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Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

Universal Display

Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

Date/App# patent app List of recent Gauss-related patents
 Microcalcification detection and classification in radiographic images patent thumbnailnew patent Microcalcification detection and classification in radiographic images
An analysis of a digitized image is provided. The digitized image is repeatedly convolved to form first convolved images, which first convolved images are convolved a second time to form second convolved images.
Vucomp, Inc.
 Organic electroluminescent materials and devices patent thumbnailnew patent Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
Organometallic compounds comprising an imidazole carbene ligand having a n-containing ring fused to the imidazole ring are provided. In particular, the n-containing ring fused to the imidazole ring may contain one nitrogen atom or more than one nitrogen atom.
Universal Display Corporation
 Method and  supplying interpolation point data for a data-based function model calculation unit patent thumbnailMethod and supplying interpolation point data for a data-based function model calculation unit
A method for identifying a set of interpolation point data points from training data for a sparse gaussian process model, encompassing the following tasks: successively selecting training data points from the set of training data for acceptance into or exclusion from a set of interpolation point data points in accordance with a selection criterion; and terminating selection when a termination criterion exists; the selection criterion depending on a divergence between a target value of the selected training data point and a function value, at the selected training data point, of the gaussian process model based on the respectively current set of interpolation point data points.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh
 Method of analysing flight data patent thumbnailMethod of analysing flight data
The invention relates to a method of analysing flight data recorded during n flights of at least one aircraft, by means of a flight data recorder of an aircraft, the data being grouped together by flight i in a signature vector of the flight xi of size d, the components of which correspond to data recorded during said flight i of the aircraft, a flight i being thus defined by the signature vector xi, the method comprising the following steps: gaussian kernel entropy component analysis of the flight signatures xi to obtain a zone of normal flights and classifying the flight signatures xi with respect to their distance to said zone; determining, for each flight i, an abnormality score zi defined by the distance of a flight signature xi with respect to the zone of normal flights; detecting, as a function of the abnormality score zi, at least one abnormal flight.. .
Sagem Defense Securite
 Multiphase coaxial superconducting cables and corc degaussing system patent thumbnailMultiphase coaxial superconducting cables and corc degaussing system
A superconducting cable and connection structure includes one or more superconducting cables. Each cable has superconducting tapes wound about a former in a plurality of phases.
Advanced Conductor Technologies Llc
 Image interpolation method and image interpolation device and image apparatus using the same patent thumbnailImage interpolation method and image interpolation device and image apparatus using the same
An image interpolation method and an image interpolation device and an image apparatus using the image interpolation method are provided. The image interpolation method uses a probabilistic neural network model to perform an adaptive interpolation on an image.
National Central University
 Method and  demagnetizing transformer cores in closed loop magnetic current sensors patent thumbnailMethod and demagnetizing transformer cores in closed loop magnetic current sensors
Automated degaussing methods and apparatus are presented for degaussing a magnetic core in close loop fashion, in which a plurality of pulses are applied to a compensation coil magnetically coupled with the core with duration or energy being decreased in succeeding pulse cycles according to a discrete feedback algorithm, and with individual pulse polarities being set according to core magnetization polarity measured subsequent to an immediately preceding pulse.. .
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh
 Model calculation unit and control unit for calculating a data-based function model having data in various number formats patent thumbnailModel calculation unit and control unit for calculating a data-based function model having data in various number formats
A model calculation unit for calculating a data-based function model, in particular a gaussian process model, in a control unit, including: a processor core to carry out a strictly hardware-based calculation of an algorithm for a data-based function model, the data-based function model being calculated using provided calculation data, in particular hyperparameters and node data; and a strictly hardware-based conversion unit to provide the processor core with at least a portion of the calculation data, in particular the provided node data, in a predefined number format.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh
 Real time processing of video frames patent thumbnailReal time processing of video frames
A method and system for real time processing of a sequence of video frames. A current frame in the sequence and at least one frame in the sequence occurring prior to the current frame is analyzed.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Cooperative spectrum sensing apparatus and cooperative spectrum sensing method patent thumbnailCooperative spectrum sensing apparatus and cooperative spectrum sensing method
Disclosed is a cooperative spectrum sensing (css) method. The css method includes receiving, by a detector of secondary users, observation vectors which are use state information of a spectrum band allocated to a pu in a cognitive radio (cr) network, generating, by the detector, an analysis result value with respect to each of the observation vectors using glrt with respect to order statistics of reception samples taking non-gaussian noise into consideration, transmitting, by the detector, the analysis result value to a fusion center unit; and fusing, by the fusion center unit, the analysis result value to determine whether the spectrum band is used..
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

