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Foreskin patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Foreskin-related patents
 Method for complex phaloplasty using circumcised foreskin as autograft patent thumbnailMethod for complex phaloplasty using circumcised foreskin as autograft
Disclosed is a method for complex phalloplasty for widening a penis, using a circumcised foreskin as an autologous graft. In the method, a foreskin cut off by circumcision, conventionally discarded as waste, is implanted as an autograft in phalloplasty, whereby the penis can be widened..
 Support element for circumcision and system comprising the same patent thumbnailSupport element for circumcision and system comprising the same
The present disclosure provides a support element (10,110) for use in effecting ischemic necrosis in a foreskin (186) of a penis, being a closed-loop member defining an opening (12) dimensioned to permit a penis glans to pass therethrough and having an inner surface (14) and an outer surface (16); the outer surface comprising a circumferential support (18, 118) for an elastic ring (150) to be mounted thereon, said circumferential support being formed within a groove (20,120) in at least part of the outer surface; at least one first segment (26, 28) of the outer surface having an outer curvature of a radius larger than that of its flanking second segments (30, 32). Also provided herein is a system (100) for effecting ischemic necrosis in a foreskin (186) of a penis, comprising the support element (110) and elastic ring (150), and optionally a deployment element (160) for mounting the elastic ring over the foreskin and support element..
 Disposable circumcision clamp patent thumbnailDisposable circumcision clamp
The present invention relates to a disposable circumcision apparatus, the apparatus comprising an inner ring (1) for placement onto a penis. The inner ring (1) is connected to one or more connecting rods (11).
 Anti-cytomegalovirus activity of artemisinin-derived dimers patent thumbnailAnti-cytomegalovirus activity of artemisinin-derived dimers
Artemisinin-derived monomers and artemisinin dimers are shown to exhibit in-vitro anti-cytomegalovirus (cmv) activity. Artemisinin dimers effectively inhibited cmv replication in human foreskin fibroblasts and human embryonic lung fibroblasts with no cytotoxicity at concentrations required for complete cmv inhibition.
 Co-culturing mammalian embryonic stem cells with human foreskin fibroblasts patent thumbnailCo-culturing mammalian embryonic stem cells with human foreskin fibroblasts
A cell culture comprising human foreskin cells, the human foreskin cells being capable of maintaining stem cells in an undifferentiated state when co-cultured therewith.. .
 Circumcision scissor patent thumbnailCircumcision scissor
A circumcision scissor for performing a circumcision is described herein. The circumcision scissor has a grip system similar to that of cutting scissors.
 Foreskin retaining device patent thumbnailForeskin retaining device
A foreskin-retaining device for an intact penis improves upon known devices by including a retaining section on an inner surface of the device, the retaining section having protrusions for contacting and holding the retracted foreskin. The protrusions may be rings, nodes, dull barbs, or a combination thereof.

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Foreskin topics: Circumcision, Cytomegalovirus, Fibroblast, Connecting Rod, Circulation, Replication, Artemisinin, Stem Cells, Embryonic Stem Cell, Contraceptive, Protuberance

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