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Foods patents


This page is updated frequently with new Foods-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Foods-related patents
 Control method, storage medium, and information providing method in terminal apparatus and information providing system patent thumbnailControl method, storage medium, and information providing method in terminal apparatus and information providing system
Using a memory that manages a user log including at least a cooking time and a food to be cooked with a cooking device used by each user in a plurality of users, a recommended cooking time corresponding to a first user's food to be cooked included in recommended cooking times for respective foods calculated based on cooking times with the cooking devices is acquired from a server, a user interface that prompts the first user to select one of candidates of cooking times including at least the recommended cooking times is displayed on a display, and in response to detecting that a cooking time is selected by performing an input operation on the user interface, a setting command to set the selected cooking time is output to the first cooking device.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

 Meat and produce anti-contamination rinsing system patent thumbnailMeat and produce anti-contamination rinsing system
A food washing/rinsing system that provides for the safe washing of foods that prevents the spreading of possible contaminants to nearby areas. The invention allows a user to envelop foods to be washed by providing a closed or semi-closed system utilizing nonpermeable bags, curtains or bowls, which direct rinse water from a faucet or spray nozzle to a sink drain, thereby eliminating inadvertent waste water splash..

 Device for the comminution of foodstuffs patent thumbnailDevice for the comminution of foodstuffs
The invention relates to a device (1) for the comminution of foodstuffs, which device has a drive device (12) for driving at least one rotary cutter (13) in rotation and has a container (7). The device is characterized in that the drive device (12) is fixable or fixed, in particular articulatedly, to a base part (2) and in that a holding device (18) is provided which, for the rotatable mounting of the at least one rotary cutter, is insertable or inserted into the base part (2)..
Genius Gmbh

 Cooking device with handle, shaft, fork, and food removal component/implement patent thumbnailCooking device with handle, shaft, fork, and food removal component/implement
The apparatus is used in cooking foodstuff over an open flame by heat while keeping user a safe distance from fire with main elements being hand grip, shank, fork, and food transfer system. A hand grip and shank are made of materials including wood, injection mold plastics, and metal while a fork and food transfer system is constructed of food grade metal materials.

 Cooking assembly comprising a flexible ring conformable to predeterminedly shaped templates of a cooking station for providing cooked foods with predeterminedly different shapes, and the cooking station employing the cooking assembly patent thumbnailCooking assembly comprising a flexible ring conformable to predeterminedly shaped templates of a cooking station for providing cooked foods with predeterminedly different shapes, and the cooking station employing the cooking assembly
A cooking assembly, and a cooking station employing the cooking assembly, is disclosed. The cooking assembly comprises a flexible ring which is conformable to any one of a plurality of different predeterminedly structured templates, any one of which can be interchangeably utilized upon a food station, in order to provide cooked foods with predeterminedly different shapes or configurations as may be desired..

 A refrigerator comprising an ice cream making machine patent thumbnailA refrigerator comprising an ice cream making machine
The present invention relates to a refrigerator (1) comprising a fresh food compartment (2) wherein foodstuffs to be cooled are placed, a freezing compartment (3) wherein foodstuffs to be frozen are placed, a cabinet (4) disposed into the freezing compartment (3), and a lid (5) that is situated on the front side of the cabinet (4) and that has an open position wherein access into the cabinet (4) is provided and a closed position whereto the lid (5) is brought by being rotated from the open position, wherein the front side of the cabinet (4) is closed and the air inside the cabinet (4) is allowed to be at least partially discharged.. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi

 A refrigerator comprising a storage compartment patent thumbnailA refrigerator comprising a storage compartment
The present invention relates to a refrigerator (1) comprising at least one fresh food or freezing compartment (2) wherein foodstuffs to be cooled and frozen are placed, a storage compartment (3) disposed in the compartment (2), wherein the foodstuffs are placed for being stored without being spoiled, a fan (4) that is situated in the storage compartment (3), and a motor (5) that is situated outside the storage compartment (3) and that moves the fan (4) by a contactless magnetic coupling (8).. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi

