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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gat-related patents
 Method and system for data flow management of user equipment in a tunneling packet data network patent thumbnailMethod and system for data flow management of user equipment in a tunneling packet data network
A data replication system of a communication network is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the data replication system includes a replication gateway node and a replication control system located in one or more of a visited network and a home network.
Yaana Technologies, Inc.

 Method and apparatus of supporting wireless femtocell communications patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus of supporting wireless femtocell communications
A method and apparatus of routing a call in a femtocell network are disclosed. In one example call routing method, a call is originated from the mobile station via a femtocell access point and the call is transmitted to a femtocell gateway, a mobile switching center and a carrier gateway server and onto an enterprise gateway server to obtain policy information.
Tango Networks, Inc.

 Pool of network gateways patent thumbnailPool of network gateways
A gateway node is configured to act as a gateway of a core network to one or more external packet data networks, pdns, and configured to provide connectivity for radio terminals served by the first gateway node to one or more of the pdns, and configured to exchange information with one or more other network gateway nodes to provide a network gateway pool. The method comprises: obtaining pool information comprising information indicative of the external pdns being served by each gateway node in the gateway pool to enable distribution of packet data network, pdn, connections among the gateway nodes in the gateway pool, blocking at least one external pdn served by the first gateway node for creation of new pdn connections to the external pdn, and forwarding any creation of a new pdn connection for the blocked external pdn to a second gateway node in the gateway pool..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Multi-rat heterogeneous carrier aggregation patent thumbnailMulti-rat heterogeneous carrier aggregation
A network node for facilitating data transfer is disclosed, comprising: a routing module configured to receive network link capacity information; a first radio interference operating on a first radio access technology and coupled to the routing module; and a second radio interface operating on a second radio access technology and coupled to the routing module, wherein the routing module is configured to receive packets directed to a third virtual radio interface and route the packets to one or both of the first and the second radio interfaces to provide throughput at the third virtual radio interface that is greater than throughput available via either the first or the second radio interfaces independently.. .
Parallel Wireless, Inc.

 Devices and methods for harq-ack feedback scheme on pusch in wireless communication systems patent thumbnailDevices and methods for harq-ack feedback scheme on pusch in wireless communication systems
Devices and methods of reducing overall hybrid automatic repeat request-acknowledgment (harq-ack) of user equipment (ue) using a large amount of carrier aggregation are generally described. The ue may receive a subframe from an enhanced nodeb (enb).

 Paging method, network device and communication system patent thumbnailPaging method, network device and communication system
A paging method, a network device and a communication system. The method includes: receiving, by a mobility management entity (mme), paging indication information transmitted by a base station or a gateway, the paging information indicating that user equipment in an idle state has been waken up.
Fujitsu Limited

 Dynamic power management scheme in wireless networks based on power over ethernet (poe) patent thumbnailDynamic power management scheme in wireless networks based on power over ethernet (poe)
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for managing power of a connection point in a wireless communication system are provided. A connection point may discover a mobile node, send to a gateway a request to increase an amount of power that the connection point can consume to service the discovered mobile node, and receive from the gateway a response related to the request to increase the amount of power.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Data packet processing method, network traffic management method, apparatus, and system patent thumbnailData packet processing method, network traffic management method, apparatus, and system
A data packet processing method includes acquiring, by a terminal, an aggregation flow table, where the aggregation flow table includes a management policy for managing network traffic of a first network and network traffic of a second network, determining, by the terminal, according to the aggregation flow table, a transmission network used for transmitting a first uplink data packet, and when the terminal determines to transmit the first uplink data packet using the first network, sending the first uplink data packet to the first network using a first network interface card, and forwarding the first uplink data packet to a gateway, and when the terminal determines to transmit the first uplink data packet using the second network, sending, by the terminal, the first uplink data packet to the second network using a second network interface card, and forwarding the first uplink data packet to a gateway.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Sensor network information collection via mobile gateway patent thumbnailSensor network information collection via mobile gateway
There is provided a sensor network information collection mechanism in which, after a ue has decided to become part of an information collecting operation for collecting information from a local sensor network, a signaling transmitted from a managing node of a local sensor network is received and processed. A communication network control element is informed about the willingness to become an information collector by sending a report message comprising measurement results derived from the signaling received from the managing node of the local sensor network.
Broadcom Corporation

