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This page is updated frequently with new Gat-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Gat-related patents
 Method, device and system for detecting data link patent thumbnailMethod, device and system for detecting data link
Disclosed are a method, device and system for detecting a data link, a controller and a gateway. The method comprises the steps that a ugw receives context information, sent by the sdn controller, of a gtp user plane; and the ugw detects a data link between the gateways according to the context information of the gtp user plane.

 Enhanced e911 network access for call centers patent thumbnailEnhanced e911 network access for call centers
An emergency call (e.g., a 911 call, an alarm company call) forwarded by a telematics call center is routed over the switched pstn to a voice over internet protocol (voip) call server, where the switched call is converted to a session initiating protocol (sip) packetized ip call for presentation to an emergency services gateway, which reconverts the call to tdm and connects to a selective router via dedicated circuits, gaining full access to the enhanced 911 network. This provides a psap receiving a call from a telematics call center or other call center with all features available in an enhanced 911 network, e.g., callback number of the 911 caller, and location of the 911 caller.

 Method and  signaling of ul-dl configuration patent thumbnailMethod and signaling of ul-dl configuration
Methods and apparatuses for transmitting information of uplink-downlink (ul-dl) configuration in presence of carrier aggregation are provided. The method comprises: in response to a decision of transmitting the information of ul-dl configuration, determining one or more component carriers to carry the information of ul-dl configuration based on a predefined rule; and transmitting a message, including the information of ul-dl configuration, on the determined one or more component carriers.

 Method and  improved carrier aggregation access control patent thumbnailMethod and improved carrier aggregation access control
Various methods and devices are provided to address the need for improved carrier aggregation access control. In one method, an network node determines (301) that a call involving a ue is eligible for carrier aggregation and sends (302) a request for capability information concerning the ue to an mme.

 Transmission of uplink control information in carrier aggregation with a large number of cells patent thumbnailTransmission of uplink control information in carrier aggregation with a large number of cells
Methods and apparatus are provided for a user equipment (ue) to transmit uplink control information (uci) and for a base station to receive uci when the ue is configured a number of cells for operation with carrier aggregation (ca). The base station configures the ue a code rate and the ue determines a uci payload to transmit in a subframe to be the maximum one that results a transmission code rate that is not larger than the configured code rate.

 Method and device for transmitting and receiving downlink control information patent thumbnailMethod and device for transmitting and receiving downlink control information
Provided are a method and a device for transmitting and receiving downlink control information. In particular, a method and device may be provided for configuring a downlink control information transmission format in a carrier aggregation situation among serving cells having different duplex modes.

 Evolved node-b, user equipment and methods for transition between unlicensed and licensed frequency bands patent thumbnailEvolved node-b, user equipment and methods for transition between unlicensed and licensed frequency bands
Embodiments of an evolved node-b (enb) to support carrier aggregation (ca) of a licensed frequency band and an unlicensed frequency band are disclosed herein. The enb may transmit traffic packets on an unlicensed channel in the unlicensed frequency band to one or more user equipments (ues) assigned to the unlicensed channel.

 Wireless network with multiple paths between nodes patent thumbnailWireless network with multiple paths between nodes
A wireless communications system includes both a primary communications path wherein a gateway can communicate with each member of a plurality of ambient condition detectors, and a secondary back-up path available in the event of a failure on part of the primary path. Required power for the network can be minimized by path selection..

 Systems and methods for efficient traffic offload without service disruption patent thumbnailSystems and methods for efficient traffic offload without service disruption
Methods, systems, and devices for offloading traffic flows without service disruption are disclosed herein. User equipment (ue) is configured to receive an indication that a current packet data network (pdn) connection can be optimized.

 Mobility across satellite beams using l2 connectivity patent thumbnailMobility across satellite beams using l2 connectivity
Systems and methods for providing mobility across satellite beams, are described. The system includes a first core node, a second core node in communication with the first core node at layer-2 of the osi model (l2), and a first gateway in communication, at l2, with the first core, the first gateway configured to provide access to a first spot beam at a first location.


