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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gel-related patents
 Hydrogel implants with varying degrees of crosslinking patent thumbnailHydrogel implants with varying degrees of crosslinking
The present disclosure relates to a hydrogel composition and methods of using the same. The hydrogel composition may include precursors that react with each other upon contact as well as precursors that react upon contact with an initiator.
 Pharmaceutical composition patent thumbnailPharmaceutical composition
A pharmaceutical formulation comprising at least one omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid in free acid form or a pharmacologically acceptable derivative thereof is contained in a soft gelatin capsule characterised in that the capsule comprises gelatin extracted by an extraction process comprising acid pre-treatment of a collagen source. One advantage of the present invention over a soft gelatin capsule containing the same formulation but comprising gelatin extracted by an extraction process comprising alkali pre-treatment of the collagen source is that the present invention does not harden significantly over time and thus has a longer shelf life..
 Post procedure skin care gel and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailPost procedure skin care gel and methods of use thereof
Compositions and methods are provided for a post-procedure care following the treatment of skin with cosmetic skin resurfacing treatments, which include without limitation a variety of laser treatments, chemical peeling and dermabrasion, by applying a silicone-based gel formulation in combination with therapeutic peptides. Peptides of interest include one or more of transforming growth factor, epidermal growth factor, and basic fibroblast growth factor.
 Self-suspending proppants for hydraulic fracturing patent thumbnailSelf-suspending proppants for hydraulic fracturing
The invention provides for modified proppants, comprising a proppant particle and a hydrogel coating, wherein the hydrogel coating localizes on the surface of the proppant particle to produce the modified proppant, methods of manufacturing such proppants and methods of use.. .
 Methods and apparatus for building complex 3d scaffolds and biomimetic scaffolds built therefrom patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus for building complex 3d scaffolds and biomimetic scaffolds built therefrom
A novel method for building complex three-dimensional scaffolds for biomimetic applications such as in vitro organ growth, using a gelatin/sugar/water gel, ultraviolet radiation, and heat or enzyme is described. The method produces gelatin-sugar hydrogels demonstrating greater thermal stability, mechanical strength, and resistance to enzymatic degradation.
 Dental bone making process patent thumbnailDental bone making process
This invention pertains to dental bones made from one, or several of, fresh or dried: beef skin, pork skin, lamb skin, poultry skin, rabbit skin, or fish skin as raw material; washing said raw material; turning said raw materials into skin paste; turning said skin paste into gelatin; adding additional ingredients to said gelatin; mixing said additional ingredients in said gelatin; cooling said mixed gelatin; cutting said mixed gelatin; drying said cut gelatin; and injecting said dried cut gelatin into a mold. The finished product has a longer expiration date, tastes better, and is healthier for pets..
 Oral composition patent thumbnailOral composition
An oral composition having a biofilm formation inhibitory action is provided. An oral composition, comprising a plant extract which is a hot water extract of japanese mustard spinach, potherb mustard, mibuna, hot radish, cress, ostrich fern, japanese angelica tree, or ice plant..
 Antimicrobial gel formulations patent thumbnailAntimicrobial gel formulations
Disclosed herein are formulations comprising an n-halogenated or n,n-dihalogenated amine compound dispersed in a water-swellable polymer, wherein the compound is 90% stable for at least 30 days at about 25° c. Also disclosed are methods of treating or preventing infections caused by a bacterial, a microbial, a sporal, a fungal or a viral activity using such formulations..
 Complex and contrast agent for photoimaging using the same patent thumbnailComplex and contrast agent for photoimaging using the same
There is provided a gelatin-icg complex that can suppress leakage of icg included therein. The complex has a gelatin derivative including at least one of a phospholipid covalently bonded to a gelatin or a cholesterol covalently bonded to a gelatin, and indocyanine green..
