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Form Factor patents

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Method and apparatus for cleaning photomask handling surfaces

Small form factor magnetic shield for magnetorestrictive random access memory (mram)

Lead frame array package with flip chip die attach

Date/App# patent app List of recent Form Factor-related patents
 Single ubiquitous device patent thumbnailSingle ubiquitous device
A portable electronic device can act as a music player, gaming device and a smart phone combined. The device has multiple panels each with a display.
 Method and apparatus for cleaning photomask handling surfaces patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for cleaning photomask handling surfaces
The cleaning device may clean the handling and support interface for a reticle inside a reticle handling tool, such as a micrographic scanner/stepper printer, without opening the tool. The cleaning device may have the same or approximate form factor as either a reticle without a pellicle or a reticle with a pellicle.
 Small form factor magnetic shield for magnetorestrictive random access memory (mram) patent thumbnailSmall form factor magnetic shield for magnetorestrictive random access memory (mram)
Some implementations provide a die that includes a magnetoresistive random access memory (mram) cell array that includes several mram cells. The die also includes a first ferromagnetic layer positioned above the mram cell array, a second ferromagnetic layer positioned below the mram cell array, and several vias positioned around at least one mram cell.
 Lead frame array package with flip chip die attach patent thumbnailLead frame array package with flip chip die attach
A small form factor near chip scale package is provided that includes input/output contacts not only along the periphery of the package, but also along the package bottom area. Embodiments provide these additional contacts through use of an array lead frame coupled to under die signal contacts through the use of flip chip bonding techniques.
 Power distribution module form factor patent thumbnailPower distribution module form factor
A modular form factor power module system with monitoring and control functions is disclosed. The power module system is configured to power, monitor and/or control telecommunications equipment at the circuit level..
 Chip package having terminal pads of different form factors patent thumbnailChip package having terminal pads of different form factors
A chip package includes an integrated circuit chip. A first group of terminal pads of the chip package is electrically connected to the integrated circuit chip and a second group of terminal pads of the chip package is electrically connected to the integrated circuit chip.
 Topography simulation apparatus, topography simulation method and recording medium patent thumbnailTopography simulation apparatus, topography simulation method and recording medium
In one embodiment, a topography simulation apparatus includes a division module to divide a substance surface into plural computing elements, a determination module to extend straight lines in plural directions from each computing element, and to determine whether each straight line contacts the substance surface and determine which computing element each straight line contacts, and a calculation module to calculate, based on results of the determinations, a direct flux of a reactive species directly reaching each computing element, and a form factor indicating a positional relationship between the computing elements. When the determinations are performed to calculate the form factor in a case where an ionic species reaching each computing element is reflected, the determinations are performed by setting a cut-off angle for a reflection direction of the ionic species, and limiting the directions in which the straight lines are extended within a range of the cut-off angle..
 Augmented i/o for limited form factor user-interfaces patent thumbnailAugmented i/o for limited form factor user-interfaces
The claimed subject matter relates to an architecture that can enhance and/or simplify tactile-based i/o transactions in connection with a user-interface (ui) of limited form factor. In particular, the architecture can monitor a position of a selector object such as an operator's finger relative to a ui display as the selector object hovers or moves above the ui display.
 Small form factor medical sensor structure and method therefor patent thumbnailSmall form factor medical sensor structure and method therefor
A measurement system for measuring a parameter of the muscular-skeletal system is disclosed. The measurement system comprises a capacitor, a signal generator, a digital counter, counter register, a digital clock, a digital timer, and a data register.
 Headphone device patent thumbnailHeadphone device
A headphone device includes a first audio output module, a second audio output module, and a head module connected between the first and second audio output modules that are located at both ends of the head module respectively. The head module stays bent when in use and stays straight when in compact storage.
Fiber optic cable with electrical connectors at both ends, wall plates and control boxes
A connecting device for a fiber optic cable includes a first part having first and second electrical connectors located on its housing, and a second part having a third electrical connector located on its housing. The second and third electrical connectors are adapted to be mechanically and electrically connect with each other or disconnected from each other.
Magnetic field antenna
A magnetic field antenna that provides high efficiency and a compact form factor. Electromagnetic shielding of electrical components used in the antenna is provided, and one embodiment of the invention is a wireless battery-free communications earplug..
Integrated camera window
Apparatus, systems and methods for camera integration with cover glass and for processing cover glass to provide a camera window for an electronic device are disclosed. A camera window can be integrated into the cover glass.
Compact cylindrically symmetric uhf satcom antenna
A cylindrically symmetric satellite antenna that provides directional and omnidirectional operating modes in a compact form factor. Feed points located at the top of the cylindrical structure provide increased platform isolation.
