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Method for creating and auctioning options on real estate properties to enable risk managed future transactions and to…

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gat-related patents
 Client and server group sso with local openid patent thumbnailnew patent Client and server group sso with local openid
A user of a mobile communications device may access services in a target domain using a source domain identity that is used to access services in a source domain. To enable such a use of the source domain identity in the target domain, the source domain identity may first be enrolled in the target domain.
 Video on demand architecture patent thumbnailnew patent Video on demand architecture
A video on demand (vod) network architecture implements a gateway that provides both satellite-based communications and radio frequency-based communications. The gateway may receive a content request from a video client and determine whether the content request corresponds to a content delivery network (cdn).
 Interactive media guidance application with intelligent navigation and display features patent thumbnailnew patent Interactive media guidance application with intelligent navigation and display features
Methods and systems are disclosed that allow a user to efficiently navigate media selections in an interactive media guidance application and easily identify media for viewing. The disclosed methods and systems provide an environment wherein video assets are displayed according to a user preference on a mosaic page with multiple cells.
 Selective voltage binning within a three-dimensional integrated chip stack patent thumbnailnew patent Selective voltage binning within a three-dimensional integrated chip stack
Systems and methods for selective voltage binning within a three-dimensional integrated chip stack. A method is provided that includes defining a correlation between at least two parameters.
 Interactive treemap user interface patent thumbnailnew patent Interactive treemap user interface
Database information may be accessed through a user interface comprising one or more interactive treemaps. Each interactive treemap reflects a hierarchical structure of the stored information, for example parent and child nodes.
 Screen display in application switching patent thumbnailnew patent Screen display in application switching
An application-switching program displays representations of applications, for example icons, on a screen of a device. As a user of the device navigates between the representations, a screen of the application to a representation of which the user has currently navigated is shown in the background of the display..
 Automatic lifecycle management for pages on a mobile application patent thumbnailnew patent Automatic lifecycle management for pages on a mobile application
User interface state (ui) information (such as ui control values) are stored and revived when the user navigates and returns to an application. When an instance of a page is created, the page registers with a tombstone list and indicates which page state information on the page is to be stored and revived when a user navigates away from the application.
 Website list navigation patent thumbnailnew patent Website list navigation
Embodiments are disclosed that relate to facilitating navigation through a predefined list of websites, such as a list of favorite websites. One embodiment provides a method of operating a web browser.
 Online voter guide patent thumbnailnew patent Online voter guide
Embodiments of system and method are described, the system and method providing election information to a plurality of voters in real time. In particular, the embodiments comprise an address entry page configured as a default start page, an address standardization application programming interface, a voter database, a jurisdictions database containing a list of political jurisdictions, an office database, a candidate database containing names of candidates, a candidate photo database, a measures database, an endorsed measures database, a measures logo database, a polling place database, a mapping application programming interface configured to create an online map and an online voter guide.
 Message capturing and seamless message sharing and navigation patent thumbnailnew patent Message capturing and seamless message sharing and navigation
A system, computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program, and a computer-implemented method for creating video streams is provided. An indication is received that is related to a first video being received or requested.
new patent Method of video interaction using poster view
In the present invention, the means of control and navigation 100 of an electronic device 108 are used for viewing an embodiment of a video, wherein said embodiment is a cached or stored “poster-view” 1 that is a representation and a version of a source video. Said poster-view 1 has integration with the content of said source video.
new patent Method, system and program product for deploying and allocating an autonomic sensor network ecosystem
The present invention provides a method, system and program product for deploying, allocating and providing backup for an autonomic sensor network ecosystem. Under the present invention, the autonomic sensor network ecosystem includes: (1) a set (e.g., one or more) of sensor networks for storing data components; (2) a set of sensor collector information gateways in communication with the sensor networks; and (3) a set of enterprise gateways and storage hubs (hereinafter enterprise gateways).
new patent Management of cached data based on user engagement
A social data aggregator generates entries of action data describing actions taken by users. A portion of the entries are stored in an action cache to expedite retrieval.
new patent Communication using delegates, such as delegates specified in an email or scheduling application
A facility allows for automatic delegation of incoming real-time communications based on a delegation scheme. The delegation scheme may be rules-based and may be applied to a single real-time communication channel or multiple communication channels, including both real-time and non-real-time communication channels.