 Mechanically robust, electrically conductive ultralow-density carbon nanotube-based aerogels patent thumbnailMechanically robust, electrically conductive ultralow-density carbon nanotube-based aerogels
A method of making a mechanically robust, electrically conductive ultralow-density carbon nanotube-based aerogel, including the steps of dispersing nanotubes in an aqueous media or other media to form a suspension, adding reactants and catalyst to the suspension to create a reaction mixture, curing the reaction mixture to form a wet gel, drying the wet gel to produce a dry gel, and pyrolyzing the dry gel to produce the mechanically robust, electrically conductive ultralow-density carbon nanotube-based aerogel. The aerogel is mechanically robust, electrically conductive, and ultralow-density, and is made of a porous carbon material having 5 to 95% by weight carbon nanotubes and 5 to 95% carbon binder..
Container pad and heat-insulating sleeve
A container pad and protective sleeve made integrally of silica gel is provided with a plurality of members and connecting portions respectively disposed between two of the members. The members can freely be adjusted and changed in shape to serve as a container pad or as a container protective sleeve to be tightly covered around the outer wall of a container after the members are adjusted into a solid state..
Preparation of pre-coated rp-rotors and universal chromatorotors, chromatographic separation devices and methods for centrifugal preparative chromatography
Reversed phase solid silica gel sorbent layers which can adhere with appropriate binders to a solid surface were developed. Pre-coated rp-rotors of different thickness were used these pre-coated rp-rotors can be used for centrifugal preparative thin-layer chromatography (cptlc) using any appropriate device for centrifugal chromatography, like chromatotron® or cyclograph.
Method for modifying a base water matrix prior to adding a super absorbant acrylic based copolymer such as in order to form a flavored gelatinous composition suited for use with smoking devices
A method for modifying a base water matrix, prior to the addition of a super absorbent copolymer in order to create a flavored and combustible gelatinous composition. A distilled water is provided, to which is added a percentage by volume or weight of a glycerin.
Spoon delivery device
A device comprising a handle and a bowl shaped so the bowl fits easily into the mouth of a patient. The bowl has prepackaged within a mixture of a gelatin or natural food such as applesauce or pudding and in some embodiments having a medicament mixed with the carrier medium in a medically efficient amount..
Semipermeable medical pouches and their uses
A novel process for bacterial production of nanocellulose hydrogel pouches for applications for cell therapy, cell encapsulation, cell delivery, cell proliferation and cell differentiation has been invented. The process is based on fermentation of bacteria producing nanocellulose in oxygen permeable mold interconnected with tubing with diameter less than 5 mm.
Sensor platform and method of preparing the same
Provided is a sensor platform and a method of preparing the same. The sensor platform may include a hydrogel sheet comprising a net structure; an electrolyte applied to the net structure; and a plurality of electrodes disposed on the hydrogel sheet..
Nondestructive means of ectopic pregnancy management
In a non-destructive means of ectopic pregnancy management, a baby is delivered with the gestational sac intact and then submerged in an incubator containing ventilating fluid; the baby is placed in an absorbable transfer capsule and transcervically transferred to the uterine cavity; the capsule dissolves after a period of time to leave the gestational sac abutted to the endometrium so the baby can reattach. To maintain the baby's life support, the means includes fluidic ventilators and ventilation catheters to perfuse the gestational sac with ventilating fluid during such times as delivery, incubation, transfer, and reimplantation.
Process for producing a solid oxidic material
The present invention relates to a process for producing a porous solid oxidic material from a hydrogel of the oxidic material and to the porous solid oxidic material as such.. .
Polyionic dendrimer and hydrogel comprising same
Provided is a hydrogel which comprises water as the main component at a high water content and has mechanical strength suitable for practical use and which exhibits high transparency and self-healing and shape-retaining properties. Also provided are both a material for the hydrogel and a novel polyionic dendrimer.
Thixotropic a-lactalbumin hydrogels, method for preparing same and uses thereof
The present invention relates to shear-thinning α-lactalbumin hydrogels, which have a threshold and are thixotropic, to a method for preparing same and to the use thereof.. .
Oligopeptide for treating liver fibrosis and/or treating hepatitis b and/or improving liver function
Disclosed is an oligopeptide for treating liver fibrosis and/or hepatitis b and/or improving liver function. The oligopeptide is obtained by reflux extraction via water, ethanol precipitation and isolation through a cation exchange resin column and a gelatinous resin column from a turtle shell.
