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This page is updated frequently with new Gauss-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Gauss-related patents
 Systems and methods for automated generation of graphical user interfaces patent thumbnailSystems and methods for automated generation of graphical user interfaces
A computer-implemented method for automated generation of a graphical user interface for a target application, the method being performed in connection with a computerized system comprising a processor, a memory and a display device, the method involving: obtaining a content associated with the target application; using the obtained content to generate a central graphical element, the central graphical element being generated using at least a first portion of the obtained content; magnifying at least a second portion of the content; applying a gaussian blurring filter to the magnified second portion of the content; generating a background image based on the blurred magnified second portion of the content; and generating the graphical user interface, the graphical user interface comprising the central graphical element, the background image and a content block, wherein the central graphical element and the content block overlay the background image.. .
Limited Liability Company Mail.ru

 Low sparkle glass sheet patent thumbnailLow sparkle glass sheet
The invention relates to a glass sheet comprising at least one etched surface having a surface roughness defined, when measured on an evaluation length of 2 mm and with a gaussian filter of which the cut-off wavelength is 0.8 mm, by: 0.02≦ra≦0.4 microns, 5≦rsm≦30 microns, said glass sheet having the following optical properties, when measured from said etched surface: —a haze value of from 1 to 30%; —a clarity value of from 50 to 100%; —a gloss value at 60° of from 30 to 110 sgu. Such a glass sheet which is particularly suitable for display applications as cover glass.
Asahi Glass Co Ltd

 Apparatus, system, and  image normalization using a gaussian residual of fit selection criteria patent thumbnailApparatus, system, and image normalization using a gaussian residual of fit selection criteria
An apparatus and method for image normalization using a gaussian residual of fit selection criteria. The method may include acquiring a two-dimensional image of a plurality of particles, where the plurality of particles comprises a plurality of calibration particles, and identifying a calibration particle by correlating a portion of the image corresponding to the calibration particle to a mathematical model (e.g.
Luminex Corporation

 Anomaly detection using adaptive behavioral profiles patent thumbnailAnomaly detection using adaptive behavioral profiles
Anomalous activities in a computer network are detected using adaptive behavioral profiles that are created by measuring at a plurality of points and over a period of time observables corresponding to behavioral indicators related to an activity. Normal kernel distributions are created about each point, and the behavioral profiles are created automatically by combining the distributions using the measured values and a gaussian kernel density estimation process that estimates values between measurement points.
Securonix, Inc.

 Map decoding method using augmented lattices patent thumbnailMap decoding method using augmented lattices
The invention relates to a map decoding method of a signal received through a noisy channel, the signal being composed of symbols in an alphabet having a non-uniform probability distribution, the symbols being represented by points in a lattice (Λ). The probability distribution of symbols is modeled using a gaussian distribution.
Institut Mines-telecom

 Methods and  model-based visual descriptors compression patent thumbnailMethods and model-based visual descriptors compression
A particular implementation determines parameters of a generative probabilistic model from visual descriptors extracted from at least one image. The extracted visual descriptors are quantized and encoded using the model-based arithmetic encoding to be stored or for transmission to a decoder.
Thomson Licensing

 Method and system for signal-based localization patent thumbnailMethod and system for signal-based localization
In an embodiment of the present invention, a graphslam-like algorithm for signal strength slam is presented. This algorithm as an embodiment of the present invention shares many of the benefits of gaussian processes yet is viable for a broader range of environments since it makes no signature uniqueness assumptions.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

 Method and  utility-aware privacy preserving mapping through additive noise patent thumbnailMethod and utility-aware privacy preserving mapping through additive noise
The present embodiments focus on the privacy-utility tradeoff encountered by a user who wishes to release some public data (denoted by x) to an analyst, that is correlated with his private data (denoted by s), in the hope of getting some utility. When noise is added as a privacy preserving mechanism, that is, y=x+n, where y is the actual released data to the analyst and n is noise, we show that adding gaussian noise is optimal under 1_2-norm distortion for continuous data x.
Thomson Licensing

 Kidney glomeruli measurement systems and methods patent thumbnailKidney glomeruli measurement systems and methods
Methods and systems for identifying blobs, for example kidney glomeruli, are disclosed. A raw image may be smoothed via a difference of gaussians filter, and a hessian analysis may be conducted on the smoothed image to mark glomeruli candidates.

 Adaptive channel coding using polarization patent thumbnailAdaptive channel coding using polarization
Methods, systems, and devices are described for wireless communications at a wireless device. A wireless device may adaptively select a parity check matrix to increase the reliability of signal transmission by adapting to different channel statistics and channel types (e.g., erasure channels, channels with additive white gaussian noise, and channels with discrete or continuous alphabets).
Qualcomm Incorporated


Electrical generator with rotational gaussian surface magnet and stationary coil

A treble quantum dot strip array comprising a red, a green and a blue photon transparent stationary colloidal epoxy suspension volume strip segment each including a plurality of red photon emitting quantum dots responsive to an electrical signal applied thereon to provide a photon emission in the red wavelength and a uv attenuating filter, wherein each of said red, blue and green segments are disposed to form a parallel treble array of segments are disposed to provide a photon path from a photon source through said uv attenuating filter. Alternate embodiments provide a quantum dot colour electrically conductive strip to emit a selected colour in response to a corresponding electric said signal applied thereacross, and including a cob (chip on board) led (light emitting diode) array apparatus..


