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Foods patents

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Offset printing ink or offset printing varnish

Devices and methods to disintegrate foods

Date/App# patent app List of recent Foods-related patents
 Functional cream base powder composition and products made thereof patent thumbnailFunctional cream base powder composition and products made thereof
The present invention relates to a spray dried cream base powder which can be used as an alternative to dairy creams and other liquid cooking creams. The powdered cooking cream composition comprise of 20-60% by weight fat, 1-5% by weight one or more proteins, 0.5-5% by weight one or more emulsifier system, 1-6% by weight native/modified starch, 1-5% by weight water and the balance is made up of non-starchy carbohydrates, buffering agents and stabilizers.
International Foodstuffs Company Llc
 Baked coatings and methods for applying to food products patent thumbnailBaked coatings and methods for applying to food products
Systems and methods for producing a baked product that have the appearance, texture and/or flavor of fried foods are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for producing a baked product that imparts fried food properties includes at least partially coating a food product with an oil product, combining a breading composition with the food product, applying water to the food product, and baking the food product.
Cargill, Incorporated
 Offset printing ink or offset printing varnish patent thumbnailOffset printing ink or offset printing varnish
The present invention relates to an offset printing ink or offset printing varnish that is suitable for direct contact with foods, comprising at least one binder and where appropriate at least one colorant, wherein all the components of the offset printing ink or offset printing varnish are either food as defined in regulation (ec) no 178/2002 of the european parliament and of the council or food additives as defined in regulation (ec) no 1333/2008 of the european parliament and of the council.. .
Epple Druckfarben Ag
 Devices and methods to disintegrate foods patent thumbnailDevices and methods to disintegrate foods
The subject application is directed to a food processing device to extract juice. The device includes an inlet coupled to a disintegrator.
 Method and system for modifying raw foods, and raw food product made thereby patent thumbnailMethod and system for modifying raw foods, and raw food product made thereby
A method for modifying a quality of a fruit includes cutting a live stem attached to a live fruit at a cut distance from the fruit, producing a cut end of the stem, contacting only the cut end of the stem with a solution comprising at least one mobile and quality-modifying food ingredient while protecting the fruit from contact with the solution, and keeping the cut end of the stem in contact with the solution for an incubation time sufficient to allow absorption and transport of the food ingredient into the fruit, the food ingredient conferring a modified quality upon the fruit. A system for practicing the method and an edible raw plant product produced by the method are also disclosed..
Nightshade, Llc
 Method and  identifying dietary choices patent thumbnailMethod and identifying dietary choices
A method is provided for assigning a relative score number to foods. Assignment of a relative score number to foods allows consumers to select foods that will provide a desirable diet.
Thrive 365 International, Inc.
 Food dispenser and  portioning and dispensing free-flowing foods patent thumbnailFood dispenser and portioning and dispensing free-flowing foods
Food dispenser for portioning and dispensing free-flowing food, comprising a piston which is able to move in a reciprocal manner in a cylinder by means of a drive and having a valve (2) comprising a valve body (5) which is able to be rotatably driven exclusively about a rotational axis (7) between a first and a second switching position, in the first switching position by means of a first channel (14) delimited by the valve body (5) a fluidic connection being created between a suction opening (11) and a working opening assigned to the piston (12), such that by means of a working stroke of the piston, food is able to be suctioned through the suction opening (11) and the working opening (12) into an intermediate space, which in particular is formed in the cylinder, and in the second switching position by means of a second channel (15) delimited by the valve body (5), a fluidic connection being created between the working opening (12) and a dispensing opening (13) such that by means of a second working stroke of the piston in a second axial direction counter to the first axial direction, food is able to be conveyed from the cylinder through the working opening (12) and the dispensing opening (13), the suction opening (11), the working opening (12) and the dispensing opening (13) being arranged offset, spaced apart from one another, along the rotational axis (7) of the valve body (5), wherein the first channel (14) is configured as an outwardly open first groove (16) and wherein at least one side wall (20, 21) of the first groove is/are helical and/or wherein the second channel is configured as an outwardly open second groove (17) and wherein at least one side wall (20, 21) of the second groove is/are helical.. .
Unifiller Systems Uk Ltd.
 Door for a cooking oven for food use and cooking oven for foodstuffs patent thumbnailDoor for a cooking oven for food use and cooking oven for foodstuffs
Led lamps (8) arranged in proximity of the internal glass pane (7) for sanitising a cooking chamber (4) of the oven (2) by radiation.. .
 Small molecule modulators of the cold and menthol receptor trpm8 patent thumbnailSmall molecule modulators of the cold and menthol receptor trpm8
The present invention relates to the use of compounds which are capable of producing a cooling sensation when they are brought into contact with the human body. In particular, the present invention relates to the use of compounds modulating trpm8, and optionally to the use of compounds selectively exhibiting agonist activity at the trpm8 channel.
B.r.a.i.n. Biotechnology Research And Information Network Ag
 Food composition comprising a blend of cellulose ethers patent thumbnailFood composition comprising a blend of cellulose ethers
The presently disclosed and claimed inventive concept(s) relates generally to a food composition for reducing fat comprising flour and a binder, and methods of making the composition and using the composition to reduce fat in fried and baked foods. The binder is a blend of two or more different water soluble cellulose ethers..
Hercules Incorporated