Thermally induced gelation of collagen hydrogel and method of thermally inducing gelling a collagen hydrogel
The present invention relates to collagen hydrogels. Particularly, the invention relates to hydrogels comprising a telopeptide collagen (“telo-collagen”) and an atelopeptide collagen (“atelo-collagen”); hydrogels comprising collagen and chitosan; methods of making the hydrogels; methods of reducing gelation of a hydrogel mixture at room temperature; methods of reducing compaction of cells; and methods of culturing cells on such hydrogels..
Method and culture device for detecting yeasts and molds
A thin film culture device for detecting yeast and mold microorganisms in a sample is provided. The culture device comprises a body comprising a self-supporting substrate having a first major surface and a second major surface; a first adhesive composition disposed on a portion of the first major surface of the substrate; a substantially dry, cold-water-soluble first hydrogel-forming composition adhered to the first adhesive composition; and a plurality of indicator agents.
Modular polymer hydrogel nanoparticles and methods of their manufacture
In certain embodiments, a nano-sized vehicle (e.g., a nanogel comprising nanoparticles) is provided herein for drug delivery with tunable biodistribution, low toxicity, and degradability, and with demonstrated targeting to bone. The composition is useful, for example, in the treatment of bone disease, particularly bone metastases from cancers such as breast, prostate, or lung cancer..
System and method for delivering protease inhibitors
The disclosed invention provides a system and method of artificially retarding fibrin-based blood clot degradation via the sustained release of a protease inhibitor, such as, for example, aprotinin or tranexamic acid (“ta”). The sustained release of the protease inhibitor is accomplished through incorporation within a biodegradable polymer microsphere to produce a protease inhibitor formulation.
Shigella-derived vector and methods of using the same
Recombinant vectors comprising the cell entry region of the shigella ox eiec invasion plasmid are provided, as well as, shigella or eiec strains comprising the recombinant vectors. The vectors provide an improved platform for developing attenuated vaccine strains of shigella or eiec and for delivering other foreign proteins of interest.
Inhibitors of bacterial type iii secretion system
Organic compounds showing the ability to inhibit effector toxin secretion or translocation mediated by bacterial type iii secretion systems are disclosed. The disclosed type iii secretion system inhibitor compounds are useful for combating infections by gram-negative bacteria such as salmonella spp., shigella flexneri, pseudomonas spp., yersinia spp., enteropathogenic and enteroinvasive escherichia coli, and chlamydia spp.
Amphiphilic peptides and hydrogel matrices thereof for bone repair
The present invention relates in general to the field of tissue engineering and more specifically to amphiphilic peptides and peptide matrices thereof useful in vitro and in situ biomineralization and inducing bone repair. The present invention provides peptides, which are useful in hydrogels and other pharmaceutical compositions, and methods and kits of use for bone repair and promotion of biomineralization.
Composite hydrogel-clay particles
A nanocomposite hydrogel formed from free radical dissociation of an initiator and polymerisation of a water soluble monomer. The resulting hydrogel finds particular application within the medical field for both soft and hard tissue repair in human and animals.
Tissue engineering using progenitor cells to catalyze tissue formation by primary cells
Methods of regenerating tissue using progenitor cells in combination with primary cells from a target tissue are disclosed. In particular, progenitor cells catalyze proliferation and tissue production by primary cells allowing the use of fewer primary cells from a target tissue for effective tissue regeneration.
High surface area, electrically conductive nanocarbon-supported metal oxide
A metal oxide-carbon composite includes a carbon aerogel with an oxide overcoat. The metal oxide-carbon composite is made by providing a carbon aerogel, immersing the carbon aerogel in a metal oxide sol under a vacuum, raising the carbon aerogel with the metal oxide sol to atmospheric pressure, curing the carbon aerogel with the metal oxide sol at room temperature, and drying the carbon aerogel with the metal oxide sol to produce the metal oxide-carbon composite.