Image processing system for extraction of contextual information and associated methods

An image processing system includes a first processor that acquires frames of image data. For each frame of data, the first processor generates a gaussian pyramid for the frame of data, extract histogram of oriented gradient (hog) descriptors for each level of the gaussian pyramid, compresses the hog descriptors, and sends the compressed hog descriptors.
Universita Degli Studi Di Milano - Bicocca


Remote wind turbulence sensing

Systems and methods for detection of atmospheric conditions using optical orbital angular momentum (oam)-based spectroscopy include applying oam states to a light beam to generate an oam spectrum, transmitting oam light beams into an atmosphere, and determining degradation of the generated oam light beams passing through atmospheric turbulence. A rotation rate of aerosols in the atmosphere is determined by analyzing different frequency shifts in oam states of oam light beams.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Radiation source and lithographic apparatus

A radiation source includes a nozzle configured to direct a stream of fuel droplets along a droplet path towards a plasma formation location, and is configured to receive a gaussian radiation beam having gaussian intensity distribution, having a predetermined wavelength and propagating along a predetermined trajectory, and further configured to focus the radiation beam on a fuel droplet at the plasma formation location. The radiation source includes a phase plate structure including one or more phase plates.
Asml Netherlands B.v.


Shared-path illumination and excitation optics apparatus and systems

A gaussian-distributed excitation light beam of an excitation spectrum emitted from an excitation light source enters a light pipe and is there converted to a top-hat spatially distributed excitation beam. The top-hat distributed excitation beam is focused on a phosphor-coated or reflective portion of a surface of an optical wavelength conversion element.


Method and estimating channel information

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for estimating channel information. A terminal estimates a channel coefficient for each of subcarriers included in each symbol of the received signals, calculates power of the received signal matched to each of the subcarriers, calculates an interference estimation parameter for each of the subcarriers based on the power of the received signal matched to each of the subcarriers and based on power of a channel coefficient for a subcarrier on which the received signal has maximum power among the subcarriers, and calculates a non-gaussian characteristic parameter of an interference signal related to the received signals based on the interference estimation parameters calculated for the subcarriers of all the symbols of the received signals..


Communication path decoding method and communication decoding device

This method and device makes it possible to implement maximum likelihood decoding of a sparse graph code at low computational complexity in the maximum likelihood decoding of the sparse graph code. This is, in the maximum likelihood of decoding of the sparse graph code, a lost data decoding process by a trivial decoding method and a lost data decoding process by a gauss elimination method are performed repeatedly and alternately..


Systems and methods for localization

Systems and methods for a localization system are provided. In one aspect, a rf signature map for a geographical area is determined using a gaussian process (“gp”) model.


Multiscale depth estimation using depth from defocus

To extend the working range of depth from defocus (dfd) particularly on small depth of field (dof) images, dfd is performed on an image pair at multiple spatial resolutions and the depth estimates are then combined. Specific implementations construct a gaussian pyramid for each image of an image pair, perform dfd on the corresponding pair of images at each level of the two image pyramids, convert dfd depth scores to physical depth values using calibration curves generated for each level, and combine the depth values from all levels in a coarse-to-fine manner to obtain a final depth map that covers the entire depth range of the scene..


Optimization of parasitic capacitance extraction using statistical variance reduction technique

A method for performing parasitic capacitance extraction of an integrated circuit (ic) design includes: defining a gaussian surface around an origin net of the ic design; partitioning the gaussian surface into a plurality of regions; performing an initial plurality of random walks from each region using a monte carlo field solver; and dynamically allocating an additional plurality of random walks among the plurality of regions, wherein the allocation is based on statistical errors associated with the initial plurality of random walks for each of the regions. Results from the random walks are averaged to estimate parasitic capacitance of the origin net.


Method and estimating channel in wireless communication system

The present invention relates to a method for estimating a channel in a wireless communication system. In the method, a reference value is generated on the basis of a value indicating a non-gaussian characteristic of an inter-cell interference signal and power values of received pilot symbols, the reference value is compared with each of the power values of the pilot symbols, at least one pilot symbol, which is relatively lightly damaged by the inter-cell interference signal, is selected, and a channel is estimated using the at least one selected pilot symbol..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System level user behavior biometrics using feature extraction and modeling

The interaction of a plurality of users with a computer system is monitored and measurements are made of different features of this interaction such as process creation, registry key changes, and file system actions. These measurements are then analyzed to identify those features that are more discriminatory.
Allure Security Technology Inc.


