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 Mobile communication system, gateway device, core network device, and communication method patent thumbnailMobile communication system, gateway device, core network device, and communication method
This mobile communication system has a portable terminal, a base station that wirelessly communicates with the portable terminal, a gateway device that connects the base station to a core network, and a core network device that is installed in the core network and that performs mobility management of the portable terminal. The core network device sends to the gateway device information for determining whether selected internet protocol traffic offload (sipto) has been activated.
Nec Corporation

 Carrier aggregation scheduling apparatus, carrier aggregation scheduling method, and base station patent thumbnailCarrier aggregation scheduling apparatus, carrier aggregation scheduling method, and base station
A carrier aggregation apparatus includes a first carrier aggregation scheduler, which is configured to receive user information of a first user equipment ue, carrier information for carrier aggregation, and information about a first baseband board and to schedule carriers according to the user information of the first ue, the carrier information for carrier aggregation, and the information about the first baseband board. The scheduling result indicates carriers used for the first ue..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Method and  time or frequency synchronization in non-geosynchronous satellite communication systems patent thumbnailMethod and time or frequency synchronization in non-geosynchronous satellite communication systems
Method and apparatus for time or frequency synchronization of radio signals transmitted by user terminals in communication with a gateway through a satellite is provided. The satellite may be part of a non-synchronous satellite communication system, such as a low-earth orbit (leo) satellite communication system for data, voice or video communications.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Communication system with multi band gateway patent thumbnailCommunication system with multi band gateway
A satellite includes a first communication path for communicating with one or more gateways using a first frequency band while communicating with a set of the user terminals using a user frequency band and a second communication path for communicating with the one or more gateways using a second frequency band while communicating with at least a subset of the user terminals using the user frequency band. The second frequency band has a lower capacity than the first frequency band.
Space Systems/loral, Llc

 Handing over a data bearer between access networks patent thumbnailHanding over a data bearer between access networks
It is presented a method for handing over a data bearer for traffic of an ifom packet data connection between a packet data network and a mobile terminal from one access network to another access network. The method is performed in a packet data network gateway, and comprises the steps of: receiving a handover message, the handover message comprising a request to handover a source data bearer for the mobile terminal from a first access network to a second access network, wherein the first access network is a 3gpp network and the second access network is a non-3gpp network, or vice versa; transmitting a first routing rule; applying the first routing rule for downlink traffic; and establishing, when there is no matching data bearer, a new data bearer over the second access network, the new data bearer having a second routing rule matching the first routing rule..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Method and system for defending a mobile network from a fraud patent thumbnailMethod and system for defending a mobile network from a fraud
A system and method for defending a mobile network from a fraud committed via gtp is disclosed. According to one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes receiving receives information associated with a gtp request from a serving node to a gateway node in a mobile network.
Yaana Technologies, Llc

 Secure data communication system between iot smart devices and a network gateway under internet of thing environment patent thumbnailSecure data communication system between iot smart devices and a network gateway under internet of thing environment
This invention disclosure describes protocols that guarantees a secure communication and even, secure decoding even inside a network gateway. The main concept includes how to generate the seed used for generating a session key.

 Access method, system, and device of terminal, and computer storage medium patent thumbnailAccess method, system, and device of terminal, and computer storage medium
The present disclosure discloses a terminal access method, system and device, and a computer storage medium. The method comprises: after establishing an wifi connection with a wireless gateway, a terminal sends a terminal identity verification request and a gateway identity verification request to the wireless gateway; and after confirming that the terminal identity verification and gateway identity verification succeed, accesses to a wireless broadband network through the wifi connection..
Zte Corporation

 Mobile communication method patent thumbnailMobile communication method
To protect a key (k_enb-int) and a key (k_enb-enc) that are used in a radio base station (menb), even when a malicious third party has stolen a key (k_senb) from a radio base station (senb). A mobile communication method according to the present invention includes, upon starting “inter-enb ca” configured such that downlink data is distributed to the radio base station (menb) and the radio base station (senb) by a serving gateway device (s-gw), generating, by the radio base station (menb), the key (k_senb) based on a key (kenb) and transmitting the key (ksenb) to the radio base station (senb), and generating, by the radio base station (senb), a key (k_senb-enc) and a key (k senb-int) used for communication with a mobile station (ue) in the “inter-enb ca”, based on the key (k_senb)..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

