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Plastic optical fiber and method for its production

Plastic optical fiber and method for its production

Methods, devices and systems for  extraction of thermal energy from a heat conducting metal conduit

Biofilm Ip

Methods, devices and systems for extraction of thermal energy from a heat conducting metal conduit

Methods, devices and systems for  extraction of thermal energy from a heat conducting metal conduit

Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates

Contained ceramic fastener

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fracture-related patents
 System and  predicting future fractures patent thumbnailSystem and predicting future fractures
A method of predicting bone or articular disease in a subject includes determining one or more micro-structural parameters, one or more macroanatomical parameters or biomechanical parameters of a joint in the subject and combining at least two of the parameters to predict the risk of bone or articular disease.. .
Imatx, Inc.
 Plastic optical fiber and  its production patent thumbnailPlastic optical fiber and its production
A plastic optical fiber comprising an inner layer, an outer layer having a refractive index lower than the refractive index of the inner layer, and a protective coating layer covering the outer periphery of the outer layer, wherein the inner layer contains an amorphous fluorinated polymer (a) having no c—h bond, the outer layer contains an amorphous fluorinated polymer (c) which may have a c—h bond only at a terminal of the main chain, the glass transition temperature (tgc) of the fluorinated polymer (c) is at least the glass transition temperature (tga) of the fluorinated polymer (a), the plastic optical fiber is a stretched one, the fracture elongation of the fluorinated polymer (a) and the fracture elongation of the fluorinated polymer (c) are at least 120% and larger than the stretching ratio.. .
 Methods, devices and systems for  extraction of thermal energy from a heat conducting metal conduit patent thumbnailMethods, devices and systems for extraction of thermal energy from a heat conducting metal conduit
Provided are methods, devices and systems for controlled removal of thermal energy from a fluid within a thermally conducting metal conduit. The system allows for the in situ formation of a reversible plug that can stop the flow of fluid through the conduit, particularly without inducing thermally induced stress fractures or breaches in the conduit.
Biofilm Ip Llc
 Contained ceramic fastener patent thumbnailContained ceramic fastener
A ceramic fastener includes a ceramic body portion, and a containment layer disposed around the ceramic body portion. The containment layer retains pieces of the ceramic body portion when the ceramic body portion is subjected to a torque sufficient to fracture the ceramic body portion.
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.
 Wellbore modeling patent thumbnailWellbore modeling
A computer method, apparatus and system simulate hydraulic fracturing. The computer system/method models a wellbore of an injection well.
Dassault Systems Simulia Corp.
 Method for determining hydraulic fracture orientation and dimension patent thumbnailMethod for determining hydraulic fracture orientation and dimension
Method for characterizing subterranean formation is described. One method includes: placing a subterranean fluid into a well extending into at least a portion of the subterranean formation to induce one or more fractures; measuring pressure response via one or more pressure sensors installed in the subterranean formation; and determining a physical feature of the one or more fractures..
Conocophillips Company
 Tight gas stimulation by in-situ nitrogen generation patent thumbnailTight gas stimulation by in-situ nitrogen generation
Provided is a method and composition for the in-situ generation of synthetic sweet spots in tight-gas formations. The composition can include nitrogen generating compounds, which upon activation, react to generate heat and nitrogen gas.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company
 Well proppant and  recovering hydrocarbon from hydrocarbon-bearing formation patent thumbnailWell proppant and recovering hydrocarbon from hydrocarbon-bearing formation
A well proppant containing fluororesin-coated particles having at least part of the surface of proppant particles coated with a fluororesin (f) having a volume flow rate of from 0.1 to 1000 mm3/sec, and a method for recovering hydrocarbons, which comprises a step of injecting a fluid containing the well proppant into a hydrocarbon-bearing formation 14 through a well 10 to support fractures 14a in the hydrocarbon-bearing formation 14, by the well proppant and a step of recovering hydrocarbons through the well 10 from the hydrocarbon-bearing formation 14 in which the fractures 14a are supported by the well proppant.. .
 Conductive adhesives patent thumbnailConductive adhesives
A conductive adhesive, such as an anisotropic conductive adhesive, comprising a population of conductive particles and a population of signal particles in an adhesive; wherein both the conductive particle population and the signal particle population have an average particle diameter of <200 μm with a coefficient of variance of <10%; wherein the signal particles are arranged to provide an indication when they are deformed to a pre-determined height; and wherein the conductive particles are arranged such that they will not fail, e.g. Crack or fracture, when deformed to a height larger than or equal to the pre-determined height at which the signal particles are arranged to provide the indication..
Conpart As
 Epoxy-resin composition and film, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced plastic using same patent thumbnailEpoxy-resin composition and film, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced plastic using same
An epoxy-resin composition of the components (a), (b), (d) and (e), where component (a) is an epoxy resin having an oxazolidone-ring structure, (b) is a bisphenol bifunctional epoxy resin with a number-average molecular weight of at least 600 but no more than 1300, which does not have an oxazolidone-ring structure, (d) is a triblock copolymer, and (e) is a curing agent. A film made of the epoxy-resin composition, a prepreg and a fiber-reinforced plastic is also disclosed.
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