Subband algorithm with threshold for robust broadband active noise control system

An active noise control (anc) system includes a speaker and one or more processors. The one or more processors implement an adaptive subband filtered reference control algorithm that applies thresholds to reference and error feedback signal paths such that, in response to a series of broadband non-gaussian impulsive reference signals indicative of road noise in the vehicle having an audible frequency range of 20 hz to 20 khz, weight coefficients defining an adaptive filter of the control algorithm converge and permit the anc system to partially cancel the road noise via output of the speaker..
University Of Cincinnati


Systems and methods for gaussian filter standard deviation variation

Systems and methods for gaussian filter standard deviation variation. One embodiment of a method includes receiving a load current and a drain voltage associated with a switching converter that includes a silicon carbide (sic) mosfet transistor, determining a derivative of the drain voltage with respect to time, and calculating a switching loss associated with the switching converter.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.


Enhanced positioning system using hybrid filter background

The disclosure generally relates to an enhanced positioning system and method using a combination or hybrid filter. In one embodiment, time-of-flight (tof) measurements are used to determine an approximate location for a mobile device in relationship to one or more access points.
Intel Corporation


Process for producing hematite for ironmaking

A process is provided for obtaining a hematite-containing material that can be used for ironmaking. The process includes separating a leach residue from a hydrometallurgical refining plant into an overflow and an underflow using a wet cyclone under a condition that the wet cyclone is adjusted to have a setting between 1 μm or less and 2 μm or less as a classification particle size for the overflow.
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.


Fast computation of a laplacian pyramid in a parallel computing environment

A computer-implemented method for calculating a laplacian pyramid in an image processing system comprising a parallel computing platform includes constructing a first layer of a gaussian pyramid based on an original image. A plurality of laplacian pyramid layers are constructed using a plurality of device kernels executing on a graphical processing device included in the parallel computing platform.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.


Apparatus and gaussian filtering

An apparatus for gaussian filtering includes an image buffer for generating mask region data which includes pixel values of pixels located on a mask in an input image, and a gaussian filter core for arranging the mask region data to generate pixel array values referring to an index array corresponding to a size of the mask, and applying gaussian filtering to the pixel array values to generate gaussian filtering values.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Bayesian updating method accounting for non-linearity between primary and secondary data

Examples of computer-implemented method for geostatistical reservoir modeling include: obtaining a prior probability distribution function using primary data; obtaining a likelihood probability distribution function, via a computer processor, using secondary data, wherein the likelihood probability distribution function is obtained using a gaussian mixture model that models non-linear relationship between the primary data and secondary data; combining the prior probability distribution function with the likelihood probability distribution function to generate a posterior probability distribution function; and outputting a reservoir model based on the posterior probability distribution function.. .
Conocophillips Company


Electrocardiography signal extraction method

An electrocardiography signal extraction method includes receiving an electrocardiography signal, detecting a peak of a waveform of the electrocardiography signal, separating the waveform into left and right waves, normalizing the left wave and a plurality of scales of gaussian function, comparing the normalized left wave with a left part of the normalized scales of gaussian function, acquiring a left part error function, indicating a left minimum comparative error, selecting a left scale of gaussian function with the left minimum comparative error, obtaining a left duration of the waveform, normalizing the right wave, comparing the normalized right wave with a right part of the normalized scales of gaussian function, acquiring a right part error function, indicating a right minimum comparative error, selecting a right scale of gaussian function with the right minimum comparative error, obtaining a right duration of the waveform, and obtaining an extracted wave.. .
National Cheng Kung University


Two-stage light modulation for high dynamic range

An imaging apparatus for two-stage light modulation in high-definition digital projection or cinema can include two light modulators. Each light modulator can include a multi-chip imaging system coupled to a total internal reflection prism (tir) system, which has a light input face and an on-state face.
Christie Digital Systems Usa, Inc.


Image processing method and apparatus

Embodiments of the present invention provide an image processing method and apparatus, where the method includes: determining a gaussian mixture model of a first area in a first image, where the first area belongs to a background area of the first image, and the first image is a first frame of image in a video; determining a distance from a first pixel in a second image to the gaussian mixture model; and when the distance from the first pixel to the gaussian mixture model is less than or equal to a first preset threshold, determining that the first pixel belongs to a background area of the second image. In the embodiments of the present invention, an area to which a pixel belongs can be directly determined according to a distance from the pixel to a gaussian mixture model, so that image foreground segmentation can be completed efficiently..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Apparatuses, methods and systems for estimating water diffusivity and microcirculation of blood using dw-mri data

Apparatuses, methods and systems for estimating water diffusivity and microcirculation of blood using dw-mri data (“aew”) are disclosed herein. The apparatuses, methods and systems provide a computational framework for choosing and applying the most appropriate model in different regions of a heterogeneous area on a voxel-by-voxel basis.
Foundation For Research And Technology - Hellas (forth)


Method for converting a measurement of local velocity of a fluid in a channel or a duct into a mean velocity

A method calculates mean speed of a fluid flowing in an open channel or a partially filled duct. Fluid having a free surface of width l1 extending between walls of the channel or duct includes local speed measurements at the surface of the fluid over a zone of width l2, the set of local measurements generating a spectrum of discrete data expressed in a temporal domain.
Flow-tronic S.a.


