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Gauss patents


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 Method of extracting capacitances of arbitrarily oriented 3d interconnects patent thumbnailMethod of extracting capacitances of arbitrarily oriented 3d interconnects
An apparatus for extracting capacitances of arbitrarily oriented three-dimensional interconnects includes a processor configured to recursively execute a floating random walk algorithm over a plurality of points for a plurality of conductors, to permit determination of a potential at a plurality of points on a gaussian surface around each conductor and determination of a coupling capacitance between each conductor. Each iteration includes selecting an initial domain centered about an initial boundary point on a gaussian surface of an initial conductor, determining a new boundary point on the initial domain from which a successive domain centered about the new boundary point may be selected, and determining a corresponding successive boundary point on the successive domain, each iteration continuing until the new boundary point or the corresponding successive boundary point terminates on a boundary having a known potential.
Helic, Inc.

 Multi-oscillator, continuous cody-lorentz model of optical dispersion patent thumbnailMulti-oscillator, continuous cody-lorentz model of optical dispersion
Methods and systems for monitoring band structure characteristics and predicting electrical characteristics of a sample early in a semiconductor manufacturing process flow are presented herein. High throughput spectrometers generate spectral response data from semiconductor wafers.
Kla-tencor Corporation

 Polymer filtering material with a high accumulation capacity patent thumbnailPolymer filtering material with a high accumulation capacity
A filtering multilayer is described, having at least two layers, one input layer and one output layer, made of non-woven fabric, wherein each fiber of said non-woven fabric consists of a polymer matrix of thermoplastic material, wherein the average diameter of the fibers that form the input layer is larger than the average diameter of the fibers that form the output layer, characterized in that the diameters of the fibers that form the input layer and the output layer have a gaussian distribution, wherein the diameter of the single fibers that form said input layer varies around the average with a normal distribution of width at least equal to 10% of the average value and the diameter of the single fibers that form said output layer varies around the average with a normal distribution of width at least equal to 14% of the average value. In a preferred embodiment, said polymer matrix contains a carbon-based filler or additive, preferably in the form of powder..
Filtrec S.p.a.

 Mobile terminal, computer-readable recording medium, and activity recognition device patent thumbnailMobile terminal, computer-readable recording medium, and activity recognition device
A mobile terminal measures sensor values in a predetermined period. And the mobile terminal detects whether a missing sensor value exists in the predetermined period.
Fujitsu Limited

 Infrared imaging detection and positioning  underground building in planar land surface environment patent thumbnailInfrared imaging detection and positioning underground building in planar land surface environment
An infrared imaging detection and positioning method for an underground building in a planar land surface environment comprises: obtaining an original infrared image g0 formed after stratum modulation is performed on an underground building, and determining a local infrared image g of a general position of the underground building in the original infrared image g0; setting an iteration termination condition, and setting an initial value h0 of a gaussian thermal diffusion function; using the local infrared image g as an initial target image f0, and performing iteration solution of a thermal expansion function hn and a target image fn by using a maximum likelihood estimation algorithm according to the initial value h0 of the gaussian thermal diffusion function; and determining whether the iteration termination condition is met, if the iteration termination condition is met, using the target image fn obtained by means of iteration solution this time as a final target image f; and if the iteration termination condition is not met, continuing to perform iteration calculation. In the method, by performing demodulation processing on the infrared image formed after stratum modulation is performed on the underground building, the display of the infrared image of the original underground building is clearer, and the real structure of the underground building can be inverted..
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology

 Design methodology and  signaling with capacity optimized constellations patent thumbnailDesign methodology and signaling with capacity optimized constellations
Communication systems are described that use geometrically shaped constellations that have increased capacity compared to conventional constellations operating within a similar snr band. In several embodiments, the geometrically shaped is optimized based upon a capacity measure such as parallel decoding capacity or joint capacity.
Constellation Designs, Inc.

