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Compositing display

Date/App# patent app List of recent Foreground-related patents
 Pressure-sensitive layering of displayed objects patent thumbnailnew patent Pressure-sensitive layering of displayed objects
First and second objects are displayed on a pressure-sensitive touch-screen display device. An intersection is detected between the objects.
 Compositing display patent thumbnailnew patent Compositing display
A device is disclosed that is capable of independently modulating the transparency and emissive color of individual pixels that comprise an electronic display. Modulating the transparency of a transmissive layer allows a darkened or semi-darkened foreground field to be provided on the display.
 System and method for motion detection in a surveillance video patent thumbnailSystem and method for motion detection in a surveillance video
In some embodiments, a non-transitory processor-readable medium stores code representing instructions to cause a processor to smooth a current image of a scene to produce a smoothed image and subtract pixel values of a background image of the scene from corresponding pixel values of the smoothed image to produce an altitude difference image. Pixel values of the altitude difference image are weighted to produce a weighted difference image.
 Adaptive background estimation patent thumbnailAdaptive background estimation
Various methods and systems are provided for adaptive background estimation. In one embodiment, among others, a signal processing device includes at least one processing unit and a memory storing a background estimation system executable in the at least one processing unit.
 Boosting object detection performance in videos patent thumbnailBoosting object detection performance in videos
A method and system for training a special object detector to distinguish a foreground object appearing in a sequence of frames for a target domain. The sequence of frames depicts motion of the foreground object in a non-uniform background.
 Foreground extraction method for stereo video patent thumbnailForeground extraction method for stereo video
A foreground extraction method for stereo videos applied in an image processing apparatus of a video decoder is provided. The method uses a left-eye view image, a right-eye view image, and multiple interview motion vectors thereof from a decoded multi-view video bitstream to calculate the parallax for the horizontal direction between the left-eye image and the right-eye image quickly, thereby reducing operations for extracting the foreground objects in the multi-view video bitstream..
 Rendering augmented reality based on foreground object patent thumbnailRendering augmented reality based on foreground object
A mobile device detects a moveable foreground object in captured images, e.g., a series of video frames without depth information. The object may be one or more of the user's fingers.
 Facilitation of simultaneous storage initialization and data destage patent thumbnailFacilitation of simultaneous storage initialization and data destage
Various embodiments for storage initialization and data destage in a computing storage environment are provided. At least a portion of data on a storage device is initialized using a background process, while one of simultaneously and subsequently destaging the at least the portion of the data to the storage device using a foreground process is performed.
 Method and apparatus to implement lazy flush in a virtually tagged cache memory patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus to implement lazy flush in a virtually tagged cache memory
A processor includes a processor core including an execution unit to execute instructions, and a cache memory. The cache memory includes a controller to update each of a plurality of stale indicators in response to a lazy flush instruction.
 Method and apparatus for detecting object patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for detecting object
A method and an apparatus for detecting an object are disclosed. The method comprises the steps of obtaining a plurality of depth images of the object; extracting foregrounds; fusing the foregrounds in a unified three-dimensional world coordinate system; calculating an appearance two-dimensional histogram from the fused foreground by the following steps of dividing the foreground into vertical members and getting statistics of the numbers of foreground points in the vertical members so as to obtain the appearance two-dimensional histogram; determining an overlapping region and the number of overlaps based on the placement of stereo cameras; determining a detection parameter relating to a detection position based on the overlapping region and the number of overlaps; and detecting the object by the appearance two-dimensional histogram based on the determined detection parameter..
Method and an apparatus for processing an audio signal
A method for processing an audio signal at an audio decoder, the method including receiving a downmix signal, a residual signal, and object information; extracting a background-object signal and a foreground-object signal from the downmix signal using the residual signal and object information; receiving mix information including gain information for the background-object signal; generating a downmix processing information based on the object information and the mix information; and generating an output signal including a modified background-object signal and a modified foreground-object signal. The modified background-object signal is obtained by modifying a gain of the background-object signal using the mix information.
