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Foods patents

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Test apparatus

Cheyney Design & Development Limited

Test apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Foods-related patents
 Integral sauteed peppers and onions condiment/sauce for flavor and aroma enhancement of foods patent thumbnailnew patent Integral sauteed peppers and onions condiment/sauce for flavor and aroma enhancement of foods
A flavor and aroma enhancer cooking sauce in which pureed peppers and onions are cooked/sautéed to achieve a caramelization, into a pourable viscous formula that can be easily used on a variety of foods as a condiment, dipping sauce, marinade or recipe flavor and aroma enhancer of authentic ethnic style sautéed peppers and onions.. .
 Nanotechnology smart sticker for use with perishable foods patent thumbnailnew patent Nanotechnology smart sticker for use with perishable foods
A “smart sticker” employing nanotechnology for determining the current state of raw meat for safe human consumption is provided. The sticker indicates the quality to the consumer by providing a color changing indicator on the sticker.
Etipres, Sa
 Test apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Test apparatus
A test sample is provided for testing performance of measuring and monitoring equipment for production lines, for example for foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals, and in particular, contamination monitoring equipment employing x-rays and/or metal detectors to spot foreign bodies in packaged products. The test sample may comprise a laminated card enclosing a standardised test piece such as a metal particle of specified size.
Cheyney Design & Development Limited
 Glucosyl stevia composition patent thumbnailGlucosyl stevia composition
Glucosyl stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of stevia rebaudiana bertoni. The glucosylation was performed by cyclodextrin glucanotransferase using the starch as source of glucose residues.
 Separation devices for processing waste foods disposed of via sinks patent thumbnailSeparation devices for processing waste foods disposed of via sinks
In some arrangements, a separation device can receive a discharge from a sink or garbage disposal unit and separate the discharge into a fluid portion and a solids portion. The separation device can include an inlet for receiving the discharge and an outlet for passing the fluid portion to a waste line.
 Products from stevia rebaudiana patent thumbnailProducts from stevia rebaudiana
Various organic molecules, ingredients and compositions are prepared from stevia rebaudiana bertoni plant. The compositions can be used as bulking agents, and sweeteners in foods, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals..
Purecircle Sdn Bhd
 Moulding food products from a pumpable foodstuff mass patent thumbnailMoulding food products from a pumpable foodstuff mass
In a method for moulding food products from a pumpable foodstuff mass, use is made of a moulding device with a mould drum provided with mould cavities having a fill opening for the introduction of foodstuff mass. A mass feed member transfers mass into passing mould cavities.
Marel Townsend Further Processing B.v.
 Biometrics for rapid and enhanced service and hospitality and quantification thereof patent thumbnailBiometrics for rapid and enhanced service and hospitality and quantification thereof
The present invention provides a computer-implemented system and method for enhanced service and hospitality by a facility, such as a restaurant, using biometric identifiers, such as facial recognition, fingerprint identification, palm print identification, iris recognition, retina recognition and voice recognition, and a computer-implemented means for quantifying the rapidity of service to enrolled customers in the program compared to customers not enrolled in the program. Customers enroll in the program and provide specific biometric identifiers as well their one or more preferences related to one or more foods, drinks and/or services provided by the facility..
 Anti-obesity agent comprising compound containing benzotropolone ring patent thumbnailAnti-obesity agent comprising compound containing benzotropolone ring
According to the present invention, a safe and palatable anti-obesity agent can be provided by incorporating a benzotropolone ring-containing compound which has tea-derived, high inhibitory activities against lipase and alfa-glucosidase. The anti-obesity agent of the present invention does not compromise the flavor of foods and beverage, has palatability, and can be used in various use applications including foods and beverages intended for health enhancement such as reduction in triglycerides..
 Protein containing food stuffs patent thumbnailProtein containing food stuffs
Nutritious protein-containing foodstuffs can be prepared in the form of gels, including protein gel and fruit purees that contain all essential amino acids. A protein gel for use as a foodstuff is prepared by heating an aqueous protein solution to between 160 and 185 degrees fahrenheit at an acidic ph between 2.85 and 3.5, the protein solution having a viscosity greater than 100 centipoise and containing a protein at a concentration of 10-20% w/w, the protein being at least one of a whey protein isolate and a liquid soy protein isolate, the protein gel having a viscosity of between 10,000 and 1,000,000 centipoise..
Jump Brands, Llc

