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Fracture patents

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Hybrid transponder system for long-range sensing and 3d localization

Saudi Arabian Oil

Hybrid transponder system for long-range sensing and 3d localization

Limited entry phased perforating gun system and method


Limited entry phased perforating gun system and method

Limited entry phased perforating gun system and method

Safety device comprising two straps with different fracture strengths

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fracture-related patents
 Mapping and monitoring of hydraulic fractures using vector magnetometers patent thumbnailMapping and monitoring of hydraulic fractures using vector magnetometers
A method for mapping and monitoring of hydraulic fracture includes capturing, using an array of sensors, a first magnetic image of a well pay zone. A second magnetic image is captured using the array of sensors, after a well bore is padded with a fluid.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

 Hybrid transponder system for long-range sensing and 3d localization patent thumbnailHybrid transponder system for long-range sensing and 3d localization
Systems for determining a size, extent, and orientation of a hydraulic fracture of a reservoir, are provided. An exemplary system can include a plurality of rfid transponders modified to include an acoustic transmitter, and an rfid reader modified to include both an rf transmitter and a pair of acoustic receivers, to be deployed in a wellbore adjacent a hydraulic fracture.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company

 Limited entry phased perforating gun system and method patent thumbnailLimited entry phased perforating gun system and method
A limited entry perforating phased gun system and method for accurate perforation in a deviated/horizontal wellbore is disclosed. The system/method includes a gun string assembly (gsa) deployed in a wellbore with shaped charge clusters.
Geodynamics, Inc.

 Safety device comprising two straps with different fracture strengths patent thumbnailSafety device comprising two straps with different fracture strengths
A safety device comprising two straps, the first strap being of a shorter length and a smaller fracture strength, and the second strap being of a longer length and a larger fracture strength, with one end of the first strap and one end of the second strap being adapted to be attached together to a hoisting rope, and the other end of the first strap and the other end of the second strap being adapted to be attached together to a tie back attachment point.. .

 Percutaneous exchange tube and  use patent thumbnailPercutaneous exchange tube and use
An improved medical device tube is disclosed for use in a percutaneous procedure. An improved medical procedure is also disclosed to insert a cannulated screw across a fracture of a human bone using the improved tube..
Osteomed Llc

 Paper-structured catalyst, paper-structured catalyst array body, and solid oxide fuel cell provided with paper-structured catalyst or paper-structured catalyst array body patent thumbnailPaper-structured catalyst, paper-structured catalyst array body, and solid oxide fuel cell provided with paper-structured catalyst or paper-structured catalyst array body
This invention provides a paper-structured catalyst which exhibits high catalytic activity for hydrocarbon reforming to increase the efficiency of hydrocarbon reforming, and is tolerant to thermal shock to cause destruction of the catalyst structure and clogging and destruction of catalyst voids, and an internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell with the paper-structured catalyst. The paper-structured catalyst according to the present invention is composed of a paper-structured porous support prepared by forming inorganic fibers in a paper-like shape and catalyst metal which is loaded dispersedly on a surface of the paper-structured porous support and has reforming activity against hydrocarbons.
Kyushu University, National University Corporation

 Fiber reinforced high modulus polymer composite with a reinforced interphase patent thumbnailFiber reinforced high modulus polymer composite with a reinforced interphase
A fiber reinforced polymer composition is disclosed comprising a reinforcing fiber and an adhesive composition, wherein the adhesive composition comprises at least a thermosetting resin, a curing agent, and an interfacial material, the fiber is suitable for concentrating the interfacial material in an interfacial region between the fiber and the adhesive composition upon curing of the adhesive composition, and the cured adhesive has a resin modulus of at least 4.0 gpa. Also provided is a prepreg comprising the fiber reinforced polymer composition and a method of manufacturing a composite article by curing the reinforced polymer composition.
Toray Industries, Inc.

 Method for treating joint pain and associated instruments patent thumbnailMethod for treating joint pain and associated instruments
The embodiments provide provides devices, instruments, and associated methods for treating joint pain. A joint is evaluated using magnetic resonance imaging to detect any defects in the subchondral bone.
Zimmer Knee Creations, Inc.

