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Filtration system for use in aquariums

Integrated aquaponic aquarium system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Funnel-related patents
 Airship patent thumbnailnew patent Airship
An improved airship having a plurality of resilient gasbags & gas containers, a straight fuselage tubular hull with an inner air passageway & propulsion means located therein, connecting air inlet & outlet funnels fore & aft, with air deflector cones axially positioned therein, and a plurality of bifurcated winged air control surfaces axially affixed vertically & horizontally across the air inlet & outlet funnels fore & aft; further, a plurality of vectored air passageways & mechanisms, and propulsion, reverse, & directional rocket thrusters, positioned fore & aft, top, bottom, port & starboard; thereby providing improved speed, maneuverability, efficiency, adverse weather capability, reduced forward air resistance, & rearward drag; furthermore space, outer & inner atmosphere ingress & egress.. .
 One stage atmospheric pressure thermo-catalytic plasma gasification and vitrification of organic material such as biomass for the production of renewable energy patent thumbnailnew patent One stage atmospheric pressure thermo-catalytic plasma gasification and vitrification of organic material such as biomass for the production of renewable energy
An apparatus for one stage thermo-catalytic plasma gasification and vitrification of organic material comprising: a generally funnel-shaped reactor having an upper section and a lower section, the lower section comprising a first, wider portion connected by a frustoconical transition to a second, narrower portion, and being suitable to receive a catalyst bed, and the upper section having at least one gas exhaust port; a plurality of inlets for the material from a plurality of directions located at the upper part of the lower section for introducing material into the upper portion of the lower section; a gas inlet system disposed around the lower section to provide gas into the lower section through one or more intake ports in the lower section; and a plurality of plasma arc torches mounted in the lower section to heat the catalyst bed and material, along with a method for plasma treatment of biomass.. .
 Integrated aquaponic aquarium system patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated aquaponic aquarium system
An inexpensive, complete integrated aquaponic aquarium system that uses air pressure to pump water and waste from the bottom of an aquarium into a planter where terrestrial plants are grown. Included in this system is an aquarium lighting system, unique undergravel funnel filter system, grow lights, aquarium heater, and a power regulation system that turns the grow light on and off in regular intervals..
 Filtration system for use in aquariums patent thumbnailnew patent Filtration system for use in aquariums
An inexpensive aquaponic conversion kit for aquariums that uses a combination of mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration components along with terrestrial plants to filter aquarium water. The system includes a funnel shaped undergravel filter that concentrates solid waste towards an airlift pump that transports solid and liquid waste into a planter containing terrestrial plants.
 Garments for a nursing woman patent thumbnailGarments for a nursing woman
A garment for a nursing woman includes at least partially overlapping layers of material. The layers extend between lateral sides of the garment.
 Electronically steerable antenna using reconfigurable power divider based on cylindrical electromagnetic band gap (cebg) structure patent thumbnailElectronically steerable antenna using reconfigurable power divider based on cylindrical electromagnetic band gap (cebg) structure
A low complexity/cost beamsteering antenna includes a central line feed affixed to a radial waveguide structure, radiating elements positioned along the circumference of the radial waveguide structure, and a plurality of active elements interspersed along the surface of the radial waveguide structure between the central line feed and the radiating elements. The active elements may comprise pin diodes or microelectromechanical system (mems) components, and may be selectively activated/deactivated by dc switches in order to direct the propagation of an rf signal over the radial waveguide structure in a manner similar to a power divider.
 Safety nail clipper for pets patent thumbnailSafety nail clipper for pets
A safety nail clipper for safe and fast cutting of the nails of a pet or wild animal can include a nail clipper body, a cutting implement, and a funnel, such that the funnel can guide a pet nail to a cutting location. Alternatively, a safety nail clipper can include a top piece, a top blade, a bottom piece, a bottom blade, and a funnel, such that the funnel guides a pet nail to a cutting location, where the top and the bottom blades meet when the top and bottom pieces are pressed together.
