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Date/App# patent app List of recent Funnel-related patents
 Apparatus and methods for cooking funnel cake patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for cooking funnel cake
A funnel cake mold preferably has multiple mold cavities, each with opposed slotted ends for releasably receiving a stick extending from within the cavity and outwardly from both ends. The mold is placed in a hot oil fryer and funnel cake batter is poured into each cavity where it is partially cooked around the stick.
 Thermal protection system for pressurized gas cylinders in vehicles patent thumbnailnew patent Thermal protection system for pressurized gas cylinders in vehicles
Disclosed is a thermal protection system for a pressurized gas cylinder. The system includes a pressurized gas cylinder 2, a temperature-activated pressure relief device 4 coupled with the pressurized gas cylinder 2, a thermal concentrator 6 integrated with an opening 10 in a vehicle panel 8, the panel being located in proximity to the cylinder; and an opening in the concentrator 6 directed toward the pressure relief device 4.
 Automated medication dispensing unit patent thumbnailnew patent Automated medication dispensing unit
In certain embodiments, a remote automated dispensing unit (adu) may include an enclosed cabinet, one or more locking mechanisms to keep the cabinet secure, one or more doors on the cabinet to allow access to the internal components, and a computer system that manages the dispensing of inventory. The adu may include a mechanism for the dispensing of medications for individual patients including: one or more canisters for storing medications, one or more canister base stations for securing the one or more canisters to the adu, and a chute and funnel system for the guidance of medications as they fall from the canisters into a packaging station for packaging medications into packages for particular patients.
 Structure and method for using a funnel patent thumbnailnew patent Structure and method for using a funnel
A device (100, 200) for transferring material (11, 211) into a bag (40, 240) including a funnel (10, 210) having a sidewall (58, 258) with a step (13, 213), and the funnel (10, 210) includes an outlet end (52, 252). The bag (40, 240) having an opening (45, 245) receives the outlet end (50, 252) of the funnel (10, 210) and the step (13, 213).
 Pilot burner system for water heaters patent thumbnailnew patent Pilot burner system for water heaters
A tube disposed in the combustion chamber of a standing pilot type fuel-fired water heater is used to increase the overall efficiency of the water heater by improving the heat transfer from the pilot flame to the tank during standby periods by funneling the standing pilot flame upwardly through the tube in a manner concentrating the pilot flame heat against an underside portion of the bottom head of the water heater tank. To further increase water heater efficiency, the pilot burner is of a dual input type.
 Cut flower shipping container patent thumbnailnew patent Cut flower shipping container
The invention is directed toward a spill- and leak-proof container for floriculture items including cut flowers, stems, other horticultural items, and the like. More specifically, the invention includes a receptacle having funnel-like primary closure.
 Pill counting tray with digital counter patent thumbnailPill counting tray with digital counter
A pill counting tray for counting pills. The pill counting tray includes a digital counter with a sensor that can digitally count the pills as they are being moved by a wand on the tray.
 Mobile fluid treatment system and associated apparatus patent thumbnailMobile fluid treatment system and associated apparatus
A mobile fluid treatment system and portable fluid treatment apparatus are described. The portable apparatus is configured to be placed within a mobile tank of fluid for separating solids from the fluid and includes an upper portion, a lower portion, and a number of adjustable attachment members that can removably secure the apparatus to the side walls of the tank, thus allowing the apparatus to be moved from one tank to another.
 Combination scoop and funnel patent thumbnailCombination scoop and funnel
A combination scoop and funnel device is disclosed that can be used to transfer a powder material from one container to another. The combination scoop and funnel device may include a scoop portion and a funnel portion coupled together by a hinge.
 Component for an appliance, arrangement with a component of this type and appliance with a corresponding arrangement patent thumbnailComponent for an appliance, arrangement with a component of this type and appliance with a corresponding arrangement
A component for a household appliance includes a thin-walled sub-element having a connecting region configured for connection to at least one further component part. The connecting region has a funnel-shaped receptacle which is configured at least as a dual receptacle with at least two adjacent separate holes for passage of a connecting element.