 Communication apparatus and method, communication path control apparatus and method in a communication system patent thumbnailCommunication apparatus and method, communication path control apparatus and method in a communication system
A communication technique and a communication path control technique are provided that can suppress effects on communication services caused when switching a communication path route. A communication apparatus (4) which performs communication through a communication path configured in a network, includes: a first means that can receive a packet routing policy which indicates a gateway (3) associated with the communication path from a control apparatus (5) which can send a control single concerning the communication path to the communication apparatus; and a second means that can forward the received packet to the gateway associated with the communication path to which the received packet belongs, based on the packet routing policy..
Nec Corporation


Communication system of avn for vehicle and wireless communication for the same

A wireless communication method for an audio-video-navigation (avn) device of a vehicle includes: receiving position information of an estimated target base station, which is estimated based on navigation path information; receiving a handover command; comparing the position information of the estimated target base station to position information of the avn device of the vehicle upon receiving the handover command; determining whether a first distance from the estimated target base station to the avn device of the vehicle is within a threshold distance; requesting pre-sending with respect to the estimated target base station when the first distance is within the threshold distance; synchronizing with the estimated target base station; and generating a confirmation signal in response to the handover command.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Uplink control information transmission using pusch in enhanced carrier aggregation

Enhanced carrier aggregation may require development of mechanisms to enable carrier aggregation for an increased number of component carriers. In an aspect of the disclosure, a method, a computer-readable medium, and an apparatus for wireless communication are provided.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Server and communication method thereof

A server (1) receives a first message indicating that a final destination is a first mobile node. Next, the server (1) determines, from among a plurality of gateways (21 to 24) that provide connectivity with a network infrastructure (5) to a plurality of wireless ad-hoc networks (41 to 46), a first gateway to which the first message is to be transferred, based on a movement history of the first mobile node.
Nec Corporation


Method for optimizing multicast group and anchor

Provided are a method for optimizing the multicast group and an anchor. A set of nodes requesting for the same multicast group data and sharing the same access gateway (ag) is identified in a multicast group, and the same multicast group data is transmitted to each node in the set of nodes via the same ag thereby forwarding multicast data to different nodes via the same gateway, saving traffic of a network side, and optimizing the multicast group.
Zte Corporation


Fault management method and apparatus

Disclosed are a fault management method and apparatus. The method includes: an m2m gateway receiving a fault management task sent by an m2m service platform; and the m2m gateway executing the fault management task..
Zte Corporation


Dynamic adjustment of electronic program guide displays based on viewer preferences for minimizing navigation in vod program selection

Items of video content offered for viewing on a video-on-demand (vod) platform of a digital tv service provider are each assigned a respective title and hierarchical address corresponding to hierarchically-arranged categories and subcategories within which the title for the video content is to be categorized. The title is listed in a location of an electronic program guide (epg) using the same categories and subcategories as its hierarchical address.
Broadband Itv, Inc.


Residential gateway making at least one private memory space available

A residential gateway (110) has a memory space (132), comprising at least one private memory space (130), made available to at least one device (111; 112) connected to a local area network (120). The residential gateway comprises: a table (140) managing rights of access to said private memory space or spaces; means for receiving commands for access to said memory space and administrator commands for updating said access rights management table; means for updating said table, on receipt of an administrator command coming from a predetermined device implementing an administrator module, and for ignoring any administrator command coming from another device; and means (150) for ignoring any command for access to said private memory space or spaces, when said command is received coming from a device not identified in said table..
Sagemcom Broadband Sas


In-situ inspection of power generating machinery

Thermographic inspection of an internal component (28, 34) of power production equipment (20) by inserting an ultrasound energizer (74a) into an inspection portal of the equipment to contact an exterior of the component, and inserting a camera scope via a second portal into an interior (52, 54) of the component. A motorized drive (66) may mount on a pilot fuel port (58) of a gas turbine to move the scope robotically within a combustor (28) and transition duct (34).
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Method and turbine internal visual inspection with foveated optical head and dual image display