 Nasal relief system patent thumbnailNasal relief system
A nasal relief system that includes a suction pipe insert with a funnel-shape hollow interior, the first end of the suction pipe insert is releasably inserted into a suction hose of a vacuum cleaner, a flexible nasal hose in communication with the funnel-shape hollow interior of the suction pipe insert and a suction pump in communication with the flexible nasal hose. The system includes a suction regulator that control the suction force from the suction hose of a vacuum cleaner that is set inside the suction pump, a replaceable plastic tip that is inserted into a user's nose to apply the suction force from the flexible nasal hose and a cleaning brush utilized to clean the nasal relief system..
 Exterior mirror for a motor vehicle with liquid container refill funnel patent thumbnailExterior mirror for a motor vehicle with liquid container refill funnel
An exterior mirror for a motor vehicle that has a filling funnel for filling at least one liquid container arranged in the motor vehicle. The exterior mirror may have an optical fluid level display.
 Leak capture and containment device patent thumbnailLeak capture and containment device
A device for capturing, containing, and transporting liquid from a leak. The device may include a tank that may include wheels for easy transportation.
Portable overnight degreasing system and method of use
The invention relates to a portable overnight degreasing system and a method of use. The invention includes a portable soak tank with a disposable liner bag liner that is placed within the interior of the soak tank.
Reducing radius slide feature
A slide feature is adapted to carry one or more riders and/or ride vehicles sliding thereon. The slide feature includes a sliding surface having an entry end and an exit end.
Saliva sample collection systems
Saliva sample collection systems are configured with special attention to ease-of-use for the unskilled user and safe transport and delivery by a conventional delivery services such as federal express. A sealed cavity is formed by tight coupling of two primary elements: a receiving vessel element and a sealing cap element.
Apparatus for initializing perpendicular mram device
The present invention is directed to an apparatus for initializing perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction. The apparatus comprises a permanent magnet for generating a magnetic flux; a flux concentrator made of a soft ferromagnetic material and having a base area in contact with the permanent magnet and an tip area that is smaller than the base area, thereby funneling and concentrating the magnetic flux to the tip area for emitting a magnetic field therefrom; and a means for supporting and conveying a substrate with an arrays of magnetic tunnel junctions formed therein to traverse the magnetic field in close proximity to the tip area.
Method and apparatus for filtering a liquid sample
The invention relates to the filtering of liquid samples, preferably in a laboratory environment, for example for collecting micro organisms from the liquid sample for subsequent testing. The invention provides a method for filtering a liquid sample which comprises providing a blank of a deformable sheet material and a filtration medium, deforming the blank to form a funnel extending above and about the filtration medium, introducing the liquid sample to be filtered into the so formed funnel, and filtering the liquid sample from the funnel through the filtration medium, for example to a downstream receptacle.
Umbilical cord blood collection device and method
An apparatus and method for collecting blood from the umbilical cord of a newborn into a standard vacuum collection tube is disclosed wherein the apparatus comprises a funnel shaped body with a plurality of stabilizing supports, an upper inlet and a lower outlet, a cylindrical receiving receptacle attached to one side of the body, a channel connecting the lower outlet to the cylindrical receiving receptacle, and a needle with flow passage contained therein attached to that end of the channel in contact with the cylindrical receiving receptacle.. .
Global shutter image sensors with light guide and light shield structures
An image sensor operable in global shutter mode may include an array of image pixels. Each image pixel may include a photodiode for detecting incoming light and a separate storage diode for temporarily storing charge.
Structure of oil filling device
An oil filling device includes an oil filling funnel, an extendable tube assembly, a direction adjustment assembly, and a coupling assembly. The oil filling funnel is mounted to a first end of the extendable tube assembly.
Anti-obesity devices
Method and apparatus for limiting absorption of food products in specific parts of the digestive system is presented. A gastrointestinal implant device is anchored in the pyloric portion of the gastrointestinal system and extends beyond the ligament of treitz.
Medical device and method
A vessel-occluding medical device for the use in diagnosis and/or treatment of cardiovascular disease in the human body includes an outer tube, an inner tube slidably housed within the outer tube, and a tubular sleeve comprising a generally u-shaped, direction reversing region, which moves along the length of the tubular sleeve, to assume radially contracted and radially expanded state as the inner and outer tubes move between the first and second positions. When the tubular sleeve is in the radially expanded state, the inner portion of the tubular sleeve has a funnel-shaped surface and a longitudinally-extending opening to permit material to pass therethrough for receipt of material into the inner tube..
