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Foods patents


This page is updated frequently with new Foods-related patent applications.

 Device for cutting foodstuffs patent thumbnailnew patent Device for cutting foodstuffs
The invention relates to a foodstuff-cutting device called a mandoline of the type comprising a moving blade support defining a cutting plane and moving in a reciprocating translational movement in relation to the foodstuff in accordance with an inverted configuration and having a sleeve associated with a plunger allowing foodstuffs to be inserted and kept in the pathway of the moving blade support remarkable in that it comprises a receptacle with a lid preformed with a passageway which, arranged transversely in relation to the travel of the moving blade support, receives a sleeve associated with the plunger thereby allowing food stuffs to be inserted and kept in the pathway of the moving blade support.. .
Distri Coutale

 Electrical appliance for preparing food juice by pressing patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical appliance for preparing food juice by pressing
The appliance includes a chute for admitting food in a downward direction; a screw for processing foods leaving the chute, which is centered on an axis and includes an upper stage, provided with a sweeper acting on the foods leaving the chute to fragment them, and a separate lower stage to drive food fragments coming from the upper stage of the screw downward and press them; a chamber for receiving the screw, which is substantially centered on the axis and which includes an upper part, connected to the outlet of the chute to receive the foods leaving the chute and surrounding the upper stage of the screw, and a lower part, surrounding the lower stage of the screw to separate the juice from the food fragments when the latter are pressed by the lower stage of the screw; and a driving system including an electric motor for driving the screw.. .

 High protein oat species patent thumbnailnew patent High protein oat species
A high protein (up to 40%) tetraploid oat variety is provided that is suitable for large scale oat production using standard farming practices. A tetraploid oat variety includes one or more of lodging resistance, shattering resistance, erect growth habit, and seeds similar to traditional cultivated hexaploid oat, a.
General Mills, Inc.

 Wireless particulate solid material flow sensor with internal battery patent thumbnailWireless particulate solid material flow sensor with internal battery
A robust low-cost wireless sensor with an internal battery, which permits operation for extended periods without the necessity of maintenance, for monitoring the flow of particulate solid material such as chemical fertilizers, small seeds, granulated foodstuffs, and others.. .

 Zinc-enriched biomass,  the preparation thereof and pro-biotic, cosmetic, dietary and nutraceutic products comprising the same patent thumbnailZinc-enriched biomass, the preparation thereof and pro-biotic, cosmetic, dietary and nutraceutic products comprising the same
The invention relates to a zinc-enriched biomass comprising living or subsequently killed micro-organisms, selected from the group consisting of streptococcus thermophilus and bifidobacterium animalis subsp. Lactis and combinations thereof, a method for the manufacture of said zinc-enriched biomass, as well as food preparations, nutraceutic products, functional foods, cosmetic and cosmeceutic products, and food supplements, comprising the said biomass.
Bioman S.r.l.

 Vacuum lid patent thumbnailVacuum lid
A vacuum lid for sealing a container. The vacuum lid is adapted to seal a container.

 Protective sleeve for breakable container patent thumbnailProtective sleeve for breakable container
The invention is an impact-resistant elastomeric or silicone sleeve for use on breakable containers such as glass cups, glass bottles, or other any such containers. The components of this protective sleeve or encasing can be used on an adult drinking glass, glass water bottles, glass containers, a glass baby bottle, foods preserved in glass containers, and other industrial or personal uses.