Privacy camera
A privacy camera, such as a light field camera that includes an array of cameras or an rgbz camera(s)) is used to capture images and display images according to a selected privacy mode. The privacy mode may include a blur background mode and a background replacement mode and can be automatically selected based on the meeting type, participants, location, and device type.
Laser beam based gesture control interface for mobile devices
A method of receiving control instructions for a device, comprising receiving two or more video frames, analyzing the video frames for at least one foreground image and at least one background image, evaluating each video frame for a two dimensional aspect comprising a first area having a relatively higher channel intensity value in one or more channels than the channel intensity values of a second area, recording coordinates associated with the aspect in each of the video frames, evaluating the coordinates to determine a motion trajectory, and matching the motion trajectory to a prerecorded motion trajectory in a matching table, wherein the matching table contains associations of motion trajectories and control instructions, and obtaining the control instruction associated with the prerecorded motion trajectory.. .
Enhancing useability of mobile devices that securely store data
Methods, computer-readable media, and systems for enhancing useability of mobile devices that securely store data. An input to transfer a computer software application executing on a mobile device from a foreground state of the mobile device to a background state of the mobile device is received.
Automatic classification and color enhancement of a markable surface
Architecture that automatically computes if a quadrangular object captured in a given image is or is not a markable board (e.g., a whiteboard, green board, chalkboard, etc.). The markable board has a surface on which marks can be applied using chalk, ink, dry ink, or any other suitable marking instrument or tool for the given surface.
Method of color correction of pair of colorful stereo microscope images
A method for color correction of a pair of colorful stereo microscope images is provided, which transmits the color information of the foreground areas and the background area of the reference image to the aberrated image separately for avoiding transmission error of the color information of the varied areas of the pair of the images, thus sufficiently improves the accuracy of the color correction, reduces the difference between the color of the reference image and the color of the aberrated image, and well prepares for the stereo matching of the pair of colorful stereo microscope images as well as for the three-dimensional reconstruction and three-dimensional measurement; on the other hand, during the correction, the correcting procedure is provided automatically without manual work.. .
Methods and apparatus to monitor usage of mobile devices
Methods and apparatus are disclosed to identify usage of mobile devices are disclosed. An example method includes detecting user interaction with a mobile device.
Superpixel-based refinement of low-resolution foreground segmentation
A computer-implemented method performs foreground segmentation of an input image. The method receives a first foreground segmentation at a first resolution of the input image and determines a plurality of labelled seed points based on the first foreground segmentation of the input image.
Image forming apparatus performing overprint processing
A first color conversion unit converts non-subtractive image data into subtractive image data. An overprint detection unit detects whether overprinting is specified for the subtractive image data.
Image processing apparatus and method for generating 3d image thereof
A method including acquiring a source image and depth information of the source image, determining, using depth information, an overlapping region in which some pixels of a source image are shifted and a plurality of pixels overlap, calculating a weight for the overlapping region with a processor, using distance information with respect to a foreground region of the source image and a background region of the source image, generating, using the depth information and the overlapping region, a foreground-depth image in which the foreground region is extended and a background-depth image in which the background region is extended, generating a foreground image using the source image and the foreground-depth image, generating a background image using the source and the background-depth image, and generating, using the weight from the overlapping region, at least one of a left-eye image and a right-eye image by synthesizing the foreground image and the background image.. .
Storage system capable of managing a plurality of snapshot families and method of operating thereof
There is provided a storage system comprising a control layer operable to manage a snapshot family (sf) constituted by sf members having hierarchical relations represented by a sf relationship data structure and a method of operating thereof. Upon receiving a command for restoring a writable sf member from a read-only snapshot thereof, the control layer provides a foreground atomic operation.
Topology-preserving downsampling of binary images
A binary image downsampling method, including the steps of generating a gray-scale image from a binary image having a background and one or more foreground portions, locating skeleton pixels in the one or more foreground portions, manipulating values of certain foreground pixels in the gray-scale image such that the differences between the values of the skeleton pixels and the background pixels become more significant, downsampling the gray-scale image with the manipulated values of the certain foreground pixels, and generating a downsampled binary image from the downsampled gray-scale image.. .
