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Gel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Gel-related patent applications.

new patent Silicone hydrogels comprising n-vinyl amides and hydroxyalkyl (meth)acrylates or (meth)acrylamides
The present invention relates to a process comprising the steps of reacting a reactive mixture comprising at least one silicone-containing component, at least one hydrophilic component, and at least one diluent to form an ophthalmic device having an advancing contact angle of less than about 80°; and contacting the ophthalmic device with an aqueous extraction solution at an elevated extraction temperature, wherein said at least one diluent has a boiling point at least about 10° higher than said extraction temperature.. .
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

new patent Compositions and methods for measuring cellular mechanical stress
Provided are compositions and methods employing cells encapsulated within and attached to a hydrogel, e.g., for measuring mechanical strain and/or stress of the cell and for investigating the mechano-chemo-transduction mechanisms at cellular and molecular levels.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

new patent Collagen hydrogel kit and methods of making a collagen hydrogel
Provided is a kit and method for preparing a collagen hydrogel media matrix. The kit includes a collagen, a cell growth medium, a serum supplement, an organic chemical buffering agent, and an aqueous base.
Medtrain Technologies, Llc

new patent Water-rich adherent gel, composition for manufacturing water-rich adherent gel, and electrode pad
The present invention provides an adhesive, high water content gel that does not cause about generation problem even when used as a patient plate for electrosurgical units through which high current flows and that is excellent adhesion, as well as an electrode pad including the gel. The present invention relates to an adhesive, high water content hydrogel containing a polymer matrix that includes a copolymer of a polymerizable monomer and a crosslinkable monomer, water, a polyhydric alcohol, an electrolyte, polyacrylic acid, and polyvinyl alcohol, the hydrogel containing, based on 100% by weight of the total hydrogel, 40-70% by weight of water, 1.0-5.0% by weight of polyacrylic acid, and 0.5-5.0% by weight of polyvinyl alcohol, and being produced by copolymerization.
Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.

new patent Process for producing aerogels by dielectric heating
The present invention relates to a process for producing aerogels, comprising the following successive steps: a) formation or casting of a sol in a reactor, optionally in the presence of a reinforcing material and/or an additive, b) complete gelling of the sol into a lyogel; c) optionally hydrophobization of the lyogel resulting in a hydrophobized lyogel; d) drying of the optionally hydrophobized lyogel so as to obtain an aerogel; said process being characterized in that the complete gelling step b) comprises dielectric heating by microwave or high-frequency electromagnetic irradiation, inducing an increase in temperature so as to reach a set temperature for complete gelling tb in a range of from 100° c. To 200° c., preferably from 100° c.

new patent Hydrogel based on γ-polyglutamic acid and ε-polylysine crosslinked polymer, and preparation method therefor
A hydrogel based on a cross-linked γ-polyglutamic acid and ε-polylysine polymer is obtained by cross-linking of γ-polyglutamic acid with ε-polylysine, and it is a polymer having the following constitutional unit, wherein, m is a natural number of 15 to 45, n is a natural number of 3900 to 17000, and x is a natural number of 5 to 40. It also discloses a preparation method of as-described hydrogel and its application in preparation as a medical wound dressing..
Nanjing Tech University

new patent Methods of treating developmental disorders with gaboxadol
Methods of treating developmental disorders such as angelman syndrome, fragile x syndrome, fragile x-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (fxtas), autistic spectrum disorder, autism, asperger's syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, rett syndrome, lanau-kleffner syndrome, prader-willi syndrome, tardive dyskinesia, and/or williams syndrome with gaboxadol or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof are provided. The methods provide therapeutic compositions that may be used to improve one or more symptoms of the developmental disorder..
Ovid Therapeutics Inc.

Chest tube simulation method and training device
Disclosed herein is a chest tube trainer model. Specifically exemplified is a an anatomical model for simulating at least a portion of a thorax that includes a rib portion removably secured to and supported by a base, the rib portion comprised in whole or in part of a hydrogel; and a securing member for holding the anatomical model onto a human; wherein the rib portion has a convex shape defining a space between the base and the rib portion, the space is adapted for receiving a bladder disposed between the rib portion and the base; and at least a portion of the base is formed from puncture resistant material..

