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This page is updated frequently with new Fracture-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fracture-related patents
 2.5d stadia meshing patent thumbnail2.5d stadia meshing
The disclosed embodiments include a method, apparatus, and computer program product for generating hybrid computational meshes around complex and discrete fractures for the purpose of reservoir simulation. For example, one embodiment is a computer-implemented method for modeling three-dimensional (3d) geological fractures.
Landmark Graphics Corporation

 Oil and gas fracture liquid tracing with oligonucleotides patent thumbnailOil and gas fracture liquid tracing with oligonucleotides
Methods of tracing fracking liquid in oil or gas bearing formations using plural unique oligonucleotide markers. Method includes pumping the plural volumes of fracking liquid, each marked with a unique oligonucleotide, into the formation, thereby defining plural fracture zones in the formation, and, pumping fluids out of the formation while taking plural fluid samples.
Trace Logic, Inc.

 Completions index analysis patent thumbnailCompletions index analysis
A method for determining a hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir quality prior to a hydraulic fracture treatment based on completions index is disclosed. The method comprises a step performing a test determining a hydraulic pressure at which a hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir will begin to fracture by pumping a fluid in a wellbore, wherein the wellbore extends from a surface to the reservoir and the wellbore has one or more perforations in communication with reservoir; a step generating a pressure transient in the wellbore, the pressure transient travels from the surface to the reservoir through the perforations and reflects back the surface after contacting the reservoir; a step measuring response of the pressure transient at sufficiently high sampling frequency; a step determining fracture hydraulic parameters of the perforations and the reservoir using the measured response; and optimizing a stimulation treatment to the reservoir based on the determined fracture hydraulic parameters..
Eog Resources, Inc.

 System and methods for constructing and fracture stimulating multiple ultra-short radius laterals from a parent well patent thumbnailSystem and methods for constructing and fracture stimulating multiple ultra-short radius laterals from a parent well
Systems and methods for multi-lateral wellbore construction and stimulation from cased parent wellbores. Methods and apparatus are provided to facilitate the creation of casing exit openings in the casing of parent wellbores.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Method for analyzing multi phase and heat flow of fluids in reservoir and recording media therefor patent thumbnailMethod for analyzing multi phase and heat flow of fluids in reservoir and recording media therefor
The method comprises a stage for specifying fracture surfaces in a reservoir as multiple three-dimensional coordinates, and specifying a three-dimensional coordinates of a intersecting line which intersects between the fracture surfaces to grasp connectivity between the fracture surfaces, a stage for generating a mathematical equation having main variables of pressure, saturation and temperature in the cell from at least two or more of fluids among oil, water, gas that are moving within the fracture network and each flow model of fluids with heat, and a stage for grasping the flow of fluids and heat within the fracture network in the reservoir by activating the flow model by specifying initial values of pressure, saturation and temperature in each cell, and specifying production condition or injection condition of a drilling well connected to the fracture network.. .

 Fracturing fluid viscosity-controlling agent to be used in hydraulic fracturing patent thumbnailFracturing fluid viscosity-controlling agent to be used in hydraulic fracturing
A fracturing fluid viscosity-controlling agent is described. The fracturing fluid viscosity-controlling agent is capable of maintaining the high viscosity of the fracturing fluid during fracture formation in hydraulic fracturing and of reducing the viscosity during recovery of the fracturing fluid.
Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd.

 Methods and  free-shape cutting of flexible thin glass patent thumbnailMethods and free-shape cutting of flexible thin glass
Methods and apparatus provide for supporting a source glass sheet and defining an at least partially non-straight cutting line that establishes a closed pattern that circumscribes a desired final shape; scoring the glass sheet at an initiation line using a mechanical scoring device; applying a laser beam to the glass sheet starting at the initiation line and continuously moving the laser beam relative to the glass sheet along the cutting line to elevate a temperature of the glass sheet at the cutting line to a substantially consistent temperature, where the laser beam is of a circular shape; and applying a cooling fluid simultaneously with the application of the laser beam, such that the cooling fluid at least reduces the temperature of the glass sheet in order to propagate a fracture in the glass sheet along the cutting line.. .
Corning Incorporated

 Method and  bone fixation patent thumbnailMethod and bone fixation
An orthopedic implant can be used for fixation of a joint or fracture and can include a tapered member and at least one fixation member. The tapered member can be configured for placement in association with one or more bone segments.
Biomet C.v.

