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Gastrointestinal patents


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 Treatments for gastrointestinal conditions patent thumbnailTreatments for gastrointestinal conditions
Compounds for the treatment of bacterial and parasitic infections which are hybrid compounds of compounds having antibacterial or antiparasitic activity and compounds that decrease the absorption of the hybrid compound from the gastrointestinal tract. The compounds are preferably for use against c.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Inc.

 Suprametallogels and uses thereof patent thumbnailSuprametallogels and uses thereof
The disclosure provides nanostructures (e.g., nanospheres and nano-paddlewheels) formed through transition metal-ligand (e.g., pd(ii)-, ni(ii)-, or fe(ii)-ligand of formula (a)) coordination and junction self-assembly. The disclosure also provides supramolecular complexes that include the nanostructures connected by divalent linkers y.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

 Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating diseases associated with altered sert activity patent thumbnailMethods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating diseases associated with altered sert activity
The present invention provides, inter alia, methods for treating or ameliorating the effects of a disease associated with altered serotonin transporter molecule (sert) activity in a subject in need thereof. The methods include administering to the subject an effective amount of a 5-ht4 agonist or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.
The Trustees Of Columbia Univesity In The City Of New York

 Oral pharmaceutical dosage forms of budesonide patent thumbnailOral pharmaceutical dosage forms of budesonide
The present invention relates to novel oral sustained release pharmaceutical dosage forms for delivery of budesonide to the lower gastrointestinal tract for the treatment of crohn's disease.. .
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

 Orally administered corticosteroid compositions patent thumbnailOrally administered corticosteroid compositions
The present invention is directed to orally administered corticosteroid compositions. The present invention also provides a method for treating a condition associated with inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract in an individual.
Adare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

 Antisense treatment of radiation induced diseases in the gastrointestinal tract patent thumbnailAntisense treatment of radiation induced diseases in the gastrointestinal tract
This invention relates to a composition comprising an antisense oligonucleotide for use in treating radiation induced disease of the gastrointestinal tract.. .
Atlantic Pharmaceuticals (holdings) Ltd

 Treatment of gluten intolerance and related conditions patent thumbnailTreatment of gluten intolerance and related conditions
Provided herein are compositions, foods comprising nepenthesin or a derivative thereof and methods of using nepenthesin or a derivative thereof for modulating gluten intolerance and related conditions, such as celiac disease. Further provided herein are pharmaceutical compositions comprising nepenthesin or a derivative thereof and methods of using nepenthesin or a derivative thereof to treat bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract, such as c.
Nepetx, Llc

 Analogs of fexaramine and methods of making and using patent thumbnailAnalogs of fexaramine and methods of making and using
Embodiments of a method of making the same, and of a composition comprising them are disclosed herein. Also disclosed are embodiments of a method of treating or preventing a metabolic disorder in a subject, comprising administering to a subject (e.g., via the gastrointestinal tract) a therapeutically effective amount of one or more of the disclosed compounds, thereby activating fxr receptors in the intestines, and treating or preventing a metabolic disorder in the subject.

 Non-systemic topical compositions comprising corticosteroids patent thumbnailNon-systemic topical compositions comprising corticosteroids
Described herein are topical, non-systemic, slow releasing oral pharmaceutical compositions, methods for making the same, and methods for treating subjects in need thereof with such compositions. In particular, the oral composition provides topical, non-systemic administration of one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients to the oral cavity and upper gastrointestinal track, including the esophagus.
Banner Life Sciences Llc

 Activated soy pod fiber patent thumbnailActivated soy pod fiber
The present disclosure encompasses, among other things, compositions and methods of enhancing glyceollin content of soybean tissue as well as methods of large-scale production of soybean tissues comprising elevated glyceollin content. The present disclosure further encompasses administration of food products comprising glyceollins in the treatment or prevention (i.e., delay of onset) of overweight, obesity, prediabetes, diabetes, ibd, and gastrointestinal dysbiosis..
Microblome Therapeutics Llc

Compositions for delivering hypnotic agents across the oral mucosa and methods of use thereof

