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Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof

Thrombectomy catheter

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fusion-related patents
 State of charge detection device patent thumbnailState of charge detection device
The present invention pertains to the detection of the state of charge of a battery, whereby the complex impedance in the diffusion region of the battery is used. An arithmetic device such as a computer determines the slope of the complex impedance at least two different frequencies in the diffusion region of a rechargeable battery when a straight-line approximation has been made.
 Expandable fusion device and method of installation thereof patent thumbnailExpandable fusion device and method of installation thereof
The present invention provides an expandable fusion device capable of being installed inside an intervertebral disc space to maintain normal disc spacing and restore spinal stability, thereby facilitating an intervertebral fusion. In one embodiment, the fusion device includes a central ramp, a first endplate, and a second endplate, the central ramp capable of being moved in a first direction to move the first and second endplates outwardly and into an expanded configuration.
 Intraocular lens with a proofed surface patent thumbnailIntraocular lens with a proofed surface
Methods and apparatus for an intraocular lens with a proofed surface are disclosed. The proofed surface functions as a barrier to fluid diffusion inside the material and within vacuoles.
 Thrombectomy catheter patent thumbnailThrombectomy catheter
A thrombectomy catheter includes a catheter body extending from a catheter proximal portion to a catheter distal portion and including a catheter intermediate portion, the catheter body includes an aspiration lumen and an infusion lumen extending along the catheter body, wherein the aspiration lumen includes an aspiration orifice open at a distal end of the catheter body.. .
 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for fusion, stabilization, or fixation of bones patent thumbnailSystems, methods, and apparatuses for fusion, stabilization, or fixation of bones
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for fusion, stabilization, or fixation of bones are provided.. .
 Iv drip chamber with filter and bottom reservoir patent thumbnailIv drip chamber with filter and bottom reservoir
A drip chamber having an upper reservoir that is separated from a lower reservoir via a filter assembly, wherein a distance between the filter assembly and a bottom surface of the drip chamber is selected to prevent dislodged air bubbles of the filter assembly from being drawn into an intravenous fluid line that is coupled to the bottom surface of the drip chamber, during an infusion procedure.. .
 Septum actuator with insertion depth limiter and compression compensator patent thumbnailSeptum actuator with insertion depth limiter and compression compensator
A multi-use intravenous infusion assembly is presented which includes a septum actuator having various features to prevent over-insertion of the septum actuator through a slit in a blood control septum. By preventing over-insertion of the septum actuator, the slit of the septum is able to repeatedly self-close following removal of an external luer device.
 Infusion check valve for medical devices patent thumbnailInfusion check valve for medical devices
An intravascular valve assembly having a valve case and a flexible pressure-actuated flow control valve. The valve case includes attached proximal and distal case portions that present respective spaced apart fluid ports and a fluid passageway extending between the ports.
 Needleless connector and access port disinfection cleaner and antimicrobial protection cap patent thumbnailNeedleless connector and access port disinfection cleaner and antimicrobial protection cap
A protective cap having a first cap and a second cap that are removably coupled together for use in short-term and long-term antimicrobial treatment of needleless connectors and access ports of an infusion system. The instant invention further provides a protective cap having a first cap and a second cap that each coupled to a different surface of a component of an infusion system, such as a syringe.
 Needle penetration detection method and device for refillable and implantable drug delivery systems patent thumbnailNeedle penetration detection method and device for refillable and implantable drug delivery systems
A refillable and implantable infusion apparatus and method that includes a needle penetration detector that detects and indications the position of a needle relative to a septum of a drug reservoir of the implantable infusion apparatus. With the needle position data, medical professionals may better ensure they are injecting drugs into the drug reservoir, thus, improving patient safety..
Multi-language / multi-processor infusion pump assembly
An infusion pump assembly includes a reservoir assembly configured to contain an infusible fluid. A motor assembly is configured to act upon the reservoir assembly and dispense at least a portion of the infusible fluid contained within the reservoir assembly.
