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G Protein patents


This page is updated frequently with new G Protein-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent G Protein-related patents
 Compositions and methods for detection of protein s-nitrosylation and oxidation patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions and methods for detection of protein s-nitrosylation and oxidation
The present invention discloses a novel isolated antibody that specifically binds to an n-phenyl-acetamide group. Also disclosed are related compositions, kits, methods for detecting protein s-nitrosylation or oxidation vivo or in vitro, and drug screening methods..
Academia Sinica

 Hemokinin-1 receptor and hemokinin-1-derived peptide patent thumbnailnew patent Hemokinin-1 receptor and hemokinin-1-derived peptide
The present invention provides a peptide having antagonist activity against sp, pain control activity, anti-inflammation activity, and anti-pruritic activity. The present invention further provides a method for searching for a therapeutic agent for pain, a therapeutic agent for inflammation, and a therapeutic agent for pruritus using g protein coupled receptor (gpr) 83, which is an hk-1 specific receptor..
University Of Miyazaki

 Method for enriching methylated cpg sequences patent thumbnailnew patent Method for enriching methylated cpg sequences
Compositions and methods are provided for facilitating the enrichment of single-stranded dna containing methylated cpg in a mixture containing methylated and unmethylated dna. The compositions relate to methylation-binding protein domains that selectively bind to methylated single strand dna.
New Englend Biolabs, Inc.

 Human antigen binding proteins that bind to proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin type 9 patent thumbnailnew patent Human antigen binding proteins that bind to proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin type 9
The present invention provides compositions and methods relating to or derived from antigen binding proteins capable of inhibiting pcsk9 binding to ldlr and having increased ph sensitivity, improved binding affinity and/or increased in vivos half life. In embodiments, the antigen binding proteins specifically bind pcsk9 and have increased ph sensitivity, improved binding affinity and/or increased in vivos half life.
Amgen Inc.

 Blood-brain-barrier dual variable domain immunoglobulins and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Blood-brain-barrier dual variable domain immunoglobulins and uses thereof
The present invention relates to engineered multivalent and multispecific binding proteins, methods of making, and specifically to their uses in the prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment of disease.. .
Abbvie Inc.

 Il-11r binding proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Il-11r binding proteins
The present disclosure provides proteins comprising antigen binding sites of antibodies that bind to interleukin-11 (il-11) receptor alpha (il-11rα) and uses thereof, e.g., in therapy.. .
45 Poplar Road

 Methods and compositions relating to anti-ccr7 antigen binding proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and compositions relating to anti-ccr7 antigen binding proteins
The present invention provides compositions and methods relating to antigen binding proteins against ccr7, including antibodies, nucleic acids, vectors, methods of making the antigen binding proteins, and methods of using the antigen binding proteins.. .
Amgen Inc.

 Therapeutic dll4 binding proteins patent thumbnailnew patent Therapeutic dll4 binding proteins
Dll4 binding proteins are described herein, including antibodies, cdr-grafted antibodies, humanized antibodies, and dll4 binding fragments thereof, proteins that bind dll4 with high affinity, and dll4 binding proteins that neutralize dll4 and/or vegf activity. The dll4 binding proteins are useful for treating or preventing cancers and tumors and especially for treating or preventing tumor angiogenesis..
Abbvie Inc.

 Charge-engineered antibodies or compositions of penetration-enhanced targeting proteins and methods of use patent thumbnailnew patent Charge-engineered antibodies or compositions of penetration-enhanced targeting proteins and methods of use
The disclosure relates to charge-engineered antibodies and penetration-enhanced targeted proteins and their uses for therapeutic treatment or therapeutics delivery.. .
Permeon Biologics, Inc.

 Method for protein extraction from oil seed patent thumbnailnew patent Method for protein extraction from oil seed
The present invention relates to the selective extraction of proteins over oil from oil seed meal, preferably from cold pressed oilseed meal, for the purpose of producing protein isolates composed of native proteins. More specifically, the invention describes a method for producing from oil seed meal an intermediate aqueous protein solution having a fat to protein ratio of at least 1:12 comprising subjecting oil seed meal to aqueous extraction under minimal shear conditions and optionally collecting the resulting intermediate aqueous protein solution..
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

new patent

Benzimidazolone derivatives as bromodomain inhibitors

This application relates to chemical compounds which may act as inhibitors of, or which may otherwise modulate the activity of, a bromodomain-containing protein, including bromodomain-containing protein 4 (brd4), and to compositions and formulations containing such compounds, and methods of using and making such compounds. Compounds include compounds of formula (i) wherein r1a, r1b, r2a, r2b, r3, and x are described herein..
Gilead Sciences, Inc.

