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Force Sensor patents

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Inertial force sensor

System and methods for nano-scale manufacturing

Date/App# patent app List of recent Force Sensor-related patents
 System and method for measuring individual force in multi-object sensing patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for measuring individual force in multi-object sensing
An input device is provided that facilitates improved user interface functionality by determining force information for each of multiple objects in a sensing region. The input device includes a processing system, a sensor configured to sense objects in a sensing region proximate a surface, and a plurality of force sensors.
 System and methods for nano-scale manufacturing patent thumbnailnew patent System and methods for nano-scale manufacturing
A system and method for patterning a substrate includes a mold holding fixture for holding a mold with nanostructures and a substrate holding fixture for holding a substrate having a molding surface, a stage assembly has two or more independent axis movements for moving either the mold or the substrate therein, a contact force sensor sensing a contact force between the mold surface and the molding surface, a chamber for holding the mold and substrate and for the applying of a pressure inside that is higher or lower than atmospheric pressure, a pressure regulator and a manifold for changing the pressure inside the chamber, a door on the chamber housing provides for selectively allowing the substrate and the mold to pass there through, and means to divide the chamber into two fluidly separate sub-chambers.. .
 Inertial force sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Inertial force sensor
An inertial force sensor that can suppress fluctuation of detection sensitivity even if an external stress is applied to the inertial force sensor. Angular velocity sensor (1), that is, an inertial force sensor includes ceramic substrate (6), lower lid (4) adhering to ceramic substrate (6) with adhesives (11a and 11b) (first adhesives), and sensor element (2) adhering to lower lid (4) with adhesives (10a and 10b) (second adhesives).
 Mass measurement device patent thumbnailMass measurement device
Amass measurement device measures the mass of an article, even when the article is being moved. A mass measurement device includes a robot hand, a robot arm, a force sensor, an acceleration sensor, and a control unit.
 Sub-millinewton capacitive mems force sensor for mechanical testing on a microscope patent thumbnailSub-millinewton capacitive mems force sensor for mechanical testing on a microscope
Most mechanical tests (compression testing, tensile testing, flexure testing, shear testing) of samples in the sub-mm size scale are performed under the observation with an optical microscope or a scanning electron microscope. However, the following problems exist with prior art force sensors as e.g they cannot be used for in-plane mechanical testing (a- and b-direction) of a sample; they cannot be used for vertical testing (c-direction) of a sample.
 Surgical robot and control method for the same patent thumbnailSurgical robot and control method for the same
A surgical robot and a control method for the enables measurement of external force applied to a surgical tool of a slave device. In the surgical robot, the slave device may include an external force measurement unit, an image capture unit, and a controller.
 Force sensing mouse patent thumbnailForce sensing mouse
A force sensing input device (such as a force sensing mouse) includes at least one force sensor and at least one top portion movably connected to at least one bottom portion. When a force is applied to the top portion, the top portion exerts pressure on the force sensor.
 Device, carrying body and lifting vehicle patent thumbnailDevice, carrying body and lifting vehicle
A device 1 includes a carrying body for carrying a load. The carrying body includes a first wall 3 which receives the load and an opposite second wall 2.
 Mems force sensors fabricated using paper substrates patent thumbnailMems force sensors fabricated using paper substrates
Also provided are methods of modifying paper for use as a substrate material in mems devices.. .
 System and method for analyzing athletic activity patent thumbnailSystem and method for analyzing athletic activity
A system for analyzing athletic activity is usable with an article of footwear including a sensor system with a plurality of force sensors configured to sense force exerted by a user's foot, an electronic module contained within the article of footwear, and a plurality of sensor leads connecting the sensors to the electronic module, wherein the electronic module collects data based on force input from the sensors and transmits the data. The system also includes an electronic device in communication with the electronic module.