Method and apparatus for separating the glass panel from a cathode ray tube
An apparatus for separating a panel from a cathode ray tube may include a trough, at least one chipping element mounted in the trough; and a vibrator connected to the trough and configured such that actuation of the vibrator causes the chipping element to vibrate at a frequency and at a throw angle selected to cause the chipping element to throw a cathode ray tube placed in contact therewith upward, then move upward subsequently to contact a downwardly moving cathode ray tube with sufficient force to chip away funnel and frit therefrom. A method for separating a panel from a cathode ray tube may include contacting a funnel of the cathode ray tube with at least one chipping element, and vibrating the chipping element with sufficient force to chip at least the funnel from the cathode ray tube, leaving at least the panel..
Egg yolk separator
A device and method are provided for separating an egg yolk from an egg white. The device is a handheld device which utilizes an elastic top dome connected to a rigid bottom funnel.
Beer bong
A beer bong comprising a mannequin torso, a hose, a funnel, and a valve.. .
Mechanical coffee brewer formed from recycled coffee bean bag fibers
A mechanical coffee brewer formed from recycled coffee bean bag fibers is provided. The mechanical brewer includes a platform formed from recycled coffee bean bag fibers, wherein the platform has an opening therethrough.
System, methods and apparatus for urine collection and storage
A method and apparatus for collecting and storing urine comprises a collecting funnel and collection tank. The funnel has a valve that opens flow of urine begins and closes once the flow stops based on a flow sensor.
Dough rounder
A compact, rounding machine, or rounder, for quickly rounding dough units discharged from a divider into substantially round dough balls used to make products like flour tortillas, buns, rolls, etc. The rounder includes a stationary shoe having a curved inner face that curves partially around an axis of rotation, and a stationary groove having a substantially semicircular profile and extending between an entry end and an exit end.
Bottle with integral dip tube
Fluid dispensing apparatus with integral dip tube. Container includes body having wall defining interior volume, a first neck top, and a fitment extending from the neck top.
Surgical port feature
A surgical port feature may include a funnel portion, a tongue, a waist portion, and surgical instrument channels. The waist portion may be located between the funnel portion and the tongue.
Method for producing a thin-film semiconductor body and thin-film semiconductor body
A method for producing a thin-film semiconductor body is provided. A growth substrate is provided.
Funnel with level sensor
A funnel for transferring a flowable ingredient into a receiving container and which indicates the level of the flowable ingredient in the receiving container. The input end of the funnel extends downwardly to the output end which has a smaller circumference than the input end.
Device for separation of essential oils and method of use
A light-oil separator device includes a collector funnel having a downwardly directed stem portion having an outside diameter. The stem portion adapts to insert in an upward extending neck portion of a collection vessel.
General uterine manipulator and system
A general uterine manipulator (10) incorporates an elongated hollow tube (12) defining an internal passage (14). Tube (12) has opposite first and second ends (16) and (18), formed with internal threads t1 and t2; and a smooth continuous outer surface (20) of constant outer diameter.
Breast pump
The present invention relates to a breast pump operable to generate a negative pressure comprising a funnel (24) for receiving a breast of a user. The breast pump (24) has an insert (50,70) receivable in the funnel (24) having a deformable region (59a-59e) which forms a chamber between the insert (50,70) and the funnel (24) when the insert (50,70) is received in the funnel (24).
Configured and sized cannula
A dilator retractor and the dilators that are used for minimally invasive spinal surgery or other surgery are configured to accommodate the anatomical structure of the patient as by configuring the cross sectional area in an elliptical shape, or by forming a funnel configuration with the wider end at the proximate end. In some embodiments the distal end is contoured to also accommodate the anatomical structure of the patient so that a cylindrically shaped, funnel shaped, ovoid shaped dilator retractor can be sloped or tunneled to accommodate the bone structure of the patient or provide access for implants.
Solar energy systems using external reflectors
A concentrating photovoltaic system includes a condenser system and photovoltaic modules. The condenser system includes a quasi-fresnel concave lens coated with an antireflection film and a reflector coated with a reflective film.