Device for extracting elements from cavities, which uses a bag for extraction and an applicator
A device to extract elements contained in cavities that uses a bag for their extraction that folds onto itself and an applier provided with an air chamber, which bag has pockets into which tentacles of the applier are introduced; and that is provided with means to pull from same; an applier that is comprised by a first piece called outer tube, that is hollow and of rigid material which, at its distal end, turns into at least two tentacles that allow its radial flexibility, and in its proximal end, means are provided to fix the second piece, called inner tube, which is a hollow tube, open at its ends, that slides into the body of the outer tube and that provides a funnel at its distal end. The device may have grade scale either on the tentacles, the inner tube as well as on the bag.
Medical procedures trays and related methods
Medical procedure trays and related methods are provided to accommodate joining a first non-sterile medical device with a second sterile medical device and maintaining required sterilization of the second sterile medical device to perform an associated medical procedure. One example of such medical procedures includes biopsy of a bone and/or associated bone marrow using a non-sterile powered drive and a sterile biopsy needle or biopsy needle set.
Dual band antenna
A dual-band antenna, disposed in a substrate, is provided. The dual-band antenna includes: a feeding part and a slot antenna.
Multiple protein dispenser and container
A hygienic powdered protein delivery system includes a pouch having a lightweight flexible material. One end of the pouch is tapered to form a funnel shape and is sealed before it is filled with protein powder.
Silver coin keeper
A silver coin diagnostic tool adapted to be used with an existing cash register for separating coins minted from silver from those minted of cupro-nickel preferably includes a funnel entrance located at a top end thereof, an arresting arm seated beneath the funnel entrance, first and second passageways leading away from the arresting arm, a door located at an entrance of the second passageway. Notably, a mechanism is provided for detecting whether a coin contains silver after passing beyond the arresting arm and thereafter opening the door for directing the coin to a desired one of the first and second passageways..
Homecare suction device
A homecare suction device includes a main body having a housing. An air pump is mounted in the housing and in communication with an air outlet and an air inlet of the housing.
Device for establishing and disconnecting a charging connection for a plug-in vehicle in an automated manner
Charging device for the automatic establishment and disconnection of a charging connection for a plug-in vehicle, whereby the charging device of the plug-in vehicle includes a charging electrical unit, a charging station with a charging cable to charge an energy storage unit of the vehicle through a cable-based charging connection. The charging electrical unit comprises a socket and the charging cable a plug.
Dopant funnel for loading and dispensing dopant
A dopant funnel for loading dopant pellets into a dispenser tube of a dopant dispenser is disclosed. The dopant funnel has a cup connected through a restrictor to a shaft.
Cleaning device for objects in a body of water
A device is for cleaning objects in a body of water. The device includes: a plurality of cleaning elements; a plurality of supporting elements; and a collar, to which first ends of the supporting elements are attached.
Extruded cross-banded magnesium oxide construction board
Embodiments of the invention comprise a method of making a construction board (also known as wallboard) and a device for making same. The resulting construction board is formed by mixing of at least magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and a binding agent into a slurry, adding particulized solid material while funneling the slurry, and extruding the slurry comprising the particulized solid material..
Method, system and apparatus for manufacturing custom chocolate articles at retail location
A point-of-sale apparatus for making customized chocolate articles includes one or more temperature-controlled chocolate tempering machine(s) for melting and storing tempered liquid chocolate, a dispensor for dispensing the liquid chocolate into a cavity formed in a single-use mold, a dispensor for depositing one or more selected food product exclusions across the surface of the liquid chocolate, a vibrating table for removing air bubbles and distributing the exclusions evenly, a cooling tunnel for rapidly cooling the chocolate article, and one or more conveyors for moving the single-use chocolate mold and carrying it through the cooling tunnel. The exclusion dispensor may include a hopper having a funnel and a grate with different sized openings corresponding to different sized exclusions.