 Digital system for estimating signal non-energy parameters using a digital phase locked loop patent thumbnailDigital system for estimating signal non-energy parameters using a digital phase locked loop
A digital system of measuring parameters of the signal (phase, frequency and frequency derivative) received in additive mixture with gaussian noise. The system is based on the use of variables of a pll for calculating preliminary estimates of parameters and calculating the corrections for these estimates when there is a spurt frequency caused by a receiver motion with a jerk.
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

 High moment side shield design for area density improvement of perpendicular magnetic recording (pmr) writer patent thumbnailHigh moment side shield design for area density improvement of perpendicular magnetic recording (pmr) writer
A pmr writer is disclosed wherein a hot seed layer (hs) made of a 19-24 kilogauss (kg) magnetic material is formed between a gap layer and a 10-16 kg magnetic layer in the side shields, and between the leading gap and a 16-19 kg magnetic layer in the leading shield to improve hy_grad and hy_grad_x while maintaining write-ability. The hs is from 10 to 100 nm thick and has a first side facing the write pole with a height of ≦0.15 micron, and a second side facing a main pole flared side that may extend to a full side shield height of ≦0.5 micron.
Tdk Corporation

 High-efficiency line-forming optical systems and methods patent thumbnailHigh-efficiency line-forming optical systems and methods
A line-forming optical system and method are disclosed that form a line image with high-efficiency. A method includes forming a laser beam having a first intensity profile with a gaussian distribution in at least a first direction and passing at least 50% of the laser beam in the first direction to form a first transmitted light.
Ultratech, Inc.

 Method and device for determining a data-based functional model patent thumbnailMethod and device for determining a data-based functional model
A method for creating a gaussian process model as a data-based functional model for an output quantity that is to be modeled, based on training data in an input data space, including providing training data having training data points and output values, assigned to the training data points, of one or more output quantities; ascertaining a point density that is a function of the position of the training data points in the input data space; ascertaining a length scale function for each input quantity of the training data as a function of the point density; and generating a gaussian process model from the training data and the output data of the output quantity to be modeled, based on the ascertained length scale functions.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Depth estimation from image defocus using multiple resolution gaussian difference

A blur estimation method and apparatus which utilizes gaussian differences at multiple resolutions, upon which iterative convolution is performed to match sharpness measures between two images. Blur differences are combined with an iteration number selected from multiple resolution levels based on comparing a sharpness ratio as the blur difference estimate.
Sony Corporation

Lid sensor and retrofit system

A non-contact lid sensor is provided for use with an oil field thief hatch and a latch. The sensor is mounted to the latch and comprises a reed switch.
Sensor Solution Corp.

Radio communication system utilizing a radio signal classifier

A system suitable for use in classifying radio signals includes a plurality of feature extractors configured to extract a plurality of features from an object and a plurality of classification layers. Each of the plurality of classification layers includes one or more reduced enhanced gaussian classifiers selected from a plurality of gaussian classifiers based on a classification error rate of each of the plurality of gaussian classifiers and configured to classify the object as belonging to an object class in a subgroup of correctly classified object classes or in a disjoint error subgroup that needs further classification, using at least one of the extracted plurality of features.
Drs Icas, Llc

Method for establishing prediction model based on multidimensional texture of brain nuclear magnetic resonance images

Disclosed is a method for establishing a prediction model based on a multidimensional texture of brain nuclear magnetic resonance images. Images are segmented using a region growing method, a contourlet transform method is used to extract an edge texture feature parameter of rois, a multidimensional database is established, and a prediction model is established using various data mining methods, comprising a gaussian process, a support vector machine, a random forest, a lasso regression and a semi-supervised support vector machine.
Capital Medical University

Method and system for performing multi-bone segmentation in imaging data

A computer implemented method for performing bone segmentation in imaging data of a section of a body structure is provided. The method includes: obtaining the imaging data including a plurality of 2d images of the section of the body structure; and performing a multiphase local-based hybrid level set segmentation on at least a subset of the plurality of 2d images by minimizing an energy functional including a local-based edge term and a local-based region term computed locally inside a local neighborhood centered at each pixel of each one of the 2d images on which the multiphase local-based hybrid level set segmentation is performed, the local neighborhood being defined by a gaussian kernel whose size is determined by a scale parameter (σ)..
Laboratoires Bodycad Inc.

Pore size classification in subterranean formations based on nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) relaxation distributionsbutions

Porosity of a subterranean region is estimated by accessing a nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) relaxation distribution corresponding to nmr measurements of a subterranean region in which the nmr relaxation distribution includes multiple of peaks, fitting gaussian functions to the nmr relaxation distribution to establish values for fitting parameters for each of the gaussian functions, determining the porosity of the subterranean region based on the values of the fitting parameters of the gaussian functions, and categorizing the porosity based on a relationship between the fitting parameters of the gaussian functions and a distribution of pore sizes.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Laser spot finding

Techniques are disclosed for determining the location of laser spot in an image, enabling wind sensing to be performed on captured images of the laser spot. Techniques can include image averaging, background subtraction, and filtering to help ensure that the gaussian laser spot is detected in the image.
Cubic Corporation

Adaptive noise filter

A method for applying a filter to data to improve data quality and/or reduce file size. In one example, a region of interest of an image is identified.
Li-cor, Inc.

