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 Communication system to provide services using carrier aggregation patent thumbnailCommunication system to provide services using carrier aggregation
The present invention has an object to provide a communication system capable of appropriately providing services while improving a data rate using carrier aggregation. In step st1408, of a cell1 and a cell2 of a base station a, rrc connection is established between the cell1 and a ue, and the cell1 becomes a primary cell (pcell).
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Transmitter and method using carrier aggregation patent thumbnailTransmitter and method using carrier aggregation
Disclosed are a transmitter and method of combining multiple contiguous and non-contiguous frequency bands in a wireless communication system using carrier aggregation. The transmitter includes a first communication unit for converting a first baseband signal into a first rf signal of a first band, a second communication unit for converting a second baseband signal into a second rf signal of a second band, a combiner for outputting a third rf signal by combining the first rf signal and the second rf signal, and an amplifier for amplifying the third rf signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Method and system for providing data access to mobile network nodes of a data network patent thumbnailMethod and system for providing data access to mobile network nodes of a data network
System and method for providing data access to mobile network nodes of a digital data network, said system comprising: a local mobility anchor node, herewith lma, which has an uplink interface to an upstream network, a plurality of mobility access gateways, herewith mags, which are fixed access points comprising a wired interface to the lma, one or more mobile mobility access gateways, herewith mmags, which are mobile, in particular vehicle, access points comprising a wireless interface to a mags or other mmags, a mobile network node, herewith mnn, comprising a wireless interface to a mag or mmag, each of said mmags configured for establishing a network binding to the lma through an access point, by connecting to said access point, the access point being a mag or another mmag, such that data packets arrived at the lma and destined to the mnn are routed and forwarded to the mnn through the mmag.. .
Veniam, Unipessoal Lda.

 Multi-carrier aggregation method and apparatus, user equipment, and network side device patent thumbnailMulti-carrier aggregation method and apparatus, user equipment, and network side device
A multi-carrier aggregation method and apparatus, user equipment, and a network side device are disclosed. The method includes: determining, by a network side device according to information about a transmission resource that is obtained when at least one component carrier is successfully obtained through contention, start and end times of a scheduling phase corresponding to the at least one component carrier, where the scheduling phase is divided by an uplink-downlink switch point into an uplink phase of the scheduling phase and a downlink phase of the scheduling phase, the uplink-downlink switch point is used to divide a time to obtain an uplink time of the component carrier and a downlink time of the component carrier, and uplink-downlink switch points of two or more component carriers are aligned in time; and performing, by the network side device, downlink transmission with user equipment in the downlink phase of the scheduling phase..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Dynamic allocation of carrier aggregation resources based on device requests patent thumbnailDynamic allocation of carrier aggregation resources based on device requests
Examples disclosed herein provide systems, methods, and software to dynamically provide carrier aggregation to wireless communication devices. In one example, a method of operating an enodeb includes exchanging first wireless communication signals with a wireless communication device using a first carrier aggregation configuration.
Sprint Communications Company L.p.

 System and  uplink control information transmission in carrier aggregation patent thumbnailSystem and uplink control information transmission in carrier aggregation
A method for communicating uplink control information to a base station using a user equipment is presented. The method includes identifying component carriers on the user equipment scheduled for physical uplink shared channel (pusch) transmissions, and identifying at least one first ranking for each of the component carriers for transmission of uplink control information.
Blackberry Limited

 Uplink power headroom reporting for carrier aggregation patent thumbnailUplink power headroom reporting for carrier aggregation
A method for reporting power headroom is disclosed. Power headroom may be reported across all carriers (wideband), for a specific carrier, or for a carrier group.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

 Packet transmission method, device, and communications system patent thumbnailPacket transmission method, device, and communications system
A packet transmission method, a device, and a communications system. The method includes receiving, by a forwarding plane apparatus, a mac address request broadcast by a base station, where the mac address request includes a target ip address and is used to request a mac address corresponding to the target ip address; forwarding when the forwarding plane apparatus does not save a first correspondence between the target ip address and the mac address, the mac address request to a serving gateway control plane apparatus; receiving, the mac address request response; and forwarding, the mac address request response to the base station..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Wireless gateway, network handsoffs, and link management patent thumbnailWireless gateway, network handsoffs, and link management
A wireless gateway disposed in a subscriber domain detects presence of a communication device communicating in a vicinity of the subscriber domain over a first wireless communication link such as a wireless cellular phone link. In response to detecting the communication device in the subscriber domain, the wireless gateway provides notification of a presence of the wireless gateway hardware to the communication device.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

