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G Protein patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent G Protein-related patents
 Nucleic acid molecules encoding polypeptides involved in regulation of sugar and lipid metabolism and methods of use viii patent thumbnailnew patent Nucleic acid molecules encoding polypeptides involved in regulation of sugar and lipid metabolism and methods of use viii
This invention relates generally to nucleic acid sequences encoding proteins that are related to the presence of seed storage compounds in plants. More specifically, the present invention relates to arabidopsis thaliana, brassica napus, glycine max and oryza sativa nucleic acid sequences encoding sugar and lipid metabolism regulator proteins and the use of these sequences in transgenic plants.
Basf Plant Science Gmbh
 Solution-dyed protein fiber and  producing same patent thumbnailnew patent Solution-dyed protein fiber and producing same
A solution-dyed protein fiber of the present invention includes 0-100 mass % of silk fibroin and 100-0 mass % of a polypeptide derived from spider silk proteins when the protein fiber is assumed to be 100 mass %, wherein the solution-dyed protein fiber contains a solution-dyeing colorant. The fiber is obtained by: dissolving or dispersing a solution-dyeing colorant in a solvent used for a spinning solution or in dimethyl sulfoxide, thereby preparing a coloring liquid; adding a solvent to the coloring liquid in an amount necessary for a spinning solution; adding and dissolving protein powder into the solvent, thereby preparing a spinning solution; and subjecting the spinning solution to wet spinning or dry-wet spinning.
Spiber Inc.
 Method for the manufacture of bio-products with a modified sugar profile patent thumbnailnew patent Method for the manufacture of bio-products with a modified sugar profile
The invention relates to a method for the production of a solid bio-product wherein at least 80% of the original indigestible oligosaccharide (raffmose, stachyose and verbascose) content has been degraded into digestible mono- and disaccharides, comprising the following steps: 1) providing a mixture of milled or flaked or otherwise disintegrated biomass, comprising oligosaccharides and optionally polysaccharides and further comprising proteinaceous plant parts, water and one or more enzyme preparations containing α-galactosidase(s); 2) reacting the mixture resulting from step (1) under continuous mixing and under conditions where the water content in the initial mixture does not exceed 65% by weight, for 0.15-36 hours at a temperature of about 20-65° c.; 3) incubating the reacted mixture from step (2) at a temperature and in a time period which inactivate said α-galactosidase(s), as well as solid bio-products obtainable by such method. The invention further relates to uses of the bio-product and a food, a feed, a cosmetic or pharmaceutical product or a nutritional supplement containing the solid bio-product..
Hamlet Protein A/s
 Large gene excision and insertion patent thumbnailnew patent Large gene excision and insertion
Methods of simultaneously excising large nucleic acid sequences from a target nucleic acid and inserting large foreign nucleic sequences into the target nucleic acid sequence using dna binding protein nucleases are described.. .
President And Fellows Of Harvard College
 Boronic and borinic acid compound as inhibitors of sulfenic acid-containing proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Boronic and borinic acid compound as inhibitors of sulfenic acid-containing proteins
A boronic or borinic acid compound is used to inhibit the activity of a sulfenic acid-containing protein. Thus, a biologically-active sulfenic acid-containing protein is contacted with an activity-inhibiting effective amount of a boronic or borinic acid compound of formula i or a salt, hydrate or solvate thereof, whose components are disclosed within, and that contact is maintained for a time sufficient to inhibit the biological activity of the protein..
 Antibodies to matrix metalloproteinase 9 patent thumbnailnew patent Antibodies to matrix metalloproteinase 9
The present disclosure provides compositions and methods of use involving binding proteins, e.g., antibodies and antigen-binding fragments thereof, that bind to the matrix metalloproteinase-9 (mmp9) protein (mmp9 is also known as gelatinase-b), such as where the binding proteins comprise an immunoglobulin (ig) heavy chain (or functional fragment thereof) and an ig light chain (or functional fragment thereof).. .
Gilead Biologics, Inc.
 Novel photoimmunoconjugates for use in photodynamic therapy patent thumbnailnew patent Novel photoimmunoconjugates for use in photodynamic therapy
The photosensitizer is coupled to the binding protein via o6-alkylguanine-dna alkyltransferase (hagtm), a modified human dna repair protein.. .
 Glycoengineered binding protein compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Glycoengineered binding protein compositions
Provided are glycoengineered populations of fc domain-containing binding proteins with a reduced anti-drug immune response (ada). Also provided are methods of treating disease using such compositions, and methods and host for making such compositions..
Abbvie, Inc.
 Pyrimidinylpiperidinyloxypyridone analogues as gpr119 modulators patent thumbnailPyrimidinylpiperidinyloxypyridone analogues as gpr119 modulators
Novel compounds of structure formula i: (i) or an enantiomer, a diastereomer, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein r1, r2 and r3 are defined herein, are provided which are gpr119 g protein-coupled receptor modulators. Gpr119 g protein-coupled receptor modulators are useful in treating, preventing, or slowing the progression of diseases requiring gpr119 g protein-coupled receptor modulator therapy.
 Automated screening of enzyme variants patent thumbnailAutomated screening of enzyme variants
Disclosed are methods for identifying bio-molecules with desired properties (or which are most suitable for a round of directed evolution) from complex bio-molecule libraries or sets of such libraries. Some embodiments of the present disclosure provide methods for virtually screening proteins for beneficial properties.

