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Method and device for restabilization with axial rotation of the atlantoaxial junction

Regents Of University Of California

Method and device for restabilization with axial rotation of the atlantoaxial junction


Plugtech As


Date/App# patent app List of recent Fracture-related patents
 Using fracture mechanism maps to predict time-dependent crack growth behavior under dwell conditions patent thumbnailnew patent Using fracture mechanism maps to predict time-dependent crack growth behavior under dwell conditions
A computing system for predicting crack growth behavior includes technologies to predict a time-dependent crack growth mechanism in a manufactured component once a crack has been initiated in the component. The computing system generates one or more time-dependent fracture mechanism maps for the component and uses the fracture mechanism maps to determine a modified dwell transition temperature for the component.
Rolls-royce Corporation

 Singularity spectrum analysis of microseismic data patent thumbnailnew patent Singularity spectrum analysis of microseismic data
A method can include receiving locations of microseismic events associated with a fracturing operation performed in a geologic environment; determining an individual correlation exponent for one of the microseismic events based at least in part on distances where each of the distances is between the location of the one microseismic event and a location of another one of the microseismic events; and, based at least in part on the individual correlation exponent, associating the one of the microseismic events with a fracture generated or activated by the fracturing operation.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Process for inhibiting flow of fracturing fluid in an offset wellbore patent thumbnailnew patent Process for inhibiting flow of fracturing fluid in an offset wellbore
Processes and systems for inhibiting the flow of fracturing fluid through one or more subterranean wells offset from the subterranean well being fractured. A fracturing fluid is injected under pressure via a first well penetrating and in fluid communication with a subterranean region of interest so as to fracture the subterranean region.
Petrovations Llc

 Fracturing methods and systems patent thumbnailnew patent Fracturing methods and systems
Hybrid gas fracturing methods and systems utilizing an early stage gas treatment fluid, which may contain a dispersed phase of fluid loss control agent particles, followed by a proppant stage(s) to form a fracture system having a branched tip region and a propped region between the branched tip region and the wellbore. Also, treatment fluids suitable for use in the methods and systems are disclosed..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Quantification of skin in hydraulic fracturing of low and tight reservoirs patent thumbnailnew patent Quantification of skin in hydraulic fracturing of low and tight reservoirs
The feasibility of performing hydraulic fracturing can be assessed by analyzing the effect of skin on the overall deliverability of a reservoir. Aspects of the disclosure provide a method to determine equivalent skin in hydraulic fractured system through a semi analytical correlation obtained by numerical modeling.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

 Plug patent thumbnailnew patent Plug
A plug for installation in a well, comprising a housing (2) that carries at least two discs (3, 4) of a brittle material that can be fractured by mechanical forces and with a core between the discs (3, 4). The core comprises particulate material in compact form..
Plugtech As

 Compositions for biomedical applications patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions for biomedical applications
The invention relates to composite materials that contain a polymer matrix and aggregates, and in some embodiments, methods of making, and methods of using these materials. Preferably, the aggregates are calcium phosphate aggregates.
University Of Massachusetts Medical School

 Implantable medical device for restoring alignment and stabilizing bone fractures and methods of using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Implantable medical device for restoring alignment and stabilizing bone fractures and methods of using the same
There is disclosed an implantable medical device for restoring bone alignment and stabilizing a fracture, comprising a screwless bone plating system for contacting at least a portion of a bone. In one embodiment, the screwless bone plating system comprises at least one clamp comprising: a top portion; a bottom portion, and an attachment for securing the clamp to a bone without drilling a screw into the bone.

 Knee hinge fixation  application thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Knee hinge fixation application thereof
An orthopaedic implant knee hinge and surgical method for minimally invasive insertion of the orthopaedic implant knee hinge. The apparatus and method stabilizes the knee in patients after ligament surgery, conventional fixation of supracondylar and intracondylar fractures of the femur and/or tibial plateau and proximal tibia fractures.