 Multihomed communication device patent thumbnailMultihomed communication device
A method and a user equipment (ue) for routing a data packet in a wireless communication network are discussed. The method according to an embodiment includes establishing, by the ue, a packet data network (pdn) connection via a 3rd generation partnership project (3gpp) cellular network; obtaining, by the ue from an access network discovery and selection function (andsf) server, a routing rule including information on an access point name (apn) and a priority of the apn, the apn identifying a packet data network (pdn) connection; and performing, by the ue, an offload function by selecting a gateway via the 3gpp cellar network based on the priority of the apn.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Layered connectivity in wireless systems

Techniques and devices are disclosed for efficient offloading and/or aggregation of resources by providing different levels of connection management in a network. A wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) may support additional ecm and/or rrc states (e.g.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Method of distributing security key context, mobility management entity, and base station

A method of distributing a security key context, where the method includes receiving, by a mobility management entity, a first indication from a primary base station, where the first indication is used for requesting a path switch from the mobility management entity and indicating that the path switch is triggered by carrier aggregation between base stations, processing the path switch according to the first indication, and keeping, according to the first indication, the security key context for the path switch unchanged, and sending a second indication to the primary base station, to indicate the primary base station to keep the security key context unchanged, or sending a third indication to the primary base station, to indicate the primary base station to acquire a quantity of times of reversal of a next hop chaining counter in the security key context.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method for signaling control information, and apparatus therefor

A method is provided for transmitting and receiving at least one of control information and a response signal at a user equipment (ue) in a carrier aggregation based wireless communication system. A first cell group having a primary cell (pcell) is configured.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method, system and connection device for implementing local gateway service

The present document provides a method, a device and a system for implementing a local gateway service. Wherein the method includes: adding, by a first connection device, a second connection device for a terminal (300); interacting collocated local gateway address information between the first connection device and the second connection device (301); and reporting, by the first connection device, determined collocated local gateway address information to a core network, and using, by the core network, the collocated local gateway address information to perform the local gateway service (302).
Zte Corporation

Accessibility management for m2m terminal/terminal peripheral

A reachability management method and device for a machine-to-machine/man (m2m) terminal/terminal peripheral are provided in the embodiments of the present document, which relates to machine-to-machine/man communications. The reachability management method for the m2m terminal/terminal peripheral provided in the present document includes the following steps: when selecting to switch to an m2m stub network, the m2m terminal/terminal peripheral sending a detach request message to a corresponding network side device, wherein the detach request message comprises a terminal signalling connection retention indication; and meanwhile, the m2m terminal/terminal peripheral sending a registration request message to an m2m gateway, wherein the registration request message contains an identifier of the network side device.
Zte Corporation

Distributed determining the position of a mobile device using long-range signals and calibrating the position using short-range signals

A method and system is described where a plurality of position reference devices use short-range wireless communication protocols to transmit positioning assistance data to nearby mobile devices, and the mobile devices use the assistance data to model errors and re-calibrate their positioning systems. The short-range communication methods include nfc, rfid, bluetooth®, short-range 802.11, wi-fi direct, and high frequency focused beams such as 60 ghz.
Golba Llc

Method and system for implementing a management operations center in a global ecosystem of interrelated services

A data processing system receives an event related to one of a state change or a problem within the enterprise associated with at least one an operations, function, policy, process, or a component related to the enterprise. The data processing system accesses the event by type of event and aggregates the event by correlating the event to rules for processing the event, binding the event to an item based on the rules, and binding other information related to an event to the item based on the rules.
Ekmk Limited Liability Company

Methods, devices, and systems for allocating service nodes in a network

A network system for allocating service nodes to a user terminal to login a network may comprises a gateway node, a plurality of service nodes, a sampling terminal, a gateway node, and a login node. The system may receive service nodes information of the plurality of service nodes from the sampling terminal; obtain from the sampling terminal network quality sampling data associating with each of the plurality of service nodes; identify the gateway node corresponding to the sampling terminal; select a plurality of candidate service nodes from the plurality of service nodes based on the network quality sampling data; obtain network quality parameters between each of the plurality of candidate service node and the gateway node; select a target service node from the plurality of candidate service nodes based on the network quality sampling data and the candidate node network quality parameters; and allocate the target service node to the gateway node..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Providing bonded services at a non-anchor node

