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Dispenser and measuring cap device and method

Dispenser and measuring cap device and method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Funnel-related patents
 System for detection of animals and pests patent thumbnailnew patent System for detection of animals and pests
An pest detector includes an atrium at least one tunnel that funnels the pest into the atrium. The pest detector further includes at least one sensor pointed at the atrium or the tunnel.
 Dispenser and measuring cap device and method patent thumbnailnew patent Dispenser and measuring cap device and method
Spill and contaminant resistant dispensers and measuring cap devices and methods for measuring and dispensing a desired amount of a bulk particulate, powdery, granular or viscous liquid substance from a storage container through a cap or a dispenser are provided. A dispenser and measuring cap is attached to a storage container or comprises an integral storage container.
 Type free search assist patent thumbnailType free search assist
Techniques are described herein for assisting a user of a portable computing device with a touch screen display in formulating a search engine search query. The techniques may assist the user in a more efficient funnel querying approach when compared to conventional funnel querying approaches.
Yahoo! Inc.
 Hot runner nozzle, metal mold equipped with hot runner nozzle, and molding method and molded product provided by metal mold patent thumbnailHot runner nozzle, metal mold equipped with hot runner nozzle, and molding method and molded product provided by metal mold
When a plurality of striped molded products are molded at a time, the molded products having a striped pattern and an outstanding design property are obtained by preventing part of molten resins from being unevenly distributed in an inappropriate manner when being fed into a cavity of a metal mold. A hot runner nozzle is provided with a first resin flow path and a plurality of second resin flow paths.
Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
 Method and  removing oil from a body of water patent thumbnailMethod and removing oil from a body of water
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for capturing and removing oil from a body of water with equipment using rod and film technology, which includes a streamlined oil tank that moves in the water and collects surface oil from an attached skimmer, arrays of inverted funnels lowered into the water to concentrate oil for removal, and containment tents to capture leaking fuel or cargo oil from a sunken ship or any underwater oil leak and channel it into a partially submerged rod and film storage tank at the surface.. .
 High speed counter patent thumbnailHigh speed counter
The present disclosure provides systems and methods for counting a plurality of objects and parsing the objects into groups of varying quantities. In various embodiments, the system includes a singulating and counting module operable to singulate and count a plurality of objects from a large volume of the objects.
Monsanto Technology Llc
 Emissions cleaning module patent thumbnailEmissions cleaning module
An emissions cleaning module is provided including a flow conduit having an upstream end fluidly connected to a source of exhaust fluid and a downstream end fluidly connected to a mixer module. The flow conduit includes a bend upstream of the mixer module.
Perkins Engines Company Limited
 Manual actuation system for deployment of implant patent thumbnailManual actuation system for deployment of implant
A system for mechanically deploying intraluminal implants is disclosed. The system is used with an implant that is delivered and/or deployed via a pull wire and includes a handle having a funnel and receiving channel for receiving the pull wire, a slider having a thumb grip and a wedge, and a shuttle having a grabber for grasping the pull wire.
Penumbra, Inc.
 Utensil with scoop and funnel for transferring ingredients patent thumbnailUtensil with scoop and funnel for transferring ingredients
Some embodiments of the invention provide a novel utensil for transferring ingredients into a container with a small opening and for minimizing ingredient spillage during the transfer. In some embodiments, the utensil comprises a hollowed-out scoop, a cover that folds over the scoop to cover ingredients in the scoop, a funnel through the bottom of the fold-over cover, a handle for orienting the scoop, a hinged element that is connected at opposite sides to the scoop and the cover at a scooping end of the hinged element and is connected to the handle at the other end of the hinged element..
 Fuel additive funnel patent thumbnailFuel additive funnel
A unitary funnel which is injection-molded is used for dispensing a flowable product, such as a fuel additive, into a receptacle provided with a normally-closed capless fitment. The funnel includes an inlet portion for receiving the flowable product, an inserting end portion for insertion into the capless fitment and a body portion having a tapered hollow interior and extending between the inlet portion and the inserting end portion.
Rieke Corporation

Insect trap system

An insect trapping system comprising: a container, where the container includes a threaded top; a threaded top, where the threaded top includes a funnel shape with an opening; and bait within the container to attract insects. In one particular embodiment, the bait includes fruit and the top is threaded around a perimeter..

