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Fracture patents


This page is updated frequently with new Fracture-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fracture-related patents
 Method for testing the fracture toughness of an adhesive joint to be formed patent thumbnailnew patent Method for testing the fracture toughness of an adhesive joint to be formed
A method for testing the fracture toughness of an adhesive joint to be formed between two components made of fiber-reinforced plastic, by forming a test joint between two sample elements and applying a tensile load onto this test joint until a pre-defined value is reached. One of these sample elements is formed by one of the components of the joint to be formed, and the tensile load acts on the other sample element..
Airbus Operations Gmbh

 Methods and systems for testing lost circulation materials patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for testing lost circulation materials
Apparatus and methods for simulation of bore hole fractures are disclosed. A device for simulating a fracture in a subterranean formation comprises a housing, a gap in the housing, and one or more shims positioned inside the gap.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Method and  determining the edge strength of plate-shaped elements made of brittle-fracture material patent thumbnailnew patent Method and determining the edge strength of plate-shaped elements made of brittle-fracture material
An improved measurement method and a corresponding measurement device are provided that measure the edge strength of plate-shaped elements made of brittle-fracture material. For this purpose, a long sample is drawn apart at the short edges, wherein the force transmission points lie next to the center of gravity of the base surface of the sample..
Schott Ag

 Method and  determining the fracture strength of the margins of thin sheets of brittle-fracture material patent thumbnailnew patent Method and determining the fracture strength of the margins of thin sheets of brittle-fracture material
A method and an apparatus for examining the fracture strength of flat samples made of brittle-fracture material are provided. The margin of the respective sample is subjected to tensile stress by bending the material in a circular arc shape..
Schott Ag

 Fluid barriers with flexible backing material and methods of repairing and manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Fluid barriers with flexible backing material and methods of repairing and manufacturing the same
A component to be repaired includes a relatively rigid plate. On a surface that may have been subject to fracture, a resin material is first laid down, then a relatively flexible material is positioned outwardly of the resin material to repair the barrier.
United Technologies Corporation

 Sustainable hybrid renewable energy system patent thumbnailnew patent Sustainable hybrid renewable energy system
A vertical wind turbine having a plurality of blades having an aerodynamic helix core laminated with natural bamboo is provided. Each blade with its aerodynamic core laminated with natural bamboo also includes: a framework which is resistant to stress fractures and minimizes or eliminates traveling stress concentrations.

 Lactam compounds as ep4 receptor-selective agonists for use in the treatment of ep4-mediated diseases and conditions patent thumbnailnew patent Lactam compounds as ep4 receptor-selective agonists for use in the treatment of ep4-mediated diseases and conditions
Wherein l1, l2, l3, r1, r4, r5, and r6 are as defined in the specification. Compounds of formula (i) are ep4 agonists useful in the treatment of glaucoma, osteoporosis, bone fracture, periodontal bone loss, orthopedic implant, alopecia, neuropathic pain, and related disorders.

 Method and package for a frozen food product patent thumbnailnew patent Method and package for a frozen food product
A package for ice cream, and a process of packaging the food product are disclosed. Particularly, a first structural layer has a cavity and a flexible second layer is inserted therein.
Creative Edge Design Group, Ltd.

 Drawn and ironed aerosol can patent thumbnailnew patent Drawn and ironed aerosol can
A drawn and ironed can body includes relatively thick base having a relatively large standing ring and a beveled outer wall, enhancing the pressure rating of the can body for use with aerosols. A combination steel aerosol end and aluminum can body includes a seam that overcomes or improves prior art fracture problems..
Crown Packaging Technology, Inc.

 Method for remanufacturing ultra-large copper nut patent thumbnailnew patent Method for remanufacturing ultra-large copper nut
A method for remanufacturing an ultra-large copper nut includes steps of: step (1) coarsening treatment; step (2) purifying treatment; step (3) detecting a material of the ultra-large copper nut; step (4) sleeving a thermal insulation device; step (5) preheating the ultra-large copper nut; step (6) melting-deposition shaping; step (7) post-processing; and step (8) detecting. The method of the present invention simultaneously utilizes water, electricity, gas, fire and machine and performs melting-deposition on materials by simultaneously supplying water, electricity, gas, fire and machine according to the designed requirements.
Wuhan Kaiming High Tech Co., Ltd.