 Method for extracting contaminants from agrarian products and apparatus therefor patent thumbnailMethod for extracting contaminants from agrarian products and apparatus therefor
In a method for extracting contaminants from agrarian products or foods or animal feeds containing agrarian products, comprising contacting a solvent for the contaminants with the agrarian products containing or having adsorbed the contaminants, or the foods or animal feeds, and at least one extraction buffer in an optionally closable mixing vessel, the extraction buffer, which is contained in a film soluble in the solvent and is supplemented with at least one surfactant, in particular nonionic surfactant, and the contaminated agrarian product or food or animal feed are contacted with cold water as solvent in the mixing vessel, and the extraction buffer and the contaminants are brought into solution by agitating or stirring in the mixing vessel; and apparatus therefor.. .
Erber Aktiengesellschaft

 Extraction of polyphenolic compounds from pomace patent thumbnailExtraction of polyphenolic compounds from pomace
Methods of extraction of one or more polyphenolic compounds from pomace are described. The invention also provides uses of the extracts in the fortification of fruit juice, vegetable juice and foods, and as an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and an antifungal..

 Smart cloud-based interactive aquarial device patent thumbnailSmart cloud-based interactive aquarial device
A smart cloud-based interactive aquarial device, mounted on an aquarium and connected to at least one cloud server to communicate with an electronic device through the cloud server, including an image capturing device for capturing images in the aquarium; at least one peripheral control device including a feeding member for feeding fish foods into the aquarium automatically or according to a feeding instruction of the electronic device; a processing module connected to the image capturing device and the peripheral control device to control operation thereof; and a wireless communication module for enabling the smart cloud-based interactive aquarial device to communicate with the cloud server or the electronic device, sending images captured by the image capturing device to the cloud server for storage and sending at least one instruction to the processing module through the cloud server.. .
Taiwan Anjie Electronics Co., Ltd


The present invention discloses a refrigerator and relates to the technical field of refrigerators. The refrigerator is invented to settle problems, such as increased external space occupied by a refrigerator when its secondary door is opened, increased difficulty in fetching goods in the refrigerator, and heavy loss of cooling capacity resulted from the full opening of an opening.
Hisense Ronshen (guangdong) Refrigerator Co., Ltd.

Use of cyclic peptides from flaxseed for improving animal and human health

The present application includes a method for improving human and animal health comprising administering an effective amount of a linus cyclopeptide (lcp) extract from flaxseed to a subject in need thereof. Also included are feeds, foodstuffs, functional food compositions, natural product compositions nutraceuticals and food additive compositions comprising an lcp extract from flaxseed..
University Of Saskatchewan

Sanitary absorbing construction

A sanitary absorbing construction to be used by children and infants to hold and restrain liquid and solid dejections, which article is conventionally called napkin, of a single-use or disposable kind, made by combining different raw synthetic or natural materials, comprising apple waste materials, being industrially transformed into composite sub-layers which are assembled together to form articles having different shapes depending on technical or aesthetical requirements, and being biodegradable either before or after their use, when released into the environment, and being compostable or able to be transformed to into organic amending materials, when properly collected and separated or mixed with other organic domestic waste materials and then let into the compost cycle, per se or together with organic waste materials either from foodstuff or not.. .

Heating cooker provided with cooking container

The heating cooker includes microwave generation devices that transfer microwaves to a cooking chamber, and a steam generation device that generates steam. The generated steam is guided to a first container, and a second container is provided on the first container.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Compositions for delivering a cooling sensation

Disclosed herein are compositions comprising combinations of one or more cooling agents with additional cooling agents, inactive drug ingredients, food additives, antimicrobials, corticosteroids, compounds known to be used in the production of home, personal care, and pet care products, and smokable materials. Further disclosed are foodstuffs, medicaments, personal care products, home products, pet care products, warming compositions, probiotic supplements and smoking articles produced by incorporating the disclosed combinations..
Senomyx, Inc.