 Method and device for restabilization with axial rotation of the atlantoaxial junction patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for restabilization with axial rotation of the atlantoaxial junction
An apparatus for stabilizing an atlantoaxial junction while allowing for axial rotation in cases of acquired ligamentous injury or fracture of the dens.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

new patent

System and reducing and stabilizing a bone fracture

A spinal implant system includes an elongated implant defining a distal portion interconnected to a proximal portion. The distal portion includes a set of threads for joining the distal portion with a distal part of the bone fracture.
Life Spine, Inc.

new patent

Elongated pin for an external modular fixation system for temporary and/or permanent fixation applications and external modular fixation system

The invention relates to an elongated pin (2) for an external modular fixation system for temporary and/or permanent fixation applications to treat bone fractures and to connect two or more bone fragments to each other, comprising an elongated stem (3) extending along a longitudinal axis with a first end portion (4) and an opposite second end portion (5), said first end portion (4) having a tip for the insertion of the first end portion (4) into a bone, wherein said first end portion (4) has a conical shape with an external thread, forming a conical threaded end portion, the extension of said conical threaded end portion along the longitudinal axis being determined by the depth of penetration of the conical end portion limited to only the cortical portion of the bone.. .
Orthofix S.r.i.

new patent

Device for control of hemorrhage including stabilized point pressure device

A junctional and truncal tourniquet and hip-girdling pelvic sling device for maintaining a desired amount of tension surrounding a person's hips and pelvis to securely support and stabilize a pelvis that has been fractured and to secure a pressure applying device with a preferred amount of tension so that blood vessel-occluding pressure can be applied to stem hemorrhaging. The device may be wrapped around a patient's torso and may include inflatable pressure application bladders useful to occlude blood vessels proximal to an injury on a limb.
The Seaberg Company, Inc.


Hydraulic fracturing proppants

A method is given for treating a wellbore in a subterranean formation by hydraulic fracturing, slickwater fracturing, gravel packing, and the like, by using plate-like materials as some or all of the proppant or gravel. The plate-like materials are particularly useful in complex fracture systems, for example in shales.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Methods for increased hydrocarbon recovery through mineralization sealing of hydraulically fractured rock followed by refracturing

The invention is a method of increasing hydrocarbon recovery through the biomineralization sealing of fractured geological formations followed by refracturing, including preparing a composition with biochemical components that is delivered into a geological subsurface through a cased well bore. Nutrient solutions are delivered into the geological subsurface through the well bore, thereby metabolizing the nutrient solutions with the biochemical components to create a mineralizing byproduct.
Montana State University


Method for enhancing fracture propagation in subterranean formations

The present invention provides a method of hydraulically fracturing a well penetrating an subterranean formation by optimizing the spacing of fractures along a wellbore to form a complex network of hydraulically connected fractures by identifying a deviated wellbore in a subterranean formation; introducing a series of fractures in the deviated wellbore, wherein the series of fractures comprising at least a first fracture, a second fracture, a third fracture and a fourth fracture each separated by a non-uniformed and an increased spacing distance such that the spacing distance from each adjacent fracture in the series of fractures is at an increased distance; and forming one or more complex fractures extending from the series of fractures to form a complex fracture network.. .
Texas Tech University System


System and performing stimulation operations

A system and method is provided for performing a fracturing operation about a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation. The method may acquire integrated wellsite data.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Apparatus and preparing and delivering a fluid mixture using direct proppant injection

An apparatus and method for preparing and delivering a fluid mixture. The apparatus including a high pressure differential solids feeder assembly and a pressurized mixing apparatus.
General Electric Company


Forced entry resistance system for wooden doors and manufacturing doors with such system

A forced entry resistance system for a wooden door built with a lock-stile and a hinge-stile includes one or more metal mounts pre-installed inside the door stiles and concealed by door panels. A doorframe mount may be pre-installed inside the lock-jamb at the lock-strike-plate and multiple doorframe mounts may be installed inside the hinge-jamb in the vicinity where door-stile fracture-resistant mounts and hinge reinforcement latch bolts are installed.


Manufacturing a colored high-strength fiber and a colored high-strength fiber

A manufacturing method of a colored high-strength fiber has a preparation step, a dyeing step and a post-processing step. In the preparation step: a high-strength fiber substrate is surface-treated by solvent, and a surface of the high-strength fiber substrate is fractured, such that a surface-treated substrate is manufactured.


