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Freezing patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Freezing-related patents
 Thermal energy battery with enhanced heat exchange capability and modularity patent thumbnailnew patent Thermal energy battery with enhanced heat exchange capability and modularity
This invention provides a thermal energy battery having an insulated tank contains a multitude of densely packed plastic tubes filled with a phase-change material (pcm, such as ice) that changes from solid to liquid and vice-versa. Energy is stored when the pcm transitions from liquid to solid form, and released when the pcm transitions back from solid to liquid form.
 Aqueous pour point depressant dispersion composition patent thumbnailAqueous pour point depressant dispersion composition
The present invention relates to an aqueous pour point depressant dispersion composition comprising a thermoplastic polymer, preferably ethylene vinyl acetate (eva); a dispersing agent; water; optionally an aqueous freezing point depressant; and optionally a stabilizing agent wherein the volume average particle size of the dispersed thermoplastic polymer is equal to or less than 1 micrometers and a method to make and use said composition.. .
 Pipe diameter expansion apparatus and pipe diameter expansion method patent thumbnailPipe diameter expansion apparatus and pipe diameter expansion method
A pipe diameter expansion apparatus includes: a hollow cylindrical member that can be placed in a pipe filled with water, and through which a heat medium having a lower temperature than a freezing point of the water flows from one end to the other end; at least two plate-like fins provided to protrude outward from the cylindrical member; and a heat insulator that is provided between the two fins, and reduces heat transmission between inside and outside the cylindrical member.. .
 Automotive friction assist system with improved traction patent thumbnailAutomotive friction assist system with improved traction
An automotive friction assist system with improved traction enables a motor vehicle to stop quickly and start easily on low friction surfaces, such as those present during icy conditions. The system operates by introducing more static friction points between the leading contact edges of wheels of a motor vehicle.
 Heat transfer fluids and corrosion inhibitor formulations for use thereof patent thumbnailHeat transfer fluids and corrosion inhibitor formulations for use thereof
Disclosed herein is a heat transfer fluid concentrate comprising: greater than or equal to 85 weight percent of a freezing point depressant, based on the total weight of the heat transfer fluid concentrate; 50 to 2000 ppm of lithium ions; an azole compound; an inorganic phosphate; a carboxylic acid; and an acrylate based polymer, wherein the heat transfer fluid has a ph of 7.0-9.5. The heat transfer fluid concentrate can be used to make a heat transfer fluid..
 Corrosion protection formulation for protection  against zinc and cadmium corrosion patent thumbnailCorrosion protection formulation for protection against zinc and cadmium corrosion
Corrosion protection formulation comprising (a) from 0.01 to 5% by weight of alkylamine ethoxylates as surfactant component, (b) from 0.01 to 10% by weight of corrosion inhibitors, (c) from 0 to 0.3% by weight of thickeners, (d) from 5 to <75% by weight of freezing point-lowering alcohols selected from among alkanols, glycols, polyalkylene glycols and glycerol, (e) from 5 to 90% by weight of vegetable and/or fatty oils, (f) from 0 to 5% by weight of water and (g) from 0 to 5% by weight of conventional emulsifiers. The formulation is particularly suitable for protecting zinc or zinc-plated components or surfaces or cadmium or cadmium-plated metallic surfaces against corrosion caused by runway deicing compositions used at airports..
 N-alkyl lactam ethers, and compositions and uses thereof patent thumbnailN-alkyl lactam ethers, and compositions and uses thereof
Described is a class of symmetrical and asymmetrical n-alkyl lactam ethers. One preferred ether is bis-n-ethyl pyrrolidone ether.
 Cold bed adsorption sulfur recovery process patent thumbnailCold bed adsorption sulfur recovery process
A process for removing sulfur from a gas stream is provided in which a plurality of reactor units, each comprising a condenser and reactor, are selectively operable under claus reaction and cold bed adsorption conditions. The arrangement of reactor units within the plant is periodically changed following a front-middle-back sequencing scheme.
 Stabilized masticated frozen dessert patent thumbnailStabilized masticated frozen dessert
A process for preparing a frozen dessert having stabilized ice crystals to imitate the taste of ice cream, which process comprises: (a) providing a key ingredient, (b) adding a freeze inhibitor, in suitable amounts, and adequate sweetness to attain a stabilized starting freezing point of about 27° f. And melting point at about 17° f.; (c) adding a stabilizer in suitable amounts to create a microcrystalline ice particles; (d) rapidly freezing the mix until frozen solid at the temperature at which ice cream freezes; (e) masticating the frozen product to yield a soft serve dessert product for immediate consumption, said product having a contantometer rate significantly less than that of prior art desserts..