 Push notifications for a gateway device and associated devices patent thumbnailPush notifications for a gateway device and associated devices
A gateway device is enabled to initiate sending of push notifications to an associated device. The push notifications can be sent even when a gateway device related application is not running on the device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Web gateway multi-carrier support

The present invention provides multi-carrier support in a wireless internet gateway (wig) that allows the wig to send messages to any number of ‘peer’ gateways on the internet in a conveniently reconfigurable manner. The disclosed embodiments include a ‘message distribution center’ (mdc), through which short messages can be routed to the gateways of other wireless carriers based on carrier formats stored in an abstracted carrier format table.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

Internet protocol (ip) to video-on-demand (vod) gateway

A media server is hosted in a service provider's network so that media content can be stored from or rendered to a private network such as a digital living network alliance network. Media content may be stored by accessing the media server or by downloading the media content to the media server.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Multi-screen video user interface

Methods and systems for implementing multi-screen video user interfaces. A handheld device is used to search for content to be displayed on a television.
Apple Inc.

Remote behavior navigation system and processing method thereof

There are provided a remote behavior navigation system and a method thereof, which allow an instructor at a remote location to perform guidance to a worker while watching a work video picture of the worker. Corresponding to a video picture from a worker-side camera at time t1, an instructor-side computer extracts a work instruction video picture from a video picture of an instructor-side camera at time t2.
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science

Ss7 isup to sip based call signaling conversion gateway for wireless voip e911

An ss7-based call protocol conversion gateway that translates between circuit-switched ss7 protocols and session initiation protocol (sip) oriented protocol, allowing an e911 call initiated over a switched network to be routed by a voip network. The ss7-based call protocol conversion gateway provides a psap with msag quality (street address) information about a voip dual mode phone user without the need for a wireless carrier to invest in building out an entire voip core.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

Using secondary channel information to provide for gateway recording

Systems and methods for using secondary communication channel information, such as rtcp information to facilitate correlating business information to allow gateway recording. Using information in this secondary communication channel the recording system can correlate the business metadata either directly (e.g., using a phone extension) or through one or more indirect operations (e.g., a call id-to-universal call id-to-phone extension).
Verint Americas Inc.

Optical navigation module with decoration light using interference avoidance method

A method of eliminating interference at an optical sensor of a mobile device that receives light from multiple light sources. The mobile device includes an optical navigation module having a cover and an illumination device disposed around the periphery of the cover.
Blackberry Limited

Social content aggregation

A method and system for delivering a service is provided. The method includes enabling a social application container computer system from an end user device, via an application program interface (api) executing in the social application container computer system invoked by an application running on the end user device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Small-capacity ims core system

A small-capacity ims core is a system that provides support so that a group customer using an ims service can manage a pots system and an internet telephone system in parallel and can manage a non-ims terminal. This system includes a main control unit (mcu) configured to provide only functions that belong to the functions of an mcu ims structure and that are required for a group customer, a line interface unit (liu) configured to be used to extend physical ports of the mcu and a pots, a sip gateway configured to convert a standard sip message into an ims message, and an fmc controller configured to provide support in order to enable a wireless terminal, such as a wireless ims terminal/smartphone, to be used in a mobile environment.
Core Tree Co., Ltd.

System and information security threat disruption via a border gateway

A system and method for disrupting an information security threat that constitutes an attack on a computer asset in a computer network is provided. The provided system and method disrupts this information security threat after the attack on the computer asset has been detected by at least one of the monitoring devices on the affected computer network.
Certis Cisco Security Pte. Ltd.

End-to-end authentication at the service layer using public keying mechanisms

In a machine-to-machine/internet-of-things environment, end-to-end authentication of devices separated by multiple hops is achieved via direct or delegated/intermediated negotiations using pre-provisioned hop-by-hop credentials, uniquely generated hop-by-hop credentials, and-or public key certificates, whereby remote resources and services may be discovered via single-hop communications, and then secure communications with the remote resources may be established using secure protocols appropriate to the resources and services and capabilities of end devices, and communication thereafter conducted directly without the overhead or risks engendered hop-by-hop translation.. .
Convida Wireless, Llc

Intelligent deliverable message annotation

Enabling recipients to share tags that they associate with received e-mails includes receiving an e-mail from a sending user addressed to a receiving user, the e-mail including a header and a body and being capable of supporting attachments to the e-mail that are distinct of the body. The receiving user is enabled to perceive the e-mail and associate at least one tag with the e-mail, the at least one tag being a textual descriptor for the received e-mail distinct from the header, body, and attachments of the received e-mail.
Aol Inc.

