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Sound generator for an anti-noise system for influencing exhaust noises and/or intake noises of a motor vehicle

Sound generator for an anti-noise system for influencing exhaust noises and/or intake noises of a motor vehicle

Sound generator for an anti-noise system for influencing exhaust noises and/or intake noises of a motor vehicle

Beverage or alcohol container

Date/App# patent app List of recent Funnel-related patents
 Suture needle guard patent thumbnailSuture needle guard
A suture needle guard and method of operation for temporarily holding a suture needle during a surgical operation. The suture needle guard includes a hollow tube having a closed first end and an opposite, funnel shaped second end.
 Devices for performing colorimetric assay with plucked human hair patent thumbnailDevices for performing colorimetric assay with plucked human hair
Apparatuses are disclosed for performing calorimetric assays with plucked human hair using a device adapted for that purpose. This device may include a transparent reaction vessel connected via a capillary tube to a burst pack, and connected via another capillary tube to a funnel, into which a plucked human hair may be placed..
 Sound generator for an anti-noise system for influencing exhaust noises and/or intake noises of a motor vehicle patent thumbnailSound generator for an anti-noise system for influencing exhaust noises and/or intake noises of a motor vehicle
A sound generator for influencing sound waves propagating in exhaust or intake systems of combustion engine driven vehicles includes: an enclosure having a port opening for communication with an exhaust and/or intake system; a loudspeaker basket supported by the enclosure; a membrane and a permanent magnet supported by the loudspeaker basket; and a voice coil supported by a voice coil carrier. The voice coil is disposed in a constant magnetic field created by the permanent magnet and is connected to the membrane.
 Beverage or alcohol container patent thumbnailBeverage or alcohol container
The present invention relates to a beverage or liquor container. The beverage or liquor container of the present invention includes: a body containing contents therein in a shape of a funnel with an open upper portion having a large inner diameter and a closed lower portion having an inner diameter gradually decreased as it goes downwardly and having a first connection part formed at either an inner peripheral surface or an outer peripheral surface of the lower portion thereof; and a lid fastened to the open upper portion having the large inner diameter of the body so as to close the body and having a second connection part formed at either an inner peripheral surface or an outer peripheral surface of the center thereof in such a manner as to be connected to the first connection part..
 Apparatus to dispense immiscible liquid from an inverted bottle patent thumbnailApparatus to dispense immiscible liquid from an inverted bottle
A device, an improvement upon a funnel, to enable immiscible liquids to be dispensed from an inverted bottle to augment a new, in-situ method to extract chemicals from water directly within sampling containers.. .
 Gas-filliing packaging method and packaging machine therefor patent thumbnailGas-filliing packaging method and packaging machine therefor
A gas-filling packaging method using a track type gas-filling packaging machine includes a bag placing step in which a number of packaging bags set in a magazine in a stacked state are turned up one by one by a sucker and picking up and then passing the bag to a bag chuck, a bag opening/inflating step of opening the bag mouth and inflating the bottom of the bag by suckers, a bag filling step of lowering a synchronous funnel to be inserted into the bag and applying a receiving member of a bottom tapping unit to the bag, so that the bag is filled with a predetermined amount of article while the bottom is tapped, a deaeration/temporarily sealing step of inserting a deaeration nozzle into the bag to remove air in the bag and holding the bag mouth by a temporary heater.. .
 Split funnel head strawberry leaf stem core extractor tool patent thumbnailSplit funnel head strawberry leaf stem core extractor tool
A one piece tool for removing the leaves, stem and core from different sizes and shapes of strawberries. The handle portion is comprised of grooved straight arms connected by a resilient hinge bend for ease of cleaning.
 Devices and methods for crimping a medical device patent thumbnailDevices and methods for crimping a medical device
Devices, systems, and methods for crimping a medical device are disclosed. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to devices, systems, and methods for reducing the diameter of a collapsible heart valve prosthesis to be loaded onto a delivery device.
 Breast pump patent thumbnailBreast pump
A breast pump for collecting breast milk having a funnel intended to receive the breast, a housing and a device for producing a negative pressure. The funnel consists of a flexible material and extends into the housing.