Low profile agent delivery perfusion catheter having a funnel-shaped membrane
An agent delivery catheter and method configured to deliver an agent to an inner surface of a patient's body lumen wall by forming a funnel shaped agent containment chamber around at least one portion of the inner surface of the body lumen wall, while minimizing ischemic conditions during the procedure.. .
Hydrophilic activated sorbent extraction disk
A one-piece solid phase extraction article to be used in solid phase extraction analysis, a filtration funnel comprising the one piece solid phase extraction article, and a method of use of the article. The article, device and method provide for improved analysis of hexane extractable material by eliminating the standard use of polar solvents to pre-condition the sorbent materials.
Apparatus for cooking food
The present invention discloses an apparatus for cooking food that is provided with means to regulate the draining of water. The apparatus comprises an outer container (110) with a hollow segment (111) and a base (112), a cylindrical inner container (120) that is removably fitting into the hollow segment (111) of the outer container (110) and a water collecting means (130) which forms a platform of the apparatus.
Compact ion mobility spectrometer
The invention relates to devices for measuring the mobility of ions in gases at pressures of a few hectopascal. To make the device more compact, drift regions are bent into curved shapes, which extend into the third dimension.
Rotating high pressure air and water nozzle
A rotating high pressure air and water nozzle is disclosed. The nozzle includes a head adapted to rotate, a housing adapted to secure the head therein, and a plurality of passageways disposed through the head.
Collapsible funnel
A funnel assembly includes a plurality of legs and a funnel element having a larger opening and a smaller opening. The funnel element is attached at the legs and is collapsible and expandable between a use state, where the larger opening is substantially opened and the legs are arranged to support the funnel assembly in a free-standing manner, and a collapsed state, where the funnel and the legs are collapsed for storage.
Fuel recovery system and method
A residual fuel removal system from the fuel tanks of vehicles raised upon a automotive lift or driven over a automotive work pit. The device features a power driven translating member for piercing the fuel tank.
A compacting device is disclosed that is an at-home compactor for a variety of recyclable containers. The compacting device comprises a pair of opposing side units, wherein each of the opposing side units comprises a plurality of rollers secured together, creating a compacting zone.
Safety apparatus and system for a two-stage dust collection vacuum device
Described is an apparatus and system for improving the safety of a vacuum device including a first intake cavity, a second intake cavity that can be coupled to a first housing, and a baffle disposed within the first intake cavity to limit the access to the blades of a vacuum pumping device. Alternatively, the apparatus can include a first intake cavity, a second intake cavity, and a baffle.
Multilevel interconnect structures and methods of fabricating same
A multilevel interconnect structure for a semiconductor device includes an intermetal dielectric layer with funnel-shaped connecting vias. The funnel-shaped connecting vias are provided in connection with systems exhibiting submicron spacings.
Pressure sprayer
A sprayer that includes a tank for containing a liquid pesticide, herbicide, or the like, a pump for pressurizing the liquid contained within the tank, and a hose and wand assembly for dispersing the pressurized liquid onto an area of interest, such as weeds. The tank includes an opening formed through its top surface through which liquid can be poured into tank.
Connection apparatus and methods
A vertical connection apparatus for connecting a pipeline to a subsea structure comprises a guide funnel for controlling the position of the pipeline relative to the subsea structure; a moveable barrier and a attachment region for a drive mechanism; the moveable barrier is operable between an open position in which the pipeline can pass through the guide funnel and a closed position in which the barrier prevent the end of the pipeline passing through the end of the guide funnel. A tool with a drive mechanism can be attached between the pipeline and guide funnel to manipulate the pipeline into a connectable position.