 Alignment plate apparatus and system and  use patent thumbnailAlignment plate apparatus and system and use
A computer implemented system for adjusting the placement of an implant in a patient through the use of a dimensioned grid template placed relative to patient anatomy on a fluoroscopic machine and a method to digitally quantify alignment parameters is provided. This system can be used for determining: 1) leg length, offset, and cup position during arthroplasty replacement surgery; 2) fracture reduction/correction position during trauma procedures and 3) an apparatus to be used for deformity correction planning is provided; 4) placement and positioning of instruments and implants relative to bone and anatomical architecture; 5) bone anatomy boundary parameter identification relative to reaming and cutting landmarks of bone..
Orthogrid Systems, Inc.

 Shape adaptable intramedullary fixation device patent thumbnailShape adaptable intramedullary fixation device
Implantable devices for fixation of curved bone such as the pelvic ring pubic symphysis and acetabulum, and methods for the use of the devices are disclosed. The implantable devices are convertible between a flexible state and a rigid state, and include an elongate structure having a proximal bone interface, a main body, and a distal bone interface.
University Of British Columbia


System and a microfabricated fracture test structure

According to an embodiment, a micro-fabricated test structure includes a structure mechanically coupled between two rigid anchors and disposed above a substrate. The structure is released from the substrate and includes a test layer mechanically coupled between the two rigid anchors.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Tsv wafer fracture strength

A method including forming a through-substrate via through a thickness of a substrate, the thickness of the substrate is measured from a front side of the substrate to a back side of the substrate, removing a first portion of the substrate to form an opening in the back side of the substrate such that a second portion of the substrate remains in direct contact surrounding a vertical sidewall of the through-substrate via, and filling the opening with an alternate material having a lower modulus of elasticity than the substrate.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Systems and methods for locating and imaging proppant in an induced fracture

Born scattering inversion (bsi) systems and methods are disclosed. A bsi system may be incorporated in a well system for accessing natural gas, oil and geothermal reserves in a geologic formation beneath the surface of the earth.
Sandia Corporation


Systems and methods for locating and imaging proppant in an induced fracture

Born scattering inversion (bsi) systems and methods are disclosed. A bsi system may be incorporated in a well system for accessing natural gas, oil and geothermal reserves in a geologic formation beneath the surface of the earth.
Sandia Corporation


Spring probe

A spring probe includes a needle, a spring sleeve sleeved onto the needle, and a protrusion. The spring sleeve has upper and lower non-spring sections, and at least a spring section therebetween.
Mpi Corporation


Method and hydraulic fracture geometry evaluation

A method of hydraulic fracturing geometry evaluation, comprising injecting a fracturing fluid comprising a magnetic material into a fracture, measuring a field affected by the fracturing fluid in the fracture, and modeling, based on the measuring, a geometry of the fracture.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Ti(c,n)-based cermet with ni3al and ni as binder and preparation method thereof

Provided are ti(c,n)-based cermets with ni3al and ni as binder and a preparation method thereof. The ti(c,n)-based cermets are prepared by raw materials subjected to ball-mill mixing, die forming, vacuum degreasing and vacuum sintering, wherein weight percentage of each chemical component of the raw materials is as follows: tic 34.2˜43%, tin 8˜15%, mo 10˜15%, wc 5˜10%, graphite 0.8˜1.0%, ni 20˜24%, and ni3al powder containing b 6˜10%.
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology


Fracture fixation systems having intramedullary support

Orthopedic fracture repair implants, systems and methods are disclosed. Implants include one or more of biocompatible sleeves and struts.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Method for fixation of bone fragments at bone fractures

The present invention relates to a device for fixation of bone fragments at bone fractures. The device comprises at least two fixation means (5, 6) and a securing plate (4).


Orthopedic external compression plate

The present invention provides an orthopedic external compression unit having a locking plate unit and a method for locking and compressing the fractured bones without contact and friction between plate and bone, wherein the locking plate unit comprises of a locking plate, an external apparatus and a holder, wherein the locking plate includes plurality locking holes and at least an elongated hole, wherein the holder is placed at the elongated hole. The holder is configured to hold the locking plate above the bone for enabling to make required movement of locking plate in horizontal direction.


