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Fracture patents

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Encapsulated microenergetic material

Lawrence Livermore National Security

Encapsulated microenergetic material

Method of removing oral root tip

Method of removing oral root tip

Method of removing oral root tip


Method for fracking wells using a packer to form primary and secondary fracs and seal intervals for hydrualic fracturing

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fracture-related patents
 Flexible plate fixation of bone fractures patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible plate fixation of bone fractures
Embodiments provide methods, apparatuses, and systems for fixation of a fractured bone with a bone plate. In various embodiments, the systems and plates provide elastic suspension of the receiving holes relative to an osteosynthesis plate.
Zimmer, Inc.
 Brace for tissue repairs patent thumbnailnew patent Brace for tissue repairs
Fixation of tissue such as bone or ligament is performed using a flexible material (for example, a suture net or brace or sling) with a portion having an expanded footprint to provide a sling or net or meshing for treatment of bone fractures, or for holding bone graft material and/or biologic material allowing precise placement of such bone grafts and/or biologic material at a repair site (for example, soft tissue or bone fracture repair site). The flexible material may have any shape and geometry that provides holding/supporting between the material and the tissue/bone to be fixated.
Arthrex, Inc.
 Method of removing oral root tip patent thumbnailnew patent Method of removing oral root tip
The present disclosure relates generally to the field of oral surgery and, more particularly, to a minimally invasive method of extracting fractured root tips of teeth from the corresponding tooth socket. In some embodiments, the method comprises the steps of selecting a broken root tip removal instrument which comprises a finger grip coupled to a conical radial tip comprising a spiral cutting screw and then placing the fine point against an exposed surface of a broken root tip, subsequently applying a torque to the finger grip thereby causing the radial tip to screw into the broken root tip such that the root tip removal instrument securely anchors into the broken root tip, and finally applying a force to the finger grip thereby extracting the broken root tip from a root canal..
 Method for fracking wells using a packer to form primary and secondary fracs and seal intervals for hydrualic fracturing patent thumbnailnew patent Method for fracking wells using a packer to form primary and secondary fracs and seal intervals for hydrualic fracturing
A method for fracking and completing a well (10) having a well bore (12) through a formation (14) includes the steps of: packer jack fracking the formation using a packer (22) to form a packer fractured formation (28), moving the packer (22) to seal the packer fractured formation (28), and hydraulically fracturing the packer fractured formation (28) by injecting a fracking fluid (30) through the packer (22). These steps can then be repeated through successive intervals (i1, i2) of the formation (14).
Baski, Inc.
 Encapsulated microenergetic material patent thumbnailnew patent Encapsulated microenergetic material
Providing high energy materials that can be placed in previously created fractures and activating them in place to extend or change an existing fracture system. Also detecting the location of fractures or permeable pathways and a means to assess the extent and efficiency of proppant emplacement..
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc
 Apparatus,  compression testing of test specimens patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus, compression testing of test specimens
There is provided an apparatus for compression testing. The apparatus has a base assembly having an end load element attached to the base assembly, the base assembly being rigid.
The Boeing Company
 Method and  bone fixation with secondary compression patent thumbnailMethod and bone fixation with secondary compression
Disclosed is a fracture fixation device, for reducing and compressing fractures in a bone. The fixation device includes an elongate body.
Interventional Spine, Inc.
 Surface-treated carbon nanotube and resin composition patent thumbnailSurface-treated carbon nanotube and resin composition
Provided is a surface-treated carbon nanotube having few surface fractures, not reducing the molecular weight of the resin to be mixed and having excellent extrudability. In the surface-treated carbon nanotube, the thermal reduction amount at 600° c.
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation
 Base metal for high-toughness clad plate having excellent toughness at welded joint and  manufacturing the clad plate patent thumbnailBase metal for high-toughness clad plate having excellent toughness at welded joint and manufacturing the clad plate
A base metal for high-toughness clad plate having excellent toughness at a welded joint contains, in terms of mass %, c: 0.030 to 0.10%, si: 0.10 to 0.30%, mn: 1.00 to 1.60%, p: 0.015% or less, s: 0.003% or less, v: less than 0.010%, and at least one selected from mo: 0.05 to 0.50%, nb: 0.010 to 0.060%, ti: 0.005 to 0.020%, al: 0.040% or less, ca: 0.0010 to 0.0040%, and n: 0.0030 to 0.0060%, the balance being fe and unavoidable impurities, in which a percent ductile fracture is 85% or more in a −20° c. Dwtt test and ve−20° c.
Jfe Steel Corporation
 Fracture evaluation through cased boreholes patent thumbnailFracture evaluation through cased boreholes
A method of estimating fractures in an earth formation includes: disposing an acoustic tool in a cased borehole in an earth formation, the acoustic tool including a multipole acoustic transmitter and an acoustic receiver; transmitting an acoustic signal into the borehole; measuring deep shear wave (dsw) signals generated from shear body waves reflected in the formation in a far-field region of the formation around the borehole; and estimating at least a location and an orientation of a fracture in the formation based on the dsw signals.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Systems and methods for improving reservoir fluid recovery from fractured subterranean formations

