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Fossil Fuel patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Fossil Fuel-related patents
 Alfa 1 fuel less power generating system patent thumbnailAlfa 1 fuel less power generating system
The current invention is an alfa 1 fuel less power generator is a radical departure from the present day forms of power generating systems, because, it is an absolute departure from the present form of power generating systems we know today. All together fuel less in nature, that operated as stand alone system, or self sustained, requiring no external support of sun, wind, fossil fuel, hydro power system, and battery to charge as do inverters or any form of hydro carbon.
 Fluorescent nano-sensors for oil and gas reservoir characterization patent thumbnailFluorescent nano-sensors for oil and gas reservoir characterization
Enhanced oil recovery becomes increasingly important in satisfying the growing demand for fossil fuel. The efficiency of secondary recovery processes like water flooding is however largely influenced by the rock characteristics, fluid characteristics, chemistry and physics.
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk
 Power station-based methanation system patent thumbnailPower station-based methanation system
A power station-based methanation system which has a fossil fuel-fired power station together with an electrolysis unit and a methanation reactor is provided. The power station and the electrolysis unit are configured for supplying the methanation reactor with starting materials for a methanation reaction and the electrolysis unit can be operated both in a charging state and in a discharging state, in which charging state the electrolysis unit supplies electric power and a chemical energy store is at the same time charged and in which discharging state the chemical energy store is discharged..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Steam turbine plant patent thumbnailSteam turbine plant
The object of the present invention is to carry out a highly efficient power generation or to efficiently use an exhaust heat of a low temperature. A steam turbine plant includes a steam turbine 1 and a heating unit configured to heat a working fluid to be supplied to the steam turbine 1.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
 Suspended combustion type power steam generator capable of rapid and high-temperature pyrolysis using frdf for extending residence time of high-temperature gas patent thumbnailSuspended combustion type power steam generator capable of rapid and high-temperature pyrolysis using frdf for extending residence time of high-temperature gas
There is provided a suspended combustion type power steam generator capable of rapid and high-temperature pyrolysis using frdf for extending residence time of high-temperature gas, and particularly the present invention improves the heating conditions of fluid in an arch water pipe, a heating water pipe and a down pipe by extending the residence time of high-temperature gas inside a combustion chamber. The present invention is an improvement of a power steam generator using fine refuse derived fuel (frdf) which is an alternative energy source, and a flameless combustion device using fossil fuel capable of structuring a new additional facility so as to address the possibility of irregular raw material supply in the ethyl alcohol fuel operation for new renewable energy, that is, frdf.
Es Co., Ltd.
 Method and  rapid adsorption-desorption co2 capture patent thumbnailMethod and rapid adsorption-desorption co2 capture
A method of capturing and sequestering a gas species from a fossil fuel-fired power plant flue gas is disclosed. The method includes the step of providing an apparatus having a vessel adapted to be pressurized and a hollow fiber membrane contained in the vessel and having a sorbent embedded therein.
Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.
 Electric vehicle refueling system patent thumbnailElectric vehicle refueling system
The invention provides means that parallel, mimic or improve upon the metered bowser dispensing manner by which a choosable sequential plurality of small volumes of fossil fuel are sequentially delivered to a conventional fossil fuel vehicle by a dispensing bowser at a conventional fuel service station facility. The invention also provides optional means for cell-modules to be recharged in situ by use of a specially manufactured charger..
 Method of using carbon dioxide in recovery of formation deposits patent thumbnailMethod of using carbon dioxide in recovery of formation deposits
The present invention relates to systems, apparatuses, and methods for providing a reliable, high purity source of co2 that is used in the recovery of formation deposits, such as fossil fuels. At least a portion of the fossil fuels recovered may be directly combusted or extracted using the same process used to provide the pure source of co2 without the need to first remove co2, sulfur, other fossil fuels, or other impurities..
8 Rivers Capital, Llc
 Biomass-derived grinding aids patent thumbnailBiomass-derived grinding aids
Compositions and methods for increasing grinding efficiency of cement, cement clinker, raw materials for cement, and other inorganic particles. Use of biomass-derived polyols such as diols, triols, or mixtures thereof, optionally with a conventional grinding aid, cement quality improver, and/or hexavalent chromium reducer, are believed to provide less risk of sludging when compared to glycerides obtained from fossil fuel sources..
 Acid gas management in liquid fuel production process patent thumbnailAcid gas management in liquid fuel production process
A process and method for producing liquid fuel product from hydrogen and carbon monoxide containing streams produced by gasifying solid carbonaceous feedstock and steam reforming of light fossil fuels. The gasifier syngas is treated to preferentially remove at least 99% of sulfur containing impurities and less than 50% of the co2 to produce a treated gasifier syngas and a co2 enriched gas.

