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Funnel patents

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Insect trap

Insect trap

Case for computer

Revup Render

Case for computer

Case for computer

Connector frame for duct boot

Date/App# patent app List of recent Funnel-related patents
 Minimally invasive thrombectomy patent thumbnailMinimally invasive thrombectomy
A minimally invasive blood clot capturing invention made of nitinol. The nitinol is shaped into a plurality of fingers to form a frame for a basket and funnel to capture and remove blood clots.
The University Of Toledo

 Insect trap patent thumbnailInsect trap
The insect trap includes a funnel body having wide open end and an opposite narrow open end. A cover is attached to the funnel body and is disposed at a vertical spaced distance from the wide open end and forms a gap between the cover and the wide open end.

 Case for computer patent thumbnailCase for computer
A computing device with efficient cooling is provided. The computing device includes a housing with a plurality of components disposed therein.
Revup Render, Inc.

 Connector frame for duct boot patent thumbnailConnector frame for duct boot
A connector frame is used to secure a duct boot at a vent opening. The connector frame includes a mounting ledge that receives locking fingers disposed at the upper portion of a duct boot.

 Small boat sea anchor patent thumbnailSmall boat sea anchor
A sea anchor that is durable, easy to retrieve, pick up, and store, deploys quickly, is always open, and reduces the chances of the cords fouling is disclosed. The sea anchor is useful in controlling the speed and position of watercraft.

 Casting funnel patent thumbnailCasting funnel
An example molten material funnel includes a first outlet lip and a second outlet lip. The first and second outlet lips are configured to both contact molten material communicated through the molten material funnel..
United Technologies Corporation

 2d low level mixing bag for storage and shipping patent thumbnail2d low level mixing bag for storage and shipping
A disposable container, such as a deformable bag, for a fluid, having one or more inlets and one or more outlets and an impeller assembly within the container to cause mixing, dispersing, homogenizing and/or circulation of one or more ingredients contained or added to the container. The region within the container that can contain liquid is funnel shaped, which allows very low fluid level mixing, dispensing while mixing, and a reduction or elimination of vortex formation..
Emd Millipore Corporation

 Blender jar scraping utensil patent thumbnailBlender jar scraping utensil
A blending appliance includes a blender jar defining a receptacle portion, an open end, and a closed end. A blender lid is configured to mate with the open end of the bender jar.
Whirlpool Corporation

 Radial-flow scrubber patent thumbnailRadial-flow scrubber
A radial-flow scrubber (1, 100) for separating dust and pollutants from gases, comprises a housing (2), a raw gas inlet (3), a feeder (4) for a washing liquid, a washing zone (5), a clean gas outlet (10), and an outlet (11) for the washing liquid. The washing zone (5, 101) comprises an inlet funnel (7, 105), a scrubbing zone (18) having an adjustable flow cross-section, and a drive (10, 110) for adjusting the cross section of the scrubbing zone (18), as well as a tubular shell (8,108) detachably mounted to the housing (2), wherein in a ceiling of the housing (2) an opening is provided through which the complete washing zone (5, 101) can be integrally withdrawn..
Outotec (finland) Oy

 Vascular access port systems and methods patent thumbnailVascular access port systems and methods
In certain systems disclosed herein, one or more of a first vascular access port and a second vascular access port can be selected by a customer. Each of the first and second vascular access ports can be implanted subcutaneously within a patient, and each can include a base configured to be attached to a vessel, a body that extends away from the base, and a guidance passageway that extends through the body and the base and includes a funnel region.
Vital Access Corporation


Electrical connector system

An electrical connector system includes a panel having a plurality of connector openings and a plurality of vent openings interspersed among the connector openings. Cable connectors are coupled to the panel and extend at least partially into the connector openings.
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Integrated sash lock and tilt latch with screwless installation and removal from meeting rail

A combination sash lock and tilt latch in one integral fastener may suitably secure a sash window that is slidable and tiltable with respect to a master window frame. The fastener includes a lock assembly and latch assembly.


