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Apparatus for preventing overcharge of battery

Hyundai Mobis

Apparatus for preventing overcharge of battery

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fracture-related patents
 Shape memory bioresorbable polymer peripheral scaffolds patent thumbnailnew patent Shape memory bioresorbable polymer peripheral scaffolds
Bioabsorbable scaffolds having high crush recoverability, high fracture resistance, and reduced or no recoil due to self expanding properties at physiological conditions are disclosed. The scaffolds are made from a random copolymer of plla and a rubbery polymer such as polycaprolactone..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.
 Apparatus and methods for bone access and cavity preparation patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for bone access and cavity preparation
Apparatus and methods for preparing the interior of a bone for therapy. The therapy may include therapy for a bone fracture.
Conventus Orthopaedics, Inc.
 Keratin bioceramic compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Keratin bioceramic compositions
A malleable bone graft composition is described. The composition comprises: (a) keratose; (b) particulate filler; (c) antibiotic; and (d) water.
Wake Forest University Health Sciences
 Carbon fiber-reinforced article and method therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Carbon fiber-reinforced article and method therefor
A method of fabricating a carbon fiber-reinforced article includes providing carbon fibers that have surfaces that include an initial interfacial bonding strength capacity with respect to bonding with boron nitride. The surfaces are then modified to reduce the initial interfacial bonding strength capacity.
United Technologies Corporation
 Method for improving quality of spalled material layers patent thumbnailnew patent Method for improving quality of spalled material layers
Methods for removing a material layer from a base substrate utilizing spalling in which mode iii stress, i.e., the stress that is perpendicular to the fracture front created in the base substrate, during spalling is reduced. The substantial reduction of the mode iii stress during spalling results in a spalling process in which the spalled material has less surface roughness at one of its' edges as compared to prior art spalling processes in which the mode iii stress is present and competes with spalling..
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology
 Apparatus for preventing overcharge of battery patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for preventing overcharge of battery
The present invention relates to an apparatus for preventing overcharge of a battery, and more particularly, to an apparatus for preventing overcharge of a battery, which interrupts power of the battery by inducing a fracture of a busbar to prevent overcharge and to this end, provided is an apparatus for preventing overcharge of a battery, including: a battery cell; an electrode tab extended from both sides of the battery cell and constituted by a negative tab and a positive tab; and a busbar connecting the negative tab and the positive tab, wherein the busbar has a cut part fractured by expansion of the battery cell.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.
 Method for bone tissue regeneration in experiments patent thumbnailnew patent Method for bone tissue regeneration in experiments
The invention relates to the treatment of different bone injuries, particularly fractures and fissure fractures, and can be used in medical and veterinary therapy and surgery. In order to reduce the time taken for bone tissue to regenerate at the site of damage or a defect and to reduce the time taken for the normal physiological functioning of an injured bone o be restored, a method is used for regenerating bone tissue by fixing fragments of the damaged bone with a plaster cast or a bandage made of a polymer material and introducing into the fracture zone an aqueous solution containing 1-hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid in an amount of (1.80-2.06) g/l, anhydrous calcium chloride in an amount of (1.44-2.22) g/l, gadolinium (iii) nitrate hexahydrate in an amount of (0.3-0.40) g/l and dysprosium (iii) chloride hexahydrate in an amount of (0.038-0.076) g/l, with a ph of (7.3-7.8), wherein, prior to being introduced into the fracture zone, the above solution is brought to a temperature of (30-100)° c., is held at this temperature for (1-48) hours and is then cooled to room temperature.
 Container end closure with a score feature patent thumbnailnew patent Container end closure with a score feature
An end closure for food and beverage containers is provided. The end closure comprises a score fracture force reduction feature.
Ball Corporation
 Variable geometry fracture sealing tester patent thumbnailnew patent Variable geometry fracture sealing tester
A fracture insert is disclosed including a first cylindrical portion and a second cylindrical portion disposed opposite the first cylindrical portion defining a radial gap therebetween to form an axial flow channel. The axial flow channel provides a flow path for a drilling fluid from a top of the cylindrical portions to a bottom of the cylindrical portions and the radial gap provides a flow path for the drilling fluid from the axial flow channel to a radial terminus of the first cylindrical portion and the second cylindrical portion..
M-i L.l.c.
 Systems and methods for speed-adjustable model navigation patent thumbnailSystems and methods for speed-adjustable model navigation
Systems and methods for speed-adjustable model navigation are provided. In aspects, a model platform includes a model engine and a speed tool that operates with the model engine to generate a graphical view of a geological model.