Systems and methods for improving reservoir fluid recovery from fractured subterranean formations. The methods may include injecting a pressurizing fluid into an injection fracture that extends within a subterranean formation and producing a produced fluid from a production fracture that extends within the subterranean formation.

Apparatus and methods for securing a bone implant

Apparatus and methods for securing a bone implant are provided. The implant may be an expandable implant.
Conventus Orthopaedics, Inc.

Methods and compositions for stimulating bone regeneration

The invention provides methods and compositions for stimulating or promoting bone regeneration or repairing bone fracture or for stimulating or increasing differentiation or activation of osteoblasts by administering to a subject a therapeutically effective amount of an adenosine receptor agonist, or an analog, derivative or combination thereof, an adenosine receptor antagonist, or an analog, derivative or combination thereof, or adenosine or a compound that upregulates, increases the amount of or increases the biological activity of adenosine. The invention also extends to pharmaceutical compositions such as those comprising an agent that modulates an adenosine receptor such as an adenosine a2a agonist or a1 antagonist..
New York University

Thermoset nanocomposite particles, processing for thier production, and their use in oil and natural gas drilling applications

Use of two different methods, either each by itself or in combination, to enhance the stiffness, strength, maximum possible use temperature, and environmental resistance of thermoset polymer particles is disclosed. One method is the application of post-polymerization process steps (and especially heat treatment) to advance the curing reaction and to thus obtain a more densely crosslinked polymer network.
Sun Drilling Products Corporation

Method for making porous mullite-containing composites

Porous composites of mullite and cordierite are formed by firing an acicular mullite body in the presence of a magnesium source and a silicon source. In some variations of the process, the magnesium and silicon sources are present when the acicular mullite body is formed.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Cd8+t-cell subsets as markers for prediction of delayed fracture healing

The present invention relates to a method for diagnosis of delayed bone fracture healing, comprising determining the frequency of a subpopulation of cd8+ cells selected from a first group comprised of cd8+cd57+, cd8+cd28− and cd8+cd28−/cd57+, in a sample obtained from a subject. The present invention further relates to a system and a kit of parts for prediction and resulting options for preventing of delayed bone fracture healing..
Charitè Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Thin film battery fabrication using laser shaping

A method of fabricating a battery comprises selecting a battery substrate having cleavage planes, and depositing at least one battery component film comprising a metal or metal compound. A plurality of pulsed laser beam bursts from a femtosecond laser source that is set to provide a pulsed laser beam having an irradiance level of from about 10 to about 800 j/cm2, are applied to the battery component film to vaporize at least a portion of the metal or metal compound of the battery component film substantially without causing fractures along the cleavage planes of the battery substrate..
Front Edge Technology, Inc.

Lost circulation drilling fluids comprising elastomeric rubber particles and a decreasing whole mud loss using such composition

The disclosed invention is a unique drilling fluid composition and method for reducing lost mud circulation in wellbores due to seepage loss into fluid permeable subterranean formations. The drilling fluid composition comprises a variety of shapes and sizes of distinctive unadulterated elastomeric rubber particles derived from the tire retreading (recapping) process.

Method for producing oil from induced fractures using a single wellbore and multiple-channel tubing

A method for sweeping a subterranean petroleum reservoir and recovering hydrocarbons therefrom. Such method utilizes a plurality of spaced hydraulic fractures extending radially outwardly from, and spaced laterally along, a length of a single horizontal wellbore drilled through the reservoir.
Ior Canada Ltd.

