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Gasp patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Gasp-related patents
 Engine compressor wash system patent thumbnailEngine compressor wash system
A gas turbine engine includes: a compressor; a combustor downstream of the compressor along a gaspath; a turbine downstream of the combustor along the gaspath; a plurality of wash nozzles having outlets along the gaspath; and at least one inlet fitting coupled to the wash nozzles to bound a wash flowpath from an inlet port of the at least one inlet fitting to said outlets of said nozzles. The plurality of stages include: a stage upstream of blades of one compressor section; and another stage between said blades of one compressor section and blades of another compressor section..
 Network device and method of processing dying gasp patent thumbnailNetwork device and method of processing dying gasp
A network device is provided, which is connected to a receiver. The network device includes a signal processing unit and a transceiver unit.
 Turbine section of high bypass turbofan patent thumbnailTurbine section of high bypass turbofan
A turbofan engine has an engine case and a gaspath through the engine case. A fan has a circumferential array of fan blades.
 Testing fixture and testing method patent thumbnailTesting fixture and testing method
A testing fixture and a testing method are provided. The testing fixture is configured to be assembled to an accommodating space of an electronic device.
 Turbine engine transmission gutter patent thumbnailTurbine engine transmission gutter
A turbine engine case defines a centerline and a gaspath within the engine case. A fan is coupled to a fan shaft.
 Method and system for last gasp device detection patent thumbnailMethod and system for last gasp device detection
A method is provided for device detection by a base station comprising receiving a plurality of signals over a preamble subframe from an endpoint. The plurality of signals are attempting to access an access group of the preamble subframe.
 Method and system for last gasp device identification patent thumbnailMethod and system for last gasp device identification
A method for device identification includes determining a mass event has occurred in a wireless network from a reception of a plurality of signals each having a last gasp message, sampling a plurality of mapped zones associated with a base station, identifying which mapped zones are associated with a disconnected endpoint in a zone list, determining a length of time of the mass event, and selectively providing the zone list to identify disconnected endpoints based at least upon the length of time of the mass event. Each mapped zone includes a plurality of wireless device endpoints associated with the mapped zone.
 Transmission system using dying gasp patent thumbnailTransmission system using dying gasp
An ethernet-based transmission system using a dying gasp according to the present invention includes an smps for supplying power to an ethernet-based lower level system, detecting a state of a power fault, and outputting a dying gasp alarm signal. A cpu receives the dying gasp alarm signal, and generates and transmits an alarm packet.
 Use of dying gasp to locate faults in communications networks patent thumbnailUse of dying gasp to locate faults in communications networks
Novel tools and techniques that can be used to detect network impairment, including but not limited to impairment of optical fiber networks. In an aspect, such tools and techniques can be deployed at relatively low cost, allowing pervasive deployment throughout a network.
 Meter data management systems, methods, and software with outage management capabilities patent thumbnailMeter data management systems, methods, and software with outage management capabilities
The present inventors recognized a need to leverage the data from advanced metering systems (amis) in the management of electrical outages. To address this and/or other needs, they present inventors devised, among other things, systems, methods, and software that not only intelligently filter and communicate ami outage data to outage management systems (omss), but also facilitate communications between omss and multiple types of ami systems.
Quantitation and profiling of vaginal microflora
Disclosed are methods of quantifying microflora in vaginal samples. Quantitative assessment of vaginal microflora by real-time pcr to create a profiling of lactobacillus species, gardnerella vaginalis, atopobium vaginae, megasphaera type 1 and type 2 and bvab2 permits evaluation of bacterial vaginosis.
Last gasp hold-up circuit using adaptive constant on time control
A hold-up circuit coupled to a first node to receive an input voltage and to provide a hold-up voltage includes an inductor, a constant on-time buck-boost control circuit configured to drive a high-side power switch and a low-side power switch to operate in a buck mode and a boost mode of operation, and an energy storage capacitor. When the input voltage is greater than a predetermined threshold, the buck-boost control circuit is configured in the boost mode to drive the low-side power switch with constant on-time pulses and to charge the energy storage capacitor under non-synchronous operation.
Temperature control gasper apparatus
A temperature control gasper apparatus for vehicle interiors such as aircraft cabins. Airflow temperature, volume and orientation are integrated and controlled by the gasper apparatus—at the point of use of the gasper apparatus.
Energy storage means for last gasp / impedance limited applications
A voltage converter is coupled to an input voltage for boosting the voltage to a much higher level so as to take advantage of smaller capacitors due to the quadratic energy equation ½*cv̂2. The voltage converter has at least one boost converter having an inductive element coupled to the input voltage.
Gas turbine pattern swirl film cooling
A turbine airfoil includes a blade having a leading and trailing edges and an internal cooling circuit, and a plurality of film holes extending between the internal cooling circuit and an exterior of the blade. The plurality of film holes are shaped to generate a swirling flow exiting the film holes adjacent the leading edge to thereby enhance local convection and provide an insulating barrier to gaspath flow..
Stress relieving slots for turbine vane ring
A turbine vane ring has a radially outer and inner annular shrouds defining therebetween an annular gaspath. Circumferentially spaced-apart airfoil vanes extend radially across the gaspath between the outer and the inner shrouds.
G-protein coupled receptor-associated sorting protein 1 as a cancer biomarker
A method for determining whether early stage cancer is present in a subject comprises detecting the expression level of gasp-1 in the subject by detecting the amount of gasp-1 peptide fragments present in a biological sample of the subject. Because cancer can be detected at an early stage, therapeutic targeting may be initiated before cancer reaches late stage (e.g., before the development of overt symptoms).
Strut mounting arrangement for gas turbine exhaust case
A turbine exhaust case comprises inner and outer annular shrouds defining therebetween an annular hot gaspath. A circumferential array of exhaust struts extends across the gaspath.
Gas turbine exhaust case with acoustic panels
A turbine exhaust case for a gas turbine engine has an outer shroud and an inner shroud concentrically defining therebetween an annular gaspath for channelling hot gases. A plurality of circumferentially spaced-apart turbine exhaust struts extends radially across the hot gaspath.
Gas turbine exhaust case
A turbine exhaust case for a turbofan engine comprises a plurality of arcuate acoustic panels assembled into a circumferentially extending inner shroud with circumferential gaps between adjacent acoustic panels. An outer shroud extends circumferentially about the inner shroud.
Jet engine cleaning system
A system and method for washing a jet engine of an aircraft are disclosed. The method comprises creating a collecting bowl under the jet engine by coupling a suit to the jet engine to the aircraft and coupling an apron of the suit to the jet engine.
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for providing notification of a power failure
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media provide for notifying an optical line termination (olt) of a power failure. According to embodiments, a method for notifying an olt of a power failure is provided.
Slotting of last gasp communications
A commodity delivery system. The system includes a plurality of commodity delivery devices.

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