Spark gap comprising a capacitive energy store

A spark gap including a capacitive energy store is provided. The spark gap is fed via a multiplicity of capacitors arranged in a form of a ring, wherein the capacitors are electrically connected to the anode and the cathode via ring-shaped and conical or funnel-shaped conductors.


Freestanding sack holder

A freestanding sack holder for allowing a sack to be mounted and filled with sand or other packing material. The freestanding sack holder comprises is a hollow modified funnel disposed on three independently resizable telescoping legs.


Loading device

“the invention relates to a loading device having n loading heads offset by n/360° , wherein n is the number 3 or an integer multiple thereof, wherein each of the n loading heads has a connecting device for a hose arranged at the upper end, through which hose the catalyst material can be delivered from above, wherein each of the n loading heads has a deflecting cone with the tip pointing upwards beneath the connecting device and joined to the connecting device, a vertical holder is mounted on the underside of said deflecting cone, at least two circular deflector funnel elements are mounted on the vertical holder by means of horizontal braces, the deflector funnel elements open more narrowly at the top than at the bottom, gaps are provided between the deflector funnel elements and the lower deflector funnel elements have a larger diameter than the deflector funnel elements above them.”. .
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Ag


Effective and efficient solution for pin to pad contactor on wide range of smd package tolerances using a reverse funnel design anvil handler mechanism

The problem of poor device pad to contactor pin presentation because of wide range of package size tolerance limited by process capability is minimized by a reverse funnel anvil design.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Funnel-pipe arrangement

An arrangement (6) of a pipe (5) on a funnel (4) has a pipe interior space (8) fluidically connected with a funnel interior space (9). The funnel has an integral connection piece (10) with two axial openings (12) in the circumferential direction (11).
Eberspächer Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method and launch and catch device

A device for launching and catching an object is provided. The device may include a body having an inlet, an outlet, and a channel therebetween.
Rehco, Llc


Method for recovering lead from lead-containing discarded electronic waste cathode ray tube glass

A method for recovering lead from lead-containing discarded electronic waste cathode ray tube glass includes the steps of taking a sample of cathode ray tube lead-containing funnel glass, crushing to obtain crt glass powder, then uniformly mixing zero-valent iron powder with the crt glass powder according to the mass ratio of 0.1-1.5:1, performing heat preservation at a temperature of 610-960° c. For 3-180 min, and further cooling to extract the metallic lead from a sio2 reticular glass structure of the crt glass.
Guangdong Institute Of Eco-environment And Soil Sciences


Organic waste treatment system

A comminution unit for an organic waste treatment system is described. The comminution unit includes a comminution means for comminuting organic waste; a funnel assembly for receiving the organic waste, the funnel assembly being positioned above the comminution means and including at least one inwardly angled section for directing organic waste to the comminution means; a pre-processing assembly being positioned in the funnel assembly and above the comminution means, the pre-processing assembly adapted to agitate and shred the organic waste; a motor for driving the comminution means and the pre-processing assembly about an axis of rotation; and a waste outlet positioned below the comminution means and via which comminuted organic waste is transported away from the comminution unit.
Pioneer Waste Management Holdings Trust Pty Limited


Apparatus, system, and collecting a target material

This disclosure is directed to an apparatus, system and method for retrieving a target material from a suspension. A system includes a primary vessel, such as a tube, a collector, and a two-part seal including an internal pliant part and an external constricting part.
Rarecyte, Inc.


Guzmania hybrid 'blitz'

A new and distinct guzmania hybrid named ‘blitz’ characterized by solid growth habit; funnel-form rosette plant, measuring about 20 cm to 25 cm in height (above the pot when flowering); numerous, green color foliage (measuring about 25 to 30 cm length and about 3.0 to 3.5 cm in width) superior floral bract production; bracts are red in color (closest to rhs 45a), singular head inflorescence, measuring about 8 cm in height and about 18 cm in diameter; and long-lasting habit.. .
Corn Bak B.v.


