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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gat-related patents
 Method and system for transmitting sensor signals patent thumbnailMethod and system for transmitting sensor signals
A sensor signal transmission system includes: at least one wireless sensor disposed in an equipment package and configured to sense at least one type of information; a gateway configured to receive the at least one type of information sensed by the at least one wireless sensor in a wireless manner, and convert the received information into at least one communication signal; a controller configured to control the equipment package by collecting the at least one communication signal input from the gateway; and at least one wireless power supply configured to supply power to the at least one wireless sensor in a wireless manner.. .
Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd.

 Methods for multi-point carrier aggregation configuration and data forwarding patent thumbnailMethods for multi-point carrier aggregation configuration and data forwarding
Methods of multi-point carrier aggregation configuration and data forwarding are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, a primary connection is established between a ue and a primary base station in a primary cell with a first ue-id.
Mediatek Inc.

 Apparatus and methods for accessing a data network patent thumbnailApparatus and methods for accessing a data network
A packet data network gateway, p-gw, is located in a second network for supporting user plane data to terminal devices in a wireless communications system that additionally comprises a first network having a first packet data network gateway, p-gw operably couplable to the p-gw. The p-gw comprises a processor arranged to: check a destination address of received packets from the first p-gw to determine whether the received packets are destined for any of the terminal devices, and in response thereto: extract one or more properties of said received packets if they are destined for any of the terminal devices served with user plane data; or discard said received packets if they are not destined for the terminal device(s)..
General Dynamics C4 Systems, Inc.

 System and/or  locating a portable service access transceiver patent thumbnailSystem and/or locating a portable service access transceiver
Described are devices, methods, techniques and systems for locating a portable services access transceiver (psat) for use in aiding emergency “911” services. In one implementation, one or more conditions indicative of movement of a psat may initiate a process for obtaining a new estimated location of the psat.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Scheduling and admission of radio bearers in a communications system applying carrier aggregation patent thumbnailScheduling and admission of radio bearers in a communications system applying carrier aggregation
A method and a network node (110; 400) for scheduling of resources to radio bearers associated with wireless devices (120, 121, 122) served by a base station (110) in a cell (115). The network node (110, 400) and the base station (110) operating in a wireless communications system (100) applying carrier aggregation.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Maximization of radio resource allocation for a carrier aggregated user equipment patent thumbnailMaximization of radio resource allocation for a carrier aggregated user equipment
To schedule user equipments (ues) in a scheduling period, for each of x cells in a carrier aggregation (ca) system relative priorities of data bearers are determined. Each data bearer is associated with a respective ue having buffered data and at least one of the ues is a ca-ue that is allowed radio resource allocation to its associated data bearers in at least two of the cells.
Aricent Technologies Luxembourg S.a.r.l.

 Carrier switching method, base station, and user equipment patent thumbnailCarrier switching method, base station, and user equipment
The present invention discloses a carrier switching method, a base station, and user equipment, where the method includes: determining, according to carrier switching capability information of user equipment ue, a carrier switching policy according to which the ue performs carrier switching; and sending carrier switching indication information to the ue, where the carrier switching indication information is used for indicating the carrier switching policy, so that the ue performs carrier switching according to the carrier switching policy. In the carrier switching method, the base station and the user equipment according to embodiments of the present invention, the ue having no carrier aggregation capability is enabled to dynamically perform switching between at least two carriers, so that quality of service of a service of the ue can be improved, user experience can be improved, and system performance can be improved..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Multi-spectrum access node patent thumbnailMulti-spectrum access node
Systems and methods for managing a network are disclosed. In an aspect, a method can comprise receiving first information by an access node of a premises network via a first radio frequency band.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

 Carrier aggregation controller and method patent thumbnailCarrier aggregation controller and method
A carrier aggregation controller for providing an aggregated baseband signal from a plurality of baseband signals is provided. The controller comprises an accumulating memory, a selector and a time domain transformer.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

 Multi-sim user equipment and wireless communication method thereof patent thumbnailMulti-sim user equipment and wireless communication method thereof
A wireless communication method and multi-sim user equipment are provided. The wireless communication method for multi-sim dual standby (dsds) technology is applied on multi-sim user equipment (ue) which is capable of carrier aggregation (ca) or dual connectivity (duco).
Mediatek Inc.