Modification of computing resource behavior based on aggregated monitoring information

A computer system deploys monitoring agents that monitor the status and health of the computing resources. An analysis engine aggregates and analyzes event information from monitoring agents in order to support self-configuration, self-healing, self-optimization, and self-protection for managing the computer resources.
Bank Of America Corporation

Method and device for configuring and managing network element equipment, and network element equipment

Provided are a method and device for configuring and managing network element equipment, and network element equipment. The method includes that: a management internet protocol (ip) address is generated according to network element parameter information; an interior gateway protocol (igp) is started, and a network management virtual routing forwarding (vrf) and at least one peer to peer (p2p) type port is created; the management ip address of an adjacent network element and a medium access control (mac) address of the adjacent network element are learned; and network element equipment configuration and management information issued by a network management system is received.
Zte Corporation

Home control gateway and home control method thereof

A home control gateway and a home control method are provided. The home control gateway includes a microprocessor unit, a first communication circuit, a second communication circuit, and a gateway management module.
Proeasy Network Solutions Co., Ltd.

Network access gateway

The present disclosure pertains to systems and methods for utilizing network access gateways to control access to devices or sub-networks. More particularly, but not exclusively, the present disclosure describes network access gateways configured to enable or disable communications circuits in a communication path or alter a network topology.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Wireless communication system

Methods and apparatus for communicating with the internet via a gateway are disclosed. The gateway may be a radio access network (ran) gateway.
Signal Trust For Wireless Innovation

Interleaved communication with resource providers and a home area network

Systems and methods are disclosed for interleaving communications with a home area network (han) and a data network. A gateway device interleaves communications within timeslots of a time slotted channel hopping protocol.
Landis+gyr Innovations, Inc.

Secondary cell activation/deactivation in carrier aggregation

In one embodiment, a method of operating a radio access node is provided. The method comprises determining whether support from a secondary cell is required for a wireless device to communicate with the radio access node, and, in response to determining that support from the secondary cell is required, calculating a modified channel condition outer-loop value for the secondary cell; and using the modified channel condition outer-loop value in an initial activation decision step for the secondary cell, the initial activation decision step may comprise activating the secondary cell in response to determining that the sum of a device reported channel condition value and the modified channel condition outer-loop value is above an activation threshold.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Data transmission method and apparatus

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a data transmission method and apparatus. The data transmission method includes: performing, by a packet data convergence protocol pdcp entity, lossless transmission on pdcp protocol data units pdus or pdcp service data units sdus, where each of the pdcp pdus or the sdus is associated with one serial number.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and spectral efficient data transmission in satellite systems

A communication satellite system provides for spectral efficient data transmissions by a gateway to multiple user terminals by way of a satellite. The gateway transmits multiple blocks in a single slot, each block intended for one of the user terminals, where each block is encoded and modulated according to a scheme that may be different for each intended user terminal.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Transmitter for carrier aggregation

Provided is a transmitter. The transmitter includes a signal combiner configured to amplify a first differential radio frequency (rf) signal modulated to be transmitted through a first frequency band and a second differential rf signal modulated to be transmitted through a second frequency band non-adjacent to the first frequency band and summate the amplified first differential rf signal and the amplified second differential rf signal in a current mode to generate an rf signal and a power amplifier configured to amplify the generated rf signal..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Vector currents controller for salient pole synchronous machine

A control system for an alternating current (ac) machine having a rotor and a stator is disclosed. The control system may include a direct current (dc) link providing a variable dc link voltage; an inverter module operatively coupled between the dc link and the ac machine, and a controller in communication with the inverter module.
Caterpillar Inc.