Local feature representation for image recognition

Techniques are disclosed for image feature representation. The techniques exhibit discriminative power that can be used in any number of classification tasks, and are particularly effective with respect to fine-grained image classification tasks.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Identification of a driver's point of interest for a situated dialog system

A method for identifying a point of interest (poi) of a driver of a vehicle comprises: receiving voice data; receiving head movement data of the driver; determining a location of the vehicle and pois around the location when the voice data is received; identifying potential pois of the driver by analyzing the head movement data and a timing of the voice data using gaussian process regression (gpr); and identifying the poi of the driver using a plurality of: a speed of the vehicle, density of surrounding pois and visual salience.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Predictive recommendation engine

Systems and methods for alerting a user device when an objective is mastered according to a piecewise gaussian distribution updated according to a bayesian method are disclosed herein. The system can include a user device having a network interface to exchange data with a server via a communication network, and an i/o subsystem to convert electrical signals to user interpretable outputs user interface.
Pearson Education, Inc.


Apparatus and detecting a symbol on a two-dimensional storage medium

The invention relates to an apparatus and method for detecting a symbol from a set of readout values from a local neighborhood of a two-dimensional storage medium, comprising: evaluating a joint probability distribution for a given observation and a complete set of data patterns in the local neighborhood; and choosing as detection output a weighted average of the center values of the data patterns, using the values of the associated joint probability distribution as weights; wherein the joint probability distribution is a multi variant gaussian probability distribution which employs vectorial observations, vectorial averages, and covariance matrixes.. .
Thomson Licensing


System and describing image outlines

The present invention relates to the field of image processing and methodologies to construct a descriptor from binary silhouette images. The method comprises the steps of receiving a parametric equation of a closed planar curve, choosing nodes on the closed planar curve with equal intervals, generating a continuous scale space of the nodes on the curve by successively convolving the planar curve with a gaussian filter and down-sampling it after each octave, calculating, orientation vectors and orientation angle values for each sampled point at each interval of each octave, creating a orientation scale space (oss) which is a matrix obtained from stacking each orientation angle value on top of each other, representing the outline with a descriptor including all the orientation vectors and their respective parameters position and scale..


Unsupervised topic modeling for short texts

Topics are determined for short text messages using an unsupervised topic model. In a training corpus created from a number of short text messages, a vocabulary of words is identified, and for each word a distributed vector representation is obtained by processing windows of the corpus having a fixed length.


Micro end mill and manufacturing same

A micro end mill includes a shank made of a first material and a cutting tip made of a second, different material that is bonded to the shank. The first material can be, for example, carbide or high speed steel (hss), and the second material can be, for example, cubic boron nitride (cbn), polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (pcbn), ceramic or polycrystalline diamond (pcd).


Method and system for simultaneous decomposition of multiple hyperspectral datasets and signal recovery of unknown fluorophores in a biochemical system

A system and method are for analyzing fluorescence of fluorophors in an eye using a non-negative matrix factorization (nmf) method. The nmf method may be initialized with gaussian mixture model fits and may optionally be constrained to provide identical abundance images for data obtained in response to two or more excitation wavelengths..


Flexible gaussian minimum shift keying in a cellular internet of things system

Methods, systems, and devices are described for wireless communication at a ue. A user equipment (ue) may utilize orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) for demodulating downlink messages and a combination of gaussian minimum shift keying (gmsk) and single carrier frequency division multiple access (sc-fdma) for uplink modulation.


Systems and methods for setting initial display settings

A method for applying a filter to data to improve data quality and/or reduce file size. In one example, a region of interest of an image is identified.


Efficient and scalable systems for calculating neural network connectivity in an event-driven way

Systems and methods achieving scalable and efficient connectivity in neural algorithms by re-calculating network connectivity in an event-driven way are disclosed. The disclosed solution eliminates the storing of a massive amount of data relating to connectivity used in traditional methods.
Thalchemy Corporation


Method and estimating absolute motion values in image sequences

Absolute motion values between two frames of a sequence of successive image frames are estimated based on a determination of a plurality of pyramid levels of gaussian pyramid representations of the two frames. The gaussian pyramid representations of the two frames are pyramid level-wise compared to generate arrays of pixel-by-pixel distance measures between corresponding pyramid levels.
Thomson Licensing


Development device

A development device including a plurality of development sleeves and conducting development sleeve end portion seal using magnet members, a second magnetic pole and a third magnetic pole of a magnet incorporated in a second developer bearing member form repulsive poles. A position on the magnet member facing a rotation direction downstream end of the second developer bearing member is configured to be included in a zero gauss zone.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Developing unit

A multipolar magnet is arranged inside a developer bearing member. A partitioning wall is arranged such that an apex position thereof is located between the developer bearing member and a first conveying member, and is extended up to a position which is located below an upper end position of a zero-gauss zone.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Dna and fingerprint authentication of mobile devices

User generated and processed deoxyribose nucleic acid (dna) or fingerprint signal is used for authentication of a mobile device. A touch screen generated processed control signal is used for control of mobile device operated in a cellular system and a wi-fi network.