Non-cellular link integration with cellular networks

Improved non-cellular (e.g., wi-fi) link integration with a cellular (e.g., lte) network is described. The improved link integration can relate to utilizing an enodeb device (e.g., residing in a radio access network portion of a cellular network) as an anchor point rather than a packet data network gateway device (e.g., residing in a core network portion of the cellular network) utilized by other approaches.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Communication system, base station, gateway device, base station control method, and gateway device control method

A base station (103), which is connected to a gateway device (105), comprising: a transmission unit (202) that transmits an old transport info to the gateway device, and the old transport info is an information which is not used by the gateway device when a handover occurs.. .
Nec Corporation


Fair distribution of radio resources between guaranteed bit rate (gbr) and non-gbr data bearers

User equipments (ues) may be scheduled by, in a cell, determining relative priorities of data radio bearers (drbs), each drb associated with an active ue. A limit is established dividing radio resources available for allocation in the cell during a scheduling period into at least a first limited portion and a second remaining portion.
Aricent Technologies Luxembourg S.a.r.l


Method of authenticating a terminal by a gateway of an internal network protected by an access security entity providing secure access

One embodiment is an authentication method comprising on receiving a request from the web browser of the terminal, the request including a user identifier, obtaining authentication data that is associated with the user identifier and that is stored in a database of the internal network, configuring a proxy server authorizing access via the access security entity to the internal network for a determined set of connection parameters, generating a first application from the connection parameters of the set, which application is protected using at least one determined portion of the authentication data and being configured to, on being executed by the web browser, set up a connection between the terminal and the proxy server using the parameters, this being done in response to the at least determined portion of the authentication data being supplied and transmitting the first application to the web browser of the terminal.. .


Mobile device location estimation using categorized local location data from various sources

Methods and program products of mobile device location estimation using categorized local location data from various sources. For example, a method includes: detecting one or more wireless access gateways on a mobile device; for at least one detected wireless access gateway, determining whether or not location data of the gateway exists among part or all of a predetermined collection of data on the mobile device, the location data including a location estimate of the gateway, and none or at least one of: an uncertainty value associated with the location estimate; or a confidence value related to the likelihood that the gateway is stationary; determining whether or not a condition related to location estimation of the device is true; determining a location estimate of the device using the existing location data of the detected gateways on the device or other location estimation methods, based on the determination of the condition..


Apparatus and methods for efficient delivery of electronic program guide data

Apparatus and method for improving the bandwidth efficiency of delivering electronic program guide (epg) data to consumer premises equipment (cpe). In one exemplary embodiment, electronic guide data is rendered by devices away from the cpe, shifting the executing data- and bandwidth-heavy operations away from the cpe.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises, Llc


Data encoding and decoding

A video encoding method comprises partitioning each image of a video signal into an array of coding tree units; partitioning the array of coding tree units of each image into a portion pattern of rectangular portions for independent encoding such that the prediction dependencies of samples within a portion do not extend into any other portion and the entropy encoding parameters of one portion are independent of those of any other portion, the portion pattern being such that each row of coding tree units is partitioned into at least two of the portions; encoding the coding tree units within each portion using wavefront parallel processing in which, for each portion, successive rows of coding tree units within the portion are encoded so that encoding dependencies are not broken at row boundaries and encoding parameters are propagated from an intermediate position along each row to the start of the next row of coding tree units; and outputting the encoded coding tree units according to an order with respect to the array of coding tree units which is different to a raster order of coding tree units within successive respective portions.. .
Sony Corporation


Method and packaging image data for transmission over a network

Methods of data encoding using trees formed with logic gates are described which lead to spatial compression of image data. Data encoding is achieved using a five-level wavelet transform, such as the haar or the 2/10 transform.
Rgb Systems, Inc.


Multiple secondary device call controls and protocols

To control secondary devices of a subscriber whose primary device is subscribed to a mobile network, a secondary mobile directory number (“mdn”) and secondary device identifiers are employed. After the primary device is rung, an authentication and call waiting engine receives a request from a telephony gateway to retrieve identifiers of any secondary devices that are linked to a primary mdn of the primary device.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Sensor data collection system

The sensor data collection system includes one or a plurality of sensors; a gateway device capable of collecting, converting, processing, making a threshold determination of, and compressing data from the sensors and transmitting the data to a data collection server at a timing set as needed; and the data collection server that collects the sensor data from the gateway device. The data collection server includes a means that compresses sensor data conversion, processing, threshold determination, compression, and transmission timing settings into a binary and transmits the binary to the gateway device.
Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.