Prognosis biomarkers in cartilage disorders

This application is directed to the use of biomarkers for prognosing disease severity in a subject having a cartilage disorder, such as osteoarthritis, cartilage injury, fractures affecting joint cartilage or surgical procedures with impact on joint cartilage (e.g., microfracture). It also describes a method of predicting sensitivity to a drug prior to drug administration in a subject having a cartilage disorder, as well as clinical management based on the likelihood of said patients of being non-sensitive, sensitive or highly sensitive to a drug treatment..
Merck Patent Gmbh


Resin composition, coated particles, injection material and injecting injection material into fracture

A resin composition is used for forming a surface layer coating at least a part of an outer surface of a particle. The particle is adapted to be packed into a fracture formed in a subterranean formation, and contains a thermosetting resin and a hydrophilic polymer.
Durez Corporation


Methods for treating subterranean formations

A method of fracturing a subterranean formation using a formulation comprising oil, polyvinylalcohol, water and, optionally, a proppant. The method involves introducing the formulation into the formation at a pressure sufficient to fracture the formation..
Oilflow Solutions Inc.


Method of making strip formed by web-connected wires

The method serves for the production of a wire strip (1) comprising a plurality of wires (2) arranged parallel to each other. For this purpose a metal strip is first pre-notched either on one side or both sides for the formation of the wires (2), whereby wires (2) are generated which are still connected to webs (3).


Method for producing steel fibers

A method of making steel fibers, preferably for use as a concrete additive, and for the supply thereof in making steel fiber concrete, characterized in that to form the steel fibers (2) first a sheet-metal strip (1) is notched either on one face or both faces so as to form steel-fiber wires (4) that are initially connected together by webs (5), and that further, for subsequently converting the webs (5) into thin easily mutually separable separation webs forming separation surfaces that are fracture-rough and low in burring upon separation, the steel-fiber strip is subjected to a flexing process in which each web (5) is subjected to multiple bending deformations about its longitudinal axis in such a way that incipient cracks are produced at the webs (5) due to fatigue fracture and thus the separation webs are produced.. .
Cent & Cent Gmbh & Co Kg


Rotary collider air mill

A rotary collider air mill apparatus that uses accelerated air moving at high velocities as the primary reduction medium is described. The apparatus produces turbulent air currents and shear waves within a polygonal housing whereby solid particles introduced into the housing repeatedly collide with each other and are fractured into smaller particles.


Compositions and methods for the treatment of bone voids and open fractures

The present invention relates to compositions, methods and medical devices for the treatment of bone voids and bone defects. The methods of the invention comprise the step of applying to a bone void or bone defect site a composition comprising a matrix which provides local prolonged release of at least one antibiotic agent at the bone void site..
Polypid Ltd.


Apparatus for the constant-angle fixation and compression of a fracture or osteotomy of a bone

Apparatus for the fixed-angle fixation and compression of a fracture site or osteotomy of a bone includes a bone plate having a plurality of holes and bone screws with a threaded head. The bone screws accommodated in the holes are screwed into the bone.
Merete Medical Gmbh


Device for fixation of bone fragments at bone fractures

The present invention relates to a device for fixation of bone fragments at bone fractures. The device comprises at least two fixation means (1) and a securing plate (17).
Swemac Innovation Ab


Intramedullary nails

The present invention is generally directed to intramedullary nails that can include a keel configured for rotational stabilization and/or a multi-sectioned rod configured to apply compression to a fracture.. .
Globus Medical, Inc


Intramedullary pin

An intramedullary pin (1) is provided. The intramedullary pin has a self-locking distal end that can be used for treating metadiaphyseal fractures of long bones such as the humerus.


Vacuum chamber machine with spring fracture detection

The invention relates to a vacuum chamber packaging machine with spring fracture detection. A first electrical line can be provided connecting springs to a controller, where interruption of the line due to a fractured spring may be detected by the controller via an applied voltage, so that no safety deficiency arises..
Multivac Sepp Haggenmüller Gmbh & Co. Kg


Fracture monitoring and characterisation

fracture monitoring and characterisation of a subterranean fracturing process is described. Hydraulic fracturing conditions intended to induce tensile crack opening or compressional crack closure of a fracture responsible for a microseismic event in the earth formation are selected and a hydraulic fracturing operation is performed using the selected conditions to cause tensile crack opening or compressional crack closure of the fracture responsible for a microseismic event in the earth formation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Process of producing a ceramic matrix composite

