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Trench silicide and gate open with local interconnect with replacement gate process

Date/App# patent app List of recent Gates-related patents
 Match server for a financial exchange having fault tolerant operation patent thumbnailnew patent Match server for a financial exchange having fault tolerant operation
Fault tolerant operation is disclosed for a primary match server of a financial exchange using an active copy-cat instance, a.k.a. Backup match server, that mirrors operations in the primary match server, but only after those operations have successfully completed in the primary match server.
 Systems and methods for personalizing aggregated news content patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for personalizing aggregated news content
A system customizes a news document associated with a user of a news aggregation service. The system includes multiple news source servers that store news content and a remote news aggregation server.
 Hand held integrated pedicle screw placement device patent thumbnailnew patent Hand held integrated pedicle screw placement device
A device for applying a medical element has a housing defining a longitudinal axis with a channel disposed therethrough. The housing has a proximal and a distal opening.
 Bisaminoethanethiol-targeting ligand conjugates and compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Bisaminoethanethiol-targeting ligand conjugates and compositions
The invention provides, in a general sense, a new labeling strategy employing 99mtc chelated with ethylenedicysteine (ec). Ec is conjugated with a variety of ligands and chelated to 99mtc for use as an imaging agent for tissue-specific diseases.
 Pegylated lipids and their use for drug delivery patent thumbnailnew patent Pegylated lipids and their use for drug delivery
The invention provides poly(ethylene glycol)-lipid conjugates for use in drug delivery.. .
 Oligomer-opioid agonist conjugates patent thumbnailnew patent Oligomer-opioid agonist conjugates
The invention provides compounds that are chemically modified by covalent attachment of a water-soluble oligomer. A compound of the invention, when administered by any of a number of administration routes, exhibits characteristics that are different from those of the compound not attached to the water-soluble oligomer..
 Cement hydrate products for sprayed concrete patent thumbnailnew patent Cement hydrate products for sprayed concrete
Process for the preparation of a sprayable inorganic binder composition containing as main components water, aggregates, inorganic binder, set accelerator, characterized in, that a cement hydrate products containing component is added before and/or at the spray nozzle.. .
 Bio-orthogonal drug activation patent thumbnailnew patent Bio-orthogonal drug activation
The invention relates to a prodrug activation method, for therapeutics, wherein use is made of abiotic reactive chemical groups that exhibit bio-orthogonal reactivity towards each other. The invention also relates to a prodrug kit comprising at least one prodrug and at least one activator, wherein the prodrug comprises a drug and a first bio-orthogonal reactive group (the trigger), and wherein the activator comprises a second bio-orthogonal reactive group.
 Interferon alpha antibodies and their uses patent thumbnailnew patent Interferon alpha antibodies and their uses
The present invention provides isolated anti-interferon alpha monoclonal antibodies, particularly human monoclonal antibodies, that inhibit the biological activity of multiple interferon (ifn) alpha subtypes but do not substantially inhibit the biological activity of ifn alpha 21 or the biological activity of either ifn beta or ifn omega. Immunoconjugates, bispecific molecules and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the antibodies of the invention are also provided.
 Apparatus and method for determining temperature patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and method for determining temperature
An apparatus and method for determining temperature is disclosed. An ultrasonic signal is generated that propagates through a buffer and a portion of the signal is reflected at an interface.
new patent Identification of data flows based on actions of quality of service policies
In one embodiment, a method comprises determining a quality of service (qos) policier action for data packets belonging to a first flow of data packets received at an ingress interface of a network switching device, the qos policier action based on one of multiple prescribed qos classifications by a qos policier that aggregates distinct flows of data packets into a single aggregated flow according to prescribed qos thresholds; and assigning to the first flow of data packets a unique identifier that associates the qos policier action to identification of the first flow of data packets, enabling identification of the distinct flows of data packets within each of the prescribed qos classifications.. .
new patent Light guiding system, edge-type backlihgt module, and liquiddisplay device
A light guiding system, an edge-type backlight module and a liquid crystal display are disclosed. The light guiding system includes an ambient light collection system facing toward ambient light for absorbing the ambient light, a plurality of light guiding devices, and a fluorescent film arranged between the light emitting ends and the light incident surface.
new patent Walk-through security gate, in particular for use at airports
The invention relates to a walk-through security gate (1), in particular for the use at airports for demarcation between a secured zone and an unsecured zone, wherein the gate can be opened in accordance with the checking of access data such as a flight ticket and a blocking element (6) that blocks the gate is pivoted from a blocked position into a walk-through position in the context. Corresponding fully automatic solutions are part of the prior art in the context.