Systems and methods for aiding the insertion of detachable firearm magazines

The present invention relates to systems and methods for aiding the insertion of detachable magazines in ak rifle variants. The magazine well attachment includes a well attachment body having a slit configured to slide over a trigger guard of a firearm during the assembly process.

Enhancing marketing funnel conversion through intelligent social tagging and attribution

An embodiment of the invention provides a method and system for enhancing marketing funnel conversion through intelligent social tagging and attribution. A processor identifies search terms entered into a search engine and websites visited in response to web searches for the search terms.
International Business Machines Corporation

Connector for collection and dispensing of breast milk or colostrum

An adapter for use in a system for collecting colostrum and/or milk from a breast may include: a body having a predominantly cylindrical shape; a first open end of the body for connecting to a funnel device; a second open end of the body for connecting to a source of suction; a side port between the first and second ends for connecting to a fluid collection device; a catchment area at or near the side port; and a blocking member between the side port and the second end, for preventing colostrum from passing beyond the side port and through the second end. The blocking member may include at least one aperture for allowing suction force to be transmitted from the second end to the first end..
Maternal Life, Llc

Washable ostomy pouch iii

A washable ostomy pouch which enables accumulating discharged waste and also facilitates easy and efficient draining and washing it without detaching the pouch from the user. The washable pouch is attached to an abdominal inlet coupling and has a draining outlet and a washing inlet with seals which can block flows when closed.

Connecting structure for coin machine

A connecting structure for a coin machine contains: a receiving funnel including a first main body, a male retaining member, and at least two positioning tabs. The first main body has the male retaining member retaining with a female retaining member and has the at least two positioning tabs.

Wireline guide tool

A wireline guide tool having a top section with an inner concave portion and a bottom section designed to attach to a stinger or on/off tool provides advantages for passing a wireline into the stinger. The stinger is attached to a packer within a casing of a well bore, without any tubing present.
Fesco, Ltd.

Flow channeling air intake mixing device for internal combustion engine

A system for targeting an air-fuel mixture flow pattern within the intake port of an internal combustion engine is provided. The system includes a flow pattern control plate movably provided within the intake port.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Puck wear detection

A transport puck vertically aligns a caulking cartridge, nozzle-down. The puck includes (i) a substantially solid lower plug portion, having a lead face and a bottom face and an center passageway that is at least partially inverted frustum-shaped that forms a side contact face that tapers from a wider lead face opening to a narrower bottom face opening; and or to a tubular sleeve from the side contact face to the bottom face opening; (ii) an upper sleeve, shaped to receive the caulking cartridge in a desired vertical alignment to the lower plug portion; and (iii) at least one funnel-shaped bore into the bottom face with an inserted connector comprising a head and stem, the head spaced within the bore to define a spacing that has been determined to identify bottom face wear;.
Momentive Performance Materials, Inc.

Safe uni-sex-organ insertion membrane sponge assembly

The uni-sex-organ insertion membrane sponge assembly is basically embodied in a soft resilient flexible latex figured material which integrally forms an elongated penis-vagina organ impressionable channel encompassment, being continuous into each: a sponge ball impressionable bulged closed end portion; a funnel mouth entry-exit orifice area; a sponge pad impressionable bulged hem rim portion; and, a seam bonded open-end portion. The sex-organ insertion membrane sponge assembly may also include an alternative improvement assembly means whereby an incorporated soft resilient flexible latex figured material integrally forms a triangular coccyx shaped convergence joint, being continuous into three seperately diverging strap extensions, which affixably overlap three equi-distantly spaced sections of said bulged hem rim portion and terminate at said seam bonded open-end portion, so that one said strap may connectably extend along between human buttocks, and so that two said straps may connectably extend along around human hip-thigh joints..

Sample collection device

A sample collection device having a sample tube, funnel, and cap having a capsule and a piercing insert, the capsule having a stabilization solution. After depositing the sample into the tube via the funnel, the cap is screwed onto the tube, piercing the capsule and releasing the stabilization fluid into the tube. Dna, Llc

Guzmania hybrid named 'allura'

A new and distinct guzmania hybrid named ‘allura’ characterized by solid growth habit; funnel-form rosette plant, measuring about 55 cm in height (above the pot when flowering); numerous, green color foliage (measuring about 35 to 45 cm length and about 4 to 4.5 cm in width) superior floral bract production; bracts are red in color (closest to rhs 44a); compound inflorescence, measuring about 18 cm in height, and about 25 cm in diameter; and long-lasting habit.. .
Corn. Bak B.v.

