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Fracture patents

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Determining fracture length via resonance

Propeller shaft assembly with grease retention and vent cap

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fracture-related patents
 System and method for hemi knee replacement for tibial plateau fracture patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for hemi knee replacement for tibial plateau fracture
The present invention provides a prosthetic implant for partial replacement of an anatomical part. The implant includes a unitary body with a generally flat lower end face for supporting the body on a cortical surface, a generally curved exterior side face and a generally flat upper end face.
 Propeller shaft assembly with grease retention and vent cap patent thumbnailnew patent Propeller shaft assembly with grease retention and vent cap
Disclosed is a cap that will act as a grease retention feature and venting system, while allowing crash optimization of a propeller shaft with a plunging constant velocity joint. The cap is located between a constant velocity joint and a tube of the propeller shaft system.
 Stealth dicing for ultrasound transducer array patent thumbnailnew patent Stealth dicing for ultrasound transducer array
An ultrasound transducer array is formed with stealth dicing. A laser is used to form defects within the piezoelectric substrate and along the desired kerf locations.
 Method for determining fracture plane orientation using passive seismic signals patent thumbnailnew patent Method for determining fracture plane orientation using passive seismic signals
A method for determining fracture plane orientation from seismic signals detected above a subsurface formation of interest includes detecting seismic signals using an array of seismic sensors deployed above the subsurface formation during pumping of a hydraulic fracture treatment of the subsurface formation. A time of origin and a spatial position of origin (hypocenter) of microseismic events resulting from the hydraulic fracture treatment are determined.
 Determining fracture length via resonance patent thumbnailnew patent Determining fracture length via resonance
A system and method to determine a length of a fracture induced from a borehole are described. The method includes isolating a portion of the borehole, the portion of the borehole including an end of the fracture at the borehole wall, increasing fluid pressure in the portion of the borehole, deploying a low-frequency source in the portion of the borehole, and varying a frequency of the low-frequency source to generate resonance oscillations at a resonance frequency in the fracture.
 Lightweight, crash-sensitive automotive component patent thumbnailnew patent Lightweight, crash-sensitive automotive component
The present invention provides a casting having increased crashworthiness including an an aluminum alloy of about 6.0 wt % to about 8.0 wt % si; about 0.12 wt % to about 0.25 wt % mg; less than or equal to about 0.35 wt % cu; less than or equal to about 4.0 wt % zn; less than or equal to about 0.6 wt % mn; and less than or equal to about 0.15 wt % fe, wherein the cast body is treated to a t5 or t6 temper and has a tensile strength ranging from 100 mpa to 180 mpa and has a critical fracture strain greater than 10%. The present invention further provides a method of forming a casting having increased crashworthiness..
 Rapid setting high strength calcium phosphate cements comprising cyclodextrins patent thumbnailnew patent Rapid setting high strength calcium phosphate cements comprising cyclodextrins
Rapid setting high strength calcium phosphate cements and methods of using the same are provided. Aspects of the cements include fine and coarse calcium phosphate particulate reactants and a cyclodextrin which, upon combination with a setting fluid, produce a flowable composition that rapidly sets into a high strength product.
 Fracture fixation device patent thumbnailFracture fixation device
Assemblies for securing fractured bone are provided. The assembly includes a first fixation element, a second fixation element, and an adjustable flexible member construct.
 Devices, systems and methods for treating disorders of the ear, nose and throat patent thumbnailDevices, systems and methods for treating disorders of the ear, nose and throat
Sinusitis, mucocysts, tumors, infections, hearing disorders, choanal atresia, fractures and other disorders of the paranasal sinuses, eustachian tubes, lachrymal ducts and other ear, nose, throat and mouth structures are diagnosed and/or treated using minimally invasive approaches and, in many cases, flexible catheters as opposed to instruments having rigid shafts. Various diagnostic procedures and devices are used to perform imaging studies, mucus flow studies, air/gas flow studies, anatomic dimension studies and endoscopic studies.
