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Foods patents

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Tumble drum for flavoring food portions

Tumble drum for flavoring food portions

Reusable covers for containers

Food Huggers

Reusable covers for containers

Date/App# patent app List of recent Foods-related patents
 Transportable device for heating foodstuffs, and a transportable heating element patent thumbnailnew patent Transportable device for heating foodstuffs, and a transportable heating element
A transportable device for heating foodstuffs includes a container for receiving the foodstuff as well as a closed-off heating chamber which adjoins the container and is thermally coupled thereto while simultaneously being hermetically separated therefrom via a shared, thermally-conductive wall. The heating chamber includes a first chamber and a second chamber that are separated by a water vapour-permeable wall.

 Reusable covers for containers patent thumbnailnew patent Reusable covers for containers
The present disclosure is directed to reusable covers. Such reusable covers may be flexible so that they can create a seal with a container, such as bowls and other dishes, to preserve foods or extend the time that a stored item may be suitable and desirable for consumption.
Food Huggers Inc.

 Methods for aseptic packaging of low-acid foods patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for aseptic packaging of low-acid foods
The present disclosure relates to methods of maintaining sterility of an aseptic work zone of a blow-fill seal operation so that low acid foods may be aseptically processed and packaged. The methods of the present disclosure further provide for maintain the sterility of the aseptic work zone such that the aseptic work zone does not have to be enclosed in a separate sterile environment during the blow fill seal process.
Mead Johnson Nutrition Company

 Stevioside blends patent thumbnailnew patent Stevioside blends
Sweetener compositions comprising particular glycoside blends are described in this paper. The glycoside blends comprise any or all of rebaudioside a, rebaudioside b, and rebaudioside d together with stevioside in various proportions.
Cargill, Incorporated

 Tumble drum for flavoring food portions patent thumbnailnew patent Tumble drum for flavoring food portions
An apparatus to apply seasoning to a foodstuff comprising a plurality of individual food portions comprises a rotatable drum supportable in a generally horizontal position and having an inlet at a first end, an outlet at a second end and a bore extending through the drum from the inlet to the outlet, with a substantial portion of the bore having a generally frustoconical interior with a larger diameter end of the frustoconical interior disposed proximal to the inlet and a smaller diameter end of the frustoconical interior portion disposed proximal to the outlet. In one embodiment, the frustoconical interior portion extends substantially from the inlet to the outlet and converges in that direction.

 Use of fat compositions for sustaining an enhanced palatability of pet food over time patent thumbnailnew patent Use of fat compositions for sustaining an enhanced palatability of pet food over time
The present invention concerns the use of a fat composition for sustaining an enhanced palatability of a food for pet over time, wherein said fat composition has a c12:0/c10:0 fatty acid weight ratio from about 0.85 to about 2.5 and/or a c14:0/c12:0 fatty acid weight ratio from about 0.45 to about 4.3. The present invention further concerns the use of said fat composition for preparing other enhanced palatability-sustaining fat compositions as well as foods for pet, all compositions and foods having an enhanced palatability sustained over time..
Specialities Pet Food

 Cold reservoir device and cooling system arrangement patent thumbnailCold reservoir device and cooling system arrangement
The invention relates to a cold storage device (01), in particular for allowing cooled storage and cooled transport of foodstuffs, in the form of a closing lid (01) for closing an opening of a transportable cooling container (31) having a storage volume (35) or in the form of a transportable cooling container having storage volume, comprising at least one reservoir chamber (11) that is formed by a liquid-tight reservoir wall (13) and is at least partially filled with a cold storage medium (12) that is liquid at room temperature, and comprising heat insulation (02) that covers the reservoir chamber (11) on the side facing away from the storage volume (35), wherein the reservoir wall (13) is an integral part of the cold storage device (01) and a coolant inlet (22) and a coolant outlet (23) are arranged thereon, wherein a heat exchanger (21) through which at least one coolant duct (25) passes is arranged in or on the reservoir chamber (11), wherein coolants coming from the coolant inlet (22) flow through the heat exchanger (21) to the coolant outlet (23) and can withdraw heat from the cold storage medium (12) and/or can cause the cold storage medium (12) to freeze in the process.. .
Goseling Ug

 Polymeric nanoparticles comprising turmeric patent thumbnailPolymeric nanoparticles comprising turmeric
Disclosed herein are latex emulsion compositions comprising water, turmeric, at least one surfactant, and at least one organic monomer, wherein the latex emulsion composition has an average particle size of less than about 250 nm. Also disclosed herein are processes for preparing a latex emulsion composition comprising water, turmeric, at least one surfactant, and at least one organic monomer, wherein the latex emulsion composition has an average particle size of less than about 250 nm.
Xerox Corporation

 Motorized foldable beach cart patent thumbnailMotorized foldable beach cart
The present invention pertains to a mobile cart. In a specific embodiment, the subject cart can be utilized as a cart for transporting beach supplies including toys, games, sporting goods, umbrellas, blankets, towels and food and beverages from a transport vehicle or building onto a beach.