Turbine engines are inspected by insertion of a zoom image or foveated image optical head through internal passages within the engine. The zoom image optical generates a first magnified image portion or a second image portion having a wider field of view and lower magnification.
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Light guide, illuminating device, and image reading apparatus

A light guide having: a splitting section dividing light derived from a light source into at least two beams of light; and at least two light guiding sections causing the light from the splitting section to propagate in a predetermined length direction, the light guiding sections being arranged side by side in a predetermined width direction with the splitting section disposed therebetween, wherein the light guiding section includes: a reflective section reflecting the light, the reflective section being provided along the length direction; and an emission surface emitting the light reflected by the reflective section as a linear beam of light, the emission surface being positioned opposite to the reflective section, and a cross section of the splitting section perpendicular to the length direction decreases in dimensions both in the width direction and a height direction.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Light guide, illuminating device and image reading apparatus

A light guide having: a splitting section configured to split light emitted from a light source into at least two; and at least two light guiding sections arranged side by side in a predetermined width direction and configured to cause the light entering from the splitting section to propagate in a predetermined length direction. Each of the light guiding sections includes: a reflective section provided along the length direction and configured to reflect light incident thereon; an emission surface arranged opposite the reflective section and configured to emit the light reflected by the reflective section as a linear light beam having predetermined light distribution in the length direction; and at least a part of the emission surface is located farther in a direction opposite to the length direction than a forward end of the splitting section in the length direction..
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Advice of charge in content centric networks

Advice of charge (aoc) enforcement is implemented in a content centric networking (ccn) gateway. The aoc enforcement receives a ccn interest packet from a user equipment in a network external to the ccn network and looks up a prefix of the ccn name in an aoc table.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Multicast delivery

A method and nodes in a communication network for controlling multi-cast delivery of files, wherein the multi-cast delivery is adapted to reduce the amount of required uni-cast file deliveries in the communication network. A browser of an iptv terminating function requiring a file interrogates a cache of the ift for the file content before a uni-cast request for file delivery is sent to an application service platform.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)


Method and apparatus to identify the source of information or misinformation in large-scale social media networks

A system and method of detecting a source of a rumor in a social media network is disclosed. The social media network includes a plurality of node clusters, each of the plurality of nodes therein having at least one edge connection to a corresponding number of different nodes in the same cluster.
The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology


Private cloud control

Management of iot devices through a private cloud. An iot device is coupled to a gateway.
Zingbox, Ltd.


Load balancing internet protocol security tunnels

A load balancer is provided that can direct internet protocol security (ipsec) traffic received from a single ipsec tunnel initiator to one of a plurality of endpoints provided virtual private network (vpn) gateways in a network. The load balancer uses ip (internet protocol) addresses and spis (security parameter identifier) to identify an endpoint responsible for processing particular packets for the vpn.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Method and implementing communication between virtual machines

In a method and an apparatus provided for implementing communication between virtual machines, a first switch receives an arp response from an sdn controller, where the arp response carries a mac address of a destination gateway; the first switch acquires, according to the mac address of the destination gateway, vtep information corresponding to the mac address of the destination gateway, where a router corresponding to the vtep information is located in a first data center; and the first switch sends, according to the vtep information, an ip packet to the router corresponding to the vtep information, so that the router corresponding to the vtep information sends the ip packet to a second virtual machine through a tunnel between the router and a second switch.. .
Huawei Technologies Co.,ltd.


Communication management apparatus, communication system and storage medium

To estimate the communication quality of the wireless section in real-time, it is provided a communication management apparatus that manages traffic of a wireless communication system that includes a wireless base station communicating with a terminal, and a gateway apparatus coupled to the wireless base station, the communication management apparatus comprising a processor that executes a program and a storage unit accessed by the processor. The communication management apparatus calculates an estimated value of wireless section throughput between the wireless base station and the terminal using communication quality information obtained from data sent and received by the gateway apparatus..
Hitachi, Ltd.