new patent

Smyd2 inhibitors

The present disclosure generally relates to compounds having cellular anti-proliferative activities, and more particularly relates to compounds which inhibit the activity of human smyd2, a set and mynd domain-containing protein lysine methyltransferase.. .
Abbvie Inc.

new patent

Quinazolinone antibiotics

A new class of antibiotics effective against methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) is disclosed. Compounds of this class can impair cell-wall biosynthesis by binding to both the allosteric and the catalytic domains of penicillin-binding protein (pbp) 2a.
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac

new patent

Benzimidazole derivatives and uses thereof

The present invention provides novel compounds of formula (i), and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates, hydrates, polymorphs, co-crystals, tautomers, stereoisomers, isotopically labeled derivatives, prodrugs, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof. The present invention also provides methods and kits using the inventive compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for treating and/or preventing diseases associated with protein aggregation, such as amyloidoses (e.g., parkinson's disease and alzheimer's disease), treating and/or preventing neurodegenerative diseases, treating and/or preventing diseases associated with tar dna binding protein 43 kda, reducing or preventing protein aggregation, and/or modulating e3 ubiquitin ligase in a subject in need thereof..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

new patent

Method for preserving and stabilising proteins, which can be used for industrial development of formulations of sanitary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

A method for preserving and stabilising proteins is disclosed which can be used for the industrial development of formulations of sanitary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, particularly cell growth factors and/or proteins such as epidermal growth factor (egf) and fibroblast growth factor (bfgf). The method includes a dispersion phase, under normal pressure and temperature conditions, in which the proteins are incorporated into an anhydrous medium formed by oily components that have hydrophilic residues and that guarantee interactions with the proteins, while maintaining the native conformation of the proteins, such components being grape seed oil, a base of different components and butylhydroxytoluene..
Sani-red, S.l.

new patent

Immunogenic composition to neisseria

The present invention provides an immunogenic composition capable of eliciting an immune response when administered to a human or non-human animal, wherein the composition comprises an isolated protein with one or more of the following properties: i) about 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 or more percent sequence identity to the protein of seq id no: 1 or a fragment, derivative or analog thereof; ii) is a modified factor h binding protein, wherein the factor h binding protein has been modified at least at the position equivalent to position 318 as defined in fig. 6 (seq id no: 2); iii) does not bind to factor h; and iv) the immune response elicited is cross reactive with two or more of variant 1 factor h binding protein, variant 2 factor h binding protein and variant 3 factor h binding protein from n.
Isis Innovation Limited

new patent

Continuous glucose monitoring on-body sensor having a visual display

An on-body sensor (obs) (10) having a continuous monitoring (cgm) device is disclosed for use in identifying an analyte, such as glucose in blood or interstitial fluid (isf), using a biomaterial, such as glucose binding protein (gbp), that is brought into contact with the analyte. The on-body sensor (10) incorporating the cgm device includes a cover (25) which provides protection to the cgm device and includes an integrated output display (27).
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Release reagent for vitamin d compounds

A reagent composition for releasing vitamin d compounds bound to vitamin d-binding protein and an in vitro method for the detection of a vitamin d compound in which the vitamin d compound is released from vitamin d-binding protein by the use of this reagent composition as well as the reagent mixture obtained in this manner. Also disclosed is the use of the reagent compositions to release vitamin d compounds as well as a kit for detecting a vitamin d compound..
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.


Use and treatment of di-amino acid repeat-containing proteins associated with als

Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for identifying and/or treating subjects having or likely to have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als) or frontotemporal dementia (ftd). Antibodies specific for one or more di-amino acid repeat-containing proteins are also provided herein..
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Use of urinary protein biomarkers to distinguish between neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease of the prostate

The disclosure provides methods to facilitate the diagnosis of prostate cancer. In particular, the methods disclosed herein can be used to distinguish prostate cancer from benign prostatic hyperplasia.
The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.


Nucleic acid binding proteins and uses thereof

Compositions, systems and methods employing nucleic acid binding proteins for use in the regulation and/or modulation of nucleic acid based reactions, including transcription, translation, modification, digestion, and hybridization reactions. Such compositions are employed in controlling a variety of different reaction types involving nucleic acids..
10x Genomics, Inc.