Apparatus and detectting key point using high-order laplacian of gaussian (log) kernel

Provided is an apparatus and method for detecting a key point using a high-order laplacian of gaussian (log) kernel, wherein the method includes generating the high-order log kernel using an log operator, and detecting a key point of an image using the high-order log kernel.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Pins: a perturbation clustering approach for data integration and disease subtyping

Disease subtyping is accomplished by a computer-implemented algorithm that manipulates a first genetic dataset to construct a set of first connectivity matrices. To this set of matrices gaussian noise is introduced to generate a perturbed dataset.
Wayne State University

System and providing gradient intensity illumination for lighted mirrors for dressing rooms and other applications

An illumination system comprising a light source with a linear array of light emitting elements and an arrangement for regulating power to the array whereby the light emitting elements emit light in accordance with a tapered gradient intensity profile. In the illustrative embodiment, the light source includes first and second linear arrays of light emitting elements and a mirror is mounted there between.

Complex background-oriented optical character recognition

A complex background-oriented optical character recognition method and device are provided. The method of the present invention includes: collecting image information to obtain a collected image; according to character characteristics, acquiring a target character region from the collected image, and taking same as a target object; extracting character edge information in the target object using a differential method to obtain an extracted image; superposing the target object and the extracted image to obtain a recovery image; conducting inversion and gaussian filtration processing on the recovery image to obtain a processed image; searching for a target character location in the processed image; and recognizing the target character location.
Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.

Ramp-type analogue-digital conversion, with multiple conversions or single conversion, depending on the light level received by a pixel

In a matrix image sensor, a method of reading a pixel of a column allows two modes of analogue-digital conversion of the voltage level provided by the column: a first mode in which are carried out a single analogue-digital conversion in a nominal conversion time window fconv, of nominal duration dn and a counting which starts with a ramp of nominal duration dn and stops upon the toggling of the output scmp of the comparator; and a second mode which provides for multiple conversions by comparison with a ramp of reduced duration dr, in the same nominal conversion time window. The selection of the mode of conversion to be applied is based on the observation of the state of the output scmp of the comparator after a predetermined duration after the instant ti of ramp start: if the output has toggled, the useful level to be converted represents a low light level to which the second mode with multiple conversions will be applied; if the output has not toggled, the useful level to be converted represents a high light level and the first, conventional, mode with single conversion will be applied.
E2v Semiconductors

Flexible magnetic field coil for measuring ionic quantity

A flexible magnetic coil for determining ion migration rates inside a vacuum device can include a plurality of insulated copper wires held together as a bundle. A positive pole can be connected to a first end of the bundle for receiving a positive dc voltage.

Method and system for lithography process-window-maximizing optical proximity correction

An efficient opc method of increasing imaging performance of a lithographic process utilized to image a target design having a plurality of features. The method includes determining a function for generating a simulated image, where the function accounts for process variations associated with the lithographic process; and optimizing target gray level for each evaluation point in each opc iteration based on this function.
Asml Netherlands B.v

Systems and methods for automated generation of graphical user interfaces

A computer-implemented method for automated generation of a graphical user interface for a target application, the method being performed in connection with a computerized system comprising a processor, a memory and a display device, the method involving: obtaining a content associated with the target application; using the obtained content to generate a central graphical element, the central graphical element being generated using at least a first portion of the obtained content; magnifying at least a second portion of the content; applying a gaussian blurring filter to the magnified second portion of the content; generating a background image based on the blurred magnified second portion of the content; and generating the graphical user interface, the graphical user interface comprising the central graphical element, the background image and a content block, wherein the central graphical element and the content block overlay the background image.. .
Limited Liability Company

Low sparkle glass sheet

The invention relates to a glass sheet comprising at least one etched surface having a surface roughness defined, when measured on an evaluation length of 2 mm and with a gaussian filter of which the cut-off wavelength is 0.8 mm, by: 0.02≦ra≦0.4 microns, 5≦rsm≦30 microns, said glass sheet having the following optical properties, when measured from said etched surface: —a haze value of from 1 to 30%; —a clarity value of from 50 to 100%; —a gloss value at 60° of from 30 to 110 sgu. Such a glass sheet which is particularly suitable for display applications as cover glass.
Asahi Glass Co Ltd