Fast face beautifying digital images

The present invention provides a fast face beautifying method for digital images. Gaussian blur is performed to an original image to extract a green channel value which is then subject to linear light blending and hard light blending, and a blended green channel value is recalculated.
Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd.


Data driven evaluation and rejection of trained gaussian process-based wireless mean and standard deviation models

Disclosed are apparatus and methods for providing outputs; e.g., location estimates, based on trained gaussian processes. A computing device can determine trained gaussian processes related to wireless network signal strengths, where a particular trained gaussian process is associated with one or more hyperparameters.
Google Inc.


Channel encoding based on temporal spreading of input block

Aspects of the present disclosure aim at providing a channel encoder configured to implement a temporally spreading coding scheme, wherein each bit of duration ‘t’ from a block of k bits is spread in time domain to ‘k times t’ i.e., k*t duration by means of one or more orthogonal codes. In an aspect, orthogonal codes of the present disclosure can be constituted from a sequence of discrete or digital values such that spreading (using convolution operation) and dispreading or concentrating or reconstruction (using de-convolution operation) of transmitted bit is unique and deterministic.
Tejas Networks Ltd.


Three-dimensional scene model generating method

Three-dimensional scene model generating method, comprising: analyzing and extracting object structure groups of a scene and the semantic relationship of objects from a scene model library; counting and fitting the relative position of the objects in each object structure group, and calculating a gaussian distribution function; : retrieving each object in the sketch in the model library; : determining a model corresponding to the sketch; calculating the initial position of the corresponding object according to the sketch; finding out a local optimal position according to the initial position calculated and the gaussian distribution function in combination with a gradient descent method, and placing each model according to the position to obtain a final scene model.. .
Tsinghua University


Evidence based medical record

Various embodiments provide systems, computer program products and computer implemented methods. In some embodiments, a system includes a method of providing a confidence-estimation-based inference, the method includes receiving a query concerning a patient from a user, accessing an electronic health record (ehr) for the patient, the ehr including a first component regarding the patient, querying the user, using a conversational interface, for a second component regarding the patient, receiving the second component regarding the patient in response to the query, calculating a first probability density function using the first component, and a second probability density function using the second component, combining the first and second probability density functions using a gaussian mixture model, calculating at least one conditional probability table using the gaussian mixture model and providing the confidence-estimation-based inference based on the at least one conditional probability table..
International Business Machines Corporation


Gaussian process-based approach for identifying correlation between wireless signals

Disclosed are apparatus and methods for providing outputs; e.g., location estimates, based on trained gaussian processes modeling signals of wireless signal emitters. A computing device can determine first and second trained gaussian processes.
Google Inc.


Calculating mean wireless signal strengths using a gaussian process approach incorporating predictive standard deviations

Disclosed are apparatus and methods for providing outputs; e.g., location estimates, based on measurement bins (mbs) determined by a computing device. An mb can be associated with a wireless signal emitter (wse), and can include a mean signal strength value (ssv) and a standard deviation of ssvs for each wse associated with the mb.
Google Inc.


Spread spectrum gmsk signals

A method for generating a spread spectrum gaussian minimum shift keying (gmsk) signal includes obtaining a sequence of data symbols for a data channel, obtaining at least one first spread spectrum code comprising a first sequence of spread spectrum chips for the data channel, obtaining at least one second spread spectrum code comprising a second sequence of spread spectrum chips for a pilot channel, and generating a sequence of pre-modulation chips by combining the sequence of data symbols for the data channel with the spread spectrum chips of the first sequence of the at least one first spread spectrum code and data symbols for the pilot channel with the spread spectrum chips of the second sequence of the at least one second spread spectrum code to a combined sequence of chips. The method further includes assigning the chips of the combined sequence of chips to the transmission channels in-phase i and quadrature q of the spread spectrum gmsk signal so that not more than two consecutive pre-modulation chips generated with the same spread spectrum code are transmitted in the same transmission channel i or q, and performing gmsk modulation using the sequence of pre-modulation chips to generate a spread spectrum gmsk signal..
Airbus Ds Gmbh


Mode-controlled laser system

A mode-controlled laser system includes an active region to generate optical energy in response to an electric signal. The system also includes a mirror to resonate the optical energy in an optical cavity.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, Lp