User modeling using fft-based time-series processing

A method to combine and visualize fft power spectrum data that utilizes more sensor information and provides a richer output display is provided. In some embodiments, all sensors are analyzed using fft simultaneously in the frequency ranges of 0.01 hz to 100 hz.
Venor, Inc.

Leveraging to minimize the expected inverse assets

The question of how much should be placed at risk on a given investment, relative to the total assets available for investment, is basically that of determining the optimal leverage. The approach taken by the method described in this specification is to optimize the expected future inverse assets, conditioned on the assets having some estimated linear return distribution.

Magnetic material for collecting magnetic particles and utilization thereof

For collecting magnetic particles, there is used a magnetic material including a plurality of magnets that are arranged in contact one with another in parallel to a direction of magnetization in such a manner that south and north poles of adjacent magnets are reversed alternately or a magnetic material having at least one peak of a magnetic force in a magnetic pole surface, and the peak magnetic force is 600 gausses or more.. .
Lsi Medience Corporation

Method and system for mapping bit sequences

A method of mapping a plurality of different bit sequences to a plurality of different signal points in a constellation, the number of bit sequences being greater than the number of signal points. The method includes, for a device in a telecommunication network, the acts of: determining, for each signal point in the constellation, a number of bit sequences to be mapped to each signal point, the numbers of bit sequences being distributed according to a discrete gaussian distribution among the constellation, selecting in the plurality of bit sequences, for each signal point in the constellation, a set including the determined number of bit sequences (u) that minimize the maximal hamming distance among the selected sets..

Electrical generator with rotational gaussian surface magnet and stationary coil

A gaussian surface neodymium magnet of at least one or a plurality of spherical or any other gaussian surface configuration that is seated in the center of a stationary coil and whereby said magnet or plurality of magnets remains free to rotate about its axis within said coil; and whereby said magnet is capable of continuous, interrupted, or mechanically pulsed movement for the generation of electrical induced current within said stationary coil; and said magnetic field of said magnet is concentrated and focused by at least one or a plurality of focus neodymium magnets for induced current enhancement; and whereby focus magnet fields are inline and parallel to said center rotational magnet(s).. .

Method for estimating distribution curve of storing state of solid state storage device

A method for estimating a distribution curve of a first storing state of a solid state storage device includes the following steps. Firstly, plural threshold voltage intervals are provided.

Computing system with power estimation mechanism and operation thereof

A computing system includes: an antenna configured to receive a receiver signal for representing a serving signal and an interference signal; a communication unit, coupled to the antenna, configured to: calculate a signal likelihood from the receiver signal based on a gaussian approximation mechanism; calculate an interference power estimate based on the signal likelihood for characterizing the interference signal; and estimating the serving signal based on the interference power estimate.. .

System and distribution free target detection in a dependent non-gaussian background

A method for target detection includes: receiving input data via an input signal; generating a histogram from the received data by a processor; rank-ordering the received data based on power or amplitude of the received input signal; comparing the ranked data received in a current time period to the ranked data received in a previous time period to calculate a bivariate conditional exceedance function (bcef); utilizing the calculated bcef to estimate a gumbel copula parameter; accumulating a log-likelihood statistic from the estimated gumbel copula parameter and the generated histogram; comparing the log-likelihood statistic with a threshold value; and determining a detection of the target, when the log-likelihood statistic is below the threshold value.. .