Gateway, management center, and remote access system

In a remote access system in which an appliance connected to a home network is controlled from the outside, a gateway capable of improving the responsiveness of control on the appliance is obtained. The gateway includes a sensor information collection unit, which collects the state information of a sensor connected to the home network, a management center coordination unit, which transfers the state information to a management center and obtains from the management center simplified rule information that is a part of a control rule that is defined in the management center and includes a condition to control the home appliance, a simplified rule database, which manages the simplified rule information, and a home appliance control unit, which controls the home appliance on the basis of the simplified rule information and the state information..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method and apparatus of uplink scheduling and harq timing

The present disclosure relates to an apparatus and method for controlling an uplink (ul) scheduling and hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) timing supported in a tdd-fdd ca environment. The method includes receiving, on a first serving cell, at least one of a first ul grant and a first physical harq indicator channel (phich) about a second serving cell through a cross-carrier scheduling, and receiving, on the second serving cell, at least one of a second ul grant and a second phich about the second serving cell through a self scheduling.
Innovative Technology Lab Co., Ltd.


High altitude platform with multibeam coverage for aero-based terminals

A high altitude platform with multibeam coverage for aero-based terminals is disclosed. An example apparatus includes a plurality of user link antennas each configured to provide communication coverage among a plurality of aero-based terminals within a specified volume (or area) of the sky, each antenna being configured to communicate with a specified cell within the specified volume.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc


Method and data communication utilizing the north american terrestrial system

Data communication capabilities of the north american terrestrial system (nats) network are enhanced. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, an airborne data server (ads) is added to the airborne architecture of the current nats network and a ground data gateway (gdg) is added to the ground-based architecture of the current nats network.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Channel state information for enhanced carrier aggregation

Methods, systems, and devices are described for wireless communication in a system that supports enhanced carrier aggregation (eca). An eca configuration with a large number of component carriers (ccs) may include ccs grouped into channel state information (csi) reporting groups.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Detection of inbound signals in the voltage domain of an electrical distribution network

A method of two-way communications over a power distribution network in which outbound communication signals (o) and an inbound communication signals (i) modulate a time-varying waveform propagated through the network, on the low voltage side of the network. An outbound signal waveform is detected at a customer location (c) with remote communication equipment (rce) at the customer location then producing a return or inbound communication signal.
Aclara Technologies Llc


Negative capacitance logic device, clock generator including the same and operating clock generator

A negative capacitance logic device includes a first field effect transistor (fet) and a second fet. The first fet is coupled between a power supply voltage and an output node, and the first fet includes a ferroelectric having a negative capacitance.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Reconfigurable delay circuit, delay monitor circuit using said delay circuit, variation compensation circuit, variation measurement method, and variation compensation method

A delay circuit contains a first inversion circuit including a pull-up circuit and a pull-down circuit, and a second inversion circuit including a pull-up circuit and a pull-down circuit. The delay circuit further contains a first pass transistor connected in series to the pull-up circuit in the first inversion circuit between a power supply potential and an output node, a second pass transistor connected in series to the pull-down circuit in the first inversion circuit between a ground potential and the output node, a third pass transistor connected in series between the input node and the pull-up circuit in the second inversion circuit, and a fourth pass transistor connected in series between the input node and the pull-down circuit in the second inversion circuit.
Japan Science And Technology Agency


Finfet with dielectric isolated channel

Embodiments of the present invention provide a fin type field effect transistor (finfet) and methods of fabrication. A punchthrough stopper region is formed on a semiconductor substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation


Nonvolatile memory devices having single-layered gates and methods of fabricating the same

A nonvolatile memory device includes an active region extending in a first direction and including a source region and a drain region that are respectively disposed at both ends of the active region, a gate electrode pattern extending in a second direction and disposed between the source region and the drain region, wherein the second direction extends across the first direction, a gate insulation pattern disposed between the gate electrode pattern and the active region, a source contact plug and a drain contact plug respectively coupled to the source region and the drain region, and a coupling contact plug disposed over the gate electrode pattern and insulated from the gate electrode pattern.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device

A semiconductor device including: a first conductivity type transistor and a second conductivity type transistor, wherein each of the first conductivity type transistor and the second conductivity type includes agate insulating film formed on a base, a metal gate electrode formed on the gate insulating film, and side wall spacers formed at side walls of the metal gate electrode, wherein the gate insulating film is made of a high dielectric constant material, and wherein offset spacers are formed between the side walls of the metal gate electrode and the inner walls of the side wall spacers in any one of the first conductivity type transistor and the second conductivity type transistor, or offset spacers having different thicknesses are formed in the first conductivity type transistor and the second conductivity type transistor.. .
Sony Corporation