Method and transferring content among large clusters of storage devices to achieve a target replication distribution

A content distribution network, including: a content server that stores a set of content items; a plurality of gateways for storing and serving content requests to a subset of the content items, the plurality of gateways being grouped into a plurality of classes of gateways; and a plurality of class trackers corresponding to the plurality of classes; wherein each class tracker manages a placement of content items and an assignment of content requests for its class of gateways; wherein the plurality of class trackers exchange congestion signals among themselves; wherein, for each content item, each class tracker determines a fraction of gateways in its class of gateways that store the content item and a rate of content requests that are forwarded to the content server or other class trackers, based on requests for the content item entering its class and the congestion signals received from other class trackers.. .
Thomson Licensing


Terminal authentication apparatus and method

A terminal authentication apparatus and method. The method includes sending, by an authenticator, a media access control (mac) address of a terminal to an authentication server, and authenticating, by the authentication server, the mac address according to a preset mac address list.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Packet forwarding system, device, and method

Embodiments of the present invention provide a packet forwarding system. The packet forwarding system includes: a gateway control plane entity, configured to send a user profile establishment message to a mobile agent in a process of setting up a bearer, where the user profile establishment message includes a user profile of the bearer; the mobile agent, configured to store the user profile of the bearer; and a switch, configured to: after receiving a user plane packet and when no flow entry matching the user plane packet is found in a local flow table, send a flow entry request including a matching parameter in the user plane packet to the mobile agent, where the mobile agent is further configured to: after receiving the flow entry request, generate, according to the found user profile, a flow entry matching the user plane packet, and send the generated flow entry to the switch..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Packet scheduling using hierarchical scheduling process with priority propagation

System and method of data routing according to a hierarchical scheduling process. Incoming data traffic is allocated to various queues of a buffer.


Methods of implementing dynamic quality of service or bandwidth provisioning

A method of operating a data network may include establishing a data path through the data network between a routing gateway and service provider equipment providing a data service. Moreover, the data service may be provided for use at the routing gateway over the data path during a data session.
At&t Intellectual Property I,lp


Packet forwarding

Ecmps are selected from multiple trill paths to a gateway. The source mac address of a received ethernet packet whose destination mac address is the mac address of the gateway is replaced with a local mac address.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.


Establishing a multicast backup path

In one embodiment, a first device in a network determines a primary border gateway protocol (bgp) path and a secondary bgp path to a second device in the network. The first device sends requests to join a multicast label switched path (lsp) to the second device via the primary bgp path and via the secondary bgp path.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Communication system, managment server, and monitoring apparatus

It is provided a communication system comprising: a first monitoring apparatus configured to monitor a control signal related to a connection request between a network and a terminal, and generate a reception log; a second monitoring apparatus configured to monitor a packet inputted/outputted to/from a gateway apparatus configured to transfer user data, sort the packet for each session, identify a type of an application which generates the session, and generate a session log including the type of an application; and a traffic management server configured to acquire the reception log generated by the first monitoring apparatus and the session log generated by the second monitoring apparatus, correlate the reception log with the session log by using an occurrence time of the reception log, an occurrence time of the session log, and an identifier of the terminal, and identify an application related to a session which generated the control signal.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.


Methods and systems for verifying installation of a device

Methods and systems for verifying installation of a networked device are disclosed. Short message service (sms) messages are used to communicate between an in-field device and a central computer system after an installation of a network device.
Candi Controls, Inc.