Method for producing wheat glutamine peptide

The present invention discloses a method for producing wheat glutamine peptide using wheat gluten powder as raw material, belonging to the fields of food and biotechnology. The method includes the steps of: performing enzymolysis in two steps using alcalase and papain with the wheat gluten powder as raw material, to obtain the wheat glutamine peptide with components with molecular weight of less than 1000 da being more than 90%, characteristic glutamine peptide segment glutamine-arginine-glutamine (gln-arg-gln, qrq) content being more than 2.0% and glutamine content being up to 23.54% by treating the enzymatic hydrolysate by centrifugation, ultrafiltration, concentration, spray drying, etc.
China National Research Institute Of Food And Fermentation Industries

Device and the condensation of a vapor in a vacuum chamber

A vacuum cooling device for the cooling of foodstuff, in particular hot bakery products comprises a vacuum chamber (2) containing a product chamber (7) for receiving the foodstuff for its cooling and a separation chamber (28), a vacuum source (3), such as a vacuum pump which is connected to the separation chamber (28) and a vapor condenser (4) for condensation of vapor generated during the cooling process in the product chamber. The vapor condenser comprises a cooling medium in a sump (11) and comprises a vapor introduction element (8, 9, 10) for introducing the vapor into the cooling medium..

Food processor with locking bail handle

A kitchen appliance for processing foodstuff comprises a housing, a bowl, a bowl lid, and a bail handle. The bowl is removably mountable onto the housing and comprises an upper rim defining a mouth for selectively receiving a rotatable tool within the bowl.
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.

Glucosyl stevia composition

Glucosyl stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of stevia rebaudiana bertoni. The glucosylation was performed by cyclodextrin glucanotransferase using starch as the source of glucose residues.
Purecircle Usa Inc.

Mixer household appliance

A mixer household appliance having a container unit and a base unit. The container unit includes a container for foodstuff and a rotor element arranged inside the container at a first end of the container unit.
Aktiebolaget Electrolux

Analyzing and correlating spectra, identifying samples and their ingredients, and displaying related personalized information

Obtaining two spectra from the same sample under two different conditions at about the same time for comparison, where at least one of the spectra measures magnitudes of electromagnetic radiation on at least four different ranges or weightings of wavelengths or frequencies. Classifying a sample using these spectra obtained by a user, and using spectra obtained from different samples by different users to identify the sample.
Tellspec Inc.

Packaging containing a consumable

Packaging containing an amount of a consumable (e.g. An at least partially dehydrated foodstuff), the packaging comprising: a container comprising an opening; and a closure (e.g.
Team Grasshopper Ltd.

Closure for packaging

The invention relates to a closure for an in particular cylindrical packaging (1) for foodstuffs, having an insert (3) that comprises a preferably central outlet opening (6) and one part (5) of which is intended to be fastened to the packaging (1), and a cover (4) connected in an articulated manner thereto for sealing the top of the outlet opening (6), which cover is connected to the insert (3) by a tamper-evident closure, wherein the tamper-evident closure has a tamper-evident element (9) connected to the cover (4) or the insert (3) via at least one target break point (27), which element is arranged to the side of an in particular circumferential edge (12, 13) of the closure in the covering situation and is thus arranged offset to the outlet opening (6), wherein the tamper-evident element (9) has at least one stop (39, 38) edge on each of opposite ends, between which the tamper-evident element (9) is held to a protrusion (10) of the cover (4) or the insert (3) after loosening the tamper-evident closure. The invention further relates to a packaging for foodstuffs..
Nestec S.a.

System, cutting foods

A food cutter has a base and at least two transverse panels extending from the base and sized to complement a pan. The panels may form a grid with an upper end located in the base.

Designed biosurfactants, their manufacture, purification and use

The present invention relates to designed polypeptide biosurfactants that may be prepared by recombinant technology in commercially useful amounts and purified by simple non-chromatographic methods. The designed polypeptide biosurfactants comprise at least one stimuli-responsive amino acid residue or at least one glutamine or asparagine residue and may be useful in modulating the stability of a foam, alone or in combination with an α-helical peptide.
The University Of Queensland

Method for cooking foods, and heating cooker

Pci (plasmacluster ion) ions are released for approximately five minutes to a food such as vegetables, at a temperature of around 40° c. In a no-air flowing state and with no steam present..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Glucosyl stevia composition

Glucosyl stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of stevia rebaudiana bertoni. The glucosylation was performed by cyclodextrin glucanotransferase using the starch as source of glucose residues.
Purecircle Usa Inc.