new patent Url navigation page generation method, device and program
The present invention discloses a method, device and program for generating a url navigation page, and it relates to the field of network technologies. Based on a list of merged urls, the present invention ranks the urls visited by the user by a calculation method that uses the visit frequency as a standard to obtain the urls most frequently visited by the user, then it puts the web sites represented by the top several urls into specified positions to be displayed; the present invention also categories the urls visited by the user according to a url categorization rule, and then counts the frequency of visit to each category, and then designates corresponding display positions to the top categories in the rank according to the rank of the visit frequency, so that they can be displayed.
new patent Configuration recommendation for a home device
A method for providing a configuration recommendation to a first home device (201) in a home network, the method comprising the steps of: detecting (101a, 101b), at a multimedia gateway (210), a change in the first home device; sending (102, 103, 105), from the gateway to a home device configuration recommender (223), data indicative of the change; requesting and receiving (104b, 106b), at the home device configuration recommender (223), data representing capabilities of a plurality of home devices; comparing (107) the data representing capabilities with the data indicative of the change, for determining a suitable configuration recommendation for the first home device; and sending (108, 109, 110), from the home device configuration recommender (223) via the multimedia gateway (210) to the first home device (201), data representing the suitable configuration recommendation. A system and computer readable medium is also described..
new patent Dynamically allocating network resources for communication session
A primary call admission controller (cac) system receives a request from a client to allocate a network resource such as a network bandwidth. The primary cac system may determine subordinate cac to delegate the allocation and transfer the request to the subordinate cac.
new patent Enabling devices without native broadcast capability to access and/or receive broadcast data in an efficient manner
Methods, devices and systems for delivering broadcast data to client devices that do not support receiving broadcast transmissions. In an embodiment, a gateway device may be configured to receive a manifest file and related data segments via a first type of network protocol, such as lte broadcasts.
new patent Systems and methods for semantic overlay for a searchable space
The embodiments of the present invention provide a novel way of searching and interacting with content available via a network, such as the internet, and the world wide web. In some embodiments, systems and methods provide a semantically-oriented structure for organizing and accessing content items.
new patent Systems and methods for semantic overlay for a searchable space
The embodiments of the present invention provide a novel way of searching and interacting with content available via a network, such as the internet, and the world wide web. In some embodiments, systems and methods provide a semantically-oriented structure for organizing and accessing content items.
new patent Systems and methods for improving database performance
Systems and methods for mapping and propagating a source dataset to a plurality of target tables in a target database are described herein. Embodiments include a physical database design with a template-based loader, and a method to propagate changes in the source dataset to a target database.
new patent Renewable energy credit management system and method
The invention provides a method of automatically attributing energy and renewable energy credits (recs) to contractual and market obligations. The input of energy and recs will automatically fit into existing data models, allowing immediate attribution upon upload.
new patent Carbon-capture utilization by municipal utility companies for environment rehabilitation, water & energy recycling, and greening of desert
A system-engineering is invented to install facilities for water- and energy-recycling, either in or near a city, and/or in a pre-existing or a new city park, includes one by an utility company to collect carbon emissions wherein the carbon dioxide is produced by burning of high-carbon fuels or lime, one by the same utility company to treat polluted waters and sewage-treatment discharges after the carbon emissions and polluted water are mixed in a series of water-conditioners, properly spaced to keep the mixture of the emissions and the waste-water treatment discharges at a designated value for biodynamic water-purification or for breeding of planktons as raw materials to be refined into biofuels. The system engineering renders the environment-engineering undertakings such as ccu, biodynamical water-purification, and manufacturing of biofuels enormously profitable for a public utility company.
new patent Method for creating and auctioning options on real estate properties to enable risk managed future transactions and to add liquidity in real estate market
Aspects of the present disclosure provides a method to enable the selling and buying of a property at a future time for a pre-agreed price. In accordance with aspects of the disclosure, a series of call options and put options on a property are created and transacted between a seller and a buyer.