 Bone fracture reduction  using same patent thumbnailBone fracture reduction using same
A device and method for treating bone fractures/lesions using an inflatable body is provided. The inflatable body includes a balloon having a substantially flat horizontal surface for quick easy insertion into bone beneath the fracture so as to align misaligned fragments of the fracture and/or to collapsed bone.
Kyphon Sarl

 Multichannel cannula for kyphoplasty and  use patent thumbnailMultichannel cannula for kyphoplasty and use
A method of using a multichannel cannula to perform kyphoplasty includes inserting a stabilizing wire into a vertebra damaged by a compression fracture and inserting, over the stabilizing wire, a cannula. The cannula includes a first channel having open proximal and distal ends, and is configured to receive the stabilizing wire, and a second channel having an inlet portal and an exit portal that are in fluid communication.
Spinal Generations, Llc


Method for the fully automatic detection and assessment of damaged vertebrae

A method is disclosed for the automatic determination of the bone density and a method is disclosed for the automatic detection and characterization of spinal column fractures. Both methods enable the fully automatic detection and assessment of damaged vertebrae and reliably enable an analysis of the state of the vertebrae with a high accuracy rate.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Sliding sleeve for stimulating a horizontal wellbore, and completing a wellbore

A method of completing a wellbore involves placing a series of sliding sleeves along a string of production casing in the wellbore and includes dropping a frac ball into the wellbore and landing it on a seat associated with an uppermost sleeve. Pressure is applied to activate the sleeve, open ports along the casing, and fracture a surrounding subsurface formation at a selected zone.


Method of calibrating fracture geometry to microseismic events

A method of performing a fracture operation is provided at a wellsite. The wellsite is positioned about a subterranean formation having a wellbore therethrough and a complex fracture network therein.


Delivery of particulate material below ground

The agglomeration of the particles by gas leads to the formation of agglomerates which contain gas and so have a bulk density lower than the density of the particles. This reduces the rate of settling.


Methods for etching fractures and microfractures in shale formations

A method of treating a subterranean formation includes providing a treatment fluid comprising particles of at least one of a hydrolysable in-situ acid generator and a hydrolysable in-situ chelating agent generator. The treatment fluid is combined with a carrier fluid and is introduced into a subterranean formation.


Estimation of lithium-ion battery capacity as function of state-of-lithiation swing

A method includes controlling operation of a vehicle in response to an estimation of a capacity loss and capacity of a lithium-ion battery module of the vehicle. The estimation is a function that includes a state-of-lithiation swing and fracture of a solid-electrolyte interphase of an electrode of the lithium-ion battery module.


Method and treating bone fractures, and/or for fortifying and/or augmenting bone, including the provision and use of composite implants

A composite implant comprising an injectable matrix material which is flowable and settable, and at least one reinforcing element for integration with the injectable matrix material, the at least one reinforcing element adding sufficient strength to the injectable matrix material such that when the composite implant is disposed in a cavity in a bone, the composite implant supports the bone. A method for treating a bone comprising: selecting at least one reinforcing element to be combined with an injectable matrix material to form a composite implant capable of supporting the bone; positioning the at least one reinforcing element in a cavity in the bone; flowing the injectable matrix material into the cavity wherein the injectable matrix material interfaces with the at least one reinforcing element; and transforming the injectable matrix material from a flowable state to a nonflowable state to establish a static structure that supports the adjacent bone..


Automatic wire-feeding intramedullary repositor for limb long bone fracture

Provided is an automatic wire-directing intramedullary reduction device used for long bone fracture including a holder, a reduction bushing mounted at the holder; a reduction head rotatably mounted at the reduction bushing; a pipe for guide wire mounted at the holder, a reduction rod received in the reduction bushing with the front end of the reduction rod connecting to the other side at the rear end of the reduction head, the reduction rod will drive the reduction head to rotate around a shaft when moving back and forth, a fixing handle fixed at the rear part of the holder; a wire-directing handle rotatably connected to the fixing handle, a pushing plate for guide wire disposed between the front part and the rear part of the holder, a guide wire passing through the pipe for guide wire, a return spring for pushing plate sleeved around the guide wire, the wire-directing handle will drive the pushing plate for guide wire and the guide wire to move forward when rotating around the rotate shaft.. .


Bone treatment systems and methods

Systems and methods for treating vertebral compression fractures are provided. A kit can include at least one body containing a bone cement precursor to be mixed with at least one other bone cement precursor to form a bone cement.


Bone treatment systems and methods

Systems and methods for treating bone, such as vertebral compression fractures are disclosed. A method includes controllably applying energy to a bone cement volume outside of a patient's body to selectively accelerate the polymerization rate of the bone fill material volume prior to introduction into a bone.