 Medical food for fetal health during gestation patent thumbnailMedical food for fetal health during gestation
Medical foods that create fertility enhancement also improve the health of a fetus or child. Multiple examples demonstrate this in mammals.


Multifunction programmable foodstuff preparation

Systems, methods, and devices are disclosed for preparing food. In some embodiments, a food preparation device may include a container that includes a cavity that may define an internal volume of the container.
The Boeing Company


Vibrating cooking system

A cooking system that utilizes vibration to improve the convenience of preparing food and the quality of the finished product. The system uses a vibrating device coupled to a cooking vessel with a pad and/or isolation blocks disposed between the vibrator and the vessel.


Stevia composition

Stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of stevia rebaudiana bertoni. The compositions are able to provide a superior taste profile and can be used as sweetness enhancers, flavor enhancers and sweeteners in foods, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals..


Vibrating cooking system

A cooking system that utilizes vibration to improve the convenience of preparing food and the quality of the finished product. The system uses a vibrating device coupled to a cooking vessel with a pad and/or isolation blocks disposed between the vibrator and the vessel.


Methods for reducing oil and/or fat uptake of fried foods

An edible composition comprising starch and cellulose ether particles, wherein the cellulose ether particles have a median equivalent projected circle diameter (eqpc 50,3) of up to 110 micrometers and a crystallinity index, ci, of not more than 0.43, wherein ci=(i200−iam)/i200> where i200 is the intensity of the highest peak in the x-ray diffraction spectral pattern of the cellulose ether particles and iam is the intensity of the valley between the highest peak i200 and the higher of the one or two peaks adjacent to the highest peak, is useful for preparing battered foods of reduced oil and/or fat uptake when fried.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Compositions having an oil-in-water dispersion of submicron particles to enhance foods and beverages

A composition having an oil-in-water dispersion with enhanced stability is provided. The oil-in-water dispersion has particles of a hydrophobic agent with an average particle size between about 100 to about 999 nm, where the distribution of particle sizes are a monodispersity about the average particle size, and the negative charge on the particles generates a force of repulsion that exceeds the force of coalescence among the particles of the hydrophobic agent in the oil-in-water dispersion.
Leading Edge Innovations, Llc


Restaurant-specific food logging from images

A “food logger” provides various approaches for learning or training one or more image-based models (referred to herein as “meal models”) of nutritional content of meals. This training is based on one or more datasets of images of meals in combination with “meal features” that describe various parameters of the meal.
Microsoft Corporation


Oven with increased cooking effectiveness

The present invention relates to an oven (1) comprising an oven cavity (2) wherein the cooking process is performed, at least one sensor (3) that detects the surface hardness of the foods to be cooked in the oven cavity (2) and at least one control unit (4) that controls the cooking process.. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi


Preparation of a powdered vinegar

The present invention provides a powdered vinegar that comprises partly neutralized vinegar, i.e. Vinegar derived acid that is partly neutralized with e.g.
Purac Biochem B.v.


Method of removing and cleaning solid materials within or contaminated by animal manure

A process for the production of a totally organic and natural soil enhancement liquid product, which includes waste byproduct from animal farm operations and common soil microbiology prepared and delivered in a carefully controlled process, which greatly increases plant health and growth, while simultaneously reducing the need to apply synthetic chemicals for nutrients, pests and disease, while cleaning the solids for recycling, composting or reuse in animal foods.. .