 Plastic bag holder for a vehicle patent thumbnailPlastic bag holder for a vehicle
An elongate strap to be used to hold a trash bag in a vehicle has a specially-shaped head rest post catch portion at one end and a specially-shaped bag handle hook portion at the other. The catch portion is placed to partially encircle both head rest posts on a vehicle seat, allowing the strap to drape over the shoulder of the seat so that the hook portion hangs between the seats.
Raised roof edge to seal and protect membrane and eliminate the need for gutters
A lightweight, raised roof edge segmented to accommodate narrow openings for scupper-fed downspouts. The edge's segments include at least one pair of elongated, inflatable or otherwise fillable, membrane-covered barriers, each of which spans about 20 feet, making it compatible with typical spacings between industrial building downspouts.
Ultra-flat plasmonic optical horn antenna
An optical device includes a substrate, a metallic layer, a dielectric filling and a light collection element. The substrate has first and second opposite surfaces, and has a funnel-shaped cavity between a first aperture on the first surface and a second aperture on the second surface.
Device for removal of gas from a respiratory circuit
A respiratory circuit gas removal device (1) has a inhalation branch subsection (2), a exhalation branch subsection (3) and a tube connection subsection (4), with a tube connection opening (5) for a tube adapter (17). The inhalation subsection connects to the tube subsection via a first opening (6), and the exhalation subsection opens into the tube subsection via a second opening (7).
Apparatus for promoting urorectal organ emptying and related method
The invention is directed toward an apparatus for promoting urorectal organ emptying and related method. The apparatus has a funnel that circumscribes a woman's urethral opening and directs urine to pass therethrough and generally away from the woman.
Drying devices
The present invention provides a drying device for a wall structure, the device comprising an inflatable drying mat (1) of lightweight plastic sheeting and generally comprising a floor engaging portion (2), a wall engaging portion (3), an outwardly facing portion (4) that extends between an outer edge portion (5) of the floor engaging portion (2) and an upper edge portion (6) of the wall engaging portion (3) to define a triangular cross-section when in use and connected to an air mover. The drying mat 1 also comprising opposite end portions (7, 8) that closes the mat (1) to form an inflatable configuration when in use.
Bedside urinal appliance
A portable urinal appliance is provided comprising a funnel (7) for receiving urine; a flexible hose (8) connected to the funnel; a container (6) connected to the flexible hose for receiving and storing urine input at the funnel; wherein the appliance further includes a funnel support (10), located with respect to the container so that when the appliance is not in use the funnel is held upright and higher than the level of urine in the container.. .
Shaping of line ends
Aligning machines for individual line ends (2) of cable (3) provide enhanced stress-free and precise alignment of line ends (2) of the cable (3) prior to the further processing thereof. Cable (3) is fixed in a clamp (5) opposite a rotor (4) provided with recesses (6, 7) for the exposed line ends (2).
Intestinal sleeve
A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the duodenum and extends beyond the ligament of treitz. All food exiting the stomach is funneled through the device.
Multilevel interconnect structures and methods of fabricating same
A multilevel interconnect structure for a semiconductor device includes an intermetal dielectric layer with funnel-shaped connecting vias. The funnel-shaped connecting vias are provided in connection with systems exhibiting submicron spacings.
Controlled translocation of macromolecules employing a funnel nanopore structure and a gel
A system of controlled translocation of macromolecules by gel electrophesis employs a funnel nanopore structure. A graphene portion is attached to a porous material layer including funnel-shaped pores such that the graphene portion blocks the side of the porous material layer having openings for smaller pores.
Controlled translocation of macromolecules employing a funnel nanopore structure and a gel
A system of controlled translocation of macromolecules by gel electrophesis employs a funnel nanopore structure. A graphene portion is attached to a porous material layer including funnel-shaped pores such that the graphene portion blocks the side of the porous material layer having openings for smaller pores.
Refuelling stand
A refuelling stand that is lightweight and easily portable which includes a funnel; a support for the funnel, which is optionally collapsible, and a conduit which is removably attached to the end of the funnel. The conduit can he made of flexible material which may be rolled up for storage alongside the support or may be formed of inflexible tubing.
Inner container made of plastic as well as transport and storage container for liquids having such an inner container
An inner container for transporting and storing liquids includes an outlet neck and a bottom wall. The bottom wall connects two side walls, one rear wall and one front wall of the inner container to one another.
