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Fossil Fuel patents


This page is updated frequently with new Fossil Fuel-related patent applications.

 Universal zero carbon thermal electric clean engines with maximum absolute efficiency and power density, and supreme universal mobility patent thumbnailnew patent Universal zero carbon thermal electric clean engines with maximum absolute efficiency and power density, and supreme universal mobility
This universal technology eternal zero carbon, thermal electric clean engines and gas turbines, with universal cryogenic eternal systems converting all gases in cryogenic working fluids, for solar/atmospheric and geo thermal energy eternal systems, is eliminating 100% all the fossil fuels from energy and universal mobility, variable power, with constant maximum compression pressure and constant maximum combustion pressure, resulting constant maximum efficiency in all the variable eternal power electric generation and universal mobility systems.. .

 Modified journal assembly for pulverizer patent thumbnailnew patent Modified journal assembly for pulverizer
The present disclosure relates to a pulverizer includes a pulverizer housing with an grinding assembly having a grinding table situated therein. The grinding table provides a grinding surface area for a material, such as a fossil fuel, such as coal, to be pulverized.
Alstom Technology Ltd

 Plasma assisted dirty water once through steam generation system, apparatus and method patent thumbnailPlasma assisted dirty water once through steam generation system, apparatus and method
A system and method can comprise a heat source, a plasma assisted vitrifier comprising a syphon valve; and a self-cleaning heat exchanger comprising a fired tube side and a water tube side. The self-cleaning heat exchanger can be configured to receive a heat source comprising an oxidized fossil fuel to one of the fire tube side or the water tube side and the self-cleaning heat exchanger can be further configured to receive a dirty water input on the other of the fire tube side and the water tube side to generate a steam.
Xdi Holdings, Llc

 Water generator system patent thumbnailWater generator system
A water generator system for providing power without using fossil fuels and placing strain on a power grid is provided. The water generator system comprises an intake pipe with pressurized water entering: the intake pipe.

 Metal-organic frameworks for adsorption of liquid phase compounds patent thumbnailMetal-organic frameworks for adsorption of liquid phase compounds
The present invention provides a metal-organic framework (mof) for use in removing particular chemical species or compounds from a liquid. In particular, the present invention provides an mof having a molecular formula of zr6(μ3-o)4(μ3oh)4(oh)4(h2o)4(tbapy)2, wherein tbapy is 1,3,6,8-tetrakis (p-benzoic-acid)pyrene, (known as nu-1000) for use in complexing selenate or selenite from a liquid or liquid stream.
Northwestern University

 Vehicle resource management system patent thumbnailVehicle resource management system
A vehicle resource management system for an electric vehicle includes programmable electronic controls integrated into the vehicle configured to consume resources during operation such as electricity, fossil fuels, and the like. Also included as part of the resource management system is an operational algorithm which communicates with the electronic controls to evaluate the driving range available for the available resources.
Contour Hardening, Inc.

 Combined electricity, heat, and chill generation for a rankine engine patent thumbnailCombined electricity, heat, and chill generation for a rankine engine
A generator uses a working fluid in a single-cycle rankine engine for up to three purposes: generation of electricity; generation of hot water from heat exchanger; and generation of chill by the evaporation of liquefied working fluid. The working fluid, which may be carbon dioxide, goes through a single rankine cycle for both heat engine and heat pump.
Monarch Power Corp

 Production of electric power from fossil fuel with almost zero air pollution patent thumbnailProduction of electric power from fossil fuel with almost zero air pollution
The co2 is separated from nitrogen (n2) using at least two cascaded stages of membrane separators. The permeance of the membranes of the first stage is at least 800 and preferably 2000-10,000.

 Power producing gas separation system and method patent thumbnailPower producing gas separation system and method
A power producing system adapted to be integrated with a flue gas generating assembly, the flue gas generating assembly including one or more of a fossil fueled installation, a fossil fueled facility, a fossil fueled device, a fossil fueled power plant, a boiler, a combustor, a furnace and a kiln in a cement factory, and the power producing system utilizing flue gas containing carbon dioxide and oxygen output by the flue gas generating assembly and comprising: a fuel cell comprising an anode section and a cathode section, wherein inlet oxidant gas to the cathode section of the fuel cell contains the flue gas output from the flue gas generating assembly; and a gas separation assembly receiving anode exhaust output from the anode section of the fuel cell and including a chiller assembly for cooling the anode exhaust to a predetermined temperature so as to liquefy carbon dioxide in the anode exhaust, wherein waste heat produced by the fuel cell is utilized to drive the chiller assembly.. .
Fuelcell Energy Inc.