Polypeptide for improving protein production in microorganisms of the phylum labyrinthulomycota

The present invention relates to recombinant cells and microorganisms of the phylum labyrinthulomycota and their use in heterologous protein production. Novel promoter, terminator, and signal sequences for efficient production and, optionally, secretion of polypeptides from recombinant host cells and microorganisms are also encompassed by the present invention..

Method for determining ubiqutin chain length

Protein ubiquitylation, an essential post-translational modification, regulates almost every cellular process including protein degradation, protein trafficking, signal transduction, and dna damage response in eukaryotic cells. The diverse functions of ubiquitylation are thought to be mediated by distinct chain topologies resulting from eight different ubiquitin linkages, chain lengths, and complexities.

Exercise and diet program

A method of individualized weight management for a subject includes obtaining a biological sample from the subject; detecting the presence or absence of polymorphisms associated with at least seven genes comprising fatty acid-binding protein 2 (fabp2), peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (pparg), beta-2-adrenergic receptor (adrb2), beta-3-adrenergic receptor (adrb3), angiotensin-converting enzyme (ace), alpha-actinin-3 (actn3), and proton-linked monocarboxylate transporter (mct1) in the biological sample to obtain genotype pattern data for the subject; wherein the polymorphisms are indicative of at least one nutritional trait and at least one fitness trait and preparing a nutritional and fitness program based on the subject's genotype pattern data; wherein the fitness program comprises sequences of resistance, cardio, and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (epoc) training routines.. .

Fermented infant formula with non digestible oligosaccharides

The present invention relates to a fermented infant formulae comprising non digestible oligosaccharides for improving intestinal tract health by decreasing protein digestive effort, by decreasing the amount of endogenously formed proteases concomitant with an increased protein digestion, and a reduced protein fermentation.. .

Method of treating conditions of the eye with an anti-vegf darpin

Disclosed herein are methods for the treatment of a patient having an exudative age-related macular degeneration and other conditions of the retina by administering a binding protein comprising an ankyrin repeat domain, wherein the binding protein is first administered in 2 to 5 doses, with an interval of 25 to 35 days between each dose, and then is administered in additional doses with a longer interval between doses.. .
Allergan, Inc.

Protein assembler

The present invention relates to a method for assembling (monomeric or oligomeric) proteins and peptide structures to multimeric protein or peptide structures. The present invention also provides a method for preparing peptide based polymers by crosslinking such multimeric proteins or peptides obtainable according to the inventive method and their use as polymers, for amphiphilic applications, as protein based detergents, for forming artificial organelles, etc.
Albert-luding-universitÄt Freiburg

Method of identifying proteins in human serum indicative of pathologies of human lung tissues

A method of identifying proteins present in human serum which are differentially expressed between normal individuals and patients known to have non-small cell lung cancers and asthma, as diagnosed by a physician. Human serum specimens from each population are digested with trypsin or any other suitable endoproteinase and analyzed using a liquid chromatography electrospray ionization mass spectrometer.
Cancer Prevention And Cure, Ltd

Method for quantifying proteins and isoforms thereof

A method for quantifying metallothionein protein isomers is described herein. Such metallothionein isomer protein quantification is useful for detecting and monitoring disease.
University Of North Dakota

Transporter protein-coupled nanodevices for targeted drug delivery

A tripartite nanodevice comprising a targeting portion, a carrier portion, and at least one molecule to be delivered is provided. In particular, a gold nanoparticle linked to a targeting protein and capable of delivering a stimulant for the treatment of respiratory or disease is described.
Wayne State University

