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Fracture patents


This page is updated frequently with new Fracture-related patent applications.

 Materials, devices and methods related to solid oxide fuel cells patent thumbnailnew patent Materials, devices and methods related to solid oxide fuel cells
Materials, device and methods related to solid oxide fuel cells (sofcs). In some embodiments, a solid oxide fuel cell (sofc) can include an electrochemically active component having a multiphase ceramic with a stabilized metal oxide material and a magnetoplumbite-based material.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

 Mechanically flexible and durable substrates and  making patent thumbnailnew patent Mechanically flexible and durable substrates and making
A flexible substrate are disclosed comprising an amorphous inorganic composition, wherein the substrate has a thickness of less than about 250 μm and has at least one of: a) a brittleness ratio less than about 9.5 (μm)−1/2, or b) a fracture toughness of at least about 0.75 mpa·(m)1/2. Electronic devices comprising such flexible devices are also disclosed.
Corning Incorporated

 Monitoring and control of proppant storage from a datavan patent thumbnailnew patent Monitoring and control of proppant storage from a datavan
A system and method that remotely monitors and controls proppant usage in a fracturing operation. The system and method allow operators to wirelessly monitor and control proppant storage units from inside a datavan through sensors and control mechanisms that interface with fracturing software to schedule the flow of the proppant.
Us Well Services Llc

 Fracture characterisation patent thumbnailnew patent Fracture characterisation
This application relates to methods and apparatus for monitoring hydraulic fracturing in well formation and fracture characterization using distributed acoustic sensing (das). The method involves interrogating an optic fiber arranged down the path of a borehole to provide a distributed acoustic sensor and also monitoring flow properties of fracturing liquid pumped into the well where the acoustic data from the distributed acoustic sensor is processed together with the flow properties data to provide an indication of at least one fracture characteristic..
Optasense Holdings Limited

 Higher order simulation of hydrocarbon flows of hydraulic fracture treatments patent thumbnailnew patent Higher order simulation of hydrocarbon flows of hydraulic fracture treatments
Higher order simulation of hydrocarbon flows associated with complex fractures produced in the hydraulic fracturing process in a well system may be used to obtain high fidelity results while minimizing a cost of computation. The higher order simulation of hydrocarbon flows may provide efficient and stable simulation algorithms that avoid any artificial boundary treatment inconsistent with the governing equations, while maintaining a uniform order of accuracy.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Extreme durability composite diamond film patent thumbnailnew patent Extreme durability composite diamond film
A novel composite diamond film comprising of a relatively thick layer of uncd (ultrananocrystalline diamond) with a young's modulus of less than 900 gpa and an underlying relatively thin mcd (microcrystalline diamond) layer with a young's modulus of greater than 900 gpa, has been shown to exhibit superior delamination resistance under extreme shear stress. It is hypothesized that this improvement is due to a combination of stress relief by the composite film with a slightly “softer” uncd layer, a disruption of the fracture mechanism through the composite layer(s), and the near ideal chemical and thermal expansion coefficient match between the two diamond layers.
Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.

 The usage of odontogenic stem cells and genetically modified odontogenic stem cells patent thumbnailnew patent The usage of odontogenic stem cells and genetically modified odontogenic stem cells
Provided in the present invention are odontogenic stem cells and a use of genetically modified odontogenic stem cells for treating periodontal disease, repairing defects in periodontal bone tissues or soft tissues and/or promoting the regeneration of periodontal tissues, or in products for treating acute and chronic bone tissue injuries (e.g. Bone fracture) or bone tissue defects.
Beijing Sh Bio-tech Corporation

 Method and  treating bone fractures, and/or for fortifying and/or augmenting bone, including the provision and use of composite implants, and novel composite structures which may be used for medical and non-medical applications patent thumbnailnew patent Method and treating bone fractures, and/or for fortifying and/or augmenting bone, including the provision and use of composite implants, and novel composite structures which may be used for medical and non-medical applications
A composite comprising: a barrier, said barrier being configured to selectively pass water, and said barrier being degradable in the presence of water; a matrix material for disposition within said barrier, wherein said matrix material has a flowable state and a set state, and wherein said matrix material is degradable in the presence of water; and at least one reinforcing element for disposition within said barrier and integration with said matrix material, wherein said at least one reinforcing element is degradable in the presence of water, and further wherein, upon the degradation of said at least one reinforcing element in the presence of water, provides an agent for modulating the degradation rate of said matrix material in the presence of water.. .
206 Ortho, Inc.

