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Foods patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Foods-related patents
 Anhydrous sodium carbonate having a low pore content patent thumbnailAnhydrous sodium carbonate having a low pore content
The present invention relates to a highly pure, anhydrous sodium carbonate having a low pore content for use in pharmaceutical formulations and in the foods industry. Furthermore, a novel process for the preparation of this sodium carbonate is provided..
 Utilization of the function of rare sugar as promoter for the migration of glucokinase from nucleus to cytoplasm patent thumbnailUtilization of the function of rare sugar as promoter for the migration of glucokinase from nucleus to cytoplasm
A composition for treating disordered conditions in association with glucokinase activity contains a glucokinase-activating substance as the active ingredient. A promoting agent of glucokinase transfer from nucleus to cytoplasm contains d-psicose and/or d-tagatose as the active ingredient or a composition for preventing the onset of disordered conditions in association with glucokinase activity or for therapeutically treating the disordered conditions is in a form selected from a group consisting of food additives, food materials, drinks and foods, health drinks and foods, pharmaceutical product and feeds in blend with d-psicose and/or d-tagatose as the active ingredient for use in preventing the onset of disordered conditions in association with glucokinase activity or for therapeutically treating the disordered conditions, which are selected from impaired glucose tolerance, type 2 diabetes mellitus, insulin resistance, abnormal lipidemia, the metabolic syndrome and obesity..
 Desaturases and process for the production of polyunsaturated fatty acids in transgenic organisms patent thumbnailDesaturases and process for the production of polyunsaturated fatty acids in transgenic organisms
The present invention relates to polynucleotides from cochliobolus heterostrophus c5, cyanothece sp. Ccy0110, mycocentrospora acerin and hyaloperonospora parasitica, which code for desaturases and which can be employed for the recombinant production of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
 Spray method and composition for reducing psychological hunger patent thumbnailSpray method and composition for reducing psychological hunger
A spray composition and method are provided that are effective for reduction or elimination of the psychological hunger for foods for which a patient wishes to reduce consumption. Such ingredients preferably include but are not limited to cinnamon, lemon powder, coffee grounds, alcohol, citric acid, vanilla, and sugar and/or an artificial sweetener such as saccharin.
 Food composition and uses for diabetes patent thumbnailFood composition and uses for diabetes
The present invention provides a composition to promote healthy weight and reduce diabetic complications. The composition provides biologically active ingredients that are combined in a food and provide dietary fiber, trace minerals and phytonutrients, wherein the composition may be used alone or in combination with other foods in a method for improving health..
 Pop-out constructible utensil patent thumbnailPop-out constructible utensil
A system and method for co-packaging constructible utensil assemblies with a food container including a utensil layer and a protective laminate layer. The utensil is disposed in the assembly to be easily removed while concurrently being peeled from the protective laminate layer that helps to ensure the cleanliness and sanitary portions of portions of the utensil to contact the foodstuff..
 Specificity, flexibility and valence of dna bonds for guided emulsion architecture patent thumbnailSpecificity, flexibility and valence of dna bonds for guided emulsion architecture
A method of forming an end product by self-assembly of a first component having a patch of a linker component, such as dna strands, cadherins, adhesive proteins and nanoparticle linkers. Such emulsions can be used to process personal care products, skin cremes, foods and animal feedstocks..
 Compositions and methods for preventing and treating diseases and environmentally induced health disorders patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for preventing and treating diseases and environmentally induced health disorders
Nutraceutical or pharmaceutical compositions, functional foods, extracts, dietary supplements and food/feed additives enriched in phytochemicals having antioxidant and/or anti-inflammatory activity may be derived from the skin, pith, or cortex from stem tubers of select potato cultivars, such as onaway, russet burbank, purple valley or bora valley cultivars. These cultivars and combinations thereof provide a useful antioxidant source enriched in ferulic acid, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acids, ascorbic acid, anthocyanins, and rutin, isomers or derivatives thereof having antioxidant and/or anti-inflammatory activity..