Elastomeric infusion pump
A rugged elastomeric infusion pump capable of storing sterile fluids under pressure for intravenous medical use within an elastomeric bladder, wherein said elastomeric bladder is surrounded by a rugged outer shell having a proximal and distal parts with respect to the elastomeric bladder, said distal part comprising one or more of a flow regulator, a modulator, and a flow meter for regulating, smoothing, and measuring the flow of fluids effused from the elastomeric bladder, wherein said rugged proximal parts are capable of absorbing impacts to minimize the force imparted to the elastomeric infusion pump.. .
Fluid balance monitoring system with fluid infusion pump for medical treatment
Novel fluid delivery systems are disclosed to improve the delivery of bio-compatible fluids to a patient. The systems can include a housing having a bladder pressurized by a pressurization unit so that fluid flow rate can be controlled, changed and/or monitored.
Intracorporeal gas exchange devices, systems and methods
A system for intracorporeal gas exchange includes a flexible, rotatable shaft; a plurality of axially spaced agitation mechanisms positioned on the rotatable shaft, such that the rotatable shaft can flex between the axially spaced agitation mechanisms; a plurality of hollow gas permeable fibers adapted to permit diffusion of gas between intracorporeal fluid and an interior of the hollow fibers. The plurality of hollow fibers is positioned radially outward from the agitation mechanisms.
Methods and apparatus for renal neuromodulation
Methods and apparatus are provided for renal neuromodulation using a pulsed electric field to effectuate electroporation or electrofusion. It is expected that renal neuromodulation (e.g., denervation) may, among other things, reduce expansion of an acute myocardial infarction, reduce or prevent the onset of morphological changes that are affiliated with congestive heart failure, and/or be efficacious in the treatment of end stage renal disease.
Methods and systems for monitoring an automated infusion system
Methods and systems for monitoring an automated radiopharmaceutical infusion apparatus are disclosed. A user interface graphically representing infusion apparatus components may be presented on a display device.
Tetra-pyridine compounds and composition for protecting cells, tissues and organs against ischemia-reperfusion injury
The invention provides a novel tetra-pyridine compound and a composition containing this compound for protecting and preserving cells, tissues and organs against ischemia-reperfusion injury. A method and use of the tetra-pyridine compound for preventing or treating ischemia-reperfusion injury or for protecting and preserving excorporeal tissue or organ from ischemia and oxygen radical-related damage are also provided..
Semiconductor circuit, d/a converter, mixer circuit, radio communication device, method for adjusting threshold voltage, and method for determining quality of transistor
According to an embodiment, a semiconductor circuit includes a substrate, a tunnel oxide film, a charge storage film, a blocking layer, and plural nodes. The substrate is made of a semiconductor in which two diffusion layers each serving as either a source or a drain are formed.
Diffusion-agent composition, method for forming impurity-diffusion layer, and solar cell
A diffusion-agent composition including a borate ester (a); a polyhydric alcohol (b) represented by general formula (1); and an alkoxysilane compound (c). In general formula (1), k represents an integer from 0 to 3, m represents an integer of 1 or more, and r2 and r3 each independently represent a hydrogen atom, a hydroxyl group, a c1-5 alkyl group, or a c1-5 hydroxyalkyl group.
Diffusion resistor with reduced voltage coefficient of resistance and increased breakdown voltage using cmos wells
Integrated circuits and manufacturing methods are presented for creating diffusion resistors (101, 103) in which the diffusion resistor well is spaced from oppositely doped wells to mitigate diffusion resistor well depletion under high biasing so as to provide reduced voltage coefficient of resistivity and increased breakdown voltage for high-voltage applications.. .
Methods of trimming nanowire structures
One illustrative method disclosed herein includes forming an initial nanowire structure having an initial cross-sectional size, performing a doping diffusion process to form an n-type doped region in the initial nanowire structure and performing an etching process to remove at least a portion of the doped region and thereby define a final nanowire structure having a final cross-sectional size, wherein the final cross-sectional size is smaller than the initial cross-sectional size.. .
3d structured memory devices and methods for manufacturing thereof
A 3d structured nonvolatile semiconductor memory devices and methods for manufacturing are disclosed. One such device includes an n+ region at a source/drain region; a p+ region at the source/drain region; and a diffusion barrier material between the n+ region and the p+ region.