Draw solute for forward osmosis, forward osmosis water treatment device, and forward osmosis method for water treatment
A method of manufacturing polymer hydrogel for an osmosis solute may include cross-linking polymerizing a zwitterionic monomer (including an anionic group and a cationic group) and a temperature-sensitive monomer. Example embodiments also relate to a draw solute for forward osmosis including polymer hydrogel manufactured according to the method, and a forward osmosis water treatment device and method using the forward osmosis draw solute..
Electron-conducting crosslinked polyaniline-based redox hydrogel, and method of making
A polymer matrix that may coated on an electrode is created by co-crosslinking (1) an adduct of a polyaniline formed by templated oxidative polymerization on a polymer acid; (2) a water-soluble crosslinker; and (3) a redox enzyme. The polymer matrix may be hydrated, and the absorbed water may make it permeable to, for example, glucose.
Soil injection system and method
Embodiments of a method and a system are provided to create a uniform layer of a substance such as a hydrogel or other fluid substance underneath the soil surface with minimal or little surface disturbance to the plants, the plant roots and the soil located on or slightly below the applied surface area. It is to be clearly understood that various different embodiments may be employed to deliver a variety of different substances to the soil, and such substances may be gels or liquids.
Sieved compost and hydrogel-based method and composition for seed priming
Provided is a method for seed priming comprising the steps of treating seed with a seed priming composition comprising sieved compost, hydrogel and water in a ratio of sieved compost:hydrogel:water of from about 5:1:4.75 to about 9:1:11 by weight in an amount sufficient to result in priming of the seed. In some embodiments, the seed is treated with from about 2 to about 39 grams of the seed priming composition per gram of seed.
Hydrogel filled barbed suture
A medical device includes an elongated body including an outer surface having a plurality of barbs extending therefrom and an inner surface defining a lumen therethrough. The elongated body includes at least one channel extending through the inner surface and the outer surface, the channel defined between an inner surface of one of the plurality of barbs and a cut outer surface of the elongated body.
Method for preparing poly(hydroxymethyl)-functional siloxanes and silica gels
Hydroxymethyl-functional siloxanes and silica gels are prepared by reacting a siloxacycle having at least one unit of the formula [sir2(or3)—ch2—o]n with water, optionally in the presence of a hydrolyzable silane.. .
Hydrophilic interpenetrating polymer networks derived from hydrophobic polymers
A composition having a hydrogel bearing side of a biostable polymer network, wherein the biostable polymer network comprises a first gradient of the biostable polymer, which biostable polymer network decreases in concentration from the hydrogel bearing side to a bone interface surface; and a second gradient of a biostable polyurethane network, which polyurethane network increases in concentration from the hydrogel bearing side to the bone interface surface, the bone interface surface useful for an orthopedic implant.. .
Synthetic matrices for long term expansion of pluripotent human embryonic stem cells
Provided herein is a synthetic polymer-based hydrogel for the self-renewal and expansion of human stem cells such as embryonic stem cells (escs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (ipscs). Also provided are methods of making and using the same..
Monolithic three-dimensional electrochemical energy storage system on aerogel or nanotube scaffold
A monolithic three-dimensional electrochemical energy storage system is provided on an aerogel or nanotube scaffold. An anode, separator, cathode, and cathodic current collector are deposited on the aerogel or nanotube scaffold..
Multi-vinylsulfone containing molecule
A multi-vinylsulfone containing molecule is described herein. The multi-vinylsulfone containing molecule can be formed by dissolving a water soluble polymer containing a hydroxyl group in an aqueous solution to form a polymer solution; adding a molecule containing two vinylsulfone groups to the polymer solution; and forming a modified polymer by controlling a number of the vinylsulfone groups that are added to the polymer.
Hydrogels comprising crosslinked polymers containing biomass derived materials
Novel, crosslinked polymers using biomass derived materials, such as aldaric acids and derivatives, are provided. The polymers can be used as hydrogels and in antimicrobial compositions..
Play composition including crosslinkable binder
The present invention is directed toward water based play compositions including a crosslinkable network polymer and a crosslinking system effective to crosslink the polymer. The crosslinking system is a water-soluble salt complex including a primary crosslinking agent, a secondary crosslinking agent, and a tertiary crosslinking agent.