The present invention provides novel compositions for the delivery of a hypnotic agent across the oral mucosa. In particular, the buffer system in the compositions of the present invention raises the ph of saliva to a ph greater than about 7.8, thereby facilitating the substantially complete conversion of the hypnotic agent from its ionized to its un-ionized form.
Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Systems and methods for percutaneous removal of objects from an internal body space

Disclosed are systems, methods, and devices for percutaneous retrieval of objects, such as endovascular devices, from an internal body space. The present inventions have vascular, non-vascular (gastrointestinal), and surgical (laproscopic) applications.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Electrotherapeutic systems, devices, and methods

Electrotherapeutic systems, devices, and methods are described. In one embodiment, a portion of a hepatic branch of a vagus nerve in a liver is stimulated with a lead implanted in the liver.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Compositions for gastrointestinal administration of rna

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising a polyribonucleotide (rna) and a cationic agent, wherein said pharmaceutical composition is formulated as a solid dosage form for administration to the gastrointestinal (gi) tract. The present invention furthermore relates to the use of such a pharmaceutical composition for systemic delivery of rna and to a method for systemic delivery of rna to a subject comprising the step of administering such a pharmaceutical composition to the gi tract.
Ethris Gmbh

Method of treating protozoal gastrointestinal disorders in immunocompromised patients

The invention relates to a method for treating protozoal gastrointestinal disorders in immunocompromised patients. It includes a method for the isolation of a factor from the milk of hyperimmunized animals in a substantially pure form, and to the use of said factor in combination with vitamins and minerals..

Lactobacillus-based ecoli inhibition

A method of reducing growth of pathogenic bacteria in a gastrointestinal tract of an animal by providing to the animal a composition having 1×1013 cfu of lactobacillus probiotic microorganisms per kilogram of feed. When 1×104 viable cells of the lactobacillus probiotic are added to 1×104 viable cells of escherichia coli in a solution of mrs broth in a test tube and incubated in a water bath at 37° c.
Microbios, Inc.

Tannin-containing gastrointestinal formulations and methods of use

Tannin-containing compositions and methods of using same to enhance or maintain immune function during simplified nutrition feeding. Pharmaceutical compositions, including enteral nutrition compositions, are provided.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Apparatus and methods for treatment of morbid obesity

Apparatus and methods are described for treatment of morbid obesity using minimally invasive techniques. The apparatus includes a system of components that may be used separately or in combination for effectively reducing stomach volume, bypassing a portion of the stomach and/or small intestines, reducing nutrient absorption in the stomach and/or small intestines and/or depositing minimally or undigested food farther than normal into the intestines, thereby stimulating intestinal responses.
Valentx, Inc.

Intragastric device for treating obesity

A gastrointestinal device for treating obesity includes a three-dimensional porous structure configurable between a compressed pre-deployment configuration to facilitate delivery and an expanded post-deployment configuration. The porous structure includes a first opening at its proximal end and a larger second opening at its distal end.
Synerz Medical, Inc.

Apparatus and detecting gastrointestinal motor activity during post-operative recovery

System and methods for acquiring and processing myoelectrical data from the gastrointestinal tract of a patient are provided. In various embodiments, the systems and methods monitor the motor activity of a patient recovering from surgery to detect a resumption in gastrointestinal motility.
G-tech Medical, Inc.

System for marking a location for treatment within the gastrointestinal tract

A device and method for mapping, diagnosing and treating the intestinal tract is provided using a capsule passing through the intestinal tract. Further, a capsule tracking system is provided for tracking a capsule's location along the length of an intestinal tract as various treatment and/or sensing modalities are employed.
Entrack, Inc.