Yeast promoters for protein expression

Isolated nucleic acids, expression methods, host cells, expression vectors, and dna constructs for producing proteins, and proteins produced using the expression methods are disclosed. More specifically, nucleic acids isolated from pichia pastoris having promoter activity and expression methods, host cells, expression vectors, and dna constructs of using the pichia pastoris promoters to produce different proteins and polypeptides are disclosed..
Biogrammatics, Inc.


Use of dimerization domains for temperature regulation of enzyme activity

Methods for regulating protein activity by fusing dimerization domains to target protein are provided. Chimeric proteins that include dimerization domains fused to target proteins for altering the activity of the target proteins are described.
Agrivida, Inc.


Monoclonal antibodies against antithrombin b

This patent document relates to antibodies, antigen-binding antibody fragments (fabs), and other protein scaffolds, directed against human antithrombin β complexed with heparin and/or heparin-like structure (atβh). These atβh binding proteins can block the anti-coagulant activity of atβ to induce coagulation.
Timothy Myles


Secreted frizzle-related protein 5 (sfrp5) binding proteins and methods of treatment

Methods of treating metabolic diseases and disorders using an antigen binding protein specific for the sfrp5 polypeptide are provided. In various embodiments the metabolic disease or disorder is type 2 diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia elevated glucose levels, elevated insulin levels and diabetic nephropathy..
Amgen Inc.


Compositions comprising receptor-associated protein (rap) variants specific for cr-containing proteins and uses thereof

The present invention relates generally to receptor-selective variants of the low-density lipoprotein receptor-associated protein (rap) and compositions thereof, methods of generating such variants and methods of using such receptor-selective rap variant compositions for therapeutic purposes.. .
Raptor Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Modulation of angiogenesis and related conditions using inhibitors of g-protein-coupled receptor kinase interacting protein-1 (git1)

The present invention is directed to methods and compositions comprising g-protein-coupled receptor kinase interacting protein-1 (git1) inhibitors that are suitable for inhibiting angiogenesis in a subject and treating related conditions.. .
University Of Rochester


Novel binding proteins for pcsk9

The present disclosure relates to novel lipocalin muteins which bind to pcsk9. The disclosure also provides corresponding nucleic acid molecules encoding lipocalin muteins and methods for producing lipocalin muteins as well as their encoding nucleic acid molecules..
Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.


Biocompatible protein, biocompatible protein gel and biocompatible conducting protein gel comprising the protein and preparing the same

Provided herein is a biocompatible protein, and biocompatible protein gel and conductive protein gel including the biocompatible protein, and preparing method thereof, the amino acid sequence of the biocompatible protein being lys-x-lys-glu-x-phe-phe-x-lys-glu-x-phe-phe-x-lys-glu-x-tyr, x being any one or more of hydrophobic amino acids, and the method including synthesizing a protein that causes no rejections from human bodies and that is not easily degradable, thereby providing an advantage of being utilized as a conductive biomaterial having biocompatibility and biodegradability in regenerative medical fields such as 3d bioprinting.. .
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Pyrimido-diazepinone compounds and methods of treating disorders

The present invention relates to novel pyrimido-diazepinone compounds, methods of modulating protein kinases, including mps1 (ttk), erk5 (bmk1, mapk7), lrkk2, epha2, polo kinase 1,2,3, or 4, ack1, ack2, abl, dcamkl1, abl1, abl mutants, dcamkl2, ark5, brk, mknk2, fgfr4, tnk1, plk1, ulk2, plk4, prkd1, prkd2, prkd3, ros1, rps6ka6, taok1, taok3, tnk2, bcr-abl, gak, csrc, tpr-met, tie2, met, fgfr3, aurora, axl, bmx, btk, c-kit, chk2, flt3, mst2, p70s6k, pdgfr, pkb, pkc, raf, rock-h, rsk1, sgk, trka, trkb and trkc, and the use of such compounds in the treatment of various diseases, disorders or conditions.. .
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.


Methods and compositions for inhibition of bromodomain-containing proteins

The present invention relates to compounds that bind to and otherwise modulate the activity of bromodomain-containing proteins, to processes for preparing these compounds, to pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds, and to methods of using these compounds for treating a wide variety of conditions and disorders.. .
Convergene Llc


Coumarin derivatives and methods of use in treating cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and misfolded protein disorders

Novel cftr corrector compounds that are effective in rescuing halide efflux, delf508-cftr protein processing, and apical functional chloride ion transport in a cell are provided. Also provided are methods for treating protein folding disorders (e.g., cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases).
Discoverybiomed, Inc.