 Heat exchanger on a fossil fuel processing assembly patent thumbnailHeat exchanger on a fossil fuel processing assembly
The fossil fuel processing apparatus of the present disclosure includes two pressure vessels, or two separators, above a single vessel footprint area in a vertically stacked configuration. The stacked configuration permits the processing of gas to occur in a space having less length and less width than that of two separators arranged tip-to-end or side-by-side, respectively.
Pride Of The Hills Manufacturing, Inc.

Production of electric power from fossil fuel with almost zero pollution

The present invention discloses a system for the separation and non-polluting disposal of carbon dioxide derived from the exhaust of burning fossil fuel, including a gas separation system which includes: a first stage of gas membranes c02 separators, means to transport exhaust gas to the first stage, the first stage separating c02 from other gases in the exhaust gas, a second stage of gas membrane c02 separators, means to transport permeant gas that passes through the membranes of the first stage to the second stage, the second stage producing c02 permeate gas of purity greater than 90%.. .

System and energy cost aware routing

Aspects of the present invention include selecting a route based on energy cost. Energy cost is evaluated based on a power metric.
Dell Products L.p.

Increased efficiency heating system concrete production

In a system wherein a fossil fuel fired burner heats incoming well or municipally supplied water to a temperature required for industrial concrete production, the exhaust gases produced by the burner are utilized to preheat the incoming water to an increased temperature before the water is put into an insulated tank where the burner subsequently raises the water temperature to the required level, to thereby reduce the load on the burner and increase the efficiency of directly fired water heating systems.. .

Automated greenhouse

Disclosed is a fully-automated greenhouse that utilizes hydroponic growing techniques in order to maximize the amount of crop production possible in a given footprint, and eliminates the need for soil, fossil fuels, pesticides and toxic chemicals. The greenhouse produces its own pure, clean water supply with proprietary, on-board atmospheric water generators incorporating water treatment technology, namely ozone, hydrodynamic cavitation, acoustical cavitation, and electrochemical oxidation to oxidize and destroy contaminants to maintain purity..
Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.

Vessel fluid measurement assemblies and related systems and methods

Fluid measurement assemblies and related methods for measuring a fluid level within a vessel. In some embodiments, the assembly may comprise a container or housing for housing a non-contact fluid measurement device.
Savage Services Corporation

Flue gas heat recovery integration

A power plant with a fossil fuel fired boiler, an air feed system, flue gas system and condensate system. A unitary flue gas heat exchanger spans a bypass line in the flue gas system and the condensate system so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the power plant while minimising complexity..
Alstom Technology Ltd

Methods and devices for the production of hydrocarbons from carbon and hydrogen sources

Devices and methods are described for converting a carbon source and a hydrogen source into hydrocarbons, such as alcohols, for alternative energy sources. The influents may comprise carbon dioxide gas and hydrogen gas or water, obtainable from the atmosphere for through methods described herein, such as plasma generation or electrolysis.
Principle Energy Solutions, Inc.

Climate- regulating- system

Now earth's climate is critically changed and altered. Earth is no longer capable of maintaining, let alone restoring, natural systems that permit a future stable climate as was common in pre fossil fuel use.

Revolving overhead windmill

The invention provides a revolving overhead windmill which includes airfoil means for interfacing with a fluid current comprising an air current or wind, and which includes energy harvesting means utilizing fluid current driven periodic motion of the fluid-foil means for capturing fluid-dynamic renewable energy and converting it into usable energy in a desired form such as electricity. The invention provides devices, methods and systems for harvesting renewable energy for medium-scale, large-scale and ultra-large-scale applications, to provide real and substantial benefits towards efficiently fulfilling energy needs while also more broadly serving humanity and our global environment.