Biomarker for cognitive dysfunction diseases, and detection of cognitive dysfunction diseases using the biomarker

The present invention aims to provide methods to detect cognitive impairment including mild cognitive impairment and alzheimer disease by using a protein or its partial peptide that differs in presence or absence, or in quantity between non-cognitive impairment and patients with cognitive impairment and further aims to present biomarkers comprising said protein and said partial peptide to be used to detect cognitive impairment including alzheimer disease or mild cognitive impairment. Specifically, a biomarker for diagnosis of psychiatry disease or cognitive impairment comprising protein fragment or peptide of not less than 5 amino acid residues arising from at least one protein or peptide selected from the group of proteins consisting of amino acid sequence expressed by seq id nos: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, and 25 and selected from the group of partial peptide in these proteins consisting of amino acid sequence expressed by seq id nos: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, and 27.
Mcbi Inc.

Isolation of rna-protein complexes using cross-linking reagents and oligonucleotides

Provided herein is a method of sample analysis. In certain embodiments, the method comprises: a) cross-linking protein of a cell using a first compound to produce a first cross-linked product comprising cross-linked protein, and rna; b) contacting the first cross-linked product and a second compound under conditions by which an oligonucleotide portion of the second compound hybridizes to the rna; c) activating a reaction the first and second compound, thereby covalently crosslinking the oligonucleotide to the cross-linked protein to produce a second cross-linked product; d) isolating the second cross-linked product using an affinity tag; and e) analyzing the isolated second cross-linked product.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Dual specific binding proteins directed against immune cell receptors and autoantigens

Engineered multivalent and multispecific binding proteins that bind immune cell receptors and/or autoantigens are provided, along with methods of making and uses in the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and/or treatment of disease.. .
University Of Machusetts

Cho-gmt recombinant protein expression

The present invention provides modified cells for producing proteins with modified glycosylation patterns. Proteins produced in such cells, and the use of such proteins in medicine, and particularly in the treatment of cancer, is also provided..
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Compounds useful for promoting protein degradation and methods using same

The present invention includes compounds that act as degraders of a target protein, wherein degradation is independent of the class of the target protein or its localization. In certain embodiments, the invention comprises a compound comprising a protein degradation moiety covalently bound to a linker, wherein the clogp of the compound is equal to or higher than 1.5.
Yale University

Mutant ros expression in human cancer

The invention provides the identification of the presence of mutant ros protein in human cancer. In some embodiments, the mutant ros are fig-ros fusion proteins comprising part of the fig protein fused to the kinase domain of the ros kinase.
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

Methods of inhibiting adverse cardiac events and treating atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease using galectin-3 binding protein (gal-3bp, btbd17b, mac-2 binding protein)

The invention provides galectin-3 binding protein (gal-3bp, btbd17b) polypeptide sequences and compositions that include gal-3bp polypeptide sequences, and methods of using gal-3bp polypeptide sequences, including modified forms and wild type (native) forms of gal-3bp polypeptide, such as in treatment, diagnostic, detection and prognostic methods.. .
La Jolla Institute For Allergy And Immunology

Enzyme-based protein separation and enrichment from soy meal, wheat meal, and other protein-rich materials derived from plant seeds, fruits and other biomass

The present invention is directed to enzyme based methods for separating protein from protein-rich materials derived from plant seeds, fruit, or other biomass and products made therefrom. The protein content in the resulting products is improved by separating and removing the carbohydrates from around the proteins in, for example, soybean meal.
The University Of Akron

Method for reducing established metastatic tumor by pharmaceutical composition containing polypeptide

A method for reducing an established metastatic tumor, comprising administering an effective amount of a pharmaceutical composition to a subject in need, wherein the pharmaceutical composition comprises a polypeptide of a fibronectin-binding domain of dipeptidyl peptidase iv having a maltose-binding protein (mbp) fused at an n-terminal thereof, a cross-linking molecule, an active agent, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.. .
National Cheng Kung University

Delivery of negatively charged proteins using cationic lipids

Compositions, methods, strategies, kits, and systems for the delivery of negatively charged proteins, protein complexes, and fusion proteins, using cationic polymers or lipids are provided. Delivery of proteins into cells can be effected in vivo, ex vivo, or in vitro.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Method for treating glioma using tarbp2

A pharmaceutical composition and a method for treating glioma are provided. The pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating glioma includes a tar rna binding protein 2 (tarbp2) protein or gene encoding the same as an active component.
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