new patent

Replaceable machining head

Provided is a replaceable machining head wherein: fractures on the tool attaching portion do not occur; the production cost is minimized; the tool life of the working tool will be lengthened; and the head body is free from a risk of falling off during replacement. In the replaceable machining head, a cutting edge section is formed on the front side of a head body; a tool attaching portion to which a working tool is to be attached, is formed on the rear end side of the cutting edge section; tool attaching faces are formed in the tool attaching potion; the surface of the head body 1 is coated with a coating film; and the number of droplets or macro particles having convex shapes with a size of 0.3 μm to 5.0 μm, is 200 or less, per area of 40 μm×60 μm on the surface of the coating film over the tool attaching faces..
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

new patent

Kit for adhering biological hard tissues

A kit for bonding to biological hard tissues, containing a phosphorylated polysaccharide, a polyvalent metal salt other than phosphates, and a solvent. The adhesive composition for biological hard tissues provided by the kit for bonding to biological hard tissues is suitably used in for medical uses, such as cement for bones or dental cement.
Junsei Educational Institution

new patent

Rapid setting high strength calcium phosphate cements comprising cyclodextrins

Rapid setting high strength calcium phosphate cements and methods of using the same are provided. Aspects of the cements include fine and coarse calcium phosphate particulate reactants and a cyclodextrin which, upon combination with a setting fluid, produce a flowable composition that rapidly sets into a high strength product.
Skeletal Kinetics, Llc

new patent

Surgical locking screw

The invention relates to a surgical locking screw for fastening bone parts in the event of a heel fracture, comprising a front end, a rear driving end having a drive for turning the locking screw, and an external thread, which has a constant thread pitch continuously over the axial extent of the external thread, wherein a major diameter of the external thread is constant in a first axial segment of the locking screw and increases with increasing distance from the front end in a second axial segment adjacent to the first axial segment in the direction of the rear end, wherein a minor diameter of the external thread is constant in the first and second axial segments, wherein the external thread extends, at least approximately, axially continuously over the entire axial extent of the locking screw, and wherein the minor diameter of the external thread extends over the entire axial extent of the external thread.. .
Zimmer Gmbh

new patent

Intramedullary fixation device

A intramedullary fixation device for use in fixating, after an osteotomy or fracture, segments of a long, tubular bone that has been prepared for the use with the device by cutting into the bone a longitudinal-axis-aligned slot that extends from the free surface to the medullary cavity of the bone, includes: (a) an intramedullary beam whose beam cross-sectional shape varies along the beam's longitudinal axis, (b) a fin whose fin cross-sectional shape varies along the fin's longitudinal axis and a portion of which is attached to the beam surface, (c) wherein the area of any beam cross-sectional section is set so that it can be located in the bone's medullary cavity, and (e) wherein the area of any fin cross section is set so that it can be accommodated in the. .


Quantifying a reservoir volume and pump pressure limit

Methods for computer modelling of a pressure transient behavior after shut-in and during fall-off of an injection event are provided to provide estimates of stimulated reservoir volume, formation permeability, stress contrast across the target and adjacent zones, fracture dimensions, fracture beyond the target zone, and pump pressure limits for maintaining fractures within the target zone, especially in fractured tight reservoirs.. .
Advantek International Corporation


Target-oriented process for estimating fracture attributes from seismic data

Method for characterizing a subterranean formation includes: obtaining azimuth-dependent observed travel-times from measured seismic data; inverting observed travel-times to calculate a fracture attribute selected from the group consisting of: magnitude and orientation; identifying presence of fracture based on calculated fracture magnitude; identifying fracture direction based on calculated fracture orientation; calculating predicted travel-times; calculating differences or residual errors between observed travel-times and predicted travel-times; identifying potential fault locations based on residual errors; inverting fracture magnitude and orientation using travel-time differences between a shallower horizon to a deeper horizon of interest to minimize overburden artifacts.. .
Conocophillips Company


Identification of proppant in subterranean fracture zones using a ratio of capture to inelastic gamma rays

Methods are provided for determining the location and height of a fracture in a subterranean formation using pulsed neutron capture (pnc) logging tools. The methods include obtaining a pre-fracture data set, hydraulically fracturing the formation with a slurry that includes a liquid and a proppant in which at least a portion of the proppant is tagged with a thermal neutron absorbing material, obtaining a post-fracture data set, comparing the pre-fracture data set and the post-fracture data set to determine the location of the proppant, and correlating the location of the proppant to a depth measurement of the borehole to determine the location and height of the propped fracture..
Carbo Ceramics Inc.