Lagwire the fixation of bone fractures

A lagwire system and method for facilitating the fixation of bone fractures is disclosed. The lagwire system includes an anchor component, a wire, a sleeve and a cap.
Orthoip, Llc


Method and minimally invasive subcutaneous treatment of long bone fractures

The instant invention is a novel method and construct for temporary or definitive minimally invasive treatment of broken long bones such as a femur or humerus. The method includes the steps of tunneling an elongated rod subcutaneously in the subcutaneous fat layer parallel to the fractured long bone; and attaching the ends of the elongated rod to the fractured long bone.


Turbine blade for a gas turbine engine

A turbine blade for a gas turbine engine comprises an airfoil having a pressure side, a suction side, a span direction and a chord-wise direction. The airfoil has an airfoil span on a pressure line being a projection of the stacking line onto the pressure side.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.


Method for fracture communication, passage processing, and underground gasification of underground carbon-containing organic mineral reservoir

Provided is a method for fracture communication, passage processing and underground gasification of an underground carbon-containing organic mineral reservoir, where a mixture of co2 and o2 is used as a medium for a fracture communication step, a passage processing step and/or a gasification step. The method uses the mixture of co2 and o2 to extract and utilize the energy in the underground carbon-containing organic mineral reservoir, greatly increases energy utilization efficiency compared with conventional utilization schemes, and, compared with conventional underground gasification technologies, increases the calorific value of a combustible gas, increases and adjusts effective gas compositions, suppresses co2 generation and reduces raw material gas production costs, while at the same time implements the capturing of co2 and utilization of the same as a resource..
Enn Coal Gasification Mining Co., Ltd.


Antifouling paint formulation incorporating tungsten nanotubes

An antifouling paint formulation incorporating tungsten nanotubes is applied to surfaces to impart a biomimetic antifouling coating, as well as, repairing and strengthening microscopic fractures of the surface. The antifouling paint formulation includes a paint base, a tungsten sulfide nanotube filler, and a quantity of biocides.
N1 Technologies


Parathyroid hormone, insulin, and related peptides conjugated to bone targeting moieties and methods and making and using thereof

Described herein is insulin, an insulin-like growth factor, parathyroid hormone, a fragment of parathyroid hormone, or a parathyroid hormone related protein that includes at least one bone targeting moiety, wherein the bone targeting moiety is covalently bonded to the peptide. Also described herein are the methods of making these compositions that prevent or treat conditions associated with bone loss and preventing bone fractures, and/or the inability to initiate de novo bone turnover and stimulate bone fracture repair..
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta


Fully-redundant frangible separation system

A frangible joint for a structure is provided. The structure is provided having a first portion and a second portion with a feature defining a fracture plane disposed therebetween.
Ensign-bickford Aerospace & Defense Company


Force-controlled applicator for applying a microneedle device to skin

An applicator (100) for applying a microneedle device to a skin surface comprising a first portion (102) comprising a microneedle array (107), and a second portion (104) coupled to the first portion via a connector (106). The connector can be configured to yield or fracture by changing from a first state in which the connector is intact to a second state in which the connector is yielded or fractured when a threshold application force is applied to at least one of the first portion and the second portion in a direction substantially perpendicular with respect to the first portion.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Method and augmenting bone

An expandable implant system is configured to increase the height of a target bone, for instance that has been subjected to a compression fracture. The expandable implant system includes an implant assembly that can be inserted into the target bone, and subsequently expanded so as to increase the height of the target bone.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Method of detaching a layer

The present disclosure concerns a method of detaching a layer to be detached from a donor substrate, comprising the following steps: a) assembling the donor substrate and a porous substrate, b) application of a treatment of chemical modification of the crystallites, the chemical modification being adapted to generate a variation of the volume of the crystallites, the volume variation generates deformation in compression or in tension of the porous substrate, the deformation in compression or in tension generates a stress in tension or in compression in the donor substrate, which causes fracture in a fracture plane, the fracture plane delimiting the layer to be detached, the stress leading to the detachment of the layer to be detached from the donor substrate.. .