Well pressure control event detection and prediction method

A method for identifying and predicting well pressure control events includes pumping fluid into a wellbore and collecting fluid returning from the wellbore. A first parameter related to a rate of flow of fluid pumped into the wellbore is measured.

Cortical loop fixation system for ligament and bone reconstruction

A system is disclosed for repairing and reconstructing an injured intra-articular, extra-articular ligament or tendon to a bone. The system includes realigning the axis of a bone, and further includes fixing fragments of a bone together.

Staples for generating and applying compression within a body

A staple comprising: a bridge configured to be elastically stretchable; a first leg connected to said bridge and configured to be elastically bendable; and a second leg connected to said bridge and configured to be elastically bendable; said first and second legs being connected to said bridge so that they are angled toward one another when they are in an unstrained state; such that when said bridge is elastically strained into an elongated condition, and said first and second legs are elastically strained so that they extend substantially parallel to one another, and said first and second legs are disposed in appropriate holes on opposing sides of a fracture line, and when the strain on said staple is thereafter released, compression will be provided across the fracture line by both said bridge and said first and second legs.. .

Grooved crimp with a set screw

A device for binding a cable about a fractured bone to stabilize a fracture includes a slot including a distal opening sized to receive an enlarged end of a cable and a proximal opening sized to permit the cable to slide therethrough while preventing the enlarged end from passing therethough and a bore sized to slidably receive the cable, the bore extending to a proximal opening in combination with a locking element channel extending to a distal end opening into the bore and a locking element movable into a locking position in which a distal end of the locking element extends into the bore to engage a portion of the cable received therein and lock the cable in a desired position within the bore.. .

Fixing device for fixing the fracture ends of the bones in a bone fracture, and tensioning element, angle clamping sleeve and corresponding method

The invention proposes a fixing device for fixing the fracture ends of bones in a bone fracture comprising at least two tensioning elements (2a, 2b), each of which has a contoured body that is hollow when viewed from above, has a circumferential wall (4) and two face sided receiving sections (6a, 6b) lying opposite to each other, at least one clamping sleeve and at least two fixing means which can be position in the face sided receiving sections. The at least two tensioning elements (2a, 2b) are positioned in relation to each other in such a way that one receiving section (6a, 6b) of each tensioning element (2a, 2b) is aligned with the respective other receiving section and are penetrated by the clamping sleeve in such a way that both tensioning elements (2a, 2b) are coupled to each other.

System and treating a fractured bone

A system for treating a fracture of a bone with an intramedullary canal. A first implant has a body with an elongate intramedullary portion and a paddle having a surface to engage the bone.

Force applying attachment, kit and pre-loosening a tooth in order to facilitate removal thereof

The present invention discloses a tool, kit and method for applying loading, torsional/twisting, oscillatory or vibration induced forces to a bond line established between a tooth root surface and an associated bone defined socket within which the tooth is held. Forces are applied typically for a given number of cycles or iterations in order to adequately pre-loosen the tooth from the bone.

Composition and treating subterranean formations using inorganic fibers in injected fluids

A method of plugging an opening in a subterranean formation such as a fracture system is provided. A gel composition can be provided which includes an aqueous fluid, a cross-linkable polymer soluble in the aqueous fluid and a cross-linking agent.

Method to underdisplace hydraulic fractures in horizontal or deviated well

A method for underdisplacing fracture proppant in a well bore. The method can include providing a set retainer having a passage configured to receive a wiper plug.