The disclosure relates generally to supporting bonded services at non-anchor nodes. A non-anchor gateway device is configured to support service bonding for a user device and communication with an anchor node of the user device.
Alcatel Lucent

Image-based group profiles

An image of users of an application may be received from a computing device on a home network. The image may comprise representations of a group of users.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Distributed tracking and blocking malicious internet hosts

Disclosed are systems and methods to perform coordinated blocking of source addresses, such as an internet protocol (ip) addresses, across a plurality of network appliances (e.g., gateways). In one disclosed embodiment the method and system temporarily alter a configuration of one or more network appliances (based on user defined configuration parameters) to allow communication from a “blocked” ip address for a period of time.
Mcafee, Inc.

Method for determining gre tunnel, gateway device, and access site

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method for determining a gre tunnel, a gateway device, and an access site, 1, so that the access site determines a generic routing encapsulation gre tunnel of the terminal according to the gateway ip address. According to the method for determining a gre tunnel, the gateway device, and the access site in the embodiments of the present invention, the gateway device assigns, to a connected terminal, a gateway ip address that is different from an ip address of the gateway device, which can effectively reduce load of the gateway device..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Mitigating email spam attacks

The present disclosure relates to mitigating email spam attacks. A gateway is configured to receive mail from one or more mail systems.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Gateway for transporting out-of-band messaging signals

A cable modem termination system (cmts) having a gateway configured to output signals on over data tunnels for transfer over a cable network to customer premises equipment (cpe). Each data tunnel is preferably characterized as a one-way data stream of out-of-band (oob) messaging signals..
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Visualizing reach of posted content in a social networking system

Effects of content communications propagated to users of a social networking system may be tracked and measured by the social networking system. Identifiers of content presented to users within a time period before the users interact with the content are recorded.
Facebook, Inc.

Method for generating a mac control element in a carrier aggregation system and a device therefor

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method and a device for generating a mac ce in a carrier aggregation system, the method comprising: configuring a plurality of serving cells, wherein each of the plurality of serving cells respectively corresponds to a cell index; determining whether a medium access control (mac) control element (ce) includes four octets for a cell index field depending on a highest cell index among the cell indexes of the plurality of serving cells; and generating the mac ce according to the determining..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Fault detection method, gateway, user equipment, and communications system

Embodiments of the present invention provide a fault detection method. The method includes discovering that a fault occurs in a dns server or a service server related to a ue, and performing, by a gateway, fault detection on the dns server or the service server.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Certificate authority server protection

This invention includes a solution to enable a digital authentication solution comprising a network. Next, a first device is coupled to the network.

Method and system for harq operation and scheduling in joint tdd and fdd carrier aggregation

A method at a user equipment for hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) operation, the user equipment operating on a primary carrier having a first duplex mode and on at least one secondary carrier having a second duplex mode, the method using harq timing of the first duplex mode if the timing of the first duplex mode promotes acknowledgement opportunities over using harq timing of the second duplex mode; and using harq timing of the second duplex mode if the timing of the second duplex mode promotes acknowledgement opportunities over using harq timing of the first duplex mode.. .
Blackberry Limited

High band tdd antenna swapping method with improved receiver sensitivity

This disclosure relates to radio frequency (rf) front end circuitry for portable communication devices. In one embodiment, the rf front end circuitry includes an antenna, a switchable receive path configured to be opened and to be closed, a coaxial cable, and a low noise amplifier (lna).
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

High speed receivers circuits and methods

The present invention provides gpa embodiments. In some embodiments, a gpa stage with a negative capacitance unit is provided..
Intel Corporation

Voltage level shifter

A level shifter in a primary voltage domain has a control module receiving an input signal from a secondary voltage domain for controlling operation of the level shifter. The control module includes a complementary pair of transistors and a first native transistor connected in a series current conduction path in the primary voltage domain.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Automatic voltage switching circuit for selecting a higher voltage of multiple supply voltages to provide as an output voltage

Automatic voltage switching circuits for providing a higher voltage of multiple supply voltages are disclosed. In one aspect, an automatic voltage switching circuit is configured to generate a compare signal indicating which of a first supply voltage and a second supply voltage is a higher voltage.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Sequentially operated modules

Method, modules and a system formed by connecting the modules for controlling payloads are disclosed. An activation signal is propagated in the system from a module to the modules connected to it.