 Use of cyclic peptides from flaxseed for improving animal and human health patent thumbnailUse of cyclic peptides from flaxseed for improving animal and human health
The present application includes a method for improving human and animal health comprising administering an effective amount of a linus cyclopeptide (lcp) extract from flaxseed to a subject in need thereof. Also included are feeds, foodstuffs, functional food compositions, natural product compositions nutraceuticals and food additive compositions comprising an lcp extract from flaxseed..
 Production of enriched products patent thumbnailProduction of enriched products
Methods for the production of enriched plant polyphenols-dairy (e.g., milk) or polyphenols-ground edible material products that can be used in the preparation of functional foods, dietary supplements, medical foods, cosmetic products or pharmaceutical agents. The method of obtaining a polyphenol-dairy protein product comprising the steps of (a) combining a plant-derived polyphenol and a dairy product such as a dairy product comprising a protein, to form the polyphenol-dairy protein (e g, milk protein) product and a liquor; and (b) separating the polyphenol-dairy protein product from the liquor.
Infrared portable broiler
The present invention relates to an infrared-style broiler sized to be portable, safe, and occupy minimal space, while still providing surface area for use in warming foods. The warming surface may be heated from below by way of radiant heat and/or may be heated by way of venting hot air from the inside of the broiler to the warming surface by way of vents..
Combination of a container for a liquid foodstuff and a quantity of propellant and use of a propellant
Combination of a container (1) for a liquid foodstuff and a quantity of propellant (2) to put the container (1) under pressure in order to make the foodstuff flow out of the container (1) via an opening (11), characterised in that at a temperature of 5° c. The propellant (2) has a vapour pressure greater than 115 kpa and at a temperature of 25° c.
Wheat germ extract obtained by protease hydrolysis and medical use thereof
The invention relates to a dried enzymically hydrolyzed plant material, which is capable of immunmodulation, immunoregulation, reducing inflammation and reducing tumor progression. The material can be used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical compositions, dietary supplements, dietary foods for medical purposes, nutraceuticals, in feed materials, and in supplementary feeds.
Device for simultaneously filling at least two foods of different compositions into one container
A device for simultaneously filling at least two foods of different compositions, predominantly in a thick fluid and/or pasty form, into a container, particularly a transparent plastic cup, having a valve head with a nozzle inlet opening and nozzle outlet openings for the food and fed by dosing devices, wherein the controller has a control disc (23) rotatable about a longitudinal axis (22) in the valve head (1) having control openings (25a, 25b, 25c) distributed about said longitudinal axis (22) on a first control circuit path (24), said control openings being alignable during an incremental rotation of the control disc (23) alternating in succession with auxiliary nozzle inlet openings (26a, 26b, 26c) of a stationary control surface (27) of the valve head (1) lying below in a planar manner, wherein auxiliary nozzle inlet openings (26a, 26b, 26c) are arranged on a second control circuit path (24′) congruent with the first control circuit path about the longitudinal axis (22) in the control surface (27) such that helically rising individual portions (28) of the second food (8) from corresponding auxiliary nozzle outlet openings (30) can be positioned on the inner wall of the cup (29) during the filling process. A main nozzle (31) is provided below the control surface (27) in the valve body within the control circuit paths and auxiliary nozzle inlet openings on the longitudinal axis arranged along the same paths; the feed of said nozzle with the food forming the main component is controlled in the known manner by only one rotary disc valve (13) in the supply line (15) coming from the corresponding dosing device (3)..
Tabletop cooking assembly
A tabletop cooking assembly for preparing foods thereon comprises a cooking element having a cooking area and a vent disposed peripherally to one side of the cooking element defining an aperture for receiving smoke from the cooking element. The assembly includes a first exhaust duct, a filter assembly, an electrostatic precipitator, and a high velocity blower.
Foodstuff and bait ball cutter
A device for cutting balls from foodstuff and comprising: a cutting ring; a bracket rotatably holding the cutting ring and arranged for being pushed into foodstuff with the cutting ring; and a shaft to which the cutting ring is attached and carrying a handle.. .
Method for extracting drone bee larvae with maximum biological value
The proposed method relates to the pharmaceutical and foods industries and to medicine, in particular to biologically active dietary supplements (bads), and describes a process for extracting drone bee larvae for producing a drone bee brood with maximum biological value.. .