Fracture fixation systems

Systems for bone fracture repair are disclosed. One system includes a biocompatible putty that may be packed about a bone fracture to provide full loadbearing capabilities within days.


Systems and methods for performing spinal surgery

A system and method for percutaneous loop kyphoplasty is described. An apparatus for the treatment of a targeted vertebral bone fracture includes a first trocar having a first lumen, a proximal end and a distal end, wherein the distal end of the first trocar is configured for surgical insertion into a vertebral body at a first location, a second trocar having a second lumen, a proximal and a distal end, wherein the distal end of the second trocar is configured for surgical insertion into the vertebral body at a second location, a wire tool that is slidable within the first trocar, a grasper tool that is slidable within the second trocar and is configured to temporarily couple to the wire tool within the vertebral body, and a non-deployable balloon that is advanced through the first or second trocar into the vertebral body to facilitate expansion within the vertebral body..


3d stadia algorithm for discrete network meshing

The disclosed embodiments include a method, apparatus, and computer program product for modeling three dimensional objects, such as, but not limited to, fractures, for the purpose of reservoir simulation. For example, one disclosed embodiment includes a method that receives a set of 3d fractures with geometry that has been discretized by 2d surfaces by a collection of polygonal facets, generates a set of 3d stadia at specified radii around each facet in the collection of polygonal facet, generates closed 3d stadia surfaces around intersecting facets, discretizes all 3d stadia surfaces using various shape cells, generates 3d cells within each of the closed 3d stadia surfaces, and assigns each cell reservoir properties suitable for a numeric simulation program, such as, but not limited to, nexus® reservoir simulation software..


Frangible plug for use in a valve mechanism

A frangible plug for use in a valve mechanism, the frangible plug including a first section having a first end and an opposing second section having a second end and a cylindrical sidewall extending between the first and second ends. Also including means for applying a force on the cylindrical sidewall of the frangible plug such that the first section fractures from the opposing second section, and wherein the means for applying a force on said cylindrical sidewall extends circumferentially around the outer circumference of the sidewall..


Frangible diaphragm for use in a valve mechanism

A frangible diaphragm for use in a valve mechanism, said frangible diaphragm including an actuator substance provided in, or on, the frangible diaphragm, wherein the actuator substance expands from a smaller volume to a larger volume on application of heat such that a force generated by the expansion causes the diaphragm to fracture.. .


Three-phase injecting carbon dioxide into oil reservoirs

The disclosed method comprises a first injection phase that comprises injecting a first gas-based fluid into a subterranean formation at a first pressure that exceeds a fracture pressure of the subterranean formation. A second injection phase occurs that comprises injecting a second gas-based fracturing fluid into the subterranean formation at a second pressure that exceeds a minimum miscibility pressure of the second gas-based fluid, followed by a shut in period.


High strength glass-ceramics having petalite and lithium silicate structures

Glass and glass ceramic compositions having a combination of lithium silicate and petalite crystalline phases along with methods of making the glass and glass ceramic compositions are described. The compositions are compatible with conventional rolling and float processes, are transparent or translucent, and have high mechanical strength and fracture resistance.


Cartridge for extracting a beverage

A cartridge for extracting a beverage by injecting a fluid under pressure includes a containment body adapted to contain a substance and to receive such fluid under pressure. The containment body includes a bottom wall that is provided with at least one weakened portion that can be broken due to the effect of the pressure of the fluid so as to generate an opening for the outflow of the beverage.


Femoral fracture fixation device

A femur fixation device including an elongated nail configured for insertion into the medullary canal of the femur and a buttress element extending from the elongated nail. The buttress element is configured to reinforce the lesser trochanter region of the femur and assist in stabilizing the head portion of the femur..


Method of testing a polycrystalline diamond compact cutter

The method for determining fracture toughness includes clamping a cutting element in a first orientation, exerting a confining pressure on the cutting element, applying a first load at a first distance from a perimeter of the diamond table of the cutting element, increasing the first load to a first level sufficient to fracture, and recording the first level sufficient to fracture. Then, another load is applied at another distance from a perimeter of the diamond table with another cutting element or the same cutting element in another orientation.
Cnpc Usa Corp.