Improved packaging

A foodstuff packaging assembly for transporting a sandwich, said sandwich having, a top, a bottom and a circumferential outside edge, said packaging assembly comprising a substantially cylindrical transit guard having a top end edge at one end of the cylinder and a bottom end edge at the other end of the cylinder and a side wall having an internal side wall surface and an external side wall surface, the internal side wall surface of the transit guard being so sized, shaped and configured as to substantially correspond to the circumferential outside edge of the sandwich in order to restrain the sandwich and its contents during transit. Optionally the food packaging assembly further comprises a packaging box adapted to accommodate a cylindrical transit guard, said packaging box comprising a bottom portion having a lowermost-in-use internal bottom surface, a top portion having an upper-most-in-use internal top surface, and at least one side wall having an internal side surface, the top portion and the bottom portion being adapted such that the packaging box can adopt an open configuration or a closed configuration..
Meatology Limited


Compositions and methods for providing coconut water powder with reduced hygroscopy

Coconut water powder is highly hygroscopic and has a strong tendency to absorb ambient moisture. As coconut water powder absorbs water, it begins caking and ultimately forms a hard, solid mass that is difficult to use in the manufacture and formulation of coconut water-based beverages, drink mixes and foods.


Stevia composition, production method and uses

Stevia compositions are prepared from stevia rebaudiana bertoni. The compositions are able to provide a superior taste profile and can be used as sweeteners, sweetness enhancers, flavors, flavor enhancers in foods, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals..
Purecircle Usa Inc.


Method for the control of the formation of acrylamide in a foodstuff

There is provided a process for the prevention and/or reduction of acrylamide formation and/or acrylamide precursor formation in a foodstuff containing (i) a protein, a peptide or an amino acid and (ii) a reducing sugar, the process comprising contacting the foodstuff with an enzyme capable of oxidising a reducing group of the sugar.. .
Dupont Nutrition Biosciences Aps


Methods for reducing oil and/or fat uptake of fried foods

An edible composition comprising starch and cellulose ether particles, wherein at least 10 volume percent of the cellulose ether particles have a particle length lefi of less than 40 micrometers, is useful for preparing a batter by mixing the edible composition with water. The batter is contacted with a food to prepare a battered food.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Systems and methods for maintaining foods

Disclosed are methods for stabilizing an oxygen dependent or oxygen-labile pigment from discoloration, and for maintaining the freshness and preventing discoloration of a foodstuff comprising the oxygen-labile pigment. In some embodiments, the method comprises (1) reducing the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere of a sealed container comprising the pigment to a level such that the oxygen will not discolor the pigment when co2 is introduced into the container, and (2) introducing co2 into the sealed container while retaining or further reducing the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere of the sealed container.
Global Fresh Foods


Onion chopper

An onion chopper includes a food reservoir supporting a blade tray and having a lid attached for pivotal movement toward and away from the lid and blade tray. The lid includes at least one grid of projections configured to push through a corresponding grid of blades in the blade tray to chop the onion.
Progressive International Corporation


Edible composition

A method of preparing a composite foodstuff is provided and comprises providing a core, providing a barrier composition and applying the barrier composition to at least a portion of the core and providing a fat based coating having a lower fat content than the core. The fat based coating is applied to the barrier coated cores.
Mars, Incorporated


Device for pasteurizing a mass of foodstuff

The invention relates to a device for pasteurizing or sterilizing a mass of foodstuff, which device comprises: a feed for supplying the mass; heating means for heating the mass, comprising: a tube of an electrically and magnetically inert material connecting to the feed; a system of mutually co-acting electrodes which are added to the tube and which are connected to an rf power generator which generates energy at a frequency in the range of about 10-50 mhz to the electrodes such that the mass present in the first tube can be heated during its first residence time in this first tube; and a discharge for discharging the mass, wherein the electrodes have rounded corners on their end zones facing toward the inner surface of the tube for the purpose of locally limiting the strength of the electric field generated by the electrodes.. .
Zwanenberg Food Group B.v.


Apparatus, manufacturing food products

Apparatus, systems and methods are disclosed to manufacture a plurality of edible pieces in a continuous process where each piece is generally different in thickness, shape, size and/or texture from another piece, so as to create, in the aggregate product distribution, pieces of randomly varying thickness, size, shape and/or texture. More specifically, the present invention, in its various embodiments, provides a process for manufacturing pet jerky treats comprising: grinding proteinaceous material, mixing said proteinaceous material with preservatives and flavor enhancers to form a blend of foodstuff, extruding said foodstuff through at least one die opening that is at least partially irregular to form at least one strip of extrudate that is at least partly irregular in shape, transporting said strip in a first longitudinal direction to a first cutting operation, cutting said strip at a first cutting angle to form a first set of pieces, transporting said first set of pieces in a second longitudinal direction to a second cutting operation, cutting said first set of pieces in said second cutting operation at a second angle to form a second set of pieces, such that the said second set of pieces cumulatively produced during a process run generally appear to be of random sizes and shapes..
Del Monte Corporation


Perforated grilling foil

A perforated grilling foil is an apparatus for use when grilling various foods such as meats, fishes, and vegetables on a charcoal or wood grill. The apparatus includes a malleable metallic sheet and a non-stick grip coating that prevents food from becoming stuck to the malleable metallic sheet.