Vacuum contain, twist and lock cap, and pump

A vacuum container and/or pump system may include a rounded rectangular base container with opening at a top to receive foodstuffs, adapted with an edge; an optional cover having at least two locking latches adapted to couple to the edge, the cover to close the opening of the container, the cover including: a circular vacuum tubular opening forming a cylindrical hole through the cover, and a cross-shaped notch on the inner cross-section of the tube, through which at least a portion of a plug is received and disposed when evacuating air, and optionally the cover may include a spinner, chopper, and/or twist/lock cap (coupling plug to container) to prevent loss of vacuum of the container (when cap has been twisted in locked position). A vacuum bag may in dude an opening; resealable fastener; hole for evacuating air with pump; cap for covering hole; and removable clip for easing closure..
Nuwave Llc

Hinged-lid cooking grill for cooking pizza and the like

A cooking grill for improved cooking of pizzas and other foods includes a base portion, a cooking grate supported on the base portion, and a lid hingedly-attached to the base and movable between an open position and a closed position in which a substantially-enclosed cooking chamber is defined between the base portion/cooking grate and the lid. The lid is specially-configured to define a window therein, for admitting passage into the cooking chamber along an entrance pathway extending horizontally from the window.

Partially transparent lid for a cooking device

Embodiments of the present invention generally related to a cooking device, such as an outdoor barbecue grill, having a lid that is partially transparent. The lid having a two-part construction, the first part comprising a substantially transparent material, such as a tempered glass material, and the second part comprising a substantially non-transparent material, such as a steel composition.
Modern Day Grilling Solutions, Llc

Method of packaging food

The invention proposes a container further extending the shelf life of foods, particularly berries, by including an active agent having antifungal capability into the container surface so that when the fruit is packaged inside the container it is permanently exerted an antifungal effect over the surface, which is the place on the longer determinants occurs, but also contributing to preserve the general environment. Also it proposes a preparation process and its use..
Universidad De Santiago De Chile

Compositions and methods for inhibiting endospores using green tea polyphenols

Compositions and methods of killing, inactivating, or otherwise reducing the spores such as bacterial spores are disclosed. The methods typically include reducing or preventing spore reactivation comprising contacting spores with an effective amount of one or more green tea polyphenols (gtp), one or more modified green tea polyphenols (ltp), or a combination thereof.
Seton Hall University

Endolysin obpgplys

The present invention relates to a polypeptide with an amino acid sequence according to seq id no: 1 and fragments or derivatives thereof. The present invention further relates to fusion proteins comprising said polypeptide and an additional peptide stretch fused to said polypeptide at the n- or c-terminus.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, K.u. Leuven R&d

Par-baked and milled coffee beans for use in foods, beverages and dietary supplements

The present invention concerns compositions and methods relating to the addition and use of par-baked and milled coffee beans in food products, beverages, and dietary supplements. Par-baked and milled coffee beans are a novel alternative to more costly chlorogenic acid extracts, and are edible and palatable as a food ingredient.
Brandeis University

Gas entrainment in flowable foods

A method of entraining gas in a flowable food product comprising the steps of accelerating the flowable food product in a flow direction through a flow channel that includes a ramp. Gas is injected into the flowable food product transverse to the flow direction through a porous surface or plate while the food product traverses the ramp to generate a froth.

Method of and system for surface pasteurization or sterilization of low-moisture particulate foods

A method of and a system for surface pasteurizing or sterilizing low-moisture particulate foods, such as nuts, oats, and spices, is disclosed wherein the foods are pre-heated, pasteurized or sterilized in a gas, optionally dried, and cooled. The gas pasteurizing or sterilizing the foods contains water vapor and one or more further gasses, preferably air..

Method for the sterilization and preservation of foodstuffs

The calcium oxide-containing powders are preferably natural calcium oxide powders obtained by firing shells, coral, the nacreous layer, eggshells, or bones of animals, fishes or birds.. .