Stevia composition

Stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of stevia rebaudiana bertoni. The compositions are able to provide a superior taste profile and can be used as sweetness enhancers, flavor enhancers and sweeteners in foods, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals..
Purecircle Sdn Bhd

Flavor-enhancing compounds

The present invention has discovered that 7,8-dihydroxy-2-phenyl-4h-chromen-4-one and a salt thereof have unexpected and advantageous cooling enhancement and modification properties. Thus, a composition comprising a cooling compound and an effective amount of 7,8-dihydroxy-2-phenyl-4h-chromen-4-one can be used to enhance or modify the cooling sensation in the mouth, in the nasal cavity and/or on the skin, and can also augment, enhance or impart a cooling sensation to products such as foodstuff, chewing gums, dental or oral hygiene products, topical products, nasal care products and toilet articles..
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

Bio-reactive food expiry label

A food expiry label includes a layer of material (such as a water-swollen mammalian gelatine) that undergoes a phase transition (such as from solid to liquid) upon exposure to bacteria or fungi that result in food spoilage. The lable may incorporate a tactile surface that the user can feel underneath the layer of gelatine once the gelatine has changed from solid to liquid.

Phospholipid a-linolenic acid composition

[means for solving the problem] as a result of intensive study to resolve the above-noted issues, the inventors of the present invention have discovered that a phospholipid α-linolenic acid composition can be obtained using residue of yeast extract extracted from torula yeast (candida utilis), for example, which is currently produced in large quantities for application in foods, and so arrived at the present invention.. .

Beverage carrier

A beverage carrier is disclosed which holds a plurality of beverages in a manner that keeps them level while carried in a vehicle. A detachable car seat leveler is used as a block to keep the carrier level during portage.

Food storage container and organizing container system

The present patent of invention relates to a food storage container and organizing container system (1), particularly for perishable breakfast foods such as ham, cheese, whipped cream, jelly, fruit, and foods in bulk, among others. Preferably, said food storage container and organizing container system (1) has been designed to be stored in refrigerators (not depicted) and used as a tray for serving foods in a lovely and practical way.
Plasticoville IndÚstria E ComÉrcio De Produtos PlÀsticos Ltda

Packaging and manufacturing same

A packaging for foodstuff, including a base blank adapted to be erected into a carton for containing the foodstuff therein, the base blank including a liner paper that forms an internal surface of the carton and which has a release coating applied thereto; a lid blank adapted to form a lid that is securable to the carton so as to enclose the foodstuff within the carton, the lid blank including a liner paper that forms an internal surface of the lid which has a release coating applied thereto such that at least a part of the lid blank remains uncoated to permit bonding of the lid to an uncoated surface of the carton, wherein, the release coating is contactable with the food stuff and capable of providing clean release therefrom.. .
Visy R & D Pty Ltd

Composition that relieves heartburn, gerd and hangovers

A composition and an article of manufacture providing relief of indigestion, heartburn, gerd and some hangovers. The composition is an oleophilic colloidal suspension of a finely ground powder of usp calcium carbonate suspended in a usually tasteless edible oil; wherein the suspension has a weight ratio range of oil to calcium carbonate that is from about 1.0 (oil) to 0.25 (calcium carbonate) to about 1.0 (oil) to 2.2 (calcium carbonate); and a single dose has a calcium carbonate weight range from about 200 mg to about 1000 mg.

Combination of biologically active substances for treatment of hyperglycaemic disorders

The present invention relates to a synergistic composition which comprises (a) phlorizin, and (b) at least one further defined inhibitor of the enzyme lactase-phlorizin hydrolase. In particular, the present invention relates to such a composition for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of a hyperglycemic disease such as obesity, diabetes or a secondary disease associated with diabetes.
Bioactive Food Gmbh

Lipid compositions with high dha content

The invention provides lipid compositions comprising phospholipids having a high docosahexaenoic acid (dha) content, which compositions are preferably extracted from natural sources. The lipid compositions are excellent sources of highly bioavailable dha and they can be used in oral delivery vehicles, dietary supplements, functional foods, and the like..
Arctic Nutrition As

Ball-throwing scoop for interaction with pet

The present invention relates to a ball-throwing scoop for interaction with a pet, comprising a scoop body and a handle. The scoop body includes a scoop opening, two sides and a base portion.
Shenzhen Xingrisheng Industrial Co., Ltd.