Combination weigher

A combination weigher comprises hoppers divided into a first group and a second group; an inner funnel which collects objects discharged inward from the hoppers and discharges the objects through an opening; a first outer funnel which is placed along a first side of the inner funnel, and collects objects discharged outward from the hoppers in the first group; a second outer funnel which is placed along a second side of the inner funnel, and collects objects discharged outward from the hoppers in the second group; and a partition plate which separates an inner region of the inner funnel into a first region corresponding to the hoppers in the first group and a second region corresponding to the hoppers in the second group, and separates the opening into a discharge outlet corresponding to the first side and a discharge outlet corresponding to the second side.. .
Yamato Scale Co., Ltd.


Multi-purpose hand washing station

A multi-purpose hand washing station is disclosed that includes a hand dryer attached to a basin. The hand dryer includes a top air plenum and a bottom air plenum.
Bradley Fixtures Corporation


Steam iron

A steam iron comprises a housing, a handle supported by or integral with the housing, a soleplate having a plurality of steam vents defined therein, a water reservoir supported by the housing for holding water to be converted to steam, and a water fill funnel supported by the housing and/or the handle for adding water to the reservoir. The water fill funnel has a top rim defining a top opening.
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.


Bucket spout

A bucket spout for use with containers or buckets is disclosed. The bucket spout comprises a lid for a conventional bucket that includes a spout that resembles a watering can.


Commodity trailer working area lighting system

A commodity trailer for storage and transport of a commodity, and provided with a lighting system. The commodity trailer can include a tub in which the commodity is stored and transported, wherein the tub includes at least one wall that is sloped from a first elevation to an opening beneath the tub at a second elevation lower than the first elevation to funnel the commodity toward the opening, and wherein the opening has a plurality of sides; a frame extending along at least one side of the opening; and a lamp mounted to the frame, wherein the lamp is positioned and oriented to direct light upon an area beneath the opening into which commodity from the tub flows upon exiting the opening..
Sti Holdings, Inc.


Casting process for producing hermetically sealed housings for hard disk drives

An aluminum alloy casting having a globular microstructure forms a housing for a hard disk drive by pouring a molten aluminum alloy with a fine grain and a non-dendritic structure into the shot chamber defined by a shot sleeve of a vertical die cast press. Heat is removed from the molten alloy to produce a semi-solid slurry which is forced upwardly into a die cavity through an offset elongated funnel gate opening positioned to received and merge hotter slurry within the center portion of the shot chamber with cooler slurry adjacent the shot sleeve.
T.h.t. Presses, Inc.


Embolic protection devices and related systems and methods

According to one aspect of the disclosure, an embolic protection device is provided comprising an elongate element having a deflector at its distal end. The embolic protection device is generally configured to redirect and/or funnel embolic debris and permit at least a portion of the blood, no longer containing the redirected and/or funneled embolic debris, to perfuse the surrounding vasculature and/or tissue..
W.l. Gore & Associates, Inc.


Female urination collection device

A urine collection device for use by a female user when collecting a urine sample comprising a conical body, where the conical body is shaped as a funnel; a rim at a top of the conical body; a tubular base at a bottom of the conical body, where the base includes an opening to guide a urine stream from the conical body into a collection container; and a handle extending from the rim of the conical body. The urine collection device includes a central groove extending from the rim into the tubular body to guide the urine stream easily into the collection container..


Funnel analysis

Systems, methods, and media for the application of funnel analysis using desktop analytics and textual analytics to map and analyze the flow of customer service interactions. In an example implementation, the method includes: defining at least one flow that is representative of a series of events comprising at least one speech event, at least one data processing activity (dpa) event, and at least one computer telephone integration (cti) event; receiving customer service interaction data comprising communication data, dpa metadata, and cti metadata; applying the at least one flow to the customer service interaction data; determining if the customer service interaction data meets the at least one flow; and producing an automated indication based upon the determination..
Verint Systems Ltd.