Terahertz quantum cascade laser implementing a cerenkov difference-frequency generation scheme

A terahertz source implementing a {hacek over (c)}erenkov difference-frequency generation scheme in a quantum cascade laser. The laser includes an undoped or semi-insulating inp substrate with an exit facet that is polished at an angle between 10° to 40°.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Vertical thin film transistor selection devices and methods of fabrication

Three-dimensional (3d) non-volatile memory arrays having a vertically-oriented thin film transistor (tft) select device and method of fabricating such a memory are described. The vertically-oriented tft may be used as a vertical bit line selection device to couple a global bit line to a vertical bit line.
Sandisk Technologies Llc

Epitaxial source/drain differential spacers

A process of forming an integrated circuit containing a first transistor and a second transistor of the same polarity, by forming an epitaxial spacer layer over gates of both transistors, performing an epitaxial spacer anisotropic etch process to form epitaxial spacers on vertical surfaces adjacent to the first transistor gate and removing the epitaxial spacer layer from the second transistor gate, subsequently performing a source/drain etch process and a source/drain epitaxial process to form source/drain epitaxial regions in the substrate adjacent to the first and second gates, such that the first source/drain epitaxial regions are separated from the first gate by a lateral space which is at least 2 nanometers larger than a second lateral space separating the second source/drain epitaxial regions from the second gate. An integrated circuit formed by the recited process..
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Memory cell comprising non-self-aligned horizontal and vertical control gates

The present disclosure relates to a memory cell comprising a vertical selection gate extending in a trench made in a substrate, a floating gate extending above the substrate, and a horizontal control gate extending above the floating gate, wherein the floating gate also extends above a portion of the vertical selection gate over a non-zero overlap distance. Application mainly to the production of a split gate memory cell programmable by hot-electron injection..
Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

Three dimensional nand device with channel located on three sides of lower select gate and making thereof

A select gate transistor for a nand device includes a select gate electrode having a first side, a second side, and top and a bottom, a semiconductor channel located adjacent to the first side, the second side and the bottom of the select gate electrode, and a gate insulating layer located between the channel and the first side, the second side and the bottom of the select gate electrode.. .
Sandisk Technologies Llc

Selective removal of charge-trapping layer for select gate transistor and dummy memory cells in 3d stacked memory

Fabrication techniques for a three-dimensional stack memory device remove the charge-trapping material from the select gate transistors and the dummy memory cells to avoid unintentional programming which increases the threshold voltage. In one approach, a stack is formed with a sacrificial material for the a) control gate layers of the select gate transistors and the dummy memory cells and the b) control gate layers of the data memory cells.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Three dimensional nand flash with self-aligned select gate

An integrated circuit may include a pillar of semiconductor material, a field effect transistor having a channel that is formed in the pillar of semiconductor material, and two or more memory cells, stacked vertically on top of the field effect transistor, and having channels that are formed in the pillar semiconductor of material.. .
Intel Corporation

Method for preventing floating gate variation

A method for manufacturing an embedded flash memory device is provided. Memory and logic shallow trench isolation (sti) regions respectively extend into memory and logic regions of a substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Structure and method to reduce polysilicon loss from flash memory devices during replacement gate (rpg) process in integrated circuits

The present disclosure relates to an integrated circuit (ic), including, a flash memory device region, including a pair of split-gate flash memory cells arranged over a semiconductor substrate. The pair of split gate flash memory cells respectively have a control gate (cg) including a polysilicon gate and an overlying silicide layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Memory device and electronic device

A selection operation is performed for individual memory cells. A device includes a first memory cell and a second memory cell provided in the same row as the first memory cell, each of which includes a field-effect transistor having a first gate and a second gate.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Process for fabricating soi transistors for an increased integration density

A process for fabricating field-effect transistors, including providing a first semiconductor band surmounted with a first semiconductor layer; providing a second semiconductor band surmounted with a second semiconductor layer; providing a buried insulating layer; providing a deep trench isolation passing through the buried insulating layer and isolating the first semiconductor band from the second semiconductor band; etching the first semiconductor band so as to form a first row of semiconductor islands; etching the second semiconductor band so as to form a second row of semiconductor islands; and forming sacrificial gates on the first semiconductor layer and on the second semiconductor layer.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Spacer shaper formation with conformal dielectric film for void free pmd gap fill