A process of producing a ceramic matrix composite (cmc) is provided the steps of preparing a ceramic material having a plurality of pores as a cmc substrate; heating a metal material to be molten wherein the metal material has a melting point lower than the cmc substrate and has a high activity; adding the cmc substrate to the molten metal material so that the molten metal material enters the pores of the cmc substrate to occur chemical reactions; removing the cmc substrate filled with the molten metal material; and cooling the removed cmc substrate filled with the molten metal material to form a cmc having a plurality of metal grains. Plain strain fracture toughness (kic) of typical ceramic s26 is 4.53 mpa m1/2.


Method for manufacturing polymer composition and the polymer composition

An object of the present invention is to provide a polymer composition having properties resembling those of natural rubber, e.g. Good durability (fracture resistance, wear resistance, and crack growth resistance), and a method for manufacturing the polymer composition.
Bridgestone Corporation


Ball bat with a fused end cap

A ball bat includes an end cap that is fused directly or indirectly to an inner or outer surface of the bat barrel. In one embodiment, a sleeve is molded or bonded to an inner surface or an outer surface of the bat barrel.
Easton Sports, Inc.


Variable length device and method

A method for treating a complex fracture with a variable length nail is provided. The nail is configured for at least 5 mm of axial length change in each direction.
Ellipse Technologies, Inc.


Method and system for bone fracture risk assessment

A method and system for quantitatively evaluating bone fracture risk in a living being are provided that generate a value for an index indicative of a degree of bone fracture risk. In one embodiment, the method includes the step of acquiring values for a height h, a weight w, and a bone mineral density bmd of the living being.
Cyberlogic, Inc.


Method of subsurface reservoir fracturing using electromagnetic pulse energy

A method for initiating and/or propagating fractures in a hydrocarbon reservoir, to improve fluid-flow permeability and hydrocarbon production. The method comprises the use of at least one electromagnetic energy pulse to both heat the reservoir rock and water within, causing thermal pressurization, and initiate electrokinetic pressurization..
Husky Oil Operations Limited


Seat assembly with counter for isolating fracture zones in a well

A specially designed rotary indexing system and associated operational methods are incorporated in a downhole control device, representatively a sliding sleeve valve, having an outer tubular member in which an annular plug seat is coaxially disposed. The plug seat is resiliently expandable between a first diameter and a larger second diameter and is illustratively of a circumferentially segmented construction.
Utex Industries, Inc.


Antibodies specific for sclerostin and methods for increasing bone mineralization

Compositions and methods relating to antibodies that specifically bind to tgf-beta binding proteins are provided. These methods and compositions relate to altering bone mineral density by interfering with the interaction between a tgf-beta binding protein sclerostin and a tgf-beta superfamily member, particularly a bone morphogenic protein.
Ucb Pharma S.a.


Methods and free-shape cutting of flexible thin glass

Methods and apparatus provide for supporting a source glass sheet and defining an at least partially non-straight cutting line that establishes a closed pattern that circumscribes a desired final shape; scoring the glass sheet at an initiation line using a mechanical scoring device; applying a laser beam to the glass sheet starting at the initiation line and continuously moving the laser beam relative to the glass sheet along the cutting line to elevate a temperature of the glass sheet at the cutting line to a substantially consistent temperature, where the laser beam is of a circular shape; and applying a cooling fluid simultaneously with the application of the laser beam, such that the cooling fluid at least reduces the temperature of the glass sheet in order to propagate a fracture in the glass sheet along the cutting line.. .
Corning Incorporated


Biologic vertebral reconstruction

A device and method for biologic vertebral reconstruction utilizes a biologically active jacket inserted into a cavity formed in a vertebra to be reconstructed. An artificial bone material is inserted into the biologically active jacket and allowed to set.
Amendia, Inc.