High efficiency continuous micro algae bioreactor

This process is unique in that it provides a continuous photosynthetic bioreactor for carbon sequestration. An on-site bioreactor directly decreases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the emissions of fossil fuel consuming units.

Method for removing sulfides from a liquid fossil fuel

The desulfurization of fossil fuels is provided by the combination of fossil fuels with an aqueous mixture of ozone or hydrogen peroxide and a tetraoctylphosphonium salt phase transfer catalyst, and the mixture is then subjected to reactive mixing to form oxidize sulfur compounds in the fuel. The polar oxidized sulfones species are removed via another mixing step.

Power generating system and method by combining medium-and-low temperature solar energy with fossil fuel thermochemistry

The present invention provides a power generating system by combining medium-and-low temperature solar energy and fossil fuel with thermochemical process, the system comprising: a material supply device configured to store fossil fuel; a material mixing device configured to mix the fossil fuel with non-reacted reactant; a material metering device configured to control an amount of material fed to a material preheating device in unit time; a material preheating device configured to heat the material; a solar energy absorption and reaction device configured to drive the fossil fuel by using solar thermal energy absorbed to make a decomposition reaction or reforming reaction, through which the solar energy is converted to chemical energy of hydrogen-rich fuel, obtaining solar-energy fuel; a solar energy heat collecting device configured to collect the solar energy with low energy flux density to medium-and-low temperature solar thermal energy with high energy flux density, so as to provide heat to decomposition reaction or reforming reaction; a condenser configured to cool reaction products; a gas-liquid separating device configured to perform gas-liquid separation for the cooled mixture; a fuel bypassing device configured to adjust a proportion of solar-energy fuel for storage to that for generating; a gas storing tank to store solar-energy fuel; a power generating apparatus to burnt the solar-energy fuel to output power. The invention achieves a higher efficiency of usage of solar energy..
Institute Of Engineering Thermophysics,chinese Academy Of Sciences

Method and system for removing carbon dioxide from flue gases

A method and system for removing carbon dioxide from flue gas emitted by a fossil fuel operated power plant. In the method and system, carbon dioxide is removed from the flue gas by an absorption process using a scrubbing liquid.
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Gmbh

Method and system for liquid fuel desulphurization for fuel cell application

A method for desulphurization of a liquid fossil fuel to be used in connection with a fuel cell is performed in a system comprising an evaporator unit (1), wherein the liquid fuel is first evaporated, a fixed bed reactor (2) in the form of a gas-phase hydro-desulphurizer, where the fuel is treated with hydrogen at atmospheric pressure over a highly active hydro-cracking (haht) catalyst, whereby sulphur species are converted to h2s, an adsorber (3), where the produced hydrogen sulphide can be adsorbed on a catalytic bed, and a fuel reformer (4), in which the fuel product is converted to syngas to be fed to an sofc system (6). The evaporator unit (1) comprises a liquid spraying device, preferably in the form of a piezoelectric spray nozzle..