P-type diffusion layer forming composition
The composition for forming a p-type diffusion layer in accordance with the present invention contains an acceptor element-containing glass powder and a dispersion medium. A p-type diffusion layer and a photovoltaic cell having a p-type diffusion layer are prepared by applying the composition for forming a p-type diffusion layer, followed by a thermal diffusion treatment..
Nucleic acid construct for use in screening for peptide antibody, and screening method using same
The present invention provides a novel tool for simply screening a candidate molecule for an antibody and a method for screening a candidate molecule for an antibody using the tool. A nucleic acid construct includes: (x) an encoding nucleic acid of an antibody candidate, obtained by inserting an encoding nucleic acid of any peptide into an encoding nucleic acid of an antibody; (y) an encoding nucleic acid of a peptide tag; and (z) an encoding nucleic acid of an aptamer that is bindable to the peptide tag are used.
Perfusion of prospective donor hearts with polymerized hemoglobin
A prospective donor heart, such as a prospective donor human heart, is perfused with a polymerized hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier solution in a langendorff mode or a working heart perfusion mode.. .
Gas-diffusion electrode
The invention relates to a gas-diffusion electrode provided with a sintered and cast gas-diffusion layer having a high elastic modulus. The electrode is useful as hydrogen-consuming anode or oxygen-consuming cathode of depolarised electrolytic cells such as electrowinning, chlor-alkali or electrodialysis cells..
Welded steel pipe with excellent welded heat-affected zone toughness and process for producing same
A welded steel pipe with excellent welded heat-affected zone toughness includes a butt weld formed by prior welding either an inner surface or an outer surface with a single layer for each of the inner and outer surfaces, wherein in the metallographic structure of a welded heat-affected zone, the martensite-austenite constituent (ma) area fraction is 4% or less, the average prior-austenite grain size is 400 μm or less, and the following items are taken into account: the average prior-austenite grain size of a welded heat-affected zone formed by prior welding, the average prior-austenite grain size of a welded heat-affected zone formed by subsequent welding, the bead width determined at a position 5 mm apart from the tip of a weld bead formed by subsequent welding, the fusion line tilt angle of a weld bead of prior welding, and the fusion line tilt angle of a weld bead of subsequent welding.. .
Carbon fiber sizing agent, carbon fiber strand, and fiber-reinforced composite
A carbon fiber sizing agent imparts good bonding performance to carbon fiber, is used to reinforce a thermoplastic matrix resin, and provides a carbon fiber strand applied with the sizing agent and a fiber-reinforced composite reinforced with the carbon fiber strand. The sizing agent for carbon fiber is used to reinforce thermoplastic matrix resin.
Group a streptococcal m-related proteins and methods of use
Immunogenic group a streptococcus m-related polypeptides and peptides and immunogenic compositions comprising these m-related polypeptides and peptides are provided herein that evoke cross-opsonic and cross-protective anti-gas and anti-sdse antibodies in animals. Also provided are preparations comprising immunogenic compositions that comprise m-related polypeptides, peptides, or fusion proteins and that further comprise at least one additional group a streptococcus immunogen, such as an m peptide or spa peptide..
Bovine fusion antibodies
Disclosed herein are immunoglobulin constructs comprising at least one immunoglobulin domain or fragment thereof; and a therapeutic polypeptide or derivative or variant thereof attached to or inserted into said immunoglobulin domain. Also provided are immunoglobulin constructs comprising a mammalian immunoglobulin heavy chain comprising at least a portion of a knob domain in the complementarity-determining region 3 (cdr3h) or fragment thereof; and a therapeutic polypeptide attached to or inserted into said knob domain of the cdr3h.
Nogo receptor antagonists
Disclosed are immunogenic nogo receptor-1 polypeptides, nogo receptor-1 antibodies, antigen-binding fragments thereof, soluble nogo receptors and fusion proteins thereof and nucleic acids encoding the same. Also disclosed are nogo receptor antagonist polynucleotides.