Dual-port sram timing control circuit

A dual-port sram timing control circuit, with three nmos transistors connected in series respectively between ground and nodes of the two bit lines to which the cell structure corresponds. The gates of the nmos transistors are connected to a corresponding wordline, a pulse signal and a timing control signal, respectively.
Shanghai Huahong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation


Pixel circuit and display device

A pixel circuit includes a switching transistor whose conduction is controlled by a drive signal supplied to the control terminal, a drive wiring adapted to propagate the drive signal, and a data wiring adapted to propagate a data signal. A multi-layered wiring structure is used so that a second wiring layer is formed on a layer different from that on which a first wiring layer is formed..
Sony Corporation


Navigation aid method based on meteorological conditions

A navigation aid method for an aircraft flying a reference trajectory between a point of departure and a point of arrival subject to a field of wind vectors comprises: decomposing the reference trajectory into a plurality of discrete waypoints pi, loading meteorological data comprising the field of wind vectors, iterating the following steps n times, to generate an improved trajectory: for each waypoint pi named current point, determining a reference plane, determining an orthonormal reference frame, determining a wind curl ((∇w)pi), determining a sign of the projection of the wind curl on axis zi ((∇w)zi pi), determining a direction of displacement from the current point pi to a new current waypoint pi′, determining a line of displacement, determining a displacement distance, determining the new current waypoint, determining a new trajectory, assigning the new waypoints pi′ determined in the preceding iteration to the waypoints pi for the next iteration.. .


Navigational aid method depending on meteorological conditions

A navigational aid method of an aircraft, carried out by a flight management system, for comparing a reference trajectory of the aircraft subjected to a wind vector field with a new trajectory between the same starting and end points, respectively, the method comprises: determining the reference trajectory, determining the new trajectory, loading meteorological data, determining a directional surface, delimited by a directional closed curve, consisting of the new trajectory, from the starting point to the end point, closed by the opposite of the reference trajectory from the end point to the starting point, determining a wind curl on the basis of the wind vector field, determining a flow of the wind curl through the surface, a positive value of flow indicating that the new trajectory makes better use of the wind load, a negative value of flow indicating that the new trajectory makes less effective use of the wind load.. .


Comprehensive tsunami alert system via mobile devices

Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to navigation in gps-enabled mobile computing devices and provide a novel and non-obvious method, system and computer program product for location-based tsunami alerting navigational instructions in mobile computing devices. In an embodiment of the invention, a location-based tsunami alerting data processing system can be provided.
International Business Machines Corporation


Multimodal monitoring systems for physical activity

Embodiments of a computer-implemented method for monitoring a physical activity of a user are disclosed. The method includes receiving position or orientation data of a portable computing device; receiving an indication of an input device being operated by the user and a video captured by an imaging unit, the input device, and the imaging unit being operationally coupled to a stationary computing device.
Xerox Corporation


Multiple modular asset constructor apparatuses, methods and systems

The multiple modular asset class constructor apparatuses, methods and systems (“mmacc”) transforms collateralized equity obligation structure parameters, asset search, tranche selections inputs via mmacc components into asset income distribution message, principal distribution message outputs. In one embodiment, the mmacc is an apparatus, with a memory having a component collection, including: a capital structure component, a preferred share class component, and a common share class component.
Fmr Llc


Systems and methods for transferring funds in real time

An apparatus is disclosed which includes a processor and non-transient memory operatively connected to the processor. The memory includes instructions which, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to: receive, from a server hosting a managed services gateway, an authorized funding amount which is based on user account data associated with the user account; transmit a funds transfer request to the server, where the funds transfer request includes a funding amount less than or equal to the authorized funding amount; transmit a funds-transfer confirmation message to the server which causes the managed services gateway to initiate an internal funds transfer on a bank server associated with the user account.
Mobile Capital Group, Inc.


Method and a portable display device

The present technology may relate to a product information system for guiding a navigation device to a product located in a defined space. Various embodiments of the product information system may comprise a centralized server configured to contain a database of product information and a display device for displaying the product information.
Exposure Illumination Architects, Inc.