Systems and methods to classify moving airplanes in airports
A sequence of video images is generated of a pavement area of an airport which contains one or more objects. A processor accesses a background model of the pavement area and determines in a current image a single cluster of foreground pixels that is not part of the background model and assigns a first value to each foreground pixel in the cluster to create a foreground mask.
3d display apparatus and method for processing image using the same
A three-dimensional (3d) display apparatus is provided, including an image input device which receives an image and depth information, a multi-view image generator which generates a multi-view foreground image having depth information which is less than a preset depth value, and a multi-view rear ground image having depth information which is equal to or greater than the preset depth value, using the received image and depth information, a multi-view image renderer which performs rendering by arranging the multi-view foreground image according to a first arrangement pattern and the multi-view rear ground image according to a second arrangement pattern, and a display which outputs the rendered multi-view image.. .
Optimized video streaming using cloud computing platform
Technology is disclosed for migrating at least portions of a video streaming application to a cloud server. The migration is based on an optimization factor of a video streaming application.
Mobile photo application migration to cloud computing platform
Technology is disclosed herein for migrating execution of at least a portion of a photo application to a server. According to at least one embodiment, a computing device monitors the photo application executing at the mobile device to identify a background thread and a foreground thread of the photo application, determine a current workload of the mobile device, transmit a received photo and an instance of the background thread to the server when the determined current workload exceeds a predefined threshold, receive a processed photo from the server, and provide access to the processed photo through the mobile device using the user interface generated by the foreground thread of the photo application..
Method for processing service of automatic teller machine and system therefor
A method and a system for processing a service of an automatic teller machine. The method comprises steps: (1) judging the type of a customer service, and according to requirements of a user, and combining services, which are logically associated and are in a certain processing order, into service sequences; (2) generating corresponding service sequence messages according to the service sequences, and submitting the messages to a bank foreground system and a bank background service system at one time for centralized batch processing; (3) packaging each service operation result in the service sequences in order into a service sequence processing result response message, and returning the service sequence processing result response messages to an automatic teller machine at one time; (4) the automatic teller machine analyzing the response messages, and sequentially displaying transaction results on a screen according to the service sequences..
Removing an occlusion from an image
Systems, methods, and devices for reducing an occlusion in an image are described herein. For example, one or more embodiments include a method including providing image information from a first image taken from a light field camera, analyzing image information from multiple sub-aperture images extracted from the image information of the first image to separate foreground and background appearance information, creating a mask of an occlusion based on the separated foreground and background appearance information, and rendering a second, modified image where the mask has been applied to reduce the occlusion in the modified image..
Super light field lens with focus control and non spherical lenslet arrays
Light field imaging systems, and in particular light field lenses that can be mated with a variety of conventional cameras (e.g., digital or photographic/film, image and video/movie cameras) to create light field imaging systems. Light field data collected by these light field imaging systems can then be used to produce 2d images, right eye/left eye 3d images, to refocus foreground images and/or background images together or separately (depth of field adjustments), and to move the camera angle, as well as to render and manipulate images using a computer graphics rendering engine and compositing tools..
Image processing device, image processing method and program
According to an illustrative embodiment, an image processing device is provided. The image processing device includes a foreground selection processing circuit to select at least one foreground image that has been separated from a source image; a background selection circuit to select at least two display background images from at least one background image that has been separated from the source image; and a combination circuit to combine the at least one selected foreground image with the at least two display background images to generate a plurality of combined images, wherein at least one of the plurality of combined images does not appear in the source image..
Method, device, and system for providing indicia on a display
A display of an icon includes creating and displaying an icon that provides indicia regarding information relevant to an application to which the icon is assigned. The indicia provides information to a user and is always in the foreground of a display when the application is running regardless of whether the application is currently actively in use and being interacted with by a user or not.
Foreground and background image segmentation
Foreground and background image segmentation is described. In an example, a seed region is selected in a foreground portion of an image, and a geodesic distance is calculated from each image element to the seed region.
Application prioritization
Among other things, one or more techniques and/or systems are provided for application prioritization. For example, an operating system of a computing device may contemporaneously host one or more applications, which may compete for computing resources, such as cpu cycles, i/o operations, memory access, and/or network bandwidth.