Fracture characterization using directional electromagnetic resistivity measurements

A disclosed fracture characterization method includes: collecting three-dimensional resistivity measurements of a volume surrounding an open borehole; analyzing the measurements to determine parameters describing fractures in the volume; and providing a report to a user based at least in part on said parameters. A fluid with a contrasting resistivity is employed to make the fractures detectable by a directional electromagnetic logging tool in the borehole.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Method of fracturing multiple zones within a well using propellant pre-fracturing

A method of fracturing multiple zones within a wellbore formed in a subterranean formation is carried out by forming flow-through passages in two or more zones within the wellbore that are spaced apart from each other along the wellbore. The flow-through passages are arranged into clusters, where the directions of all flow-through passages, which belong to the same cluster, are aligned within a single plane (cluster plane).
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Acid fracturing with shapeable materials

Elongated shapeable particles, for example bi-component fibers that are reshaped into tighter structures when heated, are injected into fractures generated during acid fracturing. Collections of such particles form as the temperature in the fracture increases, heterogeneously masking portions of the fracture faces and causing differential etching and increased fracture conductivity when formation-dissolving agents contact the fracture faces.


Methods for accelerating bone repair

Vectors, such as retroviral vectors and transposon-based nonviral vectors, are disclosed herein that can be used to target transgene expression to the proliferating periosteal cells and cells in the marrow space after bone fracture. In one embodiment, these vectors include a human cox-2 gene that is modified to improve mrna stability and protein translation by truncating the 3′ untranslated region (utr).
The United States Government, As Represented By The Department Of Veterans Affairs


Stovetop fire suppressor with thermal glass bulb actuation and method

An automatic stovetop fire suppressor using a compressed spring to lower a bottom lid upon thermal glass bulb fracture is provided herein. A plastic lid seals on the bottom of a can and forms a closed container.
Williamsrdm, Inc.


Dental composition

A dental cement hardened by a cement reaction involving the specific polymerizable polyacidic polymer and optionally additional crosslinkable groups, has reduced shrinkage and improved mechanical properties, in particular with regard to flexural strength and fracture toughness. Moreover, the specific polymerizable polyacidic polymer of the present invention contains a high number of acidic groups which is not reduced by the presence of polymerizable moieties, whereby water solubility of the uncured polymer is not impaired by the presence of the polymerizable moieties..
Dentsply International Inc.


Custom reduction splint for edentulous patients

A custom oral splint that is operatively secured to the maxilla and mandible of a subject/patient to assist in reduction and provide maintenance of reduction of maxillary and mandibular fractures in the edentulous or partially edentulous subject/patient. In this difficult patient population, there are very limited options for maxillomandibular fixation, and none provide stable reduction of fractures.
University Of South Florida


Cap assembly and secondary battery including the same

A cap assembly includes a current interrupt portion; a cap-up electrically connected with the current interrupt portion; and a gasket fixing the current interrupt portion and the cap-up, wherein the current interrupt portion comprises a vent portion comprising a safety vent configured to fracture when a predetermined pressure is applied thereon, and a cap-down comprising at least one hole configured to allow gas to flow in a direction toward the cap-up; and wherein an overall area of the at least one hole is about 0.12% to about 1.61% of a cross-sectional area of the gasket based on an outer diameter of the gasket.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Method for providing multiple fractures in a formation

The invention includes providing a propped hydraulic fractures in a subterranean formation including the steps of: injecting a fracturing fluid into the subterranean formation at a pressure sufficient to initiate and propagate at least one hydraulic fracture wherein the fracturing fluid comprises a proppant; when the at least one hydraulic fracture has reached a target size, adding to the fracturing fluid a predetermined amount of a diverter material wherein the diverter material comprises material having a specified size distribution, and comprising a material that degrades at conditions of the subterranean formation, the diverter material effective to essentially block flow of fracturing fluid into the at least one fracture; and continuing to inject fracturing fluid at a pressure effective to initiate at least one additional fracture within the subterranean formation.. .
Shell Oil Company


Well placement and fracture design optimization system, method and computer program product

A well design system that utilizes geological characteristics and fracture growth behavior along of a vertical stratigraphic column of the formation in order to optimize well placement and fracture stimulation designs for the entire formation.. .
Landmark Graphics Corporation


Pumping fluid to seal a subterranean fracture

The disclosure teaches a method of sealing fractures in a wellbore wherein the steps comprise pumping a first sealing fluid into a wellbore under pressure, monitoring the hydraulic pressure of the sealing fluid in the wellbore for an indicator of seal initialization, stopping the pumping of fluid into the wellbore, monitoring the hydraulic pressure of the sealing fluid in the wellbore, and pumping a second sealing fluid into the wellbore. The disclosure also includes the method wherein the concentration of sealing materials in the first fluid is greater than the concentration of sealing materials in the second fluid and the method wherein the first sealing fluid contains a higher concentration of larger diameter sealing materials than the second sealing fluid.
Sharp-rock Technologies, Inc.