Antenna providing mimo and carrier aggregation for mobile devices

Multi-element antenna apparatus for mobile devices and methods of utilizing the same. In one embodiment, the antenna apparatus includes three antenna elements configured to operate in a plurality of frequency bands.
Pulse Finland Oy

Divot-free planarization dielectric layer for replacement gate

After formation of a silicon nitride gate spacer and a silicon nitride liner overlying a disposable gate structure, a dielectric material layer is deposited, which includes a dielectric material that is not prone to material loss during subsequent exposure to wet or dry etch chemicals employed to remove disposable gate materials in the disposable gate structure. The dielectric material can be a spin-on dielectric material or can be a dielectric metal oxide material.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for the formation of a finfet device having a partially dielectric isolated fin structure

A semiconductor material is patterned to define elongated fins insulated from an underlying substrate. A polysilicon semiconductor material is deposited over and in between the elongated fins, and is patterned to define elongated gates extending to perpendicularly cross over the elongated fins at a transistor channel.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

Metallic etch stop layer in a three-dimensional memory structure

A dielectric liner, a bottom conductive layer, and a stack of alternating layers including insulator layers and spacer material layers are sequentially formed over a substrate. A memory opening extending through the stack can be formed by an anisotropic etch process that employs the bottom conductive layer as an etch stop layer.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Salicided structure to integrate a flash memory device with a high k, metal gate logic device

An integrated circuit for an embedded flash memory device is provided. A semiconductor substrate includes a memory region and a logic region adjacent to the memory region.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Transistors patterned with electrostatic discharge protection and methods of fabrication

High-voltage semiconductor devices with electrostatic discharge (esd) protection and methods of fabrication are provided. The semiconductor devices include a plurality of transistors on a substrate patterned with one or more common gates extending across a portion of the substrate, and a plurality of first s/d contacts and a plurality of second s/d contacts associated with the common gate(s).
Globalfoundries Inc.

Sheet-like structure, electronic equipment using the same, fabrication sheet-like structure and electronic equipment

A sheet-like structure has a plurality of linear carbon chains extending in a first direction, a phase change material in which tip ends of the linear carbon chains are embedded, and a plurality of aggregates formed at root ends of the linear carbon chains and not covered with the phase change material, the aggregates being distributed in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction with less localization than the tip ends.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Contact formation for split gate flash memory

An integrated circuit structure includes a plurality of flash memory cells forming a memory array, wherein each of the plurality of flash memory cells includes a select gate and a memory gate. A select gate electrode includes a first portion including polysilicon, wherein the first portion forms select gates of a column of the memory array, and a second portion electrically connected to the first portion, wherein the second portion includes a metal.
Taiwan Semicoductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Semiconductor memory device

A semiconductor memory device includes memory cells, word lines that are electrically connected to gates of the memory cells, a source line that is electrically connected to one end of the memory cells, and a controller that executes a read operation over first, second, third, and fourth time periods. A first voltage is applied to a selected word line during the first and second time periods of the first operation, and a second voltage that is higher than the first voltage is applied to the selected word line during the third and fourth time periods of the second operation.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Memory refresh methods, memory section control circuits, and apparatuses

Apparatuses, memory section control circuits, and methods of refreshing memory are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a plurality of memory sections and a plurality of memory section control circuits.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Electronic device and controlling navigation in a video

An electronic device comprises a display to output a video, a user interface for controlling a navigation in the video along a time axis, and a processing device. The processing device is configured, when operating in an operating mode in which an object shown in a plurality of frames of the video is selected by a user input, to determine a magnitude of a speed vector of the object, and to apply a time scaling factor which depends on the determined magnitude of the speed vector of the object to the navigation along the time axis..
Sony Corporation

Voice command definitions used in launching application with a command

A voice command definition file (vcdf) declaratively defines voice commands for an application. For example, the vcdf may include definitions for: voice commands; one or more phrases/utterances that may be said to execute each of the commands; a navigation location to navigate to within the application (e.g.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Gate driving circuit and display module

A gate driving circuit for providing a scan signal to a lcd panel is disclosed. The gate driving circuit includes at least one positive level shifter, at least one negative level shifter, a pair of p-type transistor and an n-type transistor.
Sitronix Technology Corp.