Modular exhaust system

A modular exhaust system is disclosed for treating the exhaust from a fossil fuel powered prime mover; the exhaust system includes bricks, inserts placed inside of the bricks and funnels to direct exhaust through various flow paths in order to treat the exhaust.. .

Biomass combustion burner, biomass-mixed fired boiler, and biomass fuel combustion method

The present invention provides a biomass combustion burner applied to a pulverized coal-fired boiler to burn biomass fuel, a biomass-mixed fired boiler that reduces an amount of co2 derived from fossil fuels, and a method for burning biomass fuel using the foregoing. The biomass combustion burner includes a biomass fuel jet nozzle having a fuel jet port that jets biomass fuel conveyed by primary air; a secondary air nozzle having a secondary air jet port that surrounds the fuel jet port; and a tertiary air nozzle having a tertiary air jet port that surrounds the secondary air jet port.

Apparatus and methods for treating solids by electromagnetic radiation

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods and apparatus for subjecting coarsely divided solid material, such as solid fossil fuels, to microwave radiation using gravity feed through a chamber and protecting irradiating windows by placement outside the angle of repose.. .

Method and system for production of hydrogen rich gas mixtures

The present invention relates to a process for producing a hydrogen containing gas mixture comprising the following steps: (i) providing a preheated mixture comprising a fossil fuel, preferably methane, and steam, (ii) conducting an adiabatic reaction between the fossil fuel and the steam, in the presence of a catalyst, wherein a first reaction product mixture is formed comprising methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide, and (iii) conducting an oxygen-assisted reforming reaction in the presence of a catalyst between said first reaction product mixture and an oxygen comprising stream, wherein the oxygen comprising stream comprises at least 40 vol % oxygen, forming a second reaction product mixture comprising hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The invention also relates to a system suitable for hydrogen production from a hydrocarbon feed according to the present invention..

System and producing a consistent quality syngas from diverse waste materials with heat recovery based power generation, and renewable hydrogen co-production

A system and method for converting waste and secondary materials into synthesis gas (syngas) through the use of a molten metal bath gasifier for the initial breakdown of waste feeds and an a/c plasma reactor for complete dissociation of waste feeds into syngas, and an anaerobic digester. The system includes a heat recovery and steam power generation process for the production of electricity.

Enhanced oil production using control of well casing gas pressure

There is provided a system for producing oil from a well bore extending through a fossil fuel reservoir. The system includes a plurality of perforations defined in the casing proximate the fossil fuel reservoir.

Process for producing direct reduced iron (dri) utilizing gases derived from coal

A process for producing direct reduced iron (dri) from iron ores, utilizing a gas produced from fossil fuels, particularly coal, containing sulfur compounds and btx, wherein said gas is heated in a gas heater, preferably of the regenerative type, wherein heat is transferred from a previously-heated solid material to the gas produced from coal. The hot gas is caused to flow through a bed of dri particles, iron oxides or other equivalent material, outside of the reduction reactor, where said material adsorbs sulfur compounds and the btx are destroyed.

Energy source for operating watercraft

An arrangement for charging a substrate reservoir for boats or underwater boats when traveling at the surface, comprising an energy source which is either a propulsion system driven with fossil fuels or a nuclear-powered propulsion system, and a dc current generator operated therewith; a reservoir tank for distilled or deionized water; an electrolyzer for conversion of the water from the reservoir tank with the dc current from the energy source to hydrogen and oxygen; a chemical reactor for production of a high-energy form of the substrate having an extensive π-conjugated system by chemical reaction by means of hydrogen; and a storage means for the high-energy form of the substrate produced in the reactor.. .

Method for preparing furanic copolyamide derived from biomass using solid-state polymerization

Disclosed is a method for preparing a semi-furanic copolyamide containing at least one furanic dicarboxylic acid moiety and at least one aliphatic diamine moiety in the backbone. The method is based on solid-state polymerization.