Smart frac plug system and method

A frac plug system for use at the end of well drill string in a fractured underground formation, includes an elongated mandrel body, wherein the front portion of said elongated mandrel body includes a nose cone, the rear of said elongated mandrel body includes a mandrel head and the mid-portion of said elongated mandrel body includes a sealing assembly; a set of sensors positioned on said nose cone, said set of sensors being selected from a group including: temperature sensors, pressure sensors, ph sensors and fluid composition sensors; a battery operated microcontroller located within said mandrel body, said battery operated microcontroller constructed and arranged to periodically read the data output of said set of sensors and store said data from said set of sensors; a transmitter electrically connected to said battery operated microcontroller, said transmitter constructed and arranged to transmit said stored data from said set of sensors to a receiver when said receiver is in receiving range of said transmitter, said receiver constructed and arranged to write said transmitted stored data to an electronic memory; and whereby when said data from said set of sensors may be retrieved from said electronic memory.. .


Multi-stage liner with cluster valves and use

A multi stage liner with cluster valves for completing and performing multiple fracture stimulations along a length of wellbore. Groups of cluster valves, with isolation between such groups of cluster valves, and a method of using same, are provided to achieve increased oil and gas flow to a wellbore in openhole or cased hole applications for oil and gas wells..
Stage Completions Inc.


Novel tamper evident containers

The present invention is directed to containers and packaging that incorporate novel tamper evident features. In particular, the containers of the present invention comprise newly designed tamper evident linkages, i.e., wedged fracture tabs.



A splint with at least two restraint portions is used for reducing a bone fracture in a body part that has a first surface and a second surface, where the bone fracture has produced at least a first bone fragment and a second bone fragment. The splint includes a first restraint portion configured to apply pressure directly to the first surface of the body part and a second restraint portion configured to apply pressure directly to the second surface.


System for treating proximal humeral fractures and using the same

Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for treating a proximal humeral fracture. A system according to one embodiment includes a longitudinal member configured to be received within the humeral shaft.
Encore Medical Lp Dba Djo Surgical


Microfracture apparatuses and methods

Embodiments of apparatuses and methods for microfracture (e.g., forming a plurality of microfractures in a bone to encourage cartilage regeneration).. .


Methods and devices for forming holes in bone to stimulate bone growth

Methods and devices are provided for forming holes in bone to stimulate bone growth. In one exemplary embodiment, a surgical instrument set can include a driver having a first mating element, and a bone pick have a second mating element configured to releas ably mate with the first mating element at any of a plurality of angular orientations.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Initiator and debonding wafer supporting system

Provided are an initiator and a method for debonding a wafer supporting system. The initiator for debonding a wafer supporting system includes a rotation chuck having an upper surface on which a wafer supporting system (wss), which includes a carrier wafer, a device wafer, and a glue layer for bonding the carrier wafer and the device wafer to each other, is seated to rotate the wafer supporting system, a detecting module detecting a height and a thickness of the glue layer and a laser module generating a fracture portion on the glue layer through irradiating a side surface of the glue layer with a laser on the basis of the height and the thickness of the glue layer..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Fluid diversion through selective fracture extension

A system and method that uses fluid diversion to selectively re-fracture a location of a multizone horizontal wellbore. A tubing string is extended from the surface to a location within the wellbore that is to be re-fractured.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Fracturability index maps for fracture placement and design of shale reservoirs

Methods and systems for generating a fracturability index for use in identifying fracture locations and propagation in subterranean formations. A well path can be divided into a plurality of segments and the order of fracture locations along the path can be identified.
Texas Tech University System


Resin composition and resin shaped product

There is provided a resin composition which contains a cellulose ester resin, a polyether ester compound, and an additive if necessary, the resin composition being capable of providing a resin shaped product with excellent transparency, tensile fracture energy property, and the like, and of being suppressed from deterioration of flowability.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Improved container with opening

A container including: a body having a cavity for storing dispensable contents; a rim of the body defining an opening of the cavity; a flange extending outwardly away from the rim of the body; a cover affixed to the flange to seal the dispensable contents within the cavity; and a fracture portion located on the body, the fracture portion having a break path, whereby the container fractures along the break path upon the application of force exceeding a predetermined level on either side of the fracture portion, wherein the break path along which the container fractures extends beyond a single plane such that the break path includes a main portion having a fracture point in one plane and end portions each having a terminus in another plane.. .
Sands Innovations Ltd


Polymer pelletization via melt fracture

Polymer pellets are formed using air to influence the separation of polymer from a polymer melt. In accordance with one or more embodiments, a polymer material is extruded through a nozzle to form a polymer melt extending from the nozzle.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Bone morphogenetic protein pathway activation, compositions for ossification, and methods related thereto

The disclosure relates to compounds and compositions for bone formation, fracture treatment, bone grafting, bone fusion, cartilage maintenance and repair, and methods related thereto. In certain embodiments, the disclosure relates to compositions comprising one or more compound(s) disclosed herein derivatives, or salt thereof, for use in bone growth processes.
Emory University