Insurance enabled hybrid gaming system

An insurance enabled hybrid gaming system is disclosed. The insurance enabled hybrid gaming system includes a terminal with an entertainment software engine constructed to receive from a player a contribution of a credit and provide an entertainment game.
Gamblit Gaming, Llc

Map image display device, navigation device, and map image display method

In a case where a specific point is designated on a map, extracted structure data, which is data of structures contained in an extraction range defined in advance with respect to the specific point as a datum, is extracted from map data. In a case where multiple extracted structure data items are extracted, at least one structure, the evaluated value of which is different from evaluated values of other structures by a selection threshold value or greater for a selection index, is selected as a landmark structure.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

System and auction-based transfer of financial instruments

System and methods for trading and managing special purpose contracts of privately held assets via crowdfunding portals. The invention includes creating financial instruments for use by approved parties involving equity ownership, debt obligations or revenue sharing agreements of an underlying hard asset/business.
Cf Innovations Group Inc.

System to configure and manage multiple gateway connections in a network

Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods, and computer program products for configuring and managing multiple gateway connections in a network. The system is configured to receive, using an enterprise messaging system (ems) gateway, an order from one or more clients using a distributed network of servers, wherein the order comprises a financial information exchange (fix) protocol, wherein the fix protocol comprises one or more fields, wherein each of the one or more fields comprises a tag value indicating a meaning of the field; validate the order received from the one or more clients using a central fix engine validator; transform the order received from the one or more clients into one or more corresponding actions to be executed with the financial market; and transmit, using a fix gateway connection, the transformed order to the financial market; and execute the corresponding action with the financial market..
Bank Of America Corporation

Dynamic cloud solution catalog

A cloud infrastructure is disclosed that includes: a cloud portal for providing user access to cloud resources; a cloud catalog database having a catalog list of cloud resources; a cloud catalog solution generator that populates the cloud catalog database, wherein the cloud catalog solution generator includes: a first interface process for receiving event data for resources associated within a cloud infrastructure; a second interface process for receiving usage/account information, monitored information, and document information; an aggregation system that continuously aggregates the event data with the usage/account information, monitored information, and document information to create a dynamic catalog list having supplementary information for items in the catalog list; and a third interface process for outputting the dynamic catalog list to a cloud catalog database; and a cloud catalog suggestion engine that processes user inputs entered via the cloud portal and outputs a set of suggested items from the cloud catalog database.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and systems for using device connectivity information in on-line advertising

In a processing system for facilitating on-line advertising or marketer engagement on physical user devices, a device graph specifies confidence metrics for pairs of a plurality of related devices. Specific stable user identifiers are propagated from a first set of devices to a second set of devices having unstable user identifiers based on the confidence metrics.
Turn Inc.

Guided page navigation

Configuring guided pages in this document may include preparing a columnar-based multi-domain business intelligence data set, from a plurality of sources of data that can be independently formatted, by processing the data from the plurality of sources with a data calculation engine that organizing the columns to align with user specified and/or automatically determined dimensions that are associated with a business and populating the columns with data that relates to each of the dimensions from each of the plurality of sources of data, along with at least one displayable actionable element that activates a collaboration project, associated with at least one of the dimensions, in a user interface of a business collaboration platform.. .

Quantum computing with acceptor-based qubits

A quantum computer comprises of at least one qubit formed from holes created with acceptor atoms (10) in crystalline silicon (12) and a pair of gates (14, 16) located above the acceptor atoms (10) to apply direct electric field and alternating electric field for switching, manipulating the qubit such that quantum information resulting from being manipulated is stored from decoherence.. .
Newsouth Innovations Pry Limited

Systems and methods for multiple photo feed stories

Techniques to allow for ease of navigation within a photo browsing interface of a social networking system. In one embodiment, a designation of a first image for sharing is received from within at least one of a single-image view and a camera view.

Healthcare device, healthcare gateway, and verification healthcare device

Provided is a healthcare device including a sensor unit configured to collect patient's biometric information or perform medical treatment on the patient; a communication unit configured to communicate with a healthcare gateway; a control unit configured to receive a control command from the healthcare gateway through the communication unit and control the sensor unit according to the received control command; and a device verification unit configured to receive a verification request from the healthcare gateway, verify an error of the control unit or the sensor unit in response to the received verification request, and transmit results of the verification to the healthcare gateway.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Physical aware technology mapping in synthesis