Compositions having an oil-in-water dispersion of submicron particles to enhance foods and beverages
A composition having an oil-in-water dispersion with enhanced stability is provided. The oil-in-water dispersion has particles of a hydrophobic agent with an average particle size between about 100 to about 999 nm, where the distribution of particle sizes are a monodispersity about the average particle size, and the negative charge on the particles generates a force of repulsion that exceeds the force of coalescence among the particles of the hydrophobic agent in the oil-in-water dispersion.
Method for enhancing the sensory appeal of foodstuffs
A method by means of which both the sensory appeal and the dietary fiber content can be increased in a range of food products. By assuring that a suitable dietary fiber component is substantially completely converted to a fully-dispersed colloidal sol, such a material in this state can produce beneficial changes in the sensory and functional properties of certain foods to which it is added while being otherwise undetectable by the consumer.
Processing and packaging of food products
Methods and systems for processing foods includes providing a flexible package. A pre-processed food product (e.g., raw food) is provided and is processed by rapidly heating the food product.
Antimicrobial composition
Disclosed herein are antimicrobial compositions and methods of producing an antimicrobial effect in which a citrus extract such as biosecur® is used in combination with benzyl alcohol and one or more additional agent selected from the group consisting of lauroyl arginate/glyceryl laurate and essential oils or constituents thereof such as galangal oil, thyme oil, thymol, cinnamon leaf oil, cinnamon bark oil, lemongrass oil, orange oil, pine oil, cedarwood oil, curry leaf oil, and rosemary oil. These compositions may be used as natural preservatives for personal care products, foods, beverages, and as topical or surface disinfectants..
Upgrading process streams
Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful intermediates and products, such as energy, fuels, foods or materials. Systems, methods and equipment are described for upgrading process streams using electrodialysis or electrodialysis reversal..
Chefteria system and method
Chefteria system and method provides web based computer system/platform for the chefs to create and sell their menu of freshly prepared-to-the-order foods and deliver instantly to the customers. Registered customers who place the successful food order through online system can view the live video streaming of the chefs preparation/cooking of their order.
Natural sweetener
The invention relates to extracts, in particular non-nutrient phytochemicals, form sugar cane or sugar beet waste products, such as molasses, sugar mud and bagasse, which have glycemic index (gi) lowering properties and their use as sweeteners and in foods containing sugar.. .
Compositions for controlling food intake and uses therefor
The present invention is directed to a combination treatment for: individuals who meet the definition of food addiction; individuals that are overweight or obese (e.g., a bmi≧25); individuals that have a binge eating disorder; or individuals who engage in a binge eating behavior. In particular embodiments, the combination therapy reduces the intake of fatty foods, sugar rich foods, or foods that are both fatty and sugar-rich (e.g., such as fast foods)..
Flameless heating composition
The present invention relates to flameless heating apparatus for food products. In particular, the present invention relates to an improved potentially exothermic mixture/blend for such heaters and to a meal package including foods, and heating apparatus.
Composition for preventing or treating hangover
The present invention relates to a composition including a laurus nobilis leaf extract as an active ingredient, and particularly, to a composition for preventing or treating hangover including the laurus nobilis leaf extract, a food composition for preventing or relieving hangover including the laurus nobilis leaf extract, and a method for preparing the composition. Since the composition according to the present invention includes the laurus nobilis leaf extract, it has a remarkably excellent effect of lowering blood concentrations of alcohol and acetaldehyde.
Method for purifying bee venom on mass scale
Disclosed is a method for the purification of bee venom on a mass scale. It comprises dissolving crude bee venom in a solvent to form a bee venom solution; applying an adsorbent to the bee venom solution to form a mixture; and removing the adsorbent through filtration to afford a pure bee venom solution.
Storage apparatus for improving food preservation
Disclosed a preservation apparatus for improving food storage performance, in which an illumination unit to irradiate light having a specific wavelength is installed on an inner wall surface of a box having foods stored therein to increase the storage period of the foods when the foods are transferred at a room temperature or stored at a low temperature. The foods are prevented from being decayed for a long time, and the nutrients and the freshness of the foods are maintained.