 Surgical limb positioning and support device and method patent thumbnailnew patent Surgical limb positioning and support device and method
A limb positioning and support device for achieving and maintaining reduction of a human bone in connection with surgical procedures involving orthopedic and other surgical fracture tables. The limb positioning and support device includes an articulating and rotating positioning and support arm coupled between a surgical table and a limb saddle.

 Sheet for shielding electromagnetic waves for wireless charging element patent thumbnailSheet for shielding electromagnetic waves for wireless charging element
A sheet for shielding electromagnetic waves includes a magnetic sheet formed of a metal ribbon. The magnetic sheet includes fractures disposed in a plurality of cracked portions comprising a plurality of metal ribbon fragments..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Electrical connector and programming method

An electrical connector comprises a printed circuit board module including a printed circuit board (pcb) and a plurality of electrical elements disposed on the pcb, the pcb includes a mating end for mating with a mating connector and a plurality of conductive paths electrically connecting with the electrical elements; wherein the pcb includes a fracture surface, and the plurality of conductive paths are exposed to the fracture surface.. .
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

Gauntlet motive battery

An improved gauntlet wet cell battery provides a plurality of elongated hollow spines filled with active material in a cathode array. Bottom ends of the cathode array are closed with an electrically conductive bottom end cap that electrically and mechanically interconnects the free ends of each spine so as to close and substantially rigidly locate the free ends of said spines with respect to one another.

Thermocompression bonding with raised feature

A method for bonding two substrates is described, comprising providing a first and a second silicon substrate, providing a raised feature on at least one of the first and the second silicon substrate, forming a layer of gold on the first and the second silicon substrates, and pressing the first substrate against the second substrate, to form a thermocompression bond around the raised feature. The high initial pressure caused by the raised feature on the opposing surface provides for a hermetic bond without fracture of the raised feature, while the complete embedding of the raised feature into the opposing surface allows for the two bonding planes to come into contact.
Innovative Micro Technology

Geomechanical and geophysical computational model for oil and gas stimulation and production

In some aspects, a number of subsystem models is accessed by a computer system. Each subsystem model represents dynamic attributes of a distinct physical subsystem in a subterranean region.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

System and stress inversion via image logs and fracturing data

Systems and methods for predicting an accurate in-situ stress field in a wellbore in a formation are disclosed. The in-situ stress field is calculated using an optimizing process that takes into account parameters relating to induced tensile fracture that are derived from wellbore image logs and other input data relating to the wellbore.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc

Methods for fabricating porous media with controllable characteristics

A method for fabrication of ordinary porous media and fractured porous media with controllable characteristics is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: providing a cylindrical container and sealing one end of the cylindrical container.

Collapse initiated explosive pellet

A technique facilitates analysis of hydraulic fractures. A plurality of explosive pellets is constructed for delivery into fracture or fractures of a subterranean formation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Method of treating a subterranean formation with a mortar slurry designed to form a permeable mortar

A method of treating a subterranean formation may include preparing a mortar slurry, injecting the mortar slurry into the subterranean formation at a pressure sufficient to create a fracture in the subterranean formation, allowing the mortar slurry to set, forming a mortar in the fracture, and providing a pulse of pressure sufficient to reopen the fracture and thereby provide cracks in the set mortar. The mortar slurry may be designed to form a pervious mortar, to crack under fracture closure pressure, or both..
Shell Oil Company

Method for the enhancement of injection activities and stimulation of oil and gas production

By removing material of low permeability from within and around a perforation tunnel and creating at least one fracture at the tip of a perforation tunnel, injection parameters and effects such as outflow rate and, in the case of multiple perforation tunnels benefiting from such cleanup, distribution of injected fluids along a wellbore are enhanced. Following detonation of a charge carrier, a second explosive event is triggered within a freshly made tunnel, thereby substantially eliminating a crushed zone and improving the geometry and quality (and length) of the tunnel.
Geodynamics, Inc.