A method of funneling user responses in a voice portal system to determine a desired item or service includes (a) querying a user for an attribute value associated with a first particular attribute of the desired item or service; and (b) determining if the attribute value given by the user satisfies an end state. If the end state is not satisfied, steps (a) and (b) are performed with a new particular attribute..
Mercury Kingdom Assets Limited

Infusion device

The disclosures made herein relate to an infusion device specifically adapted for syringe injections. In one embodiment of the disclosures made herein, an infusion device comprises a body including an accessible surface having a single inlet port therein, an engagement surface having a single outlet port therein, a medication delivery channel extending between the single inlet port and the single outlet port, and an identification feature on the accessible surface of the body adjacent to the single inlet port.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

Vegetation treatment system

A vegetation treatment system includes at least one distribution apparatus, a transport such as a vehicle, having a receptacle for housing a vegetation treatment, and a funnel that facilitates passage of the vegetation treatment from the receptacle to each distribution apparatus. When in use, the vegetation treatment system may be used by an operator to target specific areas for vegetation treatment, particularly where treatments are applied to bedded crops.
Helena Holding Company

Dispenser and measuring cap device and method

A spill and contaminant resistant dispenser and measuring cap device and method for measuring and dispensing a desired amount of a bulk particulate, powdery, granular or viscous liquid substance from a storage container through a cap. A dispenser and measuring cap is attached to a storage container.


A nozzle is provided herein for ophthalmic dispensers which is configured to accommodate microdosing. The nozzle includes a converging pathway.

Flushable urinary device for directing urine into a toilet from a standing user

Flushable urinary device for directing urine into a toilet from a standing user comprises a flushable funnel. The funnel helps prevent urine-splatter on and around the toilet and improves hygiene.

Condensing heat recovery unit for a portable fluid heater

A condensing heat recovery unit for a portable fluid heater has a heat exchanger with a plurality of hollow rectangular heat recovery panels, a flue gas collection hood that funnels flue gas from the portable fluid heater into one side of the heat exchanger, and a condensate collector connected to the opposite side of the heat exchanger that collects flue gas condensate.. .

Device for feeding granulate and filler material to an extruder screw of an extruder

A device for feeding granulate and filler material to an extruder screw of an extruder, includes a cyclone with an inlet opening for introducing a delivery flow of pneumatically delivered filler material and an outlet opening for discharging the filler material which has been separated from the delivery flow, a feed funnel for the fresh granulate and a mixing section, to which the separated filler material and the fresh granulate are fed from the feed funnel. The cyclone is disposed at least partially in the feed funnel and coaxial with the latter, so that the outlet opening of the cyclone extends into a feed funnel outlet region which surrounds the outlet opening in an annular manner, wherein a stuffing screw passes axially through the outlet opening of the cyclone and protrudes at least partially into the mixing section which axially adjoins the outlet opening..
Bsw Machinery Handels-gmbh

Radar sensor

The invention relates to a radar sensor including a radar antenna, a radar lens and a funnel element between the radar antenna and the radar lens. The funnel element includes a material which absorbs the radar radiation emitted by the radar antenna..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Wine decanter

A wine decanter comprises a wine feeding funnel that axially passes through the whole body of the wine decanter, a mixing cavity, and a wine discharge funnel. A gas guide tube is disposed in the wine feeding funnel.

Washable ostomy pouch ii

A washable ostomy pouch which enables accumulating discharged waste and also to drain and wash it without detaching the pouch from the user. The washable pouch has an abdominal inlet coupling, a draining outlet and a washing inlet.

Microfluidic cell trap and assay high-throughput analysis

Microfluidic devices are provided for trapping, isolating, and processing single cells. The microfluidic devices include a cell capture chamber having a cell funnel positioned within the cell capture chamber to direct a cell passing through the cell capture chamber towards one or more a cell traps positioned downstream of the funnel to receive a cell flowing.
The University Of British Columbia

Plasmonic funnel for focused optical delivery to a metallic medium

An apparatus includes a transducer including a plasmonic funnel having first and second ends with the first end having a smaller cross-sectional area than the second end, and a first section positioned adjacent to the first end of the plasmonic funnel, and a first waveguide having a core, positioned to cause light in the core to excite surface plasmons on the transducer.. .
Seagate Technology Llc

Funnel filling of liquids

The present invention relates to a funnel apparatus for filling of liquids, which comprises a funnel, a sealing means, a locking means, and a soft tube. The funnel apparatus has a fluid receiving member and a tubular member provided for carrying fluid.
Shou King Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Apparatus, system, and collecting a target material

This disclosure is directed to an apparatus, system and method for retrieving a target material from a suspension. A system includes a processing vessel, such as an eppendorf tube, a syringe or a test tube, and a collector.
Rarecyte, Inc.