Drill bit

A rotating bit with cutters used in drilling operations to advance a borehole in the earth. The bit includes column cutters in the bit body in a recessed central area.
Ulterra Drilling Technologies, L.p.


Nanostructured thermoplastic polyimide films

Structured films containing multi-walled carbon nanotubes (“mwcnts”) have enhanced mechanical performance in terms of strength, fracture resistance, and creep recovery of polyimide (“pi”) films. Preferably, the loadings of mwcnts can be in the range of 0.1 wt % to 0.5 wt %.
Tuskegee University


Isoprene copolymer and producing the same

A copolymer having properties (durability (fracture resistance, abrasion resistance, and crack-growth resistance)) similar to those of natural rubber and a method of producing the copolymer are provided. An isoprene copolymer has a styrene block or a butadiene block at a terminal thereof, wherein styrene monomers account for less than 5 mol % of all monomers forming the isoprene copolymer having the styrene block; butadiene monomers account for 10 mol % or less of all monomers forming the isoprene copolymer having the butadiene block; and cis-1,4 bond content of a portion derived from isoprene accounts for at least 95% in total..
Bridgestone Corporation


Press-forming mold designing method and press-forming mold

A prediction equation “r0/t(2r/t+(2r/t+1)εf)/2(1−(1+2r/t)εf)” is derived which predicts that bendability-dominated fracture will not occur when the critical surface strain εcritical is not exceeded by a strain on the metal sheet surface causing the occurrence of ductility-dominated fracture that is obtained from the minimum curvature radius r0 of a press-forming mold and the critical strain εf in a plane strain region in a forming limit diagram. The minimum curvature radius r0 of a mold required to prevent the occurrence of bendability-dominated fracture is estimated, and the mold is designed with a curvature radius that is not less than the curvature radius r0..
Jfe Steel Corporation


Method and fracturing polycrystalline silicon

The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for fracturing polycrystalline silicon, and the method comprises steps of placing the polycrystalline silicon in a water tank containing water; applying an instant high voltage to the water tank so that high-voltage discharge occurs in the water of the water tank to fracture the polycrystalline silicon. The apparatus comprises a high-voltage transformer (b), a high-voltage rectifier (g), a charging capacitor (c), a disconnecting switch (k), a water tank (f) containing water, and a first electrode (1) and a second electrode (2) which are submerged in the water tank (f), the first electrode and the second electrode being disposed with a certain distance therebetween, wherein a primary winding of the high-voltage transformer (b) is connected to mains supply, a first terminal of a secondary winding of the high-voltage transformer is sequentially connected to the high-voltage rectifier (g), the disconnecting switch (k) and the first electrodes (1), a second terminal of the secondary winding is grounded and connected to the second electrode (2), and the charging capacitor (c) is connected between a common terminal of the high-voltage rectifier (g) and the disconnecting switch (k) and a common terminal of the secondary winding and the second electrode (2).
Xinte Energy Co. Ltd. A Limited Company


Controlled fracture connections for stents

The invention provides for intra-luminal stents, especially stent having controlled fracture connection, as well as, methods of making and using the same. In one embodiment, a stent for implantation into a vessel has a plurality of annular segments collectively forming tubular shape, characterized by at least first and second adjacent annular segments each defined by a plurality of struts and at least one joint interconnecting respective struts of the first and second segments on a non-permanent basis..
Covidien Lp


Flexible plate fixation of bone fractures

Embodiments provide methods, apparatuses, and systems for fixation of a fractured bone. In various embodiments, the systems and plates may provide elastic suspension of the receiving holes relative to the osteosynthesis plate.
Zimmer, Inc.