Priority based power management an electric vehicle

A method to provide priority based power management of off-board devices being power by a vehicle comprising: determining an operating mode of the vehicle, the operating mode being an electric operating mode or a fossil fuel operating mode; determining a current state of charge (soc) of a battery pack of the vehicle; supplying power to the off-board devices when the current soc of the battery pack is above a minimum threshold value when the vehicle is operating in the fossil fuel operating mode; prioritizing the off-board devices when the vehicle is operating in the electric operating mode; and powering the off-board devices based on a prioritization level of the off-board devices and the current soc of the battery pack when the vehicle is operating in the electric operating mode.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Carbonized component-based fuel pellet

With the rapid increase in the price of fossil fuels and growing concerns over climate change, the demand for renewable energy sources continues to increase. Densified biomass fuels are an alternative, renewable energy source that is becoming increasingly popular.
Terrapower, Llc

System and producing a consistent quality syngas from diverse waste materials with heat recovery based power generation, and renewable hydrogen co-production

A system and method for converting waste and secondary materials into synthesis gas (syngas) through the use of a molten metal bath gasifier for the initial breakdown of waste feeds and an a/c plasma reactor for complete dissociation of waste feeds into syngas, and an anaerobic digester. The system includes a heat recovery and steam power generation process for the production of electricity.
Renewable Opportunities Inc.

Moveable, fuel-localized-power (flp) plant

A power plant can provide increased power from fossil fuels with reduced increase of the carbon burden. The plant is moveable and is located in a fossil fuel field, either a new field or a “depleted” field.” the co2 generated from the plant is compressed to a concentrated fluid and is re-injected into the underground strata from which the fossil fuel is extracted.

Instantly renewed energy system

The present application includes a condensing steam turbine used to produce power without the need to consume fossil fuels. The steam turbine includes a plurality of stage wheels, heating coils, and closed circular loops.

Hydraulic gas compressors and applications thereof

An compressor utilizing a flow of fluid down a vertical column to entrain air, or other gas, and compress it under the head of the flow. Compressed air is then separated from the flow in an air separation chamber at the bottom of the vertical column.

Secondary burning of gases from the combustion of fossil fuels

A system for reducing pollutants from the burning of a fossil fuel includes a pressure vessel containing in its interior a feedstock (e.g., methanol) and at least one set of electrodes. An electric arc is formed between the electrodes and the feedstock is exposed to a plasma of the electric arc thereby converting at least some of the feedstock into a gas.

Portable multiple source electrical power unit

A portable, non-fossil fuel, multiple source, electrical power unit that includes a lightweight wind generator assembly and an optional solar panel assembly partially disassembled and stored in a rigid, protecting container. The power unit includes a pivoting tower assembly made of a plurality of tower members that are removed and assembled in an end to end manner to form an elongated tower assembly.

Method for the treatment of gas

A method for the treatment of gas generated by the combustion of fossil fuel in a first combustion chamber, the method comprising the steps of transferring the gas to a second combustion chamber, combusting the gas in the second furnace in the presence of oxygen and a fuel source to generate waste gas and treating the waste gas to produce a concentrated carbon dioxide stream.. .

Infrared aided fuel emulsion

This invention relates to a system and a method for generating emulsified fuels for improved fuel efficiency of combustion devices with reduced specific fuel consumption rate and emissions, comprising at least a continuous phase fuel, a dispersed phase component, and an infrared radiation source whose infrared radiation spans at least a portion of 3-16 micrometers wavelength spectrum. In said system the continuous phase fuel and/or dispersed phase component are exposed to said infrared before or during emulsification.

Dust separator useful with dry scrubber system

An air quality control system (aqcs) 14 useful for treating flue gas fg, such as flue gas fg produced by a fossil fuel fired boiler 12 is described. The aqcs 14 is equipped with a dust separator 37.
Alstom Technology Ltd.

Biomass-derived grinding aids

Compositions and methods for increasing grinding efficiency of cement, cement clinker, raw materials for cement, and other inorganic particles. Use of biomass-derived polyols such as diols, triols, or mixtures thereof, optionally with a conventional grinding aid, cement quality improver, and/or hexavalent chromium reducer, are believed to provide less risk of sludging when compared to glycerides obtained from fossil fuel sources..
W. R. Grace & Co.-conn.

Apparatus and cleaning flue gas

A multi-stage exhaust apparatus to reduce the emission of pollutants from a fossil fuel furnace and to achieve greater efficiency in the energy consumption by such furnace. The multi-stage exhaust may include a vacuum chamber boiler, a submerged pump vacuum chamber, a bath scrubber, and a clean air tower.

Vortex tube supplying superheated vapor for turbine power generation

The vortex tube when properly used within a rankine cycle can produce phenomenal results. This invention functionally describes the preferred vortex tube used to produce superheated vapor from a compressed heated liquid without summoning the additional heat required for latent-heat to effect vaporization.