 Device for the comminution of foodstuffs patent thumbnailDevice for the comminution of foodstuffs
The invention relates to a device for the comminution of foodstuffs, which device has a drive device for driving at least one rotary cutter in rotation and has a container. The device is characterized in that the drive device is designed to drive two rotary cutters, and in that the container has two interconnected cylindrical chambers and/or two cylindrical chambers which merge into one another, into which cylindrical chambers in each case one of the two rotary cutters can be inserted..
Genius Gmbh

 Use of beta-1,3 (4)-endoglucanohydrolase, beta-1,3 (4)-glucan, diatomaceous earth, mineral clay and glucomannan to augment immune function patent thumbnailUse of beta-1,3 (4)-endoglucanohydrolase, beta-1,3 (4)-glucan, diatomaceous earth, mineral clay and glucomannan to augment immune function
A method for the augmentation of immune function is described. The invention comprises a combination of β-1,3 (4)-endoglucanohydrolase, β-1,3 (4)-glucan, diatomaceous earth, mineral clay and glucomannan, which is fed to or consumed by mammalian or avian species in amounts sufficient to augment immune function.
Omnigen Research, L.l.c.

 Use of instant asparagus powder in food, medicine and health food patent thumbnailUse of instant asparagus powder in food, medicine and health food
Disclosed is use of an asparagus powder in medicines, food, and health foods for treatment of anxiety and depressive mental disorders, with active ingredients in the asparagus powder including: 15.0% or more of an asparagus saponin, 8% or more of a polysaccharide, 3.0% or more of a polyphenol, and 2.0% or more of a flavone.. .
Qinhuangdao Changsheng Agrotech Development Co., Ltd


Grill with integrated liquid reservoir

Disclosed embodiments relate to a grill with an integrated liquid reservoir. The grill includes a main grill surface, a reservoir and a divider separating the grill surface from the reservoir.
Le Creuset Sas


Palatable foods for a methionine-restricted diet

A method is disclosed for making palatable methionine-restricted foods, to deliver a methionine-restricted diet to human or veterinary patients. A protein or a food product containing protein is partially oxidized, preferably with ozone, to oxidize nearly all of the methionine and cysteine.
Board Of Supervisors Of Louisiana State University And Agricultural And Mechanical College


Antimicrobial quaternary ammonium organosilane coatings

The present invention provides novel solid phase carriers coated with a quaternary ammonium organosilane coating for use in reducing or eliminating the viable number of microorganisms in a liquid. The invention is useful in a wide variety applications, such as water purification and reduction of harmful microorganisms in liquid foodstuffs..
Northern Filter Media, Inc.


Polymer compositions and coatings for food and beverage packaging

The present disclosure relates to coatings and coating compositions that are substantially free of bisphenol a (bpa) and similar compounds, which help reduce or minimize flavor loss associated with foods or beverages stored in contact with the coating compositions. In one aspect, the composition can include the reaction products of an intimate mixture of cyclic ether resins and acrylate resins, which provides a unique cross-linked and interpenetrating network of polmers..
The Coca-cola Company


Food packaging having an integrated spout

A food package container may have an integrated spout that can be used to dispense the contents of the container into a consumer's mouth. In some examples, the food package container includes an elongated, flexible-wall container body providing a tubular chamber holding a foodstuff.
General Mills, Inc.


Method of manufacture of a dispenser

Processes for the manufacture of dispensers for an agent, for example a therapeutic agent, for example a particulate therapeutic agent or a particulate foodstuff or snuff. The processes comprise the steps of continuously advancing, longitudinally, a flow of longitudinally extending dispensers and wrapping these dispensers by a common product wrapper.
Essentra Filter Products Development Co. Pte. Ltd


Method for providing a platter of foodstuffs for sale to a consumer

A method for providing a compartmentalized platter of foodstuffs for sale to a consumer, whereby the foodstuffs are first placed into individual containers which fit into the compartments of the platter, such that the consumer has great flexibility in selecting and arranging the foodstuffs to be included with the platter.. .