Composition for preventing or treating fracture or osteoporosis using slit-robo system

A pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating a fracture or osteoporosis, includes, as an active ingredient, a gene selected from a group consisting of slit1, slit2, slit3, robo1, robo2 and vilse, or an expressed protein of the gene. A marker composition for predicting the risk of the occurrence of a fracture or osteoporosis includes the protein.
The Asan Foundation

End closure with double anti-missile score

An end closure for food and beverage containers provides controlled opening characteristics to prevent the unintentional missiling of a tear panel. The end closure comprises a score line that defines a portion of the tear panel, and the end closure may comprise one or more anti-missile features that inhibit the propagation of a fracture down a score line, which reduces the likelihood that a tear panel will inadvertently detach from the end closure and injure the user or another..
Ball Corporation

Workpiece cutting method

The object cutting method comprises a step of locating a converging point of laser light within a monocrystal sapphire substrate, while using a rear face of the monocrystal sapphire substrate as an entrance surface of the laser light, and relatively moving the converging point along each of a plurality of lines to cut set parallel to the m-plane and rear face of the substrate, so as to form a modified region within the substrate along each line and cause a fracture to reach the rear face. In this step, Δy=(tan α)·(t−z)±[(d/2)−m] is satisfied, where m is the amount of meandering of the fracture in the front face..
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

Bioinjection device

The bioinjection device has a housing including a pistol grip and an elongated barrel. A trigger is pivotally mounted to the housing.

Preparation and the prophylaxis and treatment of osteoporosis and bone fractures

The method for preventing and treating osteoporosis and bone fractures and the preparation for preventing and treating osteoporosis and bone fractures relates to medicine, in particular to agents for the treatment and prevention of conditions associated with various forms of osteoporosis. The method is characterised in that it involves taking between 10 mg and 1000 mg per day of drone brood, between 50 iu and 1,000,000 iu per day of vitamin d or vitamins of this group and/or the active metabolites thereof, and between 25 mg and 3000 mg per day of a calcium compound, so as to be simultaneously supplied to the body daily, and the preparation composed of between 10 mg and 1000 mg of drone brood, between 50 iu and 1,000,000 iu of vitamin d or vitamins of this group and/or the active metabolites thereof and between 25 mg and 3000 mg of a calcium compound, can be in powder, tablet or capsule form.
Obschestvo S Ogranichennoj Otvetsvennost'ju "parafarm"

Pelvic trauma device

A pelvic trauma device for emergency treatment of pelvic fracture includes two parallel elongated straps or belts that are connected, but are adjusted independently of each other. The two parallel belts include a lower belt and an upper belt.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

Locking taper abutment provided with weakened zone

A locking taper abutment provided with a weakened zone, having three parts. The first part is disposed in an opening of a dental implant, and connected in a threadless manner.