Optical connector with adhesive material

An optical fiber connector includes a ferrule configured to receive an optical fiber. The ferrule has a fiber bore and a storage location interior to the ferrule and adjacent to the fiber bore.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Valley overflow inhibitor

A device to be positioned within the direct flow of water within an inside corner of a roof valley for the purpose of controlling low to high volumes and velocities of water, by impeding the natural direction of water flow and redirecting and redistributing said water in a downward and outward direction, in the area wherein the roof valley meets an inside corner of a guttering device. This device is utilized so that water flowing down the roof valley does not overflow or over-shoot a gutter or gutter guard device installed at the inside corner of the roof.


Device for metering bulk material, in particular plastics granulate

The invention relates to a device for metering bulk material, in particular plastics granulate, for machines processing plastics granulate, in particular for injection molding machines, wherein at least one material funnel (2) into which bulk material can be filled and which has a material valve is provided. A weighing container (4) connected to weighing scales is optionally arranged below the material valve.
Wittmann Kunststoffgeraete Gmbh


Superelliptical breast funnel

A breast pump system includes a one-size-fits-all funnel for fittingly receiving the breast of a lactating woman. In some examples, the funnel has a superelliptical opening that provides a smooth, naturally occurring vent at the funnel's inlet.


Configured and sized cannula

A dilator retractor and the dilators that are used for minimally invasive spinal surgery or other surgery are configured to accommodate the anatomical structure of the patient as by configuring the cross sectional area in an elliptical shape, or by forming a funnel configuration with the wider end at the proximate end. In some embodiments the distal end is contoured to also accommodate the anatomical structure of the patient so that a cylindrically shaped, funnel shaped, ovoid shaped dilator retractor can be sloped or tunneled to accommodate the bone structure of the patient or provide access for implants.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Apparatus for accelerating and compressing plasma

Examples of a plasma acceleration and compression device are described. The device includes a plasma accelerator with a high compression funnel section extending from an inlet of the accelerator and an elongated section connected to the high compression funnel section that can extend from the end of the funnel section to an accelerator's outlet.
General Fusion, Inc.


System and 3d integrated circuit stacking

A method and system of stacking and aligning a plurality of integrated circuits. The method includes the steps of providing a first integrated circuit having at least one funnel-shaped socket, providing a second integrated circuit, aligning at least one protrusion on the second integrated circuit with the at least one funnel-shaped socket, and bonding the first integrated circuit to the second integrated circuit.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Extendable sleeve for poured concrete deck

A tubular passage for poured concrete decks has an intumescent tube held in a two-part, clamshell base by a bottom clip. A first tube engages the base's top to clamp a funnel shaped, diaphragm seal to the base.
Securus, Inc.


Stretch film roping

A stretch film dispensing apparatus gathers the stretch film into a string or rope for use in securing an object to a pallet for shipping. The stretch film can be converted into a string or rope by passing it through one or more of a hook, funnel, apparatus, set of gears, or the like to effect stretching and/or twisting of the film into a string or rope..
Encore Packaging Llc


Windshield washer conditioner

A system and method of collecting and conditioning rainwater and other moisture, such as dew, from a windshield of a vehicle and utilizing the collected fluid to replenish the fluids in the windshield washer reservoir. A collection funnel is positioned on a vehicle in order to collect rainwater and other moisture.
Wiperfill Holdings Llc


Apparatus, system, and collecting a target material

This disclosure is directed to an apparatus, system and method for retrieving a target material from a suspension. A system includes a processing vessel, such as an eppendorf tube, a syringe or a test tube, and a collector.
Rarecyte, Inc.


Beverage container holder

A beverage container holder includes an elongate tubular receptacle defining a hollow cavity therein and having a lateral cross-sectional area and a longitudinal length adapted to hold a beverage container, a closed liquid impermeable base end coupled to the tubular receptacle at one end. The tubular receptacle defines an open end opposite the base end.