Cladding composition and remanufacturing components

A cladding composition is configured for use in a laser cladding process to remanufacture the wear surfaces of machine components that require a significant degree of hardness. The cladding composition can be provided in a powdered form and can include molybdenum (mo), tungsten (w), cobalt (co), nickel (ni), carbon (c), and manganese (mn) with the balance of the composition being iron.
Caterpillar Inc.

Functionalized proppant particulates for use in subterranean formation consolidation operations

Methods including preparing a treatment fluid comprising an aqueous base fluid, functionalized proppant particulates, and a curing agent, wherein the functionalized proppant particulates comprise proppant particulates having a functional group hydrolytically deposited thereon; introducing the treatment fluid into a subterranean formation having at least one fracture therein; placing the functionalized proppant particulates into the at least one fracture; and reacting the curing agent with the functional group on the functionalized proppant particulates, thereby forming a consolidated proppant pack in the at least one fracture.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

System and methodology for well treatment

A technique facilitates a well treatment, such as a well stimulation. The technique comprises injecting a gel containing proppant into a wellbore extending into a subterranean formation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Compositions and methods for hydrophobically modifying fracture faces

Methods and compositions for hydrophobically modifying fracture faces may utilize hydrophobically modified amine-containing polymers. For example, a method may include providing a treatment fluid that comprises a base fluid, an hmap dispersed in the base fluid, and an hmap-coated proppant, the hmap comprising a plurality of hydrophobic modifications on an amine-containing polymer; introducing the treatment fluid into a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation, wherein the subterranean formation comprises at least one fracture; and treating at least a portion of the subterranean formation adjacent to a face of the at least one fracture with the hmap dispersed in the base fluid..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Composition for preventing and healing compromised bone and a making same

A biologically active additive composition for preventing and healing bone diseases comprises a pharmacologically active compound of calcium chosen from a series comprising calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate, calcium aspartate, calcium amino acid chelate, calcium fumarate, calcium succinate, calcium ascorbate, calcium phosphate, or any combination thereof, in the amount of 16.67-93.75 weight %, and drone brood in the amount of 6.25-83.33 weight %. Due to the combination, osteoporosis, bone fractures and cavities, arthritis, arthrosis, paradontosis can be prevented and healed with substantially reduced risk of calcium deposition in soft tissues.

Fracture fragment mobility testing for vertebral body procedures

A fracture mobility testing system is provided for use in surgical procedures for augmenting vertebral bodies having collapsed due to compression fractures. The testing system is utilized to determine if the cortical shell of the vertebral body has begun to heal over the fracture lines to the point at which height restoration is not possible.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Systems and methods for characterizing subterranean formations utilizing azimuthal data

A system and method is disclosed for characterizing a subterranean formation utilizing azimuthal data that includes obtaining seismic data along a plurality of azimuth angles from a receiver and performing a correction to the seismic data to remove an offset effect. The offset effect is based on a distance between the receiver and a seismic source.
Cgg Services Sa

Plastic frack tracer

Novel proppants, proppant mixes and proppant slurries comprising a diamagnetic polymeric proppant that exhibits induced paramagnetism in an ac field is used to prop hydraulic fractures, and the paramagnetism used to assess fracture width, depth, connectivity, branching and the like. Fracturing methods are also provided, together with fracture assessment and imaging methods..
Conocophillips Company

Completions index analysis

A method for determining a hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir quality prior to a hydraulic fracture treatment based on completions index is disclosed. The method comprises a step performing a test determining a hydraulic pressure at which a hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir will begin to fracture by pumping a fluid in a wellbore, wherein the wellbore extends from a surface to the reservoir and the wellbore has one or more perforations in communication with reservoir; a step generating a pressure transient in the wellbore, the pressure transient travels from the surface to the reservoir through the perforations and reflects back the surface after contacting the reservoir; a step measuring response of the pressure transient at sufficiently high sampling frequency; a step determining fracture hydraulic parameters of the perforations and the reservoir using the measured response; and optimizing a stimulation treatment to the reservoir based on the determined fracture hydraulic parameters..
Eog Resources, Inc.