 Secondary battery patent thumbnailSecondary battery
A secondary battery is disclosed. In one aspect, the battery includes an electrode assembly, a can accommodating the electrode assembly therein and a cap assembly sealing the can.
S-wave anisotropy estimate by automated image registration
The present disclosure provides a system and method for estimating fracture density within a subsurface formation from s-wave seismic data. In one embodiment, the s-wave seismic data is separated into fast (“s1”) and slow (“s2”) data.
Method for removing contaminants from wastewater in hydraulic fracturing process
The method begins drilling a borehole from the surface to an underground shale matrix. A pipe is inserted into the borehole.
Device, composition and method for prevention of bone fracture and pain
Methods, apparatus, compositions for reinforcing bone structures are disclosed as well as a reinforced bone structure itself. By injecting a low viscosity polymeric solution into a trabecular bone region at least partly surrounded by cortical bone allowing it to cross-link in-situ, a non-degradable gel can effectively reinforce the region by retaining fluid in the constrained space within the cortical shell.
Orthopedic fastener device
Orthopedic fastener devices for fixation of fractured bones are disclosed. The orthopedic fastener device is in the form of an orthopedic fastener having an im nail coated on its external surface with a bioabsorbable or biodegradable hydrogel.
Dmz fracture boundary limit
A method of establishing a boundary for a material improvement process on a workpiece is disclosed. The method may include identifying a maximum allowable damage depth on the workpiece; identifying a maximum constant thickness line on the workpiece at an extent of the maximum allowable damage depth; identifying a peak vibratory stress gradient on the workpiece; identifying a peak combined engine stress on the workpiece; and specifying the boundary for the material improvement process on the workpiece relative to the maximum constant thickness line, peak vibratory stress gradient, and peak combined engine stress..
Primary ultrafine-crystalline alloy ribbon and its cutting method, and nano-crystalline, soft magnetic alloy ribbon and magnetic device using it
A method for cutting a primary ultrafine-crystalline alloy ribbon having a structure in which ultrafine crystal grains having an average grain size of 30 nm or less are dispersed in a proportion of 5-30% by volume in an amorphous matrix, comprising placing the ribbon on a soft base deformable to an acute angle by local pressing, bringing a cutter blade into horizontal contact with a surface of the ribbon, and pressing the cutter to the ribbon to apply uniform pressure thereto, thereby bending the ribbon along a cutter blade edge to brittly fracture-cut the ribbon.. .
Planar heating element for underfloor heating
A heating element includes two flexible plastics layers connected in overlying relationship with first and second conductors each running along the element between the layers the side edges with a row of printed conductive strips at right angles to the conductors. A grounding layer comprising a sheet of foil laminated to a carrier is laminated to the heating element.
Method of treating ultra-low permeable subterranean formations using proppant particulates coated with degradable material
Methods of treating an ultra-low permeability subterranean formation having a fracture complexity comprising interconnected fractures including providing a fracturing fluid comprising a base fluid and coated proppant, wherein the coated proppant comprise proppant coated with a degradable material; introducing the fracturing fluid into the ultra-low permeability subterranean formation at a rate and pressure above a fracture gradient of the ultra-low permeability subterranean formation; placing the coated proppant into a fracture of the interconnected fractures so as to form a temporarily impermeable proppant pack comprising the coated proppant therein and reduce or prevent the extension of the fracture; reducing the pressure below the fracture gradient; and degrading the degradable material coated onto the coated proppant so as to cause the temporarily impermeable proppant pack to become a permeable proppant pack.. .
Hydraulic fracturing
An improvement over known hydraulic fracturing fluids. Boundary layer kinetic mixing material is added to components of fracturing fluid wherein kinetic mixing material is a plurality of particles wherein at least 25% of particles are several types, i.e., having surface characteristics of thin walls, three dimensional wedge-like sharp blades, points, jagged bladelike surfaces, thin blade surfaces, three-dimensional blade shapes that may have shapes similar to a “y”, “v” or “x” shape or other geometric shape, slightly curved thin walls having a shape similar to an egg shell shape, crushed hollow spheres, sharp bladelike features, 90° corners that are well defined, conglomerated protruding arms in various shapes, such as cylinders, rectangles, y-shaped particles, x-shaped particles, octagons, pentagon, triangles, and diamonds.