Receiver front end architecture for intra band carrier aggregation

A receiver front end architecture for intra band carrier aggregation is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a first transistor having a gate terminal to receive an input signal, drain terminal to output an amplified signal, and a source terminal connected to a signal ground by a source degeneration inductor.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Data transmission method, apparatus, and system

A data transmission method includes: receiving, by an access gateway, data packets; transmitting, by the access gateway, the data packets to an operator network using a digital subscriber line dsl channel; detecting, by the access gateway, a status of a bandwidth occupied when the data packets are transmitted on the dsl channel; determining, by the access gateway, that the dsl channel cannot satisfy a user requirement and some data packets need to be overflowed; and overflowing, by the access gateway to an lte channel, the data packets needing to be overflowed, and transmitting the data packets to the operator network using the dsl channel in combination with the lte channel.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Method and system for delegating calculation of a bilinear pairing value to a calculation server

One embodiment relates to a method for enabling an entity to delegate calculation of a bilinear pairing value e(a,b) between two values a and b to a calculation server. The entity may select public elements p1 and p2 and secret elements s1 and s2, two of the elements from among p1, p2, s1, and s2 being selected to be equal to a and b, generate elements r1=vs1, r2=us2, t1=up1+s1, t2=vp2=s2, where u and v are random numbers, and transmit r1, r2, t1, and t2 to the calculation server.


Satellite system architecture for coverage areas of disparate demand

Disclosed is a satellite communication system that allocates bandwidth to maximize the capacity of the communication system while providing service to geographical areas having different demands. A smaller portion of the frequency spectrum can be allocated for subscriber beams that supply service to low demand areas.
Viasat, Inc.


Method and system for distributed transceivers for distributed access points connectivity

A controlling entity communicates with a plurality of network devices having a plurality of distributed transceivers and one or more corresponding antenna arrays. The controlling entity receives information, such as location information, propagation environment characteristics, physical environment characteristics and/or link parameters and quality from the network devices and/or communication devices that are communicatively coupled to the plurality of network devices.
Golba Llc


Differential odd integer divider

A differential odd integer divider provides low power and compact sub-harmonics of an applied square or sinusoidal clock signal with self-aligned 50% duty cycle. The odd integer divider circuit includes a set of low power delay cells connected in a ring fashion.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Compact logic evaluation gates using null convention

Compact logic evaluation gates are built using null convention logic (ncl) circuits. The inputs to a null convention circuit include a ncl true input and a ncl complement input.
Wave Semiconductor, Inc.


Amplifier and related method

An amplifier applicable to an intra-band non-contiguous carrier aggregation (ncca) band includes a first amplifier circuit and a second amplifier circuit. The ncca band includes at least a primary component carrier (pcc) channel and a secondary component carrier (scc) channel not adjacent to each other.
Mediatek Inc.


Charging and discharging control circuit for battery device

A source of a pass-on fet is connected to a charger (load) terminal node connected to a battery terminal, a drain of the pass-on fet is connected to a gate of the current-pass fet, a gate of the pass-on fet is connected to a first control signal of a controller, a drain of the current-pass fet is connected to the other terminal of a battery, and a source of the current-pass fet is connected to one terminal of a charger. Two pass-off fets are connected in series between the drain and the gate of the current-pass fet, one of gates of the two pass-off fets is connected to a second control signal outputted from the controller, the other one of the gates of the two pass-off fets is connected to a level converter, and an input of the level converter is connected to the second control signal..


Protection circuit

A p-channel type mosfet and an n-channel type mosfet formed by a cmos process are connected in series. A high-voltage signal and a low-voltage signal are applied to the drain of one of transistors.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Dual polarized antenna

A dual polarized antenna assembly that can be used in connection with rail-based high speed data transmission is provided. One or more high gain directional antennas can be included within a single package such that each package can include a waveguide feed, first and second probe feed assemblies terminating at the waveguide feed, and a horn flair coupled to a first end of the waveguide feed.
Pc-tel, Inc.


Shorted bowtie patch antenna with parasitic shorted patches

Described herein are shorted bowtie patch antennas. The shorted bowtie patch antenna includes parasitic shorted patches.
City University Of Hong Kong


Organic light-emitting diode display with enhanced aperture ratio

An organic light-emitting diode display may have an array of pixels. Each pixel may have an organic light-emitting diode with an anode and cathode.
Apple Inc.


Magneto-elastic non-volatile multiferroic logic and memory with ultralow energy dissipation

Memory cells, non-volatile logic gates, and combinations thereof have magneto-tunneling junctions (mtjs) which are switched using potential differences across a piezoelectric layer in elastic contact with a magnetostrictive nanomagnet of an mtj. One or more pairs of electrodes are arranged about the mtj for supplying voltage across the piezoelectric layer for switching.
Virginia Commonwealth University


Sti recess method to embed nvm memory in hkmg replacement gate technology

The present disclosure relates to a structure and method for reducing contact over-etching and high contact resistance (rc) on an embedded flash memory hkmg integrated circuit. In one embodiment, an sti region underlying a memory contact pad region is recessed to make the sti surface substantially co-planar with the rest of the semiconductor substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Reliable non-volatile memory device

Device and method for forming a device are disclosed. The method includes providing a substrate prepared with a memoir), cell region.
Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.