Shark staple

An internal fixation comprising an integrated plate with a plurality of pins having double reverse barbs for use in orthopedic surgery to maintain reduction of osteotomy, fracture or arthrodesis site and to provide compression and stability across surfaces of bone for successful ossification and healing is disclosed.. .


Bone plate

An embodiment of a bone plate comprises a main body which is fixed to a side of the fracture and having a hole in which a connecting element is inserted for purposes of this fixation procedure; a movable part which is associated with the main body, is fixed to the other side of the fracture and having a hole in which a connecting element is inserted for purposes of this fixation procedure and being moveable with respect to the main body; a displacement mechanism enabling movement of the movable part relative to the main body, on the center of which it is positioned; a locking element which stops operation of the displacement mechanism, thereby restricting the movement of the movable part; and a displacement element which is associated with the displacement mechanism for controlling thereof externally.. .
Koc Universitesi


Sealed battery and manufacturing sealed battery

A sealed battery (1) is provided with a current interrupting mechanism (62) that interrupts current that flows through an electrode body (10) when an internal pressure (f) of a battery case (80) exceeds an operating pressure (g). The current interrupting mechanism includes a movable member (64) that includes a moving portion (64a) that moves with a rise in the internal pressure, and a conductive member (63) that is electrically connected to the electrode body.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Limited entry phased preforating gun system and method

A limited entry perforating phased gun system and method for accurate perforation in a deviated/horizontal wellbore is disclosed. The system/method includes a gun string assembly (gsa) deployed in a wellbore with shaped charge clusters.
Geodynamics, Inc.


Method and materials for proppant fracturing with telescoping flow conduit technology

Acid-soluble plugs may be employed within telescoping devices to connect a reservoir face to a production liner without perforating. Such technology eliminates formation damage and debris removal associated with perforating, as well as reducing risk and time.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Compositions and methods for delivering an agent to a wound

The invention provides compositions featuring chitosan and methods for using such compositions for the local delivery of biologically active agents to an open fracture, complex wound or other site of infection. Advantageously, the degradation and drug elution profiles of the chitosan compositions can be tailored to the needs of particular patients at the point of care (e.g., in a surgical suite, clinic, physician's office, or other clinical setting)..
University Of Memphis Research Foundation


Citrate-rich calcium-magnesium supplement and uses thereof

Disclosed is an effervescent preparation of calcium and magnesium with additional citric acid in a defined ratio. Also disclosed is the use of these compositions to raise cardioprotective citrate and magnesium in serum to help prevent heart attacks from calcium supplements, and to provide bioavailable calcium and magnesium to prevent osteoporosis-related fractures and low blood magnesium from the use of proton pump inhibitors..
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System


Bone screw system and method

An improved bone screw is disclosed which includes a shaft with distal portion having a threaded surface thereon, a sleeve having an opening which receives the shaft such that the shaft is able to move within the sleeve without moving the sleeve. A compressive device may be incorporated between the sleeve and the proximal portion of the shaft such that the compressive device forces the shaft and sleeve towards at least a portion each other, thereby maintaining the compressive load at the union of the fracture.
Orthoip, Llc


Workpiece cutting method

The object cutting method comprises a step of locating a converging point of laser light within a monocrystal sapphire substrate, while using a rear face of the monocrystal sapphire substrate as an entrance surface of the laser light, and relatively moving the converging point along each of a plurality of lines to cut set parallel to the m-plane and rear face of the substrate, so as to form first and second modified regions within the substrate along each line and cause a fracture to reach a front face. In this step, in each line, with respect to a tilted surface passing the first region while being parallel to the r-plane of the substrate, the second region is positioned on the side where the tilted surface and rear face form an acute angle..
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Competition between transverse and axial hydraulic fractures in horizontal well

An apparatus and methods for forming a transverse fracture in a subterranean formation surrounding a wellbore including measuring a property along the length of the formation surrounding the wellbore, forming a stress profile of the formation, identifying a region of the formation to remove using the stress profile, removing the region with a device in the wellbore, and introducing a fluid into the wellbore, wherein a transverse fracture is more likely to form than if the region was not removed. Some embodiments benefit from computing the energy required to initiate and propagate a fracture from the region, optimizing the fluid introduction to minimize the energy required, and optimizing the geometry of the region..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Method and resonant over-pressured well fracturing

Where fr is the frequency of resonance, c is a speed of sound in fluid, π equals 3.1415, r is the required width of fracture, h is a combined thickness of a casing and a cement bond surrounding the casing, w is a distance on a casing arch between an adjacent perforations, l is the required length of fracture.. .