new patent Automated calendared conference rescheduling and forwarding
Systems and methods are disclosed to automatically rescheduling and optionally transferring audio/video conferences when a conference runs longer than its previously allocated time. The disclosed relocation process incorporates one or more of a plurality of input sources such as electronic calendars, face/voice recognition systems, proximity systems, enterprise maps, and/or resource databases to assist in schedule adjustments.
new patent Navigation system and method
The invention relates to a navigation system, which includes an appliance for finding a desired route from a starting point to an end point. The navigation system includes explicit markings discernible by the senses, which are located on the route, and the markings on the route are arranged in the appliance in the order of progression.
new patent Reverse natural guidance
The disclosed embodiments relate to recognition of navigation and/or guidance related information within an expressed conversational narrative between a provider of the narrative and a receiver thereof. The recognized navigation and/or guidance related information is then converted into navigation data which may be used to present a navigation route and/or guidance information related thereto to the receiver..
new patent Navigational coordinate systems in conjunction with transports and/or mobile devices
The subject matter disclosed herein relates to systems, methods, apparatuses, articles, and means for determining at least one navigational coordinate system to be utilized in conjunction with transports and/or mobile devices. For certain example implementations, a method by a mobile device that is at least proximate to a transport may comprise identifying a first navigational coordinate system, with the first navigational coordinate system being associated with the transport and enabling navigation within at least one navigable area of the transport.
new patent Systems and methods for off-board voice-automated vehicle navigation
A system for providing navigational information to a vehicle driver. An on-board system is disposed on a vehicle and processes and transmits to a data center, via a wireless link, spoken requests from a vehicle driver requesting navigational information.
new patent Method and apparatus for navigation based on media density along possible routes
The disclosure is directed to routing to a destination. An aspect determines a route from an origin to the destination, and recommends a location of interest.
new patent System, components and methodologies for navigation route planning
A navigation system, components and methodologies enables a process for including a specific route segment on a calculated route from a starting location to a destination. Accordingly, the navigation system, its components and the associated navigation route planning methodologies enable planning based on at least a user's personal preference for the inclusion of at least one specific route segment in a planned navigation route..
new patent System and method for aircraft navigation assistance
This aircraft navigation assistance system comprises an inertial navigation module adapted for providing first positional information from accelerometric and gyrometric measurements, and a module adapted for determining second positional information from satellite positioning data. The system is characterized in that it comprises means for estimating a first localization of the aircraft at a time of estimation on the basis of first positional information determined from accelerometric and gyrometric measurements at said time of estimation and second positional information determined from positioning data received prior to said time of estimation, said first localization being determined independently from any positioning data received in a time interval preceding said time of estimation, advantageously equal to a time to alert..
new patent Code replacement for irrigation controllers
Some embodiments provide irrigation controllers comprising: a housing; a control unit including a first microcontroller configured to execute irrigation programs and a first set of code; and a removable plug-in device that removably mates with a portion of the irrigation controller and communicationally couples to the first microcontroller, wherein the plug-in device comprises a memory storing a second set of code to replace at least a portion of the first set of code, wherein the plug-in device is configured to re-flash at least a portion of the first set of code allowing a copy of the second set of code to overwrite at least the portion of the first set of code; wherein the first set of code comprises a bootloader that writes the copy of the second set of code over the first set of code with the exception of the bootloader that is not written over.. .
new patent Neurostimulation system and method for providing therapy to patient with minimal side effects
A method comprises conveying a pulsed waveform between an electrode and a stimulation site of a spinal cord, thereby evoking the antidromic propagation of action potentials along a first sensory neural fiber creating a therapeutic effect in the tissue region, evoking the orthodromic propagation of action potentials along the first sensory neural fiber potentially creating paresthesia corresponding to the tissue region, and evoking the antidromic propagation of action potentials along a second sensory neural fiber potentially creating a side-effect in another tissue region. The method further comprises conveying electrical energy between an electrode and a blocking site rostral to the stimulation site, thereby blocking the action potentials propagated along the first sensory neural fiber and reducing the paresthesia, and conveying electrical energy between an electrode and a blocking site caudal to the stimulation site, thereby blocking the action potentials propagated along the second sensory neural fiber and reducing the side-effect..