One time programmable memory cell and programming and reading a memory array comprising the same

A one time programmable (otp) memory cell includes a select gate transistor, a following gate transistor, and an antifuse varactor. The select gate transistor has a first gate terminal, a first drain terminal and a first source terminal.
Ememory Technology Inc.


Electrostatic discharge protection circuit, structure and making the same

An esd structure, including a first conductive type substrate, a second conductive type well region in the substrate, first/second doped regions (the first type), fourth to sixth doped regions (second conductive type), and first/second gates, is provided. The first/second doped regions are respectively disposed in the well region and the substrate.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method

The reliability of a copper wire is improved without inhibiting the wiring resistance of the copper wire. For example, another metallic element segregates in the boundary region between a copper film cuf1 and a copper film cuf2, and at the upper side face part of a wiring gutter leading to the boundary region.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Plasma processing apparatus

Provided is a plasma processing apparatus including: a circular waveguide connected with a vacuum vessel, and through which a circularly polarized wave of an electric field for plasma formation propagates; a processing chamber which is arranged below the circular waveguide, and in which plasma is formed; a circularly polarized wave generator, which is arranged in the waveguide; a circularly polarized wave adjuster which is connected with the circular waveguide below the circularly polarized wave generator; a circularly polarized wave detector which is below the circularly polarized wave adjuster; and a controller which adjusts an operation of the circularly polarized wave adjuster according to an output from the circularly polarized wave detector, in which the circularly polarized wave adjuster adjusts a length of a protrusion of a dielectric stub into the circular waveguide based on a signal from the controller.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Anti-fuse type one-time programmable memory cell array and operating the same

An anti-fuse type one-time programmable (otp) memory cell array includes a plurality of unit cells which are respectively located at cross points of a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns, a well region shared by the plurality of unit cells, a plurality of anti-fuse gates respectively disposed in the plurality of columns to intersect the well region, a plurality of source/drain regions respectively disposed in portions of the well region between the plurality of anti-fuse gates, and a plurality of drain regions respectively disposed in portions of the well region located at one sides of the anti-fuse gates arrayed in a last column, which are opposite to the anti-fuse gates arrayed in a first column. Each of the unit cells includes one anti-fuse transistor having a mos transistor structure without a selection transistor..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Non-volatile semiconductor memory device

A semiconductor memory device, which restrains a breakdown of a low-voltage transistor constructing a bit line selecting circuit, is provided. An nand string unit and transistors (blse, blso, biase, biaso) that construct bit line selecting circuit are formed in a p-well.
Winbond Electronics Corp.


Memory device

Disclosed is a memory device. The memory device includes a bit-cell comprising a cross-coupled inverter and pass gate transistor connected to data storage node of the cross-coupled inverter, a read buffer transistor having a drain terminal connected to a bit line for read operation and a gate terminal connected to the pass gate transistor, a write operation transistor connected between the pass gate transistor and a bit line for write operation, and a drive transistor unit which is connected to a local line between the pass gate transistors and the write operation transistor and which provide a voltage to a gate terminal of the read buffer transistor based on a data value stored at the bit-cell..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University


Systems and methods for drone navigation

There is provided a method for navigation of a drone through a geographical air space, comprising: identifying a drone within or in proximity to a geographical air space; receiving flight data representing a certain flight path through the geographical air space; evaluating the flight data based on a flight risk map to determine the flight risk through the geographical air space, wherein the flight risk map includes zones, each zone being associated with a certain flight safety score; and one or more of: approving the certain flight path when the flight risk of the drone is within an acceptable risk threshold, blocking the certain flight path when the flight risk of the drone is outside the acceptable risk threshold, and obtaining external control of navigation of the drone to navigate the drone through at least one zone having the acceptable risk threshold.. .