Lens and light emitting element using the same

An exemplary lens includes a bottom surface, a first light exit surface extending upwardly from an outer periphery of the bottom surface, a second light exit surface extending upwardly from a top of the first light exit surface, and a reflecting surface extending inwardly and downwardly from a top of the second light exit surface towards the bottom surface to have a funnel-shaped configuration. A receiving space is defined in the bottom surface to receive a light source therein.
Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc.

Combined bioreactor for the treatment of waste water, by means of anaerobic, aerobic and anoxic processes of degradation of organic matter with zone separator system and collection of biogases, scum and sludge

A bioreactor for anaerobic, aerobic and anoxic digestion of organic matter from wastewater, having a bottom anaerobic zone where the wastewater is fed where anaerobic bacteria produces biogas and the sludge produced is deposited on the bottom and subsequently extracted. An anoxic middle zone contains denitrifying bacteria which converts nitrates to nitrogen, and an aerobic zone at the upper part where at least one biological contact rotor is disposed, which degrade organic matter remaining in the water.

Fuel supply apparatus of internal combustion engine

A secondary injector that is one of a plurality of injectors provided for each cylinder is arranged in an air cleaner and above an air funnel, and the secondary injector and the air funnel facing the secondary injector are arranged to be inclined such that a base portion of the secondary injector on an outer side in a vehicle width direction is biased to a center side in the vehicle width direction and an injection port thereof is directed to a throttle body.. .
Suzuki Motor Corporation

Fuel supply apparatus of internal combustion engine

A secondary injector that is one of a plurality of injectors provided for each cylinder is arranged in an air cleaner and above an air funnel, an air cleaner bottom plate that has a passage hole for forming an intake passage is fastened and fixed to an upper surface of a throttle body, and the air funnel and a pipe support post for a secondary delivery pipe are fastened and fixed to the air cleaner bottom plate.. .
Suzuki Motor Corporation

Endometrial sample collector

A non-invasive endometrial sample collector has an outer body of absorbent material configured for insertion into a vaginal cavity of a patient such that a distal end of the body is positioned proximate a uterine cervix of the patient. The collector has an internal collection assembly disposed within the outer body of absorbent material.

Device and ascertaining measured values of gases and/or an aerosol for a machine

In order to improve a system for monitoring the working chamber atmosphere of a machine, there is proposed a measuring device (2) with a suction means (8) that draws out an aerosol air mixture from the working chamber (4) of the machine and feeds the same to an optical sensor unit with at least an optical emitter (15) and at least an optical receiver (17). The optical sensor unit is operated by means of an electronic device.
Schaller-automation Industrielle Automationstechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

Insect trap

An insect trap for trapping insects that includes: a bottom compartment, where the bottom compartment includes a base and a rim and the base houses a bait to attract an insect; a funnel positioned above the bottom compartment, where the funnel includes an opening and a neck, where the insect flies through the opening and the neck and becomes trapped within the bottom compartment; and a lid attached to the opening of the funnel, where the lid provides a mechanism to close the opening after the insect is trapped within the bottom compartment.. .

Urinary aid

A urinal aid comprising: a funnel shaped device, a flexible conduit having a proximal end connected to the funnel shaped device and a distal end directed toward a toilet bowl, and a toilet engagement device detachably engaged with the flexible conduit. The toilet engagement device is selected from either a clamping means detachably engaged with the flexible conduit and a bowl hook detachably engaged to the clamping means where the hook is engaged to a toilet bowl to secure the urinary aid to the toilet bowl and hold the urinary aid in place or an arm bracket detachably engaged with the flexible conduit where the arm bracket is engaged to a toilet bowl to secure the urinary aid to the side of the toilet bowl and hold the urinary aid in place..