Multifunctional core for two-piece hemostasis clip

A device includes a clip including first and second arms distal ends of which are biased apart and a core member including first and second portions connected to one another via a frangible link. The first portion includes a first protrusion for engaging a cut-out in the first arm.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Wiring board, fabricating the same, and electronic apparatus

A wiring board includes a conductor formed on an inner wall of a through hole made in a core board, resin formed inside the conductor in the through hole, and, for example, a land formed over the conductor and the resin. Vias are formed over the land.
Fujitsu Limited


Engineered substrates for use in crystalline-nitride based devices

A spalling process can be employed to generate a fracture at a predetermined depth within a high quality crystalline nitride substrate, such as a bulk gan substrate. A first crystalline conductive film layer can be separated, along the line of fracture, from the crystalline nitride substrate and subsequently bonded to a layered stack including a traditional lower-cost substrate.
Veeco Instruments, Inc.


System, method, & computer program product to determine placement of fracture stimulation points using minerology

Systems and related methods to alter and optimize the placement of fracture initiation points through utilization of mineralogy.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Line manifold for concurrent fracture operations

A modular, adjustable system for distributing fluids to one or more wellbores includes a plurality of modules that can be arranged at a well site to create an appropriate manifold to enable selective fluid communication between a fluid pumping system and the one or more wellbores. The modules each include a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet and a valve coupled therebetween to selectively permit or restrict fluid flow between the respective fluid inlets and fluid outlets.


Toe sleeve isolation system for cemented casing in borehole

An apparatus deploys on a casing and has a toe with first and second ports for communicating with a wellbore. A packing element between the ports is actuatable to isolate portions of the wellbore.
Weatherford/lamb, Inc.


Electrically conductive proppant and methods for detecting, locating and characterizing the electrically conductive proppant

Electrically conductive proppants and methods for detecting, locating, and characterizing same are provided. The electrically conductive proppant can include a substantially uniform coating of an electrically conductive material having a thickness of at least 500 nm.
Sandia Corporation


Anti-tgf-beta induction of bone cell function and bone growth

The invention regards the modulation of tgf-β activity by administering to a subject an antibody that binds to tgf-β, thereby increasing bone growth, bone formation, bone mass and bone strength. The antibody acts to increase osteoblast number and function while at the same time decreasing osteoclast number and function.
Vanderbilt University


Machinable zirconia

Provided is a machinable zirconia having high translucency as a sintered body which is formed to include a tetragonal zirconia composite powder containing 79.8 to 92 mol % zro2, 4.5 to 10.2 mol % y2o3, 3.5 to 7.5 mol % nb2o5 or 5.5 to 10.0 mol % ta2o5, and a tio2 nano powder which is added with a weight ratio of more than 0 wt % and up to 2.5 wt % to the composite powder, wherein a density of the sintered body is 99% or more, an average grain size of the sintered body is 2 μm or larger, hardness of the sintered body is in a range of 4 to 10 gpa, fracture toughness of the sintered body is in a range of 9 to 14 mpa·m1/2, a strength of the sintered body is in a range of 400 to 1000 mpa.. .
Acucera Inc.


Methods to make stretchable elastic laminates

Stretchable elastic laminates having an improved cloth-like appearance, as well as methods of preparing the laminates, are disclosed herein. Particularly, the present disclosure is directed to methods of preparing tissue-elastic laminates with uniform tissue fractures as the laminate is stretched 50%, or even 100%, or more in at least one of the machine direction (md) or cross direction (cd)..
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.


Article comprising a transparent body including a layer of a ceramic material and a forming the same

A transparent body can include a layer of a ceramic material and a compound. The compound can fill a defect extending from an edge of the layer, seal the edge, or both.
Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.


Biodegradable composite wire for medical devices

A bioabsorbable wire material includes manganese (mn) and iron (fe). One or more additional constituent materials (x) are added to control corrosion in an in vivo environment and, in particular, to prevent and/or substantially reduce the potential for pitting corrosion.
Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corporation


Minimal contact circumferential cable/wire system

An improved bone fracture binding has a length of binding having interrupted and discontinuous points of contact. The binding when placed under tension leaving gaps for soft tissue between the bone and the points of contact in the binding while securing and immobilizing the bone fracture.


System and predicting future fractures

A method of predicting bone or articular disease in a subject includes determining one or more micro-structural parameters, one or more macroanatomical parameters or biomechanical parameters of a joint in the subject and combining at least two of the parameters to predict the risk of bone or articular disease.. .
Imatx, Inc.