Method of producing silicon single crystal

A method of producing a phosphorus-doped silicon single crystal, including pulling the phosphorus-doped silicon single crystal from a silicon melt doped with phosphorus by magnetic field applied czochralski (mcz) method, wherein the phosphorus is doped such that a phosphorus concentration of the phosphorus-doped silicon single crystal is 2×1016 atoms/cm3 or more, and a horizontal magnetic field is applied to the silicon melt with a central magnetic field strength of 2,000 gauss or more such that the phosphorus-doped silicon single crystal to be produced has an oxygen concentration of 1.6×1018 atoms/cm3 (astm'79) or more. A method of producing a silicon single crystal that is heavily doped with phosphorus and has an oxygen concentration of 1.6×1018 atoms/cm3 (astm'79) or more..
Shine-tsu Handotai Co., Ltd.


Transformation of 3-d object for object segmentation in 3-d medical image

A method and apparatus for segmenting an object from a three-dimensional image are disclosed. According to the method, first, a surface of the object is estimated using scale estimation processes such as laplacian-of-gaussian filters in one, two or three dimensions.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Virtual spatial overlap modulation microscopy for resolution improvement

A method and non-transitory computer readable medium for processing an oversampled image is disclosed. Filters are applied to an oversampled image to obtain a filtered image.
National Taiwan University


Method of making eu2+ activated inorganic red phosphor

A method of manufacturing an eu2+ activated inorganic red phosphor is provided, wherein the phosphor exhibits an emission spectrum resolvable into a first gaussian emission curve and a second gaussian emission curve; wherein the first gaussian emission curve has a first gaussian emission curve peak, p1; wherein the first gaussian emission curve peak, p1, has a peak 1 height, hp1, a peak 1 peak wavelength, pλp1, and a peak 1 area, ap1; wherein the second gaussian emission curve has a second gaussian emission curve peak, p2; wherein the second gaussian emission curve peak, p2, has a peak 2 height, hp2, a peak 2 peak wavelength, pλp2, a peak 2 full width at half max, fwhmp2, and a peak 2 area, ap2; wherein pλp1<pλp2; and, wherein the peak 2 full width at half max, fwhmp2, is minimized.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Systems and methods for particle pulse modulation

Methods and apparatus for modulating a particle pulse include a succession of hermite-gaussian optical modes that effectively construct a three-dimensional optical trap in the particle pulse's rest frame. Optical incidence angles between the propagation of the particle pulse and the optical pulse are tuned for improved compression.


High power impulse magnetron sputtering process to achieve a high density high sp3 containing layer

Methods for depositing a nanocrystalline diamond layer are disclosed herein. The method can include delivering a sputter gas to a substrate positioned in a processing region of a first process chamber, the first process chamber having a carbon-containing sputter target, delivering an energy pulse to the sputter gas to create a sputtering plasma, the sputtering plasma having a sputtering duration, the energy pulse having an average power between 1 w/cm2 and 10 w/cm2 and a pulse width which is less than 100 μs and greater than 30 μs, the sputtering plasma being controlled by a magnetic field, the magnetic field being less than 300.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Phase-inverted sidelobe-annihilated optical coherence tomography

An optical coherent tomographic imaging system includes means for introducing a 180-degree phase inversion in the interference fringes, and generating a two-peak shape point spread function (psf) in the frequency domain for the interference-based tomographic imaging system. The system further includes means for achieving sharper resolution than the diffraction-limited spectral bandwidth in the tomographic imaging system through subtracting the two-peak shape from the original gaussian psf.
The University Of Hong Kong


Reflective and refractive surfaces configured to project desired caustic pattern

Techniques are described for designing and manufacturing a surface that produces a desired image when illuminated by a light source. As described, the desired image may be decomposed into a collection of gaussian kernels (referred to as gaussians).
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Methods and systems for providing mapping, data management, and analysis

A method for providing mapping, data management and analysis. Creation of a map is initiated with a desired gaussian aggregation and desired color map parameters.


Efficient generation of complementary acoustic models for performing automatic speech recognition system combination

Systems and processes for generating complementary acoustic models for performing automatic speech recognition system combination are provided. In one example process, a deep neural network can be trained using a set of training data.
Apple Inc.


Method and device for detecting interest points in image

The present invention provides a method and a device for detecting interest points in an image. The method includes: acquiring an original input image; performing down-sampling processing on the original input image, so as to obtain a plurality of sampling images with different resolutions; dividing each sampling image into a plurality of small image blocks; performing filtering processing on the plurality of small image blocks in each sampling image in sequence by using laplacian-of-gaussian filters, so as to obtain filtered images of the plurality of small image blocks in each sampling image; and acquiring interest points in an image in filtered images of the plurality of small image blocks in each sampling image.
Peking University


System and forecasting a time series data

Systems and methods for forecasting a time series data are disclosed. The methods include receiving a historical time-series data including a series data and a non-stationary series data.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


High-efficiency line-forming optical systems and methods

A line-forming optical system and method are disclosed that form a line image with high-efficiency. A method includes forming a laser beam having a first intensity profile with a gaussian distribution in at least a first direction and passing at least 50% of the laser beam in the first direction to form a first transmitted light.
Ultratech, Inc.