High strength steel sheet excellent in delayed fracture resistance and low temperature toughness, and high strength member manufactured using the same

A high strength steel sheet containing chemical components of, in mass %, c: 0.20 to 0.42%, si: 0.06 to 0.5%, mn: 0.2 to 2.2%, cr: 0.1 to 2.5%, b: 0.0005 to 0.01%, o: 0.0020 to 0.020%, al: 0.001 to 0.03%, ti: 0.001 to 0.05%, n: 0.1% or less, p: 0.03% or less, s: 0.02% or less, and the balance: fe and inevitable impurities. In steel, 5×103 pieces per mm2 or more to 1×105 pieces per mm2 or less of mn oxides having a maximum length of 1 μm or more to 5 μm or less are present, and 1.7×102 pieces per mm2 or more to 5×103 pieces per mm2 or less of mn—si composite oxides having a short-axial length of 1 μm or more and a longitudinal length of 10 μm or less are present..
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Processing of hot stamped parts

A method of manufacturing a steel part including hot stamping followed by trimming, piercing, or flanging, without delayed fracture and without the need for annealing, is provided. The method includes heating a blank formed of a steel material, forming the blank between a pair of dies, and quenching the blank.
Magna International Inc.


Stretchable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet

This invention provides a psa sheet that allows prevention or reduction of damage such as fracture with efficient stretch removability. A stretchable psa sheet is provided, comprising a psa layer and a film-like substrate supporting the psa layer.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Pallet truck

A pallet truck is provided having an electrical system that reduces wear and the likelihood of fracture of the control wiring and output cable by having a controller to which they are connected also be mounted to the steering mechanism that rotates relative to a base support portion of a truck frame, and a hydraulic power unit that permits a reduced size and height, with a manual hydraulic cylinder and cylinder body at a substantially similar height, and the cylinder body and oil storage cavity in a concentric arrangement.. .
Big Lift, Llc.


Vented beverage can end having an anti-tension score

A beverage can end for seaming onto a can body may include a peripheral wall, a center panel (26), a tab (attached to the center panel by a rivet (28), a tear panel (60), a main reference line (rm), a transverse reference line (r1), and a score (30). The end includes an anti-fracture score (40) proximate a vent score (70).
Crown Packaging Technology, Inc.


Method of manufacturing pressure vessel liners

A method of manufacturing a liner for use in a pressure vessel includes a cold drawing process that shapes a transition zone (20b) part of an aluminium alloy liner shell (10). The transition zone (20b) links a thinner walled drum part (18) and a thicker walled end region (20a), which is at an open top of the shell.
Luxfer Gas Cylinders Limited


Medical screw and removal jig for medical screw

Provided is a medical screw which can be readily extracted from bones after fusion of bone fractures or at replacement of the screw. The medical screw 11 has a screw thread 11b extending on the outer surface of a distal end portion of the screw 11 and an inner reverse thread extending on the inner surface of a proximal end portion 11d of the screw 11 and made in the opposite direction to the thread direction of the screw thread 11b.
Tama Medical Co. Ltd.


Compression clip for fractured bone

Methods and devices for fixation of a lateral compression fracture are disclosed. At least one compression device may be provided in a deployer.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Apparatus for humeral fracture repair

Apparatus for repair of a proximal humeral fracture is disclosed including a fixation plate adapted to be located at an external surface of the proximal humerus, a support element adapted to be implanted in the proximal humerus; and one or more connection elements adapted to connect the fixation plate to the support element.. .


Methods and devices for trauma welding

The present invention provides a method for stabilizing a fractured bone. The method includes positioning an elongate rod in the medullary canal of the fractured bone and forming a passageway through the cortex of the bone.
P Tech, Llc


External fixing device, for treating bone fractures

An external fixing device for the treatment of bone fractures includes a first member, a second member, a central body arranged between the first member and the second member, a first ball joint for the articulated connection of the first member with the central body, a second ball joint for the articulated connection of the second member with the central body, locking means operatively associated to the first ball joint and with the second ball joint, respectively, the locking means being suitable for allowing/preventing the articulation of the first member and second member with respect to the central body, wherein the first member includes a first clamp, the second member includes a second clamp and the central body includes a third clamp for connection of the external fixing device to respective fractured bone portions to be treated.. .
Tecres S.p.a.


Microfracture apparatuses and methods

Embodiments of apparatuses and methods for microfracture (e.g., forming a plurality of microfractures in a bone to encourage cartilage regeneration).. .
Arthrosurface, Inc.