System and exocentric display of integrated navigation

A system and method are provided for displaying a strategic navigational overview of a vehicle, including a navigational map and a marker icon thereon representing an entity pertinent to navigation of the vehicle. A vertical line contacting the marker icon has, contiguous thereto, a current altitude icon representing the current altitude of the vehicle, and a trending icon indicating a direction of a change in altitude of the vehicle..
Honeywell International Inc.


Visual-inertial sensor fusion for navigation, localization, mapping, and 3d reconstruction

A new method for improving the robustness of visual-inertial integration systems (vins) based on derivation of optimal discriminants for outlier rejection, and the consequent approximations, that are both conceptually and empirically superior to other outlier detection schemes used in this context. It should be appreciated that vins is central to a number of application areas including augmented reality (ar), virtual reality (vr), robotics, autonomous vehicles, autonomous flying robots, and so forth and their related hardware including mobile phones, such as for use in indoor localization (in gps-denied areas), and the like..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Shedding amount assignment

A shedding assignment method executed in a shedding assignment device of an aggregator has steps as follows. According to multiple historical data of historical shedding events, one user with a highest participating probability among non-selected users is selected, and a probability model of the selected user is generated.
Institute For Information Industry


User interest learning through hierarchical interest graphs

User interest learning through hierarchical interest graph techniques are described. In one or more implementations, each of a plurality of categories in a directed hierarchical interest graph are assigned a distance value which represents a shortest distance in the directed hierarchical interest graph from a root category to the category.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Fuzzy linear programming optimizing charging schedules in unidirectional vehicle-to-grid systems

The fuzzy linear programming method for optimizing charging schedules in unidirectional vehicle-to-grid systems is a computerized fuzzy linear programming method for an electric vehicle (ev) aggregator that coordinates the provision of ancillary services, such as regulation and spinning reserves, to electricity markets using unidirectional vehicle-to-grid (v2g). The fuzzy optimization incorporates uncertainties while maintaining the tractability of the problem size since, in fuzzy optimization, there is no need to represent each stochastic parameter by a number of scenarios.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Method for pseudo-recurrent processing of data using a feedforward neural network architecture

Recurrent neural networks are powerful tools for handling incomplete data problems in machine learning thanks to their significant generative capabilities. However, the computational demand for algorithms to work in real time applications requires specialized hardware and software solutions.
Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi


Method and image classification with joint feature adaptation and classifier learning

A technique for improving the performance of image classification systems is proposed which consists of learning an adaptation architecture on top of the input features jointly with linear classifiers, e.g., svm. This adaptation method is agnostic to the type of input feature and applies either to features built using aggregators, e.g., bow, fv, or to features obtained from the activations or outputs from dcnn layers.
Thomson Licensing


System and distributed computation using heterogeneous computing nodes

This disclosure relates generally to the use of distributed system for computation, and more particularly, relates to a method and system for optimizing computation and communication resource while preserving security in the distributed device for computation. In one embodiment, a system and method of utilizing plurality of constrained edge devices for distributed computation is disclosed.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Guided browsing experience

Methods and systems of providing a guided navigation experience are described. According to various embodiments, a first type of use case may be determined for a first use of a website by a user.
Linkedin Corporation


Facilitating distributed deletes in a replicated storage system

A data storage system includes multiple zones that comprise separate geographic storage locations and store replicated copies of data items. Upon receiving a delete operation at a local zone at a time td, if a copy of the first data item exists in the local zone, the system computes a maximum last update time tmlu=td−tmin, wherein tmin is a minimum lifetime for a data item.
Dropbox, Inc.


Visual hierarchy navigation system

The visual hierarchy navigation system described herein comprises a primary graphical object, one or more secondary graphical objects. Sets of secondary graphical objects may depend on some individual secondary graphical objects.


System and tagging and tracking events of an application platform

A system and method for providing delegated metric tools within a partially closed communication platform that includes receiving a tag identifier linked to at least a first identified platform interaction in the communication platform; associating the tag identifier with at least one logged event of an account associated with the first identified platform interaction; defining a tracking resource with at least one tag identifier; measuring platform interactions tracked by a tracking resource; and providing access to measured platform interactions through an application.. .
Twilio, Inc.