Quick change i.v. interface technology
A quick change adapter and method for use in intravenous treatment of large animals such as cattle, horses, pigs, goats and the like. A method for changing bottles of fluids used in intravenous (iv) fluid therapy, includes the steps of (a) providing an iv set including a funnel having a connection aperture, the funnel being constructed of elastic material; (b) providing an adapter apparatus comprising a cannular portion adapted for sealing mating with the fluid egress aperture of a fluid bottle and a lip portion adapted for sealing mating with the funnel aperture; (c) coupling the interface apparatus in a semi-permanent fashion to the funnel by inserting the lip portion into the funnel connection aperture; (d) inserting the cannular portion into the fluid egress aperture of the fluid bottle; and (e) inverting the fluid bottle to facilitate the flow of fluid.
Delivery systems
A delivery system comprising a covering having at least two compartments is provided. A first compartment contains a first therapeutic agent and the second compartment can be unfilled and is configured to receive a second therapeutic agent.
Sensor module with enhanced capillary flow
A sensor module is disclosed herein. The sensor module includes a main housing defining an analysis zone within the housing.
Splash-retarding fluid collection system
A fluid collection container (1500) includes a vessel (901) and a lid (1300). A splash retarding cover (100) can be attached to a mouth (501) of the vessel (901).
Sure feed bird feeder
To use the sure feed bird feeder, the owner would simply hang it or pole-mount it in any desired location. The birds would feed from the top of the unit, and any scattered feed would be caught by the funnel and deposited into the bottom collection tray to be recycled.
Forming a funnel-shaped nozzle
Techniques are provided for making a funnel-shaped nozzle in a semiconductor substrate. The funnel-shaped recess includes a straight-walled bottom portion and a curved top portion having a curved sidewall gradually converging toward and smoothly joined to the straight-walled bottom portion, and the curved top portion encloses a volume that is substantially greater than a volume enclosed by the straight-walled bottom portion..
Flexible funnel for filling a pouch with a product
A flexible funnel positioned at a filling station of a fill machine. The flexible funnel directs a product dispensed at the filling station of the filling machine into a pouch.
Moldable funnel
A moldable funnel is provided. A plurality of through holes are evenly arranged in a hand-moldable sheet, and at least parts of the through holes are unopened at a perimeter edge of the hand-moldable sheet.
Laryngeal mask airway
An airway device (10) is provided for sealing a patient's pharynx (p), the device comprising an elongate flexible chamber (12) of resilient material with a leading end (14) and a trailing end (16) and being bounded by top (18) and bottom (19) elongate surfaces. The top surface has raised ridge (20) across it to seal at the base (b) of the tongue (t) and the bottom surface is shaped to seal at the back of the patient's throat.
Transcatheter prosthetic heart valve delivery system with funnel recapturing feature and method
A delivery device for percutaneously deploying a stented prosthetic heart valve. The device includes a delivery capsule and a recapture sheath.
Engine wash apparatus and method
An engine wash system with a collector includes a collection pan with a base angled toward a centerline and first and second panels rotatably connecting to first and second sides of the collection pan; a plurality of wheels connecting to the base; a first support connecting on a lower end to the collection pan and extending vertically upward from the collection pan; a first funnel connecting to the first support; and a first hose connecting the first funnel to the collection pan.. .
Glass-melting furnace burner and method of its use
An oxygen-fuel burner for a glass-melting furnace generally includes a first (or inner) conduit for fuel, a second (or middle) conduit for waste glass cullet, and a third (or outer) conduit for combustion oxygen. The first, second, and third conduits are nested and define respective paths for fuel, cullet, and oxygen flows.
Anti-flashback needle adaptor
An anti-flashback needle adapter inhibits the uncontrolled jetting of blood upon the insertion of an arterial access needle into a blood vessel. An inner wall defines at least one inner port and an outer wall defines at least one outer port in fluid communication with the inner port.
Method and apparatus for mixing drinks
An improved mixing bottle comprised of at least two chambers, a top chamber and a bottom chamber. Said chambers may be separated from one another, on the outside, by a freshness seal and, on the inside, by a permeable membrane.