Method for transporting minerals and fossil fuels from underwater sources

The proposed invention has an advantage of transporting simultaneously different types of extracted materials such as liquid, gaseous or solid to a water surface.. .

Systeme de commande pour regulation multivariable de centrale thermique a flamme

Control system for multivariable regulation of a fossil fuel power station comprising: —a boiler (103) and auxiliaries assembly (102), with a fuel supply (gc), which is the heat source of a circuit for fluid in steam phase over part of said circuit, said steam supplying —a turbine (114) at a pressure (p) and a temperature (t), which is connected to an alternator producing electrical power (w), the supply of steam being determined by the opening (sr) of regulating valves upstream of said turbine (114), the system comprising: —a loop for regulating the steam pressure (p), —a loop for regulating the electrical power (w), with at least one loop based on a power station internal model command, one considering a pure delay τ in a parameter of the internal model, one variable in each loop acting as a disturbing influence in the other.. .

Heat and energy recovery and regeneration assembly, system and method

The exemplary embodiment is directed to a heat and energy recovery assembly, system and method. The heat and energy recovery assembly and system may include an insulated chamber for effectuating heat and energy exchange between a primary heat recovery exchanger and the reaction products of fossil fuel combustion gases, waste products, and air.

Heat and energy recovery and regeneration assembly, system and method

The present invention is directed to a heat and energy recovery assembly, system and method. The heat and energy recovery assembly and system may include an insulated chamber for effectuating heat and energy exchange between a primary heat recovery exchanger and the reaction products of fossil fuel combustion gases, waste products, and air.

Co-fired syngas system

A method of generating a blended syngas as a primary product from renewable feedstock, fossil fuels, or hazardous waste with the use of a gassifier arrangement. The generated syngas is blended with natural gas to form a blended fuel product that is delivered to a manufacturing facility or a natural gas power plant..

System for improved hybridization of thermal solar and biomass and fossil fuel based energy systems

A hybridization system (15) for use in a hybrid energy plant (35, 50, 60, 70) that includes a first thermal energy unit (10) powered by solar energy and a second non-solar thermal energy unit (11) for providing thermal energy to a user (16) via first and second heat transfer fluids (htf) respectively. The hybridization system includes a mixing unit (45) for mixing the thermal energy of the first and second heat transfer fluids either directly or indirectly so as to form a unified heat transfer fluid that is fed to the user.

Pellets and briquets from compacted biomass

Certain disclosed pellets, briquettes, and other compacted products contain multiple components and have a composition tailored to meet specific requirements for a given application. Frequently, at least one of the components is a biomass component.

Inductive bath plasma cupola

A method of generating syngas as a primary product from renewable feedstock, fossil fuels, or hazardous waste with the use of a cupola. The cupola operates selectably on inductive heat alone, chemically assisted heat, or plasma assisted heat.

Fossil fuel power plant with integrated carbon separation facility

As integrated fossil fuel power plant and a method of operating the power plant is provided. The integrated fossil fuel power plant includes a gas turbine arrangement and a carbonate fuel cell having an anode side and a cathode side.

Hybrid plant for liquid fuel production

A hybrid plant and method for producing liquid fuel product from hydrogen and carbon monoxide containing streams produced by gasifying solid carbonaceous feedstock and steam reforming of light fossil fuels. When a gasification unit in the hybrid plant is operating at reduced capacity or is not operational, oxygen that would have been used in the gasification unit is diverted to a light fossil fuel conversion unit containing an autothermal reformer to increase h2-rich syngas flow to a liquid fuel production unit and maintain liquid fuel production at near nameplate capacity..

Ventless tank system

A tank system for capturing fluids from an oil or gas well. The system comprises a series of tanks adapted to step down the temperature and pressure of well products from a fossil fuel well while removing gas products until the liquid products contain less dissolved gas in a tank than they could contain at ambient temperature and pressure.