Printable hydrogel for biosensors
Methods and apparatus are provided for manufacturing an analyte detecting device. In one embodiment, the method comprises providing a substrate, applying a plurality of layer of materials on said substrate; applying a layer containing at least one mediator; and screen printing a hydrogel on the layer..
Apparatus by means of which pharmaceutical products in the form of tablets, hard gelatin capsules or the like are retained and positioned in a packaging installation
The invention relates to an apparatus (10) by means of which pharmaceutical products (1) in the form of tablets, hard gelatin capsules or the like are retained, and positioned, in a packaging installation (100), having a carrier element (11) which has a multiplicity of format-dependent holders (27) for the products (1), wherein the carrier element (11) can be fastened, preferably in an interchangeable manner, on a conveying apparatus (12) of the packaging installation (100). According to the invention, it is provided that there is a retaining element (30) in operative connection with the carrier element (11), the retaining element having, for each product (1), a respective clamping element (32) in alignment with the respective holder (27), and that the retaining element (30) is arranged for movement between two positions in relation to the carrier element (11) such that, in a first position, in order for the products (1) to be introduced into the holders (27) and/or discharged therefrom, the clamping elements (32) are not in contact with the products (1), and that, in a second position, the clamping elements (32) fix the products (1) in the holders (27)..
Cross linked hyaluronic acid-silk and uses thereof
The present specification provides for methods for purifying fibroins, purified fibroins, methods of conjugating biological and synthetic molecules to fibroins, fibroins conjugated to such molecules, methods of making fibroin hydrogels, fibroin hydrogels and fibroin hydrogel formulations useful for a variety of medical uses, including, without limitation uses as bulking agents, tissue space fillers, templates for tissue reconstruction or regeneration, cell culture scaffolds for tissue engineering and for disease models, surface coating to improve medical device function, or drug delivery devices.. .
Polysaccharide and protein-polysaccharide cross-linked hydrogels for soft tissue augmentation
Disclosed herein are cohesive soft tissue fillers, for example, dermal and subdermal fillers, based on hyaluronic acids and optionally including proteins. In one aspect, hyaluronic acid-based compositions described herein include zero-length cross-linked moieties and optionally at least one active agent.
High dosage topical metronidazole aqueous-based gel formulations and their use to treat rosacea
The present disclosure provides aqueous-based gel formulations of metronidazole useful for a variety of purposes, including topical application as a therapeutic approach towards the treatment of individuals suffering from and/or diagnosed with rosacea.. .
Methods, compositions and kits for labeling of proteins
Provided herein are methods, compositions and kits for labeling of target proteins such as antibodies. The methods, compositions and kits are suited for labeling of such proteins that are mixed with other non-target molecules including bsa, gelatin, and other complex biological molecules..
Method of tissue repair using a composite material
A composite biocompatible hydrogel material includes a porous polymer matrix, the polymer matrix including a plurality of pores and providing a young's modulus of at least 10 gpa. A calcium comprising salt is disposed in at least some of the pores.
Formulation for retinoid-containing soft gelatin capsules
A new pharmaceutical formulation for retinoid-containing soft gelatin capsules is disclosed. The new formulation comprises a soft gelatin capsule filled with a fill mass comprising a retinoid as an active ingredient, a natural vegetable oil, a partially hydrogenated natural vegetable oil and medium chain triglycerides.
Antimicrobial colloidal silver and gold products and method of making same
Gelatinous foam, coated paper, fabric, and polymer materials combined with the colloidal silver or gold additive to formulate products with antimicrobial surfaces. Some embodiments of the present invention can include gelatinous materials selected from a group consisting of thermosetting polymer, styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene polymer (sebs), thermoplastic elastomer (tpe), and polyurethane (pu) gelatin with and without a raised geometry on an outer surface and in any shape.