Hydrogels of methacrylic hyaluronic acid derivatives for oral enzyme therapy in celiac disease

The present invention relates to a composition comprising hydrogels from functionalized hyaluronic acid derivatives, said hydrogels loaded with exogenous enzymes selected in the group consisting of prolyl endopeptidase (pep) and endoprotease (ep) intended for the oral treatment of celiac disease. Specifically, this invention concerns a one-pot methodology useful to prepare methacrylic derivatives of hyaluronic acid, through the formation of a specific active group on hydroxyl groups of hyaluronic acid, the subsequent substitution of the inserted active group with ethylenediamine and finally, the reaction with methacrylic anhydride.
Nemysis Limited

Gastrointestinal endoscopy with attachable intestine pleating structures

Disclosed herein are intestine pleating attachable structures for use with endoscopes and methods for using said structures. The intestine pleating attachable structures may act in conjunction with a gastrointestinal endoscope and, optionally, a balloon to improve visualization during endoscopic procedures.
Visualization Balloons, Llc

Reconstruction with object detection for images captured from a capsule camera

A method of processing images captured using a capsule camera is disclosed. According to one embodiment, two images designated as a reference image and a float image are received, where the float image corresponds to a captured capsule image and the reference image corresponds to a previously composite image or another captured capsule image prior to the float image.
Capso Vision, Inc.

Interleukin-10 peptides and antibodies thereof for inhibiting adverse effects of protozoan infection

The present disclosure is directed to interleukin-10 (il-10) peptides and isolated antibodies that specifically bind to the il-10 peptides. The il-10 peptides and the isolated antibodies may be administered alone or as an animal feed additive to treat gastrointestinal protozoan infection in animals..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Materials and methods for improving gastrointestinal health

Described herein is a composition comprising a mixture of a probiotic composition and a prebiotic composition, wherein the probiotic composition comprises the bacterium bacillus coagulans and wherein the prebiotic composition comprises a plant-based fiber, a resistant starch and a short-chain oligosaccharide. Uses of the compositions described herein for maintaining or improving gastrointestinal health is also contemplated..
Shaklee Corporation

Methods of treating hepatic encephalopathy

The application describes treatment of hepatic encephalopathy using gastrointestinal specific antibiotics. One example of a gastrointestinal specific antibiotic is rifaximin.
Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd

Methods and materials for using ruminococcus gnavus or clostridium sporogenes to treat gastrointestinal disorders

This document provides materials and methods related to bacterial compositions containing at least one bacterial organism having tryptophan decarboxylase activity. For example, bacterial compositions containing at least one bacterial organism having tryptophan decarboxylase activity and methods for using such bacterial compositions to improve gastrointestinal epithelial function and/or to treat gastrointestinal disorders are provided..
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Macrocyclic ghrelin receptor modulators and methods of using the same

The present invention provides novel conformationally-defined macrocyclic compounds that can function as selective modulators of the ghrelin receptor (growth hormone sceretagogue receptor, ghs-r1a and subtypes, isoforms and variants thereof). Methods of synthesizing the novel compounds are also described herein.
Ocera Therapeutics, Inc.

Method and buoyant gastric implant

A buoyant, expandable intragastric device is provided that can be inserted into the stomach of a patient. The device is inflated, or expanded, with gas or other low density material to partially fill the stomach and enabling the device, or implant, to be buoyant within the stomach by floating toward the highest location possible relative to the contents of the stomach and the configuration of the stomach walls.
Endobese, Inc.

Methods and systems for compliance confirmation and incentives

Example methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture for monitoring use of a research device is disclosed. The disclosed example includes producing monitored data by monitoring at least one of the user's heart activity, the user's breathing activity, the user's borborygmus (gastrointestinal noise), the user's vascular pattern, the user's facial and/or ear patterns, the user's fingerprint and/or handprint, and the user's retinal and/or iris pattern, and determining the user's compliance with a predetermined criterion for use of the portable research device based on the monitored data..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

Methods and systems of evaluating a risk of a gastrointestinal cancer

A method of evaluating gastrointestinal cancer risk. The method comprises generating a set of features comprising a plurality of current blood test results from a blood collected from a target individual, providing at least one classifier generated according to an analysis of a plurality of respective historical blood test results of each of another of a plurality of sampled individuals, and evaluating, using a processor, a gastrointestinal cancer risk of the target individual by classifying the set of features using the at least one classifier..
Medial Research Ltd.

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