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Funnel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Funnel-related patent applications.

 Puck wear detection patent thumbnailPuck wear detection
A transport puck vertically aligns a caulking cartridge, nozzle-down. The puck includes (i) a substantially solid lower plug portion, having a lead face and a bottom face and an center passageway that is at least partially inverted frustum-shaped that forms a side contact face that tapers from a wider lead face opening to a narrower bottom face opening; and or to a tubular sleeve from the side contact face to the bottom face opening; (ii) an upper sleeve, shaped to receive the caulking cartridge in a desired vertical alignment to the lower plug portion; and (iii) at least one funnel-shaped bore into the bottom face with an inserted connector comprising a head and stem, the head spaced within the bore to define a spacing that has been determined to identify bottom face wear;.
Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

 Hydrophobic texturised foley catheter with low microbial adhesion patent thumbnailHydrophobic texturised foley catheter with low microbial adhesion
The invention relates to medical equipment for treatment, specifically medical equipment for extracting and draining fluids contained in the bladder of a patient. The foley catheter according to the invention comprises tubing, with at least two lumens, made of a biocompatible polymer material with a length of between 100 and 400 mm and outer diameters of between 1 and 15 mm.
Equipos Medicos Vizcarra, S.a.

 Urine collection system for women patent thumbnailUrine collection system for women
Embodiments of the urine collection system for women are comprised of a collection sheet, a top collection flange, a bottom collection flange, and a standard collection cup. The collection sheet forms an aperture onto which the top collection flange rests.
Bp Solutions, Llc

 Vaporizer with multiple-chamber heating patent thumbnailVaporizer with multiple-chamber heating
A vaporizer comprising a mouthpiece and battery. The mouthpiece preferably includes a loading chamber, a funnel disposed directly below the loading chamber, and an atomizer disposes directly below the funnel.
Cloud V Enterprises

 Multi-function kitchen utensil patent thumbnailMulti-function kitchen utensil
A multi-functional bowl with an integrated strainer and funnel, where the bottom of the bowl is rigid and can be used as a cutting board. The bowl is provided with measuring gradient markings and pouring spouts along the sides.

 Frontal entry phone cord funnel patent thumbnailFrontal entry phone cord funnel
A storage assembly includes a housing with an opening manifold on an outer surface of the housing. The opening manifold is capable of receiving a cord.
Goodrich Corporation

 Apparatus, system, and  collecting a target material patent thumbnailApparatus, system, and collecting a target material
This disclosure is directed to an apparatus, system and method for retrieving target material from a suspension. A system includes a processing vessel, a displacement fluid, and a tube.
Rarecyte, Inc.

 Engineered band gaps patent thumbnailEngineered band gaps
An optoelectronic device as well as its methods of use and manufacture are disclosed. In one embodiment, an optoelectronic device includes first and second semiconducting atomically thin layers with corresponding first and second lattice directions.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

 Female urination aid patent thumbnailFemale urination aid
A female urination aid to enable a female to urinate from a standing position. The invention, in one embodiment, has a disposable funnel, typically made of paper or similar material, which fits into a reusable holder, which enables the funnel to be held against the body.

 Pre-rolled smoking paper stuffer patent thumbnailPre-rolled smoking paper stuffer
A pre-rolled smoking paper stuffer has a chimney which includes a separator wall bin, converging guide, cradle, tip spacer, and base walls and an extractor base which includes an extractor block, alignment block, and tip pusher. A smoking paper can be inserted into the cradle.

Aquarium undergravel filter

A surface filter for aquarium water purification is placed on the bottom of the aquarium that sucks the waste out of the tank to the canister filter. Small plastic pieces make and connect the main stream channels.

Baby bottle

A baby bottle includes a clear housing with a clear container within the housing. The container is comprised of five hollow spheres arranged axially one above the other and in fluid communication with each other.

Pet feeding apparatus

A gravity-fed, animal feeding apparatus is equipped with a funnel, a food chute, and at least one feeding pan. The food chute of the apparatus preferably includes a transport tube configured to extend through a conventional chain-link fence gap via a diamond-shaped fitting, and terminate at the feeding pan disposed on the floor within the fenced pen area.

Method and assembly for displacing animals in vegetation subject to mowing or cutting

A method for displacing bees from vegetation subject to cutting by a mowing machine having a cutting deck and using a blower assembly affixed to the mowing machine. The assembly is provided as a fan or motorized blower affixed to a funnel.