Catalysts possessing an improved resistance to poisoning

The present invention relates generally to the field of catalysts for use in connection with one or more types of emissions control (e.g., emissions control associated with the combustion of one or more types of fossil fuel) and, in particular to catalyst compositions that possess an improved resistance to at least one type of poisoning. In another embodiment, the catalysts of the present invention are designed to be utilized in conjunction with an scr and possess an improved resistance to phosphorus poisoning..
Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc.

Exhaust gas clean-up system for fossil fuel fired power plant

A fossil fuel fired power plant exhaust gas clean-up system is provided to remove detrimental compounds/elements from the exhaust gas emitting from the power plant to protect the environment. The removal of detrimental compounds/elements is accomplished by directing the exhaust gas thought several process steps.

Process and treating drilling fluid

A process for treating drilling fluids which are used during the process of drilling for fossil fuels includes providing a drilling fluid having a continuous hydrocarbon phase, a discontinuous aqueous phase, and a discontinuous solid phase, a polymer solution, at least one coagulant, water, and oil, the oil and water being provided in a volume ratio being from 0.7 to 1.3 times the oil-to-water volume ratio of the drilling fluid. The drilling fluid is mixed with the coagulant, the polymer solution, the oil, and the water in any order to provide an input fluid.

Greenwall exercise power generation station

The urgent need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the resulting global sedentary lifestyles of mankind makes this innovation a win-win solution to reduce our carbon footprint in a fun, safe and novel way. The energy output of the rotating wall or ladder is estimated to be ten times more efficient than the output of existing cycling, elliptical or stepping stations because the total weight of the climber is used instead of pedal (leg) power that can only tolerate an average of 2 kg of resistance.

Distribution board for independent microgrid

Disclosed is a distribution board for independent microgrid capable of driving a power loads at a remote place such as an island area or a mountainous area etc. With a power generated by using a renewable energy generating device and a diesel generating device using a fossil fuel, preventing a power failure etc.
Kc Cottrell Co., Ltd.

Supported catalysts for producing ultra-low sulphur fuel oils

The present invention relates to the preparation of catalysts used in the hydrodesulfurization of fossil fuels and proposes a method for preparing thermally stable, low-cost catalysts for the hydrodesulfurization of petrol and diesel, based on highly active como and nimo. The catalyst for the hydroprocessing of gasoil or petrol in the present invention comprises a precursor which consists of chemical compounds obtained from organic acids and metal salts, and a support containing an ultra-stable y-type zeolite useful in the hydroprocessing of heavy gas oil and/or light cyclic gas oil with high conversion rates..
Universida Nacional AutÓnoma De MÉxico

Apparatus for treating a mixture of fossil fuel and water prior to combustion in combustion engines

An apparatus for treating a mixture of fossil fuel and water includes a treatment unit for treating the mixture and including an inlet for the mixture, an outlet for discharging a treated mixture of fossil fuel and water, and an assembly of tubes of a non-magnetic material, the tubes having a circular cross-section, and the assembly arranged between the inlet and the outlet, the tubes have different diameters, have substantially equal lengths, are arranged in length alignment, and are arranged concentrically with the tubes defining intermediary spaces, thus providing flow paths for the mixture between the inlet to the outlet, an innermost and outermost tube being electrically connected to an electrical current generator, for supplying a pulsed current with the innermost tube connected to a positive pole and the outermost tube connected to a negative pole to expose the mixture flowing through the intermediary spaces to an electromagnetic field.. .
Aua Ehf.

Multi-modal network and distributing resources in a multi-modal network

A network with a plurality of subnetworks has at least two subnetworks each distributing different resources. The resources of each of the subnetworks are selected from fossil fuel, electrical energy, water, heat and cold.

Method for operating a gas processing system

A method of operating a gas processing system is provided. Namely, the gas processing system is mounted atop a mobile facility for processing raw fossil fuel adjacent the well site where they were extracted from the ground.
Pride Of The Hills Manufacturing, Inc.

Method for operating a well site

In accordance with one aspect of the invention, a method of operating a well using gas processed at a same well site is provided. The method discloses of providing a well site defined by a perimeter.
Pride Of The Hills Manufacturing, Inc.

Production of products with favourable ghg emission reductions from cellulosic feedstocks

The present invention provides a process for producing one or more products for use as a transportation or heating fuel. In various embodiments the process comprises treating a cellulosic feedstock in one or more processing steps that release extractives from the feedstock.
Iogen Corporation

Ecological sequestration of carbon dioxide/increase of bio-energy obtainable through biomass

According to known methods, biomass is broken down under the action of water vapour via a carbon monoxide-hydrogen mixture (called synthesis gas) as an intermediate stage into hydrogen and carbon dioxide instead of being combusted directly to generate energy. Carbon dioxide is stored/sequestered and the hydrogen is used to generate energy.