Methods, devices and systems for extraction of thermal energy from a heat conducting metal conduit
Provided are methods, devices and systems for controlled removal of thermal energy from a fluid within a thermally conducting metal conduit. The system allows for the in situ formation of a reversible plug that can stop the flow of fluid through the conduit, particularly without inducing thermally induced stress fractures or breaches in the conduit.
Method and system of mask data preparation for curvilinear mask patterns for a device
A method comprises: (a) transforming a layout of a layer of an integrated circuit (ic) or micro electro-mechanical system (mems) to a curvilinear mask layout; (b) replacing at least one pattern of the curvilinear mask layout with a previously stored fracturing template having approximately the same shape as the pattern, to form a fractured ic or mems layout; and (c) storing, in a non-transitory storage medium, an e-beam generation file including a representation of the fractured ic or mems layout, to be used for fabricating a photomask.. .
Estimating fracture dimensions from microseismic data
Method for imaging of a hydraulic fracture generated by fluid injection. Microseismic data of the hydraulic fracture treatment is collected and analyzed for the location and magnitude of microseismic events.
Posterior lumbar plate
The present invention relates to stable fixation of spine segments, allowing for fusion in, e.g., skeletally mature patients. More particularly, the invention relates to a bone fixation device that can be affixed to vertebrae of a spine to provide reduction (or enlargement) capabilities and allow for fixation in the treatment of various conditions, including, e.g., spondyloslisthesis, degenerative disc disease, fracture, dislocation, spinal tumor, failed previous fusion, and the like, in the spine.
Periprosthetic fracture management enhancements
The present invention provides for a variety of fracture fixation options should a fracture occur after total hip arthroplasty or total knee arthroplasty, and provides associated methods and apparatus for application of provided fixation. The ability to pre-engineer fracture fixation contingent solutions into femoral or tibial components provides for a distinct clinical advantage in the planning and execution for periprosthetic fracture fixation.
Surgical nail
A surgical nail for treating a fractured bone includes a nail body extending along a longitudinal axis from a trailing end to a leading end and including a trailing end locking aperture extending transversely through a trailing end portion thereof and a leading end locking aperture extending transversely through a leading end portion thereof; a trailing end connecting element located at the trailing end of the nail body adapted and configured to be coupled to a trailing end aiming guide; and a leading end connecting element at the leading end of the nail body adapted and configured to be coupled to a leading end aiming guide.. .
Estrogen receptor ligands and methods of use thereof
The present invention relates to methods for reducing testosterone levels in a male subject and methods of treating, suppressing, reducing the incidence, reducing the severity, or inhibiting prostate cancer, advanced prostate cancer, castration resistant prostate cancer (crpc), metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mcrpc), and methods of reducing high or increasing psa levels and/or increasing shbg levels in a subject suffering from prostate cancer, advanced prostate cancer, castration resistant prostate cancer (crpc) and metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mcrpc). The compounds of this invention suppress free or total testosterone levels despite castrate levels secondary to adt and reduce high or increasing psa levels.
Bonded abrasive article and method of grinding
An abrasive article configured to grind a workpiece having a fracture toughness at least about 7 mpa·m0.5 includes a body comprising abrasive particles contained within a bond material comprising a metal, wherein the body comprises a ratio of vag/vbm of at least about 1.3, wherein vag is a volume percent of abrasive particles within a total volume of the body and vbm is a volume percent of bond material within the total volume of the body, and wherein the abrasive particles have an average particle size of 40 to 60 microns.. .
Bonded abrasive article and method of grinding
An abrasive article configured to grind a workpiece having a fracture toughness of less than about 6 mpa·m ½ includes a body comprising abrasive particles contained within a bond material comprising a metal, wherein the body comprises a ratio of vag/vbm of at least about 1.3, wherein vag is a volume percent of abrasive particles within a total volume of the body and vbm is a volume percent of bond material within the total volume of the body, and wherein the abrasive particles have an average particle size of 1 to 45 microns.. .
Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
An organic light emitting diode (oled) display includes a display substrate, an encapsulation substrate facing the display substrate; a soft sealant disposed between the display substrate and the encapsulation substrate and adhering the display substrate and the encapsulation substrate to each other; and a brittle sealant connecting a side of the display substrate and a side of the encapsulation substrate. Therefore, the organic light emitting diode (oled) display does not generate cracks on the attachment surface of the soft sealant and display substrate and encapsulation substrate because the soft sealant has a high fracture toughness even though a stress concentration phenomenon occurs on the attachment surface of the soft sealant, the display substrate and encapsulation substrate therefore, it is possible to prevent the display substrate and encapsulation substrate from being easily broken because of the external impact or deformation thereof..
Compositions and methods for forming and strengthening bone
Compositions are provided which stimulate bone growth. Also provided are methods for utilizing the compositions for filling in bone defects, promoting rapid fusion of bone fractures, grafts, and bone-prostheses, and promoting strengthening of osteoporotic bones..
Estimating risk of future bone fracture utilizing three-dimensional bone density model
A novel approach for analyzing a patient's body part of interest to assess bone strength and/or risk of future fracture includes obtaining a priori information regarding the body part of interest, performing x-ray absorptiometric scans of the patient's body part of interest and collecting x-ray absorptiometry data from the scans, constructing a three-dimensional model of the patient's body part of interest, by utilizing the a priori information along with the x-ray absorptiometric data, and performing measurements of various geometric parameters on the three-dimensional model for determining geometric and structural properties.. .
System and method for performing wellbore stimulation operations
A method of performing a stimulation operation for a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore is provided. The method involves collecting pressure measurements of an isolated interval of the wellbore during injection of an injection fluid therein, generating a fracture closure from the pressure measurements, generating transmissibility based on the fracture closure and a mini fall off test of the isolated interval during the injection, obtaining fracture geometry from images of the subterranean formation about the isolated interval, and generating system permeability from the transmissibility and the fracture geometry.
System for developing high pressure shale or tight rock formations using a profusion of open hole sinusoidal laterals
A wellbore system to produce natural gas and/or oil from high pressure shale or tight rock formations using a profusion of open hole sinusoidal laterals to achieve comparable contact surface areas with multi-stage hydraulically fractured wellbores. The laterals are drilled in an orientation designed to intersect the dominant natural fracture system and are also drilled in a sinusoidal pattern to interconnect the individual rock facies within the targeted subterranean zone.
Joint inversion with unknown lithology
Method for joint inversion of geophysical data to obtain 3-d models of geological parameters for subsurface regions of unknown lithology. Two or more data sets of independent geophysical data types are obtained, e.g.
Highly-versatile variable-angle bone plate system
A bone plate system for internal fixation of bone fractures includes a bone plate having a plurality of bone plate holes. The holes are constructed to receive either a non-locking, locking, or variable-angle locking bone screw.
Modular and non-modular cortical buttress device
A fixation device serves in facilitating reduction and repair of a fractured bone such as a clavicle or a pelvis. The fixation device includes a bone plate adapted to overlie and contact bone fragments of a fractured bone.
Implantable polymer for bone and vascular lesions
A solidifying prepolymeric implant composition comprising a biocompatible prepolymer and an optional filler. One such implant composition is a polyurethane implant composition comprising an isocyanate, such as hydroxymethylenediisocyanate (hmdi) and an alcohol, such as polycaprolactonediol (pcl diol).
Hot work tool steel with outstanding toughness and thermal conductivity
A hot work tool steel family with exceptional thermal difusivity, toughness (both fracture toughness and notch sensitivity resilience cvn—charpy v-notch) and trough hardenability has been developed. Mechanical resistance and yield strength at room and high temperatures (above 600° c.) are also high, because the tool steels of the present invention present a high alloying level despite the high thermal conductivity.