Microfracture apparatuses and methods

Embodiments of apparatuses and methods for microfracture (e.g., forming a plurality of microfractures in a bone to encourage cartilage regeneration).. .
Arthrosurface, Inc.


Method for studying the evolution of damage in cylinders subjected to internal radial explosion

A method for extracting material and mechanical properties of a cylinder subject to expansion cause by an explosion so as to better understand the evolution of damage. The method is directed towards obtaining material and mechanical properties of the cylinder between an undeformed state and a state of deformation prior to total fracture.
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i


Dowels for jointed concrete and methods of forming and using the same

A dowel assemblies for use in concrete pavement each comprise a welded seam carbon steel hollow tube and a pair of end caps. The end caps are attached to opposite axial ends of the hollow tube.


Proppant particles formed from slurry droplets and methods of use

Proppant particles formed from slurry droplets and methods of use are disclosed herein. The proppant particles can include a sintered ceramic material and can have a size of about 80 mesh to about 10 mesh and an average largest pore size of less than about 20 microns.
Carbo Ceramics Inc.


Setting of hardenable bone substitute

The invention relates to hardenable ceramic bone substitute compositions having improved setting, powders for such compositions and methods for their manufacture and use in medical treatment. More specifically the invention relates to hardenable bone substitute powder and hardenable bone substitute paste with improved setting properties, comprising calcium sulfate and heat-treated hydroxyapatite (passivated ha), which bone substitute is suitable for treatment of disorders of supportive tissue such as bone loss, bone fracture, bone trauma and osteomyelitis..
Bone Support Ab


Dynamic force generation for bone repair

An orthopedic device delivers dynamic forces to a desired remote bone region. Dynamically arranged mechanical forces are known to stimulate bone cells (the process of mechanotransduction).


Locally invasive surgical apparatus with manipulator for bone fracture treatment

The present invention provides a locally invasive surgical apparatus including a manipulator for scratching the bone at a fracture site, a drive arm on which the manipulator is mounted, and a controller for controlling the manipulator and the drive arm. Therefore, it is possible to carry out minimally invasive surgery during bone fracture surgery, thereby enabling simple and quick bone fracture surgery for a speedy recovery..
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation


Bone compression screw

A system for orthopedic repair of bones, the system may include a compression screw. The screw may include a blunt tip on one end with tapped threads to allow for greater bone fixation uniform across a threaded portion of the screw.
Bridging Medical, Llc


Clavicle fixation

A substantially rigid plate is secured to a medial portion of a clavicle relative to a fracture in the clavicle. The plate is positioned so that it extends at least partially over a distal portion of the clavicle relative to the fracture.
Suspension Orthopaedics Solutions, Llc


Gauntlet motive battery

An improved gauntlet wet cell battery provides a plurality of elongated hollow spines filled with active material in a cathode array. Bottom ends of the cathode array are closed with an electrically conductive bottom end cap that electrically and mechanically interconnects the free ends of each spine so as to close and substantially rigidly locate the free ends of said spines with respect to one another.


Template electrode structures for depositing active materials

Provided are examples of electrochemically active electrode materials, electrodes using such materials, and methods of manufacturing such electrodes. Electrochemically active electrode materials may include a high surface area template containing a metal silicide and a layer of high capacity active material deposited over the template.
Amprius, Inc.


Method for performing wellbore fracture operations using fluid temperature predictions

A method of performing an oilfield operation about a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation. The method involves performing a fracture operation comprising injecting fluid into the formation and generating fractures about the wellbore.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Proppants containing dispersed piezoelectric or magnetostrictive fillers or mixtures thereof, to enable proppant tracking and monitoring in a downhole environment

In one aspect, the invention relates to a method for “tagging” proppants so that they can be tracked and monitored in a downhole environment, based on the use of composite proppant compositions containing dispersed fillers whose electromagnetic properties change at a detectable level under a mechanical stress such as the closure stress of a fracture. In another aspect, the invention relates to composite proppant compositions containing dispersed fillers whose electromagnetic properties change under a mechanical stress such as the closure stress of a fracture.
Sun Drilling Products Corporation


Promoters for peroxides in aqueous treatment fluids

The addition of at least one promoter selected from the group consisting of thiosulfate salts, sulfite salts, bisulfite salts, erythorbate salts, isoascorbate salts, and combinations thereof to an aqueous treatment fluid containing a viscosifying polymer and a peroxide helps to promote the activity of the peroxide as a breaker, thus facilitating a reduction in viscosity of the aqueous treatment fluid at lower temperatures than are possible in the absence of the promoter. The promoted aqueous treatment fluid is useful as a fracture fluid to fracture subterranean formations in oil and gas recovery..
Arkema Inc.