 Hose handling system and methods of use patent thumbnailHose handling system and methods of use
Embodiments of the present invention include a hose handling system having a hose guide plumbed via a wash line to a fluid delivery device. The hose guide includes a pulley installed on a frame member, and a spray nozzle adapted to dispense a wash mixture.
Method and apparatus for sequencing-batch purification of potassium nitrate from solid waste produced by glass-strengthening process
Provided is a method and an apparatus for purifying potassium nitrate from the solid waste produced by a chemical glass-strengthening process. In the method, the solid waste is melted into a liquid waste at first.
Humid stream orifice via geometry and material that is robust to becoming blocked
A component for reducing the likelihood of ice-related blockage in a fuel cell and methods for starting a fuel cell system. In one embodiment, the component is a separate insert configured with a sharp leading edge such that water droplets present in a reactant fluid that pass through an orifice in the component are conveyed away from an unstable formation at the edge to a more stable formation in an adjacent part of the component.
Passive thermally regulated shipping container employing phase change material panels containing dual immiscible phase change materials
A passive thermally regulated shipping container with at least one removable pcm panel containing dual immiscible phase change materials having different freezing points.. .
System and method for superheating and/or supercooling of liquids and use of the system and/or method
System and method for for superheating and/or supercooling of liquids and use of the system and/or method, wherein the liquid is within a capillary tube, wherein there is at least one heating and/or cooling means for heating the liquid above boiling point of the liquid at ambient pressure or cooling the liquid below freezing point of the liquid at ambient pressure, wherein the at least one heating and/or cooling means is in thermal contact with the capillary tube in an area, in which there is liquid inside the capillary tube, and wherein the capillary tube is scratch-free at its inner surface.. .
Low temperature transport and storage of amine gas treatment solutions
A liquid aminoether acid gas absorbent which is subject to freezing in a cold climatic zone though which the aminoether is to be shipped is rendered freeze-resistant by mixing the aminoether with water prior to transport through the cold climatic zone; the aminoether/water mixture typically contains 10 to 40 weight percent water, based on the weight of the aminoether. The aminoether/water mixture can also be stored in the cold climatic zone without being externally maintained at a temperature above the inherent freezing point of the aminoether..
Lower threshold temperature indicator device
A device for indicating that an ambient temperature has fallen to or below a predetermined lower threshold temperature. The device includes: a porous membrane having first and second spatially separate zones; a first freezable liquid infused in the porous membrane, the first freezable liquid having a freezing point corresponding to the predetermined lower threshold temperature; a second liquid for contacting the first zone of the porous membrane, the second liquid being immiscible with the first liquid; and an indicator window for indicating migration of the second liquid from the first zone to the second zone.
Wireless thermostatic controller electric heating system
An electric heating system controlled with a remote thermostat. The system may incorporate wireless technology and a line voltage equipment interface sub-system.
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
In a substrate processing apparatus, a liquid film of a supercooled liquid of pure water is formed on the upper surface of a substrate and then cooled with cooling gas into a frozen film. The temperature of the liquid film is lower than the freezing point of pure water, and thus the liquid film is in an easy-to-freeze state.
Method for controlling a heating and air conditioning system in a vehicle
A method is provided for controlling a heating and air conditioning system in a vehicle. The evaporator of the air conditioner is switched off below a predefined external temperature threshold in order to prevent the risk of icing.
Process and apparatus for water purification
A process for purifying water via freezing is disclosed. The process may include: contacting an aqueous mixture with a flotation medium, wherein the flotation medium has a density greater than or equal to the density of ice or hydrate and less than the density of the aqueous mixture or concentrated brine at its freezing point; reducing the temperature of the aqueous mixture to a temperature equal to or below the freezing point of the aqueous mixture to form ice or hydrate and a concentrate; phase separating the concentrate and the flotation medium; recovering the concentrate; and recovering the ice or hydrate and flotation medium as a slurry.
Cooling medical pad
A medical pad has multiple layers. A first layer is for containing a first thermal-exchange fluid circulatable therethrough, with the medical pad being operable for thermal exchange between the first thermal-exchange fluid and a patient through a first side of the first layer.
Method for producing hydraulic powder
The present invention provides the production of the hydraulic powder containing c3a in an amount of 0.5 to 9.5% by weight through a step of grinding a hydraulic compound in the presence of the alkanolamine having a freezing point of not higher than 0° c.. .
Fuel compositions containing an isomerized component of a single carbon number and methods of preparing the fuel compositions
Fuel compositions containing an isomerized component of a single carbon number may contain at least 97 wt. %, based on the total weight of the fuel composition, of an isomerized component consisting of aliphatic paraffin isomers all having the formula cnh2n+2, where 10≦n≦22 and n has the same value for each aliphatic paraffin isomer in the isomerized component.