Peelable label and using same

A peelable label for a container includes a fixed label and a removable label removably attached to at least a portion of the fixed label. A first securement feature is formed along a first side of the removable label and a second securement feature is formed along a second side of the removable label opposite the first side.
Prestone Products Corporation


Transducer assembly

A petroleum production well ultrasound logging tool is provided comprising a cylindrical main body having a lower end holding a sideways monitoring transducer assembly comprising a ring-shaped ultrasound transducer array of transducer elements. The transducer array has a downward tapering frustoconical shape.
Tecwel As


Disposable test sensor

The present invention relates to disposable test sensors having improved sample application and measuring properties and their uses for detection, preferably, quantitative measurement, of analyte in a liquid sample like blood. In particular, the invention provides for an electrochemical biosensor which has a thin-layer fluid chamber having funnel-like shape with a novel extra wide opening as sampling entrance and a vent opening at the tip of the chamber for air escape.
Changsha Sinocare Inc.


Volumetric-flow measuring apparatus

A volumetric-flow measuring apparatus (1) is provided using a measuring funnel (4) and a flow straightener (6) from a foldable material, which is disposed in the measuring funnel (4), configured such that the measuring funnel (4) and the flow straightener (6) are convertible between a folded-up transport position and an unfolded use position.. .
Testo Ag


Assembly unit of an exhaust system composed of components made of different materials with improved durability

An assembly unit 1 of an exhaust system has at least one and particularly two connection funnels 2 made of cast material and a pipe 3. The at least one connection funnel 2 has a pipe socket 21 and at least one bracket 22.
Eberspächer Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg


Apparatus, system, and collecting a target material

This disclosure is directed to an apparatus, system and method for retrieving a target material from a suspension. A system includes a processing vessel, such as an eppendorf tube, a syringe or a test tube, and a collector.
Rarecyte, Inc.


Device and collecting and dispensing colostrum

A device for collecting colostrum from a breast of a human and dispensing the colostrum to a newborn may include a colostrum collection member and a plunger. The colostrum collection member may include a funnel-shaped proximal portion with a wide, open end for facilitating collection of expressed colostrum, a narrow distal portion with a small-diameter opening for dispensing the expressed colostrum to the newborn, and a cylindrical barrel portion between the funnel-shaped proximal portion and the narrow distal portion.
Maternal Life, Llc


Apparatus, system, and collecting a target material

This disclosure is directed to an apparatus, system and method for retrieving target material from a suspension. A system includes a processing vessel, such as an eppendorf tube, a syringe or a test tube, and a collector.
Rarecyte, Inc.


Waterproof relief outlet

A relief outlet in a wetsuit that is optionally substantially watertight consisting of a foldable funnel made of an elastic and optionally watertight material. Whereby said funnel is open at one and folded at least 1 time to close the opening when not in use..


Disposable polymer-structured filter

The disposable polymer-structured filtering kit includes a disposable, polymer-structured filtering funnel with a stem having a distal tip. A flow discharge end is formed at the distal tip.
Chemrus Inc.


Call flow and discourse analysis

The disclosed solution uses machine learning-based methods to improve the knowledge extraction process in a specific domain or business environment. By formulizing a specific company's internal knowledge and terminology, the ontology programming accounts for linguistic meaning to surface relevant and important content for analysis.
Verint Systems Ltd.


Specimen collection apparatus

A specimen collection apparatus is provided. The specimen collection apparatus may include a container, a funnel for removable insertion in an opening of the container, a funnel cover; a removable seal, and a dispensing apparatus sealed within the funnel cover in a reagent-specific atmosphere.
Alpha Tec Systems, Inc.


Stray field shielding for perpendicular magnetic recording write head

The present invention relates to stray magnetic shielding in pmr systems. The stray magnetic fields can funnel through the magnetic write head into the recording medium and lead to degradation in performance, even erasure.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Bore selection apparatus

A bore selection device for use with a dual bore subsea system is disclosed. The bore selector (18) can be remotely actuated to provide selection between a production bore (12) and an annulus bore (16) without a rotating mechanism or flapper valve.
Enovate Systems Limited


Split loading funnel for charging a molten glass gob into a blank mold

A split loading funnel includes two or more individual funnel segments, each of which includes an interior guide surface. The two or more individual funnel segments are arranged relative to one another so that interior guide surfaces of the individual funnel segments cooperate to define a guide passage having a longitudinal axis.
Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.