new patent Capacitor charging circuit with low sub-threshold transistor leakage current
A capacitor charging circuit has input, output and control nodes, first and second series connected primary fets, and first and second leakage current reduction fets. All of the fets have their gates coupled to the control node.
new patent Trench silicide and gate open with local interconnect with replacement gate process
A semiconductor device fabrication process includes forming insulating mandrels over replacement metal gates on a semiconductor substrate with first gates having sources and drains and at least one second gate being isolated from the first gates. Mandrel spacers are formed around each insulating mandrel.
new patent Bidirectional semiconductor device for protection against electrostatic discharges
An integrated circuit is produced on a bulk semiconductor substrate in a given cmos technology and includes a semiconductor device for protection against electrostatic discharges. The semiconductor device has a doublet of floating-gate thyristors coupled in parallel and head-to-tail.
new patent Method for measuring amount of particulate matter accumulated in an exhaust gas purification filter
A measurement method capable of accurately evaluating the trapped amount of particulate matter (pm) accumulated in a diesel particulate filter (dpf) is provided. The method for measuring the amount of accumulated particulate matter comprises propagating ultrasonic waves generated by a transmitter 3 provided directly to the dpf or outside a container and insulation material 6 having a property that propagates ultrasonic waves, measuring the amount of pm accumulated in the dpf 2 using a receiver 4, the dpf being composed of porous ceramic and disposed at an intermediate point in the exhaust pipe 1 of a diesel engine, and determining the amount of accumulated pm on the basis of the results..
new patent Process for upgrading low rank carbonaceous material
A process for upgrading brown coal having a first water content including subjecting the brown coal to a conditioning step which includes heating the brown coal to a first temperature to produce a conditioned brown coal having a second water content which is lower than the first water content; attritioning the conditioned brown coal to enable water to be released from the microstructure of the brown coal and thereby producing an admixture of the brown coal and released water; forming aggregates of the admixture; drying the aggregates to produce upgraded brown coal having a third water content which is lower than the second water content.. .
new patent Applications of glass microparticles and nanoparticles manufactured from recycled glasses
Glass microparticles and/or glass nanoparticles have been developed for use as: reflective paints; abrasive papers/wheels; flame retardant paints; thermal insulation for aggregates, self-cleaning building materials, absorbent of oils, diesel, gasoline, brake fluids, transmission fluids, ethanol, methanol, and acetone; cosmetics (lipstick, foundation, etc.), medicated dental implant, and targeted drug delivery systems.. .
Customer experience monitor
A network monitoring system is provided that includes a plurality of tiers being arranged in a network having a plurality of hardware and software resources for executing a selective number of applications. The tiers include disparate technology stack formats.
System and method for compliance risk mitigation
An approach for handling a complain issue due to absence is provided. The approach includes a computer system identifying a compliance issue.
Antibody drug conjugates (adc) that bind to 161p2f10b proteins
Antibody drug conjugates (adc's) that bind to 161p2f10b protein are described herein. 161p2f10b exhibits tissue specific expression in normal adult tissue, and is aberrantly expressed in the cancers listed in table i.
Seamless transition of data services in a single-sim multi-active cellular device
Systems, apparatuses and methods are described for seamless transition of data services in a single-sim multi-active (ssma) cellular device operating in a mixed technology cellular network. An ssma device provides multiple virtual terminals capable of simultaneously maintaining multiple active services on different technology networks.
Reducing gate height variance during semiconductor device formation
In general, aspects of the present invention relate to approaches for forming a semiconductor device such as a fet with reduced gate stack height variance. Specifically, when a gate stack height variance is detected/identified between a set of gate stacks, a hard mask layer and sets of spacers are removed from the uneven gate stacks leaving behind (among other things) a set of dummy gates.
Pyrenyloxysulfonic acid fluorescent agents
The invention provides a novel class of reactive fluorescent agents that are based on a pyrene sulfonic acid nucleus. The agents are readily incorporated into conjugates with other species by reacting the reactive group with a group of complementary reactivity on the other species of the conjugate.
Glucose-peg conjugates for reducing glucose transport into a cell
There is provided a glucose-peg conjugate comprising a peg moiety conjugated to a linear glucose moiety at the c1 position of the glucose moiety. The glucose-peg conjugate may be used to reduce glucose transport into a cell and may be used to treat a proliferative disorder..