Multi-stage fracture injection process for enhanced resource production from shales

The invention relates to a method of generating an enhanced fracture network in a rock formation by the sequential stages of: i) injecting a non-slurry aqueous solution into a well extending into the formation at a rate and pressure which is close to the minimum hydraulic fracture initiation pressure and rate of the formation, until the maximum possible stimulated volume of the formation has been substantially attained to generate an outer zone of self-propping fractures; ii) injecting a first slurry of relatively fine grains of proppant to prop fractures generated in stage i within an intermediate zone located within and surrounded by the outer zone generated in stage i; and iii) injecting a second slurry comprising relatively coarse grains of to generate large fractures within an inner zone surrounded by and within the intermediate zone, in communication with the fractures generated in stages i and ii.. .

High power laser hydraulic fracturing, stimulation, tools systems and methods

There are provided high power laser perforation, hydraulic fracturing systems, tools and methods for the stimulation and recovery of energy sources, such as hydrocarbons, from a formation. These systems, tools and methods provide predetermined laser beam energy patterns, to provide for the down hole volumetric removal of custom geometries of materials, sealing of perforations, reperorations, refractures and other downhole actives..

Easily removed identification bands

A band for encircling a body part includes a strip of substantially non-stretchable material having a single weakened region comprising a removable strip of the band. The strip of substantially non-stretchable material has two ends having associated therewith one or more closure mechanisms to securely attach the two ends together.

Cage having spike

The present invention relates to a cage which is inserted between vertebral bodies of a cervical vertebra or spine during an operation for treating a cervical disc disease, myelosis, or fracture of the cervical vertebra or spine, and more particularly, to a cage with spikes, including upper and lower spikes which are attached to a clip inserted into a main body of the cage, unfolded upward and downward from the main body, and locked to vertebral bodies of a cervical vertebra or spine positioned at the top and bottom of the cage such that the cage is fixed and locked between the vertebral bodies.. .

Methods, materials and treating bone and other tissue

(b) introducing a sufficient amount of artificial biocompatible material which does not set to a hardened condition in storage, into said bone, with sufficient force to move apart fractured portions of said bone.. .

Tplo plate with suture holes for rotational stability

A tplo plate configured to accommodate flexible strands (flexible loops) attached to tissue to be attached to bone. The tplo plate has one or more suture eyelets, to allow the user (surgeon) to pass a flexible strand through the eyelets and attach/reattach the tissue to the plate at the anatomical location, and to improve the rotational stability of the joint or bone.
Inthrex, Inc.

Intramedullary nails for long bone fracture setting

An intramedullary nail has a proximal part for engagement with a proximal bone fragment and a distal part for engagement with a distal bone fragment. A motion assembly interconnects the parts and allows limited axial relative motion of the proximal and distal parts.
Cork Institute Of Technology

Drilling fluids with nano and granular particles and their use for wellbore strengthening

There is described a drilling fluid for wellbore strengthening having nanoparticles and granular particles. In one aspect described herein, the drilling fluid is an invert emulsion based fluid.
Nfluids Inc.

Touch display device and manufacturing method thereof

A touch display device is provided. The touch display device comprises a display panel and a touch panel disposed on the display panel.
Innolux Corporation

Treatment for recycling fracture water - gas and oil recovery in shale deposits

A method and apparatus for hydrocarbon recovery and/or treatment of frac water includes introducing a volume of water into a formation, recovering the introduced water, with the recovered introduced water further comprising suspended hydrocarbon product. The recovered liquid is treated to remove substantial amounts of the suspended hydrocarbon product, provide the treated recovered liquid with a orp in a range of 150 mv to 1000 mv, and partially desalinated, and is either re-introduced as treated recovered liquid with the orp into a formation to assist in recovery of additional hydrocarbon deposits in the formation, or is stored to reduce the orp and then subsequently discharged into surface waters..
Kerfoot Technologies, Inc.

Hard-facing for downhole tools and matrix bit bodies with enhanced wear resistance and fracture toughness

A composite material and a methods of making and using the composite material, wherein the composite material provides improved wear resistance and fracture toughness to hard-facing and matrix materials for down hole drilling tools.. .
National Oilwell Dht, L.p.