Semiconductor package with multiple conductive clips
One exemplary disclosed embodiment comprises a high power semiconductor package configured as a buck converter having a control transistor and a sync transistor disposed on a common leadframe pad, a driver integrated circuit (ic) for driving the control and sync transistors, and conductive clips electrically coupling the top surfaces of the transistors to substrate pads such as leadframe pads. In this manner, the leadframe and the conductive clips provide efficient grounding or current conduction by direct mechanical connection and large surface area conduction, thereby enabling a package with significantly reduced electrical resistance, form factor, complexity, and cost when compared to conventional packaging methods using wirebonds for transistor interconnections..
Modular lighting apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Disclosed are a modular lighting apparatus and a method of manufacturing the same. The modular lighting apparatus may be configured such that a volume of a heat radiating module may easily be changed to satisfy standards established by a variety of products groups.
Systems and methods for monitoring power systems
Techniques are disclosed for systems and methods using small form factor infrared imaging modules to monitor aspects of a power system. A system may include one or more infrared imaging modules, a processor, a memory, a display, a communication module, and modules to control components of a power system.
Inductive inertial sensor architecture & fabrication in packaging build-up layers
This invention relates to inductive inertial sensors employing a magnetic drive and/or sense architecture. In embodiments, translational gyroscopes utilize a conductive coil made to vibrate in a first dimension as a function of a time varying current driven through the coil in the presence of a magnetic field.
Solid state drive with improved enclosure assembly
The present invention pertains to a hard disk drive form factor compatible solid-state storage device enclosure assembly that protects circuit boards contained within the enclosure from environmental disruption, such as mechanical stress, vibration, external electronic disruption, or any combination of these, while allowing for a variable number of circuit boards in the ssd enclosure. In another embodiment, the solid-state storage device enclosure assembly, or a similar circuit board assembly, includes an alignment guide that precludes a circuit board from being misaligned within the enclosure..
Adaptive accessory detection and mode negotiation
Methods and apparatus for providing device detection and operational mode negotiation entirely over extant high-speed data bus pins or terminals. In one exemplary embodiment, methods and apparatus are disclosed enabling detection, negotiation and serial/video data transfer over usb 2.0 data interface pins in order to consolidate pin count on the interface and associated connector.
Gradient index (grin) lens chips and associated small form factor optical arrays for optical connections, related fiber optic connectors
Gradient index (grin) lens chips and associated small form factor optical arrays for optical connections, and related fiber optic connectors are disclosed. By aligning grin lenses within a grin lens chip, a more precise and reliable alignment may be achieved with respect to optical fibers than if a single conventional ferrule is utilized to align and secure both grin lenses and optical fibers.
Low power and small form factor infrared imaging
Various techniques are provided for implementing an infrared imaging system. In one example, a system includes a focal plane array (fpa).
Apparatus, method and system for a modular light-emitting diode circuit assembly
Provided herein is an improved apparatus, method and system for providing a modular led circuit assembly. Specifically, examples of the present invention include a modular led circuit which may be scaled and used in a wide variety of form factors.
Capacitively coupled antenna apparatus and methods
Capacitively coupled antenna apparatus and methods of operating and adaptively tuning the same. In one embodiment, the insertion loss component in “beside the hand/head” use scenarios is significantly reduced or eliminated such that the antenna experiences only absorptive losses (which generally cannot be avoided), and a very small insertion loss by the host device radio frequency tuner.
Power stealing thermostat circuit with over current protection
A new circuit and associated methods are disclosed for stealing power from hvac circuit to supply relays and control circuits in an electronic thermostat, and protecting against damage to the relays from over-current condition. If a common connection is available, the circuit can obtain dc power always, if not available, the circuit can still obtain dc power when one of the relays is turned on, and the obtained power can be used to keep turning on the relay, making it possible to use economical and smaller form factor non-latching type relays or solid state relays, without wasting the limited battery charge.
Lead-acid battery design having versatile form factor
A lead-acid battery is disclosed, wherein the battery comprises battery modules connected in series, a sealed container, a positive terminal, and a negative terminal. A battery module, in turn, comprises one or more cell assemblies electrically connected in parallel.
Detecting embossed characters on form factor
A portable computing device reads information embossed on a form factor utilizing a built-in digital camera and determines dissimilarity between each pair of embossed characters to confirm consistency. Techniques comprise capturing an image of a form factor having information embossed thereupon, and detecting embossed characters.