System monitoring and management

Systems for monitoring and managing devices within a monitored system are described. The system can include a gateway device that is connected to the monitored system and configured to determine whether or not it remains connected to the monitored system.


Devices and methods for geo fencing

Generally discussed herein are systems and apparatuses for determining a location of a device. Also discussed herein are methods of using the systems and apparatuses.


Extendable synchronous low power telemetry system for distributed sensors

A bidirectional repeater for repeating an electrical signal traversing a conductive line coupled between a gateway node and a sensor, the bidirectional repeater comprising a first input-output port coupled to the gateway node, a second input-output port coupled to the sensor, a first transceiver configured to receive a synchronization signal from the first input-output port and to transmit a resynchronized data signal to the first input-output port, a second transceiver configured to transmit the synchronization signal to the second input-output port and to receive a data signal from the second input-output port, and a repeater circuit coupled to the first and second transceivers and configured to pass through the synchronization signal, and to resynchronize the data signal to generate the resynchronized data signal.. .


Method to control the rendering of a media content upon detection of a phone call

A method of controlling playback by a tv decoder module of a media stream on at least one device connected to the tv decoder. The method is performed by a home gateway connected to the tv decoder and a telephone control module.


Apparatus and managing media content

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a media server and parsing engine, 3rd party mobile aggregator, client servers, and a plurality of communication devices that are each associated with a user and a user profile. The media server can provide one or more of the plurality of communication devices with access to media content, with the access being provided at a time selected by the user.


Method and device for acquiring stream of the precisely time-stamped images

Method and device for acquiring stream of the precisely time-stamped images, including the modulated light source, controlled by the absolute global real-time-base (e.g. Provided by global navigation satellite system (gnss) controller) and the image acquisition and processing unit, decoding the light modulation waveform and determining the time-stamp for every image frame.


Techniques for contextual mobile data access

Techniques for contextual mobile data access are described. In one embodiment, an apparatus may comprise a mobile device with a local gateway utility.


Temporary enum gateway

Tempenum database stores a tempenum from a coordinator system and relates the actual calling party identifier (cgpid) for use in callback attempts. Either during the initial call or communication, or shortly thereafter, the receiving party uses the tempenum number to return communication the initial caller..


Adaptive dns pre-resolution

Embodiments of the present invention include methods and systems for domain name system (dns) pre-resolution. A method for dns pre-resolution is provided.


Systems and methods for providing navigation filters

Systems and methods for providing navigation filters within content items distributed via a computer network are provided. A navigation filter includes a heading and a plurality of items associated with the heading and can function as a summary of a resource associated with a distributed content item.


Dynamic content aggregation

Parts of an application are stored in a shared memory with each of the parts being associated with a unique identifier. For example, a javascript application may be stored as separate modules using asynchronous module definition (amd).


Method and supporting facility control of terminal

A method and an apparatus for supporting facility control of a terminal are provided. The method includes a sensor device receiving facility-related information from a remote control device of a facility to which the sensor device is attached, driving at least one sensor in accordance with the facility-related information, determining a kind of the facility based on a result of detecting through the at least one driven sensor, and transmitting a registration request for the facility of which the kind has been determined to a gateway.


Method and system for porting gateway functionality associated with a user from a first gateway to one or more other gateways

A broadband gateway, which enables communication with a plurality of devices, handles at least one physical layer connection to at least one corresponding network access service provider. The broadband gateway may operate as a home gateway to negotiate with one or more visited gateways, a common authorized service area or domain (asd) for providing services to the visited gateways.


Real-time network attack detection and mitigation infrastructure

The invention features systems and methods for detecting and mitigating network attacks in a voice-over-ip (voip) network. A server is configured to receive information related to a mitigation action for a call.


Html security gateway

A technique allows a client computing system with a web browser to receive a web page in response to transmitting a request for content. The web page may include active content, html data and cascading style sheets (css).