Fuel cell systems and related methods
A fuel cell system having a fuel cell generator and a fuel cartridge that is removably attachable to the fuel cell generator is disclosed. The fuel cartridge includes a housing having a port, a normally closed valve disposed in the housing that gates fuel emerging from the port, the valve having a poppet that modulates opening of the valve, the poppet having a control surface.
Polyelectrolyte multilayers having salt-controlled internal structures
A method, and an article made therefrom, of: contacting a substrate with a first solution of first polyelectrolyte chains to form a layer of the first polyelectrolyte on the substrate; and contacting the layer of the first polyelectrolyte with a second solution of second polyelectrolyte chains to form a layer of the second polyelectrolyte. The first polyelectrolyte has a polyanion or polycation chain.
Polymer-agent conjugates, particles, compositions, and related methods of use
Described herein are polymer-agent conjugates and particles, which can be used, for example, in the treatment of cancer. Also described herein are mixtures, compositions and dosage forms containing the particles, methods of using the particles (e.g., to treat a disorder), kits including the polymer-agent conjugates and particles, methods of making the polymer-agent conjugates and particles, methods of storing the particles and methods of analyzing the particles..
Immunomodulatory agent-polymeric compounds
This invention relates to compositions, and related compounds and methods, of conjugates of immunomodulatory agents and polymers or unit(s) thereof. The conjugates may be contained within synthetic nanocarriers, and the immunomodulatory agents may be released from the synthetic nanocarriers in a ph sensitive manner..
Enediyne compounds, conjugates thereof, and uses and methods therefor
Enediyne compounds having a structure according to formula (i), where r0, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, and r7 are defined herein, can be used in chemotherapeutic drugs, especially in conjugates, for the treatment of diseases such as cancer.. .
Hydrophilic self-immolative linkers and conjugates thereof
The present disclosure provides compounds with a hydrophilic self-immolative linker, which is cleavable under appropriate conditions and incorporates a hydrophilic group to provide better solubility of the compound. The compounds of the present disclosure comprise a drug moiety, a targeting moiety capable of targeting a selected cell population, and a linker which contains an acyl unit, an optional spacer unit for providing distance between the drug moiety and the targeting moiety, a peptide linker which can be cleavable under appropriate conditions, a hydrophilic self-immolative linker, and an optional second self-immolative spacer or cyclization self-elimination linker..
Extracellular targeted drug conjugates
Extracellular-targeted drug conjugates (edc) in which a targeting moiety targeting a protein associated with the na,k-atpase is linked to a drug that interacts with the na,k-atpase through a linker a stable linker are useful in the treatment of disease and as tools for the evaluation of biological systems.. .
Oligosaccharides and oligosaccharide-protein conjugates derived from clostridium difficle polysaccaride ps-i, methods of synthesis and uses thereof, in particular as vaccines and diagnostic tools
The invention relates to a synthetic oligosaccharide representing part of the repeating unit of the clostridium difficile glycopolymer ps-i and having the sequence of the pentasaccharide a-l-rhap-(1→3)-β-d-glcp-(1→4)-[a-l-rhap-(1→3]-a-d-glcp-(1→2)-a-d-glcp or a synthetic fragment or derivative thereof. Preferably, the claimed synthetic oligosaccharide bears at least one linker l for conjugation to a carrier protein or for immobilization on a surface.
Antibodies binding to phosphorylcholine (pc) and/or pc conjugates
The present disclosure relates to an antibody or antibody fragment capable of binding to phosphorylcholine and/or a phosphorylcholine conjugate, wherein the antibody or antibody fragment comprises a variable heavy chain (vh) domain and/or a variable light chain (vl) domain, and wherein (a) the vh domain comprises complementarity determining regions (cdrs) selected from the group consisting of: a cdr1 sequence having identity to the sequence of seq id no: 7; a cdr2 sequence having identity to the sequence of seq id no: 8; and a cdr3 sequence having identity to the sequence of seq id no: 9 or 10; and/or (b) the vl domain comprises cdrs selected from the group consisting of: a cdr4 sequence having identity to the sequence of seq id no: 11; a cdr5 sequence having identity to the sequence of seq id no: 12; a cdr6 sequence having identity to the sequence of seq id no: 13.. .
Drug fusions and conjugates
The present invention relates to drug fusions that have improved serum half lives. These fusions and conjugates comprise polypeptides, immunoglobulin (antibody) single variable domains and glp and/or exendin molecules.