Apparatus, system, and method for collecting a target material
This disclosure is directed to an apparatus, system and method for retrieving a target material from a suspension. A system includes a processing vessel, such as an eppendorf tube, a syringe or a test tube, and a collector.
Effluent flow splitter
The device related to this invention is characterised by a container with an inlet at the top, located underneath the septic tank overflow, and a number of outlets at the bottom. Inside the container the effluent is funnelled and subsequently poured onto the centre of a flow splitter plate.
Screw extruder
In a screw extruder comprising a screw shaft on which at least one screw blade is disposed, a filter screen surrounding the screw shaft and including filter openings is arranged within oppositely located frames and a funnel-shaped filtrate trough is disposed below and on the outer side of the filter screen, the screw shaft is cylindrical in the region of an inlet port, widens conically in its central region, and is cylindrical in the region of the discharge port, and the filtrate trough comprises at least two chambers, which chambers are each provided with a drain for filtrate, and the first chamber in the region of the inlet port has a longitudinal extension corresponding to at least the length of the cylindrical portion of the screw shaft in the same region.. .
Small bag funnel
This apparatus is a funnel, which is used to assist in the transfer of solid foods, sauces, snacks, cereals, and craft items-such as beads, etc. Into receptacles, particularly, small, sandwich type storage bags, larger food-freezer type storage bags, paper bags, etc.
Extruded cross-banded magnesium oxide construction board
Embodiments of the invention comprise a method of making a construction board (also known as wallboard) and a device for making same. The resulting construction board is formed by mixing of at least magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and a binding agent into a slurry, adding particulized solid material while funneling the slurry, and extruding the slurry comprising the particulized solid material..
Method and apparatus for inserting a filled prosthetic bladder into a patient
The apparatus includes a funnel member, a coupling member and retractors. The funnel member is flexible and is frusto-conical in shape.
Mobile marine barrier
A mobile marine barrier (1) comprising a base (2) and a hood (8) located at a distal end thereof is described. The hood (6) comprises a funnel (15) and a distal surface (18) located therein which allows the hood (6) to morph its shape, size and strength so as to give adaptable coastal protection against naturally occurring events.
Jar buddy
A funnel for pouring a substance into and out of a canning jar having an externally threaded mouth which includes a hollow conical member having a large top end and a small bottom end. A collar is formed about the small bottom end of the hollow conical member.
Conical brewing device with nesting supporting member
Brewing assemblies and kits are generally disclosed herein. In particular, a brewing assembly comprising an upper member having a generally conical lower portion and a base member having a funnel shaped portion wherein the lower portion of the upper member is arranged to nest with the funnel shaped portion of the base member is disclosed.
Prosthetic valve crimping
A crimping tool includes a housing portion defining a funnel segment and a suture locking mechanism positioned to lock sutures therein. One or more sutures can be coupled with a prosthesis and secured to the suture locking mechanism.
Universal capless refueling funnel
A universal refueling funnel for a capless refueling system is provided. In one example approach the refueling funnel comprises a funnel body with a first opening at a first end and a second opening at a second end opposing the first end, the first opening larger than the second opening, and cross-sections of the funnel body decreasing from the first end towards the second end; and at least two opposing tabs at the second end, the opposing tabs deformable from a first position to a second position, a distance between outer surfaces of the opposing tabs at the second end being a first amount in the first position, the distance being a second, smaller amount, in the second position.
Food seasoning replenishment system and apparatus
A system to fluidize and convey finely divided particulate matter comprises a container with a top and bottom portion separated by a pan with apertures there through and a hatch to receive a volume of particulate matter into the container to be supported on the pan. The pan is funnel-shaped and has a discharge port at the lowermost portion of the pan.
Urine specimen collection device
A urine collection device for human females; said collection device comprising a funnel-shaped upper portion extending to a cylindrical connecting collar; said collar provided with inwardly projecting engagement structures; said structures adapted to engage with at least two different thread configurations of externally threaded upper portions of urine specimen collection jars; said collar further including an internal flange for sealing engagement with an upper rim of a said urine specimen collection jar.. .