Devices and mtc group key management

In order to improve security upon distributing a group key, there is provided a gateway (20) to a core network for a group of mtc devices (10_1-10_n) communicating with the core network. The gateway (20) protects confidentiality and integrity of a group key, and distributes the protected group key to each of the mtc devices (10_1-10_n).


Low-cost authenticated signing delegation in content centric networking

One embodiment provides a system that delegates signature production in a ccn. During operation, a first content producing device monitors content objects created by a second content producing device.


System and secure transmission of media content

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a gateway comprising a controller to receive from a communication device a request for media content, receive a key and a record associated with the communications device from an interactive television system, wherein the record comprises a list of entitled media content, determine whether the requested media content is in the list of entitled media content, retrieve the requested media content from the interactive television system when the requested media content is determined to be in the list of entitled media content, encrypt the retrieved media content utilizing the key, and transmit the encrypted media content to the communications device. Other embodiments are disclosed..


Providing secure communication and/or sharing of personal data via a broadband gateway

A broadband gateway may manage confidential data associated with users in a home network managed and/or serviced by the broadband gateway. The broadband gateway may store the user confidential data broadband gateway in a distributed manner, wherein the confidential data may be divided into a plurality of portions and stored separately in multiple storage locations or devices.


System and method to associate a private user identity with a public user identity

The inventive system includes a host, a network including a security gateway, and a public application. Established are an access session between the network and the host and an application session between the public application and the network.


Dynamic re-ordering of scanning modules in security devices

A method and apparatus are provided for preserving bandwidth of a security gateway by dynamically placing a module with a highest ratio of block rate to run-time cost before other modules in the set of scanning modules such that a most effective scanning module blocks data units before scanning is wasted on those data units by other modules. By tracking a plurality of application data units that are sent through a set of scanning modules, a scanner history tracker records a rate with which the modules block application data units from forwarding to their intended destination.


System and n port id virtualization (npiv) login limit intimation to converged network adaptor (cna) in npiv proxy gateway (npg) mode

Aspects of the present invention include an npg system that can stop the cna from requesting a login if the system has reached the acl login limit. In embodiments of the present invention, the number of available logins can be dynamically calculated and sent to the cna..


Shortening of service paths in service chains in a communications network

A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes receiving at a network element a flow offload decision for a first service node that includes a portion of a service chain for processing a flow; recording the flow offload decision against the first service node at the network element; and propagating the flow offload decision backward on a service path to which the flow belongs if the first service node is hosted at the network element. Embodiments may also include propagating the flow offload decision backward on a service path to which the flow belongs if the flow offload decision is a propagated flow offload decision and the network element hosts a second service node that immediately precedes the service node on behalf of which the propagated flow offload decision was received and a flow offload decision has already been received by the network element from the second service node..


System and aggregating and reporting network traffic data

A method for analyzing traffic in a communications network includes sampling data packets at a plurality of network interconnection points, wherein sampling the data packets includes generating a plurality of sampled packet data in one or more standardized formats, converting the sampled packet data from the one or more standardized formats into a neutral format, and aggregating the sampled packet data in the neutral format from the plurality of network interconnection points. A system includes a communications node operable to sample data packets flowing through and generate sample packet data in a specified format, a collector node operable to convert the sampled packet data into a neutral format, the collector node further operable to map ip addresses of the sampled packet data to corresponding prefixes in a routing table; and an aggregator node operable to aggregate neutrally formatted sampled packet data from a plurality of collector nodes..


Automatic process data transmission and monitoring for an industrial process network

A field device can transmit, over an industrial process network, data (e.g., including process data) to a host device configured to send and receive messages with one or more field devices. The field device can transmit the data in response to receiving a communications token that delegates time to the field device to transmit data over the industrial process network.