Non-post-heat treated steel and non-post-heat treated steel member
Non-post-heat treated steel contains: in mass %, c: 0.27 to 0.40%, si: 0.15 to 0.70%, mn: 0.55 to 1.50%, p: 0.010 to 0.070%, s: 0.05 to 0.15%, cr: 0.10 to 0.60%, v: 0.030% or more and less than 0.150%, ti: more than 0.10%, not more than 0.200%, al: 0.002 to 0.050%, and n: 0.002 to 0.020%, and optionally one or more of cu≦0.40% and ni≦0.30%; the balance being fe and impurities, wherein [ti]−3.4[n]−1.5[s]<0, and 0.60<[c]+([si]/10)+([mn]/5)+(5[cr]/22)+(33[v]/20)−(5[s]/7)<0.80. The steel can be used to make a high fatigue strength connecting rod for automobile engines which is fracture-split from a hot forged shape.
Pick for earthworking machine
A pick to be used on an earth working roll for mining, construction and public works machines such as crushers, surface miners, milling machines and the like. The pick includes a working end with holes that extend into the pick and inserts are received into the holes.
Gripping device
A gripper formed as a single component includes a hoop portion connecting facing arms. Each arm may have a tang end, a jaw end and a pivot intermediate the tang and jaw ends and be attached to the hoop portion at the pivot to be pivotable to change the size of a jaw opening defined by the jaw ends.
System for pumping hydraulic fracturing fluid using electric pumps
A system for hydraulically fracturing an underground formation in an oil or gas well to extract oil or gas from the formation, the oil or gas well having a wellbore that permits passage of fluid from the wellbore into the formation. The system includes a plurality of pumps powered by electric induction motors and fluidly connected to the well, the pumps configured to pump fluid into the wellbore at high pressure so that the fluid passes from the wellbore into the, and fractures the formation.
Stopping device, transferring device, and transferring method
The present disclosure provides a stopping device, which includes a first stopping plate and a second stopping plate connected to one end of the first stopping plate and cooperating with the first stopping plate to form an angle which is less than or equal to 90 degrees. The present disclosure further provides a transferring device with the stopping device and a transferring method.
Minimal incision removable bone screw, driver, and method of use
A surgical bone screw 1) and driver (31), and a method for using them for repairing an osteotomy or fracture. The screw has a shaft having a head (5) at its proximal end, screw threads (3) at its distal end and a compression member (7) between the head and the screw threads.
Bone plate for plate osteosynthesis and method for use thereof
A bone plate and method for use thereof affords use of at least two surgical approaches to attach the bone plate to a fractured bone to facilitate reduction and repair thereof. The bone plate includes two domains extending in different directions from a transition zone.
Particle toughening for improving fracture toughness
A curable prepreg ply formed by applying two outer resin films to the top and bottom surfaces, respectively, of a layer of resin-impregnated reinforcement fibers. The outer resin films contains insoluble toughening particles, and partially soluble or swellable toughening particles, but the resin matrix which impregnates the reinforcement fibers does not contain the same toughening particles.
Rotor blade root spacer with a fracture feature
A rotor assembly is provided that includes a rotor disk, a rotor blade and a root spacer. The rotor disk includes a slot.
Wear-indicating bearing and method
A wear-indicating bearing and method of detecting wear in a bearing are disclosed. The bearing includes a bearing stack having a first end and a second end with a longitudinal axis defined between the first and second ends.
Railroad rail head repair
A multi-pass gas metal arc weld (“gmaw”) approach is used for in-situ repair of railhead defects. A defect is removed via machining a perpendicular slot or grove in the railhead leaving the web and base unaltered.
Method for extending a network of existing fractures
The present invention relates to a method for extending a network of existing fractures in a subterranean formation. This method comprises pumping a first fluid into a pressurized volume to pressurize a compressible fluid in said pressurized volume to a predetermined pressure and releasing a second fluid out of the pressurized volume in a confined volume connected to the existing fractures, the second fluid being released due to a relaxation of the pressurized compressible fluid in the pressurized volume.