Plastic optical fiber and its production

A plastic optical fiber comprising an inner layer, an outer layer having a refractive index lower than the refractive index of the inner layer, and a protective coating layer covering the outer periphery of the outer layer, wherein the inner layer contains an amorphous fluorinated polymer (a) having no c—h bond, the outer layer contains an amorphous fluorinated polymer (c) which may have a c—h bond only at a terminal of the main chain, the glass transition temperature (tgc) of the fluorinated polymer (c) is at least the glass transition temperature (tga) of the fluorinated polymer (a), the plastic optical fiber is a stretched one, the fracture elongation of the fluorinated polymer (a) and the fracture elongation of the fluorinated polymer (c) are at least 120% and larger than the stretching ratio.. .


Methods, devices and systems for extraction of thermal energy from a heat conducting metal conduit

Provided are methods, devices and systems for controlled removal of thermal energy from a fluid within a thermally conducting metal conduit. The system allows for the in situ formation of a reversible plug that can stop the flow of fluid through the conduit, particularly without inducing thermally induced stress fractures or breaches in the conduit.
Biofilm Ip Llc


Contained ceramic fastener

A ceramic fastener includes a ceramic body portion, and a containment layer disposed around the ceramic body portion. The containment layer retains pieces of the ceramic body portion when the ceramic body portion is subjected to a torque sufficient to fracture the ceramic body portion.
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.


Wellbore modeling

A computer method, apparatus and system simulate hydraulic fracturing. The computer system/method models a wellbore of an injection well.
Dassault Systems Simulia Corp.


Method for determining hydraulic fracture orientation and dimension

Method for characterizing subterranean formation is described. One method includes: placing a subterranean fluid into a well extending into at least a portion of the subterranean formation to induce one or more fractures; measuring pressure response via one or more pressure sensors installed in the subterranean formation; and determining a physical feature of the one or more fractures..
Conocophillips Company


Tight gas stimulation by in-situ nitrogen generation

Provided is a method and composition for the in-situ generation of synthetic sweet spots in tight-gas formations. The composition can include nitrogen generating compounds, which upon activation, react to generate heat and nitrogen gas.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company


Well proppant and recovering hydrocarbon from hydrocarbon-bearing formation

A well proppant containing fluororesin-coated particles having at least part of the surface of proppant particles coated with a fluororesin (f) having a volume flow rate of from 0.1 to 1000 mm3/sec, and a method for recovering hydrocarbons, which comprises a step of injecting a fluid containing the well proppant into a hydrocarbon-bearing formation 14 through a well 10 to support fractures 14a in the hydrocarbon-bearing formation 14, by the well proppant and a step of recovering hydrocarbons through the well 10 from the hydrocarbon-bearing formation 14 in which the fractures 14a are supported by the well proppant.. .


Conductive adhesives

A conductive adhesive, such as an anisotropic conductive adhesive, comprising a population of conductive particles and a population of signal particles in an adhesive; wherein both the conductive particle population and the signal particle population have an average particle diameter of <200 μm with a coefficient of variance of <10%; wherein the signal particles are arranged to provide an indication when they are deformed to a pre-determined height; and wherein the conductive particles are arranged such that they will not fail, e.g. Crack or fracture, when deformed to a height larger than or equal to the pre-determined height at which the signal particles are arranged to provide the indication..
Conpart As


Epoxy-resin composition and film, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced plastic using same

An epoxy-resin composition of the components (a), (b), (d) and (e), where component (a) is an epoxy resin having an oxazolidone-ring structure, (b) is a bisphenol bifunctional epoxy resin with a number-average molecular weight of at least 600 but no more than 1300, which does not have an oxazolidone-ring structure, (d) is a triblock copolymer, and (e) is a curing agent. A film made of the epoxy-resin composition, a prepreg and a fiber-reinforced plastic is also disclosed.
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Composition for preventing or treating fracture or osteoporosis using slit-robo system

A pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating a fracture or osteoporosis, includes, as an active ingredient, a gene selected from a group consisting of slit1, slit2, slit3, robo1, robo2 and vilse, or an expressed protein of the gene. A marker composition for predicting the risk of the occurrence of a fracture or osteoporosis includes the protein.
The Asan Foundation