Multi-rate high-speed bus with statistical aggregator

A single high-speed bus accommodates both low-rate and high-rate bi-directional signal traffic by interleaving the traffic at the two rates sequentially so that all the data in the bus at any given time is either high-rate or low-rate. The interleaving is executed by a statistical aggregator according to a policy tailored to the traffic expected in the particular bus.


Method for updating a virtual private network in a multi-protocol label switching network

A system and method are disclosed for updating a virtual private network (vpn) in a multi-protocol label switching (mpls) network. A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a network management system (nms) having a controller that manages a communications interface coupled to an mpls network.


Multiple prefix connections with translated virtual local area network

A method implemented in an access node (an) including receiving a packet for a service on a connection between a subscriber and a service provider or service provider network (sp), replacing a virtual local area network (vlan) tag for the subscriber in the packet with a q-in-q label that matches a media access control (mac) address for a residential gateway (rg) in the packet when the packet is received from the rg, wherein the q-in-q label comprises a customer vlan (c-vlan) tag that identifies the subscriber and a service-vlan (s-vlan) tag that identifies the sp, and replacing the q-in-q label in the packet with a vlan tag for the subscriber that matches the mac address for the rg in the packet when the packet is received from the sp.. .


Computer-implemented multi-party data function computing using discriminative dimensionality-reducing mappings

Computational overhead for private multiparty data function computation can be decreased by sharing parameters of dimensionality-reducing function between a client and a server, with both the client applying the function to a query vectors and the server applying the function to server vectors, both client and server creating embedded vectors. The client homomorphically encrypts the embedded query vector and provides the encrypted embedded query vector to the server.


Method and transmitting control channel in intra-cell carrier aggregation system

A method for receiving control channel and an apparatus in a wireless communication system are provided. The method includes transmitting, at a base station, information on a primary cell operating in a frequency division duplexing (fdd) mode and a secondary cell operating in a time division duplexing (tdd) mode, transmitting, at the base station, downlink scheduling information for downlink data, transmitting, at the base station, the downlink data in a first subframe according to the downlink scheduling information, and receiving, at the base station, control information corresponding to the downlink data on the primary cell, from a terminal.


Aggregating acknowledgments transmitted by an access point to a plurality of client stations in a wireless network

An access point including a medium access control module and an acknowledgment generating module. The medium access control module designates a predetermined time period to communicate with a first set of client stations, and instructs a second set of client stations to transmit data at a time other than the predetermined time period.


Use of navigation route for smart fm/am scanning

A method of operating a vehicle radio system includes the following automatic, computer-implemented steps. A radio is tuned to a first radio station of a particular genre.


Transmission device with impairment compensation and methods for use therewith

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a waveguide system that includes a transmission device having a coupler positioned with respect to a transmission medium to facilitate transmission or reception of electromagnetic waves that transport communications data. The electromagnetic waves propagate along an outer surface of the transmission medium.


Paired-beam transponder satellite communication

Systems and methods are described for paired-beam satellite communications in a flexible satellite architecture. Embodiments include one or more “bent pipe” satellites having multiple transponders for servicing a number of spot beams.


Data transmission system and method jointly using a terrestrial link and a satellite link

A system for bidirectional data transmission in a telecommunication network comprises at least two distinct access networks to a mobile terminal, comprising at least one hybridation gateway that is configured to constitute an access point to each of the access networks, and to perform at least: control functions for all of the access networks, selection functions for the access network or networks selected for the data transmission, network layer functions, and data link layer functions, and wherein each of the access networks comprises at least one access gateway configured to perform at least physical layer functions.. .


Receiver for carrier aggregation

A single hybrid receiver is provided for processing both single carrier and carrier aggregated (ca) communications signals where carriers are split into independent receive paths without any additional external components. The receiver receives all contiguous and non-contiguous intra-band ca and inter-band ca signals, including those of unequal bandwidths, allowing for improved rejection and balanced rejection of jamming signals on either side of the two carrier signals..