Employee preference identification in a wellness management system

A method managing wellness of employees is presented. A computer system receives a group of health factors for activities and group of preferences for activities of the employees.
Adp, Llc


Detection of communication topic change

A computer processor determines a first span of a communication, wherein a span includes content associated with one or more dialog statements. If the content of the first span contains one or more topic change indicators which are identified by at least one detector of a learning model, the computer processor, in response, generates scores for each of the one or more indicators.
International Business Machines Corporation


Web application retrieval and display of web content based information with web content

A service maintains information regarding one or more aspects of web content, such as web pages, that can be accessed by a computing device. The same service or a different service (e.g., a digital assistant) also maintains information regarding the user of the computing device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Searching and classifying unstructured documents based on visual navigation

Exemplary embodiments of the invention can provide computer-based systems and methods for exploring collections of documents through visual navigation. Data in a document collection can be more easily understood and explored when presented visually in infographic summaries.
Mindseye Solutions, Llc


Deep linking and state preservation via a url

The technology disclosed relates to a platform for ultra-fast, ad-hoc data exploration and faceted navigation on integrated, heterogeneous data sets. The disclosed apparatus and methods for deep linking and state preservation via a url make it possible to share live data as rendered on a live dashboard, without saving a new state on a server every time data and dashboard elements are updated..
Salesforce.com, Inc.


Downloading data into distant equipment

The disclosure herein updates distant equipment while avoiding protocols and connections and concerns a deported downloading system of data on distant equipment, and includes a gateway adapted to receive a set of data comprising operational data addressed to the distant equipment as well as a temporary downloading engine, the gateway being also adapted to download the operational data into the distant equipment by starting the execution of the downloading engine.. .
Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)


Object based memory fabric

Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for managing processing, memory, storage, network, and cloud computing to significantly improve the efficiency and performance of processing nodes. Embodiments described herein can implement an object-based memory which manages the objects within the memory at the memory layer rather than in the application layer.
Ultrata Llc


Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating user interface hierarchies

An electronic device with a touch-sensitive surface, a display, and one or more sensors to detect intensity of contacts displaying a lower-level user interface that is part of a user interface hierarchy, where the hierarchy includes at least three levels, including the lower-level user interface, an intermediate-level user interface and a higher-level user interface. The device also, while displaying the lower-level user interface, detects an input on a portion of the device that is associated with user interface hierarchy navigation and, in response to detecting the input, in accordance with a determination that the input meets first transition criteria, the device replaces display of the lower-level user interface with display of the intermediate-level user interface and in accordance with a determination that the input meets second transition criteria, the device replaces display of the lower-level user interface with display of the higher-level user interface..
Apple Inc.


Navigation in a hierarchical node structure

Techniques are disclosed for navigation in a hierarchical node structure. A first graphical element representing a parent node in a hierarchical node structure is displayed via a graphical user interface (gui).
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Optical navigation device with enhanced tracking speed

An optical navigation device for controlling an operation of a pointer on a display apparatus is provided, the optical navigation device includes a device body, a substrate, a light source, an image sensor, and a processing module. The light source, the image sensor, and the processing module are respectively disposed on the substrate.
Pixart Imaging (penang) Sdn. Bhd.


Optical navigation device and related automatic magnification adjusting method

An automatic magnification adjusting method is applied to an optical navigation device. The optical navigation device has an illumination channel, a reference channel and an imaging channel.
Pixart Imaging (penang) Sdn. Bhd.


Gaze-actuated user interface with visual feedback

A method to provide visual feedback for gazed-based user-interface navigation includes presenting, on a display, a first image representing a digital object available for user interaction, recognizing a user gaze axis, and computing a point of intersection of the user gaze axis through the first image. An offset distance between the point of intersection and a reference position of the first image then recognized, and a second image is presented on the display.


System and decentralized, multi-agent unmanned vehicle navigation and formation control

A system and method for a usv fleet is disclosed that can execute autonomous path-planning in an a2/ad environment, where communication reach back to a base station for instruction or positional, navigation, and timing (pnt) data is not assured. This process has the ability to adapt considering the failure and intermittent connection of the ad-hoc usv-to-usv data network.