Multivariate yield calculator for wafer integrated circuit fabrication and use thereof

A multivariate yield calculator for wafer integrated circuit (ic) fabrication and a method of generating a multivariate yield forecast using the multivariate yield calculator. One embodiment of the multivariate yield calculator includes: (1) a gaussian computer configured to compute a mean vector and a covariance matrix from multivariate performance characterizations having a multivariate distribution over a plurality of wafer ics, and (2) an integrator configured to integrate a probability distribution function (pdf) based on the mean vector and the covariance matrix over a multivariate performance bin, thereby generating a multivariate yield forecast..

Image retrieval and authentication using enhanced expectation maximization (eem)

Technologies are generally presented for employing enhanced expectation maximization (eem) in image retrieval and authentication. Using uniform distribution as initial condition, the eem may converge iteratively to a global optimality.

Radio receiver for detecting an additive white gaussian noise channel

The method disclosed herein is implemented in a radio receiver to detect an awgn channel, where the radio receiver comprises a rake receiver. The radio receiver receives signals transmitted via a propagation channel from a transmitter, and determines that the propagation channel is an awgn channel when a filtered version of a minimum value of a metric is lower than a threshold value.

System and method having transparent composite model for transform coefficients

To better handle the flat tail phenomenon commonly seen in transform coefficients such as dct coefficients, a system and method having a model dubbed a transparent composite model (tcm) are described. Given a sequence of transform coefficients, a tcm first separates the tail of the sequence from the main body of the sequence.

Bayesian approach for gas concentration reconstruction based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy

Systems and methods construct a 2 dimensional (2d) gas concentration map (image) from data from one or more laser based absorption projection paths. Embodiments use a bayesian approach to construct a 2d gas concentration map of a combustion region cross section plane by modeling the 2d map as a gaussian process (gp).

Method and apparatuses for algorithm on qam coherent optical detection

Blind polarization demultiplexing algorithms based on complex independent component analysis (ica) by negentropy maximization for quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) coherent optical systems are disclosed. The polarization demultiplexing is achieved by maximizing the signal's non-gaussianity measured by the information theoretic quantity of negentropy.

Integrated quantum-random noise generator using quantum vacuum states of light

An integrated quantum random noise source includes a substrate, an optical oscillator that may be integral to the substrate coupled by an optical waveguide to an optical directional coupler. The optical directional coupler has two outputs that are coupled by optical waveguides to a pair of photodetectors that are part of a balanced photodetector.

Computer-implemented methods and systems for performance tracking

Computer-implemented methods and systems enable real-time performance comparisons between users and peers by tracking user beliefs, observations, and responses to performance issues. The system operates in a series of cycles, where each user is asked to input outcome information for each cycle.

Method, apparatus, and program for generating training speech data for target domain

A method and system for generating training data for a target domain using speech data of a source domain. The training data generation method including: reading out a gaussian mixture model (gmm) of a target domain trained with a clean speech data set of the target domain; mapping, by referring to the gmm of the target domain, a set of source domain speech data received as an input to the set of target domain speech data on a basis of a channel characteristic of the target domain speech data; and adding a noise of the target domain to the mapped set of source domain speech data to output a set of pseudo target domain speech data..

System and selecting an optical path in an optical network

The invention proposes a system and method for selecting an optimal optical path through which to transmit an optical signal, the optimal optical path is one of a plurality of optical paths in a transparent optical network. Each of the plurality of optical paths includes a plurality of optical elements.

Method and describing image

A method and apparatus for describing an image are disclosed. The method for describing an image according to an embodiment of the invention includes: transforming an image from a bgr color space into a gaussian derivative color model; and transforming the image from the gaussian derivative color model into an optical reflection invariant color space, wherein the process of transforming the image from the gaussian derivative color model into the optical reflection invariant color space includes: determining, for each pixel on the image, color channels of the pixel corresponding to the optical reflection invariant color space according to a first coefficient and a second coefficient of the pixel in the gaussian derivative color model.

Motion estimation system utilizing point cloud registration

A system and method of estimation motion of a machine is disclosed. The method may include determining a first point cloud and a second point cloud corresponding to an environment in a vicinity of the machine.