Devices for utilizing symfets for low-power information processing

A boolean gate includes at least one symmetric tunneling field-effect transistor (symfet) for low-power information processing. Symfets are ideal for applications that demand low power and have moderate speed requirements, and demonstrate better dynamic energy efficiency than cmos circuits.


Wireless power transmitting coil disposed around a protruding magnetic component

Techniques for wireless charging in a system, method, and apparatus are described herein. For example, the apparatus includes a wireless power transmitting coil configured to propagate current provided from a charging device, wherein the current propagation is to generate a magnetic field.


Wireless power repeating

Techniques for wireless charging in a system, method, and apparatus are described herein. For example, the apparatus includes a first wireless power receiving coil configured to receive power from a first wireless power transmitting coil of a wireless charger.


High brightness multijunction diode stacking

An apparatus includes at least one multijunction diode laser situated to emit a plurality of beams along respective mutually parallel propagation axes, each beam having an associated mutually parallel slow axes and associated collinear fast axes, a fast axis collimator situated to receive and collimate the plurality of beams along the corresponding fast axes so as to produce corresponding fast axis collimated beams that propagate along associated non-parallel axes, and a reflector situated to receive the plurality of fast axis collimated beams and to reflect the beams so that the reflected fast axis collimated beams propagate along substantially parallel axes.. .


Resonant compensating loop for shielding of metal for magnetically coupled nfc and/or rfid devices, and methods of making and using the same

A near field communication device, and methods of manufacturing and using the same are disclosed. The near field communication device includes a receiver configured to convert a received near field signal to an electric signal, a transmitter configured to generate a transmittable near field signal, a dielectric substrate within a housing, an antenna on the dielectric substrate, and a compensating loop within the housing and coupled to the antenna.


Floating gate transistors and forming the same

A method and structure for floating gate transistors provides floating gate transistors with floating gates having sharp, well-controlled edge profiles. The sharp, well-controlled edge profiles enhance electrical functionality and endurance and are formed by a process including a planarization process that produces polysilicon segments disposed directly between adjacent sti structures, then forming a second polysilicon layer and patterning to form an upper polysilicon segment over the lower polysilicon segment to produce a combined polysilicon segment with a t-shape and having edges that overhang the adjacent edges of associated sti structures..


Method to improve reliability of high-k metal gate stacks

A method of fabricating a gate stack for a semiconductor device includes the following steps after removal of a dummy gate: growing a high-k dielectric layer over an area vacated by the dummy gate; depositing a thin metal layer over the high-k dielectric layer; annealing the replacement gate structure in an ambient atmosphere containing hydrogen; and depositing a gap fill layer.. .


Method for fabricating a transistor with a raised source-drain structure

A method for forming a transistor includes defining agate structure on a top surface of a first semiconductor layer of a silicon-on-insulator (soi) substrate. The gate structure includes an insulating cover.


Zig-zag trench structure to prevent aspect ratio trapping defect escape

A semiconductor structure including: trench-defining layer; an epitaxial layer; and a set of defect-blocking member(s). The trench-defining layer includes a trench surface which defines an elongated interior space called the “trench.” the epitaxial layer is grown epitaxially in the interior space of the trench.


Cell pillar structures and integrated flows

Various embodiments comprise apparatuses and methods, such as a memory stack having a continuous cell pillar. In various embodiments, the apparatus includes a source material, a buffer material, a select gate drain (sgd), and a memory stack arranged between the source material and the sgd.


Physical layout and structure of rgbz pixel cell unit for rgbz image sensor

An image sensor is described having a pixel cell unit. The pixel cell unit has first, second and third transfer gate transistor gates on a semiconductor surface respectively coupled between first, second and third visible light photodiode regions and a first capacitance region.


Rgbz pixel unit cell with first and second z transfer gates

An image sensor is described having a pixel array. The pixel array has a unit cell that includes visible light photodiodes and an infra-red photodiode.