An integrated circuit may be formed by removing source/drain spacers from offset spacers on sidewalls of mos transistor gates, forming a contact etch stop layer (cesl) spacer layer on lateral surfaces of the mos transistor gates, etching back the cesl spacer layer to form sloped cesl spacers on the lateral surfaces of the mos transistor gates with heights of ¼ to ¾ of the mos transistor gates, forming a cesl over the sloped cesl spacers, the mos transistor gates and the intervening substrate, and forming a pmd layer over the cesl.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Optical information reproduction device and optical information reproduction method

Provided are an optical information reproduction device and a method therefor with which the influence of reference light reflected from the surface of a disk can be reduced, thereby enabling data to be reproduced in a stable manner in an optical information reproduction device that uses holography. The information reproduction device, which reproduces from a recording medium information that has been recorded on the recording medium by the formation of a hologram, is equipped with: a light output unit that emits laser light; an optical system that generates reference light from the laser light emitted from the light output unit; an objective lens that reproduction signal light reproduced by the reference light with which the recording medium has been irradiated enters; a light detector that receives the reproduction signal light propagated by the objective lens; a medium-reflected light reduction unit that reduces the amount of medium-reflected light (generated when the recording medium reflects the reference light) with which the light detector is irradiated; and a control unit that controls the operation of the information reproduction device..
Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

Three dimensional navigation among photos

An exemplary method for navigating among photos includes determining, using one or more computing devices, visual characteristics of a person depicted in a first image associated with a first location. These visual characteristics of the person are detected in a second image associated with a second location.
Google Inc.

Exterior hybrid photo mapping

Embodiments disclosed pertain to the use of user equipment (ue) for the generation of a 3d exterior envelope of a structure based on captured images and a measurement set associated with each captured image. In some embodiments, a sequence of exterior images of a structure is captured and a corresponding measurement set comprising inertial measurement unit (imu) measurements, wireless measurements (including global navigation satellite (gnss) measurements) and/or other non-wireless sensor measurements may be obtained concurrently.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Social networking system data exchange

An online publisher provides content items such as advertisements to users. To enable publishers to provide content items to users who meet targeting criteria of the content items, an exchange server aggregates data about the users.
Facebook, Inc.

Analytical functionality selecting relevant market research data for global reporting

Embodiments provide methods and systems configured to consolidate market research data from a plurality of sources (e.g., regional providers) into a single data warehouse suited for global reporting purposes. Accordingly an engine is provided in communication with a plurality of underlying databases each comprising market research data.

Managing technology elements and associated obligations

In certain embodiments, a system for managing an inventory of obligations comprises a database configured to store associations between obligations, technology elements, and contacts related to the obligations and the technology elements. The system further comprises an interface operable to receive an identification of a first obligation and a processor operable to identify a first technology element and a first contact, wherein the first technology element and the first contact are associated with the first obligation and the interface is further operable to receive an indication of a modification to the first technology element.
Bank Of America Corporation

Business intelligence computing system with offline usage

Data is exported by at least one remote computing system to a client computing device that includes a state description characterizing a navigation state of a business intelligence (bi) application executing on the client computing device that interacts with the at least one remote computing system having at least one associated data source. Thereafter, the at least one remote computing system adjusts a query view state to retrieve a data set corresponding to the current navigation state.

Method and interactive mobile device guidance

Described are a method and system that remotely instructs and guides end users of mobile devices to navigate through its various functions and configurations. The system comprises a repository, a control center, and an intelligent client on the mobile device, where the control center and mobile device operate in a client-server relationship and are in communication during a help session.
Aetherpal Inc.

Relevancy-based smart page navigation within application interface

Embodiments provide relevancy-based smart page navigation within an application interface. A container is associated with each page of the interface (e.g., as represented by a tree topology).

Augmented optical waveguide for use in an optical touch sensitive device

An optical touch-sensitive device is able to determine the locations of multiple simultaneous touch events. The optical touch-sensitive device includes multiple emitters and detectors coupled with an optical coupler assembly through a waveguide on the surface on the optical-touch sensitive device.
Rapt Ip Limited

Optical navigation chip, optical navigation module and optical encoder

The present disclosure illustrates an optical navigation chip. The optical navigation chip is disposed on an optical navigation module.
Pixart Imaging Inc.