new patent Fatty acid niacin conjugates and their uses
The invention relates to fatty acid niacin conjugates; compositions comprising an effective amount of a fatty acid niacin conjugate; and methods for treating or preventing an metabolic disease comprising the administration of an effective amount of a fatty acid niacin conjugate.. .
new patent Thiazole derivatives and use thereof
The present invention is related to thiazole derivatives of formula (i) in particular for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of autoimmune disorders and/or inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neturodegenerative diseases, bacterial or viral infections, kidney diseases, platelet aggregation, cancer, transplantation, graft rejection or lung injuries.. .
new patent Method and kit for constructing plasma dna sequencing library
The disclosure relates a method and a kit for constructing a plasma deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) sequencing library. The method provided by the disclosure includes: extracting a plasma dna; making the plasma dna ligate to a sequencing linker, and purifying a ligation product; performing polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification for the purified ligation product, purifying the pcr amplification product, and obtaining the plasma dna sequencing library, wherein, the method does not include the step of performing 5′-terminus phosphorylation for the plasma dna.
new patent Target-recognition compositions comprising novel synthetic conjugates for trapping and diagnosis of a target molecule
The invention relates to methods, kits and devices for sensitive and efficient trapping, removing, detecting or quantification of a target compound in or from a substance. More specifically, the invention encompasses the use of at least one target-recognition composition comprising at least one nucleic acid-based aptamer that specifically recognizes and binds the target compound, and at least one dna dendrimer labeled with at least one trapping, partitioning or detectable moiety..
new patent High throughput paired-end sequencing of large-insert clone libraries
The present invention is related to genomic nucleotide sequencing. In particular, the invention describes a paired end sequencing method that improves the yield of long-distance genomic read pairs by constructing long-insert clone libraries (i.e., for example, a fosill library or a foscn library) and converting the long-insert clone library using inverse polymerase chain reaction amplification or shearing and recircularization of shortened fragments into a library of co-ligated clone-insert ends.
new patent Smart phone to home gateway/stb data exchange for content delivery
A home gateway/stb establishes communication with a smart phone, queries the smart phone for digital diary data, receives the digital diary data from the smart phone, communicates with a remote server to deliver at least some of the digital diary data, receives content from the remote server that is selected based upon to the digital diary data, and downloads the content to the smart phone upon determining proximity of the smart phone to the home gateway/stb. The digital diary data may be information about at least one transaction serviced by the smart phone, information regarding browsing activities of the smart phone, location data of the smart phone captured over time, or other data.
new patent Measurements for indoor navigation
A method of obtaining and using access point signal information includes: receiving signals at a mobile device from a first set of access points during a passive measurement; and performing a first active measurement at the mobile device for the first set of the access points, including: sending at least one first communication each sent toward a respective one of the access points of the first set; and receiving at least one second communication each corresponding to, and responsive to, one of the at least one first communication and received from a corresponding one of the access points of the first set; where the passive measurement and the first active measurement is each performed repeatedly with the first set of the access points being reestablished at each repeat performance of the passive measurement, and with the passive measurement being performed less often than the first active measurement.. .
new patent Indoor navigation with low energy location beacons
Low energy location beacons provide a robust indoor navigation solution that is potentially accessible to anyone with a cell phone.. .
new patent Audio-based text messaging
A device that enable users to send and receive a message in different formats may include a text message gateway, an audio message gateway, and a processor. The text message gateway may include a short message service (sms) gateway.
new patent Method of and an operating support system for providing performance management in a mobile telecommunications system
In lte, there is no control node that collects performance management (pm) data from base stations, like a base station controller (bsc) or radio network controller (rnc) does for 2g/3g systems. Instead, an operating support system (oss) has to collect pm data directly from enodebs, thereby causing scalability issues.
new patent Front end circuitry for carrier aggregation configurations
Radio frequency (rf) front end circuitry includes one or more antenna ports, one or more rf switching ports, and an rf switch matrix coupled between the antenna ports and the rf front end ports. The rf switch matrix comprises a dual 4×4 multiplexer, and is adapted to selectively couple any one of the antennas to any one of the plurality of rf switching ports..
