer comprises a nanofibrous polymer support comprising one or more polymer nanofibers; the at least one inner layer comprises a hydrogel composition comprising at least one or more hydrogel materials and/or one or more polymer nanofibers; and a plurality of cells which are dispersed throughout the tissue engineered intervertebral disc. Additionally, the instant invention is directed to methods of making such intervertebral discs and methods of treating intervertebral disc damage..


Antibacterial cryogel and porous hydrogel, their preparation method, and their use for disinfecting water

The invention relates to an antibacterial cryogel, its preparation method, and its use for disinfecting water. The invention further relates to an antibacterial porous hydrogel..


Silicone hydrogels having desirable water content and oxygen permeability

The present invention relates to a process comprising the steps of reacting a reactive mixture comprising at least one silicone-containing component, at least one hydrophilic component, and at least one diluent to form an ophthalmic device having an advancing contact angle of less than about 80°; and contacting the ophthalmic device with an aqueous extraction solution at an elevated extraction temperature, wherein said at least one diluent has a boiling point at least about 10° higher than said extraction temperature.. .


Electrophoresis buffer for extending the useful electrophoresis life of an electrophoresis gel

There is provided an electrolyte solution for extending useful electrophoresis life of an electrophoresis gel containing tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (tris), at least one zwitterion, and water. The electrolyte solution may be used in buffer systems for gel electrophoresis, such as sds-page..


Multifunctional porous aramids (aerogels), fabrication thereof, and catalytic compositions derived therefrom

The present disclosure provides a series of new and improved porous polyamide aerogels derived from multifunctional aromatics that combine the high mechanical strength of aramids with the pore structure of aerogels. The polyamide aerogels have a hyperbranched structure, relatively low density, high porosity and may be derived from functionalized monomers having more aromatic groups than functional groups.

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