Apparatus, system, and image normalization using a gaussian residual of fit selection criteria

An apparatus and method for image normalization using a gaussian residual of fit selection criteria. The method may include acquiring a two-dimensional image of a plurality of particles, where the plurality of particles comprises a plurality of calibration particles, and identifying a calibration particle by correlating a portion of the image corresponding to the calibration particle to a mathematical model (e.g.
Luminex Corporation

Anomaly detection using adaptive behavioral profiles

Anomalous activities in a computer network are detected using adaptive behavioral profiles that are created by measuring at a plurality of points and over a period of time observables corresponding to behavioral indicators related to an activity. Normal kernel distributions are created about each point, and the behavioral profiles are created automatically by combining the distributions using the measured values and a gaussian kernel density estimation process that estimates values between measurement points.
Securonix, Inc.

Map decoding method using augmented lattices

The invention relates to a map decoding method of a signal received through a noisy channel, the signal being composed of symbols in an alphabet having a non-uniform probability distribution, the symbols being represented by points in a lattice (Λ). The probability distribution of symbols is modeled using a gaussian distribution.
Institut Mines-telecom

Methods and model-based visual descriptors compression

A particular implementation determines parameters of a generative probabilistic model from visual descriptors extracted from at least one image. The extracted visual descriptors are quantized and encoded using the model-based arithmetic encoding to be stored or for transmission to a decoder.
Thomson Licensing

Method and system for signal-based localization

In an embodiment of the present invention, a graphslam-like algorithm for signal strength slam is presented. This algorithm as an embodiment of the present invention shares many of the benefits of gaussian processes yet is viable for a broader range of environments since it makes no signature uniqueness assumptions.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Method and utility-aware privacy preserving mapping through additive noise

The present embodiments focus on the privacy-utility tradeoff encountered by a user who wishes to release some public data (denoted by x) to an analyst, that is correlated with his private data (denoted by s), in the hope of getting some utility. When noise is added as a privacy preserving mechanism, that is, y=x+n, where y is the actual released data to the analyst and n is noise, we show that adding gaussian noise is optimal under 1_2-norm distortion for continuous data x.
Thomson Licensing

Kidney glomeruli measurement systems and methods

Methods and systems for identifying blobs, for example kidney glomeruli, are disclosed. A raw image may be smoothed via a difference of gaussians filter, and a hessian analysis may be conducted on the smoothed image to mark glomeruli candidates.

Adaptive channel coding using polarization

Methods, systems, and devices are described for wireless communications at a wireless device. A wireless device may adaptively select a parity check matrix to increase the reliability of signal transmission by adapting to different channel statistics and channel types (e.g., erasure channels, channels with additive white gaussian noise, and channels with discrete or continuous alphabets).
Qualcomm Incorporated

Electrical generator with rotational gaussian surface magnet and stationary coil

A treble quantum dot strip array comprising a red, a green and a blue photon transparent stationary colloidal epoxy suspension volume strip segment each including a plurality of red photon emitting quantum dots responsive to an electrical signal applied thereon to provide a photon emission in the red wavelength and a uv attenuating filter, wherein each of said red, blue and green segments are disposed to form a parallel treble array of segments are disposed to provide a photon path from a photon source through said uv attenuating filter. Alternate embodiments provide a quantum dot colour electrically conductive strip to emit a selected colour in response to a corresponding electric said signal applied thereacross, and including a cob (chip on board) led (light emitting diode) array apparatus..

Image processing system for extraction of contextual information and associated methods

An image processing system includes a first processor that acquires frames of image data. For each frame of data, the first processor generates a gaussian pyramid for the frame of data, extract histogram of oriented gradient (hog) descriptors for each level of the gaussian pyramid, compresses the hog descriptors, and sends the compressed hog descriptors.
Universita Degli Studi Di Milano - Bicocca

Remote wind turbulence sensing

Systems and methods for detection of atmospheric conditions using optical orbital angular momentum (oam)-based spectroscopy include applying oam states to a light beam to generate an oam spectrum, transmitting oam light beams into an atmosphere, and determining degradation of the generated oam light beams passing through atmospheric turbulence. A rotation rate of aerosols in the atmosphere is determined by analyzing different frequency shifts in oam states of oam light beams.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

Radiation source and lithographic apparatus

A radiation source includes a nozzle configured to direct a stream of fuel droplets along a droplet path towards a plasma formation location, and is configured to receive a gaussian radiation beam having gaussian intensity distribution, having a predetermined wavelength and propagating along a predetermined trajectory, and further configured to focus the radiation beam on a fuel droplet at the plasma formation location. The radiation source includes a phase plate structure including one or more phase plates.
Asml Netherlands B.v.