Easily washable and drainable pouch

A washable pouch which enables accumulating solid waste and also to drain and wash it when the pouch is filled. The washable pouch has an abdominal inlet, a draining outlet and a washing inlet.

Cannula apparatus

The present invention relates to safe medical apparatuses, especially to cannulae that have safety means, and thus help health workers to provide care of patients in a safe manner by protecting such health workers and nurses from infections caused by contaminated blood of a patient. A cannula of the present invention reduces or eliminates the probability of any blood leaks, the probability that a needle body touches the nurse's skin, and the need to use a needle for administering medications.

Automated cooking system and method

An automated cooking system and method that provides an efficient process for automatically dispensing at least one ingredient, agitating the at least one ingredient, and cooking the at least one ingredient to form a predetermined meal. Each ingredient rests in an interchangeable container, indicia on each container identifies the ingredient, and an indicia sensor detects the desired ingredient for dispensing.

Internal deflection venting

Methods and systems are provided for a lighting module and related components for efficiently directing dissipated heat and/or heated air away from the lighting module. Deflectors are often used to funnel heat away from solid-state light emitters and channel airflow away from a curing surface, but the risk of constrained airflow may negatively affect emitter output as well as disturb the curing process of a workpiece emitted light is directed towards.
Phoseon Technology, Inc.

Front member for capacitive display screen panel of electronic devices

Front member applicable to capacitive display screen (1) panel of electronic devices comprising a fixing element coupled to a screen or to a portion of the casing bordering the screen of the device and a thin, transparent foil-like surface mounted on the fixing element in a given gap distance from the display screen. The foil-like surface (3) is made from a resilient material.

Connector for a dishwasher middle spray arm

A docking system includes basket and wall conduit systems. The basket conduit system includes a conduit and first and second nozzles mounted to opposite ends of the conduit.
Wolf Appliance, Inc.

Apparatus for loading cartridges into a firearm magazine

An apparatus for loading cartridges into a firearm magazine, including a funnel portion for intake of one or more cartridges, a guide box attached to the funnel portion, a cassette attached to the guide box, a slider attached to the cassette, and a magazine attached to the slider.. .

Configured and sized cannula

A dilator retractor and the dilators that are used for minimally invasive spinal surgery or other surgery are configured to accommodate the anatomical structure of the patient as by configuring the cross sectional area in an elliptical shape, or by forming a funnel configuration with the wider end at the proximate end. In some embodiments the distal end is contoured to also accommodate the anatomical structure of the patient so that a cylindrically shaped, funnel shaped, ovoid shaped dilator retractor can be sloped or tunneled to accommodate the bone structure of the patient or provide access for implants.
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc

Breading sifting table

A food coating apparatus includes a drum assembly with an input end for receiving coating material and food product, a hollow body for mixing the coating material and the food product to form coated food product and used coating material, and an output end for allowing coated food product and used coating material to exit the drum assembly. A basket is arranged adjacent to the output end of the drum assembly to retain the coated food product and pass the used coating material that exit the drum assembly.
Ayrking Corporation

Funnel component and manufacturing manufacturing packaging container using funnel component

A funnel component is manufactured by the following processes: forming a first intermediate product that is tapered, by rolling the blank material; forming a second intermediate product by folding back and welding a narrow opening side portion of the first intermediate product; forming a third intermediate product having the side wall portion by folding the wide opening side portion of the second intermediate product back outward; forming a cylindrical discharge portion forming the narrow opening side portion, a first tapered portion that connects to the discharge portion and has a tapered shape, and a second tapered portion that has a tapered shape having a taper angle less than the first tapered portion, by performing a drawing process on the third intermediate product.. .
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Vent sealing device and system

A vent sealing device includes first and second elongated tubular members having a funnel shaped cap along the upper surface for directing rain water into a vent pipe. A screen is positioned along the top of the device.

Container and lid assembly

A container and lid assembly are provided. The lid assembly has a base configured to engage an opening of the container.

Devices with fluidic nanofunnels, associated methods, fabrication and analysis systems

Methods of forming a chip with fluidic channels include forming (e.g., milling) at least one nanofunnel with a wide end and a narrow end into a planar substrate, the nanofunnel having a length, with width and depth dimensions that both vary over its length and forming (e.g., milling) at least one nanochannel into the planar substrate at an interface adjacent the narrow end of the nanofunnel.. .