Gel compositions for hydraulic fracturing applications

Gel compositions comprising an acrylamide polymer or copolymer crosslinked with dialdehyde, methods to produce the gel compositions, welibore treatment fluids comprising the gel compositions, and methods of treating a well bore comprising injecting the gel compositions, are provided. In the drilling, completion, and stimulation of oil and gas wells, well treatment fluids are often pumped into well bore holes under high pressure and at high flow rates causing the rock formation surrounding the well bore to fracture..
Kemira Oyj


Use of nano-sized phyllosilicate minerals in viscoelastic surfactant fluids

Nano-sized clay minerals enhance the viscosity of aqueous fluids that have increased viscosity due to the presence of viscoelastic surfactants (vess). In one non-limiting theory, the nano-sized phyllosilicate mineral viscosity enhancers associate, link, connect, or relate the ves elongated micelles into associations thereby increasing the viscosity of the fluid, possibly by mechanisms involving chemisorption or surface charge attractions.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Cutting tool

There is provided a cutting tool having high wear resistance and fracture resistance by reducing the occurrence of thermal cracking on a cutting edge even during a cutting process of a heat-resistant alloy in which the cutting edge reaches high temperatures. The cutting tool is made from a cemented carbide that is composed mainly of a wc phase and contains 11.5-12.5% by mass of co and 0.2-0.6% by mass of cr in terms of cr3c2.
Kyocera Corporation


Substrates coated with wear resistant layers and methods of applying wear resistant layers to same

Components with improved erosion resistance are disclosed. A surface of the component or a substrate of the component is modified by coating the substrate with an elastomer layer.
United Technologies Corporation


Titanium target for sputtering and manufacturing method thereof

A high-purity titanium target for sputtering having a purity of 5n5 (99.9995%) or higher, wherein the high-purity titanium target has no macro pattern on the target surface. An object of this invention is to provide a high-quality titanium target for sputtering, in which impurities causing particles and abnormal discharge phenomena are reduced, and which is free from fractures and cracks even during high-rate sputtering, and capable of stabilizing the sputtering characteristics, effectively inhibiting the generation of particles during deposition, and improving the uniformity of deposition..
Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation


Tension and compression tester for fracture stress test of compact pipe sample

A tension and compression tester for a fracture stress test of a compact pipe sample having a crack portion formed thereon, comprises: a pair of holders each of which is configured to surround both ends of the compact pipe sample respectively such that the crack portion is interposed between both ends of the compact pipe; fixing portions each of which is disposed between the compact pipe sample and the holder to enhance fastening between the compact pipe sample and the holder; levers each of which is connected with the fixing portion and the holder to deliver tension or bending to the compact pipe sample; and separation preventing portions for fixing both ends of the holder and the lever with each other to prevent separation of the lever and the holder. Accordingly, the tester can conduct both tension and compression tests, while easily applying loads on the sample during the test..
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Systems and methods for computing surface of fracture per volume of rock

Systems and methods for estimating surface of fracture per volume of rock are provided. The systems include a logging tool, such as a resistivity tool, for generating a borehole image representative of segments of fractures in one or more planes and a processor for estimating surface of fracture per volume of rock (p32) from the segments without the need for defining the one or more planes bearing the segments.
Schlumberger Technology B.v.


Intelligent test multi-segment fractured horizontal well

Disclosed are an intelligent test system and method for a multi-segment fractured horizontal well. The intelligent test method for a multi-segment fractured horizontal well comprises: step a: placing a test tubular column into an underground horizontal section; step b: setting a pressure building packer and a hanging packer by means of pressurization after the test tubular column is placed into an underground designed position; step c: breaking a hydraulic release connector to separate the hydraulic release connector from a seal pipe; step d: pulling out a first oil pipe, and reserving the tubular column comprising the seal pipe and located on the downstream part of the seal pipe in a horizontal well; and step e: placing a production tubular column or a communications tubular column into a vertical section of the horizontal well..
Petrochina Company Limited


Method of determining reservoir pressure

A well test method for use in tight gas reservoirs prior to hydraulic fracture stimulation. The method can use injection of water using low-rate surface pumps into the reservoir below parting pressure.
Bp Corporation North America, Inc.