Drug fusions and conjugates with extended half life
The present invention relates to drug fusions and conjugates that have improved serum half lives. These fusions and conjugates comprise immunoglobulin (antibody) single variable domains and insulinotropic and/or incretin and/or gut peptide molecules.
Modified proteins and peptides
The present disclosure relates to modified proteins and peptides that have reduced ability to bind to pre-existing antibodies. Such modified protein/peptide molecules can comprise c-terminal additions, extensions or tags and/or certain amino acid substitutions.
Disinfection cap for disinfecting a male luer end of an infusion therapy device
The present invention extends to a disinfection cap for disinfecting a male luer end of an infusion therapy device. The disinfection cap can include an internal reservoir containing an antimicrobial or saline solution which is sealed with a flexible septum to prevent the solution from evaporating.
Systems and methods for image segmentation using target image intensity
The system and method of the invention combines target image intensity into a maximum likelihood estimate (mle) framework as in staple to take advantage of both intensity-based segmentation and statistical label fusion based on atlas consensus and performance level, abbreviated istaple. The mle framework is then solved using a modified expectation-maximization algorithm to simultaneously estimate the intensity profiles of structures of interest as well as the true segmentation and atlas performance level.
Liquid lithium cooled fission reactor for producing radioactive materials
A liquid lithium-cooled fission reactor optimized for producing radioactive materials. The reactor is designed to enhance the availability of rare radioactive materials that have significant value for national defense, industrial research, and medical care.
Waveguide-coupled vertical cavity laser
An integrated circuit includes an optical source that provides an optical signal to an optical waveguide. In particular, the optical source may be implemented by fusion-bonding a iii-v semiconductor to a semiconductor layer in the integrated circuit.
Processing apparatus, mobile communication system, base station apparatus, method for switching connection of mobile station, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
A processing apparatus operates aiming to realize handover to each mobile station while reducing a failure rate of the handover even when psc confusion is generated. More specifically, when a connection of the mobile station is switched from a first base station to a second base station, the processing, apparatus determines the second base station by selecting from a plurality of base stations according to connection history information indicating a success or a failure of past switching of the connection from the first base station to at least one of the plurality of base stations..
Diffusion globe led lighting device
Disclosed is a lighting fixture that provides approximately even illumination across a planar surface. Also enclosed is an led light for producing the same.
Light unit and a lcd liquid crystal display comprising the light unit
Provided is a light unit including a plurality of led light sources formed on a pcb, a resin layer stacked on the pcb to diffuse and guide emitted light forwards, and a diffusion plate having an optical pattern printed thereon to shield light emitted from the led light sources. The optical pattern is composed of a diffusion pattern implemented as at least one layer, or a combination of the diffusion pattern layer and a light shielding pattern.
Enhanced optical illusion fluid display device
A fluid display device that produces the illusion of fluid droplets traveling up, traveling down or levitating, in a stable, smooth, and non-jerky motion. The fluid display device includes a housing, a reservoir for storing the fluid, an outlet nozzle for dispensing the fluid, a pump pulsating the fluid, an inlet for receiving the fluid from the outlet nozzle, and a light source having a color temperature of at least 5000 degrees k operating at or above flicker-fusion frequency to illuminate the fluid droplets..
Direct backlight module and liquid crystal display module using the backlight module
The present invention provides a direct backlight module and a liquid crystal display module using the backlight module. The backlight module includes a backplane, a diffusion platen arranged inside the backplane, and backlight sources mounted to the backplane and located under the diffusion plate.
Shared readout low noise global shutter image sensor method
A method for operating a global shutter image sensor includes performing both a global shutter (image capture) operation and a rolling shutter (readout) operation. During the global shutter operation, image information (charges) are captured by photodiodes in every pixel, and then simultaneously transferred to charge coupled gate (ccg) devices provided in each pixel.
Shared readout low noise global shutter image sensor
A global shutter image sensor includes an array of pixel groups arranged in rows and columns, each pixel group including four pixels and a shared readout circuit having a floating diffusion. Each pixel includes a photodiode, a transfer gate and a charge coupled gate (ccg) device.

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