The present disclosure discloses a refrigerator for refrigerating foods and making ice. The refrigerator, comprising a refrigerator door, wherein an ice-making chamber is provided an inner wall of the refrigerator door, an ice-making chamber door is provided at the opening of the ice-making chamber, and an ice-making machine is mounted on the inner side of the ice-making chamber door.
Hisense Ronshen ( Guangdong ) Refrigerator Co., Ltd

Resin composition and sheet-shaped molded body thereof

A resin composition according to the present invention contains a polypropylene-based resin (a), a hydrogenated block copolymer (b), and a hydrogenated block copolymer (c) in a particular mass ratio, and the hydrogenated block copolymer (b) and the hydrogenated block copolymer (c) have particular constitution. Moreover, a sheet-shaped molded body according to the present invention contains the resin composition according to the present invention.
Asahi Kasei Kabushiki Kaisha

Cyclonic shear plates and method

A cyclonic comminuting device includes a set of shearing plates that is adaptable to any colloid mill for improved efficiency and effectiveness in the production of all commodities including, but not limited to, asphalt or bitumen modification, tar, plastics, polymers, cosmetic processing and foods processing. The set of shearing plates includes a set of concave cutting edges.

Snack food seasoning

A topical seasoning for snack foods, the seasoning comprising a plurality of seasoning particles, the seasoning particles comprising a shell surrounding an encapsulated central core, the shell comprising a matrix including at least one solid lipid and the core comprising sodium chloride.. .
Frito-lay Trading Company Gmbh

Feeding platter for pets

The present invention provides a feeder having an open, planar feeding surface to present a variety of foods to pets such as dogs or cats. The feeder is made of a high-density thermoplastic material that facilitates the cutting of various foods without dulling cutting implements and may be easily cleaned and sanitized in a dishwasher or by hand.

Container and code of system for preparing a beverage or foodstuff

A container for a foodstuff or beverage preparation machine, the container for containing beverage or foodstuff preparation material and comprising a code encoding preparation information, the code comprising: a data sequence having a plurality of marker locations, whereby said marker locations either comprise or do not comprise a marker as a variable to at least partially encode the preparation information therein, with adjacent marker locations separated by a distance of Δx; a locator sequence to enable location of the data sequence, the locator sequence comprising at least two markers, whereby a distance x4 therebetween is distinct from the distance Δx.. .
Nestec S. A.

Treatment of gluten intolerance and related conditions

Provided herein are compositions, foods comprising nepenthesin or a derivative thereof and methods of using nepenthesin or a derivative thereof for modulating gluten intolerance and related conditions, such as celiac disease. Further provided herein are pharmaceutical compositions comprising nepenthesin or a derivative thereof and methods of using nepenthesin or a derivative thereof to treat bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract, such as c.
Nepetx, Llc

Method for producing menthones from isopulegol in the gas phase

The present invention relates to a process for reacting isopulegol to menthone in the gas phase and to the use of the reaction products thus prepared as additives in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, tobacco formulations, household products, and laundry care products.. .
Basf Se

Multi-cutter knife

The present invention discloses a new product that saves time while maintaining consistency in the sizes of the portions the user is cutting. The present invention provides a fast and efficient way to cut foods, like jelly, brownies, corn bread and sheet cake into uniformly-sized portions by being able to cut a whole sheet of product with just two cuts, one vertically and one horizontally across the pan.

Enhanced herb or food product and method

The present invention is a method of preparing and potentiating functional foods and, in particular, herbs by subjecting the food or herb to specific method steps, either a particular three- or four-step potentiating process or a specific infusion/fermentation potentiating technique, for which in some embodiments the fermentation is optional.. .
Get Real Holdings, Llc

Skewer system

A skewer system is provided for supporting foods, and includes a hub with a plurality of receivers. Skewers are removably fitted into the receivers in the hub..
Wm Associates Llc

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