Lifespan extending agent

A lifespan extending agent that is safe for animals, and can easily be ingested in a form that resembles foods. A lifespan extending method is also disclosed.
Izumoring Co., Ltd.


Gluten enrichment of foods for irritable bowel syndrome sufferers

A dry flour based product is disclosed which is made from ground and whole grains that are low in fructans, to be enriched with gluten (gluten flour or its substrates gliadin and glutenin). The gluten can range from 5.0 grams per 100 gram to 35.0 grams per 100 grams.


Aggregating foodstuff data

Systems and methods for providing aggregated foodstuff usage data to one or more foodstuff vendors are provided. A computer-executable tool (typically in the form of an app or application) is provided to a plurality of users/consumers.
Cookbrite Inc.


Bracket and use

A bracket for pipe profiles includes a body with a center hole for enclosing a pipe profile in the center hole where the body includes at least two non-elastic bracket parts with internal surfaces towards the center hole and external surfaces. The bracket parts' internal surfaces include at least two radial spokes with spoke end surfaces for contact against the pipe profile.
Ngi A/s


Dispenser, and manufacture thereof

A dispenser for an agent, for example a particulate material, for example a therapeutic agent, for example a particulate therapeutic agent or a particulate foodstuff.. .
Essentra Filter Products Development Co. Pte. Ltd


Preservation device

A preservation device are used to preserve liquids and other items, such as foodstuffs, which spoil when exposed to oxygen for a period of time. The preservation devices are configured to form an air tight seal when disposed on a bottle and/or a vessel.
Sello, Llc.


Multi-compartmented flowable-foodstuff storage container plus dispenser and related methods

Disclosed is a multi-compartmented storage container for storing two or more flowable materials in separate compartments so that the materials may be poured from the container individually or combined.. .


Method for cutting a process material under the application of ultrasonic energy as well as cutting device

The method serves for operating a cutting device, which is designed for cutting a process material, particularly foodstuff and which has at least one blade, which is driven by a drive device and to which ultrasonic energy is supplied from a ultrasound unit via at least one energy converter and a coupling element. A control unit is provided, which controls the ultrasound unit in such a way, that the frequency of the ultrasonic energy which is supplied to the blade via only one coupling element is keyed between at least a first and a second operating frequency or that the ultrasonic energy is supplied to the blade via a first coupling element with a first operating frequency and via a second coupling element with a second operating frequency, which frequencies are fixed or keyed between at least two operating frequencies..
A O Schallinox Gmbh


Proteases able to hydrolyze gluten peptides and proteins at acidic ph, from the actinomycete actinoallomurus

The enzyme compositions comprising at least one endopeptidase of the invention are useful for the treatment and/or prevention of celiac sprue, dermatitis herpetiformis and any other disorder associated with gluten intolerance as ingredients of pharmaceutical formulations or as additives of foods and drinks.. .


Edible self-adhesive particles

The present invention relates to self-adhesive edible particles for applying and adhering to the surface of food or foodstuffs. The invention further relates to the preparation of foodstuffs comprising the self-adhesive edible particles according to the invention..
Symrise Ag


Pet toys usable with annular foodstuffs

A plurality of pet toys are usable with annular-shaped foodstuffs. Each pet toy includes a support upon which the animal foodstuffs can be situated and one or more retainers connected with the support that retain the animal foodstuffs on the support.


Identification of bitter ligands that specifically activate human t2r receptors and related assays for identifying human bitter taste modulators

The present invention relates to the discovery that specific human taste receptors in the t2r taste receptor family respond to particular bitter compounds. Also, the invention relates to the discovery of specific ht2r9 alleles and their disparate activity in functional assays with the same biter ligands.