System and delivery of salt

A salt delivery system operates to remotely deliver water softening salt to a salt bin located inside a structure. The salt delivery system is positioned on a vehicle and includes a hopper apparatus for holding salt, a computerized scale system for weighing salt actually delivered to the bin, a salt delivery hose connected between the structure and hopper apparatus, a funnel cone positioned above the remotely located salt bin, and a pipe connected between the salt bin and the structure..
Step Saver, Inc.


Vertical shaft impact crusher feed tube

A vertical shaft impact crusher feed tube arranged for protecting a rotor feeding opening of a feeding funnel of a vertical shaft impact crusher. The feed tube includes a tube portion via which material may flow from the feeding funnel and vertically downwards into a rotor.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


Ono structure with separated electron trapping

A method of forming a charge-trapping structure in a memory device is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of forming a gate oxide and gate electrode on a semiconductor substrate, performing undercut etching on the gate oxide layer, annealing in a nitrogen containing environment, further creating funnel-like openings on both sides of the gate oxide layer, and conformally forming the charge-trapping structure on the substrate surface..
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Light character producer and its extended application in photovoltaics

An apparatus including a first funnel having an inner surface, a transparent solid sphere, a first tube having first and second ends, and a first light emitting diode device having an inner surface with a first light emitting diode. The first end of the first tube may be closer to the transparent solid sphere than the second end of the first tube.


Method and appartus for repairing a tendon or ligament

An apparatus for reattaching a longitudinal anatomical feature to an other anatomical feature comprising: a first repair device (1710) having at least first (1711) and second (1712) filaments, each having a first longitudinal end and a second longitudinal end, a first needle (1715) attached to the first ends of the first and second filaments and a second needle (1716) attached to the second ends of the first and second filaments; a catheter (101) comprising a tube having a lumen; a funnel member (103) having a smaller longitudinal end for placement adjacent an entry to an anatomical passageway and a larger longitudinal end.. .


Coffee machine which can compatible with all types of coffee cups

A coffee machine is described that is compatible with all types of coffee cups and includes a coffee machine body that is equipped a funnel, where the bottom of the funnel includes a leak stoppage valve. The exterior of the coffee machine body includes a control button, an electromagnetic valve opening device and a rotating bracket opening device.
Jiangxi Misheng Technology Co., Ltd.


Systems for efficient photon upconversion

Described herein are materials and systems for efficient upconversion of photons. The materials may be disposed in a system comprising two semiconductor materials with an interface therebetween, the interface comprising a valence and/or conduction band offset between the semiconducting materials of about −0.5 ev to about 0.5 ev, including 0, wherein one of the semiconductor materials is a material with discrete energy states and the other is a material with a graded composition and/or controlled band gap.
University Of Delaware


Collapsible and reusable funnel apparatus

A funnel apparatus for storage inside of a container lid. The funnel apparatus includes a circular planar sheet having a centered circular shaped pop-out member with perforated lines therearound to facilitate the removal thereof.


Funnel device for rooftop drain covers

A funnel device for engaging a protective cover of a rooftop drain includes a main body that forms an open top funnel, which tapers down in cross-sectional area from a wide upper edge to a narrow bottom section and a generally pointed end. An elongated stand protrudes from the bottom surface of the main body, a pair of lower tabs extend horizontally from the bottom section of the main body, and a pair of upper tabs extend diagonally from the upper edge of the main body..


Sample receiving device

The present invention generally relates to a sample receiving device for releasably storing a substance. The sample receiving device includes a lid having a reservoir for retaining the substance, and a pierceable barrier sealing the substance within the reservoir; and b) a funnel for receiving a sample and configured for closure by the lid.
Dna Genotek Inc.


