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Fourier Transform patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Fourier Transform-related patents
 Automatic processing of ultrasonic data patent thumbnailnew patent Automatic processing of ultrasonic data
An example method for automatically characterizing an echo contained in an ultrasonic signal generated with an ultrasonic transducer can include receiving data corresponding to the ultrasonic signal, calculating an energy ratio of the ultrasonic signal and localizing the echo using the energy ratio. The method can include windowing a portion of the ultrasonic signal around the localized echo and calculating a fast fourier transform (fft) and a hilbert envelop of the windowed portion.
 Image measuring method and image measuring apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Image measuring method and image measuring apparatus
[solution] an image measuring method according to an embodiment comprises a clock generating step, a noise reducing step, a data acquisition step, a digital data generating step and an image data generating step. In the clock generating step, clock signals are generated.
 Mesh delivery system patent thumbnailMesh delivery system
A mesh delivery system for controlling electricity supplied to one or more electrical devices from a power source are disclosed. Signals relating to characteristics of the electrical devices are uniformly or non-uniformly sampled at discrete intervals are provided along with associated sampling time indications via the mesh network to a destination controller.
 Method for establishing evaluation standard parameters and method for evaluating the quality of a display image patent thumbnailMethod for establishing evaluation standard parameters and method for evaluating the quality of a display image
The present invention discloses a method for establishing evaluation standard parameters and method for evaluating the quality of a display image, wherein, the method comprises: taking pictures to a group of test images having different color shift severity degrees to obtain a sample picture group; selecting a standard picture by human eye; applying the fourier transform to tristimulus values of all pictures; respectively applying convolution to the frequency distribution function corresponding to each primary color with a contrast sensitivity function of human eye; respectively normalizing to each of the convolution functions; and selecting the evaluation parameters of the three primary colors of the standard picture as the evaluation standard parameters. The present invention can obtain more objective and systemic evaluation standard parameters..
 Method for establishing an evaluation standard parameter and method for evaluating the quality of a display image patent thumbnailMethod for establishing an evaluation standard parameter and method for evaluating the quality of a display image
The present invention discloses a method for establishing an evaluation standard parameter and method for evaluating the quality of a display image, wherein, the method comprises: taking pictures to a group of test images having different color shift severity degrees to obtain a sample picture group; selecting a standard picture by human eye; applying the fourier transform for the brightness of the pictures of the sample picture group; applying convolution to the frequency distribution function and a contrast sensitivity function of human eye in the frequency domain; normalizing to the convolution function to obtain an evaluation parameter; selecting the evaluation parameter of the standard picture from the evaluation parameters of all the pictures of the sample picture group as an evaluation standard parameter. The present invention can obtain more objective and systemic evaluation standard parameter..
 Polynomial phases for multi-carrier modulation schemes with time domain windowing patent thumbnailPolynomial phases for multi-carrier modulation schemes with time domain windowing
In one aspect, a method includes performing a mapping on bits to form a complex data symbol, applying a frequency rotation mask to the complex data symbol based on a polynomial phase, performing an inverse discrete fourier transform (idft) after applying the frequency rotation mask, applying a time domain window after performing the idft, converting digital data to analog data after applying the time window and transmitting the analog data as an analog signal.. .
 Apparatus and method for controlling ranging of mobile terminals in wireless communication system patent thumbnailApparatus and method for controlling ranging of mobile terminals in wireless communication system
Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for controlling ranging in a wireless communication system. The apparatus according to the present invention comprises a radio frequency (rf) module converting rf band signals received via antenna to low-frequency band signal; a fast fourier transform (fft) module converting the low-frequency band signal of time-domain to frequency-domain signal; a derandomizer performing derandomizing the frequency-domain signals by using a random sequence being transmitted by the terminals; a depermutation module combining the frequency-domain signals output from the derandomizer by unit of burst and outputting the combined signal; and a ranging controller controlling periodic ranging of the terminal corresponding to the respective bursts by estimating phase change in the frequency-domain signals of burst unit..