Long-bone fracture-reduction robot

A long-bone fracture-reduction robot is provided, and includes a machine base; a support slidably connected onto the machine base and able to move up and down; a plurality of electro-hydraulic drivers; and a six-degrees-of-freedom parallel robot arranged on the support, with the motion of the robot in six degrees of freedom hydraulically controllable using the plurality of electro-hydraulic drivers. The long-bone fracture-reduction robot includes two long-bone-fixing frames, one frame being coupled to the support and other being coupled to the six-degree-of-freedom parallel robot.

Bone fracture reduction system and methods of using the same

A method of treating a fracture includes creating an access path to a fracture site in a bone and inserting a guidewire through the access path into the fracture site is provided. The method includes the steps of positioning a cannulated drill bit having a distal end including helical flutes configured for drilling through bone over the guidewire into the fracture site, and advancing the drill bit to create a passageway in the bone configured to receive a screw.
Kyphon Sarl

Cable button

The present disclosure includes a method for reducing a bone fracture and an apparatus such as a cable button for use with a bone plate, the cable button including cable button threads, a plurality of cable button apertures, a hex socket, and a hex opening. The present disclosure also includes a method for reducing a bone fracture and an apparatus such as a cable button for use with a bone plate, the cable button including a plurality of legs, where a leg includes a protrusion, where the protrusion engages the bone plate, and the cable button defines at least one cable button aperture..
Zimmer, Inc.

Filling material for bone defect part

To provide a filling material for a bone defect part, which reduces pain and any sense of discomfort and also promotes short-term bone repair. Provided is a filling material for a bone defect part, wherein the filling material is filled in a bone defect part formed between fracture sites in living bone and applies to the fracture site a pressing force in the direction in which the living bone extends from the defect part.
Hi-lex Corporation

Model order reduction technique for discrete fractured network simulation

A method for reducing an order of a discrete fractured network simulation. The method includes receiving cells representing a portion of a subterranean formation that includes a fracture.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Fractured erase system and method

Efficient and convenient storage systems and methods are presented. In one embodiment, a fractured erase process is performed in which a pre-program process, erase process and soft program process are initiated independently.
Spansion Llc

Dielectric contrast agents and methods

Contrast agents and methods for use in geological applications are provided. Contrast agents can be a nanopolymorph material, such as titania nanotubes, and have a low-frequency dielectric permittivity.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Heterogeneous proppant placement in a fracture with removable extrametrical material fill

A method of heterogeneous proppant placement in a subterranean fracture is disclosed. The method comprises injecting well treatment fluid including proppant (16) and proppant-spacing filler material (18) through a wellbore (10) into the fracture (20), heterogeneously placing the proppant in the fracture in a plurality of proppant clusters or islands (22) spaced apart by the material (24), and removing the filler material (24) to form open channels (26) around the pillars (28).
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Formation fracturing and sampling methods

The present disclosure relates to a method of fracturing and sampling an isolated interval within a wellbore. The method includes deploying a plurality of packers to isolate the interval and initiating a fracture at the isolated interval.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

System and methods for controlled fracturing in formations

Controlled fracturing in geologic formations is carried out by a system for generating fractures. The system comprises: a plurality of electrodes for placing in boreholes in a formation with one electrode per borehole, for the plurality of electrodes to define a fracture pattern for the geologic formation; a first electrical system for delivering a sufficient amount of energy to the electrodes to generate a conductive channel between the pair of electrodes with the conductivity in the channel has a ratio of final to initial channel conductivity of 10:1 to 50,000:1, wherein the sufficient amount of energy is selected from electromagnetic conduction, radiant energy and combinations thereof; and a second electrical system for generating electrical impulses with a voltage output ranging from 100-2000 kv, with the pulses having a rise time ranging from 0.05-500 microseconds and a half-value time of 50-5000 microseconds..
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

System and methods for controlled fracturing in formations

Controlled fracturing in geologic formations is carried out in a method employing a combination of alternating and impulsive current waveforms, applied in succession to achieve extensive fracturing and disintegration of rock materials for liquid and gas recovery. In a pre-conditioning step, high voltage discharges and optionally with highly ionizable gas injections are applied to a system of borehole electrodes, causing the formation to fracture with disintegration in multiple directions but confined between the locations of electrode pairs of opposite polarity.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