Visual localization within lidar maps

An apparatus and method for visual localization of a visual camera system outputting real-time visual camera data and a graphics processing unit receiving the real-time visual camera data. The graphics processing unit accesses a database of prior map information and generates a synthetic image that is then compared to the real-time visual camera data to determine corrected position data.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Autonomous vehicle routing and navigation using passenger docking locations

A method and apparatus for autonomous vehicle routing and navigation using passenger docking locations are disclosed. Autonomous vehicle routing and navigation using passenger docking locations may include an autonomous vehicle identifying vehicle transportation network information representing a vehicle transportation network, the vehicle transportation network including a primary destination, wherein identifying the vehicle transportation network information includes identifying the vehicle transportation network information such that it includes docking location information representing a plurality of docking locations, wherein each docking location corresponds with a respective location in the vehicle transportation network.
Nissan North America, Inc.


Apparatus and foci array scanning through an adjusting refractive medium

A method and apparatus for performing foci array scanning using at least one adjustable or tilting medium is disclosed. The medium can be controllably tilted in order to translate a beam of electromagnetic radiation perpendicularly to its propagation, and upon exiting the medium, will propagate in the original, incoming direction.
Mcmaster University


Optical combiner

A waveguide comprises an un-tapered end and a tapered end. The waveguide progressively varies a numerical aperture (na) of light as the light propagates from the tapered end to the un-tapered end..
Ofs Fitel, Llc


Optical coupler

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed toward techniques and configurations for an optical coupler. In some embodiments, the device may include an optical waveguide to transmit light input from a light source.
Intel Corporation


Acoustically enhanced optical cables

Methods and apparatus to control the acoustic properties of optical cables used as in-well oil and gas probes for acoustic monitoring, such as distributed acoustic sensing (das). One example aspect provides a solid path for the acoustic wave to propagate from an outside armor layer of the cable to the sensing optical waveguide embedded therein.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc


Indication lighting device and vacuum cleaner including the same

An indication lighting device provided is capable of reducing the number of electric wiring from a fixed, part to a moving part when an indication part is provided in the moving part's side. The indication lighting device makes indication by emitting light from a light source arranged in a fixed part to an optical waveguide arranged in a moving part, reflecting the light incident on the optical waveguide by reflection surfaces of prisms of the optical waveguide to an indication part provided in a tip side of the optical waveguide to be propagated, and emitting the light propagated inside the optical waveguide through the indication part..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Use of dectin-1 activators for treatment of liver disorders

Provided is a method of treatment of liver disorders comprising administrating to an individual in need of treatment, a therapeutically effective amount of an activator of dectin-1 pathway. Examples of activators of dectin-1 pathway include dectin-1 ligands.
New York University


Methods of synthesizing y-aapeptides, y-aapeptide building blocks, y-aapeptide libraries, and y-aapeptide inhibitors of ab40 aggregates

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for γ-aapeptides, γ-aapeptide building blocks, methods of making γ-aapeptides and libraries of γ-aapeptides, methods of screening the γ-aapeptide libraries for desired peptidomimetic activity, and the like. The present disclosure also provides for γ-aapeptides that are inhibitors of aβ peptide aggregation, methods of inhibiting and disassembling aβ peptide aggregation, methods of inhibiting the toxicity of aβ aggregates towards n2a neuroblasotma cells, as well as methods and compounds for treating alzheimer's disease..
University Of South Florida


Non-intrusive methods for the detection and classification of alkali-silica reaction in concrete structures

Methods of using acoustic emission (ae) as a condition assessment technique for alkali-silica reaction (asr) in concrete are provided. Asr is a chemical reaction occurring between alkaline hydroxides within cement past and certain types of amorphous silica found in mineral aggregates.
University Of South Carolina


Hybrid ion mobility spectrometer

A hybrid ion mobility spectrometer includes a single-pass drift tube having an ion inlet at one end and an ion outlet at an opposite end, a multiple-pass drift tube having an ion inlet and an ion outlet each coupled to the single pass drift tube between the ion inlet and the ion outlet thereof, and a set of ion gates each controllable between an open position to pass ions therethrough and a closed position to block ions from passing therethrough. The set of ion gates may be controlled to pass at least some ions traveling through the single-pass drift tube into the multiple-pass drift tube via the ion inlet of the multiple-pass drift tube and to pass at least some ions traveling through the multiple-pass drift tube into the single-pass drift tube via the ion outlet of the multiple-pass drift tube..
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation


Aircraft systems and methods with enhanced notams

An aircraft system includes a processing unit configured to receive navigation data and notice to airmen (notam) information and to generate display signals based on the navigation data and the notam information. The system further includes a display device coupled to the processing unit and configured to render an image according to the display signals with a first area depicting a navigation display based on the navigation data and a second area depicting a list of notam text messages..
Honeywell International Inc.