Measuring device for measuring a surface layer on an object to be measured, particularly on a foodstuff

The invention relates to a measuring device (1; 30) for measuring a surface coating (18) on an object to be measured (19; 24) such as a foodstuff, particularly for the measurement of metabolic products from bacteria on meat intended for consumption, said measuring device having at least one excitation source (3-6) for the excitation of luminescence in the surface coating (18) on the object to be measured (19; 24), such that the surface coating (18) emits a luminescent radiation and having at least one optical sensor (10) for detecting the luminescent radiation emitted by the surface coating (18). According to the invention, the measuring device (1; 30) measures the luminescent radiation from the surface coating (18) at a plurality of measuring points spaced at a distance from one another (m1-m4) on the foodstuff to be monitored (19; 24), particularly at four measuring points (m1-m4)..


Closure for a container

A closure for releasably securing to a container adapted for storing foodstuff or a beverage, the closure comprising closing means (14) for closing a mouth of the container and securing means (22,23) for securing it in a closed position, the closing means and the securing means being formed of a plastics material comprising polyoxymethylene so as to provide a substantial gas barrier to the passage of oxygen and/or carbon dioxide therethrough, the closure may have a sealing member (18) formed of resilient material (compared to the rigid material of the remainder of the closure) for providing a seal between the closure and the container. The sealing member may be provided on a bore component which projects into the container so that, in use, it seals against an internal surface of the container.


Sifting bag and storing and sorting plant materials and foods

A sifting bag and method for storing and sorting plant materials and foods includes a bag having an opening at an end of the bag adapted to receive the plant material; a perforated portion on the bag; and a plurality of apertures in a pre-selected size on the perforated portion, the size of the apertures corresponding to plant parts from a pre-selected type of plant.. .


Safety pocket for commercial kitchen utensils and methods of using the same

A safety pocket device for attaching and storing kitchen utensils, commercial and noncommercial, and a method of using the same are disclosed herein. It is an object of the invention to store kitchen utensils in a safe and sanitary manner to prevent dangerous conditions that result from dripping fluids and foods.


Snack bag holder

A snack bag holder and method of using same to hold opened snack bags, unopened snack bags, or a combination thereof is described and shown. The snack bag holder comprises a base shaped so as to be capable of being attached to a surface; a plurality of cords attached to the base at one end of each of the respective cords; and a plurality of clips attached to each cord at the end opposite to the end attached to the base.


Antioxidant humic acid derivatives and methods of preparation and use

Disclosed are antioxidative, natural compounds, their salts, chelates and cleavage derivatives that exhibit a superior combination of properties. The compounds can be used for a variety of purposes, including stabilizing foods, cosmetics, beverages and nutritional supplement.


Novel compound having skin-whitening, anti-oxidizing and ppar activities and medical use thereof

Provided are a novel compound having skin-whitening, anti-oxidizing and ppar activities and a medical use thereof, and the compound has skin-whitening activities for the suppression of tyrosinase, and accordingly, is useful for use in skin-whitening pharmaceutical composition or cosmetic products; has anti-oxidant activities, and accordingly, is useful for the prevention and treatment of skin-aging; and has ppar activities, and in particular, pparα and pparγ activities, and accordingly, is useful for use in pharmaceutical compositions or health foods which are effective for the prevention and treatment of obesity, metabolic disease, or cardiovascular disease.. .


Soft-sided insulated container with lid fitting

A soft-sided insulated container assembly has a generally box-shaped form like a school lunch box, having a main body and a lid. The lid is formed of one of the largest panels of the box-structure, and is joined to the main body of the box by a hinge that lets the lid lie flat next to the main body when the box is open.


Prepared foods having high efficacy omega 6/omega 3 balanced polyunsaturated fatty acids

A composition and method for supplementing food, nutrition, and diet systems with omega-6 to omega-3 balanced oils comprising a synergistic blend of at least two oils. The composition further comprises a synergistic blend of long chain omega-3 oil as a means to further increase the nutritional value.