Polymalic acid-based nanobiopolymer compositions
Nanobiopolymeric conjugates based on biodegradable, non-toxic and non-immunogenic poly (β-l-malic acid) pmla covalently linked to molecular modules that include morpholino antisense oligonucleotides (aona), an sirna or an antibody specific for an oncogenic protein in a cancer cell, and an antibody specific for a transferrin receptor protein, are provided. Methods for treating a cancer in subject with nanobiopolymeric conjugates are described..
Targeted delivery and prodrug designs for platinum-acridine anti-cancer compounds and methods thereof
Acridine containing cisplatin compounds have been disclosed that show greater efficacy against cancer than other cisplatin compounds. Methods of delivery of those more effective cisplatin compounds to the nucleus in cancer cells is disclosed using one or more amino acids, one or more sugars, one or more polymeric ethers, c1-6alkylene-phenyl-nh—c(o)—r15, folic acid, αvβ3 integrin rgd binding peptide, tamoxifen, endoxifen, epidermal growth factor receptor, antibody conjugates, kinase inhibitors, diazoles, triazoles, oxazoles, erlotinib, and/or mixtures thereof; wherein r15 is a peptide..
Method to estimate interfractional and intrafractional organ motion for adaptive external beam radiotherapy
A therapy system (10) includes one or more processors (98, 100). The processors (98, 100) are programmed to receive one or more of: (1) dosimetric data from dosimeters (26, 28, 202, 204, 206, 208, 210, 212) implanted within a patient and/or positioned on a vest (200); and (2) motion data from surrogates (18, 20, 22, 24) implanted within the patient.
Universal asymmetry compensation for packet timing protocols
The notion of a “ptp aware” path is one current proposed approach to reduce asymmetry effects. In a fully ptp aware path there is the notion of on-path support mechanisms such as boundary clocks and transparent clocks at every switching or routing node.
Dynamic adaptive aggregation schemes for enhancing performance of communication systems
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for communication are provided. The apparatus aggregates data sets as a function of an estimated characteristic of a next data set to arrive, and adaptively adjust the estimated characteristic based on a statistical measure of the estimated characteristic derived from a plurality of previously arrived data sets.
Nonvolatile memory with split substrate select gates and heirarchical bitline configuration
Generally, the present disclosure provides a non-volatile memory device having a hierarchical bitline structure for preventing erase voltages applied to one group of memory cells of the memory array from leaking to other groups in which erasure is not required. Local bitlines are coupled to the memory cells of each group of memory cells.
Reduced diffusion in metal electrode for two-terminal memory
Providing for two-terminal memory that mitigates diffusion of external material therein is described herein. In some embodiments, a two-terminal memory cell can comprise an electrode layer.
Optical element and optical mechanism
An optical element includes a waveguide, a polarizing beam splitter film, and a deflector. The waveguide propagates light incident at a predetermined angle while reflecting the light between first and second planes.
Morphable identity, networkable photonic quantum logic gate system & method
Systems and methods of performing logical operations with photonic quantum logic gates. The logic gates utilize photon states, usually orthogonal linearly polarized states, to selectively enact self-interference operations whose outputs can be altered by inducing phase shifts in one or more portions of the section of the logic gate where the photon states undergo self-interference.
Headset computer with head tracking input used for inertial control
A head-tracker is built into a headset computer as a user input device. A user interface navigation tool utilizes the head tracking but with inertial control.
Bicmos gate driver for class-s radio frequency power amplifier
The invention may be embodied in a resynchronizing, push-pull drive circuit for driving the gate electrodes of a digital class-s radio frequency power amplifier (rf-pa). A binary bitstream received from a bitstream generator, such as a sigma-delta modulator, viterbi-based optimal-bit-pattern modulator sigma-delta, or other suitable modulator, is resynchronized to a low-jitter master clock, then converted to fast-rise, high-swing complementary digital signals to drive the gates of the class-s rf-pa.
On chip electrostatic discharge (esd) event monitoring
An approach for monitoring electrostatic discharge (esd) event of an integrated circuit. The approach includes a canary device for exhibiting an impedance shift when affected by an esd pulse, wherein circuit drain of the canary device is connected to an input terminal of the circuit structure.
Spacer assisted pitch division lithography
Spacer-based pitch division lithography techniques are disclosed that realize pitches with both variable line widths and variable space widths, using a single spacer deposition. The resulting feature pitches can be at or below the resolution limit of the exposure system being used, but they need not be, and may be further reduced (e.g., halved) as many times as desired with subsequent spacer formation and pattern transfer processes as described herein.