Substrates and methods useful in sequencing
A hydrogel network includes a hydrogel polymer having a coupling site, an oligonucleotide conjugated at a terminal end to the hydrogel polymer at the coupling site, and a functional moiety coupled between the terminal end of the oligonucleotide and the coupling site. Such a hydrogel network can be formed by a method including activating a coupling site of a substrate and binding a linker moiety coupled to a terminal end of an oligonucleotide to the activated coupling site, a functional moiety coupled between the terminal end of the oligonucleotide and the linker moiety..
Life Technologies Corporation

Crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels
Zwitterionic crosslinking agents, crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels prepared from copolymerization of zwitterionic monomers with the zwitterionic crosslinking agent, methods for making crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels, and devices that include and methods that use the crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels.. .
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

Contact lenses made with hema-compatible polysiloxane macromers

Hema-compatible siloxane monomers are described that can be used to manufacture contact lenses that combine the attributes of hema-based contact lenses with the high oxygen permeability of silicone hydrogel lenses. Optically clear silicone hydrogel contact lens can be manufactured that comprise a polymeric lens body that is the reaction product of a polymerizable composition comprising: a) at least 25 wt.
Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

Amelogenin-chitosan hydrogel for dentin hypersensitivity

A method to regrow a protective layer over exposed/demineralized dentin that includes a step of identifying a subject having exposed/demineralized dentin. The demineralized dentin is contacted with a remineralization composition that includes an amelogenin and derived peptides, a chitosan, water, and a sufficient amount of a ph adjusting component such that the composition has a ph greater than about 6.0 such that dentinal tubules are occluded with apatite crystals and enamel is regrown on the dentinal tubules..
University Of Southern California

Supramolecular hydrogel of fmlf-based molecules and use thereof

The invention relates to the application of peptides that can self-assemble to form supramolecular nanofibrils and hydrogels, hydrogel compositions containing the self-assembled supramolecular nanofibrils, and methods of uses and making the hydrogel compositions.. .
Boston Children's Hospital

Artcure diffusional patch

The present invention is a diffusional patch having an oil mixture (20) providing mechanical treatment support by reducing the edema in volume and in mass by throwing out the liquid inside by means of diffusion effect after entering into the region with edema by means of the diffusion effect and placed into a porous sheath (10) in microfiber structure, in order to be used in treatment of region with edema which may occur in sports injuries and/or disc hernia (50); characterized in that said oil mixture (20), of which the ingredient proportions in weight are given, comprises the below mentioned ingredients and does not comprise water: ingredient amount (%) dextrin palmitate derivatives 1-10 paraffin 1-30 oleum nigellae sativae (black cumin oil) 0-20 oleum origani (carvacrol) 0-20 oleum lauri expressum (laurel oil) 0-30 oleum chamomillae (chamomile oil) 0-30 balsamum meccae (balsam oil) 0-30 styrax liguidus (sweetgum) 0-30 oleum limonis (lemon oil) 0-10 oleum rosmarini (rosemary oil) 0-10 olive oil 0-30 oleum vitis vinifera 0-10. .
Metuas Medikal Saglik Hizmetleri Danismanlik Ihracat Ithalat A.s Sirketi

Cap assembly for masturbation device

A cap assembly for removable attachment to a non-mechanized masturbation device is provided. The cap assembly comprises at least one moveable extension member, and at least one actuator adapted to move the extension member.
Thika Holdings Llc

Implantation devices including hydrogel filaments

Described are devices for implantation comprising a hydrogel filament wherein the hydrogel filament includes a low molecular weight ethylenically unsaturated macromer, an ethylenically unsaturated monomer, and a visualization agent. Methods of making and using these devices are also described..
Microvention, Inc.