Easy carry freezer bag

Disclosed is a resealable bag having a gusseted structure with a flared double-flapped upper panel wherein a handle and hang-up notch is incorporated therein. A one-way release valve is disposed on the bag to allow the ejection of air from the bag interior when the bag is exteriorly compressed.


Pouchkin is a device used for enabling a user to house prepackaged foodstuff pouches, such as applesauce or other relatively soft food product. The pouchkin device includes a housing having an internal compartment for the insertion of the prepackaged foodstuff pouch.

Agmatine containing dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and foods

The invention is dietary supplements, nutraceutical compositions, medical foods, and animal feeds that have cytoprotective (cell and tissue protection) and health promoting effects. The compositions contain a high dose range of agmatine and nutraceutical acceptable salts thereof as dietary fortification for providing effective long-term cytoprotection and affording for soft stool.

Drying of foodstuffs

An apparatus for drying foodstuffs involves a pallet supporting a stack of containers containing the foodstuffs. The pallet has a perimeter on which the stack of containers is sealingly supportable.

Compositions containing riboflavin and sesamin-class compounds

The composition of the present invention provides compositions, in particular, pharmaceuticals as well as foods and beverages that are safe to humans, animals, etc. And can therefore be ingested for a continued period, and which have far superior effects to those of conventional foods having an analgesic or anti-fatigue action..

Formulations for stabilizing moisture in muscle foods

Compositions and methods for stabilizing moisture in muscle foods using natural, phosphate-free ingredients are described.. .
Isoage Technologies Llc

Environment-resolution correlated timer

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a timer having multiple time resolutions corresponding to multiple environmental climates. Climates may include, for example, temperature, humidity, pressure, or any of these taken alone or in combination.
Loominocity, Inc.

Vegetable peeler

In accordance with one aspect of the invention, an apparatus for peeling and cutting vegetables and other foods is provided. A plurality of blades form an aperture within a frame.

Dual-purpose dispensing container and utensil

Disclosed are dual-purpose dispensing containers and utensils for dispensing measured amounts of beverage or food ingredients, useful for the preparation and consumption of the beverages and foods. A dual-purpose dispensing container and utensil comprises a handle having a functional part at first end thereof, the functional part configured for preparing and/or consuming a beverage or foodstuff, at least two compartments extending from a lower surface of the handle and along a longitudinal length of the handle from a second end of the handle opposite the first end.
Navigazo Ltd

Sodium bicarbonate product

A sodium bicarbonate product comprises particles containing sodium bicarbonate and an organic material that is a solid at ambient temperature. The particles have a structure comprised of individual crystallites of sodium bicarbonate attached together in the particle.
Eminate Limited

Tray with a plurality of cavities for the freezing and storage of foodstuffs in specific volumes, and methods to stabilize said tray

A tray for the storage and preservation of foods and liquids that has a plurality of cavities, the volumes of which are common units of measure in cooking recipes and for calorie counting. A lid is also described which fits tightly onto the top of the tray to act as a sealing piece to help in the extended preservation of the contents of the tray.

Agent for inducing the synthesis of heat-shock proteins in human and animal cells

An agent induces heat shock protein in human and animal cells. The agent includes at least one phenol compound that is a cinnamic acid derivative and at least one nonionic surfactant.

Inducible gene expression composition for using eukaryotic pol-2 promoter-driven transcription in prokaryotes and the applications thereof

Eukaryotic protein-coding messenger rnas and non-coding micrornas are naturally transcribed by type ii rna polymerases (pol-2) but not prokaryotic rna polymerases. As a result, current eukaryotic rna and protein production is performed either using eukaryotic pol-2 promoters in hybridomas or mammalian cells or using prokaryotic promoters in bacterial cells.
Mello Biotechnology, Inc.