Cross-hair cell wordline formation
Methods and devices depicting fabrication of non-planar access devices having fins and narrow trenches, among which is a method that includes wet etching a conductor to form a recessed region and subsequently etching the conductor to form gates on the fins. The wet etching may include formation of recesses which are may be backfilled with a fill material to form spacers on the conductor.
Method of forming finfet of variable channel width
Embodiments of present invention provide a method of forming a first and a second group of fins on a substrate; covering a top first portion of the first and second groups of fins with a first dielectric material; covering a bottom second portion of the first and second groups of fins with a second dielectric material, the bottom second portion of the first group and the second group of fins having a same height; exposing a middle third portion of the first and second groups of fins to an oxidizing environment to create an oxide section that separates the top first portion from the bottom second portion of the first and second groups of fins; and forming one or more fin-type field-effect-transistors (finfets) using the top first portion of the first and second groups of fins as fins under gates of the one or more finfets.. .
Integrated switch devices
Various aspects of the technology include an integrated circuit device comprising a compound semiconductor layer and a plurality of input, switch, and ground ohmic metal fingers fabricated on the compound semiconductor layer in a repeating sequence. A control gate may be disposed between each input finger and adjacent switch finger, and a sync gate may be disposed between each ground finger and adjacent switch finger.
Method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory
The disclosure relates to a method of manufacturing vertical gate transistors in a semiconductor substrate, comprising implanting, in the depth of the substrate, a doped isolation layer, to form a source region of the transistors; forming, in the substrate, parallel trench isolations and second trenches perpendicular to the trench isolations, reaching the isolation layer, and isolated from the substrate by a first dielectric layer; depositing a first conductive layer on the surface of the substrate and in the second trenches; etching the first conductive layer to form the vertical gates of the transistors, and vertical gate connection pads between the extremity of the vertical gates and an edge of the substrate, while keeping a continuity zone in the first conductive layer between each connection pad and a vertical gate; and implanting doped regions on each side of the second trenches, to form drain regions of the transistors.. .
Nanoscale qca-based logic gates in graphene technology
Moreover, the corresponding energy structure may be selected so as to allow operation of the qca assemblies at ambient temperature. Hence, the signal processing capabilities of qca assemblies may be obtained at significantly reduced complexity compared to conventional quantum-based qca assemblies, which typically operate at very low temperatures..
Conjugates of nano-diamond and magnetic or metallic particles
Techniques for imaging a characteristic of a sample with a plurality of conjugates of diamond-metallic nanoparticles having a nitrogen vacancy center. The plurality of conjugates can be exposed to a sample and the nitrogen vacancy centers can be optically pumped.
Anti-fouling surface, and radiation source assembly and fluid treatment system comprising same
An element having an immersible portion for contact with an aqueous liquid, the immersible portion having a contact surface for contact with the aqueous liquid, the contact surface configured to have strong acidity, a radiation (e.g., ultraviolet radiation) source assembly, a radiation (e.g., ultraviolet radiation) source module and a fluid (e.g., water) treatment system incorporating this element applicable to any surface in contact with fluid that is susceptible to build-up of fouling materials. The embodiments obviates or mitigates the rate of accumulation of fouling on surfaces in contact with aqueous solution, such as the protective (e.g., quartz) sleeves in an ultraviolet radiation fluid treatment system, by modifying at least a portion of the surface of those sleeves in contact with fluid (e.g., water) to have an inherent strong surface acidity..
Cold atom gravity gradiometer
A cold atom gravity gradiometer system includes a laser source that generates a laser beam that propagates along a propagation direction. The system further includes a reflector that reflects a portion of the laser beam and transmits another portion of the laser beam (the transmitted portion).
Rendering a web page using content communicated to a browser application from a process running on a client
The functionality of a browser application is enhanced using a browser plug-in, which enables the browser application to access portions of a file system not otherwise accessible to the browser application. The enhanced functionality provided by the browser plug-in is used in one example by an image uploading web application.
Distributed power management for multi-core processors
A system and method for performing distributed power control in a processor comprising an array of cores enables each core to regulate power at least partially independently. Global power management settings are made accessible to all cores and communication between cores propagates power consumption information between nearest neighbors in the array.