Process for preparing a composition comprising synthetic mineral particles and composition
A process for preparing a composition including synthetic mineral particles, in which a hydrogel which is a precursor of the synthetic mineral particles is prepared via a coprecipitation reaction between at least one compound including silicon, and at least one compound including at least one metal element, characterized in that the coprecipitation reaction takes place in the presence of at least one carboxylate salt of formula r2—coom′ in which: —m′ denotes a metal chosen from the group made up of na and k, and —r2 is chosen from h and alkyl groups including fewer than 5 carbon atoms. A composition including synthetic mineral particles which is obtained by such a process is also described..
Method for purifying rocuronium bromide
Provided is a method for purifying rocuronium bromide, which comprises: formulating crude rocuronium bromide to be purified into an aqueous solution, distilling off excess residue solvents at reduced pressure, absorbing by adding active carbon or silica gel, then filtrating, quick freezing the filtrate into ice, and then lyophilizing to obtain rocuronium bromide.. .
Antimicrobial crosslinked polymers containing biomass derived materials
Novel, crosslinked polymers using biomass derived materials, such as aldaric acids and derivatives, are provided. The polymers can be used as hydrogels and in antimicrobial compositions..
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are provided which have reduced modulus and contact angle properties, and which have acceptable wettabilities for use in daily wear and extended or continuous wear applications.. .
Pharmaceutical composition for treating premature ejaculation and method for treating premature ejaculation
The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for treating, preventing or improving premature ejaculation, which is taken on demand prior to sexual activity, the composition comprising clomipramine hydrochloride in an amount of 14 to 16 mg, preferably about 15 mg, as an active ingredient. More preferably, the composition of the present invention further comprises pregelatinized starch and sodium starch glycolate.
Hydrogel tattoo protection and aftercare system
A wound care dressing that combines a sodium alginate hydrogel spread and a calcium solution spray to create a transparent membrane over damaged skin eliminating the need for a secondary dressing. The calcium dissolved in alcohol displaces sodium from the hydrogel spread, resulting in the formation of the membrane.
Tio2 aerogel-based photovoltaic electrodes and solar cells
A photoelectrode is disclosed having a conductive lead and a titania aerogel in electrical contact with the lead. The aerogel is coated with a photosensitive dye.
Biological fuel cell and methods
A fuel cell has an anode and a cathode with anode enzyme disposed on the anode and cathode enzyme is disposed on the cathode. The anode is configured and arranged to electrooxidize an anode reductant in the presence of the anode enzyme.
Production of thermal insulation products
Methods of making thermal insulation products are provided, one method including the steps of sealing a support material (e.g., a nanoporous core such as fumed silica, an aerogel powder, etc.) and at least one vapor (e.g., steam) within an interior portion of a substantially gas-impermeable envelope (e.g., a metallic and/or polymeric film), and then condensing at least a portion of the vapor after the sealing step to reduce the pressure within the gas-impermeable envelope from a first pressure before the condensing to a lower second pressure after the condensing. The disclosed methods limit or eliminate the need for mechanism pumping mechanisms to drawing the vacuum within the products, drying of the core before the sealing, and the like..
Silk covered breast implant
The present specification provides for methods for purifying fibroins, purified fibroins, methods of conjugating biological and synthetic molecules to fibroins, fibroins conjugated to such molecules, methods of making fibroin hydrogels, fibroin hydrogels and fibroin hydrogel formulations useful for a variety of medical uses, including, without limitation uses as bulking agents, tissue space fillers, templates for tissue reconstruction or regeneration, cell culture scaffolds for tissue engineering and for disease models, surface coating to improve medical device function, or drug delivery devices.. .
Orthopedic fastener device
Orthopedic fastener devices for fixation of fractured bones are disclosed. The orthopedic fastener device is in the form of an orthopedic fastener having an im nail coated on its external surface with a bioabsorbable or biodegradable hydrogel.
Antimicrobially active wound dressing for catheter fixings
A multilayered wound dressing which is two-dimensional and has a peripheral edge is provided that includes at least one hydrophobic antimicrobial layer, at least one absorbent layer which includes a water-containing hydrogel, and a covering layer. Starting from the edge of the wound dressing, at least one incision is formed, which partially separates the wound dressing..
Aerogel compositions
The present invention relates to gel compositions comprising at least one entrapped active component.. .

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