Methods and cassettes for discarding ink
Methods and cassettes for discarding ink are disclosed. An example cassette includes a housing having a form factor to be received in a printer; a container to receive the discarded ink; and a memory to receive usage data from the printer, the usage data being indicative of an amount of the discarded ink received by the container..
Conductor with divot for improved form factor
A conductive element is provided and includes an electrically conductive material and a coating surrounding the electrically conductive material to form a coated member. The coated member is formed with a crown defined by bends in first and second transverse dimensions.
Compact form factor integrated circuit card and methods
A compact form factor integrated circuit card. In one embodiment, a subscriber identity module (sim) card is disclosed.
Liquid detergent composition with abrasive particles
A composition comprising abrasive particles derived from inorganic-based foam, wherein said abrasive particles are non-spherical having a form factor from 0.1 to 0.6 and a solidity from 0.3 to 0.9, and wherein said abrasive particles comprise one or more inorganic materials and have a mohs hardness of from 1 to 4.. .
Esd protection in a very small form factor consumer electronic product
A very small form factor consumer electronic product includes at least a single piece housing having an integral front and side walls that cooperate to form a cavity in cooperation with a front opening where an edge of the side walls define a rear opening and at least some of the edges have flanges. The consumer electronic product also includes an user input assembly having a size and shape in accordance with the front opening and a clip assembly having a size and shape in accordance with the rear opening and having an external user actionable clip, a plurality of internal hooking features, and a plurality of internal latching features.
Real identity authentication
A real identity biometric authentication device includes a usb thumb drive form factor, with a biometric sensor and designated device processor and stored instructions in firmware which perform authentication in a secure manner, independent of processing and storage resources on a host platform. The device and authentication process require biometric data and are secured against effects of malware or other security risks presented by applications running on the host platform.
Portable, secure enterprise platforms
A portable, secure enterprise computing platform is provided by a device having a storage or memory, including a firmware module, a processor and an interface for interfacing with a host platform. The interface may be a usb interface and the device may have the form factor of a usb thumb drive.
Small form factor modules using wafer level optics with bottom cavity and flip-chip assembly
A disclosed method of manufacturing a camera module includes providing a stack of optical elements, providing an integrated circuit image capture device (icd) having a top surface with an array of sensors, rigidly attaching the stack of optical elements to top surface of the image capture device, providing a substrate having an opening therethrough and a recess around said opening, and attaching the image capture device to the substrate such that edges of the image capture device are disposed in the recess and the stack of optical elements extends through the opening. The method further includes providing a second substrate (e.g., host pcb) and mounting the substrate on the second substrate to attach the camera module to the host device.
Infrared camera system architectures
Various techniques are disclosed for providing an infrared imaging module that exhibits a small form factor and may be used with one or more portable devices. Such an infrared imaging module may be implemented with a housing that includes electrical connections that may be used to electrically connect various components of the infrared imaging module.
Biosample cartridge with radial slots for storing biosample carriers and using in automated data storage systems
Embodiments of the disclosure relate to a biosample cartridge that includes radial slots for storing biosample carriers. The biosample cartridge has the same form factor as data tape cartridges used in automated tape libraries to allow the biosample cartridge to be handled by the same robotic mechanisms that handle the data tape cartridges.
Credit card shaped charging and data cable
A data and charging cable includes a body portion having a form factor substantially like that of a credit card, including a slot extending from a first end of the body portion toward a second end of the body portion. The cable includes an elastomeric tongue having a proximal end pivotably attached to the first end of the body portion and a distal end removably attached to the body portion by a detent mechanism.
Systems and methods for monitoring vehicle occupants
Various techniques are disclosed for systems and methods using small form factor infrared imaging modules to monitor occupants in an interior compartment of a vehicle. For example, a vehicle-mounted system may include one or more infrared imaging modules, a processor, a memory, alarm sirens, and a communication module.
Land side and die side cavities to reduce package z-height
A package structure including a capacitor mounted within a cavity in the package substrate is disclosed. The package structure may additionally include a die mounted to a die side surface of the package substrate, and the opposing land side surface of the package substrate may be mounted to a printed circuit board (pcb).
Lead-acid battery design having versatile form factor
An electrochemical storage device comprises a plurality of layer electrodes each including a first charged sector and a second charged sector. The plurality of layer electrodes are assembled with respect to each other such that the first charged sector of a first plate of the plurality of layer electrodes is laid below the second charged sector of a second plate of the plurality of layer electrodes located immediately above the first plate.
Thermal blocker for mobile device skin hot spot management
The described embodiments relate generally to thermal management and more particularly to a method and apparatus for providing thermal insulation from relatively small heat sources in small form factor electronic devices. An insulator layer can be placed between a small heat source and an exterior surface of the device, such as a cover glass layer.