Expansion screw bone tamp

A method of compacting and stabilizing bone in the spine using an expandable screw and bone filler. The method comprises placing an expanding screw through a pedicle and into a fractured vertebral body using established techniques; and expanding the screw within the body to create a cavity by tamping bone around the expanded aspect of the screw.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Intramedullary fracture fixation devices and methods

An intramedullary bone fixation device is provided with an elongate body having a longitudinal axis and an actuator to deploy at least one gripper to engage an inner surface of the intramedullary space to anchor the fixation device to the bone. Methods of repairing a fracture of a bone are also disclosed.
Sonoma Orthopedic Products, Inc.


Production non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery

A production method for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary batteries includes a conditioning process in which an electrode group having a positive electrode and a negative electrode wound by interposing a separator therebetween is inserted inside a case a non-aqueous electrolyte including an overcharge additive is injected and the case is sealed, after which a restraining pressure is applied to the case, and charge/discharge is performed at least once. After initial charging in the conditioning process, a fracture portion is formed in secondary particles of a positive electrode active material, and then a conductive coating is formed on the fracture portion..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and system for hydraulic fracture diagnosis with the use of a coiled tubing dual isolation service tool

A hydraulic fracture diagnostic system for reservoir evaluation of a high angle wellbore includes coiled tubing that extends from the surface to a wellbore location. The system includes a sensor and a pump connected to the coiled tubing and a pump and sensor connected to an annulus between the coiled tubing and the wellbore casing.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Fracturing an underground formation using natural gas and an inert purging fluid

A method for fracturing a downhole formation, includes: preparing an energized fracturing fluid including mixing gaseous natural gas and a fracturing base fluid in a mixer; injecting the energized fracturing fluid through a wellhead and into a well; and continuing to inject the energized fracturing fluid until the formation is fractured. An apparatus for generating an energized fracturing fluid for use to fracture a downhole formation, the apparatus includes: a fracturing base fluid source; a natural gas source; and a mixer for accepting natural gas from the natural gas source and fracturing base fluid from the fracturing base fluid source and mixing the natural gas and the fracturing base fluid to generate the energized fracturing fluid..
Millennium Stimulation Services Ltd.


Concentric coil tubing deployment for hydraulic fracture application

A method and system for treating a portion of a wellbore. The system includes a coiled tubing string having two fluid flow areas and a valve configured to control the fluid flow out of both flow areas.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Method and system for hydraulic fracture diagnosis with the use of a coiled tubing dual isolation service tool

A hydraulic fracture diagnostic system for reservoir evaluation of a high angle wellbore includes a coiled tubing string that extends from the surface to a location within a wellbore. The system includes a sensor and a pump connected to the coiled tubing string.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Solids in borehold fluids

Solid polymer objects have size at least 0.5 mm in each of three orthogonal dimensions and shape such that each object has one or more edges, points or corners and/or has a plurality of projections which extend out from a core portion. Such objects may be included in a drilling fluid as a lost circulation additive intended to bridge fractures and mitigate fluid loss.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Hinged vent for electrochemical cell system and method

The present disclosure includes an electrochemical cell having a housing configured to house one or more electrodes of the electrochemical cell. The housing includes a wall having an inner surface facing the one or more electrodes.
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Multi-objective core-flood test system for oil recovery evaluation

Example methods and systems are described for performing core-flood tests for evaluating effectiveness of hydrocarbon recovery techniques. In some aspects, a core-flood test system includes a core holder configured to be coupled to a computed tomography (ct) scanner system to monitor fluid saturations of a core including a rock sample and a core sleeve to be received in the core holder.


Monitoring of wells to detect the composition of matter in boreholes and propped fractures

There is provided a system and method for monitoring of fractured wells and conventional wells to detect leaks. The method comprises interrogating a plurality of resonant tags using a modulated rf signal transmitted from an interrogator, wherein the plurality of resonant tags are dispersed within a channel..