Consolidation compositions for use in subterranean formation operations

Embodiments disclosed herein include methods comprising providing a consolidation composition comprising the reaction product of a liquid curable resin and a liquid curing agent, wherein the liquid curable resin is an epoxy-functionalized alkoxysilane and wherein the liquid curing agent is selected from the group consisting of: a polyamine; a hydrophobically modified polyamine; a polyimine; a hydrophobically modified polyimine; a polyalcohol; hydrophobically modified polyacrylamide; a hydrophobically modified polyacrylate; and any combination thereof; coating proppant particulates with the consolidation composition, thereby creating coated proppant particulates; introducing the coated proppant particulates into a subterranean formation and placing the coated proppant particulates into a fracture therein; and curing the consolidation composition so as to consolidate the coated proppant particulates in the fracture and form a proppant pack therein.. .
Haliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Compositions for use in treating or diagnosing bone disorders and/or cardiovascular disorders

Compositions of an inhibitor of a polynucleotide for use in treating or preventing bone disorders such as osteoporosis, osteopenia, bone fracture, bone cancer, as well as impaired bone homeostasis. Preferred compounds to be used in these medical interventions are antagonistic compounds, like nucleic acid molecules, directed against mir-31 and derivatives thereof.
Universitat Fur Bodenkultur Wien

Multi-stage fracturing with smart frack sleeves while leaving a full flow bore

Fracking ports are initially obstructed with respective biased sleeves that have an associated release device responsive to a unique signal. The signal can be electronic or magnetic and delivered in a ball or dart that is dropped or pumped past a sensor associated with each release device.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Method for remediation of subterranean-formed metal-polymer complexes using a metal complexing agent

This disclosure describes formulations and methods for remediating subterranean-formed metal-polymer complexes in wells in subterranean formations. In one embodiment, the method includes injecting a metal-polymer complex remediation mixture containing a metal complexing agent into a subterranean formation adjacent to a well at a pressure below the fracture pressure of the formation.

Fracturing a wellbore

The disclosure contained herein describes systems, units, and methods usable to stimulate a formation including a pump usable to pressurize fluid, an electric-powered driver in communication with and actuating the pump, and an electrical power source in communication with and powering the electric-powered driver. The electrical power source can include on-site generators and/or grid power sources, and transformers can be used to alter the voltage received to a voltage suitable for powering the electric-powered driver.
Prostim Labs, Llc

Proppants with improved flow back capacity

A deformable particulate material made of cement materials such as aluminosilicate cement and having an aspect ratio of greater than 1 to about 25 may be mixed with conventional proppants to give a blend with improved flow back capacity when the blend is injected into a hydraulic fracture created in a subterranean formation.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Re-fracture wellbore

Re-treatment of a formation having a wellbore, which can be an open hole or a cased hole lined with casing, involves deploying a tubing string in the casing having tools disposed at intervals thereon. The tools position on the tubing string, and the tubing string with the tools thereon is inserted into the casing.
Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

Pulsed fracturing method and apparatus

The branching of fractures in shale formations surrounding a wellbore can be enhanced so that more rock surface is exposed in the formation and more hydrocarbon resources can be recovered using smaller quantities of fracturing fluids. The branching of the fractures can be enhanced by establishing a substantially static sub-threshold fluid pressure in a well in a geological formation, and generating a pressure pulse in the well such that the pressure pulse combined with the substantially static sub-threshold fluid pressure forms a plurality of fractures in the geological formation.
West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation

Apparatus for use in spinal surgery

Described here are deformable monolithic, stabilization devices, or implants, suitable for use within bone and between bones, for instance, to fuse vertebral bodies, to repair herniated discs, or to repair spinal compression fractures. The implants are introduced into a chose site at a first, smaller height and then plastically deformed to achieve a second, but unique, pre-selected, larger height.
Spine Wave, Inc.

Dynamic bioabsorbable fastener for use in wound closure

A fastener for insertion into pierced openings of a tissue wound has a body formed of a generally bioabsorbable polymer defining an initial capture area. The body includes a pair of arms, each with an inwardly projecting cleat operably joined at an elbow portion defining an internal elbow angle.
Incisive Surgical, Inc.