Cementitious fracture fluid and methods of use thereof

The present disclosure relates to cementitious fluids comprising additives configured to form a permeable cement matrix after curing of the cement. The cementitious fluids can comprise a cementitious medium (e.g., a cement slurry) with a plurality of fibers dispersed therein.
Research Triangle Institute


Methods for time-delayed fracturing in hydrocarbon formations

Methods of fracturing a hydrocarbon formation are described herein. A method may include propagating one or more first fractures from a first wellbore in the hydrocarbon formation, allowing a selected period of time to elapse so that at least a portion of the first fractures close, and propagating at least one second fracture in the wellbore or a second wellbore after the elapsed selected period of time..
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


System and modeling and design of pulse fracturing networks

Systems and methods for analyzing and designing a customized pulse fracturing operation for fracturing a wellbore in a reservoir formation are disclosed. Pulsed fracturing can create multiple fractures that radiate away from the wellbore while minimizing near wellbore damage.
Weatherford/lamb, Inc.


Producing hydrocarbons from a formation

The present disclosure provides a method of producing hydrocarbons from a formation. The method may include drilling a wellbore in the formation, wherein the wellbore is approximately horizontal; forming two or more fractures in the formation from the wellbore; receiving fracture performance data about the two or more fractures; analyzing the fracture performance data; selecting one or more fractures for injection and selecting one or more fractures for production based on the analysis of the fracture performance data; and completing the wellbore such that injection into the one or more fractures selected for injection and production from the one or more fractures selected for production may occur simultaneously..


Surface-coated cutting tool and process for producing same

Provided is a surface-coated cutting tool having both high wear resistance and high fracture resistance and having an indicator function that significantly facilitates the determination of the usage of a cutting edge. A surface-coated cutting tool according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a substrate and a coating formed on the substrate.
Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp.


High strength, high toughness steel alloy

The alloy further includes a grain refining element selected from the group consisting of 0.0001-0.01% mg, 0.001-0.025% y, and a combination thereof. The balance of the alloy is iron and the usual impurities found in commercial grades of steel alloys produced for similar use and properties.


Container closure with tamper evidence

A closure (2) for a container body (4) comprises a base (6) with a hinged lid (8). The base has a depending skirt (10) and a flange (12).
Bapco Closures Research Ltd.


Investment mold with fugitive beads and method related thereto

An investment mold includes a mold cavity and a refractory investment wall that bounds at least a portion of the mold cavity. At least a portion of the refractory investment wall includes a plurality of fugitive beads.
United Technologies Corporation


Plunge-mixing bag arrangement and plunge-mixing system

A plunge-mixing bag arrangement includes a flexible mixing bag defining a mixing region, and a shaft extending from outside of the flexible mixing bag into the mixing region, the shaft comprising a sparger within the mixing region. The sparger comprises an interior channel and ports extending from the interior channel.
Advanced Scientifics, Inc.


Rapid prototyped transfer tray for orthodontic appliances

The present invention is directed to computer-implemented methods of making a transfer tray using rapid prototyping techniques, where the gingival edge of the tray is defined to intersect with at least one receptacle for receiving an orthodontic appliance. This tray configuration helps to minimize the travel distance of the tray when placing the tray over a patient's teeth, while also preserving a high degree of mechanical retention for retaining the appliance until such time that the appliance is bonded to the tooth.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Composition for the treatment of a bone fracture

There is disclosed a composition formed by a reaction of at least one component a and at least one component b, wherein component a is selected from among a compound comprising having at least two thiol-groups and a disulfide derivative of a compound having at least two thiol groups, and wherein component b is a compound having at least two vinyl reactive groups, for the manufacture of an implant for the treatment of a bone fracture. Advantages include that the adhesive patch formed by the composition will be solid in body fluid upon curing and will exhibit excellent mechanical strength.
Repair Technologies Sweden Ab


Fracture fixation device

Assemblies for securing a fractured or weakened bone within a subject's body are provided. The assembly includes a frame having an adjustable flexible member construct thereon.
Biomet Sport Medicine, Llc


Bone fixation system

An implant for fixation of a bone includes a shaft having a proximal end and a distal end, and a longitudinal axis defined between the proximal end and the distal end. A plurality of blades are disposed on the shaft, and are helically twisted about the longitudinal axis.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Assessing optical density gradients and variations

The invention relates to a method of assessing an optical density gradient in one or more radiologic images of a non-uniformly composed material for purpose of using the optical density gradient to assess a characteristic of the non-uniformly composed material. Optical density gradient is calculated as a function of the difference in optical density between a first and second region on the one or more images.
Marika Pty Ltd


Structures and methods for testing printable integrated circuits

A substrate includes an anchor area physically secured to a surface of the substrate and at least one printable electronic component. The at least one printable electronic component includes an active layer having one or more active elements thereon, and is suspended over the surface of the substrate by electrically conductive breakable tethers.
Semprius, Inc.