Wavy physiological signal collecting device and wavy physiological signal collecting mattress
The present disclosure provides a wavy physiological signal collecting device and a physiological signal collecting mattress. The device includes a wavy flexible body including a flexible body panel and a plurality of protruding flexible bodies each of which is arranged on the flexible body panel for converting a human body pressure applied thereto to a tensile force; a tensile force sensor arranged in the flexible body panel for generating an electrical signal according to the tensile force; and a signal processing unit configured for processing the electrical signal to obtain a human body physiological signal.
Determining touch locations and forces thereto on a touch and force sensing surface
A projected capacitive touch and force sensor capable of detecting multiple touches thereto and forces thereof is coupled with a digital device having multi-touch and force decoding capabilities. Once a touch has been established, a force thereof may be assigned to the touch based upon the magnitude of change of capacitance values determined during scans of the projected capacitive touch and force sensor.
Low-complexity optical force sensor for a medical device
An apparatus for detecting deformation of an elongate body may comprise a light source configured to sequentially provide light of multiple frequencies, an optical receiver configured to receive light from the light source, and a filter disposed between the light source and the optical detector. The filter may comprise multiple segments, each of the segments configured to filter light at one of the frequencies so as to alter the amount of light incident on said optical receiver.
Drum rim raising device with a piezoelectric sensor and a force sensor
A rim raising device attaches to a drum rim, or operates remotely from a drum. The device provides additional elevation above the drum, and increased surface area to a section of the drum rim such that a percussion technique is enhanced.
Robot with handling unit
The disclosure relates to a robot for picking up a food product from a support and for shifting it to a desired location, said robot comprising at least one robot arm with a handling unit for picking up the food product, and the food product being displaceable by moving the handling unit by means of the robot arm. The robot arm and the handling unit have provided between them a sensor, in particular a force sensor, with the aid of which the force acting between the robot arm and the handling unit can be detected in at least one direction.
Electric hand having force sensor
An electric hand for grasping an object by opening and closing fingers includes a force sensor for detecting forces acting on the fingers. The fingers are actuated based on a detected force value detected by the force sensor.
Method for connecting a diaphragm to a sensor housing
A method is provided for connecting a diaphragm to a housing of a pressure or force sensor, wherein a measurement element is attached in the housing and can capture a load acting from the outside onto the diaphragm during the use of the finished sensor. A housing ring surface or the housing is situated opposite a diaphragm ring surface of the diaphragm, which are subjected to compressive loading by the load during use of the sensor.
Method of manufacturing a sensor insole
A method for manufacturing a sensor insole includes connecting wires of force sensors to a printed circuit board. The printed circuit board and the force sensors are positioned on a felt layer in a predetermined configuration, and placed in the mold.
Electronic device with automatic mode switching
An electronic device for predicting or anticipating a user's operational desires. The electronic device is ready to perform the anticipated function without input from the user by using sensors to sense environmental attributes.
Universal sensing edge
A universally mountable sensing edge comprises an elongated sheath defining a compressible cavity with a force sensor located therein. A center securing member extends upwardly from the top wall of the sheath, has a t-shaped base portion and a removable mounting strip extending from the base portion.
Volume control apparatus
An apparatus comprising a force sensor configured to determine a force exerted on the apparatus; and a volume controller configured to control a volume of an audio output dependent on the force.. .
Welding process for the welding of aluminum
A welding process for the welding of aluminium includes a force sensor measuring a force between two welding electrodes on aluminum elements to be welded and transmitting its measured values to a welding control. Until the elapse of a set welding time, the welding control calculates and stores at least one absolute value and/or at least one increase in the measured force.
Injection molding machine
An injection molding machine includes an ejector unit configured to eject a molding product from a mold and a mold release force sensor configured to detect a force to release the molding product from the mold.. .
Force sensor and robot
A force sensor includes: a first base member one surface of which is fixed on a fixed member; a plurality of load sensor elements that is provided on another surface of the first base member to detect a load; a second base member that is disposed facing the other surface of the first base member to generate a preload to be applied to each of the load sensor elements toward the first base member; a preload adjusting unit that adjusts the magnitude of the preload generated by the second base member; and buffer bodies that receive a part of an external load to be applied to each of the load sensor elements from the outside.. .