Methods of enhancing the conductivity of propped fractures with in-situ acidizing
Methods of treating subterranean formations comprising providing a wellbore in a subterranean formation having at least one fracture therein; providing a first treatment fluid comprising a base fluid and an acid generating inert agent; providing a second treatment fluid comprising a base fluid, and an acid generating activator; introducing the first treatment fluid into the at least one fracture; and introducing the second treatment fluid into the at least one fracture, wherein the acid generating inert agent in the first treatment fluid reacts with the acid generating activator in the second treatment fluid so as to generate an acid in the at least one fracture and create or enhance at least one microfracture therein.. .
System and method for determining mechanical properties of a formation
A method and/or a system determines mechanical properties of a fluid-bearing formation. One or more packers may be used to measure and/or collect data regarding mechanical properties of a formation.
Method of evaluating and selecting an enhanced oil recovery strategy for fractured reservoirs
The invention is a method of evaluating a recovery potential for hydrocarbons contained in a fractured reservoir, using an enhanced recovery technique. Characteristic reservoir data, data obtained from well test results and data relative to the development conditions are acquired.
Proximal humerus fracture repair plate and system
Devices and systems for repairing bone fractures and more specifically a fracture repair plate that provides for fixation of a metaphysis to the diaphysis of a long bone, for instance a fracture between the proximal humerus and the diaphysis of the humerus. The fracture repair system includes an implantable repair fracture repair plate and a bone anchor for fixing the fracture repair plate to a bone.
Graduated guide pin for use in medical treatment
A graduated guide pin for selecting a screw for connecting a fractured bone is formed by a pin-like main body 11 of a radiotransparent metal and ring-like members 12 of a radioopaque metal. The ring-like members are arranged on an outer surface of the main body such that successive members are separated from each other by a distance equal to that of the ring-like members.
Composite material with polyamide particle mixtures
Pre-impregnated composite material (prepreg) is provided that can be cured/molded to form composite parts having high damage tolerance and interlaminar fracture toughness. The matrix resin includes a thermoplastic particle component that includes a mixture of polyamide 12 particles and polyamide 11 particles..
Systems and methods for fracture detection in an integrated circuit
Systems, methods, and devices are provided to identify the occurrence, location, and/or severity of a fracture within an integrated circuit, even when the integrated circuit is not accessible to external inspection. One such method includes obtaining a measurement of a property of the integrated circuit through at least one contact of the integrated circuit.
Dual-pump formation fracturing
Methods comprising conveying a downhole tool within a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation, wherein the downhole tool comprises a first pump and a second pump, and wherein at least one operational capability of the first and second pumps is substantially different. A fracture is initiated in the subterranean formation by pumping fluid into the formation using the first pump.
Biaxially stretched polyester film, method of producing same, and solar cell module
Provided is a biaxially stretched polyester film in which a thickness is from 200 μm to 800 μm, fracture strength in both a longitudinal stretching direction and a lateral stretching direction is from 180 mpa to 300 mpa, an internal haze (hin) is from 0.3% to 20%, a difference (Δh=hsur−hin) between an external haze (hsur) and the internal haze (hin) is 2% or less, and an intrinsic viscosity is from 0.68 to 0.90, a method of the biaxially stretched polyester film, a solar cell power generation module using the biaxially stretched polyester film.. .
Reversibly engaged force-controlled buckle and pelvic ring support device incorporating such a buckle
A belt-like hip-girdling pelvic sling device for maintaining a desired amount of tension surrounding a person's hips and pelvis to securely support and stabilize a fractured pelvis, including a force-controlled buckle that automatically latches to control the tension and that includes a releasable latching mechanism. The latching mechanism maintains engagement of the buckle with a strap at the required position of the strap with respect to the buckle.
Zero-leakoff gel
A silicate gel composition that is useful for sealing the face of a fracture of a formation. A method of sealing a face of a fracture of a formation with the silicate gel composition and diverting an acid treatment fluid..
Production of cheese with s. thermophilus
Methods and compositions for producing cheese with s. Thermophilus and a urease inhibitor, and for producing hard or semi-hard cheese, such as cheddar, with s.

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