Semiconductor memory device

A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes forming a laminated structure including sacrificial layers and a select gate layer on a substrate, forming a penetration region penetrating the laminated structure, forming a select gate insulating layer on a sidewall of the select gate layer exposed by the penetration region, and forming an active pattern in the penetration region. The method also includes exposing a portion of the active pattern by removing the sacrificial layers and forming an information storage layer on the exposed portion of the active pattern..


Memory architecture of array with single gate memory devices

A vertical gate nonvolatile nand array includes a plurality of vertically stacked nand strings of nonvolatile memory cells, a plurality of word lines arranged orthogonally over the plurality of vertically stacked nand strings, and a plurality of vertical columns of conductive gate material electrically coupled to the plurality of word lines. The plurality of vertically stacked nand strings are with vertically stacked semiconductor strips having opposite sides including a first side and a second side.


Semiconductor structures with deep trench capacitor and methods of manufacture

An integrated finfet and deep trench capacitor structure and methods of manufacture are provided. The method includes forming deep trench capacitor structures in a silicon on insulator (soi) wafer.


Semiconductor structures with deep trench capacitor and methods of manufacture

An integrated finfet and deep trench capacitor structure and methods of manufacture are provided. The method includes forming a plurality of fin structures from a substrate material.


Method and structure for metal gates

A semiconductor device having metal gates and methods of forming the same are disclosed. The method includes receiving a substrate, a dummy gate stack formed over the substrate, and a structure surrounding the dummy gate stack.


Nitride spacer for protecting a fin-shaped field effect transistor (finfet) device

Approaches for protecting a semiconductor device (e.g., a fin field effect transistor device (finfet)) using a nitride spacer are provided. Specifically, a nitride spacer is formed over an oxide and a set of fins of the finfet device to mitigate damage during subsequent processing.


Systems and methods to mitigate program gate disturb in split-gate flash cell arrays

A memory circuit has control gate circuitry (104) and select gate circuitry (106). A first memory cell (122/124) has a control gate coupled to the control gate circuitry, a select gate coupled to the select gate circuitry, a drain that is coupled to a first bit line for reading a logic state of the of the first memory cell, and a source.


Multi-state configuration ram cell

A multi-state static ram cell includes n nor gates. Each nor gate has n-1 inputs and one output.


Method and device for calculating a conjugated airport navigation graph, related generating a taxi routing of an aircraft, related computer program product

This method further comprises determining a conjugated node for each navigation arc and for each authorized navigation direction of said arc, each conjugated node corresponding to a single authorized direction and representing said arc of the initial graph associated with said authorized direction; and computing the conjugated graph by connecting the conjugated nodes as a function of the connections between the arcs of the initial graph and the authorized directions, two conjugated nodes connected to one another corresponding to two successive arcs of the initial graph and to a same authorized direction.. .


Method and system for monitoring an alarm system

The problem of the vulnerability of an alarm system when its communication with an alarm central is lost or nonexistent is solved by maintaining a monitoring channel with the alarm system. A server establishes and maintains the communication channel with the alarm system via an interface module connected to the alarm system, and if the alarm system is unable to communicate with an alarm central receiver, or if the first communication channel is closed, then the server connects to one or both of the alarm central receiver and a user's phone, so as to communicate a message thereto indicative of a breach or failure of the alarm system.


Toll payment equipment

Methods, computer-readable media, software, and apparatuses provide a system for making toll payments using toll payment equipment. The system may include a mobile computing device, a toll gateway, and an insurance company computing device.


3d model updates using crowdsourced video

An exemplary method includes prompting a user to capture video data at a location. The location is associated with navigation directions for the user.


Commodity identification device and commodity recognition navigation method

To enable registration of a commodity without interrupting the flow of sales registration by an operator, a commodity identification device 2 specifically includes: a camera 27 that takes an image of an object that an operator holds over the camera; and a cpu 211 that is configured to, when the object is recognized from an image taken by the camera 27 and the object recognized is compared with reference images of each commodity in plurality of directions, and when the object is similar to a plurality of commodities, specify reference images having a noticeable difference, and guide the operator to rotate the object so that the object in the direction corresponding to the specified reference images is directed toward the camera 27.. .