Mutated fibroblast growth factor (fgf) 1 and methods of use

The present disclosure provides fgf1 mutant proteins, such as those having an n-terminal deletion, point mutation(s), or combinations thereof, which can reduce blood glucose in a mammal. Such mutant fgf1 proteins can be part of a chimeric protein that includes a β-klotho-binding protein, an fgfr1c-binding protein, a β-klotho-binding protein and a fgfr1c-binding protein, a c-terminal region from fgf19 or fgf21.
Salk Institute For Biological Studies

Polymerized microarrays

Micropatterns of glycan-bearing brush polymers generated by the initiation of oligomerization of acrylate and methacrylate monomers from thiol-terminated surfaces. Chain lengths are controlled in situ by varying exposure time, and these multivalent glycan scaffolds detect glycan binding proteins at sub-micromolar concentrations..
New York University

Tnf-alpha binding proteins

Tnf-α binding proteins, including chimeric, cdr-grafted, and humanized antibodies that bind tnf-α are provided. Binding proteins have high affinity for tnf-α and neutralize tnf-α activity.
Abbvie Inc.

Recombinant bacterial host cell for protein expression

The present disclosure relates to a recombinant gram-negative bacterial cell comprising: a.) a mutant spr gene encoding a spr protein having a mutation at one or more amino acids selected from d133, h145, h157, n31, r62, i70, q73, c94, s95, v98, q99, r100, l108, y115, v135, l136, g140, r144 and g147 and b.) a gene capable of expressing or overexpressing one or more proteins capable of facilitating protein folding, such as fkpa, skp, sura, ppia and ppid, wherein the cell has reduced tsp protein activity compared to a wild-type cell, methods employing the cells, use of the cells in the expression of proteins in particular antibodies, such as anti fc rn antibodies and proteins made by the methods described herein.. .
Ucb Pharma S.a.

Method for peptide histochemical diagnosis

The present invention provides a method of peptide histochemical diagnosis to detect the peptide binding protein in the cancer tissue. This peptide binding specifically to tumor cells is linked to the dextran coated iron oxide nanoparticle.
National Taiwan University

Cell differentiation assay method, cell isolation method, producing induced pluripotent stem cells, and producing differentiated cells

Provided are a method for accurately evaluating the differentiation status of stem cells by selectively staining only stem cells in an undifferentiated state, and a method for positively isolating only stem cells in an undifferentiated state. Specifically provided is a method for determining differentiation of a cell comprising a step of contacting a test cell with a probe comprising protein (a) or (b) below and a step of detecting the presence of binding of the probe to the test cell.
Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Sterilized liquid protein supplement including a solubility enhancing nutritional protein

Disclosed are substantially stable sterilized liquid protein supplements including a highly soluble protein source for use with human milk and other infant or adult feeding formulas. The sterilized liquid protein supplements have a more neutral ph, thereby inhibiting protein denaturation and reducing microbial growth.
Abbott Laboratories

Multivalent meningococcal conjugates and methods for preparing conjugates

Disclosed herein are meningococcal immunogenic conjugates which can elicit immune responses against meningococcal polysaccharides (ps) from groups a, c, w-135, and y and group b factor h binding protein (fhbp). The disclosed conjugates also exhibit bactericidal activity against meningococcal a, c, w-135, y, b, and x serogroups.
Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

Drug-conjugates with a targeting molecule and two different drugs

There is disclosed an improved adc (antibody drug conjugate) type composition having at least two different drug payloads conjugated to a single targeting protein. More specifically, the present disclosure attaches a first drug conjugate to a dual cysteine residue on a targeting protein and a second drug conjugate with a different drug to a lys residue on the targeting protein..
Sorrento Therapeutics Inc.

Methyl degron peptide and methods of controlling protein lifespan

The present invention provides an isolated methyl degron peptide and a fusion protein comprising a methyl degron peptide. Also, the present invention provides screening methods for agents affecting protein lifespan and anti-cancer agents.
Seoul National University (snu) R&d Foundation

Clinical diagnosis of hepatic fibrosis using a novel panel of low abundant human plasma protein biomarkers

The inventors have proposed a novel panel of human plasma protein biomarkers for diagnosing hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis. Presently there is no reliable non-invasive way of assessing liver fibrosis.
The Chancellor, Masters And Scholars Of The University Of Oxford

Specific and high affinity binding proteins comprising modified sh3 domains of fyn kinase