Multi-functional klassic toothbrush

The multi-functional klassic toothbrush is a compact, all in one system for maintaining a healthy dental hygiene on a daily basis. Incorporated within the unit is a vibrating replaceable toothbrush head, where toothpaste is electrically funneled onto the bristles.

Device for stool drainage

A device for sealing a colon, and for removing stool therefrom by irrigation, comprising an expandable intrarectal balloon segment formed from an everted tube with two ends, for insertion into the rectum to anchor the device, and a tapered transanal segment adapted to remain at least partially outside the rectum during use, wherein the balloon segment and the transanal segment have no common compartment, wherein both segments comprise drainage parts with a drainage lumen for irrigation of stool from the patient, wherein one of the two ends of the everted tube is passed through the lumen of the intrarectal balloon segment as an inner layer, the inner layer being in contact with a funnel element, and wherein the transanal segment is adapted to collapse upon resting of the sphincter, and comprises part of the intrarectal balloon segment, or a different balloon element.. .

Bubble entrapment device with variable volume

A bubble entrapment device has a cylinder, a plunger, and a centre tube. Threads on the centre tube engage threads of the cylinder and the plunger respectively.

Biopsy device tissue sample holder with flow restriction device

A tissue sample holder for a biopsy device comprises an outer cup, a collection tray, and a flow restriction device. The outer cup defines a hollow interior.

Connector arrangement with self alignment

The present invention relates to a connector arrangement including a plug connector and a socket connector that may be suited for use with an electronically adjustable damper of an automobile. The socket connector is rotatably arranged in a socket connector housing and has an outer casing.

Ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (ims-ms) with improved ion transmission and ims resolution

An interface for an ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (ims-ms) system includes a first ion guide for receiving ions from an ims drift cell, and a second ion guide for receiving ions from the first ion guide, and positioned in a chamber separate from the first ion guide. Electrodes of the second ion guide subject the ions to an axial dc electric field while the second ion guide is held at a lower pressure than the first ion guide.

Modular exhaust system

A modular exhaust system is disclosed for treating the exhaust from a fossil fuel powered prime mover; the exhaust system includes bricks, inserts placed inside of the bricks and funnels to direct exhaust through various flow paths in order to treat the exhaust.. .

Device for use in surgical treatment of funnel chest and treatment

A device (1) for use in the surgical treatment of a patient suffering from funnel chest characterised in that it comprises a plate adapted to be fitted underneath the skin of the patient, and further characterised in that, in use, said plate can be attached to the patient's sternum and the curvature, length and width of the plate being such that the plate extends on both sides of the sternum and on the outside of the patient's thorax and is supported by the ribs to hold up the sternum.. .

Apparatus, system, and collecting a target material

This disclosure is directed to an apparatus, system and method for retrieving a target material from a sample. A fraction-density-altering solution may be added to a vessel that contains the sample to change the density of a first fraction of the sample without changing the density of the target material or the density of any other sample fraction.

Paint storage and dispensing kit

A paint storage kit is provided for storing and dispensing paint in a manner that minimizes mess and loss of paint. The paint storage kit includes a larger storage container, a funnel, and a smaller touch-up container.

Solar energy funneling using thermoplastics for agricultural applications

Disclosed is a wavelength-conversion material, and methods for its use, that includes an organic fluorescent dye and a polymeric matrix, wherein the organic fluorescent dye is solubilized in the polymeric matrix, and wherein the polymeric matrix is capable of absorbing light comprising a wavelength of 500 to 700 nm and emitting the absorbed light at a wavelength of greater than 550 to 800 nm.. .

Loading devices and methods for percutaneous perforation closure systems

A device for folding an implant having a wing into a an overlapped configuration includes a funnel body comprising: a first portion configured to receive and protect the implant when the wing of the implant is in a flat or relaxed state, a second portion proximal to the first portion and configured to engage and fold opposite first and second side portions of the wing of the implant in a predetermined direction when the implant is retracted proximally from the first portion of the funnel body and into the second portion of the funnel body, and an overlap guide configured to direct the path of a first one of the side portions of the wing such that the first and second side portions of the wing are overlapped in a predetermined manner and to prevent respective edges of the first and second side portions of the wing from butting into each other as the first and second side portions of the wing are guided into the overlapping configuration during proximal retraction of the implant relative to the funnel body.. .

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