Natural binder derived from lipophilic pith fibers (ground stem or stalk internal fibers) separated from sunflower stems or stalks for processed foods and processed foods containing the same

An object of the present invention is to utilize strong water and moisture holding property and oil and fat holding property—that is to say, binding effects—of pith fibers (ground stem or stalk internal fibers) separated from sunflower stems or stalks, which are natural products, in order to enhance binding capacity of processed meat products, and especially processed chicken products. Another object of the present invention is to apply the use of the pith fibers to other processed foods, such as noodles and sweets.


Cooking apparatus

A cooking apparatus (1) comprises a base (7) comprising a lower heater (2) defining a bottom cooking surface (4) where a foodstuff (f) to be cooked can be positioned; a cover (8) closable onto the base (7) and comprising an upper heater (3) defining a top cooking surface (5) and a lifting system (16) for moving the upper heater to and from the lower heater when the cover is closed onto the base; a database (103) storing a plurality of selectable cooking programs each including one or more cooking phases each associated with corresponding cooking parameters including a temperature of the upper heater and a distance (d) of the top cooking surface from the bottom cooking surface; and a controller (18) configured to control the operations of the lifting system and the upper heater based on the cooking parameters of a selected program.. .
Electrolux Professional S.p.a.


Gas flush high pressure pasteurization packaging and associated methods

The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for packaging perishable foods. A packaging method in accordance with several embodiments of the disclosure can include, for example, mating a tray with a product.
Columbus Manufacturing, Inc.


Separator for a grinding machine

A grinding machine for grinding foodstuffs, such as meat or the like, includes an orifice plate at the outlet of a grinding head. The orifice plate has collection passages that discharge a mixture of soft material and hard material through the orifice plate.
Weiler And Company, Inc.


Use of certain foods and dietary supplements as water and beverage activating enerceuticals

The applicant has identified a biological energy pathway, which is distinct from photosynthesis and from the generation of cellular energy through normal metabolism. It is referred to as the third or the alternative cellular energy (ace) pathway.


Synbiotic product

The present invention relates to a synbiotic product composition comprising a blend or mixture of a prebiotic carbohydrate and a probiotic spore-forming bacillus bacteria. Examples of prebiotic carbohydrates useful in synbiotic product include arabinoxylan, arabinoxylan oligosaccharides, xylose, soluble fiber dextrin, soluble corn fiber, and polydextrose.
Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Llc


Tube feed formulations and methods for using same

Nutritional compositions that mimic whole foods and methods of using the nutritional compositions are provided. The nutritional compositions may include an increased number and variety of fruits and vegetables, an increased variety of macronutrient sources and an increased amount of other components that are found in whole foods.
Nestec S.a.


Method for elemental analysis of a snack food product in a dynamic production line

A method and apparatus for analyzing one or more elements of targeted moving snack food surfaces uses laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to detect the presence, absence, or amount of an element on a heterogeneous surface, including seasoned and ready-to-eat snack foods. A laser is used to quantify the element concentration without destroying the targeted sample.
Applied Spectra, Inc.


Analyzing and correlating spectra, identifying samples and their ingredients, and displaying related personalized information

Obtaining two spectra from the same sample under two different conditions at about the same time for comparison, where at least one of the spectra measures magnitudes of electromagnetic radiation on at least four different ranges or weightings of wavelengths or frequencies. Classifying a sample using these spectra obtained by a user, and using spectra obtained from different samples by different users to identify the sample.
Tellspec Inc.