Method for manufacturing semiconductor device

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device includes: bonding at least a part of the rear surface of a semiconductor wafer, and a supporting substrate in use of using a silane coupling agent; forming a functional structure on a front surface of the semiconductor wafer; placing a condensation point of laser light transmitted through the semiconductor wafer on a bonding interface between the semiconductor wafer and the supporting substrate, and irradiating the bonding interface with the laser light, thereby forming a fracture layer on at least a part of an outer circumferential section of the bonding interface; separating the bonding interface; and carrying out rear surface processing on the rear surface of the semiconductor wafer.. .
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Sub-module physical refinement flow

A computer system is provided that enables a designer of a circuit design to fracture and reconstitute a larger design for both computer modeling of the functionality and the physical implementation or rendering of the circuit design. More particularly, the designer may refine or re-work a sub-module of the larger sub-circuit without having to create a corresponding sub-module in the physical implementation.
Synopsys, Inc.


Fracturing and reactivated fracture volumes

A method can include receiving mechanical information of a geologic environment and location information of natural fractures of the geologic environment; using a model of the geologic environment, calculating at least strain associated with hydraulic fracturing in the geologic environment; calculating at least microseismicity event locations based at least in part on the calculated strain; calibrating the model based at least in part on the calculated microseismicity event locations and based at least in part on measured microseismicity information associated with the geologic environment to provide a calibrated model; and, using the calibrated model, determining an increase in reactivated fracture volume associated with hydraulic fracturing in the geologic environment.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Lost circulation composition for fracture sealing

A lost circulation material and method for well treatment employing the material that is effective at sealing or plugging fractured zones and has utility over a wide range of temperatures, including high temperatures. The lost circulation material includes particulate material to quickly de-fluidize the fluid formulation, fibrous material to suspend particles in the slurrified form of the composition and increase the shear strength of the resultant seal, and non-portland cement material for increasing the compressive strength..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Curable composition with high fracture toughness

With the proviso that at least one moiety from the group comprising r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, r7, r8, r9 and r10 is amine and at least one moiety from the group comprising r11, r12, r13, r14, r15, r16, r17, r18, r19 and r20 is amine; to use of a hardener combination comprising an aliphatic diamine and a compound of the formula (i) for the curing of epoxy resin; to a process for the coating of a surface or for the impregnation of a textile sheet, comprising the steps of (a) application and (b) hardening of the curable composition, and also to a surface, fibre composite material, coating or adhesive comprising the hardened composition.. .


Amorphous calcium carbonate for accelerated bone growth

The present invention provides a method for accelerating bone growth in a subject having a bone condition, selected from the group consisting of a fracture by external force, pathological fracture, fatigue fracture, distraction osteogenesis, osteotomy, osseointegration and combinations thereof, the method employing the administration of a composition containing stable amorphous calcium carbonate, comprising at least one stabilizer. Further provided are the orally-administrable pharmaceutical compositions for use in accelerating bone growth in said bone conditions..
Amorphical Ltd.


Compositions and methods for controlled localized delivery of bone forming therapeutic agents

The present invention provides compositions and methods for providing controllable local delivery of a therapeutic agent to promote bone formation. In certain embodiments, the invention is used as a treatment for a subject with osteoporosis, bone cancer or bone fracture.
University Of Rochester


Method and spondylolysis repair

Disclosed are fixation devices for repairing spondylolysis. The fixation device can include a first anchor, a second anchor, and a bridge that couples the first and second anchors together.
Interventional Spine, Inc.