Switching between data aggregator servers

Switching between data aggregator servers. A method for switching between data aggregator servers may include tracking a first financial account using a pfm server, receiving, at the pfm server, first account identification data and first account transaction data for the first financial account from a first data aggregator server over a network, detecting, at the pfm server, that the first account transaction data of the first data aggregator server has become unavailable to the pfm server over the network and that a second data aggregator server is currently available to the pfm server over the network, and in response to the detecting, switching, at the pfm server, from the first data aggregator server to a second data aggregator server, the second data aggregator server configured to send data for the same financial accounts with different data fields and/or with different data formats than the first data aggregator server..


System and secured communications between a mobile device and a server

The present systems and methods provide for secured communication between a mobile device and a server/gateway. The systems and methods can be used, for example, as a way to confirm whether or not a transaction was actually authorized by the user, thereby settling a chargeback dispute for a previously executed transaction.


System and facilitating an online transaction with a second mobile device

In a purchase transaction, a shopping mobile customer device operated by a shopping customer sends transaction information to a payment gateway and sends a beacon signal containing a transaction identifier to a paying mobile customer device operated by a paying customer who may be the same or different from the shopping customer. The paying mobile customer device sends the transaction identifier and payment information corresponding to a customer payment account to the payment gateway.


System and facilitating an online transaction with a mobile device

In a purchase transaction, a personal computer operated by a shopping customer sends transaction information to a payment gateway and sends a beacon signal containing a transaction identifier to a mobile device operated by a paying customer who may be the same or different from the shopping customer. The mobile device sends the transaction identifier and payment information corresponding to a customer payment account to the payment gateway.


System and processing multiple recurring payments

A system and method for processing multiple recurring payments over a network. Merchant payment gateway information and consumer payment information is securely stored on a remote payment vault server/database.


Payment unification service

Example embodiments relate to a payment unification service. In some examples, a system may include a gateway interface to communicate with multiple unification gateways respectively associated with multiple payment services.


System and determining site performance

An improved system for determining clinical trial site performance includes a site data filter for separating data corresponding to a clinical trial site into at least one site performance factor category data stream, where each site performance factor category comprises at least one site performance factor and each factor comprises at least one factor choice, a data stream analyzer for analyzing the site performance factor category data stream to determine a factor choice met for each site performance factor and to output a value for the determined factor choice, where the determined factor choice is multiplied by a weighting value, and an aggregator for aggregating the weighted, determined factor choices into a site performance index, where the weighting value is adjusted based on a user's input. An improved method for determining clinical trial site performance is also described and claimed..


Method and system for determining a site performance index

A method for determining a site performance index includes receiving data from one or more clinical trial sites, associating the clinical trial site data with at least one site performance factor, calculating a weighting value for the site performance factor, and generating the site performance index based on the weighted site performance factor. An apparatus for determining a site performance index is also described and claimed and includes a site data filter, a data stream analyzer, and an aggregator..


Systems and methods for adaptively updating equipment models

An operating data aggregator module collects a first set of operating data and a second set of operating data for building equipment. A model generator module generates a first set of model coefficients and a second set of model coefficients for a predictive model for the building equipment using the first set of operating data and the second set of operating data, respectively.


Low power verification a circuit description and system for automating a minimization of a circuit description

A method for low power verification of a circuit description comprises minimizing a circuit description by creating a plurality of crossover trees, and evaluating each of the plurality of crossover trees to identify circuit description errors, in particular low power circuit description errors. The minimizing may comprise creating a plurality of crossover trees to represent circuit description, wherein each crossover tree has a unique set of selected ports and gates of the circuit description..

Gat topics: Brush Assembly, Extensible, Longitudinal Direction, Variable Length, Integrated Circuit, Semiconductor, Distributed, Optical Component, Ophthalmic, Nanoparticle, Interrupted, Transverse

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