Environmental sanitizer and odor remover for purification of foods, surfaces, air and water with disposable ozone generation electrode, pressure/flow adaptable venturi injector and aqueous phase filter device

A dielectric assembly for generating ozone includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a dielectric for generating the ozone, and a knob adapted to extend outside of a housing into which the dielectric assembly is to be placed. A system is also provided for sanitizing and deodorizing water, food, surfaces and air including a microbiological reduction filter device having an input connected to a water supply, a venturi injector disposed within a housing and connected to an output of the microbiological reduction filter device which generates ozone and mixes the generated ozone with the water, and an electrode assembly comprising a plurality of electrodes, a dielectric for generating the ozone, and a knob extending outside of the housing.
Veripure, Llc

Thermoforming device

The invention relates to a thermoforming device (10), in particular for cups (1) that can be filled with a foodstuff, having a mold (11) comprising an upper part (12) and a deep-drawing mold (13) arranged underneath the upper part (12) for molding at least one cup (1) in a heated sheet of film (2), wherein the deep-drawing mold (13) forms a side wall (4) and a bottom area (5) of the at least one cup (1).. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Kitchen oven and cooking range

An oven (1) for cooking/heating up miscellaneous foods. The oven (1) has at least one internal cavity (2) with a set of walls (3, 4, 5, 6, 7) and at least one wall of the internal cavity (2) is made of carbon steel coated by an alloy made of zinc, aluminum and silicon.
Electrolux Do Brasil S.a.

Storage container and refrigerator having the same

A storage container includes an inflow hole and an outflow hole through which cold air flows, and deodorizing filters for removing odorous materials are mounted in the inflow hole and the outflow hole. Therefore, when foods containing odor-causing materials are put in the storage container to be stored in a storage compartment, the odor-causing materials are prevented from spreading inside the storage compartment, thereby fundamentally removing odors from the storage compartment.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

System and overwrapping foods products using laser perforated film

A food packaging system including a film dispensing device and a perforation device configured to create perforations in a film dispensed by the film dispensing device. The system also includes a wrapping device configured to wrap a food product in the film, and a controller configured to control the perforation device to produce a predetermined perforation pattern in the film.
Odds, Llc

Integral sauteed peppers and onions condiment/sauce for flavor and aroma enhancement of foods

A flavor and aroma enhancer cooking sauce in which pureed peppers and onions are cooked/sautéed to achieve a caramelization, into a pourable viscous formula that can be easily used on a variety of foods as a condiment, dipping sauce, marinade or recipe flavor and aroma enhancer of authentic ethnic style sautéed peppers and onions.. .

Nanotechnology smart sticker for use with perishable foods

A “smart sticker” employing nanotechnology for determining the current state of raw meat for safe human consumption is provided. The sticker indicates the quality to the consumer by providing a color changing indicator on the sticker.
Etipres, Sa

Test apparatus

A test sample is provided for testing performance of measuring and monitoring equipment for production lines, for example for foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals, and in particular, contamination monitoring equipment employing x-rays and/or metal detectors to spot foreign bodies in packaged products. The test sample may comprise a laminated card enclosing a standardised test piece such as a metal particle of specified size.
Cheyney Design & Development Limited

Glucosyl stevia composition

Glucosyl stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of stevia rebaudiana bertoni. The glucosylation was performed by cyclodextrin glucanotransferase using the starch as source of glucose residues.

Separation devices for processing waste foods disposed of via sinks

In some arrangements, a separation device can receive a discharge from a sink or garbage disposal unit and separate the discharge into a fluid portion and a solids portion. The separation device can include an inlet for receiving the discharge and an outlet for passing the fluid portion to a waste line.

Products from stevia rebaudiana

Various organic molecules, ingredients and compositions are prepared from stevia rebaudiana bertoni plant. The compositions can be used as bulking agents, and sweeteners in foods, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals..
Purecircle Sdn Bhd

Moulding food products from a pumpable foodstuff mass

In a method for moulding food products from a pumpable foodstuff mass, use is made of a moulding device with a mould drum provided with mould cavities having a fill opening for the introduction of foodstuff mass. A mass feed member transfers mass into passing mould cavities.
Marel Townsend Further Processing B.v.

Biometrics for rapid and enhanced service and hospitality and quantification thereof

The present invention provides a computer-implemented system and method for enhanced service and hospitality by a facility, such as a restaurant, using biometric identifiers, such as facial recognition, fingerprint identification, palm print identification, iris recognition, retina recognition and voice recognition, and a computer-implemented means for quantifying the rapidity of service to enrolled customers in the program compared to customers not enrolled in the program. Customers enroll in the program and provide specific biometric identifiers as well their one or more preferences related to one or more foods, drinks and/or services provided by the facility..

Anti-obesity agent comprising compound containing benzotropolone ring

According to the present invention, a safe and palatable anti-obesity agent can be provided by incorporating a benzotropolone ring-containing compound which has tea-derived, high inhibitory activities against lipase and alfa-glucosidase. The anti-obesity agent of the present invention does not compromise the flavor of foods and beverage, has palatability, and can be used in various use applications including foods and beverages intended for health enhancement such as reduction in triglycerides..