Drilling fluids

An improvement over known hydraulic fracturing fluids. Boundary layer kinetic mixing material is added to components of fracturing fluid wherein kinetic mixing material is a plurality of particles wherein at least 25% of particles are several types, i.e., having surface characteristics of thin walls, three dimensional wedge-like sharp blades, points, jagged bladelike surfaces, thin blade surfaces, three-dimensional blade shapes that may have shapes similar to a “y”, “v” or “x” shape or other geometric shape, slightly curved thin walls having a shape similar to an egg shell shape, crushed hollow spheres, sharp bladelike features, 90° corners that are well defined, conglomerated protruding arms in various shapes, such as cylinders, rectangles, y-shaped particles, x-shaped particles, octagons, pentagon, triangles, and diamonds.
Ecopuro, Llc

Hydrocarbon recovery process exploiting multiple induced fractures

A method for enhancing production from multiple-fractured underground “tight” formations. Spaced upwardly-extending injection fissures are created along a horizontal injection wellbore, and upwardly-extending collection fissures, alternately spaced with the injection fissures, are created along the horizontal injection wellbore or another adjacent production wellbore.
Lor Canada Ltd.

System and flexible and efficient simulation of varying fracture density in a reservoir simulator

Simulation system and method for a reservoir represented by a model having a plurality of matrix nodes, a plurality of fracture nodes, a fracture zone and a fracture-free zone are described. One embodiment includes computer-implemented steps of, for each of a plurality of matrix nodes in interconnected zones, characterizing the matrix nodes as dual matrix nodes or non-dual matrix nodes.
Landmark Graphics Corporation

Systems and methods for the fixation or fusion of bone

A stem-like bone fixation device allows for bony in-growth on its surface and across fracture fragments or between bones that are to be fused.. .

Devices and methods for treating vertebral fractures

The present application is directed to devices and methods for treating vertebral fractures with one or more bone pins. In one embodiment of a method, a fractured vertebral body may he accessed through a pedicle portion and an opening may be created therethrough.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Substrate with high fracture strength

The invention discloses a substrate with high fracture strength. The substrate according to the present invention includes a plurality of nanostructures.
National Tsing Hua University

Method of isolating a wellbore with solid acid for fracturing

Apparatus and methods of treating a subterranean formation including introducing a coiled tubing string into a wellbore to a wellbore zone, wherein the string comprises a packer on a bottom hole assembly; introducing an acid fracture treatment through the string; introducing bridging fluid comprising particulates through the string; circulating a portion of fluid in the wellbore; introducing a final portion of fluid with a higher concentration of particulates to further form and consolidate bridge-packer, wherein the concentration of particulates in the final portion of fluid is higher than the introducing the bridging fluid comprising the particulates; squeezing the bridging fluid to isolate a perforation into the zone; moving the string to next zone; and repeating introducing and moving.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Ucg channel

A pressurized alkali dispersion supply system for use in permeabilizing a coal seam, and in particular for connecting together open zones in a coal seam using a (almost horizontal) linkage channel comprising a multitude of fine cracks. The system includes a source of alkali/alkali solution, a source of pressurized air, a supply pipe and a fogger for forming an alkali mist that is dispersed within the pressurized air.
Linc Energy Ltd

Production ultrafine crystalline alloy ribbon

A method for producing an ultrafine-crystalline alloy ribbon having a structure in which crystal grains having an average grain size of 1-30 nm are dispersed at a ratio of 5-30% by volume in an amorphous matrix ultrafine, comprising the steps of ejecting an alloy melt onto a rotating cooling roll to quench it; forming an easily windable ribbon having such toughness that it is not fractured when bent to a bending radius of 1 mm or less, before the start of winding around a reel; and changing the forming conditions of the ribbon after the start of winding around a reel, to obtain a structure in which ultrafine crystal grains having an average grain size of 1-30 nm are dispersed at a ratio of 5-30% by volume in an amorphous matrix.. .
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Abrasive article reinforced by discontinuous fibers

An abrasive article has an abrasive portion and chopped strand fibers (csf) with enhanced strength and/or fracture of toughness. The csf may be coated with a thermoplastic having a loss on ignition of at least about 2 wt %.
Saint-gobain Abrasifs