System and removing carbon dioxide from an atmosphere and global thermostat using the same

A system for removing carbon dioxide from an atmosphere to reduce global warming including an air extraction system that collects carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through a medium and removes carbon dioxide from the medium; a sequestration system that isolates the removed carbon dioxide to a location for at least one of storage and generation of a renewable carbon fuel; and one or more power supplying units that supply heat to the air extraction system to remove the carbon dioxide from the medium, at least one of the one or more power supplying units being a fossil fuel plant.. .

Grain fuel composition

A fuel composition that provides a renewable biofuel energy source for reducing dependence on fossil fuels and improving air quality by reducing the amount of carbon monoxide released into the air during combustion. The fuel composition includes an energy crop comprising of a grain component.

Petroleum-alternative power plant

The present disclosure includes a petroleum-alternative power plant system harvesting wind, solar, and thermal energies. The system may include at least one two-wind-turbine power tower building where the outside surface of the building is divided into a number of sections.

Mitigation of harmful combustion emissions using sorbent containing engineered fuel feed stocks

The invention relates to the use of engineered fuel feedstocks to control the emission of sulfur-based, chlorine-based, nitrogen-based, or mercury-based pollutants, such as so2, so3, h2so4, no, no2, hcl, and hg that are generated during the combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal. Disclosed are novel engineered fuel feedstocks, feedstocks produced by the described processes, methods of making the fuel feedstocks, methods of producing energy from the fuel feedstocks, and methods of generating electricity from the fuel feedstocks..

Nuclear-fossil fueled hybrid power generation system

An electric generating system employing a nuclear reactor to heat feedwater prior to fossil fueled boiler and superheater sections to economically produce electricity with reduced greenhouse gas and other polluting emissions. .

High pressure fossil fuel oxy-combustion system with carbon dioxide capture for interface with an energy conversion system

A combustion system for operational connection to an energy conversion system and a method of providing thermal energy to the energy conversion system. The system comprises a combustor to be oxy-fired at above atmospheric pressure, using solid, liquid or gaseous fuels, with a supply of oxygen and supercritical carbon dioxide.

E cubed program

The program addresses 3 distinct methodologies: energy independence, environmental stewardship and sustainable economic growth. Vertical-axis wind turbines and solar panels will be strategically installed in parking lots and on roofs of commercial and residential structures to generate electricity for immediate and stored use.

Method to maximize energy recovery in waste-to-energy process

In a fossil fuel waste incineration or plasma gasification process, waste heat generated by combustion of waste is captured by a heat transfer fluid and conveyed to an organic rankine cycle (orc) for energy recovery. In the case of a fossil fuel-fired waste incineration system, the heat transfer fluid captures waste heat from a double-walled combustion chamber, a heat exchanger being used to cool the hot process exhaust (gas cooler).

Upgrading of bio-oil using synthesis gas

A method for producing biofuel and other hydrocarbons from bio-oil is disclosed. The method does not require the use of hydrogen derived from fossil fuel..

Ionization by magnetic induction for natural gas

A magnetic ionization device is disclosed that reduces harmful greenhouse gases produced by the incomplete combustion of liquid or gaseous fossil fuels and increases performance efficiency. The magnetic ionization device comprises a pair of brackets secured together around a natural gas line, and at least two permanent rare earth magnet secured to the pair of brackets.

Systems, methods and components for water treatment and remediation

A modularizable system for residential water treatment having a low energy requirement to process water for reuse at the residence which results in a reduction in the amount of fossil fuels required to power large water processing stations and transfer ater from water plants to individual residences is disclosed. The system increases availability of water at the residential level in areas where water is a limited or limiting resource (e.g., in arid climates).

Using fossil fuels to increase biomass-based fuel benefits

In the production of fuel such as ethanol from carbonaceous feed material such as biomass, a stream comprising hydrogen and carbon monoxide is added to the raw gas stream derived from the feed material, and the resulting combined stream is converted into fuel and a gaseous byproduct such as by a fischer-tropsch reaction. The gaseous byproduct may be utilized in the formation of the aforementioned stream comprising hydrogen and carbon monoxide..