Natamycin-cyclodextrin complexes for use in foodstuff, process for their manufacture and use thereof

The present invention concerns a process for improving the preservation of a bakery product by natamycin. A composition comprising natamycin in the form of a natamycin-cyclodextrin complex is provided and the composition is applied onto a bakery product as an antifungal agent.


Methods for reducing oil and/or fat uptake of fried foods

An edible composition comprising starch and cellulose ether particles, wherein the cellulose ether particles have a ratio m3.0/m2.0 of not more than 200 micrometers, wherein m3.0 is the number volume mean and m2.0 is the number surface area mean of the cellulose ether particles, and/or wherein the cellulose ether particles have a volume fraction of fibrous particles of no more than 40%, is useful for preparing a batter by mixing the edible composition with water. The batter is contacted with a food to prepare a battered food.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Cooking apparatus, cooking method, non-transitory recording medium on which cooking control program is recorded, and cooking-information providing method

A cooking apparatus includes: a storage that stores first cooking information indicating a cooking method for a first foodstuff and second cooking information indicating a cooking method for a second foodstuff; a placement unit on which the first foodstuff and the second foodstuff are placed; and a cooking controller that controls cooking of the first foodstuff, based on the first cooking information, and that controls cooking of the second foodstuff, based on the second cooking information, when the first foodstuff and the second foodstuff are placed on the placement unit. The storage includes a memory, and the cooking controller includes a processor..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Food package

This invention relates to food packaging and to methods for its manufacture. It is particularly suited to packaging of perishable foodstuffs which require that oxygen transmission occur across the packaging barrier, but that water vapour transmission be restricted..
Plantic Technologies Ltd


Froth dispensers and related methods

Froth dispensers and related methods are disclosed. Presently disclosed froth dispensers may be handheld and hand-operated, without requiring the use of batteries or electricity.


Portable solar cooker

The present invention discloses a portable solar cooker, belonging to the field of solar heat utilization. The solar cooker comprises an upper functional assembly, a lower control assembly and a rotary apparatus which are sequentially connected, wherein the upper functional assembly is configured to reflect sunlight, collect heat in a focusing manner and further heat water or foods, the upper functional assembly is closed to form a box body when being in a non-operative state, and the upper functional assembly is opened when being in an operative state; the lower control assembly is connected with the upper functional assembly, and makes the upper functional assembly be subjected to pitch adjustment; the lower control assembly is connected with the rotary apparatus, and the lower control assembly and the upper functional assembly are driven by the rotary apparatus to rotate so that tracking the sun is realized.
Himin Clean Energy Holdings Co, Ltd


Edible enhancements

A food presentation tray that is comprised of pre-determined cavities or holes that guide specific foods in the formation of, but would not be limited to a shape, character, symbol or picture. Edible enhancements is further enhanced by placing a complimentary graphics over the shape, character, symbol or picture to maximize its aesthetic beauty as well as additional embellishments relative to the design.


Ice cream dipping cabinet

An ice cream dipping cabinet which holds tubs of ice cream, is provided with individual tub receptacles, surrounded by cooling coils. The cabinet, which can be used for other foods, either frozen or cold, has a solid top plate which orients the individual tubs.


Production of formed foodstuff

Various systems and methods for the production of formed foodstuff are provided. In one example, a method for producing formed foodstuff comprises filling n-successively circulating molds with a foodstuff mass with a conveying device, wherein, during a first filling period the conveying device is controlled in a first filling mode such that a predetermined portion of a filling volume of a mold is filled, and subsequently, during a second filling period, a remaining portion of the filling volume of the mold is filled in a second filling mode in which the conveying device is controlled in response to a filling pressure such that a predetermined filling pressure is set in the mold..
Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik Gmbh & Co. Kg


Bacterial strain having anti-allergic activity, and beverage, food and anti-allergic agent comprising cell of the bacterial strain

It is an object of the present invention to provide a bacterial strain belonging to lactobacillus brevis subspecies brevis, which has more potent antiallergic activity than the known lactic acid bacteria strains and produces γ-aminobutyric acid (gaba). It is another object of the present invention to provide beverages and foods containing cells of the aforementioned bacterial strain belonging to lactobacillus brevis subspecies brevis, as well as antiallergic agents containing them as an active ingredient.
Sapporo Breweries Limited