System for anatomical reduction of bone fractures

The present application relates to a system (10) for anatomical reduction of bone fractures in which first and second manipulators (12, 14), and optionally a third manipulator (16), are attached to fragments of the fracture to be reduced by percutaneous attachment devices such as schanz pins. An underlying processing system determines, from one or more medical images of the fracture, manipulations such as rotations and translations of the bone fragments required to correctly reposition and align the fragments for optimum healing of the fracture.
University Of The West Of England, Bristol

Modular fracture fixation system

A fracture fixation plate system for use on a long bone having a metaphysis and a diaphysis, includes at least one end plate having a head portion for the metaphysis, and at least one diaphyseal plate having a first end and a second end with a plurality of screw holes therebetween. The end plate includes mating structure adapted to mate with and securely couple to at least one end of the at least one diaphyseal plate.
Biomet C.v.

Bone fixation device

A bone fixation device for repairing a fracture of the proximal femur is disclosed. It includes a jack tube, a compression screw and a nail.

Fracturing fluid composition and using same in geological formations

A composition and method required for providing a fracturing fluid pumped down a well bore and into a subterranean formation under conditions of pressure that will fracture the subterranean formation is described. More specifically, the composition increases the recovery of hydrocarbons from a geological formation penetrated by a well bore, wherein the composition includes a fracturing fluid that is liquid carbon dioxide (lco2) with proppant to aid transport of the proppant in suspension, and thereby create a fracture using a fracturing fluid which is the thickened composition containing fumed silica.

Die fracture detection and humidity protection with double guard ring arrangement

An electronic apparatus includes a semiconductor substrate, outer and inner guard rings disposed along a periphery of the semiconductor substrate, and first and second contact pads electrically coupled to the outer and inner guard rings, respectively. The outer and inner guard rings are electrically coupled to one another to define a conduction path between the first and second contact pads.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Tube expansion processes for semicrystalline polymers to maximize fracture toughness

Methods for fabricating a polymeric stent with improved fracture toughness including radial expansion of a polymer tube and fabricating a stent from the expanded tube are disclosed. The polymer tube is disposed within a mold and may be heated with radiation.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Method for fracturing subterranean rock

A method of hydraulically fracturing a subterranean formation is provided. The method comprises generating a primary fracture using a fracturing fluid.
Dri Frac Technologies Ltd.

Fracturing fluid composition and using same in geological formations

A composition and method required for providing a fracturing fluid pumped down a well bore and into a subterranean formation under conditions of pressure that will fracture the subterranean formation is described. More specifically, the composition increases the recovery of hydrocarbons from a geological formation penetrated by a well bore, wherein the composition includes a fracturing fluid that is liquid carbon dioxide (lco2) with proppant to aid transport of the proppant in suspension, and thereby create a fracture using a fracturing fluid which is the thickened composition containing fumed silica.

Methods for forming proppant-free channels in proppant packs in subterranean formation fractures

Methods of treating a fracture in a subterranean formation including providing a proppant-free fluid comprising a first gelling agent; providing a proppant fluid comprising a second gelling agent and proppant aggregates, wherein the proppant-free fluid and the proppant fluid are substantially immiscible; continuously pumping the proppant-free fluid into the subterranean formation; continuously pumping the proppant fluid into the subterranean formation, wherein the proppant-free fluid and the proppant fluid are present simultaneously in a portion of the subterranean formation but remain immiscible; placing the proppant aggregates into a portion of the fracture in the subterranean formation so as to form a proppant pack having proppant-free channels therein.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Electromagnetic imaging of proppant in induced fractures

A method may include forming a borehole in a subterranean formation, lining at least part of the borehole with an electrically conductive casing, and injecting a fracturing fluid, a proppant, and a sensing additive into the borehole to form a propped fracture pattern. The method may further include driving the electrically conductive casing so that the sensing additive generates an electromagnetic (em) field, sensing the em field, and mapping the propped fracture pattern based upon the sensed em field..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Generation of fracture networks using seismic data

An embodiment of a method for constructing a fracture network includes: receiving seismic data collected from a stimulation operation in an earth formation, the seismic data including seismic event data including a first seismic event associated with a first time increment and a second seismic event associated with a subsequent second time increment; and constructing a fracture network model. The model is constructed by: constructing an initial portion of the model based on the first seismic event; and subsequently updating the initial portion of the model based on the second seismic event..
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Method of calibrating fracture geometry to microseismic events