 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method patent thumbnailMagnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
In the non-cartesian measurement, image quality is improved while the advantages of non-cartesian measurement are maintained. To realize the aforementioned, in the non-cartesian measurement, artifacts caused by non-uniform data density in k-space are reduced.
 Three-dimensional mask model for photolithography simulation patent thumbnailThree-dimensional mask model for photolithography simulation
A three-dimensional mask model of the invention provides a more realistic approximation of the three-dimensional effects of a photolithography mask with sub-wavelength features than a thin-mask model. In one embodiment, the three-dimensional mask model includes a set of filtering kernels in the spatial domain that are configured to be convolved with thin-mask transmission functions to produce a near-field image.
 Fast fourier transform circuit patent thumbnailFast fourier transform circuit
A multiplexer receives a plurality of data streams transmitted in parallel on a time axis, and outputs partial data of each data stream every unit time in determined data stream order. A butterfly computation section at a first stage receives as second input data the partial data outputted from the multiplexer.
Correction of over-focus in digital images using centered discrete imaginary-power fractional fourier transformations with high-accuracy orthonormal eigenvectors
A method for correcting overfocus of a digital image created from coherent imaging using centered fractional fourier transforms or mathematical equivalents is described. A received image is presented to a numerical processor, and a first numerical value for an imaginary power variable is selected and used in an iterative algorithm, numerical procedure, system architecture, etc.
Method and apparatus for localization of an acoustic source and acoustic beamforming
Embodiments include a method and an apparatus for the localization of at least one source of an acoustic signal including: temporally sampling the acoustic signal with a plurality of microphones to obtain a (d+1)-dimensional space-time matrix representation of the acoustic signal, wherein d is the number of spatial dimensions, applying a (d+1)-dimensional fourier transform to the matrix representation, determining a first peak in a spectrum obtained based on the application of the fourier transform, and calculating the direction of arrival of the acoustic signal at at least one of the plurality of microphones based on the determined first peak.. .
Method of and apparatus for reducing papr in filter-bank multi-carrier system
The invention relates to a method of reducing peak-to-average. Power ratio in a transmitting device of a filter-hank multi-carrier system, which includes the steps of: performing constellation modulation (210) on data to be transmitted; performing k-point discrete fourier transform (220) on a vector composed of k constellation symbols resulting from the constellation modulation: and performing offset-quadrature amplitude modulation (230) on a data vector resulting from the discrete fourier transform, wherein the parameter k represents the number of subcarriers allocated for transmission of the data to be transmitted.
Adaptive equalizer
An adaptive equalizer (100) has a signal converter (200) for performing a fast fourier transform and/or an inverse fast fourier transform. The signal converter (200) has: a first wide-bit memory (201) capable of reading/writing a plurality of sample signals; a first register group (202) comprising a plurality of registers capable of accessing the first wide-bit memory (201); a butterfly computation unit group (204) comprising a plurality of butterfly computation units; and a first connection switching unit (203) for switching the state of connection between the plurality of registers and the plurality of butterfly computation units..
Receiver apparatus, method for processing received signal and computer program product
A reception apparatus includes: a fourier transform unit to output a converted signal; a propagation path estimation unit to calculate propagation-path-estimated-values based on pilot subcarriers; and a propagation path compensation unit, including a filter, to compensate propagation path distortion, the filter includes: first multipliers to multiply the propagation-path-estimated-values of taps other than a center tap by filtering coefficients; a first adder to add outputs of the first multipliers; a first subtractor to calculate an error between an output of the first adder and a propagation-path-estimated-value of the center tap; a filtering coefficient generation unit to generate the filtering coefficients based on the error; a second multiplier to multiply the propagation-path-estimated-value of the center tap by first coefficient; a third multiplier to multiply the output of the first adder by second coefficient; and a second adder to add an output of the second multiplier and an output of the third multiplier.. .
Orthogonal freequency division multiplexing-code division multiple access system
An orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm)-code division multiple access (cdma) system is disclosed. The system includes a transmitter and a receiver.
Radio communication system, radio communication method, radio communication device, reception device, and program
A communication device comprising a transmission unit and a reception unit. The transmission unit is configured to transmit, to a first communication device, first information indicating a first set of subcarriers comprising of a plurality of subcarriers, and to a second communication device, second information indicating a second set of subcarriers comprising of a plurality of subcarriers.