Disposable integrated polymeric vacuum filtration funnel
This invention discloses a disposable integrated polymeric vacuum filtration funnel. The integrated polymeric vacuum filtration funnel comprises a filtration funnel body having a filter frit disposed inside at the bottom, an outlet stem connected with an outlet at the outer bottom of the filtration funnel body; the outlet stem is integrated with the filtration funnel body; the filter frit is sealed to the inner bottom and the inner side surface of the filtration funnel body; the integrated polymeric vacuum filtration funnel comprises a sealing joint disposed underneath the outer bottom of the filtration funnel body, the sealing joint having a side-arm for vacuum connection and a standard adaptor to connect the receiving receptacle; the outlet stem protrudes from the standard adaptor; the filter frit, filtration funnel body, and sealing joint are integrated as one device.
Back-pressure safeguard
The backflow prevention device consists of a funnel-shaped membrane and a clamping device for mounting in a pipe. The clamping device consists of a spread member expanding the membrane to the pipe cross section and pressing it against the pipe wall, and a support member supporting the spread member against the pipe wall..
Apparatus for measuring precipitation
Disclosed is a precipitation gauge including a precipitation receiving member having a water collecting part provided in a shape of a funnel at a lower portion of a cylindrical body and a drain tube, a photodetector installed on an inner sidewall of the cylindrical body to detect snow collected in the precipitation receiving member, heating parts installed on a bottom surface of the water collecting part and a wall of the drain tube to receive a snow signal detected by the photodetector for operation of the heating parts, a rotatable fluid supply unit coupled on a connection tube coupled with the drain tube of the precipitation receiving member perpendicularly to the drain tube, and a flow rate measuring unit provided in a discharge tube coupled with the connection tube provided at a lower portion of the rotatable fluid supply unit to measure a flow rate.. .
Safe and easy bagging tool a tool for safe and easy bagging of instruments to be sterilized
This invention, “safe and easy” bagging tool, is a very simple tool, made of flexible metal or plastic, about seven inches long, shaped somewhat like a flat funnel, that will hold a baggie open, (a self sealing envelope shaped paper and plastic bag used to hold and store surgical instruments to be sterilized.) so it will be easier to put the instruments into the baggie, and at the same time, it is acting as barrier between the baggie and the operators hand that is holding said baggie, preventing the chance of an exposure, from an accidental puncture or cut to the operators hand, from a sharp or pointed, instrument, being loaded into the bag.. .
Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes a memory cell transistor that is formed via a first gate insulating film on an active region of a memory cell region and has a gate electrode including a first charge storage layer, a first interelectrode insulating film, and a first control gate electrode film. A transistor, which includes a second gate insulating film on the active region or a peripheral circuit region and a gate electrode including a second charge storage layer, a second interelectrode insulating film, and a second control gate electrode film, is also provided.
Multi-nozzle chip for electrospray ionization in mass spectrometers
The invention involves electrospray ionization of dissolved substances at atmospheric pressure in the ion source of a mass spectrometer. A chip with a multitude of spray nozzles is proposed, where each individual spray nozzle is surrounded by several sheath gas nozzles, preferably in a symmetric arrangement, for the jet-like introduction of a sheath gas.
Apparatus to dispense immiscible liquid from an inverted bottle
A device, an improvement upon a funnel, to enable immiscible liquids to be dispensed from an inverted bottle to augment a new, in-situ method to extract chemicals from water directly within sampling containers.. .
Chamfered narrow side copper plate for mould with funnel-shaped curved surface
A chamfered narrow side copper plate for a mould with a funnel-shaped curved surface has a working face contacting molten steel that includes a middle area and two chamfered areas, which are arranged at two sides. The working face has a funnel-shaped curved surface, which is larger at a top and smaller at a bottom.
Method and system for determining marketing attributions
Disclosed is an improved approach for performing opportunity association and attribution analysis. An advanced rules framework is provided to automatically infer associations between a set of marketing data and a set of sales data, allowing advanced revenue funnel analytics to be performed to measure marketing campaigns..
Systems and methods for compressing, crimping and loading a stent
A stent compression and crimping system includes a sheath having a proximal end, a distal end comprising a removable funnel, and a lumen extending between the proximal and distal ends. The system further includes a guidewire extending through the sheath's lumen.