Interlocking intramedullary rod assembly for proximal femoral fractures, including unstable hip fractures

An interlocking intramedullary rod assembly for treating a fracture of a bone, the interlocking intramedullary rod assembly comprising: an intramedullary rod comprising a distal section and a proximal section; a distal interlocking screw comprising a distal end and a proximal end; and a proximal interlocking screw comprising a distal end and a proximal end; wherein the distal section of the intramedullary rod comprises a static distal seat for receiving the distal interlocking screw, and the proximal section of the intramedullary rod comprises a dynamic proximal seat for receiving the proximal interlocking screw; and further wherein the static distal seat is configured to secure the distal interlocking screw to the intramedullary rod such that the distal interlocking screw cannot move relative to the intramedullary rod, and the dynamic proximal seat is configured to secure the proximal interlocking screw to the intramedullary rod such that the angle between the distal end of the proximal interlocking screw and the proximal section of the intramedullary rod can be reduced but not increased. The proximal interlocking screw can provide dual plane compression at the fracture site, which includes linear compression at the fracture site and angular compression at the fracture site.

Robot for use with orthopaedic inserts

A robot-guided system to assist orthopaedic surgeons in performing orthopaedic surgical procedures on pre-positioned inserts, including for the fixation of bone fractures, and especially for use in long bone distal intramedullary locking procedures. The system provides a mechanical guide for drilling the holes for distal screws in intramedullary nailing surgery.
Mazor Robotics Ltd.

System and treating bone fractures

A system and method for treating a fracture of a bone that produces first and second bone parts separated by a fracture line. A first implant has a first body.
Trimed, Incorporated

Fixation robot for bone fractures

A fixation robot enables the alignment of fractured bones in orthopaedic operations, wherein it includes the following: a fixed retainer jaw connected to one piece of the fractured bone, a moving retainer jaw connected to the other piece of the fractured bone and a motion transfer assembly providing motion to the moving retainer jaw.. .
Tamis Otogaz Sanayi Ticaret Ve MÜhendislik Hizmetleri Ithalat Inhracat Limited Sirketi

Propeller shaft for vehicle

A propeller shaft for a vehicle includes: a shaft having a plurality of catching protrusions for a spline-connection along an outer peripheral surface; a tube having a plurality of catching grooves along an inner peripheral surface into which the shaft is inserted; a stopper member provided to be fixed to an inner peripheral surface of the tube, one end corresponding to a remote end of the shaft and which is fractured when a collision load is applied thereto; and a locking member one end of which is in contact with one end of the stopper member and which is connected to the shaft and supports both ends of the stopper member together with the shaft, thereby restricting a sliding of the shaft, and which is slid inside the tube together with the shaft when the stopper member is fractured.. .
Kia Motors Corp.

Organic light-emitting apparatus and manufacturing the same

An organic light-emitting apparatus including: a substrate; an organic light-emitting device disposed on the substrate and including a first electrode, a second electrode, and an intermediate layer disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode; and an encapsulation layer provided to cover the organic light-emitting device. The encapsulation layer includes a first inorganic layer including a first fracture point, and a first fracture control layer provided on the first inorganic layer to seal the first fracture point..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Method and device for the fracture separation of a workpiece

A method and a device for fracture separation of a workpiece and a workpiece fracture-separated by the method in accordance with the invention or with the device in accordance with the invention are disclosed. According to the invention, at a distance from a fracture separating notch at least one fracture directing notch is formed, which plays a part in determining the path followed by the fracture separating plane.
Mauser-werke Oberndorf Maschinenbau Gmbh

Wiring substrate, multi-piece wiring substrate, and manufacturing same

A wiring substrate includes a substrate main body which is formed of a ceramic laminate and has a rectangular shape in plan view, and which has a front surface and a back surface and has four side surfaces, each being located between the front surface and the back surface, and having a groove surface located on a side toward the front surface and a fracture surface located on a side toward the back surface; and a metalized layer which is formed on the front surface of the substrate main body so as to extend along the four side surfaces, and which has a rectangular frame shape in plan view, wherein a horizontal surface of the ceramic laminate of the substrate main body is exposed between the metalized layer and the groove surface of each side surface of the substrate main body.. .
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

Well treatment fluids containing biodegradable zirconium crosslinker and methods of using the same