System and multichannel on-line unsupervised bayesian spectral filtering of real-world acoustic noise

A system for processing audio data comprising a linear demixing system configured to receive a plurality of sub-band audio channels and to generate an audio output and a noise output. A spatial likelihood system coupled to the linear demixing system, the spatial likelihood system configured to receive the audio output and the noise output and to generate a spatial likelihood function.
Conexant Systems, Inc.


Adaptive optics based simultaneous turbulence compensation of multiple orbital angular momentum beams

An adaptive optics compensation approach for an oam multiplexed fso communication system is described, in which a gaussian beam is used to probe the turbulence-induced wavefront distortions and derive the correction pattern for compensating the oam beams. Using this approach, we demonstrate simultaneous compensation of multiple oam beams each carrying a 100-gbit/s data channel through emulated atmospheric turbulence.
University Of Southern California


Magnetically coupling manikin joints

A manikin (mannequin) with limbs that magnetically attach to the torso by an assembly of an attach base mounted on the torso and a lead-in base on the limb. Magnets of one pole are accommodated within the attach base, and of the opposite pole within the lead-in base.
Hangerlogic Far East Limited


Short-gate tunneling field effect transistor having non-uniformly doped vertical channel and fabrication method thereof

The present invention discloses a short-gate tunneling field effect transistor having a non-uniformly doped vertical channel and a fabrication method thereof. The short-gate tunneling field effect transistor has a vertical channel and the channel region is doped in such a slowly-varied and non-uniform manner that a doping concentration in the channel region appears a gaussian distribution along a vertical direction and the doping concentration in the channel near the drain region is higher while the doping concentration in the channel near the source region is lower; and double control gates are formed at both sides of the vertical channel and the control gates form an l-shaped short-gate structure, so that a gate underlapped region is formed in the channel near the drain region, and a gate overlapped region is formed at the source region.
Peking University


Generation of correlated finite alphabet waveforms using gaussian random variables

Various examples of methods and systems are provided for generation of correlated finite alphabet waveforms using gaussian random variables in, e.g., radar and communication applications. In one example, a method includes mapping an input signal comprising gaussian random variables (rvs) onto finite-alphabet non-constant-envelope (fance) symbols using a predetermined mapping function, and transmitting fance waveforms through a uniform linear array of antenna elements to obtain a corresponding beampattern.
King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology


Storage medium, information processing apparatus and calculation method

An information processing apparatus obtains an incident radiance at a shading point by obtaining a light emission radiance of a target light source expressed by a spherical gaussian (sg expressed), approximating by a spherical gaussian (sg approximating) a function indicating a spread of the target light source from a perspective of the shading point, and obtaining the product of these. Also, the apparatus sg approximates a bidirectional reflection distribution function (brdf) at a shading point, and calculates the radiance at the shading point based on information indicating the viewpoint for which the shading point is to be rendered, an incident radiance at the shading point, and the sg approximated brdf at the shading point..
Square Enix Co., Ltd.


Method and system for analysis, display and dissemination of financial information using resampled statistical methods

The present invention provides a method and system for the statistical analysis, display and dissemination of financial data over an information network such as the internet and www. The present invention utilizes resampled statistical methods for the analysis of financial data.
Investpic, Llc


Tunable nonlinear beam shaping by a non-collinear interaction

A method and system for beam shaping employing a non-collinear quasi phase-matched interaction in a crystal whose nonlinear coefficient was encoded by a computer generated hologram is provided herein. The same axis is used for both satisfying the phase-matching requirements and encoding the holographic information.
Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.


Method and quantitative measurement of surface accuracy of an area

A method for quantitative measurement of surface accuracy of an area is provided. This comprises directing a monochromatic flat light wave towards a predefined surface area, recording an image of the reflected light with a camera and lens system focused on said surface area, and deducing surface accuracy parameters from the recorded image.
Qso Interferometer Systems Ab


Systems and techniques for orbital angular momentum based reconfigurable switching

In at least one aspect, a device for orbital angular momentum (oam) based optical communication includes a first spatial light modulator configured to down-convert a first plurality of higher-order oam modes from a communication signal to a second plurality of higher-order oam modes and a first gaussian mode, a second spatial light modulator configured to drop the first gaussian mode and add a second gaussian mode to the second plurality of higher-order oam modes, and a third spatial light modulator configured to up-convert the second plurality of higher-order oam modes and the second gaussian mode to a third plurality of higher-order oam modes for further communications.. .
University Of Southern California


Calculation of trapping parameters

This disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for implementing a trapping operation on a digital image during image processing and prorating the size of trap color filter with respect to local irregularity in shape of any target object. Some examples of the present disclosure calculate a plurality of prorated trapping parameters to be applied to portions of an object in a printing process, the calculation being based on repeated generation and application of a 2d gaussian mask to a binarized object to identify disappeared portions of the object.
Xerox Corporation