Sealing multiple surgical instruments
In accordance with aspects of the present invention, an instrument guide is provided. An instrument guide according to some embodiments of the present invention includes a channel portion, the channel portion including a plurality of channels through which surgical instruments can be inserted; a lower part mechanically fixed to the channel portion, the lower part including doors to seal each of the channels; an upper part, the upper part mechanically attached to the lower part and including a funnel for guiding the instruments into the plurality of channels; and one or more seals fixed between the upper part and the lower part, the seal(s) having openings corresponding to the channels and sealing against the doors when the doors are closed and sealing against surgical instruments when surgical instruments are inserted into the channels..
Hanging bag assembly for enteral feeding systems and methods of same
A feeding bag system and method of preparing a feeding system is described. The system can include an adapter cap having a threaded portion for threadbly receiving the feeding bottle, a funnel-shaped portion having a tip portion configured to cooperate with an enteral feeding tube, a vent passageway disposed through the adapter cap, and a fluid passageway disposed through the funnel-shaped portion.
Fan array backflow preventer
A backflow preventer for use in a multiple fan array system that draws air from an inlet area and expels it into a discharge area includes a main body defining an open front end and an open rear end and is adapted for attachment to a fan of the fan array system adjacent an inlet of the fan. Doors are attached to the main body and configured for movement between an open position in which air is permitted to enter through the open front end and a closed position in which the doors block the open front end and air is prevented from entering through the open front end.
Rutile titanium dioxide microspheres and ordered botryoidal shapes of same
Rutile tio2 microspheres and microparticles in a botryoidal morphology which form from ordered acicular aggregates of elongated tio2 crystallites that resemble nano-sized flower bouquets and/or triangular funnels, and process for their preparation by thermally hydrolyzing a soluble tio2 precursor compound in aqueous solution in the presence of a morphology controlling agent selected from carboxylic acids and amino acids.. .
Rutile titanium dioxide nanoparticles and ordered acicular aggregates of same
Ordered acicular aggregates of elongated tio2 crystallites which resemble nano-sized flower bouquets and/or triangular funnels, and process for their preparation by thermally hydrolyzing a soluble tio2 precursor compound in aqueous solution in the presence of a morphology controlling agent selected from carboxylic acids and amino acids.. .
Dye and pigment-free structural colors and angle-insensitive spectrum filters
Optical spectrum filtering devices displaying minimal angle dependence or angle insensitivity are provided. The filter comprises a localized plasmonic nanoresonator assembly having a metal material layer defining at least one nanogroove and a dielectric material disposed adjacent to the metal material layer.
Plate filtering device for plastic melts
A plate filtering device (10) for plastic melts has at least two stationary housing components (7, 9) with a movable plate (4) with a filter insert (5) disposed between them. A locking bushing (6) that extends up to the movable plate is placed at the downstream housing component (9), and its inner recess forms a part of the flow channel.
Non-pressurized fluid level shutoff for fuel tank
A non-pressurized fluid level shutoff system for a fuel tank includes a fuel receiver having a flow control valve that opens in a direction opposite a direction of fuel flow, and that cannot be manually overridden. A fuel sensor funnels fuel through a fuel jet outlet orifice to form a stream of fuel across a cutout section, and a supplemental peripheral port connected between an outlet orifice mixing chamber and the interior of the tank is oriented perpendicular to the stream of fuel across the cutout section, to interfere with the stream of fuel when the sensor is submerged in fuel in the tank, to further reduce any residual fluid flow signal when the sensor is fully submerged, allowing the flow control valve in the receiver to close completely..
Filling systems for bone delivery devices
A filling system for delivery of at least one substance to a covering is provided. The filling system comprises at least a funnel shaped container and a plunger.
High strip rate downstream chamber
A gas chamber contains upper and lower chamber bodies forming a cavity, a heating chuck for a wafer, a remote gas source, and an exhaust unit. Gas is injected into the cavity through channels in an injector.
Flail rotor head attachment
A flail rotor head attachment for use with any type harvesting machine having crop residue processing elements and including an input opening for receiving crop residue. The attachment includes a frame structure for operatively coupling the attachment to the harvesting machine, a flail rotor and an auger each mounted on the frame structure and a drive mechanism for rotating the flail rotor and the auger.
Extendable sleeve for poured concrete deck
A tubular passage for poured concrete decks has an intumescent tube held in a two-part, clamshell base by a bottom clip. A first tube engages the base's top to clamp a funnel shaped, diaphragm seal to the base.