Image matting and alpha value techniques
Image matting and alpha value techniques are described. In one or more implementations, techniques are described in which matting operations are applied to image data that is in a raw or substantially raw image format.
Overlay maps for navigation of intraoral images
Methods and systems for viewing images. One system includes a source of images, a computer, and a screen.
Image recognition method and image recognition system
An image recognition method and an image recognition system can be applied to fetal ultrasound images. The image recognition method includes: (a) adjusting the image with a filter operator to decrease noise and to homogenize an image expression level of the pixel units within an individual object structure; (b) analyzing the image by a statistic information function, determining a foreground object pixel unit and a background pixel unit according to a max information entropy state of the statistic information function; and (c) searching by a profile setting value and recognizing a target object image among the foreground object pixel unit.
Systems and methods for removing a background of an image
An image such as a depth image of a scene may be received, observed, or captured by a device. A grid of voxels may then be generated based on the depth image such that the depth image may be downsampled.
Method of operating a cheering application with a mobile computing device
A cheering application, which is downloaded into a mobile computing device, can be activated through a user's motion so that the cheering application can simulate the “defense” chant commonly heard at american football games. A default image within the application is colored through a color wheel, where the color wheel allows the users to select desired colors for the foreground and the background of the default image.
Telepresence for remote collaboration with a gestural interface
Methods, systems and computer-readable storage mediums encoded with computer programs executed by one or more processors for providing a telepresence with gestural interface for remote collaboration are disclosed. An electronic presentation including a background object and a foreground object is received.
System and method for display of multiple data channels on a single haptic display
A system that produces a haptic effect and generates a drive signal that includes at least two haptic effect signals each having a priority level. The haptic effect is a combination of the haptic effect signals and priority levels.
Perceptually lossless color compression
A system and method of color data compression may perform variations of mrc compression including taking into consideration means and/or variances within k×k cells of an image, background texture, background smoothed color, and gradient components for determination of which parts of an image belong to the background and foreground mrc layers, for calculating thresholds values for such determinations, and determining correctness of determined thresholds and polarity, and may determine the background and foreground layer colors based on the variances, the gradient components, and neighboring pixels of non-color-assigned pixels of the background and foreground layers.. .
Signaling of regions of interest and gradual decoding refresh in video coding
During a coding process, systems, methods, and apparatus may code information indicating whether gradual decoder refresh (gdr) of a picture is enabled. When gdr is enabled, the coding process, systems, methods, and apparatus may code information that indicates whether one or more slices of the picture belong to a foreground region of the picture.
Compositing interactive video game graphics with pre-recorded background video content
A method for compositing realistic video game graphics for video games is disclosed. The method includes rendering images of interactive game objects based on the current gameplay and virtual game camera parameters such as a pan angle, tilt angle, roll angle, and zoom data.
Image processing apparatus, medium, and method of processing image data
An image processing apparatus includes a first attribute image generation unit; a second attribute image generation unit; and a foreground image generation unit. The first attribute image generation unit is configured to determine a first attribute value from an input image to generate a first attribute image.

An obtaining unit obtains, for the stereoscopic image signal, depth information indicating a depth value in each position in an image plane. A smoothing unit smoothes the depth information in the image plane.
Apparatus and method for processing color image using depth image
An image processing apparatus and method using a depth image are provided. The image processing apparatus may include a region determination unit to determine a foreground region and a background region in a color image using a depth image, and a color compensation unit to compensate a color with respect to the foreground region and the background region..
Method of detecting camera tempering and system thereof
A method of detecting camera tempering and a system therefor are provided. The method includes: performing at least one of following operations: (i) detecting a size of a foreground in an image, and determining whether a first condition, that the size exceeds a first reference value, is satisfied, (ii) detecting change of a sum of the largest pixel value differences among pixel value differences between adjacent pixels in selected horizontal lines of the image, according to time, and determining whether a second condition, that the change lasts for a predetermined time period, is satisfied, and (iii) adding up a plurality of global motion vectors with respect to a plurality of images, and determining whether a third condition, that a sum of the global motion vectors exceeds a second reference value, is satisfied; and determining occurrence of camera tempering if at least one of the corresponding conditions is satisfied..