Network efficiency and power savings
A mechanism is provided for resource management. A first network interface card in a set of network interface cards receives network data from one or more servers in a set of servers.
Database aggregation of purchase data
A big data database managed by a procurement service aggregates purchase data received from federal, state and local government agencies through freedom of information act requests, state public records requests and private sector business entities. An automated system processes a vast amount of purchase data files acquired from numerous different agencies through a number of different transports, on a variety of different media, included within several different file formats.
Oligomer-opioid agonist conjugates
The invention provides compounds that are chemically modified by covalent attachment of a water-soluble oligomer. A compound of the invention, when administered by any of a number of administration routes, exhibits characteristics that are different from those of the compound not attached to the water-soluble oligomer..
Methods of preparing antibody-active agent conjugates
The invention provides methods for preparing an antibody-active agent conjugate. The conjugate comprises an antibody, a cysteine residue of an amino acid motif that can be recognized by an isoprenoid transferase located at or after the carboxy-terminus of the antibody, an isoprenoid unit operably linked to the cysteine residue, and an active agent.
Targeted conjugates encapsulated in particles and formulations thereof
Particles, including nanoparticles and microparticles, and pharmaceutical formulations thereof, containing conjugates of an active agent such as a therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic agent attached to a targeting moiety via a linker have been designed which can provide improved temporospatial delivery of the active agent and/or improved biodistribution. Methods of making the conjugates, the particles, and the formulations thereof are provided.
Compounds, conjugates and compositions of epipolythiodiketopiperazines and polythiodiketopiperazines
The present application provides, among other things, compounds, compositions and methods for treating various diseases including cancer.. .
Replacement gate process
An integrated circuit containing metal replacement gates may be formed by forming a cmp stop layer over sacrificial gates, and forming a dielectric fill layer over the cmp stop layer. Dielectric material from the dielectric fill layer is removed from over the sacrificial gates using a cmp process which exposes the cmp stop layer over the sacrificial gates but does not expose the sacrificial gates.
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
A method for fabricating a semiconductor device comprises providing a substrate having a core oxide layer and an i/o oxide layer formed thereon. The i/o oxide layer has an i/o mask layer formed thereon.
Monoclonal antibodies against glypican-3
The present disclosure provides isolated monoclonal antibodies, particularly human monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind to glypican-3 with high affinity. Nucleic acid molecules encoding glypican-3 antibodies, expression vectors, host cells and methods for expressing the glypican-3 antibodies are also provided.
Lithium batteries containing lithium-bearing iron phosphate and carbon
The invention relates to lithium-bearing iron phosphate in the form of micrometric mixed aggregates of nanometric particles, to an electrode and cell resulting therefrom and to the method for manufacturing same, which is characterized by a nanomilling step.. .
"filtering container"
A collapsible bag or compressible bottle container for accepting, holding, and filtering fluid. Fluid is filtered upon entry to the container or filtered upon egress.
Phosphorylcholine conjugates and corresponding antibodies
In subjects with hypertension, increases in intima-media thickness (imt) at four years were less in subjects also having high autoantibodies particularly igm, to phosphorylcholine. The presence or absence of autoantibodies, particularly igm, against phosphrylcholine is thus related to an increased or decreased risk of developing ischemic cardiovascular diseases.
Factor viia-polysialic acid conjugates having prolonged in vivo half-life
The present invention relates to a proteinaceous construct comprising plasmatic or recombinant factor viia (fviia) or biologically active derivatives thereof, which are bound to a carbohydrate moiety comprising 1-4 sialic acid units, wherein the in vivo half-life of the proteinaceous construct is substantially prolonged in the blood of a mammal, as compared to the in vivo half-life of a fviia molecule not bound to a carbohydrate moiety. The invention also provides a method for controlling bleeding in a mammal having a bleeding disorder due to functional defects or deficiencies of fviia, fviii, or fix.
Conjugates of nitroimidazoles and their use as chemotherapeutic agents
Novel compounds which are derivatives of tetra-o-methyl nordihydroguaiaretic acid (ndga), as well as pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates, and stereoisomers thereof are provided. These ndga derivatives have a nitroimidazole moiety and these derivatives show preferential toxicity to hypoxic cells as hypoxic cytotoxins.
Self injection locked phase locked looped optoelectronic oscillator
Aspects of the disclosure relate generally to a circuit for sustaining an radio frequency (rf) modulated optical signal. The circuit may comprise a self injection locking component having a fiber optic delay line over which a portion of the optical signal propagates.

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