Conductivity enhancement of complex fracture networks in subterranean formations

Some embodiments provide a method comprising a) introducing a delayed-release acid and a gelling agent into a subterranean formation at a rate and pressure sufficient to create or enhance at least one fracture in a first treatment interval; b) contacting the delayed-release acid with a face of the fracture in the first treatment interval so as to etch one or more channels thereon; c) introducing a combination of non-degradable and degradable micro-proppant particulates into the subterranean formation so as to place them into the fracture in the first treatment interval, wherein they at least partially inhibit fluid flow therethrough; d) introducing a combination of non-degradable and degradable proppant particulates into the subterranean formation so as to place them into the fracture in the first treatment interval, wherein they at least partially inhibit fluid flow therethrough; e) repeating (a) through (d) at a second treatment interval.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Method and process for extracting shale oil and gas by fracturing and chemical retorting in oil shale in-situ horizontal well

A method and a process for extracting shale oil and gas by fracturing and chemical retorting in oil shale in-situ horizontal well. An inclined well is drilled from the ground to the upper part of an underground oil shale stratum, and a horizontal well is drilled in parallel to the oil shale stratum in the upper part of the oil shale stratum.
Jilin Zhongcheng Oil Shale Investment And Development Co., Ltd.


Method and enhancing the productivity of wells

The invention relates to a hydrocarbon production stimulation method which can be used in new reservoirs and in reservoirs that have been previously fractured (e.g., by hydraulic fracturing) or that have naturally occurring fractures. A zone of the wellbore is isolated, a liquid chemical rock splitting agent composition is injected into the isolated zone and then forced into the subterranean formation with an inert compressed gas, the chemical rock splitting agent is permitted to expand and harden, and the agent is then removed from the formation.


Welding method and weld structure

Object of the present invention is to provide a welding method prevented the fracture at the spot welding zone by recovering the strength of a spot welding zone, namely, the ductility and the toughness in the spot welding zone, and a weld structure manufactured by the method. In the welding method, a spot welding zone provided with a weld nugget 13a is formed by conducting spot welding on the heat treated steel sheets in a stack; the spot welding zone is tempering treated by the high-frequency electrical current application to make the weld nugget have a hardness of 150% or less of the hardness of the heat treated steel sheets, and the heat affected zone surrounding the weld nugget is made to have a hardness of 30% to 90% of the hardness at the weld nugget before the tempering treatment by the high-frequency electrical current application..
Neturen Co., Ltd.


Breakers containing iron compounds and their methods of use

Methods and well treatment fluids for fracturing a subterranean formation penetrated by a well bore are provided, the method comprising injecting a well treatment fluid into the well bore at a pressure and flow rate sufficient to fracture the subterranean formation, wherein the well treatment fluid comprises an iron-containing breaker compound. The methods can be used to reduce viscosity of well treatment fluids..
Oyj ,kemira


Infused and coated proppant containing chemical treatment agents and methods of using same

Proppant compositions and methods for using same are disclosed herein. In particular, a proppant composition for use in hydraulic fracturing is disclosed herein.
Carbo Ceramics Inc.


Proppant compositions and methods of use

Proppant compositions for use in hydraulic fracturing and methods of using same are disclosed herein. The proppant compositions include a plurality of proppant particulates and at least one particulate of the plurality of proppant particulates containing at least one tracer, wherein the at least one tracer separates from the at least one particulate located inside a fracture of a subterranean formation after a period of time..


Toughening of anhydride cured thermosetting epoxy polymers using grafted triglycerides

Grafted triglycerides prepared from an epoxidized triglyceride and an acid anhydride containing 4 to 40 carbon atoms are reacted with an epoxy resin and an anhydride curing agent to yield an epoxy thermoset. By varying the length of fatty residues on the grafted triglyceride, the number of fatty residues per triglyceride, the identity of the epoxy resin and the anhydride curing agent, it is possible to prepare epoxy thermosets that exhibit superior physical properties compared to the properties of epoxy thermosets prepared without the grafted triglyceride, or as compared to epoxy thermosets wherein the epoxidized triglyceride is used in place of the grafted triglyceride.
Drexel University


Polycarbonate molded article

The molded article is formed from a polycarbonate which contains a unit (a) represented by the following formula (a) in an amount of 50 mol % or more based on the total of all recurring units and has a maximum impact energy of 20 j or more in a high-speed surface impact test based on astm d3763 in a −20° c. Environment and a brittle fracture rate of 50% or less..