Packaging system

The invention relates to a packaging system for foodstuffs, having a container extending from a container base via a container casing, which itself extends around a container axis and preferably widens approximately in the manner of a truncated cone-shape, in the direction towards an upper container edge which extends around a container opening, and having a chamber containing the foodstuff, wherein the chamber has a chamber casing extending from the upper container edge in the direction towards the container base, disposed within the container casing and at least over apart of the axial chamber height at a radial distance from the container casing and extending around the container axis, and has a chamber base preferably disposed at an axial distance above the container base.. .
Optipack Gmbh

Grill and assembling same

A grill includes a cooking unit defining a heating cavity for receiving and heating foodstuff. A base supports the cooking unit above a support surface.
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.

Lipid compositions with high dha content

The invention provides lipid compositions comprising phospholipids having a high docosahexaenoic acid (dha) content, which compositions are preferably extracted from natural sources. The lipid compositions are excellent sources of highly bioavailable dha and they can be used in oral delivery vehicles, dietary supplements, functional foods, and the like..
Arctic Nutrition As

Molded product composed of polyester resin composition

A molded article selected from the group consisting of (1) a sheet or a film, (2) a thermoformed article, (3) a stretched film, wherein the molded article is made of a polyester resin composition containing a polyester resin and a polyester-based plasticizer represented by the following formula (i): r1o—co—r2—co—[(or3)mo—co—r2—co—]nor1 (i), wherein r1 is an alkyl group having from 1 to 4 carbon atoms, r2 is an alkylene group having from 2 to 4 carbon atoms, r3 is an alkylene group having from 2 to 6 carbon atoms, m is the number of from 1 to 6, and n is the number of from 1 to 12, with proviso that all the r2's may be identical or different, and that all the r3's may be identical or different. The molded article of the present invention can be, for example, suitably used, such as a sheet or film for use in various industrial applications in foods, agriculture, and industries, a thermoformed article for use in various applications such as food containers, wrapping materials for daily sundries and household electric appliances, and industrial trays of industrial parts, and a stretched film for use in various applications such as wrapping materials for food wrappings, daily sundries, and household electric appliances, and various industrial films, respectively..
Kao Corporation

Bioactive alkaloid compositions and their medical uses

The present invention relates to a novel alkaloid and novel bioactive alkaloid fractions derivable from ribes preferably selected among ribes rubrum and ribes nigrum; methods of manufacturing such bioactive ribes alkaloid fractions and their use for the inhibition of ikk-β, pde4 and/or pde5 and in addition their promoting effect on mitochondrial biogenesis and function; their therapeutic or non-therapeutic applications as nutritive or medicinal products in the management of conditions associated with impaired mitochondrial function or ikk-β, pde4 and/or pde5 activity, such as inflammation, neurodegeneration, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus, impaired wound healing, sarcopenia and other conditions associated with muscle dysfunction or tiredness and fatigue, or where optimization of muscular or cognitive function is desired; extracts, juices or concentrates of ribes comprising such alkaloids; compostions comprising such alkaloids, including pharmaceutical compositions, nutritive product such as functional foods and nutraceutical compositions, and cosmetic compositions and medical devices.. .
Asiros A/s

High protein meal and flour compostions and methods

This invention pertains to the development of a high protein oil seed flour as a replacement for both wheat based and gluten free flours used in baked, dry and liquid goods which optimizes nutrition. The seed flour is based on the novel use of processing sunflower and other oil type seeds into a flour, meal, or protein isolate to replace a significant portion of traditional and gluten free flours in food goods, including baked, dry and liquid goods.

Novel compound having skin-whitening, anti-oxidizing and ppar activities and medical use thereof

Provided are a novel compound having skin-whitening, anti-oxidizing and ppar activities and a medical use thereof, and the compound has skin-whitening activities for the suppression of tyrosinase, and accordingly, is useful for use in skin-whitening pharmaceutical composition or cosmetic products; has anti-oxidant activities, and accordingly, is useful for the prevention and treatment of skin-aging; and has ppar activities, and in particular, pparα and pparγ activities, and accordingly, is useful for use in pharmaceutical compositions or health foods which are effective for the prevention and treatment of obesity, metabolic disease, or cardiovascular disease.. .
Pusannationaluniversity Industry-university Cooperation Foundation

Pureeing unit for an processing foodstuffs

The invention relates to a pureeing unit (1) for an apparatus for processing foodstuffs with at least one knife (31, 32) arranged radially to a rotation axis (2) and with at least one blade (41, 42) arranged radially to the rotation axis (2). The at least one knife (31, 32) and the at least one blade (41, 42) are rotatable about the rotation axis (2)..