Small form factor stacked electrical passive devices that reduce the distance to the ground plane
The described embodiments relate generally to electronic components and more specifically to a capacitor array that can increase component density on a printed circuit board and reduce a distance to a ground plane. An array of capacitors can be formed by coupling a group of capacitors on their sides interspersed with interposer boards.
Pluggable packet master clock
Apparatus for providing timing information, the apparatus comprising: a primary reference time clock (prtc) that provides a reference time of day (tod) and a reference frequency; a packet master clock that receives the tod and reference frequency and is configured to distribute timing to a slave clock in accordance with a timing over packet procedure responsive to the tod and the reference frequency; and a housing that houses the prtc and packet master clock which may be plugged into a conventional small form factor (sfp) compliant cage to connect the packet master clock to a packet switched network (psn).. .
Photo emitter x-ray source array (pexsa)
A photo-emitter x-ray source is provided that includes a photocathode electron source, a laser light source, where the laser light source illuminates the photocathode electron source to emit electrons, and an x-ray target, where the emitted electrons are focused on the x-ray target, where the x-ray target emits x-rays. The photocathode electron source can include alkali halides (such as csbr and csi), semiconductors (such as gaas, inp), and theses materials modified with rare earth element (such as eu) doping, electron beam bombardment, and x-ray irradiation, and has a form factor that includes planar, patterned, of optically patterned.
Nuclear reactor with device for injecting nanoparticles in the event of an accident
A nuclear reactor is provided that includes a core with nuclear fuel assemblies; a circuit for cooling the core in which circulates a fluid coolant; and a device provided for injecting nanoparticles into the fluid coolant. The nanoparticles include first nanoparticles of a first type having a first form factor of less than two, and second nanoparticles of a second type different from the first type having a second form factor greater than two, the nanoparticles comprising between 10% and 90% by weight of the first nanoparticles and between 90% and 10% by weight of the second nanoparticles..
Methods and arrangements in a wireless communication system
Some embodiments provide a method executed in a network node comprised in a wireless communications network. According to the method, the network node obtains (120) information related to the form factor of a wireless device comprised in the wireless communications network.
Credit card form factor secure mobile computer and methods
A communication device is provided and includes a first major surface including a display and a mixed array. The mixed array includes at least two different types of array units and occupies an area coinciding with, in plan view as viewed perpendicular to the major surface, at least substantially the entire major surface..
Storage device carriers for adapting a storage device of a first size to a slot for a storage device of a second size
Apparatus and devices for carrying a storage device and adapting it to a slot for a storage device having a different form factor. The system comprises an opening means for elastically deforming a shape of the system from an original shape so that the carrier may receive the storage device.
Form factor for a hand-held information device with an output display
The invention relates to hand-held electronic devices that can have a spherical, cylindrical or other curved surface and an output display providing output visible on the curved surface. The interior region of the device can house receiver circuitry coupled to an antenna to enable reception of transmitted radio signals, display control circuitry, physical stimulus processing circuitry, a microprocessor, data storage memory, and a battery.
Consumer electronic device having a distributed form factor millimeter wave receiver and transmitter
A consumer electronic device having distributed form factor millimeter wave receiver and transmitter comprising a first motherboard part including a baseband module; a second motherboard part including a receive (rx) active antenna, wherein the rx active antenna is connected to the baseband module using a pair of cables; and a third motherboard part including a transmit (tx) active antenna, wherein the tx active antenna is connected to the baseband module using a pair of cables.. .
Ultra slim rf package for ultrabooks and smart phones
A semiconductor device package having reduced form factor and a method for forming said semiconductor device are disclosed. In an embodiment, an active die is embedded within a cavity in the core layer of the package substrate, wherein an in-situ electromagnetic shield is formed on the sidewalls of the cavity.
Three dimensional (3d) fan-out packaging mechanisms
The mechanisms of forming a semiconductor device package described above provide a low-cost manufacturing process due to the relative simple process flow. By forming an interconnecting structure with a redistribution layer(s) to enable bonding of one or more dies underneath a package structure, the warpage of the overall package is greatly reduced.
Tethered digital butler consumer electronic remote control device and method
The present invention relates to a digital butler consumer electronics product and method. The digital butler, of a price and form factor suitable for consumer electronics markets of developed and developing countries, includes a communications and multi-media console and a wireless remote.
Trigger device for mobile computing device
A mobile computing device includes a processor and a trigger device operatively attached to the mobile computing device and configured to generate a mechanical vibration pattern for selectively actuating the mobile computing device. A trigger interface, illustratively an accelerometer, is configured to convert the mechanical vibration pattern into an electrical signal pattern.