Method of forming fracture start portion of con rod and forming device

A method of forming a fracture start portion of a con rod for forming fracture start portions of a con rod at opposing positions in an inner peripheral surface of a large end of the con rod made of metal, includes a first step of forming a groove portion at a position corresponding to the fracture start portion by using a first insert tip with a large tip end and a second step of forming the fracture start portion, which has become a v-shaped groove, by machining a bottom portion of the groove portion smaller by using a second insert tip having a tip end smaller than the first insert tip.. .
Yasunaga Corporation


Method for production of aluminum chloride derivatives

Aluminum chlorohydrate products comprise particles of aluminum chlorohydrate in fractured crystal form, the particles having a basicity in the range of 0% to about 85.6%, and a surface area to weight ratio of about 295 to about 705 m2/kg, inclusive of both endpoints and all numerical values therebetween, where the ratio is measured by laser diffraction. Methods of producing such products are also disclosed..
Usalco Llc


Expandable bone implant

An expandable implant includes an implant body defining an internal void, the implant body including a plurality of interconnected linkages. A first plurality of the linkages has an expansion characteristic that is different from a second plurality of the linkages.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Flexible locked plate fixation

A bone fixation device is disclosed that permits some movement of different portions of a fractured bone when the device is affixed thereto. Various embodiments are disclosed, including bone plates that have fixed holes and floating holes therethrough for receiving bone screws, and bone plates including oblong holes allowing for screw movement..
Stryker Trauma Sa


Bone plating system

The present invention relates to a bone plating system and method for fracture fixation of bone. The bone plating system includes a bone plate, at least one locking screw, and at least one non-locking screw.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Cross pin fixator for bone fragments and use thereof

The present application relates to a cross pin fixator device comprising a plate member with spherical cavities that are open to the front and to the back of the plate, collapsible pin holder members having a central channel for insertion of a bone pin, the collapsible pin holder member being press-fit into the spherical cavities, and bone pins individually inserted into the central channel of a pin holder. The application also relates to a method for treating a fracture of the proximal humerus using the proximal humerus cross pin fixator and to a kit for treating a fracture of a bone..
A.m. Surgical, Inc.


Device and methods for fracture reduction

Methods of creating a curvilinear cavity within a vertebral body or other bony structure and devices that may be used to perform the steps to create the curvilinear cavity. In one embodiment, a method of forming a curvilinear void in bony structure may include the steps of accessing a bony structure with a cannula, inserting a distal end of a drill device through the cannula and into the bony structure, manipulating the distal end of the drill device to create a curvilinear void in the bony structure, enlarging the void by expansion of a balloon element mounted to the drill device, and deflating the balloon element and removing the drill device from the cannula..
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


Nano-structured porous thermoelectric generators

Methods and processes to fabricate thermoelectric materials and more particularly to methods and processes to fabricate nano-sized doped silicon-based semiconductive materials to use as thermoelectrics in the production of electricity from recovered waste heat. Substantially oxidant-free and doped silicon particulates are fractured and sintered to form a porous nano-sized silicon-based thermoelectric material..
Mossey Creek Technologies Inc.


Charged particle beam device and filter member

In a sem device which enables observations under an atmospheric pressure, in the event that a diaphragm is damaged during an observation of a sample, air flows into a charged particle optical barrel from the vicinity of the sample, due to the differential pressure between the inside of the charged particle optical barrel under vacuum and the vicinity of the sample under the atmospheric pressure. At this time, the sample may be sucked into the charged particle optical barrel.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Non-contact measurement of strain profile at a location interposed within a soft deformable object with dynamic evolution of the strain under dynamic loading or fracture of the object

A non-invasive method for estimation of strain profile and dynamic evolution of the strain at a location interposed inside a block of soft material, includes forming a tracer grid consisting of microscopic lines or regularly spaced microscopic dots on a single plane buried inside the soft block; preparation of a deformable object embedded with the tracer grid in three primary steps: i. Preparing a block of crosslinked material by crosslinking a first predetermined quantity of a pre-polymer solution containing a monomer, a crosslinking agent, and an initiator and promoter all mixed in a solvent at a known stoichiometric weight ratio; ii.
Indian Institute Of Technology


Apparatus and method using measurements taken while drilling to map mechanical boundaries and mechanical rock properties along a borehole

The present disclosure involves a novel way of using drilling vibrations generated by the deformation of a rock formation in response to forces acting on the rock formation, where the forces are related to a drill bit and/or drilling fluid system, to identify the nature and occurrence of fractures, fracture swarms and other mechanical discontinuities (boundaries) such as bedding planes and/or faults that offset or otherwise separate rock formations with different mechanical rock properties.. .
Fracture Id, Inc.


Methods and systems for determining subterranean fracture closure

Methods and systems for determining subterranean fracture closure are disclosed herein. The methods can include electrically energizing a casing of a wellbore that extends from a surface of the earth into a subterranean formation having a fracture that is at least partially filled with an electrically conductive proppant and measuring a first electric field response at the surface or in an adjacent wellbore at a first time interval to provide a first field measurement.
Carbo Ceramics Inc.