Pinch and hold gesture navigation on a head-mounted display

A system for performing a pinch and hold gesture is described. The system includes a head-mounted display (hmd) and a glove, which is worn by a hand of the user.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Systems and methods for determining the status and details of a traffic light

Systems and methods use cameras to provide autonomous navigation features. In one implementation, a traffic light detection system is provided for a vehicle.
Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.

Bayonet force booster for add-on lens

An add-on lens assembly supporting an add-on lens for a camera includes a locking mechanism actuatable by the user in order to increase the attachment force between the lens and the camera. The add-on lens assembly may include a rotatable lock ring having a cam pin that navigates along a surface of a cam such that when the lock ring is rotated, the cam pin causes the cam to translate axially.
Fluke Corporation

Vertical output couplers for photonic devices

A method forms a vertical output coupler for a waveguide that propagates light along a horizontal propagation direction, through a waveguide material that overlies a buried oxide layer. The method includes etching the waveguide to remove a portion of the waveguide.
Skorpios Technologies, Inc.

Illumination apparatus and illumination system

An illumination apparatus including a light-emitting unit and an apparatus-holding section. The light-emitting unit includes a light guide plate with a center portion being opened, a light source that inputs light from a side of an inner wall of the light guide plate, and a reflective film formed on a side of an upper surface of the light guide plate to reflect light propagated in the light guide plate.
Sony Corporation

Robust and resilient timing architecture for critical infrastructure

A device for transmitting synchronized timing including a receiver, a transmitter, one or more processors, memory, and one or more programs, wherein the one or more programs are stored in the memory and configured to be executed by the one or more processors, the programs including instructions for receiving through the receiver a timing signal comprising first time information that is synchronized to a time standard, determining second time information based at least partially on the first time information, composing a message formatted in accordance with a global navigation satellite system (gnss) standard, wherein the message comprises the second time information, and transmitting the message through the transmitter on a radio signal having a frequency in the frequency modulation (fm) radio frequency band.. .
The Mitre Corporation

Using code minus carrier measurements to mitigate spatial decorrelation errors caused by ionosphere delays

A ground-based augmentation system (gbas) includes a plurality of global navigation satellite system (gnss) reference receivers configured to receive and process gnss satellite measurements. The gbas further includes at least one processing module communicatively coupled to the plurality of gnss reference receivers, configured to: determine a respective ionosphere quality metric along lines of sight for of observable gnss satellites using code minus carrier measurements from the observable gnss satellites; define one or more valid ionosphere regions where at least one respective ionosphere quality metric meets a threshold; determine which of the observable gnss satellites have an ionosphere pierce point within the one or more valid ionosphere regions; and output at least one overbounded vertical ionosphere gradient standard deviation (σvig) corresponding to the one or more valid ionosphere regions and an indication of which observable gnss satellites have an ionosphere pierce point within the one or more valid ionosphere regions..
Honeywell International Inc.

Flowmeter and method

A flowmeter for detecting fluid flow rates in a pipe includes a tube having a channel disposed in the pipe through which fluid in the pipe flows. The flowmeter includes an upstream transducer in contact with the pipe and positioned so plane waves generated by the upstream transducer propagates through the channel.
Cameron International Corporation

Vehicle position estimation system, device, method, and camera device

An onboard control device that is installed at a vehicle acquires land mark information including position information of a landmark which can be recognized on a road in which the vehicle is estimated to travel by a camera, a landmark image for recognition, a recognition evaluation value that represents ease of the recognition successfully performed and so on, and selects a landmark to be a subject for recognition based on the recognition evaluation value included in the landmark information. The onboard control device further evaluates the recognition results of the landmark to be a subject for recognition, and transmits the recognition results to the server with the landmark image recognized by the camera.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Methods and attribute-based navigation

Various embodiments of methods and apparatus for attribute-based navigation are disclosed. In one embodiment, responsive to a request for a location having a variable attribute, a destination is selected based at least in part upon a value of the variable attribute.
Safe Path Technologies, Llc

Iterative kalman smoother for robust 3d localization for vision-aided inertial navigation

A vision-aided inertial navigation system (vins) is described in which a filter-based sliding-window estimator implements an iterative kalman smoother (iks) to track the 3d motion of a vins system, such as a mobile device, in real-time using visual and inertial measurements.. .
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