Well re-fracturing method

A method of re-treating a well with pre-existing fractures which includes: displacing a tool in a well, leaking off motive fluid to an open fracture zone passed by the tool to diminish the rate of displacement, and locating the open fracture zone above the tool.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Surface modification agent to prolong scale inhibitor lifetime

A method of treating a subterranean formation comprising: introducing a first treatment fluid into a well, wherein the first treatment fluid comprises a base fluid and a scale inhibitor; and introducing a second treatment fluid into the well, wherein the second treatment fluid comprises a base fluid and a surface modification agent, wherein the surface modification agent is a hydrophobically modified polyamide. A method of fracturing a subterranean formation comprising: introducing a fracturing fluid into a well, wherein the introduction of the fracturing fluid creates or enhances a fracture in the subterranean formation, wherein the fracturing fluid comprises: a base fluid; proppant; a scale inhibitor; and the surface modification agent..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Mask plate, fabricating the same, display panel and display device

A mask plate, a method for fabricating the same, a display panel and a display device are disclosed. The mask plate includes a shielding plate having an opening; the opening is surrounded by side sections along a thickness direction of the shielding plate.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

A facilitating subterranean hydrocarbon extraction utilizing electrochemical reactions with metals

Methods and systems for facilitating extraction of subterranean hydrocarbons from a geologic structure. The present methods include causing corrosion of a base metal within a geologic structure to produce a gaseous product to increase pressure and form fractures in the geologic structure.
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

Multi-modal particle size distribution lost circulation material

Compositions for lost circulation materials (lcm) and methods for using same in drilling and/or completing wellbores that help solve lost circulation problems in a wide range of fracture sizes, thereby advantageously eliminating the need for a variety of products for lost circulation in a field at any one time. The compositions provide specific lcm components in specific ratios that are analogs to lost circulation fractures and that yield superior performance in preventing or alleviating lost circulation in drilling and cementing boreholes.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Systems and methods for duct protection of a vehicle

Methods and systems for duct protection of a vehicle are provided. The methods and systems provided include an apparatus for containing a flow of fluid discharged from a fracture in a duct.
The Boeing Company

Center-side producing superhydrophobic surface

A method for forming a superhydrophobic surface is disclosed. A surface of a first substrate is bonded to a surface of a second substrate to form a stacked material.
Research Foundation Of The City University Of New York

Col 11a1 and novel fragment thereof for regulation of bone mineralization

The present invention relates to the discovery that the collagen 11a1 (col 11a1) protein, and/or fragments thereof, may be used to modulate bone mineralization. In some embodiments, bone mineralization is promoted by the addition of col 11a1 or a fragment thereof, by pharmaceutical compositions that increase the presence of col 11a1, and in some embodiments, bone mineralization may desired to be inhibited by pharmaceutical compositions that interfere, impede, or inhibit col 11a1.
Boise State University

System for use in treatment of vertebral fractures

Devices having a shaft for creating cavities within tissue and articulating without twisting of the articulated shaft and methods for using such devices. Where such devices and methods include using of a device with keyed portions and key receiving portions that nest together upon articulation and optionally a torque limiter to allow for rotation of the shaft upon exceeding a torque limit.
Dfine, Inc.

Interchangeable orthopedic blade

An interchangeable orthopedic blade including an internal portion and an external portion. The internal portion more accurately places the interchangeable orthopedic blade in, without excessive damage to, a bone when repairing a fracture in the bone and ultimately provide absolute stable fixation by the interchangeable orthopedic blade holding the fracture in its anatomic position and resisting applied forces while healing, to thereby provide a stable anatomic restoration and eliminate a need for revision surgery due to failure of fixation or malunion.
Virak Orthopedic Research Llc

Acoustic detection of bone fracture

A system for analyzing a possibility of a stress fracture in a patient's bone by applying a vibration of a selected frequency to a patient at a selected anatomical location and analyzing the resulting vibration detected at another anatomical location. Analysis may be based on a database.
The Seaberg Company, Inc.