Capacitive shear force sensor and method for fabricating thereof
A capacitive shear force sensor and a method for fabricating thereof are provided. The capacitive shear force sensor includes a first electric field shielding layer, a second electric field shielding layer, a driving electrode, a first sensing electrode, a second sensing electrode and a dielectric layer.
Device for training swimmers and performing physiotherapeutic exercises
Provided are a device for training swimmers and performing physiotherapeutic exercises, a method for assembling a device for training swimmers and performing physiotherapeutic exercises, a unit for measuring parameters of a swimmer, and a method for assembling a unit for measuring parameters of a swimmer. The device for training swimmers and performing physiotherapeutic exercises comprises a tank configured to accommodate a swimmer and a cover connected to the tank.
Unit for measuring parameters of swimmer
Provided is a device for measuring parameters of a swimmer. The device includes a motive force sensor configured to measure a motive force associated with the swimmer, wherein the motive force is generated by the swimmer moving in a water reservoir, a processing unit configured to process measurements received from the motive force sensor, wherein the processing generates processed measurements, a transmitter configured to transmit the processed measurements to a peripheral unit, a housing configured to enclose at least the motive force sensor, the processing unit, and the transmitter, and one or more fasteners connected to the housing and configured to fasten a restraining element, wherein the restraining element is configured to transfer the motive force from the swimmer to the motive force sensor..
Electronic censer with control system having wind force sensor to regulate light emitting state thereof
An exemplary electronic censer with control system includes a main body, an led disposed on the main body and a control system mounted on the main body. The control system includes a driver received in the main body, a wind force sensor exposed out of the main body and a controlling unit electrically connecting the driver.
Ball screw capable of real-time surveillance and control of preload
A ball screw includes a screw rod having an external thread; two screw nuts having an internal thread and a circulatory passage each, a spiral path being formed between the internal threads and the external thread and communicating with the circulatory passage, each of the two screw nuts having a keyway located on respective toric surfaces of opposite ends of the two screw nuts, the two keyways facing each other; a link mounted inside the two keyways to traverse the two screw nuts; a force sensor mounted between and squeezed by opposite sides of the two screw nuts; and a plurality of balls located inside the spiral path or the circulatory passage and keeping rolling while moving.. .
Capacitive force sensor with magnetic spring
The present disclosure provides a method and apparatus for a capacitive force sensor utilizing a magnetic spring. The force is applied across a body and a moveable element that are coupled by the magnetic spring.
Active stylus force sensing mechanism for generating a wakeup interrupt to the controller
An active stylus having a control circuit configured to wake up the stylus from a sleep mode to an active mode in response to pressure applied to a tip of the stylus. The stylus includes a force sensor electrically coupled to a power source, an operational amplifier, and a voltage level comparator, the voltage level comparator configured to output a digital wake up interrupt signal when pressure is applied to the tip when the control circuit is in the sleep mode.
Electric hand with a force sensor
When a gripping instruction is issued, a position feedback control is performed so that an actuator of an electric hand is driven and a finger portion is moved toward a predetermined position target value. When the finger portion comes into contact with a target, the contact is determined by a force sensor.
Automated system and method for harvesting or implanting follicular units
Automated systems and methods for operating a procedure tool to perform a procedure (for example, hair transplantation) on a body are provided. One or more mechanisms are configured to produce a combination movement of the procedure tool in response to control signals.
Stand-alone therapeutical training device
The present invention relates to a stand-alone therapeutical training device which is peculiar in that the stand-alone therapeutical training device comprising a shallow housing having at least a top surface and a bottom surface, said housing comprising at least one force sensor, said force sensor measuring the force applied to said top surface of said housing and generating a response signal, at least one user feedback unit, a controller placed inside said housing configured for controlling said user feedback unit and that the controller controls the user feedback unit proportionally to said response signal from said force sensor. Hereby can be archived a simple stand-alone therapeutically training device enabling the patient and/or the physiotherapist to evaluate the force or weight applied by the user on the upper surface of the device..