Composition to improve oxidation stability of fuel oils

The present invention describes a composition comprising at least one antioxidant and at least one ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer comprising units being derived from at least one alkyl (meth)acrylate having 1 to 30 carbon atoms in the alkyl residue. The composition is useful as cold flow improver and oxidation stabilizer in fossil fuel oil and or biodiesel fuel oil..


A ship that reduces the total amount of fossil fuels and other energy sources required, thereby saving energy. The ship (1) has a plurality of subsystems (10) constructed by dividing a network of power supply lines (3) and signal lines (4) into groups.

Integrated process for the production of bio-oil from sludge coming from a wastewater purification plant

Integrated process for the production of bio-oil from sludge coming from a wastewater purification plant comprising the following steps: (a) sending wastewater to said purification plant obtaining sludge; (b) subjecting the sludge obtained in said step (a) to liquefaction, obtaining a mixture including an oily phase consisting of bio-oil, a solid phase and an aqueous phase; (c) sending the aqueous phase obtained in said step (b) to said purification plant. The bio-oil (or “bio-crude”) thus obtained can be advantageously used in the production of bio-fuels which can be used as such, or in a mixture with other automotive fuels.

Control power plant

A method of operation of a thermal power plant having an air separation system with a plurality of air storage unit (asu) compressors and a liquid oxygen/liquid air (lox/la) storage facility for oxyfuel firing of fossil fuel and a power plant having a control system to perform the same are described. The method is characterized by the step of controlling the net power output of the plant in response to short term variations in grid demanded net plant output by dynamically adjusting the works power of the asu compressors preferably in conjunction with co-ordinated changes in firing demand.

Liquefaction of carbonaceous material and biomass to produce a synthetic fuel

The present invention relates to production of fuels from carbonaceous material and biomass. In some examples, the carbonaceous material is nonpetroleum fossil fuel or petroleum residuals.

Renewable blended syngas from a plasma-based system

A method and system for cost-effectively converting a feedstock using thermal plasma, or other styles of gassifiers, into an energy transfer system using a blended syngas. The feedstock is any organic material or fossil fuel to generate a syngas.

Plasma feedwater and/or make up water energy transfer system

A method and system for converting a feedstock using thermal plasma or other gassifier, into a feedwater or make up water energy transfer system. Feedstock is any organic material or fossil fuel.

Renewable combined cycle low turbine boost

A method and system for cost effectively converting a feedstock using thermal plasma, or other styles of gassifiers, into to a feedwater energy transfer system. The feedstock can be any organic material, or fossil fuel.

Air foil for vehicles

The invention provides an air foil for vehicles, is a specially designed cover for the backs of pickup trucks and trailers that provides them an aerodynamic quality and provides lift reducing their effective weight as they travel in a forward direction. The invention is a self contained system that reduces energy needed to power a motor vehicle without requiring an excess use of fossil fuels.

Dry scrubber system

An air quality control system (aqcs) useful for processing a gas stream, such as a flue gas stream emitted from a fossil fuel fired boiler, for at least partial removal of acidic and like pollutants therefrom. The air quality control system includes a cds reactor useful using a reducing agent slurry..

Assmelby for fossil fuel distribution

The present invention relates to the field of fossil fuel combustion arrangement. It relates in particular to a fuel distribution assembly for equal and homogenous pulverized fuel distribution in pulverized fuel conduits throughout.

System and cooling and extraction of heavy ashes with increase in total boiler efficiency

A cooling system for heavy ashes of the type adapted to be used in association with a combustion chamber, in particular for large flow rates of heavy ashes deriving, for example from solid fossil fuel, in an energy-production unit is described. The cooling system has: a transport belt for transporting the heavy ashes, adapted to be arranged below the combustion chamber and having a containment casing and a transport surface equipped with openings for the transit of cooling air, and cooling means for cooling the heavy ashes received on the transport surface..