Vector compression system

This disclosure includes surgical anchors and related devices and methods that can be used for surgical bone fracture fixation. Some embodiments involve the use of a polymeric cored braided suture that can be held in place by anchors implanted or inserted into bone on each side of a fracture.
Poly-4 Group, Lp


Blunt impact injury model system

The present application is concerned with a system for assessing injury risk or damage to an object in response to a blunt impact, and especially skull fracture risk beneath a helmet in response to a blunt impact. The application is also concerned with the use of a force sensor for evaluating the response of materials for use in a helmet shell to a blunt impact..
The Secretary Of State For Defence


Method for selecting the location of a simulating geothermal well

The present invention provides a method for selecting the location of a stimulating well, comprising the steps of conducting a geological study of a field containing a geothermal hydrothermal resource by operating geological useful equipment, determining a maximum horizontal stress line within said field by means of a device, generating a map of existing wells including a plurality of sub-commercial wells within said field relative to said maximum horizontal stress line, measuring a distance between each of said sub-commercial wells and the maximum horizontal stress line, determining that those sub-commercial wells aligned with, or located relatively close to the maximum horizontal stress line are stimulatable, and selecting a location of a stimulating well for stimulating the stimulatable well that is separated less than an anticipated fracture propagating distance from said stimulatable well.. .
Ormat Technologies, Inc.


Compound cluster placement in fractures

Proppant cluster placement in fractures with foamed carrying fluid. A formation treatment method includes injecting a treatment fluid stage, having a particulate-containing substage containing a self-agglomerating solid composition and a foamed carrying fluid, above a fracturing pressure, and alternating pulses of a pumping parameter to transform the self-agglomerating composition into a channelized solids pack, and closing the fracture.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Compound cluster placement in fractures

Compound cluster placement in fractures. A fracture treatment method includes forming propped regions having a larger coverage area than channels between the propped regions, and channelizing the propped regions in situ.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Well treatment method and system

An in situ channelization method, treatment fluid and system for stagewise reduction of the treatment fluid viscosity. A method involves injecting a treatment fluid into a fracture, decrosslinking a polymer in a first viscosity reduction stage to trigger channelization of a first solid particulate in the fracture prior to closure, and completing a break of the polymer following fracture closure.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Well injection and production method and system

A method and system for enhancing petroleum production are provided, in which petroleum is displaced from a fractured formation by selectively injecting fluid into selected fractures in the formation without injecting into the other non-selected fractures. The injected fluid flows out into the fractured formation and enhances recovery from the non-selected fractures.
Devon Canada Corporation


Inserts having geometrically separate materials for slips on downhole tool

A downhole tool, such as a fracture plug used during a fracture operation, installs in a downhole tubular, such as casing. The tool has a mandrel with a sealing element disposed thereon between uphole and downhole ends.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc


Mud motor bearing pack lower end with catch ring

It is desirable to secure a lower end of a down hole assembly in the event of a down hole failure, such as a fractured drive shaft, enabling recovery of the bottom hole assembly and drill bit. To secure the lower end of the down hole assembly, a catch apparatus according to embodiments herein may be used, the catch apparatus including a rotating bearing having a distal end threadably coupled to a distal portion of a drive shaft.
Smith Internatinal, Inc.


Aluminum alloy products having improved property combinations and artificially aging same

Aluminum alloy products about 4 inches thick or less that possesses the ability to achieve, when solution heat treated, quenched, and artificially aged, and in parts made from the products, an improved combination of strength, fracture toughness and corrosion resistance, the alloy consisting essentially of: about 6.8 to about 8.5 wt. % zn, about 1.5 to about 2.00 wt.
Alcoa Inc.


Heterogeneous proppant placement in a fracture with removable channelant fill

A method of heterogeneous proppant placement in a subterranean fracture is disclosed. The method comprises injecting well treatment fluid including proppant (16) wherein the proppant comprises from 1 to 100 percent in weight of stiff, low-elasticity and low-deformability elongated particles (34) and proppant-spacing filler material called a channelant (18) through a wellbore (10) into the fracture (20), heterogeneously placing the proppant in the fracture in a plurality of proppant clusters or islands (22) spaced apart by the channelant (24), and removing the channelant filler material (24) to form open channels (26) around the pillars (28) for fluid flow from the formation (14) through the fracture (20) toward the wellbore (10).
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Glasses having non-frangible stress profiles

A glass exhibiting non-frangible behavior in a region where substantially higher central tension is possible without reaching frangibility is provided. This region allows greater extension of the depth of compression in which fracture-causing flaws are arrested, without rendering the glass frangible despite the presence of high central tension region in the sample..
Corning Incorporated

Fracture topics: Hydrocarbon, Aqueous Solution, Magnetic Field, Interstice, Frequency Band, High Density, Simulation, Computer Aided Engineering, Wave Energy, Active Solid, Epoxy Resin, Block Copolymer, Bone Fracture, Prosthetic, Interrupts

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