Recording medium, mobile electronic device, and operation control method
A processor of a mobile terminal refers to an app table that stores a reference flag on a per-app basis, the flag indicating whether the operation-unlock app screen is to be displayed in the foreground window of a display. Furthermore, the processor acquires from the app table the flag that corresponds to the current app in response to a lighting-off command.
Method and apparatus for bilayer image segmentation
A method and an apparatus for bilayer image segmentation are described. A set of segmentation seeds for the image is generated by analyzing a depth histogram of the image.
Real-time people counting system using layer scanning method
Disclosed herein is a method for counting the number of the targets using the layer scanning method. The steps of this method includes constructing a background frame, filtering the noise of foreground frame and classifying the targets, and screening the area of targets based on layer scanning to calculate the number of targets by determining the highest positions of the respective targets.
Devices and methods for augmented reality applications
In a particular embodiment, a method includes evaluating, at a mobile device, a first area of pixels to generate a first result. The method further includes evaluating, at the mobile device, a second area of pixels to generate a second result.
Controlling an augmented reality object
Techniques for controlling an augmented reality object are described in various implementations. In one example implementation, a method may include receiving an initialization image captured by an image capture device, the initialization image depicting a background and being free of foreground objects positioned between the background and the image capture device.
Device and method for sharing content
A method for sharing content includes establishing a short range communication link between a first device and a second device, identifying one or more components of a program being executed in at least one of a foreground and a background of the first device, and transmitting, to the second device, common data of at least one of the identified components. A first device includes a control unit to identify one or more components of a program being executed in at least one of a foreground and a background, and a wireless communication unit to establish a short range communication link with a second device, and to transmit, to the second device, common data of at least one of the identified components..
Natural 3d motion for film and video
“natural 3d motion” is created by the use of moving the camera in a lateral direction with foreground and background elements, at a consistent speed, throughout a scene, in such a way that it allows the viewer time to perceive three dimensional depth and experience immersion in the scene without the use of 3d glasses, 3d projectors or 3d video displays. Its beneficial affects, depending upon the nature of the video/film/movie, including enhancing a sense of calm, especially when the scenes comprise peaceful images beyond the traditional film or movie experience.
Three-dimensional playing device and method of use
A three dimensional (3d) playing device includes a playing surface; a first anaglyph image displayed on the playing surface, the anaglyph image including a first and a second superimposed color layers that have a predetermined lateral offset, the first color layer including a first color, the second color layer including a second color, the first and second colors are different from each other; a plurality of prearranged dots displayed on the playing surface; and indicia indicating a predetermined sequence to connect the dots. The first anaglyph image forms a background or a foreground for an image revealed by connecting the dots..
Method and system to impose enterprise security mechanisms throughout a mobile application lifecycle
Particular embodiments provide a method to authenticate a user of an application running on a mobile operating system (os) installed on a mobile device, wherein the mobile os invokes callback methods of the application upon making changes to an execution state of the application. Code embedded into the application causes the application to communicate with a management agent installed in the mobile os upon invocation of a hooked callback method.
Method, apparatus and system for segmenting an image in an image sequence
A method of segmenting an image into foreground and background regions, is disclosed. The image is divided into a plurality of blocks.
Determination of train presence and motion state in railway environments
Foreground feature data and motion feature data is determined for frames of video data acquired from a train track area region of interest. The frames are labeled as “train present” if the determined foreground feature data value meets a threshold value, else as “train absent; and as “motion present” if the motion feature data meets a motion threshold, else as “static.” the labels are used to classify segments of the video data comprising groups of consecutive video frames, namely as within a “no train present” segment for groups with “train absent” and “static” labels; within a “train present and in transition” segment for groups “train present” and “motion present” labels; and within a “train present and stopped” segment for groups with “train present” and “static” labels.
Object tracking using background and foreground models
Various arrangements for modeling a scene are presented. A plurality of images of the scene captured over a period of time may be received, each image comprising a plurality of pixels.