Plate with cup attachment

A dinner plate of conventional size and shape includes within its substantially planar bottom a coaxial central region having coupling means in the form of diametrically opposing, chordal grooves that mate with the outwardly curled rim of commonly available, flexible plastic drink cups. The coupling means holds the cup snugly against the bottom of the plate, enabling a user confidently to hold both in one hand, freeing his other hand and allowing considerable acentric loading of the plate with foods.

Season eaze

Season-eaze is a container with a compartment on top for holding a pair of tongs when seasoning or flowing raw meat and other foods.. .

Automatic meal serving system

An automatic meal serving system includes a conveyer module, a transporting module, a first food serving and heating module, and an ingredient serving module. The transporting module is located on the conveyer module for sequentially positioning a plurality of vessels on the conveyer module.

Ettlia sp. strain having superior carbon dioxide fixation ability and lipid producing ability and use thereof

Provided are a new microalgae strain and a use thereof, and more particularly, ettlia sp. Yc001 (kctc 12109bp) having high carbon dioxide fixability, lipid productivity and carotenoid productivity, and a use thereof.
Korea Research Institute Of Bioscience And Biotechnology

Ink for ink-jet printing, printed cylindrical containers and producing the same

An ink for ink-jet printing used for ink-jet printing images onto the ink non-absorptive surfaces of cylindrical containers, and comprising at least a water-soluble solvent, a coloring material, a surfactant, a thickener and/or a binder resin, the coloring material being contained in an amount of 5 to 20% by weight, the surfactant in an amount of 0.1 to 5% by weight, the thickener in an amount of not more than 10% by weight, and the binder resin being contained in an amount of not more than 30% by weight . Owing to its ink-jet printability, the ink for ink-jet printing of the invention can be favorably used for printing images on the non-absorptive cylindrical containers such as seamless cans that are used for containing beverages and foods..
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

Pouch location device

The present application relates to a pouch location device (18) for a machine (10) for dispensing beverages or foods, and in particular to a device for enabling a soft pouch (31) containing beverage or food ingredients to be accurately located in a bar code reader (37). The pouch location device comprises a slot (17) for receiving at least an end of a flexible pouch.
Kraft Foods R & D, Inc.

Cooler with integrated audio system

A combination cooler and audio system device is described which is configured to insulate foods and beverages while simultaneously emitting audio from at least one onboard speaker. The device is equipped with a bluetooth radio configured to interface with an audio device such as a cell phone or mp3 player over conventional bluetooth wireless frequencies.

System and requesting food from a vending machine

The subject matter discloses a vending machine comprising a transceiver for receiving a customer order from a remote computerized device, a food storage for storing fresh foods that are used to prepare the customer order; a food preparation unit to prepare the customer order; one or more serving stations to enable the customer to collect a prepared customer order, wherein the prepared customer order is prepared in the food preparation unit according to the customer order received by the vending machine. The subject matter also provides a computerized method for communicating with the vending machine..

Methods and materials for the detection of melamine

Methods and materials for the detection of melamine in test samples such as foodstuffs are described. Embodiments of the invention comprise combining a test sample suspected of containing melamine with a particle that produces a colorimetric and/or turbidimetric signal that is dependent upon the concentration of melamine in the test sample.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Biopreservation methods for beverages and other foods

Several embodiments of the present invention relate generally to the use of non-pathogenic microorganisms to prevent the growth and/or activity of pathogenic microorganisms in food products. More specifically, several embodiments relate to manipulation of the ph of low acid foods by non-pathogenic microorganisms to generate a local environment that is adverse to pathogenic microorganisms..
Starbucks Corporation D/b/a Starbucks Coffee Company

Method for cooking foods, and apparatus implementing the method

Provided is a cooking apparatus, preferably including a plurality of heating plates for contact cooking. The cooking time is determined by selecting a desired degree of cooking of the food.
Seb S.a.

Dietary supplements containing caffeine and niacin

Dietary supplements that can provide energy to a user are described herein. The dietary supplements can contain a delivery matrix suitable for being added to a foodstuff, caffeine and niacin.
Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc.

Incorporation of cultured bilberry cells in cosmetics, dietary supplements, and/or functional foods

Compositions include cultured bilberry cells or extracts thereof mixed with a cosmetic component or a food component to yield cosmetics, dietary supplements, and/or functional foods. The cultured bilberry cells or extracts can have high levels of polyphenols with little or no anthocyanins.
Dianaplantsciences, Inc.

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