Data fusion analysis for maritime automatic target recognition

A system and method for performing automatic target recognition by combining the outputs of several classifiers. In one embodiment, feature vectors are extracted from radar images and fed to three classifiers.
Raytheon Company


Fast solving for loop closure

The subject disclosure is generally directed towards a relatively fast and accurate technology that corrects mobile device (e.g., mobile robot) mapping data into corrected map data based upon detection of loop closure. A variation of stochastic gradient descent (with constraints in a deterministic order) may be used in a first correction phase to provide an updated graph in a relatively fast manner by operating in a relative state space.
Microsoft Corporation


Noise generator, integrated circuit including the same, and operation method thereof

A noise generator includes a selection unit suitable for outputting first elements corresponding to first seeds based on a first function, and outputting second elements corresponding to second seeds based on a second function, a first permuter suitable for generating first pair elements based on a first correspondence relationship in which the respective first elements and the respective second elements correspond to each other, and a first calculation unit suitable for generating a first noise based on the first pair elements, wherein a product of the first function and the second function is a gaussian random variable.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Targets and processes for fabricating same

In one embodiment, the present disclosure provides a target or mold having one or more support arms coupled to a substrate. The support arm can be used in handling or positioning a target.
Board Of Regents Of The Nevada System Of Higher Education, On Behalf Of The University Of Nevada


High-permeability amorphous compressed powder core by means of high-temperature molding, and preparing same

In the present invention, according to a method for preparing a high-permeability amorphous compressed powder core having a small variable range of effective permeability even at a high frequency band by means of high-temperature molding, it is possible to prepare an amorphous compressed powder core having a small variable range of effective permeability even at a high frequency band, an effective permeability of 75 or more, and a significantly small core loss of 300 mw/cc or less under conditions in which the frequency is 50 khz and the induced magnetic flux is 1,000 gauss, by coating twice, i.e. With phosphoric acid coating and polyimide-based coating as insulators between powders, and then automatic compression molding at a temperature of about 200 to 550′c by using molybdenum disulfide (mos2) or graphite powder which can be lubricated at a high temperature..


Method and adjusting image brightness

Provided are a method and an apparatus for adjusting image brightness. The method includes: acquiring an image to be processed, and acquiring a single-channel brightness image based on grayscales of each channel of the image to be processed; performing gaussian filtering on the single-channel brightness image to acquire a gaussian filtered image; adjusting grayscales of the gaussian filtered image based on the grayscales of the gaussian filtered image and a preset proportion; comparing the gaussian filtered image after adjustment with the gaussian filtered image before adjustment to acquire a grayscale change rate of each pixel through adjustment; processing the image to be processed based on the grayscale change rate of each pixel to acquire a processed image; and outputting the processed image..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Real time processing of video frames

A method and system for real time processing of a sequence of video frames. A current frame in the sequence and at least one frame in the sequence occurring prior to the current frame is analyzed.
International Business Machines Corporation


System and providing gradient intensity illumination for lighted mirrors for dressing rooms and other applications

An illumination system comprising a light source with a linear array of light emitting elements and an arrangement for regulating power to the array whereby the light emitting elements emit light in accordance with a tapered gradient intensity profile. In the illustrative embodiment, the light source includes first and second linear arrays of light emitting elements and a mirror is mounted there between.


Attitude determination using infrared earth horizon sensors

Described herein are systems and methods for attitude determination using infrared earth horizon sensors (ehss) with gaussian response characteristics. Attitude information is acquired by detecting earth's infrared electromagnetic radiation and, subsequently, determining the region obscured by earth in the sensors' fields of view to compute a nadir vector estimation in the spacecraft's body frame.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


System for continuous modeling and dissemination of threat zones associated with hazardous release materials

A computer cloud implemented method and system for manually or electronically inputting real time geophysical location data, physical properties of the substance, associated release parameters of the physical substance into the open earth atmosphere, and weather data (historical, current or future forecasted data) on the assumption the release of the substance occurred at the same instantaneous time the weather data was entered and repeatedly calculating the results with new updated data for any of the above data parameters using algorithmic modeling of toxic substance releases to compute a model of the predicted toxic threat zone (gaussian model) or a model of the predicted toxic plume pathway and associated exposure levels (cfd) and rendering the results electronically for visual display in, on or over any multi-coordinate display system in any medium and distributed or distributable to users electronically or manually when input parameters are updated, and displaying other related information associated with toxic substance release, are provided.. .

Gauss topics: Speech Recognition, Communications, Computing Device, Heterogeneous, Continuous Improvement, Electron Spin, Lithium Ion, Storage Device, Hard Disk Drive, Disk Drive, Exponential, Dictionary, Crystallite Size, Microscopy, Scattering

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