Pizza oven
This disclosure relates to the field of cooking ovens for the preparation of foodstuffs in an enclosed environment including a visual flame along with a rotating cooking plate upon which foodstuffs are placed and are transported through various cooking regions before being removed from the cooking oven for consumption.. .
Barrier properties of hdpe film
A composition comprising high density polyethylene (hdpe), calcium phthalate and a metal stearate is provided. Film that is prepared from this composition has excellent barrier properties—especially a low water vapor transmission rate (wvtr)—and is suitable for the preparation of packaging for dry foods such as crackers and cereals..
System and method for packaging
In one embodiment of an apparatus and process for packaging foodstuffs or other materials in a rigid container sealed by a flexible cover, a desired quantity of material to be packaged containing or together with some water or other liquid is placed in the container, the flexible cover is secured on the container so as to leave at least one unsealed opening, the container is heated and/or placed in a partial vacuum to bring the liquid above its boiling point to cause or permit vapor generated by the boiling liquid to expel other gases from the container through the unsealed opening, and the container is sealed while gas or vapor is still flowing out of the container through the unsealed opening.. .
Reuseable food package
A reusable food product package that is initially provided with a polymeric, gas-impermeable film overwrapping that seals the seam of engagement and sufficient portions of the top surface of the lid and the outer surface of the compartment so as to remain in place during shipping. The film may form a two-piece container around the lid and compartment.
Health food containing rice and flour and manufacturing method thereof
A health food made of grain and a manufacturing method thereof that keep its nutrition of the ingredients effectively, and take into account the health care effects at the same time. It contains the following ingredients: flour, egg yolk, butter, evaporated milk, yellow rice, tortoise powder, glabrous greenbrier rhizome powder, grass jelly powder, ganoderma lucidum powder.
Preservation of liquid foods
Anti-spoilage inserts and methods are provided for inhibiting the spoilage of liquid foods.. .
Multifunctional processor
A multifunctional processor comprises a base, a steam generator mounted on the base, and a cuisine cup assembly mounted on one side of the steam generator. The cuisine cup assembly comprises a cup body and a first steaming basket located in the cup body, and further comprises a second steaming basket ring forming an accommodation chamber with the first steaming basket during use of the cuisine cup assembly.
Refrigerator and mobile terminal for food management
A refrigerator includes storage chambers storing foods, cooling devices cooling the storage chambers, a display unit displaying a picture to manage foods, a communication unit receiving product information of products purchased by a user from a seller server, and a control unit extracting product information of food items purchased by the user from the product information of the products and controlling the display unit so as to display food management information generated based on the extracted product information of the food items. The refrigerator may display management information of the food items purchased by the user without separate input of the product information of the food items purchased by the user..
Method for sterilizing microbial cells using polyethylene glycol-based nonionic surfactant
A method for sterilizing microbial cells is provided. According to the method, microbial cells or a culture containing microbial cells are treated with a polyethylene glycol-based nonionic surfactant so that almost all of the microbial cells are sterilized while the enzyme activity expressed in the microbial cells is maintained at a high level.
Identification of bitter ligands that specifically activate human t2r receptors and related assays for identifying human bitter taste modulators
The present invention relates to the discovery that specific human taste receptors in the t2r taste receptor family respond to particular bitter compounds. Also, the invention relates to the discovery of specific ht2r9 alleles and their disparate activity in functional assays with the same biter ligands.
Protein seasonings and methods of making the same
A protein seasoning and methods of making the same are provided. A formulation can be provided comprising a base combined with a protein source, which can be combined with various flavored seasonings/ingredients to form protein seasonings that can be added to different foods and/or liquids.
Mass distribution device and molding device
The present invention relates to an mass distribution device for supplying a mass of foodstuff starting material to one or more cavities of a mold drum for molding products from the mass, comprising a base member which extends partially around the outer cylindrical circumference of the drum and which has an introduction area through which the mass is the fed to the cavities. The invention further relates to a molding device and to a process for operating the inventive mass distribution device..