Method and enhancing color

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and an apparatus for enhancing color, and relate to the image processing field, so as to solve a case of over enhancement on a region having high luminance in an original image which is caused after enhancement processing is performed. A specific solution is: obtaining a luminance component of a currently processed image; performing gaussian filtering processing on the luminance component to obtain an illumination component; obtaining a first reflection component of the currently processed image according to the luminance component and the illumination component; performing enhancement adjustment on the first reflection component to obtain a second reflection component; obtaining a luminance gain according to the luminance component and the second reflection component; and performing enhancement processing on the currently processed image, to obtain a first enhanced image.

Sub-diffraction limit image resolution and other imaging techniques

The present invention generally relates to sub-diffraction limit image resolution and other imaging techniques. In one aspect, the invention is directed to determining and/or imaging light from two or more entities separated by a distance less than the diffraction limit of the incident light.

Method and device for creating a nonparametric, data-based function model

A method for ascertaining a nonparametric, data-based function model, in particular a gaussian process model, using provided training data, the training data including a number of measuring points which are defined by one or multiple input variables and which each have assigned output values of at least one output variable, including: selecting one or multiple of the measuring points as certain measuring points or adding one or multiple additional measuring points to the training data as certain measuring points; assigning a measuring uncertainty value of essentially zero to the certain measuring points; and ascertaining the nonparametric, data-based function model according to an algorithm which is dependent on the certain measuring points of the modified training data and the measuring uncertainty values assigned in each case.. .

Method and device for creating a fucntion model for a control unit of an engine system

A computerized method for creating a function model based on a non-parametric, data-based model, e.g., a gaussian process model, includes: providing training data including measuring points having one or multiple input variables, the measuring points each being assigned an output value of an output variable; providing a basic function; modifying the training data with the aid of difference formation between the function values of the basic function and the output values at the measuring points of the training data; creating the data-based model based on the modified training data; and providing the function model as a function of the data-based model and the basic function.. .

Physically-based financial analysis and/or forecasting methods, apparatus, and systems

Methods and apparatus for modeling well production. Such methods comprise modeling a production of a well (perhaps an open universe, generative model).

Method and control for carrying out a calculation of a data-based function model

A method for carrying out a calculation of a data-based function model, in particular a gaussian process model, the data-based function model being defined by predefined hyperparameters and node data, multiple input variables being assigned to one output variable and having a sum of terms, each of which depend on one of the input variables, including the following: determining at least one input variable to be varied, for which multiple output values of a corresponding output variable are to be determined; calculating the sum of the terms, which depend on the input variables not to be varied; providing multiple input values for each of the determined at least one input variable to be varied; and ascertaining multiple output values of the output variable for the provided multiple input values, each based on the calculated sum of the terms, which depend on the input variables not to be varied.. .

System and video summarization and navigation based on statistical models

The disclosed method calculates video time density functions based on inter-frame mutual information or other similarity measures. The method includes acquiring a video sequence from memory, computing mutual information or other similarity measures between two consecutive frames of the video sequence, and constructing a video temporal density function based on the mutual information or similarity measures.

Stage apparatus, drawing apparatus, and manufacturing article

A stage apparatus includes: a stage; a linear motor configured to drive the stage; a magnetic shield unit configured to surround the linear motor to shield a magnetic field generated by a magnet of the linear motor; and a degaussing coil located in a space surrounded by the magnetic shield unit and configured to degauss the magnetic shield unit.. .

Genotoxicity testing

The present invention relates to methods for detecting for the presence of an agent that putatively causes or potentiates dna damage comprising subjecting a cell (containing a dna sequence encoding gaussia luciferase (gluc) reporter protein operatively linked to a human gadd45α gene promoter and a human gadd45α gene regulatory element arranged to activate expression of the dna sequence in response to dna damage) to an agent; and monitoring the expression of the gluc reporter protein from the cell. The invention also concerns expression cassettes, vectors and cells which may be used according to such a method and also modified media that may be employed in assays and in preferred embodiments of the method of the invention..