Method of manufacturing hexagonal ferrite powder, hexagonal ferrite powder, magnetic recording medium and manufacturing magnetic recording medium

The method of manufacturing hexagonal ferrite powder includes preparing a hexagonal ferrite precursor by mixing an iron salt and a divalent metal salt in a water-based solution, and converting the hexagonal ferrite precursor into hexagonal ferrite within a reaction flow passage, within which a fluid flowing therein is subjected to heating and pressurizing, by continuously feeding a water-based solution containing the hexagonal ferrite precursor and gelatin to the reaction flow passage.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Ngal for diagnosis of renal conditions

Use of serum neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (ngal) as a biomarker, alone or in conjunction with creatinine to aid in the diagnosis of renal conditions such as acute tubular necrosis and acute renal failure, and a method and a kit for assigning a diagnosis of acute tubular necrosis or acute renal failure to a subject based on the correlation between the levels of ngal and optionally creatinine in a sample obtained from a subject when compared to a sample obtained from a normal subject not experiencing acute tubular necrosis or acute renal failure.. .
Children's Hospital Medical Center

Responsive hydrogel for the detection of biomolecules

The present invention relates to a responsive hydrogel which is chemically crosslinked, has a porous photonic crystal structure and contains biomolecule-specific detection groups.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zurforderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Hydrogelling fibers and fiber structures

A method for producing hydrogelling fibers or fiber structures, involving tempering fibers or fiber structures composed of a first fiber raw material comprising water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol and/or water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol copolymer for a predetermined tempering duration at a predetermined tempering temperature that is greater than a glass transition temperature and/or less than a melting temperature of the first fiber raw material used, such that the fibers are cross-linked, wherein the fibers or fiber structures are provided with an acid catalyst before the tempering.. .
Carl Freudenberg Kg

Conjugation of carboxyl functional hydrophilic beads

A polymer substrate, such as a polymer coating or a polymer hydrogel network, includes carboxyl moieties that can be used as conjugation sites to which receptor or analyte molecules can be attached. In an example, the polymer substrate includes a polyacrylamide polymer network having alkanoic acid moieties or derivatives thereof, which can react with carboxyl activating compounds to provide an activated alkanoate moieties on the polyacrylamide network amine-terminated nucleic acids can react with the activated alkanoate moieties to capture the nucleic acid to the polymer network through an alkylamide moiety..
Life Technologies As

Novel ultrashort hydrophobic peptides that self-assemble into nanofibrous hydrogels and their uses

The present invention relates to hydrophobic peptides and/or peptidomimetics capable of forming a (nanofibrous) hydrogel and hydrogels comprising said hydrophobic peptides and/or peptidomimetics and to various uses, such as in regenerative medicine, injectable therapies, delivery of bioactive moieties, wound healing, 2d and 3d synthetic cell culture substrate, biosensor development, biofunctionalized surfaces, and biofabrication.. .
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Tris(trimethyl siloxy)silane vinylic monomers and uses thereof

The invention provides a tris-containing vinylic monomer which comprises one sole (meth)acryloyloxy group and a tris(trimethylsiloxy)silyl group covalently linked to the ethylenically-unsaturated group through a polyoxyethylene linker. The present invention is also related to a polymer, an actinically-crosslinkable silicone-containing prepolymer, a silicone hydrogel polymeric material, or a silicone hydrogel contact lens, which comprises monomeric units derived from a tris-containing vinylic monomer of the invention.
Shin-etsu Chemical Company, Ltd.

Composite ceramics and ceramic particles and producing ceramic particles and bulk ceramic particles

Methods for producing polymer derived ceramic (pdcs) particles and bulk ceramic components and compositions from partially cured gelatinous polymer ceramic precursors and unique bulk composite pdc ceramics and unique pdc ceramic particles in size and composition. Methods of making fully dense pdcs over approximately 2 μm to approximately 300 mm in diameter for applications such as but not limited to proppants, hybrid ball bearings, catalysts, and the like.
Dynamic Material Systems, Llc

Ophthalmic device molds formed from water-soluble vinyl alcohol copolymer, ophthalmic devices molded therein, and related methods

Ophthalmic device molds made from at least one water-soluble vinyl alcohol copolymer, ophthalmic devices such as ocular inserts and contact lenses and including silicone hydrogel devices formed using these molds, packaged ophthalmic devices present in a solution comprising the at least one water-soluble vinyl alcohol copolymer, and related methods are described. The methods of manufacturing ophthalmic devices can use wet demolding processes, or wet delensing processes or both wet demolding and wet delensing processes involving dissolving the molds in water or an aqueous solution..
Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