Aroma-diffusing heating device
An aroma-diffusing heating device using an aroma capsule is provided, including a hollow housing, a heat conduction unit and a heating element. The heat conduction unit is disposed in the hollow housing.
Aroma-diffusing heating device using an aroma capsule
An aroma-diffusing heating device using an aroma capsule is provided, including a hollow housing, a heat conduction container and a heating element. The heat conduction container is disposed in the hollow housing.
Aircraft window arrangement
An aircraft window arrangement comprising a sidewall lining panel which is provided with a window opening, an inner window attached to the sidewall lining panel and extending across the window opening formed in the sidewall lining panel and an outer window arranged at a distance from the inner window and extending across a window opening formed in an aircraft outer skin. The aircraft window arrangement further comprises a window funnel including an inner rim facing the inner window and extending along a circumference of the window opening formed in the sidewall lining panel, and an outer rim facing the outer window and extending along a circumference of the window opening formed in the aircraft outer skin.
Steamatory, method of use, and manufacture
A steamatory is used to prepare a body for burial. A chamber has a door for accepting the body.
Pulley system
A pulley system is provided to encourage contact between a pulley and a rope, chain, cord, cable and the like. The pulley system has first and second side legs, an axle, a pulley and at least one guide member.
Apparatus and methods for retaining tennis balls hit into tennis nets
According to various aspects, exemplary embodiments are disclosed of apparatus and methods for retaining (e.g., controlling, funneling, redirecting, gathering, and/or capturing, etc.) tennis balls hit into tennis nets, to inhibit or prevent the tennis balls from bouncing off or rolling away from a tennis net back onto the main playing surface of a tennis court.. .
Ostomy implant system and method
Various embodiments of an ostomy implant system are provided. A 3d-structured ostomy implant can adapt to the shape of the interface between the intestine and the abdominal wall.
Autostereoscopic display device
An autostereoscopic display device comprises a display arrangement such as an emissive display arrangement or an reflective display arrangement, with an array of spaced pixels. A light guiding arrangement has an array of light guide columns, with one column over each display pixel or over a group (such as a column) of pixels.
Combination scoop and funnel
A combination scoop and funnel apparatus provides a scoop portion defining a dry material reservoir having an open top and a downwardly tapered conical bottom portion which terminates in a discharge aperture. A handle is joined to the scoop reservoir.
An attachment for an epilator or an epilator having at least a clamping unit for clamping and plucking hairs that is arranged for driven movement relative to a housing of the attachment or the epilator along a hair capture direction is disclosed. The clamping unit has a first clamping element having a clamping surface and a hair guiding surface and a second clamping element having a clamping surface and a hair guiding surface.
An attachment for an epilator or an epilator having at least a clamping unit for clamping and plucking hairs that is arranged for driven movement relative to a housing along a hair capture direction is disclosed. The clamping unit has a moveable clamping element having a clamping surface and a hair guiding surface and a fixed clamping element having a clamping surface and a hair guiding surfaced.
Wind turbine electrical generator
A wind turbine electrical generator can provide wind powered portable or stationary electrical power at a user site or application without the need of utility services. The wind turbine electrical generator incorporates tunneling and multiplying available wind via funneling to produce more power at a wind turbine driven generator.
Apparatus and methods for enhanced maximum power in multicarrier wireless communications
Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to improving maximum transmit power in multi-carrier reverse-link transmission. In one aspect, a method of carrier management for a multi-carrier reverse link transmission is disclosed.
Petroleum-alternative power plant
The present disclosure includes a petroleum-alternative power plant system harvesting wind, solar, and thermal energies. The system may include at least one two-wind-turbine power tower building where the outside surface of the building is divided into a number of sections.
Apparatus and methods for cooking funnel cake
A funnel cake mold preferably has multiple mold cavities, each with opposed slotted ends for releasably receiving a stick extending from within the cavity and outwardly from both ends. The mold is placed in a hot oil fryer and funnel cake batter is poured into each cavity where it is partially cooked around the stick.