Method and assembly for displacing animals in vegetation subject to mowing or cutting

A bee displacement assembly provided as a mowing machine with a direct drive operated fan housed inside a housing formed with a funnel leading from an interior space of the housing and terminating in a mouth. The funnel tapers both horizontally and vertically to the mouth such that the mouth approximates a narrow, widened slot.

Variable direction surface

The present invention provides a variable direction surface with various angles and direction causing controlled disruption in the standard flight of a ball in play. The change in the ball flight will be used to funnel the ball to a specific area to minimize reach of activity for participants with limited range and mobility to expanding reach and creating unpredictable direction change for advances skilled participants.

Container-dispenser apparatus

A container-dispenser (100) provided with one or more chambers (30a) formed by fixed or removable walls (40) mating with notches and grooves formed on surfaces inside a container body (30c), the chambers sealed by a rotatable lid (10) with a port (20) or spout (10d) on a top side, and a center post seal (62a) with an array of spoke-like lid channels (62b) radiating outwards to a perimeter channel (64) on an underside of the lid forming a series of adjacent hollow spaces (62). A funnel (50) having a neck (50b) approximating a shape of the opening of the container body (30) created by a center post (30c) and an interior container wall (30h) is also provided.
Aip Creations, Llc

Dispensing funnel

A dispensing funnel. The dispensing funnel and system comprise a generally trapezoidal hopper having an open slot along its bottom lip.

Portion control funnel lid

A predetermined capacity dispensing lid for integral packaging within vendor containers of bulk product. The portion control funnel lid consists of a combined chamber, funnel, and spout in one simple assembly that is ultimately disposable after use.

Power stethoscope with integrated speaker

A power stethoscope with integrated speaker includes a compact main body that houses a microphone, a speaker and a sound funnel. The sound funnel has a cap along the bottom end that permits the passage of sound waves for capture by the microphone.

Coin hopper having an improved coin pushing design

A coin hopper includes a hopper body including a housing having an accommodation chamber defined in a funnel-shaped coin box thereof and a coin outlet for guiding coins out of the accommodation chamber individually, a rotating wheel having multiple coin-pushing blades extended from a wheel base thereof and a coin-receiving space defined between each two adjacent coin-pushing blades, each coin-pushing blade having an abutment edge extending along one lateral side thereof for stopping one coin in one coin-receiving space and a pushing edge extending along an opposite lateral side thereof, a power drive adapted for rotating the rotating wheel to let coins be ruffled by coin-pushing blades and forced into coin-receiving spaces and then guided by arc-shaped abutment edges to move out of each coin-receiving space upwardly toward coin outlet one after another, and a coin-dispensing mechanism including a spring-loaded lever for pushing coins out of coin outlet individually.. .
International Currency Technologies Corporation

Integrated computerized sales funnel system

A proprietary sales funnel automation system that facilitates the sale of a product or service by systematically “walking” a prospect through an entire sales process. The system uses software as a service technology to manage the sales funnel system as well as the prospects that enter the system.

Mechanisms for semiconductor device structure

Semiconductor device structures and methods for forming the same are provided. The method for forming a semiconductor device structure includes forming a dummy gate structure over a substrate and forming a dielectric layer over the substrate around the dummy gate structure.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Fan inlet recirculation guide vanes

A fan structure comprising a base, a fan inlet funnel coupled to the base, the fan inlet funnel having an inner surface for conducting air flow into a fan inlet and an outer surface and a plurality of external ribs coupled to the outer surface of the fan inlet funnel.. .
Johnson Controls Technology Company

Female urination aid

A female urination aid allowing hygienic upright urination includes a ring. A shell is coupled to an inner perimeter of the ring.

Compact air or water turbine actuated generator having an air tunneling feature for use on a land or water based vehicle

An air or water turbine actuated generator having an air funneling feature. Comprises one or more funnels concentrating a flow of air or water onto a turbine connected to a generator and related power converter and battery.

System and coupling device for automatically coupling a mobile machine, in particular a container-stacking crane, to a mobile consumer supply system, and a coupling therefor

According to the invention, an energy guiding chain (12) with an entrainment member (24) serves as a movable supply. A mechanical coupling is proposed with a coupling piece (26) on the end portion (22) and a coupling counterpart (28) on the entrainment member (24).