Ribbed force sensor
In one embodiment, a force sensor apparatus is provided including a tube portion having a plurality of radial ribs and a strain gauge positioned over each of the plurality of radial ribs, a proximal end of the tube portion that operably couples to a shaft of a surgical instrument that operably couples to a manipulator arm of a robotic surgical system, and a distal end of the tube portion that proximally couples to a wrist joint coupled to an end effector.. .
Active human-machine interface with force sensor overload protection
A human-machine interface includes a user interface, a gimbal assembly, a gimbal interface rod, a force sensor mount, and a spacer. The gimbal assembly is coupled to the user interface.
Touch-sensitive display
The present invention discloses a method for the automatic calibrating of a touch-sensitive display, and also a touch-sensitive display. The touch-sensitive display comprises a display element, a plurality of force sensors for measuring the forces acting on the display element, and also a plurality of force components for producing forces acting on the display element.
Force sensing input device and method for determining force information
The embodiments described herein provide devices, systems and methods that facilitate improved performance in an input device. The input device, for example, may include an input surface configured to rotate about a first axis, a proximity sensor configured to sense an input object in a sensing region proximate to the input surface of the input device, a force sensor configured to sense a force applied to the input surface of the input device, and a processing system communicatively coupled to the proximity sensor and the force sensor.
Foot pad device and method of obtaining weight data
A foot pad device includes a foot pad, force sensors that provide force data, sensor electronics coupled to the force sensors, and a processor. The foot pad includes a ball region configured to be located under a ball of the foot of the user or a heel region configured to be located under a heel of the foot of the user.
Conductive cloth sensor
A force sensor is disclosed herein. The force sensor includes first and second layers formed from electrically conductive material.
Control panel including a resistive-type backlit key
A control panel including a cover which is provided with at least one tactile pressure detection zone forming a control button, in which a force sensor is arranged between the cover and a support, behind the detection zone, in which a spacer made of elastically compressible material is mounted between the force sensor and the cover so as to take up the mechanical plays between the force sensor and the cover, characterized by the fact that the spacer is at least partially translucent and by the fact that the control panel includes at least one main light source and a light collector which permits injection of the light produced by the said main light source into the thickness of the spacer so that the spacer produces a backlighting beam directed towards a zone to be illuminated of the detection zone.. .
Imprint lithography
An imprint lithography apparatus is disclosed that includes a support structure configured to hold an imprint template. The apparatus further includes an actuator located between the support structure and a side of the imprint template, when the imprint template is held by the support structure, configured to apply a force to the imprint template and a force sensor between the support structure and a side of the imprint template, when the imprint template is held by the support structure..
Compensation of measuring errors in handling equipment
A method is provided for compensating measuring errors for handling equipment with a drive carrier that includes a carrier part and driven drums for moving the steel cables arranged thereon and including a handling receptacle in which the handling receptacle is suitable for picking up loads and is connected to the carrier part by deflection pulleys via the support cables a id a controllable lever mechanism that is at least connected to at least two support cables and with at least two force sensors that capture the forces of at least two support cables and a monitoring device that monitors the forces of the at least two force sensors. An adjustment angle of the controllable lever mechanism is captured by sensors and a correction of the cable forces based on the captured adjustment angle is carried in the monitoring device..
Orthotic feedback system
An orthotic feedback system for facilitating ambulation of a user requiring assistance in the joint motion of the ankle and foot. An energy-storing and energy-returning orthosis is coupled to the leg and foot of a user.
Intrinsically-calibrated tribometer
Intrinsically calibrating friction mensuration device has a drive unit with controllable motive member, configured to receive a controllable propulsion force, and to apply tractive force to a test piece on a surface. A force engine couples to the motive member, and applies the controllable propulsion force.
Self adjusting support system
In view of the foregoing, an embodiment herein provides an automated self adjusting support system, for human resting appliances like chair, seat, mattress, bed and shoe. Accordingly, the system includes plurality of pillars kept closely together to form surface profile of said appliance for comfortable resting of the human body part, wherein the pillar includes an outer casing, an inner casing, force sensor unit, gear and thread mechanism, and an axial motor, a controller unit connected to the sensors and the motors, which is capable of receiving force output from the sensors and rotate the motors in any direction at desired/variable speed to adjust the height of said pillars, and a processor unit suitably programmed to map the human body part being rested in each area of the pillars, estimate the strength of said area and apply the force proportionate to the strength/hardness in the area..