Panchromatic sharpening spectral image based on fusion of overall structural information and spatial detail information

The present invention provides a panchromatic sharpening method of spectral image based on fusion of overall structural information and spatial detail information, comprising: performing brightness linear stretching on a panchromatic image, so as to set the variance of the panchromatic image to be equal to the variance of said spectral image; respectively interpolating n components of the spectral image so as to generate an interpolation image series having the same resolution as that of the panchromatic image; subtracting the interpolation image series from the panchromatic image after said linear stretching to obtain difference images; performing gauss filtering on the difference images, thereby obtaining difference tendency images; and, respectively subtracting the difference tendency image series from the panchromatic image after said linear stretching, thus obtaining fused images. The method can maintain both spectral fidelity and texture detail fidelity of the fused images, support high computation speed, and has wide applicability..

Production analysis and/or forecasting methods, apparatus, and systems

Methods and apparatus for modeling well production. Such methods comprise modeling a production of a well (perhaps an open universe, generative model).

Fixing device and image forming apparatus

A fixing device includes an exciting coil and a heat generator disposed opposite the exciting coil. The heat generator includes a heat generation layer disposed opposite the exciting coil to generate heat by a magnetic flux from the exciting coil and a temperature sensitive magnetic body disposed opposite the exciting coil via the heat generation layer to obtain and lose magnetism at a temperature defined by a curie temperature by composition adjustment to selectively create a heating region and a non-heating region of the heat generation layer.

Method and system for inverse halftoning utilizing inverse projection of predicted errors

A method and system generates a reconstructed gray scale image of pixels from a binary image of pixels by reverse propagating an error, in a diffused manner, to the pixels of the binary image to create pixels representing a reconstructed gray scale image. The reverse propagation of the error determines if a current pixel has a first predetermined value; sets an error value to a first error value if the current pixel has the first predetermined value; sets the error value to a second error value if the current pixel does not have the first predetermined value; and propagates a diffused error value to a pixel neighboring the current pixel to create an error diffused pixel, the diffused error value being a product of the set error value and a weighting coefficient associated with the pixel neighboring the current pixel.

Simulated loading moving load of whole train in rail transportation

The present invention discloses a simulated loading method and an apparatus for moving load of a whole train in rail transportation. Multiple actuators are arranged above rail sleepers along rail direction.

Differentially private linear queries on histograms

The privacy of linear queries on histograms is protected. A database containing private data is queried.

Data analysis in a network

An example method for analyzing data in a collaborative network in accordance with the present disclosure is receiving a plurality of data, constructing a dependency structure between the plurality of data by running an expanding window gaussian graphical model on the plurality of data, decomposing the dependency structure, and providing a visualization of the decomposition of the dependency structure.. .

Iterative kalman filtering

Several types of noise limit the performance of remote sensing systems, e.g., systems that determine the location, color, or shape of remote objects. When noise detected by sensors of the remote sensing systems is known and well estimated, a kalman filter can converge on an accurate value without noise.

Calculation molecular volume and comparison shapes of two molecules

The invention relates to a calculating method for molecular volume and shape comparison of two molecules. The method includes steps of loading in three-dimensional structure information of a first molecule, the three-dimensional structure information comprising type and coordinate values of each atom contained in the first molecule; obtaining respective van der waals radius based on the type of respective atom contained in the first molecule, converting the three-dimensional structure information into a group of gaussian spheres representing atoms in the first molecule; calculating overlap volume for each pair of gaussian spheres; calculating the weight of each gaussian sphere; calculating self-overlap volume of the first molecule, the self-overlap volume being used as a volume of the first molecule.

Method and monitoring a charged particle beam

An ionization chamber with spatial distribution electrode for monitor hadron beam currents used for therapeutic treatment. Ionization chamber comprises humidity control, environmental sensing and real-time correction thereof.