Compounds useful for promoting protein degradation and methods using same

The present description includes compounds that act as degraders of a target protein, wherein degradation is independent of the class of the target protein or its localization. In certain embodiments, the description includes a compound comprising a protein degradation moiety covalently bound to a linker, wherein the clogp of the compound is equal to or higher than 1.5.
Yale University


Treatment of insulin resistance associated with prolonged physical inactivity

Insulin resistance biomarkers and related methods of using the biomarkers are provided. The biomarkers may be blood biomarkers and include c-peptide, insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2 (igfbp-2), and leptin.
Abbott Laboratories


Continuous glucose monitoring on-body sensor

An on-body sensor (obs) (5610) having a continuous monitoring (cgm) device is disclosed for use in identifying an analyte, such as glucose in blood or interstitial fluid (isf), using a biomaterial, such as glucose binding protein (gbp), that is brought into contact with the analyte. The on-body sensor (5610) incorporating the cgm device includes a housing (5625′) which provides protection to the cgm device while providing comfort to a user wearing the device.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Sab as a biomarker for degenerative diseases and therapeutic sensitivity in cancers

The current invention pertains to a method of diagnosing a disease or identifying an increased likelihood of developing the disease in a subject. The method comprises determining the level of src homology 3 domain binding protein 5 (sh3bp5 or sab) or the rna encoding sab protein in a biological sample obtained from the subject and identifying the subject as having the disease or having an increased likelihood of developing the disease if the biological sample obtained from the subject has an altered level of sab protein or the rna encoding sab protein relative to a control sample.
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees


Determination of protein aggregation from the concentration dependence of delta g

The present invention relates to, among other things, methods and systems for recognizing and characterizing protein aggregation processes at the earliest possible time and use of such new methods and systems for (1) the identification and selection of protein formulations that minimize aggregation and extend long-term stability and (2) the identification of protein variants with the lowest tendency to aggregate.. .
Unchained Labs Inc.


Recombinant phages and proteins

The present disclosure provides recombinant phages, a wip1 p23 receptor binding protein and a wip1 p24 receptor binding protein that bind to bacillus anthracis. The disclosure further provides methods and uses thereof..
The Rockefeller University


Vitamin d assays

The disclosure relates to methods for measuring levels of 25(oh)vitamin d (250hd) in a mammalian fluid sample. The disclosure further relates to kits for measuring levels of 25(oh)vitamin d (250hd) in a mammalian fluid, the procedure comprising the step of release of the vitamin d from the serum binding protein (dbp), capturing of the released analyte by a specific antibody and competitive assay of the captured vitamin d against a conjugate between the vitamin d and a tracer.
Enzo Life Science, Inc.


Cd20-binding immunotoxins for inducing cellular internalization and methods using same

The present invention provides cd20-binding proteins that bind to and rapidly internalize cd20 antigens from a cell surface location to the interior of a cell. Cd20-binding proteins of the invention comprise a cd20 binding region and a shiga toxin effector region.
Molecular Templates, Inc.


Anti-lag-3 binding proteins

Antigen binding proteins that bind lymphocyte activation gene 3 (lag-3), and more particularly to antigen binding proteins that cause depletion of lag-3+ activated t cells.. .
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property Development Limited


Methods to protect against and treat multiple sclerosis

The invention provides epsilon toxin (etx) produced by clostridium perfringens type b or type d as a causative toxin for human multiple sclerosis (ms). The invention further identifies etx binding receptor mal for etx mediated cell death and other toxin-logical activities in ms.
The Rockefeller University


Methods of reducing level of one or more impurities in a sample during protein purification

The present invention provides novel and improved protein purification processes which incorporate certain types of carbonaceous materials and result in effective and selective removal of certain undesirable impurities without adversely effecting the yield of the desired protein product.. .
Emd Millipore Corporation


Substituted indol-5-ol derivatives and their therapeutic applications

The present invention relates generally to the use of compounds to treat a variety of disorders, diseases and pathologic conditions and more specifically to the use of substituted indol-5-ol derivatives to modulate protein kinases and for treating protein kinase-mediated diseases.. .
Nantbioscience, Inc


Bicyclo [2.2.1] acid gpr120 modulators

The present invention provides compounds of formula (i): (i) or a stereoisomer, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein all of the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are gpr120 g protein-coupled receptor modulators which may be used as medicaments..
Bristol-myers Squibb Company


Affinity medicant conjugate

In an embodiment of the invention, a composition for treating a cell population comprises an affinity medicant conjugate (amc). The medicant moiety can be a toxin including an acylfulvene or a drug moiety.
Af Chemicals, Llc


Tissue crosslinking for treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea

A method of treating snoring and/or osa in a subject in need of such treatment. The method includes crosslinking proteins of the subject's soft palate tissue or pharynx tissue.
Orthopeutcs. L.p.