System and method for a pump with onboard electronics
Embodiments of the present invention provide pumps with features to reduce form factor and increase reliability and serviceability. Additionally, embodiments of the present invention provide features for gentle fluid handling characteristics.
Electronic device with reduced form factor
Systems and methods (1000) for reducing a form factor of an electronic device (“ed”). The methods involve disposing a first user interface component (702) in a housing (710) of ed (700) such that its center axis (718) is at an angle (720) relative to a plane (722) that is perpendicular to a horizontal center axis (712) of ed.
Electromagnetic induction device for generation of electrical power
An electromagnetic induction device having an array of linearly arranged wires spanning between a pair of conductor plates forming a parallel circuit between each of the wires. The wires are arranged forming a plurality of planes, which are stacked into layers.
Multi-tonal box drum kit
The present invention generally relates to cajón drums. Specifically, this invention relates to a multi-tonal box drum kit that provides a form factor that is easy and convenient to use while producing the tones and sounds of a full drum kit or some subset thereof..
Systems and methods for a modeless 3-d graphics manipulator
One aspect provides a modeless manipulator for interacting with and manipulating virtual objects located in 3-d space, in applications such as cad. The modeless manipulator provides user interface elements that can be accessed by a user to effect any interaction relevant within the current display of the 3-d object.
Seated exercise apparatus
A seated exercise apparatus comprises a frame having a seat attached to the frame. A pair of opposed cranks are rotatably coupled to the frame such that they rotate about a first axis.
Storage system having a heatsink
A storage system sized to fit within a standard magnetic hard disk drive (hdd) form factor. The storage system includes a solid state disk (ssd) and a cooling means thermally coupled to the body of the ssd.
Over-current protection device and method of making the same
An over-current protection device has a ptc device, first and second electrodes and an insulation layer. The ptc device comprises first and second electrically conductive members and a ptc layer laminated between the first and second electrically conductive members.
Programmable small form-factor pluggable module
A small form factor pluggable (“sfp”) transceiver for use in a communications network includes a transmitter adapted to be coupled to the network for supplying signals to the network, a receiver adapted to be coupled to the network for receiving signals from the network, and a programmable signal processing module coupled to the transmitter and the receiver and adapted to be programmed from a remote station coupled to the network. The module can be programmed to perform at least one service or management function on the network..
Fluid pumping capillary seal for a fluid dynamic bearing
An apparatus and method are provided for a robust and shock resistant fluid dynamic bearing. A fluid sealing system with fluid pumping and capillary features provides increased reliability and performance for small form factor disc drive memory systems.
Cartridge for storing biosample plates and use in automated data storage systems
In one embodiment, a biosample storage cartridge includes an enclosure having a same form factor as a data tape cartridge configured for use in an automated tape library; and a holder disposed in the enclosure. In another embodiment, a biosample storage cartridge includes an enclosure and a holder disposed in the enclosure; the holder is configured to receive one or more biosamples, the cartridge is structurally configured to be picked by a picker of an access robot that is configured to pick a data tape cartridge in an automated tape library.
Low latency nx10g form factor module to an enhanced small form-factor pluggable uplink extender to maximize host port density
A system, method and apparatus is provided for optimizing network data communications. At an extender device, a data signal is received at a host link port across a data cable that is interfaced with the host link port.
Recessed bottom-electrode capacitors and methods of assembling same
A capacitor-over-bitline structure includes a bottom electrode that has an open vessel form factor. The bottom-electrode form factor includes a floor, rectilinear sidewalls, and a rim that defines the topmost feature.
Thermally enhanced semiconductor package
One exemplary disclosed embodiment comprises a semiconductor package including an inside pad, a transistor, and a conductive clip coupled to the inside pad and a terminal of the transistor. A top surface of the conductive clip is substantially exposed at the top of the package, and a side surface of the conductive clip is exposed at a side of the package.
Condiment container
A condiment container whose form factor is selected to enable the condiment container to be carried and held in place by a standard drink holder. By configuring the condiment container to be received in a standard drink holder, the problems associated with incorporating a condiment container in a drink container lid are overcome..
Manufacturing fixtures for small form factor desktop computer
One automated process for evenly applying a thin layer within a device housing includes applying a vacuum hold from a curved surface applicator to the thin layer, pressing the thin layer against the device housing with the applicator, wherein said pressing includes applying pressure from the center of the applicator first and then radially expanding said pressure, and pressing the cylindrical outer housing against an outer region of the thin layer to effect a hard pressed application at the outer surface thereof.. .

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