Method and process for extracting shale oil and gas by fracturing and chemical retorting in oil shale in-situ vertical well

The present invention provides a method and a process for extracting shale oil and gas by fracturing and chemical retorting oil shale in in-situ vertical well. A vertical well (1) is drilled towards an underground oil shale stratum (6) and a highly pressurized medium is injected into the oil shale stratum.
Jilin Zhongcheng Oil Shale Investment And Development Co., Ltd.


Matrix-fracture interface cleanup tight sandstone, carbonate, and shale reservoirs

The invention is related to a method to clean a matrix-fracture interface of fractured tight sandstone, tight carbonate, and tight shale reservoirs. The method involves the injection of at least one fluid into a reservoir, wherein the fluid is gas, a surfactant, a surfactant solution, or combinations thereof.


Gel, leaking stoppage method using the same and well kill leaking stoppage method using the same

The present invention relates to the field of well drilling, and particularly to a gel, a plugging method using the same, and a well killing and plugging method using the same. The gel is a water soluble hydrophobic associated polymer copolymerized by hydrophobic monomer and nonionic monomer, or a water soluble hydrophobic associated polymer copolymerized by hydrophobic monomer, nonionic monomer, and alkene salt monomer.
Southwest Petroleum University


Differentiation of adipose stromal cells into osteoblasts and uses thereof

The invention further provides methods of identifying compounds that affect osteoblast differentiation. Such compounds are useful in the study of bone development and in the treatment of bone disorders, including bone fractures and osteoporosis..


Thermosetting materials with improved fracture toughness

R1 is h or —z1-nh2 and z1 is an alkyl, a cycloalkyl or an aryl having up to 15 carbon atoms, and r2 is h or —z2-nh2 and z2 is an alkyl, a cycloalkyl or an aryl having up to 15 carbon atoms, r1 and r2 being either identical or different, and of an oligomer made from butadiene and acrylonitrile which are terminated by carboxyl functions or by amine functions, such as the reactive rubbers ctbn or atbn; the polyamide and the oligomer being present in respective proportions of 1/10 to 10/1 by weight.. .


Solution based polymer nanofiller-composites synthesis

A solution based polymer nanofiller composite processing method to improve mechanical, electrical, thermal and/or chemical properties. The solution based synthesis method may include the steps of surface functionalizing carbon nanomaterials and dissolving a polymer in a solvent.
Vetco Gray Inc.


Vehicle front structure

A vehicle front structure that is structured with a headlight covered above that can suppress a collision reaction force in the event of a collision body from above the structure is obtained. A headlight is arranged below a front end portion of a hood.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method of forming a sheet steel workpiece

The invention relates to a method for the forming of a workpiece, in particular a blank, composed of sheet steel, in which method the following steps are performed in succession: providing a workpiece composed of multiple steel layers which have been non-detachably connected to one another by roll-bonding and of which at least two steel layers have a different strength and/or elongation at fracture, heating the workpiece, and subjecting the workpiece to hot forming. To ensure a high strength and at the same time the easiest possible formability, the invention proposes that at least one section of the hot-formed workpiece is hardened, and that the workpiece is subsequently subjected to cold forming in the region in which the hardening has been performed.
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag


Press drawing method

A press drawing method includes a first step for moving an upper mold 10e from a top dead center to a fracture position and applying a predetermined strain to a part of a plate material 1 to be drawn, causing the plate material 1 to fracture at a fracture part 4, and a second step for moving the upper mold 10e from the fracture position to a bottom dead center, thus completing the drawing process.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and methods for bone access and cavity preparation

Apparatus and methods for preparing the interior of a bone for therapy. The therapy may include therapy for a bone fracture.
Conventus Orthopaedics, Inc.


Vaso-occlusive devices with in-situ stiffening

A vaso-occlusive device is constructed out of dissimilar metallic materials that are in contact or otherwise in close proximity with one another, thereby causing the device to undergo galvanic corrosion when exposed to an electrolytic medium, such as blood or other body fluid, wherein one of the dissimilar metallic materials is zirconium or zirconium alloy to create a corrosive product including zirconia having a relatively high hardness, a relatively high fracture toughness, and a relatively high stability when the device is implanted in a vasculature site, such as an aneurysm.. .
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc

Fracture topics: Hydrocarbon, Aqueous Solution, Magnetic Field, Interstice, Frequency Band, High Density, Simulation, Computer Aided Engineering, Wave Energy, Active Solid, Epoxy Resin, Block Copolymer, Bone Fracture, Prosthetic, Interrupts

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