A method of performing a fracture operation at a wellsite about a subterranean formation having a fracture network with natural fractures is provided. The wellsite is stimulated by injection of fluid into the fracture network.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Calibration the brittle fracture assessment parameters for materials based on the beremin model

A calibration method for brittle fracture assessment parameters for pressure vessel materials based on the beremin model includes selecting at least two types of specimens of different constraints, and calculating the fracture toughness values k0 corresponding to 63.2% failure probability for each type of specimens at a same calibration temperature by using the respective fracture toughness data. The method proceeds by obtaining the stress-strain curve of the material at the calibration temperature, generating finite element models for each type of specimens, and calculating the maximum principal stress and element volume of every element at k=k0 in each model.
East China University Of Science And Technology

Method for optimizing the working of a deposit of fluid by taking into account a geological and transitory exchange term between matrix blocks and fractures

The invention is a method for optimizing working (exp) of a deposit of fluid traversed by a network of fractures that involves determining the transitory exchange terms between matrix blocks and fractures (ffa, ffn), for any type of available information (info) concerning the network of fractures, regardless of the level of knowledge of the fractured environment.. .
Ifp Energies Nouvelles

Channeled bone plate and methods for implanting the same

The channeled bone plate includes a substantially rigid and elongated member for use in stabilizing and splinting fractured sections of a broken bone. This elongated member includes a bottom surface and a top surface, with at least one transverse channel formed from the bottom surface.

Fracture treatment device

Provided is a fracture treatment device enabling efficient bone regeneration. The fracture treatment device (10) for connecting a bone on one side of a fracture site and a bone on the other side of the fracture site, the device including a fixation member (11) having a stick shape, a tissue regeneration structure (15) disposed in a manner to cover at least a part of the fixation member, wherein the tissue regeneration structure includes a support body made of a bioabsorbable material and cells retained in the support body, which cells regenerate bone..
Gc Corporation

Flexible bone screw

A flexible bone screw for insertion into the intramedullary cavity of a fractured bone facilitates enduring fixation of the fracture. The flexible bone screw includes a substantially smooth shaft and a threaded portion positioned at one end of the shaft, wherein the outer diameter of the threaded portion is greater than the shaft diameter and the length of the threaded portion is about 20% of the overall length of the flexible bone screw or less..
Syntorr, Inc.

Systems for treating a vertebral body

Methods and devices that displace bone or other hard tissue to create a cavity in the tissue. Where such methods and devices rely on a driving mechanism for providing moving of the device to form a profile that improves displacement of the tissue.
Dfine, Inc.

Semiconductor substrate, thin film transistor, semiconductor circuit, liquid crystal display apparatus, electroluminescent apparatus, semiconductor substrate manufacturing method, and semiconductor substrate manufacturing apparatus

According to a semiconductor substrate (40), a space (a) between a plurality of si thin film (16), which are provide apart from one another on the insulating substrate (30), is (i) larger than a difference between elongation of part of the insulating substrate which part corresponds to the space (a) and elongation of each of si wafers (10) when a change is made from room temperature to 600° c. And (ii) smaller than 5 mm.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Virtual electrode mineral particle disintegrator

A method and apparatus for breaking mineral particles comprising suspending the particles in a liquid flowing in a conduction path, the liquid comprising a dielectric constant higher than the particles and wherein an electric voltage pulse is sent to electrodes to pass an electric field in the mineral particles with sufficient stress to fracture the mineral particles.. .
Sdg, Llc

On-site generation of a fracturing fluid stream and systems and methods utilizing the same

On-site generation of a fracturing fluid stream system includes a fracturing fluid generation assembly and a fracturing fluid supply assembly. The fracturing fluid generation assembly is configured to receive a hydrocarbon stream and to generate a fracturing fluid stream from the hydrocarbon stream.