System and method to chain distributed applications in a network environment

A method is provided in one example embodiment and may include communicating information between a plurality of network function virtualized (nfv) based applications; and creating at least one service chain using at least two of the plurality of nfv-based applications based on the information communicated between the plurality nfv based applications. In some instances, the information can be communicated using border gateway protocol (bgp) exchanges between the nfv-based applications.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Voice interface for virtual area interaction

Examples of systems and methods for voice-based navigation in one or more virtual areas that define respective persistent virtual communication contexts are described. These examples enable communicants to use voice commands to, for example, search for communication opportunities in the different virtual communication contexts, enter specific ones of the virtual communication contexts, and bring other communicants into specific ones of the virtual communication contexts.
Social Communications Company


Website image carousel generation

A website construction tool allows website construction via an interactive graphical user interface (gui) using containers and modules defining predetermined website constructs from a robust assortment of common and popular rendering formats and content source definition for individual webpages, and arranges the individual pages for navigation. A user selects from the predefined constructs by selecting modules for generating code, corresponding to the desired content, source and rendering format.
Cimpress Schweiz Gmbh


Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigation of concurrently open software applications

An electronic device includes a touch-sensitive display and one or more programs stored in memory for execution by one or more processors. The one or more programs include instructions for displaying a first application view that corresponds to a first application in a plurality of concurrently open applications.
Apple Inc.


Virtual multi-device navigation in surface computing system

An approach is provided in which a touchscreen computing system generates a first virtual device instance and a second virtual device instance on a touchscreen in response to detecting a first physical device and a second physical device in proximity to the touchscreen computer system. The touchscreen computer system detects a touch gesture on the touchscreen that indicates a request to wirelessly connect the first physical device to the second physical device.
International Business Machines Corporation


Remote diagnostics of water distribution systems

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and computer program products for performing diagnostics on water distribution systems (e.g., automated drip-line irrigation systems). Embodiments of the present invention can afford users with the ability to identify defective components based on the diagnostics.
International Business Machines Corporation


Low power bipolar 360 degrees time to digital converter

A delay line operates to propagate a plurality of delay stages comprising a first delay element and a second delay element. A generator coupled to the delay line is configured to provide the start edge to the plurality of delay stages of the delay line as a function of a digital control oscillator (dco) counter value generated by a dco counter.
Intel Mobile Communications Gmbh


Estimation of precise road grade using time-differenced satellite navigation system signals

Implementations described herein contemplate measuring the carrier phase (cp) of carrier signals transmitted by constituent satellites of a global navigation satellite system (gnss) to provide highly accurate calculations of a gradient of a road segment between different points at which the vehicle received carrier signals (from which cp measurements were made). The methods described herein are able to calculate the road grade with only an approximate estimate of the absolute altitude of the receiver.
General Motors Llc


A network-aided method, terminal and network side device for satellite navigation and positioning

Disclosed are a network-aided method, user equipment, and network side device for satellite navigation and positioning, related to the field of satellite navigation and positioning. The network-aided satellite navigation and positioning method includes: a user equipment sending a network side an auxiliary positioning information request containing an indication of providing ionospheric auxiliary information (a100); the user equipment receiving ionospheric auxiliary information fed back from the network side, and correspondingly performing the ionospheric time delay correction to carry out a positioning operation (a200).
Zte Corporation


Object information acquiring apparatus and control method thereof, and acoustic signal acquiring apparatus and control method thereof

Provided is an object information acquiring apparatus having: a receiver in which a plurality of receiving elements to receive acoustic signals based on an acoustic wave propagated from an object is disposed on a two-dimensional surface, the plurality of receiving elements being divided into a plurality of receiving element groups including at least one receiving element respectively; a corrector that corrects signals received by the receiver; and a processor that acquires characteristic information in the object using the signals corrected by the corrector, wherein the receiver receives the acoustic signals for each of the plurality of receiving element groups with a time difference, and acquires the received signals, and the corrector corrects a time-based deviation.. .
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Method and integrated device for analyzing liquid flow and liquid-solid interface interaction

An integrated circuit (ic) chip with a lab-on-a-chip, a method of manufacturing the lab-on-a-chip and a method of using the lab-on-a-chip for fluid flow analysis in physical systems through combination with computer modeling. The lab-on-a-chip includes cavities in a channel layer and a capping layer, preferably transparent, covering the cavities.
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Gat topics: Brush Assembly, Extensible, Longitudinal Direction, Variable Length, Integrated Circuit, Semiconductor, Distributed, Optical Component, Ophthalmic, Nanoparticle, Interrupted, Transverse

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