Spring motor
A spring motor, comprising a housing, a stator core, a rotor core, a rotation shaft, a rotor coil, an insulated coil connection wire, a torsion spring, a connection shaft, a cylindrical spiral spring, a round funnel-shaped rubber sealing element, a battery and a spring fixing connection sleeve; the rotor coil of the motor is connected to the terminal of a motor end cover after the insulated coil connection wire winds around the periphery of the rotation shaft continuously several times; the connection shaft is fixed on the rotation shaft, and the cylindrical spiral spring is sleeved on the periphery of the opened end of the connection shaft; the round funnel-shaped waterproof rubber sealing element is sleeved on the rotation shaft; the battery is placed in a rectangular battery holder, three side frames of the battery holder are each a fixed structure, and one side frame of the battery holder is a moveable structure; the spring fixing connection sleeve is sleeved on the rotation shaft, the rear end of the torsion spring is placed on one side of the spring fixing connection sleeve, and the spring fixing connection jacket, the torsion spring and the rotation shaft are fixed and connected with screws.. .
Pet food dispenser
A pet food dispenser comprising a lid and a hopper bin. The lid fits over a loading opening of the hopper bin.
Rotating blade assembly
A rotating blade assembly provides a multiplicity of rotating blades for shaving. The rotating blades engage a surface, and create a multiplier effect for an enhanced shave.
Wind power generation system with turbofans
A wind power generation system includes a wind power generation system with turbofans. The system includes an air supply funnel, composed structure of turbofan, several generator components, a control device and an air passage well.
Apparatus and method for separating and isolating components of a biological fluid
A device for separating and isolating components of a biological fluid comprising a container for containing the fluid to be processed, a tube cap assembly for dosing the container while providing filling and extraction communication therewith, a float assembly disposed within the container for funneling and controlling biological fluid flow into an inverted domed shaped isolation chamber within the float and controlling the biological fluid flow out of the isolation chamber for effecting an encapsulation or a sealed isolation of at least one component or fraction of the biological fluid flow within the isolation chamber during a centrifugation process. The device further comprising a flexible tube for connecting an extraction passageway disposed within the float assembly and an extraction valve of the tube cap assembly for allowing extraction of at least the one component or fraction encapsulated or isolated within the chamber..
Strapping device for use with breast pumps
A single piece strapping device that can be used with breast pumps. The strapping device has two ends, with each end having an attachment; the two attachments can be connected together such that the strapping device becomes a single piece unit surrounding the torso of the user.
Pod and package for preparing a beverage by centrifugation
Pod for the preparation of a beverage in a centrifugal brewing device by feeding liquid through said pod and rotating the pod along a rotating axis “i” in the device to produce centrifugal forces on the liquid traversing the pod thereby forcing a beverage out of the pod by such centrifugal forces, wherein the pod comprises containment walls containing beverage ingredients; said containment walls being essentially made of porous filtering material and comprising a top wall from which a central funnel (10) comprising liquid inlet openings extends inwardly in the pod. .
Electro-scan integration into video pipe inspection vehicle
A camera based sewer evaluation vehicle has an electro-scan pipe defect detection system integrated therein. A cable and winch of the camera based system are utilized to support either a camera or an electro-scan probe.
Fastening tool nail feed funnel
A fastening tool having a feed funnel adapted to position a nail for driving into a workpiece and which can guide the nail during driving. The feed funnel can be part of a magazine interface, or a nosepiece insert, or the feed funnel can be a unitary part.
Multi-functional disposable separatory funnels
This invention incorporates barrel-shaped polymer-structured separatory funnels. The separatory funnels are made from an injection molding machine using cheaper plastic resins such as polypropylene, or polyethylene instead of glass in order to lower costs, so they are ready-to-use and disposable.
Paint mist separating device
The disclosure relates to a paint mist separating device, and a paint booth having a paint mist separating device. The paint mist separating device can include a tapered tube, and a collecting funnel with a funnel inlet and a funnel neck, into which the larger end of the tapered tube projects, wherein the funnel neck is provided for connection to a collecting tank for paint.
Scrap scraper
Scrap scraper technology is an improved scrap separation means for separating loose scrap from boxes within a layboy with minimal, if any, increase in possible flap bending. A distinct intersection of action avoids problems inherent in other prior art.
