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Method for the production of an insulated window or door frame
A method for producing a frame as a window or door frame that is made from hollow-profile elements and that has a chamber that contains an insulating foam core, wherein the frame is assembled from several hollow-profile elements. In order to insulate such a frame in an economical way, the insulating...

Intumescent weatherseal
A weatherseal adapted to be installed in a door or window opening includes a spine, a resilient foam core, an intumescent material, and a liner. The spine has first and second ends, the first end adapted for mounting the weatherseal to the door or window opening. The resilient foam core is...

Composite mandrel
A mandrel and method of making a mandrel for use as a substrate in the manufacture of woven or braided articles. The mandrel may have an inner core of foam; at least a first layer of carbon fiber-reinforced resin, and an outer layer of glass fiber-reinforced resin. The foam core may...

Omnidirectionally reflective buoyant rope
A flexible abrasion resistant water shedding omnidirectionally reflective rope has a central low-density polymeric closed cell foam core comprising EPDM, Neoprene, SBR, NBR, EVA, PVC, PVC/NBR foam surrounded by cylindrically braided sleeve of reflective strips composed of narrow width reflective strips that comprise a woven or knitted narrow width strip and...

System and method for securing flexible foam mattress covers from misalignment
A mattress covering system and associated method including a flexible foam mattress core having a top surface, a bottom surface and side walls connecting the top and bottom surfaces, a mattress cover made of a flexible and stretchable material, and a fabric connector mounted to the flexible foam core and coupled...

Lightweight cookware and method of making same
A light weight cookware article has a foam core with exposed exterior surfaces. The foam core is formed of a carbon foam material and has a barrier layer on the exterior surfaces of the foam core. The cookware article has an upper facing food contacting side and a downward facing heat...

Article of footwear having an upper with knitted elements
An article of footwear may incorporate various elements that are at least partially formed through a knitting process, such as a circular knitting process or a flat knitting process. Examples of the elements include tongue elements, collar elements, and collar-throat elements. In some configurations, the elements include compressible areas and flange...

Fire resistant composite panel
A composite panel, which includes a heat spreading layer and a carbon foam core having desirable fire retardant properties, and resistance to environmental stress. The composite panel can also include a first layer and a second layer bound to a first surface and second surface of the carbon foam core. Applications...

Mattress assembly with convertible topper
A convertible mattress including a foundation unit, a support unit and a comfort unit. The foundation unit includes several spring elements that provide flexible support for an overlying grid which defines the foundation surface. The foundation unit may be supported by a bed frame which may further include side boards, a...

Reversible foam mattress and method of construction
A reversible foam mattress is formed of a foam core and includes a comfort side on one side of the foam core, a support side on an opposite side of the foam core, and side rails formed along longitudinal edges of the foam core. The comfort side includes a first convoluted...

High performance foam adhesive tape
A conformable, pressure sensitive foam adhesive tape has a closed-cell polyolefin foam core, pressure sensitive adhesive having a polyacrylate backbone with modified silyl functionality, and a coated release liner. The coating on the release liner is a platinum-catalyzed polysiloxane coating....

Long life compressed cushion and/or mattress with cover
A method for reducing a cushion footprint for long-term storage may include inserting a foam core into a plastic cover, subsequently applying a vacuum to the plastic cover, and, while under the vacuum effect, sealing the plastic cover, and its contents. A device providing the vacuum effect may include a surface...

High-strength structure
A high strength, lightweight building structure comprising a high-strength connection to a foundation, high-strength eaves, and high-strength structural panels. The fiber reinforced, high-strength structural panels form the walls, ceiling, roof, soffit, and eave of the structure. The panels comprise a rigid foam core having outer membrane layer, panel spacers, and sheeting....

Composite insulating building panel and system and method for attaching building panels
An insulation panel includes a foam core with a reinforced and vapor-impervious facing disposed on one or both sides of the core. A portion of the facing extends beyond the core and has an adhesive so that the overhanging portion can be secured to an abutting panel to cover a seam...

Composite foam product
A composite foam product comprising a foam core surrounded by a gas-impermeable film. The gas-impermeable film retains the gas formed from the blowing agent so that the pressure inside the foam core is above ambient pressures....

Multi-panel foamboard displays
A multi-panel display has at least two foamboard panels with a foam core and outer layers, and a web hinge connecting adjacent foamboard panels. The web hinge is secured to the respective edges of the adjacent panels with a web extending therebetween, the web offset from the outer layers of the...

Pond and method of making same
A pond is constructed using expanded foam core wall elements, situated on a Geo-technical fabric and having a leakproof liner. The expanded foam core wall elements define the size and shape of the pond. The expanded foam core wall elements are restrained from moving by any of tie rods and fasteners,...

Multi-layer multi-material foam mattresses
The multi-layer multi-material foam mattresses of the present disclosure and related inventions provide novel combinations of multiple layer, multiple material foam layers or stacks which provide unexpected and improved support characteristics and pressure relief and distribution. By combining multiple layers of visco-elastic or latex foam as the top structure of a...

Elastic electric contact terminal
Disclosed is an elastic electric contact terminal including an elastic foam core having a sheet form, a non-foam rubber coating layer adhered to upper and lower surfaces of the elastic foam core and continued along any one side surface of the elastic foam core, and a heat-resistant polymer film, one side...

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