A method of performing physical aware technology mapping in a logic synthesis phase of design of an integrated circuit and a system to perform physical aware technology mapping are described. The system includes a memory device to store a logic design of the integrated circuit, and a processor to subdivide a core area representing a sub-block of the integrated circuit into equal-sized grids, the core area including one or more input ports and one or more output ports, to determine a location of each latch in a logic design based on an algorithm, to determine a location of each combinational logic gate in the logic design, and to obtain the technology mapping based on the locations of the one or more latches, the locations of the one or more combinational logic gates, and associated path delays..
International Business Machines Corporation

Physical aware technology mapping in synthesis

A method of performing physical aware technology mapping in a logic synthesis phase of design of an integrated circuit and a system to perform physical aware technology mapping are described. The method includes subdividing a core area representing a sub-block of the integrated circuit into equal-sized grids.
International Business Machines Corporation

Language and security aware search for user navigable entry points

A search user input mechanism is displayed on a user interface display. User actuation of the search user input mechanism is detected, to identify a query for a navigation structure that identifies an entry point into an application in the computing system.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Chart navigation system

A method for accessing information. Sections in a sunburst chart are displayed, by a computer system, in a graphical user interface in a display system.
Adp, Llc

Domain expertise determination

A user's domain expertise may be estimated through several factors by monitoring different aspects of a user's interaction with a web browser. Based on the user's domain expertise, search results may be presented to the user that is commensurate with their expertise, resulting in a more efficient and productive on line session.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Backup of an industrial automation plant in the cloud

Cloud-based backup provides a back up of an industrial plant comprising an industrial automation system(s) (ias(s)). A cloud-based backup component comprising a modeler component can generate a model of industrial assets of the ias(s) and relationships between industrial assets based on information obtained from the industrial assets via cloud gateways, a communication device associated with the ias(s), or another source.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Systems and methods for software scanning tool

Systems, methods, and non-transitory machine readable medium are provided for creating a structured report that aggregates information related to a plurality of source code files based on selective scanning of one or more repositories. A repository search request is received including a repository identifier, a project identifier, and a search term.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Storage apparatus, storage control method, and computer-readable recording medium for recording storage control program

A storage apparatus including a communication control unit that aggregates an oldest writing clock time for each of a plurality of storage units from a plurality of a retained pieces of information each relating to a writing clock time, calculates, for each of the plurality of storage units, a priority level having a positive correlation with a time difference between the aggregated oldest writing clock time and a predetermined reference clock time, assigns, to each of the plurality of storage units, a transmission bandwidth for transmission of at least one retained block of write data for each of the plurality of storage units among a plurality of the retained blocks of write data based on the calculated priority level, and transmits, for each of the plurality of storage units, the at least one retained block of write data to an external backup apparatus in accordance with the assigned transmission bandwidth.. .
Nec Corporation

Security system with networked touchscreen and gateway

An integrated security system integrates broadband and mobile access and control with conventional security systems and premise devices to provide a tri-mode security network that with remote connectivity and access. The integrated security system includes a touchscreen providing security keypad functionality as well as content management and presentation, and is used as a security system interface and an interface for interacting with a network.

Displaying and navigating computer-aided detection results on a review workstation

Display and navigation for multiple computer-aided detection (cad) detections is described. A medical image is displayed to a viewer, and a request is received to instantiate cad-assisted viewing.
Hologic, Inc.

Multi-dimensional video navigation system and method using interactive map paths

A processor implemented method and system are disclosed. The method includes generating, based on geographical data and associated video data, a geo-located path having an interactive segment representative of the associated video data.
Raytheon Company

Flexible, secure energy management system

Systems and techniques are disclosed for flexible, secure energy management that enable control of individual devices in a customer site's energy infrastructure, which can allow optimization (e.g., by minimizing energy cost or usage) across the infrastructure. A system management component may centralize optimization and control capabilities across the energy infrastructure by determining an energy model and directing consumption, storage, and energy draw activities for the totality of the energy infrastructure devices.
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

Method for reducing the swinging of ships, anchored or moored to a buoy, and device for the implementation thereof

A method for reducing the swinging of an anchored or moored to a buoy ship, by the suitable activation of the bow thruster and the stern thruster of the ship in accordance with the signals obtained by at least one of the following sensors: a) gyroscope, b) magnetometer, c) anemometer, d) gps, e) inertial navigation system, f) a device measuring the angle between the longitudinal axis of the ship and the vertical plane through the anchor chain of the ship, is described.. .