Velocity calculation device, velocity calculation method, and navigation device

A velocity calculation device includes: a vertical direction acceleration detection portion that is mounted on a vehicle and detects an acceleration in a vertical direction generated correspondingly to undulation of a road surface; a horizontal direction angular velocity detection portion that is mounted on the vehicle and detects an angular velocity about a horizontal axis orthogonal to a travel direction of the vehicle generated correspondingly to the undulation of the road surface; and a velocity calculation portion that calculates a velocity in the travel direction of the vehicle on the basis of the acceleration in the vertical direction and the angular velocity about the horizontal axis.. .
Sony Corporation

Transitioning from stationary alignment mode to in-motion alignment mode

A navigation system to transition from a stationary alignment filter to an in-motion alignment filter is provided. The system comprises a processing unit configured to implement a stationary alignment kalman filter (sakf) in gyrocompass alignment mode to generate state estimates and provide corrections when the object is stationary, and to implement an algorithm to compute a covariance for the sakf that accounts for uncertainty in the sakf estimates; wherein the processing unit is further configured to implement a continuous alignment filter (caf) that generates a secondary solution which remains unaffected by the sakf corrections during a delay period accommodating a delay between the time of actual motion to the time of detected motion, and to implement an algorithm to compute a covariance for caf that accounts for the uncertainty in caf during delay period; and wherein outputs of the caf and its covariance are communicated to an in-motion alignment filter..
Honeywell International Inc.

Phosphor based lighting devices and generating a light output

The invention provides a lighting device having a photo-excited phosphor layer, with two monochromatic light beams (1, 1a, 1b) that counter propagate within the phosphor layer (2) thereby providing a destructive interference of the excitation light outside the phosphor layer (2). The excitation light source has an output wavelength greater than a peak absorption wavelength of the phosphor.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Adsorbents in compressed gas storage system

A method of forming a pressure vessel including adsorbent materials comprises forming a continuous liner defining a central bore, aligning a screw within the central bore; and distributing adsorbent materials within the central bore using the screw. A method of forming adsorbent materials for installation in a continuous pressure vessel comprises encasing a support structure within a permeable liner and distributing adsorbent materials between the support structure and the permeable liner.
Hecr, Llc

Gate valve

Disclosed is a gate valve which comprises a valve blade 120 which is configured to close the opening 112 in a valve housing 110; a valve rod 130 which is connected to the valve blade 120 and is configured to move in upward and downward directions and a horizontal direction; a guide housing 140 which is connected to an outer side of the valve housing 110; an l-motion block 150 which is engaged and connected to the valve rod 130, with a guide roller 151 being installed at both sides of the l-motion block 150; a cam block 160 which is installed in the interior of the guide housing 140; a driving rod engaging roller 172 which is installed at an lower end of the valve rod 130; a driving rod 170 in which the driving rod engaging roller 172 is inserted and guided and which has a driving rod slanted groove 171 obliquely formed in a closing direction “c” in a downward direction; an elasticity providing unit 175 which is configured to provide elasticity between the l-motion block 150 and the driving rod 170; and an upward and downward driving unit 180 which drives upward and downward the driving rod 170.. .
Presys Co., Ltd.

Wave actuator

A two dimensional structure such as a disk or belt is shaped or distorted to form a buckling wave. At least one contact touches the wave, two contacts squeezing the wave between them providing a firmer connection.
Genesis Advanced Technology Inc.

Wave actuator

A two dimensional structure such as a disk or belt is shaped or distorted to form a buckling wave. At least one contact touches the wave, two contacts squeezing the wave between them providing a firmer connection.
Genesis Advanced Technology Inc.

Position control of flow control valves near endstops

Techniques for learning endstop position(s) of an actuator for a wastegate valve include detecting a learn condition and, in response to detecting the learn condition, performing a learn procedure for the actuator endstop position(s). The learn procedure includes commanding the actuator to a desired position past the endstop position corresponding to a fully-closed wastegate valve while rate-limiting a velocity of the actuator.

Hydraulic excavator

A hydraulic excavator includes a revolving unit revolvably mounted on a traveling unit. A counterweight is disposed on a rear end part of the revolving unit.
Komatsu Ltd.

Lint cleaning system for cotton processing

The lint cleaning system is a modified jet-type lint cleaner that includes a supplemental air control vane. The supplemental air control vane (among other things) segregates discharged foreign materials from incoming supplemental air so that the incoming supplemental air is not contaminated by the discharged materials.
Bayer Cropscience

Methods for selectively amplifying and tagging nucleic acids

Methods for adding sequence tags during amplification of a nucleic acid target are provided. The target is amplified using two sets of primers that are modified such that only tagged targets can ligate to hairpin adapters that protect them from subsequent exonuclease treatment.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.