X-ray analysis apparatus with single crystal x-ray aperture and method for manufacturing a single crystal x-ray aperture
An x-ray analysis apparatus has at least one x-ray aperture (4; 4a, 4b) which delimits an x-ray beam (rs) emitted by an x-ray source (2). The at least one x-ray aperture (4; 4a, 4b) is disposed at a separation from the sample (5) and has a single crystal aperture body (8) with a through pinhole (9).
Funnel-shaped container with capped ends
A container includes a funnel having a first opening at a first end and a second opening at a second end opposite the first end, the funnel defining a funnel volume between the first and second openings and the first opening being larger than the second opening; a first cap shaped to repeatedly attach to and detach from the funnel at the first end, the first cap sealing the first opening when attached to the funnel; and a second cap shaped to repeatedly attach to and detach from the funnel at the second end, the second cap sealing the second opening when attached to the funnel. When a liquid or fine-grained substance (e.g., a powder) is placed within the funnel volume, attaching the first and second caps to the funnel at the first and second openings seals the liquid or fine-grained substance within the funnel volume..
Methods of sharing a uniform resource locator (url), and a url sharing utility and social network facilitating group chat about shared links
A url sharing utility and social network facilitates group discussions about shared links. Unlike conventional applications, this service enables live discussions about specific urls, so people who join the discussion already share an interest in a particular topic.
Trailer hitch system
A trailer hitch system for improving the speed and safety of attaching the trailer to a tow vehicle. The hitch may include a shank that may be attached to the trailer through a ball hitch.
Refillable pouch for food or beverage
Disclosed is a refillable aperture pouch for food or beverage comprising a refill-base and a lid; the refill-base and lid releasably connect; the refill-base allows the pouch to be refilled and allows access to the contents of the pouch through use of a utensil; an aperture is in the lid; the aperture pouch is adapted for use by children; the aperture pouch may be cleaned in a dishwasher; the aperture pouch may be hung on a rack by a cap, which cap connects to and seals the aperture; the aperture pouch may be refilled through use of a funnel; the funnel comprises an air-release channel.. .
Sound absorber for a gas turbine exhaust cone, and method for the production thereof
A method for manufacturing a sound absorber, the outer wall of which is provided with a plurality of recesses, with funnel-like cone elements each being assigned to the recesses inside the sound absorber, said cone elements having a larger opening facing radially outwards and a smaller opening facing radially inwards, with adjacent cone elements each being provided on a strip-shaped first carrier band, with cup elements being provided radially on the inside relative to the cone elements, and each cup element receiving one cone element, with adjacent cup elements each being provided on a strip-shaped first carrier band, with the first carrier bands being arranged adjacently in a first direction, and the second carrier bands being arranged adjacently in a second direction, with the directions crossing each other and the carrier bands being joined to one another and to the outer wall to form a rigid body.. .
Reflux structure for blow-by gas
A reflux structure for blow-by gas that returns blow-by gas generated in an engine to a clean side of an air cleaner to reflux the blow-by gas to the engine, the reflux structure for blow-by gas includes: a communication pipe that has a flow path introducing the blow-by gas from the engine to the clean side of the air cleaner; and an air funnel that is mounted on the clean side of the air cleaner and introduces intake air from a dirty side into the engine, wherein the communication pipe has a discharge port formed to discharge the blow-by gas to a side closer to a bottom than to an umbrella part of the air funnel around the air funnel.. .
Pill tray
A pill tray is provided for assisting in sorting and counting of pills and capsules comprising a generally flat transparent tray surrounded by walls on three sides, a pill receiver on a fourth side, and featuring at least one return funnel on a corner distal the pill receiver. The pill tray features at least one side handle, a pill receiver that extends rearward to the same extent as the return funnel, an advertising sleeve on the underside of the tray, efficient legs, a downwardly sloping return funnel with a ridge across the access to same, and a gradually sloped ridge between the tray and the pill receiver that has no flat surfaces.

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