Item of furniture with a movable furniture part
An item of furniture comprises a stationary furniture part, a furniture part which can be moved by a drive, and a controller for controlling the drive. The movable furniture part comprises an operating section which is arranged movably on a main part of the movable furniture part, and also at least one force sensor for measuring a force which is exerted on the operating section, wherein the force sensor is connected to the controller..
System for determining coefficients of seal friction
A system for determining a hydraulic seal coefficient of friction of a hydraulic cylinder includes a force sensor to provide a force signal indicative of a force of the cylinder. A controller is configured to receive a plurality of first force signals at a first load and determine a first friction force and receive a plurality of second force signals at a second load and determine a second friction force.
Payload estimation system
A payload control system includes a sensor system and a force sensor system. A controller determines a calibration machine state, a calibration linkage force, and machine calibration parameters based at least in part upon the calibration machine state and the calibration linkage force.
Robotic apparatus
A robotic apparatus has eight actuators (m0-m7) and a linkage (link 0-link 5) that actuates an end effector. Three serial macro freedoms have large ranges of motion and inertias.
Wireless force sensor on a distal portion of a surgicla instrument and method
A surgical instrument includes a distal portion. A force sensor is operatively mounted on the distal portion.
Chin strap sensor for triggering control of walk-around characters
A walk-around character assembly or system with enhanced control functionality to provide a performer of a walk-around character the ability to silently and non-visibly trigger audio, animation, and/or special effects. A deflection monitoring (or chin movement) sensor is provided in the head portion of the character costume to detect predefined chin movements, e.g., a performer opening their mouth once or twice within a time period to limit false negatives/triggers.
Force sensor with mechanical over-force transfer mechanism
A force sensor system includes a housing assembly, a sensor, an actuator, and an actuator travel stop. The sensor is disposed within the housing assembly, and is configured to generate a sensor signal representative of a force supplied to the sensor.
Wireless force sensor on a distal portion of a surgical instrument and method
A surgical instrument includes a distal portion. A force sensor is operatively mounted on the distal portion.
Touch module
A touch module includes a body including a substrate defining an active area and touch points in the active area, and force sensors arranged around the substrate and electrically connected to a control unit for measuring the variation of force at each touch point upon touch by an object, generating and transmitting a corresponding electronic signal to the control unit to determine the two-dimensional coordinates of the touch point and movement of applied force subject to the rule that the amount of applied force is indirectly proportional to the distance between the touched point and each force sensor or the rule of torque balance relationship. The touch module is switchable between different operation modes subject to the amount of applied force, and can correct the touch point deviation value subject to different application purposes and status of use, enhancing sensing accuracy and stability..
Accurate fluid level measurement device
A fluid level measurement system for sensing fluid level in a tank is disclosed that includes a float that moves vertically in the interior of the tank, and a force measuring mechanism coupled to the float that generates an output based on the upward force on the float. The system can include an outer tube where the float is contained in the outer tube.
Monitoring the operating health of a force sensor in a fluid infusion device
A device for delivering fluid to a user includes a housing, a drive motor assembly in the housing, a force sensor, and an electronics module. The drive motor assembly regulates delivery of fluid by actuating a piston of a fluid reservoir, and the force sensor generates output levels in response to force imparted thereto during, for example, fluid delivery operations.
Touch pad with force sensors and actuator feedback
Electronic devices may use touch pads that have touch sensor arrays, force sensors, and actuators for providing tactile feedback. A touch pad may be mounted in a computer housing.
Ultra low travel keyboard
A keyboard or keyboard key that has a force sensor that measures the force imparted to the key when a user presses the key or rests a finger on a key. Key embodiments may also include an actuator that excites the in order to provide feedback to the user in accordance with various feedback methods disclosed herein..