Liquid creamer composition comprising oleosomes as replacement for oil and making the same

The present invention relates to a creamer composition, e.g. For use for addition into a coffee beverage, having good physical and chemical stability, in particular the invention relates to a liquid creamer composition comprising protein, oleosomes and optionally oil.
Nestec S.a.


Animal model resistant to hearing loss

The present invention provides an animal model resistant to hearing loss by producing a fatty acid binding protein 7 gene knockout animal.. .
Tohoku University


Diagnosis and therapy of chronic inflammation-induced disorders

Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammation (obesity)-induced disorders such as insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer and various metabolic disorders, are provided. The methods and compositions detect both full-blown disease and early stage disease by detecting proteolysis, by neutrophil proteases, of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (igfbp3).
Virginia Commonwealth University


Composition for synthesizing protein with reduced lipopolysaccharide contamination, producing protein using said composition

According to the present invention, a composition possessing cell-free protein synthesis activity with reduced contaminating lipopolysaccharide, and a method for producing a protein using the same are provided. When ribosome display is performed using the composition and method for protein production of the present invention, the background that is caused by non-specific binding is reduced, so that a nucleic acid that encodes the desired polypeptide can be selected with high accuracy and high efficiency..
The University Of Tokyo


Pharmacogenic therapies targeting the metal-ion transcriptional regulation machinery in bacteria

The subject invention pertains to methods of identifying compounds that bind to a binding pocket on metal ion binding proteins of arsr/smtb family and modulate their regulatory activity by increasing the propensity of the protein to remain in a conformationally trapped form such as the metal ion bound conformation or disulfide-linked conformation, dna bound conformation, or the apo-conformation. The invention provides methods of identifying such compounds using computer software programs.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated


Cancer treatment

In certain embodiments, methods, compounds, and compositions for treating b-cell lymphoma or hepatocellular carcinoma by inhibiting expression of st at3 mrna or protein in an animal are provided herein. Such methods, compounds, and compositions are useful to treat, prevent, or ameliorate b-cell lymphoma or hepatocellular carcinoma.
Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Genes expressed in mental illness and mood disorders

The present invention relates to a composition comprising a plurality of cdna molecules for use in methods of detecting changes in expression of genes encoding proteins that are associated with mental illnesses and which are differentially expressed in patients with mental illnesses, such as bipolar i disorder, bipolar ii disorder, unipolar disorder, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactive disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety disorders or other related mood disorders. The composition and the cdna molecules may be used in their entirety or in part as to diagnose, to stage, to treat, and/or to monitor the treatment of a subject with mental illness..
Psychnostics, Llc


Coiled coil and/or tether containing protein complexes and uses thereof

The invention provides engineered protein complexes constructed using a coiled coil and/or a tether and methods for making, using, and purifying such complexes, such as multispecific antibodies or other multispecific fc containing complexes.. .
Genentech, Inc.


Her1 antigen binding proteins binding to the beta-hairpin of her1

The invention relates to anti-her1 antigen binding proteins, e.g. Anti-her1 antibodies, that bind to the beta-hairpin of her1, methods for selecting these antigen binding proteins, their preparation and use as medicament..
Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.


Blood-brain barrier (bbb) penetrating dual specific binding proteins for treating brain and neurological diseases

Engineered agents or multivalent and multispecific binding proteins capable of penetrating the cells or tissue of the blood-brain barrier (bbb) are provided, along with methods of making and uses in the prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment of disease.. .
Abbvie Inc.


Bispecific cd33 and cd3 binding proteins

Described herein are binding proteins that specifically bind to human cd33, and in particular to bispecific binding proteins that specifically bind to human cd33 and human cd3. Also described herein are bispecific tandem diabodies that bind to cd33 and cd33, and their uses for immunotherapy of cd33+ cancers, diseases and conditions such as acute myeloid leukemia (aml)..
Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc.