Water level indicating tree stand
A tree stand is described that secures a tree while monitoring and replenishing a water supply for sustaining the tree. The tree stand includes a tree stand base having a reservoir configured to receive a trunk of a tree and contain water for nourishing the tree, and a water supply monitoring system configured to asses a level of the water in the reservoir.
Portable shower apparatus
A portable shower apparatus includes a shower head, funnel adapter, mounted on an air evacuator tube, for use with a conventional fluid container. The shower head includes a shower face plate having a plurality of fluid dispensing holes; shower face plate is circumvented by a ring connector having internal threads.
Amplifier with noise reduction
The present invention helps eliminate ingress noise addition (i.e., the “noise funneling effect” for an hfc coaxial plant). A system according to various aspects of the present invention comprises a switch that includes: (i) a first state for allowing passage of a signal therethrough; and (ii) a second state for preventing passage of the signal therethrough.
System for controlling placement of nanoparticles, and methods of using same
The present invention is generally directed to a system for controlling placement of nanoparticles, and methods of using same. In one illustrative embodiment, the device includes a substrate and a plurality of funnels in the substrate, wherein each of the funnels comprises an inlet opening and an elongated, rectangular shaped outlet opening.
Systems and methods for compressing plasma
Embodiments of systems and methods for compressing plasma are described in which plasma pressures above the breaking point of solid material can be achieved by injecting a plasma into a funnel of liquid metal in which the plasma is compressed and/or heated.. .
Surface cleaning apparatus
A surface cleaning apparatus has a fluid distribution system for storing and delivering fluid to a surface to be cleaned, and includes a supply tank defining a chamber with a fill opening and a fill cap pivotable between an open position and a closed position to selectively cover the fill opening and which includes a funnel for filling the supply tank.. .
Guzmania hybrid named 'ace'
A new and distinct guzmania hybrid named ‘ace’ characterized by solid growth habit; funnel-form rosette plant, measuring about 40 to 50 cm in height (above the pot when flowering); numerous, green color foliage (measuring about 20-50 cm length and about 2.5-5.5 cm in width). Superior floral bract production; bracts are purple in color (closest to rhs 187b); head inflorescence, measuring about 10 cm in height when flowering commences to about 18 cm in height at maturity, and about 12 cm in diameter; and long-lasting habit..
Customer relationship management (crm) systems
A customer, prospect and campaign management system maintains a single view of customers in one unified funnel, allowing companies to share platform-based, single-funnel views of prospects and customers in a privacy-compliant networked system. Individual customer relationship data records can be shared in a distributed multi-master, multi-slave or peer-peer context, partially or fully anonymously by removal of personally identifiable information, to one or more distributed slave or peer crm systems.
Rim insert system
The invention relates to a rim insert system for a rim having at least one opening which forms a rim channel that tapers in a funnel-like manner, and at least one funnel-like rim insert releasably engaged in the opening. The rim insert has a peripheral catch edge which engage behind an internally arranged opening edge of the rim channel in an inserted position.
Method of fabricating an ornamental urn
A method which allows creation of an ornamental urn from an object such as horns, antlers, rocks, or the like. The method generally includes steps which form an ornamental urn adapted to resemble an object.
Powder and granular material separation processing device, powder and granular material separation processing method, and powder and granular material separation and collection processing system
Disclosed is a powder and granular material separation processing device x that is connected to an external suction machine such as a dust collection device and an electric vacuum cleaner, introduces by suction a mixture to be processed into a separation processing container 1, and discharges lightweight foreign substances to the outside of a system while collecting powder and granular material inside the system. The separation processing container 1 has a suction introduction tube 2 that is attached and sealed as the upper part structure of a hopper tank 4 that collects and stores the powder and granular material and receives the mixture to be processed on the circumferential surface thereof, and a suction discharge tube 3 that is connected to an external suction machine on the upper surf a thereof.
Electric weigh packer and a weighing method according to the particle numbers
The present invention is related to a quantifying packaging balance for weighing according to the number of the goods, characterized in that the balance includes a storage funnel, unit particle weight obtaining unit and a quantifying packaging unit, wherein the unit particle weight obtaining unit comprises a sampling device (2), a feeding device (3), multiple line vibrator (4), a storage channel (7), a camera (5), a camera control device, a light source (6) and an input device, wherein the quantifying packaging unit is a one-head quantifying packaging balance or a multiple-head quantifying packaging balance, and comprises a dividing channel (9), a feeding device (10), quantifying funnels (8, 11) and a weight control device, wherein the unit particle weight obtaining unit and all the components of the quantifying packaging unit are coordinated by plc. The balance according to the current invention can obtain the unit particle weight in time, amend the weight being packaged and thus improve the packaging accuracy..