Biological sterilization indicator and using same

A biological sterilization indicator (bi) and a method of using same for assaying the lethality of a sterilization process. The bi can include a housing, which can include a first portion, and a second portion, which can be movable with respect to the first portion between a first and second position.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Proppant particles formed from slurry droplets and methods of use

Proppant particles formed from slurry droplets and methods of use are disclosed herein. The proppant particles can include a sintered ceramic material and can have a size of about 80 mesh to about 10 mesh and an average largest pore size of less than about 20 microns.
Carbo Ceramics Inc.


An inflator for inflating an inflatable device to which it is connected via fill tubes or in which it is positioned. The inflator comprises a power module assembly and an adaptor assembly intended to be threaded into or onto the threaded neck of a gas cylinder (not shown).
Halkey-roberts Corporation

Glass cutting machine, glass cutter, and glass cutting method

A glass cutter is provided which can form, using a wheel, a uniform crack in glass even when a projection or an earlier-formed scribe line is present on the glass. When the wheel is moved on the glass, a fracture layer is formed causing a rib mark to be formed below the fracture layer and a crack to be formed below the rib mark.
Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.

Acoustic source fragmentation system for breaking ground material

A system for fragmenting material includes an energy source, an acoustic transmitter, and a controller. The acoustic transmitter is coupled to the energy source and includes a unit acoustic source configured to emit an acoustic wave through a volume of ground material.
Elwha Llc

Prostacyclin compositions for regulation of fracture repair and bone formation

The present disclosure provides a prostacyclin coated implant to enhance fracture repair and bone formation comprising: an implant; and a prostacyclin coating comprising a prostacyclin compound disposed in a polymer coating the implant, wherein the prostacyclin coating releases the prostacyclin compound which enhances fracture repair and bone formation.. .
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

System and facilitating repair and reattachment of comminuted bone portions

A fracture fixation system serves in repairing comminuted bone portions of a bone. The fracture fixation system includes a plate having an upper surface, a lower surface opposite the upper surface, one of a screw and a post, and at least one aperture for receiving the one of the screw and the post therethrough.
Toby Orthopaedics, Inc.

Apparatus and wet-chemical processing of flat, thin substrates in a continuous method

The invention relates to a method and apparatus for wet-chemical processes (cleaning, etching, stripping, coating, dehydration) in a continuous method for flat, thin and fracture-sensitive substrates, the substrate transport and the wet process being effected by media-absorbing rollers.. .
Acp-advanced Clean Production Gmbh

Method of treating a subterranean formation

A method of treating a subterranean formation, involving performing a fracturing operation and performing a shut in. At a time before or after the shut in is commenced, changes in properties at or near a fracture are estimated based upon monitored data.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Methods for minimizing overdisplacement of proppant in fracture treatments

A method of treating a subterranean formation includes generating a fracture in the subterranean formation, introducing a predetermined amount of proppant into a treatment fluid, and subsequently introducing a plugging agent into the treatment fluid before the entire predetermined amount of proppant reaches the fracture, minimizing overdisplacement of the proppant from the fracture.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Well treatment

The following describes a novel and alternative mechanism in regards to releasing reactive chemicals. Namely, utilizing shells containing multiple emulsions that can be blended with the base fluids, and then react with said base fluid upon exposure to a trigger e.g.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Composition comprising eupatorium spp. extract as active ingredient for preventing and treating obesity and metabolic bone disease

The present invention relates to a eupatorium spp. Extract having anti-obesity effects as a result of decreasing adipocytes and increasing osteoblasts, as well as the effects of preventing bone disease or fractures by increasing osteoblasts and of preventing osteoporosis by decreasing adipocytes and increasing osteoblasts by the same proportion in mesenchymal stem cells.
Republic Of Korea (management:rural Development Administration)