The present invention relates to a method for the production of a library comprising recombinant derivatives of the sh3 domain of the fyn kinase of seq id no: 1 as well as a method for selecting from a library comprising recombinant derivatives of the sh3 domain of the fyn kinase of seq id no: 1 one or more of said derivatives having a specific binding affinity to a protein or peptide.. .
Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zurich

Composition for diagnosing liver cancer and methods of diagnosing liver cancer and obtaining information for diagnosing liver cancer

Provided is method of diagnosing liver cancer in a subject, the method comprising contacting a sample from a subject with a substance that specifically binds to transmembrane emp24 domain trafficking protein 2 (tmed2), cluster of differentiation 43 (cd43), or any combination thereof on the surface of a microvesicle; and measuring the level of the substance bound to microvesicles in the sample; and related methods and compositions.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Release reagent for vitamin d compounds

The present invention concerns a reagent composition for releasing vitamin d compounds bound to vitamin d-binding protein, a method for the detection of a 25-hydroxyvitamin d compound in which the 25-hydroxyvitamin d compound is released from vitamin d-binding protein using this reagent and the mixture obtained in this manner is analyzed, the use of the reagent to release vitamin d compounds as well as a kit for detecting 25-hydroxyvitamin d which contains the reagent for releasing vitamin d compounds in addition to the usual immunological reagents.. .
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Protein manipulation

A method of improving the folding of an enzyme comprising a thiamine pyrophosphate (tpp) binding domain, the method comprising: providing a nucleic acid encoding the enzyme comprising a tpp binding domain, in which one or more of the tpp binding domains in the enzyme monomer are replaced with a tpp binding domain from a thermostable tpp-binding protein, and expressing the nucleic acid under conditions that allow expression and folding of the enzyme. The enzyme may be pyruvate decarboxylase..
Rebiotechnologies Limted

Method for pretreating biological sample containing protein

The present invention provides a method for pretreatment of a biological sample in the immunoassay of a protein contained in the biological sample. The method includes the steps of: (1) freezing the biological sample at a temperature higher than −80° c., in particular at −70° c.

Carriers for improved drug delivery

The invention provides carriers that enhance the absorption, half-life or bioavailability of therapeutic compounds. The carriers comprise targeting groups that bind the vitamin d binding protein (dbp), conjugation groups for coupling the targeting groups to the therapeutic compounds, and optionally scaffolding moieties..
Extend Biosciences, Inc.

Site-specific labeling methods and molecules produced thereby

The present disclosure provides methods of site-specific labeling of antibodies, using proteins having 4′-phosphopantetheinyl transferase activity that catalyze post-translational modification of peptide sequences (“peptide tags”) incorporated into one or more specific sites of an antibody of interest. Enzymatic labeling enables quantitative and irreversible covalent modification of a specific serine residue within the peptide tags incorporated into the antibody, and thus creates desirable antibody conjugates..
Irm Llc

Dual variable domain immunoglobulins and uses thereof

The present invention relates to engineered multivalent and multispecific binding proteins, methods of making, and specifically to their uses in the prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment of disease.. .
Abbvie Inc.

Oligonucleotide compositions with enhanced efficiency

The oligonucleotide compositions of the present invention make use of combinations of oligonucleotides. In one aspect, the invention features an oligonucleotide composition including at least 2 different oligonucleotides targeted to a target gene.
Life Technologies Corporation

Insertion of charge in the hydrophobic interior of proteins as a strategy for engineering ph-sensitive switches

Methods are provided for engineering non-naturally occurring proteins comprising artificial ph-sensitive conformational switches that respond to a change in ph by causing a global unfolding of the proteins. Non-naturally occurring proteins comprising artificial ph-sensitive conformational switches that respond to a change in ph by causing a global unfolding of the proteins are also provided..
The Johns Hopkins University

Fluorescent proteins, split fluorescent proteins, and their uses

Disclosed herein are fluorescent proteins and split-fluorescent proteins (sfps) including split-green fluorescent proteins, such as tripartite split-gfps. Nucleic acid molecules encoding the fluorescent proteins and sfps, as well as methods of using the fluorescent proteins and sfps, are also disclosed.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc

Liquid formulations of tumor necrosis factor-binding proteins

The invention relates to a stable, pharmaceutically acceptable, aqueous formulation of tnf-binding protein, comprising a tnf-binding protein, a buffer and an isotonicity agent.. .
Ares Trading S.a.

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