Thermal protection system for pressurized gas cylinders in vehicles
Disclosed is a thermal protection system for a pressurized gas cylinder. The system includes a pressurized gas cylinder 2, a temperature-activated pressure relief device 4 coupled with the pressurized gas cylinder 2, a thermal concentrator 6 integrated with an opening 10 in a vehicle panel 8, the panel being located in proximity to the cylinder; and an opening in the concentrator 6 directed toward the pressure relief device 4.
Automated medication dispensing unit
In certain embodiments, a remote automated dispensing unit (adu) may include an enclosed cabinet, one or more locking mechanisms to keep the cabinet secure, one or more doors on the cabinet to allow access to the internal components, and a computer system that manages the dispensing of inventory. The adu may include a mechanism for the dispensing of medications for individual patients including: one or more canisters for storing medications, one or more canister base stations for securing the one or more canisters to the adu, and a chute and funnel system for the guidance of medications as they fall from the canisters into a packaging station for packaging medications into packages for particular patients.
Structure and method for using a funnel
A device (100, 200) for transferring material (11, 211) into a bag (40, 240) including a funnel (10, 210) having a sidewall (58, 258) with a step (13, 213), and the funnel (10, 210) includes an outlet end (52, 252). The bag (40, 240) having an opening (45, 245) receives the outlet end (50, 252) of the funnel (10, 210) and the step (13, 213).
Pilot burner system for water heaters
A tube disposed in the combustion chamber of a standing pilot type fuel-fired water heater is used to increase the overall efficiency of the water heater by improving the heat transfer from the pilot flame to the tank during standby periods by funneling the standing pilot flame upwardly through the tube in a manner concentrating the pilot flame heat against an underside portion of the bottom head of the water heater tank. To further increase water heater efficiency, the pilot burner is of a dual input type.
Cut flower shipping container
The invention is directed toward a spill- and leak-proof container for floriculture items including cut flowers, stems, other horticultural items, and the like. More specifically, the invention includes a receptacle having funnel-like primary closure.
Pill counting tray with digital counter
A pill counting tray for counting pills. The pill counting tray includes a digital counter with a sensor that can digitally count the pills as they are being moved by a wand on the tray.
Mobile fluid treatment system and associated apparatus
A mobile fluid treatment system and portable fluid treatment apparatus are described. The portable apparatus is configured to be placed within a mobile tank of fluid for separating solids from the fluid and includes an upper portion, a lower portion, and a number of adjustable attachment members that can removably secure the apparatus to the side walls of the tank, thus allowing the apparatus to be moved from one tank to another.
Combination scoop and funnel
A combination scoop and funnel device is disclosed that can be used to transfer a powder material from one container to another. The combination scoop and funnel device may include a scoop portion and a funnel portion coupled together by a hinge.
Component for an appliance, arrangement with a component of this type and appliance with a corresponding arrangement
A component for a household appliance includes a thin-walled sub-element having a connecting region configured for connection to at least one further component part. The connecting region has a funnel-shaped receptacle which is configured at least as a dual receptacle with at least two adjacent separate holes for passage of a connecting element.
Method and apparatus for separating the glass panel from a cathode ray tube
An apparatus for separating a panel from a cathode ray tube may include a trough, at least one chipping element mounted in the trough; and a vibrator connected to the trough and configured such that actuation of the vibrator causes the chipping element to vibrate at a frequency and at a throw angle selected to cause the chipping element to throw a cathode ray tube placed in contact therewith upward, then move upward subsequently to contact a downwardly moving cathode ray tube with sufficient force to chip away funnel and frit therefrom. A method for separating a panel from a cathode ray tube may include contacting a funnel of the cathode ray tube with at least one chipping element, and vibrating the chipping element with sufficient force to chip at least the funnel from the cathode ray tube, leaving at least the panel..
Egg yolk separator
A device and method are provided for separating an egg yolk from an egg white. The device is a handheld device which utilizes an elastic top dome connected to a rigid bottom funnel.
Beer bong
A beer bong comprising a mannequin torso, a hose, a funnel, and a valve.. .
Mechanical coffee brewer formed from recycled coffee bean bag fibers
A mechanical coffee brewer formed from recycled coffee bean bag fibers is provided. The mechanical brewer includes a platform formed from recycled coffee bean bag fibers, wherein the platform has an opening therethrough.

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