Radio base station and user equipment and methods therein
The ue maps the block of bits to a sequence of complex valued modulation symbols. The ue block spreads the sequence across discrete fourier transform spread-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (dfts-ofdm) symbols.
Short-wave infrared super-continuum lasers for detecting counterfeit or illicit drugs and pharmaceutical process control
A system and method for using near-infrared or short-wave infrared (swir) light sources for identification of counterfeit drugs may perform spectroscopy using a super-continuum laser to provide detection in a non-contact and non-destructive manner at stand-off or remote distances with minimal sample preparation. Also, near-infrared or swir light may penetrate through plastic containers and packaging, permitting on-line inspection and rapid scanning.
Method and apparatus for reduced memory footprint fast fourier transforms
Generally, this disclosure describes a method and apparatus for reduced memory footprint fast fourier transforms (ffts). An apparatus may include intermediate factor circuitry configured to generate an intermediate factors vector including a number of intermediate factors in response to a request to generate an fft of an n-point input data set, n composite, wherein n is equal to a product of a number of nonunity integer factors, the number of intermediate factors is related to the nonunity integer factors of n and the number of intermediate factors is less than n.
Methods of analysing apparatus
Engine health monitoring is used to assess the health of an engine, such as a gas turbine engine. Blades mounted on a shaft produce a modal response when excited.
Method and device for correcting spatial response for imaging fourier transform spectrometers
A method for correcting spatial response for an imaging fourier transform spectrometer comprises the following steps: a prior step of calculation of the equalization parameters comprising a gain and an offset from data forming calibration scenes; a step of determination of equalization coefficients at a so-called pseudo superpixel level determining the gains and offsets at macropixel level from the data from a raw image that are collected by the imaging spectrometer in image mode, and gains and offsets determined in the prior step; and a step of equalization at pseudo superpixel level, applying the equalization coefficients to a macropixel from an acquisition in the interferogram mode of the imaging spectrometer in order to restore an equalized interferogram.. .
Transmission and reception apparatus and method
A transmission apparatus includes a plurality of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) modulation signal generators, which generate a first ofdm modulation signal and a second ofdm modulation signal. The transmission apparatus also includes a transmitter that transmits the first ofdm modulation signal from a first antenna and the second ofdm modulation signal from a second antenna, in an identical frequency band.
Symbol fft rach processing methods and devices
Methods and devices for extracting a rach preamble using as input a number of fast fourier transformed symbols, in order to extract a random access channel (rach) preamble from a signal received in a base station from a user device, in a radio communication system, are provided. An initial cyclic prefix (symbol cp) is removed prior to performing fft on symbols.
Apparatus and methods to monitor and control cyclic process units in a steady plant environment
Apparatus and methods are disclosed that allow for the monitoring and analysis of production process data for a multi-step asynchronous cyclic production process (e.g. Pressure swing adsorption) in a steady state plant (such as a steam methane reforming plant).
System for detecting structured artifacts in video sequences
Methods for detecting structured artifacts in a video may begin by accepting a video frame at a video input and then generating a filtered frame from the video frame. After a differenced image is produced, groups of connected pixels (blobs) within the differenced frame are identified, and isolated blobs are removed to produce a cleaned image.
Hearing instrument and method of identifying an output transducer of a hearing instrument
A method for identifying an output transducer of a hearing instrument is disclosed. The method includes applying a pseudo-random signal to the output transducer, receiving a response signal indicative of the impedance of the output transducer, computing a cross-correlation of the response signal and the pseudo-random signal, computing a fourier transform of the computed cross-correlation, comparing the computed fourier transform with one or more reference models, and identifying the output transducer based on the comparison..
Large diopter range real time sequential wavefront sensor
Example embodiments of a large dynamic range sequential wavefront sensor for vision correction or assessment procedures are disclosed. An example embodiment optically relays a wavefront from an eye pupil or corneal plane to a wavefront sampling plane in such a manner that somewhere in the relaying process, the wavefront beam from the eye within a large eye diopter range is made to reside within a desired physical dimension over a certain axial distance range in a wavefront image space and/or a fourier transform space.
