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Embodiments include methods of forming a composite. The methods can include providing a foam core, wherein the foam core includes a foam having a softening point of 90° C. to 110° C., covering a portion of the foam core with a prepreg, contacting the prepreg that covers the portion of the...

In-situ foam core articles
A plastic article is recited having a plastic shell including walls defining a cavity. Within the cavity is an in-situ foam core including expanded polymer beads. A layer of the expanded polymer beads includes a layer of distorted beads adjacent to the walls. The in-situ foam core has a thermal bond...

Aircraft interior panels and methods of panel fabrication
A multifunctional fully integral panel system design, a unique material configuration, and a process for fabricating a net shape (or nearly net shape) panel in one production cycle. The panel may comprise a base facing with an outer perimeter, a decorative film applied to the exterior of the base facing, an...

Wall panel structure for a refrigerated trailer
A sidewall for a refrigerated trailer includes a plurality of wall panels configured to extend along a horizontal length of the trailer. Each wall panel includes an outer wall member, an inner wall member spaced-apart from the outer wall member, and a foam core coupled to and extending between the inner...

Propeller blade with lightweight insert
A propeller blade includes a foam core and a structural layer that surrounds at least a portion of the foam core and includes a face side and a camber side is disclosed. The propeller blade also includes an insert disposed in the foam core in operable contact with the face side...

Propeller blade having compliant adhesive at spar interface
A propeller blade includes a foam core, an adhesive layer formed on the core and a structural layer that covers at least a portion of the adhesive layer and that surrounds at least a portion of the foam core....

Insulating wall panel system
An insulating panel to be used in a panelized insulation system for insulating and finishing walls, including basement walls has a foam core made of inorganic materials. The system incorporates a capillary break, an integrated water drainage system and an electrical wire chase system within an insulating wall panel. Vertical slots...

Efficient electric fan with focused air flow
An efficient, high-volume fan producing a focused air flow comprises an electric motor having a central, segmented stator and a rotor with a set of permanent magnets and a back iron. The magnets are preferably rare-earth magnets such as neodymium magnets. The fan further features a plurality of lightweight blades, each...

Reverse welt ball
A ball () having a foam core () with a channel recess () formed on its surface is enclosed by a cover assembly including a rubber channel assembly () in the shape of a spherical curve, such as a baseball curve, and fabric panels () that are fixed to the channel...

Manufacturing and assembly of roofing components
A method includes dispensing a first polymer or predominantly polymer material foam precursor and allowing the precursor to rise and at least partially set to form a foam core layer for an insulation board, the foam core layer having a first density. The method further comprises dispensing a second polymer or...

Sportsboard structures
A sports board that includes an elongate, water impervious, thermoplastic foam core having an upper surface and an under surface; an upper layer covering at least a portion of the upper surface; and an under layer covering at least a portion of the under surface. The foam core is made of...

Speaker system method and apparatus
The disclosure relates to several embodiments of a concealed speaker system, The concealed speaker system further has a speaker assembly mounted to the base frame and an active member which may be formed of PVC, expanded PVC, hardened fibrous materials, foam core, or equivalents that has an outer surface which in...

Sports board and methods for manufacturing same
A sports board is made by forming a rough blank that has an inner foam core and an outer cured fiberglass layer. The method further includes the steps of applying a bonding composition to the top and bottom surfaces of the rough blank; placing an upper surface panel and a lower...

Air cargo container
Composite panel for air cargo containers including a fire resistant, closed cell foam core, a skin attached to each surface of the core formed by fire resistant fibers in a matrix resin, wherein the panel will contain an internal fire with temperatures of up to 1500° F. for a period of...

Mould tools
A mould tool () for moulding mouldable material, the mould tool comprises a tool body () having a plurality of tool body sections (), at least two of which comprise an inner polymer foam core () within an outer skin () of resinous material and are stacked one above the other,...

Structure of vehicle taillight indicator housing mountable flush to a flat surface made by simplified method of producing a vehicle taillight indicator that includes a polystyrene foam core by sheet metal bending and fastening of the polystyrene foam core
A vehicle taillight indicator is mounted flush to a flat surface such that its convex reflector curves left to right and right to left inward from the flat surface and reflects a light source as a vertical line. The taillight indicator is situated so that it is viewable in the rear...

Unitary composite backpack frame with upper stays
Resin-impregnated sandwich composite backpack frames are disclosed. The frames may, for example, be made of a carbon fiber twill with a foam core. The frames have an upper portion that includes upwardly-extending, elongate stays to support a backpack and mechanically decouple its load from the wearer. Open, generally vertically extending tracks...

Fire resistant composite door assembly
A fire resistant door assembly is disclosed comprising a pair of horizontal rails, a pair of vertical stiles, first and second door skins, and a foam core. The first and second door skins are made from a molded fiberglass material that includes aluminum trihydroxide, which provides a degree of ultraviolet light...

Structural panel and method for making same
A structural panel includes a rigid foam core, a spray foam on an exterior surface of the rigid foam core, and a first outer skin on the spray foam. The rigid foam core includes a tongue portion along a first longitudinal side face and a groove portion along a second longitudinal...

Seat cushion with integrated seat frame attachment structure
A seat cushion, such as for use in an aircraft passenger seat, including a layer of open cell foam for passenger comfort, a closed cell foam core for flotation and structural support, and support structure positioned on the underside of the seat cushion for directly engaging underlying beams of a seat...

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