Environment controlled structured green houses for cost effective food production

The present invention relates to the environment controlled multibay structured greenhouses provisioning modules z1 to z7 and plurality of sensors. Z1 provisioning compressor, tanks t1, t2, ta, capture manifold, release manifold, z2 provisioning cost effective material earth tube heat exchanger for very cost effective heating of premises in cold/freezing cold locations, drastically reducing crude (fossil fuel) demand, z3 maintains greenhouse relative humidity defined precise set point, z4 generates geo-thermal energy, z5 ameliorates global warming by abhorting greenhouse carbon dioxide release into atmospheres, z6 uses activated fertilizers, nutrients solutions reducing input cost, ˜50% drip dozing, ˜75% foliar dozing, z7 offers greenhouse roof and sides' polyethylene film fixed and automated roll on/off thermal screen cum shading curtains 0-100% convertible and cost effective means or methods eliminating gutters, increasing light energy into greenhouse, z7 z3, and z5 offer best integrated pest management obviating toxic crop protection agents' use.

System for fossil fuel byproduct management

A system for fossil fuel byproduct management is claimed which includes a computer for receiving and recording volume measurements of one or more fossil fuel liquid byproducts among a plurality of fossil fuel liquid byproducts located within a storage container and a transmitter operable by the computer to transmit the volume measurements to a data collection location. A method of use for the same, which includes monitoring byproduct volumes and recording information relating to releases is also claimed..
Tanklogix, Llc

Body of molecular sized fuel additive

This invention generally refers to a new generation of fuel additives which can provide catalytic action to improve the combustion process of fossil fuels and to a catalyst among others containing an iron compound combined with an over-based magnesium compound with molecular size particles inside the combustion chamber. Such fuel additive catalysts are particularly useful for fuel oil combustion, natural gas combustion, stationary gas turbines, natural gas-fired reciprocating engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines and all stationary dual-fuel engines..
Efficient Fuel Solutions, Llc

Fossil fuel (human and animal feces) pursuant to ezekiel 4:12 and 15 can be used as a source to produce energy for electricty, motor vehicles and nuclear energy.

After the consumption of plants and animals the food go through a physical purifying process and the residuals are expelled via the intestines producing a more plentiful fossil fuel called feces. These substances can prove to be human, animal and environmental friendly due to the double (sewer and refineries) cleansing and refining process.

System and removing carbon dioxide from an atmosphere and global thermostat using the same

A system for removing carbon dioxide from an atmosphere to reduce global warming including an air extraction system that collects carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through a medium and removes carbon dioxide from the medium; a sequestration system that isolates the removed carbon dioxide to a location for at least one of storage and generation of a renewable carbon fuel; and one or more power supplying units that supply heat to the air extraction system to remove the carbon dioxide from the medium, at least one of the one or more power supplying units being a fossil fuel plant.. .

Method and system for fuzzy constrained sootblowing optimization

A system and method to control of sootblowers in a fossil fueled power plant, in particular to plant applications systems using a graphical programming environment in combination with a set of rules to activate sootblowers. The system can be constrained by time limits and/or rule based time limits.

Plant for energy production

The invention provides a plant for production of energy, comprising any type of heat or energy source including but not limited to solar power sources, nuclear reactors, fossil fuel plants, wind power plants, tidal power plants, waste heat power plants and geothermal sources, operatively arranged at an input side of the plant, and heat delivery or energy production means such as turbine-electric generator sets, operatively arranged at a delivery side of the plant. The plant is distinctive in that it further comprises a thermal energy storage with integrated heat exchanger, comprising a solid state thermal storage material, a heat transfer fluid and means for energy input and output, wherein: the storage comprises at least one heat transfer container, solid state thermal storage material is arranged around the heat transfer container, the heat transfer container contains the heat transfer fluid and the means for energy input and output, so that all heat transferring convection and conduction by the heat transfer fluid takes place within the respective heat transfer container, the thermal energy storage with heat exchanger has been arranged inside thermal insulation, and the solid state thermal energy storage with heat exchanger, has been arranged between the input side and delivery side of the plant for storage and heat exchange of thermal energy, the storage is coupled directly or via an additional heat exchanger to the source and the storage is coupled directly or via an additional heat exchanger to the delivery side of the plant..
Nest As

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