Beam shaping optics of flow cytometer systems and methods related thereto

In some aspects, a flow cytometer system is provided that includes beam shaping optics positioned to manipulate a light beam and produce a resulting light beam that irradiates the core stream at the interrogation zone of the flow cell. The beam shaping optics include an acylindrical lens positioned to receive and focus light in a direction of a first axis orthogonal to a direction of light travel, and a cylindrical lens positioned to receive the light output from the acylindrical lens and to focus the light output from the acylindrical lens in a direction of a second axis orthogonal to the first axis and to the direction of light travel.

Posterior-based feature with partial distance elimination for speech recognition

A high-dimensional posterior-based feature with partial distance elimination may be utilized for speech recognition. The log likelihood values of a large number of gaussians are needed to generate the high-dimensional posterior feature.

Device and creating gaussian aberration-corrected electron beams

Electron beam phase gratings have phase profiles that produce a diffracted beam having a gaussian or other selected intensity profile. Phase profiles can also be selected to correct or compensate electron lens aberrations.

Magnetometer calibration

A real-time calibration system and method for a mobile device having an onboard magnetometer uses an estimator to estimate magnetometer calibration parameters and a magnetic field external to the mobile device (e.g., the earth magnetic field). The calibration parameters can be used to calibrate uncalibrated magnetometer readings output from the onboard magnetometer.

Fading simulator and fading simulation method

A fading simulator is provided, which includes a noise generator that generates an additive white gaussian noise signal, receives a test signal to be input to a mobile communication terminal as a test target, and adds, to the test signal, a radio wave scattering effect, using the additive white gaussian noise signal. The fading simulator is provided with setting means for setting for causing the noise generator to generate a same additive white gaussian noise signal as the additive white gaussian noise signal in the first test, when a first test is performed on the mobile communication terminal, and also for setting for causing the noise generator to generate the additive white gaussian noise signal of the predetermined level when a second test for re-simulating the first test is performed after the first test..

Storage device having degauss circuitry configured for generating degauss signal with asymmetric decay envelopes

A hard disk drive or other storage device comprises a storage medium, a write head configured to write data to the storage medium, and control circuitry coupled to the write head. The control circuitry comprises degauss circuitry coupled to or otherwise associated with one or more write drivers.

Systems/methods of encryption

Encryption is provided via an algorithm that maps a block of n input bits onto a block of m output bits, wherein m≧n. Encryption also may be provided in accordance with bit/bandwidth expansion, wherein m>n.

Speaker recognition method through emotional model synthesis based on neighbors preserving principle

A speaker recognition method through emotional model synthesis based on neighbors preserving principle is enclosed. The methods includes the following steps: (1) training the reference speaker's and user's speech models; (2) extracting the neutral-to-emotion transformation/mapping sets of gmm reference models; (3) extracting the emotion reference gaussian components mapped by or corresponding to several gaussian neutral reference gaussian components close to the user's neutral training gaussian component; (4) synthesizing the user's emotion training gaussian component and then synthesizing the user's emotion training model; (5) synthesizing all user's gmm training models; (6) inputting test speech and conducting the identification.

Machine-based patient-specific seizure classification system

This disclosure is directed to a machine-based patient-specific seizure classification system. In general, an example system may comprise a non-linear svm seizure classification system-on-chip (soc) with multichannel eeg data acquisition and storage for epileptic patients is presented.

Systems and methods for portative magneto therapy

In accordance with one embodiment, a system for applying magnetic fields to one or more objects is provided. The system may include a one or more neodymium disc magnets for providing magnetic fields.

Magnetic block toy

A magnetic block toy, more specifically, a magnetic block toy which secures mating spots of magnets at the planes of blocks to be combined by extending a travel segment of a magnet to the plane of a block with increased magnetic gauss level by exposing part of a casing that covers outer surface of the magnet, and provides audible effects during play. For this purpose, the present disclosure incorporates a partially exposed cylindrical magnet with a longitudinal open groove in the casing and a guide pin formed at both right and left sides of the casing.

Method and system for matching an image using image patches

A method, system and computer program product for encoding an image is provided. The image that needs to be represented is represented in the form of a gaussian pyramid which is a scale-space representation of the image and includes several pyramid images.

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