End closure with double anti-missile score

An end closure for food and beverage containers provides controlled opening characteristics to prevent the unintentional missiling of a tear panel. The end closure comprises a score line that defines a portion of the tear panel, and the end closure may comprise one or more anti-missile features that inhibit the propagation of a fracture down a score line, which reduces the likelihood that a tear panel will inadvertently detach from the end closure and injure the user or another..
Ball Corporation


Workpiece cutting method

The object cutting method comprises a step of locating a converging point of laser light within a monocrystal sapphire substrate, while using a rear face of the monocrystal sapphire substrate as an entrance surface of the laser light, and relatively moving the converging point along each of a plurality of lines to cut set parallel to the m-plane and rear face of the substrate, so as to form a modified region within the substrate along each line and cause a fracture to reach the rear face. In this step, Δy=(tan α)·(t−z)±[(d/2)−m] is satisfied, where m is the amount of meandering of the fracture in the front face..
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Bioinjection device

The bioinjection device has a housing including a pistol grip and an elongated barrel. A trigger is pivotally mounted to the housing.


Preparation and the prophylaxis and treatment of osteoporosis and bone fractures

The method for preventing and treating osteoporosis and bone fractures and the preparation for preventing and treating osteoporosis and bone fractures relates to medicine, in particular to agents for the treatment and prevention of conditions associated with various forms of osteoporosis. The method is characterised in that it involves taking between 10 mg and 1000 mg per day of drone brood, between 50 iu and 1,000,000 iu per day of vitamin d or vitamins of this group and/or the active metabolites thereof, and between 25 mg and 3000 mg per day of a calcium compound, so as to be simultaneously supplied to the body daily, and the preparation composed of between 10 mg and 1000 mg of drone brood, between 50 iu and 1,000,000 iu of vitamin d or vitamins of this group and/or the active metabolites thereof and between 25 mg and 3000 mg of a calcium compound, can be in powder, tablet or capsule form.
Obschestvo S Ogranichennoj Otvetsvennost'ju "parafarm"


Pelvic trauma device

A pelvic trauma device for emergency treatment of pelvic fracture includes two parallel elongated straps or belts that are connected, but are adjusted independently of each other. The two parallel belts include a lower belt and an upper belt.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army


Locking taper abutment provided with weakened zone

A locking taper abutment provided with a weakened zone, having three parts. The first part is disposed in an opening of a dental implant, and connected in a threadless manner.


Long-bone fracture-reduction robot

A long-bone fracture-reduction robot is provided, and includes a machine base; a support slidably connected onto the machine base and able to move up and down; a plurality of electro-hydraulic drivers; and a six-degrees-of-freedom parallel robot arranged on the support, with the motion of the robot in six degrees of freedom hydraulically controllable using the plurality of electro-hydraulic drivers. The long-bone fracture-reduction robot includes two long-bone-fixing frames, one frame being coupled to the support and other being coupled to the six-degree-of-freedom parallel robot.


Bone fracture reduction system and methods of using the same

A method of treating a fracture includes creating an access path to a fracture site in a bone and inserting a guidewire through the access path into the fracture site is provided. The method includes the steps of positioning a cannulated drill bit having a distal end including helical flutes configured for drilling through bone over the guidewire into the fracture site, and advancing the drill bit to create a passageway in the bone configured to receive a screw.
Kyphon Sarl


Cable button

The present disclosure includes a method for reducing a bone fracture and an apparatus such as a cable button for use with a bone plate, the cable button including cable button threads, a plurality of cable button apertures, a hex socket, and a hex opening. The present disclosure also includes a method for reducing a bone fracture and an apparatus such as a cable button for use with a bone plate, the cable button including a plurality of legs, where a leg includes a protrusion, where the protrusion engages the bone plate, and the cable button defines at least one cable button aperture..
Zimmer, Inc.


Filling material for bone defect part

To provide a filling material for a bone defect part, which reduces pain and any sense of discomfort and also promotes short-term bone repair. Provided is a filling material for a bone defect part, wherein the filling material is filled in a bone defect part formed between fracture sites in living bone and applies to the fracture site a pressing force in the direction in which the living bone extends from the defect part.
Hi-lex Corporation

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