Isomerases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them

This invention relates generally to enzymes, polynucleotides encoding the enzymes, the use of such polynucleotides and polypeptides and more specifically to enzymes having isomerase activity, e.g., racemase activity, e.g., amino acid racemase activity, alanine racemase activity, and/or epimerase activity, and/or catalyze the re-arrangement of atoms within a molecule, catalyze the conversion of one isomer into another, catalyze the conversion of an optically active substrate into a raceme, which is optically inactive, catalyze the interconversion of substrate enantiomers, catalyze the stereochemical inversion around the asymmetric carbon atom in a substrate having only one center of asymmetry, catalyze the stereochemical inversion of the configuration around an asymmetric carbon atom in a substrate having more than one asymmetric center, and/or catalyze the racemization of amino acids. Thus, the invention provides enzymes, compositions, methods for production of pharmaceutical compositions, pharmaceutical intermediates, antibiotics, sweeteners, peptide enzymes, peptide hormones, fuel and fuel additive compositions, foods and food additives, beverage and beverage additives, feeds and feed additives, drugs and drug additives, dietary supplements, textiles, wood, paper, pulp, and detergents comprising the polypeptides or polynucleotides in accordance with the invention..
Basf Enzymes Llc


System and preparing and packaging pickled foods

A system and method for making, cutting, and packaging pickled food items, such as pickled vegetables. The system is automated using a control computer or other controller subsystem.
Homegrown & Happy Llc


Small food cutting device, system, and method

A small food cutting device comprising: a lid, the lid comprising: an inner ceiling; a lid wall enclosing the inner ceiling; a base, configured to mate with the lid, the base comprising: an inner floor; a base wall enclosing the inner floor; and wherein the base is configured to hold a plurality of small foods, with the lid laying on top of the plurality of small foods and forming a gap between the lid and the base, the gap generally aligned to the mid-height of the small foods. A small food cutting system comprising: a base, the base comprising: an inner floor; a base wall enclosing the inner floor; a plurality of small foods located generally on the inner floor and contained within the base wall; a lid placed on top of the plurality of small foods, the lid comprising: an inner ceiling; a lid wall enclosing the inner ceiling; a gap formed between the lid and the base, the gap generally aligned to the mid-height of the small foods; and a knife, configured to slice the small foods generally in half through the gap.


Fermented food improving bowel functions with stercoral removal efficiency and manufacturing method thereof

Exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide fermented foods improving bowel functions with stercoral removal efficiency and a manufacturing method thereof. The manufacturing method of the fermented foods improving bowel functions includes a first process in which herb powder and glasswort powder placed in a cloth pouch together are heated in a potable water, and a second process in which the previously heated mixture is fermented at 20-50° c.


Hypertension prevention app and web based tools

A computer system and method is disclosed as a support structure for patients with hypertension or prehypertension to encourage life style changes leading to dietary control, increase exercise and blood pressure control. The method includes automated messages and responses delivered in real time to encourage appropriate actions by the patient.


Inductively heated steam cooking apparatus

The invention relates to an apparatus for steam cooking and rethermalizing foods with increased efficiency, faster times, lesser water use, and lesser energy expenditure, comprising generally a cooking chamber comprising a housing substantially composed of a non-magnetic, non-ferrous material, a first reservoir portion within the cooking chamber for containing water to be steamed, a heating plate within said first reservoir portion, and an inductive heat source operable to create heat through induction within said heating plate located in proximity to the heating plate.. .
Tf Cardinal, Llc


Refrigerator comprising a humidity-controlled crisper

Refrigerator (1) comprising a body (2) wherein foods and beverages are placed, a crisper (3) disposed inside the body (2), at least one drawer (4) that is disposed into the crisper (3) and wherein fruits and vegetables are placed, a lower cover (5) that covers the upper side of the container (3), an upper cover (6) disposed over the lower cover (5) such that a gap remains therebetween, an air blowing opening (a) that is arranged on the body (2) and that enables cold air to be blown into the crisper (3), a separator (10) that prevents the air blown from the upper vent hole (8) and the lower vent hole (9) from being mixed together and a guiding member (11) that enables the air blown from the lower vent holes (9) to be directed towards the side walls of the crisper (3).. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi


Tabletop cooking assembly

A tabletop cooking assembly for preparing foods thereon comprises a cooking element having a cooking area and a vent disposed peripherally to one side of the cooking element defining an aperture for receiving smoke from the cooking element. The assembly includes a first exhaust duct, a filter assembly, an electrostatic precipitator, and a high velocity blower.