Shared-path illumination and excitation optics apparatus and systems

A gaussian-distributed excitation light beam of an excitation spectrum emitted from an excitation light source enters a light pipe and is there converted to a top-hat spatially distributed excitation beam. The top-hat distributed excitation beam is focused on a phosphor-coated or reflective portion of a surface of an optical wavelength conversion element.

Method and estimating channel information

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for estimating channel information. A terminal estimates a channel coefficient for each of subcarriers included in each symbol of the received signals, calculates power of the received signal matched to each of the subcarriers, calculates an interference estimation parameter for each of the subcarriers based on the power of the received signal matched to each of the subcarriers and based on power of a channel coefficient for a subcarrier on which the received signal has maximum power among the subcarriers, and calculates a non-gaussian characteristic parameter of an interference signal related to the received signals based on the interference estimation parameters calculated for the subcarriers of all the symbols of the received signals..

Communication path decoding method and communication decoding device

This method and device makes it possible to implement maximum likelihood decoding of a sparse graph code at low computational complexity in the maximum likelihood decoding of the sparse graph code. This is, in the maximum likelihood of decoding of the sparse graph code, a lost data decoding process by a trivial decoding method and a lost data decoding process by a gauss elimination method are performed repeatedly and alternately..

Systems and methods for localization

Systems and methods for a localization system are provided. In one aspect, a rf signature map for a geographical area is determined using a gaussian process (“gp”) model.

Multiscale depth estimation using depth from defocus

To extend the working range of depth from defocus (dfd) particularly on small depth of field (dof) images, dfd is performed on an image pair at multiple spatial resolutions and the depth estimates are then combined. Specific implementations construct a gaussian pyramid for each image of an image pair, perform dfd on the corresponding pair of images at each level of the two image pyramids, convert dfd depth scores to physical depth values using calibration curves generated for each level, and combine the depth values from all levels in a coarse-to-fine manner to obtain a final depth map that covers the entire depth range of the scene..

Optimization of parasitic capacitance extraction using statistical variance reduction technique

A method for performing parasitic capacitance extraction of an integrated circuit (ic) design includes: defining a gaussian surface around an origin net of the ic design; partitioning the gaussian surface into a plurality of regions; performing an initial plurality of random walks from each region using a monte carlo field solver; and dynamically allocating an additional plurality of random walks among the plurality of regions, wherein the allocation is based on statistical errors associated with the initial plurality of random walks for each of the regions. Results from the random walks are averaged to estimate parasitic capacitance of the origin net.

Method and estimating channel in wireless communication system

The present invention relates to a method for estimating a channel in a wireless communication system. In the method, a reference value is generated on the basis of a value indicating a non-gaussian characteristic of an inter-cell interference signal and power values of received pilot symbols, the reference value is compared with each of the power values of the pilot symbols, at least one pilot symbol, which is relatively lightly damaged by the inter-cell interference signal, is selected, and a channel is estimated using the at least one selected pilot symbol..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

System level user behavior biometrics using feature extraction and modeling

The interaction of a plurality of users with a computer system is monitored and measurements are made of different features of this interaction such as process creation, registry key changes, and file system actions. These measurements are then analyzed to identify those features that are more discriminatory.
Allure Security Technology Inc.

Subband algorithm with threshold for robust broadband active noise control system

An active noise control (anc) system includes a speaker and one or more processors. The one or more processors implement an adaptive subband filtered reference control algorithm that applies thresholds to reference and error feedback signal paths such that, in response to a series of broadband non-gaussian impulsive reference signals indicative of road noise in the vehicle having an audible frequency range of 20 hz to 20 khz, weight coefficients defining an adaptive filter of the control algorithm converge and permit the anc system to partially cancel the road noise via output of the speaker..
University Of Cincinnati

Systems and methods for gaussian filter standard deviation variation

Systems and methods for gaussian filter standard deviation variation. One embodiment of a method includes receiving a load current and a drain voltage associated with a switching converter that includes a silicon carbide (sic) mosfet transistor, determining a derivative of the drain voltage with respect to time, and calculating a switching loss associated with the switching converter.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

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