Mold assembly caps used in fabricating infiltrated downhole tools

An example mold assembly system includes a mold assembly including a mold forming a bottom of the mold assembly, a funnel operatively coupled to the mold, and an infiltration chamber defined at least partially by the mold and the funnel, the infiltration chamber being used for forming an infiltrated downhole tool. A mold assembly cap is positionable on the mold assembly and including a sidewall extendable about an outer periphery of the mold assembly at least partially along a height of the mold assembly.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Cavitation engine

A cavitation engine configured to produce superheat steam from injected liquid water. The cavitation engine includes a funnel shaped impact chamber having an impact surface having a temperature of at least 375 degrees fahrenheit, a small diameter opening at a bottom of the impact chamber, and an expansion chamber below the small diameter opening.

Intermittent catheters having hydration/gripper devices

An intermittent catheter has a catheter shaft extending between a proximal end portion and a distal end portion, with a drainage funnel associated with the distal end portion of the catheter shaft. A hydration device encircles at least a portion of the drainage funnel and defines a hydrating fluid-containing reservoir in fluid communication with at least one fluid-release port.
Hollister Incorporated

Geothermal power generating system

Geothermal power generating system in which turbine/generators are driven by hot gases and energy from a geothermal source. Both terrestrial and marine embodiments are disclosed and, in some embodiments, include a support structure positioned above a source of geothermal energy, one or more turbine/generators suspended from the support structure by a deployment system that can move the turbine/generators toward and away from a source of geothermal energy, heat sensors on the turbine/generators for sensing heat from the geothermal energy source, a control system responsive to the heat sensors for activating the deployment system to move the turbine/generators away from the geothermal energy source if the heat from the geothermal energy source becomes too great.

Container assembly

A container assembly being separable into a plurality of sections includes a container that is divided into a plurality of selectively removable sections. Thus, the removable sections are manipulated to define a bottle, a cup, a dish and a funnel.

Windshield washer conditioner

A system and method of collecting and conditioning rainwater and other moisture, such as dew, from a windshield of a vehicle and utilizing the collected fluid to replenish the fluids in the windshield washer reservoir. A collection funnel is positioned on a vehicle in order to collect rainwater and other moisture.
Wiperfill Holdings Llc

A thin lightweight absorbent, adjustable, disposable, protective sink liner for use with the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and associated method, a apparatus that is flexible, lightweight, non-woven, universal, conforming, fibrous, non-porous and compressed having a drain hole, flap, accordion folds and scored lines to transform the apparatus from a flat one dimensional object into a three dimensional funnel shaped object infused with aroma fragrances, and imprinted on its surface with colorful, and beautifully designed adhesive appliques, to all makeup the embodiment of a sink liner that is invented as a sink barrier; to catch dirt, dust, personal hygiene, and daily grooming debris that fall into the sink as a result of performing personal hygiene and beauty grooming activities over the sink.. .

Safety nail clipper for pets

A safety nail clipper for safe and fast cutting of the nails of a pet or wild animal can include a nail clipper body, a cutting implement, and a funnel, such that the funnel can guide a pet nail to a cutting location. Alternatively, a safety nail clipper can include a top piece, a top blade, a bottom piece, a bottom blade, and a funnel, such that the funnel guides a pet nail to a cutting location, where the top and the bottom blades meet when the top and bottom pieces are pressed together.

Method for producing granular polysilicon

Segregation of silicon granules in the fluidized bed production of polycrystalline silicon is achieved by successively transferring granular polycrystalline silicon through a plurality of vessels designed for funnel flow of granular material. The transfers may occur prior to introduction of feed particles into the reactor, or the enlarged granules from the reactor may be thus transferred to improve product size uniformity..
Wacker Chemie Ag

Pill sorter with bag sealer

A pill sorter with bag sealer designed for the dispensation and storage of easily transportable packages of medication. The pill sorter has one or more independent chambers that can store pills or other medication.

Abrading device

An abrading device includes a funnel and an outlet orifice disposed within the funnel for passage of abrasive material, where a distance between the outlet orifice and a bottom end of the funnel is adjustable. An exhaust tube is coupled to the funnel for withdrawal of spent abrasive material from the funnel..
Corning Incorporated

Mold assemblies with integrated thermal mass for fabricating infiltrated downhole tools

An example mold assembly for fabricating an infiltrated downhole tool includes a mold defining a bottom of the mold assembly and a funnel operatively coupled to the mold. An infiltration chamber is defined at least partially by the mold and the funnel to receive and contain matrix reinforcement materials and a binder material used to form the infiltrated downhole tool.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Mold assemblies that actively heat infiltrated downhole tools

An example mold assembly for fabricating an infiltrated downhole tool includes a mold forming a bottom of the mold assembly, and a funnel operatively coupled to the mold. An infiltration chamber is defined at least partially by the mold and the funnel to receive and contain matrix reinforcement materials and a binder material used to form the infiltrated downhole tool.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Sorting and bagging apparatus and method

A sorting and bagging apparatus including a container defining an internal chamber with an opening thereinto and a lid configured to be positioned on the container. The lid defines a through opening aligned with the opening into the container.