Funnel component and packaging container using funnel component
A funnel component, and a packaging container using the funnel component are provided. A funnel component includes: a funnel portion having a diameter that is increased from a narrow opening side toward a wide opening side; a discharge portion that connects with an end portion on the narrow opening side; and a side wall portion that surrounds an opening portion, on the wide opening side, of the funnel portion, connects with the funnel portion, and is fitted into the container body.
Collection funnel
A funnel having a collection area disposed at one end of the funnel. A base surface of the collection area is flat.
Medical device and method
A vessel-occluding medical device for the use in diagnosis and/or treatment of cardiovascular disease in the human body includes an outer tube, an inner tube slidably housed within the outer tube, and a tubular sleeve comprising a generally u-shaped, direction reversing region, which moves along the length of the tubular sleeve, to assume radially contracted and radially expanded state as the inner and outer tubes move between the first and second positions. When the tubular sleeve is in the radially expanded state, the inner portion of the tubular sleeve has a funnel-shaped surface and a longitudinally-extending opening to permit material to pass therethrough for receipt of material into the inner tube..
Sealed compressor
A sealed compressor of the present invention comprises an electric component (110); a compression component (112); a sealed container (102) which accommodates the electric component (110) and the compression component (112) and stores lubricating oil (104) therein; and a suction pipe (170) which is provided to penetrate a wall portion of the sealed container (102), and through which a refrigerant gas suctioned into the sealed container (102) flows; wherein the compression component (112) includes a compression chamber (142) formed within a cylinder (134) and a suction muffler (146) through which the refrigerant gas flows; wherein the suction muffler (146) includes a muffling space (150), an exit pipe (154), an inlet pipe (152), whose suction port (151) opens in a substantially horizontal direction in the interior of the sealed container (102), a funnel-shaped refrigerant receiver section (160) provided to surround the suction port (151); and wherein the suction port (151) is placed such that its center (151a) is located above than a center (160a) of the refrigerant receiver section (160).. .
Funnel jet electric generator
A funnel jet electric generator includes at least one funnel jet each having a funnel body defining a channel, a funnel extension tube connected to a first end portion of the funnel body for capturing a wave crest, and a nozzle connected to a second end portion of the funnel body, wherein the wave crest is guided into the funnel body along the channel and projects out through the nozzle to produce a water jet. The kinetic energy of the water jet is transmitted to the electric generator for producing electricity through the power transmission system..
Venturi apparatus
An improved venturi apparatus for facilitating the mixture of fluid substances. The apparatus comprises a first funnel section operative to receive a fluid and channel the same through a first cylindrical section or passageway.
Method and apparatus for removing oil from a body of water
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for capturing and removing oil from a body of water with equipment using rod and film technology, which includes a streamlined oil tank that moves in the water and collects surface oil from an attached skimmer, arrays of inverted funnels lowered into the water to concentrate oil for removal, and containment tents to capture leaking fuel or cargo oil from a sunken ship or any underwater oil leak and channel it into a partially submerged rod and film storage tank at the surface.. .
Solar energy receiver
Solar receiver having a receiver funnel, a solar absorber, and an absorber rotation drive mechanism. The receiver funnel has a funnel entrance and a funnel exit.
An improved airship having a plurality of resilient gasbags & gas containers, a straight fuselage tubular hull with an inner air passageway & propulsion means located therein, connecting air inlet & outlet funnels fore & aft, with air deflector cones axially positioned therein, and a plurality of bifurcated winged air control surfaces axially affixed vertically & horizontally across the air inlet & outlet funnels fore & aft; further, a plurality of vectored air passageways & mechanisms, and propulsion, reverse, & directional rocket thrusters, positioned fore & aft, top, bottom, port & starboard; thereby providing improved speed, maneuverability, efficiency, adverse weather capability, reduced forward air resistance, & rearward drag; furthermore space, outer & inner atmosphere ingress & egress.. .

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