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Structural composite panel with metallic foam core
A structural panel includes a closed-cell foam core formed of a metallic material; a first carbon-fiber panel bonded to a first side of the closed-cell foam core; and a second carbon-fiber panel bonded to a second side of the closed-cell foam core such that the foam core is disposed between the...

Component with multiple layers
A bedding component includes a top portion having a gel foam, a middle portion having a foam layer with at least one gel disc, and a bottom portion having a foam core....

Bed wedge
A triangular prism-shaped wedge, fashioned of a sturdy foam core with soft and malleable properties, fashioned to occupy the space that commonly exists between the head of a mattress and the wall or headboard that the mattress is binding against. It is configured to occupy this space, aided via the force...

A pillow includes a core of chip foam, at least one fiber layer, and a cover. The chip foam core is positioned in a leak proof liner. The at least one fiber layer is positioned at least in part around the chip foam core. The cover encloses the chip foam core...

Method for manufacturing a composite panel
The invention also relates to a composite panel obtainable by such a method and to the use of a such a composite panel for the manufacture of rotor blades for wind energy systems, of panels for reefer containers or of panels for trailers. f) Providing a second textile...

Seating device
A seating device having a top portion, a bottom portion, a front portion, a rear portion, a first side portion, and a second side portion. The seating device including a foam core; a water repellant cover surrounding the foam core; a handle attached to the water repellant cover on the front...

Seating device
A seating device having a top portion, a bottom portion, a front portion, a rear portion, a first side portion, and a second side portion. The seating device including a foam core; a water repellant cover surrounding the foam core; a handle attached to the water repellant cover on the front...

Inflation-independent ball with cover
In some aspects, the invention relates to a inflation independent sports ball comprising a foam core and an outer covering , wherein the sports ball is selected from the group consisting of a football, a basketball, a volleyball and a soccer ball, wherein the sports ball is devoid of...

Co-extruded plastic film with a foam core and a method for coating the film on a substrate
A co-extruded plastic film structure that has increased rigidity. The film is extruded on a three layer extrusion line with the core layer based on a foamed polymer. The outer layers comprise a polyolefin combined with non-plastic particulate. The film may be coated onto a substrate, such as paper....

Structural composite preform wet-out and curing system and method
In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, the invention comprises a continuous structural composite preform wet out system and method which takes as an input pre-formed structural composite structures with a structural foam core, passes these structures through a wetting system which may comprise sprayers, brushes, a die or...

Durable pet bed
A durable pet having a flat polyurethane foam core, a first polyurethane layer bonded to the top surface of the core, and a second polyurethane layer bonded to the sides of the core, and a method for making such a bed. The first polyurethane layer has a thickness of about 0.05...

Composite profile and method for manufacturing a composite profile
A composite profile comprises: a foam core () with opposing frontal faces () and a plurality of side faces (); and a reinforcement fabric () which is at least partially in direct contact with at least two adjacent side faces (). The reinforcement fabric () is a woven textile or an...

Brassiere having a foam padded underwire
An underwire brassiere and breast cup for use in the underwire brassiere. The breast cup provides improved comfort for the wearer by isolating the support wire from the skin of the wearer. Particularly the support wire is positioned along an outer side of a laminated foam core. The laminated foam core...

Insulation jacket
An insulating member or tube having an expanded foam core layer surrounded by a layer or jacket of flexible solid rubber, wherein the core layer and the flexible rubber are formed of similar material with similar coefficients of thermal expansion. An insulating member or tube according to the present general inventive...

Musical instrument with aggregate shell and foam filled core
A musical instrument includes a body having an outer shell, an internal cavity defined by that outer shell and a center plate dividing that internal cavity into a first chamber and a second chamber. In one embodiment, a foam core fills the internal cavity....

Composite panel having perforated foam core and method of making the same
A composite panel configured for use with a sidewall of a trailer includes an outer metal sheet, an inner metal sheet, and a core member positioned between the inner and outer metal sheets. The core member includes a plurality of apertures formed therethrough such that each aperture extends from an inner...

Self-adhesive mechanical seal without a removable release layer
One embodiment of the invention comprises a self-stick weather stripping, seal or other gasket structure which does not utilize a separate removable release layer. In some embodiments, a fibrous material or open or closed cell foam core material will be surmounted by a polyethylene (of a variety of different densities), vinyl,...

Wind turbine blade with biplane section
A hybrid turbine blade having a box beam assembly structure and method of designing such a hybrid turbine blade are disclosed. The box beam assembly provides the primary structure for supporting loads on the blade, and comprises oppositely positioned spar caps joined by oppositely positioned shear webs. For a portion of...

Tear-open bag and three-layer coextrusion film for making the bag
A tear-open packaging is formed by a pair of plastic film panels having inner faces joined together by a weld. One of the film panels is formed by a two- or three-layer coextrusion having a nonsticky foam core layer and a weldable inner layer that is secured by the weld directly...

Buoyancy compensated erosion control module
Buoyancy compensated erosion control modules and systems are provided. One embodiment includes a shell having at least one wall oriented at an off-vertical angle, a substantially enclosed inner cavity, the inner cavity at least partially filled with a foam core, a perimeter footing at the bottom of the shell, the perimeter...

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