new patent Double channel doping in transistor formation
A method includes performing a first well doping on a first active region and a second active region simultaneously, and forming a first and a second dummy gate covering a first middle portion of the first active region and a second middle portion of the second active region, respectively. The first and the second dummy gates are removed, and the second middle portion of the second active region is covered with a mask.
new patent Novel apparatus and method to propagate biological material
The present application discloses a novel microbiological apparatus and methods of using the same. The apparatus is a rolling pen comprising of a socket and a ball with its unique rolling head to transfer a biological material from a first location to a second location in an aseptic manner.
new patent System and method for the detection of abnormalities in a biological sample
The present invention is related to a method or system for the detection of abnormalities in a biological sample comprising cells. Said method or system comprises at least the following steps, or is capable to carry out, and/or comprises means capable to carry out, at least the following steps, respectively: a) acquiring an image of said sample by digital image acquisition, b) optionally, carrying out digital image processing, c) selecting a field of view, d) determining, by digital image processing, whether or not, in said field of view, cell aggregates exist, and e1) selecting a new field of view and carrying on with step c) if, in step d), it turns out that, in said field of view, the determination of cell aggregates is negative, or e2) carrying out further process steps if in step d), it turns out that, in said field of view, the determination of cell aggregates is affirmative..
new patent Magnetic bead aggregation assay system
There is provided a method of aggregating a plurality of beads in a magnetic bead aggregation assay for subsequent analysis comprising: —providing magnetic beads comprising a capture probe for binding with said target analyte; —reacting the magnetic beads with the sample including a target analyte in a reaction chamber aggregating the magnetic beads in the presence of a magnetic field with the target analyte to allow formation of magnetic bead aggregates having physical properties detectable to enable characterisation of the aggregates on an aggregate by aggregate basis using a detector to measure the physical properties of the aggregates. Further provided are a method and system for detecting analytes in a sample by characterising the magnetic bead aggregates on an aggregate by aggregate basis by measuring physical properties of the aggregates..
new patent Heterobifunctional linkers with polyethylene glycol segments and immune response modifier conjugates made therefrom
Conjugates of an immune response modifier, a linker, and an antigen are disclosed. The linker is represented by formula (i): wherein a is ch or n, p is in a range from 1 to 50, r″ is a bond or -alkylene-o—, r′ is alkylene that is optionally interrupted or terminated with one or more amide or ether groups, and e is an amine- or thiol-reactive group.
new patent Nemorubicin metabolite and analog reagents, antibody-drug conjugates and methods
Where one or more nemorubicin metabolite or analog drug moieties (d) are covalently attached by a linker (l) to an antibody (ab) which binds to one or more tumor-associated antigens or cell-surface receptors. These compounds may be useful in methods of diagnosis or treatment of cancer, and other diseases and disorders..
new patent Prolactin receptor binding proteins and uses thereof
The present invention encompasses prlr binding proteins. Specifically, the invention relates to antibodies that are chimeric, cdr grafted and humanized antibodies.
new patent Drug fusions and conjugates with extended half life
The present invention relates to drug fusions and conjugates that have improved serum half lives. These fusions and conjugates comprise immunoglobulin (antibody) single variable domains and insulinotropic and/or incretin and/or gut peptide molecules.
new patent Modified proteins and peptides
The present disclosure relates to modified proteins and peptides that have reduced ability to bind to pre-existing antibodies. Such modified protein/peptide molecules can comprise c-terminal additions, extensions or tags and/or certain amino acid substitutions.
new patent Pharmaceutical compositions of conjugates formed from polymer derivatives having particular atom arrangements
Pharmaceutical compositions of conjugates are provided. The conjugates can be prepared by (among other ways) conjugating a pharmacologically active agent with a polymeric reagent that has a particular arrangement of atoms.
new patent Antibody-sn-38 immunoconjugates with a cl2a linker
The present invention concerns improved methods and compositions for preparing sn-38 conjugates of proteins or peptides, preferably immunoconjugates of antibodies or antigen-binding antibody fragments. More preferably, the sn-38 is attached to the antibody or antibody fragment using a cl2a linker, with 1-12, more preferably 6 or less, most preferably 1-5 sn-38 moieties per antibody or antibody fragment.

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