Thoracic stent graft

A tubular side arm assembly configured for mounting onto a stent graft to provide an accessible side arm. The side arm includes a lightweight space frame comprising a resilient wire, and the space frame comprises a cylindrical portion and a funnel portion.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Connector for collection and dispensing of breast milk or colostrum

An adapter for use in a system for collecting colostrum and/or breast milk may include: a body having a predominantly cylindrical shape; a first open end of the body for connecting to a funnel device; a second open end of the body for connecting to a source of suction; a blocking member inside the body, between the first open end and the second open end; an aperture in the blocking member to allow suction force applied at the second open end to generate suction at the first open end; a reservoir extending off of a side of the body, between the first open end and the blocking member; and a port disposed on the distal end of the reservoir for connecting the adapter to a fluid collection device.. .
Maternal Life, Llc


Apparatus, system, and collecting a target material

This disclosure is directed to an apparatus, system and method for retrieving a target material from a suspension. A system includes a plurality of processing vessels and a collector.
Rarecyte, Inc.


Pipe connection guide arrangement

A pipe connection guide arrangement is adapted to align a first pipe section having a first flange with a second pipe section having a second flange. The arrangement includes a guide bar to be attached to the first pipe section in a manner in which the guide bar projects longitudinally beyond the first flange.


Vessel for culturing human es cells

Provided are a culture vessel with which an embryonic body can be formed efficiently from human embryonic stem cells, and a method for culturing human embryonic stem cells using the vessel. There is provided a vessel for culturing human embryonic stem cells, the culture vessel having two or more wells (1), wherein each of the wells (1) has a tubular body (2) and a funnel-shaped bottom (3) provided at one end of the body (2), the bottom (3) being a concave curved surface at the center (4) of the bottom (3) and the bottom (3) having an opening angle (θ) in range of 60 to 100°.
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.


Refractory casting tube for a mould for continuously casting molten metal

A refractory casting tube for a mould for continuously casting molten metal is provided with a top part (33) and a bottom part (35) which dips into the molten metal in the inner mould space (6) during the casting. A refractory deflection element (35) is integrated in the funnel-shaped or similarly shaped inlet (34) of the top part (33) and is shaped in such a manner that a fluid-dynamic dissipation is generated on the molten metal (21) during casting in said inlet (4, 34).
Sms Concast Ag


Beverage container

An improved drinking can enables a user to have fluid return into the can after drinking the improved drinking can comprises a can body comprising a contoured bottom edge immediately adjacent to a bottom recess. The can body further comprising a can top mechanically coupled to a spout.


Shower flower water collection device

A shower water collection device configured to capture pre-shower water which once full may easily be sealed to prevent contamination of the collected water until the water can be used for another purpose. A shower water collection device further including an inverted umbrella type funnel for increased surface area and enhanced water collection..


Funnel for transferring fluids

A funnel with the ability to receive and secure one or more inverted source containers for transferring fluids to a receiving container, without requiring the assistance of a user.. .


System for adding and processing reducing agent in a motor vehicle

A system for adding and processing reducing agent includes an injector connected to a reducing agent metering unit and which can spray a jet of reducing agent into the exhaust gas. A mixing pipe is disposed in an exhaust pipe of the internal combustion engine and a funnel element is disposed on or in the mixing pipe in the region of the first mixing pipe end.
Daimler Ag


Adjustment device for a pivotable carrier plate, particularly for receiving a motor vehicle mirror

An adjustment device for a carrier plate which can be pivoted about two mutually orthogonal axes and is configured to receive a motor vehicle mirror, includes one motor per axis for moving a non-rotatably and non-tiltably guided linear drive, which is in engagement via a socket with a joint ball on the carrier plate, and a funnel-shaped hub provided with a hollow shaft. A hollow spherical segment of the funnel-shaped hub engages, by spring tabs, in a depression in the form of a hollow spherical segment in the carrier plate, and a spherical segment of the carrier plate is axially elastically clamped in a hollow spherical segment of a housing for drive trains of the two linear drives, thereby locking the hollow shaft on the housing..