Simultaneous combined acidizing and proppant fracturing

A treatment fluid for use in a combined acidizing and proppant fracturing treatment, the treatment fluid comprising: (a) an emulsion comprising: (i) a continuous oil phase; (ii) an internal aqueous phase comprising: (a) water; and (b) a source of an acid; and (iii) an emulsifier; and (b) a proppant. A method of fracturing a treatment zone of a well, the method comprising the steps of: (i) forming a treatment fluid according to the invention; and (ii) introducing the treatment fluid into the zone at a rate and pressure greater than the fracture gradient of the zone..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Warhead case and making same

A case for a warhead having a plurality of elongated wires which are braided or woven together to form a mesh which is formed into the shape corresponding to the warhead case. The mesh is impregnated with a polymer matrix which, upon curing, forms a rigid warhead case.
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

Device and analgesic immobilization of fractured ribs

A device (22) for analgesic immobilization in the event of thorax or rib fractures as well as a method for application of such a device are disclosed. The immobilization device (22) includes a flat splint element (24) which covers a large area of the region of the break (19), and is provided with an adhesive layer (26) which is located on the side thereof facing the body and is used to adhere the immobilization device (22) to the body.

Apparatus for stabilization of pelvic fractures

An apparatus for stabilization of pelvic fractures comprising a stationary pad member, an adjustable pad member, and two trochanter pads. The stationary pas member comprises a cross-member with a rack gear.

Rotor disc with fluid removal channels to enhance life of spindle bolt

A rotor disc configured to reduce the likelihood of fractures developing in spindle bolts in gas turbine engines is disclosed. The spindle bolts extend axially through the rotor disc to retain the rotor assembly in place in the gas turbine engine.

Enhanced oil recovery method

A method for producing oil from a fractured oil bearing formation is provided in which an oil recovery formulation comprising water and dimethyl ether is introduced into a fracture in the formation to mobilize oil, the mobilized oil is contacted with water or brine, and the mobilized oil is produced from the formation at a location positioned upwards from the fracture.. .

Stair nosing assembly

An exemplary stair nosing assembly comprises an elongated base, a plate adhered to the base, and a cover temporarily covering the base and the plate. The base has at least one anchor portion extending downwardly from the upper portion for attaching to a lip of a tread pan and/or embedding in a concrete tread.

System and characterizing uncertainty in subterranean reservoir fracture networks

A system and method for characterizing uncertainty in a subterranean fracture network by obtaining a natural fracture network, obtaining dynamic data, simulating hydraulic fracturing and microseismic events based on the natural fracture network and the dynamic data, generating a stimulated reservoir volume (srv), and quantifying the uncertainty in the srv. It may also include narrowing the uncertainty in the srv through the use of design of experiment methods and characterizing the srv using static and/or dynamic data..

Method of hydraulic fracture identification using temperature

A method for identifying fractures in a formation.. .


Provided is a stent of a novel structure with which deflection of a line-shaped body during expansion is prevented and a substantially uniform expansion is achieved over an entire length thereof, and with which, after implantation, stent fracture and damage of body tissue can be prevented by the stent exhibiting a superior pliability and conformability to a shape of a somatic lumen. A stent having a cylindrical peripheral wall formed with a line-shaped body that extends in a helical form in a circumferential direction while reciprocating in an axial direction at a given amplitude.

Orthopedic tamp and bone stabilization material delivery device

An orthopedic bone tamp and bone stabilization material delivery device is operable to reduce depressed bone fragments to an elevated position and concurrently introduce to the fracture zone bone stabilization material so as to stabilize the newly positioned fragment. A bone tamp comprising a cannula having a tubular wall with outside diameter and inside diameters and defining a distal and proximal ends includes a bone displacement face associated with the closed distal end.

Bone screw with multiple thread profiles for far cortical locking and flexible engagement to a bone

Osteosynthesis constructs for treating bone fractures and bone screws for use in such systems are disclosed. The bone screws include a threaded front section configured for engagement with cortical bone, a threaded mid-section and an unthreaded neck section configured for limited movement within the near cortex of the bone.

Method and providing arthroscopic microfracture therapy

Providing microfracture therapy to the acetabular cup of the patient, wherein providing microfracture therapy to the acetabular cup of the patient comprises forming at least one hole extending from the acetabular shelf to the cortical bone bed of the acetabular cup, such that blood may flow from the cancellous bone underlying the cortical bone bed to the surface of the cortical bone bed, whereby to form a blood clot at the surface of the cortical bone bed.. .

Intramedullary fixation system for management of pelvic and acetabular fractures

Devices for treating a bone and methods of inserting such devices into a bone are disclosed. A device for treating a bone may include a flexible tube, a stiffening mechanism and an actuator.

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