Systems and methods of deriving peak fracture strain values of metal experiencing fracture failure

Systems and methods of deriving peak fracture strain values of a metal experiencing fracture failure from measured data obtained in a specimen test are disclosed. Metal fracture failure criteria, a measurement characteristic length in a specimen test and characteristics of a neck formed in the metal are received in a computer system.
Livermore Software Technology Corporation

Methods and systems for conducting a time-marching numerical simulation of a structure expected to experience metal necking failure

A fea model, representing a structure, contains at least many finite elements for metal portion, a set of metal necking failure criteria (critical and fracture strain values defined in form of a loading path diagram) and the neck's characteristics (neck's width and a profile of strain values within the width) are received in a computer system. At each solution cycle of a time-marching simulation using the fea model, following operations are performed at each integration point of every finite element: identifying major and minor strain values and corresponding directions from the computed strain values, calculating an equivalent metal necking failure strain value (εe) in the major strain direction with a formula based on corresponding critical and fracture strain values, the neck's characteristics and a characteristic dimension with respect to the major strain direction, and determining metal necking failure, which occurs when the major strain value is greater than εe..
Livermore Software Technology Corporation

Methods and systems for specifying metal necking failure criteria in finite element analysis

Methods and systems for specifying metal necking failure criteria in fea are disclosed. Fea model contains many finite elements representing a structure, a loading condition and a metal necking failure criteria are received in a computer system.
Livermore Software Technology Corporation

Method and evaluating ductile fracture

An object of the invention is to provide a simple method and apparatus for evaluating a collapse load of a structure with respect to ductile fracture in the case where a plurality of flaws exist in a cylindrical structure that receives a bending load. The invention is an evaluation method and apparatus in which a result obtained by calculating a collapse load while a flaw having the largest area among a plurality of flaws is considered as a single flaw and a result obtained by replacing a plurality of flaws with penetration flaws corresponding to the plurality of flaws and calculating a collapse load are compared with each other and the smallest collapse load is set to be a collapse load of a structure..
Hitachi ,ltd.

Locally anchored self-drilling hollow rock bolt

A locally-anchored, self-drilling, deformable, hollow rock bolt has one or more intermediate local anchors each of which is flanked by two relatively elongateable shank segments. After grout is supplied through the hollow interior of the rock bolt while the rock bolt is in the drilled borehole, each anchor fixes the bolt to the rock mass, whereas the adjacent smooth shank segments can deform and even yield to accommodate rock fracture.
Normet International, Ltd.

Diagnostic lateral wellbores and methods of use

Improving the knowledge about how hydraulic fracture networks are generated in subsurface shale volumes in unconventional wellbores may be accomplished with various configurations of at least one diagnostic lateral wellbore using at least one diagnostic device disposed in the diagnostic lateral wellbore. By extending diagnostic lateral wellbores from adjacent lateral wellbores and/or separately drilling diagnostic lateral wellbores, and analyzing signals received by diagnostic devices placed in the diagnostic lateral wellbores, knowledge about fracture networks, the parameters that control fracture geometry and reservoir production and how reservoirs react to refracturing techniques may be greatly improved.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

System for pumping hydraulic fracturing fluid using electric pumps

A system for hydraulically fracturing an underground formation in an oil or gas well to extract oil or gas from the formation, the oil or gas well having a wellbore that permits passage of fluid from the wellbore into the formation. The system includes a plurality of electric pumps fluidly connected to the well, and configured to pump fluid into the wellbore at high pressure so that the fluid passes from the wellbore into the, and fractures the formation.
Us Well Services Llc

Multistage oilfield design optimization under uncertainty

Managing oilfield operations include obtaining a subsurface model including a fracture design model having an fracture property with an uncertain value. A set of representative values that represent uncertainty in the fracture property is obtained and used to solve an oilfield optimization problem with a control variable to obtain a solution.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

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