Genetic markers for predicting responsiveness to fgf-18 compound

This application is directed to the use of biomarkers for predicting the sensitivity to treatment with an fgf-18 compound in a patient having a cartilage disorder, such as osteoarthritis, cartilage injury, fractures affecting joint cartilage or surgical procedures with impact on joint cartilage (e.g., microfracture), in order to reduce the risk of adverse events and increase the overall benefit after therapy.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh


Method and treating fracture water for removal of contaminants at a wellhead

A method and apparatus for removing the barium and strontium salts in water that flows back to the well head after hydrofracturing in gas well drilling. Trace levels of iron salts may also be removed from the waste frac water, followed by removal of the calcium and magnesium salts, where applicable.
Lake Country Fracwater Specialists, Llc


Hydraulic device with heating element

A hydraulic device is provided capable of moving heavy loads along a slotted track. The hydraulic device has a cylinder and piston unit, a jack that is connected to one or more ratcheting claws, and a sliding member having slots for placement of one or more ratcheting claws.
Ventura Hydraulic & Machine Works, Inc.


Method for cutting object to be processed

The object cutting method comprises the steps of locating a converging point of laser light within a monocrystal sapphire substrate, while using a rear face of the monocrystal sapphire substrate as an entrance surface of the laser light, and relatively moving the converging point from one side to the other side along each of a plurality of lines to cut set parallel to the a-plane and rear face of the substrate, so as to form a modified region within the substrate along each line; and thereafter exerting an external force on the object along each line, so as to extend a fracture occurring from the modified region, thereby cutting the object along each line.. .
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Workpiece cutting method

The object cutting method comprises a step of locating a converging point of laser light within a monocrystal sapphire substrate, while using a rear face of the monocrystal sapphire substrate as an entrance surface of the laser light, and relatively moving the converging point along each of a plurality of lines to cut set parallel to the m-plane and rear face of the substrate, so as to form a modified region within the substrate along each line and cause a fracture to reach a front face. In this step, t−[(d/2)−m]/tan α<z<t−e is satisfied, where e is the minimum allowable distance from a position where the converging point is located to the front face, and m is the amount of meandering of the fracture in the front face..
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Contact lens wearing and removing clip

This invention relates to a contact lens tweezers, which comprising two tips for gripping contact lens; and two thin rods that are extended from the bottom of two tips and connect to legs, which are used for supporting two tips, the two thin rods having high flexibility, bendable and hard to fracture. The two thin rods are bendable to enable the two tips to be more fit with the contact lens when used to remove the contact lens.


Dynamic bone fracture plates

A bone fracture plate assembly including female and male plate portions. The female plate portion has a post, a female dovetail, and an extending arm with a group of ratchet teeth.
Spinal Simplicity Llc


Device for compression across fractures

A bone fixation device includes a first element extending from a first head to a first shaft along a first longitudinal axis and having a first channel extending therethrough. The first head rests against a portion of bone adjacent to a first hole through which the first shaft is inserted.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Apparatus and methods for recannalization, valve repair and replacement

A scaffold is mounted on a balloon of a balloon catheter. The scaffold has closed cells which deform upon balloon expansion and generate forces that cause struts or other components of the scaffold to deflect outwardly to a diameter that is greater than the inflated diameter balloon.