Materials with enhanced protection of light sensitive entities

The present invention is based on a surprising discovery of new packaging materials used to package substances, such as foods, preventing the photo-oxidation of entities found in these substances. Specifically, these new packaging materials include a mixture of polymer resins having novel and specific ratios of filler, preferably calcium carbonate, and titanium dioxide resulting in the material having unexpected properties..
The Chemours Company Tt Llc


Process for making microwaveable, sugar-free, grain-textured milk and cereal bars and finger-foods whereby every serving can be eaten completely interchangeably with and priced competitively with a bowl of milk and cereal

The present invention relates to a process for making milk and cereal bars and finger-foods; said process comprising the steps of: a) modifying raw, whole cereal grains so they become fully-cooked within 30 minutes; b) partially cooking every one to four ounces of modified cereal grains with every one half-cup of fluid-milk at 210° f. And discharging them from the cooker before the starch-granules in the grain-centers are gelatinized; c) depositing said partially-cooked grains into continuous sheets which are then cut into units; d) heating the units of c) with 450° f.


Par-baked and milled coffee beans for use in foods, beverages and dietary supplements

The present invention concerns compositions and methods relating to the addition and use of par-baked and milled coffee beans in food products, beverages, and dietary supplements. Par-baked and milled coffee beans are a novel alternative to more costly chlorogenic acid extracts, and are edible and palatable as a food ingredient.
Brandeis University


Pre-coated seasoning bags

A seasoning bag for seasoning a foodstuff that includes an edible adhesive adhered to an interior of the seasoning bag and a seasoning adhered to the interior of the seasoning bag via the edible adhesive. The seasoning bag may be used in connection the preparation and/or cooking of foodstuffs.
Flavorseal Llc


Ppar alpha/gamma dual agonist and its application

The present invention discloses a ppar α/γ dual agonist and its application. The ppar α/γ dual agonist comprises an effective amount of the compounds represented by formula i or/and its pharmaceutically acceptable derivative.
Shanghai University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Culinary grater

A culinary grater has a body rotatably attached to a handle. A detent mechanism is located between a fitting on the body and a head piece, part of the handle.


Device and system for cooking bacon wrapped foods

Described herein is a cooking device for foodstuffs that are wrapped in bacon, dough or other food items. The device includes a tray that holds a number of silicone holders that hold bacon-wrapped food items while they cook in an oven or toaster oven, microwave or grill (where made of metal).
Enhanced Product Development


Preservative and additive for food and feed

A preservative and additive for food and feed. One aspect of the invention concerns various acidified clays and minerals as food or feed additive to kill, or inhibit the growth of, harmful microorganisms and to inactivate mycotoxins, such as aflatoxins, present as contaminants in human foods and animal feeds.


Compositions, methods, and kits for treatment of pets

The present invention provides for systems, compositions, methods and kits for regulating energy metabolism in pets. The systems, compositions, and kits can comprise, and methods can make use of, pet foods, pet treats, pet supplements, and pet drinks.
Nusirt Sciences, Inc.


Integrated measuring cup and cutting board edges

A measuring cup with a base, opposed side walls, a rear wall and a higher in elevation front wall. Quantity markings are provided.


Packaging film and packaging process

A packaging film having a gas barrier layer and a sealing layer, is constructed such that the gas barrier layer has at least three sublayers with two outer sublayers composed of a polyamide (pa) and a middle sublayer which is arranged between the outer sublayers and is composed of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (evoh), which sublayers are coextruded, and wherein the gas barrier layer is monoaxially stretched. Foodstuffs or other products can be packaged and sterilized within the packaging film by putting the product in the film and sealing the packaging by heating or exerting pressure on at least part of the film, and then heating at at least 100c for at least 10 minutes..
Wipak Walsrode Gmbh & Co. Kg

Foods topics: Rebaudioside, Sweeteners, Consumable, Heat Exchanger, Recirculating, Polypeptide, Antimicrobial, Phytic Acid, Canola Protein Isolate

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