Tensioning element for fixing the fracture ends of the bones in a bone fracture

The invention proposes a tensioning element (1) for fixing the fracture ends of the bones in a bone fracture with a contoured body which is hollow when viewed from above and comprises a circumferential wall (6). The contoured body comprises two face sided receiving sections (a, 8b) lying opposite to each other, for receiving fastening means that can be pushed through the contoured body, and two lateral flanks with angled sections (10).
Hipp Medical Ag

Burst sleeve and positive indication for fracture sleeve opening

A downhole tool, such as a sliding sleeve, deploys on a tubing string in a borehole. The tool has a housing with an internal bore and at least one port communicating outside the housing.
Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

Fracturing process using liquid ammonia

A fracturing fluid that includes the combination of liquid ammonia and a proppant, and a method for fracturing an underground formation by pumping this fracturing fluid into a wellbore that extends to the formation. The process includes generating pressure in the wellbore, creating fractures in the formation using the liquid or gelled ammonia and proppant slurry, and releasing pressure from the wellbore.
Eog Resources, Inc.

Water reclamation apparatus and operation

A water reclamation system is composed of a high-capacity input pump connected to an ionizer, which dissociates solid or biological particles from the water. After leaving the ionizer, the fluid stream is run through staged filter systems progressively filtering the solids from the water, which is then fed to a reverse osmosis system for further filtration.
H20 Reclamation Technologies Llc

Curable orthopedic splint

Provided is a curable orthopedic splint. The curable orthopedic splint includes: an inner shell contacting a bone fracture site, an outer shell bonded to the inner shell, a curable core accommodated between the inner shell and the outer shell, the curable core being cured to match a shape of the bone fracture site, and a fixing holder contacting a surface of the outer shell to surrounding the curable core and the bone fracture site, the fixing holder having both ends that are detachably bonded to each other or detachably bonded to the surface of the outer shell so as to closely attach and fix the curable core to the bone fracture site..
Woosam Medical Co., Ltd.

Tissue repair devices and scaffolds

The present invention relates to multiphasic, three-dimensionally printed, tissue repair devices or scaffolds useful for promoting bone growth and treating bone fracture, defect or deficiency, methods for making the same and methods for promoting bone growth and treating bone fracture, defect or deficiency using the same. The scaffold has a porous bone ingrowth area containing interconnected struts surrounded by a microporous shell.

Bone fixation tool

Various embodiments of the present disclosure include a tool for stabilizing a fractured bone. The tool comprises a barrel having a proximal end and a distal end.
Zimmer, Inc.

Subchondral treatment of joint pain

The embodiments provide devices and methods that both strengthen the bone and stimulate the bone. Bone fractures or non-unions are stabilized, integrated or healed, which results in reduction of a bone defect, such as a bone marrow lesion or edema.
Zimmer Knee Creations, Inc.

Assembly for treating an isthmic fracture

An assembly is disclosed for treating an isthmic fracture. It also relates to an assembly which includes materials and instruments for utilizing the assembly in connection with treating the fracture..

Geologic feature splitting

A method can include receiving information that defines a three-dimensional subterranean structure; splitting the three-dimensional subterranean structure into portions; generating convex hulls for the portions; and generating a discrete fracture network based at least in part on the convex hulls.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Devices, systems, and methods for acetabulum repair

Systems for repairing acetabulum fractures can include a bone plate that has openings therein and one or more bolts sized to fit through the openings. The bone plate can cooperate with the head portions of the bolts to prevent them from spinning within the holes as screws are attached to the bolts.

Bone morphogenetic protein pathway activation, compositions for ossification, and methods related thereto