Force sensor temperature compensation
A force sensor apparatus includes a tube portion having a plurality of radial ribs and at least one fiber optic strain gauge positioned over each of the plurality of radial ribs. The strain gauges comprise a negative thermo-optic coefficient optical fiber material.
Force sensing using dual-layer cover glass with gel adhesive and capacitive sensing
A touch device including a force sensor disposed between capacitive sensing structures, so both touch and force sensing occur capacitively using device drivers in rows and columns. A dual-layer cover glass, with gel adhesive separating first and second cg layers, so capacitive sensing between the first and second cg layers can determine both touch locations and applied force.
Force sensing using dual-layer cover glass with gel adhesive and capacitive sensing
A touch device including a force sensor disposed between capacitive sensing structures, so both touch and force sensing occur capacitively using device drivers in rows and columns. A dual-layer cover glass, with gel adhesive separating first and second cg layers, so capacitive sensing between the first and second cg layers can determine both touch locations and applied force.
Force sensing using bottom-side force map
A force sensor incorporated into a touch device, measuring deflection in a device stack, including compressible elements disposed between the device stack and the frame element. When the device stack is deformed, applied force is measured using the compressible elements, using capacitive sensing or strain measurements.
Mechanically coupled force sensor on flexible platform assembly structure
A force sensor system includes a substrate, a cover, a sensor, and a spherical force transfer element. The cover is coupled to the substrate, and has an inner surface, an outer surface, an opening extending between the inner and outer surfaces, and a wall structure extending from the inner surface that defines a sensor cavity between the inner surface and the substrate.
Pre-loaded force sensors
Pre-loaded force sensitive input devices, force sensing resistors (fsr), are formed as a multiple membrane assembly that is capable of detecting low intensity pressure inputs and quantifying varying applications of pressure to the sensor surface. Pre-loading the force sensor elements results in controlled amount of force between the two substrates causing a constant state of pre-load and eliminating the low-end or minimal pressure signal noise associated with unloaded sensors.
Method for adjusting parameters of impedance control
In a method for adjusting parameters of impedance control, an overshoot amount allowable value is set as an allowable maximum value of an overshoot amount of a time response of a force feedback from a force sensor provided for an end effector of a robot manipulator, and a setting time allowable value is set as an allowable maximum value of a setting time of the time response of the force feedback. A viscosity parameter with which the setting time is shortest is calculated while fixing the inertia parameter.
Fiber-optic force sensor, force measurement device and catheter
A fiber-optic force sensor, comprising an fbg fiber that has a force sensor region, to which bracing means to eliminate or decouple laterally effective forces and bending moments are assigned in such a way that the force sensor has a predominantly single-axis response characteristic to detect merely the magnitude of a force acting axially in the fiber direction.. .
System and method for detecting tissue surface properties
A system and method of detecting and assessing a tissue surface property without a separate access port to internal anatomical structures. The system includes a first unit positioned outside the patient's body and a second unit positioned inside the patient's body.
Powered patient support apparatus
Powered patient support apparatuses—such as beds, cots, stretchers, or the like—include a plurality of user controls that allow a caregiver to control the steering and/or driving of one or more powered wheels from multiple different locations around the patient support apparatus (e.g. Head end, foot end, and/or the sides).
Single layer force sensor
A sensor for sensing an application of pressure is disclosed. The sensor includes a substrate, conductive elements and an electroactive layer.
Means and method for detecting free flow in an infusion line
A pump system and method of detecting/alerting for a possible unintended free flow condition in an administration set includes the steps of a) sampling force signals from a force sensor of the pump at a predetermined frequency; b) storing each of the sampled forces signal in a n-point circular buffer, where n is an integer greater than two; c) calculating a derivative df/dt based on the two most recent samples; d) repeating step c) and when the most recently calculated derivative df/dt exceeds a first predetermined threshold, then calculating a n-point moving average of the derivatives df/dt; and f) when the n-point moving average exceeds a second predetermined threshold, generating a user perceptible alarm to alert the user that a flow stop open condition may have occurred.. .

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