Using fracture mechanism maps to predict time-dependent crack growth behavior under dwell conditions

A computing system for predicting crack growth behavior includes technologies to predict a time-dependent crack growth mechanism in a manufactured component once a crack has been initiated in the component. The computing system generates one or more time-dependent fracture mechanism maps for the component and uses the fracture mechanism maps to determine a modified dwell transition temperature for the component.
Rolls-royce Corporation


Singularity spectrum analysis of microseismic data

A method can include receiving locations of microseismic events associated with a fracturing operation performed in a geologic environment; determining an individual correlation exponent for one of the microseismic events based at least in part on distances where each of the distances is between the location of the one microseismic event and a location of another one of the microseismic events; and, based at least in part on the individual correlation exponent, associating the one of the microseismic events with a fracture generated or activated by the fracturing operation.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Process for inhibiting flow of fracturing fluid in an offset wellbore

Processes and systems for inhibiting the flow of fracturing fluid through one or more subterranean wells offset from the subterranean well being fractured. A fracturing fluid is injected under pressure via a first well penetrating and in fluid communication with a subterranean region of interest so as to fracture the subterranean region.
Petrovations Llc


Fracturing methods and systems

Hybrid gas fracturing methods and systems utilizing an early stage gas treatment fluid, which may contain a dispersed phase of fluid loss control agent particles, followed by a proppant stage(s) to form a fracture system having a branched tip region and a propped region between the branched tip region and the wellbore. Also, treatment fluids suitable for use in the methods and systems are disclosed..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Quantification of skin in hydraulic fracturing of low and tight reservoirs

The feasibility of performing hydraulic fracturing can be assessed by analyzing the effect of skin on the overall deliverability of a reservoir. Aspects of the disclosure provide a method to determine equivalent skin in hydraulic fractured system through a semi analytical correlation obtained by numerical modeling.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals



A plug for installation in a well, comprising a housing (2) that carries at least two discs (3, 4) of a brittle material that can be fractured by mechanical forces and with a core between the discs (3, 4). The core comprises particulate material in compact form..
Plugtech As


Compositions for biomedical applications

The invention relates to composite materials that contain a polymer matrix and aggregates, and in some embodiments, methods of making, and methods of using these materials. Preferably, the aggregates are calcium phosphate aggregates.
University Of Massachusetts Medical School


Implantable medical device for restoring alignment and stabilizing bone fractures and methods of using the same

There is disclosed an implantable medical device for restoring bone alignment and stabilizing a fracture, comprising a screwless bone plating system for contacting at least a portion of a bone. In one embodiment, the screwless bone plating system comprises at least one clamp comprising: a top portion; a bottom portion, and an attachment for securing the clamp to a bone without drilling a screw into the bone.


Knee hinge fixation application thereof

An orthopaedic implant knee hinge and surgical method for minimally invasive insertion of the orthopaedic implant knee hinge. The apparatus and method stabilizes the knee in patients after ligament surgery, conventional fixation of supracondylar and intracondylar fractures of the femur and/or tibial plateau and proximal tibia fractures.


Method and device for restabilization with axial rotation of the atlantoaxial junction

An apparatus for stabilizing an atlantoaxial junction while allowing for axial rotation in cases of acquired ligamentous injury or fracture of the dens.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


System and reducing and stabilizing a bone fracture

A spinal implant system includes an elongated implant defining a distal portion interconnected to a proximal portion. The distal portion includes a set of threads for joining the distal portion with a distal part of the bone fracture.
Life Spine, Inc.


Elongated pin for an external modular fixation system for temporary and/or permanent fixation applications and external modular fixation system

The invention relates to an elongated pin (2) for an external modular fixation system for temporary and/or permanent fixation applications to treat bone fractures and to connect two or more bone fragments to each other, comprising an elongated stem (3) extending along a longitudinal axis with a first end portion (4) and an opposite second end portion (5), said first end portion (4) having a tip for the insertion of the first end portion (4) into a bone, wherein said first end portion (4) has a conical shape with an external thread, forming a conical threaded end portion, the extension of said conical threaded end portion along the longitudinal axis being determined by the depth of penetration of the conical end portion limited to only the cortical portion of the bone.. .
Orthofix S.r.i.


Device for control of hemorrhage including stabilized point pressure device

A junctional and truncal tourniquet and hip-girdling pelvic sling device for maintaining a desired amount of tension surrounding a person's hips and pelvis to securely support and stabilize a pelvis that has been fractured and to secure a pressure applying device with a preferred amount of tension so that blood vessel-occluding pressure can be applied to stem hemorrhaging. The device may be wrapped around a patient's torso and may include inflatable pressure application bladders useful to occlude blood vessels proximal to an injury on a limb.
The Seaberg Company, Inc.

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