Handheld confectionary dispenser

A handheld confectionary dispenser includes a flexible pouch that presents an interior chamber and is configured to contain confectionary within the chamber. The pouch defines a reservoir portion, a dispensing portion, and a funnel portion located between the reservoir and dispensing portions.


Baking funnel

The present invention relates to a funnel comprising: a funnel body, where said funnel body includes an inner layer and an outer layer, and where said funnel body is made of a flexible material; a wide first opening and a wide second opening, where the first opening is larger than the second opening, and where the first opening has a curved portion and a planar portion; and an outwardly extending curved lip disposed on the rim of the first opening.. .


Control valve for a camshaft adjuster

A control valve (4) for controlling pressure medium flows of a camshaft adjuster which includes a substantially hollow cylindrical valve housing (6), a control piston (12), which is guided axially displaceably inside the valve housing (6), and a non-return valve (22) which can be hydraulically released. In a region of a pressure medium inlet, the valve housing (6) includes a housing shaft (28) with an axial inflow bore (30) which widens in funnel-like manner towards the inlet side..


Attachment device for a tracheostoma valve

An attachment device for a tracheostoma valve has a flexible layer structure having a stoma opening therein, and a circumferential flange attached to the flexible layer structure. The flexible layer structure has at least a layer portion that substantially has a funnel shape discharging into the stoma opening.


Mechanisms for semiconductor device structure

Embodiments of mechanisms of a semiconductor device structure are provided. The semiconductor device structure includes a substrate and a metal gate structure formed over the substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Trash drying assembly

A rotating tapering cone or tube is used for separating liquid from trash. The cone or tube is constructed of either a wire mesh or parallel slats.


Exhaust-gas aftertreatment device and associated production method

A method for producing an exhaust-gas aftertreatment device (2) inserts a monolith (8) in a housing (4), assembled from a circumferentially enclosed jacket (5) and two end funnels. The monolith (8) is axially inserted into the jacket (5) with a circumferentially enclosing support mat (9).
EberspÄcher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg


Extendable sleeve for poured concrete deck

A tubular passage for poured concrete decks has an intumescent tube held in a two-part, clamshell base. First and second, spaced apart, funnel shaped, diaphragm seals are connected to a first tubular passage or an adjustable length tubular extension.
Securus, Inc.


Extendable sleeve for poured concrete deck

A tubular passage for poured concrete decks has an intumescent tube held in a two-part, clamshell base by a bottom clip. A first tube engages the base's top to clamp a funnel shaped, diaphragm seal to the base.
Securus, Inc.


Bone delivery systems including holding and filling devices and methods

A delivery system comprising a biodegradable single or multi compartment covering is provided. The covering can be a mesh bag including a pre-attached detachable holding member surrounding the opening of at least one compartment and a pre-attached removable filling member configured to fit within the opening of the at least one compartment.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Soft landing system and achieving same

A subsea wireline system for soft landing equipment during installation. The subsea soft landing wireline system includes coarse alignment members that can be part of a tree and interact with a funnel located on the equipment to be installed by the soft landing system.
Velco Gray Inc.


Guzmania hybrid 'alegra'

A new and distinct guzmania hybrid named ‘alegra’ characterized by solid growth habit; funnel-form rosette plant, measuring about 60 cm in height (above the pot when flowering); numerous, green color foliage (measuring about 30 to 50 cm length and about 4.5 cm in width) superior floral bract production; bracts are orange-red in color (closest to rhs 33a), compound inflorescence, measuring about 25 cm in height and about 20 cm in diameter; and long-lasting habit.. .
Corn Bak B.v.

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Funnel topics: Spectrometer, Mass Spectrometer, Biomolecule, Semiconductor Substrate, Semiconductor, High Density, Biochemical, Tetrafluoro, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Tetrafluoroethylene

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