Method and device for detecting aircraft radio signals transmitted in the same channel simultaneously
A method for detecting at least two amplitude-modulated transmitted signals contained in a received signal within the same frequency channel with respectively different frequency displacement determines from the received signal a modified received signal by means of a nonlinear signal processing. Following this, the spectrum of the modified received signal is determined by means of fourier transform, and at least two transmitted signals contained in the received signal are detected if at least two first spectral lines each associated with carrier signals are significantly distinguishable within the determined spectrum from spectral components associated with noise signals and payload signals..
Determining the dopant content of a compensated silicon sample
The method for determining the concentrations of dopant impurities in a silicon sample includes provision of a silicon ingot including donor-type dopant impurities and acceptor-type dopant impurities, a step for determining the position of a first area of the ingot in which a transition takes place between a first conductivity type and a second opposite conductivity type, a step for measuring the concentration of free charge carriers in the second area of the ingot, distinct from the first area, by hall effect, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy or a method using the lifetime of the charge carriers, and a step for determining the concentrations of dopant impurities in the sample from the position of the first area and the concentration of free charge carriers in the second area of the ingot.. .
Cofdm broadcasting with single-time retransmission of cofdm symbols
Transmitter apparatus to broadcast coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplexed (cofdm) radio-frequency carriers conveying digital television (dtv) signals encoded using bose-chaudhuri-hocquenghem (bch) coding concatenated with subsequent low-density parity-check coding (lpdc) transmits the same coded dtv signals twice some time apart. The coded dtv signals are mapped to quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) of the cofdm carriers.
Novel method of fast fourier transform (fft) analysis using waveform-embedded or waveform-modulated coherent beams and holograms
Method of fast fourier transform (fft) analysis for collecting waveforms and other vibrational intelligence and modulating or embedding same into one or more coherent reference beams of an n-dimensional holographic recording device for producing one or more holograms of objects, including singularity points in space. The result provides wholesale differentiation of waveforms distinguishable from others based on their spectral characteristics.
Processing method for fmcw radar signal with dual pulse repetition frequency
A processing method for radar signal with dual pulse repetition frequency, comprising: generating a first transmission signal and a second transmission signal, and perform a transmission process; reflecting a first echo signal and a second echo signal from an object, and converting the first transmission signal and the second transmission signal to a frequency domain information by using 2d (two dimension) fast fourier transform (fft); and filtering noise in the frequency domain information, and performing a calculation program by using a algorithm to obtain doppler shift of the object. Thereby, the processing method of the present invention can overcome the bad operation ability of the lower hardware and advance the radar target detection speed restrictions..
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving signal of ofdm system
A method and apparatus for transmitting an ofdm signal including converting a distribution of a signal in which inverse fourier transform is performed in an ofdm system and a method of receiving an ofdm signal including expanding a received signal are provided, and by changing a magnitude distribution of a signal that is output from an ofdm modulator to a bimodal gaussian distribution, an influence of noise in a receiving terminal can be reduced, and by limiting a signal that is output from an ofdm modulator to an appropriate magnitude, a phase in the receiving terminal can be prevented being wrongly demodulated.. .
Communications device and related method that detects radio frequency (rf) interferer on a communications channel
A communications device includes a demodulator configured to demodulate a received communications signal into complex time domain samples. A processor is coupled to the demodulator and configured to determine the variance over time domain magnitude samples, perform a complex fast fourier transform (cfft) on the complex time domain samples as magnitude and phase to obtain frequency domain samples and determine the variance over the frequency domain samples.
Determining the larmor frequency for nmr tools
The larmor frequency for an in situ nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) tool is determined and used to acquire nmr data. An nmr tool is provided and placed in situ, for example, in a wellbore.
Method for detecting leakage in digitally modulated systems
In a method for detecting leakage in a digital cable system, at least one first signal is inserted on the cable system. The at least one first signal has an amplitude multiple tens of db below the digital channel power of the digital channels carried on the cable system.