Applying ozone nox control to an hrsg for a fossil fuel turbine application

A method for reducing nox and recovering waste heat from a stream of exhaust gas from a fossil fuel fired turbine includes contacting the stream of exhaust gas between an economizer and an evaporator with ozone gas to convert the no to nitrogen dioxide (no2) thereby forming a stream of exhaust gas comprising no2 and residual no. The method further includes, contacting the stream of exhaust gas comprising no2 and residual no with water mist to create an exhaust stream comprising nitric acid (hno3) and residual no.

Renewable biofuel

The present invention provides a stable fuel composition that can be used as a drop-in replacement for number 2 fuel oil without requiring infrastructure changes. The fuel comprises a continuous phase of mostly biofuel, an aqueous disperse phase, and at least one emulsifier.

Boiler and operating same

A boiler operating method operates a boiler by switching between air combustion mode and oxygen combustion mode when burning fossil fuel with first combustion gas and second combustion gas. The second combustion gas compensates for oxygen deficiency in the first combustion gas.

Coolant-to-catalyst fuel modification method and apparatus

Also disclosed is a method of pre-combustion fuel refinement consisting of the steps of transferring excess heat from engine coolant through a tube disposed through an inlet and outlet of a fuel chamber. In the chamber the heated fossil fuel is forced through the catalytic elements described before returning to the fuel line for injection and combustion..

Biomass combustion

A splitter divides a flow of low heating value biomass into a central stream and an annular stream. A stable flame may be achieved by combusting the central stream with oxygen.

Method and rapid adsorption-desorption co2 capture

An apparatus for capture and sequestration of co2 from fossil fuel-fired power plant flue gas includes a polymer matrix embedded with a sorbent suitable for removing co2 from the flue gas and a spacer mated with the polymer matrix. The spacer is adapted to create channels between adjacent portions of the polymer matrix such that the flue gas flows through the channels and comes in contact with the sorbent.

System for establishing synergism between renewable energy production and fossil energy production

A method and system for synergism between a renewable energy system and a fossil energy system for the production of marketable energy forms such as electricity, methanol, petroleum-equivalent transportation fuels, urea fertilizer, and industrial hydrogen. Depending on configuration, the invention relates either to fossil-energy-assisted, renewable energy production or to renewable-energy-assisted, fossil energy production.

Fuel system and process for its production for environmental protective energetic use of urban sewage sludge

The present invention relates to a fuel system and to a process for the production of such a fuel system by using urban sewage sludge. Environment protective energetic use of urban sewage sludge and the reduction of fossil carbon dioxide are the important goals.

Method for sootblowing optimization

A controller determines and adjusts system parameters, including cleanliness levels or sootblower operating settings, that are useful for maintaining the cleanliness of a fossil fuel boiler at an efficient level. Some embodiments use a direct controller to determine cleanliness levels and/or sootblower operating settings.

Modular, portable and transportable energy storage systems and applications thereof

A modular transportable high capacity energy storage unit is disclosed. This feature facilitates discrete power generation whereby end-users can generate electricity from non-fossil fuel sources in the course of their normal daily activities, completely independent of the electricity grid or major generation facilities.

Compositions and methods for recycling plastics comprising polymers via solvent treatment

Compositions containing a turpentine liquid and methods are disclosed for dissolving, dissolving via melting, selectively dissolving via melting, decomposing plastic comprising a chlorine-containing polymer or thermosetting polymer, and/or co-dissolving plastic with fossil fuel for purifying, separating, recovering or recycling plastic-containing material.. .

Deuterium reactor

The deuterium reactor is a fusion reactor whose design is based upon a non-singular electrostatic required by the quantization of electric charge. This potential allows for a significant reduction in the fusion barrier of deuterium nuclei when these nuclei are held in close proximity, as within a crystal, and preconditioned using a magnetic field.

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