Coolant formulations
The technology of this invention relates to an aqueous heat transfer solution exhibiting enhanced stability as well as thermal conductivity. The solution comprises silicon oxide nanoparticles, to which a freezing point depressant may potentially be added.
Process for transferring a liquid using a pump
A process to pump liquid held in a passive tank to an active tank when the active tank has a liquid level below a set point level and when the passive tank contains liquid at a temperature above the freezing point of the liquid, the active tank including a discontinuous level gauge configured to provide at least x+1 indications of the level of liquid in tank as a function of the relative position of a moving part with respect to x set point levels, x being at least equal to 2. The process includes: reading the level indication from a level gauge; starting a pump and measuring a time during which a pump transfers liquid; stopping the pump if this time is greater than a time constant, which depends on the value of the level indication, and if a next set point level is not reached..
High performance refrigerator having insulated evaporator cover
A high performance refrigerator includes a cabinet with a refrigerated interior, an insulating cover separating a portion of the cabinet from the refrigerated interior, and a refrigeration fluid circuit having an evaporator located within the portion of the cabinet separated by the insulating cover from the refrigerated interior. The refrigerator also includes a controller that commands the refrigerator to perform a defrosting cycle when the evaporator coil requires defrosting.
Sugar-free frozen beverage with fiber
The present invention relates generally to the field of beverages and beverage concentrates. In particular, the invention relates to a novel sugar-free beverage concentrate with fiber.
Apparatus and method for limiting ice formation
A container adapted to be placed near a walkway or road and adapted to receive a solid ice prevention composition such as salt pellets. The container has an entrance opening and an exit opening.
Method and system to prevent carry-over of hydrocarbon mist from an ngl column of an lng plant
The present disclosure is directed to a method and system for preventing carry-over of c2+ hydrocarbon mist from an ngl recovery column in an lng plant. A wash loop of recirculating liquid hydrocarbon is provided at the upper portion of the ngl column.
Diesel exhaust fluid formulation having a high ammonium content and a low freezing point
A mixture of urea, water and ammonium carbamate is formulated for use in the catalytic reduction of oxides of nitrogen in diesel exhaust. The mixtures may be formulated to optimize the amount of reductant in the mixture and the freezing point of the formulation.
Automated pipe freeze protection system
An automated pipe freeze protection system is disclosed. The system includes tubing, a detector module, and a valve configured to open and circulate unfrozen water through plumbing in the event ambient temperature is detected to be near a freezing point..
Method for preparing modified micronized particles
The present invention provides a method for preparing modified micronized particles, comprising the steps of carrying out co-precipitation in an aqueous solution at a temperature between the freezing point and the boiling point of the reaction mother liquid to produce a mixed precipitate of micronized particles or precursors thereof and an inorganic precipitate. The method effectively solves the conflict between micronization and surface modification of particles, and resolves the problem that it is difficult to separate micronized particles from the reaction mother liquid..
Data center coolant switch
A data center cooling system is operated in a first mode; it has an indoor portion wherein heat is absorbed from components in the data center, and an outdoor heat exchanger portion wherein outside air is used to cool a first heat transfer fluid (e.g., water) present in at least the outdoor heat exchanger portion of the cooling system during the first mode. The first heat transfer fluid is a relatively high performance heat transfer fluid (as compared to the second fluid), and has a first heat transfer fluid freezing point.
Method and cup for operation of frozen beverage device
A frozen beverage device to convert a liquid beverage into a semi-frozen or frozen form has inner and outer walls forming a refrigerant cavity containing a refrigerant material with a freezing point below the freezing point of the liquid, the refrigerant material occupying at least 80% of the volume of the refrigerant cavity. The outer wall has a base portion which can be moved from a first position, where the liquid is at least semi-frozen, to a second position where the internal pressure in the refrigerant cavity urges the inner wall outwardly towards the outer wall so that the refrigerant material contacts a maximum area of the surface of the inner wall in the refrigerant cavity for maximum heat transfer and to minimise constriction of access to the frozen beverage.
Method and apparatus for chilled water injection
A method and apparatus for injecting chilled water (16) into freshly slaughtered and eviscerated poultry carcasses immediately prior to introducing the poultry carcasses into a conventional chiller (20). The chilled water (16) may be at a temperature slightly above the freezing point of water.
Ionic liquids
There is provided a mixture having a freezing point of up to 100° c. Formed by a process comprising the step of contacting: (a) from 1 to 2 equivalents of a compound of formula (i) alx3 (i) wherein each x independently represents cl, br or f; with (b) 1 equivalent of a compound of formula (ii) r1—c(o)—n(r2)(r3) (ii) wherein r1 to r3 have meanings given in the description.

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