The disclosure relates to compounds and compositions for bone formation, fracture treatment, bone grafting, bone fusion, cartilage maintenance and repair, and methods related thereto. In certain embodiments, the disclosure relates to compositions comprising one or more compound(s) disclosed herein, such as 2-(2-methoxybenzylidene)-1-indan-one; n-(4-arsonophenyl)glycine; 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid, 1-(1-methylheptyl)ester; (4′-hydroxybiphenyl-4-yl) (phenyl)methanone; 2,2-dimethylchroman-6-carboxylic acid, (4,7-dihydroxy-8-methyl-2-oxo-2h-chromen-3-yl)amide; ethyl 2-((4-chlorophenyl)thio)-1,3-benzothiazol-6-yl carbamate; ethyl (2-(azepan-1-yl)benzo[d]thiazol-6-yl) carbamate; porfiromycin; 1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl-[4-(3,4,5-trimethoxybenzoyl)-3-furyl]methanone; tricinolone acetophenonide; 2,4-bis(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-4h-pyrano[3,2-c]chromen-5-one; methyl 5-fluoro-4-methoxy-2,6-dioxohexahydro-5-pyrimidine carboxylate; 5-(naphthalen-1-yl)-1-phenyl-1h-tetrazole; 5-(2-phenylquinolin-4-yl)-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-ol; n-[2,4,5-trimethyl-4-(trichloromethyl)cyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-ylidene]hydroxylamine; 4-benzoyl-3,4-dihydro-benzo[f]quinoline-3-carbonitrile; 2-nitro-3-phenylspiro[cyclopropane-1,9′-fluorene]; 3-[4-(furan-2-ylmethyl)-5-sulfanylidene-1,2,4-dithiazolidin-3-ylidene]-1,1-dimethyl-thiourea; (6-acetamido-7-methyl-5,8-dioxo-2,3-dihydro-1h-pyrrolo[1,2-a]benzimidazol-3-yl)2-methoxyacetate; 5-iodo-1h-indole-2,3-dione; 4,5-dihydro-1,2,9,10-tetramethoxy dibenzo[de,g]quinoline-6-carboxylic acid, ethyl ester; [2,6-bis(2,4-dimethylphenyl)-4-(2-methoxyacetyl)oxy-phenyl]2-methoxyacetate; 5,11-dimethyl-2-(2-piperidin-1-ylethyl)-6h-pyrido[4,3-b]carbazol-2-ium-9-ol; 2-[3-[[4-[(3-nitroacridin-9-yl)amino]phenyl]sulfamoyl]propyl]guanidine; 1-[[2-(dimethylamino)ethyl]amino]-7-hydroxy-4-methyl-9h-thioxanthen-9-one; 5-amino-1h-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxylic acid, methyl ester; methyl n-cyano-n′-prop-2-en-1-ylcarbamimidothioate; 5,7-dinitro-8-quinolinol; 5-nitrosoquinolin-8-ol; cantharidin; 1,7-diaminoacridine; 3-methyl-3-(1-naphthyl)-2-benzofuran-1(3h)-one; dichlorolapachol; lycobetaine; 6-(1-aziridinyl)-2,3-dihydro-3-(propionyl)-7-methyl-1h-pyrrolo[1,8]-dione; 4-nitroestrone 3-methyl ether; 5,11-dimethyl-6h-pyrido[4,3-b]carbazole-1-carboxamide hydrochloride; 5-methoxysterigmatocysin; (6-acetamido-7-methyl-5,8-dioxo-2,3-dihydro-1h-pyrrolo[1,2-a]benzimidazol-3-yl)2-methoxyacetate; horminon; 7′,8′-dimethyl-2′-oxo-4′,4a′,6a′,7′-tetrahydro-2′h-spiro[oxirane-2,1′-pentaleno[1,6a-c]pyran]-5′-carboxylate; nybomycin acetate; 5h-[1,6]indeno[1,2-c]isoquinoline-5,12-dione; 2,3-dimethoxy-6-methyl-nitidine; iproplatin; 3-[(deoxyhexosyl)oxy]-2-(3,4-di-hydroxyphenyl)-6,8-dihdroxy-4h-1-benzopyran-4-one; 2-o-benzyl 8-o-methyl 3-(4-methylphenyl)sulfonyl-4,5-dioxo-6h-pyrrolo[3,2-e]indole-2,8-dicarboxylate; 6-bromo-5,8-dihydroxy-7-[4-[2-(2-hydroxyethoxy)ethyl]piperazin-1-yl]naphthalene-1,4-dione; 5-methylbenzo[c]phenanthridin-5-ium-2,3,8,9-tetrol; (6-acetyl-4-oxo-1,3-diphenyl-2-sulfanylidenethieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-5-yl)-2,4-dichlorobenzoate; n—[c-[4-[bis(2-cyanoethyl)amino]-2-methylphenyl]-n-(4-methylanilino)carbonimidoyl]imino-4-methylbenzamide; gelcohol; curcumin; tirandamycin; noscapine; aristolochic acid; himbacine; fumagillin; fumitremorgin c; physalin b; derivatives, or salt thereof, for use in bone growth processes.
Emory University