Using routing symbols to describe a driving maneuver

Driving directions are printed where a maneuver in the driving direction includes a road symbol and an action symbol. A road symbol identifies the road involved in the particular maneuver, and an action symbol identifies an action to be performed to execute the particular maneuver.
Mapquest, Inc.


Adaptive and personalized navigation system

Adaptive navigation techniques are disclosed that allow navigation systems to learn from a user's personal driving history. As a user drives, models are developed and maintained to learn or otherwise capture the driver's personal driving habits and preferences.
Google Inc.


Method for monitoring and navigating a vehicle with electric drive moving towards a predetermined target along a navigated route

A method for monitoring and navigating a vehicle with electric drive towards a target with an off-line navigation device, in which a table is prepared and stored with data related to the vehicle when moving with a predetermined speed and under a predetermined load; storing in the memory the consumption of the vehicle when it takes a unity distance along a horizontal road with the predetermined speed; then storing corrected consumption values as a function of positive or negative angles of inclination of a road section of unity length that represents the ratio of experimentally determined consumption values of the vehicle at any given angle of inclination to the consumption along the horizontal road of unity length; storing map data also including the altitude and/or steepness information; then after the start of the vehicle monitoring in given time intervals the momentary storage capacity of the battery of the vehicle; dividing the remaining route leading to the target into a plurality of road sections so that each road section has a respective uniform angle of inclination, and in case of each of said sections and based on the stored data the respective weighted costs associated with the section is calculated; the weighted costs are summarized to the remaining length of the route whereby the expected consumption of the vehicle till reaching the target is determined, and comparing the expected consumption with the measured available capacity of the battery, and if the expected consumption is higher than the available capacity of the battery, warning the driver of the vehicle.. .
Gps Tuner Kft.


Method for providing navigation using wearable device and vehicle for carrying out the same

A method for providing navigation using a wearable device by a vehicle includes performing wireless connection with the wearable device, receiving monitoring information regarding a driver from the connected wearable device, and determining, after setting of a destination, a walking course and a vehicle traveling course to the set destination in consideration of the monitoring information. Navigation for the walking course is provided by the wearable device and navigation for the vehicle traveling course is provided by a head unit of the vehicle..
Hyundai Motor Company


Updating navigational map data

Systems, methods, and apparatuses are described for updating navigational map data. A routing request is received for routing data.
Here Global B.v.


Generation of underwater navigational information

A method for generating underwater navigational information wherein data is received from a user, inertial data is obtained from inertial sensors, an estimation of a propulsion power produced by the user at a predetermined points of time is calculated at least partly based on the obtained inertial data, a hydrodynamic coefficient is calculated for the user at least partly based on the input data by the user, a velocity of the user is calculated at least partly on a basis of the estimated propulsion power and the determined hydrodynamic coefficient, heading information of the user at the predetermined points of time is calculated from the obtained inertial data, the calculated velocity information is combined with the calculated heading information at corresponding points of time and navigational information is generated. A corresponding apparatus and a system are also described..
Ariadna Tech Oy


Methods and systems for route-based display of meteorological forecast information

Methods and systems are provided for presenting forecast information pertaining to a planned route of travel, such as a flight plan. One exemplary method involves obtaining a plurality of forecast data sets associated with a plurality of different forecast time periods and subdividing a route into a plurality of forecast regions encompassing respective portions of the route based on the times associated with the navigational reference points defining the route.
Honeywell International Inc.

Gat topics: Brush Assembly, Extensible, Longitudinal Direction, Variable Length, Integrated Circuit, Semiconductor, Distributed, Optical Component, Ophthalmic, Nanoparticle, Interrupted, Transverse

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