Method for producing maize flour

This invention provides a novel method for producing maize flour including at least one treatment step in which a product comprising maize is treated under alkaline conditions, wherein an alkaline solution is sprayed onto the product. Furthermore, a facility for producing maize flour is disclosed, in particular in said method.
BÜhler Ag


Temperature regulated automatic aquarium feeder

A temperature regulated automatic aquarium feeder includes an insulated container, temperature regulating elements, and dispensing elements for the temperature controlled storage and feeding of temperature sensitive foods to aquariums. Temperature sensitive foods such eggs, shrimp, copepods, amphipods, rotifers, or microalgae are placed into an insulated container.


Method and cooling foodstuff

A method of cooling foodstuff comprises immersing at least one perforated container containing foodstuff into an ice slurry bath for a period of time sufficient to allow ice slurry to enter the at least one perforated container and then subsequently removing the at least one perforated container from the ice slurry bath. Various apparatuses for cooling foodstuff are also provided..
Sunwell Engineering Company Limited


Cellulase-producing novel strain and saccharification method using the same

The present invention relates to the novel strain pholiota adiposa sku714, a method for producing cellulase from the strain and a method for saccharifying cellulose using the produced cellulase. Since the cellulase produced by the novel strain according to the present invention exhibits better saccharification yield than the existing saccharification enzymes, it can be used in various applications, including bioenergy production, textile industry, papermaking industry, detergent industry, feed industry, food industry, production of low-calorie foods, fermentation of food wastes, or the like..
Sk Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Methods for enzymatic decolorization of chlorophyll

The invention provides the invention provides compositions and methods for the enzymatic treatment (“bleaching” or “de-colorizing”) of chlorophyll-comprising compositions, e.g., algae preparations, chlorophyll-containing or chlorophyll-contaminated feeds, foods or oils, for example, vegetable oils, including oils processed from oilseeds, such as canola (rapeseed) oil or soybean oil, or oil fruits, such as palm oil. In one aspect, the invention provides methods using a chlorophyllase enzyme for the enzymatic hydrolysis of chlorophyll in an algae, an animal (e.g., a fish) or plant preparation, a food or an oil.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.


Barrier film for food packaging

Barrier films are prepared from a blend of two high density polyethylene blend components and a high performance organic nucleating agent. The two high density polyethylene blend components have substantially different melt indices.
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.


Absorbent pad having a desiccant

An absorbent pad having a desiccant for absorbing or adsorbing ambient moisture in a food package or in a food display case is provided, to prolong the shelf life and freshness of a food product therein. A method of using the absorbent pad having a desiccant, and optionally another active agent, to prolong the shelf life and enhance the appearance of a food product is also provided, particularly any food product that fosters condensation in the package after packaging, such as baked foods and pre-baked frozen food products..
Paper-pak Industries


Rotor having freewheel

The invention relates to an operative insert (10) for a device for processing foods and to a device for processing foods comprising such an operative insert, said device having a receptacle for the operative insert that is driven rotationally about an axis of rotation (r), to which receptacle the operative insert (10) can be detachably fastened in a torque-locked manner by means of a drive interface (20), wherein the operative insert (10) bears at least one working means (31, 32), which can be driven rotationally in a working direction by the drive interface (20) and which can be decoupled from the drive interface in regard to the rotational motion by a freewheel (40) when the direction of rotation of the drive interface (20) is reversed.. .
Swizzzprozzz Vertriebs Ag


Method for operating food mill

A rotation speed difference between a upper mortar and a lower mortar is used to crush and ground ingredient foodstuffs by a shearing force between the upper mortar and the lower mortar, and a conical recessed surface of the lower mortar is utilized to separate the crushed ingredient foodstuffs into filtered foodstuffs and residues by a centrifugal force resulting from rotation of the lower mortar so that the filtered foodstuffs and the residues are collected in a filtered foodstuff collection unit and a residue collection unit, respectively.. .


