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Foam core sandwich splint
A multi-layered composite material suitable for use in orthopedics includes a foam core layer bonded between two layers of thermoformable polymer material. The thermoformable material is heat formable within a target temperature range allowing for rapid heating and application to a patient such as in the form of a splint. While...

Rolling pet toy
An improved pet toy is generally ring-like and is rollable along a surface, such as the ground. The pet toy includes a resilient foam core that is surrounded by an elastomeric outboard portion and a fabric inboard portion that are affixed to one another and to the core. The outboard portion...

Foam core composites
A method for manufacturing foam core materials comprising locating into a mold a solid activatable material, the activatable material being amenable to plastic deformation and pliable enough to take on the general contours and shape of the mold prior to activation of the activatable material. The method may further include simultaneously...

Article of footwear having an upper with knitted elements
An article of footwear may incorporate various elements that are at least partially formed through a knitting process, such as a circular knitting process or a flat knitting process. Examples of the elements include tongue elements, collar elements, and collar-throat elements. In some configurations, the elements include compressible areas and flange...

Modular building system utilizing composite, foam core panels
A system is for constructing a structure and includes composite panels having a laminate structure. The laminate structure includes a foam core to which are attached cover layers of the same or different material. One or both of the cover layers may include composite sub-layers. The system includes a number elongate...

Small, circular disc for the attachment of papers to a flat surface via push pins
The present invention is an improved corkboard consisting of a small, circular, moveable and removable tack landing pad which is designed to adhere to a flat surface such as a wall or computer by an adhesive strip or to a metal surface like a refrigerator or thing cabinet via a magnetic...

Composite air cargo pallet
An air cargo pallet with a central panel created from a plurality of sandwiched layers, including a foam core disposed between an upper skin layer having a resin and fiber combination and a lower skin layer having a resin and fiber combination. The central panel is reinforced with additional fibers extending...

System and method for supporting tanks
A plurality of modular pad units each include a rigid foam core having a polymer coating. Each unit has a similar configuration, substantially uniform thickness and a perimeter shape that includes a circular part, a male key part configured for mating with a female keyway part. The units are arranged by...

Recyclable plastic structural articles and method of manufacture
The plastic structural article includes an elongated tubular shell having opposed end sections, a middle section there between and an interior cavity. The interior cavity has a foam core situated therein. The foam core comprises steam expandable polymer beads which when expanded substantially fill the interior cavity. The bead and shell...

In-situ foam core stress mitigation component and method of manufacture
An in-situ foam core component having first and second opposed thermoformed skins each having a thermal bond to an in-situ foam core disposed there between. At least one embossment In one of the skins joined to the other skin forming a pinch off junction. A through hole is formed in the...

Composite structural elements and method of making same
A composite structural element and a method for making same are provided. The element includes a polymer foam core and at least one fibrous layer adhered to the polymer foam core by epoxy. Nano-particles are suspended in the epoxy prior to curing; preferably they are mixed with the hardener before it...

Advanced building envelope delivery system and method
A building wall system includes first and second panels with each panel having inner and outer facing sheets and a foam core positioned between the inner and outer facing sheets. The first and second panels define a joint positioned between the first and second panels. A facade fastening member is configured...

Propeller blade with modified spar stiffness
A propeller blade includes a foam core, a structural layer formed of multiple layers that surrounds at least a portion of the foam core and at least one section of fibers formed separately from the structural layer located between two of the multiple layers....

Composite insulating building panel and system and method for attaching building panels
An insulation panel includes a foam core with a reinforced and vapor-impervious facing disposed on one or both sides of the core. A portion of the facing extends beyond the core and has an adhesive so that the overhanging portion can be secured to an abutting panel to cover a seam...

Folding apparatus for the containment and transport of bottles and method of use
A new and useful folding apparatus for the containment and transport of bottles which is lightweight, inexpensive to manufacture, stronger and more resilient than current shipping containers and is easily disassembled and compactly stored when not in use. The apparatus essentially comprises a flat rectangular sheet that is made of a...

Long life compressed cushion and/or mattress with cover
A method for reducing a cushion footprint for long-term storage may include inserting a foam core into a plastic cover, subsequently applying a vacuum to the plastic cover, and, while under the vacuum effect, sealing the plastic cover, and its contents. A device providing the vacuum effect may include a surface...

Grid type fiber composite structure and method of manufacturing such grid type structure
The invention is related to a grid type fiber composite structure () comprising a grid of polygon cell modules () comprising at least three substantially u-shaped ribs made of fiber composite layer () and a foam core () provided inside each cell module () for support of said u-shaped ribs....

Foam core chassis
An apparatus and computing device are described herein. The apparatus includes a chassis cover of a computing device. The apparatus also includes a foam core. Furthermore, the foam core is in contact with a surface of the chassis cover of the computing device....

Blade constructs and methods of forming blade constructs
A dual-core blade and method for manufacturing a dual-core blade are disclosed. The blade is formed with a first core portion and a second core portion comprising an epoxy having a plurality of expanded microspheres. The method of forming the two foams generally comprises sizing a foam core to form a...

Structural composite panel with metallic foam core
A structural panel includes a closed-cell foam core formed of a metallic material; a first carbon-fiber panel bonded to a first side of the closed-cell foam core; and a second carbon-fiber panel bonded to a second side of the closed-cell foam core such that the foam core is disposed between the...

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