Production of cheese with s. thermophilus

The present invention provides methods, compositions, and systems for producing cheese with s. Thermophilus and a urease inhibitor, and for producing cottage cheese with s.
Dupont Nutrition Biosciences Aps

High-resistive silicon substrate with a reduced radio frequency loss for a radio-frequency integrated passive device

The application relates to a high-resistivity silicon substrate (100) with a reduced radio frequency loss for a radio frequency integrated passive device. The substrate comprising a bulk zone (110) comprising high-resistivity bulk silicon and a preserved sub-surface lattice damage zone (120b) comprising fractured silicon above the bulk zone.
Okmetic Oyj

Easy open closure with improved pressure performance

An easy open closure (10) for food or beverage containers and comprising a centre panel (27) surrounded by a circumferential score (16) and an outer seaming panel (17). The closure further comprises a tab (11), the tab being fixed to the centre panel by a rivet (12) formed in the centre panel (27) such that lifting of a radially inner region of the tab (11) forces a nose portion (24) of the tab into contact with a region of the centre panel adjacent to a radially inner edge of the circumferential score (16), thereby causing the score to fracture.
Crown Packaging Technology, Inc.

System and re-fracturing multizone horizontal wellbores

A packer on a tubing string and diverting material pumped down the tubing string may be used isolate a fracture cluster in a multizone horizontal wellbore that has been previously hydraulically fractured. Once hydraulically isolated, fluid may be pumped down the tubing string to re-fracture the previously fractured fracture cluster in an effort to increase hydrocarbon production from the horizontal wellbore.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Controlled inhomogeneous proppant aggregate formation

A method to improve fluid flow in a hydraulic fracture from a subterranean formation which includes the steps of (1) formulating a slurry which comprises (a) proppant particles, (b) a carrier fluid, and (c) low density particles, wherein the fluid is capable of undergoing a transformation to cause an agglomeration of two or more proppant particles and/or low density particles; and (2) injecting the slurry into the formation; and (3) the agglomeration of the proppant particles and/or low density particles, is provided.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Semiconductor processing apparatus with a ceramic-comprising surface which exhibits fracture toughness and halogen plasma resistance

A solid solution-comprising ceramic article useful in semiconductor processing, which article may be in the form of a solid, bulk ceramic, or may be in the form of a substrate having a ceramic coating of the same composition as the bulk ceramic material on at least one outer surface. The ceramic article is resistant to erosion by halogen-containing plasmas and provides advantageous mechanical properties.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Shape memory bioresorbable polymer peripheral scaffolds

Bioabsorbable scaffolds having high crush recoverability, high fracture resistance, and reduced or no recoil due to self expanding properties at physiological conditions are disclosed. The scaffolds are made from a random copolymer of plla and a rubbery polymer such as polycaprolactone..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Apparatus and methods for bone access and cavity preparation

Apparatus and methods for preparing the interior of a bone for therapy. The therapy may include therapy for a bone fracture.
Conventus Orthopaedics, Inc.

Keratin bioceramic compositions

A malleable bone graft composition is described. The composition comprises: (a) keratose; (b) particulate filler; (c) antibiotic; and (d) water.
Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Carbon fiber-reinforced article and method therefor

A method of fabricating a carbon fiber-reinforced article includes providing carbon fibers that have surfaces that include an initial interfacial bonding strength capacity with respect to bonding with boron nitride. The surfaces are then modified to reduce the initial interfacial bonding strength capacity.
United Technologies Corporation

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