Compositions and methods for treating rheumatoid arthritis

The treatment of rheumatoid arthritis using engineered multivalent and multispecific binding proteins that target tnf and il-17 is provided.. .
Abbvie Inc.


Anti-ngf antibodies and their use

The present disclosure encompasses ngf binding proteins, specifically to antibodies that are chimeric, cdr grafted and canonized antibodies, and methods of making and uses thereof. The antibodies, or antibody portions, of the disclosure are useful for detecting ngf and for inhibiting ngf activity, e.g., in a mammal subject suffering from a disorder in which ngf activity is detrimental..
Zoetis Belgium S.a.


Substituted 2-aminopyridine protein kinase inhibitor

Disclosed are a 2-aminopyridine derivative having protein kinase inhibition activity, preparation method and pharmaceutical composition thereof. Also disclosed are uses of the compound and the pharmaceutical composition thereof in the preparation of drugs for treating and/or preventing protein kinase-related diseases..
Lianyungang Runzhong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.


Urea derivatives and their use as fatty-acid binding protein (fabp) inhibitors

Wherein r1, r2, r3, r4, w, a and b are as described herein, compositions including the compounds and methods of using the compounds.. .


Methods and compositions for radiohalogen protein labeling

Methods and compositions are provided for labeling proteins with radiohalogen-label reagents. Radiohalogen-labeled proteins may be used for imaging studies, as therapeutics and in diagnostic tests.
Genentech, Inc.


Compositions and treatments of metabolic disorders using fgf binding protein 3

The invention relates to methods of treating a metabolic disorder in a subject, the method comprising administering fibroblast growth factor binding protein 3 (fgfbp3) or a variant thereof to a subject in need of treatment of a metabolic disorder.. .
Georgetown University


Pharmaceutical compounds and use of same in cancer and tauopathies

Disclosed are compounds of formula (1)-(v): where the substituents are as provided herein. Further disclosed are methods of inhibiting tau aggregation, treating or ameliorating a tauopathy or cancer by administration of such a compound.
University Of South Florida


Biosensor incorporating protein-immobilized membrane and immobilizing protein in biosensor

The present invention relates to a protein-immobilized membrane (14) including a cell membrane homologous layer (14a) and a protein (14b) immobilized to the cell membrane homologous layer (14a), where the protein contains cytochrome or a cytochrome complex. The present invention also relates to a method for forming a protein-immobilized membrane (14), and an enzyme-immobilized electrode and a biosensor (x1) provided with a protein-immobilized membrane (14).
Arkray, Inc.


Novel dyes and compositions, and processes for using same in analysis of protein aggregation and other applications

Provided are dyes and compositions which are useful in a number of applications, such as the detection and monitoring protein aggregation, kinetic studies of protein aggregation, neurofibrillary plaques analysis, evaluation of protein formulation stability, protein thermal stability shift assay and analysis of molecular chaperone activity. These dyes and compositions are also useful as probes in nucleic acid and protein detection..
Enzo Biochem, Inc.


Human cgrp receptor binding proteins

Antigen binding proteins that bind to human cgrp receptor (cgrp r) are provided. Nucleic acids encoding the antigen binding protein, vectors, and cells encoding the same are also provided.
Amgen Inc.


Stable form of signal converting protein fusion proteins, and methods of use and preparation thereof

A stable fusion protein, wherein in solution, a majority of the fusion proteins are in the homo-hexamer form, which may be prepared for example as a ctla4-fasl fusion protein.. .
Kahr Medical Ltd.


High affinity digoxigenin binding proteins

Isolated polypeptides with steroid binding activity and methods for their use as therapeutics and detection agents are disclosed herein.. .
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Tangential flow filtration based protein refolding methods

Provided herein are methods for refolding proteins that are denatured. Exemplary methods comprise solubilizing the denatured protein with a denaturing agent, e.g., a chaotropic agent, and renaturing the protein using a buffer exchanging system, e.g., tangential flow filtration (tff)..
Bristol-myers Squibb Company


C-met modulators and methods of use

The present invention provides compounds for modulating protein kinase enzymatic activity for modulating cellular activities such as proliferation, differentiation, programmed cell death, migration and chemoinvasion. More specifically, the invention provides quinazolines and quinolines which inhibit, regulate and/or modulate kinase receptor, particularly c-met, kdr, c-kit, flt-3 and flt-4, signal transduction pathways related to the changes in cellular activities as mentioned above, compositions which contain these compounds, and methods of using them to treat kinase-dependent diseases and conditions.
Exelixis, Inc.

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