The invention provides methods and systems for molding three-dimensional products from a mass of foodstuff. The systems include a rotatable drum provided with mold holders that accept removable molds that are filled with the mass of foodstuff to form the three-dimensional products.
Method for the formulation of a gel-format foodstuff for use as a nutritional foodstuff enriched with peptides and maltodextrins obtained from quinoa flour
Disclosed is a process to extract peptides and maltodextrins from quinoa flour for the manufacturing of foodstuff corresponding to a gel for sportspeople consumption during and after physical activity.. .
Cardboard box for bakery
A box for bakery foodstuffs and preferably for pizza, realized in recyclable material, characterized in that it comprises at least a sheet of impermeable material and suitable to come in contact with foodstuffs, said sheet being constrained such that it can be tore away manually from the portion of said box on which said bakery foodstuffs are leaned. Once the pizza in consumed, the invention allows the sheet to be removed and the cardboard to be suitable to be recycled, since it is free of organic substances, such as liquid and solid residues of the pizza..
Handheld powdering device
The present invention is a handheld device for flouring/breading foods comprising two chambers that are capable of removably connecting together each chamber having a sieve. The foods chamber can connect to the flour chamber in a screw-like fashion, using grooves and channels, using buttons and snap fittings, using magnets, hook and loop tape, wing nuts, or the like.
Method for preserving foodstuffs
A method for preserving foodstuffs, in which the foodstuffs are heated in the moist state in a container suitable for transport and storage with ventilation openings. The foodstuffs are heated for a defined period by a microwave, for at least such a time as hot steam forms in the container and exits through the ventilation openings.
Packaging for energy foods or other substances
A consumer package is disclosed that can be opened with one hand. The packaging can have a finger or thumb loop attached to a panel that allows a user to use a finger of the same hand holding the package to open the package.
Method and moulding devices for moulding three-dimensional products
The invention provides a method for moulding three-dimensional products from a mass of foodstuff starting materials which are suitable for consumption, in particular a meal mass. The method comprises the steps of filling a mould cavity, which is open on one side.
Early childhood membranous nephropathy due to cationic bovine serum albumin
The invention concerns a biomarker for diagnosing or prognosing childhood membranous nephropathy (mn), said biomarker is (i) cationic bovine serum albumin (bsa), and/or (ii) an antibody that binds to a polypeptide of sequence seq id no: 3. The invention further concerns an antibody or antibody fragment or a composition comprising such an antibody or antibody fragment, wherein said antibody or antibody fragment is specific to an amino acid sequence seq id no: 3.
Storage case for a hand mixer
A storage case is removably attachable to a hand mixer for mixing foodstuffs. The storage case includes a bottom wall that extends generally parallel to a bottom surface of the hand mixer when the storage case is attached to the hand mixer.
Preparing foodstuff
The present invention relates to an appliance for preparing foodstuff comprising a cutting unit (2) for use with a separately operated cooking unit (3) wherein the cutting unit (2) has a first base structure, at least one supply opening (27), cutting means (22, 24), and at least one outlet (28). The cutting unit (2) can be positioned in a side-by-side configuration with respect to the cooking unit (3), in which the outlet (28) is in a position for supplying cut food ingredients to a cooking unit (3).
Computer-based ordering system for selection of perishable foodstuffs
A computer-based ordering system configured to select a plurality of foodstuffs for delivery to a client may comprise: an inventory database configured to store a list of available foodstuffs from which the plurality of foodstuffs is selectable; a client database configured to store a plurality of client-specific profiles for a corresponding plurality of clients; and a control processor configured to select, from the list of available foodstuffs, the plurality of foodstuffs to be delivered to the client. The selection by the control processor of the plurality of foodstuffs to be delivered may be final and may be made in accordance with historical order data compiled from one or more prior orders received from one or more other clients that share (i) similar dietary preferences and/or (if) similar purchase profiles..
Systems and methods for delivering trade agreement performance
Systems and methods for the inception, management and settlement of trade agreements are provided. The technology network platform provides for the effective delivery of all key requirements in the complete life cycle of foodservice trade agreements in one standardized system.

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