Solar energy funneling using thermoplastics for algae and cyanobacteria growth

Disclosed is a wavelength conversion material for use in a photo-bioreactor for growing phototrophic organisms. The wavelength conversion material includes an organic fluorescent dye and a polymeric matrix, wherein the organic fluorescent dye is solubilized in the polymeric matrix.
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

Baffled donut use in forming gypsum board

A system and method for introducing a slurry mixture for making gypsum board is disclosed. The system includes, for example, a mixer, a foam injector, and a canister for mixing and moving a slurry mixture of foam and gypsum slurry.
Continental Building Products Operating Company, Llc

Systems and methods for compressing plasma

Embodiments of systems and methods for compressing plasma are described in which plasma pressures above the breaking point of solid material can be achieved by injecting a plasma into a funnel of liquid metal in which the plasma is compressed and/or heated.. .
General Fusion Inc.

Shotgun shell automated wad dispenser assembly

The following invention provides method of retrofitting an automated wad dispensing attachment for shotgun shell reloading machines. The invention consist of the following separate parts described from proximal the distal.

Extended cool-down time subsea choke

A subsea choke system includes a flow control device fluidity coupled to a subsea well and a choke coupled to the flow control device. The choke includes a choke body coupled to the flow control device.
Fmc Technologies, Inc.

Atomic layer deposition chamber with funnel-shaped gas dispersion channel and gas distribution plate

Methods and apparatus for processing a substrate are provided herein. In some embodiments, a substrate processing chamber includes: a chamber body; a chamber lid assembly having a housing enclosing a central channel that extends along a central axis and has an upper portion and a lower portion; a lid plate coupled to the housing and having a contoured bottom surface that extends downwardly and outwardly from a central opening coupled to the lower portion of the central channel to a peripheral portion of the lid plate; and a gas distribution plate disposed below the lid plate and having a plurality of apertures disposed through the gas distribution plate..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Rocket landing systems

A rocket landing stabilization system can include one or more upright support structures such as posts, columns, or walls, from which one or more stabilizing elements can be supported. The stabilizing elements can be used to stabilize a rocket as it lands at a landing site.

Exhaust arrangement for aircraft having sensor

An exhaust arrangement is for an aircraft having sensing equipment and a front prop engine. An extension mounts on the underside along an edge of the fuselage to direct exhaust from the engine's exhaust pipes to a point to or past the sensing equipment typically exposed at the mid-section of the aircraft.

Laminated microfluidic device with membrane valves

The invention relates to a method for making a laminated microfluidics with membrane valves. The method comprises (a) generating a membrane valve assembly comprising (1) laminating three plastic foils together, the top foil comprising one through hole for each valve, the middle foil has a slit pattern connecting each valve hole of the top foil, and the bottom foil has one through hole for each valve and one additional hole entering the slit pattern; (2) placing the laminated foil, bottom foil down on a mould half having a smooth mould surface with one or more perpendicularly protruding cylinders that concentrically fit within the through holes of the laminated foil yet leave room for a membrane to form, and clamping a second mould half to close the mould; (3) injecting and allowing to cure a liquid rubber through a funnel associated with the bottom mould half and the additional hole on the bottom foil layer; and (b) laminating the membrane valve assembly and a flow path.
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

Fluid filter apparatus

The present invention is directed to a collapsible filter apparatus. The collapsible filter apparatus includes an expandable top fluid retention portion, a filter portion and a collapsible funnel portion.
Town & Country Living

Contrast agent removing device and contrast agent removing method

A contrast agent removing device configured to remove a contrast agent from blood vessels includes: an elongated outer tube 40; an inner tube 20 arranged in an interior of the outer tube 40; an expandable portion 30 interlocked with a distal portion of the inner tube 20 and configured to be capable of being stored within the outer tube 40 and to expand radially outward in a funnel shape opening in a distal direction by projecting from the outer tube in the distal direction; and a fixing portion 80 provided at the rim of the expandable portion 30 and configured to be capable of being fixed to a contact object.. .
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

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