Autonomous data evacuation

For autonomous data evacuation, a storage device is motivated by a propulsion device. A navigation module guides the storage device to a disaster recovery target using the propulsion device in response to an evacuation signal.
International Business Machines Corporation

Cloud-based analytics for industrial automation

A cloud-based analytics engine that analyzes data relating to an industrial automation system(s) to facilitate enhancing operation of the industrial automation system(s) is presented. The analytics engine can interface with the industrial automation system(s) via a cloud gateway(s) and can analyze industrial-related data obtained from the industrial automation system(s).
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Modeling of an industrial automation environment in the cloud

A cloud-based modeler component that generates interactive models of an industrial automation system(s) (ias(s)) is presented. An interactive model facilitates remote viewing of, interaction with, troubleshooting of problems with, or optimization of industrial assets of an ias.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Cloud-based industrial controller

A cloud-based industrial controller that controls devices, processes, and other assets of an industrial automation system via control algorithms that execute on a cloud platform is presented. A cloud-based collection component collects information from the industrial automation system via cloud gateways associated with the industrial automation system or extrinsic data sources.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Pixel structure and liquid crystal panel

A pixel structure and a liquid crystal panel are disclosed. The pixel structure comprises a data line (1), a pixel electrode (3), a gate line (2), and at least two thin film transistors (4, 5) connected in series between the pixel electrode (3) and the data line (1).
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.

Light combiner for augmented reality display systems

A planar light combiner includes a planar substrate having a planar waveguide therein. The planar waveguide includes a first channel and a second channel.
Magic Leap, Inc.

Lighting device and operating a lighting device

A lighting device includes a carrier, in which a laterally extended cavity is formed, a light source arranged alongside the cavity and serving for generating light that propagates from the light source through the cavity, a fluid reservoir for receiving a fluid, and a microfluid pump, which is designed for shifting the fluid received in the fluid reservoir between the fluid reservoir and the cavity.. .
Osram Oled Gmbh

Methods, systems, and products for image displays

Methods, systems, and products illuminate display devices. An image is injected into a waveguide.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Satellite subset selection for use in monitoring the integrity of computed navigation solutions

Embodiments for satellite subset selection for use in monitoring the integrity of computed navigation solutions are disclosed. In one embodiment, a global navigation satellite system (gnss) receiver comprises: a processing device configured to: group a plurality of satellites in view of the gnss receiver into a plurality of subsets, wherein a satellite of the plurality of satellites is included in at most one subset of the plurality of subsets, wherein each subset of the plurality of subsets includes at least one satellite of the plurality of satellites and less than all satellites of the plurality of satellites, and wherein at least one subset includes more than one satellite; calculate a plurality of navigation sub-solutions, wherein each navigation sub-solution of the plurality of navigation sub-solutions is calculated with at least one different subset of the plurality of subsets excluded; and calculate a protection level..
Honeywell International Inc.

A accumulating and measuring a slowly varying electrical charge

A system for measuring electrical charge, comprising a capacitance detector (110) connected to a charge integrator (120) being an operational amplifier with capacitance (cf) feedback (130), wherein the input stage (121) of the charge integrator (120) comprises a pair of symmetrically connected complementary jfet transistors (t1, t2), the gates of which are connected to the input of the charge integrator (120), characterized in that an n-type transistor (t1) of the complementary pair of transistors (t1,t2) has its drain connected to a voltage regulating system (122).. .
Uniwersyiet Jagiellonski

Zwitterionic reagents

Zwitterion-containing compounds for the modification of hydrophobic molecules to improve their solubility and/or to lower their non-specific binding as provided. The zwitterion-containing compounds may be suitable for modification of detectable labels such as biotin and fluorescein to improve their solubility.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

Patient selection inflammation

The invention relates to methods and compositions for the selection of patients for therapy with an anti-inflammatory drug. More particularly, the invention relates to compositions comprising folate-imaging agent conjugates for the selection of patients for therapy with an anti-inflammatory drug, and methods and uses therefor..
Purdue Research Foundation

Gat topics:
  • Brush Assembly
  • Extensible
  • Longitudinal Direction
  • Variable Length
  • Integrated Circuit
  • Semiconductor
  • Distributed
  • Optical Component
  • Ophthalmic
  • Nanoparticle
  • Interrupted
  • Transverse

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