Method for propagating adenoviral vectors encoding inhibitory gene products

The invention provides a method of propagating an adenoviral vector. The method comprises (a) providing a cell comprising a cellular genome comprising a nucleic acid sequence encoding a tetracycline operon repressor protein (tetr), and (b) contacting the cell with an adenoviral vector comprising a heterologous nucleic acid sequence encoding a toxic protein.
Genvec, Inc.

High temperature selection of nucleotide-supported carbohydrate vaccines and resulting glycosylated oligonucleotides

The invention relates to an oligonucleotide including one or more modified nucleoside bases having the structure -b-l-a wherein for each of the modified nucleosides a is independently a monosaccharide or oligosaccharide, l is a linker molecule, and b is independently a pyrimidine or pyridine base linked to the sugar-phosphate backbone of the oligonucleotide; and wherein the oligonucleotide binds specifically to a carbohydrate-binding monoclonal antibody with an affinity of less than 100 nm. Immunogenic conjugates that include the oligonucleotide, and pharmaceutical compositions that include the oligonucleotide or the immunogenic conjugate are also disclosed.
Brandeis University

Method for preparation of a dual phase filler for elastomers

A method for preparation of a dual phase filler for elastomers for manufacturing technical rubber items, including such for microwave protection. The method involves the following stages: first stage—1/10 of the silicasol impregnating solution obtained by its dilution in distilled water at a 1:10 ratio is pulverized over the carbon black at constant stirring; second stage—the carbon black pulverized with the silicasol impregnating solution is let stay in air at room temperature for 24 hours; third stage: a two-step thermal activation in a drying cabinet is carried out—at first at 80° c.
King Abdulaziz University

Multivalent glycopeptides that tightly bind to target proteins

The invention relates to a glycopolypeptide that includes one or more modified amino acid residues having a sidechain comprising a monosaccharide or an oligosaccharide, wherein the glycopolypeptide binds specifically to a carbohydrate-binding monoclonal antibody with an affinity of less than 100 nm. Immunogenic conjugates that include the glycopolypeptide, and pharmaceutical compositions that include the glycopolypeptide or the immunogenic conjugate are also disclosed.
Brandeis University

Receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor 1 (ror1) single chain fv antibody fragment conjugates and methods of use thereof

Compositions including an antibody single-chain variable fragment (scfv) conjugate that specifically binds to ror1 tumor-associated antigen are provided. The anti-ror1 scfv antibody and conjugates may include a biologically-active molecule.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Graphitization furnace, system, and graphitization method

A graphitization furnace has a furnace structure including a support part within a furnace chamber, and a gate valve. The gate valve in an open state thereof after a graphitization process dumps a pack material within the furnace chamber in a state in which carbon bodies are located within the furnace chamber, and the support part catches the carbon bodies as a level of the carbon bodies lowers with a decrease in an amount of the pack material remaining within the furnace chamber..
Showa Denko K.k.

Drone-based microbial analysis system

A drone-based microbial analysis system includes an electronic drone control facility including an electronic storage memory device. The storage memory device stores information including a location of at least one possible contaminated area previously determined to contain at least one positively-tested microbe.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for reliable relative navigation and autonomous following between unmanned aerial vehicle and a target object

A method for navigating an airborne device relative to a target comprises detecting, at an optical detector on the airborne device, an optical signal generated by one or more leds on the target. The method also comprises comparing, by a processor on the airborne device, the detected optical signal with a previously-detected optical signal.
Google Inc.

Navigation controllers for a vehicle including watercraft

A navigation controller for a vehicle comprises a grip member configured and dimensioned to be grabbed by a hand of a user. A mount is provided for mounting the grip member to a steering wheel of the vehicle.

Integrated grab bar and navigation controller

A navigation controller for a watercraft enables an operator to safely control the vessel even when in rough seas. A grip member and control head act as an integrated grab bar to be grabbed by a hand of a user and transfer the force to a mount.

Method and system for a towed vessel suitable for transporting liquids

A towed vessel suitable for containing and transporting various liquids is disclosed. The vessel further comprises various features useful in the transportation, navigation, and storage of the towable vessel, both when in use for transporting fluids and when transported in an emptied state.

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