E-polylysine hydrogel and preparation method and application thereof

The present invention discloses a ε-polylysine hydrogel and the preparation method and application of the as-described ε-polylysine hydrogel. The polylysine hydrogel is non-toxic to a recipient, and has biodegradability and biocompatibility.
Nanjing Tech University

Self-assembling biomimetic hydrogels having bioadhesive properties

The disclosure relates to a composition that is liquid at a temperature below the body temperature of a mammal and that solidifies at or above the body temperature of the mammal. The composition includes a thermally-desolubilizable polymer interspersed with a polymeric component of extracellular matrix and an encapsulated form of an amine compound (preferably an aminated component of extracellular matrix) that is de-encapsulated in the body of the mammal.
Rowan University

Crystalline cellulose gel-based cryptands, surface active agents, emulsions and vesicles

Crystalline cellulose gels useful in the stabilization of emulsions, including nanoemulsions, and for acting as cryptands or clathrates, and methods for their use and production are provided. In some embodiments, the emulsion is an oil-in-water emulsion.
University Of Saskatchewan

Ketone supplements for treatment of angelman syndrome

The invention concerns a method of treating angelman syndrome (as) in a subject, comprising inducing ketosis in the subject by administering a therapeutically effective amount of a ketone ester, such as an r,s-1,3-butanediol acetoacetate ester, wherein administration of the ketone ester elevates the blood ketone level in the subject. Other aspects of the invention include a method of increasing cognitive function and/or motor function in a subject with as; and a method of decreasing seizures and increasing the latency to seize in a subject with as..
University Of South Florida

Edible adhesive sprinkle sideliner for cake decoration

An edible adhesive sprinkle sideliner made with cake sprinkles encased between two thin layers of gelatin to be used to decorate the side surfaces of a buttercream frosting covered cake. The cake sprinkles can be arranged in the form of a single complete sheet or in the form of specific characters or designs.

Thin aerogel materials

The present invention provides a fiber-reinforced aerogel material which can be used as insulation in thermal battery applications. The fiber-reinforced aerogel material is highly durable, flexible, and has a thermal performance that exceeds the insulation materials currently used in thermal battery applications.
Aspen Aerogels, Inc.

Silicone hydrogel lenses with water-rich surfaces

The invention is related to a hydrated silicone hydrogel contact lens having a layered structural configuration: a lower water content silicone hydrogel core (or bulk material) completely covered with a layer of a higher water content hydrogel totally or substantially free of silicone. A hydrated silicone hydrogel contact lens of the invention possesses high oxygen permeability for maintaining the corneal health and a soft, water-rich, lubricious surface for wearing comfort..
Novartis Ag

Electrochemical aptasensors with a gelatin b matrix

This invention provides: —an aptamer-based electrochemical sensor, wherein said aptamer is covalently bonded to or chemisorbed on an electrode, said aptamer forming a complex with a target molecule and is encapsulated by a gelatin b matrix; —a method of manufacturing said aptamer-based electrochemical sensor; —the use of the aptamer-based electrochemical sensor for the electrochemical determination of a concentration of a target molecule; and —a composite electrode combining a polymeric material and electrically conducting particles for selective analyte detection, wherein said electrode is coated with gelatin type b.. .
Universiteit Antwerpen

Electrochemical sensor system

An electrochemical sensor system comprises an electrochemical sensor and a hydrogel composition. The electrochemical sensor has at least a counter electrode and a working electrode.
Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings Ag

Physically modified sago starch

The present invention relates to physically modified sago starch which exhibits an increased onset of gelatinization temperature and controlled viscosity development, yet retains significant hot and cold viscosity, the process of making such starch, and the use thereof. Such starches are useful in a variety of products, particularly as viscosifiers..
Corn Products Development, Inc.