Reconstruction of a high-frequency range in low-bitrate audio coding using predictive pattern analysis
A predictive pattern high-frequency reconstruction system and method that finds patterns in high-frequency components of an audio signal, encodes the audio signal into an encoded bitstream along with pattern information, and then uses the patterns to reconstruct the high-frequency components during decoding. The high-frequency components can be reconstructed using the pattern information alone.
System and method for voice transformation
The present invention is a method and system to convert speech signal into a parametric representation in terms of timbre vectors, and to recover the speech signal thereof. The speech signal is first segmented into non-overlapping frames using the glottal closure instant information, each frame is converted into an amplitude spectrum using a fourier analyzer, and then using laguerre functions to generate a set of coefficients which constitute a timbre vector.
Non-invasive reagentless glucose determination
Non-invasive apparatus and method for determining and monitoring glucose concentrations in human subjects. Glucose level is estimated through the effect of glucose on biological cells with glucose dependencies, e.g., red blood cells.
Method of manufacturing spark plug
A method for manufacturing a spark plug includes: a preparation step of preparing a specimen provided with a center electrode, an insulator, a metal shell, and a ground electrode; and an inspection step of applying a predetermined voltage between the ground electrode and the center electrode of the prepared specimen, and determining whether dielectric breakdown is caused in the insulator. The inspection step includes a calculation step and a judgment step.
Coherent optical receiver, apparatus and method for detecting inter-channel skew in coherent optical receiver
In a coherent optical receiver, sufficient demodulation becomes impossible and consequently receiving performance deteriorates if an inter-channel skew arises, therefore, a method for detecting inter-channel skew in a coherent optical receiver according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes the steps of: outputting a plurality of optical signals separated into a plurality of signal components by making a test light from a test light source interfere with a local light from a local light source; detecting the optical signals and outputting detected electrical signals; quantizing the detected electrical signals and outputting quantized signals; performing a fast fourier transform process on the quantized signals; and calculating a difference in propagation delay between the plurality of signal components on the basis of a plurality of peak values in the results of performing the fast fourier transform process.. .
Communication method and reception apparatus
An electronic device that digitizes a baseband signal obtained from a received high-frequency signal; specifies a position of a preamble included in the digitalized signal; calculates a square of the preamble; specifies a peak from a value obtained by the square of the preamble; performs a fast fourier transform (fft) on the baseband signal using a position of the peak as a start of an fft window; extracts phases of a plurality of frequency components for phase measurement from the baseband signal which has been subjected to the fft; obtains a phase difference of the plurality of phases; and obtains a phase correction value of a reception signal using the phase difference and a phase reference.. .
Method of cancelling inter-subcarrier interference in distributed antenna system
Disclosed is a method of cancelling inter-subcarrier interferences in distributed antenna system. A method of cancelling interference performed in a transmitting station may include configuring a least one alamouti pair by mapping subcarrier to each of input symbols, performing a 2n-point inverse fast fourier transform (ifft) on the at least one alamouti pair, wherein the n is a natural number, and performing a frequency up converting on signals on which the 2n-point ifft performed.
Communication apparatus and communication method
The communication apparatus comprises a modulator that modulates an input signal to generate a modulated signal; an inserter that inserts a predetermined element into the modulated signal at a predetermined position to generate inserted data of which the number of elements is equal to a size of fast fourier transformation (fft); a calculator that calculates peak-to-average power ratio (papr) of a baseband signal corresponding to the inserted data; and a transmitter transmits a transmission signal corresponding to the baseband signal based on the calculated papr.. .
Communication method and transmission apparatus
An electronic device that performs an inverse fast fourier transform (ifft) on n (n is an integer equal to or larger than 2) orthogonal frequency-division multiplexed (ofdm) transmission signals; performs a fast fourier transform (fft) on the n transmission signals which have been subjected to the ifft; detects phases of the n transmission signals which have been subjected to the fft; detects relative delay amounts of the n transmission signals based on the detected phases of the n transmission signals; and adjusts a timing at which at least one of the n transmission signals is subjected to the inverse fast fourier transform based on the detected relative delay amounts.. .

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