Protein containing food stuffs

Nutritious protein-containing foodstuffs can be prepared in the form of gels, including protein gel and fruit purees that contain all essential amino acids. A protein gel for use as a foodstuff is prepared by heating an aqueous protein solution to between 160 and 185 degrees fahrenheit at an acidic ph between 2.85 and 3.5, the protein solution having a viscosity greater than 100 centipoise and containing a protein at a concentration of 10-20% w/w, the protein being at least one of a whey protein isolate and a liquid soy protein isolate, the protein gel having a viscosity of between 10,000 and 1,000,000 centipoise..
Jump Brands, Llc

Method for producing wheat glutamine peptide

The present invention discloses a method for producing wheat glutamine peptide using wheat gluten powder as raw material, belonging to the fields of food and biotechnology. The method includes the steps of: performing enzymolysis in two steps using alcalase and papain with the wheat gluten powder as raw material, to obtain the wheat glutamine peptide with components with molecular weight of less than 1000 da being more than 90%, characteristic glutamine peptide segment glutamine-arginine-glutamine (gln-arg-gln, qrq) content being more than 2.0% and glutamine content being up to 23.54% by treating the enzymatic hydrolysate by centrifugation, ultrafiltration, concentration, spray drying, etc.
China National Research Institute Of Food And Fermentation Industries

Device and the condensation of a vapor in a vacuum chamber

A vacuum cooling device for the cooling of foodstuff, in particular hot bakery products comprises a vacuum chamber (2) containing a product chamber (7) for receiving the foodstuff for its cooling and a separation chamber (28), a vacuum source (3), such as a vacuum pump which is connected to the separation chamber (28) and a vapor condenser (4) for condensation of vapor generated during the cooling process in the product chamber. The vapor condenser comprises a cooling medium in a sump (11) and comprises a vapor introduction element (8, 9, 10) for introducing the vapor into the cooling medium..

Food processor with locking bail handle

A kitchen appliance for processing foodstuff comprises a housing, a bowl, a bowl lid, and a bail handle. The bowl is removably mountable onto the housing and comprises an upper rim defining a mouth for selectively receiving a rotatable tool within the bowl.
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.

Glucosyl stevia composition

Glucosyl stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of stevia rebaudiana bertoni. The glucosylation was performed by cyclodextrin glucanotransferase using starch as the source of glucose residues.
Purecircle Usa Inc.

Mixer household appliance

A mixer household appliance having a container unit and a base unit. The container unit includes a container for foodstuff and a rotor element arranged inside the container at a first end of the container unit.
Aktiebolaget Electrolux

Analyzing and correlating spectra, identifying samples and their ingredients, and displaying related personalized information

Obtaining two spectra from the same sample under two different conditions at about the same time for comparison, where at least one of the spectra measures magnitudes of electromagnetic radiation on at least four different ranges or weightings of wavelengths or frequencies. Classifying a sample using these spectra obtained by a user, and using spectra obtained from different samples by different users to identify the sample.
Tellspec Inc.

Packaging containing a consumable

Packaging containing an amount of a consumable (e.g. An at least partially dehydrated foodstuff), the packaging comprising: a container comprising an opening; and a closure (e.g.
Team Grasshopper Ltd.

Closure for packaging

The invention relates to a closure for an in particular cylindrical packaging (1) for foodstuffs, having an insert (3) that comprises a preferably central outlet opening (6) and one part (5) of which is intended to be fastened to the packaging (1), and a cover (4) connected in an articulated manner thereto for sealing the top of the outlet opening (6), which cover is connected to the insert (3) by a tamper-evident closure, wherein the tamper-evident closure has a tamper-evident element (9) connected to the cover (4) or the insert (3) via at least one target break point (27), which element is arranged to the side of an in particular circumferential edge (12, 13) of the closure in the covering situation and is thus arranged offset to the outlet opening (6), wherein the tamper-evident element (9) has at least one stop (39, 38) edge on each of opposite ends, between which the tamper-evident element (9) is held to a protrusion (10) of the cover (4) or the insert (3) after loosening the tamper-evident closure. The invention further relates to a packaging for foodstuffs..
Nestec S.a.

System, cutting foods

A food cutter has a base and at least two transverse panels extending from the base and sized to complement a pan. The panels may form a grid with an upper end located in the base.

Designed biosurfactants, their manufacture, purification and use

The present invention relates to designed polypeptide biosurfactants that may be prepared by recombinant technology in commercially useful amounts and purified by simple non-chromatographic methods. The designed polypeptide biosurfactants comprise at least one stimuli-responsive amino acid residue or at least one glutamine or asparagine residue and may be useful in modulating the stability of a foam, alone or in combination with an α-helical peptide.
The University Of Queensland

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