A fracturing fluid containing a hydratable viscosifying polymer and a zirconium acetylacetonate crosslinker provides a green alternative to conventional systems. The zirconium aceylacetonate is dissolved in benzyl alcohol or in a mixture of benzyl alcohol and 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolan-4(yl)-methanol.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Well treatment with shapeshifting particles

Well treatment with shapeshifting particles. Methods, treatment fluids and systems utilizing shapeshifting particles are disclosed.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Structure for gunpowder charge in multi-frac composite perforating device

This invention provides a multi-frac composite perforation device having (i) a gun body having an outer wall, (ii) an inner gunpowder box between adjacent perforating charges in the charge frame 1 of said perforation device, and (iii) a structure for gunpowder charge with an outer gunpowder box 4 attached to an outer wall of the charge frame 1, the gun body has a pressure releasing structure corresponding to a closed end of the perforating charge. This invention further provides a method of using the multi-frac composite perforating device to fracture a formation and the choice of gunpowders and gun body thickness with regards to the pressure required for fracturing a formation..
Tong Oil Tools Co., Ltd

Method and generating seismic pulses to map subterranean fractures

The methods described are for determining distribution, orientation and dimensions of networks of hydraulically-induced fractures within a subterranean formation containing fluids. Micro-seismic events are generated by particles introduced into the fractures which are capable of explosive or chemical reaction.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Bone fixation plate

A bone fixation plate for fixing a fracture part of a bone is disclosed and can stably fix on a surface of a bone. The bone fixation plate has a protruding curved face, an indentation curved face and two rows of through holes.
National Cheng Kung University

Apparatus, device and wafer dicing

An apparatus, device and method for wafer dicing is disclosed. In one example, the apparatus discloses: a wafer holding device having a first temperature; a die separation bar moveably coupled to the wafer holding device; and a cooling device coupled to the apparatus and having a second temperature which enables the die separation bar to fracture an attachment material in response to movement with respect to the wafer holding device.
Nxp B.v.

Electroseismic surveying in exploration and production environments

Systems, methods, and computer programs for monitoring a drilling operation in a subterranean formation include receiving, from a first sensor array, one or more signals caused, at least in part, by the fracturing operation in the subterranean formation; receiving, from the first sensor array, one or more electromagnetic signals generated by an electroseismic or seismoelectric conversion of the seismic signals caused, at least in part, by the fracturing operation in the subterranean formation; and determining a property of one or more of a fracture or the subterranean formation based, at least in part, at least in part, on the signals received from the first sensor array. The first sensor array is arranged to monitor the fracturing operation.

Magnetic material core-embedded resin multilayer board, manufacturing method therefor, electronic device, and antenna device

An antenna device includes a resin multilayer board in which a plurality of resin sheets are stacked, and a coil conductor provided in the resin multilayer board. A plurality of line portions of the coil conductor are provided on a lower surface of the resin sheet.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Stressed substrates for transient electronic systems

A stressed substrate for transient electronic systems (i.e., electronic systems that visually disappear when triggered to do so) that includes one or more stress-engineered layers that store potential energy in the form of a significant internal stress. An associated trigger mechanism is also provided that, when triggered, causes an initial fracture in the stressed substrate, whereby the fracture energy nearly instantaneously travels throughout the stressed substrate, causing the stressed substrate to shatter into multiple small (e.g., micron-sized) pieces that are difficult to detect.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Methods and system for creating high conductivity fractures

Methods for forming proppant pillars in a formation during formation fracturing include include periods of pumping a first fracturing fluid including a proppant and an aggregating composition including a reaction product of a phosphate compound or a plurality of phosphate and an amine, periods of pumping a second fracturing fluid excluding a proppant and an aggregating composition including a reaction product of a phosphate compound and periods of pumping a third fracturing fluid including an aggregating composition including a reaction product of a phosphate compound, where the pumping of the three fracturing fluids may be in any order and may involve continuous pumping, pulse pumping, or non-continuous pumping.. .
Clearwater International, Llc

Foot, ankle and lower extremity compression and fixation system and related uses

In general, various embodiments of the present invention comprise an external fixation device, an internal fixation device, and a lower extremity stabilizer. The external fixation device is connected to the lower extremity stabilizer and the external fixation device is adjustably connected to the internal fixation device.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

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