Health supplement food containing pediococcus acidilactici j9, and manufacturing same

Disclosed are a food composition prepared by co-culturing pediococcus acidilactici with bacillus and a method for preparing the same. The food composition contains bacteriocin, thus improving stability and lifespan of foods.
J9 Bio Agricultural Association Corporation


Oil and fat replacing purees

Mixes, compositions, foodstuffs, and other consumables are disclosed which replace oil, shortening, butter and other fats, as well as sugar, with vegetable puree. In an aspect, a food preparation, namely a baked good, is disclosed comprising pumpkin puree and an effective amount of natural vegetable or fruit sweetener.
Pro Brands, Llc


Low swelling starch

This invention pertains to low swelling starches and their use as food texture modifiers. The invention further pertains to the method of using low swelling starches as fat substitutes in foods.
Corn Products Development, Inc.


Edible temperature sensitive compositions for food products indicative of consumption safety

An edible, solid-based, temperature-sensitive composition is for use in uncooked foods to indicate food safety from harmful pathogens. The composition has a sharp melting point such that it undergoes an irreversible and visible physical transition change at temperatures from about 60° c.
University Of Guelph


Management apparatus and management method

A management apparatus receives image data corresponding to item numbers of the jgap criteria or foods from each training support apparatus. The management apparatus generates, for each item number, an image data group of image data having been rearranged based on their priorities.
Fujitsu Fsas Inc.


Method and arranging a plurality of food products in the base part of a packaging

The invention relates to a method and to an apparatus for arranging a plurality of foods, in particular different types of cut meat products and sausage products, in at least one base portion of a packaging. The method is characterized in that the base portion receiving the foods is moved on a guide track, wherein magnetic fields are generated for moving the base portion; in that the cart is fed successively to food feeds of the individual foods; and in that at least one food is placed on or in the base portion at each food feed.
Weber Maschinenbau Gmbh Breidenbach


Adjustable fire pit grill

An adjustable fire pit grill device that includes an elongated central post having a first end secured within the ground in a fire pit, and a second end that extends out of the fire pit such that the central post is in a vertical orientation. The central post includes one or more channels that extend along the length of the central post.


Customizable container

An ergonomically designed container and accessories as attachments for customizing the container based on user's preference are disclosed. The container's body has several holes in it allowing the user to attach different accessories onto their desired place and not be limited to only one assembly configuration.


Apparatus for agitating liquid foodstuff

An apparatus (1) for agitating liquid foodstuff, comprising (i) a whisk (40) that includes a magnetic rotor (48) of a brushless electromotor assembly, and (ii) a main body (10) including a liquid foodstuff container (24) in which the whisk is receivable such that it is rotatable around a rotation axis (l) thereof, and a stator (20a) of the electromotor assembly. The stator is configured to electromagnetically drive the rotor in rotation, and includes at least one magnetic sensor configured to provide a signal that reflects positional changes of the magnetic rotor relative to the magnetic sensor.
Koninklijkie Philips N.v.


Coffee substitute

With an object of providing a coffee substitute imparted with the distinctive coffee flavor and taste while also having a reduced amount of component such as caffeine, which is included as a main component of coffee but sometimes undesirable for reasons of physiological activity and health, the present invention solves the object by producing a coffee substitute by subjecting a raw material composition formed by combining an amino acid, chlorogenic acid and sugar to a roasting process. More specifically, the present invention produces a product having the taste of coffee by maillard reaction of a sugar and amino acids in the presence of a chlorogenic acid.
Kirin Beverage Company, Limited


Pesticide residue detection method

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a pesticide residue detection method, comprising the steps: (a) irradiating a sample to be detected by an exciting light and collecting a raman scattered light from the sample; (b) acquiring a raman spectrum of the sample from the collected raman scattered light; and (c) comparing the raman spectrum with reference raman spectra for known pesticides in a reference raman library to determine composition and concentration of the pesticide residue in the sample. The method may achieve effective, convenient and accurate inspection of the pesticide residue in foods, in particular suitable for rapid detection..
Nuctech Company Limited


Device and a characterising a chromatic property of foodstuff

The present disclosure provides a device for characterising a chromatic property of foodstuff. The device includes a light source arranged to emit light having at least two wavelengths or wavelength ranges.
Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd


Wire mesh thermal radiative element and use in a radiative oven

A high speed cooking apparatus employing a low voltage high current system for heating foods employing a novel wire mesh heating element. The system herein described providing the benefits of high speed cooking like that further described by u.s.
De Luca Oven Technologies, Llc


Processing biomass

Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful intermediates and products, such as energy, fuels, foods or materials. For example, compositions and methods are described that can use feedstock materials, such as cellulosic and/or lignocellulosic materials, a cellulase and a second enzyme system including an amylase to produce an intermediate or product, e.g., by fermentation..
Xyleco, Inc.

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