Indoor surveillance system and indoor surveillance method
A surveillance system and method are provided. The surveillance system includes an audio processing device which extracts an audio feature of an audio signal, and determines whether an abnormal event has occurred in a monitoring region, based on the audio feature; a video processing device which extracts a foreground region from a video signal, and determines whether an abnormal event has occurred in the monitoring region, based on motion information of the foreground region; and a context awareness device which calculates an audio abnormal probability and a video abnormal probability by respectively accumulating results of abnormal event occurrence/non-occurrence determinations performed on audio signals and results of abnormal event occurrence/non-occurrence determinations performed on video signals for a certain period of time, and finally determines whether an abnormal situation has occurred in the monitoring region, by using respective combined probability distribution models for a normal situation and the abnormal situation..
Determining foregroundness of an object in surveillance video data
A computer identifies a proto-object in a digital image using a background subtraction method, the proto-object being associated with a lighting artifact in the surveillance region. The background subtraction method preserves boundary details and interior texture details of proto-objects associated with lighting artifacts.
Method for providing user interface having multi-tasking function, mobile communication device, and computer readable recording medium for providing the same
A method for providing a user interface, the method includes displaying a foreground application window on a touch screen of a mobile communication device, detecting an input pattern for displaying a multi-tasking bar, displaying the multi-tasking bar on the touch screen in response to detecting the input pattern for displaying the multi-tasking bar, the multi-tasking bar configured to divide the touch screen into at least two areas, and resizing the foreground application window within a first area of the at least two areas.. .
Method and system for detecting sea-surface oil
A behavioral recognition system may include both a computer vision engine and a machine learning engine configured to observe and learn patterns of behavior in video data. Certain embodiments may be configured to detect and evaluate the presence of sea-surface oil on the water surrounding an offshore oil platform.
Human tracking system
An image such as a depth image of a scene may be received, observed, or captured by a device. A grid of voxels may then be generated based on the depth image such that the depth image may be downsampled.
Automatic color adjustment of a template design
The present invention generates a color template design to format a presentation. According to one aspect, a plurality of template designs are provided on a visual display.
Image data processing method and stereoscopic image display using the same
An image data processing method comprises: extracting a depth map from an input image; separating the input image into a foreground area and a background area based on grayscales of the depth map; and modulating the maximum depth value of the input image to become smaller and the difference between depth values of a gray grayscale segment of the depth map to be greater than the difference between depth values of the foreground area and background area of the input image.. .
Systems and methods for performing segmentation and visualization of images
A method for visualizing an object of interest includes obtaining an image of an object of interest, automatically separating the image into tissue clusters, automatically selecting foreground clusters from the tissue clusters, automatically generating a contour based on the selected foreground clusters, and displaying an image of the object of interest including the foreground clusters and the contour. A system and non-transitory computer readable medium are also described herein..
Video communication with three dimensional perception
Generally, this disclosure provides methods and systems for real-time video communication with three dimensional perception image rendering through generated parallax effects based on identification, segmentation and tracking of foreground and background layers of an image. The system may include an image segmentation module configured to segment a current local video frame into a local foreground layer and a local background layer and to generate a local foreground mask based on an estimated boundary between the local foreground layer and the local background layer; a face tracking module configured to track a position of a local user's face; a background layer estimation module configured to estimate a remote background layer; and an image rendering module configured to render a 3d perception image based on the estimated remote background layer, the current remote video frame and the remote foreground mask..
Speech enhancement to improve speech intelligibility and automatic speech recognition
The present invention provides a system and method to enhance speech intelligibility and improve the detection rate of automatic speech recognizer in noisy environments. The present invention reduces an acoustically coupled loudspeaker signal from a plurality of microphone signals to enhance a near end user speech signal.
Human tracking system
An image such as a depth image of a scene may be received, observed, or captured by a device. A grid of voxels may then be generated based on the depth image such that the depth image may be downsampled.
Wireless communication device having deterministic control of foreground access of the user interface
A wireless communication device that has one or more applications resident on a computer platform, a wireless communication interface, a display, and a user interface that, at least, appears on the display. The one or more applications and/or an arbiter that is resident on the computer platform may determine which user interface of the one or more applications resident on the computer platform controls the display based upon a predetermined criteria when the user interfaces compete for control of the display.

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