Conductive aerogel

Electrically conductive aerogel and methods of making the same are disclosed. A solution is provided.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Self-assembling peptides, peptidomimetics and peptidic conjugates as building blocks for biofabrication and printing

The present invention relates to the use of peptides, peptoids and/or peptidomimetics capable of self-assembling and forming a (nanofibrous) hydrogel in biofabrication. The present invention further relates to methods for preparing hydrogels and to methods for preparing continuous fibres and to methods for obtaining multi-cellular constructs with defined, precise geometrics.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Nanoparticle drug delivery

Therapeutic formulations are described for use in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, cystic fibrosis, chlorine inhalation, influenza and acute myocardial infarction. The formulations comprise polymeric nanoparticles or polymeric nanoparticles encapsulated within cross-linked polymeric hydrogel microparticles, wherein the polymeric nanoparticles carry a therapeutic agent suitable for treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, cystic fibrosis, chlorine inhalation, influenza, acute myocardial infarction and heart failure.
Heart Biotech Pharma Limited

Thermally-conductive, metal-based bandages with hydrogel substrate

The invention is a class of medical bandages that are effective for use in the treatment of various types of tissue burns, such as burns due to heat, chemicals, or sun exposure. The inventive bandages are comprised of a thin metal substrate in combination with a heat-sink.
Advanced First Aid Research Pte. Ltd.

Method for making hydrogel markers

A hydrogel marker is placed under stress during its curing stage, in one embodiment, by application of an externally applied force. The stress may also be induced during or after the dehydration process.
Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

Salty taste enhancer

Provided is a salty taste enhancer that is capable of maintaining the flavor balance inherent in a food and enhancing salty taste despite a reduction in salt content. The salty taste enhancer effectively enhances salty taste by adding to a food or beverage having salty taste at least one selected from the group consisting of prolylglycine, glycylglycine, glycylproline and hydroxyprolylglycine, or a gelatin degradation product containing the dipeptide..
T. Hasegawa Co., Ltd.

Microfluid device and three-dimensional microculture cell

The present invention provides a microfluidic device comprising at least one cell culture chamber, the or each chamber being connected to at least two openings, the device being configured to supply at least one physiologically active substance from at least one of the openings to the or each cell culture chamber in such a manner as to form a concentration gradient or concentration gradients in the or each chamber when cells and a hydrogel are introduced into the or each chamber to culture the cells in a 3d-gel medium.. .
Kyoto University

Adhesive composition, manufacturing semiconductor device using adhesive composition, and solid-state imaging element

The present invention pertains to an aerogel having a thermal conductivity of 0.03 w/m·k or less and a compressive elasticity modulus of 2 mpa or less at 25° c. Under atmospheric pressure..
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

Method for forming hydrogels and materials therefor

The present invention provides a dry powder that is suitable for use in forming a hydrogel and characterized by a stable composition at ambient conditions. The dry powder includes a prepolymer including a straight chain polyethylene glycol, and a thermally activated free radical initiator selected from the group consisting of sodium persulfate, potassium persulfate, and ammonium persulfate.
Endologix, Inc.

Embolic devices

Described herein are apparatus, compositions, systems and associated methods to occlude structures and malformations of the vasculature with radiopaque hydrogel filaments with delayed controlled rates of expansion. Further described is a device for implantation in an animal comprising a difunctional, low molecular weight ethylenically unsaturated shapeable macromer; an ethylenically unsaturated monomer; and a radiopaque element, wherein said device contains no support members.
Terumo Corporation

Formulation for retinoid-containing soft gelatin capsules

A new pharmaceutical formulation for retinoid-containing soft gelatin capsules is disclosed. The new formulation comprises a soft gelatin capsule filled with a fill mass comprising a retinoid as an active ingredient, a natural vegetable oil, a partially hydrogenated natural vegetable oil and medium chain triglycerides.
Glaxo Group Limited

Stable three-layered capsule using water-insoluble substance, preparation the same, and cosmetic composition using the same

Provided is a three-layered capsule using a hollow silica capsule containing a stabilizer, a hydrogel polymer consisting of a polymer blend, and an appropriately hydrophobic polymer. The principal components of the present invention include a single-layered capsule formed from water-insoluble substances, a stabilizer, and a hollow silica; a double-layered capsule having a hydrogel polymer blend surrounding the outside of the single-layered capsule; and a three-layered capsule having a hydrophobic polymer surrounding the outside of the double-layered capsule..
Biogenics, Inc.

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